R help - Feb 2013

Thursday February 28 2013
11:54PM 2 Ploting different values with different colors
11:05PM 1 resizing panels but some strip letters disappeared (dotplot)
10:40PM 1 using a personal template for new R scripts
8:56PM 2 data grouping and fitting mixed model with lme function
8:54PM 1 Question concerning directory/path names
7:39PM 11 new question
4:08PM 3 Dealing with parentheses within variable names
3:36PM 1 query labels in iplot() (or other interactive scatterplot)
1:54PM 0 How do I calculate prediction intervals for GLM, BRT and MARS models in R?
1:26PM 3 Results from clogit out of range?
12:50PM 3 Hidden information in an object
12:30PM 4 Iteration through a list in R
12:20PM 1 put strip below the panel (dotplot)
10:40AM 1 ARMA and AR in R
9:52AM 1 help for an R automated procedures
9:49AM 1 PCA with spearman and kendall correlations
7:27AM 3 Negative Binomial Regression - glm.nb
3:51AM 0 R and S+ Courses: Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney
1:56AM 0 GMM for dynamic mdels: what if never passes Sargan test?
12:29AM 2 predict.smooth.Pspline function not found
12:14AM 2 a similar question
12:14AM 0 Scraping data from website---Error in htmlParse: error in creating parser
Wednesday February 27 2013
10:33PM 3 positioning of R windows
8:59PM 0 How to specify ff object filepaths when reading a CSV file into a ff data frame.
7:01PM 0 question about read.ssd function
5:04PM 1 Separation issue in binary response models - glm, brglm, logistf
3:02PM 0 Integration
2:39PM 1 Finding the knots in a smoothing spline using nknots
2:30PM 2 matrix multiplication
2:26PM 0 Displaying two or more heatmaps on same device
1:55PM 0 Choosing Grid points for computing Cumulative Incidence Function
1:28PM 0 xyplot and barplot in the same page
1:06PM 1 Plotting multiple Zoo object lines
12:30PM 1 lattice xyplot point labelling
12:09PM 1 best ordination method for binary variables
8:29AM 0 A program running for a too long time
6:18AM 0 Bigalgebra and irlba error
5:00AM 1 metafor - interpretion of QM in mixed-effects model with factor moderator
2:51AM 0 Parallelizing Other Apply Functions, e.g. by, the Easy (Wrong?) Way
12:31AM 2 temp seems ineffective in SANN (optim)
Tuesday February 26 2013
11:53PM 1 Getting the correct factor level as Dunnett control in glht()
10:57PM 0 Where is JGR's Java source code?
10:46PM 1 understanding cex (R plots)
10:35PM 1 Could R help with locating coordinates in a serial manner?
9:53PM 1 problem with nested loops
9:21PM 2 Help on a code
9:16PM 1 upgrading r-base
9:04PM 3 Adding markers and text for some data points after drawing a plot
8:44PM 0 Multistate occupancy models using Jags
6:55PM 2 merging or joining 2 dataframes: merge, rbind.fill, etc.?
6:20PM 1 How to avoid overlapping labels
5:45PM 3 Merging value labels into indicator variable.
5:39PM 4 cut a vector in equal parts
4:41PM 2 Efficient way to perform linear regressions
4:34PM 1 combining 2 dataframes into a 3rd df, with 1 row for each row in df1 & df2
3:01PM 1 cutreeDynamic error
2:45PM 2 What happened to "financial" package?
1:00PM 1 parallel execution in R
11:45AM 1 Help with graphs in A4 size
10:53AM 2 Count function calls
10:40AM 1 sys.frame() and variables from parent frame
8:32AM 1 R documentation, how to force Rcmd Rd2pdf to automatically break an overfull line in examples R-like section?
8:30AM 0 R documentation, how to set a character in bold font within math mode, within eqn or deqn?
8:27AM 1 lattice: ticks at the joining sides of panels?
4:44AM 0 Prabhath Pushpakumara
4:01AM 1 Assignment Operator in mclapply
1:43AM 1 Light Libraries
1:02AM 2 Converting code to R Question
Monday February 25 2013
11:26PM 1 Issue attaching a dataset
9:23PM 0 Multidimensional interpolation
8:52PM 0 Argument dendro must have class hclust - cutreeDynamic error
6:04PM 1 frequency table-visualization for complex categorical variables
6:00PM 1 Parallel computation in R
5:14PM 0 SEM and count data
4:04PM 2 Combining boxplot
3:47PM 2 lattice: column titles using xlab.top in multipanel xyplot
3:37PM 1 legend issues.
3:06PM 0 Reminder: Webinar Series-- The Evolution of Regression From Classical Linear Regression to Modern Ensembles (Hands-on Component)
2:44PM 1 ggplot2 Increase font size
1:38PM 1 creating variable that codes for the match/mismatch between two other variables
11:35AM 2 Data frame as table
9:39AM 3 Empirical Bayes Estimator for Poisson-Gamma Parameters
7:55AM 0 Overlay Geograhical Region
6:57AM 1 colors to pie chart.
6:07AM 3 How to plot 2 continous variables on double y-axis with 2 factors: ggplot2, gplot, lattice, sciplot?
4:07AM 1 quesion about SS of ANOVA
Sunday February 24 2013
9:06PM 2 compute p/t value from pearson r and n
9:00PM 2 Issues with TMPDIR/TEMP/TMP? Failure of R CMD check under Windows 7
7:04PM 1 one sample t-test
2:39PM 1 Use of the newdata parameter in the predict.coxph function
1:58PM 1 R software installation problem
1:48PM 0 BA.plot with logarithmic axes (MethComp)
9:59AM 1 Error in J[time] : invalid subscript type 'closure'
3:56AM 3 filling an array
1:22AM 0 New package lazyData submitted to CRAN
12:46AM 0 conf.design 2.0.0 has been submitted to CRAN
Saturday February 23 2013
10:14PM 3 data.frame and import to xlsx
9:59PM 2 Wikipedia plots and tables?
7:46PM 1 how to calculate left kronecker product?
4:06PM 2 Merging labels on Pie chart
2:28PM 5 Selecting First Incidence from Longitudinal Data
7:55AM 1 anova comparisons
7:10AM 1 Extract, sum and Loop in R
3:43AM 1 Help with layout
2:06AM 1 Issue with matrices within nested for-loops
12:34AM 2 assign index to colnames(matrix)
Friday February 22 2013
11:40PM 1 Climate Spatial plot
11:32PM 2 help with R CMD check --as-cran
11:27PM 2 Fitting this data with a gaussian would be great
11:15PM 3 Help xyplot
10:25PM 0 Issues with installing RBGL package
10:20PM 1 locating boxplot in bwplot (lattice)
8:45PM 0 Fwd: difficulty defining variables as categorical using Gower with DAISY
8:15PM 1 R on mac not installing packages
7:02PM 4 Controlling Order of Panels in Lattice Trellis Plots
7:02PM 4 HELP!!!
3:28PM 0 Is there a way to set the number of observations per cluster?
3:04PM 2 How to merge two functions into one?
12:58PM 1 Netcdf file in R
12:02PM 1 (senza oggetto)
11:31AM 2 Model selection in nonstationary VAR
10:41AM 1 Is it possible to obtain an agglomeration schedule with R cluster analyis
10:36AM 0 pgirmess install under linux mint 14 / a solution
1:53AM 1 How to do generalized linear mixed effects models
Thursday February 21 2013
8:13PM 0 Odd Error message with rare events logit
8:02PM 2 ggplot2, geomtile fill assignment
6:15PM 1 functional median polish
5:02PM 1 remove rows in data frame by average
3:26PM 2 package ReadImages
2:59PM 1 total indirect effects in structural equation modeling using lavaan
2:39PM 3 Ask for help: find corresponding elements between matrix
2:19PM 0 Benn Fine
11:23AM 1 using and event in deSolve
10:26AM 2 Arimax with intervention dummy and multiple covariates
9:52AM 1 Commercial or not?
9:16AM 4 Getting htmlParse to work with Hebrew? (on windows)
7:33AM 7 (no subject)
6:51AM 0 About multivariate GARCH: DVEC and BEKK
5:53AM 2 error with bbox for k12hat (splancs) bivarite k-function
12:09AM 3 Having trouble converting a dataframe of character vectors to factors
Wednesday February 20 2013
11:33PM 1 Fitting a gaussian distribution to a plot
11:02PM 1 Tracking time-varying objects with the DLM package (dynamic linear models in R)
10:42PM 1 Plotting Discriminants from qda
9:38PM 1 Problem with levelplot() in a loop
9:04PM 0 subsetting with greater than and less than indexing
7:15PM 1 To convert a quarterly data to a monthly data.
6:24PM 1 Sending Email from R
6:14PM 2 duplicate 'row.names' are not allowed
5:50PM 3 NLS results different from Excel -- Tricky fortunes nomination
4:54PM 4 Error in setwd(outDir) : cannot change working directory
3:58PM 1 NLS results different from Excel
3:58PM 0 Heatmap missing in Heatmap.2 output
3:43PM 0 Bayesian mixing model
2:59PM 2 R and microsoft
2:33PM 1 ggplot2 customizing a plot
10:49AM 1 a priori power analysis for glm, family = poisson
9:08AM 1 type 3 aov for repeated measures
8:44AM 1 Scatterplot, Color by Grade Category
8:13AM 2 xyplot help
5:48AM 1 generate variable y to produce excess zero in ZIP analysis
4:36AM 0 Problems with line types in plots saved as PDF files
1:31AM 2 Why R simulation gives same random results?
1:25AM 2 'gmm' package: How to pass controls to a numerical solver used in the gmm() function?
Tuesday February 19 2013
11:30PM 2 Seeing Global Workspace and dealing with attach and detach
10:29PM 1 Help reshaping a dataset with multiple tuples per row
10:27PM 0 CARET. Relationship between data splitting trainControl
6:09PM 1 make a list with names with s/lapply
5:52PM 3 calculating seconds
5:47PM 5 Converting the data in year month day hour and minutes to date
4:51PM 1 Any R package to do the harmonic analysis
3:55PM 0 e1071::svm train model based on balanced accuracy
3:52PM 3 Quantiles of a subset of data
3:22PM 1 data format
2:49PM 2 Cramer von Mises test for a discrete distribution
2:34PM 0 calcMin
11:38AM 2 introducing jitter in overlapping graphs using ggplots (plotmeans). Also sciplot.
10:23AM 2 Using lm to estimate a parameter?
10:01AM 2 recode data according to quantile breaks
8:18AM 0 knitr version 1.1
7:16AM 1 latin hypercube sampling
4:49AM 3 R nls results different from those of Excel ??
3:17AM 2 how to change the plot from X-axis to Y-axis
1:16AM 1 Are there multivariate GARCH packages in R?
12:01AM 3 creating a new variable.
Monday February 18 2013
11:01PM 1 R function help!
9:28PM 2 error: Error in if (is.na(f0$objective)) { : argument is of length zero
8:50PM 0 doubt with function on R software
8:28PM 1 How to calculate the moving average for binary files?
8:08PM 0 How to title the excel chart and axis using RDCOMClient
7:29PM 0 Cox model convergence
5:38PM 2 Uplift modeling with R ?
4:09PM 1 help with population matrix
2:20PM 2 continuous shading in plots
2:19PM 1 attempt to apply non-function
2:15PM 2 mtext unicode failure
2:03PM 1 Calculating seasonal anomalies
1:52PM 3 odfWeave: Trouble Getting the Package to Work
12:39PM 3 foreach loop, stata equivalent
11:44AM 0 FW: Best R package for Finite Mixture Models or Latent Class Models
11:04AM 1 ggplot2 and facet_wrap help
10:38AM 2 repeated measures anova
10:19AM 2 RMSE comparison: test
10:11AM 1 lattice dotplot labelling median and mean values for each panel
9:41AM 3 Generating QFs from same sample
9:32AM 2 Random number generator used in 'runif'
7:05AM 2 How to label percentage values inside stacked bar plot using R-base
4:24AM 1 compare posterior samples from R2OpenBugs and R function bugs{R2WinBUGS}
3:47AM 1 questions hash functions
3:41AM 0 system() stdout not recieved
12:31AM 0 Computing Spectral Slope
Sunday February 17 2013
10:44PM 0 forecast ARMA(1,1)/GARCH(1,1) using fGarch library
9:23PM 1 addition in the initial question
8:49PM 6 histogram
8:01PM 0 strptime() with format %OS does not print millisecs in MacOS
6:53PM 2 Loop
4:07PM 0 What value to put in range when I make kriging interpolation?
3:56PM 2 nested random factor using lme produces errors
3:50PM 0 calculate classification error in test data set if training data set is not the same length
3:49PM 1 Hyperparameters in ARIMA models with dlm package
3:40PM 0 R through Citrix
1:51PM 2 How to findout the name of a dataframe
1:10PM 3 How to do a backward calculation for each record in a dataset
10:05AM 0 Version 1.0 of MVN package on CRAN‏
7:50AM 2 Multidimensional correlation matrix question
7:47AM 1 Getting WinBUGS Leuk example to work from R using R2winBUGS
3:20AM 0 Terapia para Bebés: Aprenda a ajudá-los
2:19AM 1 tidy.source() gets confused when # is not a comment but a part of a literal string?
1:55AM 1 detecting entry into a recursive function
1:55AM 3 Select components of a list
Saturday February 16 2013
6:25PM 1 Misundertanding of Levels
6:15PM 6 Extracting Numeric Columns from Data Fram
5:55PM 2 Handling NA values
5:01PM 3 two dimensional integration
7:31AM 4 Creating a Double Bar Graph With Provided DataSet
6:30AM 1 subplot (Hmisc) and radial.plot (plotrix) problem
5:26AM 2 Interpret R-squared and cor in R
2:52AM 1 odd behavior within R2HTML
Friday February 15 2013
11:59PM 0 How can I plot graphs together?
11:14PM 1 Iterating through slots of an S4 object
9:54PM 3 lattice 3x3 plot: force common y-limits accross rows and align x-axes
9:18PM 0 Hello
7:17PM 1 minimizing a numerical integration
7:14PM 1 convert list into a time series
7:11PM 2 data formatting
6:52PM 0 unbalanced design
5:33PM 2 sprintf in system command
5:18PM 10 reading data
5:17PM 1 Mixed models with missing data
5:14PM 0 mixed effects regression with non-independent data
4:21PM 0 CVlim
3:53PM 0 Ho w Do I Get Cox Model Convergence After Multiple Imputation
2:28PM 1 Remove site path from .libPaths
1:43PM 2 Making the plot window wider and using the predict function
1:13PM 1 Fitting pareto distribution / plotting observed & fitted dists
12:05PM 1 error in unique() command
9:45AM 3 match a task No. to a few person-IDs
9:28AM 0 post hoc comparisons on random effects
6:41AM 1 Format Integers
5:06AM 1 file copy to password protected network drive
1:28AM 2 Using paste on results from tapply?
1:08AM 2 How to stack row vector on top of each other?
12:32AM 1 Why no line? (ex. from Andy Filed book)
Thursday February 14 2013
11:55PM 4 lm regression query
10:11PM 0 Building a Package & using gWidgets
9:27PM 1 hyper-parameters
9:07PM 3 appending data to a row
8:43PM 1 Rcmdr, RODBC and XLConnect conflict cause R to crash
8:04PM 1 stratified analysis
7:58PM 1 Clip a contour with shapefile while using contourplot
7:29PM 1 party::cforest - predict?
5:29PM 0 Install package "ROpenOffice"
5:14PM 1 Alternate tick labels in xyplot
5:01PM 0 IWSM 2013: LAST call for papers
4:57PM 4 2 setGeneric's, same name, different method signatures
4:32PM 0 Center a raster on the Pacific in a plot
3:15PM 2 Plot a Matrix as an Image with ggplot
2:58PM 1 R script .bat file from Python
2:49PM 0 pearson's correlation and cross-correlation issue
2:08PM 0 network connectivity is *not* symmetric -- library(parallel)
2:07PM 2 Plotting survival curves after multiple imputation
1:59PM 1 execute an external program in R
1:53PM 0 Test if mysql connection is alive
12:22PM 0 How write raster files after manipulation?
12:15PM 1 Nomogram after Cox Random Effect (frailty) model
11:43AM 2 Looking for an easy way to change the names of a vector
10:41AM 5 plot custom x axis ticks values
9:10AM 3 Problems plotting and regression w.r.t. date data type on x axis
9:10AM 2 3D-plots of 2D-grids
8:43AM 1 approxfun values
6:03AM 3 list of matrices --> array
1:56AM 1 fill colour in grid
Wednesday February 13 2013
11:32PM 1 [lattice] display a projected map on a layerplot
10:59PM 2 sweave question
10:30PM 1 An extended Hodgkin-Huxley model that doesn't want to work.
10:28PM 4 Plotting multiple xyplots in same page
10:14PM 1 Error Message During ANOVA
10:02PM 2 Need Help Plotting "Line" for multiple linear regression
8:16PM 0 Online Beginner's Guide to R course with video/audio files
7:08PM 0 seasonal sum and mean and combine multiple, different data frames in .csv
6:26PM 1 context of runif()
6:07PM 1 WriteXLS: 'object not found' error within function
4:55PM 2 e1071::skewness and psych::skew return NaN
4:35PM 1 Kernel Density estimation at specific points
4:15PM 0 analogs of prompt(), promptData() for roxygen?
3:46PM 2 NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 6) error from coxph function
3:28PM 1 R question
2:58PM 2 CARET: Any way to access other tuning parameters?
2:39PM 3 match in dependence of 2 columns
2:37PM 3 date and matrices
1:38PM 1 densityplot(~x+y) for vectors of different lengths does what?
1:11PM 1 MIMIC latent variable with PLS Path Modelling with R ?
11:13AM 3 Correlation with p value
9:59AM 1 R CMD in batch mode/trycatch() keeps hold on resources
9:48AM 5 spearman correlation and p-value as a matrix
9:02AM 0 post hoc comparisons of the interaction of factors
6:52AM 1 plot rtf in landscape orintation
4:38AM 2 How to install .tar.gz source package in Windows XP 32-bit operational system
4:09AM 2 Is there a place to put executable R scripts in new packages?
Tuesday February 12 2013
10:51PM 1 Write a dataframe or table to clipboard as an image to paste into an email
10:03PM 0 NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 6) error from coxph
9:41PM 1 recovering from errors with lapply()
9:33PM 3 grabbing from elements of a list without a loop
8:10PM 0 Putting priors on which factors to sample more from, in random forests
6:53PM 1 caret: Errors with createGrid for rf (randomForest)
6:51PM 2 Data sets online for student use
6:03PM 0 fit an nls model
4:47PM 0 Bioinformatics Scientist
3:41PM 2 integrate function
3:30PM 1 Max value of each 2 rows in dataframe
3:19PM 2 standard error very high in maximum liklihood fitting
2:29PM 3 subsetting data file by intoducing a second file
2:11PM 2 an assert() function
2:10PM 1 AUC from ENFA model
1:10PM 2 match a complete data.frame
12:43PM 0 Deviance and AIC in weighted NLS
12:37PM 1 Exact p-values in lm() - rounding problem
11:58AM 0 error message from predict.coxph
10:56AM 3 reorganize data
10:09AM 7 Is there a neat R trick for this?
9:12AM 1 remove from mailing list
7:30AM 8 Help with functions as arguments
6:09AM 3 Changing the order of months within a year
5:22AM 3 improving/speeding up a very large, slow simulation
3:12AM 0 How do I solve a disk I/O error with RSQLite?
12:49AM 0 how to change whisker width in bwplot (lattice)
Monday February 11 2013
11:19PM 2 Inserting rows of interpolated data
10:33PM 0 Revolutions blog: January roundup
8:27PM 1 Clean up biplot resulting from princomp()
6:51PM 2 Running a R file at a specific time each day
5:25PM 1 Putting an array from excel into R Studio
5:20PM 1 Deques in R
3:45PM 0 Error in R (ENFA) : Error in eigen(Se) : infinite or missing values in 'x'
3:18PM 0 getTree visualization (randomForest)
2:44PM 1 Avoid re-building a vignette
11:58AM 1 store variables in a for loop using get()
10:22AM 0 Quadratic Active set technique
9:37AM 1 Simple frequencies using svy design
9:23AM 2 how to make a median line thicker in bwplot (lattice)
9:01AM 2 How to plot doubles series with different location using plotCI
7:36AM 1 how to plot growth chart like this
12:48AM 1 assign estimated values
Sunday February 10 2013
10:36PM 1 Training with very few positives
9:06PM 4 different behavior of $ with string literal vs string variable as argument
8:18PM 1 BRugs Error
8:16PM 3 Constrained Optimization in R (alabama)
6:53PM 0 glmnet_1.9-1 submitted to CRAN
6:02PM 1 Migrating R packages from svn/R-Forge to git/Github
2:42PM 2 exponential model in R
12:22PM 4 A Hodgkin Huxley Model
11:16AM 1 compute exponential model with R
10:31AM 3 top 10 (n values) for each classes
9:39AM 0 Statistics of prediction for multiple models with caret
5:06AM 1 rpy2 (Python <--> R)
2:13AM 1 Correct value of R_HOME
1:14AM 0 Questions about caret - Best place to ask?
Saturday February 9 2013
8:08PM 1 Optimization Problem in R
4:09PM 1 Boxplot Issues
4:06PM 1 R maps Help
4:00PM 1 Swaeve, Beamer and \alt
1:40PM 3 Addressing Columns in a Data Frame
12:52PM 3 help on plotting series with different x-axis values on a graph with one x-axis
2:55AM 1 Troubleshooting underidentification issues in structural equation modelling (SEM)
12:01AM 2 character strings with embedded commands: perl "/gee" ?
Friday February 8 2013
11:25PM 1 vegdist Error en double(N * (N - 1)/2) : tama?o del vector especificado es muy grande
10:37PM 2 qcc package
9:36PM 1 Contrasts for a data
8:57PM 1 Merging and Updating Data Frames with Unequal Size
7:28PM 6 Add text A, B, C and D on multiple ordered plot
7:14PM 1 question about reproducibility/consistency of principal component and lda directions in R
6:55PM 2 Problem reading dates from Excel
6:46PM 1 First R package, advice
6:45PM 2 Count of Histogram Bins using Shingles with lattice
6:31PM 2 Can not melt data.frame
6:15PM 0 simple pdf font embedding example for Bera
4:33PM 2 aggregation-type question
4:03PM 1 help with double looping
2:40PM 2 write.table and append
1:58PM 0 Calculating the cumulative incidence function
1:46PM 3 Border width on symbols plotted with the lattice package
1:29PM 1 Bringing tk_choose.files to front
1:13PM 2 How to debug the C programs associated with R-packages?
12:05PM 0 release 2.4 of distr-family of packages on CRAN
11:53AM 2 add data symbol to axis label
9:44AM 4 convert 12 time stamp to 24 hour
9:36AM 1 plot ᵒ C in graph axis label
7:49AM 1 export only if data is available
6:07AM 1 Conflict command getSequence {biomaRt} and getSequence {seqinr} !!
5:27AM 1 color query in mosaic in package vcd
2:13AM 2 Coercing of types when raising a number to a series of powers
1:22AM 3 On p-values presented in the summary of Linear Models
Thursday February 7 2013
10:10PM 0 FW: Sourcing my file does not print command outputs
9:33PM 1 Saving model and other objects from caret
8:50PM 1 Select only unique rows from a data frame
8:25PM 2 The use of R Commander for beginning students and newbies
7:56PM 1 effect() error: non-conformable arguments
6:36PM 4 Sourcing my file does not print command outputs
6:21PM 1 Saving history across sessions
6:21PM 1 combining dataframes into single df with all columns
6:20PM 4 why "object 'x' not found"?
6:02PM 1 Feature selection for kmeans
5:53PM 1 compare objects in two different workspaces
4:47PM 1 OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence) and R - Is there a way to connect and pull in tables/answers
4:41PM 2 indexing operation based upon a sequence
4:16PM 4 help with creating new variables using a loop
3:35PM 2 calling outside program to run from R - similar to X command in SAS
2:07PM 1 R intermittently crashes across cluster
1:57PM 2 Spatstat - Kest, envelope problem
1:54PM 5 appending and merging data frames
1:38PM 0 Probability(Markov chain transition matrix)
12:17PM 0 Help with Bayesian Logistic Regression
10:56AM 0 Help R.matlab
3:48AM 1 coplot question
3:16AM 1 Merging data in arrays
2:41AM 0 choicemodelr - categorical covariates (demos)?
2:05AM 3 spatstat kstest
1:33AM 4 Hard Stop?
1:31AM 2 how to draw confidence interval lines of a fitted curve of polynominal regression
12:50AM 4 low pass filter analysis in R
Wednesday February 6 2013
10:47PM 2 R for Windows 32-bit mode versus 64-bit mode
10:41PM 1 Adding Latex to text
8:49PM 1 Question about NLS model
8:21PM 1 how to extract test for collinearity and constantcy used in lda
6:36PM 0 adehabitatHR - Creating Biased Random Bridge UD with a boundary
6:22PM 2 Peak detector help!?
5:01PM 1 error installing manipulate package.
5:00PM 0 weighing pro​portion of rowSums i​n dataframe
4:59PM 2 calculating odds ratio in logistic regression with interaction terms
4:58PM 0 Non linear programming: choose R that minimizes corr(y,x^R)
4:46PM 2 Omitting repeated occurrence in a string
3:44PM 0 New Webinar Series: The Evolution of Regression From Classical Linear Regression to Modern Ensembles (Hands-on Component)
3:34PM 0 slotName defined in object, present in instance, but inaccessible
2:55PM 2 merge 2 data.frames
2:42PM 1 Heteroscedasticity Plots
1:17PM 1 weighing proportion of rowSums in dataframe
1:00PM 2 The interpretation of lm(y~x)?
11:16AM 2 (no subject)
10:09AM 1 CAPER pgls() anova not working with variable as factor
9:42AM 0 LaplacesDemon.hpc parallel prosessing problem
7:50AM 1 Do we have GARCH-in-mean VAR in R?
5:50AM 3 how to "multiply" list of matrices by list of vectors
4:07AM 1 How to dynamically replace the text behind dollar sign: '$'
12:43AM 5 First R Package --- Advice?
Tuesday February 5 2013
11:40PM 1 How to menage decimals in order to obtain accurate estimates
10:30PM 1 Predictions from the Segmented Package
9:08PM 3 Non linear programming: choose R that minimizes corr(y, x^R)
7:30PM 1 maximum amount of lines of code to be copy pasted to R console
6:50PM 1 Moderated list?
6:42PM 1 integrate: Don't do this?
5:49PM 2 R Regular Expressions - Metacharacters
4:16PM 1 lmer - BLUP prediction intervals
4:08PM 1 plot significant spearman correlation
2:28PM 1 non-overlapping blocks bootstrap?
2:21PM 1 funcion ff
1:57PM 1 Installation of rJava package fails
12:42PM 1 S4 Classes and Initialize methods
12:29PM 1 impossible to invert a spam-object, but possible when it's a matrix-object
11:42AM 1 Remove and add to many matrices in list.
9:07AM 2 adjacency list to non-symmetric matrix
8:08AM 0 MICE skipping function
7:06AM 2 duplicate data
6:02AM 0 evaluation clusters
5:33AM 1 failure to connect to Bloomber using Rbbg from batch script on Windows
3:52AM 1 Calculating Cumulative Incidence Function
3:07AM 1 ncdf4 installation problem: undefined symbol [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
2:29AM 2 How to subset a data frame to include only first events
12:49AM 1 download and save all files from FTP site?
Monday February 4 2013
11:26PM 0 Subscript out of Bounds Lapply
11:05PM 0 Banff Canada: Mixed modelling course
7:42PM 0 install.packages umask configuration
7:37PM 3 Modifying Package Data
7:37PM 1 is it possible to create a trellis object with multiple colorkeys/z-scale axis?
6:33PM 3 Transform every integer to 1 or 0
5:59PM 2 developing package: dealing with namespaces
5:48PM 4 If() values in one dataframe then return values from another
5:33PM 0 gwidget position on screen
5:10PM 1 How to obtain the model/equation at each level automatically in a regression model with a few factors
5:02PM 1 Combining data from different saved files with same object names into one data frame
3:11PM 7 Exponentiate very large numbers
2:01PM 1 Help on conditional selection of data.frame data...
1:17PM 1 Meaning of .noemail extension for CRAN uploads?
12:15PM 1 Problem loading hdf5 file
11:59AM 0 useR! 2013 Call for Abstracts
11:17AM 1 ggplot and colors
10:00AM 2 Modifying a function programmatically
9:29AM 6 Script for conditional sums of vectors
9:24AM 0 What methods you use for choosing attributes for kmeans and other clustering (unsupervised) methods?
8:16AM 2 reshape help
7:49AM 0 Calculating Weights for Variable Groups
7:15AM 2 gettext weirdness
7:15AM 2 Wide character in print?
5:27AM 4 rJava works with 32-bit but not 64
Sunday February 3 2013
11:01PM 1 ggplot2 plotting errorbars.
8:31PM 0 Using relaimpo or relimp with PLM
7:47PM 3 RandomForest, Party and Memory Management
6:15PM 2 Compare each element of a list to a vector
6:14PM 1 package installation error in Mac OS X
5:33PM 1 Looping through rows of all elements of a list that has variable length
5:20PM 1 Adding complex new columns to data frame depending on existing column
4:17PM 1 Fractional logit in GLM?
2:03PM 1 Empty cluster / segfault using vanilla kmeans with version 2.15.2
7:25AM 1 problem in installing reshape2 (urgent)
3:07AM 1 Fortan to R
12:59AM 2 Split xts data set into weeks
Saturday February 2 2013
11:31PM 2 Question: write an R script with help information available to the user
8:57PM 1 Why replacement has length zero? And How can I fix it?
8:10PM 2 create and save a simulated dataset
7:23PM 1 Reading .rdata files
5:06PM 0 VAR simulation help
4:38PM 3 vectorisation
12:53PM 1 Mixed Models: Contribution of random variable to final estimate
1:58AM 1 repeating autocovariate functions
1:43AM 1 Choice of text for intermediate level R programming course
Friday February 1 2013
11:45PM 2 Help calculating p-values
11:28PM 2 mountain lion install, error message
10:24PM 3 Loading a list into the environment
9:48PM 0 qdap 0.2.0 released
9:41PM 2 Change default order of colors & line types
8:38PM 2 Armadillo error in R extension
8:11PM 0 heatmap tile size question
5:41PM 1 Correcting and Adding to Data Frame
5:19PM 29 cumulative sum by group and under some criteria
4:52PM 2 order function
4:28PM 2 Range difference of plot two arrays in one plot
3:30PM 1 x-axis labelling
1:48PM 2 expand.grid on contents of a list
1:47PM 2 How does this function print, why is n1 which equals 1 printed as 2?
1:37PM 1 Converting Date to Unix Time
12:21PM 0 Are there a read and write functions for data in the vowpal_wabbit format?
11:54AM 1 how to
11:29AM 1 Error: package/namespace load failed for ‘arm’
10:16AM 2 how to setdiff on lists of lists
9:15AM 0 Cumulative Incidence Function and Pseudovalue
8:40AM 1 Was confused with options(error = expression(NULL)) in example(stop)
8:04AM 4 Filter according to the latest data
8:00AM 1 ks.test and wilcoxon.test results differ from other stat.packages
7:33AM 0 R code parallelized using plyr and doMC: error message: Error in do.ply(i) : task 1 failed - “could not find function ”getClass“”
7:32AM 2 Summary of data for each year
7:27AM 2 difftime() out by 1 hour
7:23AM 0 normalité test using over identifying moment conditions
6:00AM 3 Transforming 4x3 data frame into 2 column df in R
4:58AM 1 Question on "plotCI" function
4:11AM 2 help on proportions
3:50AM 0 weights for lmrob
3:49AM 1 the word "rand" comes up in console after typing a command
12:00AM 2 Nested loop and output help