R help - Jun 2007

Saturday June 30 2007
11:56PM 0 MDS/NMDS: When and Why use or not use?
11:32PM 1 speed and looping issues; calculations on big datasets
8:27PM 1 "R CMD INSTALL in R 2.5.1 (2007-06-27)"
7:31PM 1 Programming Contests for R?
7:12PM 1 random numbers
2:41PM 2 Standard Probability Distributions.
2:00PM 2 import data
1:18PM 1 Importing an Excel file that has merged cells
12:17PM 0 Importing Excel file that has merged cells
11:07AM 0 Importing Excel file with merged cells
10:44AM 2 Determining whether a function's return value is assigned
4:33AM 0 How can i compute error?
3:11AM 3 Problem installing RGTK2 on ubuntu 7.04
1:58AM 0 Gamma scale parameter in GEE?
1:34AM 0 PCA + xValidation
Friday June 29 2007
10:20PM 1 Assign name to a name
8:14PM 4 Dominant eigenvector displayed as third (Marco Visser)
7:59PM 1 R-2.5.1 problem listing dataframe in GUI/CMDLINE
7:48PM 1 Print grid/ggplot to a metafile
7:32PM 6 Plots from categorial data
5:51PM 0 GAM for censored data? (survival analysis)
5:45PM 0 modify tick labels in 3D GAM plot
5:44PM 2 Installing packages.
4:37PM 2 regexpr
1:13PM 2 cbind
12:29PM 2 Spectral Decomposition
12:12PM 0 Fat tails
10:46AM 0 GAMS and interactions
10:02AM 1 shading bar charts
9:26AM 2 \include-mechanism in Sweave?
9:16AM 0 Problem with library(CarbonEL) in .Rprofile
9:05AM 1 Warning message in Design ...
8:43AM 1 How to add elements to a table
8:21AM 0 acf and na.pass
7:14AM 1 Comparison: glm() vs. bigglm()
6:39AM 2 How to install R 2.5 with Synaptic in Ubuntu?
5:21AM 1 extracting df and MS values from aov
5:04AM 0 How can i compute error
1:50AM 2 why this doesn't work for qqnorm
Thursday June 28 2007
11:16PM 2 logistic regression and dummy variable coding
8:47PM 1 Changing graphics height when using grid and lattice
8:44PM 0 mixed-effects model using lmer
8:31PM 1 Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test.
8:19PM 3 applying max elementwise to two vectors
8:00PM 2 sampling question
7:03PM 3 Function call within a function.
6:45PM 0 Course in Boston** R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
5:55PM 0 Evaluating predictive power with no intercept-statistics question - not R question
5:40PM 1 stack multiple plots on one page
5:12PM 1 R function command on a list
4:44PM 1 Error en assign(mname, def, where)
4:05PM 1 Method dispatch in functions?
3:21PM 1 embedFonts() and bounding box
3:10PM 2 align() function missing in R ?
3:07PM 2 TukeyHSD
2:25PM 3 Adding different output to different lattice panels
1:42PM 0 Installing an old package in R-2.4.1
1:26PM 0 new package benchden 1.0.0 : benchmark densities for nonparametric density estimation
12:32PM 0 Help in Bootstrapping
12:00PM 1 Writing - specyfic format
11:43AM 0 R 2.5.1 is released
11:08AM 2 aov and lme differ with interaction in oats example of MASS?
10:55AM 0 prior covariance in Mclust
9:55AM 4 compare 2 vectors
9:47AM 5 Repeat if
9:42AM 0 maximum difference between two ECDF's
9:29AM 2 using self-written functions
7:43AM 3 : regular expressions: escaping a dot
7:05AM 0 Re : restructuring matrix
6:22AM 1 Populate matrix from data.frame
1:55AM 1 unequal variance assumption for lme (mixed effect model)
1:06AM 4 Sweave bug? when writing figures / deleting variable in chunk
12:16AM 2 restructuring matrix
Wednesday June 27 2007
11:51PM 1 levelplot in lattice
11:41PM 0 How to discard data out of polr object
10:51PM 2 Gaussian elimination - singular matrix
10:11PM 2 Loading problem with XML_1.9
10:00PM 3 Correlation ratio
9:15PM 0 error message survreg.fit
8:56PM 3 exaustive subgrouping or combination
8:38PM 2 Meta-Analysis of proportions
8:38PM 1 SEM model fit
8:00PM 1 skeleton for C code?
7:59PM 2 running saved scripts
7:25PM 1 Condensed PCA Results
7:15PM 0 read.xls problem
6:23PM 1 Re : Help please for graphics!
5:32PM 1 Timer
5:25PM 1 Matlab end operator
4:58PM 1 "no applicable method"
4:55PM 1 stepAIC on lm() where response is a matrix..
3:59PM 0 Solving a system of nonlinear equations
3:52PM 1 xyplot with par
3:51PM 1 how to use chi-square to test correlation question
3:27PM 2 moving-window (neighborhood) analysis
2:50PM 1 lme correlation structures
2:07PM 0 New package "tradeCosts"
1:21PM 0 cmdscale(eurodist)
1:19PM 3 Import from excel
12:29PM 1 Another loop avoidance question.
8:11AM 0 Is Landau-H available
4:44AM 0 question
12:18AM 1 BioC2007, August 6-7 ** early registration ends July 1 **
Tuesday June 26 2007
11:59PM 1 A really simple data manipulation example
10:35PM 0 survsplit and multiple event indicators
9:55PM 2 Strange RODBC problem
7:14PM 2 Aggregation of data frame with calculations of proportions
7:05PM 1 determining the column index and grabbing only variables with a certain string in them
6:38PM 1 survreg error
6:13PM 3 create matrix from comparing two vectors
6:10PM 2 aggregating daily values
6:03PM 1 Marginal Effects of continuous variable in lrm model (Design package)
5:14PM 3 inter-rater agreement index kappa
4:29PM 1 ylab at the right hand of a plot with two y axes
4:06PM 0 Re : R data set size limit
3:44PM 0 Scale-Inverse Chi square Distribution
3:19PM 0 gcc and g++ errors while compiling R on Linux ppc64
2:58PM 1 Memory Experimentation: Rule of Thumb = 10-15 Times the Memory
2:49PM 1 ts() defunct in R 2.5.0?
2:42PM 1 Subscripting specified variables in a function
2:09PM 3 surprising difference in log()
2:08PM 2 how to iterate
1:22PM 1 recover history after crash in RGui
12:20PM 4 Looking for parallel functionality between Matlab and R
12:09PM 1 R data set size limit
11:58AM 2 fisher information matrix
11:12AM 2 Power calculation with measurement error
9:23AM 0 GLM, log-binomial likelihood
4:55AM 0 Howto fix colors in colorRampPalette?
1:29AM 0 a-priori orthogonal contrasts
12:34AM 0 Has anyone tryed out my software?
Monday June 25 2007
9:44PM 2 changing the position of the y label (ylab)
9:15PM 1 fft and the derivative
9:12PM 0 Problem installing MCMCpack
8:50PM 3 How to shadow 'power' area?
8:10PM 0 debug()
8:05PM 0 correlation structure
5:31PM 0 Quiver in 1d
4:27PM 1 LanguageR pvals.fnc error message
4:26PM 1 degrees of freedom in lme
4:15PM 2 simultaneous actions of grep ???
4:12PM 1 problem building first package
3:42PM 3 a string to enviroment or function
3:04PM 1 eps in odfWeave
2:58PM 2 manipulate a matrix
2:50PM 4 how to plot this?
2:45PM 1 R behaviour related to user input (readline()) and run selection
1:13PM 2 transposing data.frames
12:47PM 7 R-excel
12:32PM 0 Help in HMM for count data
12:26PM 1 gam function in the mgcv library
12:03PM 3 fractional calculations
10:14AM 2 Re : Half of a heatmap
6:07AM 0 Random numbers from skewed distributions
4:32AM 1 Source code for rlogis
4:10AM 1 R-2.5.0 compilation problem on Linux powerpc
2:27AM 0 Matrix multiplication (with multidimensional array)
Sunday June 24 2007
11:58PM 1 JRI and Axis Web Service
11:27PM 2 matlab/gauss code in R
10:12PM 2 adding lines to stripchart
7:48PM 1 Fitting a model to a test set
6:54PM 2 ANOVA non-sphericity test and corrections (eg, Greenhouse-Geisser)
9:38AM 0 plot just one page of lattice plot
4:14AM 0 Half of a heatmap
12:48AM 0 Simulations for Project Management
Saturday June 23 2007
10:04PM 1 Creating different matrices in a loop
8:54PM 2 Highliting a text in a plot
8:03PM 0 approx.irts methodology question
4:50PM 2 connecting to process?
4:44PM 1 warning in a loop
4:41PM 2 running Rcmdr
4:01PM 1 ROC curve
3:51PM 1 Encircling a text in a plot
2:54PM 2 Names of objects passed as ... to a function?
2:29PM 2 About Memory size
10:09AM 3 Setting up a blank table with column names in the hard drive
8:44AM 2 latex of ftable (Hmisc?)
Friday June 22 2007
10:21PM 1 speed issues / pros & cons: dataframe vs. matrix
10:11PM 1 merging more than two data frames
9:38PM 1 Asteriscs in a plot to represent approximate size of p-values
9:25PM 3 How to run "mathematica" or "c" programs in R?
9:14PM 0 interaction contrast
8:19PM 1 Barchart legend position
8:14PM 0 "heatmap" color still a spectrum for binary outcomes?
6:44PM 1 Imputing missing values in time series
5:26PM 1 Matrix library, CHOLMOD error: problem too large
4:25PM 1 Lattice: hiding only some strips
4:06PM 1 connecting to running process possible?
3:09PM 0 Bayesian Networks
2:58PM 1 how to ave this?
2:49PM 2 fitCopula
1:28PM 1 vectorize a function
12:02PM 1 Boxplot issues
10:37AM 2 multiple return
10:31AM 2 extract index during execution of sapply
9:54AM 0 legend and lend (line end style)
8:26AM 2 (Heuristic?) salient feature selection
8:18AM 1 two basic question regarding model selection in GAM
7:52AM 1 help on the use of ldBand
6:46AM 0 logit problem
6:26AM 0 R.oo 1.2.7 Incompatible with R 2.5.0?
4:18AM 2 Data consistency checks in functions
3:09AM 0 set up a talbe with column name and write to the table row by row
12:23AM 1 Switching X-axis and Y-axis for histogram
Thursday June 21 2007
11:39PM 2 Adding exponents (superscript format) to a plot
11:35PM 0 questions for hist()
11:05PM 1 Result depends on order of factors in unbalanced designs (lme, anova)?
10:41PM 1 Binary decision problem
9:51PM 2 Multinomial models
9:44PM 2 abline plots at wrong abscissae after boxplot
8:45PM 2 percentage in R
8:36PM 0 calculating co-spectra and quad-spectra
8:07PM 1 Using the object of character data type as the name of the slot
7:56PM 1 anova on data means
7:36PM 1 what is "better" when combining data frames? merge vs. rbind & cbind
6:51PM 1 mgcv: lowest estimated degrees of freedom
6:07PM 2 How to hide axis interval values in a plot
5:56PM 1 Distance function
5:51PM 1 using lme on multiple datasets in one shot
5:10PM 1 working with fractions
5:01PM 4 FW: Suse RPM installation problem
3:35PM 0 How to weight cases in R
2:50PM 0 odfWeave version 0.5.9 released
2:48PM 1 Generating vetor (shapefiles) from AscGrid raster in R
2:47PM 0 unknown type 63, perhaps written by later version of R
2:37PM 0 Multi-variate Probit model using Bayesm in R
1:54PM 2 sorting data
1:53PM 1 generating a new variable based on results of a by command
1:44PM 1 MDS size limitations
11:47AM 0 Warning message!!
11:11AM 1 barchart in trellis and NA
10:48AM 1 Extract Df under lme4
10:09AM 3 meta-analysis in R
9:28AM 1 [R-pkgs] RGtk2 2.10.x series available
8:27AM 1 model selection criteria in "regsubsets"
8:22AM 1 Prediction Intervals
7:15AM 0 spatstat version 2
6:16AM 0 use ts objects within the "seas" package for seasonal stats ; to compare years with each other for change detection
5:33AM 0 Question on package building
5:27AM 4 "if" within a function
3:59AM 0 OSC code
3:57AM 2 Overlaying lattice graphs (continued)
3:50AM 2 Need Help: User Defined R Functions in Sweave/Latex
12:05AM 1 How can I obtain smooth lines in graphs?
Wednesday June 20 2007
10:54PM 0 Estimated coefficients from regsubsets/leaps: where are they?
10:12PM 3 Replace number with month
9:56PM 1 how to obtain optimization with constraints
9:14PM 2 Extracting t-tests on coefficients in lm
8:50PM 2 How to create .rda file to be used in package building
8:02PM 2 how to create cumulative histogram from two independent variables?
7:57PM 0 how to calculate estimate of interation contrast in two-factor experiment
6:58PM 0 shoudl I use apply, sapply, etc instead of a "for loop"?
6:40PM 1 How to use "mix" to estimate the parameters for mixture gamma distribution?
6:37PM 0 Testing parallel regression assumption
5:37PM 4 finding roots of multivariate equation
5:03PM 2 Averaging dates?
5:02PM 1 nlme correlated random effects
4:42PM 1 How to draw several ROC curves on a common graph
4:05PM 0 Multi-variate Probit model using Bayesm
4:00PM 2 How to activate the R commands in SciViews
3:06PM 3 merge
2:13PM 1 Dissimilarity
1:25PM 1 Enc: Creating directory under Windows R session
12:25PM 1 compiler cannot create executables
12:09PM 2 Linear Mixed Models with nlme, more than one random effect
12:07PM 2 Creating directory under Windows R session
11:26AM 1 How to extract diagonals
10:47AM 4 extract elements
10:46AM 1 non permanent change of vector values
9:41AM 4 Got "Unexpected ELSE error"
9:20AM 2 Retrieve part of (top right corner) of a "plot.data.frame" plot?
9:20AM 2 "xtable" results doesn't correspond to data.frame
9:04AM 2 add line to data.frame
7:23AM 2 Computing time differences
6:29AM 0 Warning message loading rmutil in R 2.5.0
2:23AM 1 Help With Sweave:
1:37AM 1 making a Time of Day axis
1:30AM 1 Date and selection
Tuesday June 19 2007
8:54PM 1 Error handling
8:51PM 4 Speed up R
8:31PM 2 axis labels in multiple plots
8:15PM 2 Preconditions for a variance analysis
8:02PM 1 A question about plots and lists in functions
7:39PM 1 Multiple plot jpeg file
7:12PM 1 Matrix library error: "should never happen; please report"
6:36PM 0 how to create .rda data file and load it for contributed package
5:26PM 1 : create a PDF file (text (print list) and grafics)
4:51PM 2 How to compute Wilk's Lambda
4:19PM 1 help w/ nonlinear regression
4:05PM 1 Linear model predictions, differences in class
4:00PM 2 Histogram
3:59PM 3 Could not find lmer function in {Matrix} package
3:33PM 2 Function -return value
2:56PM 2 names over names
2:18PM 1 cash or nothing option
1:15PM 4 plot only x- and y-axis with origin, no box()
1:10PM 0 RGtk2 2.10.x series available
1:00PM 1 Rmpi and rsprng for Windows
12:52PM 0 converting proc mixed to lme for a random effectsmeta-analysis
12:13PM 1 converting proc mixed to lme for a random effects meta-analysis
12:10PM 1 Dissimilarity Analysis
11:59AM 2 BIC and Hosmer-Lemeshow statistic for logistic regression
10:19AM 1 plotting order of lines in xyplot panels while using conditioning variable and groups
9:29AM 5 outlying
9:11AM 4 How do I avoid a loop?
8:14AM 0 About Genetic Algorithm package
8:02AM 2 Help in ARIMA
8:00AM 0 application of ridge function to all predictors
7:35AM 3 Controlling text and strip arrangement in xyplot
7:07AM 0 ggplot2 0.5.2
6:52AM 0 Augment 'Matrix' matrices
4:24AM 1 Iterative Solver [Converting Matlab's solve()]
1:07AM 1 Histograms with strings, grouped by repeat count (w/ data)
12:38AM 0 categorical time series
12:09AM 1 genetics package not working
Monday June 18 2007
11:55PM 0 classical plant hybrid analysis
11:54PM 3 String manipulation, insert delim
11:40PM 1 Histogram using frequency data
10:06PM 2 data type for block data?
9:37PM 1 How to compare GLM and GAM models
8:34PM 2 Help: Upgrading to R2.5 on Ubuntu (Feisty)
8:34PM 1 Second y-axis in xyplot (lattice) where y1 and y2 have different ranges
8:18PM 1 psm/survreg coefficient values ?
7:10PM 1 viewing source code
6:03PM 0 chron() question
4:17PM 2 Large Binary file reader for Simple minds
4:01PM 11 Optimization
3:48PM 0 discriminant analysis with lda(MASS)
1:54PM 3 source a specific function
1:23PM 1 how to obtain the OR and 95%CI with 1 SD change of a continue variable
1:04PM 3 data.frame
12:36PM 1 BATCH
12:12PM 4 triangle contour plots
11:14AM 1 Readline
10:11AM 1 Unix-like permissions to allow a user to update recommended packages
10:02AM 1 Question about lmer
9:10AM 0 help with panel.lda
8:09AM 2 merging dataframes with diffent rownumbers
7:48AM 1 Problem with binding data-frames
7:32AM 3 Inverse BoxCox transformation
7:28AM 1 what about options in BATCH
7:23AM 2 to read table
6:37AM 2 Calculating Percentile in R
5:42AM 1 Loading problem with R2HTML package
4:37AM 1 the way to look at all the codings of any functions
4:30AM 1 Automatic paren/bracket closing in 2.5.0?
3:38AM 1 getting tapply() to work across multiple columns
2:39AM 0 change fold from package"DEDS"
Sunday June 17 2007
8:46PM 2 Storing output vector form a loop as a matrix
7:41PM 0 Prediction accuracy of poisson regression model
3:00PM 0 Cluster validation
1:51PM 1 (no subject)
12:47PM 1 Efficiently calculate sd on an array?
10:19AM 1 correlation comparison one more time
10:01AM 1 [ggplot2] Change color of grid lines
4:18AM 1 error bars on survival curve
Saturday June 16 2007
11:49PM 1 How to comment out a piece of a R code in XEmacs+ESS
10:55PM 1 Use of the "by" command (clarification)
8:50PM 1 mardia's test
8:38PM 0 How to specify covariance matrix in copula?
8:12PM 0 Function for misclassification rate/type I,II error??
7:42PM 1 GLM dist Gamma-links identity and inverse
7:15PM 3 data.frame and subsetting problem
7:06PM 0 Use of the "by" command for gini()
6:14PM 2 Status of the "bs" Package
11:12AM 0 Fwd: How to set degrees of freedom in cor.test?
8:55AM 2 Visualize quartiles of plot line
8:38AM 1 Lines connecting the boxes in a boxplot
8:35AM 0 Help in HMM commands
8:18AM 1 linear hypothesis test in gls model
5:18AM 1 selecting cut-off in Logistic regression using ROCR package
1:57AM 1 fSeries - Ox - ver: 240.10068 - Steps to make it work
1:31AM 1 [Not R question]: Better fit for order probit model
12:21AM 1 plot via xyplot not being saved
Friday June 15 2007
8:50PM 2 Upgraded FC4 to FC5 - unable to start device X11 in R
7:07PM 3 how to plot two graphics in one window
6:46PM 0 Call-Tips
6:19PM 5 removing values from a vector, where both the value and its name are the same?
6:12PM 0 Registration density profiles using FDA (Functional Data Analysis)
5:35PM 1 text display using expression or not
5:29PM 1 complex contrasts and logistic regression
4:25PM 1 A question about logical controls and function arguements
4:16PM 0 registration density profiles : FDA
3:47PM 1 subscript out of bounds error in lda
3:47PM 2 model.frame: how does one use it?
3:19PM 0 how to compute a garch model with t innovations ?
3:13PM 3 [OT] 'gv' and fractional points
2:45PM 0 mixed model for analysing microarray data
1:59PM 0 Coefficients and Covariances in MNP
1:42PM 0 Need Help with Dendrogram and DataFrame Leaf names
1:27PM 2 method of rpart when response variable is binary?
1:23PM 2 Problem with workspace loading after languageR use
12:13PM 2 Grahpics problem
11:28AM 1 Loop for test statistic
10:51AM 0 similarity
9:32AM 1 gpclib problem
9:30AM 1 problems with matrix, list and other..
7:51AM 0 arturo invites you to join Zorpia
7:06AM 1 interpretation of F-statistics in GAMs
5:14AM 1 importing .dta files
1:59AM 2 converting character strings to numbers
1:41AM 0 Question with nlm
12:42AM 2 sma package, and MouseArray data set
Thursday June 14 2007
11:03PM 3 Retain names in conversion of matrix to vector
9:34PM 1 Error: bad value ? what is that?
9:18PM 1 back-transform predictors for x-axis in plot -- mgcv package
8:07PM 0 connecting to db2 via RJDBC
7:21PM 0 Course: 2-day Short R/S-Plus at JSM - Salt Lake City July - August 2007
7:14PM 4 question about formula for lm
7:04PM 1 Define tick mark width
6:25PM 3 how to fit y=m*x
5:50PM 0 random effects in logistic regression (lmer)-- identification question
5:16PM 1 JGR, Java and Kubuntu 7.04 ...
4:16PM 2 connecting to DB2 database
4:00PM 0 Re : function with xyplot
3:54PM 0 Goodness of fit- Pareto distribution
3:18PM 1 clustalW
3:02PM 0 simulate null hypothesis
3:02PM 1 R programming question
2:32PM 3 Problems with na.rm=T
2:21PM 1 names() after library(RDCOMClient) problem(?)
2:16PM 0 system("R CMD BATCH ...") on UNIX-alikes
1:41PM 0 Confidence interval for coefficient of variation
1:38PM 1 Using subset() in a user-defined function
12:50PM 0 nlsList problems: control option does not effect output and strange environment search
12:40PM 1 scatterplots: (equal axes and overlay)
12:30PM 3 problem with hist()
12:04PM 3 Preserving dates in Excel.
11:37AM 1 building packages under windows
11:24AM 1 test if files in current folder
10:53AM 2 function with xyplot
10:50AM 1 Wilcoxon test on data matrix
10:22AM 1 Dates in Windows
9:41AM 0 Research assistant in biostatistics in Copenhagen
9:31AM 1 besselK
9:29AM 1 installing packages
9:14AM 0 besselK- complex number problem any help is welcome
8:40AM 0 How to set degrees of freedom in cor.test?
8:33AM 2 Difference between prcomp and cmdscale
8:07AM 1 make sample() faster
8:00AM 1 ARIMA with more than one seasonality period
7:26AM 3 Responding to a posting in the digest
4:39AM 1 blotched y-axis text in plot function
12:47AM 0 polr: attempt to find suitable starting values failed
12:47AM 0 How to get a point estimate from the studentized bootstrap?
Wednesday June 13 2007
10:45PM 0 Where to Find Data Transformation Software
10:30PM 1 Offline ? Searching for James Wettenhall's TclTk Examples
10:25PM 1 Difficulties With Posting To Ongoing Threads on the R Mailing List
9:47PM 2 Design library installation problem
9:44PM 1 how to optionally include variables in a data.frame at assignment
9:21PM 1 Annotating trellis graphics
8:04PM 1 Normal and Poisson tail area expectations in R
7:41PM 1 lme() doesn't converge on IGF example
6:36PM 2 Removing Inf and Inf values from a fata frame
3:46PM 2 Formatted Data File Question for Clustering -Quickie Project
3:43PM 1 VGAM Pareto
2:20PM 0 Obtaining the cross validation coefficient of determination
2:06PM 0 "R is not a validated software package..
1:00PM 0 Differences of correlations testing in R
11:55AM 2 Fitted Value Pareto Distribution
11:53AM 1 How to install RMySQL package in R 2.5 in Windows OS?
11:38AM 3 installing Rgraphviz under fedora 5
11:17AM 1 installing GRASS-R packages
9:26AM 3 equivalent of windialog on unix??
9:05AM 1 Subscription
8:50AM 0 Fitted value
8:05AM 3 export to a dat file that SAS can read
7:49AM 3 extractor rows from a matrix
7:01AM 5 Confusion with sapply
6:04AM 1 passing (or obtaining) index or element name of list to FUN in lapply()
3:23AM 0 data from graph [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
2:04AM 1 specify constraints in maximum likelihood
1:24AM 3 Awk and Vilno
12:27AM 0 Setting a minimum number of observations within an individual cluster
Tuesday June 12 2007
11:06PM 1 Using dll with Visual Studio Compiler
10:35PM 0 data from graph
9:56PM 0 JGR and big list of packages.
9:54PM 1 Can strptime handle milliseconds or AM/PM?
9:27PM 5 R Book Advice Needed
9:05PM 1 Subset and logical operator error
9:04PM 1 ML, REML and several random effects
9:01PM 4 pretty report
8:42PM 4 Generating artificial datasets with a specific correlation coefficient.
5:57PM 3 Stacked barchart color
5:56PM 1 Trouble making JRI.jar with Ubuntu and Java6
5:53PM 1 Viewing a data object
5:50PM 1 Build Windows pkgs from source - online
5:45PM 3 Appropriate regression model for categorical variables
5:42PM 2 Linux equivalent to windows menus and script window
5:37PM 1 Cause of error message in cov function?
5:34PM 1 dyn.load( ) problem
5:33PM 1 getting R2.4 (Win)
5:27PM 2 Stock Price Correlation to Index Price Levels
4:53PM 0 Pareto Distribution
4:47PM 3 Read Windows-like .INI files into R data structure?
4:27PM 0 nlme model
4:22PM 2 [OT]Web-Based Data Brushing
4:11PM 3 Panel data
3:08PM 1 2 Trellis graphics question
2:24PM 1 LASSO coefficients for a specific s
1:46PM 1 Building packages with subroutine in fortran 90 under windows xp
1:41PM 1 package with fortran 90 subroutines under windows xp
1:10PM 0 distribution graph
10:43AM 1 Problems with Vista, R 2.5.0 and function save
9:32AM 0 bitmap function in R 2.4.1 vs R 2.2.1
8:57AM 1 Post-hoc tests for interactions of between- and within-subject factors
8:26AM 0 hedonic
7:45AM 2 Data transformation for chi-square test.
4:09AM 0 question about data availale in .RData file using the biobase package
1:56AM 0 Components in the control list of optim()
12:45AM 2 barplot and map overlay
Monday June 11 2007
11:12PM 0 Rgobbi and colours question
10:32PM 2 Overlaying lattice graphs
10:14PM 3 if statement
9:23PM 1 Package update announcements
8:57PM 1 ylim settings
8:55PM 2 selecting characters from a line of text
7:50PM 1 A Question about "R"
7:11PM 1 Rearranging Capture History Data in R
6:52PM 8 R vs. Splus in Pharma/Devices Industry
6:45PM 0 Reading old S-plus dmp files
5:57PM 0 debugger library. Error?
5:26PM 0 Weighted least squares
5:17PM 5 Problem with RSVGTipsDevice
4:18PM 2 history in R.app on Mac
3:48PM 2 how to ignore error messages?
3:32PM 0 autoregressive spectral density estimate by andrews' plug-in method?
3:32PM 0 lmekin() function in kinship package
3:29PM 0 Can I access the filename of the active editor window?
3:05PM 1 design package
2:13PM 1 Gini coefficient in R
1:23PM 0 biplot package II
12:24PM 1 Recoding
12:11PM 3 simultaneous computing
12:09PM 3 Selecting all values smaller than X in a dataframe
11:18AM 2 Rounding?
10:30AM 1 Error using mgcv package
9:23AM 0 system() and R BATCH
9:06AM 1 Looking for R-code for non-negative matrix factorization in the presence of Gaussian or Poisson noise
7:55AM 1 epitools and R 2.5
7:29AM 2 Textpad help
6:53AM 1 Starting R within an VBA makro
5:42AM 0 Updated ggplot2 package (beta version)
4:54AM 0 Determination of % of misclassification
4:11AM 1 lm for matrix of response...
2:42AM 1 generalized moment method
2:29AM 0 GMM estimation
1:33AM 1 How do I obtain standard error of each estimated coefficients in polr
12:42AM 0 Potential junk email moved to Junk Folder
Sunday June 10 2007
8:35PM 0 initial value for optim in polr question
8:20PM 0 Question on weighted Kaplan-Meier analysis of case-cohort design
7:28PM 1 Windows vista's early terminate Rgui execution
4:50PM 1 PCA for Binary data
4:49PM 0 Rdonlp2 - an extension library for constrained optimization
4:49PM 0 Feature selection for Clustering
4:24PM 2 How to specify the start position using plot
4:09PM 1 R logistic regression - comparison with SPSS
2:35PM 1 {nlme} Multilevel estimation heteroscedasticity
8:45AM 3 find position
8:44AM 1 Coding categorical variables in mixed environment
6:45AM 0 penalized cox regression
6:13AM 1 comparing two vectors
Saturday June 9 2007
8:50PM 2 problem with xlsreadwrite package
6:12PM 4 Lines in dotchart & dotplot ?
5:39PM 1 How to plot vertical line
4:57PM 1 What ECDF function?
10:31AM 1 write.table: last line should differ from usual eol
1:39AM 2 How do you do an e-mail post that is within an ongoing thread?
Friday June 8 2007
9:50PM 0 Packaging under Win32 / cygwin : ZoneAlarm conflict [solved]
9:27PM 2 legend + expression
8:33PM 0 Escobar&Meeker example survreg
8:17PM 0 RMySQL configure.win error?
7:12PM 1 still trying to wrap xyplot - ignore previous
6:54PM 2 how to find how many modes in 2 dimensions case
6:52PM 2 open .r files with double-click
6:41PM 2 wrapping lattice xyplot
6:18PM 1 glm() for log link and Weibull family
5:42PM 1 Batch processing in Windows
5:31PM 2 pnorm how to decide lower-tail true or false
5:13PM 1 ievent.wait
4:46PM 1 compute new variable
3:12PM 1 matrix and data frame
3:02PM 1 How to make a table of a desired dimension
2:15PM 1 pointwise confidence bands or interval values for a non parametric sm.regression
2:02PM 6 "R is not a validated software package.."
1:13PM 2 Formating the data
12:57PM 4 logical 'or' on list of vectors
10:52AM 1 world map matrix
10:38AM 1 Dependency 'Design' is not available
10:15AM 0 help.search and Baysian regression
9:44AM 0 Re : How to partition sample space
9:38AM 1 icc from GLMM?
9:28AM 1 Re : Sorting dataframe by different columns
9:07AM 2 overplots - fixing scientific vs normal notation in output
8:07AM 0 choose.dir
6:50AM 1 How to partition sample space
6:42AM 3 Barplots: Editing the frequency x-axis names
6:35AM 1 data mining/text mining?
5:01AM 1 Need Help with robustbase package: fitnorm2 and plotnorm2
5:01AM 1 evaluating variables in the context of a data frame
2:42AM 2 How to do clustering
12:42AM 4 match rows of data frame
12:01AM 4 Tools For Preparing Data For Analysis
Thursday June 7 2007
10:22PM 1 Ubu edgy + latest CRAN R + Rmpi = no go
10:15PM 0 power of logistic regression in case control design
9:50PM 2 Nonlinear Regression
9:17PM 2 character to time problem
7:30PM 1 MITOOLS: Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : invalid 'envir' argument
7:26PM 1 Averaging across rows & columns
6:11PM 1 new data frame for loop
6:00PM 1 how to input data from the keyboard
5:38PM 0 Using Akima with nearly-gridded data
5:31PM 0 which syntax to use for ordered logit
5:29PM 2 reading BMP or TIFF files
4:53PM 1 Garch question
3:18PM 0 How to get the number of modes using kde2d
3:01PM 1 comparison of two logistic regression models
2:47PM 0 ordered logistic regression
2:47PM 3 rlm results on trellis plot
12:46PM 1 Conditional Sequential Gaussian Simulation
12:27PM 2 Use R in a pipeline as a filter
10:12AM 0 RODBC and placeholders?
10:00AM 2 update packages with R on Vista: error
9:40AM 2 Display Multiple page lattice plots
9:10AM 0 Suppressing the large amount of white space in heatmap.2 in gplots
3:34AM 2 Question about parse and expression
3:07AM 0 Dr Bill Venables course in Raleigh and Washington DC - Traditional and Modern Approaches to Statistical Modelling with R by
2:41AM 1 Creating an Access (.mdb) database using R
2:08AM 0 Problem Building on Solaris 8
1:22AM 3 How to load a big txt file
Wednesday June 6 2007
10:36PM 1 error message: only first element in each line of matrix used
10:27PM 2 names not inherited in functions
10:16PM 1 opening a file from within a zipfile that is online
9:42PM 1 Metropolis-Hastings Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Spatstat
8:55PM 3 Spectral analysis
8:31PM 1 compiling from source on Vista
7:45PM 0 electre decision analysis methods
7:44PM 2 Multiple color schemes for barchart (lattice)
5:50PM 1 Removing vertical line in Tinn R editor
4:44PM 1 Question: RMySQL bulk load/update one column, dbWriteTable()?
4:35PM 0 Meaning of locfit warnings "procv: parameters out of bounds"?
4:27PM 0 Question on RandomForest in unsupervised mode
4:22PM 1 how to update R version
4:17PM 3 Using odesolve to produce non-negative solutions
4:04PM 1 problem with Axis labels
3:51PM 4 handling a cancelled file.choose()
3:08PM 0 Courses: Traditional and Modern Approaches to Statistical Modelling with R by Dr Bill Venables. in Raleigh and Washington DC
2:50PM 1 Chow Test
2:48PM 5 Linear Discriminant Analysis
2:30PM 3 random numbers selection - simple example
2:25PM 0 anova(lme)
2:11PM 0 Odp: Odp: sampling problem - new to R
2:10PM 0 Sargan Test and Hansen J Statistc for Simultaneous Equation Model
1:50PM 0 New Package: rateratio.test
1:46PM 0 R package: Mchtest - Monte Carlo hypothesis testing allowing Sequential Stopping
1:42PM 0 A question about riskmeasures() vs. qgpd() in library(evir)
1:34PM 0 R Package: ssanv - Sample size adjustments for nonadherence and variability of input parameters
12:54PM 2 name of the variable that will contain the result of a function
9:45AM 6 p-value from GEE
9:35AM 1 spgrass6 and aggregation (bis)
8:58AM 3 list
8:41AM 1 opening vignetten
8:21AM 0 spgrass6 and aggregation
6:45AM 1 correspondence analysis
3:49AM 4 R help
3:44AM 3 Neural Net. in R
2:24AM 0 Question about Johansen result
2:11AM 1 fixed effects anova in lme lmer
1:59AM 2 kernel smooth for tw-dimensional data
12:54AM 2 Expand duplicated observations
Tuesday June 5 2007
10:03PM 2 generating many matrices
9:49PM 3 R: x-y data
8:49PM 1 ggplot aspect ratio
8:07PM 1 R CMD BATCH command
7:38PM 1 logit model interpretation
7:15PM 0 One-dimensional point processes
5:55PM 1 rJava installation under linux: configuration failed
4:17PM 3 read table
3:29PM 1 Can I treat subject as fixed effect in linear model
3:22PM 0 Still having problemes when loading RMySQL
3:02PM 1 the biggest integer R can display in complete form but not scientific form
2:44PM 1 standard error of skewness
2:31PM 1 help with using grid to modify ggplot/lattice plots
2:29PM 5 sampling problem - new to R
2:20PM 1 odfTable
1:52PM 0 New Package on Lancet Surveys of Iraq Mortality
1:10PM 1 Inverse of encodeString
12:29PM 0 Front end for R in Mac,
12:20PM 4 Refactor all factors in a data frame
11:56AM 2 Problems with Merge
11:34AM 0 plot histogram and print
11:11AM 2 Lines to plots with a for-loop
10:35AM 2 Latex \ell symbol in plotmath
9:56AM 0 Population genetics tests for neutral evolution
9:33AM 3 help with simple R-question
8:55AM 0 extract data from Access
8:09AM 0 Package update: pmml version 1.1.1
6:55AM 1 multiple plot in odfWeave
6:53AM 1 integer to date-format
3:44AM 1 Question using stepAIC
3:38AM 1 lme vs. SAS proc mixed. Point estimates and SEs are the same, DFs are different
3:07AM 0 Failed to post to the wla@list.wla.org list
2:11AM 0 how to do multiple comparison of linear mixed models by multcomp package ?
1:25AM 2 biplot package
12:46AM 1 klaR stepclass
12:15AM 2 GUI for R running under Linux
Monday June 4 2007
11:34PM 1 Help with conditional lagging of data
11:25PM 3 Why is the R mailing list so hard to figure out?
10:34PM 3 Mandriva Spring 2007 and R
10:25PM 0 Error: could not find function "glht" (multcomp)
10:11PM 0 New package: relations
9:50PM 2 RMySQL question, sql with R vector or list
9:32PM 1 R-squared in mixed-effects models
7:08PM 3 Extracting lists in the dataframe $ format
6:58PM 1 reading file. xls
6:28PM 0 Same scale on different q-q plots
6:27PM 0 Local polynomial regression using locfit
4:20PM 0 Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
3:36PM 0 Calling R from within C++ examples?
1:39PM 0 p-value gee
1:18PM 2 Abstract plot
12:50PM 3 test for nested factors
10:57AM 1 Front end for R in Mac
10:18AM 2 inverse cumulative distribution
8:40AM 1 Standard errors of the predicted values from a lme (or lmer)
7:57AM 2 rq matrix decomposition
7:39AM 3 Bug in seq.date?
6:02AM 2 How to obtain coefficient standard error from the result of polr?
5:14AM 0 Updated reshape and ggplot
5:14AM 0 Beta version of ggplot2
1:27AM 2 locked environment and inheritance
Sunday June 3 2007
11:45PM 0 RMySQL loading error, mysql in path
9:48PM 2 getting t.test to work with apply()
8:06PM 0 making a multiple censored Surv object to survival analisys
6:11PM 1 codamenu crash
5:32PM 0 Error loading RMySQL
9:36AM 2 Subscript in axis label
12:02AM 2 Problems compiling RMySQL
Saturday June 2 2007
11:34PM 1 Finding density curve peak
10:34PM 4 Re : I need some help please!
9:13PM 3 Updating R version
8:42PM 1 Calculating column percentages of a table
7:15PM 2 How to use density function to find h_{k}
6:45PM 1 Harrell's C
5:13PM 1 Problem with reading a file.xls
4:56PM 1 Problem with the command "StrucTS" that fits a basic structural model for time series
3:06PM 4 Datapoints underneath datapoints Problem
3:49AM 0 Question regarding Johansen's cointegration testing
3:32AM 1 setClass with a slot of RODBC
1:06AM 2 spatial simulation
Friday June 1 2007
11:19PM 1 Windows source in Linux
11:07PM 1 object not found inside function
9:05PM 2 What is the maximum size of a matrix?
8:54PM 0 Opening Rgui by double-clicking R script
8:43PM 0 An extension of Gabriel's biplot
7:23PM 1 Beginners Question
7:18PM 1 Calling C routine in anther package in C code (R_RegisterCCallable)
6:14PM 2 how to specify starting values in varIdent() of lme()
6:01PM 2 Interaction term in lmer
4:12PM 1 Time format
3:50PM 5 Excel calling R functions
3:14PM 0 density function - kernel density estimation
2:34PM 1 The best you tube video
1:47PM 0 And also changing the font size of the text "these two components..." in the plot of fanny...
1:00PM 2 tapply histogram
11:18AM 1 TS or citrix with R?
11:00AM 2 tapply
10:52AM 0 Font size of the plot...
10:51AM 2 random effects in lmer
10:51AM 2 time serie generation
10:22AM 1 zoo matrix manipulation
9:09AM 2 how to extract the maximum from a matrix?
8:31AM 1 How should i get the quantile 2.5 % and 97.5% in each row of a matrix?
7:18AM 0 Metropolis code help
6:28AM 0 3 classification variables and one string variable
4:44AM 2 Getting names of objects passed with "..."
4:33AM 1 Proxy Under Mac OS X
4:00AM 1 aggregate in zoo
2:18AM 2 scan a directory and then make a string vector consisting of file names
12:24AM 1 Affycoretools
12:07AM 1 AIC consistency with S-PLUS