R help - Dec 2011

Saturday December 31 2011
9:09PM 1 Reading large sparse arff files into R
3:25PM 1 Histogram omitting/collapsing groups
3:08PM 4 Base function for flipping matrices
3:05PM 2 read.csv error: invalid multibyte string
12:34PM 1 Cross-validation error with tune and with rpart
11:02AM 2 How to color a region in a contour plot with the contour being the boundary?
10:27AM 1 Simple problem
6:23AM 2 Very strange function() behaviour.
Friday December 30 2011
10:04PM 1 HELP!! - PHP calling R to execute a r-code file (*.r)
9:28PM 0 Help with BACI study analysis in R
8:46PM 1 Calculate survival function for AFT model
8:22PM 0 New version of coxme / lmekin
7:56PM 0 Feature selection for text using R - Please help
7:08PM 0 What happened with "packages" directory on CRAN website?
6:40PM 0 [R-SIG-Finance] Removing outliers in tick data in R?
6:23PM 2 Sweave options
5:51PM 1 Fwd: Re: Poisson GLM using non-integer response/predictors?
5:19PM 1 Merging vectors
5:03PM 3 good method of removing outliers?
3:29PM 0 Poisson GLM using non-integer response/predictors?
3:04PM 3 vertically stacked area plot?
2:56PM 1 Lattice: Setting Conditioning Panel Order in Trellis Plots
2:31PM 0 testthat 0.6
2:30PM 0 Plyr 1.7
11:14AM 3 Break Points
10:05AM 2 Joint modelling of survival data
9:34AM 0 epi.conf
6:27AM 0 PairedData: a new package for analysing paired (numerical) data
3:42AM 1 Extracting Information from ctree
1:14AM 1 configure can't find readline -- but it's there!
12:13AM 2 Applyiing mode() or class() to each column of a data.frame XXXX
Thursday December 29 2011
8:58PM 3 Array element is function of its position in the array
8:51PM 4 [newbie] read row from file into vector
6:01PM 2 3d plotting alternatives. I like persp, but regret the lack of plotmath.
4:52PM 3 Is it possible to "right align" text in R graphics?
3:24PM 0 problem of "constrOptim.nl", no hessian and convergence
10:48AM 0 Reg : Encoding information in PMML generated from R
9:44AM 2 sorting a data.frame (df) by a vector (which is not contained in the df) - unexpected behaviour of match and factor
6:47AM 0 problem of "constrOptim.nl", no hessian and convergence values
6:46AM 1 rJava and JRI
3:18AM 1 How would I rewrite my code so that I can implement the use of multicore on an Rstudio server to run regsubsets using the "exhaustive" method? The data has 1200 variables and 9000 obs so the code has been shortened here:
Wednesday December 28 2011
9:30PM 1 folders of path - platform independent (repost)
9:28PM 0 folders of path - platform independent
7:35PM 1 error options
7:33PM 2 Gale-Shapley Algorithm for R
7:24PM 2 Census ARIMA x-12 seasonal adjustment in R?
6:03PM 1 subset() missing one factor
4:55PM 2 Loops and vector operations
3:46PM 0 new version of the Rcmdr package
3:20PM 2 Contingency tables example
12:54PM 1 Help with PCA
12:13PM 3 transparency using plot+points with sp classes
10:02AM 2 convert variable types when creating data frame from cor.test results
4:14AM 1 Pascal's Triangle
4:11AM 1 Probability Question
1:47AM 2 Lavaan and Average Variance Extracted
Tuesday December 27 2011
10:58PM 4 Initializing a large data structure to be accessed strictly within a shared C library
10:55PM 2 importing NPDB
9:43PM 1 lmer function bug
9:05PM 2 How to create a loop and then extract values from the list generated by cor.test
8:59PM 2 Calculus package for R
8:57PM 1 R Commander options
7:36PM 0 Using minsplit and unequal weights in rpart
7:14PM 2 sapply Call Returning " the condition has length > 1" Error
5:17PM 1 Summing Data in R
4:26PM 0 helpful functions in R for testing results of tree ("party")
3:34PM 2 How to create a matrix with 3 dimensions from several 2 dimensional matrice?
3:02PM 0 is there any multiple log-rank tests function with adjusted P-value implemented ?
2:52PM 1 multiple log-rank test for adjusted P value
2:50PM 0 Cumulative distribution of Spearman's Rank rho values.
2:47PM 1 rbinom
2:43PM 0 Cumulative distribution of coefficient of variation.
2:43PM 1 Rhelp-gmm
2:02PM 1 How to extract an interval of "hour:minute" type
1:43PM 1 Longitudinal data
1:38PM 1 help with xyplot
1:32PM 0 RQDA 0.2-2 has been released
1:16PM 0 function to create Pango markup?
7:55AM 1 differences between 1.7 and 1.7.1 glmnet versions
3:35AM 0 Simulate binary time series with known Hurst exponent
12:52AM 2 comparing fields within a record
Monday December 26 2011
11:46PM 2 Zero-inflated Negative Binomial Error
8:07PM 1 Finding all triangles in a graph
2:30PM 1 regarding QRb() function
12:29PM 2 glm predict issue
12:29PM 4 Other ways to lm() regression? (non-loop?)
10:44AM 4 Summary tables of large datasets including character and numerical variables
8:02AM 2 Problem of COX model with time dependent covariate
12:30AM 2 Recoding multiple TRUE/FALSE columns into a single list of TRUE columns
Sunday December 25 2011
11:56PM 1 Error message "No regressors provided" in auto.arima
Saturday December 24 2011
11:39PM 1 linear interpolation of time series
10:57PM 1 extract factor scores post-varimax
10:44PM 0 (no subject)
8:43PM 0 Fwd:
5:07PM 1 Nested model - "singularities not defined"
2:47PM 0 Inverse problems in R package
2:14PM 1 Call for Abstracts for useR! 2012
9:12AM 2 readLines errors
7:21AM 5 need help with a time series plotting problem
5:55AM 1 Optimising timeboxing in xts
Friday December 23 2011
11:12PM 2 Latent class multinomial (or conditional) logit using R?
10:40PM 3 if statement problem
7:58PM 2 cast in reshape and reshape2
7:51PM 2 Custom XML Readers
3:28PM 3 data vector to corresonding percentile ranks
3:25PM 3 Applying a function
2:32PM 0 error from character NAs in indexing array
1:54PM 1 Long jobs completing without output
1:08PM 1 ggplot2: behaviour with empty datasets
11:21AM 0 Problem understanding behaviour of mmap package
10:44AM 2 missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
10:02AM 3 Problem with RCOM package
8:26AM 1 simple ggplot2 question
4:13AM 2 p values in lmer
2:19AM 1 Help creating a symmetric matrix?
12:03AM 1 Help transforming a dist
Thursday December 22 2011
10:39PM 0 contraints in ltm package
10:08PM 1 large data set (matrix) using image()
9:54PM 3 delete all columns with all values equal to zero
9:16PM 1 Adding math symbols to axis labels
9:14PM 1 PCA in r
8:52PM 2 Axis manipulation in Stackpoly (Plotrix)
7:15PM 2 Renaming Within A Function
4:59PM 1 mtrace function
3:59PM 1 try to silence errors
3:55PM 0 Finding predicted probabilities
3:25PM 1 Calling R functions from C++ under VS2005
3:23PM 1 Error message with glm
2:54PM 1 overlaid filled contour plots
1:50PM 1 finding overlapping regions
11:22AM 1 levelplot + cut() for custom color palette
11:02AM 0 R 2.14.1 is released
10:26AM 0 randomforest and AUC using 10 fold CV - Plotting results
9:42AM 2 Stepwise in lme
9:05AM 0 (no subject)
8:50AM 0 split with lists
6:56AM 1 ff object in lapply function
6:15AM 0 C
4:45AM 1 Union/Intersect two continuous sets
3:41AM 0 RHTMLForms / Scrape data from website that needs a parameter in-putted
3:34AM 2 Indexing multi-dimensional table
3:10AM 1 Trying to use chartSeries in quantmod
12:31AM 1 RGtk2: How to overlay a gtkDrawingArea with a button or any other widget?
Wednesday December 21 2011
11:36PM 1 Is there a way force hiding of all messages when calling library()?
10:10PM 4 qqnorm & huge datasets
8:37PM 1 Diptest- I'm getting significant values when I shouldn't?
8:16PM 3 black and white in qplot? layout 4 graphs in one screen
7:40PM 1 Processing time on clogit
7:16PM 1 matrix multivariate bootstrap: order of results in $t component
6:27PM 0 MA terms in arima
6:26PM 3 Non-negativity constraints for logistic regression
6:25PM 0 Non-negativity constraint for logistic regression
5:08PM 1 constrOptim and further arguments
4:36PM 0 Gower
4:34PM 1 When exactly do I need R_alloc when using the .Call() interface?
4:26PM 1 aggregate function
4:17PM 2 Using wdTable() within R2wd package‏
4:04PM 2 regular expressions in R
4:00PM 0 Problem of using wdTable() within R2wd package
3:58PM 1 How to Fit a Set of Lines Parametrized by a Number
3:29PM 1 Fw:
2:57PM 1 Automating Plot and Model Generation
2:46PM 0 test to compare two different models
2:18PM 2 Statistical tests and measures for "cone-like" distributions?
2:13PM 1 Stacked area plot for time series
1:49PM 1 Gps fraction of degrees function
1:06PM 5 R Source Code Request Office For National Statistics UK
11:56AM 1 creating a closed loop for a list
11:39AM 1 Estimate of smooth.spline
10:01AM 2 Creating and assigning variable names in loop
8:49AM 2 Search a string inside a data.frame
8:28AM 1 vif function using lm object
7:59AM 2 unique combinations
6:06AM 1 Reg : Using RJDBC to read UTF-8 characterrs
4:59AM 1 Predicting a linear model for all combinations
2:16AM 0 Estimating a latent class multinomial logit regression with flexmix
1:32AM 1 Looping over files
12:59AM 0 gmp: Error in solve.bigz(B) : System is singular
12:22AM 0 3 statistics courses in R
Tuesday December 20 2011
11:54PM 0 best tools for developing in C
10:45PM 1 Help Transforming sums into observations
7:14PM 5 Help with code
7:10PM 2 Quotes inside char string
5:34PM 0 Journal of Statistical Software 2011
2:18PM 0 graph of kruskalmc
1:57PM 0 obtain coordinates in google earth
1:55PM 1 RODBC Error: 'getCharCE' must be called on a CHARSXP
1:08PM 1 contingency table
12:54PM 3 GIS operations
11:53AM 1 constrOptim and problem with derivative
11:21AM 1 Convert ragged list to structured matrix efficiently
10:11AM 2 Extract BIC for coxph
9:42AM 1 in which package is prp function?
9:12AM 0 rpart weight parameter and random forest based on rpart
8:31AM 2 any DCCA function in R?
8:22AM 0 trends for georeferenced spatial global grid
7:41AM 0 RServ 0.6-7 failed to install on RedHat
5:47AM 1 boot.ci: [Error: cannot allocate vector of size 1.5 Gb]
5:26AM 1 column permutation of sparse matrix
5:22AM 1 replacement has 13665 rows, data has 13664
3:05AM 1 predict risk (% of death) at a certain time point
Monday December 19 2011
9:24PM 2 On Corrections for Chi-Sq Goodness of Fit Test
9:15PM 1 pls help to print out first row of terms(model) output in example program
7:58PM 0 no regrets after doing this venture!
7:46PM 2 nlrob problem
7:32PM 2 Constrained Optimisation
6:25PM 1 Training parameters for a HMM
4:10PM 2 How to schedule R to run automatically
4:00PM 2 Summing x1 to x6
2:09PM 2 summary vs anova
12:54PM 1 rendering or raytracing?
10:27AM 0 fUnitRoots cannot obtain p.value
9:56AM 2 fractal image analysis
9:43AM 0 Hausman test for lmer model
9:41AM 0 Global model more parsimonious (minor QAICc)
9:29AM 1 None-linear equality constrained optimisation problems
9:28AM 1 block averaging data frames
9:12AM 1 Boot: Confidence Interval
9:12AM 1 Mlogit missing value problem
8:34AM 1 Calculating the probability of an event at time "t" from a Cox model fit
6:23AM 1 calculating correlation coefficients on repeated measures
2:59AM 1 Regression Modeling Strategies 3-Day Short Course March 2012
Sunday December 18 2011
11:07PM 1 maptools/spatial analysis question
10:38PM 1 Identifying records with the correct number of repeated measures
10:15PM 0 The R Journal Vol. 3/2 now published
8:51PM 4 Label in oblique orientation
5:59PM 1 Product integral in R
2:06PM 2 Dealing with NAs
1:49PM 1 gWidgets: how to remove that is box drawn when moving the mouse with pressed button
12:26PM 1 Smoothing spline with smoothing parameters selected by "generalized maximum likelihood"
11:58AM 2 write.xls dont find the object in function
2:42AM 1 Should data for the linear mixed model analysis meet the three assumptions of ANOVA?
2:30AM 1 Looking for package 'rgp'
Saturday December 17 2011
10:49PM 1 odfWeave error
9:34PM 0 Rattle install issues on windows 7 and R2.14.0
8:00PM 0 R package(s) for IRT scoring?
7:51PM 1 odfWeave Windows binary
7:40PM 1 cp2tform equivalent
2:47PM 0 auto.arima from the Forecast package
2:21PM 0 time-varying parameters kalman filter estimation problem using FKF package
12:58PM 1 Rejection metho..d...
12:23PM 1 Help for R parallelization
11:36AM 2 help me....
9:57AM 2 Problem with reproducing log likelihood estimated with ghyp package
7:47AM 1 Binning a 2 column matrix by avarages of rows.
12:13AM 1 VaR package, where is it?
Friday December 16 2011
9:56PM 1 simulation
9:44PM 1 Fortune? -- was Re: optim with simulated annealing SANN ...
9:25PM 0 Fw: crash in using Rcpp and inline packages.
9:16PM 0 crash in using Rcpp and inline packages.
9:12PM 2 package.skeleton()
6:47PM 1 Zellig Error Message
4:11PM 1 odfWeave
1:52PM 1 mgcv 1.7-12 crashes R
1:07PM 1 Model design
12:16PM 0 (no subject)
11:02AM 1 problem with tick graph
10:25AM 1 main title in plot; outer=TRUE (cut off)
9:43AM 0 Error constructing probabilities in Zelig
9:25AM 1 kmeans and plot labels
7:44AM 1 Extraction of rules from Support Vector Machines
7:41AM 1 optim with simulated annealing SANN for combinatorial optimization
6:36AM 3 Multiple plots in one subplot
5:49AM 2 Event handling in R
5:00AM 0 xyplots with differentiated first data points
4:53AM 0 Incorrect Number of Dimensions in Zelig with setx()
2:19AM 1 .nc files query
2:09AM 0 (no subject)
Thursday December 15 2011
9:44PM 1 Reordering a numeric variable
9:10PM 1 slight documentation error in "stats" package "arima"
8:15PM 1 MAximum location
7:52PM 1 lattice key in blank panel
7:39PM 2 Random Forest Reading N/A's, I don't see them
6:48PM 1 lme with nested factor and random effect
6:35PM 3 Ratio of huge products
6:08PM 3 From Distance Matrix to 2D coordinates
5:26PM 1 printing all htest class members
4:37PM 2 fundamental guide to use of numerical optimizers?
4:34PM 1 Multicollinearty in logistic regression models
3:42PM 1 R error
3:36PM 0 Chinese translation of: Beginner's Guide to R
3:02PM 2 Data Manipulation - make diagonal matrix of each element of a matrix
2:30PM 1 Am I misunderstanding loop variable assignment or how to use print()?
1:54PM 2 Calculate AUC Using the Trapezoidal Method
1:35PM 2 lm and R-squared (newbie)
1:19PM 1 Load Libraries from list
12:03PM 1 How to open files that contain "0"
9:34AM 0 corCompSymm in gamm()?
6:53AM 1 modify the name of axis of an R function
6:06AM 1 how to draw random numbers from many categorical distributions quickly?
1:19AM 1 Inquiry about matrix pooling
12:38AM 1 Trouble converting hourly data into daily data
Wednesday December 14 2011
11:55PM 2 Omit Inf
11:18PM 0 Reading Oracle SQL Developer BLOB/CLOB files into R (Packages: DBI, foreign, RODBC, ROracle)
9:53PM 1 Hi
8:52PM 1 Storing graphics
8:45PM 0 htest class members and print method
7:44PM 0 Simple R server for SQL Server?
6:43PM 1 JavaGD package
4:43PM 2 labels in lattice
4:39PM 1 uniroot function question
4:30PM 2 plot matrix of characters
4:24PM 1 A Question Re ISOdatetime
4:17PM 0 mgcv 'bam' : prediction levels for random effects
3:01PM 1 Saving non table object as text file with outputting preserved?
1:19PM 2 Download and Unzip a file
12:35PM 3 R - Linux_SSH
12:17PM 1 Sampling data every third hour
10:12AM 0 Question about escapes character in args parameter of the system2 function.
4:12AM 1 predict in lmer
2:14AM 0 hclust and ggplot2
Tuesday December 13 2011
11:08PM 2 Generating input population for microsimulation
10:03PM 2 how to manually enter an double quote as data feed?
9:50PM 2 Problem with ploting fitted values
9:03PM 1 k-means cluster and plot labels
8:24PM 4 Keep sourcing when there is an error
7:55PM 1 plotting 2 Y-axes, aligning the 0 value
7:50PM 2 OPeNDAP access with R
5:29PM 1 NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call question
4:27PM 0 bug in glmnet 1.7.1 for multinomal when alpha=0?
4:12PM 0 Generating weights based on certain condition in the dataset
3:54PM 1 SQL> select ... where "R variable"
3:19PM 1 Mac shortcut for running a script
3:13PM 0 snpStats imputed SNP probabilities
3:06PM 0 Define ARMA model
2:05PM 0 pmodels in DRC
1:50PM 1 How to add points to two plots parallelly ?
1:41PM 1 Should I use nls for this?
1:06PM 1 How to stop popping up messages when R starts?
12:28PM 0 Ox functions in R
12:17PM 1 UseR! 2011 slides and videos - now online
12:16PM 8 How to compute 95%CI for OR from logistic regression?
10:16AM 2 Problem with package compilation
9:43AM 1 sort() function for dates
8:29AM 1 Re : Polygon
8:05AM 1 generate a number using exponential low
6:17AM 0 Time series plots- x axis frequency issues
3:53AM 2 Inverse matrix using eigendecomposition
2:39AM 4 sum with dates
1:51AM 0 Importing a complex XML file (SDMX format)
1:49AM 2 Plotting a date variable after GAM
1:47AM 1 tcplot documentation in evd package
12:40AM 2 axis tick colors: only one value allowed?
12:19AM 0 rodbc -- save result to a table
Monday December 12 2011
11:14PM 1 Maximum discrepancy palette
10:29PM 0 question about fixed and random factors in aov
10:24PM 1 Please delete my e-mail judit.barroso@montana.edu
9:53PM 0 Forcing gwr to the origin
9:31PM 0 Formatting probability data to produce confusion matrix for binary data for logistric regression
9:24PM 4 Boxplot of multiple vectors with different lengths
9:20PM 3 windrose color ramp issue
7:44PM 3 Variables from a Dataframe
7:32PM 1 Help with charting time in seconds as HH:MM:SS on charts
7:30PM 1 k-folds cross validation with conditional logistic
6:36PM 1 categorical variables
5:02PM 2 unlist() list of dates
4:44PM 1 Creating appropriate time axis for data
4:15PM 4 Improve a browse through list items - Transform a loop to apply-able function.
3:34PM 0 serial.test
2:58PM 1 Polygon
2:58PM 2 Automated Regressions
2:48PM 1 Please sign me out from the r-help group. Thanks!
1:27PM 0 "plinear"
1:16PM 3 shorter way of coding
12:23PM 5 not complete character in csv file
12:12PM 1 Package/command for creating a table of panel models ?
11:49AM 0 Question about multiple histogram
11:44AM 3 For loop indicies
10:46AM 1 calculating logit parameters (odd ratio is exactly one or zero)
10:39AM 2 Script analysing
10:38AM 2 round Date object to 10 minutes intervals?
10:26AM 1 littler: Use for batch processing of data sets: How to pass filename?
10:24AM 0 Rsolnp package: warning messages
10:19AM 2 i can't read large NETCDF file like CRU
10:10AM 1 how to colour labels (each label with a colour) in a dendrogram?
9:57AM 0 Confidence intervals of gls function?
9:44AM 0 Stratification criteria mess up the use of a random factor?
9:35AM 0 vcov for lm.gls
7:00AM 2 Colours for sunflowerplot
4:43AM 1 Is there a way to print branch distances for hclust function?
3:48AM 2 Color2D.matplot uniform color range
2:22AM 1 Question about fitting seasonal ARIMA in R?
2:02AM 0 limit ranges in hexbin
1:03AM 1 Lagged values problem requiring short solution time
12:14AM 0 using dcast to reshape a DF from long to wide with multiple measured variables per obs
Sunday December 11 2011
11:38PM 1 Labelling R plots using Greek letters
10:07PM 0 Boston/Cambridge -- Statistical Programming Language Technology Breakthroughs
7:06PM 1 nls start values
5:43PM 1 some CRAN mirrors not accessible
3:27PM 3 how to assign a value?
1:08PM 3 Bioconductor. MA plot for qPCR array
12:15PM 2 multiple comparison of interaction of ANCOVA
9:43AM 0 Any packages or ways available providing un-/a-/non-symmetric centered distributions?
8:25AM 2 no non-missing arguments to max; returning -Inf
3:01AM 2 incomplete final line found warning
2:06AM 2 as.factor does not work inside function
Saturday December 10 2011
9:44PM 1 Difficult subset challenge
9:13PM 2 p-value for hazard ratio in Cox proportional hazards regression?
3:56PM 3 PCA on high dimentional data
3:54PM 1 Regression Models
1:12PM 1 Question about comparison of nested models and F-statistics
7:16AM 3 Overlaying density plot on forest plot
6:54AM 0 Correlations for spatio-temporal data ?
6:36AM 2 efficiently finding the integrals of a sequence of functions
3:54AM 1 installing binary packages across windows cluster
3:53AM 0 k-folds cross validation with conditional logistic regression
2:04AM 0 Bayesian Neural Networks
Friday December 9 2011
10:13PM 1 Can not install doBy
8:05PM 1 Fixed! Thanks all:RE: scatterplot to boxplot translation?
7:00PM 1 scatterplot to boxplot translation?
6:59PM 2 Help with the Mice Function
6:44PM 1 matrix calculation
6:15PM 1 'callNextMethod' in a '[<-' function does not work ?
5:57PM 1 Anyone See a Problem with my Header/Data?
3:44PM 1 question about spaces in r
3:05PM 3 gam, what is the function(s)
2:49PM 1 rgl.postscript() failure when saving a scene
2:46PM 0 R: prop.test() and the simultaneous confidence interval for multiple proportions in R
2:20PM 2 unexpected behaviour of sub() / usage of regexp
1:46PM 0 stringr 0.6
1:15PM 1 Titelpage pdf-manual, packaging
1:00PM 1 Retrieving samples when ussing BRugs.
12:29PM 1 mclust
11:57AM 1 how to add an edgetext to a dendrogram?
11:40AM 1 apply on function with vector as result
10:59AM 0 Summary model with observations taken out and dummied back in - not working
10:33AM 3 ggplot with geom_tile
10:22AM 5 Making outregs in R
9:29AM 2 display memory usage
9:01AM 2 Error using function MVN in package MCLUST: Fortran symbol name not in DLL for package
7:44AM 1 minor allele frequency comparison
6:28AM 1 Need to calculate standard deviation by groups
5:54AM 1 Help understanding cutree used for Dunn Index
2:53AM 1 Align expression and text in mtext()
2:36AM 1 R packages for pathway analysis?
1:09AM 1 stop messages
12:33AM 1 Goodness of Fit for Copula
Thursday December 8 2011
10:42PM 2 Relationship between covariance and inverse covariance matrices
9:58PM 1 prop.test() and the simultaneous confidence interval for multiple proportions in R
9:30PM 2 Behavior of apply()
9:21PM 0 R- CollocInfer data
8:28PM 2 anova analysis on factors...
8:28PM 2 read.table question
7:36PM 4 what is the difference between using function predict() and coef() in prediction
7:35PM 1 bwplot title size
7:34PM 2 Help with study guide for R exam
7:29PM 4 profile likelihood
7:27PM 1 optimize()
6:34PM 1 How to load the data set from an URL Link?
6:30PM 1 cannot access the functions in the package
5:52PM 1 R/parallel
5:37PM 2 Compilation error of R-2.14.0 on Mac OS 10.7.2
4:59PM 1 How to plot multiple graphs in one go?
3:52PM 3 simple fit
3:49PM 0 Date object and origin BC
3:29PM 1 lda output missing
2:30PM 0 R 2.14.1 scheduled for December 22
2:22PM 1 Representation of scientific units
2:15PM 1 sum of deviations from the weighted mean
1:51PM 1 help about Hannan-Rissanen model selection
1:32PM 2 Whites test
12:25PM 1 matching using "which"
10:42AM 1 rjags in a Windows 7 64 bits machine
8:12AM 0 span and epsilon in Cyclic loess
3:54AM 0 Fit initial time with modFit and modCost
3:41AM 0 SVM performance using laplace kernel is too slow
3:15AM 2 a weird "cut" question
2:24AM 1 partial duplicates of dataframe rows, indexing and removal
12:47AM 0 Adding a modified top axis label using LatticeExtra and theEconomist theme
12:36AM 0 Label margins in multiple perspective plots per page
12:02AM 1 R function implementation
Wednesday December 7 2011
11:12PM 1 map at fips level using multiple variables
11:02PM 1 R on the cloud - Windows to Linux
10:24PM 0 Correlation of events over time
10:14PM 1 Help! I couldn't put multiple qplot on the same page...
10:13PM 1 data frame and cumulative sum
8:40PM 0 confusion about factor scores from princomp function
8:37PM 2 Dividing rows when time is overlapping
7:15PM 1 nice time series viewer?
7:15PM 1 Convert a string to a variable name
6:49PM 0 Revolutions Blog: November Roundup
6:14PM 6 nice report generator?
6:09PM 1 generalized procrustes analysis without translation
5:52PM 2 How to scale arrows to approximately fill a plot region?
5:28PM 1 RSPython installation
5:16PM 1 using sample
4:55PM 1 survreg() provides same results with different distirbutions for left censored data
4:51PM 2 axis line width in boxplots
4:45PM 4 Hinton Diagram for a matrix of weights
3:39PM 1 Output table from for loop
3:13PM 1 Raster:matrix rows as x dimension
3:11PM 1 select integer intervals from a integer space
2:52PM 2 reading partial data set
2:30PM 2 Hist and extra space
2:29PM 0 maximum number of files to choose with tk_choose.files ?
12:18PM 0 fuctional iteration.....
12:06PM 5 Object xxx not found
11:47AM 1 running texi2dvi without running bibtex
11:23AM 2 Select a set of rows based on a condition
11:15AM 0 PLSA Algorithm in R
11:05AM 1 removing specified length of text after a period in dataframe of char's
9:54AM 2 arules package intsallation
9:24AM 2 curve fitted ... how to retreive data
9:02AM 2 plotting and coloring longitudinal data with three time points (ggplot2)
6:44AM 0 EM Algorithm for missing data
6:20AM 3 Help to get fitted and residual value
3:45AM 1 questions about scatterplotMatrix
2:40AM 1 How to fit the log Gaussian Cox process model
12:46AM 2 glmmADMB not available on r-forge?
12:36AM 1 scatterplotting stock returns using quantmod and pairs()
12:25AM 1 Rank samples by breaks in hist and assign result as factor
12:17AM 1 import a dataset from Access database into R
Tuesday December 6 2011
11:39PM 2 configuring a package for own personal needs
11:02PM 0 Trouble with mlogit.data
10:14PM 1 any R-Revolution users here? How to make Revolution portable?
9:09PM 0 R 2.14 png X11
8:05PM 1 varaince explined of a regression tree using ctree
7:35PM 1 making changes to global variables in functions
6:42PM 1 Sequential Sum in R
6:42PM 2 Find x value of density plots
6:27PM 1 convert p-values into z-scores
6:15PM 2 read.table performance
6:10PM 1 How to de-source and re-source a file?
6:07PM 1 RStudio: copied line is always not the same as the line that I highlighted
5:17PM 0 Bootstrapping
5:11PM 2 To Try or to TryCatch, I have tried to long
5:06PM 2 help! "browser()" does not get stopped...
4:43PM 1 help wrapping findInterval into a function
4:35PM 2 axis thickness in plot()
4:06PM 0 mfp package - can I exclude some powers?
3:28PM 1 About summary in linear models
2:21PM 0 pls 2.3.0 released
1:08PM 1 Regression model when dependent variable can only take positive values
12:53PM 2 Paste() - Get all possible combinations from multiple vectors
11:52AM 1 HTML Forms to R
11:41AM 5 Argument validation within functions
10:38AM 2 split date nad time
10:02AM 1 the estimated random effects for each level of grouping
9:53AM 0 factors with multiple levels
9:37AM 0 MAC Problem with http in R while not problem on Win machine
9:20AM 1 Read Windows BMP format images
9:18AM 1 Writing out in loops
8:29AM 2 How to automate the detection of break points for use in cut
5:58AM 1 Problem with clusplot
4:13AM 1 rugarch package: is this forecast correct?
3:32AM 2 help! what's wrong with setBreakpoint
3:01AM 1 Memory getting eaten up with XML
2:33AM 1 Can't load package 'lars'
1:01AM 4 how to view/edit large matrix/array in R?
12:32AM 2 Why can't I figure this out? :S
Monday December 5 2011
10:58PM 3 Plotting Time Series Data by Month
10:43PM 1 plot mixed variables
10:22PM 2 Plot numeric and categorical variable
8:57PM 1 Summary coefficients give NA values because of singularities
8:46PM 1 Problem in while loop
8:37PM 1 Binning the data based on a value
8:04PM 1 args() function does not list function prototype for locally-produced/installed R package
7:47PM 1 installing several versions of R (2.14 and 2.12.2) on the same system on Ubuntu
6:40PM 1 explanation why RandomForest don't require a transformations (e.g. logarithmic) of variables
6:39PM 3 adding hyperlinked text to pdf plot
4:10PM 0 Flexclust package: kcca object's methods and properties?
3:44PM 2 barplot ignoring col parameter
3:36PM 1 using StatEt IDE for Eclipse
3:19PM 1 Weighting and recodification
3:03PM 2 R 2-14.0 locking up
2:16PM 1 finding interpolated values along an empirical parametric curve
1:24PM 0 Partitioning Around Mediods then rpart to follow
12:53PM 0 Dynamic Linear Models for Times Series - Implemented?
12:44PM 1 spatial analysis
12:14PM 1 extract cov matrix in summary.rq and use as a matrix.
12:03PM 1 how to just download file on disk by the link
11:32AM 1 Subsetting a data frame
10:57AM 0 Problem with parsing HTML table
10:00AM 3 iterative variable names
9:19AM 0 ANNOUNCEMENT: Call for Proposals for The R Series from Chapman & Hall/CRC
7:46AM 0 local minima/ maxima
7:18AM 1 about interpretation of anova results...
7:11AM 1 Toggle cASE
6:46AM 1 about error while using anova function
2:31AM 0 Save debugging session info and resume from the middle?
1:57AM 1 Persp3d freezes when run from within Python
1:21AM 1 [rggobi] ggplot like pdf output
1:14AM 0 Rggobi pdf output
1:12AM 0 convert table to a string in matrix
Sunday December 4 2011
10:25PM 1 RODBC sqlSave / append problem (windows XP, R 2.13.2)
9:19PM 2 a weird question about gdata:::
9:07PM 0 trouble with installXLSXsupport()
8:32PM 3 Group several variables and apply a function to the group
6:11PM 1 similarity matrix
6:00PM 4 equating approximate values
5:55PM 0 Export cols to single csv files
4:32PM 0 How to write (complex) coercion methods or "what's the reason to limit 'setAs()' the way it is limited"?
4:22PM 0 prediction in "conmode" class of Nonparametric binary models
3:36PM 1 Complex multiple t tests in a data frame with several id factors
3:18PM 3 Vectorization instead of loops problem
2:57PM 1 LaTeX output for summary.lm object - while displaying the information outside the table
2:40PM 3 RODBC connect to Excel (64-bit Windows 7)
2:02PM 2 problem merging data with different shapes
1:53PM 1 Polishing my geom_bar for publication
1:38PM 2 Extract last 3 characters from numeric vector
1:18PM 0 Linear quadratic Gaussian control with Kalman filter
11:49AM 1 xyplot squeezed together
9:21AM 2 frequency table?
3:23AM 1 upper bound in the integrate function depends on a parameter
2:08AM 3 Prediction from censReg?
12:46AM 1 rnorm command
12:44AM 1 Logistic Regression with genetic component
Saturday December 3 2011
10:42PM 2 density function always evaluating to zero
10:27PM 1 pivot table help
10:11PM 2 Data Analysis for Gas Prices
9:08PM 1 Shading the plot
6:10PM 3 Iteration in R
1:41PM 1 replace values
12:03PM 1 problems using the thin plate spline method
11:43AM 4 Data alignment
7:26AM 1 partial mantel tests in ecodist with intential NA values.
7:06AM 2 help in removal of fixed pattern
4:51AM 1 Reading multiple text files and then combining into a dataframe
4:47AM 2 Downloading tab separated data from internet
3:25AM 1 Problem installing Rtools
2:39AM 1 side-by-side map with different geographies using spplot
1:38AM 2 Help! Big problem when using "browser()" to do R debugging?
Friday December 2 2011
10:50PM 0 Writing data including NAs to access using RODBC
10:16PM 2 Imputing data
10:08PM 2 Sweave problem on Mac OS when using umlauts and summary()
9:03PM 1 Plot and polygon in log scale
7:45PM 2 order function give back row name
7:28PM 1 RFE: vectorized behavior for as.POSIXct tz argument
7:04PM 1 Project local libraries (reproducible research)
6:25PM 0 Compiling R using Solaris Studio
5:39PM 0 Partitioning Around Mediods then rpart to follow - is this sensible
5:15PM 2 Problem with loop
4:43PM 1 Willkommen bei der "R-help" Mailingliste
4:41PM 1 Graphics - Axis Labels overlap window edges
4:15PM 1 CART with rpart
3:17PM 1 R + memory of objects
3:09PM 2 breaking up n object into random groups
3:03PM 0 what is used as height in hclust for ward linkage?
2:51PM 2 Unexplained behavior of level names when using ordered factors in lm?
2:43PM 1 How to test for Poisson?
2:16PM 1 Error in Genetic Matching
1:39PM 0 Save Venn-diagram (Vennerable) together with table and plot in single pdf page
11:56AM 0 Error message in Genetic Matching
11:30AM 3 find and replace string
11:23AM 2 about quantreg() package loading
9:27AM 2 export array
9:20AM 3 Intersection of 2 matrices
9:19AM 0 Rmpi installation problems
7:20AM 2 Problem subsetting: undefined columns
5:09AM 1 R2Cuba package, failed with message ‘Dimension out of range’
4:53AM 2 help in dbWriteTable
3:50AM 1 simple lm question
12:48AM 1 Plot coordinates with gradien colour according to a different column
12:13AM 2 Moving column averaging
Thursday December 1 2011
11:13PM 1 strange row numbering after rbind-ing a list
10:17PM 2 Summarizing elements of a list
9:51PM 0 Error message: object 'A' not found
9:48PM 0 RSQLite 0.11.0
9:29PM 0 pb with 4D dicom data and oro.dicom
9:26PM 0 MCMCglmm error with multinomial distribution
9:15PM 1 Fw: calculate mean of multiple rows in a data frame
9:07PM 0 mixed effect model (multilevel)
8:45PM 1 calculate mean of multiple rows in a data frame
7:26PM 1 question about plsr() results
6:38PM 0 nested random effects with lmer
6:30PM 1 transform data.frame holding answers --> data.frame holding logicals
6:13PM 3 Assign name to object for each iteration in a loop.
6:12PM 3 Change the limits of a plot "a posteriori"
5:54PM 1 logistic regression - glm.fit: fitted probabilities numerically 0 or 1 occurred
5:00PM 1 What's the baseline model when using coxph with factor variables?
4:58PM 1 Estimation of AR(1) Model with Markov Switching
4:54PM 2 legend, "lheight", and alignment
4:32PM 2 Counting the occurences of a charater within a string
4:27PM 0 References for book "R In Action" by Kabacoff (Uwe Ligges)
3:55PM 3 round to specific intervals
3:35PM 3 vector
3:02PM 2 R, PostgresSQL and poor performance
2:51PM 2 How to do Hotelling's t2 test?
1:43PM 2 Writing a function, want a string argument to define the name of the excel sheet to be called
1:24PM 2 how to get inflection point in binomial glm
1:12PM 1 hi all.regarding quantile regression results..
12:45PM 1 bigmemory on Solaris
12:14PM 2 How to speed up int2bin conversion?
11:51AM 2 nipals in the chemometrics package in R
11:34AM 1 efficient ways to dynamically grow a dataframe
11:34AM 2 Resampling with replacement on a binary (0, 1) dataset to get Cis
10:27AM 2 permutate elements in a vector
10:02AM 1 Raster manipulation in R
9:57AM 1 combining arima and ar function
9:10AM 2 References for book "R In Action" by Kabacoff
7:06AM 1 ordinal data simulation
5:37AM 0 error in ZIGP package and optim
3:56AM 2 R endnote entry
3:56AM 1 R logo in eps formt
3:48AM 1 Random Forests in R
2:50AM 3 FIML with missing data in sem package
12:48AM 2 R code