R help - Feb 2012

Wednesday February 29 2012
11:28PM 1 The joys of Nabble: Re: Cannot use negative argument in function
11:00PM 1 TM reader with text
10:01PM 1 Binning continuous data
9:48PM 2 Contour plot
8:54PM 0 NaN in nlminb
8:52PM 2 Trying to eliminate a for loop
8:32PM 1 ggplot2 dot chart-start at zero
7:24PM 3 regular expression
7:11PM 0 Question about tables in bigtabulate
6:53PM 1 linear regression by column
6:09PM 2 function for filtering and deleting vector entries
5:34PM 2 R newbie: Installation of package reshape exit status not 0
5:01PM 2 How to extract numerical values from time series forecast
4:58PM 1 Coding help
4:36PM 1 Help please
4:30PM 1 How to simulate demographic (specifically, sub-group) data?
4:20PM 2 How are the coefficients for the ur.ers, type DF-GLS calculated?
4:11PM 0 use of subset in lme function
3:53PM 2 orthogonal distance regression package?
3:09PM 2 How to remove an object that is loaded every time R is opened?
3:04PM 0 Question about hierarchical clustering
3:02PM 2 puzzling results from logistic regression
2:55PM 1 codon usage bias
2:52PM 2 Principal Component Analysis
2:52PM 0 MultiPhen 0.3 is available on CRAN
2:40PM 0 R 2.14.2 is released + R anniversary
2:33PM 0 simulating scores
2:19PM 1 How can I avoid the warning messages when calling DAAG package?
1:48PM 1 Computing line= for mtext
1:12PM 0 using jit
1:02PM 2 Converting a function from Splus to R
12:16PM 1 Error in Aggregate
11:21AM 1 equivalent from gladder and ladder from stata
11:18AM 0 Minimum curvature Interpolation in R?
10:20AM 3 Does anyone knows a KMeans ++ package for R?
9:27AM 2 Export nls object to text file
8:45AM 1 Error occurred during mean calculation of a column of a data frame, which is apparently contents numeric data
6:11AM 0 Coverage probability for the normal distribution in "plot.spec.coherency" function.
6:03AM 3 Cannot use negative argument in function
3:40AM 2 Using a FOR LOOP to name objects
3:39AM 2 How to replace the values in a column
Tuesday February 28 2012
11:43PM 1 group calculations with other columns for the ride
11:06PM 3 Database
10:54PM 1 Quantile scores as dependent variables.. an R and general method question
9:27PM 2 Error: could not find function "hier.part"
9:27PM 6 Cleaning up messy Excel data
7:57PM 2 ts.plot and x axes customization
7:57PM 0 igraph find the path with the smallest weights
7:41PM 1 Error in read.table(file = file, header = header, sep = sep, quote = quote, : more columns than column names
7:11PM 2 update.formula has 512 char buffer?
6:05PM 1 Dotplot edition
5:25PM 0 Off Topic: Lowess on Yahoo
4:13PM 1 Volcano Plot
3:42PM 0 Cluster GUI package worth publishing/enhancing?
3:32PM 4 vlookup type function
1:59PM 7 indexing??
1:34PM 1 how to get file name/file path
12:58PM 1 Error in solve.default(res$hessian * n.used) :Lapack routine dgesv: system is exactly singular
12:15PM 2 how to append element at last position in array dynamically
10:48AM 1 Interpreting the Results of GLM
9:34AM 1 colour by z value, persp in raster package
7:58AM 0 Conditional density estimation in R and integration
7:56AM 0 e1071 : class.weights
7:04AM 1 data analysis
5:16AM 1 having this error below.
4:09AM 1 Packages/functions for competing risk analysis
3:17AM 1 aggregating specific parts in zoo index column to perform sliding average
1:23AM 2 from data.frame to Venn diagram
12:35AM 1 R for Mac - editor's pick on Download Typhoon
Monday February 27 2012
11:18PM 2 kmeans: how to retrieve clusters
10:43PM 1 row names of a heatmap on left hand side
9:56PM 0 Bootstrapping
9:49PM 0 Note: no visible binding for global variable 'Dimnames'
9:20PM 0 Help with rJava
9:05PM 1 asking for a script
8:45PM 2 export 3D array to .txt file
8:25PM 1 Non linear regression with complex equation
7:30PM 3 Principal Components for matrices with NA
7:28PM 1 How to incorporate interaction terms in MRM function of ecodist library?
6:38PM 0 How can the citation to be included in the manual for a package?
5:56PM 5 macro function
5:41PM 2 problem with assign and get
5:36PM 2 compare two data frames of different dimensions and only keep unique rows
5:07PM 2 Installing package QRMlib
4:26PM 1 set heatmap.2 color ranges
3:29PM 2 RStudio: how to change language from fr(french) to eng(english)
2:46PM 1 compare two data frames with same columns names but of different dimensions
1:49PM 1 Ubuntu jaunty - R can't be install
1:15PM 2 read.csv converts "NA" to missing values
12:21PM 3 General question about GLMM and heterogeneity of variance
11:17AM 1 identify and delete in table
10:44AM 0 how to read file & append at specified positon
10:24AM 0 goodness of fit for glms
9:44AM 0 Extract data point coordinates from kernel home range estimation
9:39AM 0 solnp inconsistent error messages
8:44AM 1 Need advice on GLM
8:32AM 1 Bayesian Hidden Markov Models
7:57AM 3 What is the fastest way to combine all columns of a matrix to one column?
6:02AM 1 win zip archive of library(HH) for R2.12.0
5:41AM 0 Suggestion on Model Def - reg in nlme
4:58AM 0 large data sets of irregular time series
12:28AM 0 A new book "Guidebook to R Graphics Using Microsoft Windows (Wiley)"
Sunday February 26 2012
11:55PM 1 Matrix problem to extract animal associations
11:47PM 2 tm_map help
10:45PM 0 fixed TkTable problem but I need to unistall/reinstall R....How do I manage that??
9:30PM 1 Sweave Print xtable
9:00PM 0 Positive semidefinite correlation Matrix
7:58PM 1 read separate columns from an Excel sheet
5:45PM 0 Min-Max Normalization for Class RasterStack?
4:48PM 0 Gia to R forum
4:47PM 0 Line-by-line profiling, a la Matlab
3:57PM 1 strucchange breakpoints (Bai and Perron, 1998, 2003)
2:06PM 2 question about user written function (newb question)
2:03PM 3 count how many row i have in a txt file in a directory
12:13PM 6 loop for a large database
5:36AM 0 mgcv stopped working mid-session
4:25AM 2 Help needed! Error in setwd(newdir) : cannot change working directory
12:41AM 2 Dealing with NAs in C
Saturday February 25 2012
11:24PM 2 How to deal with missing values when using Random Forrest
10:58PM 0 rugarch for GJR
7:53PM 2 Finding name of variable supplied as function argument
4:34PM 0 embed a bitmap by link reference into a SVG image
3:54PM 5 which is the fastest way to make data.frame out of a three-dimensional array?
3:51PM 1 xpose4
3:29PM 1 lattice/seqplot group colors
12:25PM 0 dbWriteTable() command (package RPostgreSQL) does not accept append=TRUE statement
11:58AM 0 how use rjava
9:21AM 1 Calling R code through VC.net
7:28AM 1 How to compare two curve model
2:50AM 0 how to compute srt value to text along a line
12:13AM 2 How would you program an Adverse Events statistical table using R code?
Friday February 24 2012
11:47PM 1 syntaxe problem
11:19PM 1 looping over string of frames when importing with 'sqlFetch' from a Microsoft Access database
11:05PM 0 fGarch package for Student-t Garch
10:58PM 1 Telling plot() the max y value to expect when plotting one distribution and then using lines() to add more distributions
10:32PM 4 Table into a list
9:40PM 1 remove multiple objects starting with same name
8:33PM 1 evaluating derivative matrices of spline functions
8:28PM 1 B-spline/smooth.basis derivative matrices
7:39PM 0 RBFNetwork in RWeka
7:18PM 4 Optim() package restriction
7:00PM 1 find difference between data frames
6:39PM 2 shell command with Robocopy error
6:32PM 3 install rJava in Ubuntu 11.10
6:15PM 0 permutation approach to know effect of one factor (factor A) to another (factor B) in each level of factor A (although it is slow)
6:10PM 0 Solved: RE: help filtering points from a scatterplot
5:57PM 6 strange behaviour of "POSIXlt" "POSIXt" object
5:48PM 1 listing array after loop
5:19PM 0 UT Summer Statistics Institute--info for R-help
5:06PM 1 Producing KML files
4:59PM 3 Speeding up "accumulation" code in large matrix calc?
4:55PM 0 help with apply function for 3D array
4:41PM 1 NaN's in class 'performance; [package "ROCR"]
4:30PM 1 package relsurv
3:44PM 0 Rugarch-Package - df of std
3:25PM 2 data frame manipulation with condition
3:22PM 1 R CMD INSTALL fails where R CMD check succeeds.
3:11PM 1 data frame manipulation with conditions
2:05PM 0 [newbie] how to represent very skewed spatial data?
11:48AM 2 gsub to manipulate characters
11:36AM 1 code for mixed model in R?
11:22AM 1 To define a function which includes two functions as arguments such as "plot" and "text"
10:33AM 0 RServe
8:52AM 1 R package documentation
7:58AM 1 tcl tk command function with arguments ??
7:30AM 2 Searching for a pattern within a vector
7:02AM 1 Missing Data in Stepwise selection of Logistic regression
6:37AM 0 Use of .C and .Call
5:58AM 1 count.fields inconsistent with read.table?
2:11AM 0 kernel values sum 1?
12:46AM 1 help filtering points from a scatterplot
Thursday February 23 2012
11:35PM 0 Colloc Infer: some further explanation due?
11:22PM 1 Sexpr not getting expanded in Sweave
11:13PM 1 perform t.test by rows and columns in data frame
10:30PM 1 multhist weird behavior/ xlabels wrong
10:30PM 1 how to draw crossing circles to show relationship?
10:10PM 5 cor() on sets of vectors
9:51PM 0 error in optim: initial value in 'vmmin' is not finite
7:16PM 3 I'm sure I'm missing something with formatC() or sprintf()
6:41PM 2 Aggregate with Function List ?
6:40PM 0 Help with Matrix code optimization
5:53PM 0 nlme Fixed Variance Function
5:44PM 1 R CMD INSTALL with configure args
5:34PM 0 data frame colnames through ddply
5:06PM 1 help - history()
5:04PM 1 segfault when using data.table package in conjunction with foreach
4:57PM 2 help with winbugs glm
4:12PM 2 Survival analysis and comparing survival curves
3:54PM 2 Advice on exploration of sub-clusters in hierarchical dendrogram
3:49PM 1 Case weighting
3:48PM 2 extract subset of data.frame
3:27PM 2 TRAMO/SEATS and x12 in R
2:49PM 0 solnp inversed-Hessian problem
2:19PM 1 (no subject)
2:06PM 1 FW: NaN from function
1:18PM 1 Calculating Pseudo R-squared from nlme
1:16PM 0 non-finite finite-difference value
12:09PM 3 changing time span
12:06PM 1 using shapefiles in adehabitat/ converting shapefile to spatial pixel data frame
11:02AM 1 mgcv: Smoothing matrix
10:43AM 1 Schoenfeld residuals for a null model coxph
10:28AM 1 multiple gsub
10:08AM 1 Problems with Cosine Similarity using library(lsa)
9:56AM 0 resistanceDistance representation
9:19AM 1 error in fitdistr
8:01AM 4 saving all data in r object
6:25AM 0 creating a loop for multiple file
2:10AM 1 Improving performance of split-apply problem
1:33AM 0 how to make gwaa.data
1:18AM 0 Issue with RODBC
1:04AM 0 best R command to assess SNP-covariates logistic regression
12:53AM 1 Using R to read Nortek Aquadopp Profiler
12:08AM 3 why is generating the same graph???
Wednesday February 22 2012
11:59PM 1 Median In Survival
11:43PM 1 How can I save plot()/points() using SHP files into KML format?
10:24PM 0 LSA package: problem with textmatrix()
10:21PM 1 xtable prcomp
10:19PM 0 Writting to global variable in using doSNOW on multiple cores?
10:01PM 1 Lattice and horizontally stacked density plots
9:44PM 0 Generate a Weibull regression data
9:01PM 2 rank with uniform count for each rank
8:44PM 1 How do I save the current session?
7:46PM 1 Good and modern Kernel Regression package in R with auto-bandwidth?
7:22PM 1 Multiple lines for each record: how do I handle that
6:55PM 1 Gamm and post comparison
6:37PM 1 line width in legend of interaction.plot
5:05PM 0 Optim() maximum number of parameters
4:20PM 0 counts
3:17PM 2 Query: list within a list
1:09PM 4 Week number from a date
12:49PM 1 Challenge
10:41AM 1 Package 'fCalendar'
10:32AM 6 Loop
10:28AM 2 Several densityplots in single figure
10:22AM 0 package igraph function neighbors() pb with indices
9:49AM 2 how to make hash?& append element, if i want following condition
9:47AM 3 inserting a dataframe into the table
9:45AM 3 gamlss results for EXP and LNO seem to have reversed AIC scores
7:37AM 1 testing two data sets
5:07AM 0 How can i generate correlated poisson longitudinal data with working correlation matrix R?
4:23AM 0 good packages in R for data-fitting including cross validation?
3:06AM 1 Huge difference btw system time and elapsed time
2:43AM 0 johnson distributions
Tuesday February 21 2012
11:04PM 1 Counting
11:04PM 1 tapply for enormous (>2^31 row) matrices
10:24PM 4 barplot with both color and shading
10:13PM 0 new package 'bit64' - 1000x faster than 'int64' sponsored by Google
10:05PM 0 Running Amelia with parallel processors in Windows
9:53PM 0 Transformation of variables in double integral in order to evaluate it in R
9:44PM 3 "CV" for log normal data
8:10PM 1 R package built with Fortran code
7:30PM 0 Help with debugging message
6:53PM 2 In R 2.14.1, what does wrong sign in 'by' argument mean?
6:42PM 3 Using earth.dist function
4:13PM 1 stepAIC error
3:52PM 4 removing particular row from matrix
3:48PM 3 HELP ERROR Weibull values must be > 0
3:39PM 1 variance explained in a cox ph model
2:24PM 5 help error: In dweibull(x, shape, scale, log) : NaNs produzidos
1:07PM 1 breaks display of hist
12:56PM 3 Plot Many Data to same plot
11:55AM 0 add.cross.strata.test function query
11:07AM 0 Parameter estimation of Reduced model
7:38AM 2 Debugging using RStudio or any other R editor
7:25AM 1 Questions on Data reading using zoo package
6:58AM 1 sqlite create new unique id
6:12AM 0 BHHH algorithm on duration time models for stock prices
5:50AM 0 mvabund package: errors using manyglm() and meanvar.plot()
5:28AM 2 Using substitute in nested function calls
5:07AM 0 Take a look at this
4:35AM 1 Use probesets with highest baseline expression for differntial gene expression in LIMMA
4:26AM 0 useR! 2012 Early Bird Registration Ends Soon
3:41AM 1 Multiplication usijg apply
3:31AM 1 How to download all packages and then install
2:28AM 2 Dataframes in PLS package
12:50AM 2 bootstrap in time dependent Cox model‏
12:18AM 1 System is computationally singular error when using cholesky decompostion in MCMC
Monday February 20 2012
11:54PM 1 how to print km square in the form of km2
11:39PM 1 question on axis labels
11:22PM 1 bigmemory not really parallel
11:15PM 1 Call R from C
11:07PM 1 prediction for linear mixed model
10:32PM 1 slope in curves - how to compare?
9:46PM 1 counting characters starting point
7:15PM 1 error with persp()- increasing 'x' and 'y' values expected
5:17PM 1 Disabling shell access through system() possible?
5:14PM 1 Time Series - Trend Line
4:29PM 1 how to How to compare the concordance index between two nomograms with R
4:17PM 0 How to change the objective function of quantile regression?
3:26PM 1 FW: Problems with R
3:21PM 2 Column wise matrix multiplication
3:15PM 2 Computing plot size in Sweave
3:11PM 2 stats on transitions from one state to another
3:07PM 3 Confused: Inconsistent result?
3:00PM 1 Metafor: Moderator variables for each study arm
1:45PM 1 Triangular Test
1:21PM 1 Time taken to process a file after a socket connection was made
1:15PM 3 How to determine a subset of a binary strings?
12:16PM 0 How to inset a cell into a matrix?
11:35AM 0 GTK
11:34AM 0 Problems with installation of lsa package
10:57AM 1 chisq.test vs manual calculation - why are different results produced?
10:34AM 2 Help on lattice barchart ploting
10:27AM 2 overlay of two sets of boxplots
10:18AM 9 Sorting strings
10:04AM 3 Run function several times changing only one argument - without a loop
9:40AM 1 apply with as function ifelse with 2 logical conditions
8:40AM 0 Basic advice for a poLCA newbie
4:39AM 1 random numbers
3:33AM 0 repeating or looping within an apply statement to handle multiple variables
2:05AM 1 Reporting Kaplan-Meier / Cox-Proportional Hazard Standard Error, km.coxph.plot, survfit.object
12:47AM 2 R
Sunday February 19 2012
10:13PM 2 installing the package Rcplex
9:44PM 0 mixed anova models with aov
6:44PM 1 Basic Model Setup Question from a Beginner
6:25PM 3 Non-parametric test for repeated measures and post-hoc single comparisons in R?
5:58PM 1 GTK+
5:46PM 1 time-series trend classification
4:05PM 1 World Heat/Rainbow Map
3:45PM 1 coxme: model simplification using LR-test?
12:31PM 2 barplot with more than 1 variable
10:08AM 0 how to identify which value is missing from array/variable
9:56AM 1 how to delete all classes & variables in current & previously saved history?
7:48AM 2 JGR Segmentation fault
7:30AM 2 changing names with different character sets
6:22AM 2 > 14 points for lines(y~x)
3:06AM 1 parse .ps files with R?
Saturday February 18 2012
11:00PM 3 R help
10:34PM 1 Plot OctTree
8:08PM 1 Finicky factor comparison operators
7:09PM 2 Counting value changes
3:44PM 1 help updating package rJava (on ubuntu)
12:57PM 2 transforming a data frame to matrix
10:05AM 2 CI for the median difference
6:41AM 3 foreach %do% and %dopar%
5:44AM 1 proto: make a parameter persist
5:42AM 1 Multiple planes in a scatterplot3d
4:03AM 1 is there a command to withdraw already performed command in R?
1:51AM 4 assigning NULL to a list element
12:54AM 2 still need read.zoo command help
Friday February 17 2012
10:51PM 0 error with read.zoo, "Error in xy.coords(x, y) : (list) object cannot be coerced to type 'double'
8:20PM 1 R's list data structure
7:56PM 6 convert zoo object to "standard" R object so I can plot and output to csv file
7:36PM 4 covariance
6:55PM 0 Job posting for programmer with database skills
5:30PM 1 Hoe to resample matrices to test for the robustness of their correlation
5:24PM 3 editing import data, strings
5:09PM 0 QR codes can be generated with R-cran?
2:58PM 1 basic help: graph multivariate analysis.
2:57PM 1 Standard errors from predict.gam versus predict.lm
1:26PM 5 How to change the order of columns in a data frame?
12:42PM 2 Neighbour List to Matrix
12:01PM 1 Load packages from source
11:44AM 2 (subscript) logical subscript too long in using apply
10:18AM 1 Different cp values in rpart() using plotcp() and printcp()
10:08AM 1 Plotting issue
9:35AM 2 Error message in gamm. Problem with temporal correlation structure
8:32AM 1 QQ plot
8:02AM 1 Dataframe subset - why doesn't this work?
7:10AM 3 stepwise selection for conditional logistic regression
6:12AM 1 Creating XML using apply
5:39AM 2 lmer - error message
4:58AM 1 incomplete final line found by readTableHeader on 'test.csv'
1:32AM 4 How can I tabulate time series data (in RStudio or any other R editor)?
12:55AM 1 time series interpolation - zoo? approx? spline? what to use?
12:31AM 1 time series manipulation what functions are "best"
12:28AM 0 ANOVA for glmnet
Thursday February 16 2012
10:50PM 2 Problem building up ggplot graph in a loop.
10:41PM 3 Asking About packages "rimage"
7:42PM 3 Graphing lines of different lengths
6:15PM 2 Wilcoxon test p value with one decimal place
5:44PM 1 Repeated cross-validation for a lm object
4:43PM 1 how to get r-squared for a predefined curve or function with "other" data points
4:32PM 2 creating series of vectors
4:18PM 2 Multiple line-plot
4:18PM 2 import .csv file into R
4:15PM 2 how to rbind matrices from different loops
3:40PM 0 extract weighting values from a relevance vector machine (kernlab package)
3:12PM 1 Reading Text Files with RODBC
2:00PM 0 Different cp values by plotcp() and printcp() in rpart()
1:47PM 2 Defining a viewport scale in {Grid}
1:38PM 1 Is there a function for scatter3d with Categorical responses?
12:00PM 1 Reading spss files into R - warnings
11:50AM 2 Legend vanishes when placed outside the graph
11:39AM 1 Symbol size in plot relative to axis scale and not the graphics window
11:34AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 108, Issue 16
11:31AM 3 ACM Software Copyright and License Agreement
9:17AM 2 help with e+01 number abbreviations
8:53AM 1 Howto plot ROC Curve Directly from SN/PPV
8:22AM 1 help with ancestral.pars in phangorn package
8:08AM 2 How can we access element(s) of a time series object?
6:22AM 2 variable ordering
6:06AM 1 Resurrecting old Splus objects
4:33AM 0 How to compare R-CNR tree regression results with R-NNet neural network result?
3:25AM 3 Converting ts into xts and subsetting
Wednesday February 15 2012
11:36PM 1 Using R with Netezza
10:58PM 1 influence.measures()
10:43PM 2 [newbie] separating plot output from debug output
10:26PM 2 Link to a Network computer
8:33PM 1 Cannot use setClass() in Rscript
8:31PM 1 neuralnet problem
8:18PM 1 R Package "example" section of .Rd file question (think it's a non-ASCII issue, but not sure...)
7:42PM 2 Plotting monthly maps from yearly data
7:18PM 2 Control number of assets in resulting portfolio with optimizations using package fPortfolio
7:00PM 1 model fitting
4:38PM 0 bootstrapping quantile regression
4:34PM 7 ggplot rank stack bar automatically.
4:33PM 2 integrate (error: evaluation of function gave a result of wrong length)
4:29PM 3 R citation for the 2012
4:02PM 2 function similar to ddply? + calculations based on previous row
3:46PM 2 Error in rep.int(boxwex, n) : negative length vectors are not allowed
3:33PM 3 built a lower triangular matrix from dataframe
3:00PM 1 smooth.spline() unique 'x' values error
2:55PM 1 LaTeX and Sweave on windows
2:35PM 2 assign same legend colors than in the grouped data plot
2:22PM 0 spplot settings
2:18PM 1 Parameter estimation of gamma distribution
1:40PM 0 Finite mixtures of Generalized Linear Mixed models with random effects
1:35PM 1 X11 fonts problems
12:34PM 1 source code of MARS
12:24PM 1 Passing date as parameter while retrieving data from database using dbGetQuery
12:22PM 0 standardized regression coefficients
11:44AM 0 XML package: modify info of internal node
10:50AM 1 Multiple linear Regression: Standardized Coefficients
9:43AM 3 working on a vector with named elements - unname
9:38AM 1 How to replace range of data in a dataframe
9:34AM 0 R & Cassandra
8:31AM 2 help in run if
8:04AM 0 Differences between Factors in Non-Linear Data
7:06AM 1 Error while doing T-test
4:17AM 7 matching a sequence in a vector?
3:58AM 1 Using readBin to read binary "unformatted" output files from Fortran?
1:04AM 0 Warning When Importing SPSS Files XXXX
1:02AM 2 Splitting a data list into smaller data lists
Tuesday February 14 2012
10:36PM 2 how to test the random factor effect in lme
10:21PM 4 Color cells of a matrix as in Excel
9:46PM 1 Filling out a data frame row by row.... slow!
9:14PM 3 Spline Question
8:50PM 1 txtStart creates a NULL file
8:13PM 1 Strange plotting error
7:35PM 1 Creating categories from a date-time object
7:02PM 3 execute array of functions
6:36PM 0 finding the subscript of a vector fulfiiling a given condition
6:29PM 1 svm with GRASS GIS
6:16PM 0 weights in glm() of logistic regression when response is proportion
5:36PM 1 Plotting function image
5:09PM 0 New version: dclone 1.7-1 and dcmle 0.1-4 rolled out
5:04PM 1 sequential sum
5:01PM 2 Access to OpenBLAS
4:58PM 2 How to suppress the empty plots in xyplot (lattice)
4:34PM 1 cumsum function to determine plankton phenology
2:54PM 3 Wildcard for indexing?
2:20PM 2 save objects of own function to workspace
1:44PM 3 Selecting elements from all items in a list
12:41PM 3 configure lyx2.0.2 with sweave in windows 32 bit.
12:30PM 1 Calculate mean between to classes for each ID
11:42AM 1 cross validation in rvm not working? (kernlab package)
11:21AM 1 testing for a distribution of probability
11:01AM 0 cumsum formula to determine plankton phenology
10:07AM 4 save output of loop
9:04AM 0 Modular coding in R, OOP
8:03AM 1 packfor
7:16AM 1 Fill blank column in the data frame
5:46AM 1 help with matrix column cleaning
5:34AM 1 sequencing environments
5:26AM 0 Selection by ordered factors
12:16AM 1 hexplom question(s)
Monday February 13 2012
11:24PM 3 mgcv: increasing basis dimension
11:20PM 2 different way for a for loop for several columns?
11:02PM 1 comment lines sometimes removed from a function on exit from internal R editor
10:54PM 3 fit data to y~A+B*sin(C*x)
10:45PM 1 survey package svystat objects from predict()
10:38PM 1 matrix subsetting
10:12PM 0 Error Message Comes from the Vuong Function
10:07PM 3 Change dataframe-structure
9:59PM 3 If (x > 0)
9:59PM 2 Writing R-scripts
9:26PM 0 new package on CRAN: multivator
9:14PM 1 entropy package: how to compute mutual information?
8:47PM 1 access R basic libraries
8:30PM 0 Singling out observations
7:19PM 1 Question scatterplot axis cut point
7:00PM 2 Puzzling... puzzling... puzzling...
6:56PM 1 only 0s may be mixed with negative subscripts
6:56PM 0 meboot - can it handle outliers and missing values?
6:34PM 1 for loop
6:22PM 2 R's AIC values differ from published values
6:05PM 1 non-isomorphic sequences
6:01PM 1 Cumulative density (kernel smoothing)
5:43PM 0 Logistic regression with non-gaussian random effects
5:16PM 0 pairwise comparisons with multcomp package
5:15PM 1 Including .exe files in an R package
4:45PM 0 Suggests/Enhances or .onLoad for S3-methods for optional package
3:48PM 2 Deleting rows and columns containing NA's and "" only
3:23PM 2 kernlab - error message: array(0, c(n, p)) : 'dim' specifies too large an array
3:19PM 1 multi-regression with more than 50 independent variables
3:15PM 0 kernlab - rvm error message: Error in if (length(data) != vl)
3:07PM 1 MCMCglmm with cross-classified random effects
2:24PM 1 Two surfaces in one plot with visibility
1:50PM 1 non linear quantile regression - Median not plotting where it should
1:11PM 0 Wavelet and inverse wavelet to filter data
11:48AM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 108, Issue 13
10:08AM 2 logical operator for different dimensions
9:51AM 2 see NA
9:48AM 0 Error from GNLS (undefined columns selected)
9:28AM 0 Is it possible to run multiple instances of Tinn-R?
9:12AM 0 Release plans for 2.14.2 and 2.15.0
8:43AM 1 Retrieve by Id from an R list
5:38AM 1 comparing vectors with condition
3:56AM 3 Assigning a function to the 'times' argument of rep()
3:02AM 2 best subset selection on random effects model
2:46AM 1 Any package for best subset selection on random effects model?
12:38AM 1 Warnings from script - where?
12:36AM 2 finding and describing missing data runs in a time series
12:05AM 2 Error in apply(x2, 1, diff) : dim(X) must have a positive length
12:05AM 4 Reading in csv with footer
Sunday February 12 2012
11:39PM 1 how to extract p values in svyglm
11:24PM 2 Is it possible or has it been done?
10:51PM 2 dotplots with error bars
8:28PM 3 Writing output into a file
6:01PM 0 Diallele codes
5:54PM 3 Vector manipulation
5:52PM 5 Sample function in R
3:52PM 1 How to import time-series data
3:35PM 1 readLines vs scan
3:17PM 3 Counting the loop-round of a "for"-loop
3:07PM 3 DF grouping
1:51PM 1 Longitudinal Factor Analysis
1:19PM 0 how to plot a nice legend
12:39PM 2 ANCOVA post-hoc test
10:09AM 2 plotting dates, incorrectly scaled x-axis?
5:07AM 0 The forecasting of images
12:49AM 2 Reading data from a worksheet on the Internet
Saturday February 11 2012
11:56PM 0 Using igraph: community membership of components built by decompose.graph()
10:20PM 2 Get identical results for parallel and sequential?
10:19PM 2 How to see a R function's code
10:12PM 1 R Parallel question
9:51PM 2 obtaining a true/false vector with combination of strsplit, length, unlist,
6:17PM 3 Counting occurences of variables in a dataframe
6:13PM 1 AMOVA error: 'bin' must be numeric or a factor
5:49PM 1 Embed R code in online database
5:11PM 2 Derive pattern from vector
3:01PM 2 Detect numerical series
2:43PM 1 object not found - Can not figure out why I get this error: Error in NROW(yCoordinatesOfLines) : object 'low' not found
12:49PM 1 updating one's own package
11:44AM 0 How to solve long tick labels (axis.text.x)
5:10AM 0 Combining two or more KML files in R
2:12AM 0 issues with read.spss
12:05AM 1 multiple histograms from a dataframe
Friday February 10 2012
11:34PM 1 Scriptable Integration
10:18PM 0 garchSim with starting error and variance given?
9:29PM 1 stepwise variable selection with multiple dependent variables
8:45PM 5 how to plot a nice legend?
8:13PM 2 apply pairs function to multiple columns in a data frame
7:17PM 2 Discrete Event Simulation problem
6:53PM 0 a) t-tests on loess splines; b) linear models, type II SS for unbalanced ANOVA
6:22PM 0 range and anisotropy with RandomFields
6:02PM 3 Schwefel Function Optimization
5:35PM 0 Revolutions Blog: January Roundup
5:07PM 0 Find exit status inside on.exit
4:55PM 4 function arrows.circular not working
4:43PM 1 Formatting Y axis.
4:15PM 3 problem subsetting data frame with variable instead of constant
3:22PM 1 debug in a loop
2:55PM 1 How to combine two matrix or vectors
2:14PM 0 coxme with frailty
2:12PM 1 best option for big 3D arrays?
1:42PM 3 Help needed please
1:40PM 0 Multiple comparisons of lme model - interactions?
12:55PM 1 Need to aggregate large dataset by week...
12:33PM 2 Find interval between numbers in list or vector
12:14PM 1 Trust in a glm.nb model results with an itereation limit reached
11:28AM 0 clustering and the region of integration
11:03AM 0 how to made .exe of any gui project in R
10:02AM 0 Recall@p plot using ROCR?
9:43AM 0 access results of graph.maxflow and program max-flow algorithm
9:37AM 1 Rpart and splitting criteria
8:43AM 1 Q - scatterplots
8:02AM 2 Split matrix into square submatices
4:00AM 1 making multiple lines using qqplot
3:53AM 1 colnames documentation
3:20AM 6 Importing a CSV file
2:44AM 2 the value of the last expression
2:43AM 2 naiveBayes: slow predict, weird results
2:25AM 1 calculations combining values from different rows
12:56AM 1 Bug with memory allocation when loading Rdata files iteratively?
12:30AM 1 Custom caret metric based on prob-predictions/rankings
12:00AM 1 Choosing glmnet lambda values via caret
Thursday February 9 2012
11:58PM 1 Finding all the coefficients for a logit model
10:56PM 1 Apply pmax to dataframe with different args based on dataframe factor
10:56PM 1 Constraint on one of parameters.
10:37PM 1 Package ICSNP
10:17PM 1 memory management
10:15PM 0 Coherence of two matrices
10:01PM 1 get the first character element from a list
9:48PM 1 how to change x-axis ?
9:39PM 1 How to properly build model matrices
8:51PM 4 Getting codebook data into R
8:42PM 1 passing an extra argument to an S3 generic
7:28PM 1 Tukey HSD
7:13PM 2 Lattice 3d coordinate transformation
5:53PM 1 complex subscript/superscript on axis labels
5:47PM 2 fill an array by rows
5:44PM 2 loading packages in a function
5:15PM 1 Grouping together a time variable
4:50PM 0 object size versus saved size?
4:38PM 1 Row-wise kronecker product with Matrix package
4:37PM 2 ifelse
4:02PM 0 Any R course in New York or Washington DC in March?
3:53PM 0 February-March 2012 ***R/S-PLUS Courses***by XLSolutions Corp at 9 USA locations
3:44PM 0 Some question about "rpart" and splitting criterion
3:16PM 0 Question about measurment invariance in a multigroup SEM
3:08PM 1 problem with arrows( )
2:31PM 0 Cumulative R2 and Q2 values?
2:24PM 1 Weibull Distribution
2:05PM 2 AUC, C-index and p-value of Wilcoxon
2:04PM 1 how to specify the Oy axis length
1:52PM 1 Tr: Re: how to pass weka classifier options with a meta classifier in RWeka?
1:38PM 2 generate matrices
1:31PM 0 how to pass weka classifier options with a meta classifier in RWeka?
1:26PM 0 Java heap space Error while reading table from postgres database using RJDBC
1:07PM 0 Help with TimeSeries
12:52PM 1 subset select="variable with a list of names"
12:43PM 0 Workflow when using git (e.g. github) as SVN repo for package
12:39PM 1 sample points - sp package
12:32PM 2 GLM - guess the distribution of the response variable
12:30PM 1 Outlier removal techniques
12:21PM 2 factor level for non-existing value
12:18PM 3 how to exclude rows with not-connected coalitions
11:25AM 0 To write a function for getting the node numbers in "rpart" analysis..
11:11AM 1 Hotelling T2 test extension for multigroup data
10:53AM 1 Arial font in eps figures in R
10:46AM 1 poLCA and conditional dependence
9:22AM 2 Subset a datafram according to time
9:08AM 1 width and alignment of Latex table columns
7:54AM 3 calling the function which is stored in a list
6:24AM 0 google login via RCurl
2:48AM 3 Rearanging Data
1:00AM 2 ROCR crashes for simple recall plot
Wednesday February 8 2012
11:01PM 3 Version control (git, mercurial) for R packages
10:25PM 1 basic debugging
9:56PM 0 [newbie] modules.sourceforge.net and system(...) calls
9:11PM 2 Split dataframe into new dataframes
9:02PM 1 evaluate one variable in an expression with two variables
8:57PM 2 dropterm in MANOVA for MLM objects
8:50PM 3 How to store the p value and number of events into a matrix
8:45PM 1 How indices calculated in package "boot"
8:34PM 4 "unsparse" a vector
8:11PM 1 standard error for lda()
7:45PM 2 How to stop a loop for?
7:14PM 1 Wriritng to a CSV file
6:32PM 1 syntax problem with formula / nls
5:44PM 1 Error in Rd[[which]] : subscript out of bounds
5:33PM 4 String position character replacement
4:43PM 1 Force printing of excluded axis annotations
4:37PM 2 Memory allocation problem (again!)
4:19PM 1 search tutorial for function "tt" in cox.zph
3:42PM 0 glm.fit and pearson's correlation coefficient
3:27PM 0 randomForest
3:16PM 0 earth package question
2:36PM 1 find a row identical to another
2:35PM 3 library(forecast): Error in SD.test(x, m) : Insufficient data
2:17PM 1 Random sample from truncated distributions
2:12PM 7 decimal number format as quarter
1:56PM 0 How to start JGR in full window?
1:51PM 1 get information on .C code
12:56PM 3 check for nearest value in a vector
12:09PM 2 Problems reading tab-delim files using read.table and read.delim
12:06PM 1 optparse::parse_args, using equals sign or not
10:54AM 2 remove NAs from list collectively
6:27AM 0 path enumeration in a graph
6:17AM 2 which R package is used for browsing web pages through coding
5:44AM 0 MCMCglmm
5:23AM 2 data management question
4:34AM 1 Fitting polynomial (power greater than 2)
4:07AM 2 How to have columns lined up?
4:07AM 1 Discrimination and calibration of Cox model
2:11AM 2 need help with understanding coxph encoding
1:02AM 1 "Zoomable" time series plots
12:08AM 3 R equivalent of Python str()?
Tuesday February 7 2012
11:47PM 2 units for mapproject() function result
11:05PM 6 Setting up infile for R CMD BATCH
10:49PM 2 How to figure out the number of data values in a list?
10:47PM 0 rJava load failure, 64-bit R, 64-bit Java, R 2.14.1 (works fine on R 2.12.2 64-bit, same computer)
10:00PM 1 fixed effects linear model in R
9:14PM 0 gmodels error: "no method for coercing this S4 class to a vector"
9:08PM 2 Help need
9:01PM 0 truncated regression
8:53PM 1 survfit is too slow! Looking for an alternative
7:36PM 1 lme, lmer, convergence
6:29PM 2 3D confidence ellipsoid with ellipse projections onto 2D plane
6:05PM 1 replace elements of a data frame
5:58PM 1 .Random.seed not found
5:43PM 2 predict.naiveBayes() bug in e1071 package
4:45PM 0 Reading a Fixed-Width File with SAS import instructions directly into an R data frame
4:39PM 2 Vectorizing a loop
4:13PM 1 Best way to remove all objects but leave the functions in a workspace.
3:32PM 2 Actual vs. predicted survival times
3:03PM 1 Problem with plotting a square 1 x 3 plot and placement of outer margin text
2:54PM 2 Weighted mad
2:40PM 1 na.action in stats::factanal()
2:35PM 1 fixed effects with clustered standard errors
2:23PM 1 R2WinBUGS error message
11:42AM 3 Lattice - different axis length
11:11AM 1 binomial vs quasibinomial
9:40AM 1 xtable "beta" testing wanted
9:14AM 0 GLM Quasibinomial - 48 models
8:58AM 0 A question on p-value of Unit Root Tests using “urca” toolbox
8:29AM 1 using mclapply (multi core apply) to do matrix multiplication
6:47AM 2 box.cox
5:22AM 1 read.csv "Duplicate row.names not allowed"
5:08AM 0 How to simulate rating scale from skewed and kurtosis ??
1:54AM 0 3d average values
1:05AM 1 alternating element in url
12:51AM 0 new to R - text command - background color
12:38AM 0 SCperf package is now available on CRAN
12:27AM 5 Table rearranging
Monday February 6 2012
10:03PM 1 rscript in cmd window stop
9:59PM 0 How do I get the CEM (coarsened exact matching) package to run?
8:53PM 1 Creating time series (ts) object
8:29PM 3 Duplicate rows when I combine two data.frames with merge!
8:11PM 1 Getting the list of lines evaluated in a function call
8:02PM 0 sqsSave() test using Test.R script returning error suggesting no values upon "insert"
7:31PM 0 Random draws from an ANOVA-like design with given population effect sizes
7:22PM 2 dividing values of each column in a dataframe
7:03PM 2 Reordering levels of a factor when the factor is part of a data frame
6:54PM 0 Genetic based classification tree induction
6:34PM 5 I bet apply has a solution
6:03PM 0 Suggestion for "drop the loser" design and analysis in R?
5:42PM 1 na.action in stats::factanal() must be using formula interface and dataframe input to specify na.action?
5:15PM 1 Disable contrasts in lme
4:50PM 1 ggplot2 geom_polygon fill
4:32PM 0 Heckman selection Model with HLM structure
3:08PM 3 Logistic Regression
2:40PM 5 Colors vector based on group
2:37PM 1 lmer with spatial and temporal random factors, not nested
2:24PM 1 MLEs using optim
1:44PM 1 Multi-page PDF using dev.copy2pdf(filename, onefile=TRUE)?
12:55PM 1 R enterprise for linux
12:43PM 1 multiple comparisons in nested design
11:52AM 1 how to access values from functions
11:46AM 0 Orthogonal contrasts in mixed-effect models
11:29AM 1 using file in hdfs for data mining algorithms in r
11:29AM 1 appending variable's values in table like fashion
11:18AM 0 AIC for piecewise and cuadratic comparison
11:15AM 2 creating more vectors out of one
10:56AM 2 glht (multicomparisons) with a binomial response variable
10:15AM 1 R's memory capabilities
7:15AM 1 i want to retrieve count for each freq of given summary from table()
6:40AM 2 rounding of integer
6:36AM 2 R-RApache to develop Knowledge Base
4:24AM 1 RandomForest ... Always Returning a 1?
3:54AM 0 Goodness of Fit for Archimedean Copulas
3:48AM 1 [newbie] storage/use of user's own functions?
2:28AM 1 Simple lm/regression question
2:27AM 1 replace some values of a column with diffrent values
2:01AM 2 how do I exort a list of numbers into csv file?
1:31AM 2 histogram
Sunday February 5 2012
10:30PM 4 nested if else statements
10:21PM 0 revision tags in package files
10:12PM 1 Author@R
9:23PM 2 text command - how to get a white background to cover grid lines
8:45PM 1 how to REPLACE VALUES in a dataframe
7:05PM 1 How to Calculate Percentage of Data within certain SD of Mean
6:43PM 0 How to fetch data from MySql DB using Quantmod package?
6:20PM 1 R- Fisher Information
3:04PM 2 R-Censoring
2:54PM 2 vectors of matrix as iinput to lapply
2:29PM 1 Simulating from a Normal Inverted Wishart distribution
12:52PM 1 Covariate model in nlme
9:54AM 1 Grouping miliseconds By Hours
8:01AM 3 debugging R
7:53AM 2 how to avoid writing index in write.table command
2:55AM 0 Lattice: correct use of ltransform3dto3d to plot a surface under a cloud ?
1:29AM 1 R - Array data loop selection
12:13AM 1 fractional cointegration
Saturday February 4 2012
10:18PM 1 problem with windows metafile
6:14PM 1 least squares solution to linear system
6:00PM 0 2011 Journal of Statistical Software
5:42PM 2 How to Compare the median to the mean?
5:13PM 2 unlink: parameter "force" not available in R windows version
4:57PM 0 glm()
4:18PM 1 GGPLOT2: Distance of discrete values of from each end of x-axis
3:27PM 1 Making a point-sampling matrix
2:36PM 1 Fisher Imformation
2:11PM 0 eliminate rows with all NA values in matrix of special class
2:07PM 2 want to drop levels of table vector & join two vector(appending)
11:34AM 0 r-help, survival
10:41AM 1 'deparse(substitute'))' then 'assign' in a S4 methods
6:56AM 3 effect function (effects package)
1:43AM 0 Binding matrices of different sizes
12:57AM 0 R: sample size package
12:57AM 1 combining data structures
Friday February 3 2012
11:57PM 1 Simulating from "matrix variate normal distribution"
11:17PM 2 If and apply?
10:28PM 2 Having trouble controlling plot() output (e.g., color)
9:23PM 1 incomplete final line found on <name of my sourced function file>
9:16PM 1 ordering of factor levels in regression changes result
9:11PM 1 Reading table data from PDF files
9:10PM 0 zeroinfl package - Year effect and precision
8:38PM 1 GAM (mgcv) warning: matrix not positive definite
8:28PM 1 Fail to install odfWeave
7:54PM 1 Using {tabularx} latex package with the {xtable} package?
5:25PM 3 creating R package
5:05PM 0 Scaling in optimization
4:53PM 2 Hanging -- please help decipher event report
4:45PM 1 aggregate arrays
4:37PM 2 sapply help
4:16PM 3 [fields] image.plot abends with NAs in image.plot.info
3:45PM 1 How to use a sequence of covariates in linear model (lm)?
3:35PM 3 Flexmix new data classification
3:25PM 3 Cannot get "==" operator to return TRUE
2:26PM 1 Memory leaks in .C-interface
2:00PM 2 Clear last x entries of R console
1:34PM 3 strftime - Dates from Excel files
1:00PM 2 Uploading into R
12:34PM 1 newly install old and present R versions
11:26AM 3 replicate rows
11:25AM 1 coxme with frailty--variance of random effect?
11:24AM 0 Major update: paramlink version 0.6-1
10:24AM 1 Compilation of .C into .dll
10:12AM 0 Incremental Sparse Bridge PLS algorithm (iSB-PLS)
10:07AM 2 Assigning objects to variable and variable to list in a for loop
10:05AM 4 how to plot several curves in the same frame
9:31AM 2 iterating through for loop
8:31AM 2 ggplot theme_update
7:45AM 1 A question on Unit Root Test using "urca" toolbox
6:53AM 0 Nested? Two-way ANOVA with repeated measures
4:38AM 1 Logistic population growth and deSolve
4:05AM 1 Contour plot with messy field data.
3:41AM 0 Tukey Type III SS vs Type I SS
1:52AM 0 auto.key and simpleTheme
Thursday February 2 2012
10:54PM 4 an unusual use for R
10:25PM 0 How to run GLM with burr distribution?
10:22PM 0 bigkmeans not parallel
9:42PM 1 gsub syntax help
9:18PM 1 Calculate the natural log of cdf between 2 intervals
8:42PM 2 Post hoc test for lm() or glm() ?
8:24PM 1 possibly Error in R version 2.12.1 (2010-12-16)
7:29PM 0 Predict function
6:29PM 1 Fiedler
6:28PM 2 R-Project at university.
6:19PM 0 Two-Way PERMANOVA with Repeated Measurements
5:20PM 2 Vertical string with horizontal letters
4:28PM 0 Organizing Large Datasets
3:48PM 0 glmer question
3:47PM 1 get mean of same elements in a data.frame
3:31PM 2 How to retrieve a column name of a data frame
3:18PM 1 calculation of probability values from multivariate normal densities
1:08PM 1 matrix element position: from length to dim
1:07PM 1 Draw vertical line segments between pairs of points
12:12PM 1 pgfSweave doesn't lazyload my objects
11:40AM 1 Writing out data
10:00AM 4 The "less than" (<) operator doesnt seem to perform as expected
9:57AM 0 Summary.formula question
8:26AM 2 time conversion from second to Y M D H M S format
5:55AM 3 How to get intersection of multiple vectors?
4:57AM 9 sqldf for Very Large Tab Delimited Files
3:21AM 2 Stuck with levels while reassigning dataframe colnames?
2:24AM 1 Problem with GMT+/- time zones
2:24AM 1 "shifted" bar chart / battleship curve
1:09AM 1 knncat broken on R 2.14?
12:48AM 2 Problem with range()
Wednesday February 1 2012
10:26PM 1 Combining month and year into a single variable
10:14PM 1 X11 error while plotting in R on OSX
9:34PM 1 Post-hoc test on ANCOVA
9:09PM 1 R-squared, how can I do to put this in a vector?
8:10PM 1 ggplot2(0.9.0): could not find function "=="
7:35PM 0 AutoRegression with Subset of Lags/Coefficients
7:19PM 0 ADVERT: two courses in R programming
6:47PM 1 Function to compute multi-response, multi-rater kappa?
5:43PM 1 problem working directory WinBUGS using R
5:07PM 1 Windows 7 installation of .qz package from SourceForge
4:45PM 2 Lag vector of dates by vector of days
3:55PM 6 While loop working with TRUE/FALSE?
3:45PM 1 Simulation confidence interval
1:59PM 0 Multi-response, multi-rater kappa?
1:17PM 0 add 'weights' in gamm with poisson or binomial family
10:38AM 1 randomForest: proximity for new objects using an existing rf
10:18AM 1 package sampling, function strata
10:16AM 1 Random Forest Package
9:59AM 0 r-help; fisher information
7:41AM 2 Problem with xtable- rescaling a table
6:49AM 3 Probit regression with limited parameter space
6:31AM 3 Optimisation
5:39AM 0 Help on the progam of CGE models
4:53AM 3 Plotting bar graph over a geographical map
2:37AM 1 Makefile to compile .so in src (was: Re: automated libR location)