R help - Jan 2010

Sunday January 31 2010
11:56PM 2 Installling source package
11:05PM 2 Using apply function on duplicates in a data.frame
10:35PM 0 Help with R in ubuntu (more organized 2)
10:20PM 0 Help with R in ubuntu (more organized)
10:14PM 1 Help with R in ubuntu
7:56PM 3 combining data frames in a list - how do I add breaks?
7:55PM 1 R performance
7:25PM 1 How to split data frame into groups by a list of factors?
7:19PM 1 permutation analysis with randomly chosen subsets of a matrix
5:06PM 0 linear models with variance in dependent and independent variables
4:20PM 0 Package ismev, gpd.fit, and interpretation for statistics of extreme values
3:15PM 2 RBloomberg on Mac Leopard
2:53PM 2 Reshaping matrix of vectors as dataframe
9:34AM 1 RCurl : limit of downloaded Urls ?
7:33AM 2 format
3:20AM 1 accessing column and row numbers inside splom in lattice
3:13AM 2 help on Venn's diagram
2:34AM 2 lmer, mcmcsamp, coda, HPDinterval
1:24AM 1 Running a Logit Model in R
12:20AM 0 importing ISI Web of Science citation data
Saturday January 30 2010
11:14PM 3 iterative regressions, adding a new line of data each time
10:50PM 1 Sweave - have Sexpr print 3 digits when the last is 0
9:27PM 1 MA parameter in R vs. Minitab
9:09PM 2 aggregate by factor
8:45PM 2 Using auto.key with two variable plots
8:34PM 2 Applying a transformation to multiple data frame columns
8:04PM 2 graph help
7:11PM 2 convert data frame of values into correlation matrix
7:09PM 1 pca in R
5:00PM 3 "should be" easy data frame manipulation
4:38PM 2 Call m file in R
3:33PM 2 drawing a line that shifts from solid to broken
2:22PM 2 question about time series objects
12:19PM 2 parsing files for plot
6:07AM 0 free training for R-PLUS
5:29AM 3 Taking mean of 3 cols in data frame : error
3:56AM 0 Is there an equivalent of type="where" in predict.rpart, similiar to tree?
2:48AM 2 Questions on Mahalanobis Distance
12:15AM 3 Solving an optimization problem: selecting an "optimal" subset
12:09AM 1 convert a data frame with NULL to a list of integer
Friday January 29 2010
11:58PM 2 question about transpose
11:16PM 2 function to create multiple lists
11:06PM 1 How to choose a number subset with sum closest to x?
10:29PM 1 help on drawing right colors within a grouped xyplot (Lattice)
9:58PM 2 How to use escape characters in a string
9:44PM 0 Help interpreting libarary(nnet) script output..URGENT
9:14PM 2 Poisson regression: computation of linear combination of coefficients. Should one use the scaled var-cov matrix?
8:58PM 1 shared object location
8:55PM 7 Simple question on replace a matrix row
7:34PM 2 help in R 2.9.x for R 2.10.x packages
7:34PM 1 SemiPar/spm question
7:28PM 3 How do people use Sweave / R / Databases
7:03PM 1 Question on codetools and parse trees
6:30PM 0 code for FD
4:51PM 2 evaluating expressions with sub expressions
4:41PM 0 Saving Xpose.VPC as wmf and Turning off Recording
4:41PM 1 Using win-builder with static libraries
4:39PM 1 create an R object in a loop
4:32PM 3 Applying a function on each columns of a matrix
4:25PM 3 Vector from Matrix
4:11PM 1 two sample chi-squared test
4:11PM 1 regression with categorial variables
4:05PM 0 Problems with readVECT6 in spgrass6 package: A possible solution.
3:31PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Suppress output from getGEO]
3:22PM 1 How to draw a border for multiple graphs in one pager
3:17PM 1 How to draw a border for multiple graphs in one page
3:09PM 2 Vectors with equal sd but different slope
3:04PM 2 Suppress output from getGEO
2:34PM 1 Problem with multy level sorting
2:31PM 3 For loop into a vectorized form?
2:30PM 2 Create matrix with subset from unlist
2:04PM 3 extract R-squared and P-value from lm results
12:50PM 0 liblapack
12:47PM 1 Lyapunov Discrete Time Equation
12:18PM 1 Step function
12:12PM 1 use zoo package with multiple column data sets
12:03PM 1 Plotmath: suprscript on scalable delimiter?
11:58AM 1 Vectorize multiple loops
11:36AM 0 [SOLVED] RMySQL, Sweave and the annoying TRUE echo
11:34AM 1 FracSim set.seed
11:10AM 2 RMySQL, Sweave and the annoying TRUE echo
10:56AM 2 Explanation w.r.t. rbind, please!
10:49AM 2 cbind, row names
10:44AM 1 combine 3 affybatches
10:38AM 1 Compilation error with maptools
10:35AM 0 Classification of supernovae - a challenge
10:08AM 3 detect brightness of hex color value in R / convert from hex to hsl/hsv space how?
7:24AM 1 How to convert timestamps?
7:17AM 1 Conditional plot(Lattice)
7:17AM 1 ask a question about data replacement
6:11AM 0 R memory issue / quantreg
5:40AM 0 plyr / spm issue
4:59AM 1 Barplot/Histogram (lattice)
4:46AM 1 R on Hard drive memory
3:55AM 1 how to create a histogram from a matrix?
2:45AM 1 apply function with grouped columns
2:26AM 1 how to express time series linear model Q(t) ~ Q(t-1)+.. Q(t-n) as a formula
1:47AM 0 help in identifying the argument "formula" in the package nnet
1:18AM 0 Problem to install Tinn-R_2.3.4.4
12:12AM 5 random permuted block randomization
Thursday January 28 2010
10:31PM 2 Rattle not reading files on windows 7
9:41PM 1 hist - unevenly spaced bars
9:14PM 2 Error on using lag function
9:03PM 2 Data frame of different sized lists in a function call
8:15PM 2 navigation panel with help
5:50PM 0 qplot themes
5:07PM 1 question about reshape
5:05PM 3 weighted least squares vs linear regression
4:45PM 0 Setting base level for contrasts with lme
4:30PM 0 RMySQL install
3:41PM 1 grid.image(), pckg grid
3:37PM 2 color palette for points, lines, text / interactive Rcolorpicker?
3:29PM 1 make a grid with longitude, latitude and bathymetry data
3:26PM 2 tapply on multiple groups
3:14PM 1 Recoding Variables in R
2:55PM 2 select one row from data-frame by name, indirectly (as string)
2:25PM 2 Print lattice output to table?
1:32PM 1 AFT-model with time-varying covariates and left-truncation
1:14PM 0 using function boot
12:46PM 0 LMS estimation for lmsqreg package
12:10PM 3 Using tcltk or other graphical widgets to view zoo time series objects
12:05PM 2 Conditional editing of rows in a data frame
9:54AM 0 lpSolve API - add Vs set
9:35AM 2 NA Replacement by lowest value?
9:23AM 1 Setting breaks for histogram of dates
8:50AM 1 number of decimal
8:05AM 4 Problems with fitdistr
5:21AM 4 If then test
3:43AM 2 SAS Type 1 / Type 3 Analysis Equivalent.
3:34AM 2 Data.frame manipulation
3:23AM 2 Constrained vector permutation
2:41AM 1 Problem associated with importing xlsx data file (Excel 2007)
2:09AM 4 plotting additive ns components
1:35AM 1 exporting multidimensional matrix from R
1:23AM 1 quartz() and dpi
12:59AM 0 Update to exact2x2 package: Exact McNemar's test
12:59AM 0 exactci package gives exact binomial and poisson tests and matching CI
Wednesday January 27 2010
11:06PM 2 Randomly rearranging elements of sets
10:34PM 1 Installing R and modules on Unix OS
10:13PM 2 Merge: sort=F not preserving order?
9:08PM 2 sort a data frame according to all the Columns
8:06PM 1 color matrix
7:41PM 0 Indexes for Simplexes
7:40PM 2 using functions with multiple arguments in the "apply" family
7:37PM 1 ggplot2 theme for custom point colors?
6:49PM 2 Rcmdr has stopped working
6:05PM 3 median of grouped data
6:04PM 2 ask for help with this R quesiton
5:31PM 3 Function for describing segements in sequential data
5:21PM 1 Step and AIC
4:28PM 1 biplot from stats: 0.8 ?
3:58PM 1 Alt carachters in R
3:36PM 1 returning a list of functions
3:14PM 2 Writing Graphs to Files
3:00PM 1 Selective Plot Color
2:28PM 1 control of scat1d tick color in plot.Predict?
1:59PM 2 Executing a R-string
1:36PM 2 href and Rd
1:15PM 1 difference between ' and "
1:02PM 1 date and time functions
11:50AM 1 How to split a matrix into a few matrices?
11:31AM 1 Edit a Sptial Lines Object
11:04AM 0 GARCH (1,1) negative volatility???
10:51AM 1 selecting significant predictors from ANOVA result
10:21AM 1 How to attach chart to excel file?
10:16AM 1 How to sort data.frame
10:10AM 1 term.formula error when updating an nls object
9:31AM 2 plotting the coordinates versus dates
6:48AM 0 I just uploaded a photo that I want you to see!
6:32AM 2 RMySQL - Bulk loading data and creating FK links
5:45AM 1 Replacing ' (apostrophe) with "(two apostrophe)
5:08AM 1 how to change the tick character of x-axis ?
2:40AM 1 adding / modifiying functions in a site-library package ????
12:33AM 1 Problem with xyplot when creating a .png graphic
12:31AM 2 Bulk Match/Replace
Tuesday January 26 2010
11:59PM 1 ordisymbol - changing symbols used in plotting factor levels
11:00PM 1 Maptools runs out of memory installing the help files for spCbind-methods
10:57PM 1 Newton method
10:30PM 0 Check out this photo on MyDailyFlog!
10:16PM 1 library.dynam
9:54PM 2 unidentifiable problem..
9:26PM 0 ANCOVA with measurement error in x and y
9:25PM 1 add points to 3D plot using p3d {onion}
9:09PM 1 Install R 2.10.1 on Windows XP Errors
8:33PM 0 Trouble Highlighting outliers on Time Series Plot
8:25PM 2 large integers in R
8:13PM 0 splitting a factor column into binary columns for each level
8:12PM 1 splitting a factor column into binary columns for each factor
8:04PM 0 problems saving an mpfr object into a file
7:47PM 3 Apply a function on an array with the parameter as an array
6:15PM 1 sp package coordinates and gridded problems with as.list()
5:11PM 0 newb question: chron and hist()
5:05PM 3 PNG resolution
4:42PM 0 (list) object cannot be coerced to type 'double'
4:26PM 2 tapply and more than one function, with different arguments
4:05PM 5 Strange tick in ggplot geom_area; and ordering, again
4:02PM 0 problem with read.genepop function
3:52PM 2 hdf files
3:48PM 2 Large dataset importing, columns merging and splitting
3:27PM 2 heatmap.2 color range
3:01PM 1 update.packages on MS Windows with //server/share paths
2:44PM 3 Graph color
2:09PM 4 Error with toString
1:08PM 4 reading a string vector
12:21PM 0 create custom function to annotate a levelplot
11:21AM 3 Formatting cgroup and factor level labels in Hmisc latex function
11:16AM 1 AIC for comparing GLM(M) with (GAM(M)
10:11AM 1 [Fwd: Re: question on sqldf syntax]
9:08AM 6 Help
4:44AM 1 Hypothsis simulation
1:57AM 0 a question about the variance of growth model
1:26AM 1 newton method for single nonlinear equation
1:22AM 3 Problem with "nls" function
12:25AM 0 Summer internships
Monday January 25 2010
11:32PM 1 Min hash
10:55PM 2 Microsoft SQL Server and R
10:39PM 5 Data transformation
10:06PM 1 ff package: ff objects don't reload completely on NFS drives from a different machine
10:05PM 1 Postscript graphs
8:40PM 3 Matching a character in a string
8:00PM 2 Two == expressions in bquote
7:44PM 0 R2WinBUGS trap
7:38PM 1 R2WinBUGS/ trap
7:37PM 2 Delete components of a list
7:17PM 3 question on sqldf syntax
6:57PM 3 Issue using tapply
6:46PM 2 (no subject)
5:54PM 4 R Output and ArcGIS
4:59PM 1 reshape package cast() function
4:39PM 1 PCA: Showing file datalabels on biplot
4:07PM 1 summing a large, partitioned data frame
4:02PM 1 Fwd: how to write a long string to many lines in a fasta text file
4:01PM 1 z value from wilcox.exact
3:58PM 0 Rscript is not loading some of one of the standard R packages
3:58PM 0 glmnet in caret packge
2:52PM 1 Same y-axis on multiple plots?
2:51PM 3 binary
2:02PM 1 Where can I get training for R-PLUS
12:39PM 1 sequence of equal-length numbers (for filenames)
12:38PM 0 frequency table help
12:08PM 2 Quantile loess smother?
12:06PM 3 Paste expression in graph title
11:51AM 0 : Feature selection
10:56AM 0 Graphics for Factor Analysis
10:44AM 4 R Memory Problem
10:03AM 1 StructTS hang?
9:25AM 0 RODBC compatibility with older ODBC versions
6:57AM 1 RMySQL Append data.frame to table
5:45AM 1 locfit questions/problems
1:15AM 2 finding values for arguments?
1:08AM 0 Functional data analysis - problem with functional linear regression
Sunday January 24 2010
11:01PM 2 Creating directories & folders
10:26PM 1 Categorical data repeated on time analysis
9:28PM 2 How to define degree=1 in mgcv
9:15PM 2 Error in plot.new()
9:06PM 1 From signals to position vector without using loop
8:39PM 0 Setting the value of max in calls to sqlGetResults
8:30PM 0 Setting thevalue of max in calls to sqlGetResults
8:05PM 3 Read files in a folder when new data files come
6:47PM 2 fetching columns from another file
6:10PM 2 problems using the bc package
3:47PM 3 Display of results
2:46PM 3 troubles with R
1:24PM 2 different x-axes in Lattice
12:25PM 3 system vs shell wait command
12:24PM 1 Rearranging long dataframe for printing in Sweave (and recoding a factor)
11:58AM 3 Is there a quicker way to drop a data frame column than setting it to NULL?
10:09AM 1 R-forge getting the wrong package
7:00AM 1 auto reading in multiple txt files with filename as 1st column "ID"
6:35AM 0 tree()...binary reponse giving only one split
3:37AM 1 header files for R packages
2:40AM 1 End of File for binary files
12:08AM 1 lattice ltext
Saturday January 23 2010
11:15PM 1 How to apply a function on each column of a matrix
10:46PM 3 How to implement a "select distinct x, count(distinct y) ... group by x" for a data frame
5:21PM 1 Failure to produce italics in jpeg
4:50PM 1 Error: could not find function
4:04PM 1 matrix to a C function
3:56PM 2 fatal error unable to restore saved data in .rdata
11:36AM 0 ltext, small lattice question
10:52AM 1 R and Limesurvey
5:53AM 1 (nlme, lme, glmmML, or glmmPQL)mixed effect models with large spatial data sets
3:06AM 2 About LU decomposition in R
2:33AM 0 Newbie clip
Friday January 22 2010
11:38PM 1 Estimate Slope from Boltzmann Model (package: DRC)
11:32PM 1 MAC R crashes
11:31PM 2 Quartiles and Inter-Quartile Range
10:15PM 0 ANNOUNCE: edtdbg debugging tool
10:04PM 2 sorted reshaping?
9:45PM 0 Help changing position of x-axis
9:36PM 1 first and second derivative calculation
9:07PM 1 Title splitting function
8:26PM 4 Rotating the axis labels in the basic graphic device ?
6:52PM 2 Question on Merge/Lookup
6:51PM 2 Counting two factors at the same time
6:21PM 0 Error on as.timeSeries function
6:09PM 4 How to seperate date and time into different columns?
6:05PM 1 lm on group
5:22PM 1 Equality between covariance matrices?
4:56PM 2 Counting Na values on a time serie only on the past datas
4:49PM 0 New version of package ff
4:33PM 2 assigning a file name, or part of, to an object
4:32PM 1 Looping multiple dimensions
4:05PM 2 column selection in list
3:32PM 1 Sata and R users GLM methods translation
3:30PM 0 selecting random points within a buffer
3:10PM 4 Extract R-squared from summary of lm
2:38PM 1 confidence intervals for mean (GLM)
2:25PM 2 Stata and R user GLM method
2:09PM 0 [R-pkgs] GGally - Plot Matrix Extension for GGplot2
11:37AM 0 subsample clustered data
10:14AM 2 Optimizing C code
9:41AM 2 exact wilcox test and Bonferroni correction
8:53AM 2 Computing Confidence Intervals for AUC in ROCR Package
7:13AM 1 Help on tcl/tk package installation
5:29AM 0 [Fwd: RSPerl help.]
5:00AM 0 RSPerl installation problem.
4:56AM 1 what "~1"stands for?
2:23AM 3 Once again: Error: cannot allocate vector of size
2:13AM 1 Invalid input error in tm package
Thursday January 21 2010
11:29PM 1 How to write '"' to a csv with the default setting of write.csv?
11:07PM 1 correlation significance testing with multiple factor levels
11:06PM 2 Create a multi dimensional array from a data frame
11:01PM 3 Na.omit on matrix, does the matrix have to have a limited size
10:43PM 1 Rscript question
10:13PM 0 Problem on results of runmean function
10:10PM 1 Displaying Equation With Numerator and Demomenator On A Plot...
9:17PM 5 Logistic regression
8:50PM 1 Double inequality with plotmath
8:38PM 1 Fremingham Heart Study data set
8:35PM 1 use R from python
8:11PM 1 testing the fit of a regression and comparing regressn models
8:05PM 1 Retrieving an evaluated gradient value (UNCLASSIFIED)
8:03PM 3 Anova unequal variance
7:46PM 0 mspath analyzes transitions between multiple state with history dependence
7:43PM 2 3d trend line
7:37PM 0 GGally - Plot Matrix Extension for GGplot2
6:50PM 0 filehash does not install on FreeBSD
6:46PM 1 Merging and extracting data from list
5:59PM 1 Simple effects with Design / rms ols() function
5:38PM 1 Factor contingency tables
5:06PM 0 presence/absence similarities
5:05PM 3 Conditional density plot in lattice
4:36PM 0 unexpected behaviour of R-2.10.1 regular expression in UTF-8 locale
4:21PM 0 sp package - How to join two or more polygons from a SpatialPolygonsDataFrames
4:12PM 2 How to open .rda file in R
4:12PM 2 loop on list levels and names
4:04PM 2 Help with subset
4:00PM 2 Updating R on Linux
3:44PM 2 What is the difference between S and R?
3:30PM 1 Ask about drawing kernel density estimation
1:56PM 1 why scores are different in rda() and princomp()
1:55PM 3 cross validation function translated from stata
12:45PM 1 Estimation of S.E. based on bootstrapping (functions with two or more arguments)
12:28PM 2 about loops
10:01AM 0 R4CouchDB
9:52AM 0 change look-and-feel of plot to resemble hist
9:41AM 2 "stack imbalance in ..." when loading a workspace
8:08AM 0 biclustering using grouped columns
6:47AM 1 superimpose histogram and fitted gamma pdf
6:13AM 3 how to give the index with some given index ?
4:10AM 2 question about Software for Data analysis book
3:54AM 0 (Solved) Problems completely reading in a "large" sized data set
2:34AM 2 (no subject)
1:39AM 0 Using spec.ls to interpolate very long time series
1:22AM 2 Problems completely reading in a "large" sized data set
Wednesday January 20 2010
11:53PM 1 x,y plot question (two sets of labels)
11:20PM 0 Error on using blpGetData() function from RBloomberg package
11:04PM 1 S3 tutorial
10:46PM 0 Why are there typeof(), mode() and storage.mode()?
10:37PM 1 Unclear documentation on 'numeric' and 'integer' (R-lang.pdf)
10:37PM 5 standardizing one variable by dividing each value by the mean - but within levels of a factor
10:37PM 2 Question about many-to-one merge
9:55PM 2 Matrices with randomly generated entries
9:01PM 1 Printing RVector
8:19PM 1 Merge and join data
8:07PM 0 Growth Mixture Modeling
7:57PM 1 Yet another question about importing Excel *.xls files
7:56PM 1 Retrieving data through bbg or excel, what is faster?
6:45PM 1 Greek letters on a multi-line plot title
5:44PM 2 How do I juxtapose two lattice graphs with common X axes such that the X axes line up?
5:41PM 1 Line Plot with Dates on X-axis
5:18PM 1 Change an array into a dataset of four variables, dim1, dim2, dim3 and its elements
4:57PM 1 min and max operations on matrix
4:53PM 2 legend in multiple plot
4:07PM 3 Mutliple sets of data in one dataset....Need a loop?
3:41PM 2 simulation of binary data
3:33PM 0 Current R.oo tutorial
3:28PM 1 Problem in NMDS
3:25PM 0 Write.dbf ... problem
3:23PM 1 R.oo installation warnings?
1:10PM 3 barchart with stacked and beside bars
12:59PM 1 sum column by colnames
12:20PM 1 Reshaping data with xtabs giving me 'extra' data
12:05PM 0 Beginner questions (plot & circle)
11:42AM 3 problem with origin of a plot
11:06AM 1 Quantmod error
11:04AM 2 R help for read.table()
10:25AM 3 question on runif
9:58AM 2 Error meaning
8:38AM 7 Data Manipulation
7:46AM 1 Reducing augmented matrices
7:09AM 1 R arithmetic probability plot
7:00AM 2 Please Please Please Help me!!
4:17AM 2 A question
3:57AM 2 could we use ":" to represent multiple matrice in a list or sequential chracter names
3:38AM 0 putting labels back on a matrix.
2:47AM 3 Deleting rows based on duplicate entries in one columns in a data matrix
12:43AM 0 visualization kernelbb data
12:42AM 2 Plot frame border to start at zero?
Tuesday January 19 2010
10:06PM 1 Bias-corrected bootstrap function?
9:34PM 4 coping with a warning in if()
8:18PM 1 forgot the function to divide a dataset into equal parts
8:05PM 2 Help deciphering segfault in make check
7:51PM 2 Number of download.
6:18PM 1 Error compiling R 2.10.1 on AIX
5:55PM 1 Sampling theory
5:00PM 1 splitting a factor in an analysis of deviance table (negative binomial model)
4:43PM 3 problem with the precision of numbers
4:31PM 1 Model
4:27PM 5 OT: Software for specific visualisation of data...ideas?
4:10PM 4 Remove term from formula for predict.lm
3:21PM 3 question on plot in R with mac
2:58PM 2 Server hanging despite efforts to correct memory limits
2:25PM 2 Memory usage in read.csv()
1:22PM 0 Macualay Duration code in a Functional Form - Please Help
12:22PM 2 Working with text data/text operators
10:39AM 1 restricted permutations in permtest()?
10:35AM 0 Macaulay Duration for Group
10:27AM 4 apply command
8:41AM 1 read.table with special chars
6:27AM 5 Data import export zipped files from URLs
6:08AM 5 How to detect and exclude outliers in R?
5:42AM 1 A model-building strategy in mixed-effects modelling
5:15AM 4 how to open excel 2007 (.xlsx) file in R
5:14AM 3 Help ~
4:26AM 0 RSPerl help.
4:05AM 0 Two-stage Probit Least Squares
3:15AM 1 (no subject)
2:23AM 1 Help on using WinBUGS on Mac
1:58AM 2 CAMAN R package
12:19AM 1 change codes into loops
Monday January 18 2010
11:45PM 0 R and S+ Courses offered by TIBCO Spotfire (both Blended and Live)
11:31PM 2 Predict polynomial problem
11:25PM 3 add spline to longitudinal data - preferably similar to SAS's 'I=SM50S' routine
10:24PM 1 how to install spatstat
9:52PM 1 Cannot load RInterpreter (SJava)
9:48PM 3 Using the output of strsplit
9:35PM 0 RFE: bQuote like sQuote
8:22PM 2 An argument processing puzzle.
8:20PM 2 Problem extracting from mer objects
7:55PM 0 R jobs keep hanging linux server despite mem.limits modifcations
6:40PM 1 problem of data manipulation
6:20PM 2 permutations from vectors out of a matrix
6:19PM 2 Rotating pca scores
5:48PM 0 get the ranks for arrays
5:39PM 0 high precision numbers
4:00PM 2 output
3:53PM 1 lattice and probem
3:05PM 2 unique: factor to string
2:53PM 2 column selection for aggregate()
2:02PM 1 variable name substitution
1:32PM 1 Shortcut to run script
1:26PM 1 lattice and legend
12:47PM 5 errors appears in my time Series regression fomula
12:47PM 0 linking r and C
12:43PM 0 new R package. How to hide data file
12:34PM 2 ggplot2 histogramm
12:30PM 1 density() vs. KernSmooth::bkde
10:38AM 1 Exporting a data.frame to excel using sqlSave - adds a character ' to values
10:11AM 1 does any package have the functionality of ace() from old acepack?
9:17AM 2 using tabble
8:55AM 1 A question about build R-2.10.0 on HP-UX ia64 server.
5:06AM 1 a question about "multilevel"model
1:36AM 1 Sub-matrixes that are linked to the "Base matrix"
1:17AM 2 function to set log(0)=0 not working on tables or vectors
12:19AM 0 How to learn content-type
Sunday January 17 2010
10:28PM 0 Problem with EXtRemes GUI [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
10:17PM 4 How to convert character matrix or data.frame to numeric?
7:54PM 1 coplots with missing values
5:47PM 3 plotting Formulas with greek letters and variable values (expression, substitute, paste, ...)
4:18PM 0 ZipF question.
4:00PM 3 enty-wise closest element
11:20AM 3 Choose every second value
10:31AM 1 Help using Cast (Text) Version
10:07AM 0 Help using Cast
9:40AM 2 Strange results from Windows 7
7:17AM 2 For loops in R
7:08AM 0 Loess and predict
4:38AM 1 how to manipulate this data? Thank you very much!
3:08AM 1 Confusion in 'quantile' and getting rolling estimation of sample quantiles
12:09AM 6 More than on loop??
Saturday January 16 2010
11:58PM 0 Quasi-Poisson regression - using parameter estimates for QAICc
10:04PM 2 Extracing only Unique Rows based on only 1 Column
9:14PM 3 Comparing dates in dataframes
8:35PM 1 Sweave - How to use local objects in code chunks
8:00PM 0 gWidgets: plotting problem
7:57PM 2 Drought severity index: Excel to R
6:34PM 2 predict.glm
5:28PM 0 Testing Equality of Covariance Matrices??
5:05PM 2 turning an element of list into a vector
1:10PM 2 La.svd of a symmetric matrix
10:42AM 0 ess-roxy: Roxygen support for ESS
3:48AM 1 Hierarchical Linear Model using lme4's lmer
Friday January 15 2010
10:48PM 1 plotting in R
10:13PM 2 weighting (survey) data
9:50PM 1 Interpreting Poisson GLM coefficients into everyday language
9:50PM 1 randomForest maxnodes
8:33PM 1 (no subject)
8:01PM 1 Possible to write text inside a bar of a barplot?
7:59PM 1 'nlme' library - lme function results
7:48PM 1 bootstrapping
7:06PM 1 cbind or ?
5:30PM 1 Can an object reference itself?
5:07PM 5 panel.bpplot
3:34PM 0 Comparing percentages
3:01PM 1 Lattice: How to color the data points in splom() according to the panel they are plotted?
3:01PM 1 gWidgets: loading problem
2:53PM 3 optimization problem
2:14PM 1 How to calculate the row wise means for grouped columns in matrix?
1:24PM 1 call R with un expression (String)?
1:09PM 4 transposing a list of vectors
1:00PM 1 What is the newline escape sequence when using the Hershey fontfamily?
11:56AM 2 How to delete matrix rows based on NA frequency?
11:43AM 2 processing all files with certain extension in a directory
10:59AM 1 estimating rho of Poisson distributed data
10:26AM 1 Best method
10:08AM 3 Latent Profile Analysis Package?
10:03AM 1 Remove part of string in colname and calculate mean for columns groups
9:54AM 1 the sample() function
9:53AM 3 Connecting R with MS SQL server 2005
9:36AM 1 Barplots in R
9:26AM 5 Can I save R graphs as a R objects
8:10AM 1 Replacing NAs with 0 for variables with the same ending
3:59AM 1 Sampling from a Postgres database
3:45AM 5 advice/opinion on "<-" vs "=" in teaching R
2:08AM 0 how do I test regime shift in R?
1:20AM 0 R/Rmetrics Conference Singapore, February 19/20
Thursday January 14 2010
10:15PM 2 Newbie mistakes saving images to files
9:43PM 1 Error bars on barplots for only particular bars
9:42PM 0 doMPI 0.1-4
9:39PM 0 itertools 0.1-1
6:43PM 2 extracting columns with same partial name
5:25PM 1 lattice dotplot with missing levels in factor variable
4:32PM 1 Mode of a histogram
4:22PM 1 Extracting data from a list of matrices
4:20PM 2 HTML translation problem in R-2.10.1
1:23PM 2 paired repeated measurements
1:22PM 3 plot type any symbols?
1:07PM 1 R ON Mac
1:03PM 1 memDecompress and zlib compressed base64 encoded string
11:51AM 2 Fixed size permutations
11:31AM 0 Is it possible to create the genetic code circle graph ?
11:28AM 0 Windows Shell: R Gui Here
10:11AM 1 How to color a splom?
10:10AM 1 Logical function
10:04AM 5 To add text in a matrix
9:16AM 3 Barchart bar lengths not proportionate
8:38AM 0 chron, xts and zoo
8:32AM 1 Giving parameters from shell
8:28AM 1 Clustering with clara
8:06AM 0 Need help with R-tasks
7:05AM 5 Better way than an ifelse statement?
4:29AM 0 Bootstrap for correlation coefficient
4:29AM 1 How to install old randomForest?
2:24AM 0 installing RCurl when libcurl is in non-standard location
1:21AM 0 package spam for R64-devel
1:11AM 1 Error: object of type 'closure' is not subsettable
Wednesday January 13 2010
11:53PM 3 Updated comparison table for SAS-SPSS Add-ons and R Functions
10:15PM 4 a question about deleting rows
10:12PM 3 counting the number of times a string appears
9:14PM 3 Operating on each row of data frame
9:01PM 4 merging issue.........
8:45PM 1 Rollapply
7:00PM 1 Advantages of using SQLite for data import in comparison to csv files
6:58PM 0 New sp release
6:48PM 1 Formula for normal distribution with know mean and standard error and n terms
5:58PM 3 Ask for histogram
5:20PM 2 Simulation numbers from a probability table
5:10PM 3 Applying function to parts of a matrix based on a factor
4:57PM 1 Method for reduction of independent variables
3:58PM 0 exporting data frame - write foreign inconsistencies
3:20PM 1 wrong with using subset
2:59PM 4 How can I store the results
2:47PM 1 Help, How can I boxplot mse and mtry using 20 5-fold cross-validation?
2:21PM 0 reading fifo with read.table hangs
2:04PM 0 Plotting a linear step function without vertical lines
2:02PM 1 Problem fitting a non-linear regression model with nls
2:01PM 1 column width in .dbf files using write.dbf ... to be continued
1:05PM 0 How to do FMOLS and DOLS?
12:36PM 2 selection of multiple subscripts
10:30AM 1 plotting moving range control chart
9:47AM 3 convert factor data to numeric
9:10AM 1 Dynamic data.frame headers
7:26AM 0 need a clarification on logistic regression
7:07AM 4 <= returns wrong result? Why
6:03AM 1 Dynamic file / url name with read.csv
5:23AM 1 decompress tar.gz and zip files
4:43AM 1 "select: bad file descriptor" in the multicore package
1:29AM 1 Ask about large data set
1:26AM 1 Recommended visualization for hierarchical data
12:00AM 1 rotate y axis label and resize its font
Tuesday January 12 2010
11:48PM 1 FW: Problems connecting with MySQL using odbcDriverConnect (RODBC package) on Linux
11:08PM 0 Problems connecting with MySQL using odbcDriverConnect (RODBC package) on Linux
10:01PM 1 Strange behavior when trying to piggyback off of "fitdistr"
9:12PM 0 [Solved][Code Snippets] Dropping Empty Regressors
8:22PM 1 parsing protocol of states
6:58PM 2 Making routine faster by using apply instead of for-loop
6:51PM 0 post-hoc after ancova
6:36PM 5 Drop last numeral
6:33PM 2 optimization challenge
6:28PM 1 Non-metric multidimensional scaling (NMDS) help
6:25PM 2 Calculate the percentages of the "numbers" in every column.
5:46PM 2 how to handle missing values "." when importing data in R
5:06PM 1 barplot: border color when stacked
4:53PM 3 optim: abnormal termination in lnsrch (resend)
4:36PM 0 optim: abnormal termination in lnsrch
3:47PM 2 getting p values
3:36PM 2 Placing eps files from R into Adobe InDesign documents: specifying fontfamily
2:50PM 1 Multiple symbols per single line in a legend
2:45PM 1 List arguments from data frame columns in formula
2:40PM 1 The TeX-source for the package manual.
2:05PM 0 problem with bio3d package
1:33PM 1 trouble with installing SJava
1:13PM 0 Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation
12:58PM 10 Conditional Sampling
12:05PM 1 coerce vector into array - change filling sequence
12:01PM 0 time series analys by resting the effect of a covariate
11:25AM 0 Reading a file with mixed cyrillic/latin characters
11:17AM 4 Beginer data.frame
10:41AM 1 plot ylab on the right
10:28AM 1 read.spss: option "to.data.frame" and string variables
9:39AM 1 plot prices and dates in a nice way
8:51AM 1 Problems with betareg()
8:21AM 1 Drought Severity Index (DSI)
7:26AM 1 Problem with toString
7:17AM 1 drop1: warning message
5:34AM 0 Revolutions blog: December roundup
2:38AM 3 how to track a number in a row
12:58AM 3 How to get minimum value by group
Monday January 11 2010
11:06PM 2 warning inside loop
10:50PM 1 HoltWinters Forecasting
10:21PM 0 Credit Migration Matrix
9:58PM 1 Solving graph theory problems with R ? (minimum vertex cover)
9:19PM 2 help needed to find zero areas in a vector
7:50PM 1 2 parameter exponential distribution
7:42PM 1 Limiting number of tickmarks in lattice bwplot
7:41PM 0 trouble with installing pbatR
7:34PM 1 Getting a date out of an indice in a time series
7:31PM 3 Eigenvectors and values in R and SAS
5:42PM 3 find the corresponding mean y
4:29PM 5 R for windows 64 bit
4:09PM 0 Exponential regression
3:44PM 1 Forming Portfolios for Fama / French Regression
3:42PM 0 Plot uncertainty in lmer predictions
2:28PM 2 example() leaves console prompting to press Enter for new graphs
1:47PM 1 Problem with S4 generic function print
1:41PM 1 apply a function down each column
12:44PM 3 interpolation
12:37PM 1 Help with Order
12:35PM 0 Non-inferiority log-rank test
12:19PM 1 K-means recluster data with given cluster centers
11:30AM 2 sparseM and kronecker product_R latest version
8:53AM 0 reconfiguring R to use Java 1.6 on OS X
7:50AM 1 Point plot comparisions
7:47AM 3 Illustrating kernel distribution in wheat ears
6:59AM 0 tweedie.profile error message
5:09AM 3 Problem about Box-Cox transformation (topic in html form)
2:03AM 1 Help me! using random Forest package, how to calculate Error Rates in the training set ?
Sunday January 10 2010
9:06PM 0 problems with bigmemory
7:38PM 1 Tables to export to excel
7:27PM 0 ordering of additional columns in forest plot in meta package
5:59PM 1 xmlToDataFrame#Help!!!#follow-up
5:07PM 2 xmlToDataFrame#Help!!!
4:50PM 1 lme4 and function 'cholmod_start' not provided by package 'Matrix' / Ubuntu
3:45PM 0 anova/graphs for _many_ variables
2:52PM 1 How to control number of significant digits (figures) in y-axis?
2:45PM 3 How to control spaces between axis, tick and label in xyplot or xYplot?
11:48AM 1 Simple proportion barchart
5:08AM 1 Mixtures of Discrete Uniforms
1:02AM 1 scatterplot matrix with ggplot2
12:57AM 2 data frame names in sequence
12:18AM 0 commandArgs return value
Saturday January 9 2010
10:41PM 2 R^2 in linear regression
10:40PM 1 Linear regression - R^2
9:51PM 3 string functions
5:45PM 2 R in English Version
5:36PM 0 bootstrapping a matrix using boot package
5:07PM 0 [Lattice] panel.levelplot - shrink argument to highlight absolute z-values
4:33PM 0 aov vs lme for split plot analysis
3:59PM 1 Reducing the size of a large script top speed onset of execution
3:31PM 1 Boxplots
2:40PM 0 importing home range polygon
1:27PM 1 errors when installing packages (ubuntu)
1:11PM 4 parsing pdf files
11:33AM 2 aov function syntax
10:22AM 1 Is there any function in R like ezplot in matlab?
1:38AM 2 Plotting numeric values against non numeric items
12:44AM 1 lattice, add text to xyplot
12:21AM 2 Functions for QUAIDS and nonlinear SUR?
Friday January 8 2010
10:57PM 3 strange behavior of R
10:07PM 0 solving cubic/quartic equations non-iteratively -- comparisons
9:50PM 1 Singularity problem
9:21PM 2 How to Merge based on Rows
9:09PM 2 A better way to Rank Data that considers "ties"
8:26PM 2 Variable Combinations in Regression
8:05PM 2 time series analysis for a time series without a regular frequency
7:49PM 1 Using outer with function predict
6:15PM 4 Arguments of a function
6:10PM 2 function by: order within subsets
6:02PM 1 Panel order in lattice with xyplot
5:41PM 1 Directory operations
5:01PM 3 postscript, greek lellters
4:56PM 3 Newbie question on precision
4:50PM 2 how to get perfect fit of lm if response is constant
4:24PM 0 inclusion of "intercept=FALSE" in regsubsets() in leaps package produces an error
4:14PM 0 canĀ“t start help in Win7
3:38PM 2 how to organize a lot of R source files
3:35PM 1 how to flatten a list to the same level?
2:08PM 1 Creating Table from Boxplot
1:39PM 1 Fitting chi-squared distribution
1:35PM 4 fast lm se?
1:15PM 3 Online R documentation
11:45AM 2 Standard errors from a randomization test?
11:18AM 1 Zeilenweiser Plot einer Matrix
11:03AM 0 Bug: more information on a crash
10:01AM 0 New issue (v1/n2) of R Journal now available; RSS feed as well
3:33AM 2 R exponential regression
2:03AM 3 Print data frame as list including row/column name
1:32AM 3 Polynomial equation
Thursday January 7 2010
10:10PM 2 vector to diagonals
9:17PM 1 Barplot + plot same scale
9:11PM 1 A question about the ff package
9:10PM 1 startup file
9:05PM 0 Outlier colors in image()
8:46PM 0 piecewise regression using nlme function
8:32PM 1 Mantel results shown in a graphical (histogram) form.
7:48PM 2 Debugging issues encountered during the "R CMD check" process
7:48PM 0 weight by obs # in spatial 'nest' in NLME?
7:47PM 1 regex question on escaping "." (and a couple other regex questions as well)
7:31PM 1 Help formating data to display commas
7:30PM 0 variance inflation factor for linear mixed effects
7:18PM 1 LD50 and SE in GLMM (lmer)
7:09PM 2 "%d/%m/%Y" can not be displayed in a .rd file
7:05PM 2 Problem with writeBin and importing into gfortran compiled programs
6:30PM 0 how to read script name in littler
6:23PM 1 Return values in fExtremes package
6:20PM 1 Simple averaging question
6:15PM 1 Drop a part of an array\list\vector?
5:26PM 1 factor graphics with pca in R?
5:10PM 1 faster GLS code
5:10PM 1 Is nested namespace supported?
4:57PM 1 logistic regression based on principle component analysis
4:24PM 2 Graph titles from massive
3:42PM 1 Patterns in histogram
2:31PM 1 "diag", "diag<-" and "[" , "[<-"
2:15PM 2 Extract p-value from linear model
2:04PM 1 How to report or correct translations typos?
1:10PM 0 building a neural network on a unbalanced data set on R
1:04PM 0 Problems with library(gWidgetsRGtk2) and R2.10.1
12:43PM 1 Quantreg - 'could not find function"rq"'
12:31PM 7 Strange behaviour of as.integer()
12:02PM 2 table() and setting useNA to be there by default?
10:13AM 1 kriging with geoR package
10:08AM 0 penalization regression
9:55AM 0 setting different environments
9:13AM 5 generate XML
8:08AM 1 question on 'within' and 'parse' commands
6:01AM 3 Finally, the first R spam!
5:37AM 1 How do I calculate r^2 of "SSasymp" non-linear regression model in R?
5:32AM 2 R treating time
4:06AM 1 adding 3D arrows to 3D plots
2:57AM 1 PlayStation3 with Ubuntu 9.10. revolution-r: Depends: r-revolution-revobase but it is not installable
1:26AM 0 prettyR: object with xtab doesn't work in R 2.10.1
Wednesday January 6 2010
11:51PM 1 Calling FING.EXE under RGui.EXE for windows.
11:16PM 2 plot
10:59PM 1 How do I upside down colorkey of levelplot?
10:30PM 1 MakeActiveBinding help needed
9:39PM 0 R programmer Ann Arbor Area
9:36PM 1 boxplot help
9:29PM 0 Lyapunov matrix equation
9:18PM 0 Suppress getOptions() in Stangle
8:59PM 1 positive log likelihood and BIC values from mCLUST analysis
8:57PM 1 clues package for cluster selection
8:50PM 0 is aov equivalent to lme for split-plot analysis?
8:34PM 1 Working with source file
8:24PM 3 February 2010***New R Courses*** by XLSolutions Corp at 9 USA Cities: San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Houston, Boston, Las Vegas, Seattle, etc
7:30PM 1 math function - MDS method
7:03PM 1 Increment in loop
6:33PM 1 What does the warning message exactly say?
5:41PM 2 problem with odfWeave
5:40PM 1 How to get bubbles on times series plot
5:12PM 0 parcor 0.2-2 - Regularized Partial Correlation Matrices with (adaptive) Lasso, PLS, and Ridge Regression
4:40PM 1 fortunes: 250th fortune
4:40PM 0 column width in .dbf files using write.dbf
4:36PM 1 Write a blank line to CSV
3:51PM 0 documenting methods for S4 objects
3:25PM 2 problem with strptime and 2010 dates
2:07PM 2 plyr: issue with column names when converting one element list to dataframe
2:05PM 1 Lattice Plot formatting problem/s
1:25PM 0 Boot() Package Question: Multiple Confidence Interval Output
1:06PM 0 Antw: Code flowchart generator for R ?
12:57PM 0 San Francisco Bay Area R User Group (SFBA RUG) Upcoming Meetings
11:22AM 2 Fwd: string
10:19AM 2 Choose variables according to index
10:17AM 1 Code flowchart generator for R ?
10:08AM 0 Unconsistent behaviour of function cor()
8:16AM 2 Generating data from Null Distribution
8:16AM 1 decimal value for p-value
6:36AM 1 MacOS X binary of package cairoDevice
5:55AM 0 seewave package:spectrogram resonance contour
5:13AM 2 removing the rows with negative elements
1:53AM 1 chi-squared test
1:18AM 1 Anybody can suggest a better method to build a package while ignoring some functions
1:15AM 2 debugging package
1:05AM 1 xyplot: adjusting the scale (min, max & tick)
12:01AM 1 svm
Tuesday January 5 2010
11:38PM 1 prefixing values in a table
10:39PM 2 zero-fill absent data
10:27PM 1 bootstrapping a matrix and calculating Pearson's correlation coefficient
8:59PM 1 Multivariate Poisson GLM??
8:16PM 2 why is object.size is more for constant numeric vector?
7:58PM 1 Naming functions for the purpose of profiling
7:32PM 0 Usage of weights in kruskal_test from package coin
7:04PM 1 variable three dimensional array
6:52PM 0 Weigths in lm and kruskal_test
6:29PM 5 mean for subset
4:19PM 0 R session in Compstat' 2010
3:41PM 2 The output of script is hidden in console
3:11PM 4 solving cubic/quartic equations non-iteratively
2:42PM 2 Data replacement
2:38PM 1 Negative binomial
2:09PM 2 Align two protein sequences using BLAST
1:30PM 1 Is the Intercept Term always in First Position?
12:04PM 1 Data Frame Transpose
10:03AM 0 Tranpose and Aggregate Data - now Reshape - cast
8:54AM 1 R-package related to the topic of INARMA models
7:43AM 2 Fast nested List->data.frame
5:59AM 3 Tranpose and Aggregate Data
3:51AM 0 Error on checking a package with some functions ignored
3:32AM 2 Checking for normality and homogeneity of variance
3:00AM 1 Bar plots with stacked and grouped (juxtaposed) bars together
12:37AM 3 R matching lat/lon pairs from two datasets?
12:31AM 2 Dynamic arguments in "rbind" function
Monday January 4 2010
10:52PM 2 MLE optimization
10:27PM 1 polygamma or Hurwitz zeta function
9:56PM 0 ggplot2 = bar size
9:18PM 0 Linear Discriminant Analysis in R
8:42PM 1 log-normal overlay
8:13PM 3 how to plot multiple density functions in one graph
6:02PM 1 glmer (lme4), glmmPQL (MASS) and xtmepoisson (Stata)
5:32PM 3 vectors into a matrix
5:12PM 2 Adding a distance scale to a plot?
4:30PM 1 How to dynamically display title for a graph
3:20PM 4 How to uninstall R packages
3:18PM 1 locator and print
2:49PM 1 problem with number formation
2:44PM 1 Plot graph
12:36PM 1 Are unpaired data suitable for DiagnosisMed's Diagnosis ?
12:31PM 1 Are unpaired data suitable for Hmisc's improveProb ?
12:29PM 1 no "rcorrp.cens" in hmisc package
12:10PM 0 BIOMOD: the format of background data
10:59AM 0 help, how self-oganizing map show 2D picture and put all samples into the picture?
10:54AM 1 metafor: using mixed models
10:27AM 2 installation
10:03AM 2 Piecewise regression in lmer
8:47AM 2 spectrogram
5:53AM 1 Likelihood Ratio Tests
3:46AM 4 function in aggregate applied to specific columns only
3:02AM 3 Extract vector elements until cumsum <= x
2:26AM 3 how to draw abline correctly?
12:49AM 1 Assistance with boot() Package
Sunday January 3 2010
11:09PM 1 calculations on columns with partially matching names
10:59PM 2 Emacs vs Eclipse vs Rcmdr
10:32PM 1 rggobi: Installation problems on OS X Snow Leopard
9:25PM 3 Thin bars in R hist !!??
8:40PM 1 Questions regarding sem using hetcor() function from polycor and diagrams
8:24PM 2 plot question
8:08PM 1 Interpreting coefficient in selection and outcome Heckman models in sampleSelection
6:48PM 2 Artificial Neural Networks
6:41PM 2 bio3d package not installing
6:17PM 1 ADF test : how to deal with the missing values ?
5:14PM 0 problems about Quantile Regression for Longitudinal Data
4:36PM 3 R2HTML Report number format, or Better Way?
4:26PM 0 [R-sig-eco] How to create axes in arbitrary positions?
4:08PM 5 update packages from local
2:11PM 3 F77_CALL, F77_NAME definition
12:55PM 2 Scores in Dimensions in Correspondence Analysis
11:16AM 1 RHTMLForms Package
8:28AM 1 questions on generic functions
7:20AM 6 Help with function "fitdistr" in "MASS"
4:19AM 1 package license questions
4:12AM 1 Anova in 'car': "SSPE apparently deficient rank"
Saturday January 2 2010
11:51PM 2 xyplot: problems with column names & legend
11:09PM 1 xyplot: several plots in one creates y-scale problem
8:27PM 2 Rscript: how to suppress all output
7:45PM 1 Ordering variables in a parallel coordinates plot
5:05PM 0 filehash - multiple indices via '[' not allowed when using RDS format
4:53PM 0 Query: sampling from a multivariate normal distribution using the singular value decomposition
3:08PM 3 Regexp: extract first occurrence of date in string
2:38PM 1 scatterplot matrix question
2:26PM 1 Question on Reduce + rollmean
11:02AM 1 [Off-topic] problem with Tinn-R editor
8:39AM 1 Run R in server web
5:34AM 1 suppress output for meta in package tm
4:59AM 4 caculate the frequencies of the Amino Acids
4:45AM 2 using optim
3:34AM 3 Help needed on applying a function across different data sets and aggregating the results into a single data set
3:27AM 1 Help with tryCatch
3:24AM 1 to discriminate AUC of different models
3:14AM 1 Please help me!!!! Error in `[.data.frame`(x, , retained, drop = FALSE) : undefined columns selected
1:53AM 2 Boxplot- input the median point and the median value
1:52AM 1 Boxplot- change the vertical line from dash to solid
1:51AM 0 Boxplot- change y axis partition
1:16AM 2 help with for loop
12:44AM 2 ifelse and piecewise function
Friday January 1 2010
10:36PM 2 How to calculate density function of Bivariate binomial distribution
9:47PM 4 How to use read.table with Hebrew column names ?
8:41PM 5 How to not to terminate read.table if the input file is empty?
7:29PM 1 Chainging monthly data to daily data
6:03PM 1 Questions bout SVM
1:21PM 2 changing a list element's name during execution in lapply - possible?