R help - Sep 2008

Tuesday September 30 2008
10:56PM 1 conditional loop
10:48PM 0 integrate: can pass numbers but not variables as additional arguments
9:20PM 0 adding planes/lines to 3d surface plots? (persp, wireframe)
9:16PM 1 merging a list and data frame
7:17PM 1 fft inverse display help
7:03PM 1 Adding legends to a plot
6:38PM 2 plot inside graphic area
5:53PM 1 Quantile Regression for Longitudinal Data. Warning message: In rq.fit.sfn
5:28PM 0 error in fBasics package
5:02PM 2 Programming Workshops
4:52PM 0 Planned mailing list "timeout" of several hours
4:17PM 2 R's integrate function
4:15PM 0 Courses*** R+/Splus (1) Fundamentals - (2) Advanced Programming : October 2008 at 3 locations by XLSolutions Corp
3:15PM 0 simulate data from multinomial distribution with overdispersion
3:10PM 1 Using sub to get captions in barplots
2:55PM 0 New package: plyr
2:36PM 3 Pattern match in R
1:47PM 0 Hazard curves
12:21PM 1 CLARA and determining the right number of clusters
11:50AM 0 Univariate kernel density estimation with boundary correction
11:27AM 1 problem loading WordNet into R
10:45AM 0 Inverse of placeGrob?
10:43AM 1 ordering problem
10:11AM 1 prblems changing directory in mpi snow clusters
10:09AM 0 Vanishing boxplots with transparency and zero margins
9:46AM 0 Root-Mean-Square(RMS) Difference
9:22AM 2 Weibull Verteilung
9:07AM 0 rpvm for windows anyone ?
8:21AM 1 par() default values
8:18AM 1 Desperatly seeking Parallel R simulation with Windows XP
8:17AM 0 snow: Problems with cluster
7:40AM 1 Version 2.7.2 GUI acts awkward?
7:03AM 1 crashes while using Rattle (GTK+)
5:38AM 0 calculating weighted correlation coefficients
Monday September 29 2008
11:57PM 0 Logistic Regression using optim() give "L-BFGS-B" error, please help
11:54PM 0 SET_VECTOR_ELT() and mkChar()
9:41PM 3 count data with a specific range
9:27PM 1 box-whisker plot from pre-summarized data?
8:10PM 1 x axis label overlap
8:09PM 2 quantile
8:05PM 2 histogram-like plot - multiple bars side by side
7:54PM 1 Simple question about extracting a subset of data
7:52PM 1 Integrating functions in R
7:51PM 1 persistence of model in R to a file
6:14PM 1 Testing this significance of a factor in a mixed-model "ANCOVA"
6:08PM 0 Sweave and UTF8/Win XP
6:05PM 0 snowfall and lam4-dev
5:26PM 3 replicating dataframe rows
4:35PM 1 multiple page pdf file using pdf()
3:47PM 0 Sending Notes email out of R under windows
3:46PM 2 ggplot 2 - editing in the "panel_1_1" viewport
3:29PM 0 Acceptance rate in metrop
3:20PM 0 confident interval on Coxme analysis
3:08PM 1 Lattice: don't draw unlabled tick marks
2:45PM 2 turning comma separated string from multiple choices into flags
2:37PM 1 How to remove columns of table in R recursively
2:05PM 0 nomogram function (design library)
1:55PM 0 Script for dose proportionality assessment using power model and confidence interval criteria
12:45PM 2 adding labels to tapply results
11:24AM 1 Located Latent Class Analysis (Uebersax)
10:18AM 1 Hazard plot
8:54AM 3 Cross-tabulation Question
7:57AM 2 GamSetup
6:01AM 1 problem running Sweave as a web service with anti-virus software
3:01AM 2 density estimate
2:25AM 3 does there any function like sumif in excel?
2:02AM 4 histogram-like plot with two variables
12:57AM 3 example - export a data.frame to an XML file
Sunday September 28 2008
11:45PM 1 reshape package does not recognize second id variable
7:02PM 2 using tapply on a data frame in a function
6:53PM 1 Dream of a wiki GUI for R
5:43PM 5 birthday problem (factorial limit)
4:59PM 1 how to make subset of large data
4:10PM 1 Running mean for spatial data
3:03PM 1 Kernel Estimate for the Intensity Function
6:57AM 0 constrained logistic regression: Error in optim() with method = "L-BFGS-B"
3:42AM 2 best material for programmers?
12:10AM 1 partitioning vectors of intervals
Saturday September 27 2008
8:57PM 2 reshape "Error in data[, timevar] : incorrect number of dimensions"
8:24PM 1 Problem to male an Index in looping
7:45PM 0 Installing DSE package.
7:45PM 2 plotting with a table right under it
7:00PM 1 retrieving weights from a polr object
6:44PM 1 Append selectively to components of a list
6:16PM 1 Equivalent AIC values
5:51PM 6 Logistic regression problem
5:49PM 1 List of varying length suitable for use as dimnames
3:20PM 2 multiple plots - editing ggplot2 plot
3:10PM 1 Using "by" to create individual variance-covariance matrices
2:45PM 3 Moving windows solution
1:57PM 3 Double integration - Gauss Quadrature
1:44PM 10 FW: logistic regression
1:30PM 2 remove multiple elements from vector
1:06PM 1 Using the mcmcsamp function
12:39PM 1 Problem with R on dual core under Linux - can not execute mpi.spawn.Rslaves()
12:17PM 1 writeMat error
10:30AM 0 compute posterior mean by numerical integration
8:22AM 1 ariable Importance Measure in Package RandomForest
6:51AM 1 How can I easily rbind a list of data frames into one data frame?
6:50AM 1 quantile / centile
6:08AM 1 ggplot, getting two scales and one stat.
4:18AM 0 ggplot multiple scales but a stat for only one of them
3:53AM 2 Trend graph
3:46AM 1 apply
2:14AM 1 A Book for SAS, SPSS and R students
Friday September 26 2008
10:35PM 1 How to update a column in a dataframe, more simply...
10:10PM 1 data frame column name as a function argument
8:54PM 3 Newbie: Ranking a data frame, grouped by 2 or more columns
8:25PM 0 error sending selection to R
8:10PM 1 Collecting output from terminal nodes in a recursion tree
7:55PM 3 Dealing With Extremely Large Files
7:48PM 2 lsmeans
7:09PM 0 10-minute presentation of R as a machine learning platform
6:57PM 1 RWeka on R-2.7.2___Can't evaluate classifier on test set
6:38PM 2 bar and line plot
6:38PM 0 Total Correlation / Multi-Information
5:17PM 0 Cross Validation output
4:53PM 1 howto convert matrix of numeric values to Date class?
4:49PM 1 Using functions that contain sums
4:38PM 1 issue with varSel.svm.rfe in package MCRestimate
4:31PM 0 R-Language Titles From Cambridge University Press
4:01PM 0 The 'data' argument and scoping in nls
3:39PM 1 Tolerance levels in stepwise regression
3:31PM 1 Computing Mean Lifetime from Hazard
3:30PM 2 ANOVA between & within variance
2:18PM 2 Date Time conversion
2:00PM 1 Question about --internet2 on Windows
1:57PM 6 Return a list
1:36PM 1 looking for a better way to code a bar graph
1:11PM 1 cca constraining variables table
12:49PM 4 include scripts into main file (the LaTeX way)
12:17PM 3 Regression and data types
12:09PM 2 adjusting textsize and spacing in mosaic (vcd package)
10:50AM 2 Does R have an "inverse empirical cumulative distribution" function ?
9:58AM 1 Generating a valid covariance matrix
9:04AM 0 large linear system - iterative scheme?
8:54AM 2 Converting shell("cd") to a string
8:49AM 2 axis in a normal plot
7:31AM 0 Confidence interval for binomial variance
7:23AM 0 Multilevel SEM
7:13AM 0 Measure of non-ellipticity
6:01AM 0 maximum likelihood
4:31AM 1 Error in Cut command - 'x' must be numeric?
1:56AM 1 Type I and Type III SS in anova
1:47AM 1 auto.arima help
Thursday September 25 2008
11:58PM 0 question on adding percent column to aggregate
11:30PM 0 Programming chalange
10:56PM 0 varimp in party (or randomForest)
10:54PM 2 How to order some of my columns (not rows) alphabetically
9:35PM 0 Please help me interpret these results (fitting distributions to real data)
9:23PM 6 Inverting data frame...row wise
9:02PM 0 cat() formatting
8:57PM 0 R Foundation adopts Certification/Validation document
8:44PM 0 sd() of column, but for a subset of rows
8:03PM 0 solving for beta0 in a logsitic regression
7:51PM 5 Dot plot - equivalent of MINITAB
7:33PM 6 Conversion to Binary (base2)
7:00PM 2 Equivalent of 'first.var' or 'last.var' from SAS in R?
6:23PM 1 Confusion over syntax in a package
6:08PM 1 HOW to use the Hosmer–Lemeshow test? in R
4:11PM 2 Function for case insensitive match
3:54PM 2 Two overlaid density plots - Does order matter?
2:50PM 1 grid.newpage()
2:45PM 1 What distribution is related to hypergeometric?
2:43PM 0 Matrix _0.999375-14 "Note" under CRAN Check, Hmisc_3.4-3 has "Warning", Dpackage_1.0-5 has an "Error"
2:33PM 1 restricting lattice pages to one
1:58PM 1 Saving R-objects to a database
1:44PM 3 OHLC Plot with EMA in it
1:42PM 1 Repeated factor levels - inconsistency of factor and levels<- functions?
1:03PM 5 nnet support
12:51PM 1 Transformation for -ve binomial data
12:24PM 2 Graphics winder keeps disappearing!
11:43AM 2 Exclusion of elements in a vector
11:17AM 2 ggplot, qplot in loop
5:56AM 1 R function which finds confidence interval for binomial variance
5:23AM 1 Lattice: how to reduce/shrink plot area
4:11AM 2 levelplot/heatmap question
1:15AM 1 Is there a way to add external variables to axis labels?
12:57AM 1 ggplot: adding layer using different data, groups and also controlling appearance
12:47AM 1 Splitting row names up and then adding up the columns associated with criteria from the parts of the site coding (help)
Wednesday September 24 2008
10:55PM 0 ANOVA with two random factors
10:49PM 0 Matrix _0.999375-14 "Note" under CRAN Check, Hmisc_3.4-3 has Warning, Dpackage_1.0-5 has an Error
10:35PM 1 ubuntu installation: can't find ldpaths
9:51PM 1 string to numeric question
8:25PM 2 Error message when calculating BIC
8:03PM 2 How can I comment out whole chunks of code?
7:56PM 0 problem with catching error message in open function
7:54PM 1 "F-value" and "P-value" for nonlinear regression ...
7:51PM 0 xYplot - plotting all factors
6:38PM 3 Is there a single command that can revert all the plotting parameters to default?
5:45PM 2 Add "title" in sink output and possibility of plot-like output for text
5:38PM 1 possible interesting R projects for undergrads
5:16PM 2 Calling object outside function
5:15PM 2 lattice xyplot symbols instead of colors and legend matching plot symbols or colors
5:14PM 1 R on Mandriva
4:22PM 0 weights option in lmer
3:28PM 2 Why horizontal bars instead of a line
3:21PM 2 keep the row indexes/names when do aggregate
3:15PM 1 looping through variables
3:08PM 1 How do I Convert "<1" to the number 1?
2:42PM 0 Simulations / repetitions help!
2:12PM 1 t tests/ANOVA
2:07PM 5 lower / upper case letters in a plot
2:06PM 4 rowSums()
2:03PM 0 Error results from MS Access via RODBC
1:46PM 1 time calculation for simulation
1:39PM 1 qplot, stacked area, own colourscheme
1:26PM 2 Graph question
1:24PM 0 Bug in persp?
1:23PM 2 rgl: ellipse3d with axes
12:43PM 2 climatological standard deviation- (question re-posted)
12:23PM 3 Changing a plot
11:39AM 0 (nlme) Repeated measures with continuous covariate in lme
11:25AM 0 hexbin object to vector (shapefile)
10:37AM 1 lattice: Color in Barchart legend
9:47AM 0 extract species in a phylog tree
8:54AM 0 match.call in a function
8:04AM 1 Logistic regression
5:07AM 0 DEA question
5:00AM 1 climatological standard deviation
4:40AM 2 Bug in "is" ?
3:53AM 0 damaged text output of legend() and plot()
2:46AM 0 Trouble understanding the behaviour of stableFit(fBasics)
1:49AM 2 print.data.frame : row.name = FALSE not having intended effect
1:42AM 2 cannot allocate memory
12:13AM 1 paste in xtable
Tuesday September 23 2008
11:10PM 2 Counting character occurrences in data frame
9:43PM 1 Can R load a saved workspace from the Internet?
8:58PM 2 how to model this
8:44PM 2 Contional
8:36PM 4 Proper power computation for one-sided binomial tests.
8:00PM 3 How to convert backslash to slash?
6:23PM 1 quantile regression: plotting coefficients on only one variable (rq)
6:00PM 2 Options for viewing / using results from lm
5:16PM 4 gsub difficulty
5:16PM 1 How to draw arrows or segment lines in 3 dimensional graph
5:05PM 2 R2HTML: output from for-loops
4:57PM 1 superscript text style in axis label in graph
4:56PM 2 Creating a Legend
4:54PM 4 How to draw the graph of f(x,y) = x * y ?
4:25PM 2 Modifying output to Google Docs
4:17PM 1 bandwidth selection for locpoly
4:01PM 0 help with large gamm
3:57PM 0 Oja Median will soon be available
3:20PM 1 Summing up columns with NA elements in a data frame
2:59PM 3 Generating series of distributions with the same skewness and different kurtosis or with same kurtosis and different skewness?
1:27PM 5 xyplot problem
1:23PM 1 WG: Problem during porting R-2.7.2 on HP-UP 11.11 PA-Risc
10:49AM 1 Problem during porting R-2.7.2 on HP-UP 11.11 PA-Risc
10:23AM 1 plot error
9:27AM 1 Installing R 2.7.2 on Windows with /LOADINF flag doesn't do anything
9:19AM 2 read.table & readLines behaviour?
9:06AM 3 odds ratio: how to create reference
9:04AM 1 Generalising to n-dimensions
7:33AM 0 Predictive Analytics event Oct 24-25 (DC) and Nov 6-7 (SF)
7:21AM 0 additional parameters in function called by tapply
7:07AM 0 forest plots in column
6:40AM 0 Unordered multinomial logistic regression with repeated measures
4:23AM 1 Newbie: Formatting numbers with commas
3:46AM 1 Create groups from data to compute lm?
2:16AM 1 Error: subscript out of bounds.
1:04AM 0 plot implicit function
12:57AM 0 How to view or export values of 'names' in a lm
12:38AM 2 R-2.7.2 infected?
12:29AM 4 perl expression question
12:00AM 1 Weights for polr
Monday September 22 2008
11:54PM 4 sort a data matrix by all the values and keep the names
11:13PM 1 Prediction errors from forecast()?
10:04PM 1 Deleting multiple variables
9:53PM 1 Help for SUR model
9:28PM 2 Coefficients, OR and 95% CL
9:01PM 1 lme problems
8:04PM 1 Profiling on Multicore and Parallel Systems
7:33PM 1 change the panel name in xyplot
7:30PM 1 gbm error
7:18PM 1 Building binary package fails because of missing dependent package
6:50PM 1 How to execute external programs with R?
5:51PM 0 the package of R which is related Hosmer?Lemeshow test?
5:51PM 1 findInterval(), binary search, log(N) complexity
4:56PM 1 as.day() Function (zoo question)
4:26PM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 67, Issue 23
4:26PM 1 Statistical question re assessing fit of distribution functions.
4:22PM 1 changing the text offset for axis labels
4:15PM 0 Using wildcards in subsets
4:10PM 1 how to set rownames / colnames for matrices in a list
3:48PM 0 Re lative novice: Working with fitdistr(MASS): 3 questions
2:32PM 1 Combine data frames using column names as "key"
2:13PM 1 zoo: hourly values (local time) not unique
2:08PM 2 paste with list
2:06PM 1 SmoothScatter plot range issue
1:34PM 0 use of system() under Linux
12:06PM 0 auto.arima help.
11:32AM 0 Joint maximum likelihood estimation for ordinal data
9:01AM 1 Likelihood between observed and predicted response
6:50AM 4 Manage huge database
6:43AM 1 Matrix balancing on margins
6:17AM 1 Time series (ts) questions.
5:30AM 0 Warnings in fitdistr() from MASS.
4:47AM 2 adding layers in ggplot2 (data and code included)
4:08AM 1 Hmisc and Ubuntu (aptitude install)
3:59AM 1 Help for R
1:01AM 2 Why isn't R recognising integers as numbers?
Sunday September 21 2008
10:41PM 1 glmer -- extracting standard errors and other statistics
10:34PM 1 Multiple plots per window
10:25PM 1 suppress legend in ggplot(data, aes(y=Y, x=X,fill=Z))?
10:09PM 0 color for lattice box plots
10:06PM 1 design question on piping multiple data sets from 1 file into R
10:03PM 2 r format questions
9:01PM 0 Unexpected behaviour when testing for independence, with multiple factors
6:26PM 2 R Map using SAS data
5:47PM 2 Symmetric matrix
4:39PM 0 Task View for Chemometrics and Computational Physics
10:05AM 1 Calculating interval for conditional/unconditional correlation matrix
9:11AM 1 How to put given values in lower triangle of splom-plot?
4:37AM 1 How to plot "greater than" symbol on the x-axis
3:22AM 2 Variable Selection for data reduction and discriminant anlaysis
2:53AM 0 Ng-Perron Tests for Unit Roots
2:19AM 1 how to remove and add data in a list
12:48AM 1 Searching a relativ maximum of a matrix
12:01AM 1 diff() for panel data
Saturday September 20 2008
7:43PM 2 selecting from a series of integers with pre-determined probabilities
6:20PM 1 fitting a hyperbole
2:52PM 0 multiple comparisons for MANOVA results
2:23PM 0 A Regression question
12:08PM 1 lower and upper limits in integrate as vectors
9:51AM 0 gridBase and layout
8:50AM 0 Error in GEE model fit
6:24AM 2 removing a word, the following space and the next word
12:37AM 2 AUC / ROC for presence only.
12:22AM 2 Design lrm function
Friday September 19 2008
10:25PM 1 Manual to learn TCL - TK
9:05PM 1 [R-gui] Tinn-R/Latex output
8:42PM 0 two questions on Sweave (help in the output + warnings in the output)
8:27PM 1 ggplot2 and lattice
7:30PM 0 lme: NaNs in hierarchical model
7:28PM 0 Re lative Novice ? "Can I get some explanation of the docs for fitdistr(MASS)?"
7:27PM 0 gbm package on 64 bit machine
6:31PM 0 Fwd: Lines between panels in lattice
6:21PM 0 Weighted polytomous logistic regression
5:45PM 1 reproduce this graph in ggplot2 (code and data included)
5:08PM 1 Plot Accessibility
5:07PM 1 Cbind help
5:01PM 4 Novice question about getting data into R
4:37PM 0 evaluate return values of commands executed with system()
4:20PM 0 ggplot2 - accessing legend data
4:08PM 1 Lines between panels in lattice
2:36PM 2 plot order in multi-panel figure
1:39PM 1 getting line breaks with xtable
1:32PM 1 intToUtf8
1:32PM 1 Plot availability
1:03PM 0 misalignement of secondary axis in multhist
12:12PM 0 spatstat - tabulate point pattern
11:33AM 2 migrating data from s-plus to R
8:57AM 0 Error message in lmer
8:45AM 0 panel data analysis possible with mle2 (bbmle)?
7:58AM 1 frequency table across multiple variables
7:43AM 1 Type I SS and Type III SS problem
5:32AM 1 Axes Labels on the Right side of lattice panel
5:01AM 6 how to keep up with R?
5:01AM 0 problems with too many NA in the function ideal() from pscl package.
5:00AM 0 the distribution of robust distances
2:33AM 2 Error: function cannot be evaluated at initial parameters
2:17AM 3 How to do knn regression?
1:57AM 0 Use of distribution model to estimate probability of an event
12:43AM 1 Trouble with difftime()
12:10AM 2 Multiple logical operations in a subscript
12:09AM 0 (no subject)
Thursday September 18 2008
10:14PM 6 Coloring spaces between lines in xyplot
9:06PM 1 Saving a TukeyHSD object as a table
8:38PM 2 How to find a shift between two curves or data sets
7:47PM 0 quantile regression / problems calling nlrq from inside other functions
7:10PM 2 How to show complete time values in a plot x axis
6:25PM 0 generating a key for scatter plot matrix generated by plot.pairs
6:22PM 1 caret package: arguments passed to the classification or regression routine
6:14PM 2 graphing netCDF files
6:13PM 1 outlier and whisker in boxplot
5:20PM 1 Removing subtitles in levelplot
5:17PM 1 about the whisker in boxplot
5:11PM 2 detecting null values in a CSV file
5:01PM 2 Difficulty understanding sem errors / failed confirmatory factor analysis
4:24PM 1 Adding 1 month to a dataframe column
4:13PM 1 PDF fonts problem
3:38PM 0 Odp: Fatal error .RData
3:31PM 5 propensity score adjustment using R
3:04PM 2 Problem installing packages in newer versions of R
2:55PM 2 Suggestion: Re: Fatal error .RData
2:48PM 0 rcurl and cookies
1:41PM 2 Fatal error .RData
12:21PM 1 Plotting curves in lattice panels
12:14PM 2 Ability estimates for partial credit model
10:00AM 1 R2HTML, HTMLStart(): are plots send to HTML?
9:37AM 1 PNG file don't run on mac's?
9:34AM 2 Writing greek letters and subscripts in graph
9:20AM 3 Oja median
8:51AM 3 character position
8:37AM 0 Converting EnSeMBL Probe names into Gene Name
8:28AM 0 Joint distributions
7:10AM 1 axis text size in scatter plot
7:04AM 1 Tool for simple two class Fisher linear discriminant analysis?
4:21AM 0 manipulating apperance on circleplot
3:58AM 0 matrix to list - problem solved
1:52AM 2 matrix to list
12:10AM 1 Reporting with down and across variables
12:04AM 2 Coxph and loglik converged before variable X
Wednesday September 17 2008
10:36PM 3 Need help creating spatial correlation for MC simulation
9:50PM 1 Source code of Strauss Process
9:25PM 3 function indexed weighted log-rank statistics
9:13PM 1 for-loop for opening a series of files
8:58PM 6 creating rainbow gradients
8:57PM 1 ANOVA contrast matrix vs. TukeyHSD?
8:48PM 0 how to extend the whisker in boxplot?
8:31PM 1 trouble with tkgetOpenFile
7:59PM 0 fMultivar functions not loading under R-2.7
7:50PM 2 modifying patterns in a matrix
6:56PM 3 Is there a way to not use an explicit loop?
6:01PM 3 Stacked Area Plot
5:47PM 1 Re adout row and column of a matrix value
5:42PM 2 Command Prompt Question
5:39PM 1 A Simple Question
5:30PM 1 R 2.8.0 is scheduled for October 20
5:28PM 3 Graphical Display of Values' Distribution
5:22PM 3 selecting dataframe values that are not nulls
5:19PM 0 Metadata in attributes or a list?
5:13PM 1 rgl: How to position a window during open3d call
4:41PM 3 t-test between percentages
4:20PM 1 Spectrum of a kernel
4:13PM 5 inserting values for null
3:16PM 0 Inserting new values in the place of NULL
3:06PM 0 How to replicate probit regression analysis done by the priprobit software using R?
3:03PM 2 Unexpected behaviour when testing for independence with multiple factors
2:22PM 3 using for variable as rowname
1:26PM 3 unix-type commandline keystrokes in the windows RGUI
1:03PM 1 Dealing with missing EOL at end of file
12:34PM 1 rgl: plot3d and ellipse3d
11:50AM 5 Loop on vector name
11:02AM 1 Extracting subsets by factor level?
10:50AM 0 Reference design with technical and bilogical replicates
10:34AM 1 ggplot2 - deprecated guide= argument in
9:55AM 1 Question about panel.points
9:08AM 2 adding rows to table
8:49AM 1 Exact test in nxm contingency table
6:56AM 0 [ess] no waiting after submitting the command
4:59AM 2 RCurl compilation error on ubuntu hardy
3:52AM 1 creating horizontal dataframes with column names
2:39AM 1 GLMMs
Tuesday September 16 2008
11:37PM 0 lsoda( linking to GMP for big numbers from C code)
10:19PM 4 Unexpected returned value from a function
10:18PM 1 Using quasibinomial family in lmer
10:02PM 1 analyze subsample of dataframe
9:19PM 1 Different PCA results under Windows and Linux
8:09PM 1 boxplot labelling levels
7:48PM 2 casting a character vector as an object
6:49PM 0 Help with Profiling Memory Use in R with summaryRprof
6:40PM 0 Maximum likelihood estimation of a truncated regression model
6:35PM 0 Help with Memory Profiling in R with summaryRprof
6:26PM 1 plotting on the figure margin
6:22PM 1 logistf error message
6:01PM 3 How to do Clustered Standard Errors for Regression in R?
5:52PM 2 Turn of "save workspace" prompt (WinXP, R 2.7.2)
5:47PM 2 rpart with only two small groups
5:19PM 0 Problem printing y-axis titles on plots
4:52PM 0 AER 1.0-0: Applied Econometrics with R
4:50PM 2 R on a eeepc 901 ?
4:43PM 0 How to get line breaks with xtable
4:36PM 1 are these the same?
4:35PM 1 Converting Geo-Coordinates Unities
4:23PM 1 Spatial join – optimizing code
3:53PM 1 Blank certain areas of a contour plot
3:04PM 5 How to find the index
2:18PM 1 help with SQL, how can i use functions in sql (pkg :sqldf)
2:01PM 2 creating baseline variable from a longitudinal sequence
1:47PM 2 Setting user colors in barchart
1:32PM 4 HI
12:53PM 2 question in value-based color in image()
12:12PM 3 Work with packages without using R CMD build/install
10:46AM 0 Anyone can help me with a model I have looking for?
9:56AM 2 Hosmer- Lemeshow test
9:42AM 0 Warning messages after auto.arima
9:18AM 0 Package implementing unconditional tests for comparing two binomials
9:17AM 1 1-SE rule in mvpart
8:30AM 1 ANOVA: New User question
7:36AM 1 math-type label
4:10AM 0 FW: odesolve dynload example
2:32AM 1 One helps with the command "confint"
1:46AM 2 list?
12:41AM 1 Car.proper C[] matrix
Monday September 15 2008
10:06PM 1 How to plot a matrix of intervals
9:58PM 0 how to calculate PPCC?
9:43PM 0 Aggrigate time in financial data
9:19PM 4 sprintf does not fill with "0"?!
9:07PM 2 Creating smooth color regions with panel.contourplot()
8:49PM 1 Loop for running several models and retrieving outputs
8:06PM 1 modifying this barplot
8:02PM 0 New version of actuar
7:50PM 1 Deconvolution or Weiner filters?
5:26PM 3 Problems changing to number from character
4:59PM 0 Simple censored quantile regression question
4:42PM 0 Attribution modeling - Random order consistency
4:29PM 1 Scripting in R -- pattern matching, logic, system calls, the works!
4:27PM 1 Help... Organizing multiple spreadsheets data into a huge R data structure!
4:26PM 1 how to plot PC2 vs PC 3 in PCA
4:14PM 4 getting data into correct format for summarizing ... reshape, aggregate, or...
3:21PM 2 Drawing curves
1:37PM 1 How to plot contours for joint density of 2 independently distributed r.v.?
12:44PM 1 Tinn-R Install
10:23AM 0 Problems and doubths with JRI
10:22AM 1 Looking for function tree.matrix
10:14AM 0 RobASt-Packages
7:39AM 1 randomly sample within clustered data?
4:52AM 0 R and readline
4:35AM 1 any package to do generalized linear mixed model?
4:28AM 2 help on sampling from the truncated normal/gamma distribution on the far end (probability is very low)
4:00AM 4 How to draw a plot like this?
3:02AM 0 NAs and stl
1:04AM 2 Combining tables
12:55AM 1 Ward's Clustering Doubts
Sunday September 14 2008
10:53PM 3 Nonlinear regression question&In-Reply-To=6rya22mljx.fsf@franz.stat.wisc.edu
9:46PM 2 k-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov test?
9:42PM 1 need help please (HoltWinters function)
9:29PM 2 histogram
5:53PM 5 string functions
4:49PM 5 difference of two data frames
4:22PM 4 Fetching a range of columns
3:29PM 0 Question on glm.nb vs zeroinfl vs hurdle models
3:12PM 0 ksvm accessing the slots of S4 object
2:13PM 3 Scaling X axis from -1 to 1
12:20PM 2 Help please! How to code a mixed-model with 2 within-subject factors using lme or lmer?
9:22AM 1 Data format for BiodiversityR
7:47AM 1 Problem with misclass function on tree classification
6:41AM 2 Where is the error
5:28AM 3 Please help me in Converting this from C# to R
3:52AM 5 Error Running TinnR with R
Saturday September 13 2008
9:49PM 0 Querry in Biclust
5:30PM 3 Beautify R scripts in microsoft word
3:48PM 3 R rpm for Mandriva 2008.1 ?
3:43PM 2 moving from aov() to lmer()
2:23PM 0 A problem about the color of symbols exceeding the coordinate limits
11:20AM 2 Symbols on a capscale object plot
10:46AM 0 Symbols On a Capscale Object Biplot
7:37AM 2 brushing with parallel coordinates
7:10AM 0 Infinite series
6:37AM 0 Help with ARIMA seasonal time series
3:35AM 4 bubble(circle) plot help.
1:29AM 1 QCC - Change Background Color and Remove X Axis Text
Friday September 12 2008
11:32PM 0 Symbols on a Capsacale Object
10:29PM 4 Scatterplot with data grouped by color
9:50PM 1 Error in "[<-"(`*tmp*`, i, value = numeric(0)) :
8:30PM 6 Power PC with a linux distribution and R
8:00PM 1 Error in solve.default(Hessian) : system is computationally singular
7:46PM 1 match and incomparables
6:59PM 2 Join data by minimum distance
4:34PM 4 reading in results from system(). There must be an easier way...
3:07PM 2 Again, about boxplot
1:58PM 1 R for data mining remotely
1:57PM 2 Fw: Complex sampling survey _ Use of survey package
1:36PM 1 Loop to fill in array skips over certain columns
1:17PM 1 how to plot monthly mean data showing missing months
1:15PM 2 From time-strings to Unix-Epoche-time?
12:59PM 0 Installing R Project on a PS3 - Success
12:39PM 1 point with change of tendecy
12:35PM 2 Greyed text in the background of a plot
12:13PM 1 for posterior distribution for Gamma GLM
12:08PM 2 Splitting column into multiple columns
11:45AM 0 Skewness
10:43AM 1 library instal
9:48AM 1 sink file type and Latex (Lyx)
8:22AM 2 Finding a vector position using names rather than values
6:18AM 1 Parallel stem-and-leaf displays
4:23AM 1 subsetting of factor
3:56AM 2 Creating data frame from existing data frame
2:34AM 2 Newbie: 'table' output in columns rather than matrix
Thursday September 11 2008
11:51PM 2 Save object summary to file
10:44PM 0 Doubt with the intallation of JRI
10:41PM 4 About "Plot.new"
10:15PM 1 Complex sampling survey _ Use of survey package
9:42PM 2 Problemas con JRI
8:01PM 2 database table merging tips with R
7:54PM 1 plot of all.effects object
6:28PM 2 Plot qnorm
5:52PM 0 creating a package with internal (hiden) S4 classes and methods
5:45PM 3 Calculate mean/var by ID
5:11PM 1 subscript out of bounds
4:53PM 1 how to calcaulate matrices for two subsets
4:46PM 0 new RMySQL and new maintainer
4:39PM 0 csaps in R port from Octave?
3:02PM 3 Truncating dates (and other date-time manipulations)
2:28PM 0 Smoothing Spline Clustering
1:49PM 2 different results form summarization by loop and sum or rowMeans function
1:48PM 4 plotCI -- multiple plots on same graph
1:30PM 9 How to load functions in R
1:30PM 1 fft: from characteristic funtion to density function
12:11PM 2 count value
11:49AM 0 Error: bad value
9:29AM 0 Help on executing R from java
9:05AM 2 Difference in p-values between R and SPSS
8:45AM 1 Package for financial options calculation
8:31AM 5 How to obtain a sequence of dates consisting of only weekdays
7:37AM 2 Handling time-series-Data
7:32AM 2 data import
4:34AM 4 All possible pairs of two variables
2:02AM 3 periodicity validation
1:14AM 1 Convex optimization in R?
12:59AM 0 Loop for the convergence of shape parameter
Wednesday September 10 2008
11:11PM 2 using R for online course/distance ed
11:01PM 0 Trouble compiling R with self-compiled LAPACK/ATLAS under Linux
10:25PM 0 using portfolioMarkowitz
9:09PM 1 Two way clustering
9:03PM 2 RSiteSearch for words ``as one entity''.
8:06PM 4 re flecting a line
8:04PM 3 making spearman correlation cor() call fail with log(0) as input
7:34PM 2 trouble printing from graphics device in R 2.7.2
6:55PM 0 How to install rpy under mac os x?
6:15PM 2 Woring message in as.yearmon()
5:23PM 1 Color coding plotted numbers
4:40PM 2 setting history file
4:38PM 2 comparing a list and vector and returnig the listname
4:30PM 0 MA coefficients
4:13PM 0 FW: RE: arima and xreg
3:49PM 6 request: most repeated component of a list
2:37PM 1 ggplot2: edge outlines on points
2:36PM 1 arima and xreg
2:32PM 0 Package installation in Windows - Urgent!
2:22PM 1 Return dimension index from array with n-dimensions
1:55PM 1 using function instead of formula in plm
1:22PM 3 writing simple function through script
1:19PM 1 A question about the hypergeometric distribution and phyper()
1:13PM 1 Mixed effects model with binomial errors - problem
1:09PM 1 isolating X on an expression
12:07PM 3 How to find where is the <space> in data
9:28AM 0 New Amsterdam course "Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation"
9:18AM 1 request: table of sequences
8:56AM 0 STAR (Spike Train Analysis with R) uploaded on CRAN
8:22AM 2 relsurv package
7:55AM 1 Computation of contour values - Speeding up computation
12:56AM 1 help: error handling in try
12:01AM 1 bootstrapping - number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
Tuesday September 9 2008
11:24PM 1 probably easy methods question
11:12PM 1 Substitute Values in a Matrix?
10:42PM 0 New member with question on multiple comparisons in mixed effects models
10:37PM 1 Genmod in SAS vs. glm in R
10:31PM 2 test for a single variance
10:28PM 1 fBasics package: dnig
10:27PM 1 Package installation in Windows
10:19PM 1 "figure margins too large" issue
9:17PM 1 survey package
8:33PM 1 building a package that contains S4 classes and methods
8:31PM 1 tsdiag error
8:28PM 0 csaps in R?
7:54PM 2 NMDS and varimax rotation
7:25PM 2 splitting time vector into days
7:12PM 1 Binning
6:59PM 2 Information on the number of CPU's
5:52PM 1 randomForest
5:45PM 1 creating table of averages
4:53PM 1 : writeMat
4:44PM 4 Help with 'spectrum'
4:23PM 3 Modality Test
4:14PM 1 passing graph image data from remote Rserve
4:03PM 1 help on wavelet
3:40PM 1 Linear Modeling the best alternative
3:27PM 1 puzzle about contrasts
3:13PM 2 printing all rows
2:59PM 2 How does predict.lm work?
2:53PM 1 binomial(link="inverse")
2:14PM 0 Question
1:31PM 2 Hardwarefor R cpu 64 vs 32, dual vs quad
11:47AM 1 write dataframes
10:49AM 6 plotting group means
9:39AM 4 PCA and % variance explained
9:38AM 1 how to split a data framed with sequences
8:48AM 2 exporting tapply objects to csv-files
8:18AM 1 How do I compute interactions with anova.mlm ?
7:22AM 1 S.O.S "try" doesnot work in boot?
6:56AM 1 Memory allocation problem (during kmeans)
6:48AM 4 Compiling date
6:41AM 2 match problem by rownames
4:21AM 2 yahoo finance into R
3:17AM 3 Splitting Data Frame into Two Based on Source Array
2:11AM 2 densities with overlapping area of 0.35
2:01AM 0 Overlapping Area
1:55AM 2 isolate elements in vector that match one of many possible values
1:37AM 2 make methods work in lapply - remove lapply's environment
12:32AM 2 naive variance in GEE
Monday September 8 2008
11:10PM 1 correct lme syntax for this problem?
9:22PM 1 Gumbell distribution - minimum case
7:51PM 0 Forecast for stl?
7:47PM 1 cluster/snow question
7:24PM 2 Pie chart and labels
7:03PM 1 Time Series x-axis labeling
6:58PM 1 Modulous operator?
6:06PM 4 mixed model MANCOVA
5:59PM 1 Beginner graphics device questions.
5:38PM 1 Sort (indices only)
4:57PM 0 fft: characteristic function to distribution
4:55PM 1 RMPI Question
4:46PM 2 Read from url requiring authentication?
4:14PM 1 question on extracting binary data from pdf image
4:05PM 7 Question about multiple regression
3:39PM 2 (no subject)
3:37PM 1 Vorticity and Divergence
2:46PM 3 Saving functions
12:35PM 1 non-negative least squares
11:04AM 1 doubt
10:50AM 1 To find vector X under contraints
10:40AM 0 help with R memory
10:38AM 2 How to preserve date format while aggregating
10:18AM 1 Question for help
9:59AM 1 free workspace
9:41AM 1 another XML package question
8:02AM 2 ROC curve from logistic regression
5:25AM 0 Poisson Distribution - Chi Square Test for Goodness of Fit
2:24AM 3 extracting max row from data matrix
1:28AM 1 nested ANOVA with fixed and random variables missing data
12:28AM 0 Help parametric boot
Sunday September 7 2008
10:02PM 1 Request for advice on character set conversions (those damn Excel files, again ...)
9:31PM 1 run optim() on a list
8:51PM 1 creating a vignette
8:49PM 3 how to draw a vertical line from points to x-axis
7:32PM 3 Averaging 'blocks' of data
6:23PM 2 restructuring datset problem
4:41PM 2 Regression with nominal data
3:43PM 0 Fwd: request: most repeated sequnce
2:43PM 1 cohen's kappa
2:31PM 1 an error to call 'gee' function in R
12:28PM 2 R_USER - in which file should I include it?
11:00AM 1 Problem with starting and using R
8:22AM 4 XML - get node by name
5:46AM 3 ON MAC, how to copy a plot on to Word document?
3:44AM 1 Label 2 groups in PCA different colours
1:47AM 2 Corrupted PDF files
Saturday September 6 2008
10:22PM 2 Sweave and/or beamer issue
9:33PM 4 re ferring to a group of vectors without explicit enumeration
9:04PM 1 Axis tick label format and rotation
8:47PM 1 plot a list
8:03PM 0 LME prediction - object not subsettable?
7:00PM 3 how to address last and all but last column in dataframe
5:24PM 5 Mode value
3:52PM 3 I don't know how to run a r-code written in emacs
1:29PM 1 loop
12:46PM 1 Test for equality of complicatedly related average correlations
12:08PM 1 Help use try function with boot
8:59AM 2 Hopefully an easy error bar question
8:54AM 2 request: most repeated sequnce
8:48AM 1 request
4:10AM 3 new to R
3:43AM 2 annotating objects in workspace
1:10AM 0 New caret packages
Friday September 5 2008
10:45PM 2 xls to csv conversion via WinXP's context menu?
9:40PM 0 Recall: Using R to generate reports
9:40PM 1 Using R to generate reports
9:00PM 1 Multiple Correspondence Analysis
8:32PM 3 Area of density
7:46PM 2 Articles about comparision between R and others softwares
6:57PM 3 comparing two files
6:53PM 1 boxplot including null info from dataframe, not with SQLite dataframe
6:23PM 2 upgraded maps database for italy?
6:15PM 1 asscii2netcdf]
5:12PM 1 casting help please
4:25PM 1 lm and time series.
3:28PM 1 dealing with NAs in time series
3:27PM 1 Plot by column
3:26PM 5 Lowest k values of list
3:22PM 1 Time Series (attribute)
2:58PM 1 binary order combinations
2:16PM 2 using nls to fit a curve to data
2:03PM 1 Question about col.names in write.csv
1:26PM 0 text processing for plots
1:20PM 1 Confidence Intervals on Hazard Plots
1:10PM 2 Use of colour in plots
12:29PM 2 Error: can not allocate vector of 117.3 Mb
12:18PM 1 Orthogonalization algorithms
12:06PM 3 how to draw the legend about color from 3d picture
10:41AM 1 controlling lattice plot ticks with relation="free"
10:08AM 1 Upgrade to R 2.7.2 from Debian Repository
9:32AM 2 Package for Tidying-up R-code
8:13AM 0 Add marks to a point pattern
6:25AM 0 question on FARIMA innovations&In-Reply-To=<5290.>
5:48AM 1 reading and parsing gzipped files
5:21AM 2 how to write a escape sequences in to a file
3:56AM 1 Derived classes
3:44AM 2 algorithm to create unique identifiers
3:40AM 1 Trouble with R CMD check: I can't seem to get dependencies right (maybe I'm using R_LIBS incorrectly?)
2:39AM 0 help for color parameter
2:20AM 1 library/function that estimates parameters of well known distributions from empirical data?
1:33AM 1 smoothing with the Gaussian kernel
12:37AM 1 how to deal with NaN in "boot" object
Thursday September 4 2008
9:16PM 1 Building a time series.
9:04PM 2 using complete.cases() with nested factors
9:02PM 2 isoMDS and dist
8:28PM 1 showing the image
7:21PM 3 adding NA to "subset"
6:41PM 1 Possible R graphics devices
6:39PM 1 Plotting the complex fft in 3D?
5:52PM 1 Error in table lookup
5:42PM 1 combning rows
5:37PM 1 Error with update.packages()
5:21PM 0 Hazard Rate Confidence Intervals
4:52PM 1 Interpolation Function f(y)
4:48PM 0 R base 2.7.2 packaged for Mandriva 2008.1 x86_64: anyone interested?
4:28PM 1 Plotting using 'if' statements
3:36PM 1 saving an object
3:33PM 1 for 1:length and removing rows
3:30PM 1 Stepwise
3:17PM 1 help on jarque test
2:54PM 1 pass data to log-likelihood function
2:34PM 1 A ternary graph's scales
1:35PM 2 Adding a legend to R graph device with several plots (no to individual plots!)
1:20PM 3 table and colnames
1:03PM 2 Correct for heteroscedasticity using car package
1:00PM 2 Projecting Survival Curve into the Future
11:56AM 1 read.table error
11:20AM 2 printing name of object inside lapply
8:27AM 0 Any function to calculate returns
7:55AM 2 Coefficient of skewness
7:05AM 1 text file imported incorrectly
4:44AM 1 modeling interval data, a.k.a. irregular timeseries
3:27AM 1 Binary Tree Testing in "ape" package (a bug?)
1:20AM 1 restricted bootstrap
12:17AM 1 how to match or merge data.frames in this case...
Wednesday September 3 2008
10:59PM 4 "license" for a university
10:06PM 3 subsetting a data frame
9:56PM 1 test if all predictors in a glm object are factors
9:36PM 1 Converting to unsigned char
9:02PM 0 How to read-in a transaction-table with single items per line via RODBC?
8:34PM 2 Installing rgl
7:10PM 1 CV.Tree
7:00PM 2 (no subject)
6:33PM 1 ggplot2: line plot with gaps in time axis
6:19PM 0 data frame question
6:18PM 1 plotmath help with expression
5:01PM 1 Non-constant variance and non-Gaussian errors
4:44PM 1 statistical advice
4:23PM 1 (no subject)
4:20PM 2 Filter Values Out of R Output
4:12PM 1 problem with Hmisc
3:16PM 2 R update
3:04PM 1 many correlations
3:00PM 3 incomplete final line
2:39PM 2 optimizing speed of calculation (recursive product)
2:33PM 2 Normality test
2:01PM 2 nls convergence trouble
1:48PM 1 portfolio.optim and assets with weigth equals to zero...
1:45PM 2 request: How to get column name
1:40PM 1 create folders
12:29PM 1 Problems with playwith()
11:50AM 0 Graphics: Improving a Lattice plot - can it be done ?
10:52AM 1 Read from many files into many object
10:03AM 1 Help for par(mfrow)
9:18AM 1 How to do Epps-Pulley test?
9:06AM 4 Oblique decision tree using mvpart
8:46AM 2 ANCOVA/glm missing/ignored interaction combinations
8:25AM 1 R puts '+' within my numbers
8:14AM 2 Problem with dir.create in windows servers
4:00AM 2 basic dataframe question
1:02AM 1 how to reduce stress value in isoMDS?
12:53AM 1 lattice command equivalent to points
Tuesday September 2 2008
11:46PM 1 R Newbie: quantmod and zoo: Warning in rbind.zoo(...) : column names differ
9:56PM 2 nls.control()
9:50PM 4 converting values of a dataframe to numeric (where possible)
9:37PM 3 boxplot - label outliers
8:23PM 2 annotating individual panels produced by xyplot
8:00PM 1 R_Visible???
7:10PM 1 question about GLM
6:19PM 0 What questions can be asked given this information?
4:42PM 1 3D Graphs
4:30PM 1 how to increase row number
4:03PM 3 ftables package, zero rows
3:44PM 1 graphics: per mil plus delta notation
3:38PM 2 More help with stl?
2:44PM 0 Error in .local(object, ...) : test vector does not match model !
2:24PM 1 aov or lme effect size calculation
1:47PM 2 receiving "Error: cannot allocate vector of size 1.5 Gb"
1:24PM 2 two lattice graphs in one object
1:16PM 3 Free SQL Database with R
1:13PM 1 Non-constant variance and non-Gaussian errors with gnls
1:08PM 1 subsetting the gene list
12:06PM 2 Help with nonlinear regressional
10:02AM 2 cluster a distance(analogue)-object using agnes(cluster)
9:41AM 1 How to create functions with new "defaults"?
9:24AM 0 Newbie question - how to do it 'right'
9:18AM 1 plotting glmmPQL function
7:03AM 1 installation problem: package 'mgcv' could not be loaded
5:00AM 1 How to write the log function in R
2:51AM 2 How to disable character escaping ?
2:17AM 1 correlation with boot
2:04AM 2 Upgrade 'R'
2:01AM 2 How is the binding for a super assignment made visible?
1:14AM 2 qcc help
12:52AM 1 programming
12:31AM 1 multinomial estimation output stat question - not R question
Monday September 1 2008
11:49PM 1 Exporting frequency distributions
11:19PM 1 LDA predictions
10:17PM 2 Interpolation Problems
8:40PM 0 [Fwd: Re: how to read multiple lines per case]
8:31PM 0 difficulties in pvclust package
8:24PM 1 Question about type conversion in read.table with columns that contain "+" and "-" in R > 2.7
8:06PM 1 opening an external file
6:53PM 1 intercept of 3D line? (Orthogonal regression)
6:44PM 1 email just sent
6:42PM 0 debugging
5:41PM 1 how to pass additional parameters to a function called in tapply?
5:25PM 1 Polychoric and tetrachoric correlation
5:16PM 2 Text
4:22PM 1 npc to native coordinates for xyplot
4:06PM 3 how to read multiple lines per case
3:33PM 1 How remove the small outline around R plots in LaTeX?
3:17PM 1 linebreak in mathematical anotation?
2:53PM 0 Transformation of nls() to nlme()
2:04PM 1 ordered factor and table
1:44PM 3 another histogram question
11:50AM 0 Plotting significance level
11:11AM 1 play3d() translation
9:27AM 3 convenient way to calculate specificity, sensitivity and accuracy from raw data
9:16AM 1 warning with hist
8:30AM 0 tryCatch
5:50AM 2 Help with stl
2:14AM 1 why isoMDS not found?
12:33AM 0 reading data in serial port - win32
12:09AM 2 Error with Rcmdr package