R help - Dec 2005

Saturday December 31 2005
11:27AM 3 Problems with updating R-packages
6:09AM 2 Q about RSQLite
Friday December 30 2005
8:50PM 2 unexpected "false convergence"
4:58PM 2 ess emacs 'shift+-' and '<-'
4:34PM 1 Error in X11(paste("png::", filename, sep = ""), width, height, pointsize unable to start device PNG
4:14PM 1 How extract the names of ID in SpatialPolygons object
2:47PM 4 Count or summary data
10:27AM 1 clustering method
7:21AM 1 How to combine two lists?
3:12AM 1 ESS and Emacs
Thursday December 29 2005
10:19PM 2 How to fit all points into plot?
7:59PM 3 importing shapefiles into spatstat
7:31PM 1 Problem Reading SPlus Dump Into R - Spaces Embedded in Data
6:41PM 1 use of predict() with confidence/prediction bands
6:38PM 1 function cv.glm in library 'boot'
6:01PM 0 addition of error terms
5:59PM 1 Glimmix and glm
5:38PM 1 update to posting guide: use 'sessionInfo()' instead of 'version'
5:36PM 1 Forward reference in Sweave
4:45PM 1 Getting the same y-axis in a multivariate time series plot - plot(ts(...)); ylim does not do the trick
4:20PM 1 search in matrix
4:13PM 1 Help with Kriging
4:10PM 1 S4 classes: referencing slots with other slots
3:43PM 1 use of tapply?
2:06PM 1 Repeating functions
1:49PM 3 Split graph labels in 2 levels
1:27PM 1 Segmetation Fault in R
12:41PM 2 loop
12:33PM 0 calculating recursive sequences
9:05AM 0 error propagation
5:52AM 1 trouble with S4 methods for group "Summary"
12:54AM 1 e1071::SVM calculate distance to separating hyperplane
12:06AM 1 R and read.irts
Wednesday December 28 2005
11:42PM 1 FW: R and read.irts
8:15PM 3 Axis/Ticks/Scale
3:43PM 1 segmetation fault
2:21PM 3 Open a new script from R command prompt
10:28AM 1 Omegahat sjava
9:34AM 2 Which cluster function can be used to cluster a correlaiton matrix?
9:26AM 1 [Fwd: Re: R on Mandriva 2006]
7:37AM 2 Importing Genstat files into R
7:11AM 2 R on Mandriva 2006
2:54AM 0 Regression with partial info about the dependent variable
Tuesday December 27 2005
10:16PM 2 off topic A4 paper
8:51PM 0 intercept term in lda
6:58PM 3 parameterization of factor in R
5:44PM 2 glmmPQL and variance structure
1:04PM 1 help.start() doesn't work
10:14AM 2 Create pdf and postscript files
9:41AM 3 reference
8:14AM 2 (no subject)
7:47AM 1 How to plot curves with more than 8 colors
12:21AM 1 No performance increase from dual-core processors?
Monday December 26 2005
3:41PM 8 Add notes to a graph
3:31PM 1 Parameter Constraints in nls.lm()
3:15PM 1 Seg fault with trace
3:06PM 0 help and konqueror
11:49AM 4 lme X lmer results
10:28AM 0 evaluation methods for logistic regression with proportion data
9:54AM 1 Problem in installatin under Unix
9:53AM 1 grouping-R-help
9:48AM 0 problem with samr
4:50AM 2 2D Matrix Plot
2:01AM 3 factorial anova
Sunday December 25 2005
10:25PM 1 Different ARCH results in R and Eviews using garch from tseries
4:53AM 4 Show graph integrated to GUI
Saturday December 24 2005
1:30PM 0 Job Opportunity
7:31AM 2 grouping data
Friday December 23 2005
6:15PM 1 setting up a matrix structure
5:57PM 1 dse package problems
3:05PM 1 Constant error messages with new R version
2:43PM 3 copy contributed packages from R 2.2.0 to 2.2.1
2:36PM 1 maps package will not load
10:39AM 2 for loop error
1:35AM 1 how to specify dev.print target by a variable?
12:56AM 2 convolution of the double exponential distribution
Thursday December 22 2005
11:33PM 1 (no subject)
11:08PM 2 Reading in large file in pieces
11:03PM 2 Testing a linear hypothesis after maximum likelihood
5:06PM 3 reading long matrix
3:58PM 1 add factor to dataframe given ranges
2:11PM 2 bVar slot of lmer objects and standard errors
2:11PM 3 data frame
12:41PM 1 panel order in xyplot
11:46AM 6 Plot problems: xlim
11:07AM 1 strsplit with dataframes
11:01AM 1 No PNG support 2.2.1
9:06AM 1 Hiding a function from ls()
8:45AM 1 program work
8:25AM 1 Problems with passing ... to a function
4:52AM 2 Logistic regression to select genes and estimate cutoff point?
3:37AM 1 Huber location estimate
Wednesday December 21 2005
8:50PM 0 Help with Krige.conv using linear models
7:45PM 1 linking C and R
6:02PM 1 System Reliability Metrics
5:04PM 0 Course *** R/Splus Advanced Programming *** Seattle, January 12th-13th, 2006
2:47PM 2 Random numbers
1:53PM 1 inconsistent behaviour of ifelse and if ... else
11:51AM 2 Why lmer() is not working, altough lme4 is installed?
11:49AM 1 probs in maps package
9:07AM 1 GLMMGibbs
5:42AM 1 how to put constraint in R?
5:34AM 1 nnet
4:36AM 1 How do I edit the x-axis on a time series plot?
4:24AM 2 Newbie - Summarize function
Tuesday December 20 2005
11:10PM 1 Using MAANOVA functions
10:30PM 0 Help with ca.jo and cajools (Johansen's Cointegration)
9:51PM 1 nls problem
9:12PM 0 Two problems compiling my shared library...
9:04PM 2 need 95% confidence interval bands on cubic extrapolation
8:24PM 1 Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney Rank Sum Test in R
7:03PM 2 Install Rmpi on Fedora with mpich2 installed.
6:42PM 0 Extracting data from .zip file in WINDOWS version of pack age
6:36PM 1 Problems installing R 2.1.1. from rpm
6:30PM 2 panel function
6:18PM 4 help with sapply, plot, lines
6:14PM 2 boot problem
5:19PM 2 Extracting data from .zip file in WINDOWS version of package
4:26PM 3 transpose a matrix?
3:16PM 1 Help to find only one class and differennt class
3:11PM 4 Installing packages into updated R
2:24PM 0 need help in nnet
1:50PM 1 from Colombia - help
12:09PM 1 Random effects with glm()
11:56AM 1 x axis
11:01AM 0 R 2.2.1 is released
10:55AM 1 Problems in batch mode
10:31AM 3 Overlaying lattice plots
10:30AM 0 run line or selection
10:21AM 3 object length
10:12AM 2 Time data
8:29AM 1 Problems installing R 2.1.1. from rpm (R-base-2.2.0-1.i586.rpm) on SuSE 10
7:39AM 2 Outputing dataframe or vector from within a user defined function
3:10AM 0 R package for x-12-arima
12:14AM 1 Linux command
Monday December 19 2005
9:02PM 0 Guide - install Rcmdr and JGR on (SUSE) Linux
8:27PM 0 Generate random variables with a specific hazard
7:25PM 0 aggregate and ordered factors, feature?
3:55PM 3 given a mid-month date, get the month-end date
1:53PM 1 loess smoothing question
1:17PM 1 How to draw partial grid in plot for spatial-binomial experiment?
1:14PM 1 change read.table by scan
11:48AM 0 Package "boot": How to construct CI from censboot object?
11:27AM 1 help on barplots
10:03AM 1 Ranking factors given a weight
7:09AM 0 masked at loading
6:59AM 0 New Member
Sunday December 18 2005
8:08PM 1 Fit non-lineair 3D Data
7:25PM 1 finding index of maximum value in vector
6:44PM 1 CRAN version branch for Windows packages
4:32PM 3 GLM Logit and coefficient testing (linear combination)
Saturday December 17 2005
9:54PM 2 nlme problems
4:41PM 1 How to reverse the sequence of axis Y ??
2:16PM 0 typo error in sink help page
1:08PM 0 - McNemar with unequal sample sizes
12:40PM 2 diagnostic functions to assess fitted ols() model: Confidence is too narrow?!
Friday December 16 2005
11:02PM 1 selecting matrix cels by two factors
10:26PM 0 basis and penalty matrices for natural cubic splines
9:05PM 3 partially linear models
6:58PM 2 R compile on AIX 5.3
5:23PM 0 R Reference Card (especially useful for Newbies)
4:52PM 0 Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney Rank Sum Test
4:40PM 2 dendrogram branches with different lty
4:31PM 0 Butterworth low-pass filter
3:44PM 1 tapply question
3:38PM 0 Need help for a statistical problem ("See the posting guide")
3:31PM 1 column name of a table
3:13PM 2 multiple plots per page
2:53PM 0 notification (PR#8400)
1:12PM 1 Vector of matrix
9:19AM 1 autocorrelation test
8:33AM 3 Help with data.frame and lapply
2:31AM 2 lme4: Extract fixed effects Val, SE, t, p
Thursday December 15 2005
10:20PM 2 question on write.table
8:52PM 0 bivariate kernel density estimates at point locations ( r ather than at grid locations)
7:21PM 3 bivariate kernel density estimates at point locations (rather than at grid locations)
5:47PM 0 ncp > 37.62 in pt
5:43PM 0 memory allocation
5:04PM 1 millions of comparisons, speed wanted
4:36PM 0 Problems with snow and rpvm
3:55PM 3 Name conflict between Epi and ROC packages
3:33PM 5 How to simulate correlated data
2:58PM 0 One sample test
2:21PM 0 MNP - discrete choice experiment
1:26PM 1 bug?
1:01PM 1 precision of rnorm
12:59PM 2 Lattice graphics with combined plot types
11:48AM 1 generalized linear mixed model by ML
11:20AM 2 Hmisc latex cell background color
11:08AM 2 Why is bubbles() creating empty png graphs?
10:14AM 1 update from tar.gz in local directory on Unix/Solaris
9:31AM 2 survexp ratetables for european contries?
7:33AM 0 Job Ad: Centocor R&D, USA
6:09AM 1 residual and null deviance of an lme object with correlation structure
2:34AM 1 Delete missing values
2:14AM 3 <no subject>
Wednesday December 14 2005
11:53PM 2 X11 png jpeg cledit false when running from script
10:29PM 2 32 vs 64 bit
9:13PM 0 The fastest way to select and execute a few selected func tions inside a function
8:47PM 2 memory tops out at 1.84gb on OS X 10.4 machine w/ 5GB ram
8:45PM 0 SAS.xpt/STATA.dta, field descriptions, and dbWriteTable
7:03PM 1 Need help for a statistical problem
5:58PM 2 suggestions for nls error: false convergence
5:45PM 1 ANCOVA & Post-hoc test
5:05PM 2 The fastest way to select and execute a few selected functions inside a function
4:47PM 2 Append tables
4:09PM 2 Problem with dir.create (R2.2.0 Windows XP 2002 SP 2)
4:09PM 1 Looking for a sort of tapply() to data frames
2:41PM 3 concatenating expressions and standard text
2:34PM 2 R for Windows server
2:04PM 1 Translation Dictionary (Rosetta Stone)
1:12PM 4 unable to force the vector format
1:05PM 1 Kalman Filter Forecast using 'SSPIR'
1:00PM 0 New Quantian release with over 800 CRAN/BioC packages
12:36PM 1 Plotting model over data
10:34AM 3 Fitting binomial lmer-model, high deviance and low logLik
10:22AM 2 Design library
10:18AM 0 R: extreme value theory
9:21AM 0 Problem with RSPerl
8:32AM 3 glmmADMB: Generalized Linear Mixed Models using AD Model Builder
8:25AM 1 tool for cluster analysis
8:12AM 3 package for factor analysis
6:05AM 1 About help on 'mahalanobis'
5:54AM 1 broken package?
4:24AM 1 Glitch when creating online help
3:22AM 3 Memory shortage running Repeated Measures (nlme)
2:27AM 0 Sorting vectors according to a desired correlation coef
12:23AM 1 "Simplifying" matrices ?
Tuesday December 13 2005
10:23PM 5 getting faster results
8:51PM 3 Age of an object?
8:20PM 2 what does this warnings mean? and what should I do?
7:31PM 1 correct C function usage
7:23PM 0 Fwd: Re: Wavelet reconstruction
6:42PM 1 Manipulating matrices
6:34PM 4 Ploting graphics using X tints from a color
6:13PM 0 Frailty with a Weibull PH Model
6:05PM 1 batch mode problem
5:23PM 2 creating a subset of a dataset using ifelse statement?
5:14PM 0 Updated version of gdata, gtools, gplots and gmodels
4:33PM 1 fSeries
4:18PM 1 bug in geoR (?)
4:02PM 1 Polytopic Vector Analysis (PVA)
4:00PM 0 Forcing model parameters to a constant (in GLMs)
2:50PM 2 interruption when pasting code into R under linux
2:31PM 1 sample matrix as a new object
2:26PM 0 QQ plot for deviance residuals in generalized linear models
1:43PM 1 help with multivariate analysis
1:32PM 2 How to make a plot?
1:23PM 8 superimpose density line over hist
1:18PM 0 Constrained Log-Likelihood with SQP Solver
1:00PM 1 Incomplete Beta
12:26PM 1 sample matrix
11:59AM 3 help with writing function
11:55AM 0 help for multivariate analysis
11:40AM 1 Problem with understanding output of Cox model
11:23AM 0 about empirical sample size in partial correlations
11:20AM 3 Question
10:53AM 2 Labeling a range of bars in barplot?
10:33AM 1 Technique for reading large sparse fwf data file
Monday December 12 2005
11:27PM 2 problem with R on mac os x
10:01PM 0 marginal effects in glm's
8:15PM 1 dendrogram: how to obtain leaf height
7:43PM 2 Time delay function or plot animation
6:25PM 2 Bivariate Splines in R
5:13PM 1 Comments please, how to set your mailer to read R-help in digest format
4:26PM 2 convergence error (lme) which depends on the version of nlme (?)
2:52PM 1 Generation of missiing values in a time serie...
2:45PM 0 how to import the large SPSS data file into R?
2:19PM 1 trellis: style of axis labels
2:05PM 0 Quantile function for the generalized beta distribution of the 2nd kind (Florent Bresson)
1:33PM 2 export from R to MySQL
1:10PM 1 lme intervals
1:04PM 2 store and retrieve object names in a vector
12:06PM 3 question about date's
11:59AM 2 date handling
9:08AM 0 Big contract, Big money, Need we say more
Sunday December 11 2005
7:58PM 1 inervals() in nlme
2:31PM 1 Quantile function for the generalized beta distribution of the 2nd kind
11:12AM 0 Problems with sending data to FORTRAN subrutine
11:08AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 34, Issue 14
4:40AM 0 how to extract the row names of a matrix using for loop or otherlooping
1:37AM 2 Help: chisq.test
12:00AM 2 Problem with indexing (subscript out of bounds)
Saturday December 10 2005
10:29PM 0 package building fails on OSX 10.4 with (lcc_dynamic error)
5:30PM 2 quantile regression problem
5:22PM 2 Problems with integrate
5:17PM 1 how to extract the row names of a matrix using for loop or other looping
2:44PM 2 odd error
1:41PM 2 append
Friday December 9 2005
10:31PM 1 tkbind key pressed
9:13PM 1 Hierarchical Clustering Using Mutual Information
8:18PM 1 local source packages install from within R session - cross-platform
7:53PM 1 clear console function
7:25PM 1 lmer for 3-way random anova
6:10PM 2 Status of PostgreSQL using DBI?
5:47PM 0 Animation of Mandelbrot Set
5:03PM 1 lattice legend colors recycling sooner than expected
4:52PM 2 combining two list objects
4:44PM 0 Multiple Figure environment through Java
1:26PM 2 Matrix Problem
1:19PM 3 retrieving p-values in lm
12:19PM 3 R-how to group the data
11:40AM 0 about empirical sample size
10:41AM 2 langugae settings
10:40AM 2 HTML search & Firefox
10:12AM 1 Residuals from GLMMs in the lme4 package
4:02AM 1 help with simple 3d graph
2:52AM 1 R-help: gls with correlation=corARMA
2:39AM 1 O-ring statistic
Thursday December 8 2005
10:43PM 1 logistic regression with constrained coefficients?
10:16PM 0 Assessing fit for non-nested models using clogit in survival package
9:58PM 0 Genetic Algorithms with rbga.bin using AIC as the evalFunc
9:27PM 1 Operations on a list
9:18PM 1 complex table
8:29PM 0 operation on a list
8:18PM 1 Loading namespaces
8:01PM 1 Constraint on coefficient when fitting with lm, glm etc ...
7:20PM 0 Finding all possible partitions of N units into k classe
6:18PM 2 data.frame() size
5:37PM 2 Commented version of the home page graphics code
4:59PM 0 Digests of R-help -- minor mess (unicode character set problems)
4:52PM 0 qr with missing dependent variables
3:40PM 1 lower case Greek letters
2:59PM 0 RSPerl from perl and perl arrays
2:45PM 3 Finding all possible partitions of N units into k classes
2:44PM 1 Listing all possible samples of size n form a population of size N
2:34PM 1 reference for a fortune quote
11:47AM 3 scoping issues?
11:44AM 1 reg peak detection
10:50AM 2 'mean' and 'sd' calculations do not match
10:44AM 0 statistical matching
10:42AM 1 kronecker(... , make.dimnames=TRUE)
10:20AM 2 Statistics-R module for Perl
9:59AM 1 all (y,x) data in one plot
9:40AM 1 Hmisc latex format.df by row formatting?
9:40AM 1 truncate/overwrite a data frame
9:29AM 2 how to change a dataframe with characters to a numeric matrix?
8:50AM 3 Reshaping data
8:50AM 1 weighted m-estimator
4:57AM 1 read.table error
3:10AM 0 Accounting for within family correlation in genetic analysis
1:42AM 1 mle.stepwise versus step/stepAIC
12:30AM 0 error message from building R in Mac
Wednesday December 7 2005
11:52PM 1 contrasts for lm
11:08PM 1 KMO sampling adequacy and SPSS -- partial solution
7:48PM 0 sequential patterns
7:10PM 0 Are minbucket and minsplit rpart options working as expected?
5:48PM 1 ttda on R 2.1.1: error
5:41PM 4 Maintaining factors when copying from one data frame to another
5:38PM 2 concatenate data frame
5:12PM 0 R programming job in Boston
4:39PM 0 organizing plot drawing routines; creating complex expressions
4:11PM 1 A question on colors for plotog groupedData
3:19PM 2 Change labels of x-axes in Plot of stl() function?
2:38PM 3 How to simplify
12:37PM 1 Dots argument in apply method
10:38AM 2 Bandwidth selection for ksmooth( )
8:02AM 1 ploting the two sets of data side by side
6:48AM 2 Plot
1:41AM 1 summary[["r.squared"]] gives strange results
Tuesday December 6 2005
11:05PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Matrix of dummy variables from a factor]
8:13PM 2 Constructing a transition matrix
8:02PM 5 Matrix of dummy variables from a factor
7:47PM 0 Course***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, January 2006 Nationwide
6:48PM 3 Coefficient of association for 2x2 contingency tables
6:21PM 0 how to keep the dropped term at each step when calling "step"?
5:30PM 1 xyplot question
5:14PM 4 R newbie...
5:09PM 3 strange behavior of loess() & predict()
2:51PM 7 R is GNU S, not C.... [was "how to get or store ....."]
2:39PM 1 Stack overflow error while creating package
2:04PM 3 reading in data with variable length
1:37PM 1 array of lists? is this the best way to do it?
1:22PM 0 Write List to ASCII File !!
1:22PM 3 merging with aggregating
1:09PM 0 O-ring statistic in R?
11:39AM 1 about partial correlation (again)
10:43AM 1 Help on a matrix task
10:09AM 1 about partial correlation
10:02AM 2 urgent
9:50AM 1 how to get or store the intermediate v?lues while running a function
9:47AM 2 how to draw continent boundry
9:43AM 2 figure with inset
9:43AM 2 Writing a list to a file !
9:42AM 2 how to extract row& col names from a matrix
6:22AM 1 return character
5:45AM 1 extend.series not zero padding
4:14AM 2 behavior of names
Monday December 5 2005
11:58PM 2 is it possible to use R to edit an EXCEL spreadsheet so I can create a searchable EXCEL database of R packages?
11:03PM 2 lmer and glmmPQL
10:31PM 0 markov models with msm
9:03PM 1 plotting question
8:03PM 2 Conflict RGtk tcltk
7:58PM 1 Vectors of S4 Classes
7:52PM 1 correlate vector & report p-value
7:18PM 2 plot() and points() precision control
7:15PM 0 Bandwidth selection
7:03PM 1 need help with matrix manipulation
5:18PM 1 Changing strip var.name value on lattice::xyplot
4:57PM 0 time zone conversion
4:37PM 0 S-plus equivalent R command?
4:34PM 2 how to construct an index or classify the cases with the combination of categorical and continuous variables
3:57PM 3 The gamma function and infinity
3:28PM 2 loop problem
3:05PM 1 extracting p-values from lmer()
3:04PM 4 Broken links on CRAN
2:54PM 1 R2HTML Explorer
1:36PM 2 Closed form for regression splines
12:49PM 0 Use of lme() function
12:22PM 1 Help
12:08PM 1 convert list to data frame
11:47AM 5 What is wrong with this FOR-loop?
9:35AM 1 Mass 'identify' on 2d-plot
9:20AM 1 Automatic time zone conversion
9:17AM 1 apply() and dropped dimensions
8:53AM 3 computing the variance
3:35AM 1 Consult a analysis problem.Thank you!
1:49AM 1 how to save output all together
1:03AM 1 count.fields vs read.table
12:55AM 1 data frames, na.omit, and sums
Sunday December 4 2005
10:08PM 0 FW: Error in structural equation model - "The model hasnegativedegrees of freedom"
8:42PM 1 Understanding nonlinear optimization and Rosenbrock's banana valley function?
4:02PM 0 Error in structural equation model - "The model has negativedegrees of freedom"
2:54PM 4 Construct a data.frame in a FOR-loop
2:45PM 2 tiff graphics
9:16AM 0 Weibull survival output parameters
4:06AM 1 R and databases - a comment
3:28AM 0 g-and-h and GB2 distribution
1:29AM 1 fSeries: garchOxFit - is really the example provided not runnig?
1:07AM 1 fSeries package: ?aparchFit
Saturday December 3 2005
4:31PM 1 how to save images from R-plot after MCMC
3:08PM 1 Fit Frechet Distribution
12:42PM 1 Correlation matrix from a vector of pairwise correlations
11:20AM 2 how to subset rows using regular expression patterns
9:23AM 2 How to catch value
Friday December 2 2005
11:02PM 1 cloud() 3D scatter plot
10:09PM 1 Printing to file from C
9:35PM 1 NA as the output of ksmooth
8:04PM 1 plot bg color in Mac OSX
7:41PM 0 problems with R and snow on a debian box only
6:42PM 1 M-estimator R function question
5:48PM 1 Tidal Time Series Analysis in R
4:42PM 1 Ancova and lme use
4:33PM 1 how to make a sub list from a long list using the component name?
4:17PM 0 multiple operations on indexed columns
2:04PM 0 Hosmer-Lemeshow gof test for survival data
2:01PM 1 Time series influenced by half-time, intake and treatment...
12:42PM 3 bimodal data
12:40PM 3 plot and factors
12:13PM 1 sign and sign rank tests
11:57AM 1 covariance structures in lmer
11:35AM 2 Seven month time-series sampled at hourly intervals
10:11AM 0 cumulative % explained in mca() library(MASS)
10:03AM 1 k-means / role of 'nstart'
9:29AM 1 Zero-inflated neg.bin. model and pscl package
8:50AM 3 extracting rows of a dataframe
8:37AM 5 what is best for scripting?
8:04AM 0 identifying strong clustering
4:43AM 1 Array reversed
3:17AM 1 Curve fitting
1:50AM 3 masked from package:base?
12:38AM 1 Sweave: How can I include S input in paragraph mode
Thursday December 1 2005
11:22PM 2 about comparison of KURTOSIS in package: moments and fBasics
10:20PM 1 Transfer String Array from R to java
9:44PM 1 LME & data with complicated random & correlational structures
7:13PM 1 Snow & rvpm
5:34PM 1 R Hierarchical clustering leaf node
5:32PM 1 squared coherency and cross-spectrum
4:41PM 1 Simulate Correlated data from complex sample
4:24PM 2 suppress checking chm files in R CMD check on Windows
4:22PM 0 memory management
4:04PM 8 Impaired boxplot functionality - mean instead of median
3:58PM 4 suppress tick labels
3:48PM 1 contrib pkg install problem on Windows with R2.2.0
3:42PM 1 maImage() and layout()
2:55PM 2 Minimizing a Function with three Parameters
12:12PM 1 Kalman Smoothing - time-variant parameters (sspir)
10:59AM 0 using predict and recalibrating repeatedly?
6:17AM 2 What are the possible Probabilstic models in R
5:39AM 4 values in between
4:11AM 3 Strange Estimates from lmer and glmmPQL
3:07AM 1 Error in structural equation model - "The model has negative degrees of freedom"
12:01AM 1 Row wise function call.