R help - Sep 2005

Friday September 30 2005
10:14PM 2 How to get to the varable in a list
9:57PM 3 'mean' function
9:22PM 1 how to impose the lines (Apply?)
9:16PM 0 nonparametric 2way repeated-measures anova
7:09PM 2 C program
6:45PM 3 .C help
6:29PM 0 gbm package on Sun sparc
5:56PM 3 Dots in function names
5:53PM 1 ACCESS R and dates
5:15PM 0 Compiling R on OpenSolaris
4:18PM 1 ast package?
3:29PM 0 p-value for non-linear variable in overdispersed glm()
12:35PM 1 Clear Console
12:30PM 2 correlation question
11:50AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 31, Issue 30
11:01AM 2 Creating an array [0 to 101] of a list
10:34AM 1 Compare predict and experimental values
10:28AM 0 Easy cut & paste from Excel to R
8:46AM 1 Searching for specific functions
4:47AM 5 List Email Statistic
2:13AM 0 Code to read a SAS file
1:55AM 1 mvtnorm package
Thursday September 29 2005
10:08PM 2 Binary Logit Regression with R
8:44PM 1 Bug in lmer?
7:38PM 1 cox proportional-hazards regress for interval censor data
7:22PM 2 solution of convolution equation
7:22PM 3 Saving Graphics
6:18PM 0 Reading Health Level Seven (HL 7) data format into R
5:45PM 2 Select varying LS digits in long numbers?
5:14PM 1 lmer random effect model matrix question
5:04PM 1 plot.augPred sorted and labelled according second factor
4:36PM 1 How to add frame (frame.plot=T) to Plot.Design?
3:24PM 1 Error using a data frame as the "start" parameter in mle()
3:04PM 1 Fisher's discriminant functions
2:49PM 0 Cox regression on interval censoring
2:42PM 1 Repeated measure Generalized Linear Mixed Model (glmm) ?
2:42PM 2 R-2.1.1 on AIX 5.*
2:06PM 0 New family for gam in the mgcv library
1:19PM 1 standard error of variances and covariances of the random effects with LME
1:16PM 5 reshaping data?
12:34PM 3 Display values in piechart/barplot
11:18AM 5 Regression slope confidence interval
8:32AM 2 how to fix the level-1 variances in lme()?
4:31AM 2 priceIts
12:56AM 2 memory issues with large data set
Wednesday September 28 2005
10:43PM 1 Problem with memory footprint of qq plot generated with lattice
10:18PM 0 After resizing a tkwidget, how do I get the size of the widget??
9:12PM 1 R-code for binormla distribution
8:57PM 2 correct syntax
8:42PM 1 Fast AUC computation
8:01PM 3 xyplots
7:10PM 3 is it possible to form matrix of matrices...and multiple arrays
5:18PM 1 dumping plots
4:52PM 0 responses to my question on non-central t
4:06PM 1 gee models summary
3:03PM 1 Errors in odbcConnectExcel()
2:50PM 1 Access to particular predict value
1:58PM 1 confidence variability bands for kernel estimators
1:50PM 1 boxplot and xlim confusion?
1:36PM 1 multidimensional integration
10:09AM 1 Change console language ?
9:30AM 1 installation on mac os x
8:14AM 1 [Fwd: R2WinBUGS: Comparison to WinBUGS]
7:55AM 0 R2WinBUGS: Comparison to WinBUGS
6:54AM 1 gfortran Makefile for cygwin
6:28AM 1 need suggestion about building formual
2:14AM 1 scatterplot3d + density() + polygon(color)
12:11AM 7 Plot Data Points in boxplots
Tuesday September 27 2005
10:17PM 0 different models
8:27PM 3 Dummy quesion about environment
7:27PM 2 Binding dataframe with different length in rows and columns
6:36PM 0 Listing object sizes without RODBC objects: contributed function
6:17PM 1 missing handling
5:16PM 0 make check in ~/fem outputs only 1 test, huh ?
5:12PM 2 Using unsplit - unsplit does not seem to reverse the effect of split
4:31PM 2 Weighting factor
3:42PM 2 Error in "make check-all"
3:29PM 0 time series: smooth and aggregate?
3:23PM 1 negative binomial in GEE
2:57PM 3 quick "points" question
2:39PM 4 dynamic lists (data frames?)
2:34PM 2 multiple plots on same x axis
2:27PM 1 outer function and boolean operators
1:27PM 5 graphics guide?
1:17PM 4 regsubsets selection criterion
12:44PM 3 Random Forest with R
12:35PM 1 Producing empirical bayes estimates in disease mapping for lognormal model
9:11AM 1 About Coda Package
8:56AM 0 package 'ltm' -- version: 0.3-0
6:57AM 1 Simulate phi-coefficient (correlation between dichotomous vars)
Monday September 26 2005
11:56PM 2 questions about boxplots
10:08PM 1 plotting multiple plots on a single graph
9:57PM 1 Make check fails on d-p-q-r-tests.R...
5:00PM 1 reading SAS data files
4:29PM 1 hidden markov models
4:25PM 4 p-level in packages mgcv and gam
4:09PM 3 dates are shown as X15.Feb.03
3:45PM 2 Help: x11 position in the Unix environment
3:16PM 0 ASA Stat. Computing and Stat. Graphics 2006 Student Paper competition
2:52PM 2 quasi-random vector according to an independent graph
2:20PM 1 k-d tree for loess
1:55PM 1 create trend variable in a regression using R
1:42PM 1 Error Message - Error: symbol print-name too long
1:41PM 1 regression methods for circular(?) data.
1:36PM 3 histogram - one bin for all values larger than a certain value
12:34PM 1 figure widths in sweave
10:18AM 1 merge maps from shapefile to lattice
10:15AM 1 calculating distances using Gower's coefficient on mixed variables.
8:37AM 3 How to get the rowindices without using which?
5:14AM 2 nls and na/Nan/Inf error
2:17AM 0 Data Modeling Short Course
Sunday September 25 2005
11:12PM 0 Tip: Working directory in titlebar
7:27PM 2 grid.locator
6:02PM 2 xyplot main title question
2:41PM 1 Question on lm(): When does R-squared come out as NA?
12:34PM 4 hist(x, ...) with normal distribution curve
10:49AM 2 summary nls output
9:37AM 2 getting variable length numerical gradient
7:44AM 1 R CMD build produces tar error under FreeBSD 5.4
Saturday September 24 2005
9:22PM 0 a question on proximity measurement in randomForest
9:08PM 3 Install and load packages
8:02PM 1 Indentation in R code
6:22PM 1 Legend out of Plot Region
4:47PM 1 rpart Error in yval[, 1] : incorrect number of dimensions
2:11AM 0 Cluster and Tree Conversion
Friday September 23 2005
7:06PM 1 Alternative to nlm()
5:00PM 1 panel.linejoin groups
4:35PM 0 your subscribe request
2:33PM 3 CART for 0/1 data
2:24PM 1 Installing local packages in R for MacOSX 10.4.2
2:14PM 1 no make file
2:05PM 0 [R-pkgs] Reshape package: new version 0.5
1:06PM 2 Strange behaviour of as.Date function
12:14PM 2 multifigure question
10:31AM 1 suggest some books or materials for matrices basics , its partitions, iterations, clusturing
9:36AM 0 Good news about my problem
9:33AM 1 Smooth terms significance in GAM models
8:45AM 2 multi-class histogram?
7:37AM 4 books about MCMC to use MCMC R packages?
2:48AM 1 More detail discriptions about my problem
2:34AM 1 as.character on OS X tiger
Thursday September 22 2005
11:36PM 1 Reshape package: new version 0.5
7:51PM 3 anova on binomial LMER objects
7:10PM 1 Rf_initEmbeddedR in Windows
7:05PM 1 problem with dates
6:59PM 2 Survey of ROC AUC / wilcoxon test functions
4:58PM 1 I have a problem with npmc
4:57PM 0 Run R script on Linux backend
4:52PM 4 how to keep very small or large number?
4:44PM 0 Course *** R/Splus Advanced Programming *** Seattle, November 10th-11th, 2005
4:44PM 0 Course*** S-PLUS / R: Complementing and Extending Statistical Computing for SAS Users*** October 2005
4:14PM 3 warning.expression?
4:10PM 1 Descriptive statistics for tables
2:44PM 1 Fligner-Policello robust rank test
2:21PM 7 Automatic creation of file names
1:32PM 1 multidimensional (smoothing) splines
1:01PM 0 FW: FDR analyses: minimum number of features
12:52PM 1 R2WinBUGS: Data loading error
12:12PM 0 (Off topic) Limit question solved.
11:40AM 0 (Off topic) Limit question --- corrected!!!
11:35AM 1 It seems that it is not the reason causing my problems
10:32AM 1 (survexp:) compute the expected remaining survival time
9:23AM 2 R: extracting elements in a matrix
6:25AM 4 Questions about R
12:31AM 2 accessing source code in R packages
12:07AM 2 mark values as NA in matrix
Wednesday September 21 2005
9:42PM 2 controlling usage of digits & scientific notation in R plots; postscript margins
9:35PM 0 (Off topic) Limit question.
4:49PM 3 Clustering and bootstrap
4:43PM 0 José C. Pinheiro Training in UK - Analyzing Mixed-Effects Models with S-PLUS
3:57PM 3 Multiple density plots on 1 graph
3:30PM 0 Problem with SAGx Library
3:19PM 1 automatic ARIMA best-fitting
2:53PM 2 MGARCH estimation
2:07PM 1 Identical data frames
2:00PM 1 R , Java & DCOM
1:32PM 2 cdecl and stdcall
1:06PM 1 Doubt about Sweave
1:02PM 3 size of subplots with par() / layout()
12:47PM 1 Extending a data frame
12:43PM 2 win.metafile on linux?
12:35PM 1 rkward
11:59AM 3 ts.intersect bug?
11:50AM 5 error when loading rwinedt
10:11AM 1 ppp from SpatStat
9:13AM 0 ANNOUNCEMENT: 20% discount on Chapman & Hall/CRC books for users of R
8:54AM 3 Sort a data frame with respect to more than one variable
8:33AM 2 Help on optim
6:46AM 2 about set.seed
6:43AM 5 SAX Parser best practise
Tuesday September 20 2005
11:30PM 2 why this postscript didn't work?
9:47PM 0 Problem with read.spss() and as.data.frame(), or: alternative to subset()? (2)
9:44PM 1 Problem with read.spss() and as.data.frame(), or: alternative to subset()?
8:41PM 3 annotating an axis in bwplot (lattice)
6:44PM 1 help with estimating parameters with nls
4:59PM 2 How to exclude a level from a factor
4:27PM 0 Course***R/Splus Programming *** 6 cities Nationwide / October 2005
4:10PM 3 Strange Result using weightedMedian
3:55PM 1 Estimate predictor contribution in GAM models
3:47PM 0 Degrees of freedom in glmmPQL
3:46PM 5 Neat way of using R for pivoting?
1:53PM 5 Add function to histogram?
1:35PM 1 Interpretation of csplit from rpart.object
1:24PM 1 Change the mirror
8:14AM 1 Xgird, R, parallel computing
7:13AM 1 scale function within a for-loop?
7:07AM 1 predicting residual expected survival times
7:02AM 0 Problem installing packages on Windows
6:02AM 1 Extract data from edit chart
5:03AM 2 Transform variable number of rows per subject to column variables?
Monday September 19 2005
9:33PM 1 pairwise comparisons among treatments
8:29PM 1 restore file magic number
7:30PM 2 how to extract the column name or value from the numerical value of the matrix
5:34PM 4 factor as seq() in for loop
5:20PM 1 library (tree)- which samples belong to each terminal branch?
4:27PM 0 anova for random-intercept lmer
4:24PM 1 How to mimic pdMat of lme under lmer?
3:10PM 5 FDR analyses: minimum number of features
2:46PM 1 Change in behavior of compare statement
2:36PM 3 waveform filtering
1:51PM 0 R(D)COM and Excel compile error
1:30PM 1 toLatex
1:25PM 6 Teaching R - In front of the computer?
1:11PM 1 Converting the result of classification tree into SQL query
10:39AM 1 Use of least-squares means, are they misleading?
9:59AM 2 Problem with tick marks in lines.survfit (package survival)
9:27AM 2 dynamic object names?
8:08AM 1 distance to eye in persp()
7:41AM 4 indicator value in labdsv
7:26AM 1 minimal hedge variance ratio
4:59AM 1 graph tick label size
2:38AM 3 Extended Hypergeometric Distribution
Sunday September 18 2005
7:37PM 1 trimmed mean in R seems to round the trimming fraction
6:51PM 1 replayPlot in loop
5:42PM 0 How to test homogeneity of covariance matrices?
5:19PM 0 How to test homogeneity of two covariance matrices?
4:12PM 0 tuneR_0.2-0
1:44PM 2 month increment for chron dates
3:45AM 1 Variable descriptions of a built-in dataset
3:11AM 2 How to update R from ver 1.9.1 to 2
1:30AM 0 lm to an array
Saturday September 17 2005
3:01PM 4 xyplot and abline
2:35PM 1 multiple binary log regression with R?
12:03PM 0 fda
12:12AM 0 Info about plotting functions
Friday September 16 2005
11:57PM 1 tickmarks on the inside on y axis and on the outside on the x axis
11:20PM 3 Running glm in batch and exporting results (AIC) to HTML
10:15PM 1 horizontal lines on stripchart
7:25PM 1 De-data.fram-ize?
6:44PM 1 Pasting into Tk table widget?
6:32PM 0 Job opening at the Fed
5:41PM 0 Lists as a column in data.frame
5:34PM 6 How do I get the row indices?
3:57PM 4 Possible bug in lmer nested analysis with factors
3:21PM 4 Integrate functions with loops
3:11PM 1 Add lines to density plot
2:38PM 3 Replicate
2:16PM 2 help required on read.table
2:10PM 1 column-binary data
1:55PM 2 fusion of rows (as in merge()) but from only 1 matrix
1:51PM 1 About princomp
1:42PM 1 3d points for objects
1:33PM 1 Question:manipulating spatial data using combination of Maptools and Splancs
1:16PM 1 How to make two figures in one plot - package vcd
12:58PM 1 plot spaghetti data
12:55PM 1 savePlot(type="wmf") in loop fails, since too fast
11:25AM 4 Are least-squares means useful or appropriate?
10:36AM 0 (no subject)
10:05AM 1 corr.test -- use a different null hypothesis
9:31AM 0 Problems compiling Hmisc
8:38AM 1 setkeys and Sweave
7:30AM 0 Ihre Anfrage: Mail System (keineantwortadresse@web.de)
6:22AM 6 significance of spectal peak with spectrum()
5:34AM 1 Searchable archives
1:23AM 1 Nolinear mixed-effects models (nlme)
Thursday September 15 2005
8:08PM 1 Coefficients from LM
7:14PM 5 Copying from graphics window in OS X
6:08PM 4 Error in vector("double", length) : vector size specified is too large....VLDs
4:59PM 0 How to label a plot of a tree dendrogram with text
4:39PM 1 what's the best way to save global variables?
3:26PM 2 about cutree
3:10PM 1 make check FAILS -> Error code 1...comparing d-p-q-r-tests.Rout
2:52PM 1 Combine vector of different length
2:43PM 2 Graphics 'snapshots' in Linux?
1:01PM 2 Splitting the string at the last sub-string
12:45PM 1 how to do sthg like "mat[!=(ind),]"
10:47AM 3 means comparison in R (post-hoc test)
10:42AM 3 newbie question
10:39AM 4 Rcommander and simple chisquare
10:18AM 3 How to sort data sets?
8:22AM 2 R: deleting rows
2:42AM 1 Log scale in histograms
Wednesday September 14 2005
10:08PM 0 bootstrapping for clustering
9:25PM 1 Importing IDL Structures
9:06PM 2 Scan and Lists
8:01PM 1 maximum string length in RdbiPgSQL and in R
7:28PM 4 Converting coordinates to actual distances
6:43PM 1 Can I use "lme" to deal with grouping data when I only get one data point per group?
6:17PM 1 Forcing hist()
4:18PM 2 Apply a function for each Row
4:01PM 1 Random effect model
3:49PM 0 correlation as distance/dissimilarity
1:42PM 4 *** saving files ***
1:24PM 1 non-central t : R v.Splus
10:40AM 4 Graphical presentation of logistic regression
8:49AM 0 adf test and cross-correlation with missing values
8:14AM 1 Long lines with Sweave
3:34AM 1 matrix calculation?
1:36AM 0 R CMD INSTALL -l /path/to/library packagename/ fixed
Tuesday September 13 2005
11:17PM 0 mvpart: 'weights' argument
10:10PM 1 package Spcmdr
9:17PM 1 logistic regression with nominal predictors
8:29PM 1 Anyone have any code for importing data from NAMCS?
7:53PM 0 inconsistant decimal marker with write.table
7:34PM 1 coxph.detail() does not work
7:09PM 3 is library loaded
6:29PM 7 what OS
4:07PM 3 Reading data from a serial port
3:59PM 3 where is eda library (Prof. Ripley's Exploratory Data Analysis Library)
3:32PM 1 Any S-plus/R doc or manual for SAS user out there?
3:02PM 0 multiple comparisons for proportions
2:25PM 0 [kjbeath@kagi.com: Remedial stats]
2:05PM 0 plot glmmPQL
1:29PM 11 if() command
12:35PM 4 Remove vector elements from another vector
11:27AM 3 VB and R
11:08AM 3 How to erase objects
8:23AM 1 Floating-point arithmetic
7:25AM 3 Collineariy Diagnostics
5:47AM 1 R CMD INSTALL -l /path/to/library packagename
1:28AM 2 Translating lme model call to lme4
12:47AM 1 Fisher's exact test vs Chi-square
12:27AM 0 R news: Call for Papers
Monday September 12 2005
11:17PM 0 [handling] Missing [values in randomForest]
10:22PM 1 Running DOS command prompt from R 2.0.1 Windows?
10:18PM 0 Multiple comparisons like a Chi2 or Fisher's exact test
9:52PM 0 Trying to reach Frank Harrell
9:17PM 0 binary for Hmisc library OS-X
7:47PM 4 Document clustering for R
7:32PM 3 Covert list of list to dataframe for export or outputting by(test) output
6:58PM 6 trouble with reading data from excel
4:59PM 1 Glmm for multiple outcomes
4:19PM 1 set differences
2:55PM 1 Help with a more flexible funtion for multiple comparisio n of means
2:51PM 2 heatmap question
2:49PM 1 help for linear-circular correlation
2:24PM 0 grepping and splitting (with R 2.1.1)
1:49PM 0 Applied Quantitative Analytics in Finance
1:36PM 2 barplot with multiple columns
1:23PM 1 oma and sub-title
12:15PM 5 remedial stats education
10:58AM 1 fit data with gammadistribution
8:01AM 1 poisson mean hypothesis
3:27AM 0 Help with a more flexible funtion for multiple comparision of means
Sunday September 11 2005
8:25PM 4 Backtransforming regression coefficient for scaled covariate
12:16PM 1 Create New variable
12:42AM 1 random effects plot
12:24AM 3 help with one matrix
Saturday September 10 2005
10:00PM 2 Output of warnings inside the source function
6:10PM 2 Missing
5:16PM 0 survey: version 3.3
1:08AM 1 transparent backgound in lattice plots
12:38AM 1 adding labels to a multiple plot in lattice
Friday September 9 2005
11:41PM 1 less precision, please!
11:40PM 1 PowerPoint graph insertion
10:19PM 2 R-help Digest, Vol 31, Issue 9
10:04PM 1 "Chow Test" for classification and regression trees
7:37PM 0 Internationalized version of the Rcmdr package
7:29PM 2 Question about plotting discontinuous data
5:55PM 2 best way to fit a model
5:50PM 0 usage of the trianed networks by nnet without R enviromen t
3:49PM 0 usage of the trianed networks by nnet without R enviroment
3:43PM 1 regression with restrictions - optimization problem
3:27PM 2 Simulate phi-coefficient
3:11PM 0 Probit-normal model and ROC Curve
2:40PM 1 GlmmPQL help
2:10PM 2 Discrepancy between R and SPSS in 2-way, repeated measures ANOVA
2:09PM 3 how to do something like " subset(mat, ("col1">4 & "col2">4)) "
2:03PM 1 Off-topic: Comparing standard errors from simulation and analytical model
2:03PM 2 test for exponential,lognormal and gammadistribution
1:45PM 1 Finding a decision tree's leaf node from a new value
11:02AM 1 Plotting an ellipse in 3D
8:54AM 1 measurement unit
8:18AM 2 shapefiles manipulations ??
8:15AM 2 adding text to the corner of a lattice plot
5:55AM 2 Debugging R/Fortran in Windows
5:35AM 0 strata in crr (cmprsk library)
5:02AM 2 SPSS Dataset
Thursday September 8 2005
11:58PM 3 change in read.spss, package foreing?
9:59PM 1 Coarsening Factors
9:59PM 0 Re: General Matrix Inner Product?
9:39PM 0 Data Expo 2006 (off-topic)
9:03PM 3 generating a vector from clusters of logicals
8:38PM 1 clustering: Multivariate t mixtures
8:34PM 1 can't successfully use installed evir package
7:01PM 1 Setting width in batch mode
6:45PM 0 tseries
6:15PM 1 writing data to sheet in excel workbook
5:50PM 2 Re-evaluating the tree in the random forest
5:30PM 1 execute R expression from command line
5:23PM 1 Multinomial Logit and p-values
5:04PM 1 Tip: I() can designate constants in a regression
4:17PM 5 data manipulation
3:47PM 3 R API call from delphi
3:47PM 1 package installation error (LF versus CR)
3:40PM 1 ROracle install problem
2:51PM 1 array indices in synced vectors
1:23PM 1 FW: Re: Doubt about nested aov output
12:33PM 2 Time Series Analysis: book?
12:22PM 1 Converting a matrix to a dataframe: how to prevent conversion to factor
11:33AM 1 Time series ARIMAX and multivariate models
9:08AM 1 Survival model with cross-classified shared frailties
8:59AM 1 "Too long to display" problem
8:52AM 1 Using R map data to determine associated state for a coordinate?
4:05AM 4 Prediction with multiple zeros in the dependent variable
3:40AM 1 Creating very small plots (2.5 cm wide) in Sweave
2:21AM 0 Effect of data set size on calculation
1:29AM 0 Experimental data analysis (eda) function
1:14AM 1 RMySQL installation problem on FC4 x86_64
12:24AM 1 Crash with seasonal ARIMA
12:24AM 1 Interpolating / smoothing missing time series data
12:22AM 0 control parameter for Nelder-Mead algorithm in optim()
12:07AM 1 graphics support in R help files
Wednesday September 7 2005
9:21PM 1 Language issue
8:57PM 1 Using Tk table widget to display matrix
8:31PM 1 Text Size in Legend
6:41PM 0 Revised versions of the maptools and sp packages
5:38PM 1 summary of problem with mCall function.
3:43PM 1 Avoid Sweave from stopping on errors
3:22PM 2 using system()
2:47PM 1 variables from command line
2:30PM 1 FW: Re: Doubt about nested aov output
2:08PM 1 solving a system of nonlinear equations
2:01PM 1 Survival analysis with COXPH
1:48PM 2 Hotelling Test
1:28PM 7 Plot of multiple data sets
11:15AM 1 fitting distribution tails
10:56AM 0 (no subject)
10:19AM 1 irregular time series prediction
5:52AM 2 Leading in line-wrapped Lattice value and panel labels
5:16AM 2 (no subject)
4:54AM 1 Lattice key seems to ignore the key list
3:45AM 2 Sorting Text Frames
Tuesday September 6 2005
10:51PM 0 R Cocoa GUI assumes Japanese locale
7:33PM 2 Predicting responses using ace
5:22PM 2 (no subject)
4:48PM 0 Revised shapefiles package
1:39PM 2 fitting distributions with R
1:33PM 2 help.search problem
11:20AM 0 model selection vs. H0 based testing
10:53AM 1 R: optim
9:55AM 1 r: chinese installation of r
9:53AM 0 : r: chinese installation of r
1:02AM 0 MASS: rlm, MM and errors in observations AND regressors
Monday September 5 2005
10:16PM 1 tcltk, X11 protocol error: Bug?
6:27PM 1 bivirate k-function
6:05PM 1 simple line plots?
4:15PM 2 Fisher's method in discriminant analysis
3:12PM 0 Cox model with a frailty term
2:42PM 1 convergence for proportional odds model
1:59PM 12 TeX distribution on Windows
1:03PM 4 Dummy variables model
1:01PM 2 model comparison and Wald-tests (e.g. in lmer)
12:06PM 3 help
12:03PM 0 New package for grouped data models
9:59AM 3 numerical intergation
Sunday September 4 2005
9:30PM 2 Help: PLSR
5:05PM 0 Displaying RProf output
4:58PM 1 Question regarding lmer with binary response
12:52PM 0 unexpected error message with variog.mc.env() - geoR
10:45AM 1 time series graphs
8:48AM 1 specification for glmmPQL
12:58AM 1 survey weights
Saturday September 3 2005
10:59PM 1 R-square n p-value
5:17PM 1 producing SVG files
2:54PM 2 Inconsistence in specifying action for missing data
10:19AM 0 DESIGN package psm function
2:52AM 2 Problems plotting time-series with multiple lines
Friday September 2 2005
10:57PM 1 tcltk - automatically moving cursor to last line of tktext box - how?
8:51PM 2 Superassignment (<<-) and indexing
7:02PM 0 setting par() for individual leaves/twigs/labels in plot.dendrogram
4:36PM 1 glm p-values on features
3:57PM 1 source package linking problem under linux
3:31PM 1 C-index : typical values
1:18PM 9 The Perils of PowerPoint
1:17PM 2 Finding all overlaps between two sets of 1-Dimensional regions
10:59AM 2 Reference manual is not available in the help menu of the rgui
10:07AM 1 y-axis intercept
6:49AM 1 Calculating Goodman-Kurskal's gamma using delta method
2:43AM 1 partial association model
2:20AM 1 how to fit the partial association model with R?
12:24AM 0 =?gb2312?B?OdTCMTXI1cew16Ky4bPJzqpTT0hPyczO8c3408O7pyzSu8LJw+K30cn9vLbOqtX9yr274dSxLLKi
Thursday September 1 2005
11:08PM 1 More block diagonal matrix construction code
9:45PM 0 Need help understanding/resolving build error message
9:01PM 0 Request: in savePlot, type="eps"
8:57PM 0 transparency?
7:51PM 6 png scaling problem
5:46PM 1 Strange build message: request help w/resolving
5:11PM 0 access to on.exit expressions in parent frames?
4:51PM 1 controlling where *.Rout gets printed. Possible?
3:58PM 1 axis of plot
3:53PM 1 post hoc analysis after anova
2:54PM 3 Matrices with a single column
2:47PM 1 making self-starting function for nls
2:29PM 1 Spacing and margins in lattice...
2:05PM 1 3d cube with labels along axes
1:33PM 1 default height width of graphs
1:05PM 4 Spacing and margins in plot
12:53PM 5 Multivariate Skew Normal distribution
12:34PM 2 VarCorr function for assigning random effects: was Question
12:26PM 1 Using non-gcc compilers with install.packages()
12:00PM 3 Newbie help on dim
11:51AM 1 convex-polygon in scatter plot
11:35AM 1 ROracle under windows
10:32AM 2 standard deviation in barplots
9:44AM 2 SpatStat Kest - Error Message help
8:25AM 0 Robust Regression - LTS
8:01AM 3 source(file) => file becomes readonly
4:58AM 1 Dataset size in R
2:16AM 0 Data Mining Conference Program Announced
2:03AM 4 Linux Standalone Server Suggestions for R