R help - Nov 2006

Thursday November 30 2006
10:37PM 0 R2WinBUGS - parameter monitor seting
10:30PM 1 analog to the matlab buffer function?
10:23PM 3 newbie: new_data_frame <- selected set of rows
8:10PM 3 writing function with ,... )
8:05PM 3 escape character to get " printed in output
5:32PM 0 new_data_frame <- selected set of rows
5:26PM 3 Expression
5:00PM 4 Quicker way of combining vectors into a data.frame
4:32PM 0 Preventing early stopping in neural network (nnet package)
2:48PM 1 3D histogramm
2:24PM 0 Standardized deviance residuals in plot.lm
2:20PM 1 Looking for nice implementations of rectangular scatterplot matrices
1:27PM 0 extending data.frame with S4 class
12:58PM 1 tick label rotation in xyplot (lattice)
12:45PM 2 AIC for heckit
12:36PM 1 update.packages
11:55AM 2 writing lists fastly on file
11:37AM 1 scaling y-axis to relative frequency in multiple histogram (multhist)
9:42AM 0 from data.frame to transactions
9:37AM 2 *** caught segfault *** error
9:35AM 0 problem with chiMerge
9:22AM 2 margins within plotting region
7:52AM 4 R_WinEdt question
6:08AM 1 error in latex() : n.group : RESOLVED
Wednesday November 29 2006
10:59PM 0 Problem with PPC packages on Intel Mac
10:33PM 1 strptime - %p format doesn't seem to be working
10:28PM 1 Removing terms from formula
10:20PM 1 tests for NULL objects
10:08PM 3 better define: matrix comparison and cbind issue
9:49PM 2 problem with indexing a zoo object
9:44PM 2 How to solve differential equations with a delay (time lag)?
9:22PM 0 generate the time series data
8:46PM 2 Dummies multiplied with other variable
8:45PM 1 control for frame color in cloud()
8:01PM 1 matrix comparison, and cbind issues.
7:44PM 2 filled.contour and NA's
6:11PM 2 reshape command is (stats) dropping instances
5:26PM 2 random binary trees in R
5:11PM 3 legend in lattice densityplot
4:48PM 1 An example of using rJava
3:58PM 2 Skip NA and alter length
2:40PM 1 Lmer, P-values and mixed logistic regression
2:30PM 1 simple R question
2:06PM 4 String question
1:49PM 3 showing available environment variables
1:49PM 0 Block clustering and largest square block in binary matrix
1:36PM 2 --max-vsize option
12:05PM 0 1D & 2D response plots from RSM models
11:32AM 2 need help with barplot
8:59AM 4 Why the factor levels returned by cut() are not ordered?
7:02AM 3 comma delimiter & comma in text
4:10AM 3 R2.4 xyplot + panel.number problem
4:07AM 1 Extract some character from a character vector of length 1
4:04AM 3 Aggregating data
1:26AM 1 questions
Tuesday November 28 2006
10:40PM 4 GAMS and Knots
9:20PM 5 Counting zeros in a matrix
7:45PM 2 Problem with pairs() in nlme
4:43PM 0 rJava is great
4:37PM 2 factor analysis using Principal Component Method
4:36PM 1 Can anyone read a S-PLUS .dmp file for me?
3:20PM 0 errbar won't provide log axes
2:21PM 3 delete content of directory - unlink doesn't work as expected
2:13PM 2 Allarme generato mediante Panda GateDefender Performa.
2:06PM 0 New versions for the distr-family of packages, of startupmsg, and a new package "distrDoc"
12:46PM 1 There exist a FCS package on R-languaje?
12:09PM 0 Consulting request R training and programming
11:34AM 3 Predicted values in lmer modeling
11:26AM 3 ML fit of gamma distribution to grouped data
10:45AM 2 Sorting a data frame when you don't know the columns
10:39AM 2 Aligning aerial photographs and maps
10:35AM 0 No mails with executable attachements to BMBWK
9:50AM 1 problem with source(), parse() and "french" colnames
8:26AM 0 lmer predict
5:55AM 0 LP Formulation of Preference Analysis
4:34AM 0 Open source electronic lab notebook with R-driven analysis
2:24AM 1 Slight discrepancy between predict.lm() and all.effects()
12:56AM 0 pivot algorithm
12:25AM 3 comments in scan
Monday November 27 2006
11:29PM 5 automatic cleaning of workspace
7:04PM 2 calling R from cmd line, loading in data sets on the call
6:46PM 0 ANN: BioC Advanced Course, Jan 10-12 in Seattle
6:35PM 0 EM algorithm for truncated multivariate mixture of normals
5:34PM 0 Using a specified splitting criterion in tree and rpart
2:42PM 2 NaN with ccf() for vector with all same element
1:33PM 0 quantile regression - estimation of CAViaR
11:24AM 0 kernlab 0.9-0 on CRAN
9:27AM 0 Package Installation Error: Ruuid, RBGL,--> RGui2.4.0
7:44AM 0 How to simulate data from copulas?
3:19AM 2 [R-sig-Geo] plot() and Jpeg() increase font size and resolution
2:07AM 1 Help with response CIs for lme
1:40AM 0 Comment on Sweave
12:55AM 1 x axis on sciplot
Sunday November 26 2006
11:12PM 1 GLM and LM singularities
10:32PM 2 Quadratic Optimization
4:44PM 1 adding elemens to a list
3:41PM 2 axis in an image () plot
12:02PM 3 Questions about generating samples in R
5:05AM 1 plot p(Y=1) vs as
4:39AM 2 Fixed zeros in tables
4:39AM 1 problem loading package Hmisc
Saturday November 25 2006
11:42PM 2 cat not evaluated before file.choose
3:21PM 3 OT: P(Z <= -1.46).
2:08PM 1 hausman Test
12:43PM 0 Problems with updating R-packages
4:48AM 2 predict and arima
1:27AM 3 Multiple Conditional Tranformations
1:21AM 1 trimming plotting area in a boxplot
12:04AM 0 nlme sorry about that
Friday November 24 2006
10:23PM 2 vector problem
9:51PM 1 Sunflower plot error; how to deal with NA
9:06PM 4 Nonlinear statistical modeling -- a comparison of R and AD Model Builder
7:26PM 2 low-variance warning in lmer
7:26PM 0 New package `np' - nonparametric kernel smoothing methods for mixed datatypes
6:56PM 1 Random effects ANOVA
5:51PM 0 McQuitty method
4:59PM 1 Error in Calling C++ function from R!!!
4:54PM 1 Splitting criterion in tree and rpart
3:40PM 1 Using multiple objects in a for loop
3:40PM 1 Rgraphviz -404 Page not found
3:22PM 1 Error Message saying .Call("R_lazyLoadDBfetch", etc.
3:05PM 2 odfTable: how to escape <
2:32PM 1 Fwd: Dates Conversion/write.foreign
1:57PM 1 How to find AUC in SVM (kernlab package)
1:01PM 2 Plot with two seperate y axis
12:47PM 0 soil.texture() function with bug?
12:38PM 2 axis in an image() plot
12:34PM 2 Diebold Mariano Test
12:07PM 1 don't put line in plot
11:42AM 2 Advice on Grid Data
9:06AM 1 barplot help needed
7:58AM 1 Re : View code of function
7:48AM 1 Code of plot.TukeyHSD
7:17AM 0 error in latex() : n.group
6:31AM 1 View code of function
1:48AM 2 plot() and Jpeg() increase font size and resolution
Thursday November 23 2006
10:02PM 2 show unique combination of two factor
9:52PM 2 random effect question and glm
9:18PM 1 Aggregating and merging files
9:00PM 1 VB linked to R
8:13PM 1 lme function
8:06PM 1 how to loop this?
7:15PM 0 Is there a faster way to change parts of this array?
7:07PM 1 statistics help
6:46PM 4 Ryacas and fractions with simultaenously very large numerators and denominators
5:34PM 2 converting from numeric to Date
5:08PM 1 Partial derivatives of a matrix with respect to a single element
5:01PM 1 nonlinear regression-getting the explained variation
4:54PM 3 Conversion from expression to numeric
4:05PM 0 lasso for AFT model
4:02PM 0 lasso for cox model
3:33PM 1 dumping/loading objects with 'tsp' attribute
3:08PM 2 loading libraries on MPI cluster
2:57PM 1 barplot - x-axis
1:35PM 3 reaccessing array at a later date - trying to write it to file
1:11PM 2 t.test()
12:56PM 1 Problem with as.ts(zoo-object)
11:54AM 2 which() over a matrix
11:46AM 3 Using roman and italic fonts in an xlab expression for a plot
11:45AM 2 writing character to a file in UTF-8
11:23AM 1 loess lines in xyplot with two or more variables on the left side of a formula
9:21AM 2 command option for R CMD BATCH
8:45AM 1 ARMAX Models in R
6:16AM 2 Sweave question
3:34AM 1 integrate R code to WinEdt file
1:24AM 0 DSC 2007 registration and scientific program
Wednesday November 22 2006
11:04PM 1 question about the "solve" function in library "Matrix"
10:53PM 1 installation step for RSperl
9:17PM 4 data in form of a date
7:27PM 3 dataframe manipulation
6:35PM 1 plotting a groupedData object
6:15PM 2 help
4:09PM 1 Probit analysis
4:06PM 2 problems with garchFit
3:41PM 1 What training algorithm does nnet package use?
3:37PM 1 problem with the plm package (2)
1:40PM 1 lme - plot - labels
12:54PM 0 XEmacs: substitute \n by "real" linefeeds
11:14AM 0 Problem with RWeka-rJava packages
11:06AM 0 Dealing with NAs
10:22AM 0 Mango Solutions Announces R Public Training Course in Paris
10:14AM 3 odd behaviour of %%?
10:01AM 1 problem with the plm package
9:42AM 1 differences between aov and lme
8:31AM 1 how to merge these dataframes
7:08AM 1 RBloomberg Multi-ticker problem
1:39AM 0 questions about garchFit
12:29AM 3 saving graphics in jpeg format
Tuesday November 21 2006
11:23PM 2 Statistical Software Comparison
11:00PM 1 R-squared with and without constant
10:18PM 1 Installing 2.4.0
8:26PM 2 using nested ifelse and rowSums to create new variable?
7:52PM 0 list manipulation
7:46PM 1 NEWBIE: Help explaining use of lm()?
7:22PM 1 lme4 model with no fixed effects?
6:01PM 1 Maybe not a stable if statement
6:00PM 3 Fitting mixed-effects models with lme with fixed error term variances
4:20PM 4 means over factors in mlm terms
4:15PM 1 Latent models
3:53PM 1 Unable to connect to a mirror and install packages
2:50PM 0 variable selection with support vector machines (SVM)
1:53PM 0 continuous wavelet transform on R (for feature extraction)
1:48PM 2 Symbolic derivation using D in package stats - how do I properly convert the returned call into a character string?
12:20PM 2 keeping dim() for array
12:20PM 1 R dataframe into a SAS dataset
11:32AM 0 Expanding VaR package
10:50AM 0 Error La.svd(method="dgesvd") in R 2.4.0
10:46AM 2 Random-numbers not random
10:23AM 1 crossprod(x) vs crossprod(x,x)
9:22AM 1 Is there any way to know when a field is blank
8:12AM 1 strange R GUI crash
7:47AM 0 Error in the function "dissimilarity"
2:56AM 1 building R 2.4.0 on aix
1:13AM 2 sample size for linear regression
12:41AM 0 Problems with "MASS"
12:04AM 1 Logistic regression model (Urjent help needed)
Monday November 20 2006
11:34PM 1 Research Assistant position
8:24PM 4 for help about logistic regression model
7:05PM 1 a little help needed plotting chron object
6:46PM 0 converting .RData to a .TXT file
5:08PM 1 Basic R timeseries data manipulation
4:28PM 1 Is there any R package to calcualte "Power" for ANCOVA
4:12PM 2 predict.coxph
2:47PM 4 how to use the switch statement
2:42PM 3 Creating a new vector ( another problem)
2:38PM 1 My own correlation structure with nlme
2:24PM 3 Creating a new vector
2:15PM 3 problem with loop to put data into array with missing data forsome files
1:03PM 2 problem with loop to put data into array with missing data for some files
11:11AM 1 SNA packages/network package
10:50AM 0 rpart
10:32AM 1 Proportional data with categorical explanatory variables
10:27AM 0 Instsalling R
8:50AM 2 To delete rows in a dataframe
8:25AM 1 yaxis of density plot as counts/bandwidth
8:18AM 0 Regarding log-Normal distribution.
5:31AM 1 sem package subscript out of bounds error
3:51AM 1 how to forecast the GARCH volatility?
2:32AM 1 website with graphics from all packages?
Sunday November 19 2006
9:26PM 2 Speeding up small functions
8:28PM 1 problems with axis
7:31PM 4 The most common row in a matrix?
6:26PM 1 matching coordinates
4:31PM 2 nlme
2:17PM 0 posterior probability formula in predict.lda
12:18PM 2 improving barplot output
3:48AM 2 questions on adding reference line?
2:17AM 0 Looking for Grade of Membership package ???
1:06AM 4 Ryacas not working properly
Saturday November 18 2006
6:31PM 0 sorry for repeated msgs
6:24PM 1 Questions regarding "integrate" function
6:15PM 1 lattice layout multiple pages
4:02PM 1 .First.lib
1:28PM 1 (no subject)
1:18PM 3 Random sample from log-normal distribution
2:36AM 1 deriv when one term is indexed
1:59AM 1 Lattice plots of the form xyplot(y1+y2~x)
1:50AM 1 Why SAM has totally diffent results in R2.1.1 and R2.4.0
12:50AM 0 creating and calling objects based on elements of another object...
Friday November 17 2006
11:52PM 0 difftime for handling time units--hours, minutes, days--from file times
11:35PM 0 questions regarding "integrate" function in R
10:32PM 0 Question regarding "integrate" function
10:14PM 2 Numbers with correct significant digits
8:44PM 0 quantile regression and moments
7:21PM 1 applying cor.test in two different but matched dataframes
6:51PM 3 Trellis Plot Labels
6:48PM 1 Problems in "plot.lm" with option "which=5"
6:16PM 2 effects in ANCOVA
5:29PM 1 multiple R listservs?
5:19PM 1 Files in EViews format
4:42PM 2 Getting R and .Rdata together again
4:37PM 0 multiple "bi-connected" venn diagrams
4:17PM 0 Job Opportunity - Pfizer
3:50PM 1 global option settings for grid and lattice?
3:10PM 1 which operators are available? (was: Re: do.call("+", ...))
12:50PM 3 gower distance calculation
11:57AM 1 How to set up R for Macbook Pro Intel Core Duo
11:48AM 2 Kolmogorov Smirnov Distribution
9:50AM 1 R Dataframe to SAS dataset
9:39AM 3 Mayday ! Needing urgent help about writing results to a file
9:24AM 2 do.call("+", ...)
8:18AM 0 Problem with "vegan" package from Koeln mirror
5:46AM 2 Large data Problem
4:21AM 2 Forming SQL Query at run-time
4:17AM 1 Need help in nlmeODE
3:34AM 2 s.e. on interaction plots
3:17AM 0 :dendrogram reorder question
Thursday November 16 2006
9:53PM 2 .rdata files
9:09PM 1 getting a title in a plot during an lapply
8:54PM 0 ??: Re:??: Re:??: Re: Need help in waveslim package: imodwt and universal.thresh.modwt
8:10PM 0 NONPAR package question
7:21PM 0 using glht to replace simint in the multcomp package
6:32PM 1 How Aggegate Data in R
6:04PM 1 Draw overlap ellipse in R
5:54PM 0 overwriting S4 methods
5:29PM 0 panel function in a conditioned lattice graphic
4:25PM 2 question about capscale (vegan)
3:59PM 6 Gantt chart problem after upgrade to R 2.4.0
3:59PM 3 Newbie problem ... Forest plot
3:56PM 1 silhouette plot colors from trimkmeans solution
3:04PM 3 X-fold cross validation function for discriminant analysis
2:36PM 0 FW: <RBloomberg Package Problem>
2:01PM 1 modifying colnames of tables in a loop
1:55PM 2 Stochastic SEIR model
1:35PM 5 <RBloomberg Package Problem>
1:14PM 1 Looking for greater floating-point precision
12:25PM 0 Measuring the change in coupling of time series through time.
11:37AM 4 lme4 package: Fitted values and residuals
11:08AM 1 Problems with principal components analysis PCA with prcomp
7:13AM 0 Re : Simple Questions
7:04AM 0 Re : Regression
5:32AM 2 trouble loading example package
5:19AM 1 Simple Questions
5:15AM 1 Interaction and factor ':'
4:00AM 0 (no subject)
2:37AM 0 Job Opportunity - AMD Sunnyvale
2:29AM 0 nmle for time of structural change?
Wednesday November 15 2006
9:35PM 1 can I get standard error from predict.gam()?
8:33PM 2 ??: Re:??: Re: Need help in waveslim package: imodwt and universal.thresh.modwt
7:16PM 2 filling an array, vectorized
6:51PM 1 Regression
6:22PM 2 Sparse matrix calculation
5:54PM 0 ppform of B-spline basis
5:14PM 1 Poisson example from Snedechor & Cochran
4:39PM 1 MLE for Student's t-distribution
4:35PM 3 how to get empty sequence for certain bounds
4:32PM 1 Code for "Screenshots" graphics (following on from ease-of-use issues on www.r-project.org)
4:32PM 1 Correlations not in sync with r2 from regression
3:44PM 0 segfault in AIX
3:25PM 3 Dotmatrix Plots
3:15PM 0 Import csv file
2:19PM 1 Merging two columns with a single value
2:15PM 0 INSTALL R-2.4.0 on Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1B
1:30PM 2 Newbie: how to get unique x unique x aggregate chart?
1:29PM 2 gsub
12:45PM 1 trellis.par.set and grid : how to set by default that I want a grid on my graphes ?
12:23PM 0 newie question fitting ARIMA
11:43AM 1 dynamic aggregation of many variables
11:34AM 0 How to made it more faster ?
11:20AM 1 OPTIM--non finite finite different [13]
11:05AM 1 Erosion, mathematical morphology
9:28AM 0 New package for Biased Urn Models
7:56AM 1 cross-validation for count data
5:23AM 3 how to create this design matrix?
4:06AM 1 how to compute p-value?
3:41AM 1 splineDesign and not-a-knot conditions
Tuesday November 14 2006
11:30PM 3 lpSolve and mixed signs
11:00PM 1 names of arguments in function for optimize
10:49PM 0 saving (and loading) environment to/from a connection?
10:43PM 0 Next useR conference date/location
10:17PM 1 not sure if this intended behavior in column referencing
10:02PM 1 Install problem(s)
9:59PM 2 Repeated measures by lme and aov give different results
9:58PM 3 the secret (?) language of lists
9:40PM 2 gam() question
9:21PM 2 putting a column name on a zoo object
8:20PM 3 Creating a table
8:09PM 0 R-Help : Warning messages using plot(cox.zph)
8:07PM 2 how to check a R object's property
7:26PM 3 Plot title with numeric variables
6:47PM 1 alphachannel on pdf-device
4:16PM 0 drawing axes on all 4 sides of a trellis plot
3:45PM 2 Matrix-vector multiplication without loops
2:36PM 3 Error in str(its-object)
1:39PM 0 question about amova (ade4)
12:52PM 2 dividing vectors into bins with equal widths
12:07PM 2 gzfile with multiple entries in the archive
11:36AM 1 greatest common substring
11:09AM 1 confige error:X11 headres/libs
10:49AM 1 running R without X11
10:47AM 1 ??: Re: Need help in waveslim package: imodwt and universal.thresh.modwt
9:30AM 0 Enabling function tips under ESS environment?
8:04AM 0 Survival analysis of interval censored data
7:40AM 0 reconstruction of data after PCA and interpolation
7:40AM 2 Variance of a complex estimator using survey package ...
5:01AM 1 Using lrm
3:53AM 1 Installing package rpvm under Windows
3:50AM 2 Problem with file size
3:43AM 2 Building R from source
12:49AM 0 Generating confusion matrix / Kappa stats
Monday November 13 2006
11:41PM 3 Profile confidence intervals and LR chi-square test
11:36PM 1 Question on applying vectors to data.frames by row
11:31PM 2 Forcing the intercept
10:06PM 2 Embedded carriage returns in text document
10:00PM 1 Creating data for logistic regression and Cox proportional hazards regression
9:49PM 0 generalized Kruskal/Friedman test for replicated blocked data
9:42PM 2 Multivariate time-series
9:31PM 1 Converting Character Strings to Numerical Values
9:13PM 3 For MacBook, best way to do R?
9:09PM 1 Nominal Respose Model in R
9:08PM 0 question on MSM warning message
8:34PM 1 handling time units--hours, minutes, days--from file times
8:18PM 1 hybrid in fisher.test broken?
8:06PM 2 indexing question
7:57PM 0 help with syntax of nlme call.
7:35PM 0 95% CI of spectrum
6:29PM 1 Problem with fitted.value function
6:07PM 2 Can I execute the content of a character vector?
4:48PM 1 random forest regression
3:57PM 0 segfault in RMySQL dbConnect error handling
3:54PM 0 Confidence intervals for relative risk
3:39PM 1 Fetching Intraday data from Bloomberg
2:11PM 0 Heatmap.2 in gplots
1:40PM 0 change \baselinestretch in Soutput ?
10:35AM 0 legend positioning problems
9:30AM 1 stepAIC for overdispersed Poisson
9:13AM 2 A printing "macro"
3:33AM 3 Computing time for matrix addition or subtraction
Sunday November 12 2006
10:20PM 7 I think a simple question
9:53PM 2 looking for functions that can test/estimate CAMPM, APT, Fama's factor model, etc.
8:05PM 2 segfault 'memory not mapped', dual core problem?
6:32PM 1 How to increase decimal places
8:36AM 2 Compilation of R under UBUNTU Edgy
8:02AM 2 Need help in waveslim package: imodwt and universal.thresh.modwt
5:01AM 0 doubt on Tukey HSD
4:14AM 0 forward variable selection using function step
4:14AM 2 Unexpected behavior in boxplot
Saturday November 11 2006
9:40PM 1 Fitting a survival curve
7:43PM 1 Install bioconductor
5:41PM 1 postscript and histogram plots
4:19PM 2 Bayesian question (problem using adapt)
12:44PM 0 Exercises for 'Using R'
3:07AM 1 predict.lda is missing ?
Friday November 10 2006
11:23PM 1 count data with nested mixed effects
9:53PM 0 Position as professor of statistics availabe
9:50PM 4 Selective subsetting
9:36PM 0 history in Mac
7:58PM 1 Variable limit in nlm?
5:10PM 1 lattice: histogram of factor variable
4:22PM 0 Can plot(augPred()) be used with objects that are not groupedData?
3:46PM 1 Speed Optimization: Faster Way of Accessing data.frame in a Loop?
3:23PM 0 Announcement: sciplot (includes functions for graphs w/ error bars)
3:22PM 4 Problems with plot and X11 in ubuntu
2:43PM 3 Confidence interval for relative risk
2:38PM 1 Rpad
2:13PM 1 help with nlme function
12:18PM 1 missing symbols for mathplot
12:13PM 1 Combining factors
11:37AM 2 Simplifying Sweave graphics
9:36AM 1 About using the boot function
9:08AM 1 Value at Risk historical simulation
7:01AM 2 Problems with metaMDS from vegan
6:39AM 1 Re : Command Line Prompt Symbol
5:32AM 2 Command Line Prompt Symbol
3:26AM 1 Problem with as.data.frame when an extra attribute is present
12:15AM 2 R and Fortran 9x -- advice
12:09AM 3 advanced plotting
Thursday November 9 2006
11:48PM 0 interaction term between two categorical variables in ARIMA
11:05PM 1 Extracting the full coefficient matrix from a gls summary?
9:41PM 1 command for stopping and then hit return and continue (fwd)
9:32PM 1 optimize function with integral form ?
9:20PM 2 Single precision data behaviour with readBin()
9:20PM 0 2007 John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award
9:19PM 2 Algorithm needed
7:54PM 1 POSIXlt converted to POSIXct in as.data.frame()
7:43PM 1 Variance Functions in lme
7:33PM 1 predict.lm "variables found" question
7:10PM 0 random forest importance calculation
5:58PM 3 function
5:50PM 1 dissimilarity matrices
4:53PM 4 data storage/cubes and pointers in R
4:24PM 1 R crashing on linux
4:03PM 0 rpart - I'm confused by the loss matrix
3:56PM 1 Parameter to show ticks ?
3:54PM 1 summary linear regression
2:57PM 0 Help with plot(augPred()) plot(comparePred()) in nlme
2:39PM 2 PCA reconstruction funtion
1:08PM 0 Question about position in row and column
12:58PM 1 Merge: how can I keep discarded values?
12:51PM 1 Env: Re: query in R
12:18PM 2 Closing R fails
11:59AM 1 Discriminant Analysis- Apparent error rate
11:49AM 1 plot pch
11:02AM 0 problems with loading packages in R 2.4.0
9:09AM 4 Plotting symbols with two positions?
8:10AM 3 Why do I get a linebreak in the legend?
7:45AM 2 Meta-regression with lmer() ? If so, how ?
6:27AM 2 Repeated Measures MANOVA in R
Wednesday November 8 2006
11:58PM 2 Can I set the proxy server and authentification from within R?
11:47PM 0 parameter estimation -- Censored mean to real mean
11:37PM 1 Trying to create multiple stripcharts
10:16PM 1 convert factor p000345 to numeric
9:47PM 0 Cox model using mfp library
9:20PM 1 a list with row.names = c(NA, 1000)
9:02PM 0 superpc.plotcv
8:55PM 6 Making a case for using R in Academia
8:53PM 1 Reading bzip2 and tar files in R
8:51PM 0 size restrictions ??
8:42PM 0 Dataset from one precinct's turnout in yesterday's election
8:37PM 1 error message for row names
8:26PM 0 Failing to install on Linux FC4
5:42PM 2 Numerical Integration
5:23PM 3 can Rgui.exe be launched with a script as an argument?
5:09PM 0 Splitting matrix into several small matrices
4:01PM 2 interprete wilcox.test results
3:21PM 2 Sweave and font problems
2:31PM 1 Building Problem
11:29AM 10 axis command and excel time format
10:43AM 0 Fw: data frames re-ordering and naming columns
10:39AM 2 Convert ordinary dates into POSIX
10:14AM 1 get compressed data via a socket connection
8:17AM 0 Cost function in cv.glm for count data
8:12AM 0 Solving a maximization problem using QUADPROD
4:28AM 0 R solaris 64 (etc) build errors
3:20AM 5 query in R
3:14AM 2 chisq test with for loop
2:57AM 1 nls
2:30AM 2 combining dataframes with different numbers of columns
12:23AM 1 chi.test in R
Tuesday November 7 2006
11:25PM 3 have I an actual matrix?
10:39PM 1 gamm(): nested tensor product smooths
9:54PM 1 reading VERY large binary files
9:43PM 0 clustering package with constraints (advice)?
8:29PM 0 evaluation of 2 matrices: categorical comparison
7:46PM 0 RMySQL
7:46PM 4 solve computationally singular
7:39PM 1 installing packages without being a root?
7:39PM 0 December Courses: (1) R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques (2) Regression Modeling Strategies in R/Splus
7:00PM 1 subsetting a matrix and filling other
5:56PM 1 Help on processing an in-house apps timer file
5:06PM 0 Nemenyi test for two way layout data.
4:52PM 0 reading data in extreme toolkit
4:19PM 0 Using Teststatistics (F-Test, T.Test, Wilcox test) and recommended graph
3:51PM 1 OBS in Column 1
3:30PM 1 Extracting parameters for Gamma Distribution
3:25PM 0 data frames re-ordering and naming columns
2:56PM 2 snow's makeCluster hanging (using Rmpi)
2:32PM 2 Which genetic optimization package allows customized crossover and mutation operation
2:21PM 2 Boxplot
2:08PM 1 error in format.df when using dec
1:58PM 0 Scan or read.table bug in R?
1:51PM 2 How to link to vignette from .Rd file
12:58PM 1 Gregexpr - extract results with lapply
12:12PM 1 S-poetry as book
11:57AM 2 changing image dimensions
11:17AM 2 wrong fill colors in polygon-map
11:15AM 1 Probit Scale
10:39AM 1 Display problems X11 device
10:36AM 1 plot questions?-errors in persp(x1, x2, y) and contour(x1, x2, y)
10:18AM 1 Better way to create tables of mean & standard deviations
9:10AM 3 Reformat a data frame
7:24AM 1 plot questions?
7:23AM 1 Comparison between GARCH and ARMA
6:39AM 0 Re : Look for a R Package to locate peak data point in one dimensional data set
6:31AM 1 Re : Draw a circle with a given radius in an existing map
6:26AM 0 Re : R help
5:44AM 2 R help
5:11AM 2 Draw a circle with a given radius in an existing map
3:45AM 1 multivariate splines
3:31AM 3 question on multilevel modeling
3:29AM 1 Rprofile.site
3:05AM 2 Comparing models in multiple regression and hierarchical linear regression
1:06AM 1 histogram bin width
12:10AM 0 level sets
Monday November 6 2006
10:57PM 1 Look for a R Package to locate peak data point in one dimensional data set
10:23PM 2 grep searching for sequence of 3 consecutive upper case letters
9:53PM 1 colnames and get means for the columns with the "same" names
9:22PM 1 Competing risk nomogram
9:03PM 1 simple random cluster sampling - bootstrapping
8:36PM 5 alist()
8:29PM 2 Correlated ROC curves
8:25PM 2 comparing 2 dataframes
7:51PM 1 line width (all elements) in Trellis
6:59PM 0 Announcement: Annals of Applied Statistics, a new Journal from IMS
5:14PM 1 Subset and levels
4:57PM 0 numerical overflow/underflow in log-linear models
4:25PM 3 CPU or memory
4:06PM 0 How can you get N replicates of a multi-screen, multivariate time series plot?
3:46PM 0 rJava: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
3:22PM 0 plots questions?
2:57PM 2 goodness of fitting for a mixed distribution
1:28PM 1 Hmisc, latex cdec not as expected - again
12:56PM 4 neg-bin clustered analysis in R?
10:46AM 0 problem with survreg and anova function
9:45AM 0 Hmisc, latex cdec not as expected
9:11AM 7 Colour-coded Editor for R Code
3:20AM 1 about R install
1:45AM 1 configure error: --with-readline
12:13AM 1 question about function "gls" in library "nlme"
Sunday November 5 2006
8:51PM 1 lme4 install error
8:41PM 1 Defining factors in GLM
7:39PM 0 Creating a simple neural network with AMORE
3:38PM 2 solution to a regression with multiple independent variable
3:08PM 1 diag()<- in Matrix?
1:26PM 0 html/rtf formatted output
12:49PM 2 clear screen
11:13AM 2 Generating a double-exponential jump diffusion process
5:44AM 2 Date, date, POSIX question
4:06AM 3 struggling to plot subgroups
Saturday November 4 2006
7:47PM 2 Placing of legends
4:55PM 2 can update.packages Debian package files?
3:57PM 2 Equivalent to Stata command
12:13PM 1 tcltk difficulties
11:42AM 0 User-friendly selective variable-loading function
11:36AM 0 question about your photo
10:22AM 0 package version error
9:06AM 1 Error when using cobs library
2:54AM 2 multiple plots in the same graph
12:54AM 3 Ridge for logistic regression
12:25AM 1 Chronbach's Alpha
12:16AM 1 plotting residuals
Friday November 3 2006
11:20PM 1 How to obtain the estimate of baseline survival function?
11:18PM 0 R package/function for ridge logistic regression
10:58PM 1 as.zoo behavior (
10:47PM 0 finding significant change points after fitting GAM using TPRS
10:47PM 1 question of one matrix column being treated as list rather than vector
10:12PM 2 one row matrix
9:26PM 1 (no subject)
8:09PM 2 microarray analysis
6:59PM 1 How to convert an existing package?
5:48PM 1 Translation of R code required
5:28PM 6 Import problem with S-Plus 7.0 dataset
4:36PM 2 R-help in Newsreader?
4:14PM 0 CI -- fixed effects -- response -- mixed models
4:09PM 1 R CMD BATCH: unable to start device PNG
2:25PM 3 identify extremes positions of values into matrix
2:02PM 4 read file problem
1:51PM 0 Error in X11(): Font Path?
1:25PM 1 difference in using with() and the "data" argument in glm call
12:55PM 2 Rank transformation and the linear mixed model
12:24PM 2 correaltion equal 1
11:50AM 1 Using a deriv function in nlme
10:00AM 2 Installing a package - and making it work?
5:57AM 1 something wrong with the R repository USA(WA) (fhcrc.org)
5:13AM 1 would like to see R plots on local X display
3:40AM 1 help needed on data management
2:36AM 1 maps. display hierararchical cluster analysis results on a map?
1:16AM 5 ANOVA in Randomized-complete blocks design
12:37AM 2 generic arrays in R
Thursday November 2 2006
9:50PM 0 Markov blanket
9:46PM 1 How to Trace Back the Warning Messages
9:08PM 3 Better y-axis labels, and x-axis scaling
7:03PM 1 rotated figures within Sweave?
4:26PM 1 [OT} Pie chart joke
3:54PM 1 Prediction intervals for predict.gls
2:51PM 2 correlation argument for lmer?
2:48PM 1 R and texmacs
2:28PM 1 Question on cross-validation in rpart
11:59AM 2 simulation with "rpois"
10:53AM 2 Simple question about Lists
10:44AM 2 Likelihood of multiple random processes
10:15AM 1 avoiding a loop: "cumsum-like"
8:55AM 3 Complex plotting problem
2:39AM 2 poly() question
2:15AM 2 Individual Based Model and/or Cellular automata
1:39AM 1 Res: graphics not find source
12:55AM 1 axis labels & title not visible
Wednesday November 1 2006
11:45PM 1 Position of a specific letter in a character string
11:33PM 4 help went away from top emacs window :-(
11:30PM 1 problem with chooseCRANmirror()
10:26PM 1 Matrix dimnames
10:06PM 1 Calling an arbitrarily named data frame + variable
9:59PM 1 repeating symbols and colors
9:36PM 0 Confidence intervals for Brier score
8:51PM 1 gamm(): degrees of freedom of the fit
7:06PM 1 graphics not find source
5:56PM 1 ncp in dt
5:55PM 0 (no subject)
5:51PM 3 matrix manipulation with a for loop
5:37PM 1 Fitting mean and covariance of Multivariate normal with censored data
5:12PM 0 Figuring out the right formula
5:05PM 2 xyplot: Plotting two variables, one as points - the other as line. Can that be done without explicitly using panel functions
5:00PM 0 Missing Variables? Singularities?
4:31PM 1 Compare linear regressios for significant differences of the slopes
4:14PM 2 How to run R code without R enviorment at Windows?
4:07PM 0 OT: data from Harvey's book
3:47PM 4 splitting very long character string
3:41PM 1 Measuring the effects of history on event probabilities
2:52PM 2 installing rgl package on linux suse 10.1
2:36PM 4 strange algorithm needed
2:22PM 1 cluster analysis using Dmax
1:49PM 4 extract values from a vector
12:47PM 1 Optimization and garch
11:57AM 0 spatstat symbol referencing error
11:47AM 0 Constructing a loop for a Matrix
9:21AM 0 how can i fix the color for different image plot?
8:55AM 1 [ggplot] some questions
7:21AM 1 How to find further informations on specific options?
6:48AM 0 avoiding 'for' loop
4:52AM 2 Hessian matrix
4:42AM 4 Problem with data type recognition and conversion
12:28AM 1 coefficient constraints
12:12AM 1 did my searching but still couldn't find anything for bayesian dlm
12:04AM 2 (no subject)