R help - Mar 2006

Friday March 31 2006
11:25PM 0 clusters centroid and distances
10:44PM 1 matching a given sd range
10:15PM 2 Disable LazyLoading mechanism completely
10:06PM 0 Reset R's temporary directory automatically
9:22PM 2 how to change the trellis graph background color
9:15PM 1 add1() and glm
8:45PM 3 can R be run without installation on to a computer
7:56PM 1 loglikelihood and lmer
7:44PM 0 help in using Icens package to estimate NPMLE for interval censored data
7:02PM 1 Problem with help() respectively ?
6:39PM 2 rowVars
5:20PM 1 Reduce/eliminate console printing time?
4:51PM 0 (no subject)
12:49PM 1 model comparison with mixed effects glm
12:03PM 2 lattice: problem with cex argument.
11:43AM 1 andersen plot vs score process or scaled Schoenfeld residuals to test for proporti0nal hazards
11:42AM 2 Branching, depending upon operating system
10:35AM 0 Random variable input in mlm
10:11AM 1 adding texts to plots and a problem....
9:58AM 3 ROC optimal threshold
9:44AM 1 choosing a particular object
9:17AM 1 Odd anova(lm()) order phenomenon, looking for an explanation
9:09AM 3 Function dependency function
7:45AM 1 mutual information for two time series
6:59AM 1 Data File Size Problem
4:01AM 0 Solved ordered probit question
3:56AM 1 Fortran and C entry point problem.
3:20AM 0 Ordered probit (Puzzled at MASS:polr())
3:19AM 3 u value
2:44AM 2 R garbage collection
Thursday March 30 2006
10:20PM 1 Predict function for 'newdata' of different dimension in svm
9:46PM 1 clustering a sparse dissimilarity matrix
9:14PM 0 Functional Principal Components Analysis
8:37PM 2 Unbalanced Manova
8:14PM 2 'loop FOR' for make plots
8:12PM 1 Laptop freezes when trying to load R packages?
7:56PM 2 kmeans: "did not converge in 10 iterations"
7:39PM 2 R Reference Card (especially useful for Newbies)
6:27PM 0 New Package blockrand
6:06PM 1 GARCH Forecast?
4:36PM 1 Random Coefficients using coxme
3:27PM 0 Groups and Overlays with Dotcharts
3:16PM 1 SPSS dictionary information data bases
1:13PM 0 Multinomial Logistic Regression (parameters distribution)
10:50AM 0 Robust measures of goodness of fit?
9:55AM 1 warning message in hand-made function
9:28AM 0 Converting shapefiles to use in contour plots
7:45AM 0 symbols plot
6:46AM 2 Plotting a segmented function
6:43AM 1 Question about for loop?
4:05AM 1 yaxis for plot(density(...))
2:20AM 3 access list component names with lapply
Wednesday March 29 2006
11:56PM 0 R for Windows crash on new laptop - corrected script
11:18PM 1 Random effects ANOVA?
10:38PM 1 Data assimilation / inverse modeling in R
9:52PM 1 calcualtign a trailing 12 column mean in a dataframe?
9:47PM 0 April Course***R/S-plus Fundamentals and Programming Techinques (San Francisco and New York)
9:37PM 1 conflicts Var names
8:04PM 7 S-PLUS 8 beta program [repost]
7:55PM 0 Message to R-help
7:46PM 2 Recall for parent
7:06PM 0 R for Windows crash on new laptop
5:28PM 1 Lmer BLUPS: was(lmer multilevel)
5:20PM 3 Sub-vector
4:43PM 2 write.table command
3:43PM 0 SNP array analysis
3:25PM 0 Help with the zero.weights option of plotMA3by2 function in Limma package
3:14PM 2 aggregate function....
3:04PM 1 QIC from gee() or geese()
2:14PM 0 bug in pictex() (package:grDevices)
12:13PM 2 warnings
12:09PM 1 Monmonier algorithm
11:34AM 1 Plotting shapefiles on existing maps
11:04AM 0 In "step" command, how can I use "scope" parameter
9:44AM 3 load file RData which store in zip file
5:37AM 1 S3 object
5:01AM 6 which function to use to do classification
4:09AM 2 bivariate case in Local Polynomials regression
3:52AM 1 Psychometrics in R
3:41AM 2 missing value replacement for test data in random forest
1:47AM 0 {nuSpectral} irreg sampled ts, phase based periodogram
1:35AM 1 calling R's optimization routines from C
12:53AM 0 Jump to error location in source()
12:01AM 1 lmer multilevel
Tuesday March 28 2006
11:39PM 0 linear regression of verydispersed data
10:44PM 1 trellis graph question
10:16PM 2 [Q] How to make a multi-line title with expression()
9:41PM 2 Welch test for equality of variance
7:22PM 0 Help with the code
6:53PM 1 opendap/dods data retrieval
6:16PM 0 Reading an Rconsole file
6:08PM 3 R, RMysql, and MySQL 5 Decimal Type Support
5:38PM 0 ansari.test (one tailed)
4:42PM 1 Trouble with compiling or dyn.load-ing C code
4:26PM 2 Spectra for continious time
4:17PM 1 hybridHclust (new package)
4:17PM 2 Removing columns from a matrix using a list
4:01PM 2 R crashes during 'eigen'
3:47PM 2 as.matrix and one row
3:19PM 1 variables as arguments in formulae in aov?
2:39PM 1 solve equations
2:36PM 1 How to remove the outer rectangle in 3D plot/surface.
2:25PM 0 wavelet basis
2:20PM 1 non parametric MANOVA
2:12PM 2 atan2(1,1i)
1:54PM 0 SuperParamagnetic Clustering
1:06PM 0 New package gsubfn
12:40PM 0 Why is AIC from lmer 2 less than that from lme?
11:21AM 6 Remove [1] ... from output
10:52AM 2 TukeyHSD for repeated measures aov ?
10:21AM 0 Text size in "select.list"
9:41AM 2 Skewed t distribution
9:10AM 3 help.search("plot")
8:54AM 3 How to generate a list of lists recursively (for bayesm)
6:00AM 1 Having trouble with tsdiag function on a time series
2:29AM 3 fixed effects
1:40AM 1 Help understanding behavior of apply vs sapply
Monday March 27 2006
10:08PM 1 error message
9:47PM 0 products and polynomials in formulae
8:04PM 3 graphing and scrolling
7:39PM 0 DSC 2007
7:27PM 1 reading in multi-dimensional data from .csv
5:07PM 1 Glm poisson
5:03PM 2 Arrays of functions or results of functions.
3:57PM 1 Question
3:30PM 0 Graded Response Model Simulation (SAS code conversion)
2:57PM 1 Differential Equations
2:16PM 0 useR! 2006 program online
11:55AM 2 A plotting question - how to get error bars?
11:07AM 5 How to create a directoy with R
11:04AM 1 Missing Argument in optim()
9:41AM 3 seq(2,5,-2) not an error but NULL
9:30AM 2 apply(ing) to sum subset of a vector
4:48AM 5 Matrix elements
3:54AM 2 Clustering question \ dist(datmat)
Sunday March 26 2006
10:56PM 1 generating random events (dd-mm-yyyy)
7:52PM 1 addition using binary
6:59PM 2 Problem with names() in a plot after ordering a data.frame. Syntax or stupidity?
4:26PM 3 merge two vectors of the same length into one?
2:50PM 2 range and bwplot
11:44AM 1 new to the list - problems with non-solid lines in eps export
10:50AM 0 write & read object from mysql
10:39AM 1 how to remove the framebox out the 3D scatter plot?
10:14AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 37, Issue 26
8:27AM 1 load huge image
8:25AM 0 font size
3:27AM 1 Newbie clustering/classification question
1:20AM 2 VR (looking for MASS) on OS X
Saturday March 25 2006
11:25PM 1 MenuRead() Question
10:36PM 0 Tabbed help browsing with KDE
10:27PM 1 How do I report coefficients of categorical fixed effects in a publication?
8:50PM 1 There were 25 warnings (use warnings() to see them)
8:16PM 2 R gets slow
5:50PM 2 pairwise combinatons of variables
5:35PM 1 Jonckheere-Terpstra test
4:22PM 7 Regexp subexpression
2:59PM 2 data frame as X in linear model lm() ?
12:32PM 4 object size vs. file size
12:20PM 2 Please help on correlation matrix
11:34AM 1 vector conditional modification
10:33AM 3 dot diagram
9:05AM 2 problem with diff
4:13AM 1 Newbie question about SQL and data sources
2:41AM 1 Trouble phrasing an R command that will run the model i need (ANOVA, nes
Friday March 24 2006
11:36PM 1 [OT] colors in a LaTex doc
10:22PM 0 How to replace some output candidates in a function?
8:35PM 1 memory limit on linux
8:34PM 1 Subdirectory 'data' contains no data sets.
8:29PM 3 Date in dataframe manipulation
7:01PM 2 MacOS X Quartz Rendering?
6:42PM 1 how to add list to a list in iterative manner without mixing content
6:30PM 2 "transparent" background for PDF
6:23PM 0 Random covariate in survreg (Survival)
6:21PM 3 R compiler for .Net CLR
6:21PM 0 Adding gs line to Renviron file on Mac
6:10PM 0 Using Matrix of Names for Indexing an Array
5:08PM 1 predict.glmmPQL Problem
4:58PM 1 Plotting with date
4:48PM 1 Optim and likelihood computations
3:49PM 1 Clustering over strata using a Cox proportional hazard model
3:42PM 1 Multiple error bar plots
3:21PM 1 why these expressions cann't be nested?
1:54PM 1 R crashes when loading library/package; Windows, Cygwin
1:26PM 0 Imputing NAs using transcan(); impute()
12:38PM 2 How to avoid for or while loops when one index depends on another
12:21PM 0 Tutorial in Hamburg, Germany
11:59AM 1 unable to start device JPEG in linux
10:23AM 1 cox model for haplotypes
9:33AM 0 listing variable types
8:59AM 1 R for MacOSX - History and command line problems
8:29AM 0 R and sun gridengine
8:03AM 2 solving nonlinear system of equations
7:29AM 0 Trouble phrasing an R command that will run the model i need (ANOVA, nested)
7:12AM 1 who can tell me the reason why it is different on calculating Moran's I using ARCGIS, Geoda and R?
6:31AM 7 data management on R
4:57AM 0 using R's optimization routines from C
Thursday March 23 2006
11:48PM 3 Still problems with "step()" function
10:14PM 0 pairs function from graphics
9:47PM 1 subsets of vector
8:56PM 3 outer() function
8:42PM 1 PCA, Source analysis and Unmixing, environmental forensics
8:25PM 0 kmeans Clustering
7:25PM 1 comparative density estimates
6:22PM 1 Accessing specific values of linear regression model
6:14PM 0 Writing a function to fit ALSOS models. problem with normalization?
6:03PM 0 R code to generate Sweave input ? Sweave squared ?
4:43PM 3 Intercepts in linear models.
4:28PM 1 AIC mathematical artefact or computation problem ?
4:17PM 0 warning message using lmer()?
3:51PM 1 conservative robust estimation in (nonlinear) mixed models
3:47PM 1 nlme for groupedData with inner and outer factors
3:39PM 1 gam y-axis interpretation
3:27PM 2 invalid variable type in model.frame within a function
3:06PM 0 still unclear about the parameters of Moran's I
3:03PM 2 lme plot
2:32PM 2 clogit question
2:26PM 2 Default lag.max in ACF
1:59PM 4 Create graphs from text console
1:37PM 0 front- end problem while using nnet and tune.nnet
1:25PM 1 Cross correlation in time series
12:35PM 5 RGui: windows-record and command history
11:59AM 1 X11, fonts, R-2.0.1, R-2.2.1 and R-devel
10:52AM 3 Sampling in R
9:59AM 1 read txt?
9:15AM 1 R 2.2.1: install packages
8:56AM 2 about read txt file
8:46AM 1 Estimation of skewness from quantiles of near-normal distribution
8:24AM 1 RMySQL's column limit
8:23AM 1 rnorm
8:02AM 1 about histograms
5:13AM 0 sqlSave
4:19AM 1 NLME Covariates
Wednesday March 22 2006
10:35PM 1 lme convergence
10:16PM 1 a question related to clustering
9:48PM 1 generating multivariate autocorrelated time series
8:35PM 1 calculate difference of consecutive cells in vector
8:33PM 5 install local packages
4:04PM 1 setting argument defaults in setMethod
3:39PM 0 Use of the index of a for loop to assign values to the ro ws of a series of variables
3:38PM 1 An lme model that works in old R.2.1.1 but not always in R.2.2.0 - why?
3:29PM 0 Sweave in png
3:21PM 1 Sheather Jones Plug-In Bandwidth
3:18PM 2 R package for computing state path using Viterbi algorithm
1:31PM 1 mixed ordinal logistic regression
11:47AM 1 gray level values
11:04AM 1 post hoc comparison following with multcomp?
8:59AM 3 ordering boxplots according to median
3:49AM 1 How to join "specific Special Interest Group (=: SIG) mailing lists"
3:42AM 2 converting a string to a vector without using strsplit and unlink?
12:55AM 1 error message with stats package fx cor R aqua v1.14
12:28AM 1 Modified KS test to handle ties.
Tuesday March 21 2006
11:16PM 0 (no subject)
11:14PM 1 build R on windows
11:07PM 1 data import
10:42PM 1 Is it possible to model with Laplace's error distribution?
10:09PM 0 (no subject)
8:02PM 1 Getting polygons from contiguous grid cells having same value in sp
7:26PM 3 ROWNAMES error message
4:13PM 3 transform shapefiles in UTM to lat/long
4:08PM 2 Classifying time series by shape over time
2:25PM 0 nested anova diagnostics
1:17PM 0 Quadratic Programming where D is indefinite
12:14PM 1 computing the average response by nlme
11:31AM 0 finite mixture model, using flexmix
11:30AM 1 Scaling behavior ov bVar from lmer models
11:30AM 1 rownames, colnames, and date and time
11:05AM 5 How to use: library lattice: barchart
8:07AM 1 Hessian from optim()
7:16AM 0 New version of 'systemfit'
5:21AM 1 Simulate Mixture Model data
12:38AM 1 R functionality from within C# .NET
Monday March 20 2006
10:33PM 1 exporting graphics
9:57PM 1 Simulating survival data
9:31PM 1 How can I pass a R matrix as parameter to C code?
9:16PM 1 plot and validation in clustering
9:06PM 0 Binning question (binning rows of a data.frame
9:00PM 1 RColorBrewer
7:28PM 2 Special characters: plus/minus - a method that works
7:14PM 2 Fixed legend in vcd/mosaicplot
6:46PM 2 subsetting and NAs
6:06PM 2 multiple return values
5:33PM 1 type in daisy
4:45PM 1 help on regression
4:37PM 0 help on penalized regression
3:24PM 2 Special characters: plus/minus
3:03PM 0 Survival Analysis - Cox Regression - Confidence Limits for HR based on Likelihood function
2:58PM 0 (OT) about the posting guide
2:57PM 1 Surface plot - 3d
2:06PM 0 Course reminder: Statistical practise in Epidemiology with R
1:58PM 2 Mixed-Effects Models in S and S-Plus (Springer)
1:23PM 6 hist-data without plot
1:22PM 0 Estimating Daily Survival
1:17PM 1 How to compare areas under ROC curves calculated with ROC R package
12:53PM 1 does lme repeated measures require sphericity?
12:40PM 3 create a gui with a button to change graphic?
11:09AM 1 Platform independent dialogs & menus?
6:56AM 0 error reding spss file with read.spss
6:43AM 1 numerical values in expressions
1:58AM 1 discrete entropy is not rotation invariant?
Sunday March 19 2006
8:18PM 1 Extracting numerical vectors from an array - use of multhist (plotrix)
6:44PM 2 tick mark intervals
12:23PM 2 Where does R 2.2.1 store objects?
10:25AM 2 Obtaining the day of any given date
Saturday March 18 2006
8:30PM 2 legend in bubble plots made with symbols()
8:30PM 1 listing nodes in paths
8:08PM 2 How to divide too long labels?
7:00PM 1 storing via for (k in 1:100) {}
5:47PM 2 extraction - subsets
4:02PM 0 No subject
3:34PM 1 Search for the minimum of a fitted curve
3:31PM 0 No subject
3:31PM 0 No subject
3:31PM 0 No subject
3:31PM 0 No subject
3:31PM 0 No subject
3:31PM 0 No subject
3:31PM 0 No subject
3:31PM 0 No subject
3:31PM 0 No subject
3:31PM 0 No subject
3:31PM 0 No subject
3:22PM 0 No subject
3:22PM 0 No subject
3:22PM 0 No subject
3:22PM 0 No subject
3:09PM 0 No subject
9:51AM 1 The R "fork"
3:38AM 0 grayscale and color bars for plotting p-value matrix
3:11AM 1 Time-Series, multiple measurements, ANOVA model over time points, analysis advice
1:20AM 1 Information Window - Warning Message
12:55AM 0 How to bootstrap one-sample ks.test?
12:28AM 1 manova and repeated measures
Friday March 17 2006
9:54PM 1 nlme predict with se?
8:17PM 6 removing NA from a data frame
7:40PM 0 setMethod bug
7:16PM 3 can't load "geoR"
6:13PM 1 Derivative of a splinefun function.
4:01PM 3 Binning question (binning rows of a data.frame according to a variable)
3:48PM 1 how can i see all the .Rdata files within R
3:25PM 1 "renaming" dataframe1 using "column" names from dataframe2?
3:09PM 1 smooth.spline
2:44PM 4 cat(), Rgui, and support for carriage return \r...
1:12PM 3 Collapsing levels of a factor
12:47PM 0 fitting problems detection in nnet
8:30AM 4 Traffic on R-Help Mailing List
7:57AM 1 Neyman-Scott cluster process
7:46AM 1 How to change the label in plot.ts ?
5:49AM 0 parameter constraints in sem
4:44AM 2 Is there a way to view S-PLUS script files in R
1:55AM 1 Adding axis limit to log-log plot
12:03AM 0 (no subject)
Thursday March 16 2006
11:51PM 2 Using of LME function in non-replicate data
11:33PM 1 how to set the values of the axis in reverse order
10:31PM 2 matrix shifting
10:01PM 1 Conditional correlation in R?
9:43PM 1 lme4/Matrix: Call to .Call("mer_update_y"...) and LMEoptimize gives unexpected side effect...
8:21PM 6 removing ROWS with missing values
8:13PM 2 DIfference between weights options in lm GLm and gls.
7:11PM 1 about pam
6:23PM 1 autoloading .RData files / .Rhistory file
5:57PM 0 Scaled or unscaled variance covariance matrix
5:17PM 2 RCMD for Windows
4:52PM 0 GTAP analysis
3:32PM 1 filling a matrix with data
2:49PM 2 french secondary boxplot
2:23PM 1 Downloading freely data
2:16PM 1 lme nested
2:15PM 3 lattice tick marks
1:47PM 2 hierarchical partitioning
1:28PM 4 problem for wtd.quantile()
12:13PM 1 running median and smoothing splines for robust surface f itting
11:46AM 2 Surv object in data.frame and Design package
11:34AM 0 Reading a list of mixed type values
10:52AM 0 R, Eclipse and StatEt plugin under Linux
10:45AM 2 Bioconductor package on linux machine
10:37AM 0 parameter constraints with sem
9:30AM 3 Did I use "step" function correctly? (Is R's step() function reliable?)
8:22AM 1 problem with "acf" function
6:48AM 1 ANCOVA with random factor
6:27AM 0 running median and smoothing splines for robust surface fitting
4:43AM 1 handling warning messages
3:37AM 4 excluding factor levels with read.table() and colClasses=
3:09AM 0 Having trouble with plot.survfit and fun="cloglog"
1:16AM 1 Problem compiling R-Patched
Wednesday March 15 2006
11:49PM 0 (no subject)
10:45PM 3 concatenating factor from list
10:23PM 0 Surface plot
9:39PM 2 lapply vs. for (was: Incrementing a counter in lapply)
9:01PM 2 generating RANDOM ROWS from matrix
8:57PM 1 Additional arguments in S3 method produces a warning
7:39PM 2 R icon image file
7:32PM 3 which.minimums not which.min
6:45PM 3 "\r" with RSQLite
6:06PM 0 zeros to the left of the decimal point
4:57PM 1 How to compare areas under ROC curves calculated with ROCR package
4:54PM 2 Question about 'lables' & ect.
4:35PM 5 Surv object in data.frame
4:18PM 1 Setting xlim in lattice plots
3:59PM 1 installation problem with Biobase
2:14PM 0 par(mfrow, fin) incompatibility?
1:31PM 1 (newbie) Weighted qqplot?
1:29PM 0 (no subject)
1:09PM 1 errorbars with xyplot
12:45PM 1 manipulating weeks dates
12:28PM 1 setMethod confusion -best reference for S4 programming
11:20AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 37, Issue 15
11:03AM 7 matrix indexing
10:13AM 1 variance from correlated observations
9:58AM 2 how to use the result of hclust?
9:26AM 0 X11 fonts problem with ubuntu breezy
9:21AM 1 Log Cholesky parametrization in lme
8:58AM 3 click on graph and select data points?
8:37AM 2 create a list of vectors
8:21AM 1 rational and the roundoff error
8:20AM 2 difftime arguments
7:52AM 3 GAM using R tutorials?
7:50AM 0 Applying nlmeODE
7:14AM 3 Help on factanal.fit.mle
3:28AM 2 comparing AIC values of models with transformed, untransformed, and weighted variables
1:28AM 1 How to get correct proportions/bounding box for latex figure?
12:40AM 1 R] highlight an area below a line
12:40AM 2 Regarding aov Error()
12:28AM 1 filtering in aggregate
Tuesday March 14 2006
11:59PM 1 using a value in a column to "lookup" data in a certian column of a dataset?
11:57PM 0 MCMCpack Ordinal Probit Help
11:20PM 2 map question
10:21PM 0 highlight an area below a line
7:07PM 2 Hodges-lehmann test and CI/significance
6:59PM 1 ignoring objects containing NaN's in a recursive function
6:30PM 2 Date problem
6:13PM 2 Multi-line paste function
6:13PM 1 Interpolate univariate data on regular 3D grid to new 3D grid
5:45PM 3 different values of a vector
5:13PM 0 JOB: mixed models
4:29PM 1 (no subject)
4:29PM 1 Ordered logistic regression in R vs in SAS
4:22PM 1 help on moran's I index of point pattern, not areal pattern
4:12PM 1 setMethod confusion
3:58PM 1 Tiny Typo in R Data Import/Export Manual
3:24PM 2 bwplot and outlier symbols
3:00PM 1 display postal codes for Germany on a map
2:41PM 2 problem with optim: (list) object cannot be coerced to 'double'
2:25PM 1 R CMD check: problems possibly from mapply?
1:45PM 1 irregular time series
1:07PM 1 newline in plotmath expressions
12:33PM 4 Generating a PostScript graphics under Windows
11:55AM 2 name of the graphics output
11:22AM 2 Maximum likelihood
10:09AM 1 VAR
8:53AM 1 sort of fread to read from a file at fixed positions?
8:12AM 0 Test of Significance for overall-accuracy
2:45AM 1 MEMORY limit in R
2:34AM 0 nls: formula length greater than 502
2:05AM 1 nls formula length : how to accomodate length greater than 502
1:23AM 0 Mean structure in the "sem" package?
1:17AM 2 R CMD BATCH w/o inputs?
12:01AM 0 Alexandre MENICACCI/Daix/RED/GroupeFournier est absent(e).
Monday March 13 2006
11:50PM 1 Parallel computing with the snow package: external file I/O possible?
10:47PM 1 Wireframe axis labels
10:32PM 1 (no subject)
10:18PM 2 Error Message from Variogram.lme Example
9:21PM 0 Integration subroutine?
7:09PM 0 R_alloc problem (Mac OSX)
6:56PM 0 How to create a cmeans plot
6:37PM 3 Incrementing a counter in lapply
6:05PM 0 book and website announcement
5:40PM 0 package ltm -- version 0.4-0
4:34PM 1 Newbie error or bug?
4:24PM 1 R GUI's on a Mac?
4:13PM 1 Formatting an anova table using latex
3:06PM 0 Analysis of Microarray Data Using S-PLUS, R and S+ArrayAnalyzer
3:01PM 1 Vector Autoregeressive Models: Adequation tests to perform
2:59PM 2 S-Plus Essentials April 24th-27th 2006
2:58PM 5 how to make a contour plot in R?
2:33PM 2 dotchart: Gap between text and chart
1:13PM 1 Constrained least squares
9:53AM 1 can I use R functions in BRUGS to define a complex likelihood?
9:53AM 1 P-values in gls
9:48AM 0 Bootstrapping PCA + Standard Error Scree
9:28AM 0 FW: RE: .First functin
9:27AM 2 FW: RE: .First functin
9:10AM 1 query pertains to the application of funtion "stl"
7:32AM 1 Density Estimation
2:49AM 1 nls number of explantory variables
2:33AM 1 bihistogram plots
12:09AM 0 Pakcage for fitting data into an arbitrary nonlinear func tion
Sunday March 12 2006
9:53PM 1 Pakcage for fitting data into an arbitrary nonlinear function
8:46PM 2 R-help Digest, Vol 37, Issue 12
7:55PM 0 New version of the LDheatmap package
6:57PM 1 finding warning point in function
4:14PM 2 Numerical Derivatives in R
3:29PM 0 help! installing R on Mac OS X 10.3.9
1:34PM 1 Misalignment of secondary axis on boxplot
10:56AM 1 boosting for multi-class classification
10:54AM 1 meta / lme
10:50AM 1 how to load files from a directory?
10:43AM 2 tapply with unequal length of arguments
Saturday March 11 2006
11:38PM 1 Ordination of feature film data question
11:09PM 1 Scaling in plot function
9:00PM 2 how to create analog stripchart plots of x vs t (t=mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss)
8:42PM 1 nls start values
7:48PM 1 Analyze Fmri package
5:55PM 1 RFC: default background on lattice plots
5:17PM 2 Draw level lines on the surface of a bivariate function
4:26PM 1 Layout, xyplot and saving in file
3:56PM 0 Hierarchical log-linear models
2:19PM 1 ESS, transcripts, and such
2:01PM 2 summary tables with tapply
12:23PM 2 Conditional operation on columns in data frame
12:19PM 1 A question on plot
8:11AM 1 Non-linear Regression : Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos)
7:10AM 2 weird! QDA does not depend on priors?
12:45AM 0 stratified McNemar test
12:41AM 6 is there a formatted output in R?
Friday March 10 2006
11:29PM 1 exit codes for Rcmd.exe under Windows
10:41PM 1 how to calculate the quantile of the weighted data
9:42PM 2 possible to impose limit on R's use of resources?
8:52PM 2 trimming a factor
8:17PM 1 error message in cph
7:57PM 2 what is the function in R for MARS and PRIM?
6:20PM 2 difference between 2 dates: IN MONTHS the way Mothers compute it
6:03PM 1 add trend line to each group of data in: xyplot(y1+y2 ~ x | grp...
5:06PM 0 Spectrino 1.5 update
4:52PM 6 Linux editor like WinEdt?
4:24PM 1 One way ANOVA with NO model
4:11PM 0 [Re: tcltk loading in R-2.2.1 from src]
3:17PM 2 lapply and list attributes
3:09PM 1 How to compare fit of linear and nonlinear models
2:29PM 2 Plot.date and legends
2:14PM 2 ifelse problem
12:21PM 0 R] Sweave scientific real display format (e.g. 5e-12)
11:58AM 1 To improve my understanding of workspaces
11:37AM 1 Problem using GOstats package in R 2.2.1
11:34AM 1 Use of step() with an unbalanced ANOVA model
10:38AM 1 need help in tune.nnet
10:24AM 2 creating new vector
10:17AM 4 How to get the intercept from lm?
9:44AM 3 Sweave scientific real display format (e.g. 5e-12)
9:22AM 2 Sharing of Libraries (S+ and R)
8:46AM 2 appending objects to a file created by save()
8:42AM 1 Pairwise comparison of proportions
7:34AM 1 what's wrong with my "cov"?
3:38AM 2 Date and Times a la Dalgaard
2:12AM 3 coloring leaves in a hclust or dendrogram plot
1:05AM 2 2nd R console?
Thursday March 9 2006
11:43PM 1 import from LISREL output of parameter estimates
10:29PM 1 Trellis - setting xlim or ylim by data range in whole column or row
10:17PM 3 newbie question: grouping rows
9:47PM 5 Optimal platform for R
8:51PM 2 shift / rota
7:29PM 1 R2.2.1-patched build failed with PGI 6.1 on x86-64
7:14PM 0 Need help on Coxph
6:42PM 2 tcltk loading in R-2.2.1 from src
6:40PM 1 Suppress legend in plotting groupedData
6:14PM 1 Error with write.table
5:17PM 1 count pixels of same color in pixmap object?
5:15PM 0 Call user written R functions in C
4:25PM 1 HCLUST subroutine question -- FORTRAN DO loops
3:13PM 0 help about TYPE III SS
2:10PM 1 lsa and Rstem?
1:31PM 3 substituting values
12:58PM 0 Numerical Mathematics Consortium
12:47PM 1 Identifying or searching for labels in a hclust/dendrogram/heatmap
12:14PM 0 Error (Anova)
11:35AM 0 Linking Rblas [under Windows]
10:58AM 1 R + calculations on clusters
10:52AM 1 Linking Rblas
10:48AM 2 how to make some characters in the xlab of a plot to be superscripted or subscript?
10:40AM 0 Multivariate Autoregressive Model calibration and residual testing
8:19AM 0 When calling external C-function repeatedly I get differentresults; can't figure out why..
1:36AM 0 variable '%s' was fitted with class... in predict.nls()
1:15AM 0 When calling external C-function repeatedly I get different results; can't figure out why..
Wednesday March 8 2006
10:57PM 1 Mixed GLM methodology and execution question
10:22PM 2 install.packages saying the car package is not in the repositories
9:53PM 2 How to plot the xaxis label at 45 degree angle?
9:12PM 6 Debugging a program written in the R language
8:13PM 1 RES: survival
7:53PM 1 Accessing functions in a library
7:45PM 1 memory limits in Windows
7:02PM 1 Adding polygons to a barplot
6:17PM 1 Want to fit random intercept in logistic regression (testing lmer and glmmML)
6:12PM 1 function gdist, dist and vegdist in mvpart
5:03PM 3 'less' for R?
4:32PM 1 how to draw x-axis at randomly position
3:21PM 0 survival
3:01PM 1 power and sample size for a GLM with Poisson response variable
2:27PM 1 Unsupervised RandomForest
2:19PM 1 Trellis stacked bar legend
2:08PM 2 fitting a distribution using glm
2:06PM 0 New package for calibration of biplot axes.
1:32PM 0 combining results and exporting problems
1:15PM 3 Multiple logistic regression
1:10PM 2 Survival Plots by Strata
11:58AM 1 malloc: vm_allocate(size=381886464) failed (error code=3)
11:32AM 5 data import problem
11:23AM 3 bug in map('world') ?
9:47AM 1 removing of memory - optim()?
8:58AM 1 package installation on Mac OS X 10.3.9
8:09AM 1 info() function?
6:36AM 1 Degrees of freedom using Box.test()
5:51AM 1 problem installing RNetCDF
1:39AM 8 how to use the randomForest and rpart function?
Tuesday March 7 2006
10:10PM 1 Writing out complex text file
9:45PM 3 how to use the rpart function?
9:29PM 7 reading in only one column from text file
9:10PM 3 Making an S3 object act like a data.frame
8:25PM 3 glm automation
7:20PM 1 Regarding categorization or grouping of data
5:48PM 1 coding problems
4:22PM 1 How to change time zones?
2:17PM 1 breslow estimator for cumulative hazard function
1:45PM 1 lme and gls : accessing values from correlation structure and variance functions
1:05PM 4 POSIX time zone codes
1:05PM 2 (newbie) Accessing the pieces of a 'by' object
12:06PM 2 Building tkentry dynamicly
11:59AM 1 Constrained linear least squares
9:54AM 3 Boxplot Help Needed
9:38AM 2 RODBC fail install
9:35AM 1 Three level linear mixed models
9:07AM 1 postscriptFonts
8:54AM 1 disable lazy-loading in install.packages() ?
4:58AM 3 Applying strptime() to a data set or array
4:56AM 1 Installing Damn Small Linux and R
4:55AM 3 returning the largest element in an array/matrix?
4:16AM 0 Statistical Learning and Datamining Course
1:28AM 0 [Fwd: maximum likelihood estimate]
Monday March 6 2006
11:42PM 0 Optimization problem: selecting independent rows to maximizethe mean
11:10PM 7 is there a way to let R do smart matrix-vector operation?
8:45PM 1 Length of a vector of POSIX objects reported incorrectly?
7:36PM 0 LME Correlation Component using spectrum()?
7:25PM 2 [Q] BIC as a goodness-of-fit stat
7:09PM 0 font plotMeans
6:21PM 1 text labels in 3d scatter
6:21PM 0 New package 'portfolio'
6:04PM 1 t.test question
2:47PM 2 matrix pakcage
2:40PM 2 barplot names.arg
2:19PM 2 Problems with heatmap.2 in the gregmisc package
2:18PM 3 Disconnect all MySQL connections
2:06PM 3 break a vector into classes
1:34PM 1 JGR doesn't launch after updating to R 2.2.1
12:37PM 1 QCA adn Fuzzy
12:26PM 1 P-values from survreg (survival package) using a clusterterm
12:13PM 4 Averaging over columns
9:56AM 4 Contingency table and zeros
9:45AM 1 Sort problem in merge()
9:44AM 1 LocFit
9:19AM 0 Error in X11(): Font Path?
9:06AM 1 combinatorics again
5:14AM 1 maximum likelihood estimate
2:14AM 3 Interleaving elements of two vectors?
1:43AM 1 Clearing the console?
1:30AM 3 how to make plotmath expression work together with paste
Sunday March 5 2006
10:07PM 1 error function
8:43PM 1 duration analysis
7:18PM 1 optimal factorial designs
4:12PM 2 RWeka
3:53PM 1 predicted values in mgcv gam
12:15PM 1 Sweave and long strings
11:47AM 2 how-to: installing R on Knoppix
6:51AM 1 how to end edit in Linux
6:22AM 1 glm gives t test sometimes, z test others. Why?
6:21AM 2 plotting partial deriviatives
5:19AM 2 what is scale function? Is it for variable transformation?
4:50AM 3 Where to declare S4 classes?
12:00AM 1 Semi-log plot in R
Saturday March 4 2006
10:53PM 1 Npmc for doing post-hoc after Kruskal
9:39PM 2 plots - paper vs presentation colors
9:09PM 1 xyplot/levelplot: thickness of tickmarks
4:48PM 0 Apply and more argumnts function
4:24PM 0 "Continuously colored" colorkey
4:22PM 5 Remove "gray grid" from levelplot
4:21PM 1 Controlling (number of) wires in wireframe
4:19PM 1 Wireframe: Labels parallel to axes?
1:45PM 1 replicated time series - lme?
Friday March 3 2006
10:35PM 0 Plot graph with different symbol size
9:53PM 1 Newton-Raphson with analytical derivatives
9:03PM 1 Java related (?) problems with RWeka
8:41PM 1 NA in eigen()
7:28PM 3 memory once again
4:29PM 1 R plots in PowerPoint
2:49PM 0 Schedule and Conference Highlights for San Diego Data Mining Conference, March 30-31, San Diego, CA
1:54PM 1 extracting p-values from lmer outputs
1:35PM 1 Fractional brownian surfaces
1:23PM 0 Overlapping clusters: ADCLUS etc.
12:13PM 4 Plotting FAQ?
12:09PM 2 Strange Expression
11:59AM 2 Compute quantiles with values and correspondent frequencies
9:22AM 0 Linear mixed model with correlated residual
9:18AM 1 Help with lme and correlated residuals
7:45AM 0 Memory problem
7:21AM 3 Two quick questions
3:37AM 1 Fwd: Re: calling R's library using C
3:12AM 3 R for Windows GUI front-end has encountered a problem
2:06AM 1 How to show the intermediate tick marks without the values in a different color
1:50AM 2 Command-line editing & history
Thursday March 2 2006
10:36PM 2 Increase Decimal Accuracy?
9:42PM 1 calling R's library using C
9:23PM 1 Summary()
8:16PM 1 Curious subsetting behavior
8:10PM 0 Combining plaintext and plotmath expressions
7:56PM 1 extracting RGB values from a colorspace class object
6:59PM 0 No Subject
6:56PM 1 CCF and Lag questions
6:40PM 1 extendable arrays in R
4:57PM 0 Simultaneous horizontal and vertical CIs in xyplot
4:41PM 0 Restricting Access to Function Codes
4:34PM 5 Deparsing '...'
4:34PM 0 tcltk error when calling a dialog
3:56PM 1 predict.glm - how to?
3:41PM 2 Graphics question
1:52PM 0 Help with lme code
8:39AM 1 finding ncp for t distribution
8:29AM 4 Skip last NA's?
7:22AM 1 Doubly Non-Central F-Distribution
4:58AM 0 Overfitting in snr (ASSIST)
4:06AM 1 Autoregressive Model with Independent Variable
3:28AM 2 How can I use r-cran-lmtest?
3:16AM 0 New Quantian releases with almost all of CRAN / BioC
1:54AM 0 installing R on OS 10.4.5
1:27AM 0 glmpath (new version 0.91)
Wednesday March 1 2006
11:13PM 1 write.pop.file (genetics package)
10:59PM 0 parameterization of gnls model
10:10PM 1 postscript bounding box in trellis/lattice plot is wrong ?
8:40PM 3 Optimization problem: selecting independent rows to maximize the mean
8:11PM 3 library file for R's nmath routines
8:01PM 1 fixed variance of lmer object
7:33PM 0 help regarding permieter/boundary detection in spatial data set
7:23PM 0 Wavelet ordenates
7:01PM 1 Book: Multilevel Modeling in R ETA?
5:27PM 1 a strange problem with integrate()
5:16PM 1 Selecting points
5:01PM 1 Width of bars in barplot2
4:31PM 1 Using read.table() with Excel data
4:11PM 2 inconsistency between anova() and summary() of glmmPQL
4:04PM 3 How to do a "proc summary" in R?
3:04PM 2 lattice-Internal
3:02PM 1 Problems to get a ctree plot (library party) in a file via jpeg/png
2:48PM 2 glm binomial with zero proportions
1:54PM 1 Drop1 and weights
1:44PM 3 matrix matching NA
1:09PM 4 linear lists, creation, insertion, deletion, traversal *someone?*
12:45PM 2 Class & Method, S3 / S4
12:18PM 1 mle.
12:14PM 2 C-Code in R (running Windows)
12:10PM 0 Problems to get a ctree plot in a file via jpeg/png
11:40AM 6 interrupted time series analysis using ARIMA models
11:24AM 1 Maximum Likelihood Estimation
11:19AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 37, Issue 1
10:08AM 2 does "ctest" package exist?
8:53AM 2 Weighted networks and multigraphs
7:44AM 2 Update R 2.1.1-1 -> 2.2.1 on UBUNTU
4:05AM 1 Maximally independent variables
2:59AM 1 mice library / survival analysis
2:09AM 0 Specification decisions in glm and lmer
1:14AM 3 Help - lm, glm, aov results inconsistent with other stati stical package
12:14AM 0 Help - lm, glm, aov results inconsistent with other statistical package