R help - Apr 2005

Saturday April 30 2005
8:28PM 1 legend(): how to put variable in subscript?
7:12PM 1 Test for autocorrelation in nlme model
5:31PM 2 formula in fixed-effects part of GLMM
3:02PM 1 User-defined random variable
10:04AM 0 (sin asunto)
4:44AM 1 Memory consumption, integer versus factor
3:24AM 3 How to extract function arguments literally
2:13AM 2 Warning from Rcmd check - data could not find data set
1:34AM 0 lmer for mixed effects modeling of a loglinear model
Friday April 29 2005
10:53PM 0 Windows list of Folders
10:01PM 0 log-rank when var < 5 and power
9:46PM 1 na.action
9:44PM 0 Snow sockets
9:07PM 2 Windows List of Folders?
8:04PM 1 R-2.1.0 search engine works with mozilla browser but notfirefox
7:18PM 0 Status
6:24PM 3 generalized matrix product ?
6:11PM 0 Anscombe-Glynn, Bonett-Seier, D'Agostino
5:58PM 1 its filter
5:55PM 2 postscript() filenames with forward slashes cause abort
5:09PM 2 congratulations to the JGR developers
4:25PM 1 robust model selection criteria
4:21PM 2 R-2.1.0 search engine works with mozilla browser but not firefox
3:33PM 2 Subarrays
2:00PM 0 Help on using read.Agilent
1:55PM 1 Decimal to hexadecimal
1:54PM 3 Error in La.chol2inv(x, size) : lapack routines cannot be loaded
1:34PM 0 Automating plot labelling in custom function in lapply( ) ?
12:00PM 2 Automating plot labelling in custom function in lapply() ?
11:57AM 3 How to change variables in datasets automatically
11:53AM 0 derive an AIC value of an lrm model similar to the AIC of a glm model?
11:50AM 0 problem with strata in boot
11:32AM 1 grid and ps device (bg-color)
10:36AM 1 accuracy of test cases
10:11AM 2 how to replace text...
5:17AM 2 Iterative process for reading in text files
12:25AM 1 newbie questions...
Thursday April 28 2005
10:52PM 0 Linear Discriminant Analysis Biplots
9:41PM 0 simple addition in R, now fast & easy!
9:25PM 6 R2.1.0: X11 font at size 14 could not be loaded
9:12PM 2 Reconstruction of a "valid" expression within a function
8:25PM 1 help files and vignettes
8:03PM 1 Installing sna package on MacOSX
7:36PM 0 (Fwd) Re: your membership of the AFT Email list
7:31PM 3 environment variables
6:40PM 3 have to point it out again: a distribution question
6:19PM 1 standard errors for orthogonal linear regression
5:17PM 2 how to construct an empty data.frame
4:39PM 1 riwish() problem
4:11PM 1 Fortran dy lib on Solaris
3:46PM 0 Mixed factorial manova ?
2:14PM 6 shading in line plots
1:53PM 1 strange behaviour of importFrom directive in name space
11:16AM 1 normality test
10:58AM 0 update: lmtest 0.9-10
10:58AM 0 new package: dynlm 0.1-0
10:58AM 0 update: zoo 0.9-9
10:55AM 1 finding cols and rows in a matrix
10:07AM 1 Selecting font sizes graphics device
Wednesday April 27 2005
11:48PM 1 Is this a bug in R?
11:25PM 1 How to specify the hierarchical structure of a split plot using lmer ??
11:03PM 2 Getting the name of an object as character
10:57PM 1 tcl/tk problem
7:57PM 0 GPArotation package
7:21PM 3 assign to an element of a vector
7:10PM 4 Defining binary indexing operators
6:59PM 1 interval censoring case 1 or current status data
6:58PM 1 Closing RGui help windows
6:06PM 4 Density curve over a histogram
5:45PM 2 its package: inexplicable date-shifting ?!
5:25PM 2 Question about R initial message
4:02PM 1 R/Splus--Perl Interface && ssh
3:18PM 1 Data() and CSV files
3:12PM 0 Fitting a kind of Proportional Odds Modell using nlme, polr, lrm or ordgee
2:41PM 1 Recursive calculation of a series of values
2:31PM 1 How to break data in quantiles properly?
2:02PM 1 Error list and debugging R code
1:48PM 4 How to add some of data in the first place dataset
1:08PM 2 date format
12:59PM 2 R for Windows MSI Installation File
12:58PM 1 Split dataset as factor and numeric
12:21PM 3 Take a levels
11:56AM 0 good editor for R sources ? CE is supported
11:04AM 0 DLL problem when using gcc+gsl
9:55AM 1 dyn.load(), DLL, Fortran, TLNise software
7:43AM 3 libz library missing while installing RMySQL
3:14AM 3 Time series indexes
2:52AM 2 lattice plot problem!
2:19AM 1 making table() work
Tuesday April 26 2005
9:32PM 1 survreg with numerical covariates
8:27PM 1 Problem with clipping in Lattice, and closing a postscript device
8:21PM 2 how to modify and compile R sourse codes
7:15PM 3 how to add a column with string values to a data frame while still converting them to factors
6:50PM 1 PCA model
6:10PM 0 Multiple periodicities
5:28PM 1 Summarizing factor data in table?
5:19PM 0 FW: Advice for calling a C function
4:22PM 11 good editor for R sources ?
4:09PM 1 mantelhaen.test for more than two groups?
3:52PM 2 Extending time series
3:39PM 1 Error in nonlinear mixed-effects model
3:05PM 1 Finding 'ncp' for t
3:01PM 1 Advice for calling a C function
2:46PM 3 Error using e1071 svm: NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call
2:16PM 2 .libPaths()
1:27PM 2 postscript (eps) / latex / par(mfg=...) / problem!
1:12PM 0 Construction of a "mean" contengency table
9:36AM 2 simple question on graphics window
9:33AM 0 psy version 0.65 released
9:18AM 2 Flip rows and columns of a table?
7:58AM 0 R - C programm. calling load() from within C code
4:16AM 1 Index matrix to pick elements from 3-dimensional matrix
2:28AM 2 writing a data frame in excel format
2:07AM 1 Problems installing and updating packages for 2.1.0 on Windows 2000
12:10AM 1 Time alignment of time series
Monday April 25 2005
10:18PM 0 DSC 2005 info
9:01PM 2 problem with dir() in R-2.1.0?
8:25PM 1 The eigen function
8:18PM 3 How to transform the date format as "20050425"
8:09PM 0 R/Splus--Perl Interface
6:16PM 0 (sans objet)
6:12PM 2 Installing packages, again
4:13PM 1 Need help with panel.segment..
4:03PM 6 Proba( Ut+2=1 / ((Ut+1==1) && (Ut==1))) ?
3:54PM 1 R Reference Card (especially useful for Newbies)
3:20PM 0 "wild" function
2:40PM 4 panel ordering in nlme and augPred plots
11:36AM 1 multiple autocorrelation coefficients in spdep?
11:21AM 2 Pca loading plot lables
9:02AM 3 Data frames
3:46AM 1 Off topic excel question
2:45AM 2 residuals in lmer
12:35AM 1 installing R-2.1.0 from source on Fedora Core 3 with tclt k
Sunday April 24 2005
7:17PM 1 large dataset import, aggregation and reshape
6:37PM 1 installing R-2.1.0 from source on Fedora Core 3 with tcltk
5:05PM 0 Advice on Speed Improvement
3:16PM 0 RV: dr ()
2:14PM 1 Biodem 0.1/orphaning of MAlmig
2:12PM 1 random interactions in lme
12:45PM 3 Upgrading R
12:26PM 1 R CMD check doesn't stop with checking examples
10:15AM 2 missing values
7:44AM 2 Garbled plot label
1:29AM 2 A question on the library lme4
Saturday April 23 2005
9:10PM 1 Bootstrap / permutation textbooks
8:51PM 0 Spamed? ScanMail has blocked your mail due to an email security policy.
8:04PM 0 reading fortran binary file
5:43PM 2 extracting selected rows, based on a 'list' of values
4:32PM 0 Importing subsets of rows into R from a large text data file
4:15PM 1 optim() non-finite finite-difference value
2:59PM 1 select dataframe records
2:49PM 1 [OT] R-project.Borg?
2:26PM 3 Restarting R without quitting R
2:10PM 0 patch release of bayesm
10:21AM 1 RCMD check error windows
8:55AM 3 How to know in which package is a function
8:14AM 1 R-2.1.0 doesn't compile on FreeBSD6-CURRENT
8:04AM 1 start values for nls() that don't yield singular gradients?
7:40AM 1 question about about the drop1
4:31AM 2 ANOVA with both discreet and continuous variable
2:17AM 2 How to override coerion error in 'scan'
Friday April 22 2005
10:39PM 1 an interesting qqnorm question
9:19PM 1 Need help arranging the plot in different fashion than the default format
7:43PM 0 Alternative to aggregate() for averaging
7:40PM 1 shared library configuration; Gnome GUI
7:30PM 1 algorithm used in k-mean clustering
7:21PM 1 density
6:48PM 1 dr ()
6:43PM 2 help with POSIX
6:09PM 0 Cyrillic R: how can I help? (or Re: R 2.1.0, Windows, non-Latin locales)
3:38PM 3 Problem with R-2.1.0: install.packages() doesn't work
3:23PM 2 Hoaglin Outlier Method
3:14PM 0 defining custom survreg distributions
3:12PM 1 Expression in panel.text
2:15PM 1 hi: I am newbie for R too...
1:49PM 1 density estimation
1:25PM 1 lsfit result - how to compute t-values for coefficients
12:58PM 5 ugly loop
12:41PM 0 fBasics question: Get dates corresponding to maximum values
9:46AM 3 Anova - interpretation of the interaction term
9:00AM 2 How to tell if R is running in batch mode
8:55AM 0 Intership: R programmer, London
8:29AM 1 Help needed with lattice graph!
7:23AM 1 Beginner in R
6:59AM 3 Error when downloading and installing ALL R packages
5:26AM 3 Installing packages from source on WindowsXP
4:14AM 1 Required Packages etiquette
3:15AM 2 pointer to comments re Paul Murrell's new book, R, & SAS on Andrew Gelman's blog
1:19AM 1 lme4: apparently different results between 0.8-2 and 0.95-6
Thursday April 21 2005
11:02PM 1 Strange data frame
10:44PM 3 Need help with R date handling and barchart with errorbars
10:14PM 1 R closes unexpectedly with write.dbf()
10:12PM 0 Off topic --- expectations of products of normals.
9:12PM 0 June Course***Advanced R/S Programming in New York City and Boston
8:12PM 0 Internal error on Max OS X?
5:21PM 1 Installing packages from source code
5:14PM 2 How to know if a classification tree is predicitve or not?
5:06PM 9 Using R to illustrate the Central Limit Theorem
4:13PM 2 ANOVA model
4:03PM 1 large matrix
3:54PM 1 CRAN mirror - how many amount?
3:31PM 4 basic question
3:19PM 0 heatmaps depending on RAM?
3:06PM 2 Deciles and R
2:49PM 0 DOH! RE: R 2.1.0 for Windows installation error? atanh not in R.dll?
2:39PM 1 empty pdf
2:39PM 1 R 2.1.0 for Windows installation error? atanh not in R.dll?
2:32PM 0 Recall: Suggestion for the posting guide
2:09PM 4 Suggestion for the posting guide
2:04PM 0 AW: Question for layout function
1:30PM 2 how to run R in batch mode?
1:22PM 1 Question for layout function
1:11PM 1 colSums and rowSums with arrays - different classes and dim ?
12:53PM 2 apply vs sapply vs loop - lm() call appl(y)ied on array
12:38PM 1 Simple methods question
12:22PM 0 colldiag
11:54AM 1 biplot graphical problems
11:32AM 0 data.frame objects as seen by tapply
10:59AM 2 Howto overlay two plots and save them in one pdf file?
10:36AM 1 .Fortran() again
10:21AM 1 How to stop plotting leaf labels in the agnes dendrogram ?
10:01AM 1 lda (MASS)
7:57AM 2 Download advice please!
4:15AM 0 error reports
3:43AM 2 local average
Wednesday April 20 2005
7:05PM 4 Assign factor and levels inside function
5:02PM 7 A question about function behavior
4:49PM 1 window closed
4:25PM 2 Package under R 2.1.0: package.rds
4:15PM 1 newby trying to solve a system
4:09PM 1 problem with DCOM server in R 2.1.0
3:38PM 3 Keeping factors with zero occurrences in "table" output
3:37PM 6 Histogram
3:20PM 0 Habituation model : several sequences in several sessions, should I use getGroups?
3:15PM 0 fSeries rsiTA. Need help to modify function
2:58PM 0 sam analysis question
2:20PM 2 problem with RODBC
2:16PM 1 overlaying a contour line in a levelplot
1:40PM 6 Anova - adjusted or sequential sums of squares?
1:24PM 0 Chi² - test for a distribution
1:23PM 0 Tips for a longtime S-Plus user moving to R
1:01PM 3 if(foo == TRUE) .. etc
12:06PM 2 heckit / tobit estimation
10:17AM 2 how to get code of a .Internal() function?
10:15AM 0 I: results from sammon()
8:47AM 0 Fits & splines
8:46AM 4 Put one random row dataset to first cell variable
8:35AM 4 results from sammon()
6:48AM 0 R 2.1.0, Windows, non-Latin locales
12:58AM 2 fSeries Technical Analysis rsiTA problem
12:08AM 2 Label / Tick under single Boxplot
Tuesday April 19 2005
11:30PM 1 lattice graphics paging?
10:37PM 0 Getting help on the new features of 2.1.0
10:17PM 2 cross validation and parameter determination
8:51PM 1 controlling the x axis of boxplots
7:47PM 1 type.convert error with read.csv function
7:15PM 2 RODBC odbcCloseAll odbcClose Windows XP
7:06PM 1 timeSeries Date Warning messages: Set timezone to GMT!
6:57PM 0 R 2.0.1 install problem on Solaris 9
6:12PM 0 Changes to batchSOM from 1.9.1 to 2.0.1
5:36PM 1 a statistic question,a bit off-topic,but important
4:59PM 2 Sun Solaris install error
3:59PM 2 PDF output:
3:57PM 2 Printing a single "\" character
3:47PM 3 Ranking within a classification variable.
3:28PM 2 Aspect ratio and limits
2:46PM 0 A Guide to Making Packages Under Windows
2:44PM 1 [Fwd: need some help]
2:37PM 1 Optim(...parscale...)
2:18PM 3 select cases
1:52PM 1 Package 'R2HTML'
1:36PM 1 Manual for package "methods"
1:11PM 2 indexing an array using an index-array, but one entry being ', '
12:58PM 1 How to make combination data
12:34PM 3 Help with predict.lm
11:38AM 2 pl/R and MacOS X using R binary
10:16AM 1 behaviour of logLik and lme
8:19AM 4 Difference
7:19AM 1 Strange behavior in Lattice when superimposing
6:57AM 0 Updating packages to R 2.1.0
6:12AM 3 error due to locales again
2:41AM 2 Odd diagnostic plots in mixed-effects models
1:38AM 2 Compatability with Tiger OS X 10.4
12:28AM 1 standard normal gaussian
Monday April 18 2005
11:17PM 0 Re-release of R 2.1.0
11:12PM 4 longer object length, is not a multiple of shorter object length in: kappa * gcounts
11:08PM 0 Discrepancy between gam from gam package and gam in S-PLUS
11:03PM 3 using imported tables
10:52PM 1 R-squared in summary(lm...)
8:54PM 2 Construction of a large sparse matrix
6:56PM 2 when can we expect Prof Tierney's compiled R?
6:53PM 1 R 2.1.0 GUI language
6:41PM 0 Generating a binomial random variable correlated with a
6:34PM 1 dynamic function loading
5:08PM 1 Storing vectors as vectors and iterating through them
4:32PM 0 Retrieving column descriptions into Stata
4:29PM 1 Latent Class Analyisis in R
4:10PM 2 Very Slow Gower Similarity Function
4:09PM 3 Install problem on Solaris 9
4:08PM 1 a small problem with data
4:06PM 2 refitting lm() with same x, different y
3:42PM 2 colClasses = "Date" in read.delim, how to pass date-format?
2:37PM 3 Barplot and colors for legend
1:54PM 2 nls error in formula
12:36PM 1 R-2.1.0 is released
10:48AM 1 Rcmdr's problem in East Asian Languages Version
10:28AM 2 R2.0.1 for Mac OS X 10.3 problem
9:33AM 1 Rd.sty problems.
9:29AM 5 the graph gallery strikes back
9:20AM 0 RWinEdt 1.7-0 released
8:38AM 0 Mac GUI Slow?
7:30AM 1 how to use sink.number()
6:10AM 1 lmer question
2:24AM 1 polycoric correlation
1:08AM 1 Forcing best-fit lines to go through the origin
Sunday April 17 2005
11:57PM 3 Minimum distance
5:13PM 2 array indexing and which
1:39PM 3 generalized linear mixed models - how to compare?
1:23PM 1 Creating packages with windows (accessing data)
12:18PM 0 [Slightly off topic] R talks at free software conference?
3:08AM 1 nls segmented model with unknown joint points
1:19AM 1 Unlogical phenomenon caused by locator
Saturday April 16 2005
6:38PM 1 help on extract variance components from the fitted model by lm
5:31PM 1 Element-wise multiplication
4:27PM 0 Version 1.0-0 of the Rcmdr package
1:14PM 0 bayesm: a package for Bayesian infererence for Marketing/Micro-Econometrics
9:29AM 0 "Almost seasonal" decomposition
4:29AM 2 "chronological" ordering of factor in lm() and plot()
4:00AM 2 String in data frame
3:07AM 2 Getting subsets of a data frame
2:28AM 1 How to get predictions, plots, etc. from lmer{lme4}
12:04AM 0 Error while generating dendrogram
Friday April 15 2005
11:29PM 0 Billing Update
11:22PM 2 aggregate slow with variables of type 'dates' - how to solve
10:10PM 0 IRIX, firewalls, configure
9:33PM 5 Pearson corelation and p-value for matrix
8:04PM 1 example on front page doesn't work in R 2.0.1
7:37PM 2 Running scripts and the console
6:30PM 1 How to create a vector with "one", "two", "three", ...?
6:15PM 0 how to obtain CI of the random effects variance in a frailty model?
5:50PM 1 Residuals in gls
4:12PM 2 abbreviate or wrap dimname labels
3:59PM 2 A question about boxplot: mean and median
3:19PM 1 cross validation and CART
3:17PM 0 NAV a détecté un virus dans un document dont vous êtes l' auteur.
3:13PM 1 line numbers and file names in error messages
2:59PM 2 Define "local" function
2:46PM 1 need some help
2:43PM 2 negetative AIC values: How to compare models with negative AIC's
2:38PM 4 aggregation question
1:53PM 2 read.delim: only first column import
1:12PM 1 Range in probabilities of a fitted lrm model (Y~X)
10:27AM 0 From China: Want Capital Suppliers & Agent (6%)
10:23AM 1 pp-test in timeseries
9:41AM 1 updating packages
9:36AM 1 How can I change SQLite cache size for R session?
8:12AM 1 gnlr3 location parameter
7:16AM 1 AR1 in gls function
6:11AM 1 how can get rid of the level in the table
6:08AM 4 function corresponding to map of perl
5:58AM 0 code for index of canor analysis
3:25AM 1 Error Building From Source
1:25AM 2 Help with "MERGE" gratefully accepted
12:44AM 0 test ignore
12:44AM 1 Factor Analysis Biplot
Thursday April 14 2005
11:33PM 6 Inverse of the Laplace Transform/Gaver Stehfest algorithm
10:57PM 2 Display execution in a function
10:27PM 2 use the source code in my own c code
10:22PM 0 latent class regression
9:54PM 0 Finding an available port for server socket
8:30PM 2 Overload standart function
7:18PM 0 [Job Ad] Centocor Nonclinical Statistics
5:34PM 0 Course*** S-PLUS / R for SAS users: Complementing and Extending Statistical Computing for SAS Users
4:18PM 1 can test the if relationship is significant in cancor?
3:48PM 2 Reading and coalescing many datafiles.
3:33PM 0 g.data version 1.6, upgrade in response to changes in R-2.1.0
2:11PM 1 affy quality
1:34PM 2 grubbs.test
1:33PM 0 compiling with pgf90
1:24PM 1 Multiple copies of attached packages
12:12PM 1 lme, corARMA and large data sets
11:32AM 2 Printing integers in R "as is"
11:31AM 1 Strange behavior of atan2
11:19AM 1 xtable POSIXt
11:02AM 0 Conditional Interpolation
10:30AM 2 Legend in xyplot two columns
10:11AM 1 calling r, from SAS, batch mode
8:47AM 1 LOCFIT: What's it doing?
8:39AM 0 gnlr/3 question
7:45AM 5 cross compiling R for Windows under Linux
4:10AM 1 how to estimatae in single index models
3:47AM 3 Wrapping long labels in barplot(2)
1:40AM 1 question about "R get vector from C"
12:56AM 4 data manipulation
Wednesday April 13 2005
11:46PM 2 Map a string to an object
11:25PM 2 multinom and contrasts
10:22PM 0 terminate R program when trying to access out-of-bounds a rray element?
10:05PM 1 barplot usage
9:26PM 3 terminate R program when trying to access out-of-bounds array element?
9:25PM 1 i param in "for" loop does not takes zeros?
8:00PM 0 generalized regression neural nets
6:31PM 0 GAMM in mgcv - significance of smooth terms
6:28PM 2 extracting one element of correlation matrices from a list poroduced by the 'by' statement
6:26PM 0 GAMM in mgcv - degrees of freedom for smooth terms
5:33PM 1 Normalization and missing values
4:57PM 1 Anova for GLMM (lme4) is a valid method?
4:57PM 0 Summary: GLMMs: Negative Binomial family in R
3:11PM 1 logistic regression weights problem
2:51PM 1 R in Windows
2:31PM 2 Behavior of apply() when used with start()
2:22PM 1 Fluctuating asymmetry and measurement error
2:06PM 0 Data Mining in Europe, please advise
1:50PM 5 Binary Matrices
1:47PM 1 questions about discriminant analysis
1:19PM 5 R binaries for UMBUTU Linux?
1:01PM 1 install.packages and MacOS 10.3.8
12:51PM 2 easy question: obtaining rw1080.exe
10:18AM 1 How to plot Contour with NA in dataframe
10:01AM 1 compiling & installing R devel version on Debian
9:41AM 0 abstol in nnet
9:03AM 0 glm: mustart, different default for quasi and quasipoisson
8:45AM 1 range.bars in stl
8:12AM 2 Combine univariate time series
7:51AM 2 Inf +1i vs 1+Inf*1i
6:23AM 1 how to separate a string
4:57AM 3 A suggestion for predict function(s)
3:48AM 1 package submission and binary versions
2:11AM 1 Why is 1 a double?
12:21AM 1 lm() with many responses
Tuesday April 12 2005
10:43PM 2 Perhaps Off-topic lme question
10:39PM 1 pstoedit
10:20PM 1 factors in multinom function (nnet)
8:56PM 1 R into stata
8:53PM 1 Time series misalignment
6:55PM 0 New version of "catspec" package
6:21PM 0 Any addtional information on Flexible Discriminant Analysis (fda)
3:44PM 1 functions(t.test) on variables by groups
3:14PM 1 Cumulative Points and Confidence Interval Manipulation in barplot2
3:08PM 2 not plotting when non-existent
2:40PM 1 lme problem
12:54PM 8 removing characters from a string
12:38PM 2 abline() with xyplot()
10:38AM 1 persp plot
10:06AM 0 Can you subset with the context of RExcel
9:14AM 2 R as programming language: references?
6:53AM 1 install own packages
4:44AM 1 R Package: mmlcr and/or flexmix
3:04AM 3 where is internal function of sample()?
2:39AM 1 adding R site search to Rgui
1:21AM 1 calling svydesign function that uses model.frame
12:18AM 1 Regression and time series
Monday April 11 2005
11:42PM 0 dependent competing risks
9:52PM 0 correlation range estimates with nlme::gls
5:24PM 2 How to calculate the AUC in R
3:22PM 0 (no subject)
2:20PM 1 how to use the "hmm" packgae?
2:18PM 2 static analysis tools for R code?
1:58PM 1 Two y-axis in lattice
1:34PM 1 Error on X11 or on R?
1:20PM 1 TSeries GARCH Estimates accuracy
12:33PM 2 Trying to undo an assignment
12:14PM 4 How to suppress the printing of warnings (Windows)?
11:35AM 1 ??
11:22AM 2 Sweave and abbreviating output from R
10:59AM 0 DSE package: "estVARXls" Method
10:52AM 4 R: function code
10:23AM 1 About importing CSV file
10:22AM 2 dealing with multicollinearity
10:22AM 6 How to change letters after space into capital letters
7:27AM 0 gcmrec -- new package for recurrent events
6:58AM 8 Building R packages under Windows.
6:50AM 1 glm family=binomial logistic sigmoid curve problem
5:37AM 1 multi-class modeling
4:56AM 1 extracting correlations from nlme
4:37AM 1 How to search an element in matrix ?
4:15AM 1 plotting Principal components vs individual variables.
3:43AM 0 R Gui help
3:31AM 1 [spam] t.test confidence interval
12:56AM 1 writing to an Excel file
12:50AM 2 R_LIBS difficulty ?
12:04AM 0 plotting Principle components vs individual variables.
Sunday April 10 2005
11:53PM 0 Re: beta distribution in terms of it's mean and standarddeviation
10:35PM 0 Bug in rnorm.sobol, fOptions package
3:50PM 2 about fonts
2:05PM 2 the difference between UseMethod and NextMehod?
12:55PM 1 lmer
12:45PM 2 residuals in VGAM
8:24AM 2 Plotting the occassional second label
Saturday April 9 2005
8:06PM 1 Error: too many open devices
4:29PM 2 having problems with constrOptim
3:24PM 1 PostScript scatter plot, losing points at RHS
5:45AM 1 advice on crafting examples for packages
4:02AM 0 Journal of Statistical Software, Volume 12
1:49AM 0 Plotting principle components against individual variables
12:03AM 1 R-generated animation of a polynomiograph
Friday April 8 2005
9:57PM 1 subset arg lmList
9:14PM 0 Using Flexible Discriminant Analysis (fda) in mda
8:23PM 0 EEG, ERP, ERF analysis with boot or bootstrap package
6:49PM 0 Can't read from master socket connection?
5:19PM 0 quick help please
5:09PM 1 Princomp$Scores
3:53PM 2 BUG in RODBC with OS X?
3:39PM 1 kunamorph@web.de
3:01PM 2 DLL Memory Problem
2:50PM 1 restrict namespace inside functions?
2:27PM 2 error on install Rmpi packages
1:30PM 1 anova with gam?
12:33PM 0 TR: The results of your email commands
10:08AM 1 Can't get function to run iteratively
9:12AM 2 weird results w/ prcomp-princomp
1:47AM 1 NA in table with integer types
12:38AM 0 error in save.image (addendum)
12:11AM 0 Error in save.image
Thursday April 7 2005
11:55PM 0 HTML Help Browser in R Mac OS X Aqua GUI
11:51PM 0 Principle Component Loadings
10:51PM 2 axis colors in pairs plot
9:31PM 2 Zipping Rdata Files
9:19PM 2 vectorized approach to cumulative sampling
9:06PM 1 /bin/exec/R: No such file or directory
8:54PM 1 Adapt Function Examples
6:41PM 1 ks.test for conditional distribution Y|x
5:15PM 3 Fitting a mixed negative binomial model
4:09PM 1 is there any function to do oblique rotation in factor analysis?
3:26PM 1 Assigning "dates" attribute
2:47PM 1 Importing data into R
2:00PM 0 parameterisation of Factor levels
1:50PM 0 how to analysis this kind of data set?
1:47PM 3 4D Plot ??
1:43PM 2 half-normal residual plots
1:26PM 2 hex format
12:43PM 3 package
12:27PM 5 apply
12:07PM 3 analyse des correspondances multiples
11:24AM 4 sweave bwplot error
11:09AM 2 Order of boxes in boxplot()
10:45AM 1 how to print error message in batch mode
9:36AM 0 (no subject)
9:34AM 1 build rpvm under cygwin
8:05AM 1 density estimation with weighted sample
5:01AM 2 newline in lattice axis label
12:38AM 1 Importing SAS transport data
Wednesday April 6 2005
9:55PM 1 read.table with header and text data
8:18PM 3 looking for a plot function
7:58PM 0 Polynomiographic function in R :-)
7:22PM 0 nnet classification using unbalanced classes
7:01PM 0 newbie file size question
6:51PM 1 using command line flags with TINN-R
6:48PM 1 insignificant factors in regression model
5:19PM 5 bootstrap vs. resampleing
3:52PM 0 newman-keuls
3:38PM 7 off-topic question: Latex and R in industries
2:57PM 3 Error in hist.default(A) : `x' must be numeric
2:06PM 2 par(mfcol=2, mfrow=3) equivalent for trellis
1:47PM 6 Introduce a new function in a package?
1:35PM 0 Courses- May 2005***R/S-plus Programming Techniques
12:40PM 1 how to estimate Type I, Type III SS
12:00PM 2 Precision
9:54AM 1 nls.control
9:34AM 2 conditional selection with Factors
4:57AM 0 Version 0.93 of GAM package on CRAN
2:54AM 2 two methods for regression, two different results
2:19AM 0 nonlinear equation system
Tuesday April 5 2005
11:56PM 0 Regression Modeling Strategies Workshop by Frank Harrell in Southern California
11:40PM 1 nlme & SASmixed in 2.0.1
10:59PM 3 How to do aggregate operations with non-scalar functions
8:44PM 0 negativr binomial glmm's
6:12PM 5 R can not show plots (in Mac OS X terminal)
6:05PM 1 summing columns using partial labels
5:36PM 4 lists: removing elements, iterating over elements,
5:20PM 2 GLMs: Negative Binomial family in R?
4:39PM 1 Dendrogram for a type unbalanced ANOVA
4:37PM 1 extracting Proportion Var and Cumulative Var values from factanal
3:31PM 1 Fitdistr and likelihood
3:26PM 0 rgl to quicktime
3:24PM 2 cat bailing out in a for loop
2:51PM 5 Help with three-way anova
2:19PM 1 Stats Question: Single data item versus Sample from Normal Distribution
2:07PM 2 Dead wood code
1:41PM 1 accessing header information in a table
11:51AM 3 problems with subset (misunderstanding somewhere)
10:35AM 2 Stats Question: Single data item versus Sample from Norma l Distribution
8:37AM 2 extract date
4:59AM 2 Principle Component Analysis in R
4:51AM 1 exclusion rules for propensity score matchng (pattern rec)
Monday April 4 2005
10:46PM 1 R package that has (much) the same capabilities as SAS v9 PROC GENMOD
10:17PM 2 locfit and memory allocation
8:59PM 1 custom loss function + nonlinear models
6:50PM 3 plotting mathematical notation and values substitution
6:38PM 1 Package 'outliers' (Dixon, Grubbs)
6:22PM 5 a question about box counting
5:46PM 1 coalesce in its
5:34PM 1 Data set for loglinear analysis
2:50PM 3 scan html: sep = "<td>"
2:32PM 2 mysql retrive question
1:58PM 1 help with kolmogorov smirnov test
1:31PM 3 Error in save.image(): image could not be renamed
11:04AM 1 Change density and angle in barplot
8:46AM 1 Handling very large integers with factorial and combinat (nCm)
8:35AM 1 Object item extraction
8:11AM 2 emacs + R?
6:50AM 1 need any advises for code optimization.
3:35AM 1 How to extrct F value
12:25AM 1 RDCOMServer for R 2.0.1 + Windows ?
Sunday April 3 2005
11:05PM 3 'skewing' a normal random variable
10:41PM 4 Generating a binomial random variable correlated with a normal random variable
7:10PM 0 split-split plot design with missing data
12:07PM 1 2500 data set point is not been analysed in extRemes
5:59AM 2 how to draw a 45 degree line on qqnorm() plot?
3:38AM 3 is there a function like %in% for characters?
2:40AM 1 wrong signs using MNP.
Saturday April 2 2005
9:52PM 1 need hints on basic character string functions
9:10PM 2 RMySQL question
5:47PM 2 Amount of memory under different OS
2:49PM 0 Help with brain surgery
11:40AM 2 is a very big graphics-device
11:01AM 4 factor to numeric in data.frame
3:19AM 3 using GAM to assess the linearity in logistic regression
1:07AM 1 Survey of "moving window" statistical functions - still looking f or fast mad function
12:23AM 0 Importing surface data
Friday April 1 2005
11:15PM 1 R mailing list archive difficulty
8:31PM 1 Vernier Caliper function vernier()
6:41PM 1 Ordering scales in xYplot.Hmisc
6:27PM 2 Error in colMeans ... what's wrong with my data?
6:19PM 0 Version 0.95-1 of the lme4 package
5:56PM 1 CI for Ratios of Variance components in lme?
5:49PM 0 boot function
4:29PM 0 fatal error unused tempdir
4:13PM 3 plot axis appearance problem
1:30PM 4 R FAQ 2.8
1:01PM 2 (no answer)
11:09AM 1 new package - paraNormal distribution
10:12AM 0 anova and post hoc
10:10AM 1 optim problem, nls regression
8:33AM 0 glm with poisson errors
7:59AM 1 Classification of an image
4:08AM 4 error in kmeans
3:22AM 7 a R function for sort a data frame.
1:29AM 2 about get stdout from other program
1:17AM 2 programming conventions