R help - Dec 2004

Friday December 31 2004
9:01PM 4 install.packages() for local source file
8:35PM 4 Export the R object
6:20PM 3 Citation
4:20PM 1 lme: Confusion about Variances
12:05PM 2 Supressing empty sections with Sweave
Thursday December 30 2004
11:44PM 1 number format
10:44PM 1 install.packages() vs. update.packages()
10:31PM 3 Error in layout(): Too many rows in layout
7:01PM 3 labels and counting
10:22AM 1 subsetting within a function
9:53AM 2 graphics
6:34AM 2 simplest possible xyz plot
3:19AM 0 R and PHP
1:44AM 2 coplot with png: disappearing grid lines
1:40AM 1 t-test pvalue
Wednesday December 29 2004
10:54PM 2 Updating a formula w a portion of another formula
10:51PM 0 GEE with own link function
9:55PM 1 Discrepancy between intervals.lme and coef.lme
9:11PM 1 setting tabstop
8:49PM 1 Question about setting tick mark limits in Plot
6:32PM 1 predict.glm
1:17PM 6 numeric(0)
10:46AM 1 about image(graphics) function
3:27AM 3 using get() in assign()
12:54AM 1 .install_package_description error
12:03AM 3 gls model and matrix operations
Tuesday December 28 2004
10:47PM 3 read.table from a list of filenames
9:37PM 1 error installing 2.0.1 '.install_package_description'
9:19PM 0 R&PHP
7:08PM 0 (no subject)
6:51PM 2 Configuration of memory usage
6:22PM 1 glm vs multinom
5:57PM 2 Varying x-axes ticks
5:32PM 0 Norton AntiVirus detected and quarantined a virus in a message you sent.
5:24PM 3 lost association for .RData files
4:46PM 4 Developing R classes
11:47AM 1 R: repeat loops
10:02AM 1 editing a package directly from R
1:00AM 3 plots
12:26AM 1 random numbers within a given range
12:09AM 1 RandomFields: Controling seed with GaussRF
Monday December 27 2004
6:52PM 1 classification using logistic regression
11:18AM 2 list(0) to integer
10:55AM 1 splot.screen: multiple plots
8:13AM 0 R: Richiesta informazioni
7:49AM 1 Richiesta informazioni
12:56AM 2 vector
Sunday December 26 2004
3:14PM 1 Problem with stepAIC, "invalid second argument"
1:20PM 1 error in gregmisc package
12:11PM 2 Un peu d'aide
10:31AM 2 Prosodic/phonetic analysis with R
Saturday December 25 2004
10:29PM 1 xlim in lattice
3:43PM 0 RE: R-help Digest, Vol 22, Issue 24
Friday December 24 2004
10:09AM 6 Sorting problem
Thursday December 23 2004
9:36PM 2 how to ignore t.test error message
7:28PM 2 subsetting a data.frame to the 'unique' of a column
5:38PM 1 Question about creating error bars
4:32PM 3 tcltk problem
3:02PM 1 searching Jonathan Baron's R Site
12:37PM 0 zoo 0.9-1
9:05AM 2 Re: How to calculate Ln(x) value and Exp(Ln(x)) value in R?
7:46AM 1 How do you generate multiple sequences
4:37AM 3 combination of scatterplot and image graph
12:09AM 2 Get rid of space padding
Wednesday December 22 2004
8:45PM 2 Creating packages in windoze: *** [indices] Error 1
8:11PM 2 outer(-x, x, pmin) cannot allocate
7:41PM 0 eco 1.0-1 released
6:08PM 1 Course***R/S-plus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques @ 4 locations, January 2005
3:45PM 1 Preformatted text in Rd files
3:33PM 2 MASS installation
2:12PM 2 how to fit in R
1:57PM 0 weighted kernel density estimation
1:26PM 4 Make a table
12:55PM 1 downloading R
12:38PM 0 ordering levels: I was wrong
12:10PM 2 RE ordering levels
12:06PM 4 ordering levels
10:57AM 0 fitting data
7:42AM 0 Random intercept model with time-dependent covariates, results different from SAS
6:36AM 0 Complex lme model
1:37AM 2 GAM: Overfitting
1:30AM 2 GAM: Getting standard errors from the parametric terms in a GAM model
1:17AM 2 how do I get my data in matrix form?
1:02AM 0 (no subject)
Tuesday December 21 2004
10:38PM 4 Removing trailing spaces
10:29PM 2 Rgui.exe - Error while tuning svm
10:18PM 0 Fwd: problems with limma
9:47PM 0 (no subject)
8:17PM 1 scheduling R tasks under windows
8:06PM 1 lm regression: estimate of a categorical variable without being broken into levels
3:43PM 0 Need Parallel R help
3:23PM 0 R COCOA- Mac users
2:02PM 1 RMySQL_0.5.5 / SUSE9.2
1:18PM 0 help with limma
1:09PM 3 R code for var-cov matrix given variances and correlations
11:46AM 1 aggregate and median
11:05AM 4 Creating a vector of colours that are as different from one another as possible
11:00AM 1 No Graphics Window, Mandrake 10.1
10:23AM 0 link to a vignette/overview document in .Rd file?
10:00AM 0 (no subject)
9:23AM 1 about colnames
9:01AM 0 Im(z) <-
2:46AM 2 hang-up during nlme call
12:31AM 0 question on using "warning.expression"
12:03AM 2 How to display each symbol in a different color using plot with summary.formula.reverse
Monday December 20 2004
10:30PM 1 why use profile likelihood for Box Cox transformation?
8:45PM 2 problems with limma
8:06PM 0 Interest in commercial support for R, R-metrics and relat ed packages
6:52PM 1 faster row by row data frame processing
5:47PM 1 Interest in commercial support for R, R-metrics and related packages
4:05PM 0 feature selection for SVM
2:47PM 4 Increased execution speed of R2.0.1?
1:46PM 3 Memory problem with jpeg() and wide jpegs
11:17AM 2 Producing "Editable" Graphs for PowerPoint
10:47AM 1 evaluate expression on several dataframe columns
8:17AM 0 Re: a web about Pollas Y Gays?
6:11AM 3 Sweave and LaTeX beamer class
5:14AM 1 Re: [BioC] limma, FDR, and p.adjust
1:04AM 1 muliple plots with pairs (matrix of scatter plots)
Sunday December 19 2004
7:46PM 1 Homogeneity of variance tests between more than 2 samples (long)
7:44PM 1 PBIB datataset
5:08PM 0 Plotting and Decluttering Text
4:48PM 0 Using hexbin to Eliminate Indiscernible Points from a Plot
2:57PM 1 limma, FDR, and p.adjust
2:24PM 1 Different graph type can coexisti??
11:59AM 1 Can I calculate the area of a polygon?
10:43AM 0
8:00AM 1 how to make the matrix as factors
Saturday December 18 2004
11:43PM 1 Sums of sq in car package Anova function
4:54PM 1 erro in SVM (packsge "e1071")
1:31PM 4 variables - data-structure
3:14AM 2 For help
Friday December 17 2004
10:38PM 1 Confidence Intervals from Bootstrap Replications
8:09PM 1 font size (library stats)
7:27PM 0 behaviour of BIC and AICc code
6:58PM 1 package.skeleton()
5:52PM 8 Union of list elements
5:30PM 2 Factor analysis with dichotomous variables
4:50PM 1 reading the seed from a simulation
3:41PM 3 If it's not a data.frame, matrix or vector, what is it?
2:59PM 1 How can I take anti log of log base 2 values in R
2:45PM 2 Is the page number in a document created with "pdf()" accessible?
2:34PM 2 Matrix and rownames problem
1:46PM 0 (no subject)
1:28PM 0 (no subject)
1:19PM 2 Doubts about chi-square distribution
12:18PM 6 take precisely one named argument
10:47AM 1 reshape and split
10:47AM 3 How to interpret and modify "plot.svm"?
10:13AM 1 VAR-Estimation
9:57AM 1 combined list boxes / tcltk
12:30AM 0 (no subject)
12:03AM 1 Problem with SVM and scaling
Thursday December 16 2004
9:40PM 8 counting numbers without replicates in a vector
8:52PM 0 FW: Unsightly lines from x*y grid in levelplot with Postscript
7:48PM 2 reading svm function in e1071
6:57PM 2 Unsightly lines from x*y grid in levelplot with Postscript
6:12PM 0 na.omit argument in gls()
6:09PM 1 PHP MySQL and R
3:58PM 1 Customizing axis labels with alternating in lattice
3:41PM 1 Problem with postscript graphics device driver
3:40PM 1 nls question
3:33PM 2 partial linear model
1:18PM 0 (D)COM "unknown (internal) error"
12:32PM 1 Incorrect permissions to edit database package
11:59AM 1 PL/R calls fail
11:54AM 1 Lazy-loading db setup in the R build process
9:43AM 2 Detecting incomplete commands
8:29AM 3 3 questions
7:41AM 0 Building of Windows binary packages for R-1.9.x has been stopped
2:12AM 1 how R outputs?
12:50AM 1 help with multiple imputation using imp.mix
Wednesday December 15 2004
9:31PM 1 TukeyHSD & Covariates
8:55PM 1 hclust and heatmap - slightly different dendrograms?
8:14PM 2 which
8:05PM 1 main() in libR?
7:25PM 0 AUC for logistic regression [was: (no subject)]
5:46PM 3 (no subject)
5:37PM 0 backspace key doesn't work correctly
2:48PM 2 R: optimisation
1:51PM 0 repeated measures with Poisson
11:37AM 3 Massive clustering job?
10:58AM 1 MIME decoding in Mozilla Thunderbird
10:35AM 3 Best datatype for time-series with irregular ocurrencies
8:13AM 0 AW: Problem with German special characters
7:42AM 0 Problem with German special characters
7:00AM 0 (sans objet)
5:07AM 0 How to generate random number from grouped data?
4:22AM 2 how to fit a weighted logistic regression?
1:14AM 3 adding perspectives to existing persp plots
1:02AM 0 Re: [S] using Hmisc and Design library
12:14AM 2 using Hmisc and Design library
Tuesday December 14 2004
9:09PM 1 Multivariate multipl regression
8:21PM 0 looking for Chebyshev I low pass filter
7:43PM 0 r-mathlib and ruby-rmathlib
7:43PM 2 Re : Save result in a For Loop
7:41PM 2 drawing a rectangle through multiple plots
7:35PM 0 linear regression: evaluating the result Q
6:19PM 3 make check-all failed on SLES8 for x86_64
3:02PM 1 can R do the goodman modified multiple regression method?
3:01PM 2 plot with dates
2:57PM 1 amd 64 ??
2:13PM 0 Slashdot thread references R/Quantian and another new R/S-PLUS book pending
1:57PM 1 correlation in lme4
1:14PM 1 increase thr range in R
11:57AM 1 Antigen forwarded attachment
11:30AM 4 Several questions in R
11:23AM 5 sort() leaves row names unaffected
Monday December 13 2004
11:42PM 2 Farmating printed Numbers and Text
9:19PM 0 Problem tuning an SVM
8:27PM 1 UPGMA
8:22PM 0 How to duplicate rows in dataframe?
8:10PM 2 read attribute
6:27PM 0 timeSeries to its error
5:53PM 2 Switching to Mac, suggestions? (was switching to linux)
5:48PM 1 R 2.0.1 and RODBC install problem
5:28PM 3 Moving standard deviation?
5:25PM 4 Calling R from a non-X shell script to plot?
5:21PM 0 multivariate permutation tests
5:20PM 1 Friedman test for replicated blocked data
5:19PM 0 Re: Help : generating correlation matrix with a particula r
4:16PM 0 R: optim problems and neural networks
4:14PM 2 R: functions problem
4:10PM 3 Advice on parsing formulae
3:59PM 2 lists within a list / data-structure problem
3:48PM 0 (no subject)
12:27PM 2 classification for huge datasets: SVM yields memory troubles
12:24PM 1 Re: Help : generating correlation matrix with a particular
9:37AM 3 Percentages in contingency tables *warning trivial question*
9:30AM 3 bootstrap package
8:56AM 1 random effect in logistisk regression
6:02AM 0 correlations
2:39AM 1 AIC, glm, lognormal distribution
2:10AM 0 about vsn
Sunday December 12 2004
11:21PM 1 Re: [R-sig-finance] dates and times on Windows for fMetrics
10:08PM 1 Multiv. NR
10:03PM 1 'object.size' takes a long time to return a value
9:29PM 2 errors when trying to rename data frame columns
9:21PM 0 makeARIMA() for SARIMA models
8:23PM 12 switching to Linux, suggestions?
7:28PM 1 firefox and R 201
3:24PM 0 R
2:17PM 0 R-2.0.0 on ARM (Sharp Zaurus)
11:15AM 2 Help : generating correlation matrix with a particular structure
8:42AM 1 MailMonitor Alert
Saturday December 11 2004
9:54PM 2 Paths for Shell Scripts called from R
7:31PM 1 graphs - saving and multiple
5:42PM 2 Parallel computing in Splus?
4:03PM 0 applying var(base)
9:35AM 1 Beginners questions on matplot and legend
Friday December 10 2004
8:31PM 1 predict.randomForest
7:47PM 1 R/S-plus help
7:01PM 1 Adding a polygon to a time series plot
4:50PM 3 R Reference Card (especially useful for Newbies)
2:35PM 0 strange gee behavior
2:19PM 4 cbind() and factors.
1:01PM 1 subset bug?
11:54AM 1 Porting optimisation setup from Excel Solver to R
11:47AM 2 Returning to normal after call to layout()
10:59AM 0 Bar chart
10:43AM 1 bar charts
10:11AM 0 nlme and pnlsTol
9:41AM 1 lattice graphics empty in Sweave
4:32AM 0 Sektör Listesi! Fri, 10 Dec 2004 06:32:58 +0200
4:11AM 1 How to circumvent negative eigenvalues in the capscale function
Thursday December 9 2004
10:59PM 2 Mixed effects model help
10:46PM 1 2.01
10:20PM 1 Results of nls
10:14PM 2 finding the most frequent row
9:34PM 0 Processing and analysis of ECG signals
9:15PM 1 Calling R a la carte?
9:01PM 2 Peak finding algorithm
6:39PM 2 POSIX
6:14PM 0 SVM: quality of prediction
5:24PM 0 SVM and ROC plots
5:23PM 2 HTML help index generation problem with R under Windows
5:11PM 3 surf.ls
4:41PM 4 Scatterplot question
4:30PM 1 Finmetrics positions
4:12PM 0 How to test the significance of a value estimated with lme?
3:41PM 1 more clustering questions
3:30PM 2 "sequence of factor settings"?
2:39PM 2 a question about swap space, memory and read.table()
2:35PM 3 US 2004 Elections map
1:51PM 0 Spatial Probit in R
1:06PM 1 ROracle/DBI problem with dbExecStatement on RH Linux
12:25PM 0 elliptic functions
11:52AM 1 saving-Random-Forests
11:52AM 4 Create a plot legend in a new window
11:04AM 1 How can I estimate parameters of probability distributions?
10:12AM 1 svm- class.weights
8:09AM 3 test multiple objects for being equal length
7:59AM 2 http://bugs.r-project.org down?
6:28AM 1 Re: Tetrachoric and polychoric correlations, Polycor package
4:52AM 0 Data Mining Conference: Solving Real World Challenges, New York, March 2005
4:27AM 0 Solaris installation problem resolved
3:16AM 1 System is computationally singular?
1:16AM 0 Re: Polychoric correlations
12:55AM 2 system() and file names with spaces
Wednesday December 8 2004
10:38PM 4 Is k equivalent to k:k ?
9:12PM 2 similarity matrix conversion to dissimilarity
9:07PM 2 Surface graph.
8:48PM 0 Rgui Application error help!
7:44PM 0 XML library
6:49PM 2 Clustering in R
4:59PM 2 Modulus Problem
3:38PM 1 RODBC on linux
1:35PM 1 GLMM
1:33PM 2 Strange error from R CMD INSTALL
1:23PM 3 randomize the order of rows in a matrix or table
12:07PM 2 what about a mascot ?
11:50AM 1 install bug with specific JPEG library by exporting CPPFLAGS variable
11:28AM 2 memory problem
11:01AM 0 mailing list time out ended now ...
10:36AM 3 How to change x axes' range
Tuesday December 7 2004
9:19AM 4 Importing vector graphics into R
8:47AM 1 how to test the existence of a name in a dataframe
8:10AM 1 read.spss: unrecognized record type
7:21AM 0 Installation of R-2.0.1 failure
5:22AM 1 main R Gui window size under Windows
5:18AM 3 ess in Windows (newbie Q)
3:52AM 0 ANOVA
3:39AM 2 how R parses expression?
1:07AM 1 Importing module into R library
12:42AM 1 akima
12:17AM 1 statistics packages for R?
Monday December 6 2004
11:59PM 2 Blank eps output files
10:53PM 1 Random Walk plus noise Model
10:44PM 0 Harmonic regression in R
10:10PM 1 > 2GB memory?
8:58PM 1 plot color question
8:02PM 1 VR package not found for R version 1.9.1
7:01PM 1 surface fitting
6:13PM 0 convert Map shapes to logical matrices - for set operations
5:49PM 0 one dimensional AKIMA in R?
5:38PM 0 R Coders - Programmers
4:26PM 1 The survival rate at a certain time
3:59PM 0 Fwd: Re: barplot() options for intervals on axes
3:26PM 2 Missing Values
3:24PM 1 (no subject)
2:30PM 3 barplot() options for intervals on axes
2:12PM 6 how to get how many lines there are in a file.
1:43PM 4 Modyfing PATH in Windows Installer for R
12:58PM 3 removing NA as a level
12:44PM 1 using subset
8:33AM 1 Cocoa GUI: pasting in R Console yields syntax error
8:31AM 0 Use value of character vector for parameter of general R-function
4:33AM 1 Gam() function in R
3:09AM 4 tree class in R?
2:26AM 0 What is the most useful way to detect nonlinearity in lo
2:23AM 2 Which FM should beginners R? A suggestion.
12:36AM 2 Re : LOOPS
Sunday December 5 2004
11:26PM 1 matrix of 1,0's to a data.frame of factors
9:06PM 1 Histogram with equal-counts (-probability)
4:06PM 1 how to calculate "conditional" mean?
3:21PM 2 String manipulation---mixed case
1:37AM 3 boot package
12:49AM 4 What is the most useful way to detect nonlinearity in logistic regression?
Saturday December 4 2004
11:41PM 1 AIC, AICc, and K
10:01PM 0 Kalman Filtering
8:43PM 1 R plus SAS
2:49PM 9 Excel *.xls files, RODBC
Friday December 3 2004
9:01PM 1 Odd underflow(?) error
8:00PM 1 How to wrap or split labels on plot
7:56PM 5 how can I get the coefficients of x^0, x^1, x^2, . , x^6 from expansion of (1+x+x^2)^3
7:20PM 0 New package: polycor
6:55PM 0 Package dev: Depends, require, SaveImage best practices?
6:48PM 2 setGeneric(rm)
6:42PM 1 sampling
4:05PM 2 Label data points in scatterplot matrices
3:33PM 0 [BASIC] Solution of combining two strings
2:20PM 3 Computing the minimal polynomial or, at least, its degree
1:33PM 0 Réf. : Re: Choice modelling (was:(no subject))
11:19AM 0 help : the datail of Fortran subroutine that use in R
11:15AM 1 Getting R to emit an image file as a pipe or Base64 strea m: Mac OSX 10.3 - R 2.0.1
10:50AM 0 R: vector to matrix transformation
10:39AM 4 vector to matrix transformation
10:19AM 1 information
10:09AM 3 multinomial probit
10:01AM 0 arima and optim error
9:47AM 1 organising the display in Trellis plots
7:42AM 1 applying data generating function
5:45AM 4 factor matrix
3:19AM 1 Difficulty implementing "scales" in a lattice plot
1:07AM 1 Getting R to emit an image file as a pipe or Base64 stream: Mac OSX 10.3 - R 2.0.1
12:24AM 1 isotonic regression
12:19AM 1 (sin asunto)
Thursday December 2 2004
11:23PM 3 combine two strings
10:42PM 1 contrast reference level
10:19PM 0 R language file for BBEdit
8:56PM 3 R and Fortran in Windows
7:12PM 1 SJava convert problem
6:22PM 0 image() or plotting functions or something else broken in 2.0.1 on OS X?
5:29PM 2 Text Mining with R
4:37PM 0 SJava converter
4:12PM 16 How about a mascot for R?
3:47PM 0 Quotes from BHH2e
2:29PM 3 Dominant factors in aov?
1:33PM 0 A somewhat off the line question to a log normal distrib
11:44AM 0 R: Computation of space-time empirical crosscovariances
11:14AM 1 Arrow and text on a 3d plot
11:00AM 1 treatment contrasts and summary.lm
10:53AM 1 Computation of space-time empirical crosscovariances
10:46AM 2 Drawing a rectangle around a barplot()
10:14AM 0 A somewhat off the line question to a log normal distribution
10:07AM 1 Re: A somewhat off the line question to a log normal distribution
9:42AM 0 Final comment from a newbie_and another
9:30AM 1 Gap between axis and bars in barplot()
9:10AM 1 Final comment from a newbie
6:35AM 0 Request for Gamma frailty
4:40AM 0 Quantian with over 500 CRAN / BioC packages
1:23AM 7 A possible way to reduce basic questions
12:31AM 6 dropping rows
Wednesday December 1 2004
10:39PM 2 points plotting
10:16PM 2 rank in descending order?
9:45PM 1 R on Irix 6.5 fails when trying to load external data?
8:50PM 2 unbalanced design
8:32PM 0 gnls(0 error: invalid variable type
7:47PM 2 chisq.test probabilities method unclear
7:07PM 3 Hexidecimal conversion
6:01PM 1 Combined variable names (two concrete suggestions)
5:46PM 2 how to use print() without column names?
4:49PM 0 (Re: lme in R-2.0.0: Problem with lmeControl) and parameter specification
4:46PM 21 Protocol for answering basic questions
4:36PM 1 depth constrained cluster
3:52PM 1 prediction
3:42PM 2 2.0.1 compilation problem on Fedora Core 2
3:16PM 1 Manipulating contour plots
3:09PM 2 step.gam
12:38PM 3 can't install r package on debian due to linker problem
12:04PM 2 request for help on statistical applications in pharma
11:50AM 2 Data Frame Manipulations
11:43AM 1 how to add a legend in a barchart
11:00AM 1 split() and paste() a vector to get a multi line string
10:46AM 2 barplot() using beside=TRUE and the density argument
8:34AM 1 spearman correction
6:07AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Kernel Fisher Discriminant in R?]
5:59AM 3 core dump during make check when building 64-bit R on Solaris8/9
5:53AM 1 tuning SVM's
4:54AM 0 Request for Gamma Frailty Simulation
3:23AM 1 time data