R help - Jan 2006

Tuesday January 31 2006
11:34PM 0 Help with boot()
10:48PM 1 approximation to ln \Phi(x)
9:02PM 1 How do I "normalise" a power spectral density
7:46PM 2 SVM question
7:07PM 1 Density estimation with monotonic constaints
7:00PM 0 Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test - what are the exact alternative hypotheses?
6:22PM 1 Mixed-effects models / heterogeneous covariances
5:38PM 1 Stepwise selection and F-enter anf F-remove values
3:55PM 2 Multiple xyplots on the same page
2:30PM 2 List of lists???
1:56PM 2 vector with specified values construction
12:42PM 0 arules and frequent pattern tree
11:28AM 0 R relative to statistical packages
10:32AM 0 TURF (total unreplicated reach and frequency) Analysis program
10:10AM 1 lattice histogram finetuning
9:34AM 1 changing the default repositories
9:30AM 0 classifier for histograms?
8:41AM 1 warnings in glm (logistic regression)
7:15AM 0 lattice: combining panel.xyplot with panel.abline - is thispossible?
7:01AM 4 Sos! "Lines" doesn't add plots to an existing plot...
4:30AM 2 Announce: Contributed Documentation
1:30AM 1 lme in R (WinXP) vs. Splus (HP UNIX)
12:44AM 0 lattice: combining panel.xyplot with panel.abline - is this possible?
Monday January 30 2006
11:37PM 2 Sweave: trouble controlling Design package startup output
11:03PM 1 Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test on R
10:42PM 0 testing the signifiance of variables in a robust regression with M-estimators
10:01PM 1 predict.lme / nlmmPQL: "non-conformable arguments"
9:32PM 3 RMySQL install
9:22PM 2 Type II SS for fixed-effect in mixed model
9:09PM 2 collating columns
8:51PM 3 Date Not Staying in Date Format
8:51PM 1 weights argument in the lmer function in lme4
8:31PM 2 how to get the row name?
7:27PM 0 Anova help
6:55PM 0 degrees of freedom
6:35PM 4 Warning message when returning multiple items
6:18PM 1 Timeliness of precompiled binaries--R-2.2.1 still notavailable as RPM
5:41PM 4 Loops that last for ever...
4:50PM 3 handling NA by mean replacement
4:38PM 1 Timeliness of precompiled binaries--R-2.2.1 still not available as RPM
4:32PM 4 Integer bit size and the modulus operator
4:22PM 4 Logistic regression model selection with overdispersed/autocorrelated data
4:16PM 1 fExtreme packages
3:29PM 3 Subsetting a matrix without for-loop
3:17PM 1 non linear 3SLS with constraints
3:17PM 1 OT: code for non-central t-density/cdf
2:27PM 0 match() & seq()
1:14PM 5 Help with R: functions
12:53PM 2 R on dual-core machines
11:34AM 2 yet another vectorization question
11:34AM 1 multiple hystograms
9:28AM 1 Filtering the time series
8:39AM 1 Varying results of sammon(), for the same data set
8:24AM 3 matlab-like constant matrix initialization?
5:43AM 2 'all' inconsistent?
4:44AM 5 Help! What does this R command mean?
3:49AM 2 How to add two different axis to one plot?
2:42AM 1 problem with mirror selection
1:34AM 2 beginner Q: hashtable or dictionary?
Sunday January 29 2006
10:11PM 2 SoS! How to predict new values using linear regression models?
10:06PM 0 actuarial prevalence plots
8:59PM 1 Logit regression using MLE
4:34PM 1 additional error on read.table function
4:25PM 1 line numbers
3:26PM 2 help with read.table() function
11:32AM 0 textplot from gplots package
5:54AM 1 extracting 'Z' value from a glm result
4:12AM 1 What does this command "~" mean?
Saturday January 28 2006
8:54PM 1 Regex question
6:27PM 1 Selecting Random Subset From Matrix - retaining indices
5:09PM 1 yet another lmer question
3:52PM 3 Learning - Example programs
1:55PM 3 Creating 3D Gaussian Plot
2:09AM 1 installation of R on Linux
12:27AM 1 Complex Matrix Exponentials.
Friday January 27 2006
9:47PM 1 avoiding warning messages on the screen with 'lme'
9:25PM 2 lme4_0.995-2/Matrix_0.995-4 upgrade introduces error messages (change management)
9:01PM 0 Refused Mail: Mail En Retour:
8:57PM 1 "Conditional" match?
8:21PM 1 save trained randomForest model
8:13PM 1 Factor Analysis
6:25PM 1 Classifying Intertwined Spirals
3:30PM 0 identifying points on a clusplot
3:23PM 2 Antigen forwarded attachment
3:08PM 1 Previously compilation procedure on Mac OS X no longer works
3:04PM 1 how calculation degrees freedom
2:53PM 2 How do I "normalise" a power spectral density analysis?
1:27PM 3 draft of Comment on UCLA tech report
12:38PM 3 substituting an object not found
12:23PM 1 How to change the GUI language option
11:28AM 1 monochrome mosaic plot in vcd package
11:05AM 0 updated r-help traffic plots
10:39AM 5 How to convert decimals to fractions
9:54AM 4 regular expressions, sub
7:55AM 1 about xyplot in lattice
6:42AM 1 measuring computation time
6:12AM 3 [Q] extracting lower diagonal elements of a matrix
6:03AM 1 why did not data.table work?
4:58AM 0 Trimming / Removing leading and following blanks using Windows version
4:52AM 2 generating random numbers from the logit-normal distribution ?
4:38AM 1 R compile on AIX 5.2
3:00AM 1 about lm restrictions...
2:45AM 1 Nesting Functions
2:14AM 0 question about density estimation with monotonic constraints
1:16AM 1 Justification of dendrogram labels
12:13AM 1 xyplot: making strip function aware of panel.number
Thursday January 26 2006
11:54PM 0 Concept Mapping of Qualitative Data
11:46PM 2 footnote in postscript lattice
11:15PM 3 How do you convert this from S Plus to R - any help appreciated . thanks
10:42PM 0 degrees freedom in nlme
10:32PM 2 can I do this with read.table??
7:57PM 0 boot & boot.ci
7:48PM 2 cluster analysis: "error in vector("double", length): given vector size is too big {Fehler in vector("double", length) : angegebene Vektorgröße ist zu groß}
7:11PM 5 understanding patterns in categorical vs. continuous data
7:08PM 1 (no subject)
6:35PM 1 DOS command using "system"
6:31PM 2 Data management problem: convert text string to matrix of 0's and 1's
6:18PM 1 Clustering Question
4:54PM 1 how to compare glm parameter values
4:40PM 2 Prediction when using orthogonal polynomials in regression
4:28PM 0 XML Request in R: Pointers/examples needed
3:55PM 1 Automatic differentiation (was: Re: D(dnorm...)?)
3:44PM 1 Using special characters
2:02PM 1 maximizing available memory under windows XP
1:19PM 1 efficiency with "%*%"
11:28AM 1 How to make two side-by side trellis plots same size
10:13AM 1 list entries file into a list
9:11AM 2 What's wrong with Rcmdr?
8:53AM 2 What's wrong with JGR?
7:51AM 1 construct a bundle, subdirs do not exist?
7:36AM 1 [R-SIG-Mac] Hist for different levels of a factor
5:31AM 1 question about "system" command
1:24AM 1 A function slightly different from diff()
1:12AM 1 Partial Canonical Correlation
12:11AM 1 panel.xyplot : incorrectly "connecting" points
Wednesday January 25 2006
11:56PM 1 imbalanced classes
10:42PM 4 D(dnorm...)?
8:49PM 0 a nice tool
8:37PM 2 how to test robustness of correlation
7:15PM 1 cox.zph
6:57PM 4 paste - eliminate spaces?
5:32PM 2 Question about fitting power
5:04PM 0 Log-Likelihood 3d-plot and contourplot / optim() starting values
5:02PM 1 About lmer output
4:32PM 0 (no subject)
2:50PM 2 Unequal sample sizes when calculating power
2:29PM 1 Savitsky Golay smoothing
2:14PM 0 Problems running R immediately after installing
10:59AM 2 persp() and character labels for axis
10:56AM 0 Interpolating spline problems and akima
10:38AM 2 Question about Aggregate
10:35AM 1 How to use rfm.test ? (Package MarkedPointProcess)
10:27AM 0 documentation mistake
9:00AM 0 amap
8:09AM 7 reducing learning curves?
8:08AM 3 read.table problem
7:35AM 2 panel function with barchart (lattice)
7:10AM 1 combining variables with PCA
3:29AM 4 is.integer() function
1:01AM 0 lazy evaluation (was RE: Number of replications of a term)
Tuesday January 24 2006
10:11PM 1 Linearize a Function
10:06PM 3 R-help Digest, Vol 35, Issue 24
9:28PM 1 polr (MASS)
8:28PM 2 importing a VERY LARGE database from Microsoft SQL into R
7:30PM 1 non-finite finite-difference value[]
6:25PM 1 fitting generalized linear models using glmmPQL
5:31PM 0 multiple histograms
5:30PM 0 [REQ] Equivalent INSTALL cmdline option
5:26PM 0 useR! 2006 - Submission Deadline 2006-02-28
5:05PM 9 Number of replications of a term
4:50PM 6 R vs. Excel (R-squared)
4:33PM 4 nested ANCOVA: still confused
2:17PM 4 Can R handle medium and large size data sets?
1:53PM 1 Can’t find X11 font when trying to produce graph
1:21PM 4 column of a list
1:12PM 1 Basic graphics question
12:45PM 1 Condor and R
12:25PM 1 Distance between axis and x.lab
10:47AM 1 No scientific notation in format
10:31AM 2 R and Eclipse?
10:24AM 2 language setting of the R Window in Windows XP Korean ed.
9:57AM 1 spec.pgram() normalized too what?
8:10AM 0 Relating Spectral Density to Chi-Square distribution
4:54AM 0 An Appreciation of Leo Breiman (1928-2005)
Monday January 23 2006
11:52PM 1 exporting dates into Microsoft SQL Server
11:46PM 0 (no subject)
10:30PM 1 varphi symbol for ylab expression
9:35PM 1 weighted likelihood for lme
8:44PM 3 Easy, Robust and Stable GUI???
8:04PM 1 Sample rows in data frame by subsets
7:38PM 1 simple problem
7:35PM 8 In which application areas is R used?
7:01PM 0 cluster plot for cmeans cluster result
5:56PM 2 Can one write a procedure in R like for instance in Maple ?
5:49PM 4 Converting from a dataset to a single "column"
5:48PM 0 (no subject)
5:46PM 0 Importing QIF files
5:29PM 0 Selecting data frame components by name - do you know ashorter way?
5:21PM 1 mutlivariate normal and t distributions
5:19PM 1 nlme in R v.2.2.1 and S-Plus v. 7.0
4:54PM 1 lines() in heatmap()
4:47PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 35, Issue 23
4:10PM 3 Creating an R package file
3:55PM 3 ordering a data frame to same order as a chr vector
3:41PM 1 Sweave: skip if figure exists
1:19PM 0 design matrix and coefficients
12:24PM 8 Image Processing packages
10:58AM 0 Making a markov transition matrix - more progress
10:05AM 1 R-2.2.1 doesn't compile under cygwin/Win2000
10:04AM 1 Trees
9:16AM 0 FW: aggregating variables with pca
9:07AM 2 chm.help in windows
6:52AM 1 will vectorization help in this case?
3:42AM 1 formatC slow? (or how can I make this function faster?
Sunday January 22 2006
10:02PM 1 Execute a list of R instructions from a file
6:06PM 1 regression with nestedness
5:51PM 1 Solve for x in Ax=B with vectors, not matrices
5:37PM 1 NAs in optim
3:50PM 0 Difference between two correlation coefficients
2:54PM 1 Application of R and MNP
1:38PM 3 White Noise
11:55AM 0 Rank Product
11:28AM 0 Error in 1:object$rank : NA/NaN argument
12:38AM 6 Making a markov transition matrix
Saturday January 21 2006
10:52PM 0 Means from balanced incomplete block design
5:49PM 2 converting help files with Sd2Rd
11:15AM 2 Latest revision of lme4 requires 'Matrix' >= 0.995.2 but that version is not available on CRAN
4:15AM 0 Latex problem in Rd file
12:17AM 1 " 'x' must be numeric"
Friday January 20 2006
10:28PM 3 command in survival package
9:53PM 2 Run R in background?
8:36PM 3 fractional factorial design in R
7:26PM 1 indexing within a function
6:37PM 3 abline() or predict.lm() when log="x"
6:33PM 0 Selecting data frame components by name - do you know a s horter way?
5:55PM 3 Selecting data frame components by name - do you know a shorter way?
4:52PM 0 questions about coxph.detail
4:27PM 2 cron job install/update problems: tcltk can't find display (installing e.g., pbatR)
3:30PM 2 big difference in estimate between dmvnorm and dnorm, how come?
3:24PM 3 function for rowMedian?
2:35PM 1 PCA: eigen/princomp vs. svd/prcomp
11:14AM 2 assign object to list
10:21AM 1 Passing variable arguments to functions
8:40AM 0 Type III SS in generalized linear mixed models
12:42AM 1 Loop through factors without changing to numerics
Thursday January 19 2006
9:55PM 6 Dynamic Programming in R
8:19PM 2 Legend Outside Plot Dimension
7:44PM 1 change fitted line colour in lme() trellis plot?
6:49PM 0 Editing Partial Correlation Matrix
6:43PM 2 gam
6:12PM 0 RSQLite
6:08PM 1 matrix export
5:42PM 2 Downloads -- possible bug?
5:07PM 2 function kde2d
5:07PM 0 (no subject)
4:56PM 0 Using svm.plot with mlbench.spirals.
4:32PM 0 help on statistics and code
3:55PM 0 aggregating variables with pca
3:06PM 0 factor or not factor that is a question
2:06PM 0 Creating dipole field
2:01PM 0 obtaining ROC curve from Nearest Shrunken Centroids (pamr)
12:01PM 1 empirical maximum likelihood estimation
11:35AM 1 Minimizing mahalanobis distance to negative orthant
10:36AM 2 packages about microarray analysis
10:19AM 2 R Commenting Style
9:38AM 3 html excel file
8:35AM 2 Tobit estimation?
8:08AM 0 new R package: UNTB
5:50AM 2 sapply on data frames - $X vs.["X"]
4:38AM 2 creating objects with a slot of class formula, using new
4:17AM 1 numericDeriv() giving a vector when multiple variables input
Wednesday January 18 2006
11:36PM 1 Canonical Variance Analysis by any other name?
10:29PM 2 do.call, missing arguments and [
9:58PM 0 r-help, how can i use my own distance matrix without usin g dist()
9:47PM 1 r-help, how can i use my own distance matrix without using dist()
8:40PM 2 Plotting an lme( ) object
8:37PM 1 Breakpoints for multiple variables using Segmented
7:33PM 1 Powell's unconstrained derivative-free nonlinear least squares routine, VA05AD
7:18PM 0 Converting a Perl Array of Arrayrefs to an R array or matrix using RS Perl
7:12PM 2 Display an Image on a Plane
6:46PM 1 ICC for Binary data
6:45PM 2 Help with plot.svm from e1071
5:14PM 0 Logistftest to select diagnostic genes
4:52PM 1 Influence measure + lme ?
4:32PM 3 linear contrasts with anova
2:51PM 2 Windows package upates
1:58PM 4 negative predicted values in poisson glm
1:50PM 0 Documentation in R 2.2.1 for Windows of: rcmd build --docs=
12:50PM 1 se.fit in predict.nls
12:27PM 4 Coercing a list to integer?
12:12PM 1 Within-Subjects ANOVA & comparisons of individual means
12:12PM 0 R Wiki and R-sig-wikii
12:09PM 0 Loading of namespace on load of .Rdata (was strange behaviour of load)
12:08PM 3 Possible improvement in lm
12:04PM 6 some EPS rotated in journal preview
11:20AM 1 y axis text truncated
10:42AM 2 Help with mixed effects models
9:15AM 2 Own Color Palette
8:51AM 1 compiling R on powerpc-ibm-aix5.1.0.0
6:02AM 5 Bootstrapping help
3:05AM 0 Installing RMySQL on Mac OS X 10.4.4
1:20AM 0 Windows ESS for XEmacs - installer
Tuesday January 17 2006
10:25PM 1 have difficulty in installing packages
9:12PM 1 symbols function
8:45PM 0 Bivariate Normal Variables and correlation
8:41PM 1 Step.glm() question
8:33PM 3 Anova problem with order of terms in model
8:02PM 1 log-linear analysis - calculate treatment effects
8:02PM 0 Using values from a function with complex output
7:45PM 1 array question
7:37PM 2 Cumulative Density Plots (Hmisc/lattice)
7:10PM 2 lme model specification
6:47PM 2 help with parsing multiple coxph() results
6:35PM 0 help with coxph() for multiple genes
6:27PM 0 CLuster analysis with only nominal variables
6:24PM 0 Regression with no-intercept
6:22PM 1 Vector indices
6:16PM 1 Newbie question on using friedman.test()
6:14PM 1 Clustering function
5:56PM 0 Cannot convert from phylo to hclust , error!!???
5:07PM 0 removing loop in array recalculation
4:32PM 0 survival with Weibull
3:06PM 2 Printing numerical matrices
2:30PM 6 For each element in vector do...
2:03PM 0 Consensus dendogram help?
1:33PM 1 how can i locate the source code of a module quickly?
1:31PM 0 RODBC sqlQuery question
12:08PM 0 xlispstat and R
11:45AM 0 Perl array conversion in R to compare plots.
11:17AM 2 multiple GLMs with lmList in lme4
11:05AM 1 Font size of axis labels
9:45AM 3 Kriging for d>3
4:47AM 2 Calculation of daily max
4:32AM 1 Dynamic load
1:23AM 2 Installing a package yet it will not work.
12:07AM 1 off topic: how is xlispstat used in the industry?
Monday January 16 2006
10:46PM 0 looking for ENAR partner
10:36PM 1 Legends in xyplot
10:34PM 1 princomp() with missing values in panel data?
10:13PM 3 Current state of support for BUGS access for Linux users?
9:53PM 1 singular convergence(7)?
9:39PM 1 fitted values from lmer (lme4 0.98)
9:29PM 2 importing from Stata
8:30PM 3 new comer's question
7:35PM 2 rsq.rpart is there any R-Square value like in SPSS?
6:53PM 1 rsq.rpart not found ...
6:02PM 3 run-time of an R function
5:51PM 1 Problem with plot()
5:33PM 1 label of second y-axis in xyplot (lattice)
5:07PM 1 lme output
5:05PM 1 Homogenous groups building - Randomisation
4:26PM 1 gplots
4:24PM 4 Standardized beta-coefficients in regression
1:59PM 0 New package lspls
1:15PM 1 Poisson and negative binomial models with truncation
12:51PM 1 How to analysis Y98 chips using RankProd package?
11:22AM 0 Snow Rmpi Heterogeneous Cluster
11:09AM 1 Problems of data processing
10:48AM 0 R function for Gap statistic
10:37AM 2 Matrix package download problem
9:18AM 1 General partition search algorithm (local search, genetic algorithm, ...)
7:58AM 2 Kite diagrams
Sunday January 15 2006
9:09PM 0 invalid "mode" of argument optimize
8:53PM 0 MLE
8:45PM 0 Firefox slide show with embedded SVG
8:17PM 1 Powell's Metod
6:22PM 1 Multiple comparison and two-way ANOVA design
2:32PM 1 Equal length axis
1:56PM 1 Raw Data Input
1:04PM 1 problems with glm
11:12AM 0 How do I put these functions "together"?
11:06AM 8 / Operator not meaningful for factors
Saturday January 14 2006
11:16PM 2 R-help Digest, Vol 35, Issue 14
10:30PM 1 example(plot) question
9:48PM 1 Can I call a R function from within C/C++ directly?
9:11PM 0 Data Mining Course
5:12PM 1 (no subject)
4:44PM 1 lmer and handling heteroscedasticity
3:08PM 1 Different length of objects
5:24AM 2 change lattice panel background color
3:19AM 0 Rd file--latex {array} help
Friday January 13 2006
10:13PM 1 Syntax for linear mixed model
10:10PM 0 Idempotent apply
9:57PM 2 for loop should check the looping index !!
8:46PM 0 update 'groupedData' and 'lme' objects
7:03PM 1 apply
6:59PM 1 Variance-covariance by factor
6:22PM 1 better way to replace missing values with zero
5:53PM 1 glmmPQL: Na/NaN/Inf in foreign function call
4:19PM 2 Saving data in an R package - how to maintain that t avariable is a 'factor' when it is coded as 1, 2, 3...
4:04PM 3 Can I ask for the C code inside an R function using .C?
2:43PM 1 Problems installing R 2.2.1
1:34PM 0 Course in Statistical Practise in Epidemiology using R
1:05PM 3 Getting the numeric value of difftime
12:50PM 1 multivariate markov switching
12:08PM 1 R and filemaker pro DB
12:06PM 2 find mean of a list of timeseries
11:49AM 4 Scientific notation in plots
11:14AM 1 first derivative of a time series
11:00AM 1 help with gepRglm::likfit.glsm
7:04AM 3 Taking code from packages
Thursday January 12 2006
10:26PM 2 Data with no separator
10:17PM 4 edit.data.frame
9:22PM 1 February course *** R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
9:15PM 1 bug with mai , pdf, and heatmap ?
8:54PM 1 Firths bias correction for log-linear models
8:19PM 2 Basis of fisher.test
8:02PM 0 bandwidth - Hmise.mixt - ks-package
7:54PM 1 Multilevel models with mixed effects in R?
7:10PM 1 I think not so hard question
6:59PM 1 Convert matrix to data.frame
6:50PM 4 CRAN versions of lme4/Matrix don't appear to work with R 2.1.1
6:34PM 1 t-test for standard deviations
6:11PM 3 Curve fitting
4:54PM 1 "infinite recursion" in do.call when lme4 loaded only
3:56PM 1 I think simple R question
3:16PM 1 wilcox.test warnig message p-value where are the zeros in the data?
2:44PM 2 tapply and weighted means
1:49PM 2 extract variables from linear model
1:20PM 1 Problem with NLSYSTEMFIT()
1:20PM 1 envelopes of simulations
11:33AM 0 Obtaining the adjusted r-square given the regression
10:56AM 0 Software Reliability Using Cox Proportional Hazard
10:32AM 1 Equal number of cuts in a contourplot with trellis
10:19AM 1 Indentation in emacs
3:48AM 4 Loading Excel file into Limma
2:04AM 0 question for mshapiro test
Wednesday January 11 2006
10:08PM 0 March 29-31, Data Mining Conference, Southern California, Early-bird Deadline Savings of $50
9:46PM 2 a series of 1's and -1's
9:38PM 1 Strange behaviour of load
9:37PM 1 updating formula inside function
7:17PM 1 statistical formulation of a problem
6:39PM 1 4 smoothed lines on xyplot
6:12PM 3 Regular expressions
5:41PM 0 Permutation columns or boostrapping
5:40PM 0 Looking for functions that do the "nearest neighbor method" and the "variable kernel method"
4:53PM 3 Datetimes differences
4:53PM 1 F-test degree of freedoms in lme4 ?
3:57PM 3 SPSS and R ? do they like each other?
3:02PM 3 dataframes with only one variable
2:31PM 1 Binary logistic modelling: setting conditions (defining thresholds) in the fitted model (lrm)
2:26PM 1 Homogenic groups generation - Randomisation
12:41PM 3 how to obtain "par(ask=TRUE)" with trellis-plots
9:52AM 2 Space between axis label and tick labels
9:16AM 0 Obtaining the adjusted r-square given the regression coef ficients
7:58AM 0 Thunderbird misrepresents manuals
7:16AM 1 graphics: axis label
5:33AM 1 Log-likelihood for Multinominal Probit Regression Model
4:30AM 0 Question about plotting a hclust tree
3:12AM 2 Problem with making Matrix
1:55AM 1 complex matrix manipulation question
1:53AM 1 hypothesis testing for rank-deficient linear models
1:25AM 3 matrix logic
12:23AM 1 Odds Ratios in Logistic Regression with Effect Modifiers
12:00AM 2 Levelplot not working from file
Tuesday January 10 2006
10:02PM 2 reading contigency tables
9:28PM 2 expected values of order statistics
9:03PM 1 Find last row (observation) for each combination of variables
8:50PM 1 "Missing value representation in Excel before
8:36PM 0 Representation of lmer objects will change soon
7:50PM 1 R CMD not recognized at command-line
7:29PM 2 lmer(): nested and non-nested factors in logistic regression
6:37PM 1 glmmPQL / "system is computationally singular"
6:30PM 0 R for Windows Proxy Solution
5:56PM 1 Return a Vector of Positions
4:07PM 2 Obtaining the adjusted r-square given the regression coefficients
3:50PM 1 another question about lmer, this time involving coef()
3:49PM 5 matching country name tables from different sources
3:33PM 1 Hmisc xYplot: two ablines?
3:33PM 3 Working with R in a multi-processor machine.
3:27PM 2 (no subject)
2:47PM 2 Correct way to test for exact dimensions of matrix or array
2:40PM 2 Repeated measures aov with post hoc tests?
12:36PM 0 new gstat version
10:54AM 1 extracting coefficients from lmer
9:17AM 0 data collection with R
9:15AM 2 graphics pages?
6:33AM 1 How to plot legend to the margin area of the graph?
1:27AM 0 bug in either glmmPQL or lme/lmer
1:14AM 0 StatsRus and wiki
12:26AM 2 Wikis (was about prod(numeric(0)))
Monday January 9 2006
10:00PM 1 brown, durbin , evans ( 1975 )
8:40PM 2 automatic start of RWinEdt
8:31PM 0 <kein Betreff>
6:43PM 0 product of multidimensional tables
6:20PM 6 R newbie example code question
5:24PM 2 warning message from nlme
3:54PM 0 data aquistion cards
3:37PM 1 trouble with extraction/interpretation of variance structure para meters from a model built using gnls and varConstPower
3:06PM 0 Looking for packages to do Feature Selection and Classifi cation
2:43PM 0 need palette of topographic colors similar to topo.colors ()
2:28PM 1 How to use filled.contour(x,y,z) data for levelplot(z)?
2:01PM 1 how to run the data editor by command?Thanks!
1:59PM 2 decide between polynomial vs ordered factor model (lme)
11:13AM 3 two y-axis in xy-plot
9:26AM 1 How to restore workspace from .RDataTmp?
7:26AM 2 paste tab and print
6:54AM 0 (sans objet)
Sunday January 8 2006
11:43PM 1 Clustering and Rand Index - VS-KM
9:22PM 1 How to unload a package or "undo" library("package")
7:18PM 2 wicked wikis for R
6:19PM 1 lmer with nested/nonnested groupings?
12:56PM 0 Wikis for R
12:46PM 2 Filters in waveslim
7:30AM 2 exporting methods/classes
6:22AM 3 Dates
1:41AM 4 repeat { readline() }
12:36AM 2 sending methods to a new package
Saturday January 7 2006
9:12PM 2 Where is the stud.ci() function used in boot.ci()?
8:32PM 1 packages and tex files
8:32PM 0 (no subject)
7:34PM 2 need palette of topographic colors similar to topo.colors()
6:01PM 1 maptools, write.polylistShape
5:47PM 2 Question about graphics in R
3:38PM 1 Generating raster simulations
2:32PM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 35, Issue 7
12:38PM 1 Clustering and Rand Index
11:11AM 1 level sets of factors are different
3:44AM 0 LOCFIT help
12:30AM 1 Installing Task Views
Friday January 6 2006
11:16PM 1 Daylight Savings Time unknown in R-2.2.1
9:56PM 1 vectorization of groups of dot products
9:56PM 2 panel data unit root tests
9:01PM 0 Got it--Re:A question on summation of functions
8:46PM 2 ouml in an .Rd
8:10PM 0 A question on summation of functions
7:47PM 1 "Missing value representation in Excel before extraction to R with RODBC"
6:06PM 1 Using R in a production /real time windows environment
5:57PM 1 Problem with Integral of Indicator Function
5:45PM 1 installation question/problem
5:28PM 2 Can R plot multicolor lines?
5:04PM 1 distribution maps
4:57PM 1 How to visualise spatial raster data?
4:43PM 2 sudoku
4:20PM 1 help with strip.default
3:44PM 0 inverse prediction intervals for nonlinear least squares
3:27PM 1 lmer p-vales are sometimes too small
2:43PM 7 Multiplication (PR#8466)
2:27AM 1 Ordering boxplot factors
1:04AM 15 Wikis etc.
Thursday January 5 2006
11:11PM 1 convert matrix to data frame
9:08PM 1 How do I get sub to insert a single backslash?
8:44PM 1 Generic Functions
8:36PM 0 build boot object for boot.ci
8:26PM 1 Suggestion for big files [was: Re: A comment about R:]
7:49PM 1 Memory limitation in GeoR - Windows or R?
4:34PM 0 what can I do to make the lines straight
4:09PM 1 Suggestion for big files [was: Re: A comment about R:]
3:46PM 2 Suggestion for big files [was: Re: A comment about R:]
3:43PM 0 about terminate an identification
3:41PM 2 Wald tests and Huberized variances (was: A comment about R:)
2:13PM 0 .Rprofile files (was R newbie configuration)
1:01PM 4 ylim problem in barplot
12:47PM 1 Understanding and translating lme() into lmer() model
11:20AM 1 jointprior in deal package
11:07AM 0 more on the daisy function
10:55AM 0 Fwd: Re: Splitting the list
10:27AM 3 problem with using lines command on windows XP machine
9:40AM 1 problem in install "kidpack" package
8:05AM 1 Problem with nlme version 3.1-68
6:03AM 1 problem with command line arguments
2:13AM 1 information
12:56AM 2 Splitting the list
12:17AM 3 A comment about R
Wednesday January 4 2006
10:25PM 1 data order affects glmmPQL
10:10PM 3 matrix math
10:07PM 1 write out data in format
9:20PM 2 Using 'polygon' in a 3d plot
8:46PM 1 R newbie configuration
8:16PM 1 comparision and removal
7:52PM 1 Selecting significant peaks in periodograms
7:07PM 1 How to create a correlation table for categorical data???
5:35PM 0 ANN: Advanced R programming course, Seattle, Jan 18-20
5:33PM 3 bwplot reorder factor on y axis
5:30PM 2 How to produce this graphic
4:53PM 5 multiple lowess line in one plot
4:38PM 1 Difficulty with 'merge'
3:55PM 1 produce hours greater than 23
3:48PM 1 Bug in bootcov; R 2.2
3:44PM 3 Why doesn't this nested loop work?
2:14PM 2 Putting an object in to a function that calls the current function
1:27PM 0 Newb
11:02AM 7 Replacing backslashes with slashes
10:53AM 1 dendrogram
9:22AM 4 removal of an element from a vector
9:11AM 1 Newbie question--locally weighted regression
8:58AM 4 Discrepency between confidence intervals from t.test and computed manually -- why?
6:10AM 1 silly, extracting the value of "C" from the results of somers2
5:28AM 2 Questions about cbind
3:56AM 2 newbie where to look question
3:23AM 2 Looking for packages to do Feature Selection and Classification
3:09AM 0 Indefinite Integral in R
12:57AM 1 all possible combinations of list elements
12:18AM 0 Connectivity across a grid above a variable surface
12:10AM 0 abline in log-log plot
Tuesday January 3 2006
10:58PM 1 All possible subsets model selection using AICc
9:07PM 5 newbie R question
9:03PM 1 p-value of Logrank-Test
8:22PM 1 randomForest - classifier switch
4:59PM 2 For loop gets exponentially slower as dataset gets larger...
4:25PM 1 Summary functions to dataframe
4:07PM 0 cox model
4:01PM 1 Unlink a directory with leading and trailing space
3:46PM 1 under (and over) dispersion in Poisson regression
3:30PM 1 How to set the size of a rgl window, par3d() ?
3:24PM 1 how to work on multiple R objects?...
2:51PM 3 Package for multiple membership model?
2:48PM 0 Labels exceed the plot area
1:10PM 1 Including random effects in logistic regression.
11:46AM 1 need to know some basic functionality features of R-Proj
10:47AM 1 lmer error message
9:45AM 1 Extending a data frame with S4
4:09AM 0 More on bookmarking a page
Monday January 2 2006
10:33PM 4 Bookmarking a page inside r-project.org
10:26PM 1 Ordering a matrix by another variable
7:12PM 0 cox model test heterogeinity
6:51PM 2 update?
6:13PM 1 Bootstrap w/ Clustered Data
5:29PM 0 boostrap astronomy problem
4:19PM 1 ARIMA?
2:41PM 2 mixed effects models - negative binomial family?
1:52PM 0 Variance of expected survival based on a Cox model with frailty
12:53PM 2 Plotting the mean of data
12:06PM 2 How to create "special" (source) file
8:55AM 1 An embarrassment of riches
7:51AM 1 Use Of makeARIMA
7:27AM 1 "7:9, 12:14" in dataframe to c(7:9, 12:14)
6:51AM 0 Alternative to ARIMA?
3:19AM 2 RODBC help
12:16AM 0 R] lme X lmer results
Sunday January 1 2006
7:07PM 4 S3 vs. S4
2:36PM 20 A comment about R: