R help - Sep 2010

Thursday September 30 2010
11:19PM 1 barplots with 2 different scales
10:40PM 2 R Code for paper?
9:42PM 5 Scatterplot matrix - Pearson linear correlation and Density Ellipse
8:30PM 2 can I add line breaks to the paste() function?
7:42PM 0 Problem comparing lme objects with anova using do.call
7:24PM 2 Sweave and LaTeX beamer class
6:51PM 2 nested unbalanced regression analysis
6:41PM 0 (no subject)
6:28PM 1 please help me....
6:16PM 3 how to avoid NaN in optim()
6:11PM 0 xyplot - help please
5:40PM 1 Can this code be written more efficiently?
5:10PM 1 more than two NA value names in my data
4:44PM 0 relevance vector machines for classification
3:59PM 2 time in year, month, day, hour ?
3:44PM 1 getting the output after bootstraping
3:11PM 2 panel.pairs in splom
3:01PM 3 Inserting a plot into another
2:41PM 1 R 2.11.1 crashes
2:36PM 1 polr, lrm - ordinal data
2:06PM 1 AIC for tweedie glm
1:52PM 0 Kernel density estimation - problem with matrix created in loop
1:33PM 0 getting just the x or the y coordinate
11:49AM 7 how to make list() return a list of *named* elements
11:23AM 0 ARIMA models - estimation prediction$se
8:54AM 0 igraph / eigenvector centrality score
7:40AM 2 Installing sp and rgdal libraries
7:35AM 1 Several Lattice plots in one Plot
6:55AM 4 interactive session
6:21AM 1 Unix batch to different nodes
6:12AM 2 plotting wind rose data
4:36AM 0 R-squared in Robust Regression
2:41AM 1 Accessing Vector of A Data Frame
2:18AM 2 print only 2 digits of number
1:43AM 4 How to get a proportion of a Vector Member
12:04AM 0 how to convert time axis in year, month, day, hour ?
Wednesday September 29 2010
11:26PM 1 sample from very large distribution
11:04PM 0 spatial correlogram
10:10PM 0 Repeated Measure ANCOVA Example
9:33PM 1 Split data
9:22PM 1 how to to if a calculation is out range?
9:19PM 1 sample exponential r.v. by MCMC
9:03PM 1 graph margins
8:43PM 3 Controling R from MS Access
8:27PM 1 cor() alternative for huge data set
8:00PM 2 Script auto-detecting its own path
7:58PM 1 Obtaining lattice equivalent smoothed (loess) plot in ggplot
7:56PM 2 fitting model to resampled data
7:56PM 1 Hashing a set
7:42PM 1 Understanding linear contrasts in Anova using R
6:43PM 0 New package GAD (General ANOVA Design)
6:39PM 1 Trying to avoid loop structure
6:19PM 2 resampling issue
6:18PM 1 Exponential integral
5:46PM 1 Converting a line by line program into an array to perform summary stats
5:40PM 1 executing loop
5:04PM 2 Ranked Set Sampling
4:42PM 0 Simplify, several Ave or aggregates
4:13PM 0 eha aftreg overall p-value
3:58PM 2 (OT) Change of email address
3:39PM 2 R crashes when loading rgl package before minqa package
3:01PM 0 caret package version 4.63
2:51PM 2 What's the meaning of "Species ~ ." in IRIS data
2:43PM 0 getDLLVersion
2:38PM 0 R Graphic - Tellis as a potential
2:32PM 1 nlminb and optim
2:28PM 1 generalized additive mixed models for ordinal data
2:14PM 2 FW: creating a custom background
2:01PM 1 R Spracheinstellung
1:45PM 1 Fitting a half-ellipse curve
11:24AM 2 Adding two data.frames.
10:55AM 4 matrix plot
10:47AM 1 Problems extracting p-value from summary(aov(...))
10:15AM 1 svg plot and dashed lines
10:00AM 1 3D Graphics
9:19AM 3 how to rotate the x axis lable to an interested angle?
8:29AM 2 drop.terms and [.terms ignores intercept
8:25AM 3 Validation / Training - test data
5:11AM 2 String split and concatenation
5:06AM 2 boxplot
3:49AM 2 repeat a function
2:45AM 1 get response from a glm
2:38AM 1 next step in randomly sampling
2:19AM 1 short captions for xtable?
1:35AM 0 R Extensions getDLLVersion
1:24AM 0 Transforming/appending data (words in IMDB)
1:22AM 2 need help with ramdomly sampling some data
12:56AM 1 quantile() and "factors not allowed"
12:39AM 1 move colorkey
12:02AM 0 Problems creating an xts object
Tuesday September 28 2010
9:46PM 4 drawing samples based on a matching variable
9:44PM 0 Time invariant coefficients in a time varying coefficients model using dlm package
9:03PM 1 ramdom sampling from a dataset
7:59PM 1 ask for a question with cch function
7:54PM 1 confirming behavior of "by"
5:41PM 4 constrained optimization -which package?
5:11PM 2 Opening a .R file with R (Windows)
4:24PM 1 Splitting data in to multiple boxplots
3:06PM 0 the arima()-function and AICc
12:16PM 2 Standard error of forecast
11:48AM 2 Table with different digit number
11:44AM 0 Using mlogit package to generate a binary mixed logit model
11:34AM 1 Best package for time series analysis with wavelets???
10:39AM 2 Use R in Visual Basic Environment
10:12AM 4 Combining two variables in text
10:01AM 1 95% confidence intercal with glm
9:03AM 1 A problem with plotting a long expression in ylab ?
8:13AM 1 break function execution
6:43AM 1 How to convert SEXP to double
3:03AM 1 statistic test plot
2:27AM 2 cochran Q test
2:17AM 2 Reshape
1:45AM 1 Problem with augPred?
12:13AM 0 rewrite IQR
Monday September 27 2010
10:10PM 1 Compare two 3d plots
9:58PM 1 Issues with Legend symbols
9:33PM 1 One-sided CUSUM / MOSUM Tests?
8:56PM 1 spplot cuts
7:59PM 3 Alphabetical sequence of data along the x-axis in a box plot
7:58PM 1 Variation of predictor of linear model
7:47PM 2 subtraction based on two groups in a dataframe
7:16PM 1 Percentages and lattice
7:10PM 1 scientific vs. fixed notation in xyplot()
6:53PM 1 Ordered logit with polr won't match SPSS output
6:09PM 2 Sample size estimation for non-inferiority log-rank and Wilcoxon rank-sum tests
6:00PM 1 compare two matrices
4:42PM 1 Split-split plot design with aov function in R
4:34PM 3 calculating mean and s.d. from a two-column table
3:48PM 7 Regular expressions: offsets of groups
3:47PM 1 stacked area chart
3:47PM 2 Issue increasing DPI on a png output of a plot
3:22PM 3 hcluster with linkage median
3:12PM 2 rimage package problems
3:11PM 1 smooth contour lines
2:11PM 1 conditional assignment of colors in xyplot()
12:59PM 0 Date/Time format
12:51PM 1 pairs and mfrow
12:39PM 3 Output Graphics GIF
11:29AM 3 Data frame self-join with no duplicates
11:13AM 4 Fitting problem
10:54AM 1 bwplot superpose panel.points from another dataframe
10:12AM 2 store matrix in an arrary
9:44AM 0 Bayesian Fractional Polynomials package "bfp" on CRAN
9:18AM 1 Modify the vertex label
9:15AM 2 max length of a factor variable
8:55AM 1 Fitting with error on data
8:43AM 1 make changes in existing vector with the apply function?
8:26AM 3 name ONLY one column
7:48AM 1 textplot
4:16AM 0 a question about mgcv package
3:18AM 0 IRT ltm function plot for probabilities
2:41AM 2 Adding row name to dataframe
12:22AM 2 Normalizing Vector with Negative Numbers
Sunday September 26 2010
11:40PM 2 CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week
11:12PM 4 Problem with unlist
11:00PM 0 Split Split Plot with aov function R
6:57PM 1 Storing CA Results to a Data Frame?
6:28PM 1 plot single part of the country using gadm map
5:19PM 4 How to update an old unsupported package
4:42PM 1 finding big matrix size and SVD
4:41PM 3 Newbie Correspondence Analysis Question
3:25PM 1 compare a vector and a row of a matrix
2:24PM 1 matrix help
12:52PM 2 Splitting a data frame into several completely separate data frames
12:41PM 4 Good documentation about Sweave
12:38PM 4 efficient equivalent to read.csv / write.csv
8:00AM 2 get absolute file path
6:39AM 8 the function doesn´t work
6:13AM 2 Changing x-axis on boxplot
5:34AM 1 Basis functions of cubic regression spline in mgcv
5:03AM 1 acf function
4:38AM 1 formatting data for predict()
12:24AM 2 Finding Zeros of a Function
Saturday September 25 2010
9:51PM 1 Question on levels function and extracting the associated level number
7:42PM 3 3D plot
5:01PM 0 Deducer 0.4-1 and JGR 1.7-2 released
2:59PM 1 margin control in lattice package
2:24PM 2 OT: What distribution is this?
1:58PM 2 Uncertainty propagation
12:08PM 1 (no subject)
11:42AM 4 Help required
10:47AM 1 Measure Difference Between Two Distributions
1:45AM 1 How to store regex expression in a variable
12:26AM 1 Power Function
Friday September 24 2010
10:34PM 0 layout of lattice graphics
10:05PM 1 POSIXct: Extract the hour for a list of elements
9:57PM 1 How to change the lengend in a DA figure
9:37PM 1 Multiple graph in one graph window
9:30PM 1 How to read this file into R.
9:04PM 4 Object Browser
8:41PM 2 why I could not reproduce the Mandelbrot plot demonstrated on R wiki
8:40PM 1 Fitting GLMM models with glmer
8:19PM 0 kernlab:ksvm:eps-svr: bug?
7:48PM 1 performing script on multiple files
7:32PM 2 Splitting a time + duration into a series of periods
6:02PM 1 Survival graph and tables
5:50PM 3 Odds ratio from Logistic model in R
5:07PM 1 Some questions about string processing
4:11PM 1 color of lines while printing through for loop
4:07PM 1 95% CI of Kaplan-Meier survival in package survival
3:51PM 1 Saving iterative components
2:41PM 0 optimizing lm with multiple very similar RHSs
2:21PM 2 Reading in .aux (ESRI raster files) into R
1:53PM 3 bptest
1:20PM 0 relaimpo
1:17PM 1 Standard Error for difference in predicted probabilities
12:33PM 0 Error: unable to load shared library tcltk.so
11:04AM 1 cv.binary
10:38AM 0 Inaccuracy of kummerU (fAsianOptions) (Tricomi function)
9:47AM 1 loadlibrary failure
9:44AM 3 boundary check
9:07AM 3 Problem with any()
8:03AM 1 delete d-jackknife with R ?
7:42AM 1 change tick spacing on the axis of a plot.
6:59AM 0 multivariate multiple regression coefficient
5:46AM 1 Solving equations involving gamma functions
3:41AM 2 Data manipulation in R
Thursday September 23 2010
8:52PM 1 how to make point character thicker in xyplot?
6:10PM 1 scatterplot 3d equal axis sequence length limitation
6:04PM 0 Contour Plot - water bodies
4:53PM 1 looking for a faster way to compare two columns of a matrix
3:42PM 3 help in density estimation
3:08PM 3 Length of vector without NA's
3:08PM 2 Prediction plot for logistic regression output
1:53PM 1 How to pass a model formula as argument to with.mids
1:50PM 4 plotting multiple animal tracks against Date/Time
1:39PM 1 empirical df, cdf and crossing points
1:10PM 2 Plotting densities
1:04PM 0 hdf files
1:04PM 1 merging multiple data frames
12:54PM 2 Error: attempt to apply non-function
12:53PM 1 Newey West and Singular Matrix + library(sandwich)
12:47PM 0 Fitting to a sum
12:44PM 1 NetCDF file: adding a variable
12:16PM 0 local linear and local constant kernel regression with np
11:59AM 1 Merging two data sets
11:38AM 4 Simple categorical scatter plot
11:13AM 2 hdf-files
9:21AM 0 quantile curves
8:56AM 2 referencing last row in a column
7:42AM 2 dnorm
7:12AM 2 Help me pls
7:03AM 1 lattice centre a diverging colour scale
6:51AM 0 ergm
6:05AM 1 eps file
5:32AM 0 converting NSCA HDF5 files to ASCII
5:05AM 3 accumulation curves
4:59AM 1 non-linear integer optimization?
12:40AM 1 How to change the xlab name's color?
12:24AM 3 import csv file problem
12:15AM 2 extending survival curves past the last event using plot.survfit
Wednesday September 22 2010
11:06PM 3 Passing a function as a parameter...
8:54PM 2 Determine area between two density plots
8:41PM 0 How to Ignore NaN values in Rows when using hclust function in making Heatmap??
7:32PM 1 Multiple Lorenz curves in one diagram
6:44PM 3 Extracting bins and frequencies from frequency table
5:39PM 1 legend
4:28PM 1 Ordinal mixed model
4:24PM 2 "statistic" term in boot function
4:03PM 0 bctrans: Box-Cox Transformation Problem
3:44PM 1 failure to access packages
3:42PM 2 For loop with ifelse help
3:28PM 1 problem opening pdf device on Windows 7
3:23PM 2 defining set of variables in a formula
2:55PM 2 Unique subsetting question
2:51PM 0 reliability of the level-1 random coefficients (lme4)
1:03PM 1 Newey West and Singular Matrix
12:44PM 3 eigen and svd
12:43PM 0 Favor about Rimage Packages in R
12:32PM 2 kstest vs shapirotest
12:25PM 1 Survival curve mean adjusted for covariate
12:11PM 2 apply union function vectorially
12:07PM 2 plot.ts versus plot.zoo
11:44AM 1 Referencing factor name
11:05AM 2 speeding up regressions using ddply
9:58AM 2 efficient list indexing
9:50AM 1 best model cp mallow
9:10AM 3 Problem with ggplot2 - Boxplot
8:18AM 2 Problem with outer()
7:57AM 3 merge verctor and matrix
7:22AM 3 extracting random effects from model formula
7:02AM 0 Help with mclust package
4:33AM 2 randomForest - partialPlot - Reg
3:27AM 2 How to fix error: 'x' and 'y' lengths differ
3:04AM 4 Crash report: regexpr("a{2-}", "")
2:11AM 2 cwhmisc package error
12:44AM 1 help with sockets in R
Tuesday September 21 2010
10:52PM 2 group means of multi-way table?
10:14PM 3 How to convert a character into a filename?
8:00PM 2 multiplying values in data frame by corresponding value in the first column
7:47PM 3 R-help Digest, Vol 91, Issue 21
7:39PM 0 How to convert ARMA process to infinite AR?
7:01PM 1 reshape is re-ordering my variables
6:51PM 2 Lattice xyplot and groups
6:27PM 1 missing package tensorA
6:16PM 0 Regarding Contour maps
6:15PM 1 package gbm, predict.gbm with offset
4:58PM 2 Trouble installing pwr package
4:50PM 1 Please Help_Error:cannot allocate vector of size 400.4Mb
4:32PM 0 partial area under roc curve for fixed levels of TPR
3:50PM 1 when i create data.frame is time variable and Censor variable should be equal?
3:42PM 1 Colorramp in Maptools, how to choose min and max values for the fg= argument
3:35PM 0 Problem building package
3:33PM 1 Prime Factorization
3:28PM 3 Web forum - should I make one?
3:01PM 2 Trouble with Optimization in "Alabama" Package
2:50PM 1 definition of colorpalette
2:40PM 1 partial dbRDA or CCA with two distance objects in Vegan.
2:37PM 0 Fleiss Control Size Formula
2:33PM 0 Hadley Wickham - Training in London, Data Visualisation in R
2:23PM 2 labels in (box)plot
1:49PM 2 plot xyz data in 2D
1:45PM 0 how to assemble data of the same variable?
12:53PM 2 rcom and safearray type of data
12:37PM 1 puzzle with integrate over infinite range
12:09PM 2 Survival curve mean adjusted for covariate: NEED TO DO IN NEXT 2 HOURS, PLEASE HELP
11:41AM 5 removed data is still there!
11:39AM 1 Creating table from data frame
10:55AM 3 change y axis "distance"
10:31AM 3 Finding (Ordered Subvectors)
8:59AM 1 NA problem
8:39AM 1 diagnosing download.file() problems
8:11AM 3 bivariate vector numerical integration with infinite range
7:58AM 3 HOW to create image like this?
6:59AM 5 Package for calculating bandwidths
5:34AM 5 Combined plot: Scatter + density plot
5:32AM 2 Need help for EM algorithm ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5:12AM 1 Estimating Weibull parameters by maximum liklihood - with censored and non censored data?
2:08AM 3 Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos)
2:06AM 2 Lists with NULL entries
12:59AM 1 Doing operations by grouping variable
12:36AM 5 Can ucminf be installed in 64 bit R and one more question?
Monday September 20 2010
10:09PM 0 Aligned Rank transformation
9:46PM 3 Help!
9:21PM 1 Removing slected values from original vector and definning new vector with the rest?
8:07PM 1 Size of the legend
7:07PM 1 Ask for help with Error: Object not found
6:30PM 1 ERROR: Object not found
5:43PM 0 Lempel-Ziv Entropy Estimator
5:31PM 2 OT: Is randomization for targeted cancer therapies ethical?
5:16PM 5 Sorting and subsetting
5:03PM 2 how to seperate " "? or how to do regression on each variable when I have multiple variables?
4:28PM 0 R/Finance 2011 - Call for Papers
4:21PM 3 Rounding Elements of a Matrix
3:53PM 2 interpreting one-way anova tables
3:28PM 1 support for caron (hacek) symbol
2:48PM 0 Advanced R Training - London
1:54PM 3 Depletion of small p values upon iterative testing of identical normal distributions
1:45PM 0 depmixS4 1.0-0 on CRAN & vignette/paper on jstatsoft.org
1:44PM 4 how to show the number of each axis interval (plot)
1:39PM 0 unz() ignores encoding argument
12:03PM 5 predict.lrm ( Design package)
10:08AM 0 running time consuming function in the background?
9:37AM 2 Substitute NAs by zero
9:31AM 3 How to set the limit of abline (regression line of lm)
9:16AM 1 ggplot2 - bar colour
8:39AM 2 select affy probes of cancer-related genes
4:43AM 1 Adjusting Font Size: lattice / bwplot
4:36AM 1 Please help with this error - new to
2:00AM 2 invalid 'row.names' length error when running scatterplots or plot in R Commander
12:35AM 3 Composing Music - R Package
Sunday September 19 2010
11:27PM 1 boyplots nearly identical but still highly significant effect?
9:27PM 1 plotting convex hull for 3D
7:54PM 1 help interpreting a model summary
7:41PM 2 Formating a matrix in a exotic way
7:09PM 0 WriteXLS - New Version 2.1.0
5:20PM 1 odds ratios for n-way tables: seeking an *apply-able method
4:05PM 0 Recall: Weibull- Random Censoring
3:41PM 1 Weibull- Random Censoring
3:10PM 2 working with eval and environments
2:46PM 4 Create Dot Chart
1:19PM 2 get time as a number
12:50PM 1 ergm crashes
10:21AM 1 Problem with "list"
9:23AM 3 OT Gmane and r-help moderator approval
8:02AM 1 class "matrix" lost when extracting a row from matrix
4:36AM 1 Arrrr.
1:19AM 3 Repeating values in a list
Saturday September 18 2010
10:44PM 1 getting a function to do something
9:56PM 0 Saving long character variable to database saves timestamp instead
9:09PM 0 How to check conditional dependence
4:30PM 2 feedback/question on function update()
3:36PM 2 one step just of cliff-- zero hessian matrix in optim, with reproducable code and data
6:43AM 1 Drawing Heatmap using gplots
5:07AM 1 help manual on R on ESS
3:20AM 3 How to check the available of a package on R repo
2:52AM 2 R on ESS
1:36AM 0 Vim-R-plugin now works on Windows too
12:43AM 1 modeling variance heterogeneity in lme4
Friday September 17 2010
11:57PM 1 How to denote a line on the graph
10:03PM 1 how to import this kind of data?
9:57PM 2 R Console - pasting into
9:02PM 1 How to compare, match two columns from diferent dataframe and assign values from one datafram to the other
8:24PM 1 Data Cube in R from CSV
8:12PM 0 Merging data frames on a variety of columns
7:27PM 1 odfWeave UTF-8 error and latin characters
7:23PM 1 how to work with Year-Month dates
7:14PM 1 lmer() vs. lme() gave different variance component estimates
5:32PM 3 Preparing data frame for Plotrix kiteChart
5:02PM 2 grouping dataframe entries using a categorical variable
4:36PM 0 How to include rows with zeros in all columns when clustering data for heatmap?
4:08PM 2 Matrix- create mean/min/max/stdev on column of matrix or rows?
3:47PM 2 Is there a project to compile R scripts into stand-alone executable file?
3:40PM 0 Unresolves symbol in libR.so
3:14PM 0 question on OPTIMX with installing and using
3:08PM 1 How to find STRESS criteria in MDS when there are negative eigenvalues....
3:04PM 0 Voting power indices
2:51PM 7 removing specific rows from array
1:39PM 0 Survival Analysis Daily Time-Varying Covariate....
1:23PM 1 ifelse statement
12:19PM 4 count frequency
8:19AM 1 Markov Model problem
6:54AM 2 Simple question, name of the variable as string.
6:03AM 1 Nonlinear programming problem
4:04AM 1 Converting tables to matrices
1:49AM 6 convert to csv file
1:30AM 1 Question: how to obtain the clusters of genes (basically the ones in the row dendrograms) from an object obtained by heatmap.2 function
1:04AM 1 Making heatmaps
12:40AM 2 Was the package installed correctly
12:33AM 3 Combining Data Sets w/ Weights
Thursday September 16 2010
10:55PM 2 glm: formula vs character
10:06PM 0 Revolutions Blog: August Roundup
9:32PM 0 Multivariate linear model versus univariate linear model and interaction
8:51PM 3 If statements for multiple arrays
8:45PM 1 Weibull simulation- number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
8:40PM 1 keep par settings after device closes
8:35PM 0 nlinfit equivalent in R
7:40PM 8 function help?
7:16PM 0 WriteXLS - New Version 2.0.1
6:58PM 1 rep within an ifelse statment
5:14PM 2 shuffling of data
5:11PM 2 parallel computation with plyr 1.2.1
4:49PM 1 Problems creating a Panel
4:29PM 1 a reliable way to check the latest version of R on CRAN?
4:14PM 1 Survival Analysis Daily Time-Varying Covariate but Event Time Unknown
4:02PM 1 More accurate ODE solver?
3:55PM 1 RODBC Access/Excel driver location for 64 bit Win7
3:45PM 1 Help with graphic margin
3:44PM 5 using variable from for loop in naming new variables
3:43PM 1 ANOVA - more sophisticated contrasts
3:39PM 3 get top n rows group by a column from a dataframe
3:36PM 1 Local Variable
3:25PM 1 Instal R on OS X Server
3:18PM 2 question about converting a matrix to a dataframe
2:56PM 2 FTP Download
2:34PM 1 Odd graphics output problem
2:31PM 1 Nemenyi test as a post-hoc test to Kruskal Wallis
2:23PM 0 question about changing color scale in plot.fmri
1:50PM 0 problems trying to reproduce structural equation model using the sem package
1:40PM 3 Help with customizing a histogram figure
1:40PM 1 IP address
12:45PM 1 Help for an absolutely r-noob
11:22AM 1 How do I create a plotable zoo object based on weekly data?
10:49AM 8 R Founding
10:02AM 4 help me understand how things work.
9:09AM 2 How to combine matrix and vector
8:04AM 2 problem reading Matlab file into R
7:42AM 1 Splitting a matrix
7:13AM 1 The permutation of one vector into another
6:51AM 1 plotting time series using ggplots
6:35AM 4 Pesky homemade function code
3:33AM 1 finding complex roots in R
2:46AM 3 Asking Favor
2:05AM 2 use same breaks and colors, but the displayed scale are different-image.plot()
12:58AM 2 standard error of difference for mixed effects
Wednesday September 15 2010
11:31PM 2 how to superimpose 2 matrices of different sizes
11:09PM 1 Changing variable class problems
10:21PM 2 labeling outliers with subject numberss
10:10PM 1 Inconvenient behavior of as.data.frame() for lists without names
9:45PM 3 aggregate, by, *apply
9:22PM 1 loop, list() and non-numeric argument to binary operator
8:56PM 0 Moving non-zero matrix entries to different locations on the matrix
8:48PM 2 lapack in R 2.11.1 (Ubuntu 10.04.1)
8:42PM 3 From string to numeric
8:07PM 1 Model fitting
7:48PM 1 approxfun returning value higher than I would expect
7:46PM 1 contr.sum, model summaries and `missing' information
7:37PM 1 optim with BFGS--what may lead to this, a strange thing happened
7:03PM 2 test to see if a s4 property is assigned?
5:44PM 4 Sas to R
5:17PM 1 Format Data Issue??
4:27PM 0 Computing effect sizes based on mixed models
4:22PM 2 Scripting help
4:05PM 1 Difficulty creating Julian day in data frame
3:32PM 0 symmetric dotplot? (Wilkinson 1999, Am Stat 53 (3) 276-281
3:16PM 3 characters in a string
3:13PM 2 Contour line coordinates
2:38PM 3 Creating publication-quality plots for use in Microsoft Word
1:38PM 0 help for shift.down
1:27PM 3 Keyword to clear the screen
12:00PM 1 content analysis
11:54AM 2 barplot: space between axis and bars
10:41AM 1 cochran-grubbs tests results
10:38AM 0 A question on modelling binary response data using factors
9:57AM 2 Programming: loop versus vector oriented
9:49AM 1 Interpolate? a line
8:55AM 2 Get File Names in Folder, Read Files, Update, and Write
8:39AM 0 difftime problems with daylight saving time?
6:23AM 1 HDP and 99% contour lines
6:07AM 1 retrieving object names passed indirectly to a function
3:29AM 2 Using feather.plot to try and generate a stick plot of current velocity data (and having issues)
Tuesday September 14 2010
10:55PM 0 kernlab ipop solver value dual
10:10PM 0 influence measures for multivariate linear models
8:29PM 4 for loop help
7:49PM 2 Can I monitor the iterative/convergence process while using Optim or MaxLik?
7:14PM 3 rnorm using vector of means and SDs
7:05PM 4 Package build and install under Windows
6:25PM 1 Reading highest numbered file
6:13PM 3 extracting objects from lists
5:56PM 0 stratified Wilcoxon's rank sum test with the locally best weights
5:29PM 4 If then else with command for
4:46PM 1 Using McNemar's test to detect shifts in response from pre- to post-treatment
4:35PM 0 nlme numeric data format
4:34PM 4 Problems with "pdf" device using "plot" "glht" function on "multcomp" library.
4:15PM 1 predict(backSpline(x)): losing my marbles?
4:01PM 1 Sweave and graphs
3:58PM 1 Good example ANCOVA in R
3:56PM 1 ASA John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award - 2011
3:43PM 1 Model averaging with (and without) interaction terms
2:55PM 0 ASA Stat. Computing & Stat. Graphics Student Paper Competition 2011
2:09PM 4 Error: cannot allocate vector of size X.0 Mb
2:01PM 2 Multiple CPU HowTo in Linux?
1:50PM 0 biclust - jaccardind
1:20PM 1 NA confusion (length question)
12:56PM 4 Sweave and Miktex (Sweave.sty not found)
12:38PM 3 how to compute when row length is different
11:25AM 1 splines package (problem finding it)
11:14AM 3 R install in Fedora
11:07AM 1 Unable to do a post hoc test after Friedman's
11:00AM 5 Problem with cat()
10:25AM 1 question on staRt package
9:02AM 2 How to uncompress a gz file in R
7:20AM 2 Object oriented programming in R.
7:15AM 1 solve integrate(,..) varying limits of integration
5:51AM 0 panel data and model selection
4:41AM 0 Getting Error while connecting "R"
4:09AM 1 dataframe of dataframes?
12:27AM 1 Stats Question
Monday September 13 2010
11:52PM 1 relative risk regression with survey data
10:56PM 3 xyplot axis line width
10:52PM 2 proportion
10:25PM 1 xyplot legends
10:20PM 1 Problem (environment?) with R CMD CHECK
9:48PM 1 Plot with Group # as pch
9:43PM 2 Condition %in%
9:03PM 1 Dampening the spline interpolation for contours
8:52PM 2 Homogeneity of regression slopes
8:26PM 2 post
8:25PM 1 Transparent Labels for Polar Plot
7:51PM 2 The future of R - Ross Ihaka stirs discussions around the web
6:54PM 0 list with explanation for trellis parameters available?
6:46PM 0 New version of rms package on CRAN
6:41PM 3 Question: Form a new list with the index replicated equal to the number of elements in that index
6:40PM 2 How to tell R that "ABC" is the name of a dataset not a variable value
6:30PM 0 using survexp and ratetable with coxph object that includes a factor term
6:12PM 1 Transforming character vector
5:12PM 1 R 2.12.0 scheduled for October 15
3:56PM 2 as.Date() add a day to a date
3:43PM 1 Specify a minimum number of valid arguments for the mean function
3:42PM 1 Problems with reshape2 on Mac
3:30PM 2 Sample a vector repeatedly
1:45PM 0 array of objects
12:50PM 4 lattice: Set x-axis in italics only
12:45PM 1 shade area between 'ablines'
12:30PM 1 working version r-2.11.1-win 32.exe
11:44AM 1 print matrix values and if statement
11:17AM 0 Block other mails
10:53AM 1 Need to have more control on cat()
10:33AM 0 Line integral with R
10:16AM 2 SF-36 questionnaire scoring for R?
9:38AM 0 Help with ugarchspec function
9:32AM 2 Saveing plot to multiple locations
9:24AM 1 sum to infinity
9:19AM 2 How to generate a particular sequence ?
6:53AM 0 Adding dummy variable "zero/one" in ARIMA model in R
6:31AM 1 Create a time-series from cross-sectional data that has each year as a separate column
5:54AM 2 Overlay of two graphs of different axes
2:23AM 2 How to do a trig regression
1:28AM 1 Problem with all.equal and POSIXt.
Sunday September 12 2010
6:39PM 2 Efficient ways of merging data frames
6:22PM 0 replacing matrix column entities as columns name
5:58PM 4 using read.table, removing extra quotation mark from a text field? (e.g. ""cat" )
5:35PM 1 non-integer key for data.table
2:45PM 3 reshape matrix entities to columns
2:12PM 3 create a '3D line plot'
6:40AM 1 apply over parallel lists and their elements
1:27AM 1 R-equivalent Stata command: poisson or quasipoisson?
Saturday September 11 2010
11:17PM 3 Supplying function inputs interactively
9:53PM 0 sorting a (homogenous) list of objects, based on a a field of the objects
8:21PM 1 Setting scales for ggplot2 with facets
7:52PM 2 Generating multinomial distribution and plotting
7:15PM 3 confidence bands for a quasipoisson glm
5:53PM 0 [Q] How to extract cross validation results from e1071's svm model
3:07PM 2 xlab with text and expression
2:52PM 1 ggplot: stat_smooth() and nls method
2:07PM 0 outputting arima models
12:00PM 1 'programatically' list or call objects for use in a function?
11:18AM 2 Latex fonts in R graphics
10:29AM 1 Argument lib is missing
8:42AM 2 How to comment out entire code parts in Sweave files
8:39AM 5 for loop
4:25AM 1 How to check available package
1:25AM 0 igraph, graph layout and node overlaps
1:24AM 1 nonlinear programming package
Friday September 10 2010
11:58PM 1 Greek letter included in a character vector
11:10PM 1 Traversing a dendrogram object
10:41PM 2 Formatting of time strings
10:10PM 3 Is there a bisection method in R?
10:08PM 0 How to call to R_KalmanLike from outside StructTS
9:46PM 1 Where to find R-help options web page
9:35PM 4 Solver in R
8:58PM 1 lattice package - wireframe plot : adding more than one surface and addiding a curve overlaid on the plot
8:05PM 8 convert "1", "10", and "100" to "0001", "0010", "0100" etc.
7:40PM 4 Counting occurances of a letter by a factor
7:06PM 1 Dividing a vector into equal interval
6:49PM 1 Maximum log likelihood estimates of the parameters of a nonlinear model.
6:24PM 3 ggplot bar geom: control the filling in the colour legend
5:51PM 6 adding zeroes after old zeroes in a vector ??
5:24PM 6 filter a tab delimited text file
5:09PM 0 difference of two RData files/environments
3:54PM 4 for loop help please!
3:53PM 1 Data Manipulation
3:36PM 1 Can't event start 'rattle' under Ubuntu 64bit
2:59PM 1 adding labels above bars in a barplot
2:16PM 1 modifying axis labels in lattice panels
2:07PM 1 Can I save my console contents automatically?
2:03PM 1 Problem importing square character
2:01PM 2 pairwise.t.test vs t.test
1:30PM 0 package gbm C++ code as separate module
1:25PM 1 Save R-Part Tree
1:19PM 0 SSOAP complex request types
12:36PM 0 plyr: version 1.2
12:34PM 0 reshape2: a reboot of the reshape package
12:25PM 1 lme, groupedData, random intercept and slope
12:21PM 2 lme vs. lmer, how do they differ?
12:19PM 1 lmer output
11:21AM 1 Standardized logistic regression coefficients
9:38AM 3 (no subject)
8:05AM 2 Data.frames : difference between x$a and x[, "a"] ? - How set new values on x$a with a as variable ?
7:06AM 0 importing third party hierarchical clustering data into R
7:03AM 1 Simulation
6:34AM 0 covariance matrix structure for random effect in glmmPQL
3:11AM 2 gee p values
3:09AM 1 faster unlist,strsplit,gsub,for
2:33AM 1 OT: model diagnostics in the published literature
12:50AM 2 survfit question
Thursday September 9 2010
10:34PM 1 URL error when trying to use help function in R [Sec: UNOFFICIAL]
9:47PM 1 "sequeeze" a data frame
8:53PM 1 R2WinBugs problem
8:26PM 0 Plotting dates and grid lines on the X-Axis of xyplot
8:06PM 0 Is there Stangle/Rtangle functionality available for odfWeave input documents?
7:22PM 0 estimating treatment effect in blocked experiment
6:54PM 5 Help on simple problem with optim
6:30PM 0 TCLTK - ListBox - centralize text
4:53PM 1 executing loop in circular way
4:18PM 0 Uncertainty analysis
4:02PM 1 rgl and lighting
3:59PM 3 Bug on chron
3:57PM 1 scalable < > delimiters in plotmath
3:35PM 3 Alignment of lines within barplot bars
3:07PM 4 Axis break with gap.plot()
2:12PM 0 multi-class for BRT
2:07PM 1 Determine Bounds of Current Graph
2:03PM 5 Highlighting a few bars in a barplot
11:52AM 1 createDataPartition
11:41AM 2 modulo operation
10:50AM 5 Calculating with tolerances (error propagation)
10:50AM 0 Invitation to the ICANNGA'11 Conference
10:44AM 2 confidence intervals around p-values
10:35AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 91, Issue 9
10:27AM 1 Making R lazy
10:26AM 3 Which language is faster for numerical computation?
10:23AM 0 markov model
9:43AM 0 UseR groups: NewJersey R - LondonR - BaselR
9:43AM 1 Strange output daply with empty strata
8:43AM 0 Help with HB analysis in R for a conjoint study Data
8:33AM 0 Maxdiff Analysis in R
8:07AM 1 Emacs function argument hints
8:02AM 2 Help request: highlighting R code on WordPress.com blogs
7:42AM 0 advise on operations speed with Rcpp,Boost::ipc Shared Memory
7:22AM 2 See what is inside a matrix
6:41AM 2 plot symbol "+", but with variable bar lenghts
5:47AM 6 Reproducible research
4:46AM 2 Calculating with tolerances
4:01AM 1 Error in normalizePath(path) : with McAfee
1:56AM 0 multistate multiple failure times
1:53AM 0 Fast / dependable way to "stack together" data frames from a list
1:15AM 0 calling Rf_initEmbeddedR error
12:29AM 0 Wiki entries on "package development process" and "software repository"
Wednesday September 8 2010
11:37PM 1 on error execute:
10:43PM 4 coxph and ordinal variables?
10:40PM 5 Newbie cross tabulation issue
9:46PM 1 readShapeSpatial error with 2.11.1
9:33PM 11 problem with outer
9:11PM 3 regression function for categorical predictor data
8:48PM 2 a question about replacing the value in the data.frame
8:45PM 2 subbing a string vector for another string vector
7:35PM 2 Correlation question
7:01PM 6 'par mfrow' and not filling horizontally
6:17PM 5 Replace NAs in one column with data from another column
5:30PM 1 large files produced from image plots?
5:18PM 3 "try-error" can not be test. Why?
4:38PM 0 3d plot layout?
4:10PM 0 New package for medical image registration: RNiftyReg
4:09PM 1 XML getNodeSet syntax for PUBMED XML export
3:44PM 1 Change plot order in lattice xyplot
3:38PM 0 How to get OR and CI from GEE R package
3:32PM 1 saving heatmaps in graphical format that can be edited in graphic editor tool
3:29PM 2 saving heatmaps in graphical format that can be edited in graphic editor tools
3:22PM 2 Matrixes inside matrixes
2:34PM 1 Checking if the distribution follow a power law
2:03PM 1 pairs and panel.smooth for two groups
1:36PM 3 Uniform Distribution
12:49PM 1 lattice: layout and number of pages
12:35PM 2 optimized value worse than starting Value
12:31PM 1 Extracting elements from list: Is [[ always faster than $ ??
12:14PM 1 Aggregating data from two data frames
11:34AM 3 Regression using mapply?
11:26AM 2 big data
11:20AM 0 programming continuous-time markov model likelihood
11:12AM 0 (no subject)
11:11AM 0 shared memory system for R windows
9:24AM 1 How to change font size in plot() function
9:11AM 2 Passing aruments with source
8:15AM 2 forecasting with non-linear models
7:25AM 3 Saving/loading custom R scripts
6:56AM 2 choose.dir() gone?
6:52AM 4 How to project a vector on a subspace?
6:43AM 1 Interpolation missing data
6:17AM 3 adding list to data.frame iteratively
5:22AM 1 bigmemory doubt
4:50AM 2 Uncompressing data from read.socket
4:32AM 1 circular data
1:06AM 1 problem with max in a function
12:25AM 2 dataframe selection using a multi-value key
12:02AM 2 multiple graphs
Tuesday September 7 2010
10:54PM 0 Imputation Simulation using MICE
10:36PM 1 problems with siar package
10:23PM 1 Multivariate Regression Trees: how to identify sample units?
9:43PM 1 change the for loops with lapply
9:33PM 5 how to you output a vector to a column in excel?
9:01PM 5 R 2.11, shell, spaces
8:57PM 0 trouble with XML
8:38PM 3 Help with decimal points
8:27PM 1 RandomForests Limitations? Work Arounds?
7:58PM 1 adding variable to netCDF file
6:57PM 0 Question About rscaleUsage in Bayesm
6:19PM 2 repeated measurements ANOVA
5:30PM 0 TukeyHSD responses in R
5:05PM 2 some questions about longitudinal study with baseline
5:04PM 1 remove accents in strings
4:53PM 1 R cannot be started
4:35PM 4 a^c(1:3)
4:28PM 0 AHRQ - Creation of Comorbidity Variables
4:27PM 2 Plotting longitudinal data
4:08PM 0 rscaleUsage Function
4:04PM 1 boundary correction - univariate kernel density estimation
4:00PM 1 average columns of data frame corresponding to replicates
3:31PM 0 Open position at Merck (NJ, USA)
3:09PM 0 How do u create a "virtual" map?
3:06PM 3 Display R graphics windows in second monitor
3:02PM 1 Saving fits (glm, nls) without data
2:38PM 5 question on "optim"
2:38PM 3 Something similar to layout in lattice or ggplot
2:26PM 0 Problem with X11 device through screen over ssh within Emacs
1:18PM 1 Problems in snow: can't open connection with nodes
1:09PM 4 minor diagonal in R
11:37AM 1 Help with repeating values in a column of dataframe in R on a random pattern- reg
11:29AM 2 R package to identify model
11:06AM 1 own distance
10:15AM 0 Can Cairo do better?
8:37AM 2 Percentile rank for each element in list
8:29AM 0 slow socket read in R?
7:11AM 1 queue implementation?
4:05AM 1 Memory leak in system() command?
1:22AM 1 how to combine several subsets?
Monday September 6 2010
11:54PM 1 Prediction and confidence intervals from predict.drc
11:19PM 0 Way OT: Does PSA testing reduce prostate cancer mortality?
9:39PM 0 Need help with error number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
9:00PM 1 PostScript/PDF graphics with another font
8:42PM 2 Help with unexpected symbol errors
8:34PM 1 two questions
7:48PM 3 likelyhood maximization problem with polr
6:07PM 2 how to change the xlab name?
5:57PM 0 ERCIM'10: Submission of abstracts
5:49PM 1 combining collumns for data.frames
5:17PM 1 c++ equivalent switch statement?
5:13PM 2 poisson distribution
4:57PM 8 Over lay 2 scale in same plot
4:24PM 1 sample a matrix with one element to be 1 from wishart distribution
4:18PM 4 How to run R on Emacs+ESS
4:15PM 3 Failure to aggregate
4:03PM 2 WriteXLS problem
3:46PM 5 boxplot knowing Q1, Q3, median, upper and lower whisker value
2:56PM 2 rbind() overwriting data.frame()
2:50PM 0 How R converts data between objects
2:37PM 3 path analysis
2:30PM 1 calculating area between plot lines
2:29PM 3 Aggregate certain rows in a matrix
2:24PM 5 Time Series
1:56PM 3 Aggregating the matrices
1:42PM 1 Help on write.xlsx library(xlsx)
1:42PM 1 nlme Output
1:19PM 1 How to get "mypkg-manual.pdf"
12:50PM 2 anova of glm output
12:14PM 1 Two images functions
12:11PM 1 inserting a vector as a row in a data.frame
11:55AM 1 Creating named.list from two matrix columns
11:41AM 2 dataframe row names from list
10:45AM 3 Finding the two most recent dates
10:06AM 1 size limit of string/parse a string and convert to vector
9:52AM 2 replacing functions
9:43AM 2 Strange behavior of interval values in optimize()
9:41AM 0 xlsReadWrite v1.5.2
8:03AM 1 Correct coefficients from treatment contrasts?
6:54AM 1 max limit of list size and vector size?
5:38AM 1 tcltk lost after update r-base 2.11.1-2hardy0 to 2.11.1-5hardy0
5:00AM 3 representing NULL values in a vector
3:48AM 1 extracting x,y coordinates from a contour plot
1:51AM 1 TimeStamp
1:05AM 1 colorRamp of image to span larger range than dataset
12:57AM 2 how do I transform this to a for loop
12:35AM 0 Seed value in ARIMA models
Sunday September 5 2010
11:52PM 1 Add y-title to a plot with two y axis
5:45PM 8 R time series analysis
5:41PM 2 Plotting multiple edges with iGraph
5:21PM 3 appending to a list
4:50PM 2 Need Help .RData in Mac OS X, Please
3:44PM 0 cov.unscaled in NLS - how to define cov.scaled to make comparable to SAS proc NLIN output - and theoretically WHY are they different
3:29PM 1 Greek symbols (again but more complicated)
3:19PM 1 assignment by value or reference
2:53PM 1 dirichlet models
2:32PM 1 mac: lib/gtk.pkg
2:17PM 1 Warning messages: not meaningful for factors
12:48PM 4 converting string vector to integer/numeric vector
7:09AM 2 merging two maxtrices
4:08AM 3 simple ts() object question
Saturday September 4 2010
11:23PM 0 How to use prediction
8:54PM 0 How to generate integers from uniform distribution with
8:18PM 3 How can I fixe convergence=1 in optim
8:07PM 1 non-zero exit status error when install GenomeGraphs
6:37PM 4 Please explain "do.call" in this context, or critique to "stack this list faster"
4:21PM 1 Decision Tree in Python or C++?
3:05PM 0 A basic question in model/formula specification
2:11PM 0 Luis Miguel Delgado Gomez/BBK está ausente de la oficina.
1:15PM 1 tail.matrix returns matrix, while tail.mts return vector
12:52PM 3 Levels in returned data.frame after subset
10:10AM 2 Function try and Results of a program
9:44AM 1 limit on read.socket?
9:17AM 1 return from .Call()
4:46AM 1 how to free memory? (gc() doesn't work for me)
4:20AM 2 Query regarding Windows based statistical software development using R as programming language
12:32AM 2 R code output issues
Friday September 3 2010
9:31PM 0 rmate osascript workaround for e-texteditor on windows?
9:23PM 3 R program google search
8:28PM 1 rgl windows binary
5:39PM 2 Package wavelets
5:12PM 6 how can I plot bar plots with all the bars (negative and positive) in the same direction????
3:37PM 7 Function Gini or Ineq
3:22PM 2 density() with confidence intervals
3:09PM 0 vglm help
3:09PM 2 3d graph surface
2:06PM 2 Interactions in GAM
1:33PM 4 function to compare numbers
1:08PM 5 how to get row name of matrix when result is a vector
12:48PM 2 Matrix to list
12:39PM 1 readLines and writeLines
11:02AM 1 change the type of lines and colours in interaction.plot
10:32AM 4 Generation of uniform random numbers
10:03AM 1 How to use lm() output for systemfit() 'Seemingly unrelated regression'
8:05AM 1 'seq' help page: seq_length -> seq_len?
7:55AM 1 Help on Select.list
6:43AM 3 define colors for groups in lattice xyplot
5:23AM 1 running an exe in the background
12:06AM 1 calculate monthly mean
Thursday September 2 2010
11:39PM 1 NLS equation self starting non linear
10:03PM 1 specify the covariance matrix for random effect
8:48PM 2 Ordering data by variable
7:25PM 3 Simultaneous equations
4:22PM 1 Linear models (lme4) - basic question
3:52PM 1 Help on glm and optim
3:45PM 3 Power analysis
3:09PM 1 How using the weights argument in nls2?
2:32PM 2 date
1:52PM 1 Kolmogorov Smirnov p-values
1:51PM 2 lower triangle of the correlation matrix with xtable
12:05PM 1 how to cluster vectors of factors
11:30AM 1 nlme formula from model specification
10:50AM 1 R graphics: Add labels to stacked bar chart
9:42AM 1 Error: could not find function "ad.test"
9:32AM 1 draw a graph of the semi-partial R-squared /CAH
9:16AM 1 Is there any package or function perform stepwise variable selection under GEE method?
8:30AM 1 Using library and lib.loc
7:24AM 2 reshape to wide format takes extremely long
7:16AM 2 R code changes to crap
7:10AM 0 using R's svd from outside R
6:29AM 1 R CMD check Package(Windows): Error in inDL(x, as.logical(local), as.logical(now), ...) :
6:19AM 0 extract month data automatically
6:17AM 1 How to generate integers from uniform distribution with fixed mean
2:04AM 1 How to access some elements of a S4 object?
Wednesday September 1 2010
11:50PM 2 diamond/triangle "plot"
11:03PM 2 testing for emptyenv
10:29PM 1 Writing My Own Function to Use With aggregate
9:05PM 2 general question on binomial test / sign test
8:49PM 5 [semi-OT] Using fortune() in an email signature
8:17PM 2 Legend with fill = gray ?
6:56PM 3 how to represent error bar in a plot legend?
5:43PM 1 CRAN Mirror definition error.
5:17PM 1 problems with unique
3:57PM 1 [Q] Goodness-of-fit test of a logistic regression model using rms package
3:39PM 0 ggplot2 case study competiton and wiki
3:27PM 1 xyplot (Lattice): Group order in display
3:18PM 2 getting column names of row-by-row sorted matrix
3:15PM 2 ggplot2 multiple group barchart
3:13PM 1 Where can the "benchmark2" function be downloaded from?
3:09PM 6 Why is vector assignment in R recreates the entire vector ?
3:05PM 2 Using packages built in linux in windows
2:56PM 2 invert order
2:35PM 3 standardize columns selectively within a dataframe
2:31PM 0 Autocorrelation with merMCMC object
2:23PM 0 opls-da
2:09PM 2 Rd-file error: non-ASCII input and no declared encoding
1:11PM 8 how to replace NA with a specific score that is dependant on another indicator variable
12:56PM 3 Save data as .pdf or .JPG
12:54PM 0 testthat: version 0.3
12:38PM 0 kruskalmc
12:22PM 0 biclust package
11:40AM 2 documentation to upgrade R-package from 32 to 64bit
10:36AM 2 What solve() does?
7:58AM 1 Emacs/R graphics / Win32
5:45AM 1 OdfWeave and Locale
4:57AM 1 problem with jpeg and Rbitmap.dll
4:52AM 1 transaction object - how to coerce this data
2:59AM 0 problems with JGR and standard R GUI closing during calculations
1:07AM 0 Collapsing levels of categorical variables