R help - Jan 2007

Wednesday January 31 2007
11:58PM 0 3D histograms
10:38PM 4 possible spam alert
9:35PM 1 Problems installing R-2.4.1 on Solaris 11 x-86 from source: error in "gmake" after successful "configure"
9:33PM 2 what is the purpose of an error message in uniroot?
8:01PM 0 Random Sampling pointers?
7:35PM 5 Quick Question about R
6:16PM 0 A GSE data in the web of ncbi, GSE3524 cannot be open correctly
5:25PM 1 Regression Line Plot
5:23PM 1 Help to solve matrices
5:03PM 7 features of save and save.image (unexpected file sizes)
4:56PM 3 Wiki for Graphics tips for MacOS X
4:33PM 1 R for bioinformatics
3:22PM 0 Comparing two data matrices of unequal size using rcor.test
3:03PM 1 Estimation of discrete unimodal density
1:32PM 0 Fwd: Re: Simple Date problems with cbind
12:41PM 0 Looking for a faster code
11:50AM 0 Interactive plots with R
10:53AM 0 ROCR 1.0-2
10:00AM 2 Check for presence of object in group of objects
9:31AM 1 problem with compilation of R on Solaris 10 in x86
9:01AM 1 can't find mailing list commands
8:30AM 2 mca-graphics: all elements overlapping in the help-example for multiple correspondence analysis
8:12AM 2 How to print the objects in the memory
7:38AM 0 Mit der Webseite www.stat.math.ethz.ch wirst Du nie viele Besucher bekommen!
4:23AM 4 help with function "system" and MS-DOS command TYPE
Tuesday January 30 2007
11:44PM 0 lme : Error in y[revOrder] - Fitted : non-conformable arrays
11:31PM 1 SparseM and Stepwise Problem
10:07PM 1 Difficulty with compiling R-2.4.1 on solaris 10
9:47PM 0 Issue with compiling R on solaris 10
9:26PM 0 R Compiling issue
9:17PM 1 Solaris 10 compilation issue
8:47PM 1 change plotting symbol for groups in trellis graph
8:27PM 2 Simple Date problems with cbind
8:17PM 3 silent loading of packages
8:08PM 2 complex samping designs
4:09PM 2 lattice: how to get 'lattice.theme'
3:25PM 2 R packages
2:29PM 2 R and S-Plus got the different results of principal component analysis from SAS, why?
2:29PM 6 jump in sequence
1:09PM 2 any implementations for adaptive modeling of time series?
1:03PM 1 sequencial frequency table
1:03PM 3 Adding Scale to image
12:53PM 1 Read multiple text files and combine into single file?
12:22PM 2 Permutation problem
11:27AM 5 how to join two arrays using their column names intersection
10:38AM 4 Speed of for loops
9:47AM 2 Rbind for appending zoo objects
8:58AM 0 R syntax highlighting for FAR manager's plugin Colorer
8:45AM 2 Finding the Min.
7:20AM 1 Appending zoo objects
6:12AM 1 Error message when building a package
3:59AM 2 rbind-ing list
1:49AM 3 How to find series of small numbers in a big vector?
Monday January 29 2007
11:33PM 2 countour and poygon shading
11:10PM 0 CRAN will be down for 15 minutes
10:10PM 1 R for SAS & SPSS Users Document
9:58PM 1 "Reversal" of Aggregation
8:32PM 1 [Fwd: Need to fit a regression line using orthogonal residuals]
7:52PM 2 Need to fit a regression line using orthogonal residuals
7:42PM 0 Dynamic Variable
7:34PM 1 overlay xyplot on contourplot in lattice in R
6:30PM 1 Problem with "readline" in compilatio of R for Solaris 11 (Nevada) in x86
5:58PM 3 Multiple comparisons when interacction
5:11PM 0 Hmisc Version 3.1-2 uploaded to CRAN repository
4:25PM 1 Fwd: Re: LSD multiple comparison test
3:20PM 1 Bayesian States Space Modeling
3:06PM 6 Loop with string variable AND customizable "summary" output
11:52AM 1 how to explore contents of R data file from command line?
10:29AM 1 Does R support grid or parallel computing?
9:34AM 0 Adaptive kernel density estimation in a domain of R^2
8:52AM 0 can not load my workspace any more
6:47AM 1 Error in merging
5:35AM 0 Hiding Quartz window in Mac OS X using Terminal
4:41AM 2 lattice: two grouping variables, one controls 'col', the other 'pch'
1:35AM 1 lmer2 error under Mac OS X on PowerPC G5 but not on Dual-Core Intel Xeon
12:34AM 3 comparing random forests and classification trees
Sunday January 28 2007
10:49PM 2 nnet question
10:41PM 3 Inverse fuction of ecdf
8:59PM 1 extra panel arguments to plot.nmGroupedData {nlme}
6:30PM 1 question about nnet
6:13PM 2 help with RandomForest classwt option
5:49PM 1 gcrma and chip without mm values
11:55AM 0 [R-pkgs] New version of lme4 and new mailing list R-SIG-mixed-models
8:36AM 2 reposTools
5:50AM 0 ratio optimization with quadratic form
4:53AM 1 Problems terminating RGui on Windows
1:13AM 2 Adding lines to xYplot
Saturday January 27 2007
10:59PM 0 saving issue
8:41PM 1 gsub regexp question
7:31PM 1 Conditional Selection of Columns for Tables
4:32PM 1 Canging the type of point points sizein plots..
3:22PM 0 Unbalanced design help
1:34PM 1 when i compile 2.4.1 in linux ,i got the message
10:34AM 2 unequal number of observations for longitudinal data
9:53AM 3 how to handle a longitudinal data
5:52AM 0 Does inverse function exist in R
5:45AM 1 Does inverse function exist
5:00AM 0 customizing covariance matrices
Friday January 26 2007
9:46PM 0 replicating the odds ratio from a published study- post # 2
9:38PM 1 Package for phylogenetic tree analyses
9:07PM 1 Form of the equation produced by a GLM with Poisson family and log link function
8:26PM 1 bootstrap bca confidence intervals for large number of statistics in one model; library("boot")
7:23PM 2 Why do return or visible don´t return my objekt?
7:21PM 0 Residual variance from rlm?
5:39PM 3 Using tapply to create a new table
5:01PM 0 R crash with modified lmer code
4:50PM 1 plotting results from tapply
4:48PM 1 spss.get. Warning with SPSS 14 dataset
4:44PM 0 [BioC] problem with biomaRt getHomolog function
4:07PM 2 enumerates all possible combinations
4:05PM 2 strange behaviour with equality after simple subtraction
3:55PM 2 how to create daily / weekly ts object?
3:48PM 2 Use a text variable's value to specify another varaible?
1:56PM 1 Bayesian inference: Poisson distribution with normal (!) prior
1:46PM 0 defining function into another function
12:13PM 0 constrained simulated annealing
11:25AM 1 readBin is much slower for raw input than for a file
9:58AM 2 Using functions within functions (environment problems)
9:04AM 1 replicating the odds ratio from a published study
4:24AM 2 %*% in Matrix objects
1:51AM 1 CGIwithR and visible output of 'invisible(capture.output(library(...)))'
12:19AM 1 Question about the xgobi package
12:15AM 1 r under suse
Thursday January 25 2007
11:12PM 1 New version of lme4 and new mailing list R-SIG-mixed-models
9:53PM 1 'Fitting' a model at predefined points
8:42PM 0 aov and lm
8:23PM 1 barplot x-axis problem
5:53PM 1 unique/subset problem
4:21PM 0 cox.zph vs log-log survival plot
4:16PM 0 Help running RSPerl in Mod Perl
3:56PM 1 summary of the effects after logistic regression model
3:51PM 3 r tidy
3:22PM 4 rbind-ing with empty data frame produces error
2:53PM 0 distribution overlap - how to quantify?
2:20PM 0 Creating dendrograms from a table
2:15PM 2 Unable to install gtkDevice ...
1:18PM 7 filling the area
10:29AM 2 Request for help re. opening workspace
10:17AM 1 change the attribute of a column
9:55AM 0 Subgroup discovery in R
9:41AM 1 Substring error
7:54AM 1 rpart question
6:28AM 0 R programming question, one dimensional optimization
2:04AM 1 Size of data vs. needed memory...rule of thumb?
1:39AM 1 poly(x) workaround when x has missing values
1:39AM 2 Days of the week?
1:02AM 1 using non-ASCII strings in R packages
Wednesday January 24 2007
9:39PM 0 JOB: LARS internships
9:38PM 0 JOB: LARS Package Developer
9:37PM 2 modify rectangle color from image
9:30PM 4 Text position in Traditional Graphics
9:13PM 1 Probabilities calibration error & ROCR
9:03PM 0 User defined function calls
9:00PM 0 Importing XPORT datasets into R
8:31PM 1 Query about extracting subset of datafram
8:25PM 1 RODBC
7:27PM 2 dataframe operation
6:48PM 1 n step ahead forecasts
6:17PM 3 Cronbach's alpha
5:03PM 0 Easy to install GNU Emacs for Windows
4:34PM 2 Fit model to data and use model for data generation
4:29PM 2 as.numeric(".1")
3:40PM 4 Replace missing values in lapply
3:25PM 1 mixed effects or fixed effects?
2:37PM 0 double integral with C
2:04PM 2 keep track of selected observations over time
1:36PM 2 Logistic regression model + precision/recall
1:22PM 3 Capturing output from external executables, in windows
1:12PM 3 Conversion of column matrix into a vector without duplicates
11:23AM 1 how to change the dataframe labels' ?
9:46AM 1 Date variable
8:11AM 1 Checking for the existence of an R object
7:04AM 1 Matrix question: obtaining the square root of a positive definite matrix?
6:49AM 1 solving a structural equation model using sem or other package
3:31AM 1 writing R shell scripts?
1:03AM 2 package servers
12:18AM 0 RXdiscountenanc
Tuesday January 23 2007
11:34PM 1 Estimate and plot hazard function using "muhaz" package
10:23PM 0 total correlation
8:46PM 3 [fixed] vectorized nested loop: apply a function that takes two rows
8:40PM 0 vectorized nested loop: apply a function that takes two rows
8:28PM 0 DSC 2007 Additional Funding
8:09PM 6 Installing packages...
7:12PM 0 Question about functionality of sum()
6:48PM 0 New lmer: How to recode random effect ?
6:18PM 0 cov.nnve error message
5:28PM 3 Query about extracting subsets from a table
4:54PM 3 which classification package in R can assign sample weight?
3:46PM 1 how to write randomforest in r
3:39PM 0 "Divergence or Singularity"
3:36PM 1 How to generate 'minor' ticks in lattice (qqmath)
3:21PM 3 Matrix operations in a list
2:10PM 4 Vector to Matrix transformation
1:53PM 0 RXvisua
1:20PM 1 "tapply" and "data.frame"?
12:57PM 0 automated integration?
11:38AM 1 Scatterplot3d-proposal
11:28AM 0 version 0.3 of QCA
11:03AM 2 Problem with ordered probit model in MASS
10:52AM 0 Error in odfWeave
10:12AM 0 Calling R function from C++ when C++ was not invoced by R, or Calling R from PL/SQL
9:36AM 1 SARIMA with dynlm
8:24AM 3 the value of Delta
7:05AM 0 error in arules package
2:50AM 0 Questions about xtable and print.xtable
2:43AM 3 Loess with more than 4 predictors / offsets
Monday January 22 2007
10:26PM 2 Question about rpart and regression trees
10:16PM 1 eval() parse() and problem with square brackets
9:18PM 1 lattice: put key where unused panel would have been
9:11PM 1 Query about using try block
8:50PM 0 Recursive-SVM (R-SVM)
8:43PM 2 Query about using optimizers in R without causing program to crash
8:10PM 0 R interpretation
7:01PM 1 Example function for bigglm (biglm) data input from file
5:08PM 0 lnme convergence
3:59PM 1 Latin hyper cube sampling from expand.grid()
3:26PM 0 predict.survreg() with frailty term and newdata
3:16PM 1 Compare effects between lm-models
2:16PM 1 Time-varying correlation calculation
11:44AM 0 Fwd: Re: aov y lme
11:33AM 1 D'Agostino test
10:10AM 1 Unusual behaviour get.hist.quote
8:57AM 0 How to disable existing menus in tcltk?
8:53AM 0 Combination diffrent variables ,how to calculates
8:51AM 2 Combination of variables
7:25AM 1 Finding the effect of Box-Cox transformation using "vis.boxcoxu"
5:05AM 0 Advice on an appropriate condition for warning in a function
4:05AM 0 "kennard-stone" selection algorithm
3:46AM 0 command-line arguments in R
2:52AM 0 inconsistent behavior of mean, median, var
12:03AM 0 [UNCLASSIFIED] predict.survreg() with frailty term and newdata
Sunday January 21 2007
8:14PM 1 identify selected substances across individuals
7:27PM 5 Integration + Normal Distribution + Directory Browsing Processing Questions
7:22PM 1 sequential processing
5:43PM 1 Scatterplot help
5:37PM 2 efficient code. how to reduce running time?
12:39PM 2 multiple bases to decimal (was: comparing two matrices)
10:51AM 1 logistic regression model + Cross-Validation
8:33AM 1 naiveBayes question
6:08AM 1 Working with a set of matrices
4:21AM 1 for loop problem
2:53AM 1 importing selected rows and columns from text
1:26AM 1 Can we do GLM on 2GB data set with R?
Saturday January 20 2007
10:14PM 6 comparing two matrices
7:00PM 4 Question about converting from square roots to decimals and back
6:30PM 4 simple q: returning a logical vector of substring matches
11:42AM 1 aov y lme
11:34AM 3 Insert R logo
Friday January 19 2007
11:17PM 1 Suggestion on how to improve efficiency when using MASS:::hubers on high-dimensional arrays
10:33PM 0 GOF for continuous data
7:32PM 0 (no subject)
6:43PM 2 split data set
6:03PM 1 Error in heatmap()
5:57PM 1 help with ets function in forecast package
5:54PM 4 Newbie question: Statistical functions (e.g., mean, sd) in a "transform" statement?
4:36PM 1 hiccup in apply?
4:26PM 1 Where can I get the latex format manual?
3:55PM 1 x-axis in filled.contour
2:04PM 1 Bartlett test
2:02PM 5 Problem with C extension
1:33PM 1 Error in basehaz function ?
10:49AM 1 naive bayes help
6:14AM 4 Vectorize rearrangement within each column
4:30AM 1 ability estimate with GRM of IRT
3:02AM 3 if else statement
2:30AM 8 kate editor for R
1:57AM 3 Problem with loading tkrplot
12:17AM 3 integrate and quadratic forms
Thursday January 18 2007
11:00PM 4 Reading contingency tables
9:39PM 0 Laplace correction for rpart class probability estimate
8:20PM 0 multiple seasonal time series models
7:46PM 1 weighted MDS, alscal
7:43PM 1 Robust PCA?
4:38PM 2 problem in adf command
4:15PM 0 fitCopula method in R
3:42PM 0 Version 2.0-9 of bayesm
3:25PM 1 How to specify arguments in lme() ?
2:45PM 1 Problems replicating rows and associated increasing index
2:34PM 0 help with niave bayes
2:30PM 2 The math underlying the `betareg' package?
2:15PM 2 Help with problem - multilevel model?
1:54PM 2 building R on freebsd 6.2 (amd64)
1:11PM 4 How to optimize this loop ?
1:07PM 1 eval while keeping NA-s
12:56PM 0 arima function
10:19AM 0 How to formulate an analytical gradient?
7:32AM 3 selecting rows for inclusion in lm
7:15AM 2 3D Plot
4:20AM 5 how to get the index of entry with max value in an array?
12:44AM 0 help with regexpr in gsub
Wednesday January 17 2007
11:51PM 3 R.oo Destructors
11:13PM 2 label option in 'barplot'?
10:18PM 1 Coefficient of determination when intercept is zero
9:54PM 4 Memory leak with character arrays?
7:43PM 1 tapply, data.frame problem
4:34PM 1 sp: proj4string has no impact
4:24PM 0 Fwd: model simplification in repeated anova
4:21PM 1 sort dataframe by field
4:12PM 2 Correlation to a Single Gene
4:08PM 1 How to annotate a graph with non-transparent math labels?
3:42PM 1 add non-linear line
3:39PM 3 Row limit for read.table
12:19PM 2 Effect size in GLIM models
10:36AM 0 Does R implement DBSCAN , ROCK, BIRCH?
9:58AM 1 lmer or glm with family=binomial : probability variable
9:57AM 5 percent sign in plot annotation
9:53AM 2 Repeated measures
9:42AM 2 problem with unlist POSIX date at midnight
9:37AM 1 sleep data
7:13AM 0 Re : labels outliers in boxplot
5:22AM 3 Help on variable ranking
Tuesday January 16 2007
9:30PM 1 curious about dimension of 'apply' output when MARGIN=1
9:24PM 0 Reminder: JSS Special volume R in ecology
7:44PM 0 Rgui crashes when calling odbcClose()
6:15PM 1 LSD multiple comparison test
5:23PM 1 RODBC: sqlQuery is successful, but a similar sqlFetch returns error
5:00PM 1 nested hierarchical design
4:42PM 1 system(mysql... Does not recognize < as passing an attribute (No HTML)
4:37PM 1 system(mysql... Does not recognize < as passing an attribute
4:16PM 3 plot portion of a line
4:15PM 1 parallel coordinates plot
2:42PM 0 Re : problems with for loop
2:35PM 2 R on Windows Vista
1:48PM 0 nlme : convergence problem and other errors
1:20PM 1 number of Nodes in Random Forest
12:52PM 1 SARIMA problem
12:10PM 2 problems with for loop
11:41AM 0 (no subject)
10:10AM 5 "[[" gotcha
10:09AM 1 Request regarding cluster package
9:30AM 2 Gaussian glm for grouped data with unequal variances
9:10AM 1 Help with labeling a page with multiple graphs.
4:04AM 1 nonlinear regression: nls, gnls, gnm, other?
1:16AM 2 ARIMA xreg and factors
12:09AM 0 How do I generate line segments between two sets of points on the same graph
Monday January 15 2007
11:56PM 0 How can I generate line segments between two sets of points on the same graph?
11:01PM 0 spatial correlaton in lme and gls
6:15PM 1 feedback on "writing r extensions"
4:44PM 2 model simplification in repeated anova
4:14PM 1 options("digits") and print.default()
3:58PM 0 add points to a 1-weibull graph
2:30PM 0 Re : How to format R code in LaTex documents
1:42PM 4 How to format R code in LaTex documents
1:42PM 0 Advanced course R programming and Bioconductor in Cambridge UK 30.3.+1.4.
12:17PM 0 Matrex R adapter released
10:34AM 1 Conflict in .Rprofile documentation FAQ vs. Help?
10:05AM 2 Problem with pdf, png, jpeg devices and files named CON on Window s
9:21AM 2 Kernel density output
7:45AM 2 How to detect if R is running on Mac OS X?
6:05AM 0 spatstat 1.11-0
Sunday January 14 2007
8:58PM 1 extracting data into different subsets
6:15PM 3 changes in the structure of mer objects?
1:37PM 2 merging two lists but get indexes
11:20AM 2 ks.test not working?
5:17AM 1 Newbie question about saving results
4:12AM 4 Controlling size of boxplot when it is added in a plot
3:14AM 1 Questions about paste and assign
Saturday January 13 2007
8:37PM 1 graph results of logistic regression
8:16PM 1 comments in Sweave
6:20PM 3 Definition of t-value
1:32PM 0 package 'rimage' install error on FreeBSD
7:01AM 1 What command does the "cin >> " in R ?
5:49AM 1 R on UNIX Sun-Solaris 10.0 vs. S-Plus
Friday January 12 2007
11:48PM 2 Magnitude of trend in time series
10:16PM 0 Appropriate test for correlation of two discretely distributed variables
10:07PM 0 Free Webinar: Vendor Neutral Intro to Data Mining for Absolute Beginners, January 26, 2007
9:19PM 1 Aware of MaxDiff in R?
6:41PM 1 R2WinBugs and Compare DIC versus BIC or AIC
6:00PM 1 quilt.plot
5:55PM 1 PCA (prcomp) details info.
5:37PM 0 Help for RFA
3:22PM 1 wafer map drawing
3:09PM 1 Is it the PPS samples i needed in R?
2:54PM 1 Within-subject factors in lme
2:08PM 1 R editor vs. Tinn-R
1:55PM 1 extract standard errors, write them to file
1:22PM 0 Dummy's guide to S4 methods: package Brobdingnag
1:21PM 4 Maximum likelihood acf
10:15AM 1 .C interface and Strings...
10:12AM 2 image() and nonsquare matrices
9:39AM 5 Regression lines
4:53AM 0 Linear Optimization
3:33AM 7 Making TIFF images with rtiff
1:12AM 1 mean on a table
Thursday January 11 2007
11:59PM 0 a way to control xlim in multhist?
11:29PM 1 rank function and NA in 2.3.1
8:56PM 1 Matching on multiple columns
7:53PM 0 Exploratory multivariate analysis of categorical data
6:09PM 3 R graphics with Linux (libpng)
5:50PM 0 February Courses: (1) Prof Frank Harrell *** Regression Modeling Strategies in R/Splus, (2) R/Splus Advanced Programming, (3) R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
4:51PM 1 Treatment for Unequal Column Lengths?
4:21PM 1 maximum likelihood, 1st and 2nd derivative
4:07PM 2 overdispersion
2:27PM 0 gbm with jumps
2:27PM 0 gbn with jumps
2:16PM 0 levelplot not adjusting colors
1:47PM 1 warning in GAM
10:52AM 0 tm 0.1 uploaded to CRAN
10:44AM 3 Three horizontal axes OR Two axes on same side?
10:37AM 1 Error in plot.new() : Figure margins too large
8:34AM 3 batch job GLM calculations
3:18AM 1 zero margin / marginless plots
1:07AM 0 axis date format in lattice
Wednesday January 10 2007
10:19PM 0 axis labels at subset of tick marks
10:08PM 1 TCL/TK and R documentation?
9:07PM 2 labels outliers in boxplot
7:12PM 0 Installation problem with package mixtools
6:57PM 0 Meeting announcement: An Introduction to Data Analysis Using R
6:39PM 1 using DBI
6:23PM 1 2 problems with latex.table (quantreg package) - reproducible
5:30PM 2 SAS and R code hazard ratios
4:49PM 1 map data.frame() data after having linked them to a read.shape() object
3:38PM 0 ARIMA and xreg
3:32PM 0 Implementation of Wei-Lachin Test
2:10PM 0 Column names in Zoo object/BlpGetata problem
1:58PM 0 Column names in Zoo object
1:53PM 3 Fractional brownian motion
1:43PM 2 correlation value and map
1:15PM 2 prime in expression in plot
12:44PM 1 Fw: Memory problem on a linux cluster using a large data set [Broadcast]
12:18PM 2 problems with optim, "for"-loops and machine precision
11:10AM 2 select subsets in data frame
8:52AM 0 where is the NIR dataset?
7:31AM 1 roc and lattice
5:13AM 2 "go" or "goto" command
Tuesday January 9 2007
9:10PM 1 A vectorization question
9:09PM 1 differential item function for item response theory
4:47PM 2 Logical operations or selecting data from data.frames
3:26PM 0 manipulating elements of lists
3:15PM 2 posthoc tests with ANCOVA
2:40PM 1 RSQLite NA on input
2:29PM 3 dimensions of a all objects
2:23PM 3 min() return factor class values
12:38PM 5 a question of substitute
12:16PM 1 logistic regression in R - changing defaults
11:13AM 1 contingency table analysis; generalized linear model
10:23AM 0 Random effects and level 1 censoring
7:17AM 1 no linear model with many objects
2:09AM 4 A question about R environment
Monday January 8 2007
10:48PM 1 Does strptime(...,tz="GMT") do anything?
7:41PM 1 finer control of scales in xyplot
7:19PM 1 spatio temporal plot
5:25PM 1 Boxplot issue
5:01PM 1 Cross-compilation of R and ld bug ?
4:53PM 1 Access, Process and Read Information from Web Sites
4:32PM 1 OLS in S+
4:12PM 2 Simple spectral analysis
4:02PM 1 fSeries Package
3:49PM 1 limitation in the number of covariates in nlme
1:20PM 1 How to use Rattle for Data mining through R?
1:17PM 1 query
12:22PM 1 R Training Course in Paris
12:10PM 1 Multivariate OLS
11:43AM 1 scripts with littler / subroutines
11:25AM 1 scripts with littler
11:22AM 2 ACCESS/Office : connecting
11:17AM 4 Export dataframe to txt
10:00AM 3 Speeding things up
9:26AM 0 tapply, how to get level information
9:13AM 2 Contrasts for ordered factors
5:09AM 2 Plot .jpeg image in margins?
3:21AM 1 R scripts to plot Taylor Diagram
2:59AM 0 Using JRI Calling R function from Java
1:09AM 0 Scripts to plot Taylor Diagram in R
Sunday January 7 2007
10:50PM 3 MDS in 3D
6:33PM 1 odfWeave and figures in MS Word Format
5:11PM 0 Multiple plots via sapply or lapply?
5:05PM 1 Partial proportional odds logistic regression
2:08PM 2 different points and lines on the same plot
12:01PM 3 as.Date() results depend on order of data within vector?
4:22AM 2 creating a list of lists
Saturday January 6 2007
11:25PM 0 has anyone implemented LARS with the "positive lasso"?
10:56PM 2 Using VGAM's vglm function for ordinal logistic regression
8:25PM 3 memory problem
5:16PM 1 garchFit in R
12:55PM 1 listing all functions in R
11:00AM 2 negative binomial family glm R and STATA
6:21AM 1 help with gls
5:19AM 2 Bootstrapping Confidence Intervals for Medians
Friday January 5 2007
11:01PM 1 Calling "confint.glm" from within another function
9:48PM 0 memory limits in R loading a dataset and using the packagetree
6:02PM 5 eval(parse(text vs. get when accessing a function
5:29PM 1 Error in save function
3:05PM 1 aov - glm - lmer
12:54PM 2 maximum likelihood estimation of 5 parameters
11:54AM 0 outsourcing R work
11:06AM 1 gstat package. "singular" attibute
10:41AM 1 Efficient multinom probs
10:28AM 0 the Rscript is missing in my prévious mail.
8:54AM 4 Fast Removing Duplicates from Every Column
8:21AM 1 Error in load
4:30AM 0 Fwd: Re: R grahics: Save as hangs computer
3:38AM 0 RMySQL 0.5-11 uploaded to CRAN
3:35AM 0 Fwd: Re: R grahics: Save as hangs computer
3:18AM 4 ifelse on data frames
2:08AM 3 coefficients of each local polynomial from loess() or locfit()
Thursday January 4 2007
11:30PM 5 color of opposite sign values in filled.contour
10:06PM 0 A question on REML in R
9:41PM 3 problem with plot() and POSIXt dates
9:39PM 2 importing timestamp data into R
9:37PM 0 Weighting Data
9:20PM 0 RSQLite 0.4-18 sent to CRAN
9:13PM 3 randomForest and missing data
7:45PM 1 littler+dget+stdin -> segmentation fault
5:42PM 2 Seek general information about time/date storage and functions in R
5:05PM 1 get.hist.quote
4:35PM 3 export many plots to one file
4:30PM 2 memory limits in R loading a dataset and using the package tree
3:39PM 1 loess
2:41PM 9 setting new working directories
11:21AM 3 pretended size postscript and size of the graphic device window
11:17AM 0 dashed lines and SVG files
11:13AM 0 dashed lines and SVG files devSVG("/folderul/unde/salvez/myplot.svg", width=10, height=10) plot(1:10, 1:10) dev.off()
5:36AM 1 Time series plot
5:30AM 1 need help with debug package
4:56AM 3 Software for kriging
4:10AM 0 rJava help
2:35AM 3 Help re zinb model
Wednesday January 3 2007
10:30PM 6 R grahics: Save as hangs computer
9:29PM 0 stratified sampling from known population datafile
7:56PM 1 na.action and simultaneous regressions
7:20PM 0 ewma help
6:44PM 1 mcmcsamp and variance ratios
6:39PM 1 problem with logLik and offsets
4:56PM 1 User defined split function in Rpart
3:36PM 1 mathematical symbols in plots
2:55PM 2 accessing arrays
2:20PM 0 RODBC : first line of data from query omitted
1:20PM 2 understanding integer divide (%/%)
1:05PM 2 loading data and executing queries with R and Mysql
12:57PM 0 question about regression forest
11:54AM 3 How to add characters on graph ?
11:49AM 2 RODBC compile error with R 2.4.1
11:16AM 1 R and threading
11:16AM 2 Lattice / Trellis analog of axis(graphics) ?
10:26AM 0 R's capaability of dealing with multiple requests
10:22AM 1 optim
8:17AM 2 Hershey fonts for musical notation?
1:23AM 2 SQLite: When reading a table, a "\r" is padded onto the last column. Why?
Tuesday January 2 2007
10:50PM 0 Problem labelling arrays
8:43PM 1 Geometric Brownian Process
7:46PM 1 arith-true mean() fails make check on IRIX
7:03PM 0 rcompletion update
5:46PM 2 R modules
5:20PM 0 user-specified random effects design matrix in glmmPQL?
5:20PM 6 package dependency tree
4:02PM 3 graphical parameters: margins
3:28PM 1 lattice panel.linejoin type question
3:01PM 0 en congé
1:46PM 1 RMySQL adn FC6 - install fail
12:36PM 0 pls version 2.0-0
11:50AM 1 How to extract the variance componets from lme
9:16AM 2 SNA Matrix
2:00AM 1 slightly extended lm class
Monday January 1 2007
10:43PM 2 matrix size
9:03PM 1 advice on semi-serious attempt to extend summary
4:54PM 0 autofill for a tkentry field
3:10PM 4 Help with filled.contour()
1:12PM 0 arima.sim with a periodic model
9:09AM 2 Problems with R
3:15AM 2 New to R
2:35AM 4 if ... problem with compound instructions
2:29AM 1 Types of objects?
1:16AM 1 Subset by using multiple values