samba - Feb 2004

Sunday February 29 2004
9:56PM 0 Fotograf
8:41PM 1 First stable version of LDAP Account Manager (0.4.4) released
4:37PM 0 SMBTAR Not Backing up Files
1:00PM 1 second samba server in my lan do not work
12:51AM 6 Samba Gigabit very very slow?
Saturday February 28 2004
11:26PM 3 Neues über die deutsche Übersetzung der Samba-3-Dokumentation -- News for the german translation of the Samba-3-docs
10:17PM 0 linux print server for MS windows 2000
6:30PM 1 Possible bug with ACL handling after NT user migration
5:09PM 1 Samba and 2 NIC's
5:03PM 1 Samba 3.0.2 as PDC -- /home Directory always mapped
1:10PM 1 MySQL user information storage
8:26AM 1 rpcclient and WERR_INVALID_PRINTER_NAME
1:48AM 2 winbind help
12:56AM 0 Showing SID instead of username in security section of file properties
12:47AM 2 mix encrypted/non-encrypted password
12:20AM 1 Help?
Friday February 27 2004
11:57PM 1 The account is not authorized to login from this station.
11:29PM 7 Can't login to Samba PDC
11:26PM 0 Setting up Windows-to-Linux Printing
10:39PM 0 CIFS (mount.cifs) on Fedora Core 1 (kernel 2.4) ?
10:36PM 0 Help with samba migration
10:28PM 4 [OT] Fyodor terminates SCO nmap rights -- how about Samba?
9:27PM 3 samba transfer speed on shares
9:24PM 2 samba and roaming users: feasable?
8:54PM 1 Logging just the movement of files
8:47PM 0 YA[hP (aka: Yet Another [homes] Problem)
8:24PM 0 Whitepapers for Client Needed
6:31PM 0 Strange File Size Issue (SMB Configuration ?)
5:31PM 2 SAMBA 3 as PDC - W2K/WXP Pro logon trouble
5:27PM 1 Problem with samba on red hat enterprise 3 and windows 2000.
5:22PM 0 Different file timestamp between Linux and Windows smb clients
5:21PM 1 Authentication problem when using LDAP
5:14PM 1 Samba requires ldap?
5:03PM 1 [Samba/LVS] Howto, coming soon ...
4:39PM 1 PDC newbie
4:05PM 0 fresh profile creation problem on xp
3:56PM 0 Réf. : Trouble with install, still--please help
3:17PM 0 Automatic Response [Re: unknown]
2:51PM 0 Samba and XP
2:47PM 0 Printing to Windows XP printer from LFS-4.1 Linux via SAMBA 2.2.8
1:31PM 1 Is this how "trusted domains" work in Samba 3?
1:08PM 1 SAMBA3 -> LDAP
10:58AM 0 fake
10:21AM 1 Running nmbd without smbd
10:05AM 2 Samba and non-ascii characters
9:49AM 1 Samba3 with W2K Native Mode
9:10AM 0 ATTENTION! Infection discovered by McAfee GroupShield
8:26AM 1 Solaris password aging support?
6:01AM 1 HELP! Content of file on NT server does not change
4:33AM 1 remote announce and cross subnet browsing
Thursday February 26 2004
10:50PM 0 Winbind log question.
9:56PM 0 Trusted NT domains won't connect
8:27PM 2 Log user log-offs
7:32PM 1 HP, Sybase and DM Review Invite You to a Web Seminar
7:30PM 2 Trouble with install, still
6:51PM 0 OS X Panther and Samba 3 give me no access to a 2003 share %3A(
6:39PM 2 make fails on Solaris building include/proto.h
6:35PM 1 browse master serious problem
6:00PM 2 Winbind dying daily
5:51PM 0 Easy Answer to "DIFFICULT printing question SAMBA/WinXP/Cups"
5:41PM 2 winbind and unix/nt login match use unix uid
5:25PM 0 cannot add computers to domain with ldap setup
4:53PM 1 Samba CANNOT work with DNS round-robin (?)
4:38PM 0 password chat = for redhat linux
4:03PM 0 Problem Authenticating on Windows NT-Domain via winbind
3:30PM 0 How to access a SAMBA share without username/password
3:22PM 0 Problem with win98
3:20PM 1 Help in "joining" Linux on AD domain.
3:19PM 1 question about AD authentication
3:18PM 0 Samba Build Error
3:03PM 1 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in smbd (samba 3.0.2a)
2:43PM 0 Re: <5664ddff?$??§2>
2:41PM 2 locks directory over nfs
2:33PM 1 Printer settings reset problems
2:21PM 0 Samba and trusted domains - need to get my story straight
2:17PM 3 Winbind only enumerating 9% of domain groups
1:35PM 1 Performances network samba
1:09PM 1 Ldap ACL for PDC
1:09PM 2 Samba-3.0.2 PDC LDAP: Add computer to domain issue with smbldap-tools
1:04PM 0 NT poledit.* & common.adm & winnt.adm & windows.adm
12:31PM 0 (no subject)
11:35AM 1 homes-share broken in 3.0.2! any fix or workaround available?
11:28AM 1 strange issue with PDC, ldap and usrmgr
11:26AM 0 How to access a share without username/password
10:56AM 0 Unable to access Samba Domain Member
10:49AM 1 Preserving ACL during NT->Samba file transfer
10:41AM 1 SAMBA 3.0.2 doesn't see self
9:33AM 0 Nmbd errror... doesn't want to restart.
8:15AM 0 IIS and Samba
6:32AM 1 Samba and firewall
5:28AM 0 samba and 59000 users in Active Directory
4:40AM 1 NTFS file streams and Samba?
4:36AM 2 PPP Dial in
4:20AM 0 domain users not logging on to linux box
3:01AM 2 Persistant Z drive in XP
Wednesday February 25 2004
8:20PM 0 hiding the UNIX system name from Network Neighborhood
8:16PM 0 Samba vs Solaris 8 NFS
7:56PM 1 probleb with 'passwd chat' and 'passwd program'
7:17PM 0 Read-Only file attributes not being preserved.
7:04PM 1 "Remember Password" from 2000/XP to Samba share?
5:12PM 2 100% CPU eaten -- tdb_fetch failed
4:26PM 2 sambaAcctFlags for PDC
3:51PM 2 Remote Windows registry read access from Linux?
3:41PM 2 password changes with ctrl-alt-del
3:12PM 0 Ordinary users automatically member of "Domain Admins"
3:11PM 1 authenticating from another samba server
1:28PM 0 (no subject)
1:05PM 0 maximum username length
11:04AM 1 Problem with Samba 3.0.2-2 and offcie
6:37AM 1 ads and winbind problem
4:18AM 0 Re: groupmap
3:22AM 1 calculating uidnumber
12:17AM 1 client connections to shares
Tuesday February 24 2004
10:19PM 0 sessionid.tdb not initialized message
9:24PM 2 2 questions about Samba
8:43PM 5 Samba 3.0.2 config error using --with-ldap
8:00PM 0 Undelivered mail: something for you
7:40PM 1 Samba 3.0 PDC install with openssl error
7:31PM 1 Winbind & idmap_ad plugin: Debian kerberos-related problems fixed
7:14PM 2 Samba Slow, and I have high Quality NICS
6:35PM 1 No results found
5:10PM 0 Slow logoff with roaming profiles (Answers!)
4:16PM 1 Permissions on ou for net join to ADS
3:18PM 2 Windows mobile 2003 samba 2.2.8a
2:02PM 0 this is a test only!
1:50PM 0 passwd program for NIS?
1:13PM 0 Re: Love is
12:44PM 1 Backup Operators
12:19PM 1 must change password flag doesn't reset ?
11:05AM 2 different "encrypt passwords" in virtual servers?
11:02AM 0 buglet/suggestion for smbtar script
10:14AM 1 ADS, winbind and clients UIDs
10:00AM 0 Virus Found in message "PLEASE READ"
9:56AM 3 PDU & schannel errors
9:52AM 1 Samba ads and local users
9:51AM 1 Cannot change password on HP-UX: PANIC: failed to set gid, INTERNAL ERROR
9:30AM 1 Problems with changing security setting on shared folders via Win2k
9:23AM 0 vfs recycle and symlinks
9:12AM 1 administrator not root
8:47AM 0 Autoreply: stolen
8:46AM 2 Terminal server problem
8:09AM 0 UWAGA!! Wykryto wirusa w wiadomosci ktorej jestes nadawca
8:01AM 1 windows configuration on samba
7:56AM 0 Fwd: Re: Samba files
7:45AM 1 NetBIOS Nameresolution
3:24AM 4 Unix password sync
1:48AM 1 (no subject)
12:02AM 1 Limit on number of symbolic links?
Monday February 23 2004
11:36PM 0 Solaris and swedish characters
10:32PM 1 Creating 10,000 Active Directory users?
9:31PM 0 Cannot copy <file name>: Invalid MS-DOS function
9:02PM 1 home directories with winbind
8:42PM 0 Seeking Users Who Have Migrated From NT 4.0 to Linux
8:20PM 0 rpcclient enumdrivers returns 2 listings of installed driver.
6:34PM 1 Failed to open group mapping database
6:03PM 1 "root did not create the semaphore"
5:43PM 1 Kerberos support in 3.0?
5:34PM 0 anybody successfully print to Windows printer?
5:29PM 1 wbinfo -u sometimes returns only nontrusted users
4:38PM 0 Passing a password to smbpasswd in a script
4:31PM 1 pdbedit -P 'maximum password age' -C 0 should == never expire?
4:28PM 2 Samba3
4:22PM 0 pdbedit -P 'maximum password age' -C 0 should be never expire?
4:20PM 1 Hide unreadable, strange problem
4:17PM 1 Samba server participating in MSDFS?
3:22PM 1 swat configuration
3:21PM 1 samba problems after IP change
1:44PM 2 Time Limit Exceeded Error
1:09PM 0 Dual boot (Win2K, Linux) client machine - one trust machine account
12:40PM 0 smbclient and filename character encoding
12:10PM 1 Information required on mounting Windows shared folders on Unix s ystems
12:09PM 0 Signal 11 in smbd 3.0.2rc2 on printer operation! (more information)
11:55AM 1 'logon drive' questions
11:00AM 1 Re. : Re: SPNEGO nego problem (REPOST)
10:51AM 4 How to get rid of the \\my_server\homes share?
10:35AM 0 trust relationship: samba PDC & AD in Native Mode
9:56AM 1 Complete format-description of smbpasswd?
9:27AM 1 Samba multiple domains on single linux machine
8:37AM 0 4 minutes to access a winxp workstation from samba server !
8:37AM 0 Segfault in backport of Samba 3.0.2-Debian
7:57AM 1 repost due to no replies `multiple home drives being mapped'
6:26AM 0 Strange syslog error when trying to add Red Hat Linux 9 machine to Windows 2003 native AD
3:56AM 0 Unable to access printers
3:16AM 0 Samba password file generation and sync
1:32AM 1 Samba PDC / BDC with ldapsam
12:32AM 1 samba3 help please!
Sunday February 22 2004
11:03PM 2 LDAP replication
10:48PM 1 Can someone verify my checklist?
10:10PM 4 Samba With LDAP
10:09PM 1 Recycle module permissions - a workaround
6:23PM 1 SAMBA/Network Neighborhood problem
7:59AM 0 fail to print to windows XP printer
6:20AM 0 Network_access_denied and no group in domain
5:22AM 0 Samba 3.0 and Ldap - No users displayed
Saturday February 21 2004
8:12PM 0 Solaris interposer code for nsswitch.conf
7:54PM 1 Migration to 3.0.2a
6:58PM 0 name resolve order = wins bcast host
6:42PM 0 Some Kerberos primer links
5:59PM 0 OFFTOPIC - ACPI ERROR during compiling kernel (ACL support for samba)
5:49PM 0 samba 3.0 and freebsd 5.1
2:44PM 1 Cannot connect to printer
9:06AM 0 Domain member help
6:17AM 2 samba as a file server
3:39AM 0 (no subject)
12:51AM 2 reduce the size of samba 3.0 binary
Friday February 20 2004
11:24PM 0 windows xp can not see file larger than 4G on 64 bit samba server
10:55PM 2 prevent smbclient from trying 445?
10:32PM 0 Authenticating a Red Hat Linux 9 machine to a Windows 2003 native AD Domain
9:20PM 0 Group membership doesn't seem to be working correctly
9:11PM 1 3.0.2 mixing up host name and domain name
8:26PM 1 Lost Connection when transfering large files...
8:18PM 1 Samba Security Hardening Standards
8:13PM 0 Samba Win2k SP4 Logon problems
8:02PM 0 dependent module libiconv.a ( could not be loaded. .......error starting smbd on AIX v5.1
7:31PM 1 About BDC
6:50PM 0 two volumes one share
6:14PM 1 Creating directories as a group.
5:34PM 6 something for you
5:09PM 0 Idmap and ldap backend not working on domain member
4:45PM 3 samba communication
4:37PM 0 20s delay with nsswitch winbind
4:27PM 0 Should adding trusted user into groups work?
2:16PM 1 Samba as AD domain member
1:52PM 0 Problems with profiles Samba3 PDC / Win2k Client
1:45PM 0 FW: ACK's overhead (AGAIN)
12:28PM 1 Telnet to samba box does NOT work: wb_getgrgid: failed to locate gid == 1000
11:39AM 0 access denied LDAP -PDC
11:06AM 0 Samba and Win2k, NO... and with Win98, OK... why???
10:53AM 0 browsing between subnets with different workgroups
10:50AM 1 problems on join domain on Samba3 + ldap
10:41AM 1 Home share
10:21AM 1 need help on winbind
9:54AM 0 openldap, updateref , very simple question
9:51AM 0 Too long ime to mount home
9:00AM 1 Multiple Samba domains
8:36AM 0 testparm smb.conf says unknown options
7:32AM 0 upgraded to 3.0.2 -> funkyness in machine accounts
6:21AM 1 win32 implementation
4:48AM 0 Unix password syncing from Samba
3:35AM 1 Still Can't print from client computers - help!!
12:34AM 0 How do I smbmount My Documents with write permission.
Thursday February 19 2004
11:24PM 1 Samba LDIF for a computer account
9:57PM 1 Bought the book still lost
9:36PM 0 Printing issues w/ 3.x
9:12PM 0 FW: net ads join / kinit /.conf syntax
8:26PM 0 System error 66 has occured
6:50PM 1 samba share trough dos
6:38PM 0 SAMBA 3.0.2/LDAP can't login from joined workstation?
6:05PM 1 Building SAMBA3/LDAP in VMware
5:00PM 1 samba 3 and ADS
4:55PM 3 wbinfo error
4:48PM 0 Bad file owner
4:38PM 0 Sequence numbers and AD trusts
3:09PM 0 Smb.conf, template shell (quick one)
3:01PM 0 Gigabit Ethernet and samba network bandwidth
2:48PM 1 SPNEGO nego problem (REPOST)
2:39PM 0 files opening read-only
1:25PM 0 peer error's
12:18PM 2 Hide printer icon
12:00PM 1 Packet filter rules for "outgoing" SMB connections/mounts only?
11:40AM 0 Problems with 'Case-Sensitive' settings.
11:39AM 1 winbind separator '\'
11:32AM 0 Newbi question
11:08AM 2 Using the same LDAP entry for posixAccount and sambaSamAccount with smbldap
10:41AM 1 Migrate NT4 Dom -> Samba 3.0.2a
10:17AM 0 corrupted printing.tbd read bad magic error
9:21AM 1 mount.smbfs and NTLMv2
9:01AM 1 Problem with CIFS on Linux-2.4.22
8:57AM 1 no mapping between account names
8:54AM 4 warning
8:27AM 1 Domain Admin group problem
7:37AM 0 Samba ADS and samba local users authentification
5:23AM 0 CUPS and raw printing
4:37AM 3 String buffer error when trying to add to a domain
4:18AM 2 New to Samba
2:47AM 2 Samba & LDAP
2:34AM 0 User permissions with Cups
2:08AM 1 Runnin' Samba on a machine with multiple Interfaces
1:44AM 1 Access CDROM/Floppy while using a Windows TS Client
12:29AM 0 Can't print from client computers
12:07AM 0 Windbindd restarts and lost uids
Wednesday February 18 2004
11:38PM 1 Fedora & Samba 3.0.2, unable to execute program from file share
11:38PM 5 net ads join / kinit /.conf syntax
11:26PM 1 Preview Samba-3 by Example book
11:06PM 0 Understanding the guest account
9:40PM 0 Bringing up SWAT
9:30PM 2 Fwd: smbspool
9:20PM 0 (no subject)
9:07PM 1 password server
8:47PM 0 SPNEGO problem
8:46PM 0 Mount NTFS shares on Unix Using Samba
8:28PM 2 (no subject)
8:23PM 1 Cannot Access LDAP when not root...
5:50PM 1 Help! messed up user rights with word and samba 3.0.x
5:49PM 0 SWAT Permissions
5:43PM 0 Suddenly one printer stops to print
5:34PM 0 Making a share writable for a user
5:28PM 1 domain admin
5:16PM 1 calculating passwords, and what to do with sambaLMPassword
5:09PM 1 Re: Samba 3.0 PDC, exchange 5.5 installing service pack 4 fails.
4:41PM 0 Samba 3.0 PDC installing Exchange 5.5 SP4
4:37PM 1 smbclient failed- PLEASE READ
4:35PM 1 Problems with trust account passwords -- still
4:04PM 0 disregard-smbclient testing
3:59PM 0 smbclient testing
3:44PM 0 getpwnam() fails with winbind on samba pdc
3:37PM 4 read it immediately
3:19PM 0 Re: DOS Networking [OT]
3:11PM 2 Printing vs. iptables
2:59PM 0 Recycle module malfunctioning in 3.0.2a?
2:59PM 1 Samba 3.02 with dos filenames - still not working!
2:16PM 0 Re: interdomain trust rpc error (error in winbindd?)
2:11PM 1 DOMAIN missing in net rpc join example command
1:01PM 1 cannot login to Samba PDC from win2k
12:43PM 1 Shared posix account for machine trust
12:27PM 0 [Old] Clients cannot login into Samba-Domain
12:13PM 0 samba read and write very slow
12:10PM 1 Howto initialize raw printer with special PCL-Commands?
12:10PM 1 Location of SID in Samba 2.2.7a
12:04PM 0 Samba 2.2.8a and print$
12:01PM 1 NT groups vs Unix Groups
11:22AM 0 windows 2000 pro and SAMBA Domain controller
11:03AM 0 [3.0.2] Trouble using ACLs: wrong file permissions after write/cr eate
10:47AM 0 Authentication of user through Win2k to Samba PDC failed
10:43AM 0 Share name limitation
9:26AM 1 Samba files
9:06AM 1 smbclient -L shows only a part of the shares
8:40AM 0 migrate samba 2.2.8a to 3.0.2a
8:39AM 0 Signatures in Samba with windows XP
8:13AM 0 Grant dialin permission
4:41AM 2 OS2 - Samba
4:14AM 0 3.0.2a domain login problem
3:01AM 3 changing unix password with samba
1:03AM 0 Cannot upload printer driver from Windows XP on Samba 3.0.2a
12:28AM 0 FreeBSD and Samba HowTO
12:03AM 1 %U doesn't replaced in smb.conf
Tuesday February 17 2004
10:36PM 2 Should smbpasswd change unix password too?
10:12PM 0 I have the reboot the Win server to access the UNIX shares.
10:10PM 0 Solaris ACLs, the mask parameter on directories disappears
10:04PM 0 Localhost- smb.conf file
9:58PM 1 missing smb.conf
9:44PM 0 Client linux samba and server pdc samba
9:37PM 0 DOS Networking
9:19PM 1 Windows authentication through samba?
9:15PM 1 win2k dropping network connection to samba
8:57PM 0 How to start fresh
8:25PM 0 smbspool
6:26PM 1 accounts disabled after 3.0.2 upgrade
5:57PM 1 sometime slowness win2k win98
5:45PM 0 Windows 2000 & Samba
5:36PM 0 Samba3/ADS: share permissions vs ACLs
5:32PM 1 logon.bat and home dir
5:21PM 2 A bit OT: LDAP and AD interoperability with LDAP as master
5:01PM 3 Automatic Folder Creation
4:46PM 2 ldap, quickie...
4:02PM 1 ???
3:57PM 0 my god.... ??????
3:41PM 1 Samba 3.0.2 uid filtering
3:22PM 3 Re: Bad performance with samba3
3:17PM 2 + or \ as winbind separator?
2:58PM 0 Win98 Print queue will not empty
2:56PM 0 Winbind and interdomain trusts
2:54PM 2 FW: Samba 3.0.2/LDAP and Adding a Workstation to the Domain
2:36PM 1 After Install now what? Urgent
2:19PM 0 Samba 3.0.2/LDAP and Adding a Workstation to the Domain
2:06PM 0 force specific user for printing
2:03PM 1 Samba 3.02 with dos filenames
1:51PM 0 User shell folders
1:24PM 1 R: Security warning with XP clients and 3.0.2a PDC
12:49PM 1 Parameter 'dos filemode' - I'm giving up !
11:00AM 1 Problems usign samba with Windows XP Pro
10:34AM 0 VFS module programmieren
10:02AM 0 Kerberos Tickets renewal
9:50AM 1 Security warning with XP clients and 3.0.2a PDC
9:43AM 0 Recognizing trusted domain users
8:39AM 0 server signing in Samba
8:03AM 0 Call timed out?
7:44AM 1 smbldap-tools: only incremental UID's?
7:29AM 0 group problem on NT4 domain (revised)
6:44AM 4 group problem on NT4 domain
5:08AM 1 CUPS printing from Windows
2:50AM 1 permision problem
12:45AM 2 REPOST: Problems with trust account passowrds ???
12:29AM 1 Winbind issue
Monday February 16 2004
10:58PM 0 Name querry message..
10:31PM 1 Any help will be great. THX.
10:09PM 0 joining to a Domain with a tdbsam backend (smb.conf, testparm and log included)
9:26PM 1 What should my smbpasswd file look like?
8:53PM 0 LDAP compiling
8:32PM 0 Winbind and pam_mkhomdedir problem
7:32PM 2 touble with install
6:37PM 1 Newbie, Win2K config, fails on test 8 (long)
6:30PM 0 Problems with trust account passowrds ???
6:13PM 0 Suse 9.0 2.2.8a smbd issue
6:02PM 1 Setting "password must change" for more than one user
5:56PM 0 Winbindd timeout on unreacheable domains
5:07PM 1 Samba 3.0.2 mapped by Actve Directory
5:01PM 0 problems with compiling samba under MacOS 10.2
5:01PM 0 Changing permissions not being "root" or owner
4:36PM 0 w2k client problem
4:34PM 0 Local Profiles - Quick Question
4:09PM 0 Profiles
3:34PM 0 APW: Print Driver not Storing for some printer types
3:06PM 0 I can see share, but it won't let me use my pwd (OSX)
2:37PM 0 Samba Installation HP Tru64
2:23PM 1 Quark Express 4.1 Saving problems
2:23PM 0 Loss of connection when changing smb.conf?
1:53PM 1 Problem with NT -> Samba User Configuration: Probably very simple
1:44PM 1 Documentation bug? domadm privileges
12:45PM 1 Wrong owner file for the admin group
10:38AM 2 Roman numerals in Samba HOWTO collection
10:37AM 1 SAMBA Problems
10:24AM 0 Only browsing and net view \\smbserver fails with unassigned share names :(
10:18AM 2 winbindd krb5_get_credentials errors
9:44AM 1 Samba manpages
8:15AM 1 RE: samba problem
5:12AM 0 samba PDC and windows terminal server?
1:36AM 0 Error Copying File or Folder.
12:13AM 0 nmbd load problem
12:06AM 0 concurrent session limit
Sunday February 15 2004
10:24PM 0 2.2.5 talking to 3.0.2: can join, but not use a Domain
8:09PM 3 printing form linux clients to samba
2:30PM 0 Fw: Nmbd errors & not starting since upgrade to 3.0.2a?
2:24PM 0 Nmbd errors & not starting since upgrade to 3.0.2a?
12:20PM 1 nmbd multihomed registration request must be directed at a WINS server error
12:11PM 1 ldapsmb
11:11AM 0 Log on from Win XP to Samba 3.0.1
11:10AM 0 German Umlaute charset samba 3 problem
5:49AM 1 samba printing - help!
4:13AM 0 Book update "Samba-3 by Example"
1:15AM 2 Problem validating with LDAP and Samba3.0.1debian
12:31AM 1 Sync win2k local user list with samba user list
Saturday February 14 2004
11:33PM 2 Samba PDC and Win2k Client
10:56PM 0 is this bug or what - samba 3.0.2 - workaround
9:54PM 0 is this bug or what - samba 3.0.2
1:30PM 3 PDC+BDC+Filereplication_How?
9:36AM 1 how to mount another persons home dir when using [homes]
9:18AM 1 NT4 Migration -> Samba 3.0.2a + LDAP
6:39AM 0 Authentication failure
5:39AM 1 strange mangled name
2:43AM 1 Porting To Windows
Friday February 13 2004
11:38PM 0 Samba, Mac and IBM Midrange
11:31PM 0 Samba 3.0.2a Available for Download
10:01PM 0 strange error: modify/delete: sambaPwdCanChange: no such value (Success)
8:53PM 0 Windows XP Printing Woes..and a partial solution
8:26PM 0 Network errors when coping files to a samba share
8:12PM 0 Excel 2002, Samba 3.0.2, and "Overwriting Changes"
7:42PM 1 Slow copying over samba server to/from Windows XP
6:27PM 0 Looking for HP-UX 11.11 package file for latest Samba
6:16PM 0 (no subject)
4:26PM 0 Issues with SAMBA 3.0.0/NT4/Roaming Profiles (more info)
4:16PM 1 Winbind bind logic
4:09PM 1 Samba Ldap Understanding
4:02PM 0 Issues with SAMBA 3.0.0/NT4/Roaming Profiles
4:01PM 0 RES: winbind/wbinfo not pulling info from W2K AD PDC
3:17PM 1 RES: Daylight saving
3:06PM 0 Samba bugzilla search terms not functional
2:57PM 1 samba-docs mailing list
2:55PM 1 Deadlink on Samba website
2:52PM 0 net rpc trustdom usage suggestion
2:50PM 0 net rpc trustdom add
2:39PM 0 Samba 3, XP Pro authentication problem
1:51PM 2 winbind/wbinfo not pulling info from W2K AD PDC
1:42PM 0 Windbind_idmap.tdb problems
1:36PM 3 Daylight saving
1:31PM 0 Difficult in saving files
12:40PM 1 Samba 3.0.2 ADS Member - Failed to verify incoming ticket!
12:04PM 0 Printing problems
11:31AM 1 upgrade 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2, problem with homes-share
11:29AM 1 Samba as the Trusted Domain
10:33AM 1 winbind and exclamation mark
10:01AM 0 denied access to windows shares
7:54AM 1 ACL bug
5:33AM 0 Compiling 3.0.2
5:33AM 0 New install smbd does not run seen 1000 times on this ml
4:29AM 1 Anonymous access to Windows XP [pro] shares using "smbmount"
2:51AM 1 suggested solution
2:00AM 0 Sharing A Windows Printer server printer queues With Linux Machines using samba
12:01AM 1 Newbie: samba configuration?
Thursday February 12 2004
11:26PM 2 samba
11:10PM 1 mount.cifs and kerberos
10:45PM 2 Single Sign On
9:13PM 1 Samba File Server
8:50PM 0 3.0.0 winbind issue.
8:28PM 0 browsing on samba shares is slow
8:18PM 4 Segfaults in Debian?
7:33PM 0 VPP Virus Alert
7:30PM 3 hardware question
6:51PM 0 (no subject)
6:47PM 0 Veritas Backup Exec 8.6 & Samba: Take Two!
6:34PM 1 inetOrgPerson vs. sambaSidEntry for Computer accounts in LDAP
5:34PM 2 Using smbmount as a user
5:13PM 1 Problem with Samba as PDC
4:41PM 1 SMBMount Not Recognizing File Locks
4:39PM 1 Roam profile - My documents
4:21PM 0 groupmap errors in logs but things seem to be working
3:01PM 0 Browsing and Test 8 (diagnosis.txt): net view \\xscale fails with no assigned share names (Smb-2.0.9 Snapgear Win2k)
2:09PM 0 <no subject>
2:07PM 2 Pop-up messages to domain members?
1:41PM 1 Error was NT_STATUS_OK
12:19PM 2 Samba 3.0.2 & Exchange 2003 / Active Directory?
12:16PM 0 time outs with samba 3.0.2
11:47AM 3 More to pdbedit -L segfault
11:19AM 0 Dos Filenames..
10:57AM 0 lib/util_sock.c:read_data(436) ...
10:37AM 1 pdbedit 3.0.2 segfault
10:32AM 1 What must be removed during samba reinstall
10:17AM 0 Permissions of mounted files
9:59AM 1 Need your help in troubleshooting..
9:46AM 0 3.0 - Cannot create/update profile directory
9:40AM 0 users from NT logging on to samba server
8:47AM 0 Access rights for users from trusted domains
8:34AM 3 Large File Size
7:46AM 3 More Info: Mac permission problems after Debian update
3:38AM 0 still trying to get groupmap details worked through
12:47AM 0 ACL & LDAP
Wednesday February 11 2004
11:26PM 1 SAMBA 3.02 - problems in compilation Unixware 7.1.1
9:57PM 4 Samba 3 with Unix passwd authentication?
9:34PM 0 samba win 2000 permissions
9:28PM 2 NTLMv2 in Samba 3.0
8:31PM 0 Linux and AD
8:29PM 0 ldap master PDC / ldap slave bdc
8:10PM 1 smbclient question regarding anonymous logins
7:42PM 0 Samba 3.0.1 windows browsing
7:19PM 1 WinXP sometimes is slow opening files / browsing directories
7:06PM 6 Unable to join ADS domain
6:56PM 2 Monitoring File Use
6:13PM 2 samba 3.0.2 in production on file sever?
5:40PM 0 impossible to write
5:18PM 0 Problem with integration samba in a domain with ActiveDirectory 2003
5:07PM 1 Writing to a ReExported NFS Share With A MAC
4:48PM 0 Re: Mail Transaction Failed
4:21PM 0 adding users from trusted domains into groups
3:41PM 0 A bug in smb.conf argument parsing, or the documentation is inconsistent ?
3:33PM 0 Transparently replacing a 2.2.7 PDC with 3.0
2:34PM 1 New Fedora RPMS available
2:33PM 0 Access to Files on Unix host from Windows2K Host
2:25PM 0 Samba3.0 + Ldap + PAM and stress test
1:24PM 0 Samba access problem with Windows 98
12:56PM 1 decode_pw_buffer: incorrect password length
11:02AM 2 3.0.1-member-server-printing
10:57AM 0 Error starting samba
10:27AM 0 SLES8 + SAMBA + LDAP conf files
9:34AM 1 Fwd: samba problem
9:20AM 1 Fwd: machine account with strange behaviour
9:11AM 2 Samba 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2 upgrade problem
9:10AM 0 groups mapping problem
9:01AM 0 machine account with strange behaviour
9:00AM 0 Problem with samba at startup
8:47AM 1 re SAMBA
8:44AM 1 Samba 2.2.3a + Win 2K
8:30AM 0 PAM_unix[171]: (samba) session closed for user taisan
7:04AM 1 Queries regarding samba usage : sharing files with Win
7:02AM 0 Thank you for your comments!
2:30AM 0 Password will expire in 12 days?
2:05AM 1 Creating computer account
Tuesday February 10 2004
10:39PM 0 Why does HOMEDRIVE not = H:?
10:22PM 0 Samba 2.2.8a -> 3.0.2 upgrade: nmbd/dns proxy behavior changed!?
9:54PM 2 Rejoining domain after cluster failover
9:45PM 1 FW: problems with samba 2.2.7 installed on Tru64 with OS 5.1
9:32PM 0 Access to files
8:13PM 0 Domain Problem when connecting Win 2k with a Samba PDC on RH9
8:13PM 0 (no subject)
7:53PM 0 enable backup xp through samba after amanda installed
7:53PM 1 Samba PDC 3.0.2 + Win 2K SP4
7:52PM 0 history of samba en Peru
6:59PM 1 Which compiler for Solaris 8?
6:11PM 1 Problem with groupmap
5:17PM 1 Samba User Nightmare
5:05PM 0 SLES and samba 2.2.5-UL
4:49PM 0 Message Notification: Your message was not sent due to banned content.
4:39PM 1 samba, RedHat and Windows XP Home
4:34PM 1 Quota question
4:12PM 1 Bad signature in samba sources?
4:08PM 1 Samba / Networking trouble since latest windows update
3:48PM 2 Self Signed SSL Certificate from ldap server
3:42PM 4 Auto mapping to windows home drives?
2:13PM 1 applying permissions to subdirectories using setgid doesn't do th e trick... :(
1:58PM 2 CUPS printing on Fedora with 3.0.2 RPMs
1:39PM 0 Some questions about lpq command and the displayed jobs
1:28PM 0 temporary problems with authorization in windows domain
1:22PM 0 ACK's overhead
1:20PM 1 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in pid 12262 (3.0.2-Debian)
12:37PM 1 NetBIOS via ssh tunnel: still getting nowhere
12:31PM 0 Windows 98 and Samba
9:44AM 0 Groups on Samba
9:22AM 0 group problems
9:15AM 2 Disable timestamp change on file access?
8:13AM 0 Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_LEASE handler
4:41AM 1 XP Pro, Samba 3 profile problems
4:29AM 4 samba, pdc, ldap question
3:23AM 1 Try this in fstab
1:28AM 1 A few question about samba-2.2.8a...
1:14AM 0 Maybe this has already been discusses LDAPv3
12:32AM 0 Weird share problem with Samba
Monday February 9 2004
10:32PM 0 net ads join
9:52PM 0 Fw: 2 samba pdcs over vpn intertrust success !
8:59PM 0 Domain Problem
8:17PM 0 I thank you for the spam i got returned
8:12PM 1 Charset settings
7:56PM 0 WINS emulation re:samba 3.0.1
7:32PM 1 iconv detection on Irix 6.5
7:06PM 0 Samba PDC failing to provide authentication for MSSQL ODBC connection in NT Authentication mode
6:47PM 1 printing question
6:40PM 0 Samba authentication against an NT group in Apache
6:37PM 1 error messages -- what does it mean?
5:09PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 0.4.3 released
5:08PM 0 Mac permision problems after Debian update
5:03PM 2 primary gid of user [desires] is not a Domain group !
4:48PM 1 school PDC questions
4:33PM 3 pdbedit and password expiry
4:23PM 1 SAMBA 3.02rc2 ERROR in nmbd command
4:19PM 0 how to prevent roving profiles
3:44PM 2 Strange behaviour of samba-3.0.2rc2
2:59PM 2 samba 3 auto create users from NT
2:49PM 0 password change using XP
2:40PM 0 3.0.1-Debian on SPARC displays wrong share size on clients
1:40PM 3 Problem Configuring 3.0.1 on Solaris
1:34PM 0 The '<printer name>' printer driver is not installed on this computer
1:29PM 0 creating users with the addusers script.
1:07PM 0 Virus Found in message "mcvdqucmuc"
12:44PM 0 2003 server
12:11PM 0 Share name limitation- 8 chars only
12:09PM 0 Samba question multiple drives maps
11:58AM 2 Fedora, Cups, print$, and Windows XP - Oh my :)
10:19AM 0 File sharing violation problem
9:44AM 0
9:16AM 0 idmap uid/gid range (pam_winbind OR whatevere else problem) - no ideas ?
9:11AM 0 Help with making samba-3.0.0 PDC and adding a XP/Pro client (and domain user accounts)
8:39AM 0 UID and GID
5:06AM 0 Unable to delete files in shares
3:52AM 0 PANIC: internal error (lib/fault.c:fault_report)
3:29AM 0 Samba/ADS FreeBSD Fileserver howto
12:45AM 0 Changing NTFS and Share permissions
Sunday February 8 2004
10:36PM 1 Ultimate PDC Upgrade
8:36PM 3 samba PDC and BDC with ldap master and slave backend
6:02PM 1 Problems with virtual samba hosts
1:49PM 0 Network browses empty since client IP change/clash
3:32AM 5 can't access samba server from xp
3:25AM 0 Denied: This service does not support mass faxing.
Saturday February 7 2004
10:52PM 0 Add Printer Wizard- The specifcied network password is not correct.
10:22PM 2 Virtual network using ssh tunneling on Windows 2K/XP. Please help.
7:39PM 1 samba + ADS + hostname problem
6:15PM 1 Firewall IPtables to use the SAMBA server
1:47PM 0 NLS-Support
11:44AM 0 Queries regarding samba usage : sharing files with Win NT/2000
9:45AM 1 samba binded to private IP
Friday February 6 2004
11:40PM 0 samba and quotas
11:30PM 0 User manager for domain
11:04PM 0 Restrict logon to groups of workstations II
10:00PM 1 Suse 9 Konqueror/Samba problem
9:57PM 0 restrict logon to groups of workstations
9:47PM 0 Need HOWTO Info Please
9:02PM 0 samba ldap tools problem: smbldap-groupadd
8:52PM 2 much slower backups using smbtar
8:46PM 2 Samba limitation/configuration questions
8:13PM 1 Samba and vland
6:15PM 0 smbclient and XP
5:24PM 1 winbind mapping depuration
5:22PM 0 Printer Drivers Database Lost With 'rpm -Uvh'
5:20PM 0 (no subject)
5:11PM 1 Samba & Group Policy environment
4:42PM 0 RAV AntiVirus scan results.
4:30PM 0 Fairmont IT Department detected a virus in a document you authored.
4:25PM 1 problem with ¨net groupmap¨ and ¨net groupmap list¨ command
4:10PM 0 adding XP Pro to Samba 2.2.8a Domain Controller Problem.
3:24PM 0 Install - Alpha
1:50PM 1 The CERT Advisory mailing list is an announcement only list
1:43PM 0 Roaming Profiles
11:42AM 0 closed connection
9:36AM 0 having problems with samba 3.0 with net groupmap access ldap
7:47AM 0 Problems with Samba PDC and Win2k clients
7:18AM 0 Installation Procedure - Solaris 8 + 9
6:01AM 0 Fail to build a default Samba!
3:04AM 0 Cannot connect via w2k or Xp
2:39AM 3 Supplementary Group Issues
1:10AM 1 Solaris 8 and cups issues
12:11AM 1 what is nmbd doing on all interfaces?
Thursday February 5 2004
11:53PM 0 Samba File Server and Windows 2003 Server Active Directory
11:01PM 1 Photoshop can't save files, gives bogus "Disk is full" error
9:09PM 0 printer management speed
8:51PM 2 mandatory profiles?
7:58PM 0 Re: Status
7:33PM 0 my problem + and out of office replies :(
7:02PM 1 Solaris 9 and secondary group info from LDAP
6:41PM 1 massive performance problems if transferring many sma ll files
6:16PM 0 pdbedit functionality
5:54PM 0 fstab mounting
5:40PM 1 pdf documents do not print from windows client on samba/cups print server
4:24PM 0 Printing Problem With USB Epson C84
3:37PM 0 Re: test
3:05PM 1 "no such file or directory" error
2:39PM 1 pdc need machine accounts?
12:46PM 0 Slow logins and lost files for some users on Samba 2.2.8a
12:06PM 3 how to change password from win2k client
12:00PM 0 Samba 3
11:15AM 0 unable to set ace flags?????
10:57AM 0 idmap uid range 10000-20000: pam_winbind does NOT wor k ?
10:30AM 0 big problem changing permissions on samba with windows
10:20AM 2 Réf. : My story installing Samba-LDAP PDC (it has a happy ending)
9:49AM 1 PDC/profile Migration to new Host (Domain)
9:13AM 1 massive performance problems if transferring many small files
8:35AM 0 LDAP don't start
8:11AM 0 ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA1394_1075968669_BRKPRIMARY2_ 1 was generated
5:56AM 0 samba domain authentication problem
5:44AM 0 samba + ldap + user privileges
4:11AM 0 idmap uid range 10000-20000: pam_winbind does NOT work ?
3:19AM 0 Forced to use Winbind?
1:25AM 1 Can't add users to an ACL
12:51AM 1 winbind confusion
Wednesday February 4 2004
11:35PM 1 Signal 11 in smbd 3.0.2rc2 on printer operation!
11:23PM 1 particular problem
11:15PM 2 SAMBA and LDAP
11:12PM 0 Java Application and Samba 3.0.1
10:03PM 0 finally got the go ahead...
9:02PM 1 Interdomain trusts (Bind NACK received on pipe)
8:50PM 0 controlling print queue
7:41PM 0 VMware Printing Problem - Access Denied, Unable To Connect
6:55PM 1 Auto Response: Hello
6:40PM 1 CIFS howto?
5:20PM 1 smbclient sends "Password: 00"
5:18PM 0 mapping network drives with XP
4:35PM 0 Trusted domains, one-domain users and ACL's modifications
4:24PM 0 RE: RE: winbindd panic daemon dies
4:23PM 0 Protect directory
3:41PM 1 Still with my problem of samba 3.0.2rc2 and LDAP
2:15PM 1 Borwser Problem with VMWare on linux host
1:29PM 1 [PATCH] Unreliable network connections with 3.0.1 - need advice
12:30PM 1 create new domain SID
11:51AM 0 smbclient an Windows XP
11:06AM 1 tdb(unnamed): tdb_brlock failed (fd=12) at offset 4 rw_type=1 lck_type=13
10:02AM 2 Problem browsing my unix-client - session setup failed: NT_STATUS _CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO
7:25AM 0 Home directory hangs in IE
7:02AM 0 Virus Found in message "HELLO"
6:06AM 1 Request for help with LPI Samba Certification
4:29AM 5 Hello
3:08AM 3 debian packages: krb5
2:50AM 0 tree connect
2:18AM 0 Some Netbios Name Lookups Exhibit Long Delay
2:11AM 1 interdomain trusts 2 samba pdcs
1:48AM 0 Fedora, Samba 3.0 Winbind problem. Pls help.
12:49AM 0 Re: Test
Tuesday February 3 2004
11:16PM 2 Samba 3.0.1 and LDAP
9:49PM 4 samba 3.0.1 and ldap backend problem - I can not add new accounts to domain.
9:33PM 1 win2000 authenticate
9:24PM 0 Replacing an exchange server as the domain controller
8:55PM 0 Ext3 ACLS / pdbedit questions
7:16PM 3 Samba 3.0.1a Cannot Browse Server
7:11PM 1 upgrade 2.2.8 - 3.0.1
5:50PM 0 Moving a samba hosted PDC within domain to another machine?
5:49PM 0 FreeBSD / Windows NT Domain basic share access problems.
4:42PM 3 How do I get pam_mkhomedir to work
4:41PM 0 Hiding Printers from Users - 2.2.8a
4:16PM 0 New French Samba document - Admin tool specs
3:42PM 0 kiran
2:18PM 1 Printing with Samba 2.2.5 and lprng
12:56PM 2 ASCII problem ??
11:48AM 0 SIG_ATOMIC_T make error
11:03AM 2 PDF * powerpoint files need the x bit set under linux
10:40AM 0 Re: test [Reminder]
10:12AM 1 printjob stays in windows queue after transfer failure
10:00AM 0 changing password of shares
9:50AM 2 Ldap Objects for machines accounts
9:17AM 0 Samba on Red Hat Linux 8.0
8:23AM 0 file includes.h
8:11AM 0 Need help
7:39AM 0 Domaine pas disponible
6:48AM 1 Problems copying some files from windows to linux
6:33AM 1 MMS Notification
5:10AM 1 winbind and case sensitivity
3:57AM 1 Samba, PAM and Win98
1:47AM 1 Samba for AIX
12:19AM 1 XP Issues
12:02AM 1 .exe files
Monday February 2 2004
11:39PM 1 Samba and TCP printing ports
10:45PM 1 4 samba domains/one ldap backend/2 methods/which to use?
10:13PM 1 Samba Password Aging
10:01PM 0 RE: samba 3.0.1 issues continued UPDATE
9:48PM 1 Synching samba passwords to W2k passwords
8:44PM 0 Windows Printing VIA Samba
8:32PM 0 winbind setup
7:40PM 3 instability
7:23PM 0 printing problems wih samba
7:20PM 0 Your mail to Firewalls
6:13PM 0 samba 3.0, winbind is not updating userlist - only on restart
5:38PM 0 Large Share Browsing
5:26PM 0 net rpc getsid fails - help
5:22PM 0 ADS winbind/krb5 error
4:47PM 0 winbind problem
4:38PM 2 Solaris 8 & Samba 3: "address already in use"
4:38PM 0 Slow printing on Solaris 8/Samba 3.0.1 and oplopcks
4:16PM 0 "log.%m" gives me ip address
2:59PM 2 LDAP versus LDAPSAM
2:42PM 0 Problem adding W2K to Samba/LDAP PDC
2:04PM 2 Changing from samba 2-2.8a to 3.1 with ldap?
1:50PM 0 Auditing access to Samba shares & printer issues
1:36PM 0 3.0.2rc2 ads member server: kerberos ok, ntlm fails
1:14PM 0 3.0.2 configure patch
12:15PM 0 DIFFICULT printing question SAMBA/WinXP/Cups
11:40AM 1 ldaps connections
11:39AM 0 Problem adding a machine on the domain with samba-3.0.2rc1
11:23AM 2 PANIC: internal error..
11:22AM 0 The Seton Hall University mail system has detected a virus in your email.
8:57AM 0 Virus found in the message
8:30AM 0 Joining Samba 3.02rc1 to Active Directory
6:25AM 0 is not found
Sunday February 1 2004
11:15PM 0 Re: samba 3.0 vfs module problem
9:52PM 1 Samba with Ldap How-To
9:39PM 0 list of values for charset parameters
6:55PM 0 (no subject)
3:36PM 3 Several logon script bat files?
12:20PM 0 Samba and PAM:Simple Question
11:58AM 0 Moving to 3.0.1
9:42AM 1 authenticating to an NTLM proxy from a Linux http client
5:01AM 1 Samba 3.0.2rc2 Available for Download