wine users - Apr 2010

Friday April 30 2010
11:43PM 1 What and where are these how to's?
9:20PM 8 Virtual Breadboard
3:38PM 5 SecuROM and Wine on Mac OS X
3:14PM 5 make error after git bisect
1:20PM 6 Debugging issues on MacOSX
3:55AM 2 Uninstalling/reinstalling Kindle made it unusable!
Thursday April 29 2010
10:56PM 6 Winecfg crashes with audio tab.
6:54PM 1 No icons in windows any more
6:47PM 8 not found for builtin OPENGL32.DLL
5:51PM 10 I-bar "frozen" in text box, The Journal
2:18PM 0 Installing wow and XPac on another partition
11:05AM 4 Extremely Random FireFox under Wine issue.
4:32AM 2 How to open web page in host browser on Mac OS X
12:24AM 4 AudioToolbox version too old
Wednesday April 28 2010
11:03PM 0 help cant get mir3 to run
9:15PM 1 Wine - How to copy files with File Manager?
5:14PM 0 Re: BattleForge runnung well, but hotkeys (keyboard) don't work
11:23AM 0 Rhino 4.0 CAD installs but fails on licence check
6:36AM 1 Starcraft 2 beta and wine event log...
5:06AM 0 Lineage 2 - private server
3:10AM 0 Re: Wine / Google Earth network issue
1:39AM 1 Problem MW2
12:14AM 10 wine software export to China restriction?
Tuesday April 27 2010
6:05PM 3 Taking screenshop
5:42PM 2 Program error, trying to instal Adobe Cs4 Master Collection
12:24PM 3 Lotus Notes 7.03 crash when changing workspaces
11:50AM 18 black screen when i try to start a game
10:54AM 0 Re: Final Fantasy XI on FreeBSD/amd64 Unhandled page fault
10:48AM 1 Re: regression from 1.1.42 to 1.1.43: office 2007 marking text n
10:21AM 19 DMCA and EU Copyright laws
10:17AM 0 regression from 1.1.42 to 1.1.43: office 2007 marking text no longer works
9:07AM 2 problem with outlook messenger in wine
8:41AM 0 RealPlayer SP and Ubuntu
8:29AM 1 Ubuntu and RealPlayer SP
6:19AM 10 Problems with LDD 3
4:06AM 0 Quicken 2010 *long* delays in Paid By field
2:33AM 0 Share the 132-S-708 exam with you
Monday April 26 2010
8:46PM 2 wine on xandros
7:29PM 0 problems with galactic civilissation II ultimate edition
6:28PM 7 Infinity Combat Prototype OpenAL problems
11:29AM 15 How can I install Wine on a computer without internet access
9:27AM 2 usb recognition
9:21AM 0 pulseaudio under ubuntu lucid
9:09AM 2 How to disable the wine error window?
4:18AM 5 Trying and failing to install Neverwinter Nights 2
Sunday April 25 2010
11:24PM 8 I cannot install WoW
9:59PM 7 Greater OS X integration
8:48PM 1 Installing Left4Dead2 - Error No Language Configured
6:44PM 2 Setting capabilities for process running under Wine
6:30PM 2 On Photoshop CS2 - isn't working Copy command
3:02PM 8 Re: wine-1.1.34-3.1.i586 Access violation at address FTPRush
11:00AM 2 bluetooth with OSX/Fink/Wine Sunny Explorer from SMA
9:45AM 4 Diablo II Patch 1.13c
8:58AM 6 Problems running e-sword on Ubuntu
5:01AM 1 PS/2 and USB imput in a emulated Wine application
Saturday April 24 2010
10:17PM 4 Installing multiple discs
9:55PM 1 [Call of Juarez 2]Black Screen
6:38PM 4 Problem updating wine
12:27PM 7 Noob but old, trying to run ACDSee
4:05AM 1 Please update download page
Friday April 23 2010
9:47PM 4 Half-Life Installation Issues
9:36PM 0 CoffeeCup HTML editor not running - please help!
8:41PM 3 Visual Basic 6 application with MS Access connectivity
10:46AM 4 SketchUp in Ubuntu
7:43AM 4 Installing Panasonic Drivers (Win XP) with Wine on Linux
Thursday April 22 2010
8:31PM 0 Re: gaussveiw 03 can find path
7:12PM 1 Re: Assassin's Creed 2 doesn't work
2:10PM 1 I have a problem to install EBP BUSINESS PLAN
Wednesday April 21 2010
8:21PM 1 DVD not burning
4:32PM 2 Solar Accounts
9:30AM 1 Re: invalid ELF header
5:05AM 4 Solidworks 2010 Installation Manager Crashs!
2:25AM 1 Birthday gift ideas ???
2:09AM 8 stay online
Tuesday April 20 2010
9:18PM 1 Can't install red alert
10:49AM 2 Ultrasurf under fedora
Monday April 19 2010
11:46PM 11 Natural Selection 2 (engine test) + wine 1.1.43
11:29PM 1 Re: How to limit memory reported to a program?
12:07PM 0 Firebird 2.1 and Wine under MANDRIVA
7:05AM 0 Re: Oracle client 9 and Java
Sunday April 18 2010
5:14PM 4 Can't apply a patch
9:35AM 1 Re: Hard-Locks and graphics card driver issues
9:28AM 0 Re: FS9
5:03AM 7 Wine compilation without fonts in CentOS 5.4
1:39AM 16 Mirror's Edge doesn't get past the splash screen
Saturday April 17 2010
7:53PM 3 When is the next WWN?
5:42PM 1 Game crash at startup
5:14PM 2 Help!
1:45PM 3 Sim Tower crashing Under Latest dev vers
1:28PM 5 DirectX Apps causing spontaneous, intermittent reboot?
8:55AM 7 Wine on Android
7:04AM 10 Alien vs. Predator Classic 2000 - Mouse doesn't working
4:20AM 0 wisotool: automated game installer, now supports 12 games
3:29AM 5 Does Word 2007 and Excel 2007 work in the Latest Wine?
3:28AM 15 Does Access 2003 work on Wine?
1:09AM 3 PortableApps fail to close properly on mounted USB drive
Friday April 16 2010
8:06PM 6 Balck QIP 8095 icons in Wine 1.1.43
6:07PM 0 configure: error: FreeType development files not found.
6:06PM 9 WINE not communicating with unixODBC
2:13PM 0 Lotus Forms Viewer 3.5
11:59AM 0 Can't install Indeo 5 codecs
5:56AM 5 Marvin on Win
3:04AM 18 Correct wrong character set?
2:48AM 4 Sometimes Wine'd program can not write to file
2:17AM 2 Trouble Installing
1:25AM 1 Wine Ragnarok private server help
Thursday April 15 2010
7:43PM 0 Overlapping fonts on printing?
5:18PM 2 -> suspect page ?
11:41AM 3 X3: The Reunion
7:25AM 3 1.1.42 and Spore
5:11AM 0 ***FINISHED*** Black screen!!
4:33AM 6 Heroes of Might and Magic 2 won't start
4:08AM 0 Re: Editing is disabled
Wednesday April 14 2010
11:10PM 8 Launching an .exe on mac OSX
8:17PM 0 .net framework 3.5
6:33PM 0 Wine with https request
4:50PM 3 ActiveX lockup in 1.1.42 with IE6
4:40PM 0 Duak screen crash games
4:03PM 2 Removing winetricks
2:53PM 8 a question about dll override?
2:21PM 5 Neverwinter Nights 2 and bloom
12:38PM 3 Wine not starting/Wine config not starting
7:06AM 3 Office 2007: Arial font problem
1:59AM 0 DVDFab and Wine 1.1.41
Tuesday April 13 2010
7:28PM 6 Windows Scheduled Tasks - Supported?
6:30PM 1 Error When Installing Wine
5:33PM 0 Re: Sentinal USB dongled program
4:18PM 1 Street Fighter IV
12:52PM 1 Unable to install visual studio using WINE
10:39AM 0 airmail 2000 and blutooth
9:53AM 8 configure: error: FreeType development files not found.
9:09AM 0 Confusion in giving gifts...?
8:24AM 10 Downloaded shockwave games from gives errors
4:08AM 3 Too small fonts in editors
Monday April 12 2010
8:44PM 2 Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne for Newbie
4:34PM 3 Problems running a Java program in Wine
3:37PM 2 Will WINE work with the an Acer netbook Linux version?
1:35PM 14 Winepath on Mac
1:10PM 0 Re: ATI (rv350) + open-source driver + wine gaming issues
11:15AM 2 diff between 1.0 and 1.1.4x about show images inside an .exe
10:40AM 1 Wine 1.1.42 in Hardy?
5:22AM 13 Mac OS X 10.6.2 Installation
5:04AM 3 Wine and Eve Online Help
4:47AM 2 updated winetricks directx-beta verb
4:00AM 7 gecko can't run
3:56AM 2 Is it possible to install Visual Studio 2005 with Wine ?
Sunday April 11 2010
10:08PM 0 Wine 1.1.42 OSX 10.4 build error
8:11PM 1 crash after Splash Screen
5:28PM 0 Re: issue about install winewine-1.1.42.tar.bz2 from source on u
5:10PM 0 STALKER Clear Sky bugs: red grass, stretched textures, etc.
2:16PM 1 winamp under Wine , directx and more
12:33PM 0 OziExplorer nested menu sticking
6:59AM 0 issue about install winewine-1.1.42.tar.bz2 from source on ubuntu9.04
5:38AM 2 how to visit winehq forum?
5:12AM 2 (no subject)
Saturday April 10 2010
11:59PM 6 can any one help me get ddo to run on ubuntu
10:25PM 10 Compile wine from code
10:24PM 1 Getting a lot of 0x8002000e errors
10:11PM 3 windows(?) codec (or virus?)
9:37PM 5 Multilanguage WineHQ & AppDB?
7:33PM 2 "Open with" dialog box
4:38PM 2 Http links not active in a windows newsreader
4:37PM 2 Ragnarok Online - not connect
10:59AM 2 Wine-Bugzille logs me out every click
9:46AM 0 Rfactor
1:29AM 1 Mabinogi
Friday April 9 2010
9:06PM 10 Counter-Strike: Source on Fedora 12
6:33PM 0 Re: Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 under wine ?
6:33PM 2 Run Fox 2.0 (DOS) on ubuntu 9.10
5:29PM 1 Bioshock 2 - DLL problem during installation
4:45PM 2 Google Maps - IE 7 - WINE 1.1.42
6:15AM 3 World of warcraft HW mouse patch.
12:47AM 0 Error with TD Ameritrade StrategyDesk
Thursday April 8 2010
7:36PM 0 B-association 1.9.2: not working on all computer
5:37PM 0 ExtNotMod.exe not working in Ubuntu 9.10
12:54PM 7 DirectX 9.0 in Wine
11:50AM 13 Let Wine program pop up URL links in default browser, NOT IE
11:30AM 1 How do you do a Chinese Wine??
7:59AM 3 How can I debug winetest under Windows XP
12:49AM 0 edge scrolling
12:11AM 6 Using Wine on Ubuntu to install Windows XP
Wednesday April 7 2010
10:18PM 4 Re: How can I detect WINE from my program?
8:53PM 6 Going back to windoze
5:39PM 1 little problem with winecfg
5:19PM 3 How to cancel registration ?
4:38PM 11 Any issues with >=4GB ram installed?
3:15PM 2 Help request: Wine + alsa on 64-bit Fedora 12
1:51PM 0 Sharing a Bug Report
2:48AM 1 Warcraft III simply stopped working and won't run anymore
1:01AM 2 Vertexblending?
Tuesday April 6 2010
8:24PM 1 Problem with the installation of AVR Studio 4
2:46PM 5 Unable to install Office 2007 on Redhat 5.4
1:36PM 7 Miranda IM Support?
12:13PM 7 Disable games with wine
6:58AM 4 Poor wine performance
6:48AM 1 Unicaws Technical Hint
5:47AM 0 Re: no Runes of Magic with Wine 1.1.34
Monday April 5 2010
11:27PM 1 Wine newbie - "CD/DVD not found"
11:21PM 0 Fallout 3 sound problems
11:20PM 1 Gameplay videos
9:52PM 3 Wine and OSX, help tracking down a crash
3:26PM 0 Article about Wine
10:26AM 2 No paper tray list in printer setup
5:06AM 0 Oss emulation and midi with Alsa
Sunday April 4 2010
9:44PM 2 WInebottler Query/help getting something running
8:35PM 0 Re: Building latest Wine-GIT on AMD64 still fails
6:07PM 1 Getting Ashen Empires to work
5:51PM 1 Problems with wine on fedora
4:14PM 8 Crashing program.
2:39PM 8 Problem with a Win95 application
2:10PM 0 Running Diablo 2 without sound
10:43AM 4 winetricks Directx9: Unsupported style(s) 0x144
10:11AM 3 Installing a pc game with multiple cd's
12:50AM 4 Help with run Mu
12:21AM 11 WoW + Wine + NTFS Partition.
Saturday April 3 2010
11:05PM 4 Can't get games or other programs to be fullscreen
11:01PM 4 Starcraft/Warcraft 3 cursor lag
10:00PM 2 World of Warcraft Disconnects Constantly.
9:43PM 4 WoW Frame Rates w/ Intel Graphics in Ubuntu Karmic
9:28PM 2 STMSDK COM object initialization
8:45PM 4 "Support for shared 32/64-bit setups" ?
8:39PM 1 No video Game
7:58PM 1 No sound in Tropico 3
6:31PM 6 Microsoft Office 2003 Pro for several users
5:47PM 1 World in Conflict Addon connectEx Hack
5:07PM 12 Wine CD-ROM on Mac OS X
12:43PM 10 MS Office 2007 apps lose focus when hovering over sub menus?
7:46AM 1 Dungeon Keeper 2 mouse issues.. again
Friday April 2 2010
8:46PM 0 Error building Wine 1.1.42 with last mpg123
8:44PM 5 Chessmaster 11 Grandmaster Edition: GLXBadDrawable
6:52PM 1 help installing
6:01PM 2 HTML Kit issues.
5:00PM 1 Error running program; might fix my HDMI problem as well
1:00PM 7 Can't install dotnet30
12:30PM 3 Wine 1.41 Lotro Crash
10:01AM 4 Tableau Public vis software / Ubuntu
12:49AM 3 X11 (Mac) graphics problem
Thursday April 1 2010
11:49PM 0 Re: A fully functional Windows 95 emulator that runs right in yo
10:40PM 14 WoW Install Trouble
7:11PM 0 A fully functional Windows 95 emulator that runs right in your browser
7:05PM 8 WineLib app error
7:01PM 3 Installing the game Freestyle Street Basketball
4:33PM 1 Broken Link
3:16PM 4 Firefox not opening
3:13PM 6 Safe Harbor Games work with wine?
2:10PM 1 Sony Vegas Pro 9.0c
9:01AM 1 Getting Crossover off KDE3
6:58AM 1 Re: Dark Age of Camelot - daocsetup.exe
6:17AM 0 Re: Sound issue with either WINE or World of Warcraft...