R help - Mar 2013

Sunday March 31 2013
11:26PM 1 lmer effects-type plot?
11:21PM 1 DUD (Does not Use Derivatives) for nonlinear regression in R?
8:07PM 0 Where to find Discriminate Function Analysis in RExcel
5:49PM 1 Where does R store workspace and commands that load on startup
1:15PM 1 How to represent certain values in a file as we want?
11:12AM 2 Plotting histogram of RT data
9:46AM 0 Skewness of fitted mixture not correct?
8:59AM 0 Standard error of normalmixEM fit?
8:46AM 1 Creating new instances from original ones
Saturday March 30 2013
9:07PM 1 special character encoding problem
8:39PM 0 MCMCglmm to fit dependent variable [0,1]
7:27PM 1 Rgl
2:43PM 1 vcovHC and arima() output
2:09PM 0 ~3/30/2013 3:09:18 PM~
2:05PM 0 .::Gregory Gentlemen::.
11:32AM 0 Oversampling in R
10:20AM 1 normal mixture EM not working?
8:25AM 2 R/Sweave/cairo/freetype bug fix.
8:08AM 3 how to draw the math graph?
1:57AM 0 Scoping issue with irf() from {vars}
Friday March 29 2013
10:47PM 1 multiple plots and looping assistance requested (single plot)
9:14PM 1 Dataframe manipulation
7:01PM 3 From a vector with characters to binary information
6:16PM 1 pairs(X,Y) analog of cor(X,Y)?
5:47PM 3 if clause in data frame
5:40PM 3 Installing views in R2.15.3
5:29PM 1 Make a matrix from two lists
3:52PM 4 How do you graph data when you have lots of small values but few extremely large values?
2:24PM 3 weird error with a lazyload .RData file in a package
2:10PM 0 change font size in R editor
10:53AM 2 Error message in dredge function (MuMIn package) used with binary GLM
10:49AM 1 Create values based on a table of conditions
10:44AM 2 0e+00
10:14AM 0 gls + summary assumptions
9:28AM 1 problem with data
7:37AM 2 changing y-axis intervals in a boxplot
Thursday March 28 2013
11:55PM 3 problem with plots with short example.
10:16PM 2 hierarchical clustering with pearson's coefficient
9:22PM 2 ggplot2: less than equal sign
8:51PM 0 using cvlm to do cross-validation
8:45PM 3 Help partimat()
7:35PM 0 Summer Statistics Institute at UT Austin, May 20-23, 2013
6:05PM 1 Error in setMethod("combine"... was - Error when installing globaltest package
5:32PM 2 Can R read open office.org Calc files
3:39PM 4 How to replace '$' sign?
2:49PM 1 unique not working
1:48PM 4 bayesian HLM random effects
12:27PM 2 Can R read in .xyz files
11:07AM 1 make R program faster
10:41AM 1 scatterplot3d with densCols ?
9:27AM 0 T-shirt
8:39AM 6 How to delete Identical columns
8:36AM 1 question about attaching data
8:24AM 2 How to search in each excel in my working dir and extract part information of one product in each country?
7:40AM 2 how to search a list that contains multiple dissimilar vectors?
7:05AM 2 E-learning environment for R
2:42AM 0 CRAN R Help
2:19AM 2 how to call R in PHP
12:32AM 0 Error after R and Twitter Successfull Handshake
12:32AM 1 plotting interactive networks in R
Wednesday March 27 2013
10:31PM 0 ::manzhang::
9:57PM 1 lmer, p-values and all that
9:39PM 1 Passing arguments between apply and l(s)apply functions vs. nested for loop
9:04PM 2 prop.test correct true and false gives same answer
8:34PM 0 A simple perceptron neural network (nnet)
6:58PM 1 Archieve of mails from R forum
4:22PM 0 Setting up a model in package dlm()
4:09PM 2 find and replace characters in a string
3:30PM 0 Controlling Raster plots
2:43PM 0 Error while using "register" from fda package
1:20PM 3 animated charts
12:51PM 1 Crrstep help
8:31AM 9 conditional Dataframe filling
8:27AM 2 FMOLS DOLS and ADL regression
8:12AM 1 Averaging Out many rows from a column AND funtion to string
1:50AM 1 Creating mean C columns out of As and Bs
1:11AM 1 Conditional CCA and Monte Carlo - Help!
Tuesday March 26 2013
9:51PM 1 Newey West HAC for pooled cross-section data
9:51PM 2 when to use which apply function?
9:02PM 2 Feed rle() output to hist()
8:34PM 2 Need code for Liddle Exact test?
7:52PM 0 mixed effects model - log likelihood test
6:09PM 3 barplot colors
5:57PM 2 suggestions about import SAS Transport files to R.
5:21PM 1 Shifting cells and removing blanks
4:37PM 0 setup multcompBoxplot
4:26PM 1 Execution halted when I use knitr and Rscript with opts_chunk
3:25PM 2 NaNS Error Message
3:15PM 1 Increase font size in plots
3:04PM 0 Controlling print messages/warnings and error output in R package
2:15PM 2 Odd graphic device behavior
2:10PM 1 randomLCA_with error for me
2:05PM 0 Error-correcting output code with multiclass problems
1:49PM 1 graph layout
1:00PM 1 Weighted Kaplan-Meier estimates with R
10:19AM 6 How do I show real values on a log10 histogram
10:09AM 2 edit.data() read-only?
8:31AM 1 update.packages(checkBuilt = TRUE) fails in updating rpanel_1.1-1 due to missing package BWidget
8:12AM 2 Counting various elemnts in a vactor
7:12AM 1 How to use parentheses and degree symbol together?
5:44AM 2 Plot cumulative sums of rainfall per year
3:50AM 0 Converting 2D matrix to 3D array
2:29AM 2 Problem with nested for-loop
2:11AM 1 Can you help with local source file instalation?
1:09AM 2 GAM model with interactions between continuous variables and factors
Monday March 25 2013
10:49PM 0 CP in rpart library
10:18PM 2 Reassign Multiple Factors to same Factor Value
9:00PM 2 Faster way of summing values up based on expand.grid
7:23PM 1 Newbie code to count runs of up or down moves
7:21PM 3 About name of list elements
5:43PM 3 nested 'while' loops
5:43PM 2 Plot Matrix with Data
4:09PM 1 error installing RcppClassic
4:05PM 3 Read text file in R
3:40PM 1 count NAs with aggregate
3:37PM 3 Obtaining the internal integer codes of a factor XXXX
2:32PM 1 gamma regression & zeros
12:31PM 2 %*% what does this mean
12:11PM 0 cursor after txtProgressBar
11:46AM 0 plot Raster
11:22AM 0 How to use RWeka with Multilayer Perceptron?
10:21AM 2 Automatic script for updating packages in R
9:47AM 3 Weighted Kaplan-Meier estimates with R (with confidence intervals)?
9:24AM 1 Columns perfectly aligned with the column names
6:51AM 1 From Java to R OOP
1:58AM 1 a contrast question
12:33AM 0 Integrate with vectors and varying upper limit
12:11AM 2 Ordering a matrix by row value in R2.15
Sunday March 24 2013
10:42PM 1 Error with paired t-test
8:23PM 0 Rscript does not load/capture all shell arguments
4:39PM 1 Creating a boxplot from a data summary
11:31AM 3 Parallelizing GBM
10:43AM 1 Random Forest, Giving More Importance to Some Data
Saturday March 23 2013
9:10PM 1 RWeka and Back Propagation NN
8:47PM 1 Non-convergence error for GLMM with LME4?
7:51PM 4 Converting a character vector to numeric
6:57PM 1 LOOCV over SVM,KNN
5:59PM 0 panel model hausman test
4:38PM 0 problem with pan package?
2:08PM 1 Character change to Unicode format escape character when create a data frame
11:27AM 1 help on writing a function
11:08AM 1 Error with custom function in apply: ”Error in FUN(newX[, i], ...) : unused argument(s) (newX[, i])”
10:35AM 1 Saving a Random Forest Model
4:00AM 0 Reading grib data
3:09AM 1 Getting a vector result from a computed index
2:14AM 1 How to change background and text colors in script window?
1:05AM 1 Time trends with GAM
Friday March 22 2013
11:34PM 0 predict.Arima error "'xreg' and 'newxreg' have different numbers of columns"
9:17PM 1 Median across matrices
8:42PM 4 ggplot2 will not draw a rectangle. Error: ggplot2 doesn't know how to deal with data of class XXX"
6:43PM 2 A question on function return
6:18PM 3 Double condition
5:36PM 1 Integration of vector syntax unknown
2:03PM 4 error while extracting the p-value from adf.test
1:46PM 3 Distance calculation
11:34AM 3 trouble with data frame
11:28AM 1 Trouble embedding functions (e.g., deltaMethod) in other functions
4:04AM 1 read.pnm question
12:57AM 1 Clever way to match two lists
12:09AM 1 Sen's slope - fume package different output than zyp or wq
Thursday March 21 2013
11:57PM 1 contourplot
11:40PM 1 vector field from a 3D scalar field
11:19PM 3 spatstat error
9:46PM 0 Problems of exporting raster to ArcGIS
9:14PM 1 [mgcv][gam] Odd error: Error in PredictMat(object$smooth[[k]], data) : , `by' variable must be same dimension as smooth arguments
8:44PM 1 order statistic of multivariate normal
8:19PM 2 Displaying median value over the horizontal(median)line in the boxplot
7:29PM 1 PGLMM in Picante Question
7:21PM 1 Control variables in mediation analysis
7:05PM 0 step halving factor reduced below minimum
6:32PM 1 Error Message During ANOVA
6:20PM 2 Check if a character vector can be coerced to numeric?
5:55PM 1 plot and save as png
5:49PM 0 "[[i]]$" <- "" indexing and lapply
5:44PM 0 how do I read certain files from a directory based on number of columns?
5:12PM 0 rJava problem on ubuntu
3:15PM 4 easy way of paste
3:09PM 1 "adaptIntegrate" function
2:56PM 1 Re-order variables listed in nomogram?
2:44PM 1 Error message installing package R package
2:06PM 2 Bayesian network
1:56PM 1 How could I specify "no interception term" in arima?
1:34PM 1 Could I get the following stats from arima()?
1:20PM 2 How to store data frames into pdf file and csv file.
1:17PM 1 multiple peak fit
1:02PM 5 Help on indicator variables
11:25AM 1 values for the scree plot (package psych)
11:10AM 1 Compatibility problem Iramuteq / R : help !!!
9:23AM 1 All unique combinations
8:27AM 2 Excuse me
4:39AM 1 installation of package had non-zero exit status
12:48AM 2 NADA
Wednesday March 20 2013
10:49PM 1 boot with different sample sizes
10:17PM 2 problem subsetting data.frame in R version 2.15.2 for Windows
10:14PM 2 Dealing with missing values in princomp (package "psych")
9:53PM 2 remove specific number of rows from a matrix
8:02PM 0 Hands-on Webinar: Advances in Regression: Modern Ensemble and Data Mining Approaches (no charge)
7:57PM 3 summarize dataframe based on multiple cols, not their combinations
6:37PM 3 How to look at the source code for predict()
6:33PM 0 unexpected local minima/maxima with surf.gls
6:22PM 1 bigmemory: Using backing file as alternate to write.big.matrix
6:18PM 1 help pairs
5:59PM 1 behaviour of formula objects and environment inside functions
5:17PM 1 Bootstrap (bootSem) causes R to crash
5:07PM 1 htmlParse (from XML library) working sporadically in the same code
4:38PM 1 S4 Reference Classes: undesired behavior when calling method '$field()'
4:28PM 2 Pattern match
3:02PM 1 why a moving average fun takes too long time!!
1:11PM 3 how to skip part of the code
12:32PM 3 highlight overlapping region of two densities
11:53AM 1 help on extracting values from a matrix
10:28AM 1 on R package vignette
9:30AM 0 Histogram equalization of dataset
8:08AM 4 Unable to start with package "rattle"
1:06AM 3 Introduction to R. Any such documentation in Vietnamese?
Tuesday March 19 2013
9:24PM 0 Epple and McCallum TSLS example
8:22PM 4 How to get the t-stat for arima()?
6:36PM 2 List of default packages (that come with R)
6:17PM 1 Error when adding lines to a plot using the mixed-effect model and metafor package
4:40PM 1 Lars package
3:33PM 2 how to do association study based on mixed linear model
3:14PM 0 linear model with equality and inequality (redundant) constraints
2:55PM 1 Cluster analysis on weighted survey data with continuous and categorical variables
2:51PM 0 Do association study based on mixed linear model
1:41PM 1 How to get the rolling standard deviation in rasters?
12:34PM 2 Cumulative Frequency Graph
12:22PM 0 mlogit: block design CE model
12:15PM 0 Windows batchfiles 0.7-1
11:55AM 4 Copying rows in data frames
11:47AM 0 Eror : OutOfMemoryError (Java): Java heap space
11:22AM 1 write random sampling as table output
11:21AM 1 fisher.alpha warnings
8:07AM 0 Online resources for beginners
6:18AM 0 Read ADCP data in R
6:17AM 0 xzfile() cannot open the connection, lzma encoder error 5.
4:30AM 1 creating a new variable.
2:49AM 1 Convert to date and time of the year
1:21AM 1 RGL 3D plots are flat. Please Help
1:03AM 1 Cokriging
12:23AM 1 How can I eliminate a loop over a data.table?
12:08AM 1 How to automate this model selection algorithm?
Monday March 18 2013
10:23PM 1 Mantel test for comparing two matrices
8:29PM 3 Superscript followed by number then superscript in text
7:35PM 0 Creating SubScale Scores
7:12PM 0 ksvm
6:26PM 1 How to stop set.seed() besides exiting out of R?
6:02PM 0 Lattice strip with custom shingle.interval
5:44PM 2 Loop or some other way to parse by data generated values when it is not linear
5:34PM 2 OrgMassSpecR peak area issue
5:32PM 4 Why stacking rasters return NAs?
5:15PM 2 melt with complications
3:49PM 2 data.frame with NA
3:24PM 2 Fit a mixture of lognormal and normal distributions
3:00PM 2 Confirmatory factor analysis using the sem package. TLI CFI and RMSEA absent from model summary.
2:04PM 1 Problem with write.table
1:50PM 0 Assign Observations to Tree Nodes
1:03PM 4 Counting confidence intervals
12:36PM 2 How many samples ACTUALLY used in regression?
12:21PM 1 "save scores" from sem
10:56AM 0 Problem with generated parameter estimates
10:12AM 4 plotting CIE chromaticity diagram?
10:11AM 1 try/tryCatch
9:57AM 0 biclustering error in drawHeatmap
9:56AM 0 header intact
9:50AM 2 how to plot u-v wind by R?
2:17AM 4 !0 + !0 == !0 - !0
Sunday March 17 2013
3:47PM 3 help with simple function
3:26PM 1 Copula package - normalCopula() param order
3:12PM 1 zero line
2:56PM 1 Q-Q plot for chi-quadrat w/o knowing the contingency table
12:50PM 1 How make a boxplot with Y axis in percentage
5:23AM 1 reading a specific part of a text file into R
Saturday March 16 2013
9:09PM 3 Running other programs from R
7:25PM 2 Find NA in xts object
6:18PM 2 Plotting with basic plot
3:49PM 2 help with PCA
1:35PM 0 Is it possible to create a html file by using shiny in Windows ?
1:27PM 1 Question on assignment
7:19AM 1 Errors or warnings for non-existent data
1:58AM 2 identifying and drawing from T distribution
Friday March 15 2013
10:58PM 0 dispersion indicator for clustered data
7:33PM 2 latex(test, collabel=) returns wrong latex code?
5:51PM 1 multiple frequencies per second again
5:49PM 1 multiple filled.contour() on single page
5:30PM 2 Help finding first value in a BY group
4:17PM 1 merge two matrices
4:08PM 2 missing values in an array
4:06PM 3 seeking tip to keep first of multiple observations per ID
3:43PM 1 quadprog issues---how to define the constriants
3:16PM 1 Spearman rank correlation
3:16PM 0 Normalized 2-D cross-correlation
2:58PM 0 Hot News
2:57PM 2 nlrob and robust nonlinear regression with upper and/or lower bounds on parameters
2:01PM 0 confidence interval for survfit
1:58PM 2 How to make the labels of pie chart are not overlapping?
1:31PM 0 Poisson and negbin gamm in mgcv - overdispersion and theta
1:22PM 3 Combinations
12:40PM 5 Data manipulation
12:18PM 1 Looking for a good tutorial on ff package
11:53AM 2 Writing a hyperlink to a csv file
10:52AM 1 Creating a hyperlink in a csv file
10:47AM 0 Dear group.
10:26AM 3 reviewer comment
10:23AM 1 metafor - multivariate analysis
9:56AM 3 How to list the all products' information of the latest month?
9:53AM 0 ggplot2, arrows and polar coordinates
8:52AM 2 phyper returning zero
8:33AM 1 Difficulty with UNIQUE
4:46AM 1 Reassign values based on multiple conditions
Thursday March 14 2013
11:21PM 0 Introductory R - new book
9:49PM 1 cnfidence intervals for survfit()
9:43PM 2 Grep with wildcards across multiple columns
7:49PM 0 Course Birmingham: Regression, GLM & GAM. With R intro
7:41PM 3 get the sign of a value
7:29PM 0 Versions 0.50-1 of the np and npRmpi packages released - new features and deprecated options…
7:27PM 0 Fw: showing ratio in ggplot bar plot with facets
7:04PM 0 Tomorrow: The Evolution of Regression from Classical Linear Regression to Modern Ensembles (hands-on)
6:36PM 1 Elasticnet - Cross validation problem
6:10PM 1 Error message in vars package
5:17PM 3 Equivalent of deal in R?
4:51PM 1 ggplot2 problem
4:39PM 0 Features Selection using RWeka
4:34PM 0 map question
4:13PM 2 does R read commands from scripts instantanously or seuqently during processing
3:46PM 4 plotting
3:38PM 0 R programmer
3:26PM 1 How to copy current line in Tinn-R
2:42PM 3 Working with string
1:45PM 3 date & time manipulation- R 2.15.1 windows 7
1:36PM 0 Ignoring NA in matplot
12:48PM 2 NADA and cenmle
11:55AM 1 evtree
11:08AM 1 error: object of type 'closure' is not subsettable
10:58AM 0 Demean argument in ar function
10:51AM 2 merge function to combine two tables
10:25AM 1 Bootstrap encounter histories data
10:05AM 2 HOw to achieve big vector times big dataframe in R?
10:05AM 3 column and line graphs in R
9:49AM 1 Viewing Compelete Decision Tree in R - R.2.15.2 - Wndows7 32bit
9:19AM 2 how to import DNA sequences in R
9:07AM 2 question about nls
8:31AM 0 help:classification using association rules
8:23AM 3 how to change "`Year_Month)201103`" into "Year_Month)201103" using R?
8:01AM 2 Same eigenvalues but different eigenvectors using 'prcomp' and 'principal' commands
7:47AM 3 Create patterns within a plot?
2:44AM 0 reshape
12:55AM 0 Error with epiR and sensitivity
12:10AM 2 Modifying a data frame based on a vector that contains column numbers
Wednesday March 13 2013
11:25PM 3 loop in a data.table
11:16PM 0 sync+Rnw+TeXShop, again
10:14PM 4 boxplot
9:43PM 1 calculating column difference in a matrix
8:52PM 1 2 questions about svg output
7:05PM 3 Assign the number to each group of multiple rows
5:16PM 0 R Advanced Programming Courses by XLSolutions Corp
4:29PM 1 Numeric Class to Nominal class
2:55PM 0 FW: 3/13/2013 3:55:55 PM
2:06PM 2 Extract letters from a column
1:23PM 0 Accuracy some classifiers
1:13PM 0 how to set the pdflatex path
1:11PM 1 merging a dataframe or vectors
12:45PM 1 Empty cluster / segfault using vanilla kmeans with version 2.15.2
11:25AM 1 expression exponent labeling
11:15AM 1 multi-comparison of means
10:25AM 2 merge datas
8:37AM 5 string split at xth position
8:04AM 1 Accuracy of some classifiers
7:14AM 2 How to read a *.csv file in R?
6:02AM 1 Feature selection package for text mining
5:33AM 1 ADCP data processing in R
5:05AM 1 image color analysis
4:39AM 1 saving vector output as numeric
4:35AM 1 why predict() gives zero length prediction?
3:14AM 1 Change the Chinese/English fonts in the Lattice graphic package
2:35AM 2 holding argument(s) fixed within lapply
1:20AM 9 different color indicates difference magnitude
12:10AM 1 Determining maximum hourly slope per day
12:02AM 7 Export R generated tables and figures to MS Word
Tuesday March 12 2013
10:43PM 2 Add a continuous color ramp legend to a 3d scatter plot
9:45PM 2 big edge list to adjacency matrix
8:27PM 1 Stretch the y axis in levelplot
8:18PM 1 Running 32 bits code from within R 64 bits
7:59PM 1 Extracting the knots of a natural cubic spline fit
7:55PM 1 Cook's distance
6:19PM 1 Fine control of plot
5:50PM 5 extract values
5:02PM 0 Knn by using R
4:59PM 2 ls() with different defaults: Solution;
4:32PM 0 Revolutions blog: February roundup
4:17PM 1 cancel
3:26PM 1 Bootstrap BCa confidence limits with your own resamples
3:04PM 2 funtion equivalent of jitter to move figures on device
2:52PM 1 loading data frames and rbind them
1:48PM 0 ICPSR data archive to release datasets in R format
1:22PM 1 Testing for significance of overlap in three sets - mantelhaen test?
12:29PM 2 Troubleshooting code
12:15PM 1 rugarch: GARCH with Johnson Su innovations
12:10PM 0 Assumptions of oneway_test in coin package
11:12AM 0 reports 0.1.2 released
10:55AM 1 Constrain slope in segmented package
10:40AM 0 soap film smoother
9:03AM 2 split data into columns from dataframe
1:26AM 1 some questions about ARIMA and FARIMA
1:11AM 2 Specifying point symbol fill colour in lattice xyplot keys
Monday March 11 2013
10:43PM 0 Add a regular plot to the x,y grid on a wireframe plot
10:31PM 3 Optimization in R similar to MS Excel Solver
9:02PM 3 Test of Parallel Regression Assumption in R
8:52PM 2 aggregate(), tapply(): Why is the order of the grouping variables not kept?
7:25PM 0 Hands-on Webinar Series (no charge) The Evolution of Regression from Classical Linear Regression to Modern Ensembles
7:17PM 1 merge function while obviating duplicate columns XXXX
6:46PM 1 glm and lm can't find weights
6:12PM 1 RODBC Installation fails
6:06PM 1 Use pcls in "mgcv" package to achieve constrained cubic spline
5:43PM 2 plot pch
3:20PM 1 Allocate virtual memory on hard drive
2:10PM 2 vertical lines in R plot
1:13PM 3 New Stack
12:59PM 0 help.search not working - returns "readRDS(file) : unknown input format"
12:59PM 2 How to 'extend' a data.frame based on given variable combinations ?
11:29AM 0 problem with "gl1ce" function from "lasso2" package
10:52AM 3 take two columns from a set of lists
10:40AM 1 Distribution plus background fitting
6:15AM 0 splitting column into two
6:14AM 0 Fw: message...
4:19AM 2 how to convert a data.frame to tree structure object such as dendrogram
1:24AM 3 How to obtain the original indices of elements after sorting
Sunday March 10 2013
9:32PM 2 Writing to Spreadsheet issues
9:25PM 4 Confirmatory Factor Analysis
8:45PM 0 Function ar() in package stats: AIC procedure and time series length
5:49PM 2 R for Card Game Modeling
3:43PM 1 Error with grad() for numerical differential of a function
3:19PM 2 Editing figure without re-running the plotting code?
1:10PM 0 Fw: message
10:37AM 1 kruskal test
8:54AM 0 Steepest Ascent Algorithm
6:17AM 2 list + lapply insead of matrix + apply
3:53AM 0 max row
3:36AM 4 EEG data for time series
2:12AM 2 RGL plot not working right..
12:45AM 1 misc3d Contour export to vtk
Saturday March 9 2013
11:28PM 0 note
10:15PM 2 read.table freezes the computer
8:55PM 1 Changing default order of plots in par
5:24PM 1 Unexpected behavior looping through sequence of dates
5:11PM 1 R Source Code Plagiarism Detection
4:02PM 3 Feedback – Regarding R Programming Language Version 2.15.1 (2012-06-22) Usage
3:31PM 1 lmer (LME4) and survey standard error
12:53PM 1 Finding where a string drops below a certain value
12:37PM 2 grouping followed by finding frequent patterns in R
11:41AM 4 Calculation with date
10:35AM 2 quesion about lm function
1:12AM 1 get current plot dimensions?
12:49AM 3 data.frame with variable-length list
Friday March 8 2013
8:11PM 2 Zoo Data
6:15PM 0 using dlmModPoly in library dlm
5:51PM 0 Passing command line arguments using parallel package
5:05PM 3 2D filled.contour plot with 1D histograms by axes
4:36PM 2 ggplot2: modifying line width and background fill color for stat_smooth()
4:04PM 3 Word Frequency for each row
3:16PM 2 Coversion from yearly to weekly data
3:12PM 0 label the mean in bwplot and divide a panel in two plots
2:12PM 0 analytical strategy for MDS/ smacof /dissimilarity matrix
11:47AM 0 Creating cluster with dbscan from bigmemory
11:37AM 1 Ports
11:00AM 4 create bar chart with different totals in a bar
10:23AM 4 Substitute value
9:50AM 1 transpose lists
8:29AM 2 Unexpected behaviour of apply()
6:05AM 1 reduce the size of list
3:36AM 1 getting covariance ignoring NaN missing values
1:22AM 2 Select rows from Data Frame with conditions
12:50AM 1 question on package plm
Thursday March 7 2013
11:45PM 1 install error - Netcdf library (linux)
11:43PM 0 install Netcdf library (linux)
8:52PM 1 How to export data with defined decimal places
8:14PM 2 iterative extracting data from a list without keys
8:08PM 2 optim hangs without warnings or error
7:07PM 1 what is absolute size of mar
6:42PM 2 xts time series object removing time and leaving just the date
5:51PM 0 initial starting values with constOptim()
5:23PM 2 Copying a dataframe
4:52PM 3 rbind a list of matrices
4:02PM 0 Estimating simultaneous equations in plm()
3:37PM 0 Nice analysis of time series data
3:33PM 2 A==A false?
3:16PM 3 ggpliot2: reordering of factors in facets facet.grid(). Reordering of factor on x-axis no problem.
2:45PM 1 Comparing Cox model with Competing Risk model
2:22PM 1 Colour branches/labels of dendrogram according to a grouping variable
2:09PM 0 gWidgets & XLConnect
11:02AM 1 Error: no 'dimnames' attribute for array
7:27AM 1 create vector from indices interpolated values
7:13AM 3 why package ZIGP is not there anymore?
4:50AM 2 Multivariate Power Test?
3:23AM 2 Read Content from URL to XML format
3:12AM 5 multiple plots and looping assistance requested (revised codes)
2:52AM 1 Help using system() command to execute Perl script through MSDOS
12:18AM 2 How to transpose it in a fast way?
Wednesday March 6 2013
11:21PM 2 Fwd: How to conditionally remove dataframe rows?
9:12PM 1 how to get xmlToList() to retry if http fails
8:58PM 4 Issue when reading a table into R
8:54PM 1 Inverse function using FDA
8:31PM 0 Course: Beginner's Guide to MCMC, GLM and GAM with R
7:25PM 1 Help with a function and text
6:53PM 1 Graph from Glantz
6:50PM 0 Random Sampling
5:57PM 1 need help using read.fortran
5:09PM 1 rainbow producing colors that do not differ sufficiently
4:03PM 1 print justify
3:49PM 1 Difficulty in caper: Error in phy$node.label[which(newNb > 0) - Ntip]
2:37PM 1 Transpose a big data file and write to a new file
2:35PM 0 new package: cec2013 (v0.1-4)
2:20PM 2 Generating unique filenames.
2:07PM 1 Troubles with labeling x axis
1:37PM 1 R Gui frond has stopped working
12:32PM 6 Ggplot2: Moving legend, change fill and removal of space between plots when using grid.arrange() possible use of facet_grid?
11:36AM 0 Friedman test in R
11:30AM 7 chi square exact test
11:26AM 3 combining column having same values
10:46AM 8 Understanding lm-based analysis of fractional factorial experiments
9:51AM 1 lm Regression takes 24+ GB RAM - Error message
9:35AM 0 how to construct bivariate joint cumulative pdf from bivariate joint pdf
8:06AM 3 Plotting time data for various countries in same graph
7:08AM 2 lm and Formula tutorial
6:06AM 0 corAR(1) with GLS: does it fit a random or a pooling model?
2:47AM 1 CARET and NNET fail to train a model when the input is high dimensional
2:36AM 1 aov() and anova() making faulty F-tests
2:33AM 2 How to combine conditional argument and logical argument in R to create subset of data...
1:07AM 1 Constrained cubic smoothing spline
12:53AM 3 About basic logical operators
Tuesday March 5 2013
10:51PM 1 Wilcox-Off?
9:52PM 2 Issues when using interaction term with a lagged variable
9:36PM 2 Questions on implementing logistic regression
9:18PM 2 Function completely locks up my computer if the input is too big
9:13PM 0 Meaning of error message when exporting to MS Excel
9:00PM 2 Error message
8:30PM 1 ggplot2: two time series with different dates in a single plot
8:11PM 1 Reading Wyoming radiosonde data files with RadioSonde package
8:00PM 0 R short course, BYU Summer Institute of Applied Statistics
7:13PM 0 useR! 2013 registration open
7:08PM 0 Is there a serial autocorrelation test for FGLS-FE fitted with PGGLS?
7:07PM 3 Simulate binary correlated data
4:38PM 1 Reading outdated .Rprofile file
4:31PM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 121, Issue 5
3:59PM 0 permutest
2:47PM 0 chisq.test
2:23PM 0 generalized gamma distribution
2:04PM 0 Fwd: Re: How to reference to the `stats` package in academical paper
1:54PM 2 Zelig package: Coxph model problems
1:45PM 1 boxplot with frequencies(counts)
1:21PM 0 Problem with R CMD check and the inconsolata font business
1:05PM 1 How to reference to the `stats` package in academical paper
12:05PM 2 plotmath: angle brackets
11:28AM 1 different colors for two wireframe spheres
11:20AM 0 Help
10:55AM 2 Color spalettes for black/white printing
10:21AM 1 Good practice for data() for R-packages
10:19AM 0 Error message from flexsurvreg
9:47AM 0 Agreement and Consistency of 2D data
6:51AM 1 Generating 1-bit and 8-bit BMP files using R
6:10AM 0 R Compiler Options in the linux (ubuntu) Binaries? AVX?
3:42AM 2 how_to_create_a_package?
2:51AM 2 multiple plots and looping assistance requested
Monday March 4 2013
11:42PM 4 Learning the R way – A Wish
11:13PM 2 Automatically fix big jumps in one variable due to anomalies
11:09PM 1 Syntax for error messages
8:28PM 3 What package can I use to help me categorize comment responses?
7:48PM 1 Upgrading to R version 2.15.3 under Fedora.
7:13PM 3 A problem with text manipulation
6:37PM 1 package ‘contingency.tables’ is not available (for R version 2.15.2)
5:06PM 1 Choosing nlme or lme4?
3:44PM 3 urgent: question concerning data manipulation
3:38PM 1 Version Upgrade and Packages
3:09PM 1 Mysterious issues with reading text files from R in ArcGIS and Excel
2:56PM 1 R broken after upgrade to 2.15.3 (Ubuntu 12.10, 64bit)
1:39PM 3 Excel User interface for R
1:07PM 2 R function for estimating historical-VaR
12:44PM 2 survfit plot question
11:08AM 1 How to loop several binary files from two directories?
11:00AM 1 installing biOps on MacOSX fails
9:32AM 1 robustbase adjbox segfault - memory not mapped
9:29AM 0 How to treat dominant alternatives & infeasible/unrealistic alternatives in the choice set
3:32AM 2 SAS and R complement each other
12:08AM 2 Creating 3d partial dependence plots
Sunday March 3 2013
6:49PM 1 distribution functions and lists
4:44PM 0 Problems with xlsx and rjava
4:14PM 2 Random Sample with constraints
9:58AM 2 Kolmogorov-Smirnov: calculate p value given as input the test statistic
8:05AM 0 Jin Minming
6:11AM 4 Help searching a matrix for only certain records
1:43AM 1 Ordering Table Columns
Saturday March 2 2013
11:57PM 3 if value is in vector, perform this function
10:31PM 1 Metafor "SMCR" Pre-Post Effect sizes
10:03PM 1 Raster images and saving with original pixel dimensions in tiff, jpeg, or png perferablly.
9:55PM 2 caret pls model statistics
7:37PM 0 explanation of the problem..
6:28PM 1 Errors-In-Variables in R
5:37PM 3 print method like print.anova()
5:18PM 1 Expressions in lattice conditional variables
1:35PM 2 How to start console output with a comment sign (as in knitr)
1:34PM 0 frailtypack: new options !
10:26AM 3 replace zeros for NA in a column based on values of another column
1:56AM 0 glmnet 1.9-3 uploaded to CRAN (with intercept option)
12:16AM 2 Multiple left hand side variables in a formula
Friday March 1 2013
10:22PM 0 Cor color
9:56PM 2 using reserved words in R, and reuse variable names in different functions
6:47PM 2 solving x in a polynomial function
5:12PM 3 interactive visualizations - anyone use SVGAnnotation?
4:01PM 7 Conditional Weighted Average (ddply or any other function)
2:13PM 1 S4-classes: Assignment of values to slots by reference
11:31AM 3 help me out
10:01AM 0 R 2.15.3 is released
4:45AM 0 (no subject)
3:30AM 1 Returning index of vector element matching specific value
3:21AM 1 Select first element of each factor and convert to NA
2:42AM 0 Extracting coefficients of covariates in a LME-model
1:53AM 2 issue creating a subset