R help - Jul 2005

Sunday July 31 2005
5:48PM 1 Updating to nlme 3.1-62 failing from source (OS X)
5:29PM 0 OS X: workspace clear & workspace browser
3:51PM 1 shlib compilation problem
11:46AM 3 Drawing a graph with vertices and edges using tcl/tk
Saturday July 30 2005
11:25PM 1 partial SS for anova
7:57PM 2 Premature termination of script
7:04PM 1 xyplot auto.key issue
8:21AM 4 How to hiding code for a package
Friday July 29 2005
7:13PM 4 Way to make R idle for some time and try something again later
6:06PM 0 about usage of weights in nnet
3:44PM 3 Error Downloading Matrix Package
2:18PM 1 Wild card characters
1:43PM 1 Errbar()-function, cap and logarithmic scaling
12:01PM 2 Console not found
11:30AM 5 R: graphics devices
11:21AM 0 PLS component selection for GPLS question
11:17AM 6 Binary outcome with non-absorbing outcome state
9:07AM 0 predictive classification groups functions
8:20AM 1 R: non parametric regression/kernels
5:09AM 1 Anova's in R
Thursday July 28 2005
10:40PM 1 Identify function with matplot
9:00PM 1 Displaying p-values in latex
7:58PM 3 using integrate with optimize nested in the integration
5:03PM 1 Forcing coefficents in lm(), recursive residuals, etc.
4:45PM 1 matrix form
4:44PM 2 NA handling with lm
4:08PM 4 Running Internet Explorer from Withing R
1:52PM 2 replace matrix values with names from a dataframe
1:52PM 2 catching errors in a loop
1:30PM 2 Cochran-Armitage-trend-test
1:22PM 0 New versions of Matrix and lme4 packages
12:23PM 2 problem with an IF statement?
12:11PM 1 conversion from SAS
11:55AM 1 stl()
11:26AM 2 Help: how to specify the current active window by mouse
9:33AM 1 Minimum-chi-square estimation
3:44AM 1 Unexpected behavior in recode{car}
3:13AM 2 lattice/ grid.layout/ multiple graphs per page
3:07AM 1 Dates are read as factors!
1:28AM 4 CSV file and date. Dates are read as factors!
Wednesday July 27 2005
9:44PM 2 Returning positions of a vector
8:22PM 1 Installing SJava (I'm almost there, just a little more help please!....please!)
7:33PM 1 how to get actual value from predict in nnet?
6:33PM 1 get the content of object in ls()?
5:58PM 3 fitting extreme value distribution
5:46PM 0 reformat data for time-varying Cox
5:22PM 4 R Reference Card (especially useful for Newbies)
5:19PM 2 setting elements to NA across an array
4:43PM 2 How to delete rows
4:42PM 1 unable to source a .R file using RJava
4:36PM 4 odesolve/lsoda differences on Windows and Mac
4:32PM 0 core dump when call t.test via the "RJava --example --gui-none" interface
4:22PM 2 logistic regression: categorical value, and multinomial
3:21PM 0 OPTICS clustering algorithm
3:21PM 1 error message running R2WinBUGS
2:38PM 1 how to generate 00Index.html from Rd or html
2:30PM 2 Redirecting Messages and Errors to a file
2:26PM 1 Question on glm for Poisson distribution.
2:14PM 1 thks all
1:46PM 1 Off Topic Simulation Techniques.
12:24PM 4 LyX and Sweave
12:17PM 1 make.names() does not return what is expected
11:07AM 2 GAM weights
10:11AM 5 HOW to Create Movies with R with repeated plot()?
8:51AM 3 how to overlook the zero in the denominator
7:54AM 3 Asymmetric colors for heatmap
7:53AM 1 rpart.permutation, snow, rsprng binary files
7:34AM 0 How learn a probabilities matrix from a large fasta file in R?
3:52AM 1 A question about par.plot in gamlss
3:10AM 7 gamma distribution
3:01AM 1 Problem specifying "function" for "mle" operation
2:22AM 2 Error in FUN(newX[, i], ...) : `x' must be atomic
2:07AM 1 trellis graphics/ trellis.par.set()
12:25AM 1 CART analysis
12:04AM 1 spss.read factor reversal
Tuesday July 26 2005
11:27PM 0 Durbin test for Incomplete block
10:39PM 1 Anybody have a binary version of SJava for rw2001 (Windows)?
10:37PM 1 Difficulty getting standard deviation of ALL odds ratios with glm function, logistic regression, need cov of parameters
9:13PM 1 Wishart Density
8:02PM 1 / Right division.
7:54PM 2 choose between dates and times
7:48PM 4 elegant solution to transform vector into percentages?
7:28PM 1 Help on T test
7:18PM 0 a question about fft ( fast fourier transform)
6:53PM 0 T test across tissues
6:52PM 1 error with scan
6:07PM 1 tapply t.test
5:49PM 1 draw ellipse of equal concentration
3:48PM 1 Assign new observations to Clara clusters
3:40PM 3 farimaSim
3:34PM 1 SETAR Estimation
2:36PM 0 Association rules
1:59PM 3 text on some lines
11:37AM 0 OpenBSD and large R vectors
11:25AM 1 any package to fit such model?
10:51AM 1 problem with Hershey fonts
10:22AM 1 sort a table
8:16AM 5 Plot zooming i.e. changing ylim according to xlim
8:06AM 0 Hierarchical clustering with centroid method
2:46AM 2 grep help needed
1:58AM 1 plotting horizontally
Monday July 25 2005
11:21PM 0 Installing SJava
9:45PM 1 cluster
8:34PM 1 cubic spline curves
8:11PM 1 Don't understand plotmath behaviour (bug?)
8:04PM 1 ANOVA/aov question
7:37PM 2 alaska map?
5:45PM 1 How to save the object of linear regression in file and load it later
5:39PM 2 A one-liner to create a 3-dim array
5:24PM 1 Convert quarterly data to monthly data
4:02PM 1 order of panels in xyplot
3:22PM 2 how to write a periodic function in R?
3:08PM 1 computation time gls()
2:24PM 1 error in gnls
2:22PM 0 Help vectorising a function
2:11PM 0 New version of Rpad
1:59PM 1 FW: LyX and Sweave
11:25AM 5 passing formula arguments cv.glm
10:15AM 1 assignment of matrix
10:09AM 0 trend estimation for cohort study
9:31AM 1 Autoregressive Distributed Lag Models
6:07AM 2 how to get the group mean deviation data ?
4:23AM 1 apply and arrays
1:14AM 1 sparse data frame (crsp?)
1:03AM 0 lda: scaling to 'disctiminant function'
12:35AM 1 Fortran function name not in load table
Sunday July 24 2005
10:17PM 2 Mean and variance of the right-censored data
8:29PM 2 indexing a vector starting from 0
5:39PM 4 problem building R packages in windows xp
3:46PM 1 Question about 'text'
2:27PM 2 Multiple series plot with different 'type' argument
5:46AM 0 imbalanced data set
2:51AM 2 calling R from C or C++
Saturday July 23 2005
4:29PM 1 "%03d" in the pdf command
3:01PM 0 tseriesChaos ver. 0.1
2:23PM 1 Non-linear "linear" models?
2:18PM 1 Package libblas.so.3 not found installing R2.1.1 on Linux FC4
10:33AM 2 cor(X) with P-Value
4:22AM 1 Lattice: reversing order of panel placement in conditional histograms
Friday July 22 2005
11:30PM 0 Help: PLSR
6:46PM 1 time series and regions of change
6:37PM 0 how to test the equalness of several coefficients in a gamma frailty model using R
6:26PM 2 Correct variance for prediction intervals from nlme and gnls objects
5:45PM 1 Lattice: how to make x axis to appear on only one non-bottom plot?
5:18PM 0 setting weights for such a two-class problem in nnet andsvm
4:18PM 2 setting weights for such a two-class problem in nnet and svm
3:35PM 0 Windows metafiles (emf) under Linux
3:09PM 2 about nnet package
2:26PM 3 problems with submitting an eps-file created in R
2:10PM 1 multiplicate 2 functions
1:35PM 2 memory cleaning
10:45AM 3 Question regarding subsetting
10:35AM 0 Significant difference of coefficients in glm with factors?
10:12AM 1 Generate a function
9:59AM 0 useR! 2006
8:36AM 1 sequence()
7:32AM 1 sapply(NULL, ...) returns a list?!?
6:47AM 0 automated response
1:47AM 1 find confounder in covariates
1:31AM 0 :)
12:27AM 1 help: pls package
12:18AM 0 Re Randomization test for interaction effect
Thursday July 21 2005
11:44PM 3 vectorising ifelse()
9:32PM 1 A Question About Inverse Gamma
8:59PM 0 Invitation to New York, Spain, and Italy; c/ba
8:34PM 0 tav files
5:41PM 0 Using Perl Statistics::R module, not running the
5:41PM 0 problem running R with perl Statistics::R
4:47PM 1 normal reference intervals
4:12PM 2 opening RDB files
4:01PM 1 About object of class mle returned by user defined functions
3:43PM 0 reorder bug in heatmap.2?
3:28PM 1 output of variance estimate of random effect from a gamma frailty model using Coxph in R
3:09PM 1 principal component analysis in affy
2:55PM 2 debian vcd package
2:30PM 1 Concatenate 2 functions
2:18PM 3 R:plot and dots
2:10PM 3 Rprof fails in combination with RMySQL
2:07PM 0 cutomized link function in R
1:25PM 3 heatmap color distribution
1:20PM 4 RandomForest question
1:15PM 3 R graphics
1:11PM 3 Problem with read.table()
11:05AM 2 bubble.plot() - standardize size of unit circle
10:20AM 1 Question about 'text' (add lm summary to a plot)
10:07AM 1 dpill in KernSmooth package
7:25AM 1 again, a question between R and C++
5:01AM 1 cut in R
3:25AM 2 The steps of building library in R 2.1.1
2:59AM 0 about confounded variances in NESTED and SPLIT PLOT designs
2:07AM 1 family
12:50AM 1 Clustered standard errors in a panel
Wednesday July 20 2005
9:46PM 0 TURF (total unreplicated reach and frequency) Analysis program
8:58PM 1 aregImpute in Hmisc
8:44PM 1 help with a xyplot legend
7:44PM 1 Installation error on Sun Solaris
5:03PM 2 Combining two matrices
4:52PM 2 Issues with convolve
3:40PM 4 poisson fit for histogram
3:28PM 1 predict.lm - standard error of predicted means?
3:19PM 2 Is it possible to create highly customized report in *.xlsformat by using R/S+?
2:41PM 2 unable to call R t-test from Java
2:41PM 4 is.Date ?!!!
1:54PM 3 Prefix for colnames
1:49PM 0 writing matrices (no subject)
12:32PM 0 Randomization test for interaction effect
11:44AM 5 Chemoinformatic people
11:25AM 1 R function to kill a process
9:57AM 0 lapply question
9:42AM 3 Need R Help
9:23AM 0 normalise a function
7:18AM 2 (no subject)
7:07AM 1 maps and data for german federal states
6:40AM 1 analysing non-normal spatially autocorrelated data
5:16AM 1 class in apply
5:13AM 0 Question about Installing SJava package
4:07AM 2 Turning off return warning messages.
1:57AM 1 nls
Tuesday July 19 2005
11:53PM 2 Regression lines for differently-sized groups on the same plot
11:18PM 1 deriv - accessing numeric output listed under gradient attribute
11:11PM 0 deriv - accessing numeric output for gradient
10:09PM 1 Indexing within scan
9:59PM 2 Problems with date-format (R 2.1.1 + chron)
9:22PM 4 Is it possible to create highly customized report in *.xls format by using R/S+?
8:50PM 1 sciviews installation
8:37PM 0 A warning message when using mix package.
8:10PM 1 Using BRugs, in FUN: .C(..) 'type' not "real"
7:11PM 1 Question about creating unique factor labels with the factor function
6:53PM 2 Taking the derivative of a quadratic B-spline
6:28PM 3 CPU Usage with R 2.1.0 in Windows
5:41PM 1 problem in Krig function of "Fields" package
5:28PM 2 Code Verification
5:26PM 1 Library mclust in 64bit compiled R
5:03PM 1 initial points for arms in package HI
4:11PM 1 integrate fails with errors
4:10PM 5 .gct file
4:00PM 1 ROC curve with survival data
3:29PM 2 using argument names (of indeterminate number) within a function
3:13PM 3 extracting row means from a list
2:29PM 0 R Site Search is back up
1:28PM 1 R: stats
1:15PM 0 lme outer
1:13PM 0 reading data
1:12PM 2 data mining
11:35AM 3 R: expression
11:22AM 3 Predict
8:47AM 2 Michaelis-menten equation
5:49AM 4 help: how to change the column name of data.frame
2:16AM 2 Obtaining argument name within a function
12:14AM 0 svmlight running error
Monday July 18 2005
9:46PM 1 definition of index.array and boot.return in the code for boot
9:17PM 1 listing datasets from all my packages
8:11PM 0 Package Vegan: species accumlumation functions
8:00PM 2 New functions supporting GIF file format in R
7:02PM 1 how to get dissimilarity matrix
3:34PM 1 read large amount of data
3:11PM 5 colnames
2:25PM 1 levels() deletes other attributes
2:24PM 2 how to change bar colours in plot.stl
12:38PM 1 column-wise deletion in data-frames
12:23PM 1 about 3d surface plot
9:54AM 1 Quantile Regression, S-Function "Rreg"
9:38AM 1 dataframes of unequal size
6:46AM 1 Survival dummy variables and some questions
3:59AM 1 Nested ANOVA with a random nested factor (how to use the lme function?)
Sunday July 17 2005
11:38PM 1 how to solve the step halving factor problems in gnls and nls
7:11PM 1 indexing from 0
6:23PM 1 Where to learn how to deal with time class variable?
6:09PM 1 How to set the background of xyplot() to be white?
3:09PM 1 Contingency-Coefficient, Variance
3:03AM 1 Strange problems with lattice plots
2:35AM 1 printing the name of the arguments passed to a function
12:34AM 3 Is it possible to coerce R to continue proceeding the next command in a loop after an error message ?
12:01AM 1 Time Series Count Models
Saturday July 16 2005
9:25PM 1 xfig device - depth
6:42PM 1 PBSmapping and shapefiles
5:47PM 1 Confidence Intervals for Arbitrary Functions
5:17PM 2 topical guide to R packages
2:28PM 0 summary: cbind a list of matrices
8:24AM 1 cbind a list of matrices
Friday July 15 2005
9:49PM 0 R on HP-UX
9:39PM 2 rmpi in windows
8:40PM 4 Can't get sample function from "An Introduction to R" to work
6:06PM 1 Cannot update some packages after upgrade to 2.1.1
5:42PM 1 2D contour predictions
4:12PM 1 nlme and spatially correlated errors
3:17PM 2 pdf() black&white; panel titles in lattice
3:00PM 2 glm(family=binomial(link=logit))
12:57PM 3 Passing character strings from C code to R
12:48PM 3 Dividing a vector into ntiles
12:43PM 0 Ordinal data - Regression Trees & Proportional Odds
12:42PM 1 Padding in lattice plots
11:59AM 2 Another simple q - removing negative values
9:01AM 0 new package: elliptic
3:19AM 2 problems with nls function
Thursday July 14 2005
10:48PM 2 Variance components from lm?
9:06PM 4 question from environmental statistics
9:04PM 1 integer codes of factors
7:30PM 0 visual event programming in R
7:05PM 1 test for difference in the order of self generated sequence
6:07PM 1 Using system to run a stand alone program that requires input in Windows
5:56PM 2 Fwd: Re: East Asian language
5:25PM 1 Does R have ANOVA permutation tests?
5:24PM 1 East Asian language
5:22PM 2 Partek has Dunn-Sidak Multiple Test Correction. Is this the same/similar to any of R's p.adjust.methods?
5:05PM 1 Error running lme.
5:02PM 2 Calculate of data frame
4:15PM 1 A statistical modeling problem
4:00PM 0 New Package: TeachingDemos
3:39PM 0 DSC 2005 registration
2:31PM 3 read.xport
2:01PM 1 Fwd: Re: Problem installing R packages
1:46PM 1 Keeping memory usage low for a big script
12:45PM 1 Plotting greek symbols in plot titles, labels, etc.
12:38PM 2 help: how to change the size of a window after it has been created
11:19AM 1 memory problem
9:45AM 0 Ellipse Cosrrespondence Analysis(Internal Stability)
7:26AM 0 Pearson dispersion statistic
6:46AM 2 Coxph with factors
5:04AM 0 tseries & GARCH & pred_garch method
4:26AM 0 anova.lmlist output change
12:14AM 1 stripchart usage and alternatives
Wednesday July 13 2005
11:35PM 1 crossed random fx nlme lme4
11:28PM 2 help: how to get the position of a value in a matrix
10:44PM 2 Proportion test in three-chices experiment
8:38PM 1 read.table
7:27PM 2 convert to chron objects
7:27PM 2 Efficient testing for +ve definiteness
6:37PM 3 plot the number of replicates at the same point
4:42PM 1 Fieller's Conf Limits and EC50's
4:25PM 0 Memory question
4:15PM 5 maps drawing
3:12PM 0 R and stats courses
2:49PM 1 any reference to get started clustering
2:20PM 0 Random fractal generator in R ?
2:08PM 3 texture in barplots?
2:03PM 0 Rd.sty, Sweave, tex4ht
2:00PM 1 unexpected par('pin') behaviour
1:54PM 4 Where's iris?
1:43PM 0 Is there a working XML parser for the windows R Version 2 .0.1
1:15PM 1 Is there a working XML parser for the windows R Version 2.0.1
1:14PM 1 problems with MNP
11:30AM 0 finalize objects
10:10AM 0 fitting Weibull distribution on observed percentiles
10:02AM 1 Name for factor's levels with contr.sum
9:44AM 0 GARCH model using fSeries
9:41AM 3 nlme, MASS and geoRglm for spatial autocorrelation?
9:15AM 1 delete a row from a matrix
9:04AM 2 Kronecker matrix product
8:18AM 1 Boxcox transformation / homogeneity of variances
2:19AM 3 How to use the function "plot" as Matlab?
1:48AM 1 help: how to plot a circle on the scatter plot
12:29AM 3 How to increase memory for R on Soliars 10 with 16GB and 64bit R
Tuesday July 12 2005
11:50PM 1 write.foreign, SPSS on Mac OS X
10:42PM 2 Please help me.....
9:46PM 3 using its to import time series data with uneven dates
8:02PM 1 Calling R from fortran
6:09PM 1 Anything to replace Statistical Models in S ("the white book")?
5:54PM 1 getting panel.loess to use updated version of loess.smooth
5:51PM 4 Calculation of group summaries
5:45PM 5 interactive plot showing label
5:37PM 2 simple question: reading lower triangular matrix
5:02PM 0 Course***R/Splus Advanced Programming *** Atlanta
4:28PM 1 Installing RSPerl and Statistics::R
3:49PM 1 three par. fitting with fitdistr
3:03PM 1 SOS Boosting
2:51PM 2 Complex plotting in R
2:43PM 2 Determining response variable in a formula
2:24PM 1 vectorizaton
2:22PM 1 question for IF ELSE usage
1:16PM 0 Sample Datasets for binary classifiers
1:11PM 5 R: to the power
11:11AM 3 elegant matrix creation
11:10AM 1 Design: predict.lrm does not recognise lrm.fit object
11:08AM 2 unexpected behavior in bwplot
10:50AM 3 adding a factor column based on levels of another factor
10:28AM 1 help: how to use tkevent.generate(...)
10:07AM 2 Puzzled at ifelse()
9:56AM 3 bug in chdir option of source
9:53AM 2 how to generate argument from a vector automatically
9:06AM 2 what is the .Machine$double.xmin for a 64 bit machine?
8:39AM 0 empirical A matrix for dynamic system and markov analyses
8:15AM 2 testing for significance in random-effect factors using lmer
6:31AM 5 High resolution plots
4:51AM 1 How to obtain Frequency Tables for Histogram outputs and Frequency Polygons
4:34AM 0 ---- Message Quarantined! ----
2:48AM 2 R CMD INSTALL use differenct c++ compiler
1:01AM 0 transition matrix and discretized data
12:19AM 0 simulate.lme plot
12:01AM 1 nlme plot
Monday July 11 2005
10:40PM 2 CIs in predict?
7:21PM 2 building packages on Windows
6:48PM 1 indexing into and modifying dendrograms
4:52PM 4 exact values for p-values - more information.
4:51PM 1 Projection Pursuit
4:47PM 4 exact values for p-values
4:43PM 1 small first graph of par(3,2), other 5 are correct
4:13PM 2 Isolating string containing only file name from complete path
4:02PM 2 Weighted nls
1:57PM 3 misc3d package
12:56PM 1 class<- vs. as()
12:21PM 2 Misbehaviour of DSE
11:37AM 0 polr (MASS) link functions
11:25AM 1 Sweave and complex numbers
10:17AM 0 estVARXar parameter significance
10:10AM 4 plot(cox.zph()): customize xlab & ylab
9:54AM 6 R on kubuntu
9:42AM 2 Problems with R on OS X
9:30AM 2 (no subject)
9:03AM 1 validation, calibration and Design
8:56AM 1 choice of graph
Sunday July 10 2005
11:10PM 2 Boxplot in R
10:29PM 1 O/T -2 Log Lambda and Chi Square
9:36PM 2 Off topic -2 Ln Lambda and Chi square
6:13PM 3 not supressing leading zeros when reading a table?
1:24PM 1 Using a string as a filter
12:26PM 0 package loading smooth.lf (LOCFIT), couldn't find functio n "smooth.lf"
12:42AM 2 Help to make a specific matrix
Saturday July 9 2005
10:33PM 1 aregImpute: beginner's question
8:15PM 1 Quantile normalization and NA
10:53AM 3 getting a variable from an object named using paste
10:31AM 0 Svar: R-help Digest, Vol 29, Issue 9
1:39AM 1 It was a sad day for the Statistics profession
Friday July 8 2005
11:55PM 1 merge
11:06PM 1 help with ARIMA and predict
9:22PM 2 time series regression
8:36PM 1 Finite Mixture Models with logistic regression
8:22PM 1 Finding indices of NA values in a data frame
8:08PM 1 "more" and "tab" functionalities in R under linux
7:45PM 2 Multiple assignments in one statement
7:22PM 1 Overlying a Normal Dist in a Barplot
6:51PM 2 extract prop. of. var in pca
6:07PM 1 explained deviance in multinom
5:57PM 5 Help with Mahalanobis
5:52PM 2 missing data imputation
5:37PM 0 Problem with filter() ?
4:22PM 1 how to do something like symptoms==c('a', 'e', 'z')
4:10PM 2 R.oo static field
3:50PM 2 Plotting a simple subset
3:48PM 0 ANN: BioC2005 Conference, online registration now available
3:00PM 1 exact conditional mantelhaen.test estimate is 0 ?!
2:24PM 2 Garch in a model with explanatory variables
2:16PM 2 removing factor level represented by less than x rows
1:08PM 0 Making Package, Chm error, Html Help Workshop [solved]
11:49AM 1 Possible Solution to Tempfile error (for documentation)
9:13AM 1 Orthogonal regression
8:54AM 0 Update on SuSE-9.2 fails
8:30AM 2 [OT] "Dispersion" in French
3:30AM 3 fail in adding library in new version.
2:27AM 3 pairs() uses col argument for axes coloring
12:18AM 1 Problem compiling R 2.1.* on SUSE 9.2
12:08AM 3 How do you sort a data frame on a selection of columns?
Thursday July 7 2005
10:25PM 1 q() ==> Segmentation fault
10:11PM 1 multivariate regression using R
9:27PM 1 spurious regression in R
8:10PM 2 randomForest
8:00PM 1 manupulating a data frame column
7:41PM 1 Orthogonal Distance Regressions
7:40PM 1 look for help on nlm in R
5:59PM 1 Main Title for multiple charts
5:20PM 3 xmat[1, 2:3] <- NULL
4:51PM 0 Failing to install Hmisc on Mac OS 10.3.9, R Version 2.1.0 Patched (2005-05-12)
4:49PM 1 Segmentation fault on exit
4:00PM 0 plotcp
3:47PM 1 Plotting Character Variable
2:43PM 2 function par(mfrow....)
1:46PM 3 What method I should to use for these data?
1:10PM 0 R crashes when spherical autocorrelation specified in nlme
12:28PM 2 tcltk package
12:25PM 1 Kernlab: problem with small datasets
11:57AM 1 Tables: Invitation to make a collective package
11:55AM 1 About ade4 and overlaying points
11:36AM 2 Problems with nlme: Quinidine example
11:23AM 2 about image() function in R and colors
11:14AM 2 Making Package, Chm error, Html Help Workshop
10:28AM 2 答复: 答复: fail in adding library in new version.
9:46AM 1 Question
9:37AM 1 How to get the minimum ?
8:06AM 2 R under suse linux 9.3
7:59AM 2 r: LOOPING
2:31AM 0 traceback and passing data frame
1:44AM 1 CDF plot
Wednesday July 6 2005
10:42PM 1 How to perform LSD or HSD tests with glm or lm
9:28PM 1 Help: Mahalanobis distances between 'Species' from iris
9:28PM 1 pretty for date-time?
8:20PM 2 Graphics: calling par(mar) after frame()
8:06PM 4 Tempfile error
7:36PM 3 plotting on a reverse log scale
6:35PM 2 rlm/M/MM-estimator questions
5:13PM 1 Interactive Graphics
3:29PM 1 Error message NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 6) when using knn()
3:22PM 1 how to split several objects' names
2:45PM 0 function for maximum entropy distributions
2:09PM 2 Plotting confidence intervals for lme
1:52PM 0 R COM classes
1:29PM 0 sktest output
12:14PM 2 How to sample x-y coordinates from GIS files
9:00AM 1 Question about statistics
Tuesday July 5 2005
10:16PM 1 Invalid device number in savePlot
9:44PM 1 build R source package in place from CVS?
9:34PM 1 multivariate lme?
8:08PM 1 logistic regression asymptote problem
4:46PM 2 write.foreign and SPSS
4:24PM 2 Java and R help
3:54PM 0 Problem installing RMySQL_0.5-5
2:29PM 4 Discriminant Function Analysis
2:21PM 0 plot legend outside the grid
1:56PM 2 finding out more about an object, e.g. lm
1:47PM 1 generalized gamma random number generation
12:57PM 0 batchfiles for Windows
11:29AM 0 split-split plot design with missing data
10:22AM 1 PLS: problem transforming scores to variable space
10:07AM 0 Code of Hansen's (2000) Econometrica paper on threshold estimation
10:04AM 1 by (tapply) and for loop differences
9:55AM 1 timezone problems
9:03AM 1 Kind of 2 dim histogram - levelplot
7:55AM 1 Getting runtime error in stepclass
2:47AM 2 Derivative of a function
2:34AM 1 help eliminating for loops
Monday July 4 2005
11:51PM 2 Problems with eval() in connection with match.call()
10:30PM 0 New version of "vcd" package
8:31PM 2 using index of a loop as a macro variable
7:26PM 1 R emacs and ess
6:42PM 1 r version 2.1.0 and graphics in mac os 10.3.9
6:35PM 1 question about boxplot axis
5:11PM 1 Colors in mtext
3:28PM 2 Lack of independence in anova()
2:45PM 1 partial autoregression matrix function
1:50PM 1 RMySQL typing Problem (bigint unsigned)
11:40AM 1 To Predict for a vector
10:19AM 1 Rotate legends or other approaches to nice legend placement?
9:45AM 1 compare two lists with differents levels
9:45AM 1 A faster way to aggregate?
12:58AM 2 Windows compile
Sunday July 3 2005
8:02PM 2 over/under flow
6:08PM 2 demo(scoping)
11:49AM 1 Symbolic Maximum Likelihood in R
10:56AM 1 Pearson and Spearman correlation coeffcients matrix
9:14AM 1 code for model-averaging by Akaike weights
Saturday July 2 2005
11:41PM 4 jagged array
11:07PM 2 how to set the position and size of the select.list window
8:39PM 1 Specifying the minimum and maximum of x and y-axis in plot
8:06PM 3 plot question
7:41PM 1 probability-probability plot
1:15PM 0 Cluster of iris data set from Mahalanobis distances
1:09PM 3 interrupted Y axis
8:14AM 1 how to call sas in R
2:43AM 2 Is it possible to use glm() with 30 observations?
12:24AM 1 as.Date < today ?
Friday July 1 2005
11:22PM 1 scope argument in step function
8:48PM 5 Generating correlated data from uniform distribution
8:33PM 1 Setting lattice boxplot's lines to black
7:22PM 0 lapply
6:00PM 0 zlim for levelplot
5:43PM 4 Lines for plot (Sweave)
5:12PM 0 Calculate 3D Fixed Kernel Home Range
3:52PM 1 OT: How to instaill gcc in cygwin?
2:01PM 0 plot svm
12:14PM 0 It is time to say thank you.
12:04PM 1 barplot legend
12:02PM 0 [R-pkgs] New CRAN package "relax": R Editor for Literate Analysis and lateX
12:01PM 4 R integration with Microsoft Powerpoint
11:54AM 2 Simple indexing conundrum
11:40AM 2 the format of the result
11:31AM 2 loop over large dataset
10:14AM 1 p-values for classification
1:29AM 1 compiling under windows
12:17AM 0 how to code garch-t(1,1),egarch(1,1) and gjr(1,1)