R help - Feb 2005

Monday February 28 2005
11:33PM 3 (no subject)
11:27PM 5 Journal Quality R Graphs?
9:30PM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 24, Issue 28
8:51PM 0 negative multinomial regression models
8:21PM 2 problems with Rd format
7:42PM 1 number formatting
7:29PM 0 fitting gamma using glm
6:17PM 1 R Reference Card (especially useful for Newbies)
6:05PM 1 formatting output
5:54PM 1 draw random samples from empirical distribution
5:46PM 1 memory problem with mac os X
5:17PM 1 Using mutiply imputed data in NLME
4:22PM 0 phpSerialize 0.8
4:17PM 0 Ask for your help
3:03PM 2 A problem about outer()
2:10PM 1 tkRplot under macos x
2:03PM 0 New package: ROCR (Visualizing classifier performance)
1:07PM 5 persistance of factor levels in a data frame
11:11AM 0 Four parameter Lognormal Dis.
10:16AM 2 Problems with downloading
9:57AM 1 Unable to install packages
9:35AM 2 How to plot
4:32AM 2 3d scatterplots of more than 1 data set
Sunday February 27 2005
11:42PM 1 searching through a matrix
4:28PM 1 download files through secure http (HTTPS)
4:21PM 2 Help with constrained optimization
3:07PM 5 Finding Equal Elements in Vectors
2:08PM 1 subsetting data set dimenion problem
10:18AM 1 prediction, gam, mgcv
4:28AM 3 POSIXct bug?
Saturday February 26 2005
5:17PM 3 averaging within columns
4:46PM 2 Reshaping a data frame
1:33PM 0 plot.summary.Design()
10:31AM 2 R-help Time Series
8:58AM 1 Pearson Residuals in lm
6:06AM 1 reshape without timevar argument?
Friday February 25 2005
9:43PM 1 Problems Building R on AIX (Update)
9:37PM 2 Teaching R in 40 minutes. What should be included?
8:34PM 2 return from nested function?
8:29PM 1 summary method in URCA package doesn't work
8:11PM 4 read.table
6:52PM 0 Error in x[good, ] * w : non-conformable arrays
6:38PM 1 cda
6:29PM 4 Temporal Analysis of variable x; How to select the outlier threshold in R?
4:33PM 3 subsetting by NA
4:32PM 0 help me!
4:05PM 5 [Rdev] any way to generate "bitmap" (tif, jpeg, png etc) files in R CMD BATCH
3:51PM 0 Fwd: want to call R from aplatform written i strict ANSI C
3:40PM 0 new version of survey package
3:17PM 2 outlier threshold
3:05PM 0 FYI from apple employee RE: Memory error in Mac OS X Aqua GUI v1.01 with cluster
2:57PM 3 passing command line arguments to 'R CMD BATCH myScript.R'
2:35PM 1 two line plot title with expression problem
1:52PM 3 restoring vector v from v[-i]
12:27PM 0 Repeated measures MANOVA
12:20PM 1 anova grouping of factors in lme4 / lmer
12:14PM 2 display full form in args
11:49AM 5 Strange Colnames
11:46AM 0 Oriented PCA in R?
11:21AM 1 how to produce disease maps
11:06AM 3 Loops and dataframes
10:03AM 0 Problem using stepAIC/addterm (MASS package)
5:10AM 0 Bayesian stepwise (was: Forward Stepwise regression based onpartial F test)
4:09AM 1 calculatingmean value for duplicates in affy array
3:26AM 1 How to set up number of prin comp.
12:51AM 2 Simulation Progress
12:33AM 3 main effect & interaction in 2-way ANOVA
Thursday February 24 2005
10:11PM 1 help: how to get coefficients from the result
8:43PM 0 Logic regression equation in character form?
8:36PM 1 Density of the Multivariate T Distribution
8:20PM 3 string concatenation operator
7:16PM 1 3 boxplots in one
6:36PM 1 Do environments make copies?
5:36PM 1 circ.summary question
4:53PM 0 model matrix for random effects (lme)
2:03PM 2 other than default labels in lattice plot
12:12PM 1 Place more than one key with xyplot
11:37AM 1 problem (bug?) with prelim.norm (package norm)
11:31AM 0 How to code a bootstrap version of the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test?
11:23AM 0 Modified allan variance
10:35AM 2 Forward Stepwise regression based on partial F test
9:52AM 1 zeichnung eines wahrscheinlichkeitsnetztes
9:16AM 4 r: functions
8:02AM 2 a question about function eval()
6:40AM 0 KalmanXXXX and deJong-Penzer statistic?
4:00AM 2 Row median of Date class variables in a data frame
3:45AM 3 a simple question
3:18AM 1 Adding up intervals by activity
2:35AM 1 Problems with html help system: help.start()
2:14AM 2 survreg with gamma distribution: re-post
12:43AM 0 FYI from apple employee RE: Memory error in Mac OS X Aqua GUI v1.01 with cluster
12:20AM 1 baseline shift / detrend
Wednesday February 23 2005
11:16PM 3 and [ESS] Starting ESS
11:08PM 6 Getting tick positions
10:42PM 1 basic question about changing limits on generated plots
10:26PM 1 Pls unsubscribe me from this list.
9:38PM 2 how do I get means by factor?
7:45PM 1 BLAS or ATLAS?
6:15PM 0 Course***R/S System: Advanced Programming, Washington, DC***
6:01PM 1 Problem saving logic regression result equation to disk file
5:53PM 0 corCompSymm in nlme package
5:08PM 2 stopping a function
4:48PM 0 Graphics (crashes under Windows)
4:30PM 1 RODBC type conversion bug
3:50PM 4 Sweave and \input or \include LaTeX commands
3:28PM 2 Need your help in calculating the p-value
3:22PM 0 Memory error in Mac OS X Aqua GUI v1.01 with cluster pack age functions
2:55PM 1 model.matrix for a factor effect with no intercept
2:39PM 1 to print dataframe
2:14PM 3 filling columns in frame according to another column frame
1:43PM 0 large data set, and RDBMS
11:08AM 1 H-F corr.: covariance matrix for interaction effect
10:52AM 2 Slightly off topic but concerning R#DSC-2005
10:42AM 3 bias of a boot statistic
10:38AM 0 new package
6:05AM 1 How to conctruct an inner grouping for nlme random statement?
3:57AM 2 Memory problems
2:32AM 2 data.frame error message
2:05AM 0 how to calculate density of multinormal distribution at a given point?
12:43AM 1 Solving systems of non-linear equations in R
12:33AM 1 Package pixmap breaks try() under circumstances
12:04AM 1 nonlinear least square fit of an unknown function
Tuesday February 22 2005
11:01PM 2 estimate the parameter of exponential distribution, etc.
10:57PM 1 Memory error in Mac OS X Aqua GUI v1.01 with cluster package functions
10:48PM 1 Does R has the function for garch-t, gjr-garch, qgarch and egarch
10:43PM 1 ROracle installation
10:37PM 1 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 24, Issue 22
9:54PM 1 Rdbi and ODBC
8:58PM 0 Trying to get a side-by-side barplot of data with levels (Modified by List account)
8:28PM 0 innovative fun ways for teaching quality control
6:48PM 1 include C functions from nmath in my own C functions
6:10PM 4 round() - strange results
4:56PM 1 The system command and the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
4:50PM 2 Graphics
4:40PM 1 Error when using do.call
4:37PM 0 Question about NA's
4:23PM 2 colorbar for image
3:25PM 1 using 'nice' with R
2:28PM 2 R-help
2:19PM 2 ERROR NaNs produced; when comparing two logistic regression models with the ANOVA CHI test
2:00PM 1 Loading C functions into R
1:29PM 6 Run Sweave and LaTeX directly from command line
12:44PM 3 Reproducing SAS GLM in R
1:18AM 6 rodbc or unixodbc error
1:13AM 3 problems with nonlinear fits using nls
12:47AM 3 Categories or clusters for univariate data
Monday February 21 2005
11:51PM 0 Distribution
11:45PM 4 rnorm??
9:35PM 1 Problems Building R on AIX
8:01PM 2 power.anova.test for interaction effects
6:36PM 4 49 histograms on one page
4:14PM 0 AW: Compare rows of two matrices
3:38PM 1 What file did R read?
2:57PM 2 rw2001 RMA in GeenSpring "Error in sigToEnv"
2:48PM 5 Compare rows of two matrices
11:56AM 0 New package for microeconomics: micEcon
11:35AM 2 character occurence within a string
9:13AM 2 save plot as jpg/gif
9:06AM 1 its plot with pch-argument
8:22AM 1 LD_LIBRARY_PATH is harmfull
3:34AM 0 Problem opening and saving script files -- R crashes
1:45AM 3 Sorting a matrix on two columns
12:05AM 1 is.matrix(), as.matrix, & as(,"matrix")
Sunday February 20 2005
9:35PM 2 Ask for help on the parallel function output to a pdf file
5:12PM 2 minus I and minus L flags
11:16AM 1 bug in example(hist)?
5:43AM 1 Treatment-Contrast Interactions
2:45AM 1 logistic regression and 3PL model
Saturday February 19 2005
7:03PM 1 Multiprecision arithmetics?
5:18PM 2 Memory Fragmentation in R
12:57PM 1 bootstrap
12:30PM 0 hessian and standard errors
11:48AM 2 Warnings by functions mean(), median()
9:17AM 3 Problems installing quantreg
5:22AM 2 best analysis method : for time series ans cross sectional data
12:56AM 1 Comment on loadURL: should default to mode="wb"
12:03AM 1 scales argument in lattice plots
Friday February 18 2005
11:08PM 0 Contrast in GEE
10:36PM 2 gbm
10:05PM 1 extracting F, df and r squared using "sapply"?
9:52PM 4 R & bash script
9:27PM 0 single equation IV estimation in R using systemfit
7:03PM 2 Partial structural Change in STRUCCHANGE PACKAGE
5:32PM 7 export to text file
4:39PM 2 Using sweave
4:35PM 9 Using time series and lm
3:50PM 1 Contingency tables profiles
2:47PM 4 barplot and ylim - display problems
2:14PM 1 nls.regression syntax problem
1:51PM 1 R crashes on Repeated ODBC Queries
1:34PM 2 bivariate empirical cdf
1:33PM 3 Hosting a R Graph Gallery?
10:11AM 1 Question about legend
8:05AM 1 Two-factorial Huynh-Feldt-Test
5:14AM 3 Barplot - Can't figure it out
1:39AM 1 Examples of multiple key grobs
1:32AM 3 (arbitrary) precision
12:57AM 0 JOBS: Lecturer/Senior Lect/Assoc Prof at Auckland New Zealand
Thursday February 17 2005
10:16PM 1 Lattice tick labels not all appearing
10:12PM 2 Extracting values from linear models
8:54PM 2 dumping the summary of lm to a text file
8:54PM 3 help on deleting NAs
8:46PM 0 Course***R/S-plus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques @ 3 locations, March 2005
6:26PM 1 Newbie: How to produce lm results at sub-level within df
6:25PM 1 How to convert a particular column of data.frame from numerical into factor
6:23PM 1 Is there a way to specify different significance levels in jarque.bera.test()?
5:34PM 0 Is there a way to specify different significance levels in jarque.bera.test()
5:31PM 0 memory garbage management when updating DFs in for loops
5:14PM 0 Creating a new factor from other factors and a date range
3:58PM 0 Fitting distributions
3:41PM 0 lme4--->GLMM
3:26PM 1 eigen vector question
3:00PM 0 Converting a list to a matrix - I still don't think I hav e it right
2:36PM 6 Converting a list to a matrix - I still don't think I have it right
1:39PM 1 How to get interction terms first in a model
1:01PM 3 A vector or array of data frames
11:07AM 1 short plots: lwd, margin and postscript behavior
10:44AM 4 Getting *types* of arguments?
10:39AM 1 Factor level coloring in trellis plot
10:30AM 5 Again: Variable names in functions
9:30AM 2 package bulding in windows.
6:18AM 1 Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : numeric envir arg not of length one
3:12AM 2 How to upgrade library from R 1.9.1 to R 2.0.1
3:08AM 1 socket problems (maybe bugs?)
12:55AM 1 Adding new column to data frame and filling some rows of it - classes
12:25AM 1 Multiple Fstats/breakpoints test using Panel data
Wednesday February 16 2005
11:03PM 3 Unable to create histograms
10:04PM 5 scaling axes when plotting multiple data sets
10:02PM 2 Positive log-likelihood in lme
8:26PM 1 intersection or == of date vectors
7:48PM 2 running out of memory
7:16PM 2 problem with se.contrast()
5:48PM 2 (no subject)
5:11PM 1 panel/prepanel for polar plots ala xYplot
4:54PM 1 problem with da.mix
4:39PM 2 Sampling given a table of percentages?
3:45PM 0 Rmpi - cluster with no name
3:31PM 1 glmm with negative binomial
3:22PM 0 Multiple instances of R shell in Mac OS X 10.3?
3:00PM 0 splitting items into groups according to correlations
2:31PM 0 Informix from Mac
2:08PM 4 (no subject)
1:56PM 4 Passing colnames to graphics title
1:46PM 0 Profiling R code and C code (Rprof and gprof)
1:11PM 1 histogram and boxplot in a same postscript
12:26PM 3 Lattice --reference line in panels does not come up
12:08PM 1 Setting log(0) to 0
11:54AM 2 phi correlation
11:34AM 1 curve(x,y)?
11:20AM 5 Repeating grey scale in graph?
10:58AM 2 R: ridge regression
10:00AM 3 real and complex vectors
8:59AM 7 Easy cut & paste from Excel to R?
Tuesday February 15 2005
11:02PM 0 Problem with
10:36PM 2 Could anyone answer for the following question
10:29PM 1 Tcl/tk
10:05PM 2 summary(aov(...)) into a string?
9:32PM 2 Making a Package
8:57PM 1 Trellis barchart, column display order issue
5:24PM 0 nlsList vs nlme with lsoda function
5:06PM 1 Off topic -- large data sets. Was RE: 64 Bit R Background Question
5:05PM 1 reading a 40kb csv file in R
4:59PM 2 how many 7th of the month is there between two dates
4:17PM 1 shrinkage estimates in lme
3:33PM 0 D(eval(g)) problem, since "Function `eval' is not in the derivatives table"
2:56PM 0 matlab norm(h) command in R: sqrt(sum(h^2)) - use in an e xpression
2:45PM 1 matlab norm(h) command in R: sqrt(sum(h^2)) - use in an expression
2:23PM 1 memory problem with package mix
2:15PM 1 Correct effect plots from lme() objects
2:13PM 0 R, MacOSX G5 bi-proc
12:34PM 1 R + MacOSX + Emacs(XEmacs) + ESS
11:35AM 1 Tests on contingency tables
10:54AM 2 update.packages - delete downloaded - N
10:18AM 1 convolution of functions
7:45AM 0 Re: [Rd] corrupt data frame: columns will be truncated or padded with NAs in: format.data.frame(x, digits = digits)
7:23AM 2 special symobol / character
3:41AM 3 using poly in a linear regression in the presence of NA f ails (despite subsetting them out)
12:12AM 1 lattice multiple plots per page
Monday February 14 2005
9:56PM 0 [Thank-you] Help: sorting data frames
8:30PM 1 a syntax question: $V100
8:09PM 2 R News: Call for Papers
7:18PM 1 testing equality of variances across groups in lme?
6:08PM 1 roll id
3:25PM 0 DCUHRE - Multiple integration
2:47PM 3 'combinations' in gtools and stack overflow
1:16PM 2 R on solaris 10 on a 64-bit ultra60 sparc
12:52PM 0 using poly in a linear regression in the presence of NA fails (despite subsetting them out)
11:21AM 1 gam(mgcv) starting values
7:01AM 1 Sub with and without perl=TRUE
4:53AM 1 how can i make my program faster
2:55AM 1 corrupt data frame: columns will be truncated or padded with NAs in: format.data.frame(x, digits = digits)
2:16AM 2 graphics - current filename
2:00AM 0 Update error in Fedora Core 3
12:39AM 1 64 Bit R Background Question
Sunday February 13 2005
10:55PM 2 row equality.
3:30PM 0 Multi-item Scale Development Training
2:45PM 3 combinations without repetition
12:00PM 1 Transparent Pie Charts
9:43AM 2 Bubble Plot with Pie Charts
4:21AM 1 missing X11 graphics title bar
2:04AM 0 corrupt data frame: columns will be truncated or padded with NAs in: format.data.frame(x, digits = digits)
Saturday February 12 2005
10:55PM 1 Paste script in R stops before end of file
9:45PM 1 Trimming Parallel Vectors.
7:21PM 2 question on indexing of a matrix
11:11AM 2 comparing predicted sequence A'(t) to observed sequence A(t)
8:17AM 3 data.frame into list by columns; merge and row.names
12:53AM 0 random coefficients in R - simultaneity in panel data
Friday February 11 2005
9:47PM 1 mode of a data set
9:34PM 1 NA's in if statement
8:40PM 0 multcomp analog for poisson errors?
7:53PM 1 how ot get covariance matrix from survreg
6:36PM 3 two dimensional array of object elements
6:31PM 1 Random Matrix theory
4:08PM 1 cook's distance in weighted regression
4:07PM 1 formula behaviour in model.matrix
2:34PM 3 Profiles graphics in a contingency table
1:44PM 1 label outliers in boxplot and/or bwplot
1:40PM 2 pb with package mix
1:27PM 1 function table
12:02PM 5 Double sort a data frame
11:10AM 0 Emacs and ESS installation issues in Windows
11:09AM 1 Setting x-axis labels in plot()
9:01AM 1 Help concerning Lasso::l1ce
8:29AM 0 Subsetting using dimnames on S4 array-based class
6:06AM 1 importing minitab datasets
5:33AM 3 How to solve error : "cannot allocate vector of size 1208235 Kb"
2:18AM 0 time series questions (corrected)?
2:10AM 2 table in R
2:08AM 0 time series questions?
2:02AM 3 Saving graphs in formats other than PDF?
Thursday February 10 2005
10:17PM 1 rats in survival package
10:08PM 2 Curious Behavior with Curve() and dnorm()
9:52PM 5 sample
9:33PM 1 skip missing values in plots
9:29PM 2 rewrite of scatter.smooth to handle NAs
9:07PM 2 Problem with "R CMD Rd2dvi": Rd.sty not found
7:32PM 0 Employment opportunities at Fair Isaac
7:25PM 1 algorithms for matching and Hungarian method
7:23PM 0 Mac OSX - outputting history to a source file (plain text file)
6:36PM 2 testing slopes different than a given value
5:58PM 0 Automaattinen poissaolovastaus: Document
5:46PM 2 Conversion of Affy IDs , LocusLink IDs etc...
5:15PM 2 correcting for autocorrelation in models with panel data?
3:34PM 1 xyplot() question
1:35PM 3 Using a number as a name to access a list
12:23PM 1 Failure of update.packages()
10:40AM 2 Writing output to a file in a loop
10:01AM 5 Annual cumulative sums from time series
8:44AM 2 Mean calculated from R1.9.1 different from R2.0.1
4:42AM 1 Looking for tools to run case crossover analysis
3:23AM 1 installing package hier.part on Mac OSX
1:38AM 3 question about sorting POSIXt vector
12:35AM 1 cuttree
Wednesday February 9 2005
9:03PM 1 Appending to list
8:30PM 0 install issue | suse 9.2
8:24PM 2 gl and different number of replications
6:41PM 1 help with plot hclust tree
6:18PM 1 Plotting: Plot several axis at right hand side of the plot
5:05PM 0 Job: Research Scientist Position at Insightful
4:15PM 9 Using %variable% object-column names in function
3:50PM 1 Black and white lattice plots
3:42PM 3 behaviour of all(NULL == c("a", "b"))
3:32PM 2 [Fwd: Re: Fw: Contour plot]
3:29PM 1 efficient R code
3:02PM 2 Histogram Bar Spacing or Border Width
3:01PM 1 dput() error
1:52PM 4 subset
11:07AM 6 randomisation
9:37AM 1 HTML help index generation problem with R under Windows
9:36AM 1 FW: Drawing maps of UK
9:14AM 0 Getting R via web to access a remote file
4:37AM 1 Dates labels on axes in xyplot
Tuesday February 8 2005
10:17PM 0 testing exponential distributions
10:05PM 0 ?manova multiple comparisons
9:52PM 2 batch jobs question
7:38PM 0 Compiling R as a shared library
7:34PM 0 off-topic: bootstrapping ratios of variances to get CIs (or alternative approaches)
6:47PM 4 Renaming columns in data.frame, inserting/removing columns from data.frame
6:43PM 1 Plotting estimated betas, standard error
5:35PM 1 Windows BMPs: Why grey background? How to display BMP in R?
5:19PM 0 Question about R.
4:46PM 0 Rép : Problem installing Hmisc
4:45PM 5 How to get variable names in a function?
4:43PM 2 Fw: Contour plot
4:40PM 1 Using GRASS/R interface with an xy location
4:19PM 4 panel plot with log-scaled x-axis
4:09PM 1 Windows Printing and Line Widths
3:28PM 0 Packages and Libraries
3:08PM 0 have R informed of MySQL table updates
2:17PM 2 Methods overview
2:11PM 0 2: lme4 ---> GLMM
2:06PM 1 Toying with neural networks
2:04PM 1 Copula as measure of correlation
1:51PM 0 Confidence intervals for rates (dependent events)
1:25PM 1 Drawing maps of UK
11:35AM 2 Memory game
10:22AM 2 rename object
10:15AM 3 logistic regression
9:20AM 2 lme4 --> GLMM
6:39AM 2 Data manipulation
4:09AM 1 Strange parsing behavior of an else condition
12:46AM 0 Manova mult. comparisons?
12:15AM 3 Contour plot
Monday February 7 2005
11:09PM 0 Nonparametric Split-Plot
11:07PM 1 MLE: Question
9:10PM 1 THANK YOU:-)
8:53PM 1 R or weka
8:34PM 1 ROracle problem.
8:31PM 0 R-DCOM server problem.
8:21PM 2 Need your help with my R plot
7:59PM 5 R on Beowulf cluster?
7:25PM 1 install RMySQL
6:06PM 0 fortran into R
5:07PM 0 Help with multicomarisons after ANCOVA
4:36PM 0 R: Creating a correlation Matrix
4:19PM 3 problem with logistic regression
3:58PM 5 Creating a correlation Matrix
3:56PM 1 R1.5.O
2:52PM 2 Programming/scripting with "expressions - variables"
2:31PM 0 INFO : just one question
1:31PM 2 DLL hangs
11:32AM 1 Sweave and connections
9:51AM 2 questions sur R
9:44AM 2 logit link + alternatives
8:41AM 1 Rmatlab
8:14AM 4 proportional matrix rows
3:56AM 2 Environment of a formula
2:41AM 0 Pass along a "Thank you!" to Timur Elzhov
2:23AM 1 Can R output figures as metapost file
12:44AM 0 query about the nlm function
12:33AM 2 RODBC working in Rgui but not Rterm
Sunday February 6 2005
8:28PM 1 Matching rows between 2 matrix of different sizes
6:37PM 0 Plotting from lme() objects
2:22PM 1 further issues with install.packages
12:02PM 1 file 'attributes'
Saturday February 5 2005
10:51PM 1 plot smooth density estimates for bivariate data
10:51PM 1 Labelling and formatting of graphics
10:49PM 0 MC using hclus
9:20PM 2 Problem installing Hmisc (more info)
8:28PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Problems compiling (configure) R on Ubuntu linux (debian)]
8:05PM 1 loess problems
6:01PM 1 Compressed communication with DB using RMySQL?
5:04PM 0 how to make an empty screen
3:31PM 0 Rép : 2 small problems: integer division and the nature of NA
12:44PM 2 Problem installing Hmisc
10:51AM 2 Problems compiling (configure) R on Ubuntu linux (debian)
10:43AM 2 Std Err on Concentration measures
9:23AM 1 Internationalization and localization of R
5:12AM 0 question about ldahist function
Friday February 4 2005
10:17PM 5 How to access results of survival analysis
8:33PM 1 arrow head styles?
8:26PM 1 R package with C code on Windows
8:05PM 0 Birthday Calendar
8:01PM 2 no. at risk in survfit()
7:41PM 0 proportional chance criteria
7:37PM 5 simple example of C interface to R
7:07PM 1 (no subject)
6:36PM 4 Building a Matrix
5:01PM 2 genetic algorithm
4:10PM 1 Keeping the data of C structure in R variables?..
4:02PM 2 Compilation of R (linux) package on windows
4:00PM 5 2 small problems: integer division and the nature of NA
2:22PM 2 Bayesian Network
2:16PM 1 QCC and PlotMath question
2:10PM 2 how to generate a function from a linear model
2:10PM 2 sink to file
2:03PM 1 How to read in .jpeg files
12:28PM 2 integration function
11:09AM 4 Installing R packages in windows
11:06AM 1 Rare Cases and SOM
9:50AM 1 Is anyone using the MiniR distribution?
9:45AM 1 Output from function to a tcltk window
6:40AM 3 Handling large data sets via scan()
2:35AM 1 graphics examples
12:34AM 1 Opening for a Statistics Practitioner in San Francisco
Thursday February 3 2005
10:59PM 1 normality test on truncated data
10:51PM 1 filling a string buffer in a C routine
9:23PM 1 Is error hardware or workstation specific
8:24PM 0 Re; nonparametric manova
8:20PM 1 Uninstalling R from Mac OS X
8:12PM 0 two issues (black and white trellis graphics)
7:57PM 9 subset data.frame with value != in all columns
7:52PM 1 two issues
7:19PM 1 help on "stack" function
6:16PM 0 Course***R/S System: Advanced Programming, San Francisco *** March 31st-April1st
6:15PM 2 Surprising Behavior of 'tapply'
5:10PM 1 he^lp on "stack" function
4:54PM 1 If this is should be posted elsewhere, please advise
4:42PM 1 Efficient selection and alteration of dataframe records
3:08PM 5 How to convert a list to a matrix
3:02PM 0 Handling R Objects in C++
2:05PM 1 Memory Cap
2:01PM 1 Getting "Information matrix" in mixed models
1:59PM 0 No package 'file10181' was found
1:34PM 3 Reading Dates in a csv File
12:24PM 1 Mantel Ranomization test
10:59AM 2 logistic regression 3D-plot
10:10AM 0 Interpretation of PC loadings
10:04AM 1 nonparametric manova
8:52AM 0 adehabitat version 1.2
2:46AM 0 call RODBC function from DCOM
1:30AM 0 Displaying a distribution -- was: Combining two histograms
1:22AM 0 non parametric bootstrap
Wednesday February 2 2005
10:43PM 2 feature (attribute) selection
9:20PM 0 Not reproducing GLS estimates
8:52PM 0 How to run R-script from remote VB program
8:49PM 2 a nls question
8:29PM 3 Boxplot by factors
7:44PM 2 Frequency of Data
7:28PM 1 A modified log transformation with real finite values for negatives and zeros?
7:22PM 0 fortune update: 100th fortune
6:11PM 0 Looking for R or S+ advanced programming courses in bay area (San Francisco)
4:43PM 0 hier.part limitation
4:24PM 1 random effects in lme
4:18PM 2 Runnning R remotely
1:42PM 4 Combining two histograms
1:06PM 0 Re: Re: Message
12:49PM 0 [Fwd: Re: vectorization of a data-aggregation loop]
11:47AM 1 Rpad on WinXP
8:58AM 3 publishing random effects from lme
3:17AM 4 (no subject)
2:52AM 1 FW: Document1
2:48AM 3 postscript symbols?
1:54AM 2 R CMD BATCH character limit?
1:42AM 1 GUI under linux for R
1:17AM 1 aggregation with extra columns
12:54AM 1 selecting subsets of data for analysis
12:17AM 1 R-Project Plot: Creating browser map tags
Tuesday February 1 2005
10:52PM 1 New problem printing °C in plots
10:28PM 1 vectorization of a data-aggregation loop
10:10PM 1 Hugh image created from modest data
8:09PM 0 New R/Splus Course***"Interactive and Dynamic Graphics for Data Analysis Using XGobi/GGobi" in San Francisco
7:56PM 1 RODBC - connect is failing
7:09PM 1 taking data out of a dataframe
6:53PM 3 polynomials REML and ML in nlme
6:24PM 0 Convergence problems with survreg()
6:22PM 2 Matrix langage
5:31PM 0 glmmPQL
3:26PM 0 RV: problems checking a package
3:25PM 2 sgeostat
2:35PM 4 Split-split plot ANOVA
2:13PM 0 Split RPMS for Fedora Core 3
1:53PM 2 How to write a new "top-level" Trellis/lattice function?
1:53PM 1 Process to both write to and read from (pipe/fork)?
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1:40PM 1 package installation problem
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10:57AM 2 How to get a table of MySQL database as a matrix variable in R
5:22AM 0 GARCH, installing tserise package