wine users - Jun 2010

Wednesday June 30 2010
11:50PM 1 Trouble getting LogixPro/RSLogix to run
8:10PM 4 Wine 1.2rc5 World of Warcraft crash
4:43PM 1 CS:S no crosshair, money, health, ammo, radar
1:08PM 3 wine vs virtualbox
12:52PM 6 minimized application in WINE but can't find it again
10:05AM 5 Need help with WineBottler
8:38AM 1 problem with eve-online and color depth (16/24bit)
8:01AM 1 Need Help
1:12AM 2 How does one edit the 'Programs' folder in WINE?
Tuesday June 29 2010
9:57PM 3 Please help with advise on wine storage
8:43PM 4 WOW unplayable because of graphical error
8:05PM 0 How to get debugging symbols in backtrace output?
5:44PM 2 Direct3D8 is not available without opengl
5:04PM 1 WoW/RealID
12:34PM 2 ListView component is empty
1:15AM 2 Final Fantasy XIV Online Beta/Benchmark
Monday June 28 2010
8:20PM 2 Re: How to make icon to command on mac?
7:21PM 4 Wine + "any program" = no sound in one of them
5:08PM 1 Re: [SOLVED]Problem with SQL-client
4:53PM 1 Common Controls 6.0
4:20PM 1 wine locale settings
4:10PM 4 What happens in Debian repository?
3:19PM 0 Re: printer layout page setting problem with TibetDoc
3:16PM 0 Re: How to Disable Printers
7:54AM 0 World Cup in South Africa "small role" players
7:44AM 0 Wine 1.2 is approaching 17 years of succession (1)
5:37AM 4 Installing from a CD
4:48AM 1 Wine on Mint9 vs Ubuntu10.04
12:41AM 8 Morrowind GOTY on Darwine - empty resolution list?
Sunday June 27 2010
4:34PM 1 Re: Can't run Zuma's Revenge..
12:33PM 5 Wine and mouse wheel tilts
10:36AM 0 TacOps 4. Windowing problems
4:30AM 2 Different font problem.
3:59AM 1 Indic language display problem (character order)
3:45AM 4 Wine can't find c drive!
3:11AM 2 How to import registry of Windows XP backup?
12:30AM 2 Raw USB mass storage device access
Saturday June 26 2010
10:52PM 7 Dune 2000 freezes after a few minutes - Any ideas?
7:49PM 2 Smoothly alt+cursoring in and out of fullscreen wine games
4:46PM 1 WoW and Wine rc5
4:03PM 1 Compiling Wine with USB suport
3:39PM 2 Wine cannot create directories
1:34PM 0 Problem with Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 and Wine
12:53PM 1 Trying to get tropico 3 to run
7:56AM 1 Problem in "porting" a function on windows to linux?
3:25AM 0 Install from DVD on Mac
12:00AM 2 Diablo 2 LOD not patching or playable
Friday June 25 2010
11:15PM 3 Having an issue with Gecko
11:10PM 2 Sysinternals autorunsc.exe
9:54PM 1 Wow ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal Exception
3:20PM 0 Problems with Silver demo
1:10PM 1 Updated to NVIDIA 256.35, WINE broken
11:23AM 2 Civ 4 patch help?
10:54AM 1 GTA SA with new nvidia drives (256.35-
10:01AM 0 Re: Setting capabilities for process running under Wine
9:40AM 0 Problems with fullscreen + two monitors
8:40AM 6 patch installed wine
8:11AM 1 Disable Audio without winecfg
Thursday June 24 2010
8:02PM 2 Why not pulseaudio?
7:27PM 1 Re: HP Openview Servicedesk 4.5
5:42PM 1 Graphics issues with Core i3
5:28PM 0 Re: WineD3D messed up my VM, how do uninstall it?
5:12PM 1 Running Chandler, error message when moving files
3:52PM 2 Lotus Notes 7.03 crash when changing workspaces
2:59PM 1 Executing bat file in Wine from bash shell
12:03PM 2 Running Songbird in Wine.
11:03AM 1 Wine on Windows (via opengl32.dll)
10:07AM 1 Adding a DVD Writer device
7:27AM 1 Installed Doctor Who Game =P, but get bug error
4:31AM 1 Multiple wineserver instance in a single wine environment
12:40AM 4 Problem playing Warcraft III (directx)
Wednesday June 23 2010
11:18PM 1 Perfect World running slow on ubuntu linux 9.1
11:08PM 1 Starcraft Problem
9:44PM 1 Installing NWN on MacOS 10.5
8:48PM 1 Playing Neverwinter Nights
6:33PM 3 GCFScape Install
11:29AM 4 Wine 1.2-0.rc4.1 on 64 bit
8:58AM 0 autohotkeyx crash
5:27AM 0 perfect world sound loss
4:19AM 1 Video call with QQ or any messenger
3:49AM 2 problem installing dotnet 2.0
Tuesday June 22 2010
11:39PM 2 transfer from CD?
10:06PM 2 Deus Ex 2: Invisible War mouse problem
9:19PM 1 Re: No fonts in izotope RX
9:05PM 0 Re: xubuntu 8.10 64bit compile issues 1.40
9:01PM 4 Where can I find libgsm development files?
8:48PM 1 Launching IE7
8:10PM 3 Microsoft Comfort Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combination
6:09PM 3 Blizzard game bug
5:26PM 0 need help with calling terminal through wine
2:51PM 1 Re: No fonts in izotope RX
1:51PM 3 Can I replace my Windows install with Wine, on my hardware?
11:26AM 0 An introduction to CrossOver Office and Games for FreeBSD
11:25AM 2 Partially corrupted text
8:35AM 0 BCB5 CGI.EXE in Ubuntu Lucid 64bit
12:46AM 1 RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Crossover Help PLEASE!
Monday June 21 2010
9:27PM 7 please insert the disk 2
7:07PM 0 Re: Lotus SmartSuite 9.8 KUbunu
11:32AM 4 Remover E-mail
11:03AM 2 moved to Ubuntu 10.04 no space on /home
10:53AM 1 Question about wine qcap v4l's MediaSampleTime
9:48AM 1 How to install a specific Wine Version in Ubuntu 9.10?
7:45AM 3 an intresting question
5:07AM 9 Problem running any games with Steam
3:22AM 1 Music error when playing Morrowind
2:52AM 6 Question about safety in using WINE
2:02AM 0 Steam in Wine
12:26AM 7 help with wine install
Sunday June 20 2010
11:25PM 2 Font problem since wine-1.2-rc2
11:20PM 2 Unable to load CM01/02 savefile in CMScout 2.00
10:54PM 2 Free NaturalReader 9.0 text-to-speech software won't work.
8:52PM 0 EVE Online + wine 1.2-rc4 EVE Online voice problem
7:04PM 1 No sound in Warhammer Soulstorm since 1.2-rc1?
11:17AM 4 Microsoft Project 98 problem
8:57AM 1 Problems with Mp3Tag & VLC !!!
8:11AM 2 DIBEngine and gdi32/user32 controls drawing loop performance
7:26AM 4 I can compile old wine from download page, but not from git?
6:20AM 7 World of Warcraft graphics errors
4:08AM 3 System 32 error
12:44AM 9 Troubles patching Anarchy Online
Saturday June 19 2010
11:31PM 0 Compumap Office v4.0.8 under Wine 1.2rc3 under Ubuntu 9.10
9:56PM 1 Mike Meyers A+ CD with wine
8:05PM 7 comctl32 unable to load
8:01PM 4 Re: Problem with wine creating folders on installs
6:41PM 0 Internet Problem
6:23PM 1 Re: wine+wineasio under mac os x 10.6
5:23PM 2 getting l4d2 to run better?
4:45PM 0 WoW Runtime error
4:36PM 0 Printing from an old Windows 3 program
4:22PM 1 mmdevapi:MMDevEnum_Create OpenAL support not compiled in
4:15PM 3 Latest Wine package for Debian?
2:41PM 0 UPS Worldship - anyone try recently?
1:53PM 2 Can't find installed software
11:36AM 3 Pictures from Canons DPP jump upwards after 1 sec
11:16AM 5
8:15AM 2 Windows Command
6:14AM 3 internet explorer
4:38AM 8 Keyboard focus in 'some' wine apps (games)
Friday June 18 2010
10:51PM 9 Bad COmpany 2 + Wine
10:42PM 2 Problems with NTFS...
10:08PM 2 Hypothetical question - for the devs...
10:00PM 1 Re: Links 2003 & Grand Prix 4
5:03PM 0 Traffic Inspector
3:08PM 0 Dragon Age Flickering
2:10PM 0 Wine, Jedi Academy and Fujitsu-Siemens
11:33AM 4 how do i update wine?
10:33AM 2 No ALSA option in winecfg
10:20AM 1 Using Wine to sync mobile phones with Linux?
6:03AM 2 user.reg keep constant value!!! - Lotus Approach
Thursday June 17 2010
9:21PM 0 Re: wine: could not load and Bad EXE format for
8:36PM 1 wine testing repo question
7:53PM 4 Apple Safari v5
7:52PM 0 edit
7:43PM 1 Wine And the Windows user-mode virtual address space
5:53PM 1 Installing Final Fantasy XI on Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Remix
3:11PM 0 installing DNL e-book reader
8:44AM 5 World of warcraft - Ubuntu 10.4 - Ati Radeon ati 4650 HD 1gb
8:30AM 0 Problems using Clue wordbook for windows
8:10AM 3 FictionBook Editor work problems
8:04AM 4 Weird problem with UltraVNC Viewer
7:17AM 1 Fisher Price Computer School
Wednesday June 16 2010
11:40PM 1 Re: wow runtime error, new with patch 3.3
11:38PM 1 The __WINE__ macro does not identify the Wine platform
11:00PM 1 Altera Quartus II and WINE
8:13PM 0 fifa manager 08
5:17PM 1 Region settings
4:42PM 0 Re: Assassin's Creed 2 doesn't work
3:15PM 2 Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
12:25PM 4 Nokia PC suit running under wine rc3
9:59AM 3 Poor performance while drawing text input fields and buttons
9:31AM 4 perfomance issue with bricscad
Tuesday June 15 2010
5:23PM 0 MBTrading Navigator
4:34PM 0 HELP: hide mouse pointer in WINE
2:29PM 3 Certified Fraud Prep Exam
1:43PM 0 problem whit local network
12:26PM 2 Re: LiveZilla
8:17AM 3 WoW Issues
4:31AM 1 Exe works in one directory but not in another
Monday June 14 2010
10:35PM 5 1.0.1 download - aa strange problem
8:28AM 1 winecfg Audio tab crash - OS X Snow Leopard
8:16AM 0 Re: Printing "garbage" *SOLVED*
Sunday June 13 2010
7:06PM 1 World of Warcraft 3.3.5 ptr crash
5:24PM 2 Please check 1.2rc with your applications!
4:36PM 6 WINE is ignoring locale settings
2:49PM 3 err:wgl:internal_SetPixelFormat Invalid iPixelFormat:
9:24AM 1 Android and WineHQ ?
7:11AM 2 Problems installing WoW on Fedora 13
2:58AM 4 Winmugenplus.exe is not an exe??? Help!
2:34AM 2 Warcraft graphics are glitchy
Saturday June 12 2010
7:49PM 5 program in Wine doesnt see SATA solid state drive
5:25PM 1 Problem launching Cursed mountain
3:20PM 0 image printing become black
2:29PM 1 MSHTML does not work in zh_CN.utf-8 locale
8:48AM 0 No transparency in Google Sketchup's cursor
1:09AM 3 Speed/latency issues for development in a Wine environment
Friday June 11 2010
11:45PM 1 StarCraft 2 - Will it work on current Wine beta?
5:56PM 2 wine FlashDWG Xvfb help...
2:04PM 5 Configure Wine to run only one application
1:45PM 0 help with empire total war
9:22AM 2 QuickBooks
1:33AM 0 Can't run amcap.exe with webcam
1:26AM 1 Knights of the Old Republic - White Polygons
Thursday June 10 2010
10:08PM 3 Very weird behaviour after moving from 32 to 64 bit..
7:28PM 5 help running TES IV:Oblivion
5:37PM 1 Additional files needed for Office2000 on Ubuntu 10.04?
4:50PM 3 Twinview and wine explorer /desktop
4:40PM 1 Re: Emule Crash every day
2:37PM 2 Recognising an unrecognisable scanner
1:30PM 1 Re: Recognising an unrecognisable scanner
1:29PM 1 Installing Quickbooks Pro 2007 .NET issues
2:17AM 0 WoW and a linux noob
2:01AM 2 Help with Pulseaudio Disabling?
Wednesday June 9 2010
11:52PM 0 Grand Fantasia works?!
10:39PM 2 Help with simple dll wrapper around linux so
9:55PM 6 Direct X not found?!
1:56PM 3 Problems whit graphics
10:30AM 2 half of my apps stopped working since wine 1.1 RC update...
3:50AM 0 new sound problem
Tuesday June 8 2010
10:17PM 1 DDO
7:54PM 1 Problems with Blood 2 - The Chosen
7:32PM 8 Cant get civ4 to run on ubuntu 10.04, wine 1.1.42
4:59PM 10 QQ International - How to troubleshoot an app that wont run?
4:07PM 3 fast WINE update distro recommendation needed
1:53PM 2 WoW hardware cursor hack, Eve virtual desktops & CSS voice.
5:46AM 1 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
1:42AM 2 Warcraft and Wine help [graphics]
Monday June 7 2010
6:28PM 3 Wine + winebottler + azloader.exe + rs232 to usb, adapter
1:27PM 6 Wine + winebottler + azloader.exe + rs232 to usb adapter
11:37AM 2 Trying to get N1MM Logger working under Wine
9:35AM 0 wine error with ODBC
9:32AM 0 vb 6.0
Sunday June 6 2010
11:42PM 1 Anarchy Online
3:17PM 2 vs2005 on wine (ubuntu 10.04)
12:55PM 1 problem running MBT Desktop Pro
9:44AM 1 Call of Duty 4 won't start
2:52AM 3 Profiling WINE (Game)
1:28AM 1 changing windows variables in wine
Saturday June 5 2010
11:16PM 0 Wine videos
2:51PM 5 Can't start Wine after suspend on Laptop
1:40PM 2 installing on separate HDD
11:31AM 1 Graphics problem
10:55AM 2 Cannot browse to c: on widows applications
4:42AM 6 EA Download Manager
12:01AM 4 Spore fails to run on new Wine versions, plus fglrx issues
Friday June 4 2010
11:32PM 6 migrating windows applications by packing wine+app in a deb?
7:02PM 0 Problem starting Blood Bowl
6:24PM 0 How I improved wininet for SSL through a proxy...
6:14PM 2 How to determine if file is within the prefix/bottle or not?
5:46PM 0 Winsock Error 10013 for a noob!
3:59PM 0 A problem about portting one project to mono under
2:48PM 1 streamci and d3dx8 missing from override menu.PASTEDsystem32
12:38PM 1 Problem Installing Latest WINE in Backtrack 4
9:46AM 1 Using WMP without windows license?
9:08AM 7 steam vs wine alike flightgear vs flight pro sim?
8:01AM 6 Error WK1129 - WIBU-KEY kernel driver needs client version
Thursday June 3 2010
8:22PM 1 Trying to install Wine
6:37PM 0 No binary available
1:06PM 0 Hide mouse cursor
12:51PM 0 circumflex key
9:42AM 3 proxycfg
Wednesday June 2 2010
8:49PM 8 IE4Linux Help!
6:24PM 5 crossover or bordeaux
8:59AM 0 How can I fix an incomplete or wrong an appdb test result?
7:32AM 3 Money 2004 installed, but crashing
Tuesday June 1 2010
11:33PM 1 Run-time error '10'This array is fixed or temporarily locked
4:37PM 0 Black Textures L4D2
3:52PM 1 only hotseat aviable in Disciples 2 Rise Of The Elves
3:45PM 1 Using wisotool with Steam
2:57PM 1 GTA Vice City - unhandled exception
2:52PM 6 Call for translators
11:31AM 12 Wine & Pro/Intralink
11:28AM 0 The application plays back wav-files without a sound
11:11AM 6 Problem when trying to start Codemasters DiRT (GLX error)
3:35AM 2 Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion sound problems
12:47AM 0 Starcraft crashes on drone death