samba - Jan 2004

Saturday January 31 2004
10:03PM 0 Windows Servers Spools but doesn't print
11:47AM 0 message command not working
10:16AM 0 Undelivered Notification
7:53AM 0 problem
6:28AM 1 Winbind using the wrong username for IPC$ connections.
5:40AM 0 Win9x - Samba - NT Domain question
5:31AM 0 Error when Synchronising
1:36AM 2 Mail delivery failure
Friday January 30 2004
9:57PM 0 Need help with advanced PDF printing
8:04PM 1 Unable to unmarshall SAMR_Q_SET_USERINFO
7:51PM 0 failover/redundancy with dfs, ldap, and samba
7:37PM 1 System error 1240
7:26PM 0 roaming profiles - Unable to unmarshall
7:17PM 1 Able to Mount home, but getting failure errors in logs
6:56PM 1 Help request setting w2000 to use Lexmark z25 printer on linux RH7.3 ru
5:55PM 0 How to configure the /etc/pam.d/login to allow ADS accounts to log on linux box
4:51PM 0 cups printing
4:50PM 1 benchmark adn threshold
3:36PM 2 Samba for SCO Open Server
3:20PM 0 A possible error in the way nmbd fails to respond to certain request packets
2:50PM 1 questions regarding SAMBA and Windows Terminal Server
2:41PM 1 Add Printer Wizard - 3.0.2rc1 - still problem
1:30PM 1 Cannot install print driver on Windows XP while connected to domain
1:27PM 1 {Samba}"Cannot list domain users and groups"
1:25PM 2 using VSS on a samba server - no smb locks ?
12:50PM 2 Login time logging?
12:33PM 1 User access level.
12:12PM 0 printing
11:13AM 3 Samba and Network Neighborhood
10:59AM 2 (Idiot outside) - smbprngenpdf printer driver?
10:37AM 2 Permissions and authorities
10:09AM 1 Samba 3.0.1 and OpenLDAP 2.2.4 with TLS
9:49AM 1 smbprngenpdf printer driver?
9:17AM 0 RE: Back to 3.0.1, Winbind and Solaris 9 (Mike Dorofe ev )
9:16AM 0 [PATCH] Group mapping primary group SID update
8:36AM 0 Samba PDC Multiple workgroups/doamins
8:30AM 0 Samba, Lotus Notes Domino, PDF
7:49AM 1 [CodeProject] Use command smbmount
7:41AM 0 Debian package of 3.0.2rc1 available?
7:31AM 0 PDC/BDC Questions (fwd)
6:49AM 0 Re: Error
6:48AM 0 PDF on Samba with Cups
6:18AM 0 Cannot resolve name <name>#0x3
5:53AM 0 log errors - worry or don't worry?
5:42AM 0 (no subject)
3:35AM 0 RE: Back to 3.0.1, Winbind and Solaris 9 (Mike Dorofeev )
2:35AM 1 Using a domain name in 'hosts allow'?
2:34AM 1 GroupMap Issues
2:13AM 0 Re: Server Report
1:50AM 2 WINS, must be master browser?
Thursday January 29 2004
11:05PM 0 samba 3.0.1 issues continued
11:01PM 1 Winbind and GroupMapping
10:24PM 4 Japanese File Formats
10:21PM 2 Samba & Ghost BackUp Problem
10:02PM 1 Small glitch in howto
9:17PM 0 domain-membership problem (joinging/logon)
8:24PM 0 Any approaches to server usage reporting/metrics
7:12PM 0 BDC and Roaming Profiles
6:27PM 1 Spam or virus found in sent message "Mail Transaction Failed"
5:59PM 0 Re: HELLO
5:56PM 0 USRMGR add groups
5:41PM 1 302rc1 and AIX 5.2
5:32PM 0 Copying files and asscoiated ACL's
5:15PM 2 Skynet Mail Protection scan results
4:22PM 0 Creation of Domain- and PDC-SID in samba
3:49PM 1 Groups
2:54PM 1 cannot join Windows 2003 domain
2:54PM 2 After identification
2:52PM 0 Exclusão de arquivos!!!!
1:24PM 0 change_to_user: Invalid vuid - sporadically access denied
1:01PM 0 Installing Mozilla on a SAMBA share
12:56PM 3 A samba locking question
12:22PM 0 printing to an xp printer (through cups) problem
12:16PM 1 CUPS postscript driver - setting up **ERRATA**
11:39AM 3 Change passwords
11:34AM 0 openldap-2.2.5 test fails
11:19AM 4 Print via print command while using 3.0
11:09AM 1 Can't map [homes] share with Samba 3 configured as PDC
10:41AM 1 Share File Server Question?
10:35AM 10 Back to 3.0.1, Winbind and Solaris 9
10:32AM 0 message command
10:26AM 2 smbd pids
9:42AM 0 Samba and Windows 2003
9:35AM 1 smbd being killed by SIGPIPE
9:23AM 1 Compile options?
9:03AM 1 Featurerequest: LDAPgroups as groupOfUniqeNames
9:03AM 3 W9x doesn't download printer drivers
8:54AM 1 Unable to use Samba 3.0.1 as PDC
8:12AM 0 VFS - audit errors?
8:11AM 1 Ambiguous address warning
7:40AM 1 Configure 2 samba servers on 2 Linux Machines in the same LAN
6:11AM 1 Excel Read-Only file
1:11AM 1 The 'make install' error
1:08AM 0 3.0.1-2 failed to decode PDU
12:55AM 0 Samba and NIS
12:43AM 0 Redhat build
12:41AM 0 Roaming Profiles Refuse to Load on MS Windows Clients
Wednesday January 28 2004
11:26PM 0 errors modifying sambaPwdMustChange - LDAP
10:27PM 1 Problems mapping winbind/kerberos usernames and groups to Linux user and groups.
9:53PM 0 Libsmbclient on Solaris
9:39PM 0 special chars continued
9:22PM 0 cannot mount home directory
9:01PM 0 Domain member and file shares not available
7:59PM 0 No Mapping between account names and security IDs was done
7:02PM 1 Samba (v1.9.18P5)
6:53PM 0 Automatic Response [Re: hello]
6:19PM 0 Regarding:
6:04PM 0 feedback on 3.0.2rc1
4:27PM 1 smbmount and filesystem images
4:14PM 2 Samba / CUPS / Drivers
4:02PM 0 different shares from one directory possible?
3:54PM 0 Samba 3.0.1 startup problem on HP-UX 11.11
3:15PM 2 some problems with samba 3.0.2rc1
2:26PM 1 Accessing files with different permissions.
1:38PM 0 Failed to clean virus file
1:20PM 0 WORKGROUP in smb.conf
1:15PM 0 proper syntax for codepage parameters?
12:41PM 1 Samba to copy Linux to windows 2000
11:08AM 1 Username/Password not passed to Samba
10:59AM 2 Win XP (sp1) Win2K (sp4) i Samba 2.2.8
10:07AM 0 cross-realm spnego issue in 3.0.2rc1
10:02AM 1 new error when upgrading :P "The semaphore timeout period has exp
9:55AM 0 Re: test [Reminder]
9:41AM 1 netbios-ns failing (looping)
9:38AM 0 Winbind not listing users/groups
9:29AM 4 Content violation
9:27AM 0 nmbd, wins.dat reload ?
7:37AM 0 (no subject)
7:19AM 0 configure incorrectly assumes my linux system is 64 bit capable
6:01AM 0 PAM winbind auth (ADS) WORKS! (Solaris 9) THANKS ALOT!
4:01AM 1 [patch] document update for CUPS printing
3:11AM 1 Samba PDC+LDAP+Winbind+Virtual Users/Groups Success
2:34AM 1 XP logins
1:42AM 0 IOL - ALERTA de Virus [titulo: "hello"]
1:12AM 0 Samba compile with ldap support
12:41AM 0 Network Associates Webshield - e-mail Content Alert
12:07AM 2 Report to Sender
Tuesday January 27 2004
11:54PM 2 Access97, in house VB6 app, terrible performance
11:38PM 1 Virtual Domain
11:26PM 1 --wih-winbind-auth-challenge
11:14PM 0 runaway smbd hogging system & ethernet cable bandwidth
11:10PM 0 Problems After Recompile with MySQL support
11:09PM 0 Samba 3.0.1 startup problem
10:54PM 1 Your email message was blocked
10:53PM 2 WinFS and Samba interoperability
9:01PM 3 Solution -- can connect via IP but not by name
8:25PM 0 A Message you sent has not been delivered
8:12PM 0 LDAP - _samr_open_domain: ACCESS DENIED
7:27PM 2 Samba as a client to Windows2000 + special characters on filenames
6:30PM 1 Lots of errors
5:46PM 0 Proof my LDAP indices & ACLs for Samba 3.0.1?
5:45PM 1 Does winbindd/pam transmit cleartext authneticating against an NT PDC
5:19PM 0 Undelivered mail: hi
4:46PM 0 Permission Mangling while migrating W2k fileserver to samba
4:37PM 2 Domain Member Server won't work.
4:25PM 0 Strange Samba Behavior....
4:24PM 0 <user> is NOT known to account management
4:06PM 1 Virus found in message from you!
3:52PM 0 Domain Management
2:57PM 0 FW: samba with Linux and Windows clients
2:53PM 0 Samba / LVS
2:45PM 1 Applying patch-3.0.0-3-0.1-bz2
2:23PM 0 Error Messages please help
1:32PM 0 Undelivered mail: MAIL TRANSACTION FAILED
1:16PM 2 MS Word and Samba File Permissions Problem
12:57PM 0 Re: test
12:01PM 0 Wierd failure when adding W2K to Samba3.0.0+LDAP Domain
12:00PM 0 Rezultate scanare antivirus.
11:47AM 1 WARNING. You tried to send a potential virus or unaut horised code
11:41AM 4 WARNING. You tried to send a potential virus or unauthorised code
11:10AM 1 Failed to setup a TLS session
10:47AM 0 make: *** [dynconfig.o] Error 1
10:43AM 1 Group mapping bugs + PATCH
10:30AM 3 trustrelation ship
8:54AM 0 Re: test [Authorize]
8:08AM 0 re: cannot map ntgroup to ldap group-fixed
7:37AM 0 Windows NT, long filenames, drag-n-drop, file not found
6:44AM 0 re: cannot map ntgroup to ldap group
5:26AM 0 re:ldap group mapping problems
4:18AM 0 RE: Sgjbykwfdzuikstdo
3:12AM 1 AU mirror
1:49AM 3 Client Software for Windows
1:07AM 0 Samba & Windows 2000
12:44AM 0 problems with group mappings with ldap
12:39AM 0 problems with samba 2.2.7 installed on Tru64 with OS 5.1
Monday January 26 2004
10:58PM 5 Samba 3.0.2 and Windows 2003 ADS.
10:56PM 1 A few issues with samba & cups
10:52PM 2 3.0.2rc1 - PANIC: smb_xmalloc: malloc fail.
10:21PM 0 Samba tuning for Linux?
10:15PM 0 Samba wife Foxpro Database
9:51PM 0 intermittent problem printing - cups+samba+ldap
9:42PM 2 PDC/BDC Questions
9:16PM 1 smbclient problems and authentication problems
9:11PM 0 2.6.x kernels and Red Hat samba-3.0.2-1rc1 "validation failed" errors
8:29PM 3 Samba and Window XP write performance
7:02PM 1 added new printer in cups, need to restart samba
5:54PM 0 My god, it full of "CLOSE_WAITS"
5:43PM 1 Samba 2.2.3a + WinXP
5:21PM 1 winbind authentication infrequent failure
4:33PM 0 2.2.8a mount-dir vanishes if windows-permissions are one-person only
4:27PM 1 Samba und *.DBF Foxpro Datenbanken
4:12PM 0 public share problem
4:06PM 0 Solaris 9 compile errors, samba 3.0.2rc1
3:56PM 1 2.6.1 kernel and acl support for samba3
3:51PM 0 xbox accessing samba shares
3:42PM 0 smbclient got signal 11
2:29PM 0 group&usermapings dom member
2:23PM 1 user granted access, but still no shell prompt
1:17PM 1 Setting printer properties with prnadmin.dll (W2k Resource Kit)
1:10PM 3 Samba and Oracle directory
12:11PM 1 Adding printers drivers problem
10:35AM 0 Trust clarification ...
10:18AM 1 Domain + Workgroup with same name: problem?
9:26AM 4 net: ../../../libraries/liblber/decode.c:644: ber_scanf: Assertion `((ber)->ber_opts.lbo_valid==0x2)' failed.
9:15AM 0 Strange problems with profiles
9:13AM 0 after switching to ldap, cannot net groupmap stuff-FIXED
8:33AM 1 re-post [ machine group and pwdump.exe
8:05AM 1 Samba 3 + Exchange 5.5 SP4
7:48AM 4 after switching to ldap, cannot net groupmap stuff
7:29AM 1 samba 2.2.8a + Locking + Record not available
4:55AM 0 Trouble migrating user accounts from NT4 to SAMBA 3.0.1 using "net vampire"
4:28AM 0 Problems with XP <-> XP shares with Linux Samba PDC 3.0.2pre1 "the system cannot find message text for message number 0x in the message file for ..."
1:15AM 1 Weird problem with ADS support - Samba 3.0.1 - win2k3
Sunday January 25 2004
11:57PM 0 My story installing Samba-LDAP PDC (it has a happy en ding )
4:36PM 2 Execute .exe files from a Samba share
2:53PM 0 openbsd support
1:27PM 1 Samba] Samba3 Printer drivers installation
1:12PM 1 WinXP dont log out
9:48AM 4 Samba and Terminal Server Whitepaper
4:41AM 0 RE: SAMBA 15TB Volume?
1:42AM 1 Compiling samba with openldap and kerberos
1:27AM 1 My story installing Samba-LDAP PDC (it has a happy ending )
12:29AM 1 Connection refused, access denied (Windows XP trying to connect on samba's shared printer)
12:13AM 0 RE: SAMBA 15TB Volume?
12:07AM 1 Firewall transparancy?
Saturday January 24 2004
6:29PM 2 samba and very large files
5:27PM 0 Dis-used ip creating errors in logs & slow XP browsing
2:28PM 0 TR: File system error (1026) - Win98 FR&EN and extended character
3:10AM 0 Automatcally installing drivers for HP2000CN/HP890C
1:12AM 0 Possibe Autocad R13 Fix found
Friday January 23 2004
10:09PM 1 LDAP connection leak?
8:11PM 0 Samba3.0.1 - can't join new XP Pro pc to domain]
8:07PM 1 Samba and Windows 2003 Server ADS
6:43PM 0 Java smbpasswd
6:29PM 0 winbind + solaris + ssh
5:14PM 1 Samba Print "ERROR: NULL dest in safe_strcpy"
5:06PM 0 Interpreting desktop.ini
4:25PM 1 Samba File Server Problem
3:49PM 3 Samba Winbind and LDAP backend
3:24PM 0 Print to script
3:04PM 1 Adding Samba Domain SIDs...
3:02PM 1 Logon time restrictions?
2:55PM 0 Mounting windows shared files from Unix
2:15PM 1 Log Viewer
1:53PM 2 Web inteface for uploading?
12:43PM 1 getent passwd problem (please it's quite URGENT)
12:14PM 1 sambaPDC+LDAP
12:10PM 1 the system cannot log you on to this domain because the system's computer account in its primary domain is missing or the passwo rd on that accoun
11:56AM 2 trouble with german special chars on smb shares
11:39AM 0 Debian add user etc scripts & usrmgr.exe
11:21AM 0 Samba 3.0.0 compile errors
11:18AM 2 3.0.2rc1, LDAP, Solaris 9 and secondary group problem - Bug 395?
10:46AM 0 Mounting Greek lang XP shares
10:03AM 0 Cut'n Paste slow in Word 2002(sp-2)
9:35AM 1 How to List Windows Domain Users in passwd list on Linux
8:13AM 0 Private question to Beast :)
8:03AM 2 Samba compile error
7:20AM 0 SAMBA and active directories
3:43AM 0 PAM (winbind?) auth still does NOT work on Solaris 9
3:21AM 0 Max Share Size
1:15AM 1 Uid problems with linux kernel 2.6.1
1:13AM 1 NFS re-export 64bit / 32bit locking issue?
12:43AM 0 REALM
12:12AM 0 Win2k ADS + Samba + Kerberos
Thursday January 22 2004
10:32PM 1 message while running the Configure
8:32PM 0 Problem compilling SAMBA 3.0.1 under SuSE 9
6:28PM 0 Samba3.0.1 - can't join new XP Pro pc to domain
6:00PM 0 client-error-not-found
5:54PM 0 Newbie to 3.0.1 and having problems
5:34PM 1 Newbie: Samba and Networks
5:17PM 1 Re: Remote Citrix Auth Pass-Through ...
4:46PM 0 Odd Roaming Profile behaviour from a Samba PDC
4:45PM 0 Roaming Profiles problem
4:39PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 0.4.2 released
4:35PM 1 Migration issue
4:20PM 0 time stamp problem with samba on s390x
4:18PM 1 Keeping Domain Definition Active
3:57PM 1 Help need
3:19PM 1 min password length
2:46PM 0 winbind utils not working as non-root user
2:38PM 0 multiple Samba servers and w2k
1:59PM 1 SAMBA and Netware
1:56PM 0 Single sign on for accessing folders on Samba Server.
1:31PM 0 Samba 3 problems
1:02PM 2 RPC: Problem Deleting LDAP-Entries in pdb_ldap.c
12:55PM 0 Bad SID under a samba member domain
11:45AM 0 How to check the status of smbd process (timeuot question) ?
8:52AM 1 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 10 in pid 7448 (3.0.0rc2)
7:47AM 2 2.2.8a - string overflow by 6 in string_sub
6:52AM 0 Debian samba 2.2.3-12.3 explosive memory growth
5:35AM 1 weird NT error codes
4:21AM 0 Problem : win2000(NT) and Samba 2.0.7
3:17AM 2 Creating user home dirs elsewhere?
2:30AM 2 Administrator and Samba PDC
2:03AM 1 Compile Error
12:15AM 0 Accessing home dir as Windows user
Wednesday January 21 2004
11:30PM 1 Can I mount an hidden share?
10:48PM 0 Problems mapping users' names
10:14PM 4 Password change messages
9:59PM 11 Welcome to DM Direct
9:27PM 0 Custom form and anonymous printing
8:00PM 0 File size differs
7:39PM 0 getent passwd cannot list win2k ADS users
7:18PM 0 smbmount / smbfs error - cant load nls charset
7:10PM 0 Stub error changing machine account password
6:14PM 0 RAW date printing by a windows client and using a 'windows printer (Canon S9000)' using Samba and cups
6:03PM 2 3.0.1 : incorrect handling of files with accentuated chars
5:15PM 1 Storing Hashed Passwords in Credentials File
4:42PM 0 samba 3.0.0 - winbind kerbros tickets expired
4:16PM 0 Samba and Non-Windows Kerberos Server help
2:40PM 1 Newbie Questions--Firewalls
1:45PM 2 unicode conversion
1:38PM 1 HELP with "no mapping between account names and security ids was done"
1:20PM 0 KB824141 on Win2K and Samba PDC with a mandatory profile
12:57PM 1 connecting printers via samba / cups (Windows XP clients / AD)
11:52AM 0 cannot access umlaut file names with Samba3
11:50AM 1 [3.0, LDAP] smbpasswd fails in adding new accounts
11:30AM 1 Confusion as to how winbind and samba interact
10:18AM 0 W2K sometimes returns wrong file times
9:45AM 1 Win2K manipulation of directory permissions
9:17AM 2 NT4 PDC Account transfer
8:23AM 0 Samba3 "Remote Desktop Users" Group
5:27AM 0 Samba ver 2.2.2 - socket read - WinXP
3:51AM 1 Samba PDC Questions
2:45AM 2 network name no longer available
2:04AM 0 changing desktop/profiles
1:41AM 4 Samba winbind secondary group problem
1:15AM 0 Can't See Share
12:44AM 0 =?euc-kr?b?W8HWvcTBpLq4XSDHz7fnIDEwutC4uCDH2rXlxvnAuLfO?= =?euc-kr?b?IMX1wNrHz7y8v+Qh?=
12:44AM 0 samba Digest, Vol 13, Issue 33
12:43AM 1 Group and Client Access Problems w/Samba 3
12:43AM 0 Re: KAE, the only thing
12:42AM 0 Winbind local idmap and cache database security concerns
12:42AM 0 Re: MFBV, he had difficulty
12:41AM 1 Join Computer Associates and DM Review for a Web Seminar
12:40AM 0 smbfs issue
12:39AM 0 AD Primary Group Masked by Local Primary Group
12:39AM 1 LDAP don't up
12:36AM 0 Re:
12:34AM 3 Winbind local idmap/cache database security concerns
12:33AM 0 Re: Strange behaviour WinHP and 2.2.8a and inherit permissions
12:33AM 1 windows 98 > Samba server IPC$
12:33AM 0 (no subject)
12:32AM 0 Atencion: Mail Comercial Personal temporal y outsourcing informatico
12:31AM 2 winbind hang
12:31AM 0 Accentuated letters and solaris 9.
12:30AM 0 Re: WTLZJ, it was growing
12:27AM 0 Samba3 Printer drivers installation
12:27AM 0 Fw: ADS and Winbind ... Can't access with Samba host name ...
12:27AM 0 Re: RGLNMXFV, stations in various
12:25AM 1 smbmount won't work connecting to W2K on Samba 3
12:24AM 1 Can you use roaming profile in a workgroup environment?
12:23AM 0 Re: Strange behaviour WinHP and 2.2.8a and inherit permissions
12:23AM 0 Re: JEUSFS, tapping the glass
12:22AM 0 not work ?
12:22AM 1 Samba Backup Printserver
Tuesday January 20 2004
9:42AM 0 Re: Strange behaviour WinHP and 2.2.8a and inherit permissions
7:22AM 1 samba Digest, Vol 13, Issue 31
6:57AM 0 Listing users in samba backend from win client
1:53AM 1 Help! Samba 3.0 can't use null password with OS X
Monday January 19 2004
11:50PM 0 FW: Problem updating/creating files with winbind and a wi n2k box
11:17PM 0 smbclient connect problem
10:29PM 1 smb3 + ldap howto?
9:44PM 0 Career Site Linking
8:45PM 0 SQL 2000 Failed Authentication
8:05PM 1 Need Samba printing help
8:04PM 2 Filename for printing?
7:53PM 0 Fw: w2k/XP won't join samba pdc
7:47PM 0 Solaris 9 + Samba 3.0.2rc1 problem
6:27PM 1 netatalk & Sambas' winbind
5:49PM 0 winbind + trusted domain
5:05PM 0 New install version question
4:30PM 0 samba with Linux and Windows clients
3:24PM 0 Printer problem, does somebody could help me please?
3:17PM 2 Serious bug in Samba 3.0.2pre1 !!!
2:57PM 2 w2k/XP won't join samba pdc
2:49PM 1 Capital Letters - Charset problem
2:37PM 2 Winbind Problems
2:17PM 0 Could not fetch trust account password for domain ...
1:59PM 0 Can only login from Windows, when not a domain member
12:27PM 1 samba3.0.1 bug?
12:17PM 13 winbind and Solaris 9 with AD
11:54AM 0 cifs-vfs connecting to Netware 6 running cifs.nlm
11:40AM 0 Samba3 Ldap on Suse 8.2
11:00AM 1 terrible host\5Cusername ldap issue
10:46AM 0 Problem with Samba
10:28AM 4 network browserlist error(S)..
9:21AM 1 Group Mapping in MySQL backend
8:47AM 1 Re: Bug#219197: PANIC: internal error
8:44AM 0 Who know?
8:40AM 0 pam_winbind for mail server
6:58AM 3 win2k wont join domain; tried everything
6:33AM 0 Time to straighten out groupmap
6:13AM 0 What does ir mean in Showall FW?
3:56AM 0 W2K AD domain join success, wbinfo -t error - question
3:37AM 1 patching 3.0.0 to 3.0.1
12:03AM 0 recycle bin module, touch, TIME/DATE
Sunday January 18 2004
11:28PM 1 loading print driver question
9:18PM 0 SAMBA 3 and Existing krb5.keytab
8:02PM 0 Ia have a problem with loging from XP to SambaPDC
7:52PM 3 Strange behavior WinXP and 2.2.8a and inherit permissions
5:25PM 0 Samba 3.0.1 running at ~90% CPU
1:04PM 2 shared folders ownership
12:02PM 1 samba Digest, Vol 13, Issue 30
12:58AM 1 samba3 win2k roaming profiles.
Saturday January 17 2004
10:28PM 0 Two bugs in 3.0.x code not in 2.2.8!
9:05PM 0 Trouble installing Samba 3.0.0 on Linux Slackware 9.0
8:36PM 0 Erro smbd/nttrans.c
8:35PM 0 very basic configuration
5:34PM 0 NT user add
5:21PM 0 High CPU load with Samba
4:12PM 1 "smbclient -M <machinename>" generates "session request failed" - why?
12:42PM 1 samba Digest, Vol 13, Issue 29
4:24AM 1 After reinstall XP - browsing doesn't work
2:12AM 3 Samba 3.0.2rc1 Available for Download
2:07AM 0 Trying to write a PDC HOWTO - Samba 3.0.1/LDAP
12:28AM 0 Using W2k and NT4 in mixed env?
12:21AM 2 Equivalent of "net send" command
Friday January 16 2004
10:48PM 0 Access private share in Samba 3.0.0
8:48PM 0 Problem updating/creating files with winbind and a win2k box
8:18PM 0 Help: RH9+Samba3.0.1+LDAP
8:16PM 1 smbldap-tools 8.3 populate errors
8:01PM 4 'multi-layered' authentication
7:42PM 1 Please HELP!!!! Logon Script
7:21PM 0 smbfs not showing all files
6:53PM 0 Logon script
6:34PM 0 make install didn't install /etc/pam.d/samba <SOLVED>
6:08PM 0 3.0.1 error: kernel: smb_proc_readdir_long: error=-512, breaking
5:28PM 0 Problems with Samba 3.0.1 on a W2k domain
4:43PM 1 Reloading in usrmgr.exe
3:56PM 0 samba 3.0.0-2, XP pro and network shares
3:01PM 1 Add user script, with winbind, without PAM (Solaris 9)
2:36PM 1 Samba 3 "net ads join" to a w2k server error
1:08PM 0 snoop messages
12:03PM 1 samba Digest, Vol 13, Issue 27
11:58AM 0 Authentication problem with samba-3.0.1-debian
11:42AM 1 Multiple group names
10:40AM 0 administrative office 2003 installation on samba 3.0.1
10:34AM 1 creating users from w2k with usrmgr and samba 3.0.1
8:31AM 0 Group "Unknown" on first connect
6:41AM 0 Compiling error?
6:41AM 0 Migrate Samba 2.2 to 3.0
6:01AM 2 Auto printer dirver install for windows client
5:58AM 2 Samba 3.0 pdc and winxp
1:13AM 1 Share Unavailable
Thursday January 15 2004
11:11PM 1 Mapping a drive letter to a Samba share
10:02PM 1 long print times
10:01PM 0 FreeBSD Winbind and Symlinks
9:10PM 0 Re: Rsync with smbfs filesystem and character s like é - updated from version on RSync List
8:39PM 0 I am unable to access my shares: Incorrect password orInvalid user name
7:56PM 3 wbinfo looking for hostname as domain
7:42PM 0 samba configuration question
7:13PM 0 smbmount and smb.conf
6:41PM 0 Rsync with smbfs filesystem and characters like é - updated from version on RSync List
5:31PM 1 Missing Macros
5:16PM 0 Réf. : Samba Tuning
5:00PM 0 I am unable to access my shares: Incorrect password or Invalid user name
4:49PM 1 PDC upgrade Fedora core 1 / Samba version 3.0.0-15
4:35PM 0 FreeBSD 4.9 + Samba 3.0.0rc1 - 3.0.1 ASCII-US Issue
4:23PM 0 Solaris 8 x86 : Winbind compile error
4:08PM 0 Question again: winbindd and samba with "use default domain"
3:23PM 1 client use spnego
3:22PM 4 PDC - initial profile creation
3:13PM 0 SWAT reporting wrong version?
3:08PM 2 Installation Problem !!!
3:00PM 0 integrating active directory with samba 3.0
2:49PM 1 BUGS
1:50PM 0 Office 2003 Temporary Files
12:36PM 0 Samba in 2003 ADS
12:14PM 2 copying from Win to Linux
11:35AM 1 logging messenger service in windows
11:32AM 0 smbmount problem
10:32AM 1 Winbind + Acl problem
10:31AM 0 Samba 2.2.3a
10:12AM 0 Strange smbclient -L behaviour across WAN link
9:47AM 1 Samba Tuning
9:42AM 2 Good News, ou=computer works! :-)
8:50AM 1 QUOTA Testing
8:45AM 1 samba Digest, Vol 13, Issue 24
8:19AM 0 Problem printing to share on member of samba 3.0.1 PDC
7:53AM 0 2.2.8a as member server of Win2000?
6:02AM 0 OT: fyi, spam
5:25AM 0 FW: Daemon error
4:26AM 0 How to map Sco openserver 5.0.4 with Windows 2000 server
4:22AM 0 XP client missing ACK when manipulating directory
2:28AM 1 editing important files with running samba
2:14AM 6 My story installing Samba-LDAP PDC (it has a happy ending)
2:02AM 0 Samba 3.0.0 nt acl
12:03AM 0 cypercafe solution , samba, distros anyone expierience needed
Wednesday January 14 2004
10:47PM 2 Logging Detail
10:28PM 1 Queries regarding domain groups
10:14PM 1 SAMBA + LDAP: can login to domain
9:24PM 3 permission bits clobbered
9:11PM 0 "share modes" parameter
9:10PM 1 signing failures during smbclient tar operation: SMB signature check failed
9:09PM 0 Problems with smbldap-tools 0.8.2 and Samba 3
8:59PM 1 disappearing files
8:16PM 1 mounting smbfs from a Solaris 7 box
7:02PM 1 Another Samba and Mac OS 10.3 Question
6:40PM 0 Samba 2.2.8a with Solaris 8 & NIS
6:15PM 1 Samba and Mac OSX 10.3
5:09PM 0 Printer in Win2k
4:57PM 2 Difference Between Domain and ADS security In Reference to Realms
4:29PM 0 Réf. : samba 2.2.8a PDC LDAP CTRL+ALT+DEL password change, not chaning Unix password
4:18PM 0 dtsession PAM error
3:59PM 1 Spam reduction suggestion
3:44PM 1 smbd process has high CPU utilization
3:36PM 2 Samba PDC and Automatic Printer Install
3:25PM 1 Re: samba 2.2.8a PDC LDAP CTRL+ALT+DEL password change, not chaning Unix password
3:22PM 1 Pool printing via cups and notification via samba
3:16PM 0 Winbind Problem ("Authentication service cannot retrieve authentication info.")
2:04PM 0 Samba 3.0.1: Problems with downloading printer driver
1:25PM 3 Question regarding guest account =
12:21PM 0 Problem adding smb accounts on 3.0.1/ldap
12:12PM 0 Hiding client icons from netrok neighbour.
11:41AM 1 samba Digest, Vol 13, Issue 21
11:34AM 0 SAMBA 2.2.8a PDC with OpenLDAP automatcally adding machine account
11:33AM 0 Exist any method to restrict the Admin Domain to access the root resources?
11:33AM 0 ordinary user mapped to root, need to known the root smbpasswd
11:06AM 1 Manual creation of machine trust and comments on Samba books
9:57AM 0 homes share now prevents access to static share
9:43AM 1 smbclient
7:24AM 0 access samba member server from trusted domain
6:15AM 0 Samba + Windows2000 Saving Problem
1:32AM 0 Joining KDC and ADS Domain
1:10AM 0 Confusing filenames with iso8859-1 characters
12:36AM 1 Samba bug or by design - browsing root
Tuesday January 13 2004
11:55PM 0 smbclient works....mounting does not
11:45PM 1 SMB Signature verification failed on incoming packet
11:38PM 1 problem mixing printing cups and own print commands
10:50PM 0 How can I find if a machine is a ADS controller?
10:22PM 0 New Samba 3.0 Schema
9:58PM 0 Printing Resources
9:46PM 0 update on winbindd and "use default domain"
9:39PM 0 Q: winbindd and samba with "use default domain"
9:19PM 1 Offensive Email - So young ...
9:14PM 0 plain text password authentication
8:40PM 1 Using People for Machine accounts
7:24PM 0 Exist any method to restrict the Admin Domain access the resources of root?
6:52PM 0 Samba Browsing and BDC +LDAP
6:25PM 1 Offensive Email - Good young girls want to play pranks!
6:20PM 0 MSDev using samba drv = intermittent long delays
5:59PM 1 adding printers from netlogon script
5:26PM 1 Samba 3, Windows XP SP1
5:21PM 0 Samba woes with file xcopy from Win2K
5:19PM 0 reseting conection
5:02PM 1 Can't get "getent passwd" to display winbind users
5:02PM 2 Mac OS X client problem with supplementary groups
5:01PM 0 poor Log information
4:13PM 1 Question regarding user or group quantity limits
4:12PM 0 SID <-> UID mappings
4:06PM 1 Winbind PAM authentication
4:01PM 0 xp/nt workstations cant access samba shares
3:57PM 0 Samba's equivalent tool of usmgr.exe
3:27PM 0 Problem migration samba 2.2.8 -> 3.0.1
2:59PM 0 User & group sid the same ??
2:54PM 0 3.0.0, password switching on it's own
2:38PM 0 Offensive Email - Teens for unfetered !
2:12PM 0 Daemon error
2:02PM 0 Doesn't winbind (3.0.1) resolve primary group of a Samba server user ?
1:51PM 0 Install problem
1:36PM 1 Logoff Script
12:46PM 1 samba 3 accented names case mangling with win 98
12:23PM 1 Disallow multiple logins from the same user in a Domain
12:04PM 1 Samba 3.0.1 + LDAP + User Password Change failure
11:28AM 0 Winbind & Wrong Password - PAM Issue? NT_STATUS_WRONG _PASSWORD?
11:07AM 0 samba as pdc pam authentication with postgres databse
11:00AM 0 Mac OS X (Samba 2.2.3a) and Samba 3.0.1 Domain
10:06AM 1 machine group and pwdump.exe
9:36AM 0 The specified Network Name is no longer available
5:08AM 0 Password Question
4:23AM 0 Deleting files on a remote PC Samba Server from a UNIX Script.
4:09AM 0 Samba Question
1:57AM 1 Long filenames and 8.3 conversion
1:33AM 1 Problem with Samba on Home Network
Monday January 12 2004
11:36PM 0 Please Help!! need samba 2.2.7 server to use ldap
10:49PM 1 Another problem with Win2k logins...
10:46PM 0 Printing problems drive me crazy
10:12PM 2 Samba 3 and LDAP
9:50PM 1 Learning smb.conf file
8:36PM 0 Re: Questions regarding [patch] PostgreSQL pdb backend
8:21PM 0 Slowness problems with Samba 3.0.1, Solaris, and Clearcase
8:10PM 0 usernames not showing in security tab
8:06PM 1 Samba 2.2.8a: Deleting all files
7:13PM 0 smbldap-tools: cvs version
6:57PM 2 W2k/SQL Authentication problems 3.0.1, help please
6:09PM 0 smbd hangs when printing.
5:57PM 1 Multiple domains on one PDC
5:46PM 1 samba w/tdb recovery
5:07PM 0 Windows briefcase on samba share
4:47PM 3 Win XP Pro / Linux PDC
3:37PM 0 smb+winbind+Acl problem
3:29PM 1 About workgroup environment
3:18PM 0 About - Add a preamble to documentation
3:18PM 0 how to use more samba process and interfaces safely!?
3:07PM 0 Large File Access from Linux to Linux Host using Samba
2:56PM 0 nmbd eats near of 40% of cpu with Samba 3.01
2:51PM 1 (no subject)
2:50PM 0 third time logon from client removes administration rights
2:49PM 1 problem with
2:06PM 0 Winbind & Wrong Password - PAM Issue?
12:41PM 1 pdc+ldap newly created users can't log in
12:30PM 0 Problems connecting to non-public SAMBA-shares
11:44AM 0 Allow symlinks outside of mointpoint
11:13AM 0 Windows 2000 share invisible to SaMBa
11:03AM 0 samba3.0.1/win2000ad/kerberos5: user cannot logon
8:23AM 0 Incorrect password or unknown username
5:52AM 0 "Ticket not yet valid" message - further info
5:50AM 0 Offensive Email - 3 sites for Unfetered !
4:04AM 1 disabled roaming profile
3:18AM 1 Quota problem of 3.0.2pre1.
12:46AM 0 Problem with Windows 2003 accessing Samba 3.0.1
Sunday January 11 2004
9:54PM 1 OT: Spam - is it just me?
6:32PM 0 Win2k clients problem after updating system
4:47PM 0 smb problems
4:01PM 0 OT: Spam
3:52PM 1 automounting a usb-harddrive/cdrom that can be mapped from the login script.
3:21PM 21 Notification
3:21PM 0 Offensive Email - Video
3:20PM 0 Video
10:22AM 0 Sharing an HP DeskJet through SAMBA: the raw option
7:01AM 0 Trans...
6:17AM 1 Trying to configure a SAMBA 3 PDC with OpenLDAP
4:53AM 0 Offensive Email - Look at that
Saturday January 10 2004
11:21PM 2 Denied access in XP, OS X works.
11:00PM 0 logging transferred files
9:21PM 2 swat error
7:45PM 1 cannot read messages(popup) but with root.
6:56PM 1 High load average and client timeouts
6:11PM 1 Winbind UID/GID unification across multiple machine solution
5:52PM 0 mount unix share on unix preserving file attributes
5:49PM 2 Symbolic link gets overwritten
3:52PM 0 smbmount permission issues
2:41PM 3 syncing file dates between windows nt4 and samba 3.0
1:30PM 0 Samba 3.0.2pre1 as PDC + Win2k with SP4 as clients - PROBLEM!!!
1:18AM 1 "guest ok = no" but guest user is used
12:19AM 0 samba service halted -- locked files?
12:10AM 3 Domain group not working in valid users
Friday January 9 2004
11:47PM 0 Printing Slow
11:39PM 2 Problem with internal traffic
11:29PM 1 Using variables with pdbedit
11:22PM 1 smbldap-tools problem with Samba 3.0.1/LDAP 2.1.22/Fedora Core 1
10:06PM 1 LDAP Users from other ldap base...
10:00PM 0 sam._ file format question
9:11PM 0 Samba 2.2.8a and HP-UX 11.11 (11i)
8:52PM 0 Upgrading Samba: minimum requirements for Samba wrtSolaris and gcc
8:31PM 4 Erro C0000001
8:08PM 3 Samba 3.0 PDC+LDAP Help in Fedora Core 1
7:49PM 1 Found my answer...New Question.
7:36PM 0 [Fwd: First shot at smb.conf 1/2 right...]
7:24PM 8 Please Help with Secondary Groups
7:22PM 2 Smb signing - how can I check?
6:34PM 2 inetd & etc
6:06PM 0 AD multiple domain logon and problems with Kerberos File Server authorization using SMB
5:10PM 0 HPUX 10.20
4:55PM 0 First shot at smb.conf 1/2 right...
4:15PM 0 large file pre-allocation causing Windows error
4:14PM 0 which version of samba binary package I should install?
4:07PM 1 best, safest and easiest way to provide remote access to files on linux machine
4:07PM 3 samba: problem in copying directories with many files
3:47PM 1 Permissions problem
3:11PM 0 samba and linux 2.6
3:03PM 1 samba profiles tool
2:31PM 2 Error on SMB Packages
1:30PM 1 samba says "you have right" but I must not have right (Important - SECURITY ISSUE)
12:53PM 2 Home drive mapping with samba as PDC.
11:54AM 1 Change in SID: users having trouble
11:46AM 1 Problems with 2003 Server and Samba 3.0.1
11:15AM 0 Help Please!
10:40AM 0 Account Expiry
10:19AM 1 3.0.2pre1 smbtar problem
9:46AM 0 Winbind Pre-requisite
9:18AM 0 strange behaviour of smbpasswd after upgrade to samba.3.0.0
8:08AM 1 Samba3+LDAP configuration... PLEASEEE
6:16AM 3 samba 2 samba
5:44AM 0 Fw: 3907
2:19AM 1 "Ticket not yet valid" message in log
12:53AM 0 Please Help!
12:10AM 1 pdbedit bug?
Thursday January 8 2004
11:47PM 1 No option for username when logging in.
11:21PM 1 Samba Messages
10:07PM 0 Access Files, unable to gain exclusive access to modify reports after first open of file.
9:18PM 1 Add Printer Wizard and Slowness
9:15PM 1 setting up samba3 on rh9 using win bind
8:20PM 2 win2k machines on samba PDC run apps very slow until NIC Unplugged
7:46PM 0 creating Ghost account for "Supported Domains"
7:28PM 2 Samba network scripts
7:04PM 0 (no subject)
7:03PM 0 Learn How Sun and Actuate Reduce Enterprise Reporting Cost and Complexity
5:22PM 0 Samba Problems
4:45PM 1 Upgrading Samba: minimum requirements for Samba wrt Solaris and gcc
4:12PM 1
4:09PM 0 adding Windows Domain users to a unix group
4:03PM 1 Win98/2000 with plaintext?
3:40PM 0 win2k connects slowly or not winXP is fine
3:27PM 1 mounted share ownership changes
3:25PM 0 setting printing preference in 3.0.1 for 'HP LJ 4/4M plus'
3:18PM 0 winbind Problem
3:00PM 1 Contact information for webmaster?
1:40PM 4 Add a preamble to documentation
11:49AM 0 winbind doesnt update from nt4-domain
11:21AM 0 tdb access problem - tdb_brlock failed
11:17AM 0 Mounting Samba client
11:08AM 0 Configuring Samba/Winbind 3.0 as a Domain Member in a 2003 - AD Domain
10:20AM 4 roaming profiles...
9:31AM 0 still very slow (MS Word and Excel only)
8:42AM 2 Hows samba calculating sambaPwdMustChange?
6:16AM 1 debian packages at download samba are broken
5:25AM 0 Samba domain member
3:55AM 0 nmbd reacts to its own broadcasts?
3:27AM 0 user administrator rights
2:42AM 0 FW: Samba requesting nonexistent keytab type?
1:55AM 1 Boost Protein Expression by Codon Optimization
1:41AM 1 Secondary, tertiary group problems in Samba LDAP
1:22AM 0 How to copy to Windows share as non-root user?
Wednesday January 7 2004
11:01PM 0 print from Solaris to WinXP fails
11:00PM 0 Samba3.0.1pre1 winbind failing against domain groups(ADS)
10:43PM 1 help request
9:47PM 0 smb_panic
8:04PM 2 Solaris 8 + Active Directory
7:47PM 1 The system cannot log you on now becuase the domain iis unavailable on XP Pro.
7:30PM 1 [PATCH] Unreliable network connections with 3.0.1
7:25PM 2 win 2k3 / XP Pro to Samba 3.0.1 open failed, result=-512
6:11PM 0 Windows 2000 network browsing sometimes works, other times not on Samba 3.0.1!
6:09PM 0 smbclient from linux to Win2k3 server AD share
4:23PM 0 "Account Unknown" problem (Samba3 domain users in WinNTpermissions)
4:11PM 1 Migrating winbindd_idmap.tdb to ldap idmap backend
4:05PM 3 smbpasswd -w account
3:50PM 1 Samba Performance
3:10PM 1 Kerberos Keytab and Openssh
2:28PM 3 user management tool
2:11PM 0 anouncing getent passwd database as domain users without winbind?
1:07PM 3 PDF printer and wiidows driver auto-download.
11:12AM 1 samba 3.0.1 nmblookup
10:55AM 1 Re: 3.0.1 - "Failed to verify incoming ticket!" ...
10:53AM 0 problems with profiles and netlogon
10:32AM 1 excel files
10:31AM 0 Winbind + Samba 3 + ADS
10:30AM 0 Samba 3.0 persistent locked files
10:28AM 0 different win machines on PDC not accessible at diffe rent times
9:09AM 0 Panic / internal error signal 11 on access samba share
8:34AM 0 Samba and win2k as PDC authentication.
8:26AM 1 simple question
8:20AM 0 Help Needed: Migrating from RH7.3 to RH9.x (And upgrading from 2.x to 3.1 at the same time...)
7:39AM 1 cannot update roaming profile
6:04AM 0 win2k machines having problems with timeout when accessing ACT! db on server
5:49AM 1 Security Issue??
5:40AM 0 Access Denied
5:07AM 3 Samba 3.0.2pre1 Available for Download
4:59AM 0 HELP!!!! - Samba 2.2.6 SCO Port
4:50AM 3 different win machines on PDC not accessible at different times
3:58AM 1 Can't connect from Windows
3:17AM 2 Samba groups
3:14AM 2 questions
3:00AM 2 computer name instead of username?
2:39AM 1 samba across subnets problems
2:36AM 1 sambaProfilePath
12:33AM 0 Win2K3 ADS and Samba 3.0.1: Cannot access shares even with IP
12:07AM 0 Samba version 3
Tuesday January 6 2004
11:44PM 1 samr_query_aliasmem message in Machine log file
9:48PM 1 Cannot copy files to Samba Server
9:17PM 3 Samba + Active Directory
9:02PM 0 sexually active and arousing. jmtmgz gf
8:38PM 0 Windows 2003 Server ADS problems, rh 3.0AS, smb 3.0
8:13PM 0 Extremely frustrating intermitant printing problem.
7:46PM 0 Re: LBQ, the listener accompanied
7:45PM 0 local master not pushing all hosts to remote master browser
7:35PM 0 Configuring File Server via Webmin
7:33PM 0 "Could not resolve mount point <dir>"
7:29PM 0 Re: GPY, there was every
5:45PM 1 User Management / Samba 3.0.1 LDAP / USERMGR.EXE problems
4:35PM 1 Problems with WIN2K accessing Samba 3.0.1 as PDC
4:26PM 0 Suddenly need IP address to mount SMB share
3:40PM 0 lease broken message
3:24PM 1 Spam in the list.
3:19PM 0 Converting local unix users to winbindd
3:19PM 2 weird samba bug? some files from shares sometimes missing..
3:19PM 0 Re: WD, oho!' the clerk
3:19PM 0 Broken Pipe error
3:19PM 0 Cannot Print from DOS
3:18PM 0 Incorrect docs, interdomain trust
3:18PM 0 Regarding:
3:17PM 0 Re: his teeth still jcivdpfn cfh
3:16PM 1 Traffic going to wrong interface?
3:16PM 0 Configuring Samba 3 on Fedora Core Fresh Install
3:16PM 0 winbind/samba 3.0.1-1 fails to store machine account password when joining ADS
3:15PM 0 Re: YF, a whistle came
3:15PM 0 Re: AQOSIG, here people came
12:49AM 0 Cannot copy <file name>: Invalid MS-DOS function
12:20AM 0 mounting a windows share does not work
12:07AM 0 Linux kernel 2.6 smbfs bugs
12:00AM 0 dfree and linux quota
Monday January 5 2004
11:34PM 1 Samba requesting nonexistent keytab type?
9:17PM 0 Printing from Windows 98
7:58PM 0 UnixWare binaries
7:29PM 0 libsmbclient error on SuSE 9.0
7:24PM 0 samba and suse
7:06PM 0 nt user manager and samba with tdbsam
6:10PM 0 Kerberos/ldap setup with samba3
5:27PM 1 slow and max connection errors
5:23PM 2 pam_winbind problems
4:43PM 1 How to apply 3.0.1 Patch???
4:27PM 0 (no subject)
3:33PM 1 Urgent Please - Samba 3.0.1 - LDAP - WinXP ... has anyone got it working???
2:19PM 0 SWAT question
12:05PM 1 tdbdump utility
10:27AM 6 Sometimes unable to browse w2k shares
9:34AM 0 Network Write Error
5:15AM 0 Installing
2:43AM 2 Character Set Conversion Problem in 3.0.1?
2:09AM 0 Samba 3.0.1 ADS/Kerberos problems relating to Win2k/xp browsing to samba server
Sunday January 4 2004
11:49PM 0 Problem with winbind and nsswitch.conf on Solaris 8 server
10:49PM 0 ADS. Joined but cannot proceed.
10:10PM 0 Strange! smbd dies intermittently with no logging
7:57PM 0 Why does lpstat run on Solaris Samba 3.0.1?
5:00PM 0 Admin user mapping problem (3.0.1)
4:50PM 0 S/3.0.1 PDC Win2k clients don't load NTConfig.POL
4:40PM 1 XP can browse samba by IP, but not by name - NMB issues?
4:39PM 1 Looking for ACL-tutorial
4:24PM 1 Samba 3 and W2K3 AD intergration problems
1:06PM 1 samba 3.0.1 characterset
10:40AM 2 Samba 3 and Windows 2000 (SP4) Terminal Server
3:43AM 3 3.0.0 -> 3.0.1 upgrade causes "Failed to verify
2:51AM 0 Domain login winXP memory referenced error
1:26AM 0 SMB Log file error
Saturday January 3 2004
11:12PM 11 How do I get Winbind accounts in LDAP?
6:10PM 4 Printer on WinXP
5:00PM 0 DEBUG(0, ...) got no contact to IPC$
3:41PM 2 LDAP + samba + unix authentication
11:38AM 0 separate "terminal" profile
11:15AM 0 Samba client
9:46AM 0 this domain is for sale, not spam :-)
5:44AM 1 If i can make a request...
Friday January 2 2004
10:08PM 0 Connect to W2K share from Linux
10:07PM 1 domain admins no longer recognized after reboot?
9:41PM 1 Missing Directory Entries (SMBFS)
9:20PM 0 Cannot lockout W2K users when SAMBA PDC is down
7:48PM 1 Issues with SMBFS
6:50PM 6 XP Pro client cannot access stand-alone linux samba server
6:04PM 1 How do I use LPRNG and Samba to setup printing to a network print er?
5:09PM 0 Problem with (3.0.1)
5:01PM 0 unknow problem
4:47PM 3 samba resolves wrong wins ip address
3:06PM 2 Networking Fun
2:50PM 1 fstab mounting
1:08PM 2 Several people on this mailing list have the W32/Swen@MM virus
1:00PM 1 Samba 3.0.0 and OS/2 Ecomstations
12:52PM 0 suse 8.2 Samba 3 LDAP Domain Join Error : Logon failu re: unknown user name or bad password
10:37AM 0 AIX
6:16AM 0 Can I use SAMBA to exchange files between two Linux servers?
5:07AM 0 Printing from XP Pro in AD domain to stand alone SAMBA
3:29AM 1 SOLVED: Must a Samba PDC use LDAP for nss?
3:07AM 0 group problems on Mac OS X
Thursday January 1 2004
8:34PM 1 Packaging plans for Sisyphus
7:05PM 0 Winbind not quite working yet
8:07AM 1 [PATCH] Add winbind-backed NTLMSSP support to Cyrus-SASL
7:17AM 0 Must a Samba PDC use LDAP for nss?
4:33AM 1 3.0.0 -> 3.0.1 upgrade causes "Failed to verify incoming ticket!"
1:17AM 0 samba / tdb recovery