R help - Aug 2005

Wednesday August 31 2005
11:25PM 1 Block-diagonal matrix
10:54PM 1 R environment
9:37PM 0 eigen-decomposition of symmetric BCCB matrices
8:59PM 0 Imputation using Pan in R
8:21PM 2 label *on the side* in conditional lattice plots?
7:49PM 0 b1 function in ch 12 scripts of MASS
7:47PM 1 R package for ICA
7:19PM 0 Advice about system for installing & updating all R packa ge in a Linux Lab?
5:46PM 0 Reading numeric data in Excel as character data in R using RODBC
5:43PM 0 En: Block-Diagonal Matrix and Multivariate Skew Normal
5:25PM 1 Block-Diagonal Matrix and Multivariate Skew Normal
4:57PM 1 sinput for Windows
4:53PM 5 "best" c++ matrix library?
4:25PM 1 extrating BLUP values from linear mixed models
3:44PM 2 loop
2:18PM 0 Cases as Variables in Principal Component Analysis?
2:06PM 1 Bioconductor and R-devel
9:49AM 1 tcl/tk return problem
9:46AM 1 Gamma for ordinal trends
8:15AM 1 Distributional characteristics
3:49AM 5 R binaries
Tuesday August 30 2005
11:41PM 1 Installation help
11:20PM 1 Font Encodings --- some work, some don't
10:46PM 1 p-value in lrm
9:26PM 1 under sample problem
7:28PM 2 crosstab for n-way contingency tables
7:26PM 2 problem in generating positive stable random numbers
7:24PM 0 TeXtext font encoding?
5:56PM 1 Course***R/Splus Programming Techniques***New York, September 2005
4:46PM 2 xtable
3:09PM 1 How to set starting values for lmer?
2:46PM 1 graphics
2:36PM 1 aggregate
2:01PM 2 Doubt about nested aov output
1:02PM 1 seeking advice for manipulating matrices to find the difference
12:37PM 8 Who can help me?
12:31PM 0 Royston's V' and v' functions
11:20AM 1 Convert ftable to latex?
10:34AM 1 loglinear model selection
8:07AM 0 your message submission
6:19AM 1 installation problem
3:33AM 2 about "pnorm"
Monday August 29 2005
10:00PM 1 memory
9:45PM 1 Help: predict.qda
9:21PM 0 negative superscripts in axis labels
7:45PM 1 prediction intervals
7:35PM 5 Testing if all elements are equal in a vector/matrix
6:03PM 1 interactive time series plot
4:58PM 1 ylim for graphic
4:18PM 0 seeking consultant for pan procedure in R
4:11PM 2 reexpand a matrix after subsetting
4:08PM 1 tiing an array to a data frame
3:14PM 1 lme and ordering of terms
2:57PM 1 tie diagrams
2:47PM 1 Rcmdr extensions
1:50PM 1 staying with R, jobs in R
1:49PM 1 capture stderr in Windows
12:54PM 4 ttda on R 2.1.1: error
12:03PM 2 Non-standard characters in Ascii-Files
9:43AM 1 off-topic help request
9:28AM 0 function ns()
9:14AM 1 Different sings for correlations in OLS and TSA
Sunday August 28 2005
11:29PM 0 Areas of Voronoi polygons in a given window
6:04PM 2 Statistics with R
4:43PM 0 predict.coxph
3:36PM 2 stratified Wilcoxon available?
7:48AM 3 [newbie] Want to perform some simple regressions.
2:43AM 1 Logistic regression with constrained parameter ??
Saturday August 27 2005
5:53PM 1 printCoefmat with more p-values?
5:50PM 2 Defining an ex-gaussian PDF
5:31PM 1 how to merge several data sets?
4:31PM 2 writing to a fixed format (fortran) file
12:13PM 2 two-tailed exact binomail test
6:50AM 1 survival parametric question
4:51AM 1 better than sapply
1:41AM 1 ARIMA (seasonal) backcasting & interpolation
1:04AM 1 PLSR: model notation and reliabilities
12:09AM 2 zoo, zooreg, & ISOdatetime
Friday August 26 2005
8:59PM 2 Creating factors from continuous variables
7:08PM 1 Pseudo-Voigt fit
5:16PM 1 compare c-index of two logistic models using rcorrp.senc() of the Hmisc library
5:09PM 2 Unpaste Problem
4:57PM 1 Help in Compliling user -defined functions in Rpart
4:30PM 1 class 'named'
4:17PM 3 parts of data frames: subset vs. [-c()]
3:52PM 2 problem with certain data sets when using randomForest
2:57PM 1 basic anova and t-test question
2:41PM 1 passing arguments from nnet to optim
1:15PM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 30, Issue 26
12:44PM 3 Matrix oriented computing
11:47AM 0 Modelling Financial Time Series with S-PLUS - Adv. Course 20th Sept '05
11:01AM 7 Help: lda predict
8:15AM 0 Truncate levels to use randomForest
8:15AM 2 chisq.,test`
7:56AM 2 learning decision trees with one's own scoring functins
5:37AM 1 update.packages() is broken?
12:31AM 2 Fitting data to gaussian distributions
Thursday August 25 2005
11:03PM 2 S3 class question
10:37PM 4 covariance matrix under null
9:55PM 1 Quick partitioning
7:39PM 1 rgui on windows quiting automatically Resolved
6:06PM 0 Irregular Time Series: zoo & its: Pros & Cons
5:29PM 5 ROracle and select query empty
5:11PM 1 PDL model
4:19PM 1 "couldn't find function" error message in R 2.1.1
3:46PM 2 question sur R
2:58PM 2 A. Mani : Tapply
2:31PM 1 box m-test
1:54PM 4 Help about R
12:43PM 3 help on retrieving output from by( ) for regression
11:47AM 1 Code in lattice::dotplot function.
11:45AM 3 Converting characters to numbers in data frames
11:00AM 5 problem with read.table
10:52AM 2 concerning econometrics usage of "R"
9:02AM 1 'splice' two data frames
8:08AM 1 how to close connections?
7:14AM 4 Poisson Distribution fitting
4:57AM 1 Attempting to recode elements contained in a list
3:43AM 1 question about custom contrasts in ANOVA
Wednesday August 24 2005
10:52PM 1 Panel regression in R
8:52PM 1 How to collect better estimations of a logistic model parameters, by using bootstrapping things ?
7:31PM 0 Lacunarity
6:57PM 0 summary: Call SAS from R
6:11PM 1 Re : Packages
6:01PM 1 Packages
5:06PM 2 Remove NAs from Barplot
3:22PM 8 Call SAS from R
3:07PM 0 studentship till January 2007
2:41PM 1 How to get the list of the files when you read zip file by gzfile or unz
2:29PM 1 lm.ridge
1:02PM 0 (Fwd) Re: priority of operators in the FOR ( ) statement
11:26AM 1 histogram method for S4 class.
11:26AM 2 randomize
11:25AM 0 (Fwd) Re: priority of operators in the FOR ( ) statement
11:17AM 4 correlation by subset
10:15AM 0 [Fwd: Re: reading "special" text files]
8:48AM 2 reading "special" text files
7:59AM 3 plotting GAM
1:27AM 3 barplots - text direction
Tuesday August 23 2005
11:33PM 0 Attractive position at Stanford for statistician into computing
10:47PM 0 error on load for R-2.1.0 and 2.1.1
9:32PM 1 Robust M-Estimator Comparison
8:51PM 0 problems installing R from source: R-2.1.1 Windows XP
8:29PM 1 Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test
8:18PM 1 Problem with RCMD build ...
8:08PM 0 For2R - Interface from Fortran to R
8:03PM 0 The betareg package don't supporte large data file
8:01PM 2 merge list entries
4:50PM 1 how to (combine / recode / merge) two factor.
4:37PM 1 clustering of disturbances
3:12PM 1 Seeking help with an apparently simple recoding problem
2:45PM 1 ROracle installation problem
1:27PM 2 Substituted arguments surviving multiple function calls
1:13PM 1 GLM->Repeated measures (multivariate)
12:52PM 3 Plotting using image files
12:18PM 0 confidence interval for StructTS?
10:30AM 1 matrix conformity with matrix 1x1 and scalars
10:03AM 6 priority of operators in the FOR ( ) statement
8:45AM 2 Using tcltk to display jpeg images
8:41AM 0 Compile probs amd64 solaris10 studio10 compilers
Monday August 22 2005
11:46PM 1 cbind and rbind
9:48PM 2 problem building dendrograms to use with heatmap()
9:39PM 0 How to add legend of plot.Design function ( method=image)? (if (!.R.) )
8:58PM 1 How to add legend of plot.Design function (method=image)? (if (!.R.) )
5:47PM 1 R-help
5:10PM 3 read a table ignoring specific rows ?
4:58PM 1 plotting with same axes
4:17PM 0 rgui on windows quiting automatically
3:37PM 2 pdf font embedding --- again
2:58PM 0 How to add legend of plot.Design function ( method=image)?
1:54PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 30, Issue 22
1:49PM 1 How to add values on the axes of the 3D bi-variable lrm fit?
12:51PM 2 translating output ( latex()....)
12:45PM 1 vectors of different length in a matrix
11:54AM 1 time series plots: labels language & tickmarks
10:55AM 0 reShape question
10:06AM 1 integration
8:32AM 1 mozilla/firefox search engine AMD64 jre1.5 plugin linux
8:00AM 0 New CRAN package: DICOM
Sunday August 21 2005
2:30PM 0 RGL v0.65
8:36AM 1 Warning when using 'prelim.mix' from the package 'mix'
Saturday August 20 2005
4:04PM 2 diagonal matrices
2:54AM 1 glmmPQL and Convergence
12:28AM 1 plot(type="h") equivalent in Lattice?
Friday August 19 2005
9:43PM 0 Weltpremiere: Bequem und sicher fahren !
9:38PM 0 Re : A. Mani : Avoiding Loops
9:23PM 4 Advice about system for installing & updating all R package in a Linux Lab?
8:43PM 0 R/Splus course in Seattle *** August 29-30 (New Dates)
7:29PM 0 new data mining course
7:27PM 0 Weltpremiere: Bequem und sicher fahren !
6:25PM 1 multiple plots in png output
5:47PM 2 Determining physical display dimensions
4:56PM 1 Solaris10-amd64-studio10 compilers
2:54PM 0 ridge regression
2:46PM 3 using paste and "\" to create a valid filename
1:59PM 2 Installing R in Fedora Core 4
12:56PM 2 tackle with error
12:24PM 1 How to create design matrix for LLMNL?
10:38AM 2 FFT, frequs, magnitudes, phases
10:32AM 1 Summary: Unexpected result of read.dbf
10:14AM 2 Handling dates
8:37AM 0 why is sd(numeric(1))==NA (and not NaN)?
8:18AM 3 Handling of tables in R
7:30AM 1 Using lm coefficients in polyroot()
5:17AM 1 Problem with get.hist.quote() in tseries
Thursday August 18 2005
11:08PM 1 axis label justified
11:01PM 1 0/0, R segfaults
9:23PM 1 Compiling R to run natively on Windows x64
9:20PM 1 R equivalent to `estimate' in SAS proc mixed
9:14PM 2 Use of contains in S4 classes
9:06PM 1 Unload a library
8:57PM 2 A. Mani : Avoiding loops
7:21PM 3 Console
6:32PM 1 problem with repeated formal arguments and ...
5:47PM 0 ?
5:23PM 0 Welcome to the "R-help" mailing list (Digest mode)
4:19PM 2 plot and legend
4:10PM 4 Regular expressions & sub
4:08PM 1 standard errors for expression intensities
3:42PM 1 How to do log normal regression?
2:27PM 1 How do I make a Sweave + latex table out of this ?
2:21PM 2 axTicks and window resizing
2:20PM 1 How to put factor variables in an nls formula ?
1:45PM 2 how to draw an ellipse
1:44PM 1 display of a loess fitted surface
1:40PM 3 help with unknown function
1:31PM 4 problems when installing R in Fedora core 4
12:49PM 1 select previous date
12:38PM 2 lme model: Error in MEEM
12:35PM 0 [SPAM] - Re: How to assess significance of random effect in lme4 - Bayesian Filter detected spam
9:25AM 0 R: stepwise procedures
9:20AM 1 GLMM - Am I trying the impossible?
9:02AM 2 matrix indexing
8:15AM 1 Error messages using LMER
7:46AM 0 Binary kernel discrimination
6:44AM 1 Problem with building R packages under Windows
6:04AM 0 Unexpected result of read.dbf
3:32AM 1 line/bar through median in lattice's "bwplot"?
3:24AM 1 code a family of garch
Wednesday August 17 2005
9:51PM 1 GLM/GAM and unobserved heterogeneity
9:27PM 3 newbie- how to add a row to a matrix
9:26PM 2 plotting issue with timestamps
8:07PM 3 do glm with two data sets
7:12PM 1 trouble with wilcox.test
7:02PM 2 Copying rows from a matrix using a vector of indices
6:39PM 0 Raw data type transformations
5:33PM 4 accesing slots of S4 class in C code
5:25PM 2 Concurrence Matrix
4:48PM 2 Classifying values in vector
4:09PM 1 Fitting mixture model
2:49PM 0 optimal hedge variance ratio
2:25PM 1 resampling Question
10:35AM 1 R: characters
10:34AM 1 x-axis binning
10:30AM 4 How to assess significance of random effect in lme4
10:15AM 2 power of a matrix
6:52AM 1 two-level poisson, again
5:50AM 1 RODBC and sqlColumns
5:26AM 1 Two-level Poisson model with cross classified random effects
Tuesday August 16 2005
10:14PM 1 permutated p values vs. normal p values
9:13PM 2 specify seed for Random Number Generator
9:12PM 3 how to reshape an array avoiding for loops
8:57PM 0 vector autoregression
7:17PM 1 Mixed Effects Model Power Calculations
6:38PM 1 Compile failure on OSX
6:04PM 4 as.character and a formula
5:39PM 0 Course***R/S-plus Programming**** New York, Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco / September 2005
5:18PM 2 recategorizing a vector into discrete states
4:51PM 0 Looking for a collaborator
4:51PM 1 A question about MIX package
4:43PM 2 Dots in models formulae
4:11PM 1 kernel smoothing of weighted data
4:03PM 3 Stacked Area chart
2:21PM 0 The naPattern agrument of gnls()
2:20PM 1 regression with more than one observation per x value
12:39PM 5 preprocessing data
12:23PM 0 different leave-one-out cross-validation results from tune.svm(...) and svm(...)
11:01AM 4 How to merge two strings
9:42AM 1 predict nbinomial glm
9:04AM 1 Fwd: Documenting data sets with many variables
7:08AM 1 missing sh.exe file when running "R CMD INSTALL test"
6:18AM 1 Extracting some rows from a data frame - lapses into a vector
5:56AM 1 merge warning is.na(out$h)
3:33AM 4 Image from bytes streams
3:05AM 2 data manipulation help
3:00AM 3 Conditional Matrices
12:47AM 1 Overall Legend
Monday August 15 2005
10:19PM 2 queer data set
9:28PM 1 Anything like dir.choose (similar to file.choose) in R?
9:04PM 2 R CMD check failure on minimal code
8:51PM 3 How to repeat code snippet for several variables in a data frame?
8:38PM 2 How to get a list work in RData file
7:47PM 2 randomForest Error passing string argument
5:23PM 3 paste / system mystery
5:01PM 0 Testing.
4:50PM 0 relation between cex.axis and pointsize in graphics device
3:10PM 4 Re-sort list of vectors
1:50PM 2 R equivalent to Fortran, GAUSS, or Perl's "goto"
1:39PM 1 error in predict glm (new levels cause problems)
7:27AM 4 return unique values from date/time class object
5:12AM 4 Vector comparison to matrix
1:29AM 1 lme, fixed and random
12:37AM 2 stepAIC invalid scope argument
Sunday August 14 2005
10:17PM 0 R for symbian
7:47PM 1 Labels on axes with log scales with lattice
11:26AM 1 How to add decision trees into a list?
10:33AM 1 Panel data handling (lags, growth rates)
8:40AM 1 complex expression with plotmath
5:48AM 1 Documents for LME4
5:09AM 4 PCA problem in R
Saturday August 13 2005
11:26PM 2 monte carlo simulations/lmer
11:05PM 0 Lattice on Mac OS X & Strip Labels
8:11PM 1 Problem with numeric variable
7:02PM 2 path analysis
6:14PM 1 Compilation failures: mgcv, spatstat, Matrix, cluster
5:57PM 0 When I install from source, chmod not permitted
4:09PM 0 tkinsert matrix - how to display a matrix with tcltk
1:45PM 1 How to change the names in tone pitch column
12:31PM 1 How to make a lagged variable in panel data?
10:34AM 1 simulate the data set having the same covariance matrix
10:09AM 2 Problems runing R CMD check
10:09AM 1 Including Fortran subrutines in a package
9:09AM 1 Penalized likelihood-ratio chi-squared statistic: L.R. model for Goodness of fit?
8:14AM 2 scratch a figure
8:03AM 1 retrieving large columns using RODBC
3:19AM 1 boot error: Error in statistic(data, original, ...) : unused argument(s) ( ...)
3:00AM 1 g77 and R
12:53AM 1 Broken tkrplot on Mac OS X
12:11AM 1 R/S-Plus/SAS yield different results for Kendall-tau and Spearman nonparametric regression
Friday August 12 2005
9:09PM 1 multiple responses classification/regression problem
9:08PM 1 quotes
9:04PM 2 need help
8:49PM 1 converting a t statistic to r2
8:19PM 1 R-devel and bad magic number
7:50PM 1 Manually Calculating Odds from POLR Model
7:07PM 1 as.formula and lme ( Fixed effects: Error in as.vector(x, "list") : cannot coerce to vector)
4:18PM 0 Bug in order with na.last=FALSE?
2:44PM 6 evaluating string variables
1:59PM 3 General expression of a unitary matrix
1:50PM 1 Issues with tcltk for Tiger Mac OSX
1:45PM 0 HowTo derive a correct likelihood-ratio chi-squared statistic from lrm() with a rsc() ?
1:07PM 2 Finding regions of overlap
12:41PM 2 coercing created variables into a new data frame using na.omit()
12:27PM 3 Dating Objects
11:29AM 1 Problem with lme4
10:50AM 1 R_X11 module cannot be loaded
10:23AM 0 handling warning messages
10:10AM 0 R Help
9:07AM 1 help on cross hedge optimal hedge variance ratio
8:52AM 1 Concerning reading of SAS-files
4:54AM 1 chisq warning
4:14AM 1 Help converting a function from S-Plus to R: family$weight
3:16AM 1 access assigned objects
1:23AM 0 strips according to groups in xYplot or xyplot
Thursday August 11 2005
10:40PM 2 scatter plot
10:34PM 1 error tracing
9:36PM 0 clustering or homegenity approaches?
9:20PM 3 signal handling
7:55PM 2 A coding question involving variable assignments
5:56PM 0 easier way to print heatmap on multiple pages?
5:31PM 2 Converting strings with internal delimiters into lists
3:47PM 3 question on creating a new logical variable
3:13PM 2 question
2:34PM 1 How to insert a certain model in SVM regarding to fixed kernels
2:02PM 0 Kouros Owzar is out
12:37PM 1 Error in autoloader
12:04PM 1 tcltk programming guide
11:15AM 3 sub set selection
8:47AM 1 getting xpinch and ypinch
8:13AM 0 conjoint optim
7:34AM 1 how to disable RODBC log file
6:10AM 1 include C functions from nmath in my own C functions
Wednesday August 10 2005
11:28PM 0 cluster analysis question
9:40PM 1 system is exactly singular
7:50PM 2 Creating new columns inside a loop
7:33PM 0 coxph with cluster() model selection
7:14PM 3 repeated - R package
6:39PM 1 background colors in image()
4:18PM 1 Why only a "" string for heading for row.names with write.csv with a matrix?
3:16PM 1 RMySQL not loading on Mac OS X
2:02PM 1 Problems with numeric variable containing ? values
1:49PM 0 Plit result of pairs in an Sweave compatible manner
1:37PM 1 date format
12:24PM 5 how to write assignment form of function
12:13PM 1 invalid 'mode' of argument?
11:42AM 2 Exponential, Weibull and log-logistic distributions in glm()
11:15AM 1 Not loading libraries
9:41AM 1 Question about curve fitting...
7:10AM 1 HPD credible sets
7:09AM 2 Treatment-response analysis along time
5:12AM 1 error loading nlme package
Tuesday August 9 2005
10:47PM 0 Password prompt for download.file from linux
5:56PM 3 how to use the function from another package
5:27PM 8 Digest reading is tedious
5:16PM 1 Adding Functionality to stat.table in Epi
4:21PM 2 numeric operations w/ lists
4:13PM 0 managing large datasets with RMySQL
3:57PM 1 Saving trellis output to files in scripts...
3:54PM 0 xvmult and green lines
3:52PM 1 mars of degree 3?
3:30PM 1 rpart plot question
3:09PM 5 RGUI crash when opening script in XP Home enviroment
2:59PM 2 connexion problem getHdata (HMisc)
2:40PM 0 spline curves in R
2:20PM 1 clip to keep coordinate system?
1:26PM 0 solution: package install probs. win-xp. file move
11:42AM 3 floor() rounding problem?
10:22AM 2 How to pre-filter large amounts of data effectively
8:55AM 0 archive of models
Monday August 8 2005
10:39PM 2 AIC model selection
10:19PM 1 two term exponential model
9:58PM 3 reverse order of matrix rows
9:06PM 1 Help with "non-integer #successes in a binomial glm"
6:57PM 3 use different symbols for frequency in a plot
6:50PM 1 Reading large files in R
6:20PM 0 parametric survival plot
6:15PM 1 tapply huge speed difference if X has names
6:14PM 0 Difference amongst spline smoothers
5:42PM 1 Square matrix plot
5:41PM 1 modifying argument of a .C call (DUP=FALSE)
5:18PM 0 How to insert a certain model in SVM regarding to fixed kernels ?
5:03PM 1 Help with doing overlays plots...
4:53PM 2 computationally singular
4:15PM 1 get the wald chi square in binary logistic regression
4:06PM 0 filled.contour help
3:34PM 1 vector vs array
2:26PM 2 using <<- with a changing variable name (substitute?)
2:02PM 2 INDVAL and mvpart
1:45PM 1 heatmap -- invisible list?
1:45PM 0 xyplot with 2 y-axes
1:11PM 2 coefficient of polynomial expansion
12:34PM 2 selecting outliers
11:26AM 2 Groups in histograms?
10:34AM 2 R: matrix sizes
10:30AM 4 R: cbind
10:20AM 2 help on regression by subsets in dataset
8:56AM 2 installing problems about randomForest
8:33AM 0 nested logit with latent classes
8:11AM 1 Searchable Mailing List Archives Down
6:45AM 0 Alerte Virus
6:37AM 1 chisq.test
6:26AM 2 extract t-values from pairwise.t.test
6:22AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 30, Issue 6
Sunday August 7 2005
2:11PM 1 prediction from glm...
Saturday August 6 2005
8:39PM 0 Bold-face axes with Boxplot
7:48PM 1 help regarding functions & loops
3:38PM 1 gnomeGUI on FC4
3:20PM 1 Archive Search on R Help Mailing List Help
9:10AM 1 qq.loglogistic
8:43AM 1 problems with function-formating, please help
3:55AM 1 oldClass vs. class
1:23AM 0 new version of lattice
Friday August 5 2005
11:51PM 0 (no subject)
11:44PM 0 code for metric / nonmetric MDS
11:40PM 3 Latex error with Sweave example
10:51PM 0 GAP pointer
8:41PM 1 use of color for hclust
8:37PM 0 code for gap statistic
8:17PM 1 question regarding logit regression using glm
7:58PM 1 Statistical significance of a classifier
7:27PM 2 Technical Support Engineer for R/S and Bioconductor
5:09PM 0 Cluster analysis of protein time series
5:05PM 1 calculate likelihood based on logit regression
4:52PM 1 contrast {Design} question
4:51PM 0 heatmap row names as char vector?
4:34PM 1 log-logistic distribution
4:16PM 6 Computing sums of the columns of an array
4:00PM 1 lda discriminant functions
3:21PM 1 SJava linux installation problems
12:12PM 4 interpolation function
12:08PM 3 Help, my RGui is speaking French!
12:03PM 0 Documenting data sets with many variables
9:24AM 1 kappa-accuracy and test for signifcance
8:58AM 1 using "for" loop
8:37AM 5 How to set the floating point precision beyond e-22?
8:34AM 1 Installation problem on SGI IRIX6.5
6:59AM 2 Discriminant analysis
6:44AM 0 Problem
Thursday August 4 2005
11:25PM 2 Avoiding for loop
11:13PM 1 Where the error message comes from?
10:02PM 2 p-values
10:00PM 4 An small suggestion for the R team
9:26PM 1 exact goodness-of-fit test
7:36PM 0 FW: color palette
7:13PM 1 some thoughts on outlier detection, need help!
6:57PM 1 Problem configuring R-patched
5:37PM 2 Adding "sum" to derivatives table
5:36PM 1 linkage disequilibrium
5:35PM 1 R config question
5:03PM 2 Help: how to hide the buttons of a new opening device
4:52PM 0 visualizing/summarizing a large, sparse logistic regression
4:36PM 0 Course *** R/Splus Advanced Programming *** September 2005 @ 2 locations
4:16PM 1 Counterintuitive Simulation Results
3:55PM 1 Problem when pasting from Winedit into Rgui
2:18PM 1 Help: how to stop the process when there is a mishandling
12:42PM 4 Modifying the parameters for a function
12:33PM 2 drawing a network digraph
12:03PM 2 Graphics on MacOSX
11:32AM 2 prediction from glm
10:57AM 2 Using nonlinear regression
9:57AM 4 optim
9:52AM 1 fit non linear model using weighted least squares
9:27AM 0 nbrailo@ccac-art.edu
9:23AM 1 additional graphical parameters in contour function
8:02AM 3 how to read individual values from a pixmap object
3:36AM 3 Odd timing behaviour in reading a file
1:03AM 1 Puzzled at rpart prediction
12:03AM 2 color palette
Wednesday August 3 2005
11:52PM 1 multivariate F distribution
11:18PM 0 A question on validity checking for S4 classes
9:24PM 3 problem with for()
9:00PM 2 using weighted.mean with tapply()
8:48PM 0 Job: Computational Biology at FHCRC is hiring
8:46PM 2 outlier detection
8:35PM 1 Eclipse, R, plug-in?
7:51PM 4 R CMD build error
7:38PM 1 help for cell2nb and queencell in spdep package
6:43PM 1 passing variable to formula environment
5:38PM 0 R-squared
5:29PM 1 File size limit exceeded
4:44PM 3 clara - memory limit
4:23PM 3 red-black-green color palette?
3:02PM 5 make error: X11/Intrinsic.h: No such,,,
2:49PM 1 lda function
2:28PM 2 interpolation function in R
2:23PM 1 abline and linearity over groups
2:09PM 2 Seeking help with a loop
1:53PM 1 Converting a list from R to Stata
1:15PM 0 Will Shares of This Company be Moving Higher?
1:12PM 1 glmmPQL error in logLik.reStruct
10:02AM 1 Multilevel logistic regression using lmer vs glmmPQL vs.gllamm in Stata
8:40AM 1 filter data set unique, duplicate..
8:20AM 0 filtering a dataset, loop,unique duplicate?
7:53AM 2 R: histograms and ylim
7:21AM 0 regression data set
5:52AM 2 Multilevel logistic regression using lmer vs glmmPQL vs. gllamm in Stata
5:44AM 3 how to test this
5:26AM 2 regexpr and portability issue
4:05AM 2 hash code for arbitrary object
2:06AM 3 prcomp eigenvalues
12:42AM 1 Trouble with SciViews-R 0.7-3, SciViews R 0.8-7, and Tinn-R
Tuesday August 2 2005
8:34PM 1 breaking command in command line in R for Mac Aqua
8:17PM 1 cut.Date functionality for chron date/time objects
7:51PM 1 parallel computing in R
7:45PM 1 memory limit
7:36PM 1 Loop problem
7:13PM 1 Hmisc / Design question
6:54PM 0 reading in and mps file
5:42PM 1 Help with sas.get
5:27PM 1 problem using evaluating a formula
5:26PM 1 simplifying a lmer model
4:18PM 1 multiple scale
3:01PM 1 a question about data manipulation
1:57PM 1 plotting 3 functions on same graph
1:56PM 1 (no subject)
1:45PM 3 how to print a data.frame without row.names
1:33PM 1 Contour plot crest line
12:50PM 5 question on graphs and finding area under a curve
10:57AM 1 Read from data frame, and not from global environment
10:06AM 1 R: regression data set
8:12AM 1 Putting all elementes of the list in an enviorment of a function
7:54AM 0 [ANNOUNCE] mod_R: The R/Apache Integration Project
2:51AM 1 (no subject)
2:31AM 1 Can R do regression with absolute error loss?
12:27AM 6 can we manage memory usage to increase speed?
Monday August 1 2005
11:53PM 2 Rgdal windows binary warning message
10:16PM 0 canonical correlations on multiple sets
9:54PM 1 NA when using read.csv
3:15PM 0 Clayton-Oakes failure time model
2:57PM 1 reading from posgresql
2:24PM 6 converting stata's by syntax to R
10:21AM 1 fortran
8:17AM 3 Conditional piece-wise dependent regression
2:47AM 1 How do you increase memeory?