R help - Nov 2011

Wednesday November 30 2011
10:33PM 1 RTisean executable problem in STLperArea
9:40PM 2 forecasting linear regression from lagged variable
8:53PM 1 Error adding Bigmemory package
7:21PM 0 formula for calculating the survival probability for nomogram
7:12PM 1 SAS to R: I would like to replicate a statistical analysis performed in SAS in R.
6:15PM 1 Package "field" missing from repositories
6:09PM 1 install "multtest" and "preprocessCore" packages in Bioconductor library
5:14PM 2 nls help
4:31PM 2 Bootstrapping for residuals
3:06PM 1 How can I pick a matrix from a function? (Out Product of Gradient)
3:00PM 1 help about fitdistr funtion
2:47PM 1 Nomogram with stratified cph in rms package, how to get failure probability
2:31PM 1 Problem installing the package tkrplot
1:15PM 1 Replace columns in a data.frame randomly splitted
1:10PM 3 how to call a function for each row
12:15PM 1 All combinations
11:12AM 1 glm step() fkt
10:51AM 2 Generalized singular value decomposition
10:10AM 1 Invalid number of components, ncomp
8:16AM 1 Replacing a value in a dataframe
5:13AM 0 Copula Scale
5:10AM 1 Storing the linear model object
2:39AM 2 Hiding message
12:04AM 1 R Interface to C / C++‏
Tuesday November 29 2011
11:08PM 0 Single Variable mlogit formatting
10:59PM 0 error death with backtrace --- how to "exit (0)"
10:10PM 0 [SOLVED]looking for beta parameters
10:02PM 3 Problem in log
9:22PM 1 Help in determining the formula for a mixed model analysis
8:21PM 2 aggregate syntax for grouped column means
7:48PM 1 Create an identifier variable
7:18PM 5 Why Numeric Values Become Factors in Data Frame
6:15PM 2 Parameters setting in functions optimization
6:07PM 1 hour in x-axis
5:51PM 2 Nomogram with stratified cph in Design package-- failure probability
5:04PM 2 format numbers without leading or trailing 0s
4:59PM 2 Weird Excel Time Format
4:57PM 1 Calculating the probability for a logistic regression
4:50PM 1 Notation
3:51PM 1 Making the lines thicker in histogram
3:43PM 2 Help needed in reproducing a plot
3:41PM 1 Problems with Raster and clim.pact packages with large netcdf files (2.7G) in x64 bit R
3:41PM 3 Matrix for correlation
1:45PM 1 heatmap.2 (blurred output heatmap)
1:36PM 2 Extracting from zip, removing certain file extensions
12:50PM 0 Any function\method to use automatically Final Model after bootstrapping using boot.stepAIC()
12:32PM 3 fill binary matrices with random 1s
12:15PM 2 Bayesian Quantile regression installation
12:09PM 1 regarding installation of bayesQR package
11:31AM 2 Non parametric, repeated-measures, factorial ANOVA
11:06AM 1 Read TXT file with variable separation
11:03AM 3 problem during installing bayesQR package for R 2.14 version
10:49AM 2 quick ANOVA question
10:04AM 1 Combining histograms and distribution curve
9:58AM 1 md.pattern ('mice') failure with more than 31 variables
7:37AM 0 Inlcudung classes in de contigency table + dataoverflow
6:28AM 0 Labels in xy-plots
6:08AM 1 Sum matrix by rows, conditional on value
5:32AM 2 Help with recast() syntax
3:45AM 0 How to calculate confidence interval for each level of a binary explanatory variable when there is interaction
3:19AM 2 how to transform a data file
3:09AM 3 Negative exponential fit
12:06AM 1 Hmisc break points error
Monday November 28 2011
11:12PM 0 (no subject)
9:53PM 0 A simulation project based Graded Response Model with multiple groups
9:37PM 1 2 Y-AXIS labels on the same (left-hand side) Y-AXIS XXXX
6:22PM 2 heat map - how to import a graphic?
5:45PM 1 solid of revolution
4:49PM 1 Comparing data
4:10PM 1 Running Shell Script with R
3:42PM 1 code problem with the optim() function
2:50PM 1 Fitting a linear model with lmer in the lme4 package
2:35PM 1 plotting multiple lines on single graph ggplot2
1:05PM 0 Plot nnet
12:02PM 2 problem in reading file
11:07AM 5 window manager interface commands for linux
10:55AM 2 Principal componet plot from lower triangular matrix file
10:38AM 1 regarding bayesian quantile regression r pkg mirror for india and its code
10:18AM 0 inverse of the weight function
8:39AM 1 Plotting a zoo object: lines and barplot
7:32AM 0 Repeated Measures ANCOVA
7:28AM 1 how to get AIC BIC information using funtion lm
6:46AM 1 Superimpose two graphs
5:41AM 1 system.time
4:16AM 2 efficient way to fill up matrix (and evaluate function)
3:24AM 1 Transform the original data to the "Copula Scale"
3:19AM 0 (no subject)
3:15AM 2 Retain parts of a matrix
2:54AM 1 detecting autocorrelation structure in panel data
2:28AM 3 Rprofile.site
12:23AM 0 function manipulation for integration
Sunday November 27 2011
7:39PM 0 dismo help
6:26PM 0 (no subject)
3:32PM 1 conflict when passing an argument to a function within an other function
3:02PM 1 Simplifying my code
12:48PM 0 Need Help with my Code for complex GARCH (GJR)
10:16AM 2 Transforming a string into a command
6:46AM 1 tikzDevice and sans serif
1:35AM 0 nnet plot
12:36AM 1 sqldf if iif
12:20AM 1 generating a vector of y_t = \sum_{i = 1}^t (alpha^i * x_{t - i + 1})
Saturday November 26 2011
11:59PM 1 data.table merge equivalent for all.x
10:38PM 1 append to PDF file
10:30PM 2 simplify source code
8:02PM 3 Question about randomForest
6:41PM 2 how "big" (in RAM and/or disk storage) is each of these objects in a list?
4:08PM 4 SPSS -> R
3:55PM 3 Time series merge?
3:07PM 1 dir.create() does not create directory
2:32PM 5 cumsum in 3d arrays
2:10PM 1 Constrained linear regression
12:05PM 1 Why it is happeing?
4:27AM 1 plot xy data
3:20AM 4 computationally singular error with mice()
Friday November 25 2011
10:09PM 1 variable types - logistic regression
7:56PM 1 regression fit
7:47PM 0 Dataset fit for Wavelet regression
7:23PM 2 perfectionism
5:50PM 1 Multiple selection, renaming and saving the results
1:37PM 1 plsr how to return my formula
1:32PM 0 New package 'colorout' to colorize R output on terminal emulators
1:27PM 3 counting values with some conditions in a simulation
12:47PM 0 fitting some form of linear model with bimodal distribution of dependent variable
11:38AM 0 Confidence and variance plots
9:51AM 1 rarefaction curves: unable to run the R script from Gimlet
8:49AM 1 Handling Packages
6:34AM 1 Help for RODBC usage on mac
5:19AM 0 Making vowelplot() (from the vowels pkg) work
4:22AM 2 options(errorfn=traceback)
3:37AM 1 Unable to reproduce Stata Heckman sample selection estimates
3:29AM 1 Copula Fitting Using R
Thursday November 24 2011
8:07PM 0 jzoj4 43vwibnt
7:50PM 1 CAPM-GARCH - Regression analysis with heteroskedasticity
7:48PM 2 proper work-flow with 'formula' objects and lm()
6:12PM 2 Question on density values obtained from kde2d() from package MASS
5:52PM 1 content of global environment with dump.frames()
5:52PM 0 loop through columns in S4 objects
5:51PM 0 R-2.14.0: read.csv2 with fileEncoding="UTF-8"
5:23PM 3 The contrast and Design libraries
5:05PM 3 Is there way to add a new row to a data frame in a specific location
4:33PM 0 sem package (version 2.1-1)
3:50PM 5 Objects disappearing in my R work space
3:48PM 1 R package for nested random-effects ANOVA models
2:59PM 1 pairs(), expression in label and color in text.panel
2:25PM 1 Horizontal Y axis title above the y axis
1:34PM 2 object 'gs' not found
1:18PM 1 Legend
1:12PM 1 Vegan: how to plot sites labes in diversity plot
12:50PM 1 readGDAL or raster for reading bit map files
12:44PM 2 understanding all.equal() output: "Mean relative difference"
12:28PM 2 how to add "waiting for page change" to my script
12:16PM 4 I cannot get species scores to plot with site scores in MDS when I use a distance matrix as input. Problems with NA's?
12:02PM 2 dataframe indexing by number of cases per group
11:50AM 0 (no subject)
11:43AM 0 looking for beta parameters
10:09AM 0 Error in expand.covs: 'data' must be an 'msdata' object
9:52AM 1 Need some vectorizing help
9:34AM 1 Installing rJava from source on Mac
6:16AM 2 da.norm function
4:15AM 0 Result too long a vector?
3:34AM 1 post the message
3:15AM 1 AlgDesign - $D $A $Ge $Dea
1:39AM 1 what is wrong with this dataset?
12:57AM 0 length of 'dimnames' [2] not equal to array extent
Wednesday November 23 2011
11:46PM 1 how to stack a list of arrays
10:26PM 2 Looping and paste
9:30PM 1 R for Windows - 5 stars award on Windows 7 Download
9:07PM 2 Frequency table
8:28PM 2 simple graph for economics
7:41PM 2 zeros to NA's - faster
7:29PM 1 character substitution within a variable name
7:02PM 1 Vegan: Diversity Plot, label points
7:01PM 2 avoiding the sample in built function
6:51PM 1 generate data
6:37PM 1 How to change Record "repeated"
5:20PM 1 How to explain interaction variable in Linear regression?
5:18PM 2 lines and points in xyplot()
4:37PM 1 CovSde F. sources?
4:17PM 1 sum row and col
4:16PM 2 How to increase precision to handle very low P-values
3:50PM 2 Bar charts, frequencies known, intervals of varying width
3:49PM 1 Density over time intervals
3:42PM 2 memory allocation in R
3:41PM 0 Error using coeftest() with a heteroskedasticity-consistent estimation of the covar.
3:34PM 2 Is there an easier way to iterate over multiple data frames in R?
2:43PM 1 Measure of separation for survival data
2:33PM 1 R-latex syntax highlighting?
2:33PM 0 Intervention Analysis
2:07PM 2 SPSS F-test on change in R square between hierarchical models
2:02PM 0 lattice : modifying strip names with 2 strips
1:44PM 2 How to extract particular words from various files
1:43PM 1 glmulti fails because of rJava
12:34PM 2 Correlation matrix removing insignificant R values
12:20PM 1 Losing custom attributes
11:59AM 2 bizarre seq() behavior?
11:40AM 0 fixed-effect or random-effect ANOVA model
11:24AM 0 R: Problems using log() in a plm() regression.
11:20AM 0 Combining pairs-plot with other plot
8:33AM 2 Aggregating two or more vaiables
8:32AM 1 REad bitmap files
3:36AM 0 Sample Size Calculation
2:33AM 1 Colorbar too wide in eps
1:32AM 2 Suggested alternative to rgdal for Mac for making bubble plots with R 2.14?
Tuesday November 22 2011
11:27PM 1 glht for lme object with significant interaction term
10:51PM 2 filtering probesets with Bioconductor?
9:58PM 3 making scatterplot easier to read
9:48PM 1 Graphics in vector format
9:00PM 1 Missing data?
8:45PM 1 Bezier curve in R?
8:40PM 5 x, y for point of intersection
8:26PM 1 Rcmdr numSummary: means of multiple variables without grouping
8:20PM 0 Help to inputting a pre-defined correlation structure in a Mixed Model
8:16PM 3 On-demand importing of a package
8:14PM 0 Lattice graph strips and axes
7:47PM 2 Header = T
7:29PM 1 Looking for a C function
7:01PM 4 Data Frame Search Slow
6:42PM 0 plotting output from LME with natural cubic spline
6:23PM 4 evaluation question
5:57PM 1 Compile R package under Windows
5:43PM 4 Removing rows in dataframe w'o duplicated values
4:30PM 1 help to setting a multiple (linear) regression model with a 5% significance level (threshold) for the inclusion of the model variables.
3:35PM 1 Varma models in the dse package
3:19PM 0 (no subject)
2:55PM 1 Cp -Inf
1:58PM 0 SE for parameters estimated by optim() - problem with constraints
1:42PM 0 snow package, socketConnection error, SSH, in Windows 7 x64
12:20PM 1 Similar function for Redun() from Hmisc ?
12:06PM 0 Error with step and glmmML
11:43AM 0 Goodness of fit test in fitdistrplus
11:37AM 3 logarithmically scaled y-axis in vioplot
9:55AM 0 attach 'name' argument ignored with a file?
7:26AM 0 Error in gls function in loop structure
6:21AM 2 problem in creating a dataframe
6:06AM 1 Capping outliers
5:29AM 3 Binned line plot
4:50AM 0 Unexpected result with lag() et diff() in plm package.
4:13AM 1 singular matrix in composition package
2:12AM 0 Session management in Rserv's java API
12:04AM 1 arima.sim: innov querry
Monday November 21 2011
10:18PM 3 How do I query "..." in a function call?
9:43PM 0 Compare two time series, at each time step
9:20PM 1 Error building R 2.14.0 from sources on Win7 x64
8:55PM 1 Lattice graph help
8:51PM 1 Read from HTML file, print if see a specific string
8:43PM 1 readDGE: Error in colnames/length of dimnames not equal to array extent
8:39PM 0 forest plots from rmeta package
7:36PM 2 count ties after rank?
7:31PM 1 Creating a list from all combinations of two lists
7:17PM 6 Scatter plot - using colour to group points?
5:20PM 2 errors with lme4
5:09PM 0 ANOSIM boxplot problem
4:59PM 0 aq.plot outcome
4:42PM 1 Sub sets
4:33PM 1 Sensitivity and Specificity Forest Plots
4:30PM 1 Weird R's behaviour with a quoted name
3:58PM 4 Discarding a matrix based on the rowSums value
3:42PM 5 R ignores number only with a nine under 10000
1:59PM 0 stepAIC
12:34PM 1 lm and loop over variables
12:33PM 1 Problems using log() in a plm() regression.
11:04AM 1 [OT] 1 vs 2-way anova technical question
10:55AM 0 In-place modification of a matrix
10:40AM 2 Change names on dataset
10:00AM 1 invalid command name "tk::MenuDup"
8:55AM 2 legend with pch and colors possible?
8:20AM 0 Survival curves for case control and control
7:52AM 1 Comments disappearing from local functions (R 2.14.0)
6:16AM 2 Generating Sequence of Dates
3:45AM 1 coverage plot
1:24AM 0 rJava and multicore
12:32AM 1 Setting hostname in the .Renvironment
Sunday November 20 2011
11:52PM 2 Continuasly Compunded Returns with quantmod-data
11:47PM 0 How to read the contents .dat file
11:34PM 1 Cox proportional hazards confidence intervals
11:14PM 3 install.package tseries
10:49PM 1 Searching for the first two characters of a string
10:45PM 1 Deleting multiple rows from a data matrix based on exp value
9:56PM 1 Need help with table() and apply()
9:25PM 1 Inserting blank records in a barplot
8:38PM 2 Adding two or more columns of a data frame for each row when NAs are present.
6:18PM 2 I'm writing this letter to enquire where can I download the package of "lmtest".
4:16PM 1 Transformations
2:32PM 1 create variable names using paste
12:21PM 0 anova to pca
12:16PM 2 ltm: Simplified approach to bootstrapping 2PL-Models?
11:46AM 3 logistic regression by glm
10:25AM 1 alpha_1 + beta_1 >1 in GARCH(1,1)
5:59AM 1 ICC - IntraClass Correlation Error
4:42AM 0 write.arff function in package foreign can't handle Date time
3:27AM 1 place values into a matrix efficiently?
3:03AM 0 NA handling in tree package
2:52AM 2 Function gives numeric(0) for every input
Saturday November 19 2011
11:31PM 1 Advice on recoding a variable depending on another which contains NAs
11:01PM 3 Data analysis: normal approximation for binomial
9:21PM 1 O/T] regression data set
8:19PM 3 persp() problem
7:37PM 0 Package HiveR 0.1-4 Released
5:46PM 0 XIII Meeting GRASS and GFOSS in Italy
3:11PM 2 the standard error of the quantile
2:08PM 1 Eclipse StatET - create own code formatting
11:49AM 1 wald test: compare quantile regression estimators from different samples
11:10AM 1 ANOVA and LSD TEST - contrasting results
11:03AM 0 Ask for help on Error() model
3:54AM 1 RStudio install
3:36AM 0 How to make a program for decision curve?
12:04AM 3 reshape data.frame
Friday November 18 2011
11:22PM 0 elemental composition from exact mass
11:22PM 1 couting events by subject with "black out" windows
11:14PM 2 cannot set the path to installed R packages when building a package vignette
11:06PM 1 [R-sig-ME] account for temporal correlation
10:48PM 1 Producing plot using polygon function
10:15PM 0 Problem Installing R RHEL x86_64 binary
10:02PM 1 Permutation matrix
8:52PM 2 Question about package installation
8:43PM 0 Kalman Filter with dlm
8:22PM 0 R and Tinn-R communication problems
7:03PM 3 tip: large plots
6:31PM 0 Block length for Bivariate Stationary Bootstrap for Inference for Correlation
6:03PM 1 How to fill irregular polygons with patterns?
5:06PM 1 R: writing data from one matrix into another with keeping NA's
4:54PM 1 autoregression
4:46PM 0 NB and poisson glm models: three issues
4:03PM 3 Permutations
3:11PM 1 One-way repeated measures ANOVA
3:09PM 4 length of empty string
3:06PM 1 Filling a variable with unmentioned categories
3:03PM 2 Export Tree for latex
2:34PM 0 StepAIC and boxplot
2:07PM 1 Ensuring a matrix to be positive definite, case involving three matrices
2:02PM 0 how to define the bound between parameters in nls() (Jinsong Zhao)
1:05PM 3 Apply functions along "layers" of a data matrix
12:45PM 1 number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
12:37PM 1 Reading a file w/ two delimiters
12:34PM 2 libpng warning: Application built with libpng-1.2.26 but running with 1.5.2
12:15PM 1 Import Access MDB on line
10:55AM 1 how to normalize a subset of affy data using MAS5 method
10:01AM 0 Sweave
9:58AM 0 GSOC-R 2012
9:25AM 1 cca with repeated measures
9:22AM 1 Fwd: xtable and sweave: caption placement problem
9:19AM 0 acast: how to obtain names?
8:33AM 2 xtable and sweave: caption placement problem
8:25AM 2 Bug in options(digits=n)??
8:01AM 2 assigning multiple outputs
6:10AM 0 calculating symmetric matrix
5:52AM 1 Drawing ticks in the 3rd and 4th row of a lattice
5:46AM 1 S4 : defining [<- using inheritance from 2 classes
5:00AM 0 Predicting response from new curves using fda package
2:44AM 1 extract positions from matrix
1:26AM 2 calling self written R functions
1:20AM 1 Delete Rows Dynamically Within a Loop
12:23AM 0 tikzDevice 0.6.2
Thursday November 17 2011
11:29PM 1 Fisher Exact Test
11:28PM 1 tuning random forest. An unexpected result
9:43PM 3 merging corpora and metadata
9:40PM 3 Obtaining a derivative of nls() SSlogis function
8:45PM 1 building biOps on macports, and configure--vars
7:35PM 0 Non-finite finite-difference value" error in eha's, aftreg
5:48PM 3 R help
4:50PM 1 How to Fit Inflated Negative Binomial
4:49PM 2 read.table with double precision
4:29PM 0 Time Series w/ Unequal Time Steps
4:24PM 2 function sum for array
4:13PM 1 White lines on persp plots in pdf format
3:37PM 2 Combining data
3:22PM 1 lme contrast Error in `$<-.data.frame`(`*tmp*`, "df", value = numeric(0)) :
3:00PM 1 Log-transform and specifying Gamma
2:37PM 2 how to read a freetext line ?
2:30PM 1 set random numbers seed for different cpu's
1:36PM 1 how to include a factor or class Variable
12:54PM 1 how to read the text ?
12:42PM 0 how to define the bound between parameters in nls()
11:36AM 1 How to resample one per group
10:42AM 0 aov how to get the SST?
10:18AM 1 Exclude NA while summing
8:54AM 2 RV: Reporting a conflict between ADMB and Rtools on Windows systems
7:25AM 1 Introducing \n's so that par.strip.text can produce multiline strips in lattice
6:30AM 1 Vectorizing for weighted distance
6:28AM 7 Spatial Statistics using R
5:54AM 1 R error function (NOT erf)
5:46AM 1 split list of characters in groups of 2
5:42AM 1 return only pairwise correlations greater than given value
4:45AM 1 how to read a free text file into individual variables
4:33AM 2 Adding a year to existing date
4:23AM 0 Cubic spline in nonlinear optimisation
4:02AM 1 Getting unique colours
2:59AM 1 Error When Installing the RODBC Package
2:07AM 0 new package: colorout (Colorize R output on terminal emulator)
12:11AM 3 Named rows in a table (data frame) read from a file
Wednesday November 16 2011
11:20PM 1 List of lists to data frame?
9:24PM 1 multiplying columns in matrix
9:23PM 1 read.table : fill missing entry with "unAvailable" [edit]
9:13PM 0 ANOVA on residuals to check for equality of variances
9:08PM 0 read.table : fill missing entry with "unAvailable"
8:13PM 2 apply on rows and columns?
7:41PM 1 Splitting row in function of time
7:16PM 1 boxplot strange behavior
5:35PM 2 Contour on top of 2d histogram
5:07PM 1 activate console
4:45PM 1 permutation within rows of a matrix
4:37PM 4 Pairwise correlation
4:00PM 1 Cubic Gradient Descent Package
3:54PM 1 simple script help
3:49PM 1 Checking for monotonic sequence
3:42PM 1 R not 'seeing' numbers?!
3:36PM 2 Error in random walk Metroplis-hasting
3:29PM 0 calculating variograms (gstat) with large data sets
3:16PM 3 access sublists by a variable
2:52PM 2 outlier identify in qqplot
2:12PM 3 changing date format in a dataframe
2:06PM 1 "Non-finite finite-difference value" error in eha's aftreg
2:00PM 1 calculating time interval distributions
1:56PM 3 Interpolating hourly basis
1:27PM 1 hierachical code system
1:25PM 1 detect subset in series
1:03PM 3 create list of names where two df contain == values
1:01PM 0 problem to tunning RandomForest, an unexpected result
12:55PM 1 Sequence Prediction
12:44PM 0 Maximum likelihood for censored geometric distribution
12:41PM 1 Numerical Format on axis
9:55AM 1 geom_bar with missing data in package ggplot
9:25AM 1 Replacing values in matrix/dataframe according to changing criteria
8:18AM 0 Plotting series with no data in xyplot
7:11AM 0 Determining second coordinate from distance
6:35AM 1 Theil decomposition
5:54AM 2 fitted.values in lm function
4:51AM 3 plotting a double y axis when x and y lengths differ
3:14AM 0 knn density estimation in R
12:03AM 2 Conversion of symmetry matrix into a vector
Tuesday November 15 2011
11:46PM 3 if/else scope
11:40PM 0 Forescasting using predict() in an object of class arimax when there is an outlier IO in the model.
10:55PM 1 Convert full matrix back to lower triangular matrix
10:38PM 5 Convert back to lower triangular matrix
9:50PM 0 mvProbit -- Multivariate Probit Models
9:31PM 1 Problem with substr
9:16PM 2 Question on exercise
9:12PM 1 equal spacing of the polygons in levelplot key (lattice)
9:10PM 3 Create a function with multiple object as an output
8:57PM 1 R Program
7:54PM 2 using tapply() with the quantile function?
7:50PM 1 package installtion
7:36PM 1 Plot alignment with mtext
7:12PM 1 Help with "error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH"
6:47PM 2 points() colored by value
6:43PM 0 ANNOUNCEMENT: 20% discount on the most recent R books from Chapman & Hall/CRC!
6:03PM 1 Estimating model parameters for system of equations
5:48PM 2 Extract pattern from string
5:41PM 0 mlpowsim
5:18PM 2 Regular expressions in R
4:18PM 2 Controlling the precision of the digits printed
4:02PM 3 how to indice the column in the data.frame
3:00PM 2 Models with ordered and unordered factors
2:46PM 0 ARMAtoAR function
2:26PM 1 grid.arrange, grid.layout - legend, global y axis title
2:12PM 2 Putting directory path as a parameter
1:34PM 2 RODBC conectar MySQL con R
1:26PM 0 Bootstrap values for hierarchical tree based on distaance matrix
1:06PM 2 break error bars in ggplot2
1:03PM 1 Creating Timeseries by manipulating data table
12:21PM 0 A question:How to plot hierarchical clustering with different colors?
12:14PM 0 How to plot hierarchical clustering with different colors?
11:33AM 0 Question regarding Kruskal-Wallis test
10:52AM 1 averaging between rows with repeated data
9:57AM 0 New site for Scientific Computing Q+A
8:14AM 0 Quantstrat; error with applyStrategy()
5:34AM 1 getting R2 (goodness of fit) result after using biglm()
4:50AM 1 Remove thw data from the dataframe
4:49AM 4 Remove names and more from list with capture.output()
3:49AM 3 Question about linear regression in R
2:44AM 2 Problem creating reference manuals from latex
2:34AM 0 Colored output in terminal emulator
1:21AM 3 Sweave and accented letters
12:59AM 1 gsub help
Monday November 14 2011
11:51PM 1 mapply then export
11:18PM 2 Checkinstall and R-2.14.0
10:11PM 1 gsDesign
9:52PM 0 JSS Special Volumes for 2011
9:41PM 1 Subset of a subset?
8:34PM 1 Adding units to levelplot's colorkey
8:26PM 0 reliability analysis
8:09PM 1 Problem with edit()
6:52PM 1 Power analysis and sample size calculation for nonlinear regression
6:40PM 1 string to list()
6:20PM 0 Binary ARMA
6:16PM 1 Plot 2 different fields with image.plot()
5:47PM 1 about R instalation
4:48PM 1 unable to get "R CMD" to work as expected on a 64 bit windows machine
4:38PM 0 size of pdf/eps output
4:21PM 0 rugarch data format?
4:10PM 3 max & min values within dataframe
3:59PM 7 Very simple loop
1:44PM 1 lme4:glmer with nested data
12:59PM 0 Enquiry about 2nd-order interactions survival analysis
12:25PM 0 Fwd: How to compute eigenvectors and eigenvalues?
12:10PM 0 parralellization without clustering (snow)
11:23AM 1 correlations between columns for each row
11:01AM 0 aov output question
10:53AM 2 How to compute eigenvectors and eigenvalues?
10:32AM 2 how to include integrate in a function that can be solved with uniroot?
9:57AM 2 arrow egdes and lty
9:20AM 2 Help with text separation
8:57AM 0 Automatic Labeling of Document Clusters
8:45AM 8 regular expression for selection
7:22AM 2 help in fitted values in lm function
6:59AM 1 Confused with an error message related to "plotrix" library in the newer versions of R.
6:46AM 1 Error .jcall(mxe, "S", "fit", c("autorun", "-e", afn, "-o", dirout, : java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: density.Params.readFromArgs([Ljava/lang/String; )Ljava/lang/String;
3:34AM 3 What is the CADF test criterion="BIC" report?
2:45AM 1 .jinit() : Cannot create Java virtual machine
2:02AM 0 rJava .jinit() : Cannot create Java virtual machine (-1)
12:33AM 1 2^k*r (with replications) experimental design question
12:22AM 1 issue plotting TukeyHSD
Sunday November 13 2011
10:13PM 1 libary(Rweka) J48 design tree
9:18PM 2 Running totals
8:20PM 1 sum of squares function
6:46PM 1 How to change the font of any help page
6:34PM 1 Function not found, maybe respective package has to be put in environment?
5:34PM 1 R development master class: NYC, Dec 12-13
5:31PM 1 Understand Ncells and Vcells, from gc()
5:23PM 1 To moderator
4:30PM 0 Has anyone used SIAR package add on?
4:23PM 2 cannot load zoo package
3:58PM 0 locator not-interactive
3:41PM 2 Generate the distribution
3:36PM 0 Roxygen2: version 2.2
3:30PM 1 issue using package sos
3:19PM 1 New PLYR issue
2:25PM 2 2^k experiment generator
1:10PM 1 Indirect references
12:42PM 0 LaF 0.3: fast access to large ASCII files
4:16AM 4 identify duplicate from more than one column
4:14AM 1 Myriam Saavedra M. Sc. Questions about maximun radius distance
Saturday November 12 2011
11:46PM 1 Simulation over data repeatedly for four loops
11:04PM 2 dev.new() within a loop
7:47PM 1 With an example - Re: rbind.data.frame drops attributes for factor variables
2:49PM 1 State space model
2:22PM 0 processing data of hierarchical river network
1:55PM 1 changelog for MASS?
1:09PM 1 Please Help
12:37PM 2 Second-order effect in Parametric Survival Analysis
10:50AM 2 plotting a bivariate quadratic curve
10:05AM 1 logistic Regression using lmer
7:04AM 1 Subsetting data leads to funky plots
6:30AM 0 fitting a distribtution to event data
2:08AM 2 Odds ratios from lrm plot
1:26AM 0 Time series analysis with random effects
Friday November 11 2011
11:41PM 0 predictive apriori
10:59PM 1 list.dir() function
9:46PM 0 (no subject)
9:41PM 6 need help
9:07PM 3 Combining Overlapping Data
8:38PM 2 Estimating IRT models by using nlme() function
8:25PM 3 multivariate modeling codes
8:24PM 8 Help
7:11PM 0 R Startup options (MDI and SDI)
7:06PM 0 symbols and legend: how to harmonize point size ?
6:00PM 2 Encryption package of R
5:52PM 1 Formula variable help
5:50PM 0 mc.cores and computer settings on osx and linux
5:48PM 1 Random-walk Metropolis-Hasting
5:19PM 1 Jordan Form of a matrix
3:06PM 1 Fwd: Use of R for VECM
2:51PM 1 Predicting x from y
2:26PM 1 proportional area venn diagrams?
10:34AM 2 Win upgrade pb (virus)
7:46AM 1 Have write.csv write csv without observation number
5:41AM 1 rbind.data.frame drops attributes for factor variables
2:35AM 1 Generating the Ctrl-M character
2:28AM 1 How to compute time interval?
2:21AM 1 barplot names.arg
12:59AM 0 online recursive lssvm r package
12:56AM 1 Building a statically-linked extension?
12:17AM 3 Why does length("") == 1?
12:05AM 1 (no subject)
Thursday November 10 2011
11:57PM 0 ticks at the Y axis
11:06PM 1 Errors in SIAR
9:54PM 2 performance of adaptIntegrate vs. integrate
9:27PM 1 beanplot without log scale?
8:48PM 2 Listing tables together from random samples from a generated population?
7:32PM 1 unable to load Hmisc in R 2.14.0
6:55PM 5 Named components in a list
6:50PM 3 optim seems to be finding a local minimum
6:47PM 2 plotting a function with given formula in ggplot2
6:41PM 1 R package for segmentation with both continuous and categorical input variables XXXX
6:28PM 1 Gibbs sampler
6:12PM 3 Error in matrix, not ordered vectors or numerical value, and SIAR.
6:00PM 1 grid.pack and grid.frame bewilder me
5:53PM 0 amap new version (multidimensional analysis)
5:32PM 0 request for post
4:09PM 1 newbie's question : xyplot legend with a white background
4:07PM 3 Title for a group of plots?
3:24PM 3 counting columns that match criteria
3:07PM 5 A question on Programming
3:00PM 1 efpFunctional construction (strucchange package)
2:25PM 2 Error with Source()
2:18PM 0 Help with gam
2:02PM 1 Sum of the deviance explained by each term in a gam model does not equal to the deviance explained by the full model.
1:45PM 2 ggplot2 - regression statistics how to display on plot
1:41PM 2 2^k*r experimental design and anova
11:38AM 2 library(qpcR) cbind.na
10:29AM 2 Removing numbers from a list
10:21AM 1 Removing outliers
10:13AM 3 Creating dummys in R
5:28AM 1 Help: sqlSave Error
5:11AM 4 Error in Summary.factor(c(1L, 1L, 1L, 1L, 1L, 1L, 1L, 1L, 1L, 1L, 4L, : max not meaningful for factors
3:34AM 2 Error in axis ????
2:47AM 0 Package build/check OK, install looking for irrelevant function
2:11AM 2 How does once import a function from an imported script?
1:25AM 0 Code for VECM Models
12:56AM 0 update.packages() issue
Wednesday November 9 2011
10:38PM 6 Web based R-help not a list
10:01PM 0 Kmeans with hamming distance?
9:48PM 1 [ reached getOption("max.print") -- omitted 8178 rows ]]
9:40PM 1 installing java on ubuntu 11.10 installation
9:35PM 1 Stack trace?
9:22PM 3 R to automate scatter plots
8:48PM 0 latent class models
7:59PM 1 ggplot stat_summary (mean_cl_boot)
7:38PM 1 Compare clustering solutions to a "correct" one
7:29PM 2 Error in drawing
7:27PM 4 raking weighting
5:04PM 4 Interpreting Multiple Linear Regression Summary
5:00PM 3 Help with tryCatch with a for loop
4:56PM 1 Creating 3D plot
3:57PM 1 path.diagram in SEM--display covariances without variances
3:36PM 2 algorithm that iteratively drops columns of a data-frame
3:20PM 1 Invalid 'yscale' in viewport
3:14PM 2 reorder data.frame
12:41PM 2 Problem with simple random slope in gam and bam (mgcv package)
12:39PM 2 Installing binaries from R-Forge
9:33AM 1 Are there equivalents to xblocks or rect that can be used with plot.xts?
9:15AM 0 Min Frequency in findFreqTerms
3:42AM 1 Opening excel CSV file in R
1:00AM 0 Revolutions Blog: October Roundup
12:19AM 2 plot separate groups with plotmeans()
12:07AM 0 maps package updated databases
Tuesday November 8 2011
11:32PM 2 download.file
8:04PM 1 How to handle empty arguments
7:58PM 2 Sorting Panel Data by Time
7:22PM 2 nesting scale_manual caracteristics in ggplot
6:49PM 1 Question about R mantissa and number of bits
6:14PM 1 rpanel package - retrieve data from panel
6:06PM 1 passing dataframe col name through cbind()
5:16PM 1 dbWriteTable with field data type
4:59PM 3 lapply to list of variables
4:57PM 3 GAM
4:43PM 2 multi-line query
4:34PM 2 determine length of bivariate polynomial
4:22PM 1 Question
4:18PM 1 Help with SEM package: Error message
3:26PM 3 window?
2:52PM 0 Error message after updating pkg spatstat
2:21PM 1 from points in Lon/Lat to physical distance in dist class
1:52PM 2 compare linear regressions
1:36PM 1 save at relative directory
1:06PM 0 Export interactive linked graphs?
12:48PM 2 match first consecutive list of capitalized words in string
12:45PM 1 Rename a directory in R
12:35PM 1 Building package problem
12:24PM 1 Simple coordinate transformations
11:51AM 3 ggplot2 reorder factors for faceting
11:06AM 1 splitting by the last occurance of a dot
10:49AM 1 skip on error
10:04AM 3 Reading a specific column of a csv file in a loop
9:49AM 0 iplots problem
6:32AM 0 Need help for the CO_PLOT method
6:12AM 2 Selecting 3 different hours in a day
5:29AM 1 Unexpected behavior when browsing list objects by name, when the object name is a substring (prefix) of an existing object that has a valid value
3:10AM 1 Rekeying value denoting NA
1:38AM 1 Rd2pdf error after 2.14 upgrade‏
1:08AM 1 Warning message interpretation
12:48AM 4 Intervals in function cut
12:33AM 2 why NA coefficients
Monday November 7 2011
11:33PM 2 False Virus detection with colorspace package?
10:46PM 0 Adding lines to scatterplot odd result when creating multiple plots
10:34PM 1 RpgSQL row names
10:32PM 0 vars impulse response function output
10:22PM 3 Sampling with conditions
9:24PM 1 DESeq
9:14PM 1 geoR, variofit/likfit
9:09PM 4 rearrange set of items randomly
8:50PM 1 Aggregate or extract function ?
8:23PM 3 Upgrade R?
8:10PM 3 Correction in error
7:56PM 0 Regression-Discontinuity Analysis
7:05PM 0 new version 2.0-0 of the sem package
6:49PM 1 repeating a loop
6:24PM 2 ordination in vegan: what does downweight() do?
6:11PM 1 Comparing Excel to R for Standard Curves
5:59PM 5 Estimate of intercept in loglinear model
5:57PM 1 Problema with Excel files
5:11PM 0 vars impulse responce function output
4:49PM 2 Dunif and Punif
4:17PM 2 R-bash beginner
3:58PM 2 logistric regression: model revision
3:29PM 1 Lower bounds on selfStart function not working
3:19PM 2 help with formula for clogit
3:05PM 0 Plotting a network in a "star" mode
2:39PM 2 Problem working with dates
2:30PM 1 Error: could not find function "MLearn"
1:40PM 1 function that load variables
1:06PM 1 How do I return to the row values of a matrix after computing distances
11:39AM 1 how save R file in exe file?
11:38AM 2 How to do a target value search analogous to Excel Solver
11:30AM 2 help with programming
11:22AM 0 R and Google Code-In
10:49AM 3 R in batch mode packages loading question
10:09AM 1 How much time a process need?
5:09AM 1 Graph binned data
5:06AM 1 Intercepts is coming as Zero in the Mixed Models
3:08AM 2 adjusting levelplot color scale to data
2:55AM 1 tcltk window freezes when using locator( )
12:59AM 0 partial dependence plots in 'party'
Sunday November 6 2011
9:58PM 2 Correlation analysis
9:15PM 2 how to use quadrature to integrate some complicated functions
8:53PM 0 Self-describing data files
8:19PM 1 Request for Help: y-axis label overlapped by x-axis in subplots in big plot
7:23PM 1 Combining some duplicated rows & summing one of their column
5:15PM 1 Double integration using R
3:25PM 1 VAR and VECM in multivariate time series
2:11PM 1 Deleting rows dataframe in R conditional to “if any of (a specific variable) is equal to”
2:07PM 1 Request for Help: remove zero in fraction from tick labeling
11:08AM 0 fGarch: garchFit and include.shape/shape parameters
Saturday November 5 2011
11:20PM 2 Doing dist on separate objects in a text file
9:01PM 1 testing significance of axis loadings from multivariate dudi.mix
8:47PM 2 install.packages problem
5:49PM 1 Correlation between matrices
4:33PM 0 ANESRAKE package: Inappropriate error message, given the data
2:08PM 1 Error in eigen(a$hessian) : infinite or missing values in 'x'
2:05PM 2 linear against nonlinear alternatives - quantile regression
1:37PM 3 List of user installed packages
1:07PM 4 similar package in R like "SKEW CALCULATOR"?
1:07PM 1 3-D ellipsoid equations
4:26AM 1 acf?
12:38AM 1 set seed for random draws
Friday November 4 2011
11:49PM 4 nested "for" loops
11:26PM 6 Matrix element-by-element multiplication
10:06PM 2 representing wind date using windrose
9:56PM 0 bug calculating ROC with caret and earth?
8:59PM 1 Creating a sequence from two samples with several constraints (frequency and repeats)
8:42PM 0 how to interpret vglm output?
8:07PM 0 ANCOVA with many levels of one factor
7:21PM 1 Unused Arguments Error Even Though I'm Using Them?
6:55PM 1 HoltWinters in R 2.14.0
6:51PM 0 Random multinomial variable
6:04PM 3 barplot as histogram
4:55PM 2 Determining r2 values for a SEM
4:34PM 1 zoo performance regression noticed (1.6-5 is faster...)
3:08PM 0 How to write a shapefile with projection - problem solved
3:00PM 1 survfit function?
2:51PM 2 How to write a shapefile with projection
1:27PM 4 How to delete only those rows in a dataframe in which all records are missing
1:06PM 2 Select some, but not all, variables stepwise
12:51PM 1 Counting number of common elements between the rows of two different matrices
10:46AM 0 formatting a dataframe
9:35AM 3 replace double backslash with singel backslash
6:36AM 1 Decision tree model using rpart ( classification
6:24AM 2 Reading parameters from dataframe and loading as objects
1:28AM 1 Help: stemming and stem completion with package tm in R
12:06AM 1 How to use 'prcomp' with CLUSPLOT?
Thursday November 3 2011
7:10PM 5 Is it possible to vectorize/accelerate this?
6:59PM 1 Reclassify string values
6:54PM 3 Plotting skewed normal distribution with a bar plot
6:41PM 1 For loop to cycle through datasets of differing lengths
6:08PM 2 any updates w.r.t. lapply, sapply, apply retaining classes
5:56PM 2 Create design matrix
5:54PM 1 Searching elements in list
5:29PM 0 RpgSQL vs RPostgreSQL
5:25PM 2 optimising a loop
4:48PM 0 Back-transforming in lme
4:28PM 2 query about counting rows of a dataframe
4:17PM 0 L1 penalization for proportional odds logistic regression
4:14PM 0 How to interpret vglm output!!
4:08PM 1 take me off the list
3:55PM 2 variable transformation for lm
3:54PM 2 Take variables in data.frame and create list of matrices
3:46PM 2 data frame to workspace
1:48PM 1 Select columns of a data.frame by name OR index in a function
1:41PM 1 Uploding package help
12:54PM 2 grep fixed (?) in 2.14
12:08PM 1 Why can't this function be used with the 'by' command?
12:03PM 1 Histograms in R
11:54AM 1 Fit continuous distribution to truncated empirical values
11:50AM 1 Comparing negative binomial models
11:13AM 1 EMD arguments default values
10:55AM 1 RGoogleTrends error in "getGTrends"
8:47AM 1 non-parametric sample size calculation
7:37AM 2 Problem with R CMD check and the inconsolata font business.
6:41AM 0 Help in ranef Function
5:17AM 1 Question about Calculation of Cross Product
4:02AM 3 Extract Data from Yahoo Finance
3:47AM 0 text orientation in persp
2:59AM 4 How much data can R process?
12:46AM 0 anova or liklihood ratio test from biglm output
12:08AM 0 Kolmogorov-Smirnov-Test on binned data, I guess gumbel-distributed data
12:00AM 0 R 2.14.0 installation problem (?)
Wednesday November 2 2011
11:56PM 1 MD5 checksum, mirror Zuerich
11:24PM 1 Lattice plots and missing x-axis labels on second page
11:15PM 0 StatET: Commands are not submitted to the console
10:51PM 1 mysterious warning message regarding bytecode...
10:37PM 3 Error: serialization is too large to store in a raw vector
9:26PM 3 palettes for the color-blind
9:14PM 1 Help with curr directory in R
8:46PM 1 problem with merging two matrices
7:24PM 2 Creating barplot using time as X
7:16PM 0 heteroscedastic bivariate distribution with linear regression - prediction interval
7:15PM 1 HOW TO REMOVE MTEXT FROM PLOT, plotting changing populations with titles in loop
5:47PM 1 Multiple comparison test about whole population, not about mean
5:14PM 0 Time Series w/ daily or stochastic observation prediction
4:54PM 3 how to count number of occurrences
4:39PM 2 Proper Syntax for Logical Subset in Subset()
4:16PM 4 array manipulation
4:12PM 1 difference between foo$a[2] <- 1 and foo[2,"a"] <- 1
1:56PM 1 Generate a sequence of vectors of different length
1:52PM 1 overloading + operator for chars
1:19PM 1 Creating deciles on data using one variable
12:44PM 2 Sum with condition
10:50AM 2 Size of windows graphics device
10:10AM 1 nproc parameter in efpFunctional
9:39AM 0 new version of FRAILTYPACK: general frailty models
9:30AM 0 mapping bathymetries and species abundances
9:16AM 0 RC33 8th Int Conf on Social Science Methodology -- The R System ...
9:02AM 0 2nd parameter Power Curves/ANCOVAs
2:42AM 2 using a file name in a system call
12:35AM 0 Calling str() on mlogit object gives warnings
12:32AM 1 I really need help to merge two data frames
12:31AM 1 Removing or ignoring package version for generic function in locked environment
Tuesday November 1 2011
11:06PM 1 Subsampling-oversampling from a data frame
10:58PM 1 How to interpret Spearman Correlation
10:42PM 1 Superimpose xversus y plot on a histogram of x
10:34PM 1 predict for a cv.glmnet returns an error
10:15PM 3 Export to .txt
10:14PM 4 building a subscript programatically
9:29PM 1 Imputing Missing Data: A Good Starting Point?
9:28PM 3 factor level issue after subsetting
8:51PM 0 where to get chr_rpts file for dbSNP human 36.3 assembly
8:45PM 1 condition has length > 1 for LL denominator
8:05PM 1 Counting entries to create a new table
8:03PM 0 Windows binary of 2.14.0
7:40PM 2 Discrepancy with p.value from t.test
6:37PM 1 help with unequal variances
5:16PM 2 Removal/selecting specific rows in a dataframe conditional on 2 columns
5:07PM 4 round up a number to 10^4
4:33PM 1 Sample size calculations for one sided binomial exact test
4:31PM 0 Marketing Mix Model using PDL
3:22PM 2 annotate histogram
1:29PM 0 package descr: create weighted cross tabulation
12:57PM 1 predict lmer
12:52PM 1 Combine variables of different length
12:20PM 3 Greek letter
11:21AM 2 multivariate random variable
9:05AM 2 triangles point left, filled?
8:24AM 1 Nested lapply? Is this allowed?
7:37AM 0 Read/Write textbox in R
4:49AM 2 drawing ellipses in R
3:34AM 1 low sigma in lognormal fit of gamlss
3:27AM 1 Multiple time series with zoo