R help - Jan 2012

Tuesday January 31 2012
10:34PM 2 how to unzip files in R
9:18PM 1 DSC 2003 on www.ci.tuwien.ac.at
9:13PM 2 question on simple graph
8:29PM 0 Using 2SLS to mimic SEM with nested data
7:58PM 1 Selecting contiguous, irregularly-shaped sets of values from arrays
6:51PM 2 question of merging two dataframes
4:12PM 1 Replacing lists with NA
4:04PM 1 dimensions dropped on assignment
3:26PM 1 Using match.arg() with list of functions?
3:03PM 2 Generate data - function
2:11PM 4 problem in fitting model in NLS function
1:36PM 0 FW: R project
12:48PM 0 Error in linearHypothesis.mlm: The error SSP matrix is apparently of deficient rank
12:42PM 1 Help required in using apply instead of for loop
12:34PM 2 testing for temperature differences between years and sites?
11:21AM 3 function: as.integer
7:25AM 1 Please Help!
6:21AM 1 error in R CMD build when editing c function in R package
4:37AM 1 about colnames
4:03AM 1 R help, labeling the tick marks as I want
1:07AM 1 Currency symbols in Xtick or Ytick labels
Monday January 30 2012
10:56PM 3 Venn Diagram help!!!!
10:51PM 1 Need to Write a Code that can find the molecular weight of various compounds
10:04PM 1 mgcv bam() with grouped binomial data
9:25PM 2 Different type of legend?
9:08PM 1 Change line colors based on data values in Lattice
7:26PM 1 User Interface Equivalent Code
7:08PM 0 rpart usersplits
7:05PM 2 timeseries highlighting
6:28PM 2 plot with ylim with regural interval
6:26PM 4 replacing characters in matrix. substitute, delayedAssign, huh?
6:07PM 1 Linear Mixed Model set-up
5:16PM 1 how to sum multiple data entries for the same sampling event?
4:57PM 1 discrete simulated annealing
4:01PM 2 ode() tries to allocate an absurd amount of memory
3:47PM 1 Reg : Hello all.. help needed regarding heatmaps
3:37PM 2 Euler identity with complex exp
3:12PM 0 Displaying percentages within bars
2:52PM 2 And Statement for two if functions
1:55PM 0 useR! 2012: Earlybird Registration for International R Users Conference, Nashville TN 12-15 2012
1:45PM 1 Problem in Fitting model equation in "nls" function
1:35PM 1 Getting htmlParse to work with Hebrew? (on windows)
1:14PM 2 Variable selection based on both training and testing data
12:24PM 1 Installing Rcompression package
12:09PM 1 about changing line type and line width in Taylor Diagram
12:08PM 0 r-help; parameter estimate
12:07PM 0 parameter estimate
11:13AM 0 ANOVA factors
11:05AM 0 Consultant to program R-code dealing with social networks
10:55AM 1 RCurl format
9:52AM 3 ROC curve
8:54AM 2 handling a lot of data
7:34AM 0 PLEASE HELP creating a matrix
7:30AM 2 how to select columns
7:20AM 0 need some help with model.matrix
5:33AM 1 Data generation
2:50AM 1 about "undefined columns selected"
Sunday January 29 2012
10:05PM 2 apply lm() to each row of a matrix
9:07PM 1 Modifying whiskers in boxplots?
8:50PM 0 how to calculate length of each triangulated face in deldir
8:24PM 1 height of plots
8:19PM 0 Using influence plots and obtaining id numbers
8:16PM 0 FW: repeated measures MANOVA with interaction
7:27PM 1 How I assign the result of a plot to a variable?
5:31PM 2 question about ... questions/ code
5:21PM 1 ColorBrewer question
5:18PM 2 How do I turn NA's to zeroes when a combination lacks one element?
4:21PM 2 Drawing sample
3:56PM 2 Data Structure to Code
12:38PM 1 r-help; weibull distribution
11:17AM 1 r-help; weibull parameter estimate
9:37AM 1 Help joincount.test
2:44AM 0 Please help, a question about the R function arima, thanks a lot!
Saturday January 28 2012
11:00PM 1 Compiling R code to native code?
10:06PM 2 wireframe_box_axis
8:43PM 1 question on model.matrix
8:36PM 3 logical subsetting, indexes and NAs
8:12PM 0 Graph Titles
6:51PM 0 New package "geotools"
6:25PM 2 For Loop Error
6:08PM 1 Using the digest and t distribution.
9:45AM 1 fatal error unable to restore data
6:29AM 1 gplot heatmap
5:01AM 1 Sensitivity analysis - looking a tool for epidemiologic research
3:32AM 0 R-help mailing list submissions
1:39AM 2 finding rows in a matrix that match a vector
12:35AM 1 automated library location
12:15AM 2 Need very fast application of 'diff' - ideas?
Friday January 27 2012
10:44PM 4 percentage from density()
8:45PM 1 date arithmetic discrepancy
8:19PM 1 repeat function for entire list of matrices
8:00PM 1 how to install the fbasics and use stablefit function?
7:26PM 3 Subsetting for the ten highest values by group in a dataframe
7:25PM 0 Help to improve bwplot plot (lattice)
7:20PM 1 Generating repeated network measures in R
7:03PM 2 How to write the entire session to file?
6:51PM 4 package does not have a NAMESPACE
6:44PM 2 PosixCT subsecond accuracy
5:49PM 1 Overimposing one map in ssplot onto another
4:19PM 0 Looping columns/column names
4:10PM 1 Help boxplot to add mean, standard error and/or stadard deviation
3:57PM 1 Looping column names
3:45PM 2 convert sas date format
2:55PM 3 Grabbing Column and Row titles
2:51PM 0 Error in JAGS, cannot monitor z
2:50PM 2 tm package: handling contractions
2:47PM 2 help with Box plot
2:36PM 1 Horizontal stacked 100% bars with ggplot2
1:17PM 0 sorting data according to different boundaries
1:04PM 2 Why does the order of terms in a formula translate into different models/ model matrices?
12:40PM 3 calculating distance between latitude and longitude
12:05PM 0 data format for ordination
11:42AM 0 Your message to mingw awaits moderator approval
11:04AM 1 pls. help -Logisitic Regression-Urgent
11:03AM 1 Confused with Student's sleep data description
10:49AM 3 generate a random number with rexp ?
10:04AM 1 laod multichannel-audio-files with readWave (tuneR)
10:00AM 1 Bivariate Partial Dependence Plots in Random Forests
9:14AM 1 Call dynamic functions
8:03AM 2 Placing a Shaded Box on a Plot
5:00AM 1 multiple column comparison
4:59AM 2 Is there a R command for testing the difference of two liear regressions?
12:17AM 1 Conditional cumulative sum
Thursday January 26 2012
8:16PM 2 Quality of fit statistics for NLS?
7:24PM 2 Calculate a function repeatedly over sections of a ts object
6:27PM 2 What does [[1]] mean?
5:46PM 1 3-parametric Weibull regression
5:29PM 2 merge multiple data frames
4:33PM 1 lattice panels with grouped extra data as text?
4:32PM 1 (no subject)
4:12PM 1 adding additional information to histogram
3:17PM 1 Error in ifelse(append, "a", "w") : , (list) object cannot be coerced to type 'logical'
2:49PM 2 Inserting a character into a character string XXXX
2:34PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 107, Issue 25
2:23PM 0 Request for help on manipulation large data sets
2:19PM 0 Conditional Random Fields
1:51PM 1 eRm - Rasch modeling - First item missing from estimation
1:27PM 1 eRm package - Rasch simulation
12:43PM 2 null distribution of binom.test p values
12:27PM 1 Finding suspicious data points?
11:47AM 2 extracting from data.frames for survival analysis
9:05AM 0 Workshop on Bayesian methods and WinBUGS. One week to go!
8:46AM 1 How to remove rows representing concurrent sessions from data.frame?
8:23AM 2 How do I use the cut function to assign specific cut points?
6:08AM 2 R extracting regression coefficients from multiple regressions using lapply command
2:20AM 0 CollocInfer
Wednesday January 25 2012
10:24PM 2 having a bit of regression trouble
9:36PM 3 Gray levels
9:25PM 1 Coloring Canada provinces (package maps?)
9:20PM 1 Why was the ‘doSMP’ package removed from CRAN?
8:46PM 1 R.lnk shortcut: Warning message when opening Microsoft Word 2003
7:23PM 1 Extracting data from trellis object
7:18PM 0 Looking for Huffamn Binary Coding Example in R
6:09PM 3 aplpy recursive function on a list
5:30PM 0 Local regression
5:16PM 1 Issues with PearsonIV distribution
3:52PM 0 Cumulative R2 and Q2 from plsr?
3:38PM 1 Error in predict.randomForest ... subscript out of bounds with NULL name in X
3:26PM 4 help to slip a file name using "strsplit" function
3:11PM 1 function restrictedparts
3:08PM 0 ca package - more than two colours
1:40PM 1 Code for a plot of a DNA double helix?
1:03PM 0 Seasonality and order in Arima
11:45AM 4 x11() graphic device, displaying raster
11:35AM 1 cat, and printing the last separator
11:28AM 1 grep TRUE/FALSE
10:19AM 1 solving nls
7:02AM 4 formula error inside function
4:41AM 6 How do I compare 47 GLM models with 1 to 5 interactions and unique combinations?
4:37AM 0 adehabitatLT -- movement based kernel density
4:29AM 0 Wavelet matrix
12:59AM 0 Matrix and boucle.
12:43AM 0 which function/method to find agreement between two
12:27AM 1 loops
12:08AM 1 Converting strings into data frame column names
Tuesday January 24 2012
11:11PM 0 spaghetti plot - categorical variable differentiated by color
10:47PM 1 List to Array: How to establish the dimension of the array
10:32PM 0 Self organising map - label the best matching unit
10:18PM 2 Sampling with Constraints for testing and training data
10:09PM 1 detecting noise in data?
9:47PM 0 Problem training a neural network with "neuralnet" library
8:51PM 0 lattice_wireframe_axis
8:45PM 2 read.table: how to ignore errors?
8:28PM 1 Plotting coxph survival curves
8:22PM 2 Null models of species co-occurrence
8:08PM 1 Error from Brugs "'r for windows gui front-end has stopped working''
7:46PM 4 Virus Infection in colorspace_1.1-1.zip (R x64 2.14.1)
6:15PM 1 Interactive map graphics.
5:19PM 5 function for grouping
5:17PM 4 Question
4:54PM 6 Checking for invalid dates: Code works but needs improvement
4:15PM 2 reshape dataframe to array (pivot table)
4:14PM 5 drop columns whose rows are all 0
3:26PM 0 lattice wireframe_box around picture
3:15PM 1 Looping and actual variable names
2:52PM 4 Select elements from text
2:46PM 0 empirical copula, copula package gof Test
2:06PM 0 interval estimates of bivariate means
2:01PM 2 data extraction in R
1:49PM 2 Writing a function to return column position XXXX
1:12PM 1 Adding text to multiple plots
11:49AM 2 Calling function in DLL using .C
11:40AM 1 debug package: mtrace fails
11:30AM 1 gsub semicolon with double quotation mark
11:17AM 0 how to remove library source from sweave
9:55AM 0 lattice_wireframe_shade
9:54AM 1 Splitting up large set of survey data into categories
9:34AM 1 Column name containing "-"
8:53AM 1 3 variables - GLM -- Warning Message ?
8:32AM 3 warning massage longer object length is not a multiple of shorter object length
5:20AM 1 problems with rollapply {zoo}
5:19AM 2 sampling weights in package lme4
4:43AM 0 PCA for assets based household income analysis (" hetcor" and "princomp")
4:34AM 0 Clustering and visualising a wordcloud
3:18AM 2 Help: read a proportion of high through-put data
1:47AM 0 Partial R2 values calculated using different packages
1:30AM 1 Cannot evaluate subset expression for sigmainverse
12:37AM 1 Plotting Confidence Intervals with a proiri calculated Intervals
12:27AM 2 how do I do the autocovariance of a moving average?
Monday January 23 2012
10:52PM 1 Moving-Tiles Bootstrap
8:17PM 1 R not giving significance tests for coefficients/estimates?
7:39PM 1 Jags problem
7:23PM 4 What package is used for the following graph?
7:05PM 1 Rmpi loading error
5:41PM 1 Return the matrix location of multiple entries
5:32PM 3 How can I access information stored after I run a command in R?
5:10PM 1 HoltWinters problem
4:55PM 0 problems with dlmBSample of the dlm package
4:44PM 1 help upgrading R in Ubuntu
3:32PM 2 model non-nested random effects in nlme library
3:13PM 2 Recompile
2:12PM 1 problems with FEAR
1:50PM 2 convert command not found in movie3d (rgl package) in Mac OS X
1:11PM 4 Error is coming as NULL
11:31AM 1 Extracting part of anova.cca()
8:35AM 3 conversion of string
5:07AM 1 Extracting data from SQL Server based on R parameters
3:59AM 1 sqldf + Date class. Ordering and summary statistics appear to be incorrect.
3:39AM 1 Double expressions in plot labels
3:29AM 2 Logrithmic histogram?
2:45AM 2 How to build a "Amalgamation Schedule"? help!
Sunday January 22 2012
8:31PM 2 Calculating & plotting a linear regression between two correlated variables
8:23PM 1 passing "..." arguments to (plot.ca)
6:25PM 4 Solving Equations
5:15PM 2 R package submission
2:27PM 1 How to construct a formula
2:06PM 1 Calling update on an lm-object inside a function
11:01AM 2 R interactive = FALSE
10:43AM 0 visualize lme results
2:56AM 2 if/else statement without curly brackets gives a problem
2:54AM 1 how to load R data file into a structure?
12:37AM 1 Problem with sapa package and spectral density function (SDF)
12:24AM 4 how to save the R script itself into a rData file?
Saturday January 21 2012
11:59PM 2 sequentially summing up a elements of a vector
10:39PM 3 semi-transparency not supported in devel R? "alpha" cannot be specified in qplot()
9:40PM 1 Function for multiple t tests
8:18PM 4 Create subset using variable
7:46PM 2 replacing "+" in string
7:44PM 1 Enumerate the class of objects
6:12PM 2 How to identify data structure?
6:04PM 1 contour(): Thickness contour labels
6:02PM 1 Function movie3d in rgl library resulting in black/blank output
5:50PM 0 Fwd: How to access the panel rows/columns in pairs()?
4:57PM 0 How to access the panel rows/columns in pairs()?
1:47PM 2 Legend that is big?
1:07PM 1 Rotated Labels for grouped bars
12:32PM 1 Normalization in R
12:10PM 1 error in data.frame(...., check.names = FALSE)
9:12AM 1 recomile a dll file in R
5:39AM 2 4th corner analysis ade4 - what do the colors mean
3:49AM 0 Announce: Summer Program in Data Analysis (SPIDA) 2012
Friday January 20 2012
11:26PM 1 Get default values of a function argument
8:39PM 2 rbind()
7:34PM 1 Building R on RHEL 5
6:52PM 4 extract fixed width fields from a string
5:14PM 0 Read & Analyze Google spreadsheets
5:12PM 5 Date seq question
5:08PM 0 arc length of noisy time series?
5:04PM 6 z-transform each column of a data.frame
4:27PM 1 Estimation of the mode
4:12PM 0 fit Johnson Sb with fitdist(method="mme")
3:58PM 1 free memory in large list?
3:46PM 3 break an axis.POSIXct
3:38PM 3 abline by groups
3:05PM 1 Calling Windows DLL using .C; function name not known but in exports.
2:59PM 2 Incorrect DateTime using ISOdatetime in R
2:54PM 1 Stacked barchart in ggplot (or other library)
2:08PM 3 a question about taylor.diagram in plotrix package
1:15PM 1 Point biserial correlation => Is there any specific command or could I just use cor.test?
12:28PM 4 Contour plot on a triangular mesh
12:10PM 0 VarCov matrix - quantile regression.
11:50AM 4 test if text is part of vector
10:33AM 2 show plot
9:48AM 1 Legend appearance
9:26AM 0 Symlet package in R Cran
8:01AM 1 rsp
6:56AM 0 Displaying GLM model fitting - best method
6:49AM 0 GLM - fixed responses?
6:19AM 3 error
3:16AM 0 DEMEtics expected run time for calculating DEST CI
Thursday January 19 2012
11:42PM 1 dataframe: how to select an element from a row
11:42PM 2 Apply Function to List by Group Returning Result with Dim of List
11:05PM 3 Establishing groups using something other than ifelse()
10:28PM 1 question re. package playwith not able to run command getting error message that I'm attempting to use non function
9:21PM 1 snow - bootstrapped correlation ranking
9:04PM 4 Bayesian data analysis recommendations
8:57PM 2 POSIXct value display incorrect for some values
7:45PM 2 What is a 'closure'?
7:19PM 2 read in Stata and SPSS with value labels/formats
6:28PM 0 state multi-state modeling using hidden markov routine in the msm package
5:42PM 0 RODBC problem inserting into tables
5:38PM 3 fitting an exp model
4:51PM 1 R connect to Informix Database
4:43PM 0 Global sensitivity indices using sensitivity package: sobol, sobol2002
4:37PM 2 Reading in tab (and space) delimited data within a script XXXX
4:19PM 1 cannot dyn.load dll from path
3:09PM 1 Alaska and Hawaii map data?
2:22PM 1 Help with .csv file reading !
1:25PM 2 r help: source-function is very slow
1:02PM 3 What does the : operator mean in glm formulas
1:00PM 1 Legend problem in line charts
12:54PM 0 nls issue
10:56AM 2 cacheSweave questions (usage and forward compatibility)
10:24AM 3 Split values in vector
10:23AM 1 converting a for loop into a foreach loop
9:38AM 2 add1 GLM - Warning message, what does it mean?
9:01AM 0 looking for an ecological dataset
8:24AM 2 Sweave question - Setting Soutput code chunks to stay inside page margins?
8:13AM 1 Bash script produces: Error in library('package') : there is no package called 'package'
5:31AM 3 Not generating line chart
3:48AM 2 Interpreting script - write.csv
3:47AM 1 ctree question
2:25AM 1 Filling color's points in legend's plot in R
1:18AM 5 graph paper look
12:19AM 1 venn.diagram how to control circle diameter
12:06AM 0 png output on a server?
Wednesday January 18 2012
10:25PM 1 drop rare factors
10:17PM 0 makeCluster() function in doSNOW package hangs
9:41PM 1 Executable Expressions II
9:39PM 2 Problem importing .txt file
9:37PM 1 kmeans clustering on large but sparse matrix
9:18PM 5 Executable expressions
9:17PM 1 forecasting a time series
8:49PM 4 R-Help
8:12PM 0 New package knitr
7:41PM 1 R Table
7:29PM 0 Time series questions
7:14PM 2 How do I exactly align the right hand side of "mtext" relative to a plot device? Beyond "adj".
6:30PM 3 How to define a variable in a function that another function uses without using global variables
4:41PM 1 restricted model estimation
4:01PM 0 examine grouped data lmList
3:52PM 0 XIII GRASS and GFOSS italian Meeting
3:33PM 1 Loess smoothing - alpha Parameter
3:27PM 4 confint function in MASS package for logistic regression analysis
3:25PM 2 Table Intersection
2:11PM 2 GUI
1:25PM 1 Non-linear Least Square Optimization -- Function of two variables.
1:14PM 1 Problems with Panel Data estimation
10:48AM 3 manipulating data of several columns simultaneously
10:27AM 2 computing scores from a factor analysis
9:56AM 0 quantile type 1 perhaps?
9:21AM 3 Reshape with multiple aggregation functions
9:06AM 1 Reshape with multiple aggregate functions
7:56AM 1 Error in variable ' _' converted to a factor AND *tmp*
7:41AM 1 sresid with lme4
4:29AM 0 How to choose variabe that needs to be smoothing in GAM
4:16AM 2 Extracting rows with latest date from a data frame
12:40AM 4 R package dev: how to export constant?
Tuesday January 17 2012
11:28PM 1 arules "killed"
11:12PM 2 pscl package and hurdle model marginal effects
9:17PM 1 error when extracting from a data frame
9:03PM 3 Using !is.na() in a HAVING clause in sqldf() XXXX
6:53PM 0 Change state names to abbreviations in an irregular, list of names, abbreviations, null values, and foreign provinces
6:47PM 2 bayesian mixed logit
6:32PM 1 pretty(range(data$z),10) Error
5:59PM 2 Separate ablines in lattice panels
5:58PM 0 RTisean generating multivariate surrogates;
5:14PM 2 Which date format to choose?
5:10PM 2 Using Aggregate() with FUN arguments, which require more than one input variables
4:06PM 3 unable to find an inherited method for function "make.db.names", for signature "character", "missing"
3:55PM 2 An "unsubsettable object" in a mixed model
3:55PM 2 Prediciting sports team scores
3:48PM 2 Reference for dataset colon (package survival)
3:30PM 4 breakpoints and nonlinear regression
2:06PM 1 BLAS
1:54PM 1 Error predict with lda and cross validation
1:11PM 1 Plotting probability density and cumulative distribution function
12:36PM 2 formula in function as text?
11:47AM 1 r help
11:31AM 4 Mean of simulation runs given in a table
10:37AM 2 Display numbers on map
10:35AM 2 result numeric(0) when using variable1[which(variable2="max(variable2)"]
10:24AM 1 New PLYR issue
9:51AM 1 MuMIn package, problem using model selection table from manually created list of models
9:22AM 1 Scoring using cox model: probability of survival before time t
8:48AM 2 visualization for k-mean clustering
3:54AM 1 Import a text file except its first row
3:26AM 2 How to loop on file names
2:21AM 0 Logistical or Linear Output in AMORE
2:11AM 1 arguments in merge() not accepted
1:10AM 2 net classification improvement?
Monday January 16 2012
11:29PM 2 Object not found using GAMs in MGCV Package
10:13PM 3 Select rows based on multiple comparisons
9:20PM 3 Using Sweave to generate multiple documents
8:38PM 4 Add grid lines to levelplot
7:45PM 2 R for Windows: Is there a function/package that enables Win32 API Calls?
7:10PM 0 FDA predict problem
7:01PM 1 ggplot- using geom_point and geom_line at the same time
5:46PM 0 Package: Waveslim Error: The object is this type is not subsettable
5:20PM 1 start.help() and browser
4:51PM 1 need SMOTE code
4:24PM 0 smoothScatter on map
4:11PM 1 Package "maps": what is the name of county # 2395?
4:10PM 0 Cointegration critical value tables
3:34PM 3 list: index of the element, that is TRUE
3:09PM 1 Saving WinBugs log file when using bugs()
2:22PM 0 Symlets in R
2:17PM 1 GAM without intercept reports a huge deviance
1:53PM 2 Relevel dynamically
1:14PM 1 dbWriteTable(con, access_log, overwrite = F).....
11:27AM 0 physical books of 'The R Inferno' and 'S Poetry'
11:07AM 3 boxplot with diamond shape
10:53AM 0 igraph question
9:50AM 0 choosing a proper knot in GAM mgcv package
7:56AM 0 Problems with plm's pgmm: changing results
7:35AM 1 problem in import and export
7:04AM 1 Read and show Bitmap Images
6:30AM 1 rho stat from a fasta sequence file
3:28AM 1 A recent Post
2:08AM 2 ggplot2 stacked bar - sum of values rather than count
1:55AM 0 Fwd: Trouble installing packages on R2.14.1
12:51AM 2 howto test a package without installation
Sunday January 15 2012
11:51PM 1 Need help interpreting the logit regression function
11:14PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 107, Issue 14
11:04PM 1 Trouble installing packages on R2.14.1
10:59PM 1 problem with table.CAPM in PerformanceAnalytics
10:34PM 1 Calling Fortran from R: Issues with dynamic loading of fortran dll
9:43PM 1 ggExtra package installation fails
7:54PM 0 Regression for Rank Order Dependent Variable
4:40PM 1 Word Wrap
3:32PM 0 Reading MINE output into a matrix
3:09PM 1 problem in R related to import n export
3:08PM 0 A question about cointegration - How can we find the standard deviation in the cointegration relationship ?
8:28AM 2 determining the difference between 2 character strings
8:26AM 1 Correct Localized Numbers on Plots, related to glibc!
1:57AM 1 GUI preferences are not saved
Saturday January 14 2012
10:58PM 2 How can I doing Quality adjusted survival analysis in R?
10:54PM 2 Estimate the average abundance using Poisson regression with a log link.
8:51PM 3 add column with values found in another data frame
7:19PM 1 metafor: weights computation in Mantel-Haenszel method
10:47AM 1 Determining if an object name does not exist
9:35AM 2 Date/time
6:48AM 0 (no subject)
3:21AM 1 Converting .Rout file to pdf via Sweave automatically
12:57AM 1 Error: unexpected '<' in "<" when modifying existing functions
12:30AM 0 point.in.polygon help
Friday January 13 2012
11:15PM 1 Quality adjusted survival analysis
10:42PM 0 influence measures for multivariate regression
10:34PM 2 question: how to select a column from a dataframe in a function
10:14PM 2 read.zoo problems
9:55PM 2 More issues with apply
9:51PM 1 Change state names to abbreviations in an irregular list of names, abbreviations, null values, and foreign provinces
9:14PM 3 The Future of R | API to Public Databases
8:25PM 1 deviance and variance - GAM models
7:49PM 0 Help with t student test
6:42PM 2 Merging data XXXX
6:29PM 0 outputs from command "by"
6:28PM 2 multidimensional array calculation
5:33PM 1 fUtilities removed
5:23PM 0 New package ‘bcrm’ to implement Bayesian continuous reassessment method designs
5:00PM 3 tm package, custom reader
4:52PM 1 Coloring counties on a full US map based on a certain criterion
4:48PM 1 Nabble? Was Re: function to replace values doesn't work on vectors
4:43PM 2 Problem Installing R to SuSE 10 via RPM
4:30PM 1 plotting regression line in with lattice
4:12PM 1 Brillouin index
4:06PM 1 Portfolio Optimization
3:45PM 3 access/row access/col access
3:45PM 1 Quantiles in boxplot‏
2:49PM 4 Troubles with stemming (tm + Snowball packages) under MacOS
2:31PM 1 IF ELSE
2:11PM 2 function to replace values doesn't work on vectors
12:24PM 2 Remove space from string
12:09PM 1 Problems with plotCI
12:02PM 2 read.table as integer
11:34AM 4 Averaging within a range of values
10:55AM 1 apply transformation
10:53AM 1 how to find the number of iterations kmeans used to converge?
10:36AM 1 GLHT in multcomp: Two similar models, one doesn't work
10:04AM 0 second order cone programmming, linear inequalities constraints
9:04AM 2 beanplot-Error: sample is too sparse to find TD
8:49AM 0 how to create stratified (cross-validation) partitions according to numerical features
8:44AM 0 rho statistics for dinucleotide abundance from a sequence file
8:39AM 2 Help needed in interpreting linear models
8:34AM 0 Latent class model with Polytomous Variable and Bootstrap
8:05AM 1 analytical solution of partial differential equation
6:16AM 2 Averaging over data sets
4:01AM 0 Does wordcloud do clustering
3:01AM 1 loops over regression models
2:36AM 2 subset
Thursday January 12 2012
11:27PM 2 GGplot controlling point size across range
10:42PM 1 how to select column wich median is in this interval [5;6]
10:25PM 1 work with a subset of the dataset
9:27PM 3 remoting ESS/R with tramp
8:10PM 1 Keep rows where a variable matches one item of a vector
5:14PM 1 parLapply within a function
5:05PM 1 how do I find previous version of a package?
5:02PM 1 relative frequency plot using ggplot or other function
4:55PM 2 using "list=" to force evaluation before execution
4:46PM 1 How can I prevent solve.QP from printing the solution progress ?
4:30PM 1 parallel computation in plyr 1.7
3:45PM 1 Add color to Boxplot by value
3:43PM 0 help request
3:36PM 2 is there an equivalent for #ifdef (C langage) in R
3:18PM 0 compare means
3:15PM 3 strsplit() does not split on "."?
2:38PM 3 how do I make a movie out of a timeseries of 2D data?
2:16PM 0 R codes for Intervention Time Series Analysis
1:58PM 2 Function accepted by optim but not mle2 (?)
11:23AM 0 data manipulation
11:18AM 2 defmacro installation issue
11:01AM 1 posting for r-help
9:21AM 0 glht (multicomparisons) with an interaction factor
8:16AM 1 problems with method ken.sto in package soil.spec: subscript out of bounds
6:35AM 2 kruskal wallis post hoc?
4:28AM 2 Points inside a polygon
4:18AM 1 summing NAs in aggregate
12:36AM 1 cannot get tweets from twitteR
12:20AM 0 multcomp two-way anova with interactions within and between
Wednesday January 11 2012
10:42PM 0 Error in charToDate(x)
10:20PM 1 Rook: software and specification for R web applications and servers
10:07PM 2 Checking dates for entry errors
9:51PM 1 rjava on FreeBSD
8:55PM 3 summarizing a complex dataframe
8:41PM 1 R error in make check
8:17PM 2 2D filter in R?
7:56PM 4 Storing/Restoring R objects
7:48PM 0 Getting a "root edge" error when trying to read the phylocom megatree into R
7:40PM 3 turning a list of vectors into a data.frame (as rows of the DF)?
5:26PM 0 rgl/ x11 problem
4:40PM 0 test for condition during whole r session or after each command
4:12PM 6 Generating unque patient IDs
3:53PM 1 meta-analysis normal quantile plot metafor
3:13PM 2 general question on Spotfire
2:57PM 1 Help with speed (replacing the loop?)
2:36PM 2 New to R, Curious about Project Idea
1:45PM 0 Problem concerning withRestarts and R2WinBUGS
1:12PM 1 get the percentage rank of a value based on an empirical data vector
1:08PM 0 spplot : help with legend
12:38PM 1 Constructing a data.frame from csv files
10:47AM 0 Assist me on how I can arrange trend data of rainfall and temperature for analysis
10:22AM 3 Accomplishing a loop on multiple columns
10:01AM 2 Max value of an integer
9:56AM 1 Confidence Interval from Moments?
9:53AM 1 Plot maps with R
9:42AM 2 problems with glht for ancova
9:08AM 0 Reg : Capture.output not supporting UTF-8 data
8:41AM 1 R problem: unable to read data in the xls-format in the PerformAnalytics package
5:27AM 0 Revolutions Blog: December Roundup
4:52AM 2 Finding percentile of a value from an empirical distribution
1:56AM 0 try() with silent=TRUE not preventing printing of error message
1:22AM 3 64bit R under 32bit winxp
12:55AM 2 Vegan(ordistep) error: Error in if (aod[1, 5] <= Pin) { : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
12:18AM 0 Problems with constrOptim
Tuesday January 10 2012
11:04PM 2 short-hand to avoid use of length() in subsetting vectors?
10:40PM 1 Rpad.org down? Searching latest R-Reference card
10:02PM 2 How to make this for() loop memory efficient?
8:30PM 1 different results from fligner.test
8:06PM 1 Correlograms
7:59PM 1 plotOHLC(alpha3): Error in plotOHLC(alpha3) : x is not a open/high/low/close time series
7:47PM 1 Can "prototype" and "initialize" coexist?
7:40PM 1 grplasso
7:30PM 1 Restricting R session
6:36PM 1 Converting BY to a data.frame
6:36PM 0 rpart vs. tree and deviance calculations
6:28PM 4 2 sample wilcox.test != kruskal.test
6:02PM 1 Adding Institution-Affiliation to Description File of R Package
6:00PM 0 Online 'Beginner's Guide to R' course (with video)
4:31PM 1 question about R 2.15.0
4:25PM 4 Sum of a couple of variables of which a few have NA values
4:17PM 1 Problem with segmented
4:16PM 0 haplo.stats version 1.5.2
3:49PM 0 Error message in vegan ordistep
3:40PM 1 rjags installation trouble
3:11PM 1 colored outliers
1:35PM 3 problem installing packages
1:04PM 2 strange Sys.Date() side effect
12:30PM 0 rworldmap: xlim, ylim do not change plotting region
12:12PM 0 "tau + h > 1: error in summary.rq"
10:04AM 1 Propensity score matching in R using Classification tree method
4:44AM 1 Lapack routine dgesv: system is exactly singular
4:08AM 1 error in Recursive
3:43AM 1 Extracting Data from SQL Server
3:21AM 1 Lag() and lag()
1:23AM 2 Aggregate by minimum
1:01AM 2 stacked barplot colour coding
Monday January 9 2012
11:39PM 1 Calculating rolling mean by group
10:40PM 1 CairoPDF and greek letter spacing
9:18PM 0 power in generalized linear models with categorical independent variables
7:57PM 1 glmmPQL and predict
6:02PM 2 RODBC vs gdata
5:47PM 0 what to do with underdispersed count data
5:25PM 1 Different lm() Residuals Output
4:51PM 1 par.plot() for repeated measurements
4:28PM 1 plot, xlim to cut data set
3:17PM 0 glmD error
3:12PM 4 RGL- Drawing Circle
3:06PM 6 runif with condition
2:28PM 3 How can I stack two matrices?
2:11PM 3 as.numeric() generates NAs inside an apply call, but fine outside of it
1:45PM 2 Joint confidence interval for fractional polynomial terms
1:22PM 1 Open Street map problem
1:01PM 1 Autocorrelation values? How to extract?
12:55PM 1 modeling a haemodynamic response function in R
12:12PM 1 What is the function for "smoothing splines with the smoothing parameter selected by generalized maximum likelihood?
9:48AM 2 Unexpected results using the oneway_test in the coin package
2:56AM 2 Where to download the splines package.
12:38AM 1 ?any
Sunday January 8 2012
11:53PM 1 Difference across the Nth dimension of an array
9:51PM 2 R package equivalent to Excel SOLVER - Paquete R equivalente a SOLVER de Excel
9:48PM 3 Conditional Loop For Data Frame Columns
9:48PM 2 rpart question
9:32PM 1 fix and edit don't work: unable to open X Input Method->segfault
8:12PM 1 creating vectors from data-frames
7:45PM 1 Simulate AR(1) starting from X number?
7:13PM 2 need help with axis ticks
6:57PM 2 Summing rows by years (each time separately)
5:03PM 2 choosing items from array: very stupid and simple question
2:43PM 2 Convert components of a list to separate columns in a data frame or matrix XXXX
12:48PM 1 mode of frequency distribution table
10:21AM 2 cannot find package in Packages>>Install Packages
10:06AM 2 splitting strings effriciently
8:14AM 0 Adding a migration element to a deterministic spatial model
8:01AM 2 multivariate problem
4:48AM 0 help()
4:15AM 1 how to combine grouped data and ungrouped data in a trellis xyplot
2:34AM 1 PLM, Logical subscript too long, error
1:26AM 0 repeated measures
Saturday January 7 2012
11:35PM 2 Help
9:57PM 1 k-means++
7:26PM 1 need help
4:54PM 2 glm or transformation of the response?
2:02PM 1 rcom package - Events
10:48AM 2 colouring a table, data.frame or matrix in an interactive R session
10:47AM 1 using deltat parameter in time series in HoltWinters prediction
10:29AM 1 constructing yieldcurve
10:12AM 0 SSA in R
2:43AM 3 Putting an index explicitly into function code --- a curiosity.
2:05AM 3 Getting a list of unique gene names from a list with semi-colons
Friday January 6 2012
11:46PM 1 Sweave Chunks
11:09PM 1 Please help!! How do I set graphical parameters for ploting ctree()
7:31PM 0 Bootstrapping nlme models
7:05PM 1 How to properly re-set a saved seed? I've got the answer, but no explanation
6:36PM 0 Correlated count data technique advice
5:56PM 1 (Edited) cbind alternate for data frames
5:43PM 6 cbind alternate
5:18PM 1 Assign and cmpfun
5:05PM 0 Code/Example for User Rating Profile Model
4:47PM 3 How to fit my data with a distribution?
4:18PM 0 Error using qda on the spambase training dataset
3:34PM 0 plots for residual analysis
3:22PM 0 VarCov matrix between coefficients across quantiles - summary.rq
3:12PM 1 ggplot using scale_x_date gives Error in seq.int(r1$year, to$year, by)
3:08PM 0 venneuler plots may be inaccurate
3:00PM 2 Dropping columns from data frame
2:39PM 4 data.frame: temporal complexity
2:13PM 1 how to use rgl to plot dynamic orbit
1:17PM 2 Spatial data, rpoispp, using window with fixed radius?
11:49AM 5 add data to a file while doing a loop
11:32AM 1 lme model specification problem (Error in MEEM...)
10:49AM 1 What is wrong with this plotting?
9:00AM 0 need help with connecting to SQL Server2008 Express with RJDBC
8:19AM 0 Reply on "ggplot2 - tricky problem"
7:52AM 1 how to remove an element from list or character
5:20AM 4 R not recognizing words
4:52AM 3 question about rev
3:28AM 1 Can levelplot colorkeys display a logarithmic scale evenly?
1:43AM 0 Problem reading .por (SPSS portable) data file
12:19AM 0 graphic problem: transparent window when starting mtrace() from package debug
Thursday January 5 2012
11:29PM 1 [ncdf] programmatically copying a netCDF file
8:04PM 1 Calling R functions within C/C++
5:59PM 1 Fwd: WHO Anthro growth curve macros and R&In-Reply-To=<CAAOCNNZawGtKkWpgFMYADSyxWGTeWEDxqVVHv7=Azo=1G+H9gg@mail.gmail.com>
5:50PM 2 Problem with axes in a plot of Kaplan-Meier
5:05PM 3 save output of print() to txt file
4:43PM 1 Error in plot.window(...) : need finite 'ylim' values
3:51PM 3 selection part of "subset"
3:46PM 1 ggplot2 - tricky problem
3:17PM 0 wish: enable joining this Mailinglist via Gmane
2:29PM 4 automatic SI prefixes as ticklabels on axis
2:09PM 2 Bayesian estimate of prevalence with an imperfect test
1:51PM 1 match matrices of different lengths
10:58AM 0 The BRugs 0.7-4 interface to OpenBUGS released
8:30AM 0 ssanova/ ssanova0 and adding the fitted line to a plot.
1:10AM 2 difference of the multinomial logistic regression results between multinom() function in R and SPSS
Wednesday January 4 2012
9:38PM 5 a quick question about "rbinom"
9:22PM 3 [newbie] stack operations, or functions with side effects (or both)
9:08PM 2 using var from bash in R script
8:47PM 1 Passing multiple arguments to a function through sapply() XXXX
5:52PM 1 plot rq lm
5:42PM 1 Symbols in graph
4:51PM 0 interaction plot and x axis
4:32PM 6 Combining characters
4:30PM 1 putting regression output right on a plot
4:22PM 2 problem on plotting ts data
3:53PM 1 Merging and subsetting with row names XXXX
3:45PM 1 function in R for my exercise
3:45PM 0 quadratic programming-maximization instead of
3:12PM 1 subscript with comma
2:56PM 1 Adding a vertical line to plot with two overlapping density plots
2:53PM 1 Warning message about closing a connection XXXX
2:38PM 1 [Matlab] Need help on ARIMA and Matlab
2:09PM 1 Is there a way to update a method on an existing Reference Class object?
1:41PM 0 Update method on existing reference class object
1:41PM 3 Using a mathematical expression in sapply() XXXX
1:08PM 5 simulating stable VAR process
12:36PM 0 Non Negative Least Squares Regression with nnls
11:48AM 0 Error formal argument "softmax" matched by multiple actual arguments
11:46AM 2 Linear regression using matrices
11:16AM 1 A problem of meta analysis based on metafor package
10:49AM 1 KS and AD test for Generalized PAreto and Generalized Extreme value
9:27AM 1 Extract concordance from coxph.object
9:04AM 1 R 2.14.0 Design library
6:04AM 0 RCurl : Problem with submitting using postForm()
5:58AM 3 problem in R
3:44AM 1 Extracting from a list XXXX
3:00AM 2 Allow HTML email on R-Help
12:03AM 1 tcltk on linux/rhel6
Tuesday January 3 2012
10:56PM 2 Comparison of numeric and character vectors
8:33PM 0 Google student internships
8:13PM 1 sqldf and not converting integers to floating point in SQLite
8:03PM 0 Web analytics / Customer Analytics book recommendation
7:39PM 2 RODBC installation: error message
6:11PM 1 ED50 calculation in drc package
4:52PM 0 optim - Self-Start values - growth function
4:45PM 1 Finding Source of Error Message of 'Non-Unique Index Entries'
1:19PM 1 Error when using foreach package for parralelization
12:24PM 6 calculate quantiles of a custom function
8:32AM 0 Create and Initialize List values
8:30AM 1 higher derivatives using deriv
7:58AM 2 Histogram: plot by group
6:52AM 3 An R interface to Model Building
5:09AM 0 Biglm source code alternatives (E.g. Call to Fortran)
4:25AM 1 nls and rbinom function: step factor 0.000488281 reduced below 'minFactor' of 0.000976562
4:02AM 1 About source()
3:34AM 4 Changing X axis of ggplot
2:51AM 1 Options for generating editable figures?
2:47AM 0 [newbie] pager for large matrix?
2:08AM 1 where to ask questions regarding package=ncdf?
Monday January 2 2012
11:19PM 1 Is using glht with "Tukey" for lme post-hoc comparisons an appropriate substitute to TukeyHSD?
10:11PM 1 tm.plugin.sentiment
5:53PM 1 Remove me from the mailing list
4:31PM 1 Creating ZOO Matrix from Data Frame
3:31PM 2 syntax for reading into R
3:21PM 0 Predicting multiple responses
3:09PM 1 Display number in currency notation with commas
1:08PM 2 summary per group
12:39PM 0 Rycas help
12:15PM 1 calibration curve for glmnet object
12:10PM 2 Conditionally adding a constant
12:00PM 1 sm.density.compare - a lot of curves
11:36AM 2 quadratic programming-maximization instead of minization
10:53AM 0 .Rprofile and help startup
9:43AM 3 clear plot linear mixed model
9:42AM 1 Display warning when embedded data file is loaded
9:11AM 4 Create variable with AND IF statement
8:17AM 1 Cran package directory 404 error since 30th December
3:34AM 0 How to get cov matrix of regression parameters in GEE using 'geese' or 'geeglm''
1:37AM 0 Reading mcmc/coda into a big.matrix efficiently
Sunday January 1 2012
11:21PM 2 find inflexion point of discrete value list with R
10:50PM 2 Lattice: Understanding How Points Connected by Lines
10:21PM 4 matrix position to list of coordinates
7:58PM 1 How to pass in a list of variables as an argument to a function?
5:43PM 1 what's the command in R to completely clear the state of the console(including clearing up libraries, etc?)
3:50PM 6 R report generator (for Word)?
3:05PM 3 R on Android
2:13PM 3 rep() inside of lm()?
2:05PM 1 bmp() shifts the image (Windows XP)
9:55AM 0 looking for R software resource persons
12:50AM 1 empty files created with trellis xyplot jpeg device