R help - Oct 2011

Monday October 31 2011
10:37PM 2 lapply and Two TimeStamps as input
10:11PM 1 3D Graph Surface and single points (eg wireframe with points)
9:54PM 0 (no subject)
7:38PM 0 Equidistant time spacing of time series data
6:51PM 1 Significance of trend
6:30PM 1 troubles installing R
6:29PM 5 Kaplan Meier - not for dates
5:56PM 2 Linear Regression with Linear Equality Constraint
5:54PM 2 oversampling code
4:32PM 1 reshape2: Lost Values Between melt() and dcast()
4:25PM 1 how to remove the redundant rows of a matrix
4:21PM 1 Help combining cell labelling and multiple mosaic plots
4:19PM 3 Plot two matrices and keeping the record of row names
4:10PM 1 googleVis motionchart - slow with Date class
3:36PM 1 Vectorize 'eol' characters
3:12PM 2 one sample Wilcoxon test using 'coin'
2:38PM 1 Persp3d default view
1:30PM 2 assignment operator <- does not work in a function...
1:09PM 3 How to get Quartiles when data contains both numeric variables and factors
1:02PM 0 Single line command for variance of marginal distribution in 2 D linear regression?
12:35PM 4 How to show classes with 0 count in table()?
12:30PM 1 Question on estimating standard errors with noisy signals using the quantreg package
12:13PM 1 Function input for regression analysis
10:34AM 1 query for xlim/ylim of current plot
9:56AM 0 R 2.14.0 is released
9:29AM 2 rle for non concecutive
8:13AM 2 3 Overlayed simple plots
5:12AM 1 Get missinfg values with dataframe using read.spss
4:50AM 1 Error in dim(data) <- dim : attempt to set an attribute on NULL.
1:24AM 1 tryCatch with integration
12:02AM 3 How to use IML with R and SAS
Sunday October 30 2011
11:24PM 0 curiosity only: gpu ?
7:15PM 1 Generic Plot and save function
7:04PM 1 Confidence interval for Support Vector Regression
6:52PM 3 why the a[-indx] does not work?
6:07PM 1 Normality tests on groups of rows in a data frame, grouped based on content in other columns
5:23PM 2 jarquebera_test_results
3:35PM 1 Rpart
2:44PM 1 calculating joint entropy of many variables
3:51AM 3 element-by-element comparison
3:12AM 1 Parametric tests
Saturday October 29 2011
10:14PM 1 Unscribe me please!
7:10PM 1 Plot genes on chr locations
6:57PM 0 Redundancy canonical analysis plot problem in 3D using VEGAN
4:24PM 2 installing FastRWeb
1:08PM 4 R help with different combinations of vectors of different sizes
7:54AM 1 Add col in data.frame
5:58AM 1 Sweave absolute path versus relative path
5:48AM 0 fPortfolio constraints
3:30AM 1 How to plot survival data from multiple trials (simulations)?
1:04AM 2 Extracting data by row
Friday October 28 2011
10:22PM 2 Matching
10:19PM 0 problem with glsm.krige: trendd and trend l must have similar specifications error
10:03PM 1 help with ggplot backgrounds
8:21PM 1 GLM Help
7:57PM 1 Graphics Reciprocal labeling
7:57PM 1 About the statistics for ratio comparison
7:25PM 1 Error in optim
7:11PM 2 Split an array into arbirtary sizes
7:04PM 3 program never enters browser mode when I add browser()
6:40PM 1 xtable with \begin{tabular} and only.contents
6:40PM 2 Faster process for creating a matrix based on matrix element comparison
6:16PM 4 Contrasts with an interaction. How does one specify the dummy variables for the interaction
5:54PM 1 "file name too long" error during R CMD INSTALL
5:13PM 1 ACE/AVAS with bootstrap
5:07PM 1 model frame problem
4:27PM 2 Can't install rJava
3:52PM 0 reordering densrograms in a heatplot
3:49PM 1 Polynomial regression line
3:04PM 1 3d graph to show matrix of z matrix values
2:49PM 2 quick matching question
2:32PM 1 time series - cbind
2:02PM 1 weibull fitdistr problem: optimization failed
2:01PM 2 sorting data
1:16PM 2 Equivalent of win.print for Linux
12:45PM 0 Extracting a regression equation from 'lars' or 'glmnet'
10:47AM 1 Difference between xyplot() and plot()
10:31AM 0 RJava
9:45AM 0 Fgarch: garchFit, limits of transformations
9:10AM 1 Downloading Error
8:08AM 1 Gap in solution
6:29AM 2 Thank you
2:59AM 0 Help with increasing the speed of script
Thursday October 27 2011
11:19PM 1 Proc Mixed to R
10:29PM 2 'for' in steps
10:27PM 1 combining pairs plot with other plots in one output
10:13PM 2 vis.gam zlab problem
8:18PM 2 Simple time series question with zoo
6:47PM 1 preceding X. and X
6:44PM 2 NROW doesn't equal length(x)
6:03PM 1 Redundancy canonical analysis plot problem in 3D using VEGAN, RGL, SCATTERPLOT3D and SFSMISC
5:51PM 0 regression in R
5:46PM 2 loading RMySQL - location of MySQL install
5:44PM 2 creating vector os zeros for simulations (beginner's question)
5:17PM 0 glmmBUGS fails to accept higher level covariates
4:34PM 1 LATEX Command in R in Windows 7
4:00PM 0 R.oo package, inherit two classes
3:39PM 1 plotting large time series
3:26PM 2 Syntax Check: rshape2 melt()
3:08PM 4 package for time series
2:44PM 2 Trying to create a function to extract values from a matrix
2:13PM 1 minimizing device-dependent code in graphics scripts
12:56PM 1 Problem Installing a local package in linux
12:50PM 2 help with parallel processing code
12:43PM 1 question R regarding consecutive numbers
12:36PM 1 Interesting Memory Management Problem (Windows)
11:55AM 1 Correllogram of Daily Time Series
10:58AM 1 show.ci='FALSE' ignored in simple.lm
10:46AM 1 Fitting Maximums of data series with cubic spline
10:03AM 0 AlgDesign how to find back the 2^(7-4) plan
9:50AM 2 Error installing packages
4:09AM 3 2 x 3 Probability under the null
1:42AM 1 Question about .Fortran in glmnet package
1:03AM 2 help with paste
12:32AM 2 Consistant test for NAs in a factor when exclude = NULL?
Wednesday October 26 2011
11:36PM 1 Webscraping - How to Scrape Out Text Into R As If Copied & Pasted From Webpage?
10:40PM 1 Where can I find cmeans {e1071} package?
10:14PM 0 Counting the number of marginals
9:34PM 0 importing large dataset
8:56PM 3 FOR loop with statistical analysis for microarray data
6:19PM 2 Extra Sums of Squares from an anova table - why are the values different?
5:58PM 1 survival: fitting equation to survival curve?
5:11PM 2 SpatialLines
5:05PM 0 Guidance with PCA and Regression using complex categorical variables
4:59PM 1 Plot complete dataset
4:33PM 1 help with means using tail()
3:26PM 1 Using abline in lattice
3:25PM 6 sometimes removing NAs from code
1:57PM 2 Power mixed model ordinal logistic regression
1:48PM 2 Error in summary.mlm: formula not subsettable
11:25AM 2 dotPlot with diagonal
10:02AM 1 Calculate the difference using ave
10:00AM 2 New column of data filled with the larger value from 2 columns
9:55AM 1 set different font family for strings in mtext or text?
9:23AM 0 nls -- singular gradient problem
8:52AM 2 gam predictions with negbin model
7:59AM 1 Want to exclude axis numbering in plot.ca
6:50AM 1 Random Forest Classification
6:48AM 2 Help with a scatter plot
2:29AM 1 Performing a non parametric Friedman Test
Tuesday October 25 2011
11:54PM 2 Logistic Regression - Variable Selection Methods With Prediction
9:46PM 2 column subtraction by row
9:39PM 2 rshape2 help?
9:11PM 0 Installing rgeos on Mac OS X 10.4 (was Re: "package 'stringr' does not have a name space"
9:09PM 1 Correlation Matrix in R
7:32PM 2 extract data for specific levels factor
7:21PM 1 regression using GMM for mulltiple groups
5:40PM 2 difftime producing NA values in R 2.12.2
4:43PM 1 merging to data.frames whose columns are different but follow a pattern.
4:38PM 2 Extracting dataframe rows containing NAs in one column
4:23PM 1 alternative option in skewness and kurtosis tests?
2:50PM 0 gvisGeoChart not recognizing US states as regions
2:09PM 1 McFadden r^2 and the inrercept
1:50PM 1 Glmnet Logistic Variable Questions
1:37PM 0 How to use assign function within foreach
1:26PM 1 textplot in layout
12:46PM 4 constrain min and max of output
12:19PM 2 R for loop nested?
11:04AM 1 Maximization
10:56AM 1 Maximization Problem
10:42AM 4 comparing two tables
10:27AM 1 Bar chart: break long bars
10:07AM 1 question regarding intersect function
9:42AM 1 lock a package to specific R version
9:22AM 0 How to find seasonal effect and trend from raw data (newbie ...)
8:11AM 0 Problem in creating XML
8:05AM 2 Library chron
5:35AM 1 how can I install the latest version of r in linux?
1:53AM 1 Unlist alternatives?
12:10AM 2 Building package/DESCRIPTION file not existing?
12:08AM 1 difficulties with MuMIn model generation with coxph
Monday October 24 2011
11:23PM 3 Create a matrix with increment and element with zero subscript
11:07PM 1 heatmap for plotting categorical matrix
9:30PM 1 using predict.lm() within a function
9:23PM 2 Comparing two gff/gtf files : de novo transcripts v/s reference
8:52PM 1 Different symbols for select points
8:49PM 2 Syntax Help for xyplot()
7:48PM 1 Plot unusual subset of data
7:37PM 0 Tutorial on 'fields' package
7:30PM 0 NMOF 0.20-0 (Numerical methods and optimization in finance)
7:09PM 0 Undiff - order 7
7:02PM 0 Alternative to interp.surface() offered
6:45PM 1 Using predicted() in R
6:32PM 1 tree construction
5:47PM 3 extract the p value
5:25PM 0 2 x 3 Tables
5:23PM 1 Adding points to a wireframe: 'x and units must have length >0' error
4:38PM 3 Creating a histogram properly
3:59PM 1 How to create a new variable based on parts of another character variable: A generalization
3:58PM 2 Adding rows to a table with a loop
3:44PM 3 new to R coding.
3:36PM 1 using lme and 'by' function to extract the co-efficients by individuals
3:35PM 1 bestglm function and output in R
3:31PM 0 R.oo package: do setMethodS3 work upon construction
3:27PM 2 How to selectively sum rows [Beginner question]
3:14PM 2 Length of string?
3:13PM 4 Lm function: Error in model.frame.default
2:47PM 1 nonlinear model
2:23PM 1 Creating data frame with residuals of a data frame
2:23PM 0 Dominating set
1:46PM 2 splitting a string into words preserving blanks (using regex)
11:53AM 4 merging two dataframes
11:21AM 4 Problem with svyvar in survey package
11:09AM 0 CDS (Connecting Dominating Set )
10:21AM 2 Plot Legend
9:35AM 1 Problem about plotting the correlation coefficients
9:15AM 3 Position of Chart in Windows
9:12AM 0 Output from BRugs Doesn't Match That from OpenBUGS
9:01AM 1 binning runtimes
7:30AM 0 Legend on Pie Chart
5:43AM 2 Date column in downloaded date
5:23AM 2 How to get intecerpt standard error in PLS
5:02AM 0 Problem with calling an user defined R function from Java
4:58AM 0 Offtopic sourceforge problems?
4:28AM 1 How to delete rows using conditions on all columns
1:35AM 2 zoo arithmetics
12:32AM 1 RGtk2 problems
Sunday October 23 2011
10:24PM 0 manova/tukey test
9:37PM 0 diptest
9:03PM 0 code review: is it too much to ask?
8:33PM 2 cex multiplier not exact
8:18PM 1 Creating 2 week intervals (lubridate)
6:46PM 1 how to save an R object to a remote computer
6:39PM 2 Summary stats in table
5:29PM 4 summarizing a data frame i.e. count -> group by
4:50PM 2 Exponential fit of form y=exp(a*x) and not of form y=l*exp(a*x)
3:38PM 1 unfold list (variable number of columns) into a data frame
3:08PM 0 Mlogit dummy problem
1:35PM 3 How to create a new variable based on parts of another character variable.
12:53PM 3 how to delete rows by a list of rownames
10:51AM 1 how to plot a distribution of mean and standard deviation
10:16AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 104, Issue 23
7:52AM 0 FW: Re: symmetric matrix multiplication
6:33AM 1 A problem with chol() function
5:44AM 1 symmetric matrix multiplication
12:59AM 1 R Data Frame to C# DataGridView - R.NET
Saturday October 22 2011
11:59PM 4 issue loading doBy library
11:51PM 2 Expanding rows of a data frame into multiple rows
11:33PM 3 R for loop stops after 4 iterations
11:02PM 2 Using optim with parameters that are factors (instead of continuous parameters)
9:02PM 0 simplified multicore by() function
8:26PM 3 problem with as.Date
7:48PM 0 LK - Need help about a double looping for a data.frame
7:41PM 1 Help w/an old R program I've rediscovered and want to make work
7:13PM 1 cycling through a long list of files and names
6:44PM 0 linking options -lblas
5:00PM 0 covariance matrix of model parameters
3:42PM 0 error on Fast bilinear interpolator from a grid
3:33PM 0 OFFTOPIC: Outliers?!
3:01PM 5 interpreting bootstrap corrected slope [rms package]
1:48PM 0 spi in SPEI package
10:57AM 1 Data frame manipulation by eliminating rows containing extreme values
9:11AM 1 setMethod "[" - extract by names within Slot
8:44AM 1 lapply to return vector
8:30AM 1 Does R has a similar way as DATA in SPSS?
6:33AM 1 How to it a "loess curve" and obtain the equation in R?
12:26AM 7 "Plotting" text?
12:19AM 2 Segfault and bad output with fOptions::rnorm.sobol
12:04AM 1 estimation of ode from data
Friday October 21 2011
10:31PM 2 Calculating difference between values in data frame based on separate column
9:32PM 3 Reading in and modifying multiple datasets in a loop
9:18PM 2 plotting with a symbol on every nth point
9:07PM 3 R v2.13.2 - Cannot find Rcmd on path?
8:15PM 2 Converting data frame into multidimensional array
7:43PM 0 Kleinberg's burst detection algorithm
7:38PM 1 rgl device on web
5:59PM 2 Arima Models - Error and jump error
5:31PM 0 nls making R "not responding"
4:13PM 2 Working With Variables Having Different Lengths
3:27PM 1 Specifying Greek Character in Lattice Plot Label
3:22PM 1 lattice::xyplot/ggplot2: plotting weighted data frames with lmline and smooth
2:48PM 2 PCA and Regression with complex categorical variables
2:42PM 1 question about aggregate
2:35PM 0 Serialization help.
1:36PM 1 windows limits
12:30PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 104, Issue 21
12:30PM 0 add=TRUE or similar in spplot?
12:08PM 2 glm-poisson fitting 400.000 records
12:04PM 2 How to use gev.fit (package ismev) under box constraints?
11:02AM 2 (no subject)
10:54AM 0 varying coefficients model
10:39AM 2 stair-step plot
10:24AM 1 How to create time series objects combining two vectors
9:05AM 1 replicating SAS's "proc rank" procedure
9:00AM 0 cullen and Frey graph in fitdistrplus
8:55AM 1 Multiple factorial comparison LSD
7:35AM 1 POT package
7:06AM 1 R square and F - stats in PLS
6:48AM 0 re coercing data frame rows to character: Am I right that this is a bug?
6:12AM 1 use of segments in PLS
5:57AM 2 Change column/row-name
5:08AM 2 stacked plot
2:26AM 0 geom_tile rendering problems
1:14AM 4 plotting average effects.
12:33AM 0 Collapse UP a dendrogram
12:22AM 1 cph/nomogram Design/RMS package hazard ratio: interquartile vs per unit
12:09AM 2 'Apply' giving me errors
Thursday October 20 2011
11:41PM 1 xyplot() or splom()?: two factors from same data frame
9:56PM 2 Calculating differences
9:20PM 1 apply with function
8:43PM 0 Apply approx() to an array and eventually a list of arrays
7:25PM 1 R code Error : Hybrid Censored Weibull Distribution
6:55PM 2 Aggregating data help
6:15PM 2 identifying groups in xyplot
6:04PM 3 Survival analysis
5:32PM 0 Group based trajectory modeling in R? Is there a way?
5:32PM 4 Randomized Points in space/ saving model results
5:29PM 4 Running R with browser without installing anything
5:17PM 1 p-val issue for ranked two-group test
5:15PM 1 How to cancel a R function in the command line?
4:03PM 4 bar plot issues
3:16PM 0 StatET & Sweave cannot compile pdf files
2:44PM 0 Matrix Approx
2:34PM 1 effect function in the effects package
12:52PM 1 Constructing the transition pair using loop function and paste()
12:15PM 0 defining independent predictors in haplo.stats
12:11PM 2 How to remove multiple outliers
11:56AM 1 Structural equation modelling in R compared with Amos
11:14AM 2 Creating affybatch objects from matrix (data from qPCR array)
10:42AM 1 Are they fully identical: WinBUGS and OpenBUGS; R2WinBUGS and R2OpenBUGS
10:35AM 1 rose.diag in CircStats package
9:15AM 0 How to change font family in a levelplot using Lattice
9:00AM 1 How to remove all objects except the sequence
7:03AM 4 quantmod package
3:38AM 1 Applying function with separate dataframe (calibration file) supplying some inputs
3:29AM 1 stop R from rounding
1:16AM 1 Problem installing tweetR on Ubuntu
12:44AM 3 Strange R behavior for product of two sum of integers
Wednesday October 19 2011
11:38PM 1 replacing percentage of values in data frame
11:22PM 1 ar() - AIC and BIC
10:53PM 1 AKIMA color contouring
10:22PM 3 new R debugging tool
9:43PM 5 Levenshtein-Distance
9:38PM 3 replacing values in one vector with corresponding index from another vector
9:26PM 1 Square ended segments
9:16PM 0 Inputs from vectors in cor.test
8:58PM 0 Fwd: Levenshtein
8:08PM 2 How to call a function defined within another function
7:55PM 0 tim.cond
6:51PM 1 help with x axis on lattice barchart--R-Beginner
4:21PM 2 A questions regarding R plots
4:00PM 0 Questions regarding R plots
3:33PM 1 Cairo creates italized plots?
3:20PM 1 help with glmmADMB ZI; function maximizer failed
2:32PM 2 Simple color strip
1:31PM 1 Estimating bivariate normal density with constrains
1:08PM 0 basic csv data manip - looking for first help
10:49AM 1 Subsetting data by eliminating redundant variables
10:11AM 2 R-help Digest, Vol 104, Issue 19
9:06AM 1 using a dictionary in R
9:00AM 2 listing all occurrences in a vector
8:13AM 1 Test Case for Package
6:53AM 1 R installtion
6:30AM 3 converting string fractions to numerics
5:11AM 2 Error in 1/ue : non-numeric argument to binary operator.
4:35AM 4 Using SQL "IN" with RJDBC or RMySQL
2:51AM 1 Help Reformatting a Data table
2:24AM 1 Sparse covariance estimation (via glasso) shrinking to a "nonzero" constant
1:49AM 1 hypothetical prediction after polr
12:57AM 1 translating a character string
12:10AM 0 R classification
Tuesday October 18 2011
11:59PM 3 Ordering of stack in ggplot (package ggplot2)
10:33PM 0 Monte Carlo Random Walk
10:27PM 1 r-Help web site access problem
9:32PM 0 Bucketing Data
9:13PM 1 getting basic descriptive stats off multiple imputation data
7:57PM 0 Per sites contributions from a correlation test
7:09PM 2 reading a dense file of binary number
6:12PM 2 Non-linear maximization function in R
5:02PM 2 Detect and replace omitted data
4:25PM 2 contact person for UseR 2012, please?
4:05PM 2 p value in R - beginners question
3:55PM 0 how to use VARselect with missing values - beginner's question
3:16PM 0 Broken link on daba.lv
3:14PM 0 rls() fails on function calling spline()
2:32PM 1 how to invoke vba by r?
2:28PM 0 heatmap
2:11PM 0 filled.contour with few data points
2:01PM 2 About an integral univariate problem
1:32PM 0 structural equation modelling with binary response
1:08PM 1 Repeat a loop until...
12:12PM 1 How to read data sequentially into R (line by line)?
11:35AM 2 control the conversion of factor to numeric
11:34AM 1 Code behind the Function
11:33AM 1 contrasts in MANOVA
9:50AM 1 getting p-value and standard error in PLS
9:41AM 1 nuisance variables
9:03AM 1 problem in exceuting PLS
8:37AM 1 avoid s3 methods
7:35AM 0 How do I test the difference of skewness parameter between two arbitrary distributions?
7:28AM 1 Function in nested loop
7:12AM 1 Help text in plot
5:07AM 1 problem with quantmod package
4:47AM 1 Extracting equation from R code
4:11AM 1 problem with project command in rgdal
3:13AM 1 Latex question
1:45AM 1 Function to "lump" factors together?
12:28AM 2 Remote environments, calling functions
Monday October 17 2011
11:07PM 0 Aggregating Survey responses for weighting
9:43PM 2 special language character in a pie chart
9:35PM 1 using mean substitution
9:23PM 2 Beginner's question about plotting variables in a time series object with the date on the x axis
9:11PM 2 Converting list of lists into dataframes
9:10PM 0 Analyze each factor separtely
7:59PM 1 Independent component analysis with only one "source" of data
7:45PM 1 Adjusted Means
7:31PM 2 Foreach (doMC)
7:23PM 1 Build 64-bit R Solaris 10 Sparc
6:56PM 3 Importing all observations and variables from csv file into dataframe
6:53PM 3 cut data into sevral group and assign calculated values individually
6:00PM 1 contouring x y scatter data
5:39PM 1 calculating ratios from all combinations
5:06PM 2 over-estimation Negative Binomial models
5:03PM 2 how to use 'which' inside of 'apply'?
4:49PM 0 Error in ade4 package with rlq
4:11PM 1 Best practices for handling very small numbers?
4:05PM 0 geoXY
3:58PM 1 multiple lines with the same data frame?
3:13PM 3 Extracting results from a function output
2:53PM 0 Party package: varimp(..., conditional=TRUE) error: term 1 would require 9e+12 columns (fwd)
2:52PM 1 Creation of mlogit models from text file
2:31PM 1 compressing/reducing data for plot
1:38PM 1 Plotting GEE confidence bands using "predict"
1:23PM 2 Reading data with 'awk' - basics?
12:49PM 5 Install the rugarch-package
12:13PM 1 Trojan in setup file
12:07PM 2 Histogram for each ID value
11:02AM 1 plotting issues with PCA
10:59AM 0 rpy2 pie chart
9:41AM 0 [Reading mat files into R]
9:32AM 1 Portrait and Lanscape PDF in the one document
5:50AM 1 position of the end of a text file
2:15AM 1 simultaneously maximizing two independent log likelihood functions using mle2
12:36AM 1 What does \Sexpr[results=rd]{} exactly mean in Rd?
Sunday October 16 2011
11:12PM 1 Opening Screen
11:10PM 2 How to plot CI's (llim ulim) on ecodist mgram
10:24PM 1 Beginner's question about ptrend. What package to use in R and a general explanation of the statistics.
10:05PM 1 mgp and axis title positions
7:55PM 2 Suppressing the Intercept in lm() when using a dataframe for the model
7:08PM 2 position of first and last axis tick
4:35PM 3 Which function to use: grep, replace, substr etc.?
4:08PM 3 need help in pausing a script
3:31PM 2 ecdf
2:51PM 0 background normalization in rma() in the affy package
1:53PM 2 question: ragged array
12:57PM 4 Editor for RD file?
11:08AM 1 two-sided p-value?
8:59AM 1 nlrq {quantreg}
8:47AM 2 Custom Sort Character and Numeric
7:03AM 1 grouped lattice plot with overall regression line
5:44AM 2 Use of ICA for sound
5:17AM 2 right justify right-axis tick values in lattice
4:29AM 1 Read wav file into R
1:25AM 1 multicore combn
Saturday October 15 2011
8:07PM 1 Turning Data Frame Columns into Vectors
5:13PM 2 function for handling time
12:14AM 2 Irregular 3d objects with rgl
Friday October 14 2011
11:55PM 1 How to keep a coefficient fixed when using rq {quantreg}?
11:49PM 0 survey 3.26
9:52PM 0 Chunk of code
9:48PM 4 using do.call to call a list of functions
9:15PM 2 rpois > 0
7:05PM 1 sorting dataframe by arbitrary order
4:12PM 3 change uppercase variables
4:11PM 1 aov(variable~group*(speed*person)) but How to get 95% confidence intervals ?
4:06PM 1 Party package: varimp(..., conditional=TRUE) error: term 1 would require 9e+12 columns
4:02PM 1 date and time
3:38PM 2 non-parametric permutation and signed paired-difference distributions
3:10PM 3 qcc package
2:38PM 1 Multi t tests
2:23PM 1 Selecting multiple vectors from a list of lists of matrices
1:49PM 3 heritability estimation
1:06PM 3 Split a list
12:32PM 0 quantile function nonlinear in parameters.
12:07PM 0 Compiling R extension: undefined reference to `__mingw_vsprintf'
9:51AM 1 Generating Data
7:39AM 1 Wilcoxon and the use of simulation
6:31AM 2 ctest package
6:29AM 2 Analysis
5:25AM 1 is there an option to "turn off" scientific notation in write.csv
4:27AM 2 Drop ALL Levels of a Data Frame Object
1:26AM 2 finding the code underneath a generic function
12:59AM 1 "verbose source" command?
12:01AM 1 pgfSweave-example not compiling
Thursday October 13 2011
9:54PM 2 boxplot
9:37PM 2 how to plot two surfaces with lattice::wireframe
7:23PM 0 Question: Self selection bias and censoring in R
4:52PM 2 GLM and Neg. Binomial models
4:42PM 8 Remove specific rows in a matrix/data.frame
4:12PM 1 Help package for Growing Neural Gas
3:42PM 1 x axis
2:36PM 1 binomial GLM quasi separation
2:04PM 0 xyplot() and confidence interval polygons
1:50PM 1 Can I use lm() to fit more than one response and more than one variables in single expression
1:42PM 1 bootstrap means by strata
1:40PM 2 How to mean for groups of matrix rows?
1:10PM 1 delete columns which partially match expression
12:00PM 1 Legend symbols (line, points) in one column.
12:00PM 1 Fitting a Harmonic Function to Time Series Data
11:46AM 0 Issues with gvisMotionChart
11:33AM 5 Counting the number of integers at one swoop
11:15AM 3 Create order of numbers based on a given vector
10:43AM 1 Axis Formats with library(car)
10:31AM 1 moving average TTR
9:59AM 0 dlm package - set up constraints in the state space
9:52AM 2 write.csv naming file after function argument
8:05AM 3 Question about GAMs
7:51AM 0 about the gee function
5:45AM 0 Simple Effects Analysis for ANOVA
5:23AM 1 using dynamic variable names
5:02AM 3 nls: singular convergeance
4:45AM 1 KS test
4:34AM 1 Package snow: is there any way to check if a cluster is "acticve"
3:58AM 2 Comparing the components of a data frame without levels interfering
12:45AM 3 US States percentage change plot
12:44AM 2 Help with R plots
12:42AM 1 pass an element in a list() from R to C
Wednesday October 12 2011
10:46PM 2 dcc in 'bootRes' package
10:11PM 1 using csv file for stacked bar plot, rows to columns
9:17PM 0 Mysterious Eclipse / StatET error messages
8:42PM 1 reasonable theory?
8:28PM 2 How to transfer the variable into function in this code?
7:47PM 2 reading large numbers
7:37PM 1 getting data associated with coordinates in a spatial data frame
7:16PM 3 large numbers
7:03PM 1 strange behavior with R.dll
6:54PM 1 Tinn-R change editor background color
6:25PM 2 Simple question regarding to specifying model
6:13PM 2 Minimization/Optimization under functional constraints
4:52PM 1 SARIMAX as extended AR(I)MAX?
4:45PM 1 treat NA's as zero when summed up with numbers
4:22PM 0 ARMA and prediction
3:55PM 0 Read in cluster files (cdt, atr, gtr)
3:35PM 1 exclude columns with at least three consecutive zeros
3:23PM 1 Generelized Negative Binomial model in R
2:55PM 3 loop function within a loop
2:15PM 1 Error in Rcpp/inline (Windows XP)
1:59PM 1 CVbinary - Help
1:37PM 1 R loop within a loop
1:18PM 3 Applying function to only numeric variable (plyr package?)
12:42PM 3 labels in a boxplot
12:38PM 1 Cross posting (was "Restricted Cubic Splines within survfit.cph)
12:29PM 1 monotonic factors
8:47AM 2 Append data to vector form a column of a dataframe
7:46AM 2 goofy class question
7:27AM 4 plot probability density function (pdf)
6:41AM 0 Usng MCMCpack,error is \\\"initial value in vmmin is not finite\\\"
5:58AM 1 Using a for loop
5:20AM 5 strsplit question
4:58AM 2 p adjustment on 4thcorner results
4:33AM 0 PMML for Cox Regression
4:15AM 1 ploting pie charts centered at given points
2:05AM 1 get the sorted index of elements within a column
1:29AM 4 R and Forex
12:20AM 2 Nonlinear regression aborting due to error
Tuesday October 11 2011
11:07PM 1 Count model prediction
10:01PM 0 Dealing with NA (glm)
8:11PM 2 matrix multiplication
7:57PM 0 LLSImpute for missing value
7:55PM 2 replicate data.frame n times
7:54PM 1 high and lowest with names
7:31PM 3 Chi-Square test and survey results
7:20PM 1 plot methods for summary of rms objects
6:34PM 1 singular gradient error in nls
5:45PM 2 Creating the mean using algebra matrix
5:31PM 2 stop()
5:28PM 0 How to calculate percentage variation in a zero-inflated negative binomial regression model
5:03PM 5 Help to write to a file
4:49PM 1 restricted cubic spline within survfit.cph in the package rms
4:45PM 1 plots of correlation matrices
4:37PM 0 New package announcement: R2STATS, a GUI for fitting GLM and GLMM
4:31PM 2 get("a[1]") : object 'a[1]' not found
4:18PM 0 suggestions for ANOVA which includes the "year" as a factor
4:08PM 1 apply for each value
3:45PM 1 Background Colors
3:18PM 1 filtering rows
1:21PM 4 Problem executing function
12:45PM 1 controling text in facets (ggplot2)
12:17PM 0 rpanel
12:13PM 2 Parallel processing for R loop
12:11PM 1 Mean or mode imputation fro missing values
10:44AM 1 How to run Rcmdr with OS 10.4?
10:32AM 1 Is it possible to generate an ExpressionSet object that contain duplicate row names?
10:07AM 4 need help on read.spss
10:02AM 1 An issue regarding to gradient
9:57AM 5 help to ... import the data from Excel
9:10AM 1 Perform 20 x one-way anova in 1 go
8:25AM 1 warning with cut2 function
8:18AM 0 Package/Function for Blending Images
7:47AM 2 binding all elements of list (character vectors) to a matrix as rows
7:28AM 1 Labels in ICLUST
7:23AM 1 How to add a double quote to a string
6:51AM 1 Vegan: Anova.CCA accessing original data using option by="margin"
5:07AM 1 extra digits added to data
1:01AM 2 SLOW split() function
Monday October 10 2011
10:52PM 1 Text Mining with Facebook Reviews (XML and FQL)
8:48PM 1 Fwd: WHO Anthro growth curve macros and R
7:35PM 3 How to test if two C statistics are significantly different?
7:34PM 1 "invalid or not-yet-implemented 'Matrix' subsetting"
6:57PM 1 pmml for random forest & rules
6:55PM 1 how to calculate the statistics of a yearly window with a rolling step as 1 day?
5:41PM 5 multicore by(), like mclapply?
5:28PM 1 Merge Data by time stamps
5:20PM 4 correlation matrix
4:56PM 0 Dealing with missing data in ave() functions
4:52PM 3 question about string to boor?
4:16PM 3 Superposing mean line to xyplot
4:10PM 2 How to draw 4 random weights that sum up to 1?
3:26PM 0 how to extent the improveProb for survival data
2:56PM 1 calculate multiple means of one vector
11:53AM 1 Linear programming problem, RGPLK - "no feasible solution".
11:45AM 1 Importing from Fortan
11:41AM 1 variable scope for deltavar function from emdbook
10:49AM 4 Type of Graph to use
10:21AM 1 Converting factor into date
10:13AM 0 Request for moderated posting
9:35AM 1 Multiple imputation on subgroups
8:27AM 0 MGARCH BEKK estimation
1:16AM 0 Mittag-Leffler function
Sunday October 9 2011
5:46PM 1 two-dimensional Kolmogorov-Smirnow (2DKS) test
5:39PM 1 Problem with twitteR package
5:04PM 1 apply to a matrix and insert in the middle of an array
4:31PM 2 fast or space-efficient lookup?
4:30PM 2 Multiple levelplot with title
3:47PM 1 convert apply to lappy
3:34PM 2 variable name question
3:10PM 3 ANOVA from imported data has only 1 degree of freedom
3:00PM 2 Substract "previous" element
2:25PM 2 pdIdent in smoothing regression model
12:16PM 1 strucchange Nyblom-Hansen Test?
12:02PM 3 Finding solution
11:20AM 2 help with statistics in R - how to measure the effect of users in groups
7:47AM 1 sapply(pred,cor,y=resp)
6:37AM 0 R-help tranform data
5:45AM 1 glmmadmb help
12:43AM 1 help with using last observation carried forward analysis for a clinical trial please
Saturday October 8 2011
11:52PM 1 HWEBayes, swapping the homozygotes genotype frequencies
10:18PM 0 Benchmarking package, dea.plot.transform
5:40PM 0 R-GoogleVis: I need to import my chart into powerpoint file
5:36PM 0 Accouting for temporal correlation in linear regression
5:08PM 1 Delete files with system command on Windows 7
4:53PM 2 [R ]Plot a colored rectangle under the points of a graph
3:47PM 1 Luis Miguel Delgado Gomez/BBK está ausente de la oficina.
3:01PM 0 Fatal Error: unable to load base package
2:04PM 2 Permutation or Bootstrap to obtain p-value for one sample
10:53AM 1 Filling missing days in xts time series
9:59AM 2 Connecting points over missing observations in Lattice
6:07AM 0 Strange behaviour with Homals
4:15AM 1 Generalized Additive Models: How to create publication-ready regression tables
3:17AM 1 How to write a list object's name to a new dataframe in that list object
Friday October 7 2011
10:13PM 1 How to change the scale of the Y axis?
9:26PM 1 round() and negative digits
8:09PM 1 loess question
6:32PM 1 axes3d/bbox3d - axis values not fixed
5:57PM 0 change likelihood function in survreg
4:52PM 0 Creating One Single Object Linking Multiple Datapoints
4:08PM 0 probit model on time series
3:54PM 5 Find a particular point on a curve
3:53PM 0 How to calculate determinant and inverse matrix of a specific structure
3:33PM 0 Pb building sets of S4 / RefClass objects with package "sets"
3:15PM 1 Suppress only the x-axis tick mark labels XXXX
3:04PM 1 Handling Time in R
3:03PM 2 function - access column
2:27PM 1 Creating One Single Object with Phenotype and Expression Data
2:08PM 1 plot autocovariance.
2:02PM 3 Expand dataframe according to limits defined per row
2:01PM 1 RStudio and findFn{sos}
1:40PM 4 generate sequences for every element of a vector
1:34PM 2 Merge dataframes
1:28PM 1 "r squared" and anova for linear mixed-effects model
1:22PM 1 [nlme] How to calculate standard error of random effects in lme
1:02PM 0 Kendall's Partial correlation
12:53PM 2 Data frame aggregation
12:49PM 1 R equivalent of proc varclus
12:48PM 1 Strange behaviour with the Homals Package
12:39PM 0 Repeated Measures Regression
10:55AM 3 accumulate vector data
10:32AM 1 iplots
9:38AM 0 Time-dependent covariates in coxph model
9:14AM 0 Regression Package - for large dataset with lots of variables
8:39AM 1 modify "..." (optional args)
7:03AM 1 Unexpected behavior of extract (`[`) or sapply functions
3:50AM 1 Error in Penalized Command
3:33AM 1 ANOVA/ANCOVA Repeated Measure Mixed Model
1:28AM 1 Best Package to Extract Numbers from this Image?
Thursday October 6 2011
11:58PM 1 Image Enhancing in R
9:31PM 0 linear classifiers with sparse matrices
9:16PM 2 barplots
9:00PM 0 Sets of general objects in R
8:31PM 1 Coefficients for lagged plm model variables not calculated
8:28PM 3 Wide to long form conversion
6:58PM 3 Duplicate elements of a vector
6:51PM 1 plot titles and labels XXXX
6:45PM 0 Ignore my last message
6:42PM 1 Sweave and bibliographies
6:32PM 0 TCGA expression data: plotting ....
5:29PM 0 Revolutions Blog: September Roundup
5:15PM 1 factors in probit regression
3:39PM 4 converting commas to points
3:18PM 0 Problem with .C
3:13PM 1 setting up the RPostgreSQL_0.2-0.tar
3:06PM 2 KS test and theoretical distribution
2:49PM 2 Limitations of R
2:20PM 1 sum of functions
1:36PM 0 "undefined slot classes" in package code
1:35PM 1 Wilcox Test / Mann Whitney U Test
1:18PM 1 Urgent help needed for honours project - breaks between races in one year
1:12PM 0 initial value in ComboBox tkwidget
12:37PM 3 Running *slow*
11:00AM 1 non-cumulative hazard in Cox model with time-dependent covariates
10:06AM 1 error messages
9:46AM 1 The "Sets" package and element equality test
8:59AM 1 Fitting parabolic function to data
8:05AM 1 anova.rq {quantreg) - Why do different level of nesting changes the P values?!
8:03AM 1 apply and functions with many arguments
7:18AM 1 Concecutive zeros and ones
7:13AM 0 Fwd: Re: Party extract BinaryTree from cforest?
6:40AM 4 Mean(s) from values in different row?
3:11AM 1 counts in quantiles in and from a matrix
3:01AM 2 Titles changing when a plot is redrawn
12:24AM 1 Issue with read.csv treatment of numerics enclosed in quotes (and a confession)
Wednesday October 5 2011
11:45PM 2 aggregate function with a dataframe for both "x" and "by"
11:38PM 2 any way to convert back to DateTime class when "accidental" conversion to numeric?
10:50PM 1 Help with wireframe graphics problem (newbie)
9:27PM 1 Subsetting question
8:46PM 3 R CMD check
8:15PM 1 unique possible bug
8:14PM 3 do calculations as defined by a string / expand mathematical statements in R
8:08PM 1 Dealing with proportions
7:40PM 2 subplot strange behavoir
7:32PM 1 calling a variable which in turn calls many more variables
7:00PM 1 Difficulty with lme
6:48PM 1 variance ratio test
6:38PM 1 Usng MCMCpack,error is "initial value in vmmin is not finite"
5:56PM 1 Needed help with 3 factor anova !!!
5:55PM 1 Advice in model construction
5:55PM 1 Party extract BinaryTree from cforest?
5:44PM 2 A question about R image function
5:39PM 1 speed up this algorithm (apply-fuction / 4D array)
5:09PM 2 creating a loop for a function
4:20PM 2 converting 3D array to a data-frame (with coordinate-columns x, y, z)
4:11PM 5 Populate a matrix
3:53PM 2 Subsetting a data frame with multiple values and exclusions.
3:05PM 1 white on black theme for ggplot2
2:57PM 4 dynamically creating functions in r
2:21PM 2 gamm: problems with corCAR1()
2:06PM 2 "stepwise" sum
2:01PM 0 best way to further analyse a mixed model?
1:35PM 0 How to make an orderly matrix from geostatistical data?
1:08PM 1 Display a contingency table on the X11 device
1:04PM 2 "unload" a library while testing?
1:00PM 2 mean of 3D arrays
12:25PM 2 repeating categorical variable codes
11:56AM 3 help with regexp
11:30AM 1 lattice-dotplot: resize axis
11:29AM 1 Vector-subsetting with ZERO - Is behavior changeable?
10:53AM 0 anova.pgls not working for factors in univariate analyses
10:13AM 1 Behaviour of 'source' with URLs and proxy
9:49AM 1 optimize R code: replace for loop
9:47AM 1 Weird behaviour of tab characters in a string in R (vs Python)
9:07AM 2 kriging shapefiles
8:55AM 0 Which function for this?
8:42AM 2 Does it exist a function for this?
8:31AM 1 unable to install 'pasilla' package on R
5:56AM 0 How to get the hazard of coxph (not cumulative hazard)
5:26AM 2 cuhre usage ?? multidimensional integration
5:06AM 2 (no subject)
4:27AM 6 reporting multiple objects out of a function
3:41AM 2 AsOf join in R
3:02AM 2 experimenting (like Weka Experimenter)
2:52AM 1 fgrep with caret (^) meta-character in system() call
1:53AM 4 SPlus to R
12:07AM 1 Strange error msg when plotting a graphics
Tuesday October 4 2011
11:14PM 0 ggplot2: not displaying annotation (label = expression) in/on graph
10:52PM 3 break.axis all range of data
10:22PM 1 Problems loading package hydroTSM
10:21PM 2 Create combinations of rows
10:09PM 0 How many pixels or steps in rasterImage interpolation?
9:44PM 1 Assigning genes to CBS segmented output:
9:39PM 3 gefp() boundaries?
8:56PM 1 ggplot2: changing default colors of boxplot
7:48PM 1 joining tables
6:39PM 3 How to subset() from data frame using specific rows
6:25PM 3 Tinn-R
6:17PM 1 F-values in nested designs
5:17PM 1 Reading stopwords from a csv file
4:51PM 0 number of analogs in significance test of MAT reconstructions using randomTF from palaeoSig
3:49PM 0 [Workshop] Finance with R
3:44PM 2 adding a dummy variable...
2:34PM 1 Question about linear mixed effects model (nlme)
2:11PM 0 Adding multiple gates/filters in densityplot
12:52PM 0 Correlation based on the attributes of vertices
12:43PM 1 texi2dvi problem when compiling incorrect Latex code
12:26PM 1 Plotting a polygon with xyplot
12:26PM 1 Matching two datasets and updating values
11:30AM 1 Rug plot curve reversal
10:40AM 1 package.skeleton generates ".env = <environment>"
9:50AM 0 creating subsets and calculating weights
9:28AM 0 matrix of chi-square results for all combinations of data frame
9:10AM 1 Giant font on the R plots...
8:45AM 2 Adonis and nmds help and questions for a novice.
8:00AM 2 About stepwise regression problem
7:48AM 1 shapefile kriging
6:53AM 2 handling constant factors in prediction using svm
6:19AM 3 how do i put two scatterplots on same graph
4:37AM 0 how to make ARFIMA forecast by using r?
4:19AM 3 The use of period in function names and variable names
3:12AM 3 inconsistent behavior of summary function
2:08AM 1 a question about sort and BH
Monday October 3 2011
11:48PM 1 cannot install.packages("data.table")
11:20PM 1 Quasi-Binomial simulation
11:01PM 1 Efficient way to do a merge in R
5:54PM 2 Merge two data frames and find common values and non-matching values
5:24PM 4 Question about ggplot2 and stat_smooth
5:23PM 1 xts/time-series and plot questions...
5:19PM 2 file input with readLines
5:07PM 1 Meta-analysis of test statistics in "metafor" package?
5:05PM 2 intensity map / plot
4:55PM 4 distance coefficient for amatrix with ngative valus
4:31PM 2 read .csv from web from password protected site
4:16PM 1 Installation from local Compiled directory
4:00PM 0 `partykit': A Toolkit for Recursive Partytioning
3:40PM 2 Parsing variable-length delimited strings into a matrix
3:29PM 1 minimisation problem, two setups (nonlinear with equality constraints/linear programming with mixed constraints)
3:21PM 0 Online Course PLS and R and free, public videos
3:14PM 2 Import in R with White Spaces
3:09PM 1 Compact letter display for interaction effects
2:49PM 1 Matrix/Vector manipulation
2:35PM 3 Best method to add unit information to dataframe ?
2:10PM 0 stl-decomposition with missing season
12:11PM 1 Assigning factor names to interaction plot
10:20AM 1 Sorting data in R according to the header of another table
7:53AM 2 extracting p-values in scientific notation
7:18AM 0 deSolve - Function daspk on DAE system - Error (Vince)
5:33AM 1 new standardised variable based on group membership
5:16AM 1 function recode within sapply
4:49AM 1 How to format R superscript 2 followed by "=" value
4:22AM 1 Unable to load local library via GUI
4:02AM 1 How to format Rsuperscript 2 followed by = value
3:52AM 1 New random number generator (RNG)
3:41AM 2 rolling regression
1:29AM 1 about the array transpose
Sunday October 2 2011
8:00PM 2 patients.txt data
6:47PM 1 difference between createPartition and createfold functions
6:18PM 2 Keep ALL duplicate records
5:11PM 2 Scatterplot with the 3rd dimension = color?
5:05PM 0 regarding specifying criteria for Cointegration
4:25PM 1 generating Venn diagram with 6 sets
2:05PM 3 Find all duplicate records
12:30PM 0 Difference between ~lp() or simply ~ in R's locfit?
12:02PM 0 Arimax First-Order Transfer Function
11:48AM 2 subset in dataframes
8:20AM 1 plot: how to fix the ratio of the plot box?
8:18AM 1 Ipad on R
3:37AM 2 getting list of data.frame names
3:20AM 0 deSolve - Function daspk on DAE system - Error
2:42AM 1 R Studio and Rcmdr/RcmdrPlugins
1:06AM 2 Sum of Probabilities in a matrix...
12:38AM 0 Multivariate Laplace density
Saturday October 1 2011
7:55PM 1 Fitting 3 beta distributions
6:34PM 1 Create web applications to run R scripts
5:03PM 1 Gstat - Installation Fail _ download source and compile help ...
2:58PM 1 error using ddply to generate means
11:21AM 1 class definition
9:28AM 1 Problem with logarithmic nonlinear model using nls() from the `stats' package
6:12AM 7 Poor performance of "Optim"
6:00AM 2 Returning vector of values shared across 3 vectors?
4:44AM 2 Help with cast/reshape
3:12AM 2 Entering data into a multi-way array?
1:31AM 4 Is the output of survfit.coxph survival or baseline survival?
1:03AM 1 manual R en español