R help - Dec 2006

Sunday December 31 2006
6:18PM 3 tabulate: switching columns and rows
5:27PM 0 (no subject)
4:43PM 1 Which programming paradigm does R
1:16PM 0 kernel density estimation with many variables (50 variables)
9:28AM 2 zero random effect sizes with binomial lmer [sorry, ignore previous]
9:19AM 7 zero random effect sizes with binomial lmer
7:17AM 4 Does SQL group by have a heavy duty equivalent in R
6:19AM 1 Genotype importing from Sequenom
2:55AM 1 rimage package broken with fedora upgrade
Saturday December 30 2006
11:25PM 3 getting a new factor
1:00PM 1 Crosstab from sql dump
9:04AM 2 Error: cannot take a sample larger than the population
7:59AM 1 plot methods in sp
7:47AM 2 Evaluating Entire Matlab code at a time
5:17AM 3 wrapping mle()
Friday December 29 2006
10:37PM 2 Survfit with a coxph object
9:16PM 1 installation problems
8:33PM 1 Failure loading library into second R 2.3.1 session on Windows XP
7:16PM 1 Difference of array and vector
6:15PM 5 coded to categorical variables in a large dataset
5:54PM 1 Why giving negative density when doing kernel density estimate?
3:40PM 0 problems with arima()
1:28PM 0 What's meaning of the lambda in nlrq output
10:35AM 3 strange logical results
10:00AM 0 BradleyTerry "subscript out of bounds"
8:44AM 1 R for Reuters
7:30AM 1 t-test
2:21AM 1 Genotypes are not all the same
Thursday December 28 2006
9:51PM 1 min, median, mean on data frame (matrix)
9:05PM 0 lmer: Interpreting random effects contrasts and model formulation
9:03PM 1 Error message using normality test in vars
7:47PM 3 CV by rpart/mvpart
6:53PM 0 MANOVA-CANCOR with class variable?
6:45PM 0 RODBC not working when connecting to a Sybase database
2:47PM 2 Aggregation using list with Hmisc summarize function
2:26PM 0 Cochran-Armitage statistics
2:08PM 2 lattice xyplot: plot multiple lines with different colors
9:21AM 1 split-plot multiple comparisons
9:16AM 2 Plot window - save as Postscript question
7:35AM 0 Re : how to test difference in my case?
7:26AM 3 importing bitmap images to R
4:18AM 3 Dates in R
12:54AM 1 LU bug in Matrix package
12:14AM 0 how to test difference in my case?
Wednesday December 27 2006
9:49PM 2 Help with histograms
9:16PM 2 Google Desktop Search and R script files
6:43PM 1 Question about predict function
5:03PM 0 Formatting an arry to typeset as a table
4:49PM 2 How to debug R program?
4:42PM 1 how to suppress a "loading required package: ..." message
4:36PM 3 stacked plots
3:44PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 46, Issue 27
11:14AM 0 Consensus Fork Index
11:12AM 3 counties in different colours using map()
10:22AM 4 axis and times() problem
10:00AM 0 fitting all models in log-lm
2:58AM 3 how to transform string to variable name in a fuction?
1:30AM 0 model comparison + use of offset in glmmPQL
1:05AM 5 plotting time series with zoo pckg
Tuesday December 26 2006
10:56PM 1 xyplot line colors
9:27PM 3 McNemar test in R & SPSS
6:53PM 1 slightly inconsistent behavior
5:54PM 4 Rating competitors
4:20PM 1 Colored Dendrogram
3:33PM 4 vectorizing an iterative process.
6:41AM 0 Merry Xmas
5:07AM 2 sequential row selection in dataframe
12:03AM 0 defining color sequence in image()
Monday December 25 2006
11:31PM 0 Bayesian data mining (fwd)
11:25PM 1 Bayesian data mining
11:13PM 0 HOW TO: vectorize an iterative process.
8:10PM 0 No fonts in graphics using GDD
5:35PM 2 Problem to generate training data set and test data set
3:21PM 1 Hmisc - some latex problems
12:36PM 1 writing to S-PLUS .dat file
2:30AM 1 Higher Dimensional Matrices
Sunday December 24 2006
5:06AM 2 how to 'get' an object that is part of a list
1:46AM 1 extend summary.lm for hccm?
1:08AM 1 how to do the "double substitute" in a loop?
Saturday December 23 2006
11:14PM 1 Hmisc - latex - table.env not observed
7:54PM 0 [Fwd: [AGDG-LIST:428] Summer Course in Guelph]
7:51PM 1 simple NLS query
6:50PM 0 Canonical analysis with class variable?
3:56PM 7 OT: any recommendation for scripting language
5:07AM 1 complex barplot enquiry
5:03AM 1 bug in odfWeave
12:35AM 1 seek() - What is the largest integer that can be used?
Friday December 22 2006
8:38PM 1 building R-package under windows - error - in options("deafultPackages") was not found
7:36PM 1 heatmap with levelplot?
6:47PM 0 unexpected conversion from POSIXlt to POSIXct
4:32PM 0 plot.mids / Error in plot.new() : figure margins too large
4:25PM 0 Pelora problem
3:18PM 0 absent
2:06PM 0 newbie estimating survival curve w/ survfit for coxph
11:13AM 1 ape-package
10:17AM 2 Pb with R.matlab
8:10AM 0 Build a matrix using JRI
7:54AM 3 multiline system call
6:47AM 1 odfWeave problem
5:10AM 2 Math expression with object to evaluate
Thursday December 21 2006
10:54PM 1 multinom(nnet) analogy for biglm package?
10:28PM 2 Drawing a 3-D plot for PCA?
8:39PM 1 iplots/JGR on OS X 10.4.8
8:01PM 1 : newbie estimating survival curve w/ survfit for coxph
3:30PM 0 Online course - Modeling in R
2:50PM 0 Penalized Canonical Variates
2:15PM 2 data -> data matrix that can be used in regressions
1:45PM 0 Poisson mixed effects model
1:34PM 4 where is the source code of bca.ci?
1:07PM 1 Memory problem on a linux cluster using a large data set [Broadcast]
12:38PM 2 Add line to plot. The line falls outside the current plot.
7:53AM 1 A problem with "copy()" in the svIO package
6:06AM 1 Problems with Optimization
1:34AM 1 lda plotting: labeling x axis and changing y-axis scale
12:53AM 0 Spline models in sspir
12:45AM 1 how to change the date (Year, Month, Day) to Julian date in R language?
Wednesday December 20 2006
11:26PM 2 \Sexpr in MikTex
11:19PM 3 How to use strings from a data.frame as the argument of an expression() for plot
9:36PM 0 mclust priors
9:33PM 0 daisy() and agnes() output
8:22PM 1 Reformat meteorological data
5:18PM 2 Kalman Filter in Control situation.
4:51PM 5 writing R extension
4:49PM 1 help for multinominal logistic regression code
4:05PM 2 Newbie data organisation/structures question...
1:40PM 0 DBI + ROracle problem with parser ??
11:44AM 1 R Version Problem in using write.foreign+SAS
11:33AM 1 Where to find the code in the foreign library?
11:03AM 1 FW: R Version Problem in using write.foreign+SAS
10:55AM 3 Rotating a distribution plot by 90 degrees
10:17AM 2 RuleFit & quantreg: partial dependence plots; showing an effect
7:37AM 3 call by reference
5:37AM 1 biocondutor installation problem
2:52AM 1 R.matlab question
1:58AM 1 how to do muliple comparisons in linear mixed models
Tuesday December 19 2006
10:59PM 4 Upgrading
8:31PM 2 attach and object masking
7:52PM 2 fit sine?
7:16PM 0 BioC Advanced Course Jan 10th-12th (Space Still Available)
6:40PM 0 Course***Salt Lake City** R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
5:03PM 1 effect plot
4:34PM 0 R 2.4.1 changes for SuSE users
4:11PM 0 Summary Tables for t.test?
4:04PM 2 Problem with glmmADMB
3:48PM 1 xaxt="n" for image()
3:31PM 0 Neural Network with Multiple Outputs
3:28PM 4 nonparametric significance test for one sample
12:02PM 0 1-D Image as label?
11:41AM 3 configure help
8:57AM 0 A question about debug package
8:05AM 2 how to replace some objects?
7:12AM 0 FW: Problem in Dates
6:40AM 1 Problem in Dates
3:18AM 2 Random Effects Model
1:42AM 1 unique columns of a matrix
Monday December 18 2006
10:36PM 1 Plotting individual survival plots
6:58PM 5 Replacing values
6:19PM 1 Replay recorded plot with new layout
5:54PM 0 lmer formula
5:01PM 3 Distance between x-axis values and title
4:10PM 1 Applying variable labels across a data frame
12:21PM 0 Window help files on networked drives may not be visible
11:15AM 0 odfWeave: avoid zip.exe version 2.1 (Windows)
11:06AM 2 return()
10:19AM 1 Memory problem on a linux cluster using a large data set
10:15AM 0 R 2.4.1 is released
9:42AM 1 Aggregate with numerous factors
9:03AM 3 plot
8:24AM 2 write() gotcha
5:15AM 1 proc GLM with R
4:57AM 1 A question on lmer() function
4:19AM 1 Rmath: R libraries from C on Mac OS X
1:07AM 1 Replacing labels with symbols in biplot
12:56AM 2 surface3d grid from xyz dataframe
Sunday December 17 2006
10:54PM 1 fischer.test help
9:38PM 1 Find S4 Generic?
6:14PM 1 Start Matlab server in R 2.4.0
5:40PM 0 hblm program: porting from Splus to R
5:05PM 2 question
12:06PM 1 Draw a circle on a filled.contour() plot
8:15AM 2 X11 fonts and Ubuntu
4:20AM 2 Collapsing across trials
Saturday December 16 2006
1:53PM 1 object combinations
1:22AM 1 Seeking advice on lattice package in R2.4.0 concerning stripplot
12:57AM 2 how to adjust link function in logistic regression to predict the proportion of correct responses in 2AFC task?
Friday December 15 2006
10:38PM 1 DF for GAM function (mgcv package)
10:12PM 1 xyplot: logarithmic y-axis
8:41PM 1 xyplot: legend title + legend on 1 line
8:34PM 1 Switching labels on a factor
3:41PM 1 daily time series
3:15PM 1 series de tiempo diarias
1:42PM 2 Plotting multiple smooth lines on the same graph
12:29PM 6 Query regarding linking R with Matlab
11:52AM 3 Installing rgl package under Ubuntu
11:23AM 2 ks.test "greater" and "less"
7:54AM 1 How to load Rcmd without Commander() ?
5:15AM 1 optimizing inverse student-t
1:08AM 0 Problems with ARIMA commands
12:33AM 1 sorting by name
Thursday December 14 2006
10:05PM 1 legend/plotmath/substitute problem
9:37PM 5 Nicely formatted tables
8:57PM 0 max.col: bug or just oddity?
6:53PM 2 rotated histogram
6:13PM 5 persistant: Matlab->R
6:08PM 0 Model formula
5:39PM 5 Better way to change the name of a column in a dataframe?
5:04PM 0 "convert" shingle to factor when overlap=0
4:21PM 2 Asymmetrical ANOVA / contrasts
2:37PM 3 Stepwise regression
2:01PM 4 matrix - change values
1:41PM 3 Model formula question
1:30PM 3 sapply problem
1:29PM 3 Delete all dimnames
12:56PM 7 loop is going to take 26 hours - needs to be quicker!
12:54PM 1 question about for loop
12:06PM 1 How do I create an object in the Global environment from a function
11:29AM 1 Function to fit a STARIMA model
11:26AM 0 lmacfPlot in fBasics
10:56AM 1 Fit Frechet Distribution
10:50AM 3 Contents of R-packages
10:32AM 4 two connected graphs
10:20AM 1 Welcome to the "R-help" mailing list
8:10AM 0 How to sort data points in high dimension space
7:52AM 1 digital length
7:22AM 2 xyplot: discrete points + continuous curve per panel
6:02AM 1 subset question
5:18AM 1 Syntax for getting covariance matrix
2:49AM 0 strategy for doing an ANOVA on unbalanced data
12:32AM 1 Reverse order of grouping factor in grouppedData
12:23AM 2 Extracting tolerance in R?
Wednesday December 13 2006
11:04PM 1 How to avoid test for NAs in foreign function call
10:06PM 0 Course***January-February 2007*** R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques @ 7 cities: New York, San Diego, Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Princeton
6:42PM 2 install.packages
5:53PM 0 Slightly off-topic, but probably funny to this group...
5:25PM 2 why are my multiple box & whisker plots so small?
4:39PM 1 Obtaining Estimates of the Random Effects Parameters
2:50PM 0 counting process and output of survfit
2:25PM 1 Skipping Results with Errors in a Loop
12:39PM 2 (no subject)
12:34PM 3 Error to install fMultivar package
12:08PM 0 Test for Kurtosis.
11:57AM 1 Passing arguments to panels in trellis plots
11:19AM 2 persp() problem
11:14AM 1 Questions about saving output files and popup
10:28AM 3 Install R in Linux
9:38AM 0 Problem in Converting Zoo Objects to Dataframes
7:46AM 2 exporting a table to latex
5:59AM 1 estimate variance
12:07AM 1 combinations of m objects into r groups
Tuesday December 12 2006
11:34PM 4 How to sum one column in a data frame keyed on other columns
10:31PM 0 missing data using BIOENV function
8:18PM 2 Segfault in pure R code
8:13PM 6 ifelse question
7:15PM 0 wavethrash
6:30PM 0 S4 property slots as functions?
6:27PM 1 S4 'properties' - creating 'slot' functions?
6:07PM 1 Calculating AICc using conditional logistic regression
4:39PM 2 R_Code
4:36PM 2 par(mfrow .. how to minimize the interspace
4:31PM 1 memory.size question
4:27PM 1 black and white colormodel for postscript figure
4:13PM 1 Is my data set too large
3:59PM 3 expression()
3:25PM 0 Re : Re : implementation of t.test
2:40PM 0 Re : implementation of t.test
2:40PM 1 2 questions
1:43PM 0 how do you interpolate a gaussian grid to a standard 2.5 degreegrid?
1:10PM 0 Unable to build a package
11:55AM 2 tklistbox...
11:52AM 0 logistic reg & predict function
10:37AM 1 Sweave, Xfig, pdflatex and \setkeys
10:12AM 2 how do you interpolate a gaussian grid to a standard 2.5 degree grid?
7:46AM 1 surface plot
7:26AM 1 multiple x-axis labels on plot
5:53AM 0 how to define w matrix in my case?
4:40AM 4 help on determining operating system
12:55AM 1 Hourly Time Series
12:45AM 1 Combining bitmaps and plots - file too large
12:09AM 1 strings as factors
12:05AM 1 implementation of t.test
Monday December 11 2006
11:41PM 1 a web interface to identify()
11:26PM 0 EBimage package for materials science
10:06PM 3 Problem with sas.get function in Hmisc
9:50PM 1 hermite and Bezier splines
9:20PM 0 I think this modified ewma function works if anyone is interested
8:15PM 1 behavior of ewma function
8:07PM 1 Cannot scale my map
5:38PM 0 Solution of Rcmdr Problem in Quantian OS, Thanks...
5:05PM 0 lmer message
4:46PM 1 similarity test with R
4:37PM 0 Difference in outputs of random mixed effect models (lmer function)
4:04PM 2 How to write a two-way interaction as a random effect in a lmer model?
3:11PM 0 double boostrap with clusterApplyLB
2:27PM 1 Getting DataFrame Name from Text String
2:07PM 1 organizing stats from a list of models
12:34PM 0 monte carlo simulation in R
12:31PM 0 (no subject)
12:28PM 3 upside down image/data
11:37AM 1 Weighted averaging partial least squares regression
11:24AM 2 FW: R
9:42AM 0 Experimental Design with R
8:51AM 2 Switch and integer
8:11AM 1 two ggplot and colour=x question
4:12AM 2 Small Rcmdr issue
12:24AM 1 solving non linear system of eq
12:00AM 1 cohen kappa for two-way table
Sunday December 10 2006
11:12PM 1 Use of bread() function
10:40PM 0 Offset for Poisson GLM
9:58PM 1 Problem with loading "library(Matrix)" at Ubuntu
8:45PM 1 Noncentral t & F distributions
8:21PM 0 lmer, gamma family, log link: interpreting random effects
8:02PM 0 ANOVA K-means
7:28PM 4 sample "n" random positions from a matrix
7:22PM 1 R2WinBUGS and calling WinBUGS in Crossover/WINE
5:56PM 1 Modeling problem with Multinomial Logit
1:58PM 2 question about data manipulation
12:06PM 1 using zoo for daily stock prices
10:48AM 5 set up directory for R when I start R
10:25AM 1 how to sort random numbers according to the sample ?
10:18AM 1 extract R code from Sweave file
7:27AM 2 bootstrap sample with R
4:39AM 3 R and LaTeX
1:51AM 3 DOE teaching suggestions?
Saturday December 9 2006
11:52PM 0 convenient way to combine Surv objects?
10:14PM 1 Multiple label colors for leafs in plot(as.dendrogram(x))
9:28PM 2 Filtering a data frame by regular expression
9:02PM 2 Rcmdr package
8:50PM 1 WinBUGS14 and R
7:40PM 2 Show number at risk on Kaplan Meier curve
5:35PM 1 Error in rmultinom(n, size, prob) : too few positive probabilities
5:00PM 0 Survfit plots in trellis graphics
3:21PM 1 R in linux
6:39AM 7 Simulation with R
5:06AM 0 How to identify structural breaks in GARCH?
1:58AM 0 Problem of Running Simulations for Monte Carlo Spatial Segregation Test using Spatialkernel Package
1:47AM 0 R[1821] *** -[NSBundle load]: Error loading code
1:03AM 1 Run Sample R (Linux)
Friday December 8 2006
11:25PM 2 trouble with cloud output to bmp when in loop
10:45PM 1 (no subject)
9:23PM 1 question for if else
9:16PM 2 any way to make the code more efficient ?
7:26PM 1 Paste function and backslash
6:36PM 0 Constraint Optimization problem.
6:28PM 0 Solve non linear system of equations
4:17PM 3 how to create data.frame with dynamic count of values
3:23PM 1 Sweave and warning messages
2:31PM 0 JOB: R/S programmers at Mango Solutions (UK)
2:13PM 0 Re : A smal fitting problem...
1:59PM 0 dyn.load and function calls without 'PACKAGE' argument
1:57PM 5 Remove " from a string
12:27PM 1 missing factor levels in a lattice barchart panel cause unexpected failure
12:20PM 2 A smal fitting problem...
12:00PM 1 fmincon equivalent in R
10:30AM 1 How to plot two variables in the same qqnorm-plot?
10:03AM 0 Re : formula format for parameter estimation
9:58AM 2 Aggregate?
9:52AM 1 lattice: defining an own function using args for "formula" and "groups"
8:36AM 1 question about apply function
8:12AM 1 Multiple Imputation / Non Parametric Models / Combining Results
7:27AM 0 formula format for parameter estimation
4:33AM 1 plot.svm
4:09AM 0 svm code, what is wrong here?
3:32AM 1 please help me for svm plot question
Thursday December 7 2006
11:01PM 2 How to use read.xls in R
9:42PM 1 svm plot question
9:33PM 1 Simulation in R - Part 2
8:35PM 2 I do not understand this
7:03PM 2 making a grid of points
5:34PM 2 help-links.sh not found by help.start() -- do I need to recompile?
5:29PM 0 plot SVM
4:47PM 0 Rmpi help
4:40PM 0 FW: test of spatial dependence?? - ask a geographer (was ask an ecologist)?
4:02PM 2 groupedData Error Using outer=TRUE
1:45PM 1 templating library for R
1:16PM 0 Help to understand an Error using summary to an mcmc object
12:19PM 1 Taguchi Design
11:42AM 0 Calculating distance given coordinates
11:08AM 1 lmer, p-values and all that
8:35AM 1 Merging two data sets
7:48AM 2 Splitting a dataframe at the results of tapply
5:41AM 1 errors when setting up R2.4.0-win32.exe
5:15AM 2 change factor level 1,2,3 to red,blue,dark
4:03AM 1 Heteroscedasticity consistent standard errors for Spatial error models
12:43AM 2 barplot - how to force vertical axis to cover entire plot area
12:20AM 2 Simulation in R
Wednesday December 6 2006
10:46PM 2 Adding terms to a function
10:06PM 2 require(simecol) error
10:02PM 2 Canonical method for S engine selection?
8:02PM 1 Standar errors arma models
6:14PM 1 POSIX and summer savings time
5:48PM 0 classifly 0.2.2
5:47PM 0 rggobi 2.1.4-3
5:28PM 3 R-Help
3:21PM 0 mFilter package
2:25PM 2 Usage of apply
11:06AM 1 Questions about regression with time-series
10:02AM 0 Prediction and plottiong of several effects against response with GAM (mgcv)
8:33AM 3 intercept value in lme
8:30AM 0 Re : stat question - not R question so ignore if not interested
7:16AM 2 vcd package, assoc()
Tuesday December 5 2006
10:49PM 1 Spearman correlation ties and discrepancies
10:42PM 0 Wombling
10:12PM 3 Show date on graph
10:08PM 3 Comparing posterior and likelihood estimates for proportions (off topic)
9:34PM 0 New package: ibdreg
9:34PM 2 test of spatial dependence??
9:30PM 4 incidence and adjacency matrix conversion
9:03PM 1 double precision
8:54PM 0 Font size x-axis in plotMeans not affected by cex...
8:48PM 0 bind data.frames seperately
8:42PM 3 stat question - not R question so ignore if not interested
8:04PM 1 put tutorials in CRAN
7:41PM 1 dynamic variable creation in lists and data frames
7:25PM 1 publicar tutorial en CRAN
5:06PM 0 Fwd: from "table" to "dataframe"
4:45PM 1 using R for survival analysis
4:19PM 1 Surveys ans missing values
4:04PM 0 How to join data.frames containing Surv objects?
3:43PM 0 Quintile by month vector
3:35PM 1 Cummulative Variance in Correspondence Analysis (ADE4)
3:33PM 5 if(){} else{}
3:33PM 1 from "table" to "dataframe"
2:24PM 0 from "table" to "df"
2:09PM 0 question about installation of R 2.4
12:06PM 1 cluster package
11:48AM 1 problem with lists...
9:12AM 1 Horizontal stripplot
4:49AM 1 error: too many open devices
2:35AM 3 Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit test
2:20AM 1 A question on grid - grid.points not spaced properly
12:30AM 1 summaryBy(): Is it the best option?
Monday December 4 2006
11:16PM 2 Nested for loop
10:16PM 4 beginning my R-learning
8:40PM 0 example() and example(package=) like data() and data(package=) ?
8:32PM 1 lattice plots - variables in columns
8:12PM 1 unlock package environment ?
8:11PM 0 Package AMORE
7:33PM 0 residuals problem for lmer
7:27PM 8 Calling R functions in Delphi
6:50PM 0 FW: Initial values used by function lme
6:09PM 0 How to calculate area between ECDF and CDF?
5:44PM 3 Multilevel Modeling in R
5:06PM 1 Weight and see
4:42PM 1 Help for L-moment Ratio Diagram
3:04PM 1 package mgcv, command gamm
2:31PM 0 Regression question ...
2:15PM 0 S4 newbie - extending S3 classes
2:08PM 1 backticks
12:30PM 1 GAM model selection and dropping terms based on GCV
12:17PM 0 stepAIC
11:55AM 1 stepAIC for lmer
11:04AM 3 Summary shows wrong maximum
10:28AM 2 ask for help
10:01AM 2 background color in strip.custom()
9:14AM 1 Count cases by indicator
7:53AM 1 Box Tidwell / Error Message / Error in parse(file, n, text, prompt) : syntax error in
Sunday December 3 2006
11:10PM 0 overplot() examples fail (package:gplots)
10:28PM 1 passing an argument to a function which is also to be a dataframe column name
8:57PM 2 creating column based on another variable
8:51PM 0 Modify package AMORE
6:58PM 1 lmer and a response that is a proportion
2:33PM 1 nnet() fit criteria
5:55AM 4 prop.trend.test issue
1:26AM 2 Force "square" crosstabulation
Saturday December 2 2006
8:32PM 1 Problem with CH.test in uroot package
7:47PM 2 nonlinear quantile regression
3:56PM 1 Chi-squared approximation may be incorrect in: chisq.test(x)
1:44PM 1 Trouble passing arrays to C code
11:22AM 4 Fwd: Urgent Help in Paste Command
10:32AM 1 error using environment(f) <- NULL
9:04AM 1 symbol.C is now deprecated?
4:00AM 1 Is there a better way for inputing data manually?
1:10AM 0 fixup for debug package and R2.4.0
Friday December 1 2006
11:56PM 1 cloud() question
11:34PM 2 package installation fails only for "sp"
10:34PM 0 Confusing difference in S4 summary method dispatch within an S3 summary
10:15PM 1 R News, volume 6, issue 5 is now available
10:04PM 1 memory problem
9:07PM 1 Demand of help
7:48PM 0 combining bclust and kkmeans
6:41PM 3 error in hetcor function (polycor package)?
5:02PM 3 Make many barplot into one plot
3:22PM 1 group by
3:05PM 1 memeory problem?!
12:37PM 1 C structures in R
12:23PM 4 simple parallel computing on single multicore machine
11:25AM 0 A different contingency table of counts by case
9:46AM 2 specify point shape for ggplot (equivalent to pch)?
8:30AM 1 Box Tidwell / Error Message
8:28AM 0 RKward installation problem
8:03AM 1 Question on sub(stitute) X_1 -> X\_1
6:45AM 3 Vertical line in densityplot?
1:00AM 0 query on nlm() function