R help - Jan 2005

Monday January 31 2005
9:32PM 2 how to move x-axis labels down
9:06PM 2 Automatically Extracting F- and P- vals from ANOVA
8:02PM 2 ML-Fit for truncated distributions
7:58PM 1 naming list elements
7:55PM 0 How to simulate quadratic phase couplilng
7:46PM 2 coercing a list to a data frame, lists in foreloops
7:42PM 3 Special paper for postscript
7:25PM 2 Help about time series
6:52PM 3 installing R on Mac OS X
5:29PM 1 help with vector operation
5:04PM 2 changing the time base in a ts
2:36PM 5 consultation
1:13PM 1 Postgraduate distance learning courses for MSc in Statistics
10:38AM 1 Propositions to fit a 2 pieces function
8:51AM 2 Extracting a numeric prefix from a string
5:16AM 4 aggregating dates
5:00AM 2 type of list elements in .Call
1:10AM 1 Evaluating code in a sandbox
12:45AM 2 Startup Files (RProfile) and R-Aqua
Sunday January 30 2005
11:30PM 1 Typo in 'R Language Definition'
11:03PM 2 Rinternals.h and iostream don't play nice together'
7:40PM 0 Postgraduate distance learning courses for MSc in Statistics?
3:52PM 3 trellis graphics in loops
2:45PM 1 New user...tips for spdep
2:06PM 0 Assistant Professor position
1:06PM 1 t-test or conf interval with known variance?
8:07AM 3 MacOS X and vectorized files (emf, wmf,...)
2:55AM 0 Testing Poisson GLMs with independent data: what's the Right Thing To Do?
2:31AM 1 New user...tips for spdep?
Saturday January 29 2005
7:14PM 1 Bootstrapped eigenvector
3:00PM 0 Kouros Owzar is ooo.
1:15PM 2 Name conflicts when passing arguments for one function to another
12:53PM 3 unique rows
8:42AM 0 lagged scatterplot within rows
6:53AM 2 Database Connection Problem with RMySQL package
12:21AM 0 test comparing spatial point patterns?
Friday January 28 2005
11:16PM 1 error in gmake CrossCompileBuild
9:41PM 3 avoiding loops
8:36PM 1 Why am I not getting "some" r-help posts?
8:30PM 1 R for CGI
8:06PM 2 Direct sum of matrices
8:01PM 0 Exponential Fits to Distribution Tails
7:24PM 2 using RODBC
6:26PM 4 extracting from a data.frame
5:05PM 0 Line types in the legend function
4:15PM 0 JOB: Software Architect, Insightful Seattle
3:22PM 2 read.matrix.csr bug (e1071)?
3:07PM 2 Begginer with R
2:32PM 1 SparseLogReg make r crash problem
1:41PM 0 Double integration
12:55PM 1 xfig
11:42AM 1 Windows Batch File
10:50AM 0 latent class model in R
10:15AM 3 Conflicts using Rcmdr, nlme and lme4
10:14AM 3 GLM fitting
8:48AM 1 R-Help : running MIX package
6:12AM 4 Error: cannot allocate vector of size... but with a twist
5:56AM 1 Matrix multiplication in R is inaccurate!!
Thursday January 27 2005
11:25PM 1 binomia data and mixed model
10:42PM 2 Multiple colors in a plot title
10:40PM 0 Survreg with gamma distribution
10:13PM 5 Finding "runs" of TRUE in binary vector
8:44PM 3 clustering
8:38PM 3 Where is MASS
7:54PM 1 Is glm weird or am I?
7:30PM 2 Array Manipulation
6:30PM 1 Help with R and Bioconductor
5:28PM 0 Request for help (reference details)
5:25PM 2 svd error
5:03PM 3 How to generate labels or names?
4:48PM 1 Installing Problems
2:55PM 3 weighting in nls
2:47PM 0 partial ranking models
2:34PM 3 Indexing Lists and Partial Matching
2:06PM 2 cluster, mona error
12:29PM 0 Output predictions based on a Cox model
11:55AM 1 computing roots of bessel function
11:20AM 4 self-written function
9:27AM 2 Results of MCD estimators in MASS and rrcov
8:51AM 2 Request for help
5:09AM 10 A "rude" question
4:03AM 7 getting package version inside .First.lib
3:09AM 0 Relative importance of inputs in nnet
2:38AM 1 Cluster analysis using EM algorithm
2:05AM 0 (no subject)
1:42AM 0 how to evaluate the significance of attributes in tree gr owing
Wednesday January 26 2005
11:25PM 2 sw
9:45PM 1 Specification of factorial random-effects model
8:23PM 0 Changing axis labels in plots of zph objects (survival analysis)
7:54PM 2 reshape (a better way)
7:07PM 2 graphsheet substitute in R?
6:54PM 2 Linear Trend Analysis?
6:46PM 1 summarizing daily time-series date by month
6:40PM 2 postscript() and levelplot() in a for loop
6:06PM 1 Converting yr mo da to dates
4:49PM 4 apply for nested lists
4:33PM 0 how to evaluate the significance of attributes in tree growing
4:33PM 2 Source code for "extractAIC"?
2:35PM 2 networks in R
1:39PM 1 save contigency table
12:03PM 1 error in building help files
10:49AM 0 NSGA-II implementation?
9:54AM 2 string evaluation
7:40AM 3 Still avoiding loops
5:34AM 3 plot function
2:36AM 1 multi line comment
12:16AM 2 modular in R
Tuesday January 25 2005
11:01PM 1 Threshhold Models in gnlm
10:31PM 1 chron: parsing dates into a data frame using a forloop
9:45PM 0 Collapsing solution to the question discussed above: Re: multi-class classification using rpart
8:58PM 3 How to make R faster?
8:23PM 0 Systematic and stochastic components SUR, 2SLS, W2SLS, 3SLS
7:38PM 3 multi-class classification using rpart
6:04PM 2 Plotting hclust with lot of objects
5:50PM 1 r square values for independent variables in multiple linear regr ession model -- newbie
5:15PM 0 lme (and glmmPQL)
3:04PM 2 Rd problems when converting DVI version
2:55PM 2 tapply and names
2:42PM 1 Box-Cox / data transformation question
2:22PM 3 GLM function with poisson distribution
1:57PM 3 Plotting only masked part of data
12:53PM 0 Manova and contrasts
11:14AM 1 spearman rank test correlation
10:41AM 2 "disregarded projections" warning when fitting lm model
10:29AM 0 LDA: variables seems to be constant
9:33AM 0 Informar al remitente
9:31AM 1 Fitting distribution with R: a contribute
8:58AM 1 CODA vs. BOA discrepancy
8:01AM 0 COURSE: Statistical practice in Epidemiology with R
7:25AM 4 more question
5:15AM 1 Zipf random number generation
5:11AM 4 agglomerative coefficient in agnes (cluster)
4:50AM 1 Recursive default argument reference
2:22AM 0 Estimating error rate for a classification tree
2:02AM 1 Related with "kmeans"
Monday January 24 2005
10:57PM 1 Weighted.mean(x,wt) vs. t(x) %*% wt
10:34PM 1 lookups and joins
10:22PM 0 Job Opportunity: Senior Statistician CC 083
9:23PM 0 Re:[ R] Wilcoxon test for mixed deisgn
8:51PM 1 Deleted objects keep coming back
8:02PM 1 R 2.0.1 and Rggobi install issues on windows XP
7:52PM 1 hist() and database
7:35PM 0 Follow-up on nls convergence failure with SSfol
5:58PM 4 converting R objects to C types in .Call
4:38PM 2 using eval() with pre-built expression inside function
3:15PM 1 proj() function for lm objects
3:02PM 0 R: text miner:
2:50PM 2 parameter couldn't be set in high-level plot() function
1:44PM 2 several boxplots or bwplots into one graphic
1:28PM 4 lme and varFunc()
1:25PM 0 CIS inquiries
12:55PM 0 limma "ref"
9:23AM 1 mcnemar.test odds ratios, CI, etc.
7:39AM 1 package dependency error on loading lme4
Sunday January 23 2005
11:35PM 5 How to use "identify"
11:18PM 1 read data from a file and vector expansion
5:51PM 3 error preparing a package for lazy loading with R CMD
9:34AM 0 comparing glmmPQL models
4:55AM 1 scan command
12:41AM 4 survreg: fitting different location parameters
Saturday January 22 2005
10:31PM 1 printing PCA scores
9:49PM 0 statistical test improvement of readability (was average disjunction)
5:34PM 0 evir package as.double problem
4:38PM 1 Wilcoxon test for mixed design (between-within subjects)
4:36PM 0 questions with library lars()
4:03PM 0 how to analysis the factor score?
2:06AM 1 Plotting with Statistics::R, Perl/R
Friday January 21 2005
10:48PM 3 Fw: R Citation
10:26PM 4 which.pmin?
9:42PM 1 R Citation
7:51PM 2 Hardware Suggestions
7:21PM 1 niceness
6:18PM 2 some questions about font
5:25PM 0 text miner:
5:07PM 6 how to use do.call("rbind", get(list(mlist)))
4:49PM 2 Windows plots & fontsize
4:31PM 0 gamm with correlation structure question
3:08PM 1 output data in a fixed format
2:20PM 1 an R script editor for Mac
1:53PM 0 R: chi-Squared distribution in Friedman test
1:38PM 2 chi-Squared distribution in Friedman test
12:31PM 6 Avoiding a Loop?
12:11PM 0 Fwd: RE: cross validation
11:56AM 2 transfer function estimation
11:44AM 0 R: chi-Squared distribution
11:30AM 2 mixed effects model:how to include initial conditions
11:27AM 2 chi-Squared distribution
10:43AM 0 Average disjunction
10:19AM 2 cross validation
10:16AM 2 axis placement with stacked barplots and the asp=1 parameter
9:59AM 0 Slow R Graphics: Device 2 within Xemacs/Ess
9:58AM 5 functions not found after installing DBI/RDBI packages
9:53AM 2 gsub pattern?
9:35AM 2 Parallel computations using snow: how to combine boot objects?
9:13AM 2 Selecting a subplot of pairs
9:03AM 1 memory and swap space in ncdf
7:10AM 1 Cholesky Decomposition
5:06AM 6 dim vs length for vectors
2:31AM 1 Plotting points from two vectors onto the same graph
2:19AM 2 Need help to transform data into co-occurence matix
12:48AM 1 Plots with same x-axes
Thursday January 20 2005
10:53PM 1 Barplot at the axes of another plot
9:40PM 0 Successful installation of R 2.0.1 on SUSE 9.1
8:46PM 1 Straight-line fitting with errors in both coordinates
7:46PM 2 Cross-validation accuracy in SVM
6:16PM 1 Windows Front end-crash error
4:44PM 1 ROracle error
4:02PM 5 glm and percentage data with many zero values
3:53PM 0 Compile R-2.0.1 on SPARC Solaris 5.9
3:16PM 2 Johnson transformation
2:18PM 2 (no subject)
2:14PM 1 Cauchy's theorem
1:58PM 0 Reference Material for Multiple Imputation
1:57PM 5 Subsetting a data frame by a factor, using the level that occurs the most times
1:54PM 0 References
1:06PM 3 Constructing Matrices
11:10AM 1 Problem loading a library
10:27AM 1 confidence intervals in Manova and Mancova in Splus
8:59AM 2 Creating a custom connection to read from multiple files
8:38AM 0 Interpreting Rprof output
8:01AM 0 Re: suggestion on data mining book using R
2:42AM 0 Using lm with quadratic term
12:55AM 2 font size in console
Wednesday January 19 2005
11:14PM 4 How to filter information from a table into a new table
10:18PM 5 easing out of Excel
9:02PM 0 Course***R/S-plus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques In San Diego, February 2005
8:43PM 1 forcing all tick labels to plot
8:29PM 0 name space of a package
7:47PM 0 Quadratic constraints
6:50PM 2 way off topic
5:46PM 2 Referencing objects within a loop
5:27PM 1 Function to modify existing data.frame--Improving R Language
4:51PM 0 Off topic -- when is max min = min max?
4:44PM 0 Automatisk svar ved fravær: Notify
1:56PM 2 recoding large number of categories (select in SAS)
1:50PM 4 How to replace slashes with back slashes
11:03AM 2 help with hist-plots?
10:12AM 1 * creating vignettes ... ERROR
10:06AM 1 Imputation missing observations
4:56AM 1 recursive penalized regression
4:25AM 3 importing files, columns "invade next column"
2:12AM 4 how to call R in delphi?
1:52AM 1 looking for a basic spatial diff function
12:49AM 2 signif() generic
Tuesday January 18 2005
11:28PM 4 Data Simulation in R
10:55PM 2 R: error while loading shared libraries: libg2c.so.o
9:46PM 0 address statistics
8:42PM 1 Randoms interactions in lme
8:36PM 3 Dropping a digit with scan() on a connection
6:27PM 4 embedding fonts in eps files
5:37PM 0 Off topic - Combine results of two testing procedures
5:16PM 1 chi-square and error bars?
5:06PM 0 Panel methods, implied var/cov structure
4:25PM 1 a question about linear mixed model in R
3:18PM 2 Function to modify existing data.frame
2:37PM 1 "Attach" for S4 objects?
1:38PM 1 Build problem with R-1.4.1 on AM64/Linux
1:12PM 1 Interpretation of randomForest results
11:55AM 0 standardised residuals using standard deviation
11:06AM 0 How can i fit mixed effect model in a logistic regression?
10:10AM 0 Possible problem with pbirthday
4:12AM 1 X11 installation problem Linux X86_64
2:43AM 0 Why can't run Gamma Distribution by GLM?
12:30AM 1 lme confusion
12:29AM 2 Weighted least squares
Monday January 17 2005
11:27PM 1 rpart
9:39PM 0 a question of mixed effect in R
9:17PM 1 problem installing RSPython
8:51PM 2 bwplot: how not to draw outliers
7:40PM 0 C-c C-c and tcltk cause R to get a segmentation fault
7:35PM 1 discretization
6:59PM 3 Skewness test
6:39PM 3 debian /etc/apt/sources.list for CRAN?
4:14PM 1 merge data frames taking mean/mode of multiple macthes
3:49PM 3 How do I format something as "0.000"?
2:57PM 2 Omitting constant in ols() from Design
2:46PM 0 [basic ?] Merging result of by processing with a data fra me
2:33PM 0 kmeans with weighted variables
2:20PM 0 [basic ?] Merging result of by processing with a data frame
2:03PM 5 find source code
1:48PM 0 randomForest: too many element specified?
1:37PM 2 Question about time series
1:30PM 1 Time line plot in R?
12:34PM 1 bold face labelling / expression
12:31PM 1 bold face labelling/expression
11:11AM 3 help wanted using R in a classroom
10:37AM 2 3d bar plot
9:56AM 1 pairs: altering pch options on upper and lower panel of pairwise scatter plots
Sunday January 16 2005
9:09PM 1 RWinEdt install problem
8:22PM 2 Empirical cumulative distribution with censored data
8:22PM 1 CGIwithR
10:32AM 2 Multiple plots in one screen
Saturday January 15 2005
11:22PM 0 RMySQL vs. Rdbi
11:02PM 2 Overlapping grid in plot
9:41PM 0 Centered variables and mixed-model
7:29AM 1 pair() and X11 fonts error
4:39AM 2 Newbie question regarding graphing of Princomp object
12:34AM 1 Seeking pointers to help
Friday January 14 2005
9:52PM 1 XML
9:34PM 2 contour and filled contour plots
7:22PM 0 How to overlay 2 plots on the same device using Axis of Plot1.
5:08PM 1 how to produce 2-d color plots in R
4:41PM 1 empirical (sandwich) SE estimate in lme ()?
4:37PM 2 probabilty calculation in SVM
4:25PM 0 Code contributed for a gant (Gantt) chart
4:23PM 5 subsampling
4:20PM 2 Help in Overlaying of 2 Plots on the same Device.
3:39PM 2 R package classification
3:11PM 1 meaning of "iner" etc. relating to cca(ade4)
12:55PM 1 Colors and legend on a scatterplot?
11:47AM 0 2nd Workshop "Ensemble Methods", Tuebingen (Germany)
11:20AM 5 Replacing NAs in a data frame using is.na() fails if there are no NAs
10:26AM 1 Fine tuning scatterplot() (car package)
9:51AM 2 Porting from Linux to Windows
9:18AM 3 summing subsets of rows matrices
8:37AM 1 kde2d and borders
5:06AM 1 glmm multinomial?
2:35AM 2 Questions on Inserting R graphs in latex!
12:01AM 0 problem on how R2.0 handle the RAM, maybe a bug
Thursday January 13 2005
11:22PM 2 GAM: Remedial measures
9:47PM 3 as.character methods
9:15PM 8 Installing R on Xandros 3.0
8:59PM 1 using created R objects in a program
8:42PM 4 zero index and lazy evaluation in ifelse()
8:24PM 1 Lme and centered variables
7:31PM 0 Balanced Arrays!
7:25PM 0 Online course: DNA Microarray Data Analysis starts Jan. 28
7:14PM 0 Optim simplex start size problem
7:00PM 4 load object
6:45PM 2 Exact poisson confidence intervals
6:44PM 1 how to use solve.QP
5:23PM 2 chisq.test() as a goodness of fit test
4:43PM 1 Space between bars in barplot
3:10PM 0 (no subject)
3:07PM 1 (no subject)
2:07PM 2 R, postgresql, windows & bsd
1:14PM 0 Time-Series
12:54PM 1 Re:Time-Series
12:50PM 6 random samples
11:51AM 2 coxph() and intervening events
10:52AM 2 subsetting like in SAS
9:12AM 1 Setting the width and height of a Sweave figure
8:48AM 2 Naming Convention
2:42AM 2 multivariate diagnostics
Wednesday January 12 2005
11:29PM 2 Off Topic: Statistical "philosophy" rant
10:18PM 4 Finding seasonal peaks in a time series....
9:40PM 4 gbm
8:24PM 0 changing langage [SOLVED]
5:13PM 4 "model.response" error
3:29PM 0 (no subject)
2:17PM 4 (no subject)
1:16PM 1 [survey] R for Reporting - the R Output MAnager (ROMA) project
11:50AM 0 RODBC package -- sqlQuery(channel,.....,nullstring=0)stillgives NA's
10:58AM 1 RODBC package -- sqlQuery(channel,.....,nullstring=0) stillgives NA's
7:54AM 0 insert missing values in a sequence
6:05AM 1 Help requested
5:54AM 1 (no subject)
5:08AM 0 R for Mac OS 9.2.2?
3:18AM 0 a question about Boxplot
Tuesday January 11 2005
11:18PM 1 Nested ifelse - is there a better way?
8:55PM 2 getting variable names from formula
8:22PM 1 transcan() from Hmisc package for imputing data
7:22PM 0 question about scalability of R
6:45PM 1 help on integrate function
6:17PM 0 New package: MatchIt
5:57PM 0 Meeker's SPLIDA Reliability in R
4:50PM 1 Standard error for the area under a smoothed ROC curve?
4:39PM 3 useR 2005 ?
3:45PM 2 Breslow Day Test
3:34PM 1 RODBC package -- sqlQuery(channel,.....,nullstring=0) still gives NA's
3:15PM 0 R program for optimal balanced Arrays!
2:59PM 4 thanks
2:26PM 5 global objects not overwritten within function
1:28PM 2 Changing the ranges for the axis in image()
1:10PM 1 CUSUM SQUARED structural breaks approach?
12:35PM 4 Matrix to "indexed" vector
12:10PM 2 Re:Chi-square distance
12:01PM 3 Kolmogorov-Smirnof test for lognormal distribution with estimated parameters
11:50AM 1 integrate() and complex values
11:49AM 1 Ess packages for Suse-9.2 available ?
11:37AM 1 transfer function models
11:36AM 0 StructTS
11:27AM 2 Changes in expression in R 2.0.1
10:24AM 1 lme4 print and summary errror
10:15AM 0 LDA discriminant coefficients
9:02AM 0 automated response
8:51AM 1 Please use colMeans()! was: Re: Calculate Mean of Column Vectors?
8:13AM 0 integrate()
5:49AM 1 problem with fitted probability in glm
3:45AM 8 Calculate Mean of Column Vectors?
Monday January 10 2005
11:16PM 1 How to obtain nls parameter estimates
11:15PM 0 Help requested .....
11:08PM 4 Data Set
10:56PM 0 Stadard errors and boxplots with 632plus error estimator, "errorest"
10:52PM 1 mle() and with()
10:30PM 1 defining lower part of distribution with covariate
6:03PM 2 Query: simple autocorrelation ina time series
4:50PM 0 SSOAP and Rcurl with proxy server
4:48PM 1 dyn.load Excel add-in on Windows XP and XLCall32.dll
3:38PM 3 Mixing portrait/landscape in a postscript file
2:57PM 1 help diagnosing ftp problem
2:50PM 0 Installing RCurl on Linux
2:41PM 3 Installation of XML library can't find libxml2.dll
2:02PM 0 mouse position with package tcltk
12:55PM 2 doing many commands within R
12:41PM 0 contrasts involving random terms in lme
11:57AM 1 Partial wireframe plots
11:17AM 1 Invisible plot using RSvgDevice
11:05AM 4 Graphical table in R
9:17AM 2 Multiple comparisons following nlme
7:41AM 1 I have some problem about GLM function.
Sunday January 9 2005
10:06PM 2 how to do by-processing using weighted.mean
7:11PM 0 dist{amap} error??
6:17PM 2 plot.default and open ended limits
12:20PM 3 R-etiquette
8:21AM 2 How can I simulate Pareto distribution in R?
Saturday January 8 2005
9:54PM 1 coordinates of mouse position
9:38PM 2 Does R accumulate memory
9:24PM 2 Least square minimization (non-linear)
7:57PM 2 translate nroff .d or .sgml files to .rd files
6:28PM 4 suse 9.1 x86_64 rpms?
4:56AM 1 problem with up arrow
Friday January 7 2005
10:05PM 0 Wilcoxon rank sum test
9:25PM 1 Creating unary operators
9:03PM 0 Help in customising the NLS function to spit out mean and SD ofnew fit!!
6:50PM 1 Help in customising the NLS function to spit out mean and SD of new fit!!
6:35PM 1 Destructor for S4 objects?
3:58PM 0 Latent trait models
3:12PM 6 Compilation of R code
2:47PM 6 coercing columns
2:40PM 4 glm fit with no intercept
2:25PM 0 RE : Help for "calibration"
2:05PM 0 lapply and gls
1:53PM 2 help with polytomous logistic regression
1:45PM 3 R packages on Mac
1:23PM 2 configure error for R-2.0.1
12:28PM 1 S4 class no longer accepts matrix in array slot under 2.0.1
12:28PM 2 Asymmetry and kurtosis coefficients
11:11AM 3 lognorm
10:26AM 1 Visualizing complex analytic functions using domain coloring
10:20AM 4 hist function to give each cell equal area
9:24AM 1 Help for "calibration"
6:59AM 3 Basic Linear Algebra
5:45AM 2 Getting empirical percentiles for data
2:37AM 2 Windows package development: bad html links to functions in non-standard packages
Thursday January 6 2005
11:57PM 5 How to avoid rounding of matrix elements?
11:40PM 0 Survival Analysis with Long Time Survivors
10:56PM 2 autoscaling plot font size in Sweave output possible?
10:35PM 1 Help in Customising NLS function to spit out Mean and SD of the new fit!!!
9:21PM 2 animation without intermediate files?
5:08PM 0 RE : Help for detrending
4:55PM 0 package Zelig problem with setx
4:50PM 2 patterns of missing data: determining monotonicity
4:35PM 1 Calculating a table of symbol frequencies
4:08PM 1 rbugs in linux
3:33PM 0 Parametric Survival Models with Left Truncation, survreg
3:29PM 0 position of labels in vis.gam or persp
3:27PM 1 nls - convergence problem
3:10PM 2 Generating Data mvrnorm and loops
2:50PM 1 arrays emerging from tapply
2:40PM 6 "labels" attached to variable names
2:37PM 1 RSvgDevice incomplete svg output
2:01PM 1 different result from the same errorest() in library( ipred)
1:41PM 1 GLMM and crossed effects
12:09PM 1 leave-one-out cross validation for randomForest
11:38AM 0 How can one get scale for ellipses from plotcorr - like in paper of Duncan MURDOCH
10:39AM 2 library vcd for R rw2001
10:28AM 0 casting lm.fit output to an lm object
9:34AM 2 Help for detrending
9:20AM 2 Segmentation fault while using Mclust function of mclust library in R-2.0.1
7:53AM 1 Vertical labels on axes overlap
3:55AM 2 aggregate()
3:02AM 0 JOBS: Vanderbilt University Department of Biostatistics
1:58AM 0 Rprofile file to automatically plot data, tried using the .First command.
12:29AM 1 multiple trees
12:17AM 1 Using the Rprofile file to automatically plot data on Sta rtup of R version 2.0.1.
Wednesday January 5 2005
11:40PM 0 fSeries
11:34PM 0 RSvgDevice "stroke" question
10:51PM 2 Rcmd check Error help
10:51PM 1 Using the Rprofile file to automatically plot data on Startup of R version 2.0.1.
10:26PM 1 (no subject)
9:39PM 1 cubic spline smoother with heterogeneous variance.
9:34PM 3 strange behaviour of negative binomial
9:21PM 0 fSeries library
7:34PM 2 plotting percent of incidents within different 'bins'
6:55PM 0 shape parameter in Lindsay's gnlr
6:29PM 0 matrix no longer "is" array in 2.0.1?
6:16PM 2 Targeting the elements that satisfy matching rules excluding the NA
6:04PM 1 (no subject)
5:52PM 0 zlib
5:35PM 3 Tuning string matching
5:17PM 0 (no subject)
4:33PM 0 lme, glmmPQL, multiple random effects
4:09PM 10 variance of combinations of means - off topic
4:07PM 7 count element in column
3:17PM 5 Converting integers to chars i.e 1 to "01"
2:55PM 0 AW: Replacing all NA values in a matrix
2:26PM 8 Replacing all NA values in a matrix
1:27PM 1 hist.POSIXt filled bars - axis color changes
12:18PM 4 output from table() in matrix form
10:11AM 2 lme: error message with random=~1
9:34AM 4 make R package for windows on Linux
8:59AM 1 unlist kills R
8:49AM 2 integer factorization
12:48AM 1 subsetting within a function using lme
Tuesday January 4 2005
11:37PM 1 Histogram
10:45PM 1 quantiles for geometric distribution
10:36PM 4 Re : Frequency count
10:34PM 2 warnings and errors with R CMD INSTALL
10:11PM 2 print(cat(bleh)) shows up strange NULL
9:49PM 0 bootstrap proportions?
9:45PM 1 scree plot
9:41PM 1 Non linear Square fit Function
9:41PM 2 x11 is not available
6:25PM 2 rownames and plot lablels
5:39PM 0 Statistical Learning and Data Mining Course
5:29PM 1 R help search and Java(tm)?
4:20PM 0 boot and variances of the bootstrap replicates of the variable of interest?
3:39PM 2 How to verify using more than 2GB of memory
1:41PM 3 Adding values to the end of a vector?
11:33AM 1 Where to put example files?
11:31AM 1 Difference between "R CMD build --binary" and "R CMD INSTALL --build"
9:09AM 1 about kriging
4:13AM 2 (no subject)
2:02AM 2 ISNAN() broken? in ver 2.x on MacOS X
Monday January 3 2005
11:38PM 2 Two brief questions concerning sapply. Can anyone please help?!
9:29PM 2 Memory problem ... Again
7:48PM 0 Problem with as.array (bug?)
7:40PM 0 power.t.test plots
5:55PM 0 Resposta Automática
5:01PM 1 Calculating symbol (letter) frequencies
4:15PM 1 building phylogenetic trees
4:10PM 2 Memory Efficient Methods for Building Matrix
3:32PM 0 LME-glmmPQL formulation
3:27PM 0 speed of the cluster.stats function
3:15PM 0 dataset lutenhorm in package bootstrap
11:18AM 1 different DF in package nlme and lme4
10:54AM 3 spreadsheet addiction
10:50AM 4 Inspecting R functions
9:17AM 1 library(gee)
7:40AM 2 matrix and error in points, plot ?
1:40AM 1 Black and white graphics and transparent strip panels with lattice under Sweave
Sunday January 2 2005
11:26PM 2 How to quieten axis() for Sweave: avoid echoing NULL?
Saturday January 1 2005
7:23PM 1 lme: Variances
7:15PM 4 plot
4:18PM 6 find parameters for a gamma distribution
2:12PM 1 Use of expand.model.frame()
12:49PM 2 New Year Wish List
2:04AM 0 Preferred reference for R and time-series?