R help - Jul 2007

Tuesday July 31 2007
11:46PM 1 A complicated 'aggregate'
11:45PM 0 R on QNX
10:58PM 0 Solve matrix with constraints using sum of squares
10:50PM 3 Nonlinear optimization with constraints
10:10PM 1 MTBF Reliability calculations
8:18PM 1 aggregate.data.frame - prevent conversion to factors? show statistics for NA values of "by" variable?
7:28PM 2 contrasts error message in lm
6:13PM 2 choosing between Poisson regression models: no interactions vs. interactions
6:03PM 1 Naming rows/columns in a 3 dimensional array/dataframe
5:35PM 1 how to sort dataframe levels
5:35PM 5 extract columns of a matrix/data frame
5:22PM 2 italic greek symbols
5:21PM 1 legend()
4:22PM 2 Q: obtaining non-transparent background in png
3:14PM 1 Error message when running lm() with na.action=NULL
1:51PM 1 Data mining tools
12:25PM 1 reading and storing files in the workspace
12:04PM 2 remove NA rows and columns
12:03PM 0 randomSurvivalForest 3.0.0 now available
10:21AM 5 Plotting a smooth curve from predict
10:13AM 0 Cox model with interaction
9:49AM 1 Getting variable name used in function...
9:22AM 1 Extracting random parameters from summary lme and lmer
8:23AM 0 durbin-watson of a arima estimation?
7:35AM 0 Kombination Regression mit AR/MA Prozess?
Monday July 30 2007
11:05PM 1 deseasonalizing package?
10:11PM 1 array loop
9:31PM 1 simple coding question
9:24PM 1 add custom strip to lattice plot
8:32PM 1 'non-standard' folder names in R package
7:58PM 1 filenames
7:17PM 0 zoo, ts and data frames - SOLVED
7:08PM 1 zoo, ts and data.frames
6:54PM 2 Reading T and F as strings
4:59PM 1 stop criteria when "L-BFGS-B needs finite values of 'fn' " in optim
4:53PM 0 Release of an Ecological Modelling Software using R (with Rserve) and ImageJ
4:51PM 1 duplicate DATE at in lattice scale handled differently from base graphics OR lattice numeric scales
4:45PM 0 how to install rattle() with R-GUI2.5.1 ?
4:39PM 1 how to install rattle() in R-GUI2.5.1
3:36PM 2 deriv, loop
2:22PM 0 Matrix nesting (was Re: Obtaining summary of frequencies of value occurrences for a variable in a multivariate dataset.)
1:05PM 2 problems saving and loading (PLMset) objects
12:39PM 0 Extracting random parameters from summary lme
12:25PM 2 Tabs in PDF documents
12:19PM 1 Extract random part of summary nlme
11:58AM 8 regular expressions : extracting numbers
11:35AM 0 New versions for the distr-family of packages and of package startupmsg
10:09AM 3 Bind together two vectors of different length...
9:45AM 0 g++ verfsion
9:42AM 1 random number generator in batch jobs
9:32AM 0 Matrix nesting (was Re: Obtaining summary of frequencies of value occurrences for a variable in a multivariate dataset.)
8:28AM 3 Slightly OT - use of R
8:17AM 2 apply, lapply and data.frame in R 2.5
8:00AM 4 how to combine data of several csv-files
7:36AM 1 help with ROC curve
6:18AM 0 problems in limma
6:12AM 1 correlation and matrix
4:50AM 0 install error for RBGL_1.12.0 on linux ---2
3:16AM 0 install error for RBGL_1.12.0 on linux
3:05AM 1 A simple question about summary.glm
2:31AM 3 Constructing correlation matrices
Sunday July 29 2007
9:22PM 1 Piecewise Regression with a known slope
8:54PM 1 Problem with code
8:35PM 4 Call R program from C++ code
5:41PM 2 write.csv
4:18PM 1 line widths of plotting symbols in the lattice
2:22PM 2 Prompt comes too late
1:01PM 1 Order by the columns
11:06AM 0 Mapping data with unknown dimensions?
8:07AM 2 array writing and their filenames
4:16AM 0 matrix output in R, and file name creating
3:50AM 1 R2WinBUGS more updates after model did not converge
2:50AM 0 PCA with missing data?
12:41AM 0 Bug in TAB handling for Win32 rTerm and rGUI in 2.5.1?
Saturday July 28 2007
9:49PM 2 lattice grayscale "theme"
7:19PM 1 text() and vector arguments like adj
6:07PM 5 the large dataset problem
4:39PM 1 xtable with vector
4:09PM 4 beta regressions in R
3:28AM 8 generating symmetric matrices
1:10AM 1 Error when using the cat function
12:18AM 1 data order by different level of variables
Friday July 27 2007
11:06PM 3 Package manual examples - 'unexpected$undefined' errors
10:30PM 2 Matrix Multiplication, Floating-Point, etc.
9:52PM 4 Q: extracting data from lm
9:51PM 2 2nd R Console
7:39PM 1 Creating an instance of R from MS Access?
7:28PM 0 Calling R functions from a Microsoft SQL Server stored procedure
6:35PM 4 Looping through all possible combinations of cases
5:00PM 0 How to edit L-moment Ratio Diagram
4:52PM 3 getting the name of variables passed to a function
3:52PM 1 get() with complex objects?
3:25PM 0 Re : plot
2:45PM 1 plot
1:45PM 2 manipulating arrays
1:07PM 1 exporting character vector to text files
12:40PM 0 heatmap and phylogram / dendogram ploting problem
11:33AM 0 Hi!
7:32AM 1 cluster - identify variables contributions to clusters of cases
4:24AM 1 R codes for g-and-h distribution
12:39AM 3 Convert string to list?
12:38AM 1 reading stata files: preserving values of variables converted to factors
Thursday July 26 2007
11:15PM 0 Survival analysis with 60% random censoring
8:50PM 2 Creating windows binary R package (PowerArchiver vs. zip -r9X)
8:32PM 1 Creating a cross table out of a large dataset
8:03PM 1 offset in coxph
7:11PM 1 princomp error
6:59PM 1 R CMD check sh: line 1: make: command not found
6:29PM 1 Create Strings of Column Id's
6:07PM 2 Large dataset + randomForest
4:55PM 1 zeroinfl() or zicounts() error
4:39PM 0 Fit t Copula
4:31PM 0 Diagonal Submatrices Extraction
4:03PM 2 error in using R2WinBUGS on Ubuntu 6.10 Linux
3:34PM 0 lmer and scale parameters....
2:12PM 1 significance test for difference of two correlations
2:10PM 1 Average plan
2:09PM 1 Problem installing tseries package
1:40PM 3 substituting dots in the names of the columns (sub, gsub, regexpr)
12:34PM 2 logistic regression
10:43AM 1 Download multiple stock quotes in a loop
9:46AM 1 Regression with Missing values. na.action?
8:47AM 0 Submatrices Extraction
7:26AM 2 multiple graphs
5:56AM 5 ROC curve in R
3:35AM 4 Finding matches in 2 files
3:12AM 1 How to auto-scale cex of y-axis labels in lattice dotplot?
Wednesday July 25 2007
11:30PM 2 using contrasts on matrix regressions (using gmodels, perhaps)
11:20PM 1 colored heights in 3D plot (persp)
11:16PM 2 Subscript out of bounds when using datadist() from Design library
7:17PM 1 Color Question about image function in graphics package
6:55PM 1 Updating packages in Ubuntu feisty for 2.5
6:28PM 0 DF and intercept term meaning for mixed (lme) models
6:18PM 1 reversing the x-axis terms on a boxplot
5:20PM 1 if - else
4:59PM 1 For loops
4:17PM 1 qda(MASS) function error
2:43PM 3 Constructing bar charts with standard error bars
2:17PM 0 Time when object was created
1:55PM 1 Open two graphic devices at a time
12:45PM 1 Rgraphviz and R 2.5.1 entry point Rf_allocString could not be located
12:23PM 3 Operator > and <
11:50AM 1 Is Rwiki down?
11:31AM 0 Best-fit linear model for the two matrices plotted.
11:16AM 0 Function polr and discrete ordinal scale
11:00AM 1 Minitab Parametric Distribution Analysis in R
10:56AM 1 problem with sub !
10:17AM 3 plots
9:37AM 1 Ggplot2 equivalent of axis and problem with log scale
9:12AM 0 A problem with anova()
7:30AM 1 how to use "replace" for efficiency
6:57AM 2 Regarding Bivariate normal distribution.
4:50AM 1 question on using "gl1ce" from "lasso2" package
1:16AM 2 initalizing and checking validity of S4 classes
12:12AM 3 aggregate.ts
Tuesday July 24 2007
11:04PM 1 Passing equations as arguments
8:12PM 0 Regression trees using Goodness-of-Split
8:09PM 1 ggplot2 axis color
7:40PM 1 How to add circular text for a graph with concentric circles
7:26PM 0 Latent class analysis with ordinal manifest variables
7:22PM 1 Renamig a factor
5:37PM 1 Calculating subsets of row pairs using somthing faster than a for loop.
5:23PM 2 x,y,z table to matrix with x as rows and y as columns
5:22PM 2 lme or gls prediction intervals
5:16PM 0 Fitting the best line to the plot of distance vs. correlation matrix
4:39PM 1 crimtab related question
4:29PM 7 Obtaining summary of frequencies of value occurrences for a variable in a multivariate dataset.
3:42PM 1 Using lmer with huge amount of data
3:24PM 1 cor inside/outside a function has different output
2:42PM 1 Fit t distribution
2:10PM 0 Comparing a distance vs. correlation matrices
12:46PM 0 "recursive" vectorized arithmetics
12:05PM 0 New package: pomp, inference for partially-observed Markov processes
11:29AM 1 Fwd: Re: Fitting exponential curve to data points
11:23AM 2 plotting gam models
11:10AM 3 Overlaying a single contour from a new data array in levelplot
10:12AM 0 problems with character objects and calls to list() [solved]
10:10AM 1 Warning generated by Panda GateDefender Integra.
10:02AM 4 values from a linear model
8:43AM 0 geoR/likfit: variance explained by model
7:24AM 1 function optimization: reducing the computing time
3:34AM 3 Redirecting print output
1:42AM 2 capture numeric(0) with if statement
1:09AM 2 Fitting exponential curve to data points
Monday July 23 2007
10:04PM 1 Function to separate effect in AOV
9:28PM 0 M-value and fold change
9:23PM 0 M value and fold change
8:06PM 1 extension of rnormp package
7:18PM 3 Aggregate daily data into weekly sums
7:00PM 2 OT(slightly) - Tracking extended projects
6:13PM 4 nnet 10-fold cross-validation
5:59PM 1 The 'REP' term in AMMI{agricolae}
5:38PM 1 Cluster prediction from factor/numeric datasets
5:03PM 1 cca and cca.predict in vegan-what sort of prediction is possible
4:17PM 0 Question about cmdscale function
4:12PM 1 replacing double for loops with apply's
3:54PM 0 Error in .jinit() : Cannot create Java Virtual Machine
3:49PM 2 cmdscale question
3:41PM 2 doubt about options(graphics.record=T)
2:58PM 2 persp and greek symbols in the axes labels
2:50PM 1 problems with character objects and calls to list()
2:09PM 1 change text labels on a dendrogram
2:06PM 0 change labels in a dendrogram
1:59PM 3 extraction of vector elements to new list
1:56PM 1 (no subject)
11:54AM 1 Rmpi installation error
10:14AM 1 Multilevel package: Obtaining significance for waba within-group correlation?
9:29AM 1 code optimization tips
9:17AM 3 About infinite value
7:28AM 2 R and Excel
6:01AM 0 Help in HMM
5:41AM 1 Error using Rd2dvi on OSX
5:20AM 1 maths characters in labels & ylab padding
4:14AM 0 text labels on a dendrogram
2:45AM 0 Conditional logistic regression on n:m matched "cohort" data [Corrected]
2:33AM 0 Conditional logistic regression on n:m matched "cohort" data
2:19AM 1 R and mysql
Sunday July 22 2007
10:33PM 1 summary of linear fixed effects model is different than the HSAUR book
9:51PM 0 (no subject)
7:39PM 2 Write columns from within a list to a matrix?
6:29PM 1 Package design, placement of legacy functions
4:38PM 4 using R for a reaction-time experiment
11:09AM 3 create an array with rep
10:50AM 1 Off-topic: simulate time dependent covariates
10:25AM 2 Data Set
Saturday July 21 2007
9:29PM 0 Question about genalg in R
8:43PM 0 Binomial multi-level (hierarchical) modelling [partly stats question, not completely R related]
6:36PM 1 Gamma MLE
12:58PM 2 Effect size, interactions, and main effects (Stats Question) [ffmanova]
4:12AM 0 Robust PLS
1:26AM 2 avoiding timconsuming for loop renaming identifiers
1:17AM 1 R2WinBUGS awkward to use
12:56AM 1 set class attribute method question
Friday July 20 2007
10:17PM 1 Column-mean-values for targeted rows
9:14PM 4 ?R: Removing white space betwen multiple plots, traditional graphics
7:51PM 0 set attribute method question
7:16PM 1 main title on splited windows.
6:59PM 0 Simultaneous logit/probit models
6:17PM 0 Unrecognising SEXP [C file compilation using .Call]
6:03PM 1 Free Online: Data Mining Intro for Beginners, Vendor-Neutral
3:55PM 1 mtext formatting
3:34PM 6 automatically jpeg output
2:48PM 3 SOS
2:16PM 3 presence/absence matrix
2:11PM 0 Huh?
1:43PM 3 R CMD SHLIB problem [make: *** No rule to make target ]
1:20PM 1 Graphical Parameters
12:54PM 1 cv.glm error function
11:45AM 2 RDCOM and R versions
8:32AM 3 binned column in a data.frame
7:42AM 1 custom point shapes
7:34AM 1 GEE code
12:21AM 1 how to determine/assign a numeric vector to "Y" in the cor.test function for spearman's correlations?
12:11AM 1 BOA (Bayesian Output Analysis)
Thursday July 19 2007
11:59PM 1 exclude1 in summary.formula from Hmisc
11:41PM 2 can I paste 'newline'?
9:51PM 2 Trend lines on a scatterplot matrix
8:53PM 1 Questions regarding R and fitting GARCH models
7:35PM 4 Help with Dates
6:14PM 2 linear interpolation of multiple random time series
5:59PM 1 Sweave on mac os x
5:18PM 1 Fw: Do GLM by groups
4:16PM 1 plot3d labels
2:52PM 0 tukey or Neuman-Keuls
2:36PM 0 A small problem with as.timeSeries() function...
2:13PM 2 (R) Using arguments for the empirical cumulative distribution function
2:12PM 1 plot centered line on barplot
2:07PM 3 Can I test if there are statistical significance between different rows in R*C table?
12:39PM 2 multinomial logit estimation
12:31PM 0 test about distribution of data in a single population
11:16AM 1 Error for TukeyHSD ?
10:49AM 0 fSeries GARCH(1,1)
10:43AM 1 write.table linebreaks
10:01AM 1 mfrow is ignored by some plots
9:52AM 2 Subsetting dataframes
9:22AM 2 df manipulation
9:00AM 3 tapply
7:03AM 1 R
3:58AM 3 Error: evaluation nested too deeply when doing heatmap with binary distfunction
1:49AM 0 Any implementation of multiobjective optimization using evolutionary approach?
1:26AM 0 2 Biplot Questions
12:55AM 0 a type of generalized inner product
12:41AM 0 Estimating mixed logit using Maximum simulated likelihood
12:09AM 1 RAM, swap, Error: cannot allocate vector of size, Linux:
12:07AM 3 help with heatmap - how to remove annoying "X" before numeric values?
Wednesday July 18 2007
11:20PM 1 Is there a facility in R similar to MatLab "syms" that allows using unevaluated numeric symbols in matrices?
10:42PM 1 creating a world map of eco-climatic zones
9:53PM 1 Saving a dataset permanently in R
9:37PM 2 memory error with 64-bit R in linux
9:19PM 0 multicollinearity in nlme models
9:02PM 1 odfWeave - How to Insert eps rather than png
8:00PM 1 passing a parameter to a file from command line
7:14PM 3 dates() is a great date function in R
7:12PM 0 derivative estimation using GAM
6:23PM 1 lattice plot axis scaling
6:14PM 0 Spline - frequency response (again)
5:45PM 1 nested for loop
5:45PM 2 set up automatic running of R
5:36PM 6 Classification
5:26PM 1 R MySQL Configuration
5:23PM 2 Linear programming question
4:32PM 0 sqlSave, ...colnames=F, using "odbcConnectExcel" .... I still get colnames in top row of exprted sheet
4:31PM 0 Ideal number of clusters using the Fanny algorithm
3:42PM 1 Strange warning in summary.lm
3:10PM 0 HSAURtable question
3:08PM 2 maximum likelihood estimation
2:51PM 1 Can any one help me on format file data.
1:37PM 2 EM unsupervised clustering
12:39PM 1 Neuman-Keuls
12:33PM 3 How to open an URL using RGtk2
12:17PM 0 Optimization question
11:52AM 2 remove columns having a partial match name
11:38AM 1 Forall symbol with plotmath/grid
11:05AM 0 Re : Combine R2HTML and Rcmd BATCH?
10:46AM 1 random number generation
10:34AM 2 hist() Frequancy values
10:30AM 3 how to combine presence only data sets to one presence/absence table
9:40AM 2 Subsetting Enigma: More rows after dataframe[-list,]?
9:09AM 0 Delaunay triangulation
8:02AM 1 filter out observation by condition
7:03AM 1 list
6:29AM 0 Check DESCRIPTION meta-information ... ERROR
6:28AM 0 hi, about mysql from r
Tuesday July 17 2007
10:53PM 2 xyplot for longitudinal data
10:04PM 2 poor rbind performance
9:25PM 1 reading in "!" - delimited file
8:40PM 1 difficulties with "setMethod"
8:39PM 1 Alternative to xyplot()?
7:36PM 1 A simple question
6:43PM 1 Missing value in circ.mean and polar.plot
5:56PM 2 Sorting data frame by a string variable
5:33PM 1 Speed up computing: looping through data?
4:47PM 1 (a) R capacity and (b) sorting cases in R
12:58PM 0 Multiple imputation with plausible values already in the data
12:44PM 1 R and Genotyping
12:32PM 1 distance function (analogue)
11:32AM 2 SLLOOOWWW function ...
11:05AM 2 Combine R2HTML and Rcmd BATCH?
10:58AM 1 fit a nonlinear model using nlm()
10:50AM 2 multiple rugs on a single plot
9:53AM 0 Bug in PDF device when using transparent graphics
9:32AM 0 Diagnostics for Generalized Mixed Model
8:00AM 1 Optimization (MAX) with R
7:24AM 4 [R-sig-DB] RODBC on Oracle DB
6:59AM 3 logical operators priority
3:38AM 1 data.restore() in R 2.5.1 for Windows 95 and later
1:34AM 1 problem with length()
Monday July 16 2007
11:32PM 0 Question about Network library
10:11PM 2 print tables to figure in R
10:11PM 2 Source inside source
6:48PM 0 Spline - frequency response
6:39PM 0 Basic missing values question...
5:38PM 0 Modifying Regression Coefficients
5:19PM 0 FW: summary statistics for groups
4:47PM 2 Time Series Data
4:14PM 1 Problem to sort factor
3:58PM 1 R equivalent to Matlab's Bayes net toolbox
3:48PM 0 summary statistics for groups
3:40PM 0 Plot time series data
2:29PM 0 very complicated nested design
2:13PM 3 Errors in data frames from read.table
1:50PM 1 question about ar1 time series
1:01PM 1 extract from anova
12:04PM 2 Different axis limits for each facet in ggplot2
12:02PM 3 looking at a function's code
11:03AM 0 harmonic time series
10:41AM 3 R and Copula
10:04AM 0 the table function
9:34AM 1 table function
9:28AM 1 How to write a data.frame into n different csv-files
7:52AM 3 LSD, HSD,...
7:06AM 5 how do I draw such a barplot?
4:13AM 2 can I run/launch an excel VBA macro from wihin R?
3:49AM 0 Dates in 'persp' plots
Sunday July 15 2007
11:04PM 0 neural networks function in R
11:02PM 2 Partial Proportional Odds model using vglm
10:21PM 1 Restructuring data
8:47PM 1 NNET re-building the model
5:01PM 1 How to load a dataset
4:11PM 2 How to sort a data.frame
3:58PM 1 Text with differents colors in a plot / Detecting if text exists
2:06PM 2 Break during the recursion?
2:00PM 1 Pairlist of pairlsit assembly howto
12:41PM 0 Area selection agorithms
12:40PM 1 Complex surveys, properly computed SEs and non-parametric analyses
11:44AM 2 Please Please Help me!!!
10:13AM 0 Mailing List
7:39AM 1 Looping through a series of (csv) files
12:35AM 0 how to remove effects (distance as a covariate) in linear model
Saturday July 14 2007
9:48PM 1 scaling of different data sets in ggplot
9:16PM 3 How to read many files at one time?
7:37PM 3 Send SMS out of R?
4:20PM 0 memory problem
12:38PM 3 Extracting elements from a list
11:16AM 1 return() in nested functions
9:29AM 0 Extending Matrix class
7:29AM 1 create a matrix from an excel file?
6:35AM 1 How to remove the quote "" in the data frame?
5:25AM 1 change default alphabetic order for bwplot
4:16AM 3 unixtime conversion
3:37AM 0 ts model challenge (transfer function)
2:27AM 1 Installation of a Package
12:52AM 1 learning the R language (for those strong in Ruby)
12:47AM 1 accessing list components with a variable
Friday July 13 2007
11:14PM 1 ggplot usage question
10:04PM 1 Subplot.
9:31PM 1 Power analysis for glm-function
8:45PM 2 Question about acception rejection sampling - NOT R question
7:09PM 2 trouble compiling Hmisc package
7:06PM 2 Flow Cytometry Standard, fcs format in R.
6:04PM 1 help with handling replicates before reshaping data
5:46PM 3 THANK YOU: Updating R version
5:46PM 0 (no subject)
5:38PM 0 Lapack Routine Error
2:54PM 2 Algorythmic Question on Array Filtration
2:51PM 1 spatstat - Fitting a Strauss model with trend determined by kernel density smoother
2:47PM 0 convhulln {geometry} output from .call
2:21PM 1 Correlation matrix
2:11PM 1 counting occurances of matching rows in a matrix
1:57PM 1 Saving workspace data
1:48PM 1 Choosing the number of colour breaks in ggplot2
1:05PM 1 how to create matrix in a loop
12:26PM 0 weighted nonlinear regression
12:25PM 2 nearest correlation to polychoric
12:00PM 1 correlation matrix difference
11:44AM 3 Direction of panel plots in trellis graphics
11:23AM 2 R file via SSH
11:10AM 0 About eigen value
10:19AM 4 filling a list faster
9:17AM 2 The "$" operator and vectors
8:50AM 2 charset in graphics
7:37AM 2 standardization
6:51AM 0 errors using the caMassClass package
6:34AM 1 RODBC Access
3:49AM 0 ICC
3:29AM 1 imposing constraints on the covariance matrix of random effects in lme4?
2:25AM 1 R and HTTP get 'has file changed'
Thursday July 12 2007
11:47PM 1 mix package causes R to crash
11:23PM 1 sub-function default arguments
11:13PM 3 (no subject)
11:04PM 1 JRI problem on 64bit Linux
8:16PM 1 how to estimate treatment-interaction contrasts
7:46PM 2 is.null doesn't work
7:31PM 0 Resolved: Error in dyn.load()
6:43PM 1 ggplot2 / histogram / y-axis
6:08PM 5 Compute rank within factor groups
6:06PM 0 Error in dyn.load()
5:38PM 1 Interpreting a string as a variable in a column header
5:15PM 0 contour and filled contour plots
5:06PM 1 error problem with glht
4:28PM 3 multiple plots in a graph
4:17PM 1 Difference in linear regression results for Stata and R
2:41PM 1 Package for .632 (and .632+) bootstrap and the cross-validation of ROC Parameters
2:38PM 0 Fitting a Gamma Curve
2:33PM 1 p-value from survreg
1:56PM 0 XAML
1:52PM 3 eMail results out of R
1:04PM 0 [Fwd: Re: How to activate the R commands in SciViews]
12:13PM 2 lead
12:01PM 1 Please Help
11:35AM 2 matrix of scatterplots
11:29AM 0 time-varying recursive filter - vectorized
11:01AM 1 dose-response on a grid
9:33AM 1 problems with memory in Mac
8:51AM 2 how to get the p-values from an lm function ?
7:38AM 1 ggplot doesnt work in loops?
5:01AM 1 ggplot2 / reshape / Question on manipulating data
4:44AM 1 Subsetting problem
12:44AM 0 rgdal memory error for a small map.
Wednesday July 11 2007
11:08PM 0 How to get weekly Covariance with R
9:24PM 1 make error R-5.1 on sun solaris
9:00PM 0 How to get weekly Co-Variance
7:06PM 1 Stepwise GLM selection by LRT?
6:16PM 1 system: Linux vs. Windows differences
5:32PM 1 aov() question
5:30PM 0 How to load permtest package
4:40PM 1 Drawing rectangles in multiple panels
3:57PM 0 installing, removing, upgrading, and downgrading packages
3:43PM 0 tkfocus issue
3:23PM 0 R CMD SHLIB problem with -lg2c and make:
2:14PM 1 Power calculation for the time series experiment
2:11PM 1 survfit for interval censored data
1:27PM 5 elementary statistics with R (rkward?)
1:18PM 3 3D plot and interactive PDFs
12:16PM 2 RWeka control parameters classifiers interface
12:04PM 0 Antigen found FILE FILTER= *.pif file
11:56AM 1 CDF for pareto distribution
11:29AM 0 Some questions about quadratic programming (QP)
11:22AM 2 p-value from survreg(), library(survival)
9:50AM 2 inquiry about anova and ancova
9:42AM 0 p-value from survreg, library(survival)
9:31AM 2 Changing default library
9:04AM 2 variable and value labels
8:47AM 0 question about gamm models
7:19AM 0 Improved Windows Vista compatibility
7:16AM 1 Installation on Leopard
6:24AM 1 Window Version for permtest
4:18AM 2 Previously saved workspace restored
2:19AM 0 Gap statistics (Tibshirani et al 2001) for Categorical data
Tuesday July 10 2007
11:07PM 1 error using lp function in linux
10:49PM 0 package "relations" updated
8:23PM 2 Plot SpatialLinesDataFrame with xlim & ylim
8:01PM 1 exces return by mktcap decile for each year
5:56PM 1 Formatting panel borders in lattice package
5:37PM 1 Help with write.foreign (exporting data to Stata)
4:43PM 0 Crossing native ArcGis GRID with a XY coordinate table
4:35PM 3 ECDF, distribution of Pareto, distribution of Normal
3:56PM 1 why doesn't as.character of this factor create a vector of characters?
3:41PM 1 How to preserve data across function calls in a library package
3:32PM 1 matrix of bins with different length
2:58PM 3 How to plot two variables using a secondary Y axis
2:36PM 1 Fraction ECDF
2:18PM 1 overlay boxplot
2:06PM 1 Lattice: vertical barchart
2:05PM 1 Simple table generation question
1:29PM 1 Help Needed!!
12:51PM 0 TukeyHSD test
12:36PM 1 Building R on Interix 6.0
11:22AM 0 Barplot with "multiple categories"
11:14AM 4 type III ANOVA for a nested linear model
10:57AM 2 integration over a simplex
10:21AM 0 iid.test package
9:45AM 1 The results of your email commands
8:42AM 3 Repeated Measure different results to spss
7:21AM 0 sspir: how to forecast data?
Monday July 9 2007
10:54PM 0 Subject: transform excel data into graph
9:55PM 2 parsing strings
7:12PM 2 ANOVA: Does a Between-Subjects Factor belong in the Error Term?
7:10PM 1 factanal frustration!
7:05PM 1 making groups
6:04PM 1 When is the periodogram is consistent with white noise?
5:23PM 0 Reshape version 0.8
4:41PM 1 CRANberries -- An RSS feed about New and Updated CRAN packages
3:16PM 1 similar limma's contrasts.fit() for lme (mixed effect model) object
2:56PM 0 Planet R - a weblog aggregator for statistical computing
1:49PM 0 New package "proxy" for distances and similiarities
1:44PM 1 about scagnostics
1:12PM 1 using the function unique(), but asking it to ignore a column of a data.frame
1:12PM 1 Speeding up
12:18PM 3 character string to name
12:14PM 1 why function 'sum' within 'aggregate' need an 'index'?
11:55AM 0 Problem with Sweave and pdf version 1.4
11:49AM 1 a little problem on selecting a subset from dataset A accordingto dataset B?
10:17AM 0 Message Acknowledgement
9:42AM 1 a little problem on selecting a subset from dataset A according to dataset B?
9:12AM 0 ggplot 0.5.4
8:03AM 0 display data.frame with lines and colimns
7:43AM 2 Split graphs
7:03AM 1 help on fisher.test(stats)?
3:55AM 1 adding latex, html docs. to new packag
3:15AM 1 Help in installing rggobi in ubuntu linux
2:20AM 2 EM algorithm for Missing Data.
12:26AM 1 ca.jo
Sunday July 8 2007
11:56PM 0 patch to enhance sound module for 96 kHz/24 bit sample sizes
10:57PM 0 need some help on Inverse Gaussian distribution
9:38PM 2 transform excel data into graph
8:56PM 0 boot.ci
8:20PM 1 Writing Excel (.xls) files on non-Windows OSs using Perl
7:10PM 0 Scagnostics - scatterplot diagnostics
5:52PM 2 Windows Binary for ncdf package
5:50PM 0 random effect variance per treatment group in lmer
5:30PM 0 Efficient matrix slices
5:08PM 1 generating a data frame with a subset from another data frame
4:08PM 1 xmlOutputBuffer vs xmlOutputDOM
4:07PM 1 Extracting S code from a C program
12:29PM 2 how to revert to an older limma version?
11:55AM 1 Problems with e1071 and SparseM
11:22AM 1 rpart weight prior
10:45AM 2 longitudinal data
3:43AM 0 Is there Discriminant Adaptive Nearest Neighbor classification?
1:05AM 0 How to calculate the index "the number of speciescombinations"?
12:36AM 3 change the "coeffcients approach" on an anova
12:15AM 2 Making Gehan-Breslow test for Survival data
Saturday July 7 2007
11:41PM 1 one question about the loop
10:18PM 2 How to calculate the index "the number of species combinations"?
8:35PM 1 calculating p-values of columns in a dataframe
7:30PM 2 random sampling with some limitive conditions?
7:20PM 2 No convergence using ADAPT
3:41PM 1 from character string to function body?
1:47PM 0 Calling R function in C
12:45PM 2 Several quick questions
11:01AM 0 Multiple Stripcharts: Better parallel coordinates?
10:52AM 1 Changing integer class
9:19AM 0 suggestions
4:45AM 0 Error Coefficient matrix not invertible using nlme correlation
2:01AM 3 color scale in rgl plots
Friday July 6 2007
9:44PM 1 maintaining specified factor contrasts when subsetting in lmer
9:31PM 1 Changing Tick Mark Values for lattice / wireframe
8:33PM 0 Safe Buy Original Laptops
6:48PM 1 algebra/moving average question - NOTHING TO DO WITH R
6:42PM 2 access to 'formula' terms in a user function
4:54PM 1 Recursion in R ...
4:43PM 5 Clustering nested data
3:51PM 5 Text Mining
3:15PM 0 import DTM with readRAST6()
1:04PM 1 loading package in LINUX
12:34PM 0 VGLM cumulative logit/probit models
12:25PM 3 HTML.data.frame
12:04PM 1 .Rprofile: Set package path for downloads
11:39AM 0 svyglm
11:12AM 0 number of permutations required
10:41AM 1 about R, RMSEP, R2, PCR
10:32AM 1 histogram with absolute figures
9:45AM 2 RODBC problem
9:29AM 2 How does the r-distribution function work
8:59AM 1 Warning message: cannot create HTML package index
8:40AM 2 t.test
8:21AM 1 Multiple Stripcharts
7:31AM 1 Fees to use R
7:26AM 0 Multiple stripcharts?
2:40AM 3 ?replace characters within vector data
1:19AM 1 Rmpi installation
12:04AM 1 row index
Thursday July 5 2007
11:59PM 1 problem assigning to indexed data frame element
10:53PM 1 generating lower triangular matrix
10:31PM 0 Markov Chain Model Simulation
9:04PM 0 Question on Rmpi looping
8:08PM 4 Me again, about the horrible documentation of tcltk
7:20PM 0 Kriging with precalculated point-to-point distances?
7:07PM 1 (no subject)
6:18PM 1 R Logging Package
6:02PM 0 test of CA axis
5:39PM 3 unexpected result in function valuation
5:29PM 3 help with vector construction
4:48PM 0 Information on objects of "class by"
4:17PM 3 summarizing dataframe at variable/factor levels
3:35PM 2 sink() and source()
2:53PM 2 Adding points to a wireframe with conditioning variable
2:36PM 4 Levene Test with R
1:54PM 0 model-based question-better readable version
12:24PM 1 converting list to an array
11:55AM 0 (no subject)
11:54AM 1 select data from large CSV file
10:20AM 1 getting values from arrays using which()
10:16AM 3 Loop and function
9:58AM 0 t-values for two-way interactions
9:50AM 2 Is it a bug ?
9:32AM 0 model-based quesiton
8:44AM 1 ggplot2 customizing
8:17AM 2 pgup/pgdown in R Graphics Window under Linux
6:12AM 1 Incidence estimated from Kaplan-Meier
5:23AM 0 about stableFit() and hypFit() of fBasics package
4:35AM 2 Question for svm function in e1071
4:29AM 0 speed up crr function in cmprsk package
2:56AM 1 Question about framework to weighting different classes in SVM
2:14AM 1 (Statistics question) - Nonlinear regression and simultaneous equation
Wednesday July 4 2007
11:16PM 0 nls() lower/upper bound specification
10:43PM 1 Newbie creating package with compiled code
8:59PM 0 New function combinations using tree structures?
7:01PM 1 Lookups in R
6:58PM 0 Kmeans performance difference
5:25PM 1 Long-tail model in R ... anyone?
4:32PM 0 About dataset
4:18PM 3 working with matrix
3:21PM 1 questions on lme function
1:44PM 10 A More efficient method?
12:58PM 3 Problem/bug with smooth.spline and all.knots=T
12:57PM 2 Loop and cbind
12:18PM 0 copula estimation wih time series marginals
11:39AM 1 Calling C Code from R
7:58AM 0 how to plot a monthplot from a ts object where all individual years are shown (e.g. as lines) and can be compared with a "average or median " year?
7:48AM 2 Adding data to existing plot with new=TRUE does not appear to work
7:20AM 2 probabilty plot
6:59AM 1 read items
4:42AM 1 retrieving stats from bwplot
12:54AM 0 constraining residual variance to zero in lme or lmer
12:48AM 0 Sorting the levels of a factor
12:01AM 2 for loop doesn't stop with upper loop value
Tuesday July 3 2007
8:42PM 0 Kullback-Leibler divergence
8:41PM 1 Harrell's C
8:30PM 0 (no subject)
8:29PM 0 Statistics Question not R question: competing risks and non-informative censoring
8:10PM 10 Fine tunning rgenoud
7:52PM 1 Non-linear constraints under Markowitz
7:49PM 2 Problems using imported data
7:40PM 0 Dealing with imported data
7:27PM 2 reinforce library to re-load
6:45PM 0 how to calculate interaction contrast
6:39PM 1 exact AIC
6:38PM 0 Convetring a dataframe so that it just has one column
6:00PM 2 vertically concatenating data frames
5:37PM 1 bug in closing gzfile-opened connections?
4:35PM 1 xyplot and autokey, maintaining colors specified via "col" in key
4:13PM 1 Please help with legend command
4:04PM 4 sequences
2:59PM 1 Parsimony Analysis of Encemism in R?
2:59PM 2 EWMA in fMultivar
2:38PM 1 Formula syntax question
2:12PM 2 how to get the position of an element in a vector ?
2:03PM 0 R Icon dulled out
1:37PM 1 Empirical copula in R
1:36PM 1 EWMA procedure to forecast variance
1:04PM 2 Search a function name in a string
12:22PM 2 The R Book by M. J. Crawley
10:51AM 1 Exponentially Weighted Moving Average
10:00AM 0 Blank margin in plot figures
9:46AM 1 possible bug in ggplot2 v0.5.2???
9:33AM 2 select row
9:20AM 1 Plotting very skewed data in barplot
6:47AM 1 MatchIt package on Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)
6:45AM 1 What is parameter "display" (windows/grDevices)
5:59AM 1 loop causes syntax error in print()
4:53AM 1 MASS library rob.cov ellipse
4:34AM 0 SVM for ordinal regression
2:24AM 1 Lattice: shifting strips to left of axes
2:18AM 0 labeling the screeplot
1:28AM 3 generating correlated Bernoulli random variables
Monday July 2 2007
11:01PM 2 Substitution of Variables
9:23PM 2 how to use mle with a defined function
9:19PM 2 Problem installing R packages in OpenBSD
6:46PM 0 GPL Question and Updated Link
6:42PM 1 download.file - it works on my Mac but not on Windows.
6:05PM 1 gam function & time trend splines
5:17PM 1 displaying one page at a time in the console
4:55PM 2 basics: changing the directory
4:23PM 1 compute time span in months between two dates
4:22PM 3 help again
4:00PM 0 relocation error in grDevices.so
3:54PM 0 CCDF plotting - axis labels+overlay
3:30PM 1 focus to tkwindow after a PDF window pop up
3:29PM 0 "S3method" equivalent to "exportPattern"
3:24PM 2 Question about PCA with prcomp
3:06PM 0 Implementing Support Vector Regression by ipop in kernlab
2:48PM 2 how to solve a min problem
2:43PM 1 QP for solving Support Vector Regression
1:46PM 1 Homals, PsychoR, Bayesm
1:10PM 0 ARIMA prediction
12:51PM 0 Looking for easy way of getting the starting value for constrOptim
12:38PM 0 estimating a generalized autocorrelated model
11:06AM 0 Problem with the function plot and multipage
10:53AM 0 Interface R and C - windows
9:08AM 4 Combine graphical and textual output
7:23AM 2 termplot with uniform y-limits
7:11AM 0 G-estimation in R?
5:19AM 0 How to set constraints on output layer of Neural Networks
3:15AM 4 Extracting sums for individual factors in data frames
1:47AM 2 working with R graphics remotely
Sunday July 1 2007
7:11PM 2 package with roc, sensitivity, specificity, kappa etc
3:58PM 0 Clusterfly
9:59AM 1 How to start a R script from a dos command?
8:50AM 0 Package submission---HyperbolicDist
12:19AM 1 How to save results from chisq.test or mantelhaen.test to file