R help - Apr 2013

Tuesday April 30 2013
11:49PM 1 functional data object
7:57PM 3 Line similarity
6:46PM 2 Quote as element of a vector/list
6:28PM 0 lmer Error: Downdated X'X is not positive definite
5:33PM 0 Grouped spaghetti plots in multipanel graphs
4:12PM 1 Trouble with reading xml in R
4:05PM 0 How to handle errors generated by the package Kendall?
3:31PM 0 Panel Granger Causality Tests
2:15PM 0 Fastbw() function: grouping of variables
1:04PM 1 vegan -varpart is bigger than 100% in total?
1:00PM 2 R Function to extract columnNames
12:59PM 0 Cox model: random effect on a variable with 3 levels
12:20PM 1 Stacked geom_bar with aggregated SE -ggplot2
11:45AM 1 Error message
9:40AM 2 task percentage completion
8:21AM 0 Extrafont package: Fonts are not successfully installed
8:09AM 1 ADF test --time series
6:44AM 1 Error message after R-3.0.0 upgrade installation
6:26AM 1 Mixed Modeling in lme4
6:17AM 0 Ridge regression
2:11AM 0 R/3.0.0 serialize limits
1:41AM 2 Is there a function that print a string vertically (by adding "\n")?
1:38AM 1 Question regarding error "x and y lengths differ"
1:03AM 1 Looping Over Data Frames
Monday April 29 2013
10:46PM 2 bigmemory and R 3.0
10:42PM 0 interesting behavior from aaply
10:23PM 1 R help - bootstrap with survival analysis
5:05PM 0 lavaan and semTools warning message
4:08PM 0 plspm error: singular matrix 'a' in 'solve'
3:12PM 4 expanding a presence only dataset into presence/absence
3:12PM 1 how to add new rows in a dataframe?
2:23PM 3 Function for Data Frame
1:54PM 3 rbinding some elements from a list and obtain another list
1:38PM 1 Need help on matrix calculation
1:31PM 1 cannot compile R on Cray XE6 HLRS HERMIT
12:49PM 1 Arma - estimate of variance of white noise variables
12:24PM 2 Adding elements in data.frame subsets and also subtracting an element from the rest elements in data.frame
11:33AM 3 all.vars for nested expressions
11:07AM 3 How to "call" an object given a string?
10:44AM 3 Counting number of consecutive occurrences per rows
9:20AM 0 BCP utility
9:13AM 1 Hi
8:48AM 3 Comparing two different 'survival' events for the same subject using survdiff?
5:21AM 1 Rstudio Error in View : 'wildcard' is missing
Sunday April 28 2013
7:41PM 0 Cor2Cov error
6:36PM 1 Hello. PLEASE HELP
4:47PM 0 hierarchical confirmatory factor analysis with sem package
2:32PM 2 unsupported url scheme
1:25PM 0 Positive Smoothing in fda package
11:48AM 2 Multiple assignment to several columns in dataset
Saturday April 27 2013
11:31PM 1 Selecting ridge regression coefficients for minimum GCV
7:08PM 3 path reference problems in R 3.0.0
3:48PM 2 Polynomial Regression and NA coefficients in R
3:21PM 1 Manhattan Plot
3:20PM 11 Help
2:59PM 1 Error in `contrasts<-`(`*tmp*`, value = contr.funs[1 + isOF[nn]]) :
2:32PM 2 r syntax
1:40PM 1 Loading of package RNetCDF fails
1:32PM 1 Bls: RE: example
2:27AM 1 using metafor for meta-analysis of before-after studies
Friday April 26 2013
9:33PM 1 prcomp( and cmdscale( not equivalent?
7:21PM 1 Regression coefficients
6:52PM 1 Stratified Random Sampling Proportional to Size
6:38PM 1 example
5:51PM 3 converting character matrix to POSIXct matrix
5:42PM 1 NMDS in Vegan: problems in stressplot, best solution
5:15PM 1 Error Installing packages
5:10PM 4 Help with merge function
4:21PM 0 Questions about out-of-sample forecast using random walk
4:12PM 2 speed of a vector operation question
3:09PM 4 Read big data (>3G ) methods ?
1:21PM 2 Splitting data.frame and saving to csv files
12:52PM 1 How to export graph value in R
12:15PM 1 labeling
11:58AM 2 Stepwise regression for multivariate case in R?
9:48AM 2 sample size in box plot labels
9:08AM 2 Remove reciprocal data from a grouped animal social contact dataset
4:57AM 0 Input Chinese characters not correctly echoed in ESS
4:11AM 0 advert: courses in R use, programming in Seattle
1:38AM 1 [newbie] how to find and combine geographic maps with particular features?
1:35AM 3 csv file with two header rows
12:57AM 2 Transferring R to another computer, R_HOME_DIR
12:24AM 2 Can a column of a list be called?
12:00AM 2 Help with dataEllipse function
Thursday April 25 2013
11:16PM 3 nls: example code throws error
9:30PM 0 Reading data from a text file conditionally skipping lines
8:25PM 0 Error in validObject(.Object) :
8:19PM 1 Looping through names of both dataframes and column-names
7:16PM 0 glmnet webinar Friday May 3 at 10am PDT
7:16PM 0 [R-pkgs] glmnet webinar Friday May 3 at 10am PDT
7:04PM 2 RStudio.. text editor
6:52PM 0 Problem with package RNetCDF when attached
6:11PM 1 time series plot: x-axis problem
4:09PM 2 [SQL]
4:00PM 0 tables: proper use of Hline() in tabular()
3:18PM 2 Vectorized code for generating the Kac (Clement) matrix
3:09PM 1 problem with geom_point in ggplot using a different column
2:09PM 2 connecting matrices
1:42PM 1 Error installing boss package
1:40PM 1 C50 package in R
1:21PM 1 Weighted Principle Components analysis
12:35PM 0 split number into array
12:33PM 1 Make R 3.0 open .RData files
11:51AM 2 Selecting and then joining data blocks
10:16AM 2 Decomposing a List
9:46AM 2 How are R version types named ? Any convention (like Hurricanes etc)
8:44AM 0 fdrtool qvalues
7:19AM 2 installing package
6:41AM 2 Missing data
6:02AM 1 Bootstrapping in R
5:33AM 1 Linear Interpolation : Missing rates
4:22AM 2 Loop for main title in a plot
3:28AM 0 creating raster image in R
2:18AM 2 Regarding Modeling - Please! QUICK HELP
1:26AM 1 Stochastic Frontier: Finding the optimal scale/scale efficiency by "frontier" package
1:22AM 1 Assigning a variable value based on multiple columns
Wednesday April 24 2013
10:55PM 2 Trouble Computing Type III SS in a Cox Regression
10:26PM 0 Help me make faster R code for Kennard-Stone algorithm [My code is so slow from Matlab]
9:50PM 1 getting started in parallel computing on a windows OS
6:29PM 0 help with logkda.pari (in package untb)
6:07PM 2 Distance matrices Combinations
5:57PM 1 Floating point precision causing undesireable behaviour when printing as.POSIXlt times with microseconds?
5:50PM 0 substitute rename.vars {gdata}
5:38PM 1 RDA permutest envfit
5:36PM 1 Problems with Fortran calls when loaded a dll compiled with gfortran-4 Cygwin 4.5.3
5:17PM 1 Trouble Computing Type III SS in a Cox Regression using drop1 and Anova
4:45PM 0 string size limits in RCurl
3:46PM 1 R cannot find the path on my mac
3:34PM 0 Problem with raster function with values lower than -9999
2:56PM 2 How to make a raster image in R from my own data set
2:46PM 0 Residuals for fracdiff
2:29PM 1 fonts not rendering during plot
1:24PM 0 puzzles of Finance data programming with R
12:56PM 2 Sum up column values according to row id
11:10AM 1 extract function extracting only NA values
10:21AM 2 Looking for a better code for my problem.
9:46AM 2 identify object that causes "Error in loadNamespace(name) : there is no package called ‘R.utils’"
8:53AM 1 R Interactive Mode
8:11AM 1 pglm package: fitted values and residuals
8:02AM 1 News package
6:40AM 0 Understanding how nls() works
6:39AM 1 Simulate user input in R
5:50AM 0 time from excel with XLConnect
5:32AM 1 matching observations and ranking
4:15AM 2 Regression on stratified count data
12:00AM 0 help with execution of 'embarrassingly parallel' problem using foreach, doParallel on a windows system
Tuesday April 23 2013
9:23PM 1 assigning cluster id in cluster package-reg.
8:54PM 2 flexmix
8:41PM 1 lmer with only random effect
6:46PM 1 Time and Date formatting
6:29PM 0 adding the second regressor
6:02PM 1 Writing contrast statements to test difference of slope in linear regressions
5:40PM 2 Strange graphical pattern when using hist() function
5:29PM 2 Needed: Beta Testers and Summer Camp Students
4:10PM 1 Extract part of a numer
3:51PM 1 GAM Penalised Splines - Intercept
3:41PM 1 Bootstrapping a 11x10 matrix
3:31PM 1 Hosmer Lemeshow test
2:55PM 3 Need to replicate Boltzman Signmodial Curve fit from Graph Pad
12:27PM 0 document methods in Reference Classes
12:05PM 2 SSbiexp
11:21AM 2 call a variable from outside of for loop
10:59AM 0 Need a little help about this script...
10:59AM 0 Excluding questions in interviews with library tm
10:56AM 1 One more question please...
10:53AM 0 One more question...
10:42AM 1 Frequency Block Chart
10:02AM 0 Re
9:34AM 0 lp.transport in package lpSolve
7:41AM 1 Automation of R input
7:20AM 0 [R-pkgs] Version 1.3.1 of apcluster package on CRAN
7:20AM 0 Version 1.3.1 of apcluster package on CRAN
6:58AM 0 Fw: " PROBLEM SOLVED" - Error with function
6:49AM 1 Questions on function "readNamedRegionFromFile" in XLConnect pacakge
6:14AM 0 Fw: Error with function - USING library(plyr)
6:06AM 0 Error with function
1:28AM 0 Meijer G-function
12:49AM 2 Tables package - remove NAs and NaN
12:44AM 2 Frustration to get help R users group
Monday April 22 2013
11:21PM 2 Vector with zeros and ones
9:15PM 0 Copula fitMdvc:
9:14PM 2 subset dataframe
8:41PM 2 RODBC --How do you set up the connection so pwd is blank but driver-specific data source dialog box pops up after
8:15PM 2 R not loading
8:13PM 0 ggplot-display text in bar chart
7:18PM 1 Print occurrence / positions of words
2:48PM 3 Scatterplot and Causality
2:46PM 1 Sensitivity Analysis
2:34PM 1 Hmisc & pdflatex
1:20PM 7 Multiple lon lat points in the map with ggplot2
1:04PM 2 numerical integration of a bivariate function
8:36AM 0 Plot fail with dbscan (package fpc) and dataset with only noise
7:59AM 4 question
6:18AM 1 Rattle for R-3.0.0?
Sunday April 21 2013
11:12PM 1 Using copulas with user-defined marginal functions
10:47PM 1 lsoda question from deSolve package
7:36PM 2 how to import several files every day
7:34PM 2 double exponential regression R
5:57PM 1 cedta decided 'igraph' wasn't data.table aware
2:32PM 1 Excluding observations
1:22PM 2 How to set frequncy?
8:04AM 1 Welcome to the "R-help" mailing list
1:44AM 1 cluster gene list
12:25AM 0 Foundation for Open Access Statistics
Saturday April 20 2013
10:23PM 1 Source Code
9:19PM 2 matrix of size 30^5
6:23PM 2 creating dummy variables
4:03PM 0 R copying script code to clipboard
4:02PM 1 Convergent Cross Mapping
3:00PM 0 Calculate confidence intervals in mgcv for unconditional on the, smoothing parameters
1:55PM 7 Reshape or Plyr?
12:49PM 1 Assigning factor to character vector
11:06AM 3 R CMD build
10:21AM 0 MOS-test using package vegan
9:58AM 1 how to set the row name of a specific row
8:29AM 2 Editing data sheet issue with write.table append
Friday April 19 2013
9:36PM 1 How to select the scale parameter for Gabor transform (Rwave)?
8:29PM 4 Spider Plot
8:29PM 2 tables package - error message of "duplicate values"
3:59PM 5 how to subtotal by rows
2:30PM 3 Reading CSV file
2:26PM 2 NAMESPACE and imports
2:13PM 1 3D Histograms on a Geographical Map
2:13PM 3 extracting the diagonal of an inverse matrix
1:16PM 0 How to create a loop to test the condition?
12:52PM 0 how to measure similarity between vectors of different length
11:21AM 1 Sequence analysis
11:11AM 2 EDCR build from source with namespace problem
11:03AM 0 Returning "overall ms" for CVlm
5:05AM 1 How to read a direct access file by connecting fortran with R ?
4:40AM 1 Standard Error and P-Value from cor()
Thursday April 18 2013
10:46PM 6 count each answer category in each column
10:30PM 2 How to keep plot title same as column name using apply/sapply?
10:23PM 1 texi2pdf texinputs arguments
9:39PM 2 trouble with write.foreign
9:36PM 0 count values
9:36PM 0 MANN
9:31PM 0 Splitting vector
7:24PM 2 Multiple Multivariate regression in R with 50 independent variables
7:09PM 1 select and do some calculations/manipulations on certain rows based on conditions in R
3:26PM 0 OFFTOPIC: Ioannidis et. al. on non-reproducible research
2:47PM 1 Arranging two different types of ggplot2 plots with axes lined up
2:38PM 1 Statistical test for heteroscedasticity for an object of class "gls"
2:34PM 0 Create a function for test the data
2:08PM 1 vectors with equal values
12:41PM 1 find lowest AIC of a LM
9:33AM 3 dividing a long column to many short ones by a condition
9:11AM 1 parSapply can't find function
8:52AM 1 snow: cluster initialization
8:47AM 5 Subsetting a large number into smaller numbers and find the largest product
7:46AM 2 How can I ask R to skip the title when reading the data?
5:20AM 3 Using different function (parameters) with apply
3:17AM 1 Memory usage reported by gc() differs from 'top'
Wednesday April 17 2013
10:24PM 3 t-statistic for independent samples
8:32PM 0 Full Information Maximum Likelihood estimation method for multivariate sample selection problem
7:54PM 0 Multi-core processing in glmulti
6:09PM 1 simulation\bootstrap of list factors
4:54PM 5 Best way to calculate averages of Blocks in an matrix?
3:17PM 2 proper way to handle obsolete function names
3:04PM 2 use of names() within lapply()
3:01PM 0 spatial graph and its boundary
2:50PM 1 mgcv: how select significant predictor vars when using gam(...select=TRUE) using automatic optimization
2:47PM 2 Mancova with R
1:30PM 0 Package VIF
12:39PM 2 On matrix calculation
12:33PM 0 compate tow different data frame
12:23PM 2 remove higher order interaction terms
11:19AM 1 Regularized Regressions
11:18AM 2 Problem with DateVisit-gives wrong year?
10:07AM 0 Pathological case for the function 'brunch' of CAPER?
9:47AM 1 Anova unbalanced
9:11AM 3 Creating a vector with repeating dates
8:38AM 1 Bug in VGAM z value and coefficient ?
8:08AM 3 Error: could not find function "invlogit" and "bayesglm"
6:11AM 1 Merging big data.frame
5:33AM 3 Transformation of a variable in a dataframe
5:15AM 1 Merge
2:25AM 0 R question
12:56AM 1 failed to download vegan
12:12AM 1 Q-Q Plot for comparing two unequal data sets
Tuesday April 16 2013
11:32PM 1 Change the default resolution for plotting figures?
10:35PM 2 plot 2 y axis
9:35PM 2 Understanding why a GAM can't have an intercept
9:33PM 2 Unsubscribe please
7:58PM 4 Singular design matrix in rq
6:24PM 1 avoid losing data.frame attributes on cbind()
6:18PM 0 Model ranking (AICc, BIC, QIC) with coxme regression
5:51PM 6 I don't understand the 'order' function
5:42PM 2 efficiently diff two data frames
5:25PM 7 the joy of spreadsheets (off-topic)
5:19PM 2 Strange error with log-normal models
5:17PM 1 Path Diagram
4:44PM 1 testInstalledBasic / testInstalledPackages
4:26PM 0 Help needed with data format required for package VIF
3:09PM 3 10% off Intro R training from RStudio: NYC May 13-14, SF May 20-21
2:51PM 1 Spatial Ananlysis: zero.policy=TRUE doesn't work for no neighbour regions??
1:52PM 2 R process slow down after a amount of time
12:51PM 0 varSelRF help
12:38PM 3 Splitting the Elements of character vector
9:31AM 1 assistant
7:50AM 2 Create function from string
2:13AM 1 converting blank cells to NAs
1:35AM 0 rdagum(Library (VGAM))
1:13AM 1 HMM Package parameter estimation
Monday April 15 2013
9:30PM 1 Removing multiple elements from a vector or list
9:07PM 1 matching multiple fields from a matrix
8:39PM 0 Smallest Space Analysis help
7:53PM 1 View saved workspace commands
4:58PM 2 Remove Rows Based on Factor
4:31PM 2 Convert results from print(survfit(formula, ...)) into a matrix or data frame
3:55PM 2 regression with paired left-censored data
3:41PM 0 Latent variable manual construction
3:23PM 0 Is it possible to create Dual y axes with ggplot2 package?
2:19PM 1 Using R commander within R Studio (Mac)
2:13PM 1 use of simulate.Arima (forecast package)
2:11PM 0 as.date not reading Hour/Minute am/pm Data
12:30PM 1 (no subject)
12:27PM 3 Indices of lowest values in matrix
11:18AM 1 Optimisation and NaN Errors using clm() and clmm()
11:10AM 3 Overlay two stat_ecdf() plots
10:36AM 2 nearest stations in distance matrix
7:48AM 1 Imputation with SOM using kohonen package
6:50AM 6 how to transform string to "Camel Case"?
6:12AM 1 create an access file
6:09AM 3 need help with R
6:01AM 6 Sorting data.frame and again sorting within data.frame
5:18AM 1 Kruskal-Wallis
Sunday April 14 2013
10:48PM 2 Cross validation for Naive Bayes and Bayes Networks
10:39PM 0 Alternative to Generalized Path Seeking Regression Friedman
9:04PM 1 possible loop problem
6:05PM 5 Logistic regression
5:19PM 3 Create New Column Inside Data Frame for Many Data Frames
5:11PM 1 Postscript files graphic quality and other problems
2:37PM 2 ZA unit root test lag order selection
11:36AM 1 Problem plotting continuous and discrete series in ggplot with facet
10:31AM 1 Aggregate function Bagging
9:37AM 2 script works in Rgui, but failes in Rscript (coords, package 'pROC')
12:41AM 1 Model selection: On the use of the coefficient determination(R2) versus the frequenstist (AIC) and Bayesian (AIC) approaches
Saturday April 13 2013
10:14PM 0 help on smoothing volatility surface..
10:00PM 1 how to add a row vector in a dataframe
9:41PM 1 Reshaping Data for bi-partite Network Analysis [SOLVED]
9:03PM 2 Reshaping Data for bi-partite Network Analysis
12:23PM 1 Windows RT or Windows 8
10:34AM 1 how can I convert a result (text) in table format in R?
4:41AM 2 Comparison of Date format
2:21AM 1 RJSONIO Installation
Friday April 12 2013
10:05PM 0 kNNimpute error
9:49PM 2 split date and time
8:49PM 1 BLAS with glmnet
8:37PM 1 Search for common character strings within a column
8:06PM 1 Removing rows that are duplicates but column values are in reversed order
7:48PM 5 how to change the date into an interval of date?
7:32PM 3 Why copying columns of a data.frame becomes numeric?
7:20PM 1 Problem with handling of attributes in xmlToList in XML package
7:05PM 2 model frame and formula mismatch in model.matrix()
6:00PM 2 CCA report "species environment correlation"
3:39PM 1 Batch open netcdf files and get variables
3:33PM 0 remove colinear variables
2:57PM 0 Multivariate AICc
1:49PM 2 Stat question: How to deal w/ negative outliers?
1:44PM 0 Adding unequal tables
12:48PM 0 gc()
12:28PM 0 Problems with the DSL package
11:14AM 3 Error loading workspaces after upgrade
11:03AM 0 werttemberg
9:44AM 0 pairwise ANOSIM test
9:37AM 1 produce a map in ARCGIS from a GAM output
7:27AM 0 RODBC MSSQL query with date - time tag
6:50AM 2 Creating "%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S" format from separate date and time columns
5:59AM 2 processing matrix equation derived from rows of two matrices
3:15AM 1 A strange behaviour in the graphical function "curve"
Thursday April 11 2013
9:55PM 2 Read the data from a text file and reshape the data
9:45PM 1 Ordination Plotting: Warning: Species scores not available
8:40PM 3 odfWeave: Some questions about potential formatting options
7:34PM 1 Adding time series to time graphs
6:38PM 0 Batch read netcdf files and average one variable
6:37PM 2 group data
6:34PM 4 Understanding contents of packages
4:36PM 1 Dotchart per groups
3:53PM 0 Connecting SSAS Cube From R
3:11PM 0 plotting the cumulative hazard function of a process whose intensity function is specified
2:55PM 0 Notes and warnings in building a package ('ms-dos style file name', 'no visible binding' and using .C("bincount", ..., PACKAGE = "base"))
2:41PM 0 Cluster analysis
12:09PM 2 Creating a GUI based workflow
11:56AM 2 (no subject)
11:43AM 2 Make barplot with error bars, anova out of a table
11:21AM 1 Problem with caret
10:25AM 4 %*%
10:03AM 1 unsubscribe from mailing list help!
7:47AM 2 Encircle the closest points
6:57AM 1 Cannot find ldfortran (R on Cygwin)
4:56AM 1 Calculating std errors of marginal effects in interactions
Wednesday April 10 2013
9:46PM 0 Generating equation problem
8:02PM 1 Installing gym package error
6:29PM 2 Using PLYR to apply a custom function to a data frame
5:46PM 3 how to calculate average of each column
4:51PM 1 bnlearn: how to compute boot strength with mmhc and a blacklist
4:25PM 3 Stringr Package
4:07PM 6 means in tables
3:59PM 2 Table with n(%) formatting: A better way to do this?
2:20PM 0 Revolutions blog: March roundup
1:25PM 1 log x-axis lables on a histogram
11:09AM 2 Replace NAs in a data frame with elements randomly generated from the beta distribution
10:58AM 2 grup function
9:16AM 0 Fit the data with an inverse quardratic function?
9:01AM 2 non linear equation
8:23AM 0 mle function
8:00AM 1 Levels and labels in factor
5:19AM 1 problem quitting
4:24AM 0 Not enough predicted values from pscl package?
3:31AM 0 Error while displaying help page of a function existing inside two different loaded libraries
1:24AM 2 Optimization problem
1:24AM 1 Plot two separate curves in R Graphics and R Lattice package
1:07AM 1 problem with the image command
12:16AM 0 Problem with ode
Tuesday April 9 2013
11:33PM 0 [R-SIG-Finance] EM algorithm with R manually implemented?
9:34PM 3 Dengrogram Help (Custom Make)
9:19PM 5 Error when using fitdist function in R
8:52PM 4 Converting matrix to data frame without losing an assigned dimname
8:30PM 0 str on large data.frame is slow on factors with many levels
8:17PM 0 R problem and help
8:11PM 0 calculating number of peaks from acf
7:38PM 0 How does clusplot exactly make use of cmdscale?
6:53PM 0 Simple GLS regression with CAPER
6:45PM 3 count by value
6:41PM 2 R crash
6:16PM 0 sensitivity for grouped data
4:31PM 4 Boxplot Labels OK
4:11PM 3 rep() fails at times=0.29*100
3:02PM 1 Boxplot Labels
2:59PM 1 sorting the VAR model output according to variable names??
1:35PM 2 Mistake in German Error message for friedman.test
12:23PM 0 predict.lm (Michael Haenlein)
12:21PM 1 sem: S is numerically singular: expect problems
11:12AM 3 Remove data 3 standard deviatons from the mean using R?
10:13AM 0 hi
10:12AM 1 USSL diagram
10:06AM 4 quotes in cat() within function
7:15AM 2 Behaviors of diag() with character vector in R 3.0.0
7:10AM 2 Question on Stopword Removal from a Cyrillic (Bulgarian)Text
6:28AM 1 Unbalance to balance panel
5:40AM 0 Reading Data
5:23AM 0 Max width and height
3:14AM 1 Solving an integral in R gives the error “The integral is probably divergent”
2:49AM 1 (no subject)
2:17AM 1 Solving tridiagonal matrix in R
Monday April 8 2013
10:02PM 0 Breaking news
9:58PM 0 A categorized list of R functions
8:34PM 1 remove duplicates in data frame
7:54PM 2 cbind for list of zoo objects
7:28PM 1 problems with text in plots when using illustrator
7:04PM 1 Applying bagging in classifiers
7:02PM 1 Importing from file to graphic window
6:54PM 2 Can I open an existing pdf file and attach result to it?
6:25PM 0 codetools: checkUsage would not report the use of unbinded variables if they are binded later
6:12PM 4 checkUsage from codetools shows errors when function uses functions from loaded packages
5:06PM 0 plm package, random effects model error message
4:53PM 1 Tablet and executing R
4:47PM 0 Blom transformation in R
4:10PM 0 prediction.strength in r package fpc
3:27PM 0 Eta Correlation Coefficient in R
3:25PM 1 qgraph: correlation matrix variable names
3:12PM 0 Re...
2:44PM 3 SVD on very large data matrix
2:29PM 2 How can I extract part of the data in a panel dataset?
1:24PM 0 Announcement of new CRAN task view on meta-analysis
1:10PM 3 How to replace zero with the character value- need help
12:09PM 3 Reshaping a table
11:25AM 1 predict.lm
4:30AM 0 Maximum likelihood estimation of ARMA(1,1)-GARCH(1,1)
2:08AM 1 fitting a hyperbola to data points
Sunday April 7 2013
8:45PM 4 Same boxplot colors by panels in lattice (bwplot)
6:31PM 1 Remove a row containing a specific value for a column
6:26PM 1 confidence interval calculation for gee
6:25PM 1 discriminant function analysis
5:05PM 0 Confidence Interval Calculation
2:39PM 3 mlogit error
1:14PM 1 R ecuatia error
12:40PM 1 importing and merging many time series
12:24PM 2 Working with createFolds
7:47AM 2 group data in classes
7:41AM 0 Fitting distributions to financial data using volatility model to estimate VaR
5:08AM 1 Package ‘FAdist’ - Log-Pearson Type III Distribution
3:58AM 1 lmomco - Three-Parameter Pearson 5 Distribution
2:36AM 2 While loop history
Saturday April 6 2013
11:51PM 0 Mutliple subsetting of a dataframe based on many conditions
11:07PM 1 Multiple subsetting of a dataframe based on many conditions
8:42PM 2 error message sending question to the list
8:42PM 1 Plotting a curve for a Holling Type III Functional Response
8:21PM 1 Data normalization
8:21PM 1 Fw: Reversing data transformation
8:01PM 1 list of distance matrices
5:43PM 4 Matrix reduction
4:19PM 1 Cannot scale data
2:28PM 5 arrange data
10:33AM 2 Replace missing value within group with non-missing value
9:54AM 1 Value at Risk using a volatility model?
9:24AM 1 Replace missing values within a group with the non-missing value
8:00AM 2 How to plot several years data with date information by months?
7:45AM 3 ad.test parameters
6:55AM 2 manipulating R contingency tables
6:53AM 1 Graphic window dimensions
12:20AM 1 Creating quintiles on monthly basis
Friday April 5 2013
10:47PM 1 Reversing data transformation
8:31PM 0 Undesired vertical lines in png file output using 'cairo-png'
7:12PM 2 convert annual data to quarterly frequency
6:30PM 2 Text Encoding
6:30PM 0 create a "square buffer" around a coordinate for a raster
5:55PM 2 Composite Quantile Regression
5:34PM 1 Extract lines from file
4:18PM 2 transforming data prior to CCA
3:46PM 1 mixed formatting of integer and numeric (e. g., by summary.default())
3:24PM 0 How to see values of hypsographic curve in R
3:20PM 1 Internet connection
2:57PM 2 retrieveing value from KS test
2:50PM 2 How to perform a grouped shapiro wilk test on dataframe
1:59PM 1 white heteroskedasticity standard errors NLS
1:17PM 0 results of model comparisons and summary()
1:12PM 0 (no subject)
12:31PM 1 list filter rules
12:17PM 3 R on portable drives
12:15PM 1 multi user environment & concept of access/authorization levels
10:39AM 2 line profiling
10:25AM 0 CV in SVM
10:18AM 0 Cross Validation with SVM
5:06AM 2 Assessing the fit of a nonlinear model to a new dataset
5:00AM 1 List of non available packages for R 3.0.0 ?
4:22AM 1 Accessing examplars in apcluster (apcluster package)
12:46AM 1 about subsetting vectors/list in R
12:30AM 2 model.frame: object is not a matrix
Thursday April 4 2013
11:03PM 2 question about message
9:02PM 1 X11 font -adobe-helvetica size 15 could not be loaded
6:30PM 1 Extract the accuracy of 10-CV
3:38PM 1 Plotting several functions in the same display (again)
2:19PM 0 Std. error normalmixEM using boot.se
2:18PM 7 Full Documentation of R analysis
1:57PM 0 pgam package
1:46PM 2 windows to remote R(linux) via putty with X11 forwarding
1:17PM 2 summing vectors/matrices
12:42PM 3 summing vectors
12:33PM 1 prcomp() and varimax()
11:44AM 0 EM algorithm implemented manually
11:37AM 0 Std. error of normalmixEM with boot.se
11:20AM 2 custom startup/welcome message
10:44AM 1 place x-axis labels at bin edges in a histogram
8:45AM 0 Finetuning a PVClust plot
7:14AM 5 Help for bootstrapping‏
7:01AM 0 non-parametric & semi-parametric methods for survey & longitudinal data
6:35AM 2 moderator has not updated email address: can not post to r-help
6:25AM 1 Fwd: Important: message being returned.
5:34AM 6 categorized complete list of R commands?
5:09AM 5 help with kriging interpolation
4:59AM 0 making scatter plot points fill semi-transparent
4:54AM 0 MAS (non-parametric & semi-parametric) methods for survey & longitudinal data
3:53AM 1 node stack overflow when extracting labels from a dendrogram
Wednesday April 3 2013
11:35PM 1 ploting several functions on the same plot
11:16PM 3 Deviance in Zero inflated models
11:05PM 2 Creating data frame from individual files
10:42PM 1 a question about clustering
10:17PM 1 Select single probe-set with median expression from multiple probe-sets corresponding to same gene -AFFY
10:10PM 1 prop.test vs hand calculated confidence interval
9:28PM 1 how to re-shape a matrix
9:25PM 5 Can package plyr also calculate the mode?
7:15PM 0 Changing y-axis in ggplot to show proportions instead of density
6:13PM 1 Problem with integrate function
5:49PM 0 Help with lmRob function
5:15PM 1 Make cdf package error Human Exon array
4:34PM 1 DUD (Does not Use Derivatives) for nonlinear
4:31PM 0 Model Selection based on individual t-values with the largest possible number of variables in regression
4:06PM 1 Superscript and for loops
3:01PM 3 Superscript
2:53PM 3 arrayInd and which
2:31PM 2 Ask help
1:08PM 7 Canadian politcal party colours in ggplot2
12:19PM 1 Process substitution and read.table/scan
10:48AM 0 transformation maximizing the Kurtosis
10:43AM 1 Packages on R 3.0.0
10:21AM 4 Better way of writing R code
10:04AM 0 R 3.0.0 is released
9:33AM 5 scanning data in R
9:05AM 0 qpplot.das
8:48AM 1 (no subject)
8:38AM 1 linear model coefficients by year and industry, fitted values, residuals, panel data
8:20AM 0 install packages and time-out
8:09AM 1 Question: how to convert raw to numeric
5:57AM 3 Generating a bivariate joint t distribution in R
5:43AM 1 Matrixplot (VIM package): can I add a colour scale?
1:35AM 1 sqlSave writes, but only for sqlFetch
12:27AM 1 kernlab::kkmeans initial centers
Tuesday April 2 2013
10:59PM 1 creating a loop if to create a column of 0 and 1.
9:09PM 0 sqlFetch works but sqlQuery doesn't
8:16PM 0 Job Opening, Janssen Research & Development, J&J: Scientific Director of Statistical Modeling and Simulation
6:14PM 0 softImpute_1.0 uploaded to CRAN
4:44PM 1 Iterative regression through a series
2:49PM 2 What is SAS options missing=0 equivalent in R?
2:43PM 0 Question about removing missing data rows in the qplot
2:42PM 2 speedometer charts in R
2:11PM 0 coxph and variables
1:12PM 1 R doesn't recognize utils functions, such as arrayIndex( )
12:54PM 2 exporting tables to word
12:40PM 2 Create a vector without using an external 'if statement'
12:24PM 1 read.delim
10:36AM 3 Array analogue of row and col
9:42AM 3 How to do platform independent system calls?
9:09AM 2 R Commander and FactoMineR
8:28AM 1 R 14.0, ggplot2: could not find function "initRefFields"
7:14AM 1 Rpy2 and Mac OS X 10.8.3
6:22AM 0 Outlier Detection
5:28AM 1 gdata selectively not working
4:13AM 2 please help, iteration through a list of files and plot each one
2:57AM 1 ctree (party) - select a specific variable in the first split
2:13AM 2 How to remove all characters after comma in R
Monday April 1 2013
9:33PM 0 Left join in R
8:42PM 1 Help Please, ggplot2
8:37PM 1 Console display "buffer size"
8:19PM 0 This day in history: R-help, R-devel and R-announce (1997-04-01)
8:08PM 1 Factor to numeric conversion - as.numeric(levels(f))[f] - Language definition seems to say to not use this.
7:46PM 3 expression
5:48PM 2 Factor to numeric conversion - as.numeric(as.character(f))[f] - Language definition seems to say to not use this.
5:41PM 1 95% Confidence Interval for a p-p plot
5:37PM 1 lognormal sampleing using covariance matrix
5:35PM 1 plm: Hausman Test error
5:22PM 1 robust function
5:20PM 2 example to demonstrate benefits of poly in regression?
4:38PM 2 Is DUD available in nls()?
4:17PM 0 ggplot2 label problem
4:05PM 2 plot
3:54PM 2 Data frame question
3:02PM 0 ggplot label problem
2:50PM 1 Image segmentation
2:25PM 0 test
1:41PM 0 ggplot2 label
11:14AM 0 overlaping barplot
8:56AM 1 polygon error
6:37AM 1 Parameter Estimation in R with Sums and Lagged Variables
5:14AM 0 Error message in dredge function (MuMIn package) with binary GLM