R help - Oct 2006

Tuesday October 31 2006
9:39PM 0 plot - X11()
7:41PM 1 savePlot and dev.copy
6:52PM 0 R News, volume 6, issue 4 is now available
5:28PM 0 margins in heatmap.2 and fond size for x-axis
5:17PM 3 Missing data analysis in R
5:08PM 3 plotting question
3:53PM 0 ANNOUNCEMENT: 20% Discount on the Latest R Books from Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
3:15PM 4 getMethod(s) and var.test
2:49PM 0 Convert Lift Tables to Gain Tables
2:13PM 1 graphics ignore tabs in text
2:02PM 5 Odd behaviour of removing 'nothing' from an array or data frame
1:36PM 3 one problem about how to hold graphic with R
1:28PM 2 information about sna packages
1:26PM 2 Put a normal curve on plot
1:08PM 1 2.4.0 and lattice 0.14-9: Changed behaviour of scales-argumenttck
1:00PM 1 Compiling R packages on Ubuntu
11:43AM 2 R crashing during batch file formatting
11:36AM 2 generic pasting of strings
9:36AM 1 [ggplot] controlling axis and major/minor tick marks
6:31AM 1 how to make a data file
6:19AM 1 problem in intallasation
5:20AM 0 "power.z.test"
4:10AM 2 rcompletion: TAB completion for the R command line
2:26AM 2 Saving a function
2:13AM 2 plotting multiple groups (newbie Q)
1:54AM 1 Confidence interval calculation in prop.test
1:23AM 1 Problem mit den Spracheinstellungen nach Installation von R
12:48AM 1 exteremely confused (simple question)
12:01AM 2 how to plot a data.frame?
Monday October 30 2006
11:15PM 1 as.zoo question
10:35PM 1 help_aov
10:29PM 3 plot history
9:57PM 1 VGAM-vglm
8:37PM 3 Hmisc or Lattice plot with error bars, Depth (independent variable) on Y axis
8:26PM 1 psigamma derivative
7:56PM 0 Additional earnings
7:32PM 1 Which executable is associated with R CMD INSTALL?
6:51PM 4 read.fwf and header
6:37PM 2 how to set debug breaks
5:27PM 1 Random intercept-slope correlation (nlme)
5:20PM 3 correlation structure in lme without random effect
4:43PM 1 no possible to load a package correctly dowloaded by the R prompt
4:41PM 0 (no subject)
4:34PM 1 memory management
4:25PM 1 installing package help with limited permissions
4:22PM 3 Problem setting TMPDIR on the fly
4:03PM 1 gui for R
3:54PM 0 spreading activation
2:51PM 1 nlme Error: Subscript out of bounds
11:52AM 1 HELP:R for windows GUI front-end error
11:08AM 1 [Fwd: Re: Organisation of medium/large projects with multiple analyses]
10:11AM 2 which duplicated rows to delete
9:31AM 1 reading only some columns from a table
8:49AM 4 for importing "data"
8:24AM 1 Composition like classes & functions
8:18AM 0 how to combine imputed data-sets from mice for classfication
7:56AM 0 adehabitat version 1.5
3:13AM 0 documenting overridden methods (for S4 classes)
2:34AM 1 Cannot be coerced to logical?
Sunday October 29 2006
11:34PM 2 match lists
8:38PM 0 error when loading a second session of R
8:35PM 0 standardized coefficients in lda
8:06PM 0 identify.hclust() not working for me
6:27PM 1 Rmix package and different distributions
5:54PM 1 Unexpected behavior of predict and interval="confidence"
4:31PM 1 Problem with very old dates
3:43PM 1 Help with unlist
2:49PM 2 Is there any method to do spatial sampling?
2:18PM 0 Using predict.glm for classification
8:38AM 1 glmmPQL in 2.3.1
6:53AM 0 Calculating the probability of an event a timeoint "t" from a Cox model fit
6:33AM 2 write to clipboard under Linux
6:12AM 2 Rgui.exe fix for "console not found" buffer overflow problem
Saturday October 28 2006
10:56PM 1 A quesiton on data manipulation
10:41PM 1 labelling of horizontal axis in acf function
8:30PM 1 (kein Betreff)
7:23PM 2 subsetting, aggregating and zoo
4:47PM 1 comparing 2 lists
3:13PM 1 building RMySQL under Mac OS X
2:49PM 2 Package development on Windows - latest guidance?
12:59PM 0 xlsReadWritePro trial available
11:30AM 1 What determines the order of rows in a lattice barchart?
7:21AM 0 ALARM!!!! Re: regarding large csv file import
3:36AM 0 ALARM!!!! Re: regarding large csv file import
3:06AM 3 Debugging R's code: boxplot.stats
1:55AM 1 update on my weird problem
12:46AM 1 really strange problem - has to be logic but i can't find it
Friday October 27 2006
10:13PM 0 Reading from Google Spreadsheet
10:00PM 0 calculating density from cdf
9:18PM 1 Using data and subset arguments in user-defined functions
8:42PM 1 Data frames in files - and - SQL with data frames
8:37PM 1 Qualitative Data??(String command)
8:16PM 1 Censored Brier Score and Royston/Sauerbrei's D
8:11PM 1 making uniroot a bit more robust?
7:14PM 3 R & gams
4:59PM 2 POSIXct time zone and daylight savings issues
4:54PM 3 Marginal Effect larger than 1 for a binary variable (summary.Design after lrm)
4:54PM 2 Multivariate regression
4:42PM 3 How to best divide table by table
4:34PM 1 scanning a pdf scan
4:24PM 3 Suppress blanks/spaces in character
4:04PM 2 Question: xyplot panel configurations for Trellis package
3:56PM 0 Linear interpolation to calculate x when y=0
3:26PM 1 Quantile Regression: Measuring Goodness of Fit
2:12PM 3 Power of test
1:59PM 0 stemplot of data... now the distribution....
1:02PM 1 (no subject)
12:30PM 2 Problem with RODBC
11:25AM 1 how to draw histograms on multiple variables in a graph?
10:36AM 2 install.views
10:18AM 1 Error using "White-corrected" Anova (white.adjust="hc3")
10:10AM 1 sorting elements of matrix by row
9:19AM 2 qplot of ggplot package how to plot different size according to the values and not to the weights?
9:14AM 0 glht for aov with Error() term
8:03AM 0 problem with applying regul function (pastecs)
6:25AM 0 Coefficients of a 2-argument generating function
3:35AM 1 How to call Fortran routin in R
3:34AM 1 Dum: problem installing (Don't install at all)
1:46AM 0 VGAM package released on CRAN
1:09AM 1 barcharts with 2 different axes
Thursday October 26 2006
11:38PM 1 A faster way to calculate Trace?
11:28PM 1 Adding shading to background of Time series plot
9:00PM 1 Organisation of medium/large projects with multiple analyses
8:40PM 1 applying order() in a for loop
8:13PM 1 Turn off border on barplot
7:55PM 2 Newbie: Better way to do compound conditionals in subset?
6:59PM 1 latent class model
6:44PM 2 Query about using table
5:57PM 0 Generating tables
5:39PM 0 function to normalize vectors?
5:08PM 4 Header of dataframe
4:12PM 2 pairs matchning
3:46PM 1 Up- or downsampling time series in R
1:44PM 3 Measurements of 3000 criminals
1:41PM 2 distance between legend title and legend box
1:35PM 1 legends in ggplot
12:20PM 1 Quantile regression questions
7:34AM 0 Installation of RGrace
6:45AM 1 Error bars in ggplot?
5:10AM 0 Library
4:11AM 3 help fo finding R package "utils"
1:57AM 1 Get the names of the columns in a tserie
12:41AM 3 Read.csv
12:13AM 1 Recoding categorical variables
Wednesday October 25 2006
11:59PM 1 density plot text
10:48PM 1 cloud() works but wireframe() is blank
8:44PM 2 Coding style query (braces)
8:10PM 1 How to specify a constant in gnls{nlme}
7:46PM 1 Excel files
6:41PM 1 any good way to convert sp class objects to splancs object
6:16PM 2 write a help file for my own function
6:10PM 0 gtools(read.xls) error in perl installation?
5:47PM 1 Drawing a reference line for a qqplot with reference to Weibull distribution
5:31PM 2 update index in "for" statement during calculation
3:59PM 2 how to improve the efficiency of the following lapply codes
3:40PM 1 Help with random effects and smoothing splines in GAMM
3:20PM 0 ns() (pkg splines) vs rcs() (pkg Design)
1:33PM 1 Incorrect 'n' returned by survfit()
10:09AM 0 over- or underdispersion
9:39AM 1 Quantile Regression
9:22AM 3 simplification of code using stamp?
9:17AM 0 Semi-competing Risk
7:31AM 0 loading and quitting R ...
Tuesday October 24 2006
9:02PM 0 multiple consoles for R?
7:52PM 2 Installing stats4 package
7:41PM 2 Progress Monitor in R
6:36PM 4 avoiding a loop
6:00PM 0 (no subject)
5:56PM 6 extract certain values from a ts
5:17PM 4 How to start R with a file loaded?
5:16PM 1 [ggplot] trouble with ggabline and log-log-plots
4:30PM 3 Error when naming rows of dataset
4:08PM 2 Plotmath expression
3:54PM 1 r error
3:03PM 2 for help
3:01PM 2 Mixed conditional logit model
2:39PM 0 plot(all.effects)
2:35PM 0 X2R: R-compatible output routines from C, ADMB, Fortran to R
2:04PM 1 marks to sepearat bars
2:01PM 1 Trellis Conditional contourplot
1:47PM 2 Unable to load foreign after upgrade on ubuntu
1:03PM 1 Variance Component/ICC Confidence Intervals via Bootstrap or Jackknife
12:35PM 0 incorrect number of subscriptions error in user-written function
11:33AM 6 variables with dynamic names?
11:15AM 2 Question concerning ggplot
10:58AM 3 Help with understanding [[]] [] array, list, matrix referencing
10:21AM 0 problem compilation on AIX
9:41AM 2 colinearity?
9:25AM 1 Posthoc tests for 3-way ANOVA analysis
9:04AM 2 To big characters in barplot
8:41AM 2 Problem reading non-ISO data via read.csv2
6:38AM 0 New version of `multcomp' on CRAN
5:24AM 1 set.seed() and .Random.number
4:41AM 2 why it returns list level number instead of its content?
12:08AM 0 Replacing for loop with apply type function.
Monday October 23 2006
10:03PM 6 nested if/else very slow, more efficient ways?
9:54PM 1 unexpected read.csv behavior
9:38PM 1 The Censummary Function...
9:15PM 2 Help with "recode" and "factor" functions
9:00PM 2 Extended CR model
8:40PM 0 New version of 'portfolio' and new related packages
8:40PM 1 Color eps/ps output from specialized plots?
7:33PM 3 Plotting Text on a graph
7:04PM 0 toggleDoc: clutter reduction mainly for S4 documentation files
6:59PM 1 Bayesian Information Criterion
6:49PM 0 Methods of addressing multicollinearity in multiple linear regression with R
6:32PM 0 Amazon.com - Important Notice Message-ID: <1161628328.51622.qmail@amazon.com> From: "Amazon.com" <security@amazon.com> Content-Type: text/html <html><head><title>Amazon.com</title></head><body> <TABLE cellSpacing=8 cellPadding=0 width="98%" border=0> <TR>
6:21PM 0 Amazon.com - Important Notice Message-ID: <1161627695.52757.qmail@amazon.com> From: "Amazon.com" <security@amazon.com> Content-Type: text/html <html><head><title>Amazon.com</title></head><body> <TABLE cellSpacing=8 cellPadding=0 width="98%" border=0> <TR>
5:50PM 1 Worm distribution :-)
4:38PM 0 Construction of Dataset for time varying COXPH analysis
4:12PM 0 libz lib
3:56PM 2 character manipulation
2:57PM 1 problem of using list element in for cycle
2:48PM 1 problem about using list element in for cycle
2:27PM 1 Citation for tseries help pages for R
2:21PM 1 Agnes Help
1:29PM 0 likelihood question not so related to R but probably requires the use of R
1:24PM 0 FW: Debug package question
11:17AM 1 Cube plots
10:29AM 2 Recurrence plot in package "tseriesChaos"
9:22AM 0 How can I calculate adjusted means?
8:58AM 0 Adjusted residuals
8:31AM 1 calculate area of outer polygon
7:20AM 1 Lmer, heteroscedasticity and permutation, need help please
5:08AM 0 setting options in a list
2:49AM 2 getting the by() function to work properly
2:45AM 1 Hi,about the png device
1:54AM 2 Copula fitting
12:54AM 1 R tcl/tk
Sunday October 22 2006
9:38PM 1 disaggregating table
3:38PM 2 how to create a vector with different categories in a simple way?
11:51AM 4 Recipe: Print a Color Sampler
11:21AM 2 Key colour problem with lattice plot
4:19AM 1 least median squares
3:27AM 1 Question:shardsplot (package:klaR)
2:20AM 2 cross tabs with percents?
1:22AM 1 Multilevel model ("lme") question
1:04AM 1 how to convert multiple dummy variables to 1 factor variable?
1:00AM 1 Problem with installing Hmisc and Design: gfrotran: error
12:02AM 2 "glm" function question
Saturday October 21 2006
11:43PM 2 object(s) are masked from package - what does it mean?
8:55PM 1 Book for Maximum Likelihood Methods in R
8:52PM 0 tcltk: multiple listboxes, selection
8:49PM 2 Possible bugs in 'seek' and 'readBin'
8:46PM 1 pie
4:33PM 0 [Fwd: [AGDG-LIST:405] R Computing Contest]
3:29PM 2 how do I find the row index number, or row name, of a given value in a vector?
3:18PM 1 Box M test
3:11PM 0 Box's M test
2:21PM 2 problem with mode of marginal distriubtion of rdirichlet{gtools}
2:06PM 1 logistic regression with a sample missing subjects with a value of an independent variable
1:22PM 2 Filling in a series
11:22AM 1 ReadLines question
11:19AM 1 Problems running IsoMDS using vegdist with pres-abs data and two sites with zero distance
9:55AM 0 Constructing predictions from HPDinterval() after lmer()
9:04AM 4 one is not one
9:02AM 1 plot.POSIXct plot.POSIXlt
8:57AM 0 plot.mca in MASS
4:34AM 1 help with coef
1:59AM 0 problem of mode in marginal distributions of dirichlet distribution using rdirichlet{gtools}
Friday October 20 2006
11:39PM 1 Cardinality constraint
11:28PM 2 Using a string as a variable name
10:44PM 3 Aggregate with multiple statistics?
10:05PM 1 Questions about date/time and truncating
8:19PM 3 R-2.4.0 and MS Vista OS - installing packages
7:51PM 2 Recursive decreasing sequences
7:47PM 2 Dataset on Baltimore home energy costs
7:11PM 1 I really don't understand functions in R :-)
6:46PM 2 plotting 95% confidence bands on a simple linear regression model from lm()
4:47PM 1 mcmcsamp - How does it work?
2:41PM 2 Forest plot
2:30PM 1 How to evaluate a Variable Name?
2:25PM 2 RODBC problem
2:19PM 6 summing elements in a list of functions
12:22PM 1 Translating lme code into lmer was: Mixed effect model in R
11:27AM 1 arrows and points for error bars
10:01AM 1 Where can I get the sweave package ?
9:13AM 1 Automatic adjustment of axis
7:07AM 0 Deviance Information Criterion (DIC)
4:51AM 2 Generating start values for nls
3:22AM 2 how to replace the second "-"
12:16AM 1 [Q] How to fit data to "HORIZONTAL" line
Thursday October 19 2006
9:57PM 4 pass additional parameters to function
9:26PM 0 passing a file name to a script
9:16PM 1 selection from a list
8:53PM 1 [Q] How to fit data to a straight line
8:12PM 1 Newbie: Selecting data
8:10PM 1 unique sets of factors
8:10PM 1 read.table
7:49PM 2 randomize a matrix
7:31PM 1 ROracle error in Windows. Memory could not be read.
7:23PM 2 how to remove the empty element in the vector
7:05PM 0 incorrect result for Matrix() %*% Diagonal()
6:23PM 2 hit return key before next gaph appears
5:58PM 1 bi-directional sockets
5:29PM 0 New package CreditMetrics
5:07PM 4 Question about random sampling in R
4:25PM 1 A question regarding Wireframe in Package Lattice
4:01PM 5 CI with sd
3:12PM 3 Time conversion from Win32 64bit FILETIME?
3:11PM 5 binom.test
2:40PM 1 predict.Arima question
2:16PM 3 out.format for chron
2:09PM 5 write data to pdf
1:57PM 0 Re : Writing a script for multiplying a progressively larger lists of items
1:19PM 1 Tukey-Kramer test
1:06PM 1 Problem Reading from .txt
11:52AM 0 GHK Simulator for Ordered Probit
11:49AM 1 Writing a script for multiplying a progressively larger lists of items
11:24AM 1 Using the ROracle package with Oracle 10 ?
10:01AM 2 How to get multiple Correlation Coefficients
9:59AM 2 spectral analysis of time series
9:27AM 0 Rug-like density plots on margins of figure
9:23AM 0 Re : extract arguments from a list
9:13AM 1 extract arguments from a list
7:37AM 2 Getting group size in a data frame
7:11AM 1 Re : CI
6:24AM 1 Segmentation fault/buffer overflow with fix() in Fedora Core 5 from Extras repository
2:37AM 1 CI
2:08AM 2 use date as x-axis
12:38AM 0 New version of batchfiles 0.2-9
12:13AM 1 font size for xlab
Wednesday October 18 2006
10:24PM 3 creating bins for a plot
9:59PM 2 Labels for Points- 2 character labels?
8:33PM 1 trying to rotate barplot labels
8:21PM 1 lmer- why do AIC, BIC, loglik change?
7:34PM 1 selectively load some objects from old workspace
6:27PM 1 Select one row of a data frame
6:20PM 1 how to manipulate counts matrix?
6:01PM 2 Nested source() errors
5:12PM 2 not understanding a do.call
4:53PM 2 multiline string continuation
4:20PM 0 dev2bitmap handling or else?
4:14PM 0 RGtk2 loading errors
3:31PM 0 R issue with quantile using its package
3:09PM 8 Automatic File Reading
3:08PM 2 Indexing a loop-created list
2:33PM 0 Conditional Density Plots in Two Dimensions
2:29PM 0 (no subject)
12:15PM 1 Schmera: a question on R software
12:05PM 0 Aggregating a data frame (was: Re: new R-user needs help)
10:27AM 1 conversion of LL coordenates to UTM problems (ED50-WGS84 format)
9:10AM 6 new R-user needs help
8:59AM 2 cannot allocate vector of size 1215000 Kb
8:47AM 2 Adding locfit confidence intervals in trelis xyplot
8:01AM 1 Calculation of Eigen values.
7:58AM 2 Redhat compilers and lme4 with R-2.4.0
6:46AM 7 Latex editor recommendations
4:01AM 2 sqlSave, fast=F option, bug?
3:43AM 1 MARS help?
3:14AM 2 Multiple histograms in one plot
2:33AM 1 strange error in mtrace
Tuesday October 17 2006
10:07PM 0 Semi-definite programming
9:38PM 0 EM Algorithm help library norm
9:29PM 4 cluster in R
9:15PM 3 barplot question
7:53PM 1 looking for a cleaner way to do something
7:34PM 2 Predicted value at a new level in lm
6:52PM 1 Merging tables of differing lengths
5:19PM 4 if statement error
4:21PM 1 Variance of Y_hat in a linear model
4:18PM 0 Re : [PS] Re : Book recommendation for newbie to stats and R?
3:48PM 2 Re : Book recommendation for newbie to stats and R?
3:45PM 1 crush in edit()
3:38PM 1 barplot error
3:34PM 1 Error: STRING_ELT() can only be applied to a 'character vector', not a 'builtin'
2:08PM 4 Book recommendation for newbie to stats and R?
2:03PM 1 Some questions on Rpart algorithm
1:48PM 2 CTRL-C behaviour with RODBC on Solaris2.8
1:30PM 2 Mixed effect model in R
12:17PM 1 ape -- internal nodes and pie charts
12:10PM 0 ANOVA and Levene's test in nested model
11:09AM 2 Finding out about objects and classes
10:10AM 2 Calculate NAs from known data: how to?
10:08AM 1 Convert Contingency Table to Flat File
9:03AM 2 RODBC and NULL values
7:49AM 2 Question about managing searching path
6:22AM 1 Review process for new packages
6:21AM 0 Are there ANOVA for compositional data?
4:50AM 1 About compositional data analysis
3:24AM 1 Variance of fitted value in lm
2:47AM 2 tcltk crashes with bad color with text widget
12:25AM 0 BarPlot Color
Monday October 16 2006
8:13PM 0 How to solve for parameter in likelihood?
6:01PM 1 plots: layout + subtitles
5:15PM 3 lda
5:06PM 1 MLE Methods
3:55PM 3 Install RMySQL with R 2.4.0
3:00PM 1 R and shapefiles
2:36PM 2 Re : Re : Generate a random bistochastic matrix
2:31PM 0 Lmer, heteroscedasticity and permutation
2:09PM 5 Re : Generate a random bistochastic matrix
1:44PM 2 help with plot()
1:04PM 4 grep function with patterns list...
12:47PM 6 NULL or NA for missing function arguments?
11:58AM 1 linear mixed effects models with breakpoints
9:30AM 2 set linetype with plotCI
8:27AM 2 Fill a matrix with vectors of different lengths
8:22AM 2 Generate a random bistochastic matrix
4:16AM 1 The old question: R vs MATLAB vs Mathematica vs ...
3:24AM 1 call c function in R
3:23AM 1 Input buffer overflow
2:43AM 2 New package Ryacas
1:37AM 0 MASS4 page 360 cumulative hazard plot
Sunday October 15 2006
10:44PM 2 overlapping intervals
10:29PM 1 Mute script
9:41PM 1 Execution halting of lmer on UNIX when no problem on windows
8:22PM 1 how can i compute the average of three blocks for each column ?
8:07PM 2 Compact presentation of multiple figures
5:19PM 1 How to stop execution
4:45PM 2 MASS need R >= 2.4.0!!!
3:21PM 4 Hide line ends behind unfilled circles?
11:10AM 1 gamma distribution don't allow negative value in GLMs?
8:24AM 0 problems perfroming the vuong test
3:41AM 3 sort question in a dataset?
1:20AM 1 executing strings
Saturday October 14 2006
10:00PM 2 Sweave, R and complex latex projects
9:09PM 1 Fixing Variables in a Function
8:57PM 1 commands overwritten
8:48PM 1 Random efftects distribution for nlme
8:26PM 2 regression analyses using a vector of means and a variance-covariance matrix
6:52PM 0 ANOVA with 3 factors
4:20PM 0 help on voung test
2:59PM 1 Differences in estimates calculated in R and SPSS
12:58PM 1 weight cases?
11:56AM 1 mitools, multiple imputation
4:40AM 2 Old packages or Update R?
Friday October 13 2006
11:38PM 2 How to see if row names of a dataframe are stored compactly
9:44PM 2 Version of R in saved workspaces
9:15PM 3 correlation b/w a continuous variable and a categorical variable
7:33PM 1 side by side plot of Histogram and densityplot
6:42PM 4 a correlation matrix subset where the subset avg is a maximum
5:17PM 1 a correlation matrix subset where the subset avg. is a maximum
4:48PM 3 Adding per-panel text to panel strips in lattice xyplot
4:33PM 1 HP UX
4:20PM 2 cygwin script for Sweave
3:18PM 3 Rmpi performance
2:47PM 1 RODBC sqlQuery insert slow
2:41PM 1 R in Perl-Scripts
2:28PM 4 nontabular logistic regression
2:21PM 0 Producing a random bistochastic matrix
2:18PM 5 combinatorics
2:05PM 2 loop, pipe connection, output objects
1:59PM 1 Problemss compiling RODBC
12:26PM 1 Copula in R 2.4.0
12:07PM 1 Mantel test!
11:33AM 3 multiply two matrixes with the different dimension column by column
11:33AM 4 Log-scale in histogramm
11:29AM 3 Barplot legend position
11:28AM 1 Fw: nested linear model; with common intercept
10:57AM 0 Comparing of two non-normal distributions
10:51AM 1 NA-handling in glm.fit?
10:19AM 2 bug: Editing function formals deletes the environment
10:05AM 3 Need help with tables
8:34AM 3 Need help with barplots
2:08AM 2 Multiple barplots on the same axis
Thursday October 12 2006
11:36PM 0 4PL algorithm
10:26PM 1 Arrange histogram
9:08PM 0 Fishers exact test in R
7:39PM 1 debug package in R 2.4.0
6:54PM 0 Nov-Dec Courses: (1) Prof Frank Harrell *** Regression Modeling Strategies in R/Splus, (2) R/Splus Advanced Programming, (3) R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
6:08PM 1 R not responding for nested glm model
5:50PM 1 .RData and UNIX
5:32PM 1 Draw a circle at the end of a line
4:48PM 2 adding error bars to lattice plots
4:43PM 2 avoiding a loop?
4:08PM 3 multithreading calling from the rpy Python package
4:04PM 0 Is there a function in R to evaluate the adjusted AIC or other statistc where overdispersion existed in GLMs?
3:49PM 1 binom calculation with range
2:36PM 1 import rda data in R
2:22PM 1 sending help output to a file
2:03PM 1 unevaluated expression
1:56PM 2 how to get the variance-covariance matrix/information of alpha and beta after fitting a GLMs?
1:56PM 1 C code for KalmnaLike
1:42PM 1 Variance Ratio test
1:41PM 3 Extrapolated regression lines
12:45PM 3 Cross two dataframe
11:56AM 2 Problem loading SpareM package
9:57AM 0 r-help@lists.R-project.org pixmap format
8:40AM 0 Help copy.file()
8:08AM 1 How to Get Categorical Correlation Coefficient
5:19AM 3 ts vs zoo
3:29AM 3 Bug in lowess
2:18AM 3 Rcmd not working on Windows
Wednesday October 11 2006
9:58PM 2 Compiling R 2.4.0 in ubuntu/linux
7:50PM 1 panel-dependent distribution in qqmath
7:20PM 1 R-installation
7:18PM 4 Object attributes in R
6:06PM 1 samples to dataframes
5:53PM 0 FW: impossible escape?
5:30PM 1 impossible escape?
5:25PM 1 64 bits machines
5:06PM 1 Help in optimization
4:30PM 1 Bug in stepAIC?
3:18PM 0 Piping commands from Kate to R in xterm (Linux)
2:08PM 1 Anyone managed to run JGR on amd64 Linux? SegFault
2:08PM 1 extracting rows
1:41PM 0 Details related to Levene's test
12:53PM 0 Help on Random forest [Broadcast]
12:10PM 0 Help on Random forest
12:06PM 0 Hel on Random forest
11:50AM 1 About fitdistr
9:50AM 0 Adding data to a histogram
9:27AM 4 Help on direction of axis in R needed
7:05AM 0 Question regarding analysis of normalised data
4:41AM 0 How to solve Different Correlation Results
4:28AM 3 for loop not working in function
4:04AM 0 Accessing R from Java [Broadcast]
3:59AM 1 Using integrate() with vectors as boundaries rather than scalars
3:32AM 1 during fitting of successive datasets, stall crashes iterations
2:35AM 1 Question about error of "non-numeric argument to binary operator"
1:58AM 0 Accessing R from Java
12:30AM 1 R 2.4.0 can not work in Chinese windows
Tuesday October 10 2006
9:57PM 1 Data manipulation in columns (with apply?)
9:40PM 2 rarefy a matrix of counts
7:46PM 1 How to assign a rank to a range of values..
6:35PM 1 Interval pls
4:40PM 1 .arch.uni in function call in arch test of vars package
4:20PM 1 update.default evaluating in wrong environment?
3:32PM 0 2.4 -- thanks!
3:13PM 2 find weighted group mean
2:51PM 3 2 "linux/R environment" questions
1:35PM 4 generate random numbers that sum up to 1
12:01PM 0 Fwd: read.table() and scientific notation
10:48AM 1 r 2.4.0
10:43AM 5 read.table() and scientific notation
10:42AM 1 Surfaceplot3D with wireframe
10:00AM 2 copula
9:34AM 0 Haplo.Stats: error (recursive default argument reference)
9:27AM 0 compiling error R-2.4.0
8:34AM 3 Rank Function
7:18AM 1 Goodness of fit measures for model with autocorrelation?
6:44AM 0 [R-SIG-Finance] regarding bootstrapping... REVISITED
2:26AM 3 eps embedded fonts again
1:25AM 1 Extract p value from aov
12:48AM 0 function used to smooth the scatter plot and generate a density map
12:11AM 0 add colors to persp plot to reflect levels of z values
Monday October 9 2006
9:45PM 0 Survival Sample Size package / function
9:28PM 1 bimodal / trimodal
9:21PM 2 shifting a huge matrix left or right efficiently ?
9:06PM 1 accesing MySQL through JDBC
8:13PM 0 dispatch on functions (was: Re: ifelse(logical, function1, function2) does not work)
7:59PM 0 Information_content_test
7:46PM 0 Significant test on ratio's
5:28PM 2 Add ellipse to plot
5:25PM 0 cokriging
4:50PM 1 Tinn-R functionality for Mac?
4:12PM 1 testing for error
3:36PM 1 [Mac OS X 10.4] object R_loess_raw not found (reason found)
3:29PM 2 Incompatability of lme4 and Matrix packages
3:15PM 2 How can I delete components in a column ?
2:56PM 2 lines at margin?
12:11PM 1 regarding bootstrapping
11:39AM 1 Transcript of "Conservative ANOVA tables"
11:25AM 1 [Mac OS X 10.4] object R_loess_raw not found
10:48AM 1 How to make the debuger stop at the warnings
9:53AM 1 split-plot analysis with lme()
9:28AM 2 How to generate the random numbers uniformly distributed on the unit disc?
7:32AM 1 Problem building a DLL from Fortran 90 source under Windows (with solution)
6:42AM 1 Coefficients of a factorized polynomial
6:23AM 1 winbugs - R question
4:26AM 1 lattice: adding text to plots
2:03AM 1 read.zoo question
1:27AM 1 where "should" R be installed?
Sunday October 8 2006
9:49PM 0 simultaneous heckit
9:28PM 0 3-day R course in Lisbon
9:11PM 1 drawing a curly bracket in a plot
6:57PM 1 Probability of exceedance function question
6:56PM 2 Size problem with two dotcharts side by side
6:12PM 2 Generating bivariate or multivariate data with known parameter values
4:31PM 2 'weaver' package problem
3:51PM 0 Problem in getting 632plus error using randomForest by ipred!
3:15PM 0 error in save.image
2:40PM 2 latex and anova.lme problem
2:00PM 1 Windows/MAC difference (console)
12:34PM 2 Error Correcting Codes, Simplex
11:34AM 1 Simulate p-value in lme4
4:52AM 0 new version IPSUR_0.1-1 now available on CRAN
3:40AM 2 Select range of dates
12:17AM 3 can lm() automatically take in the independent variables without knowing the names in advance
Saturday October 7 2006
10:59PM 0 xlsReadWrite version 1.1.1 available
9:51PM 3 merge and polylist
8:51PM 1 Installing Lindsey's packages
5:56PM 0 error compiling packages with r-2.4.0 on ppc mac osx 10.4.7
12:38PM 3 ifelse(logical, function1, function2) does not work
10:28AM 1 Sweave, latex Warning
7:32AM 1 random point in a circle centred in a geographical position
2:00AM 2 gregexpr in R 2.3.0 != gregexpr in R 2.4.0
Friday October 6 2006
11:52PM 0 DBI, RMySQL, RSQLite updated
8:53PM 4 Row comparisons to a new matrix?
8:46PM 1 Once again: aov vs. lme/lmer
8:46PM 1 how to check object size in workspace
8:24PM 1 Nonlinear mixed effects model
8:15PM 3 is it possible to fill with a color or transparency gradient?
7:29PM 1 Sum of Bernoullis with varying probabilities
6:46PM 2 Stopping ctrl-\ from qutting R
6:04PM 0 new version of mclust available
4:05PM 2 lmer output
3:47PM 1 Estimate in Wilcox_test vs wilcox.exact
2:39PM 2 [R-pkg] New packages pmg, gWidgets, gWidgetsRGtk2
12:53PM 0 Re : research
12:19PM 1 glm and plot.effects
9:49AM 2 Fitting a cumulative gaussian
9:39AM 1 processing strings in R
8:47AM 1 sparklines in lattice
8:22AM 2 factor levels with umlauts
8:15AM 1 back to back barplot
7:59AM 1 Relative constraint using constrOptim?
4:32AM 2 hist plot
3:49AM 1 Goodness of fit with robust regression
2:07AM 0 DSC final call
1:47AM 0 Bivariate Weibull distribution -- Copula
12:26AM 0 Small help with plot.mca
Thursday October 5 2006
11:48PM 0 a question on using arules package
10:48PM 1 solaris 64 build?
10:44PM 1 Aggregate Values for All Levels of a Factor
10:41PM 0 [OT] testing for synchronicity
10:22PM 1 emacs-ess tab indentation
8:57PM 3 "which" command
8:52PM 1 Matrix input problem
8:43PM 2 xyplot
8:41PM 3 How to get the function names
8:10PM 2 Writing Text into Plots
6:58PM 1 Help on plot multiple plot(hexbin) in the same page
5:35PM 1 The W statistic in wilcox.exact
5:14PM 1 convert day of week from number to character and include in lm
5:03PM 1 any package can visualize original affymetrix data?
4:21PM 1 mixed models: correlation between fixed and random effects??
3:39PM 2 treatment effect at specific time point within mixedeffects model
3:26PM 1 unexpected behavior of boxplot(x, notch=TRUE, log="y")
3:19PM 1 Multivariate AR - prediction
3:18PM 1 lmer BIC changes between output and anova
2:37PM 1 matrix multiplication
1:57PM 0 research
1:41PM 1 Changes in console preferences won't take
1:12PM 0 Partition into quantiles
12:27PM 5 [Fwd: Re: Block comments in R?]
10:46AM 4 glm with nesting
10:22AM 0 format of data for use in clim.pact
9:39AM 2 VGAM Package ?
7:35AM 2 Variables in RODBC environment
7:28AM 2 A statement over multiple lines (i.e. the ... feature in Matlab)
7:18AM 11 Block comments in R?
5:38AM 2 searching for data.frame rows / processing of rows
3:33AM 1 littler release 0.0.6
2:37AM 4 help with script
Wednesday October 4 2006
10:46PM 2 compiling rgdal package on windows / macos
9:55PM 1 RODBC: longest string is truncated
9:41PM 1 Spearman correlation test confidence intervals
8:50PM 2 convert vector to matrix
8:33PM 0 new package proptest
8:24PM 2 Suitability of R for Algorithm simulations
6:55PM 0 R Graphics: Saving PDF and other formats from Windows GraphicDevice for LaTeX
6:33PM 1 discarding 'levels'
6:29PM 0 concordance measures
5:36PM 1 A more efficient code using whole object approach?
5:18PM 1 extracting nested variances from lme4 model
5:11PM 5 R Graphics: Saving PDF and other formats from Windows Graphic Device for LaTeX
4:10PM 2 Tabulation and missing values
3:33PM 6 how to convert all columns of a data frame into factors
3:07PM 1 " Error in "names<-.default"
3:06PM 1 "ciclo for" in matrix construction ( matlab -> R )
3:01PM 2 (not so real) function (more like #include)
2:44PM 0 One-arm survival sample estimates
1:09PM 1 Optim: Function definition
12:50PM 0 [OT] Survival and Function as co-primary endpoints in clinical trials. How to simulate in R ?
12:50PM 2 rendering date/times from 64bit julian format?
11:35AM 2 integers to POSIXct
10:44AM 1 strip function
9:58AM 0 FW: new to R: don't understand errors
9:11AM 1 nested design; intercept
7:54AM 1 Some questions about plotting with R
5:36AM 2 Linear model with hidden variables
5:13AM 1 how to generate matrices based on an indicator variable
1:00AM 2 Possible bug?
Tuesday October 3 2006
9:57PM 0 [R-pkgs] New versions of Matrix and lme4 packages for R-2.4.0
9:35PM 2 maybe use voronoi.findrejectsites?
8:59PM 4 how ot replace the diagonal of a matrix
8:08PM 1 latex expression
7:44PM 2 pdf/ convert/ font problem
7:30PM 3 how do I tell configure where to find Java? [Broadcast]
6:40PM 3 how do I tell configure where to find Java?
5:32PM 1 new to R: don't understand errors
3:41PM 1 mcmcsamp-CI instead of P-values - references?
3:19PM 2 setting the environment variable R_LIBS
2:56PM 1 New versions of Matrix and lme4 packages for R-2.4.0
2:55PM 1 problem installing RdbiPgSQL for 2.4
2:46PM 1 do.call with Vectorial Argument
2:17PM 0 Listing contents of .zip
1:30PM 3 Linking R with Fortran 90: make: m2c: Command not found
1:21PM 1 Marginal and Discrete Effects of a Logit
1:03PM 1 Reshape into a contingency table/Fisher's test
1:01PM 1 postcript file / xyplot function [Broadcast]
12:58PM 1 nlme_varcov matrix
12:00PM 0 postcript file / xyplot function
11:42AM 1 loaded or not?
10:30AM 1 R-2.4.0 is released
7:22AM 4 newbie question
6:58AM 1 Summation in R
2:56AM 1 help: Error: cannot allocate vector of size 12079 Kb
1:50AM 1 RGL 'front' upwards default in rendering image
Monday October 2 2006
11:35PM 1 a question regarding 'lrm'
11:33PM 0 Kendall for Copula
10:52PM 1 install packages question
10:01PM 1 Problem with rbinom
9:53PM 2 R function to compute kappa statistics for two vector
9:24PM 2 sweave2html only for Linux users ?
6:35PM 3 How can I generate this numbers
4:59PM 0 Quantitative Position with Constellation
4:40PM 1 qvalue
4:36PM 2 Help with lrm function in package Design
3:30PM 1 separation depending on equal contents in more than one field
3:14PM 5 Barplot
2:41PM 1 Problems with graphics
2:31PM 3 line plot through NA
12:59PM 0 GLS models - bootstrapping
12:51PM 0 Arrowheads at line-ends
10:12AM 1 finding correlation between two matrices
9:53AM 1 Simple question on a function
9:05AM 0 Geometric pattern matching with R?
7:06AM 1 (no subject)
2:29AM 1 How to dowload mod_R.so
2:25AM 0 Stineman interpolation package
2:15AM 1 multilevel factor model in lmer
1:18AM 2 xyplot Graphic Help
Sunday October 1 2006
11:02PM 2 array vs matrix vs dataframe?
7:24PM 1 bar chart with several lines
4:29PM 2 if (NULL) is error?
12:26PM 0 New package 'ade4TkGUI', a Tcl/Tk GUI for ade4
11:15AM 3 aggregate function with 'NA'
9:57AM 1 pie() with only 180°
5:23AM 2 Can I avoid loops here ?