R help - Feb 2006

Tuesday February 28 2006
10:10PM 2 jpeg and pixels
7:43PM 0 burst argument in as.ltraj()
7:18PM 0 Canonical Values and Centroids for MANOVA plots
5:28PM 1 [Q] specifying weights for robust regression with rlm
5:14PM 4 subsetting a list of matrices
4:48PM 3 any more direct-search optimization method in R
4:40PM 2 kmeans
3:27PM 2 vector math: calculating a rolling 12 row product?
3:22PM 1 Stepwise with AICc
3:01PM 1 Spearman correlation confidence interval
1:58PM 1 Binary Package RMySQL Windows available ?
1:18PM 3 How to do it without for loops?
10:59AM 1 Re> Illegal Instrunction
10:47AM 0 Illegal Instruction
10:08AM 1 ex-Gaussian survival distribution
10:01AM 1 creating dendrogram from cluster hierarchy
9:31AM 2 lines() and recycled colours
9:27AM 3 LaTeX in R graph
9:14AM 3 does svm have a CV to obtain the best "cost" parameter?
5:31AM 1 Capturing warning messages within R
5:10AM 1 Compiling R on aix getting error
3:51AM 3 Bounding Box in pdf files
1:46AM 2 Elegant way to express residual calculation in R?
12:34AM 1 Collinearity in nls problem
12:07AM 0 how to automatically install old versions of packages ..
Monday February 27 2006
10:08PM 1 log scale y axis ticks control on boxplots
9:30PM 1 clustering
8:23PM 1 Different deviance residuals in a (similar?!?) glm example
8:12PM 5 relative referencing for filenames &etc
7:43PM 2 heckit with a probit
7:34PM 2 Question about Sweave
7:33PM 5 elements in each row of a matrix to the left.
7:09PM 1 about clustering method
6:46PM 2 singular convergence in glmmPQL
6:13PM 2 obtaining means/SD after fitting a mixed model
6:12PM 2 about"Riply's K function"and "envelope"
5:56PM 1 4D stacked column chart, Excel -> R
5:02PM 1 help with step()
4:35PM 1 TclTk library loading (whole version) Linux
3:15PM 5 repeated measures ANOVA
2:52PM 1 question about lmer--different answers from different versions of R?
2:38PM 4 prepared query with RODBC ?
12:49PM 1 gauss.hermite function
10:50AM 0 Fuzzy version of prop.test
10:32AM 3 how to use the basis matrix of "ns" in R? really confused by multi-dim spline filtering?
9:00AM 1 question about Principal Component Analysis in R?
8:08AM 0 Standardized regression weights with lm()
6:02AM 2 install RPM file on Redhat
1:39AM 1 Query on multivariate time series
Sunday February 26 2006
9:36PM 0 time series prediction with genetic algorithms
8:47PM 1 assigning differences in a loop
5:57PM 1 changing degrees of freedom in summary.lm()
5:35PM 2 How to produce notches in bwplot?
4:56PM 0 How to fit all possible sub-models in glm
2:58PM 0 R2.2.1 source compile problem in MacOS10.3
1:24PM 2 subtotal, submean, aggregate
8:14AM 2 collocation methods
4:47AM 1 how to get f(x)=___ from a piecwise function
3:02AM 0 frailty in coxph or repeated measures in cph (Design)
12:19AM 2 how to change my data to "point data set" in package "SPLANCE"?
Saturday February 25 2006
11:18PM 0 problems with bootstrapping (Divergence or singularity ???)
6:20PM 2 Adding header lines to a dataframe that is exported using write.csv
2:06AM 1 graphing dilemna
Friday February 24 2006
9:52PM 1 Read SAS .sd2 file into R?
7:16PM 1 Multiple plots on the same pdf file
6:54PM 3 Sorting alphanumerically
4:18PM 3 Summarize by two-column factor, retaining original factors
3:16PM 1 (Newbie) Aggregate for NA values
2:55PM 0 Help with classes and generic function
2:44PM 2 Minor documentation improvement
2:33PM 1 predicting glm on a new dataset
1:55PM 1 SE of parameter estimates in glmm.admb
1:54PM 2 Sorting a dataframe by one column?
1:43PM 1 help with optimize statement
12:31PM 1 RGtk2 install in Mac
10:39AM 0 New `party' tools
10:04AM 1 Extracting information from factanal()
10:00AM 2 R script autoload at startup
7:19AM 1 read table problem
6:36AM 1 Help with barplot
4:57AM 0 Graybill-Bowden confidence band
3:41AM 1 importing data from BUGS format to R?
2:36AM 0 setMethod and contains not saving
1:16AM 2 converting character matrix to a dataframe
Thursday February 23 2006
11:10PM 2 Working with lists with numerical names
11:08PM 0 siegel-tukey test
10:01PM 1 Need a hint
9:50PM 1 R and marine protected areas: algorithms for site selection
9:15PM 0 Consultants Needed
5:47PM 1 memory managment under Windows XP
5:28PM 0 R function use in C returning a list
4:40PM 1 dist() between groups of data
3:53PM 0 useR! 2006 - 2006-02-28 Submission Deadline
3:35PM 4 Changing the x-axis labels in plot()
3:32PM 2 Problem with List() Inside Function
2:56PM 2 locpoly
2:31PM 1 Cross-validation in SVM
2:27PM 1 partial mantel test
1:49PM 4 read file of EXCEL format
1:37PM 1 tcl/tk - Install problem using MacOS X / X11
1:33PM 7 Bug in setting GUI to SDI mode?
12:26PM 0 calculation problem
11:21AM 0 JGR problem with installPackages()?
11:01AM 1 tcl/tk - Problem unter MacOS X / X11
10:54AM 2 Strange p-level for the fixed effect with lme function
10:36AM 0 Need confirmation of my lme() structure
10:10AM 3 automatic generation of variable names
9:06AM 3 Questions for manipulating datasets in R e.g. sorting and matching
8:25AM 0 adehabitat version 1.4
8:18AM 0 pls version 1.2-0
8:09AM 2 discrete probability distribution
7:50AM 2 Problems building R 2.2.1 with libgoto and SSE2 enabled
Wednesday February 22 2006
10:43PM 3 multinomial test
10:37PM 1 Degree of freedom for contrast t-tests in lme
8:32PM 2 How can I see how %*% is implemented?
7:16PM 1 shaded timeseries plot
6:57PM 1 nlin equivalent
6:23PM 0 Merge dataframes with no shared rows, some shared and som e unshared columns
6:05PM 2 Merging data
6:05PM 0 Merge dataframes with no shared rows, some shared and some unshared columns
5:23PM 1 subset problem
5:09PM 4 heatmap.2 in gplots package
4:14PM 0 ylim in dendrogram plot ... error
3:35PM 1 unused factor levels in reshape
3:30PM 0 warning when installing package
2:40PM 0 read.table missing values
1:31PM 3 2 barplots in the same graph
1:12PM 4 issue with plot (type="h")
12:51PM 2 Error in RBloomberg
12:36PM 2 does multinomial logistic model from multinom (nnet) has logLik?
12:25PM 2 How can one use R-code and R-functions within C-Code?
10:14AM 4 exponent confusion
9:11AM 3 elements that appear only once
6:13AM 1 Gram-Charlier series
5:46AM 1 stripchart-y axis labels
5:31AM 2 How do I tell it which directory to use?
2:41AM 1 var-covar matrices comparison
Tuesday February 21 2006
11:14PM 2 Limit of matrix + naming
10:35PM 0 Composing a matrix for 'heatmap' from original dataset and genetic data analysis.
9:10PM 0 [OT] New book on software patents, etc.
8:49PM 1 R xyplot and background color
7:50PM 1 feature not available
6:56PM 3 How to get around heteroscedasticity with non-linear leas t squares in R?
6:23PM 1 I need your help
6:20PM 2 How to get around heteroscedasticity with non-linear least squares in R?
6:08PM 2 Convertin rows of a matrix to a list
5:53PM 3 How to select only certain rows when making a new dataframe?
5:15PM 3 Compute a correlation matrix from an existing covariance matrix
5:08PM 1 color quantization / binning a variable into levels
3:48PM 3 Number of Days Between Dates: Incorrect Results For Date Calucations.
2:09PM 1 Resolution of plots?
2:05PM 1 wireframe, axis label-axis separation, xlab rotation
1:52PM 6 How to Import Data
1:07PM 2 rotated labels in barplot with beside=T and multiple groups
12:12PM 2 R-help Digest, Vol 36, Issue 21
11:56AM 1 call row names
10:56AM 1 help-ERROR: unknown GUI none from Statistics::R
9:03AM 0 Calculate R-Square for existing predictors
8:50AM 1 Extracting error terms from an lme object
7:20AM 2 indexing within panels in xyplot
1:07AM 5 R and packages
12:49AM 4 do.call, browser and traceback
12:41AM 6 How to sum values across multiple variables using a wildcard?
Monday February 20 2006
11:21PM 1 linear discriminant analysis in MASS
11:21PM 2 Unable to configure R 2.2.1 on Solaris 5.10 x86_64
10:43PM 1 var-covar matrices comparison:
9:59PM 1 Using LAPACK in C-code to be loaded in R - getting-started-help
9:40PM 2 How to read more than 1 table?
8:27PM 3 Boxplot Help for Neophyte
7:45PM 0 get predicted values of models fit by lmer()?
5:45PM 2 glob2rx function not working
5:38PM 1 mva.pairs
5:16PM 1 Nested AIC
5:15PM 1 doubt on periodogram
4:39PM 4 Time on x-axis
4:11PM 1 Plots: displaying mathematical symbols in specific fonts
3:22PM 2 Group a dinamic number of vectors in a data.frame
2:57PM 1 Extracting variance components from lmer
1:19PM 0 linear lists, insertion, deletion, traversal
1:05PM 1 Matrix with p-values with reference to a correlation matrix
11:49AM 1 how to get ROC for SVM
10:43AM 1 Further rgl()/spheres3d() query
8:52AM 2 glmmPQL model selection
6:38AM 2 help on dyn.load()
5:29AM 2 formatting results from a function argument
3:24AM 1 need help on nlme()
2:56AM 1 RMySQL Error Messages, crashing R
2:05AM 1 sqlSave
Sunday February 19 2006
10:32PM 1 Importing data
9:05PM 2 standardizing data
8:34PM 0 Zigurrat updated
8:16PM 2 Converting factors back to numbers. Trouble with SPSS import data
4:05PM 1 [Rd] Citation for R
4:00PM 2 changing names of vectors in list or data.frame
3:59PM 7 Linux Distribution Choice
12:49PM 1 Two factors -> nurical data dependency analyzing
11:42AM 0 getting the conditional standard deviation of the residuals of a fitted GARCH model
1:29AM 0 (no subject)
12:43AM 3 Changing predictor order in lm()
Saturday February 18 2006
10:07PM 1 reshaping result of by()
6:57PM 0 lag.plot messy labels default
4:06PM 1 Question about variable selection
3:52PM 0 question about GARCH - newbie question
3:25PM 2 Conversion to Adjacency Matrix
3:08PM 0 Running AffylmGUI
11:19AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 36, Issue 18
7:08AM 2 looking for a graph command
5:20AM 2 figure out whether 1 is between two numbers
1:44AM 1 OT Futility Analysis
12:12AM 1 truncated negative binomial using rnegbin
Friday February 17 2006
11:48PM 0 iPlots and mouse clicks
11:40PM 2 Something changed and glm(..., family=binomial) doesn't work now
9:44PM 0 trouble with extraction/interpretation of variance struct ure para meters from a model built using gnls and varConstPower
9:35PM 3 Matrix indexing in a loop
9:30PM 1 Heckman regression / adjustment for standard errors?
9:23PM 1 extracting a element with a name attribute from a list
8:23PM 3 (Newbie) Functions on vectors
5:17PM 2 EpiR.base - namespace changes
4:58PM 0 Svar: Re: lme, nlsList, nlsList.selfStart
4:33PM 4 showing the integrated number by point size
4:29PM 0 SVM weights
3:38PM 3 Basic R Problem
3:28PM 2 Grouping and Averaging in Table
1:39PM 3 Windows metafile problem
1:29PM 1 t-test confidence interval
11:57AM 1 labels inside the bars of horizontal barplot
11:07AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 36, Issue 17
8:53AM 2 creating 3-way tables for mantelhaen.test
8:06AM 1 Transforming results of the summary function
5:44AM 1 how to directly print plots to printer?
3:11AM 1 How to change the number of bins in "hist" function?
12:02AM 0 RMySQL problem with more than 1 field
Thursday February 16 2006
10:29PM 1 how to save the picture with par(mfrow = c(1, 3), pty='s') setti ngs?
9:53PM 1 how to make plot output to JPG or GIF
8:47PM 2 function for prediting garch
8:39PM 2 getting probabilities from SVM
8:04PM 1 error loading RWinEdt
7:38PM 2 Problem with scoping a variable value
7:29PM 1 segmentation fault with Hmisc areg.boot(): Now acepack avas failure
7:21PM 1 segmentation fault with Hmisc areg.boot()
6:32PM 2 how can I use lmer on a windows machine?
6:24PM 1 testing the significance of the variance components using lme
6:17PM 2 Help to find correlation.
5:55PM 0 plclust and y-axis clipping
5:39PM 2 Reanding a windows file
5:29PM 1 Read a csv file
4:58PM 3 How to convert SPSS date data to dates?
4:56PM 8 Ubuntu and R
4:19PM 2 fitting non-liner curves
3:58PM 1 prediction function for clogit model
3:50PM 1 help downloading lme4 from CRAN
2:38PM 0 (m)simtest ?
1:32PM 1 reg cross validation in svm
1:30PM 0 reg crossvalidation in SVM in R programming
1:10PM 0 using kernel density estimates to infer mode of distribut ion
12:53PM 2 symbol decoration and .Call
12:23PM 0 sums of absolute deviations about the median as split function in rpart
12:12PM 0 factors and contrast matrix
11:07AM 1 how to close all windows?
10:33AM 4 how to clear screen in R-console?
10:03AM 1 scatterplot3d: how to show scatterpoints in 2D-space with color as 3rd dimension?
9:38AM 2 MANOVA: how do I read off within and between Sum-of-Squares info from the manova result?
9:38AM 1 Interaction between R and Perl
9:35AM 0 Hybrid Multidimensional Scaling
9:24AM 1 brookmeyer & crowley CI for median survival time
9:15AM 1 Failure when updating package nlme
8:27AM 1 How to plot on new windows?
7:59AM 3 Sweave - problems with underscores in variable names...
5:20AM 1 cv.glm function error message in a loop
4:30AM 3 logistic regression
3:50AM 1 R-help - Problem in drawing braplot with a huge value of data
3:33AM 0 SSQ decomposition and contrasts with ANOVA
3:07AM 2 how to retrieve robust se in coxph
1:38AM 2 looping through tasks
1:04AM 0 Strata and Degrees of freedom in anova and multi-level modeling
12:43AM 0 how can I write two objects together, problem with cbind( )
Wednesday February 15 2006
11:28PM 1 using kernel density estimates to infer mode of distribution
11:02PM 0 Delta method for glm
10:36PM 0 readline() for passwords?
10:19PM 2 Plotting two 3-dimensional time series in a 3 x 2 plot - alternatives to par(mfrow())
8:32PM 1 R web interfaces for windows IIS
7:55PM 2 arrays of lists in R ("cell arrays" in Matlab)
7:39PM 1 distribution fitting
7:28PM 0 [BioC] ANN: BioC2006 Conference Scheduled for August in Seattle
5:43PM 2 labelling dots in plots
5:28PM 1 shading under the lines in a lattice xyplot?
4:22PM 2 common title for graphs in a (1x2) layout
3:15PM 1 2 variable partial dependence plot for Random Forest
1:07PM 1 power law
12:41PM 1 Generating random walks
12:39PM 2 Pairwise comparison after repeated measures ANOVA
11:36AM 3 wilcox.test returned estimates
11:20AM 1 question about the results given by the Box.test?
10:20AM 2 Setting intial path under windows to MyComputer in Interactive file browser
10:13AM 2 aggregate data.frame using column-specific functions
9:54AM 0 a basic question about standardization?
8:59AM 1 Multiple comparison for circular data
8:21AM 1 repeated measurements and lme
6:05AM 1 need a R-code formatter?
2:04AM 1 no convergence using lme
Tuesday February 14 2006
11:59PM 0 analysis of residual sum of squares in R
11:24PM 2 Simple network diagram
10:15PM 1 Assumption in Bassic Tobit regression
8:50PM 0 Legend in a HeatMap
8:43PM 0 R/Splus April course *** (Raleigh, Miami, Houston, Baltimore etc) R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
8:06PM 1 figs parameter for split.screen()
5:25PM 0 how to add the 95% confidence bands for the normal QQ plot?
4:45PM 2 Installing packages without clicking
4:01PM 3 Inf values in a matrix
3:43PM 1 Using optim() with a function which returns more than a scalar - alternatives?
2:38PM 0 R, AMD Opteron 64, and Rmpi
2:24PM 2 How to handle large dataframes?
1:56PM 1 lattice: calling functions
11:58AM 0 question about plotting survfit object on log-log scale
10:36AM 1 How to generate a report with graphics and tables?
10:15AM 2 AID / Tree Analysis in R
9:41AM 1 about list
8:35AM 3 A concrete type I/III Sum of square problem
8:32AM 2 combine elements of a character vector into a character
7:28AM 2 how I can perform Multivariate Garch analysis in R
6:48AM 1 Inverse cumulative probability
6:46AM 4 R and Power Point
5:11AM 1 Parallel computing in R for dummies--how to optimize an external model?
3:18AM 2 How to access values returned by R functions (to put into vectors)?
3:05AM 1 weird behavior of nsmall in format
2:07AM 2 nonlinear model: pseudo-design matrix
1:59AM 1 Trying to save a *.jpg file from a PHP system call
1:04AM 9 read.table
12:35AM 0 ANOVA: Help with SSQ decomposition and contrasts
Monday February 13 2006
10:26PM 1 Turning control back over to the terminal
10:16PM 2 Extracting Data form Simpleboot Output
10:11PM 2 bivariate normal distribution
9:24PM 0 Dictionaries with integer indices
9:07PM 2 transforming data frame for use with persp
7:49PM 1 X,Y,Z, scatter plot
7:17PM 0 problem with ROracle - Internal heap ERROR 17177
7:01PM 0 Extracting data elements from simpleboot
6:46PM 1 LCA in e1071
6:40PM 1 Help scoring a matrix of item responses
6:29PM 3 indexing via a character matrix?
6:24PM 1 JRG Console Output
6:05PM 0 [BioC] ANN: Introductory R and Bioconductor Mini Course , Seattle, April 12-14
5:48PM 2 reshaping data
4:58PM 1 Windows GUI package install annoyance
4:45PM 2 Survreg(), Surv() and interval-censored data
4:26PM 2 Package compiling problem in Linux
3:48PM 0 NA values in principal components
2:27PM 2 export files - write.table
12:40PM 0 zero extent arrays and apply()
12:30PM 5 search algorithm
11:56AM 1 Saving surface3d Output
11:24AM 1 Adding dimnames to image()
10:16AM 2 Sweave, mle and curve
9:59AM 2 ?bug? strange factors produced by chron
8:33AM 2 R-help, specifying the places to decimal
4:12AM 2 Plotting contour & filled.contour in one graph
Sunday February 12 2006
11:24PM 3 Tobit Regression (residual Assumption)
10:00PM 0 Multiple plots on a common x-axis, different y-axes
9:38PM 0 Gram-Charlier CDF
9:07PM 2 remote access
8:19PM 1 R: mean from list
8:06PM 1 mean from list
6:10PM 1 Discriminant analysis to select best treatment
5:48PM 1 one legend for multiple plots
4:35PM 1 differencing a time series
3:36PM 0 SUMMARY: aggregate vs. tapply
9:48AM 0 frailty
8:52AM 1 contour lines for levelplot
7:44AM 1 lme, nlsList, nlsList.selfStart
2:23AM 1 Mathematical typesetting of column heads using the latex (Hmisc) function
Saturday February 11 2006
11:02PM 0 failed installing hdf5 package--can't find zlib
9:28PM 2 aggregate vs tapply; is there a middle ground?
8:50PM 1 panel-VAR
4:21PM 1 R-newbie-question, fixed effects panel model, large number of observations
1:33PM 0 hclust(stats) merge matrix interpretation
9:24AM 1 Errors using update.packages()
6:40AM 4 Need frequency distribution for x,y coordinates
5:30AM 1 install.packages() failed
2:23AM 2 how do I "relate" tables in R?
Friday February 10 2006
11:27PM 1 Lmer with weights
8:44PM 0 Tree vs. Rpart
8:30PM 1 Creating multiple copies of rows in data frames
6:44PM 1 precision of std. error in summary
6:18PM 1 Splitting printed output in Sweave
5:53PM 1 glmmPQL and random effects
5:06PM 0 Job opening: Statistician/SAS and S+ programmer
4:09PM 1 the proper way to use panel functions in lattice package?
3:41PM 1 Question on big JPG plots in function warpping format
3:14PM 0 tk mouse cursor icon widget tkwinfo tkfocus questions
3:02PM 1 mixture normal distributions
2:43PM 0 Heat Map
2:19PM 0 Problem to paste the title of the columns and the rows
1:46PM 1 plot(...., type = "h", lwd = 10) results in square tops
1:43PM 1 histogram error: 'x' must be numeric
12:35PM 8 Fitdistr and MLE for parameter lambda of Poisson distribution
12:35PM 2 command line completion in R?
12:32PM 1 mcmcsamp shortening variable names; how can i turn this feature off?
9:55AM 0 - Function to export files
8:41AM 0 R: Fw: Controling the x or y limit
6:04AM 1 Fw: Controling the x or y limit
4:44AM 1 3-d splinefun
4:34AM 2 Controling the x or y limit
12:02AM 0 3-dim splinefun?
Thursday February 9 2006
11:43PM 0 library(microarr); functions image.view() treeview()
10:41PM 1 fft
9:37PM 9 Transferring R results to word prosessors
9:31PM 2 latent class modle for rater agreement
7:58PM 1 converting lat-long coordinates to Albers Conical Equal Area coordinates
7:42PM 0 Reshape version 0.6
7:20PM 1 R2WinBUGS - formating data for winbugs
7:02PM 0 New psi with rlm
7:02PM 4 New user: Custom probability distribution
6:41PM 1 Shapefiles
6:34PM 0 minimal adequate model
6:04PM 0 minimum adequate model using contrasts
6:00PM 2 "main" parameter in plot.default vs plot.formula
5:46PM 1 glmm.admb - bug and possible solution??
5:44PM 0 make: Target `all' not remade because of errors.
5:02PM 2 nice log-log plots
4:45PM 1 effect sizes in lme/ multi-level models
4:18PM 0 How to calculate the generalization error of random forests?
4:18PM 7 putting text in the corner
4:11PM 1 how to clear the last error?
4:03PM 0 Color key in Heat map
3:53PM 0 Point Size in plot.cox.zph
3:30PM 0 quote problem
3:28PM 0 (no subject)
2:41PM 11 Tranferring R results to word prosessors
1:45PM 0 bootstrapping lambda values from projections matrices
11:51AM 3 about Cox-Box transformation
9:53AM 1 translation of the matlab PPVAL function
9:39AM 2 write.table
8:30AM 4 echo output to screen
7:26AM 5 writing a file using both cat() and paste()
3:21AM 1 List Conversion
2:03AM 1 Newton-Raphson algorithm
Wednesday February 8 2006
11:17PM 0 ROracle installation problem with R2.2
10:00PM 1 Plotting a count process
9:50PM 1 Simple optim - question
9:14PM 1 bwplot: how to display response variables separately in same panel?
9:10PM 1 jpeg or tiff file formats
8:25PM 1 ERROR: no applicable method for "TukeyHSD"
6:47PM 1 last command history???
6:12PM 2 logical condition in vector operation
6:08PM 3 problem to install R on linux
6:08PM 1 expand.grid without expanding
5:57PM 0 tutorials on "statistical aspects" of R
5:50PM 2 slightly off-topic re prcomp()
5:42PM 0 Lexis maps in R
5:40PM 1 adding variable into dataframe by indice
5:28PM 1 what are the limits on R array sizes?
5:25PM 1 Help with the ts function
5:19PM 0 (no subject)
5:17PM 0 GEE Modelle in Stata und R
5:00PM 0 insert value according to indice
4:23PM 1 envi clone in R
4:22PM 3 rob var/cov + LAD regression
3:31PM 0 callling R from C
3:29PM 0 Changing labels on the scale of image.plot(fields)
3:28PM 2 Logistic regression - confidence intervals
3:27PM 1 logLik == -Inf in gls
3:16PM 2 Compiling errors for Matrix_0.995-5.tar.gz under XP
2:52PM 0 R: dataframe subset
2:21PM 6 dataframe subset
2:18PM 1 font size/disappearing labels
1:47PM 3 print formula on plot
1:26PM 1 nested random effects in glmm.admb
12:18PM 1 Mixture normal distribution
11:55AM 3 large lines of data
10:45AM 2 Reference for R
10:33AM 2 rotating axis / mtext labels
10:21AM 3 Bloomberg Data Import to R
9:56AM 0 problem with maptree
9:42AM 1 lme help
9:21AM 1 How to install the server version of rpad
9:15AM 0 Graphics Package --> stars()
9:06AM 1 ARULES --> Filtering Rules by RHS
8:49AM 0 bayesm, rmnlIndepMetrop
6:18AM 1 Baysian model averaging method
5:08AM 2 lme syntax for P&B examples
3:21AM 3 difference between rnorm(1000, 0, 1) and running rnorm(500, 0, 1) twice
2:29AM 1 plotting lines that break if data break
12:06AM 1 empty wireframe
Tuesday February 7 2006
11:35PM 1 explanation of data sets variables
11:23PM 2 getting strata/cluster level values with survey package?
10:37PM 0 Subsetting matrices
10:10PM 0 Calculating Kuiper/Watson test p-value
9:22PM 1 matching tables
8:30PM 1 Reading in FORTRAN data using R
7:18PM 0 hi frinds
6:49PM 0 March course @ 8 locations *** R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
5:41PM 1 lme question
5:35PM 2 question about binary data file and data.frame
5:27PM 1 elements from 'sem' function
5:15PM 0 Start problem after package update
5:03PM 1 (second round) creating a certain type of matrix
4:23PM 1 symbol() function in 3d
4:16PM 1 post-hoc comparisons following glmm
4:11PM 1 displaying Cyrillic in RGui under Windows
4:09PM 0 new package QCA
2:24PM 2 Prediction method for lowess,loess,lokerns,lpepa,ksmooth
1:50PM 3 R- License
1:38PM 2 Using R to process spectroscopic data
8:08AM 1 install package in Mac
6:07AM 1 creating a certain type of matrix
4:10AM 3 Scatterplot with corner at (0, 0)
12:39AM 0 New car package with new linear.hypothesis function
12:17AM 2 cdf of multivariate normal
12:06AM 1 sampling and nls formula
12:02AM 0 lme and Assay data: Test for block effect when block is systematic - anova/summary goes wrong
Monday February 6 2006
11:06PM 1 Shapley Values
10:29PM 5 lme4: Error in getResponseFormula(form) : "Form" must be a two sided formula
9:51PM 1 Error in fun(...) : couldn't find function "assignInNamespace"
9:34PM 2 novice questions about programming in "R"
8:59PM 3 iteration history
8:34PM 2 appeal --- add sd to summary for univariates
8:18PM 2 panel.levelplot() for 2D histograms
8:06PM 4 R loop
7:53PM 0 gpd.fit in 'isemv' package
6:44PM 3 power and sample size for a GLM with poisson response variable
6:16PM 1 Periodic B-spline surface
5:03PM 1 Evaluate output after each rep()
4:28PM 2 turn off selected axes in bwplot
2:59PM 2 qqplot
2:00PM 1 marginal distribution wrt time of time series ?
11:58AM 1 question about corStruct
10:53AM 3 for-loop with multiple variables changing
10:44AM 0 partition functions
9:58AM 1 Classification of Imbalanced Data
6:42AM 1 Help In Sequence of Dates
6:22AM 6 problem with simple if() statement
4:30AM 3 decomposed.ts class and method
4:26AM 1 generating markov chain
4:24AM 2 drawing outside a plot region
3:59AM 1 Fixing AR coefficients in VAR model
Sunday February 5 2006
8:21PM 1 for each element in matrix...
5:50PM 2 R socket communication
12:36PM 1 3-dimensional table
11:26AM 3 Cluster Analysis - Number of Clusters
9:12AM 1 wireframe zlim option
7:27AM 3 reading in a tricky computer program output
3:16AM 2 generating strings in a tricky order
2:32AM 0 Application of R with Multinomial Probit Model
12:54AM 1 how to extract predicted values from a quantreg fit?
Saturday February 4 2006
11:49PM 1 Mixed models and missing p-value...
11:46PM 2 saving a character vector
8:50PM 1 image() and text
8:50PM 2 srt --- slope text with function?
8:28PM 0 srt relative to figure
7:47PM 1 Refreshing X11 plots
6:28PM 1 functional programming question
9:43AM 2 Permanent assignments
8:03AM 3 R command line: need intelligent command history recall?
6:46AM 1 RUnit - need advice on a good directory structure or tips...
Friday February 3 2006
11:37PM 2 rgl install problem on Solaris 10 X86
11:33PM 1 Tobit Regression
11:02PM 0 Cause of Error 1:nrow(X) : argument NA / NaN
9:45PM 1 How to generate pitch strings
9:41PM 1 Using string vectors as for loop arguments
7:46PM 1 Function "assign"
6:21PM 3 R-2.2.1-INSTALL Issue with TCLTK
4:47PM 1 Clustering for social/complex networks
4:20PM 2 workspace question
4:04PM 2 Infinite loop running Mod_R/Rapache
3:41PM 2 all.equal() and which()
3:29PM 1 How to get all the data in a specific column from a dataframe?
3:03PM 1 How to decide between two theoretical distributions?
2:36PM 2 Problems with ks.test
1:30PM 0 SVS tree lists
1:07PM 1 question
12:24PM 3 Application of R
11:55AM 0 Accessing row names
2:20AM 2 (newbie) Saving the workspace in .txt format
1:33AM 0 Mixed-effects models / heterogenous covariances
12:55AM 0 header intact
Thursday February 2 2006
11:31PM 0 Canonical analysis
10:20PM 1 Conflict between julian from base and from chron
8:04PM 2 RHOME
6:40PM 1 table() command
6:23PM 0 Heatmap.2 axes question
6:05PM 2 R training courses
6:04PM 2 how to use mle?
4:47PM 1 the meaning of the B-spline coefficients
4:33PM 0 problem with nnet
4:20PM 0 Training: Approaches to Statistical Modelling with Dr. Bill Venables
4:12PM 2 re-coding variables
3:56PM 2 How to get the namespace of a function?
2:44PM 0 Handling survey data issue
2:19PM 1 Help with ldBands(Hmisc)
2:11PM 1 Matrix variable in C code
1:25PM 1 Significance of degrees of freedom in nlme
1:09PM 3 readline detection problems
1:04PM 1 error message in cox regression cph()
12:53PM 2 Request for users of my R-Tcl/Tk examples, limmaGUI or affylmGUI
12:49PM 0 ANNOUNCEMENT: 20% discount on new R books from Chapman & Hall/CRC
10:04AM 2 calculating IC50
8:39AM 3 is there a way to visualize 3D normal distributions?
7:57AM 4 How to force a vector to be column or row vector?
6:56AM 2 Defining and running a simple function
6:35AM 2 Titles in plots generated within tapply
5:30AM 3 15-min mean values
4:14AM 0 How do I normalize a PSD?
3:11AM 0 Computing s^2 for non-negative least squares.
1:21AM 1 fisher table probability
12:46AM 1 R Reference Card (especially useful for Newbies)
Wednesday February 1 2006
10:46PM 1 GetBioC install issue
10:12PM 0 extracting and summarizing data from data.frame with table-like output
10:10PM 1 (Newbie) Merging two data frames
8:35PM 1 cor/group by???
8:16PM 3 format of 2x2 table
7:43PM 1 student-t regression in R?
7:42PM 0 predict.lme / glmmPQL: "non-conformable arguments"
6:54PM 0 RGtk2 released
6:31PM 1 glm-logistic on discrete-time methods with individual and aggregated data
5:57PM 1 3d from file
5:49PM 3 inserting one backslash
5:04PM 1 problem with cbind
4:52PM 1 Help with functions
4:06PM 1 Broken x-axis?
3:21PM 1 Difficulty with qqline in logarithmic context
2:53PM 1 Broken x-axis
2:43PM 3 norm package prelim.norm
2:37PM 1 strange question...
2:23PM 1 Scatterplot color options in CAR package?
2:14PM 2 memory limit in aov
1:29PM 1 Off topic: nonparametric regression
1:24PM 1 R CMD check barfs at 'suggested' package
11:55AM 2 sort columns
11:31AM 2 Write.table: change points to commas when object contains a row of characters
11:02AM 1 several plots in one
10:30AM 2 How to save R-grafics in eps format
10:28AM 1 Gauss-Kr├╝ger coordinates system
10:28AM 3 plot-function: How to change the font of the titles
10:24AM 1 Randomised Block Design
9:14AM 1 RODBC: How to Retrieve a Column as Rownames?
8:42AM 1 Passing additional paramaters to nlsList(nlme) fit function
5:46AM 1 output hessian matrix in constrOptim
5:29AM 0 Time series filtering
3:40AM 1 Using a console application from within R
3:14AM 1 Cauchy distribution limits
2:37AM 1 : Model formula question
2:03AM 2 calculating goodness-of-fit statistics
1:57AM 0 Removing specific v1:v2 combinations from a formula.
1:02AM 1 Word boundaries and gregexpr in R 2.2.1