R help - May 2007

Thursday May 31 2007
11:03PM 3 Problem with Weighted Variance in Hmisc
10:57PM 1 RMySQL DBI question
10:38PM 1 A question regarding package development
10:04PM 0 Using MIcombine for coxph fits
9:47PM 0 Permanent of a matrix
9:38PM 1 Mac OS X crash bug?
9:35PM 0 X11 font issue on Linux when creating a jpeg or png from a graphNEL object
9:13PM 1 R keeps crashing when executing 'rlogspline'
7:44PM 0 Merging two data objects question
7:25PM 4 Aggregate to find majority level of a factor
6:41PM 0 (no subject)
6:32PM 1 sd with n not n-1
6:15PM 1 Restoring .Random.seed
5:26PM 1 recompile R using ActiveTcl
4:59PM 2 Different fonts on different axes
4:32PM 2 mahalanobis
4:07PM 2 Standard errors of the predicted values from a lme (or lmer)-object
4:06PM 2 Factor analysis
3:54PM 2 Import data from Access
3:28PM 1 Per-row minima for matrix
3:17PM 0 distribution of peaks in random data results
3:05PM 0 confidence band
2:06PM 0 VGAM package
1:54PM 1 plotting variable sections of hourly time series data using plot.zoo
1:20PM 1 Selective 'expansion' of arguments in a match.call() result ...
12:49PM 1 Conditional logistic regression for "events/trials" format
12:45PM 0 loading several "samples" of data from hard-drive, run "lm", "rlm", etc, save results in a list
11:14AM 2 Where is CRAN mirror address stored?
11:10AM 2 Accessing plots in Trellis graphics
10:48AM 2 A matrix with mixed character and numerical columns
10:22AM 3 Venn diagram
9:19AM 1 predict.nls - gives error but only on some nls objects
7:18AM 0 adehabitat version 1.6
7:17AM 0 Many warnings in the newest R ...
7:12AM 1 Choosing a column for analysis in a function
1:16AM 1 how to preserve trained model in LDA?
12:25AM 1 cox goodness of fit
Wednesday May 30 2007
11:34PM 0 Reference for npconmode (in the np package)?
10:58PM 3 sizing and saving graphics in R
10:00PM 2 runif with weights
9:53PM 5 determining a parent function name
8:43PM 3 opinions please: text editors and reporting/Sweave?
8:27PM 0 riv-package, how to deal with missing values?
7:11PM 4 Connecting to PostgreSQL/PostGIS from R (rgdal?)
6:45PM 0 checking for "viability" of a GUI component
6:44PM 0 Empirical Complementary CDF
4:13PM 0 manova permutations and pair-wise contrasts
3:12PM 3 separate y-limits in xYplot panels
3:01PM 1 codamenu() :Error in coda.options....
2:42PM 2 Smoothing a path in 2D
2:24PM 1 test to compare significant correlation increase
12:55PM 0 Revised Rcmdr.HH package
9:29AM 0 Help me understand colours on linux
9:25AM 2 matrix in data.frame
9:06AM 1 white test to check homoscedasticity of the residuals
8:57AM 1 Static and dynamic graphics course, July 2007, Salt Lake City
8:26AM 1 Factor function: odd behavior when labels argument contains duplicates?
8:21AM 1 Re : functions without arguments
7:37AM 1 functions without arguments
4:26AM 0 Antiguo Mueble Con Tocadiscos Y Radio!
3:15AM 1 Generating Data using Formulas
1:49AM 3 http proxies: setting and unsetting
12:18AM 2 control axis
Tuesday May 29 2007
10:32PM 2 trouble understanding why ...=="NaN" isn't true
8:47PM 0 Rcmdr 1.3-0 and RcmdrPlugins.TeachingDemos
8:37PM 2 summing up colum values for unique IDs when multiple ID's exist in data frame
8:03PM 1 Partially reading a file (particularly)
7:27PM 0 #include <Rmodules/Rlapack.h>
6:32PM 1 LAPACK and BLAS libraries
5:53PM 1 rgl.postscript
4:10PM 0 DPpackage - New version
3:59PM 0 new packages psyphy and MLDS
3:14PM 1 Estimate Fisher Information by Hessian from OPTIM
2:35PM 1 exemples, tutorial on lmer
2:30PM 1 look for packages
2:28PM 1 Fw: hierarhical cluster analysis of groups of vectors
2:05PM 1 AIC for lrm(Hmisc/Design) model.
1:12PM 1 about the unscaled covariances from a summary.lm object
1:08PM 2 search path question
10:53AM 2 pie initial angle
10:51AM 0 Function tsmooth
10:23AM 0 JGR
10:12AM 0 Using ksmooth to produce the resulting plots
9:15AM 2 hierarhical cluster analysis of groups of vectors
7:10AM 0 SARIMA in R
6:33AM 1 Help with optim
3:28AM 2 R's Spearman
3:01AM 0 How to assign RODBC object as R class slots and method signature? [Please respond!]
2:49AM 2 looking for the na.omit equivalent for a matrix of characters
Monday May 28 2007
11:05PM 1 where did the factor name go
10:56PM 1 parallel processing an lme model
8:53PM 1 off-topic: affine transformation matrix
6:11PM 1 do not eval vignettes during R CMD build
3:15PM 0 Need Help
2:12PM 1 monthly least squares estimation
1:47PM 1 linear model by month
1:37PM 0 How to use filter function for this?
12:14PM 2 RODBC and Date/Time variables
9:32AM 1 Where to find "nprq"?
8:07AM 2 S4 object slot of type 'call'
7:18AM 0 problems with index within a strata
4:32AM 0 Curve crosses back to origin in plot
3:34AM 1 creating txt file from data.frame
3:22AM 2 Yearly statistics
2:58AM 1 'trim' must be numeric of length one?
2:15AM 0 using cutree() to figure out the heatmap cluster labels on the left
Sunday May 27 2007
10:07PM 1 Parametric bootstrapped Kolmogorov-Smirnov GoF: what's wrong
8:55PM 1 How to reference or sort rownames in a data frame
7:38PM 0 ANSWER :removing all NA rows from a data.frame
7:27PM 1 removing all NA rows from a data.frame
7:26PM 1 Passing a missing argument
6:44PM 1 na.approx and columns with NA's
5:44PM 0 supplementary variables with kha (kernel hebbian analysis)
5:20PM 0 lattice plots: examples with argument legend
5:11PM 1 lattice plots: filled points in the key
3:35PM 2 pie chart in lattice - trellis class
10:40AM 2 Looking for the first observation within the month
7:19AM 0 weibplot (Weibull plot) for R
5:20AM 1 Problem while working with SPSS data
4:59AM 0 Not able to understand the behaviour of boot
3:47AM 2 Question about "evalq"
2:59AM 0 Rpad files do not work as html.
Saturday May 26 2007
11:39PM 1 lattice: aligning independent graphs
11:15PM 1 skiping N value when using scan()
8:04PM 1 Why ?rmvnorm not working
7:34PM 3 learning lattice graphics
7:20PM 0 How to assign RODBC object as R class slots and method signature
6:00PM 2 canoncial correlation
2:09PM 1 using "cut"
1:10PM 1 Rpad examples having problems with local server
11:42AM 0 linux update probelm
11:13AM 2 How to check for existence url from within a function?
11:04AM 0 R: polygon error?
10:34AM 2 polygon error?
1:16AM 1 How to get the "Naive SE" of coefficients from the zelig output
Friday May 25 2007
10:13PM 1 Estimation of Dispersion parameter in GLM for Gamma Dist.
9:59PM 1 normality tests [Broadcast]
9:44PM 2 Interactive plots?
9:40PM 1 3D plots with data.frame
9:34PM 1 Problem with rpart
8:32PM 0 Scale mixture of normals
7:45PM 1 email the silly fuckers instead.
6:42PM 0 /tmp/ gets filled up fast
6:26PM 0 iPlots package
5:50PM 2 In which package is the errbar command located?
4:58PM 2 xyplot: different scales accross rows, same scales within rows
3:44PM 2 File path expansion
3:20PM 1 Read in 250K snp chips
3:15PM 0 Help with complex lme model fit
1:20PM 3 normality tests
1:04PM 0 Competing Risks Analysis
12:19PM 0 Cochran-Armitage
12:03PM 0 lmer and scale parameter in glmm model
11:55AM 2 R-About PLSR
11:23AM 1 iplots problem
11:10AM 1 windows to unix
11:08AM 1 trouble with snow and Rmpi
10:02AM 1 testing difference (or similarities) between two distance matrices (not independent)
9:52AM 1 how to mimic plot=F for truehist?
9:06AM 0 Off topic: S.E. for cross validation
6:44AM 0 Hosmer-lemeshow test for survival
6:04AM 1 Speeding up resampling of rows from a large matrix
3:24AM 0 Fwd: How to obtain cointegrated relationship from ca.jo in urca package?
1:58AM 0 How to obtain cointegrated relationship from ca.jo in urca package?
1:56AM 1 Question about setReplaceMethod
Thursday May 24 2007
10:13PM 3 Problem with numerical integration and optimization with BFGS
8:25PM 1 Why might X11() not be found?
7:52PM 1 GUI component Margin on tkcanvas, tkframe or tktoplevel
7:29PM 0 PlotDemo.java for Rserve?
6:49PM 6 Sum per hour
6:08PM 2 Calculation of ratio distribution properties
6:05PM 0 rotating an hclust tree with negative hights
5:36PM 1 deleting lines and row small than a value
4:39PM 1 lme with corAR1 errors - can't find AR coefficient in output
4:31PM 2 object getConnection
3:21PM 1 Make check failure for R-2.4.1
3:04PM 1 Running R in Bash and R GUI
2:17PM 1 Is it possible to print a data.frame without the row names?
1:58PM 1 how to change font size in HTML output
1:50PM 0 MDScale from within Java using Rserve?
1:04PM 1 help about 2 way anova and tukey test
9:07AM 3 Function to convert categorical variable in numerical
6:59AM 0 GLM with nested factors, covariates and binomial error distribution
4:49AM 1 make check prob with internet
2:43AM 1 "[RODBC] ERROR: Could not SQLExecDirect"
2:37AM 1 Missing data
12:32AM 4 Function to Sort and test AIC for mixed model lme?
Wednesday May 23 2007
10:06PM 1 in unix opening data object created under win
10:06PM 1 I made some progress on my previous "systemfit" question but still not quite there
9:05PM 0 Changing sequential regression code to call systemfit
9:05PM 2 installing problems
9:00PM 0 make check error in linux OS
7:10PM 2 make check problem
4:06PM 1 Eigen values
3:39PM 2 Showing NAs when using table()
3:35PM 2 Infos
2:33PM 1 Question concerning "pastecs" package
2:06PM 1 Readline - wait for user input
1:16PM 0 make check fails tools-Ex in 2.5.0
12:06PM 1 Script for merging datasets
11:42AM 0 Replicated LR goodness-of-fit tests, heterogeneity G, with loglm?
11:40AM 2 Fisher's r to z' transformation - help needed
11:37AM 0 gaussian interpolation
11:31AM 1 Need Help on Joining 2 text files in R
11:16AM 1 Where is package "Umacs"?
10:14AM 1 name of object in quotes
9:57AM 2 Fonts do not display properly on Red Hat
8:23AM 0 log-rank tests
7:53AM 0 Grid-drawing in plot.its OR how to influence axTicks
7:35AM 2 about lex/yacc
6:13AM 2 Possible ld.exe problem when building
4:00AM 1 RColorBrewer Package Color index
1:42AM 1 Zipcodes latitude and longitude
1:41AM 2 problem with read.table
1:38AM 1 Catenating factors.
12:25AM 2 saving datafreame object problem
Tuesday May 22 2007
11:24PM 1 Manipulating the sizes of multiple screens
6:11PM 2 German Map in package maps
5:01PM 5 basic problem but can't solve it
5:00PM 4 Parallel processes
4:20PM 2 Please, remind a function name
3:59PM 2 error message
3:53PM 1 data in lmtest
3:34PM 2 R-help with apply and ccf
3:26PM 0 [R-SIG-Finance] readcsvIts
2:52PM 0 readcsvIts
2:29PM 1 Time series\optimization question not R question
1:57PM 1 data in packages... a list?
1:30PM 1 part or semi-partial correlation
12:50PM 0 partial correlation function
12:04PM 2 rewrite a data file use write.table(), count.fields() show different pattern, any suggestion appreciated.
10:45AM 1 "welcome" message upon loading data
10:32AM 5 Reducing the size of pdf graphics files produced with R
10:01AM 1 Segfault?
8:19AM 1 translate SAS code
8:04AM 0 kernel density
6:24AM 1 convergence of coxfilter and coxph
1:41AM 4 Legend outside plotting area
12:35AM 1 Goodness of fit for hclust?
Monday May 21 2007
11:17PM 1 plot(......,new=T) vs. par(new=T)
10:38PM 0 Need 64-bit integers on 32-bit platform
10:17PM 3 Selecting complementary colours
9:55PM 1 Special characters on axis lables
8:55PM 0 Transfer entropy not implemented in R?
8:28PM 0 A "subscript out of bonds" and "write.table" problem on manipulating a large size dataset
8:01PM 1 how to abort script with message
7:59PM 1 PLS in R and SAS
7:05PM 1 Graphically show population density for a specific geographic area using R
6:22PM 0 quantreg and sparseM will not load
5:37PM 1 Installing packages from command line on Linux RHEL4
5:26PM 1 Comparing multiple distributions
5:23PM 1 plot problems
5:12PM 1 size limit in R?
3:23PM 0 generate multivariate non-normal distribution
3:17PM 2 comparing fit of cubic spline
2:46PM 2 How to create an R RPM from source
2:41PM 1 Boostrap p-value in regression [indirectly related to R]
2:39PM 2 Equivalent of 'Retain' statement in R
2:32PM 1 help with this indexing
2:03PM 0 absent
12:39PM 2 Questions about bwplot
12:22PM 1 accessing unexported functions
12:21PM 1 title line
11:49AM 1 Chosing a subset of a non-sorted vector
11:14AM 2 more simplified output from glht object
10:55AM 1 Making links in per-session dir
10:40AM 1 question about forward library
9:39AM 2 sequentially process a list
8:57AM 2 Source code of add1
8:36AM 2 coefficients regression
6:57AM 0 [OT/R+MikTeX] WinAnsi.enc fonts not found by ghostscript by default [solved]
6:20AM 3 an array of matrices
6:14AM 3 quartz() on MAC OSX
3:47AM 0 How to conduct a hypothesis test : Ho:|E(X)|=|E(Y)|<->H1:otherwise NOT R question
3:03AM 1 Sample correlation coefficient question NOT R question
2:06AM 0 Is this a bug in cv.lm(DAAG) ?
1:56AM 1 can I get same results using lme and gls?
1:53AM 4 How to compare linear models with intercept and those without intercept using minimizing adjs R^2 strategy
Sunday May 20 2007
9:48PM 3 Why a multi column, tab delimited file has only one column after reading in with read.table specification sep="\t"
9:22PM 0 Testing multidimensional random numbers?
9:15PM 4 Running an R script without running R
6:29PM 2 Number of NA's in every second column
4:25PM 1 lattice contourplot error
11:56AM 0 Problems accessing Rconnect
11:45AM 2 miktex 2.6 and R
10:05AM 0 Kolmogorov-Smirnov GoF test
9:00AM 0 optional fields in function declarations; Solved
1:21AM 2 creating a multivariate set of variables with given intercorrelations
Saturday May 19 2007
9:54PM 1 clustered standarderrors using design package
9:44PM 0 (no subject)
9:30PM 1 basic math question?
7:38PM 0 Sensitivity and specificity in multi-class problems
7:29PM 1 simple plotting question
6:15PM 1 optional fields in function declarations
5:24PM 0 Rserve() ?
4:09PM 2 density
2:20PM 2 What's wrong with my code ?
12:34PM 0 SJava installation
6:53AM 1 (no subject)
1:25AM 2 graphics on Ubunut
Friday May 18 2007
11:46PM 2 my ugly apply/sweep code needs help
11:33PM 1 How can we add a legend to a set of graphs?
8:18PM 0 ayuda con macros
7:09PM 1 partial correlation significance
6:07PM 3 {10,20,30}>={25,30,15}
5:53PM 1 Trouble compiling XML package
4:01PM 1 A programming question
3:25PM 1 How to repress the annoying complains from X window system
2:51PM 0 R: Simple programming question
2:46PM 3 ordering in list.files
2:41PM 3 lapply not reading arguments from the correct environment
2:32PM 1 length, mean, na.rm, na.omit...
1:28PM 1 subset arg in (modified) evalq
1:15PM 4 Simple programming question
1:15PM 2 Execute expression ( R -e) without close
1:14PM 1 How to extract R codes that embedded in a HTML file
12:38PM 1 svychisq
11:55AM 1 penalized maximum likelihood estimator
11:54AM 2 time series
11:44AM 0 Cross-validation for logistic regression with lasso2
10:51AM 0 unscuscribe
7:53AM 0 Anderson-Darling GoF (re-sent)
7:35AM 0 Fwd: Re: Goodness-of-fit test for gamma distribution?
7:05AM 1 add info
7:00AM 0 Anderson-Darling GoF
5:29AM 1 error: GLX extension missing on server
5:20AM 1 Goodness-of-fit test for gamma distribution?
5:10AM 1 Inverse gamma
2:11AM 1 naive question about using an object as the name of another object
2:02AM 0 gls() error
12:43AM 1 Bootstrapped standard errors
12:16AM 2 displaying intensity through opacity on an image
12:14AM 2 Split a vector(list) into 3 list
12:02AM 2 Problem loading library
Thursday May 17 2007
11:56PM 1 use loop or use apply?
11:19PM 1 2 questions about loading packages
9:37PM 1 Stratified Cox proportional Hazard Model
8:50PM 0 9 Courses: Upcoming July 2007 R/S+ schedule by XLSolutions Corp / New Website!
8:39PM 2 .jinit() problem
7:42PM 1 3d graph question
6:45PM 0 inputation with mix package
5:59PM 2 How to select specific rows from a data frame based on values
5:15PM 4 bug or feature?
5:05PM 2 repeated measures regression
4:43PM 1 creating columns
3:46PM 0 Passing single precision arrays to legacy code
3:01PM 4 using lm() with variable formula
2:56PM 4 help with executing instruction every i-th run of loop
12:16PM 2 How to analyse simple study: Placebo-controlled (2 groups) repeated measurements (ANOVA, ANCOA???)
12:01PM 1 trouble installing RWinEdt
11:46AM 1 Is it possible to control R with S+?
11:02AM 4 R2 always increases as variables are added?
10:44AM 4 rJava problem
9:22AM 2 controling the size of vectors in a matrix
6:20AM 1 How to generate two dimensional random variable for normal distributed
6:18AM 2 Scoped options setting?
4:19AM 1 MICE for Cox model
2:34AM 1 Design matrix question
1:13AM 0 New version 0.9-7 of lars package
Wednesday May 16 2007
8:34PM 1 Re-sizing R graphics for Sweave
8:31PM 0 suppress plot w/ ewma function from qcc pkg
8:29PM 0 Best way to utilize R graphing capabilities from other program
7:04PM 2 Abline in dotplot
6:34PM 1 Unable to compile "Matrix" package
4:57PM 1 lmer error confusion
4:38PM 2 read.table opening a website incl Password
4:25PM 2 substitute "x" for "pattern" in a list, while preservign list "structure". lapply, gsub, list...?
4:12PM 1 questions on package of KEGG
2:35PM 2 Installing SJava - problem
1:47PM 1 partial least regression
1:11PM 0 effective df in local polinomial regression
12:58PM 2 Is it possible to pass a Tcl/Tk component as argument to a function
12:10PM 3 more woes trying to convert a data.frame to a numerical matrix
11:29AM 2 Running R function as a Batch process
10:18AM 2 creating different strata
8:54AM 5 drop a letter
8:32AM 3 Filled step-function?
8:27AM 2 use mathematics formula
8:20AM 1 how to reduce in a grid ?
6:45AM 0 new packages 'ICS' and 'ICSNP'
3:32AM 0 GLMM for unbalanced data
3:03AM 3 Reshape a sparse matrix
1:54AM 2 log rank test p value
1:22AM 1 Problem with Sweave
Tuesday May 15 2007
11:37PM 2 converting a row of a data.frame to a vector
11:02PM 1 Efficiently reading random lines form a large file
9:10PM 1 How to group a count
8:26PM 1 Building package on Windows
8:16PM 0 JOB: Data Analyst
7:33PM 1 Getting default aspect ratio from lattice
5:45PM 1 How to extract R codes that embedded in a HTML file using Stangle?
5:36PM 0 efficient way of aggregating two variables at once
5:15PM 1 urca package - summary method -
4:49PM 2 sobre tutorial
4:39PM 2 Optimized File Reading with R
3:56PM 0 Anova F-Test
3:54PM 1 stacked barplot with positive and negatvie values
3:46PM 0 Vignette for MiscPsycho Package
3:36PM 0 xyplot key using grid.text
2:48PM 2 Testing for existence inside a function
2:39PM 2 Anova Test
2:20PM 2 QR Decompositon and qr.qty
1:46PM 1 * within quote
1:40PM 1 Re : Bootstrap sampling for repeated measures
1:33PM 2 Problem with lme4
1:07PM 3 aov problem
12:47PM 1 Matrix package: writeMM
10:27AM 3 qr.solve and lm
9:45AM 2 space in R
9:23AM 0 sliding window approach
8:50AM 3 textConnection
8:20AM 0 step in Sweave
8:19AM 1 Bootstrap sampling for repeated measures
6:41AM 4 conversion into capital letter
3:42AM 0 slightly OT: constrained least-squares estimation in a decomvolution model
1:36AM 1 differentiate groups on barplot
1:13AM 1 legend with mixed boxes and lines (not both)
Monday May 14 2007
11:43PM 1 How to installation of R on Unix (SunOs 5.8)
11:38PM 1 cross-validation / sensitivity anaylsis for logistic regression model
10:18PM 0 Adaptive survival design
10:01PM 1 function name collision
6:48PM 2 creating a "list of 3 dataframes" from a "list of 2 dataframes" and a dataframe?
6:40PM 1 Hierarchical models in R
6:04PM 1 what fun I need to put in this "tapply"
4:58PM 1 Efficient computation of trimmed stats?
4:49PM 2 Left/right hand side characters
4:45PM 0 JOB: Biostatistician/Statistical Programmer/Data Analyst
4:30PM 1 Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models (DNase)
4:14PM 0 set ignore flags for R CMD check
3:47PM 0 Re : Batch
3:45PM 1 program to recognize words
3:01PM 4 Batch
3:00PM 0 Conditional likelihood?
2:58PM 0 To elaborate
2:50PM 1 R^2 from lme function
1:57PM 1 parsing an lmer error with interaction term
1:51PM 0 Error in X11(display, width, height, pointsize, if (is.null(gamma)) 1 else gamma, : invalid 'width' or 'height'
1:24PM 1 Problem with R CMD BATCH on R-2.5.0 due to Sys.unsetenv not available
1:10PM 1 R and batch
11:45AM 3 x axis problems
11:22AM 2 lmer function
10:42AM 1 New mailing list: R for psychology research
10:07AM 2 Make sign test show test statistics
9:16AM 2 number of days
7:19AM 1 a question about spatial autocorrelation in R
7:07AM 1 logrank
6:23AM 6 Conditional Sums for Index creation
1:56AM 1 Nicely formatted summary table with mean, standard deviation or number and proportion
1:49AM 1 Predicted values from a logistic model
Sunday May 13 2007
9:39PM 0 Error in dimnames(x) <- dn
9:34PM 1 factanal
8:57PM 0 Mclust help
8:26PM 2 extracting text contained in brackets ("[ ... ]") from a character string?
8:09PM 1 Multivariate Outlier Detection - Robust
6:43PM 0 Mclust node labels
5:51PM 1 confidence intervals on multiple comparisons
4:15PM 2 Oddities upgrading from 2.4.1 to 2.5.0
2:49PM 1 Dropdown boxes in tcltk and R
2:22PM 2 Some questions on repeated measures (M)ANOVA & mixed models with lme4
11:48AM 1 how to convert a string vector to a numeric vector
10:11AM 0 object class for triangles
10:02AM 2 suppressing outliers in ggboxplot
9:58AM 1 adding custom details to ggplot subplots
6:56AM 2 Biplot
Saturday May 12 2007
11:00PM 1 plot cyrillic characters on MacOS X
10:33PM 1 mtrace() fails
9:44PM 2 Social Network Analysis
9:15PM 0 Fwd: Re: shell.exec() on Windows, unexpected behavior
8:00PM 4 Excel data into R
6:59PM 5 [OT] Is data copyrightable?
4:27PM 0 How to Derive an S4 Class from a data.frame?
4:05PM 1 function similar to "get" that works for both an object, and elements of an object?
2:15PM 1 Area() artefacts??
12:33PM 0 So long, concord
5:11AM 1 Newbie's question
3:28AM 2 Fwd: Re: shell.exec() on Windows, unexpected behavior
3:01AM 0 There might be something wrong with cv.lm(DAAG)
Friday May 11 2007
11:37PM 3 shell.exec() on Windows, unexpected behavior
9:34PM 2 PRESS criterion in leaps
9:18PM 3 how to get column/row info from a dist object?
9:14PM 1 conditional across frames of a data fram
8:54PM 1 control margin when plotting polygons?
7:30PM 1 geeting name of an object to which a variable refers?
7:05PM 1 OT: Predicted probabilities from ordinal regressions
3:59PM 0 Java vs. C speed
3:53PM 4 names of objects in .rda
2:49PM 1 model seleciton by leave-one-out cross-validation
2:29PM 1 Create an AR(1) covariance matrix
1:16PM 0 incorrect MCMC CIs in pvals.fnc (languageR) ?
12:38PM 0 EM covergence problem
11:44AM 0 Multivariate longitudinal sample data
11:41AM 1 Compilation of source package.
11:30AM 0 normal distribution from chisqrd
11:07AM 1 Cannot use an escape character in regexp
9:30AM 1 axis space
9:12AM 3 A simple question regarding plot of nls objects
5:26AM 1 Anova
2:19AM 0 Tobit model and an error message
1:08AM 1 can't use Sweave in a function?
Thursday May 10 2007
11:54PM 1 how to pass "arguments" to a function within a function?
11:14PM 1 t value two.sided and one.sided
11:03PM 0 New package "earth"
10:55PM 1 problem with read.table( )
10:06PM 1 Re : CDF of a Multivariate Normal
9:36PM 1 R talks at LSM 2007
9:07PM 4 Value at Risk
8:24PM 1 Barplot by two variables
7:51PM 6 Read SAS data into R
7:46PM 1 Optim
6:44PM 1 "maps" package
6:22PM 1 A simple question about PRINCOMP
5:47PM 0 Need help imputing missing data using mice and outputting them
5:43PM 1 Bayesm
4:39PM 1 scatterplot3d fine tuning
3:36PM 1 anyone konw Polyclass package in R?
3:07PM 2 Nonlinear constrains with optim
2:58PM 3 Quick question on merging two time-series of different frequencies
2:39PM 4 apply( )
2:14PM 0 A: R 2.5.0 Help - problems with search
1:42PM 3 Getting the last day of the month.
1:31PM 0 Re : hi
12:29PM 1 R 2.5.0 Help - problems with search
11:33AM 0 getting the normal dist from the chisqr with 1df
10:13AM 1 Significance test for discrete data
8:48AM 0 Re : AFD
8:24AM 0 AFD
5:23AM 1 Follow-up about ordinal logit with mixtures: how about 'continuation ratio' strategy?
12:28AM 3 how to control the sampling to make each sample unique
Wednesday May 9 2007
9:58PM 0 how to avoid infinite loops when sourcing R files
9:47PM 1 Errors with systemfit package and systemfitClassic()
9:11PM 1 power 2x3 exact test
8:09PM 1 generalized least squares with empirical error covariance matrix
7:05PM 0 Ic TukeyHSD
6:25PM 1 How to remove outer box from Wireframe plots?
5:32PM 1 xyplot with grid?
5:25PM 0 Verify your newsletter subscription.
5:23PM 3 Allocating shelf space
5:17PM 1 predict.tree
2:47PM 5 Reading a web page in pdf format
2:41PM 1 Fitting model with response and day bias
2:26PM 4 Unit Testing Frameworks: summary and brief discussion
1:52PM 1 Error in plot.new() : figure margins too large
1:46PM 0 Generalizability Theory
1:16PM 2 pvmnorm, error message
12:42PM 1 Writing custom functions for rpart
11:47AM 2 Fehlermeldung
10:11AM 3 Increasing precision of rgenoud solutions
9:58AM 1 Including data when building an R package in windows
9:31AM 0 Survival problem with two populations?
8:58AM 1 Vignettes menu
8:03AM 1 How to read several text files at once!
7:48AM 0 regarding SsfPack in Ox
6:29AM 0 minor bug in lmer
4:59AM 3 Removing a list of Objects
4:47AM 0 Passing variable names as function arguments for lme model specification
4:20AM 1 voronoi.mosaic chokes?
Tuesday May 8 2007
11:49PM 2 draw two plots on a single panel
11:41PM 1 Fitting Random effect tobit model
10:04PM 3 plotting a point graph with data in X-axis
9:38PM 3 Mantel-Haenszel relative risk with Greenland-Robins variance estimate
9:25PM 2 Skipping rows and columns in large matrix
9:21PM 2 Looking for a cleaner way to implement a setting certain indices of a matrix to 1 function
7:57PM 1 Separate x-axis ticks for panels in xyplot()?
6:08PM 1 censoring
5:25PM 2 statistics/correlation question NOT R question
4:26PM 0 Help with systemfit
4:19PM 1 Need an working examples
4:04PM 0 help with memory problem in SystemFit
3:59PM 0 MiscPsycho Package 1.0
3:57PM 0 The match of "ave()" for "FUN=SD"
3:34PM 0 Question on bivariate GEE fit
3:09PM 1 Looking for a comprehensive descriptive statistics package
2:26PM 1 strange behavior in data frames with duplicated column names
1:38PM 1 plots - scatterplots - find index of a point in a list
1:37PM 3 plot time series
1:21PM 4 minimum of each row in a matrix
11:10AM 1 sample function and memory usage
10:52AM 0 irtoys
10:18AM 1 Piecewise cubic Hermite interpolation
10:01AM 1 sample() and memory usage
9:55AM 1 trouble with help
9:24AM 0 How do i calculate emp Returns
9:08AM 5 Weighted least squares
8:54AM 0 package ltm -- version 0.8-0
8:50AM 5 minimum from matrix
2:03AM 3 ordered logistic regression with random effects. Howto?
1:51AM 0 How might I -remove- a tree from a random forest?
Monday May 7 2007
11:43PM 0 Analyzing "Stacked" Time Series
9:32PM 2 getting informative error messages
9:30PM 3 Bad optimization solution
9:02PM 2 computing logrank statistic/test
7:35PM 0 H-scatter plot in geostatistics
6:58PM 1 TukeyHSD fails on my data
6:25PM 3 like apply(x,1,sum), but using multiplication?
5:58PM 2 graphing with barchart question
5:44PM 1 Centering a legend
2:58PM 1 looking for equivalent of matlab's medfilt1 function
2:27PM 4 creating a new column
2:00PM 5 Representing a statistic as a colour on a 2d plot
1:11PM 0 finding trajectories
12:53PM 1 Predicted Cox survival curves - factor coding problems..
7:31AM 1 different hights & centering in one device region
3:59AM 2 summing values according to a factor
1:46AM 1 Simple question about function with glm
1:00AM 4 Mardia's multivariate normality test
Sunday May 6 2007
11:47PM 0 contour and density
8:07PM 1 permutation operator
7:11PM 1 intersect of 2 data frames
1:45PM 0 New Package Reliability
12:02PM 3 Neural Nets (nnet) - evaluating success rate of predictions
10:04AM 0 Calculate sums in R
9:07AM 7 A function for raising a matrix to a power?
8:34AM 1 error using boxplot.stats (but boxplot works¿?)
6:23AM 1 Sweave and size10.clo
12:49AM 1 simple table ordering question
Saturday May 5 2007
11:14PM 1 Creating contingency table from mixed data
11:01PM 1 NA in wilcox.test
9:44PM 3 the ifelse function
6:51PM 3 pseudo-R2 or GOF for regression trees?
3:31PM 1 loop in function
3:17PM 1 (no subject)
2:01PM 0 Response as matrix in MCMClogit?
1:43PM 1 How to latex tables?
1:03PM 1 Convert Time from HH.mm to Decimal hours?
5:24AM 1 dynamically specifying regressors/RHS variables in a regression
1:33AM 0 [SPAM] - Re: R package development in windows - BayesianFilter detected spam
12:00AM 1 importing data
Friday May 4 2007
7:48PM 1 Partitioning a kde2d into equal probability areas
7:45PM 1 save intermediate result
7:43PM 1 rgl install on rhel4 x86_64
5:06PM 3 listing R packages in our system
5:05PM 1 R question
4:32PM 0 Re : Analysis for Binary time series
3:53PM 2 Alternatives to unlist()
3:34PM 0 R short course in UK
3:16PM 0 Re : S-plus coding
3:06PM 1 Help Installing R
2:48PM 1 keyboard issue in R console
2:30PM 0 code/documentation mismatch with backslashes in argument list
1:24PM 1 Help with map
12:59PM 3 decimal values
11:45AM 4 logical or for two vectors or matrices
11:26AM 2 Get the difference between two matrices with different length
10:24AM 0 Predicted Cox survival curves - factor coding problems...
10:11AM 1 R² in a non-linear regresion analisys
9:15AM 3 Error in if (!length(fname) || !any(fname == zname)) { :
7:15AM 1 subset
7:12AM 2 Analysis for Binary time series
2:46AM 0 new package: RSVGTipsDevice: create SVG plots with tooltips & hyperlinks
2:10AM 2 reodering factor
2:09AM 2 Library & Package for Tobit regression
Thursday May 3 2007
11:07PM 1 Issue with the Matrix package
7:56PM 1 A question about POSIXct
7:55PM 0 Calculate sums in Matrixes
7:14PM 2 Parsing data with an uneven number of delimiters
6:32PM 2 R package development in windows
6:03PM 2 nlme fixed effects specification
5:23PM 2 Package contrast error
5:19PM 2 Off topic? Geographic data
4:35PM 1 R Wiki down?
4:20PM 1 reshape question
4:14PM 0 Ryacas now on CRAN
4:14PM 2 Truncating trailing digits
1:46PM 0 Problem with GARCH models in R compared to S-PLUS
1:27PM 0 randomSurvivalForest 2.1.0 now available
12:57PM 2 convert text to exprission good for lm arguments
11:00AM 0 Plotting more errorbar-functions in one plot
9:46AM 2 factanal AIC?
9:41AM 3 Filling array: No recycling
9:17AM 0 Nested ANOVA in R
8:33AM 1 help with plot axis
7:58AM 4 searching for special variables
7:33AM 2 Single Title for the Multiple plot page
7:21AM 1 Bayesian logistic regression with a beta prior (MCMClogit)
5:25AM 2 Install SciView under Windows Vista
2:21AM 4 Survival statistics--displaying multiple plots
1:39AM 0 unscrible pls
12:43AM 2 Building package: What does this message about rcompgen imply?
12:26AM 2 about using read.table
Wednesday May 2 2007
11:25PM 2 how to reproduce the same sampled units?
11:06PM 1 Is R's fast fourier transform function different from "fft2" in Matlab?
10:32PM 2 Sharpe-Ratio
9:12PM 4 How to install previous packages after upgrading to R 2.5.0?
4:52PM 2 Multiple scatterplots
4:02PM 0 Reenviar: repeated measures and recurrent events data
3:55PM 3 Query about finding correlations
3:44PM 4 reference in article
3:31PM 1 Query about RODBC to access MySQL from Windows
3:25PM 4 upgrade to 2.5
3:15PM 0 A Question about knnFinder
3:13PM 2 stringification magic in subset?
2:41PM 2 choose.dir
1:51PM 0 Few contributed binaries for Mac OS X?
1:50PM 0 KS test pvalue estimation using mctest (library truncgof)
1:48PM 2 NAs introduced by coercion in dist()
1:41PM 1 how to concatinate the elements of some text vectors cat() or print() ?
1:19PM 0 repeated measures and recurrent events data
12:11PM 2 I need help
11:09AM 1 Degrees of freedom in repeated measures glmmPQL
9:38AM 1 missing values
7:51AM 2 missing package
7:44AM 1 Get the difference of values to their own median value
6:29AM 1 Log-likelihood function
4:49AM 0 Warnings in package dependencies and /src contains object files.
4:07AM 1 ? R 2.5.0 alpha bug
3:16AM 3 the Surv function
1:37AM 3 ED50 from logistic model with interactions
12:47AM 0 optimising fitted distributions
12:01AM 1 Percentage area of a distribution
Tuesday May 1 2007
9:50PM 1 dlda{supclust} 's output
9:37PM 0 to calculate sums
6:46PM 1 Free Webinar: Vendor Neutral Intro to Data Mining for Absolute Beginners, May 23, 2007
5:33PM 1 sorting in barplot
5:18PM 0 calculating area under the ROC curve
5:03PM 2 Simulation using parts of density function
5:03PM 2 Matrix column name
4:07PM 0 linout=TRUE in nnet package ?
3:34PM 7 logrank test
3:06PM 1 creating eps files
2:04PM 2 Polar graph of time and tide
11:25AM 1 adding column to a matrix
11:09AM 10 Problem with the installation of "install R" on Sun Solaris
7:03AM 3 simulation
4:29AM 2 Concepts question: environment, frame, search path
3:32AM 1 bivariate normal distribution in likelihood
12:31AM 0 JGR starter problems