R help - Nov 2005

Wednesday November 30 2005
11:37PM 1 library(its) problem
10:12PM 0 unexpected result from KalmanRun (KalmanLike, StructTS)
8:50PM 3 calculating IRR (accounting) in R
5:32PM 1 about sorting table
5:27PM 1 Where ca I find the hcass2 Fortran code
5:14PM 3 strange plots with type = "h" option
5:05PM 1 Solution to non-linear equation problem
5:00PM 1 Corrupted workspace(?)
4:33PM 0 help with ks.test
3:36PM 1 Permutation tests for correlations
3:36PM 1 Coefficient of Variance (log values) !
3:25PM 1 Loop within nlme
3:14PM 8 Solving Systems of Non-linear equations
1:33PM 2 cant get colAUC to plot
1:11PM 0 perp() and axes
12:41PM 0 nls and weighting
12:20PM 0 R: scale and location - "t distr"
12:07PM 1 Addon packages
11:05AM 2 OT: Statistics question
10:37AM 1 SciViews-R_0.8-9 Console problem
10:19AM 3 Random Effects for One-Way Anova
9:25AM 1 about kidpack package
8:10AM 1 likelihood ratio tests using glmmPQL
7:53AM 1 How to solve allocation problem in lme() analysis?
7:03AM 0 Recall: String values as data marks on X/Y axes?
7:02AM 1 String values as data marks on X/Y axes?
6:36AM 1 cospectrum
6:07AM 1 RNetCDF seg fault
3:10AM 1 Row-wise data retrieval
Tuesday November 29 2005
11:35PM 3 floor()
10:10PM 1 Superimpose Histograms
8:52PM 1 rlogis() in simulation
7:51PM 2 permutation test for linear models with continuous covariates
6:41PM 0 plotting filled.contour without color key
6:37PM 3 drawing a circle using symbols
6:01PM 1 saving AIC of intermediate models in step
5:50PM 2 help with R
5:06PM 0 Course***Adanced R/Splus Programming***at 3 USA locations, January 2006
4:31PM 0 Error in plclust
4:13PM 2 Calculating the 2th power of a vector
3:24PM 1 Constraints in Quadprog
2:57PM 0 Newbie: Translating GLM SAS code into R
12:06PM 1 Indexing variables within lapply?
11:46AM 1 transform matrix
11:30AM 1 help combining mtext and strwrap?
11:04AM 1 symmetric matrix
10:11AM 0 R implementation of logit - t algorithm?
9:42AM 3 Reclassifying values within a vector to several other values
9:07AM 1 Compiling R in C / C++
9:02AM 1 package kinship - %*%
5:33AM 3 label point
4:32AM 1 rotated ylab with xyplot
2:00AM 0 sensitivity tests fo causal inference
12:08AM 2 qcc
Monday November 28 2005
11:52PM 4 What made us so popular Nov 16-20?
9:56PM 1 overlay additional axes
9:18PM 1 Use of axis() in conjunction with plot(..., axes=F)
7:37PM 1 AIC and BIC from arima()
6:38PM 2 Robust fitting
6:36PM 1 read.spss problem
6:27PM 0 Graph plots
5:47PM 7 combine two columns
5:16PM 1 Durbin-Watson Critical Values Tables
4:36PM 1 GLMM: measure for significance of random variable?
3:22PM 3 optimization with inequalities
2:26PM 6 How define global Variable?
1:57PM 4 Games-Howell, Gabriel, Hochberg
1:24PM 0 analzying multiple variables (dv) in a sequence by using fit.mult.impute together with a MICE.object
12:26PM 0 window in a "waitbar" style ?
12:23PM 1 background computation, &
12:16PM 0 About the error of the expentancy of life
12:14PM 1 using minor tickmarks with xYplot
11:49AM 1 Xemacs
11:18AM 3 glm: quasi models with logit link function and binary data
10:29AM 1 mathematical expressions ...
9:47AM 0 possible Probabilstic models in R
7:38AM 2 str and structable error
7:01AM 3 Looking for constrained optimisation code
6:44AM 3 How Can I change the acf's plot type?
6:23AM 0 any package to compare two scoring systems
1:28AM 0 glmpath: L1 regularization path for glms
Sunday November 27 2005
11:21PM 1 Question on KalmanSmooth
8:51PM 2 'For each file in folder F do....'
8:31PM 1 fixed, random effects with variable weights
8:12PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 33, Issue 27
5:49PM 4 Counting the occurence of each unique "charecter string"
5:33PM 2 multilevel models and sample size
10:39AM 1 the output of coxph
10:04AM 4 gsub syntax
6:18AM 0 obtaining p values & CI for a non-parametric correlation matrix
4:29AM 1 r question
12:52AM 5 creating a factor from other factors and ifelse
12:05AM 2 coherency-Time Series
Saturday November 26 2005
10:24PM 0 What does KalmanRun$states really return?
9:53PM 1 Using an editor with R
9:50PM 1 IRT Package
9:15PM 1 Newton iteration questions
3:09PM 2 Double FOR
2:27PM 0 Misure di sicurezza di cliente
4:31AM 0 correspondence analysis and canonical correspondence analysis in R
4:08AM 2 How can I get the difference seq directly?
Friday November 25 2005
11:34PM 1 Plotting the diff. between two curves
9:23PM 3 obtaining a ROC curve
8:54PM 1 glmmPQL
6:31PM 1 read.table without sep
6:25PM 1 rescale x-axis
5:40PM 1 problems with dynamic objects on solaris
5:17PM 0 vector memory exhausted (limit reached?)" error message while loading saved workspace
2:11PM 1 Use of nesting in lmer- error in numerical expression
1:06PM 1 optim
11:54AM 0 wavethresh addon package LS2W
10:38AM 2 Ordering problem
10:32AM 1 covariance analysis by using R
10:13AM 1 Generating all possible partitions
10:00AM 0 multiple imputation of anova tables
9:58AM 1 Problems compiling R under AIX 4.3
9:25AM 2 Tiger Mac stalls running Rcmdr program
5:22AM 2 OT: algorithm for generating all possible combinations with replacement
4:23AM 0 (no subject)
1:03AM 1 How to test a time series fit the Poisson or other process?
Thursday November 24 2005
9:33PM 1 model selection with step function
8:52PM 0 JOB: R/S Consultants, Reading (UK)
6:35PM 1 residuals in logistic regression model
5:16PM 1 read.list()
4:32PM 2 Fwd: Matrix rotation
4:27PM 2 type III sums of squares in R
4:15PM 0 Matrix rotation
3:57PM 1 font size in legend
12:19PM 1 spatial-time smoothing
12:11PM 0 data frames and factors
12:01PM 2 what's the meaning of these in R-lang?
11:27AM 1 Suggested add to the documentation for the identify() function
11:13AM 2 Chi-squared test
10:33AM 1 hamming distance
9:13AM 4 Survreg Weibull lambda and p
8:53AM 1 AIC in lmer when using PQL
8:37AM 0 How to save an object list as txt?
7:51AM 1 Inversion function of dnorm ?
7:31AM 1 a question
12:32AM 1 source code
Wednesday November 23 2005
11:39PM 1 Find main effect in 2-way ANOVA
11:13PM 1 adding variables to a data set/combining two data sets
11:12PM 0 Simple introduction to Bayesian Statistics
11:12PM 1 Linear and cuadratic effects
8:02PM 3 date/time arithmetic
5:03PM 2 wilcoxon.test?
4:57PM 2 TryCatch() with read.csv("http://...")
4:27PM 2 Really supress output from Sweave
3:40PM 0 Time-varying coefficients in Cox regression model
3:37PM 1 survdiff for Left-truncated and right-censored data
3:11PM 1 help on list
2:17PM 1 axis fontsize suse 9.3
1:35PM 5 finding peaks in a simple dataset with R
1:01PM 0 Hmisc compilation error
1:01PM 2 vector of permutated products
12:37PM 1 assign() problem
10:13AM 0 How to open a text file in my screen (not in the R sessio n)?
9:00AM 2 How to open a text file in my screen (not in the R session)?
8:59AM 2 How to plot two different lines with different color with the same "plot" function?
8:42AM 2 Dancing lissajous
4:43AM 1 1st derivative {mgcv} gam smooth
4:29AM 0 Survival Analysis Questions
3:33AM 0 Greenhouse-Geisser epsilon for interaction term
1:38AM 8 getting started, reading listing and saving data
12:52AM 1 More than one hidden layer with Neural package
12:28AM 2 negative binomial overdispersion question
Tuesday November 22 2005
9:13PM 1 Customizing the package build process
8:56PM 1 running out of memory while running a VERY LARGE regression
8:55PM 4 the matrix of rows with specific row sums
8:23PM 1 SPSS-like factor analysis procedure
8:03PM 3 graphing help
6:15PM 0 December Course In New York***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
5:13PM 1 _simple_ introduction to bayesian methods?
4:38PM 2 change axis format for different panels in xyplot in lattice
4:32PM 0 searching for the 'right' cluster analysis solution
3:35PM 3 modifying code in contributed libraries - changes from versions 1.* to 2.*
12:53PM 3 loadings matrices in plsr vs pcr in pls pacakage
12:51PM 0 cv.glm help: no responses?
12:48PM 2 Fw: Re: Is there anything like a write.fwf() or possibility to print adata.frame without rownames?
12:30PM 0 Plot L-function (standardized Ripley's K)
12:07PM 3 R: pp plot
11:26AM 2 Fw: Re: Is there anything like a write.fwf() or possibility to print adata.frame without rownames?
11:04AM 2 Output of row and column names
10:04AM 1 Kolmogorov-Smirnov test help
9:41AM 1 problem with "parse"
9:21AM 2 residuals.coxph
8:29AM 0 Any volonteer to maintain package R2HTML ?
6:40AM 3 Weibull and survival
3:31AM 1 what does the it when there is a zero events in the Logistic Regression with glm?
12:54AM 1 read.csv in R 1.7.1 for MacOS
Monday November 21 2005
11:46PM 0 Function comparable to cutpt.coxph from "Survival Analysis using S"
11:16PM 4 Can't figure out warning message
11:12PM 1 (no subject)
8:42PM 1 How to assign the p value from >anova to a variable ?
8:39PM 1 arima prediction
8:37PM 2 Removing Rows
7:54PM 1 how to plot a list in graphs
7:18PM 4 attributes of a data.frame
7:18PM 1 Problem in compilation from source in./configure R.2.2
5:20PM 0 Monte Carlo EM for GLMM
5:17PM 2 Multinomial Nested Logit package in R?
5:16PM 1 Help with xtable
5:01PM 1 ./configure: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied
3:57PM 3 Comparing rows of matrices with different dimensions
3:44PM 3 Warning message help
3:44PM 2 garch function in R
2:55PM 0 binary kmeans tree
1:52PM 1 modify boxplot
1:03PM 0 Fw: Re: Is there anything like a write.fwf() or possibility to print adata.frame without rownames?
12:59PM 0 negative x y in ppp.object
12:14PM 5 SPSS and R – do they like each other?
12:12PM 0 question on RPART
11:40AM 1 singular convergence with lmer function i lme4
11:28AM 1 Howto? plot legend with no line behind the points
10:56AM 2 Is there anything like a write.fwf() or possibility to print a data.frame without rownames?
10:36AM 3 PNG-import into R
10:12AM 1 Plotting one or more series on the same graphs
8:16AM 1 force apply() to return a list
6:48AM 3 Largest allowable matrix
4:49AM 0 feedback on book recommendations
4:28AM 1 Cacheing in read.table/ attached data?
2:47AM 1 On survival curve scale
Sunday November 20 2005
8:44PM 1 use of the 'by' command & converting SPSS ANOVA/GLM syntax into R syntax
7:35PM 1 Using ComputerModern-Fonts with Matplot
6:56PM 0 A message from the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup re: R
9:42AM 1 about demo
9:24AM 1 transform
12:35AM 2 Attach a time series object
Saturday November 19 2005
9:18PM 0 directional correlograms?
8:11PM 1 Crop white border for PDF output
4:51PM 2 Fwd: Autoloading R Commander
4:44PM 1 predicted values from cv.glm
3:47PM 1 new article on R at oreillynet.com
3:35PM 3 Autoloading R Commander
2:23PM 3 cointegration rank
1:00PM 5 help with apply, please
12:37AM 1 [package concord] seeking maintainer
12:27AM 0 Batchjob creates small object but large workspace ???
Friday November 18 2005
9:38PM 1 How to plot two dataset in one fig?
9:36PM 2 Adding points to wireframe
7:13PM 0 truncated regression in survreg
6:49PM 1 SWeave - can I see output in the source?
5:03PM 2 (no subject)
4:44PM 0 Calculation of the median in survfit()
4:27PM 0 Problems with tkentry
3:20PM 3 How to run R in batch mode
2:57PM 2 about eval and eval.parent
2:46PM 2 Image display in R
2:37PM 3 Method for $
2:27PM 0 Likely cause of error (code=1) in compar.gee/gee
1:07PM 0 Surprise when mapping matrix to image
11:26AM 2 R-News 5/2, Bayesian Model Averaging, a detail
10:21AM 3 repeated %in%
10:01AM 2 Compiled name to object
7:37AM 1 How to generate the random numbers with the lognormal distribution?
7:13AM 1 help on ks.test and shapiro.test
6:04AM 1 Truncated observations in survreg
5:39AM 3 Fitting model with varying number of predictors
5:37AM 0 Opening help file hangs in emacs
Thursday November 17 2005
11:25PM 2 a weighted average by group
11:25PM 1 Histogram over a Large Data Set (DB): How?
10:50PM 0 rmysql installed but unable to load
10:28PM 0 Strange parsing behavior
9:50PM 0 Makevars
9:13PM 8 Point pattern to grid
8:23PM 1 (no subject)
7:32PM 1 Converting "numeric" variable to time
7:20PM 1 transforming table into data frame
5:44PM 3 Goodness fit test HELP!
5:44PM 0 cv.glm help
5:43PM 1 Linking Fortran subroutines
4:47PM 1 Predicting and Plotting "hypothetical" values of factors
4:40PM 0 Multinomial Conditional Logit Model
4:09PM 1 Help with read.csv2
4:03PM 2 dev.copy legend problem
3:41PM 2 [Rd] Scan data from a .txt file
2:57PM 3 loess: choose span to minimize AIC?
2:40PM 0 new version of bayesm
1:27PM 2 Building S4-classes, documents
1:25PM 1 Mean survival times
1:24PM 3 changing figure size in Sweave
12:01PM 1 Standard Error
11:33AM 1 access standard errors from multinom model
11:17AM 1 anova.gls from nlme on multiple arguments within a function fails
10:40AM 4 discontinuous y-axis (ordinate with a -/ /-)
7:58AM 1 Fitdistr()
7:54AM 0 generalised linear mixed effect model, glmmPQL
7:20AM 3 ECDF values
5:34AM 1 Morans I for Spatial Surveillance
3:57AM 2 R questions
3:55AM 2 some questions
3:16AM 4 Portable R?
2:04AM 0 Is it feasible with R?
Wednesday November 16 2005
11:46PM 0 GEE in Fortran
10:19PM 1 update R packages in local repos
9:53PM 0 How to choose a validation set
9:47PM 2 X11 error in png
6:18PM 1 normal cdf over an interval
5:57PM 1 RODBC help
5:42PM 2 Newton-Raphson
5:15PM 0 nmle question
4:46PM 2 invert y-axis in barplot
4:12PM 5 "Warning message: package '...' was built under R version 2.3.0"
4:01PM 6 nlme question
3:39PM 2 save to ascii
3:08PM 0 x-axis in dendrogram
2:41PM 1 COM dates (was origin and "origin<-" in chron)
2:16PM 1 RODBC and Very long field lengths
1:48PM 3 Combine related plots
1:39PM 1 Error in integrate
1:04PM 3 Difficulties with for() {while(){}}
12:26PM 2 numericDeriv
11:24AM 0 Friedman test with replicated samples
11:10AM 0 natural selection coefficient S
10:46AM 2 Histogram font
10:10AM 2 matrix assembly
10:03AM 1 spatial statistics on images, any packages?
1:01AM 1 Unexpected result of names<-
Tuesday November 15 2005
11:43PM 1 combination xyplot and barchart?
11:02PM 1 origin and "origin<-" functions on chron
10:35PM 0 Apparent problem with \eqn
9:30PM 0 labeling contour lines
8:50PM 1 An optim() mystery.
8:23PM 0 labeling contours that are output from contourLines
8:10PM 2 y-axis in histograms
6:10PM 1 Repeates Measures MANOVA for Time*Treatment Interactions
5:22PM 4 changing the value of a variable from inside a function
4:43PM 0 plots in a matrix
3:18PM 3 Reading in a table with unequal columns
2:59PM 0 Item response theory
2:40PM 2 Subtracting timeseries objects
2:39PM 3 Darstellung mit Nachkommastellen
2:09PM 0 R News, volume 5, issue 2 is now available
1:17PM 0 Lerch Phi function
11:54AM 4 How can I put the object name in list
11:51AM 1 strsplit
11:22AM 0 Temporal disaggregation using interpolation splines
10:48AM 1 latex table and R codes
10:00AM 1 cannot.allocate.memory.again and 32bit<--->64bit
9:49AM 1 (no subject)
9:31AM 2 conversion from RData to R file
4:06AM 1 Linear model mixed with an ARIMA model
12:17AM 1 (no subject)
Monday November 14 2005
11:08PM 0 Trouble with aovlist and Tukey test
10:55PM 2 Using pakage foreign and to import SAS file
9:03PM 0 November Course In San Francisco***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
8:58PM 1 Tidiest way of modifying S4 classes?
8:05PM 2 change some levels of a factor column in data frame according to a condition
7:38PM 1 open source and R
7:01PM 1 as.integer with base other than ten.
6:35PM 0 library MASS fitdistri() funciotn question
6:23PM 1 roots of a function
5:57PM 1 point pattern interactions (Gcross and Kcross)
4:40PM 1 Little's Chi Square test for MCAR?
4:01PM 1 effect sizes for Wilcoxon tests
3:53PM 2 Coercion of percentages by as.numeric
3:47PM 2 [<- and indexing for zoo objects
3:41PM 1 Curve fitting tutorial / clue stick?
2:55PM 1 bug/feature with barplot?
12:47PM 1 name of object
12:20PM 1 (no subject)
12:16PM 1 how to plot matrix in graphs
1:25AM 1 poker package -- comments?
Sunday November 13 2005
9:47PM 4 Robust Non-linear Regression
9:20PM 1 correlating irregular time series
7:11PM 1 R for reliability analysis (with censored samples)?
5:40PM 1 selection of missing data
5:39PM 1 problem with grid animation
3:53PM 0 simulation of compound Poisson and Cox process
3:00PM 0 Julien Ruiz est absent.
1:27PM 1 How to show numerical values on boxplots
12:37PM 1 Legend
5:12AM 4 voronoi
Saturday November 12 2005
10:41PM 1 computation on a table
9:17PM 0 Error message in polr
8:37PM 1 how to make automatically each level from data.frame to vector
7:24PM 4 matrix subset
11:47AM 1 Updating in attempt to rotate ylab
7:03AM 2 sibling list element reference during list definition
3:13AM 1 absolute position in plot()
Friday November 11 2005
8:59PM 1 optim not giving correct minima
8:17PM 0 Fwd: Re: conditional coloring of image labels
7:39PM 0 simulation study using AD model builder to fit a GLMM under the binomial probit link
6:12PM 2 split data into training and testing sets
5:37PM 1 conditional coloring of image labels
4:58PM 1 glm x^2
3:46PM 0 [Fwd: Re: no package 'Matrix' at the repositories]
3:24PM 1 A 'sweave' strange problem !!!
3:12PM 3 problems with for: warnings and segfault
2:55PM 1 precision of double in R
2:49PM 1 Lattice (Trellis) plot margins
2:07PM 3 Inputing data from multiple files as time series objects
1:38PM 3 no package 'Matrix' at the repositories
12:10PM 0 Error in rowSums : 'x' must be numeric IS SOLVED!
11:48AM 1 Snow parLapply
11:22AM 1 R: method of moments
10:39AM 0 curve fitting question
8:14AM 0 Colour Lines
6:45AM 3 R on Windows XP x64
6:30AM 0 strange classification behaviour
5:16AM 1 undefined symbol in grDevices.so
12:26AM 1 following Appendix A results in "plot.new has not been called yet"
Thursday November 10 2005
9:46PM 1 converting a character string to a subscripted numeric variable
9:38PM 1 How to export multiple files using write.table in the loop?
9:36PM 2 IF/Else
9:12PM 2 make check failed on linux-amd64 using PGI compilers
8:44PM 0 grid.remove() doesn't remove output
6:17PM 1 specifying a key for a trellis display
4:51PM 1 Help regarding mas5 normalization
4:51PM 1 order statistics / sample quantiles
4:22PM 0 R-help: conversion of long decimal numbers into hexadecimal numbers
4:19PM 2 ltext - adding text to each panel from a matrix
3:49PM 2 error in rowSums:'x' must be numeric
3:25PM 7 different functions on different vector subsets
3:07PM 0 estimating significance P-value between 2 matricesv
2:56PM 1 question about the dataset fgl
2:53PM 1 R-help: conversion of long decimal numbers into hexadecimal
2:44PM 0 Fonts, Plus
1:32PM 3 Remove levels
1:28PM 6 paste argument of a function as a file name
1:21PM 4 write.table read.table with Dates
11:33AM 1 match and %in%
11:19AM 0 "silly" question on covariable declaration
11:06AM 2 Help to multinomial analyses
10:53AM 0 Choosing the data type to improve accuracy in SVM, PPR and randomForest
8:39AM 3 Low level algorithm conrol in Fisher's exact test
6:34AM 2 polynomials transformation
3:10AM 1 About double-bootstrap
Wednesday November 9 2005
11:50PM 1 basic mac question
11:11PM 2 help with legacy R code
9:44PM 0 Compiling R on Sparc-Solaris-2.9
9:35PM 1 accident modified dataset. How can I recovery it?!
9:23PM 0 library(lattice)
8:56PM 5 How to find statistics like that.
8:55PM 2 how to convert strings back to values?
8:48PM 1 Order of terms in a model specification...
7:26PM 8 Element-by-element multiplication operator?
6:00PM 0 Small Area Estimation with R
5:38PM 1 Course***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, December 2005
5:33PM 1 strategies to obtain convergence using nlme
4:24PM 2 short suggestion to the R development team
4:20PM 1 Replace missing values in spatial design using moving average
4:14PM 6 elements in a matrix to a vector
3:33PM 1 Problems with Shapiro Wilk's test of normality.
3:24PM 1 trellis: positioning of key
3:07PM 2 read.table error with R 2.2.0
2:57PM 0 source of "susbcript out of bounds error" in nmle
2:18PM 0 R: Re: RODBC fails to build
2:15PM 1 Tendancy Chi test?
2:01PM 3 dataframe without repetition
1:59PM 0 two Kaplan-Meier Curves in one plot
12:00PM 2 About: Error in FUN(X[[1]], ...) : symbol print-name too long
11:10AM 1 Command line and R
10:49AM 0 Can I run both R and Python through Emacs
10:38AM 1 Query
10:21AM 0 annot have zero distances in "corSpatial"
9:56AM 1 using abline and a fitted 2nd degree formula
8:46AM 1 Title and axis
8:02AM 0 useR! 2006: submission & registration started!
7:55AM 2 problem with Running Locfit
4:43AM 2 Sort a dataframe
1:54AM 2 error in NORM lib
12:48AM 0 contrasts
12:40AM 2 Variograms and large distances
Tuesday November 8 2005
11:46PM 2 retrieve most abundant species by sample unit
11:40PM 2 A Quick and (Very) Dirty Intro to Stats in R
11:03PM 0 sorting during xtabs? sorting by "individual" order?
9:46PM 0 OT: on the DFT of a periodic Gaussian kernel (analytic representation?)
9:36PM 3 how to plot the circles in matrix form
9:33PM 1 (no subject)
8:26PM 1 Type II and III sums of squares with Error in AOV
8:20PM 5 Using split and sapply to return entire lines
7:41PM 1 Need advice about models with ordinal input variables
7:28PM 3 Quickest way to match two vectors besides %in%?
5:43PM 1 Can someone Help in nls() package
5:13PM 2 Variogram
4:51PM 4 bug in windows GUI/script editor (PR#8288)
4:31PM 1 RODBC fails to build
4:29PM 0 proportional odds assumption with mixed model
3:31PM 1 Hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm (MCMC)
3:15PM 0 wavethresh and multiresolutional decomposition (mallat)
2:47PM 1 Interpretation of output from glm
1:59PM 3 how to draw cumulative histogram
1:35PM 1 setting labels on axis
1:08PM 2 question about R graphics-example plot attached
11:42AM 3 The problem with rcom pakage
11:02AM 1 Output glm
3:57AM 2 Simple Nesting question/Odd error message
2:01AM 1 Poisson/negbin followed by jackknife
1:52AM 4 writing R shell scripts?
Monday November 7 2005
11:52PM 1 reduce levels
11:11PM 1 frequency() source code
10:17PM 1 Modifying Internal C Files
9:11PM 0 [OTAnn] Feedback
9:07PM 1 Deleting Rows/Columns
7:27PM 1 repeated values, nlme, correlation structures
7:16PM 1 pdf device and TeXencoding?
7:08PM 0 Is R thread safe?
6:10PM 1 Newbie on functions
5:36PM 2 lattice chart: different definitions for series
3:53PM 1 someone knows how to title a image.plot() in a layout?
3:39PM 1 Help with downloading clim.pact
3:12PM 2 Scale of plots
3:09PM 4 Time-measurement in milliseconds
2:37PM 2 how to export density_function output?
1:55PM 1 R-2.2.0: aggregate problem
12:14PM 1 R seems to "stall" after several hours on a long series o f analyses... where to start?
11:16AM 4 R seems to "stall" after several hours on a long series of analyses... where to start?
10:45AM 1 levelplot and layout
7:04AM 2 slow R start up
Sunday November 6 2005
10:47PM 3 solving a complicated equation
9:42PM 1 Box's M/likelihood ratio test for equal v-c matrices
8:37PM 1 kinship package example data
7:39PM 1 Problem defining a system of odes as a C library with lsoda
6:59PM 0 R for Psychometrics
1:34PM 2 Use of paste with apply()
12:50PM 1 R (2.2.0), R-DCOM and Delphi
9:21AM 2 cox models
8:10AM 2 OLS variables
3:37AM 1 dataTable manipulation in R
3:28AM 3 How can I assign an argument to transfer whether by ref or by value?
1:53AM 0 R help
Saturday November 5 2005
9:35PM 1 Problem with installing home-made package under Windoze.
7:38PM 1 question about R code
7:28PM 3 solve the quadratic equation ax^2+bx+c=0
7:10PM 0 Goodness of fit tests
6:08PM 1 R CMD INSTALL --help crashes R for Windows
5:04PM 2 sort table
5:03PM 1 nlme, predict.nlme, levels not allowed
2:41PM 0 Problem executing C code in R
1:31PM 0 Stochastic Volatility
2:04AM 2 problem with the assignment function
Friday November 4 2005
10:39PM 0 [OTAnn] Groups:New Developments at Roomity
7:25PM 0 Default keyboard shortcuts in JGR
5:59PM 1 Stress in multidimensional scaling
4:25PM 1 random forests and memory allocation
2:37PM 1 problem in waveslim library?
2:09PM 1 model.matrix for non-hierarchical models
1:46PM 1 Graphics question on putting axes in the margins
1:32PM 1 R graphics help
1:05PM 0 Background only white when using rgl.postscript()
11:41AM 1 plot of mice.mids objects
10:52AM 2 How to load a workspace, which was created in Windows, in Unix
10:43AM 1 residual variance in lmer
9:28AM 2 Simplify iterative programming
9:09AM 1 t test on data frame
6:31AM 1 Plotting Factorial GLMs
Thursday November 3 2005
9:53PM 1 Error message: " The following object(s) are masked"
9:52PM 0 Using R with SGE
8:07PM 1 Help in expand.grid() (Restricted combination)
7:22PM 0 multivariate nonparametric regression with e >= 0
6:28PM 1 multidimensional integration not over a multidimensionalrectangle
6:05PM 1 Specify Z matrix with lmer function
5:43PM 1 Fitting heteroscedastic linear models/ problems with varIdent of nlme
5:21PM 4 nlme questions
4:45PM 3 newbie graphics question: Two density plots in same frame ?
4:22PM 1 text mining with R
4:13PM 0 PL2006 Program Ballot
4:12PM 1 fatal error unused tempdir
4:02PM 1 Help on model selection using AICc
4:02PM 0 MDS: Sample in one group appears twice. Why?
3:03PM 1 Problems with abline adding regression line to a graph
3:00PM 3 Search within a file
2:47PM 0 Rserve/Python
2:13PM 0 problems with pan(): Indizierung ausserhalb der Grenzen = subscript out of bounds
2:11PM 2 Potential for R to conflict with other softwares
1:28PM 2 Can I do content analysis by R?
1:15PM 1 How to calculate errors in histogram values
1:08PM 4 merging dataframes
1:08PM 1 ML optimization question--unidimensional unfolding scalin g
1:01PM 7 quadratic form
12:56PM 1 Problem installing ROracle package under R
10:46AM 1 R save very huge matrices in files
2:49AM 1 Real FFT
12:47AM 0 Extracting Variance Components fro lme
12:02AM 2 Extracting variance components in lme
Wednesday November 2 2005
10:06PM 2 Orientation of tickmarks labels in boxplot/plot
9:22PM 2 help : matrix row/column random mixing
8:09PM 0 Placing a grob in multiple viewports
8:05PM 1 model selection based on AICc
7:07PM 1 Visualizing a Data Distribution -- Was: breaks in hist()
6:45PM 2 RODBC and Excel: Wrong Data Type Assumed on Import
5:48PM 2 breaks in hist()
5:03PM 2 readline() and Rterm in Windows
4:22PM 0 extracting values with $
3:15PM 2 margins too large
3:07PM 1 For multiple trellis plot, how to add a global title
2:34PM 0 (no subject)
2:13PM 1 nlminb failed to converge with lmer
1:51PM 1 x/y coordinates of dendrogram branches
1:24PM 2 Anything like associative arrays in R?
12:59PM 1 aggregating data and missing values
12:32PM 5 Distribution fitting problem
12:10PM 2 (no subject)
11:42AM 1 Help for MDS !!
11:17AM 2 how to overlay many plot windows in a sigle frame
11:08AM 2 Bug report on get.hist.quote
4:29AM 1 NLME
2:49AM 1 Tcl/tk
1:44AM 1 Trellis Plot Group Variable Font size
1:24AM 2 help with the coordinates of the ECDF object
Tuesday November 1 2005
11:35PM 0 two sample Cramer-von Mises test
10:12PM 1 help with hier.part
10:01PM 3 Area under standard normal density
10:00PM 1 coding nesting in data for nlme example of Wafer data set.
9:43PM 1 R Graphs in Powerpoint
9:07PM 1 Problems with dyn.load()
7:36PM 1 Error on read.table
5:55PM 1 function effect and standard error
5:09PM 1 percent rank by an index key?
5:00PM 3 glmmpql and lmer keep failing
4:57PM 2 kernel smoothing
4:38PM 2 dataframe conversion
4:15PM 5 Unexpected result from binary greater than operator
1:20PM 2 Greek letters in plots
12:18PM 1 Doubly Non-Central F-Distribution
11:37AM 1 How to change label size in a plot
11:32AM 0 standard errors in summary.lm
10:39AM 3 (no subject)
10:03AM 1 R2WinBUGS: Comparison to WinBUGS
6:30AM 1 balloonplot/ package gplots/ getting rid of the grid
12:04AM 4 S4 classes in existing packages