wine users - May 2010

Monday May 31 2010
11:38PM 1 Best way to go about reporting a bug?
9:52PM 5 CPU usage at 100% in all Wine programs
6:26PM 1 Wiindows San Serif Font Error
5:55PM 4 Moving wine's C: drive to another file system
3:42PM 2 Unhandled exception
11:55AM 4 error 2147418113 on running vb 6 application on wine
7:41AM 1 Problem installing dotnet20 on Mint 9
12:41AM 1 South Park PC emulating (Weird error)
Sunday May 30 2010
11:49PM 0 MetaTrader DDE Support
7:01PM 0 Artisan Studio UNO fails during install - Windows Services
5:53PM 6 World of Warcraft OpenGL render problem
5:53PM 0 BoneTown errors
4:55PM 3 Silent Hunter 4 1.5 on MacOS X/Wine 1.2-rc2
3:50PM 2 Recent version of Garmin Mapsource doesn't work
Saturday May 29 2010
4:01PM 1 Disable Autodetect of Hard Drives
11:15AM 2 Installing error - Package dependencies cannot be resolved
10:39AM 2 Running MSACCESS and Tildes Jumis
9:15AM 3 Avoid the Gecko dialogue
7:17AM 4 Too difficult for me
2:00AM 3 Problem Running a game called Gothic
Friday May 28 2010
8:47PM 1 Wine and Parted Magic and Asus and Fingerprints
8:15PM 2 How do I fix the 'fixme's
5:48PM 0 Throne of Darkness 1.2.18 version (Runtime Error)
3:54PM 0 Idea: Add Flattr-button to every wine-release
3:17PM 0 3D live snooker from Arcade Tribe
2:22PM 0 NWDS
2:21PM 3 Slow fonts rendering in EVE Online
11:34AM 0 Re: ATI (rv350) + open-source driver + wine gaming issues
9:33AM 0 Dual Display
7:30AM 2 Newbie Question: List of Win Apps Compatible/Incompatible?
12:15AM 3 Fallout 3 with (almost) no sound
Thursday May 27 2010
7:53PM 0 wine 1.1.38
6:25PM 2 ERROR while installing solidworks 2007 (PlayOnLinux)
4:34PM 1 How do I submit programs to the database?
4:08PM 1 Re: How can I install Wine on a computer without internet access
3:02PM 1 Can't install games in Steam, it crashes.
2:47PM 0 Mafia install
2:02PM 1 Visual Basic 6 app, using excel.
12:46PM 3 Borderlands
10:46AM 0 using win and direct x
10:15AM 0 Re: ATI (rv350) + open-source driver + wine gaming issues
7:45AM 0 Re: How can I install Wine on a computer without internet access
7:38AM 0 Wine 1.2
4:47AM 1 Can anyone use steam right now?
3:27AM 0 Re: Gnome wine menu entry gone
2:21AM 6 Trying to Get EMBIRD32 Working Under Wine
Wednesday May 26 2010
11:50PM 1 wine 1.0.1 and latest on same computer
10:48PM 3 Can WINE read and work a .msi installation?
8:06PM 1 Get Empia webcam to work with Wine
5:59PM 1 Wine not saving settings upon exiting.
5:28PM 1 Homeworld 2 will not launch
10:49AM 2 R25SRV32.EXE crashes while printing from D2k->Wine->Ubuntu
10:31AM 1 Solidworks and .net...
10:20AM 0 Re: Tmax Window(a propietary OS) using Wine?
10:18AM 0 Re: no Runes of Magic with Wine 1.1.34
10:07AM 6 Vectorworks 2010 almost working
7:54AM 0 Wine on FreeBSD PCBSD and Mac OSX Screenshot tour
7:24AM 1 gethostname was not declared in this scope
7:21AM 1 How to Create a Windows shared link in Wine(Ubuntu)
6:43AM 0 git connection to times out
6:39AM 3 dotnet20 error
2:42AM 3 Installing dotnet30
12:45AM 1 Can't load MhTab.ocx
Tuesday May 25 2010
10:21PM 2 Civ IV: Colonization crashes
8:52PM 3 Debugging VisualBasic application
8:51PM 0 TF2 cuts to Virtual Desktop repeatedly in game
8:25PM 0 Errors running IVONA Voices on Wine.
6:48PM 0 Ubuntu : Application>Wine>Programs menu is freeze
6:31PM 1 vb6 sp6
5:47PM 0 how can i view offline web pages in wine?
5:16PM 5 RS232 connection
3:03PM 0 DDO Launcher Failure
1:53PM 2 How to apply a patch?
1:50PM 1 Wonderland Online - game server doesn't work! PLEASE HELP!
11:12AM 1 SketchUp, Bonzai3D, FormZ - all have same refresh problem
10:56AM 1 Re: Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 Trial installs, crashes when run
10:38AM 3 Dungeon Keeper 2 graphics crash? (probably a quick fix)
9:50AM 0 Far Cry free version unCabbed, issues running it.
6:51AM 2 Hidden and Dangerous 2 and a strange bar
6:50AM 1 Running IMMS SUA, Contpaq, Nomipaq
3:36AM 4 VisualBasic app, arrows for dropdown lists are not shown
3:15AM 1 DirectShow
12:06AM 0 Label PC GAME
Monday May 24 2010
11:30PM 0 TF2 issues
9:47PM 4 Autocad 2000 crash
5:41PM 4 Running .Net 2.0 SP1 application Zalktis
4:04PM 1 avicap32.dll SmartTee filter status?
2:29PM 1 CS 1.6 OpenGL Crash?
1:31PM 1 problems running 123di
11:45AM 1 Version of Wine works out of the box with Ubuntu Karmic?
9:25AM 0 Clown_BD help
7:07AM 0 ICM Trainer Light
2:03AM 2 Need help installing wine.
12:32AM 4 Need Help debugging a Java based windows application to run
12:03AM 1 Utilizing winetricks to get dotnet20
Sunday May 23 2010
8:04PM 0 Multimedia Fusion 2 Hardware Accleration is bugged
4:31PM 2 mapi32.dll.MAPIResolveName unimplemented?
2:53PM 6 Wine 1.2 rc1
1:45PM 1 Low FPS
12:08PM 9 winecfg, drive_c : how move "~/.wine" --> "/home/wine/.wine"
8:33AM 0 VanBasco Karaoke midi player doesn't work
6:07AM 3 Run simple exe files without GUI
1:34AM 2 Hitman 3 : Contracts - Mouse button problem
Saturday May 22 2010
6:43PM 3 Files from an old drive
4:39PM 3 intel drivers
11:12AM 1 Football Manager 2010 installation problems
10:41AM 0 Re: problem when i try to run Borderlands Game
10:38AM 1 Multiple regressions in alt.binz
9:38AM 0 Unable to start Empire: Total War
6:55AM 1 usb support
2:37AM 2 Autocad-call of duty help
1:36AM 1 Re: Balck QIP 8095 icons in Wine 1.1.43
Friday May 21 2010
10:52PM 1 I can't load a game
4:15PM 0 New member
12:07PM 2 Problem creating shortcut
11:55AM 3 New Linux/Wine User Needs Help!
Thursday May 20 2010
11:55PM 3 Instructions for clean Install of Wine, EVE, and Ventrilo
9:40PM 1 Patching wine -- 64bits
9:25PM 0 Zuma revenge's problem loading
7:53PM 3 Awful, AWFUL frame rate.
7:43PM 0 Re: Morrowind MUsic Issue
6:38PM 1 Problem with Non-English apps
5:57PM 0 Re: Can't install any winetrick
5:49PM 1 Wine/Cedega CVS
2:21PM 1 "opengl32.dll" failed to initialize, aborting -> need help
1:48PM 1 trouble installing vcrun2005sp1
9:42AM 0 Searching for the best Garden gifts...?
4:19AM 1 Winecfg Crash
4:07AM 8 nothing will work now
3:29AM 1 gpu scaling - aspect ratio issue
3:16AM 3 GSM Problems
3:07AM 1 Registry key name for Myst
12:05AM 2 windows username & password
Wednesday May 19 2010
3:44PM 4 Help with an error message please...
2:56PM 0 Canon EOS Utilities install problem with Wine
2:20PM 0 USB sound card/ROCKY software/Softrock radio
1:07PM 0 wine-git 1.1.44 build fails with "undefined reference xxx"
12:35PM 1 Re: Trouble installing wine
11:10AM 4 Installing K-Pacs under WINE
10:33AM 1 Mobile Master installs, but does not run
9:48AM 1 Starcarft 2 crash after the loading screen
6:50AM 0 Re: WINE & 2.6.32 Kernels
6:43AM 0 Re: Links 2003 & Grand Prix 4
4:13AM 1 Winecfg crashes when I attempt to open the "libraries" tab
2:11AM 1 Re: [Solved] BetFair Poker with Wine 1.1.13 and Ubuntu 8.10
Tuesday May 18 2010
10:56PM 0 Re: Garmin Trip & Waypoint Manager installs but won't run
10:21PM 5 upgrade Ubuntu Karmic to Lucid = Wine : Esound desabled!!!
5:24PM 2 Ragnarok and sound
4:11PM 2 Applications->Wine->Programs missing in Ubuntu karmic
11:53AM 1 using firebird 1.5 client
10:16AM 0 Accessing firebird with port
9:58AM 1 runes of Magic doesn't display login
5:15AM 0 what fun the game ??
5:13AM 2 Cannot install vcrun6 or mfc42 using winetricks /Ubuntu10.04
12:26AM 1 Wine hangs when creating initial configuration
Monday May 17 2010
11:04PM 1 Portal sound doesn't work
8:08PM 0 Bug minimizing Warhammer DoW:Soulstorm in Gnome/Ubuntu 10.04
7:55PM 1 Navision 1.20 (works great except for printing)
6:32PM 2 Wine Not Working
3:18PM 4 Need help with Wine and Forex MT4??
1:55PM 0 Compiling 1.1.20:undefined reference to `png_set_longjmp_fn'
1:17PM 7 No printing - program in BPS Borland Pascal for Windows
6:37AM 0 Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Problems
4:40AM 3 DVD decrypter: No Devices Detected
3:08AM 1 Corefonts problem
1:28AM 1 Can't find any programs???
Sunday May 16 2010
9:32PM 4 noob question - program won't run
8:07PM 1 I need help with wine on Ubuntu 10.04.
6:02PM 2 Crashes on launch with runaway blank error message windows
4:43PM 2 Company of Heroes poor performance
3:07PM 3 Anyone got the latest GTA working =?
1:40PM 1 Zoo tycoon 2 - Zookeeper collection - Not an executable ?
Saturday May 15 2010
11:53PM 2 Wineboot: useless dialog
8:13PM 6 Silkroad Online
6:55PM 1 Re: Sims 3 and Microsoft.VC80.CRT
5:34PM 0 Absynth 4
5:33PM 1 Re: Editing is disabled
5:05PM 1 Wine and Pulseaudio: it's working though.
4:37PM 0 Toolbook problem?
3:59PM 4 How to compile Wine without debugging symbols
2:51PM 0 Solaris 10 x86 WINE install package
12:06PM 0 Sound Problems
10:57AM 9 Age of Empires doesn't start
9:03AM 0 Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000000 at address
7:26AM 1 application text become greek
2:00AM 1 Installing Comet Buserts!
Friday May 14 2010
8:20PM 1 Disappear icons from launcher, and browser error
7:16PM 6 Portal crashes when I click new game.
6:24PM 3 Needing help with DDO
2:36PM 0 Moving Bonzai3D project window crashes wine
1:21PM 1 about wine
1:09PM 5 Warcraft 3 crashes and exits (only sometimes though)
10:32AM 7 Ubuntu 10.04 + Wine minimizing trouble.
9:20AM 4 ie7 activeX
6:07AM 1 Re: Installing Wine on SLED 11
12:51AM 2 VmWare and Wine
Thursday May 13 2010
8:58PM 4 Starcraft II Beta Launcher Issue
2:36PM 0 Final Fantasy XI occasionally freezes
2:32PM 1 Re: NWN2 Unable to Detect 3D error.
7:08AM 2 how to enable message queue in wine
Wednesday May 12 2010
10:22PM 0 Photoshop dialogs
8:27PM 3 Disabled direct rendering on OSS ati driver
7:17PM 2 issues with the keyboard in wine
5:12PM 9 Now you can go crazy; Steam and Source natively for Linux
2:08AM 1 Unable to get Qucke H&B 2009 to access the internet
Tuesday May 11 2010
9:40PM 0 Absynth 4 with fst
5:15PM 1 Re: Editing is disabled
3:45PM 3 .net framework 2.0 install problem
3:36PM 1 Obnoxious user confirmation emails on this list
3:19PM 2 Re: Editing is disabled
7:21AM 1 What dependecy is missing in this??
6:38AM 2 Can I use Mixture of binaries .so and Dll?
3:46AM 2 Running Wine with multi operating system games
3:21AM 2 Windows security issues in WMI installation
3:00AM 2 Various questions, Drivers + Wild Tangent
1:33AM 0 Re: World of Warcraft - Screen Tearing
Monday May 10 2010
8:40PM 0 Can't install/uninstall steam
7:40PM 2 Is there a way to keep Wine 1.2 and 1.0 at the same time?
7:06PM 0 copy command (indirectly) from a batch file
6:32PM 1 can't get twitcam to work
4:52PM 1 [1.1.42] New Steam - No Connection ?
4:37PM 2 ArdourVST error! (bad EXE format for)
3:16PM 0 Wine+Renderpal problems
8:06AM 0 SetWindowPos broken on lucid?
6:24AM 0 IE6 can not print at all.
Sunday May 9 2010
11:28PM 1 Can't install windows program from disk on Lucid Lynx
8:53PM 12 Steam crashes immediately.
5:13PM 4 __wine_spec_relay_entry_points - need more info please
2:28PM 0 DrDepth device contexts
1:06PM 1 Emule Crash every day
10:15AM 0 Warhammer 40k Soulstorm: patching fails
9:43AM 0 Re: ddraw hack files from Jasmine Iwanek??
9:10AM 3 Steam 2010 built in web browser blank
7:51AM 1 Re: Poor sound quality on anything other than "emulation&qu
6:58AM 1 Starcraft - Brood War playing via
6:05AM 2 PC Stitch - cross stitch software
12:19AM 2 Metatrader Installation error
Saturday May 8 2010
9:35PM 1 Irfanview Crashes In Wine 1.1.43
8:27PM 2 Run Office 2007 without reinstalling
5:07PM 1 Wine "not found" on LiveCD
3:33PM 11 WoW Old windows install
3:19PM 1 fedora 12, wine, nvidia: opengl, ipixelformat error
1:57PM 4 No Wave Input Devices in Alsa driver tree
10:39AM 1 Rainbow six Raven shield
8:21AM 0 2 product key, dirt 2 active, dirt 2 c
8:21AM 0 for speed sift cd keys, nfs sift cd c
Friday May 7 2010
9:13PM 5 Any hope for gaming?
3:54PM 13 Perfect world - mouse not appearing
12:40PM 8 newer windows needed error
10:53AM 2 Assassin's Creed 2... so close!
6:28AM 4 drifting context windows
2:46AM 2 Dawn of War: Dark Crusade model problems
2:30AM 1 Enable proxy for rFactor
12:14AM 0 Re: wow runtime error, new with patch 3.3
Thursday May 6 2010
9:39PM 3 Useful bash scripts for wine / need help
3:58PM 4 Can't run Zuma's Revenge..
3:08PM 1 Desktop for Wine with open source software
2:40PM 5 Error on every tyr of installation of .exe files
2:39PM 4 Starforce protection problem(?)
12:41PM 2 Band in a Box
9:58AM 2 rFactor dedicated problem
6:01AM 3 Using Monodevelop to write Winelib apps
5:08AM 1 Minimized screen can't be restored
1:26AM 4 i cant play this game after upgrade to 1.1.43
Wednesday May 5 2010
10:08PM 1 Halo fails to install
6:44PM 1 Runes Of Magic does not Load.
4:23PM 2 linux media player as default media player for WINE
2:07PM 0 Hazon Dictionary
9:50AM 2 Help: A Program can't load the config file to run.
8:15AM 0 Splinter Cell: Conviction crashes
5:13AM 2 Installing Steam
12:52AM 1 Run 32-bit Google SketchUp in 64-bit Fedora 12?
Tuesday May 4 2010
5:48PM 2 Half-Life 2 crashing with Wine 1.1.43 on Ubuntu 10.4
2:56PM 1 Fw: Re: Civ4 on Ubuntu doesn't work anymore after upgrade
8:03AM 2 Re: Installing Wine on SLED 11
4:17AM 3 Cant install flash through wine (ubuntu 10.04)
3:59AM 1 PhotoScape via Wine: unable to save changes in Ubuntu 10.04
3:28AM 1 Virtual Desktop and multiple apps
Monday May 3 2010
9:37PM 0 Problems With Wine Lagging
8:30PM 0 bypassing winsxs
7:26PM 0 Perfect World wont work
6:44PM 0 [PATCH] RegisterWaitForSingleObject() fix special tmo == 0 case.
6:42PM 1 Re: World of Warcraft - Screen Tearing
6:00PM 2 NoSRGB patch for l4d2??
3:27PM 4 6 different games share 3 different bugs
12:00PM 2 MSHTML does not work in ja_JP.utf-8 locale
9:38AM 3 Debugging and userfriendliness
6:42AM 2 Can't Copy and Paste
Sunday May 2 2010
11:08PM 1 Re: World of Warcraft - Screen Tearing
9:32PM 1 Re: wow runtime error, new with patch 3.3
9:02PM 2 Potential bug in RtlRegisterWait()
8:38PM 1 Re: Assassin's Creed 2 doesn't work
8:22PM 2 Help with DirectX 9.0 and World in Conflict
6:51PM 3 Run WINE on Windows?
6:37PM 0 X error of faild request: GLXbaddrawable
4:53PM 1 Stupidly broke wine with winecfg--undisable dll manually?
12:30AM 0 WINE + Adobe Fireworks (Keyboard shortcuts not working)
12:11AM 2 HOMM3 Screen Res. problem and HD support
Saturday May 1 2010
10:03PM 7 How to fix the SSL/https problem?
4:20PM 6 not enough space((
4:12PM 2 American conquest on ubuntu 9.1
1:42PM 4 Civ4 on Ubuntu doesn't work anymore after upgrade
12:57PM 2 IS there a wine-like system to run OSX software on Linux?
12:21PM 4 Re: Access HTTPS/SSL enabled sites
10:37AM 1 How to compile WINE with ALSA support
10:36AM 1 CounterStrike 1.6 - Start up problem
7:44AM 0 total war key, empire total war cd key, total war keys, empire
7:29AM 1 Request for Help: USB access for Digital Voice Editor
6:41AM 0 Re: Football Manager 2010 - resolution on netbook
2:03AM 3 Mac OS X From Source
1:30AM 1 Can't Read Integer Format in SQL Data Window