R help - May 2005

Tuesday May 31 2005
11:37PM 1 Tiger problems
10:22PM 3 FW: why is it numeric(0)?
10:14PM 2 Why does "summary" show number of NAs as non-integer?
9:39PM 1 Loading matrices and other things
9:31PM 1 subset-analogue removing fed in indexes?
8:47PM 2 simple predict question
8:47PM 1 Increasing Console "Paste Buffer"
8:35PM 1 question regarding new class
7:47PM 0 (no subject)
6:38PM 0 prediction using gls with correlated residuals
5:40PM 1 Shared Frailty in survival package (left truncation, time-dep. covariates)
5:34PM 2 help
4:32PM 1 Add Columns and Order for Rbind?
4:04PM 1 is there material about Longitudinal Data Analysis with R?
3:55PM 1 read.delim2 regarding "#"
3:40PM 2 plane3d
3:29PM 5 post hoc kruskal wallis
3:22PM 2 pdf error msg
3:00PM 1 jpeg function problem with rterm.exe
2:46PM 2 Scaling data
2:15PM 2 A suggestion to improve ifelse behaviour with vector yes/no arguments
1:43PM 1 GLM question
1:12PM 2 FYI: Problems while loading package "class (VR)"
12:59PM 0 [DEM01 WD/MV: Virus!]
12:41PM 0 Theta and clumping (or aggregation) parameter k
12:40PM 0 Plot Font Size in Sweave
12:26PM 2 POSIX problem
12:10PM 0 Please help me update my address book on Ringo
12:04PM 3 lars / lasso with glm
11:51AM 2 Pairs plot
11:22AM 2 Null space (or kernel) and image of a matrix
10:34AM 0 lm/lme cross-validation
10:04AM 1 How to access to Data within a cluster
10:02AM 0 LPC
9:17AM 1 Solved: linear regression example using MLE using optim()
8:42AM 1 apply the function "factor" to multiple columns
8:22AM 2 Barplot2 Title
5:49AM 0 Installing RGL on SuSE 9.3
3:19AM 2 Problem going back to a viewport with gridBase
12:11AM 3 labels on map
Monday May 30 2005
11:38PM 3 Piecewise Linear Regression
8:53PM 1 persp, add lines/highlights
7:57PM 2 "FANNY" function in R package "cluster"
7:50PM 1 Unique arrangements of a vector
5:19PM 1 Trying to write a linear regression using MLE and optim()
4:29PM 1 problem in R2.2-dev
3:47PM 2 How to access to sum of dissimilarities in CLARA
3:11PM 0 a question about read.marrayRaw
2:43PM 1 Formatting numbers with a limited amount of digits consistently
2:25PM 2 Reference Card?
2:19PM 0 Egarch
1:51PM 3 rbind wastes memory
1:19PM 3 values of bars in barplot
9:15AM 3 how to "singlify" entries
8:47AM 1 Menu Language
7:20AM 3 how to invert the matrix with quite small eigenvalues
5:00AM 3 Vector Manipulation
2:48AM 3 sapply following using by with a list of factors
2:31AM 0 Nomogram
12:17AM 2 trouble with cumsum?
Sunday May 29 2005
10:35PM 1 spatially constrained clustering
10:01PM 2 joining files after canonical correlation
7:15PM 1 get the bug context
5:13PM 6 R GUI for Linux?
4:29PM 0 You can appreciate the reduced prices on rxdrugs and check our weekly specials.
4:07PM 2 "text"-function: adding text in an x,y-plot
Saturday May 28 2005
10:46PM 3 Incompatibility with VGAM
5:48PM 1 Lag selection
5:07PM 1 Forcing ticks in plot for hclust object outside the limits
1:23PM 3 read.spss trouble
8:56AM 1 how to make legends on histograms
Friday May 27 2005
10:19PM 0 installing spatstat in OSX
9:42PM 1 images and maps in R
8:49PM 0 Windows binary version of port_0.1-1 available
6:18PM 0 [ESS] Re: R commandline editor question
5:57PM 2 nlminb to optmin
3:39PM 2 I never made any assumption athat anyone had any obligation to do anything
3:30PM 0 box plots without whiskers]
2:55PM 1 Using R for classifying new samples
2:27PM 3 box plots without whiskers
2:17PM 4 plotting box plots on same x
2:14PM 1 xmlAttrs and problems with reading node attributes of XML file (b ug?)
2:09PM 4 Chars as numbers
2:05PM 0 3D density estimation with library sm - no estimate returned
1:26PM 2 how to get this kind of binomial distribution simulation number?
12:23PM 1 Postscript
12:22PM 2 Round a line
11:38AM 0 Function environments lm() weights
11:11AM 1 R commandline editor question
10:52AM 0 cancor
10:18AM 1 Testing Nonlinear Restrictions
8:31AM 0 mixed-integer optimisation
8:08AM 3 Soil texture triangle in R?
7:56AM 1 Accounting for clustered data in Rpart or Mvpart
4:22AM 1 logistic regression
4:18AM 1 Power set
Thursday May 26 2005
11:16PM 1 specifying values in correlation matrix in nlme
10:00PM 1 Chi Square Test on two groups of variables
8:33PM 0 Consulting Positions Open at XLSolutions Corp
7:43PM 2 To find how R defined the function of "coxph"?
6:20PM 1 longitudinal survey data
5:23PM 0 How to interpret the differences between visually checked range and simulated range
4:30PM 2 Q: changing the class of an object
4:01PM 0 Confidence intervals for prediction based on the logistic equation
3:59PM 0 polar smoothing code
3:31PM 2 warnings from hist(): parameter XXX couldn't be set in high-level plot functionN
3:15PM 1 Plotting Ranges as Vertical Lines
3:09PM 1 export the graphical result of bwplot()
3:06PM 1 Simplify formula for heterogeneity
2:36PM 5 a more elegant approach to getting the majority level
2:29PM 0 Users of the CRAN homals package
2:28PM 0 two-part models
2:10PM 1 Survey and Stratification
2:09PM 1 Kouros Owzar is ooo.
1:17PM 2 Reading text files and readLine
12:24PM 1 Single factor from interaction.
10:13AM 0 reading .irb files into R
9:31AM 2 read.spss in R 2.1.0 & make basic dataframe
9:12AM 1 Help needed - Use of RSrvr in macro mode
6:35AM 0 R: weighted.mean and tapply (again)
4:36AM 0 estimating p values bootstrap regression
1:29AM 1 Useful tip: Use Google to find R scripts
1:01AM 1 aggregate and stack
12:23AM 1 PAN: Need Help for Multiple Imputation Package
Wednesday May 25 2005
11:30PM 1 [Fwd: Re: [Fwd: failure delivery]]
10:33PM 1 global normalization
8:31PM 3 Any ideas on how to add a dotted line to a box plot to indicate a specific value?
8:16PM 2 cor vs cor.test
7:48PM 1 Plot: Distance between tick and tick label on y-axis
7:43PM 0 brian.pdf (reference suggested in old message quasipoisson, glm.nb and AIC values)
7:16PM 0 mexican hat wavelet?
5:27PM 3 Rounding fractional numbers to nearest fraction
4:46PM 0 Can simulation involving random number generation be segm ented?
4:15PM 1 The error while using R2WinBUGS
3:50PM 4 mixed model
3:42PM 0 : Aremos TSD files
3:33PM 2 weighted.mean and tapply (again)
2:38PM 1 Ternary Plots with continuous data
2:22PM 2 Weird function call problem
2:08PM 5 precision problem
12:39PM 1 setting elements of matrix
12:30PM 4 Linear system
12:25PM 1 No ~ in JGR
12:13PM 0 R-devel 2.1.0 dependencies for RPMS under Fedora Core 3
12:05PM 1 plot 3D
11:09AM 2 Can simulation involving random number generation be segmented?
11:05AM 2 time-ordered object list
9:43AM 3 Problem with systemfit 0.7-3 and transformed variables
9:07AM 1 question: corCAR1 in lme
7:55AM 2 Deleting multiple rows from a matrix
7:19AM 2 Placing A Legend in Titlle of a Plot
6:27AM 3 Errors in Variables
12:04AM 0 [Job ad] Insightful looking for statistical consultants to meet increasing consulting demand
Tuesday May 24 2005
10:43PM 0 R Packages and code published in JSS in 2005
10:04PM 1 Contingency tables from data.frames
8:53PM 0 output of mars() in package mda; how do I read the pairwise interaction terms from the output?
8:41PM 3 Plot range resizing when adding additiona lines
8:39PM 4 Table Help
8:38PM 2 Missing Data Line Type?
8:35PM 1 How to use fixed-width fonts such as courier in R
8:23PM 1 input line length in Sweave
8:11PM 0 Question on read.table
7:45PM 0 Is anyone working on an "S4 classes for dummies" book/paper? If so, please contact me off-list
6:27PM 3 obtaining first and last record for rows with same identifier
5:22PM 2 Basic matematical functions with NAs
5:08PM 1 plot in a two dimension surface with more than 2 variables
4:05PM 2 R unable to run on Mac OS 10.4 Tiger
3:43PM 1 How to get special (Hershey) font symbols into plot axis labels? [Revisited]
3:09PM 2 reading multiple files
2:44PM 1 Ein "R und backslash"-Problem
2:09PM 1 rotate pie chart
1:19PM 0 AW: Tracking progress during iterations
12:49PM 0 skewness and kurtosis in e1071 correct? (correction)
11:31AM 2 Tracking progress during iterations
11:07AM 1 image() and non-well-ordered colours
10:35AM 1 Catching an error with lm()
6:43AM 1 best.svm
3:38AM 1 Returning from a function
3:22AM 2 website reference for building R packages
2:59AM 1 contourLines() starts a plot device
2:48AM 1 lme4 package and importIntoEnv errors
1:59AM 5 How to break an axis?
Monday May 23 2005
10:31PM 1 SV: Documentation of S3 and S4 classes, inheritance
9:41PM 2 Documentation of S3 and S4 classes, inheritance
9:30PM 1 Error handling
6:59PM 1 comparing glm models - lower AIC but insignificant coefficients
6:49PM 0 dist equivalent
6:48PM 2 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance and R
6:46PM 1 transform normally distributed random terms to gamma distributed random terms
6:28PM 0 Left truncation in shared frailty models with time-varying covariates
6:01PM 1 Can't reproduce clusplot princomp results.
4:42PM 1 installing R and Rcmdr onMacOS 10.3.9
3:35PM 6 colors and palettes and things...
3:16PM 2 Trouble with drplot
2:45PM 3 formals or args question
1:03PM 0 R 2.1 installation on Mac OS 10.2
1:03PM 0 dse1 package simulate example
10:27AM 3 Dickey-Fuller Test
10:22AM 0 Problem with label name in mosaics plot
10:16AM 0 confidence interval and cross validation
9:56AM 1 How to convert a character string to a number
9:46AM 1 Backslash
9:14AM 0 using lme in csimtest
2:17AM 3 skewness and kurtosis in e1071 correct?
Sunday May 22 2005
9:15PM 0 pls version 1.0-3
3:08PM 2 Maps, Eastern Europe
8:07AM 1 how to plot a fitted smooth line on histograms?
1:18AM 3 constraints
12:51AM 4 Calling R from R and specifying "wait until script is finished"
12:39AM 3 comparison operator, decimals, and signif()
Saturday May 21 2005
10:39PM 1 R version 1.9.1
3:15PM 0 Question On NLME
2:52PM 2 Possible (ab)use of lexical scoping in R ?
12:07PM 2 Plotting functions on the same figure
11:19AM 1 Numerical PDE Solver
10:57AM 0 studentized CIs for a correlation using package boot
9:25AM 1 Transfer function analisys
5:53AM 2 print format for difftime
Friday May 20 2005
8:44PM 0 Big-endian / Little-endian byte swap
7:46PM 1 bootstrapping vectors of unequal length
7:22PM 3 Reading Numeric Data -- Trivial Question
7:12PM 0 segmented regression
5:58PM 2 comparing a vactor of values in IF statement.
4:51PM 0 Version 1.0-1 of bayesm
4:23PM 4 issues with identical()
3:57PM 0 You have added paul_king_man@yahoo.com to your Paypal account
3:32PM 3 constrained optimization
3:00PM 2 address of Gordon Smyth ?
2:48PM 5 getting the unique values and counts from a vector
2:00PM 1 R: looping
12:05PM 2 Lattice: it seems, a bug in draw.key function
11:20AM 2 Plot Problem
11:11AM 1 Degradation model
11:05AM 1 legend as a subtitle
9:38AM 1 attached file with syntax error
9:33AM 3 Why does this give a syntax error?
7:28AM 1 hello
6:48AM 0 survival probabilities from survival tree (rpart)
12:20AM 1 using src/Makevars file
Thursday May 19 2005
10:20PM 1 R 2.1.0 RH Linux Built from Source Segmentation Fault
8:56PM 3 Simultaneous estimation of mean and garch eq'n
8:53PM 2 laten class analysis
7:34PM 1 logistic regression: differential importance of regressors
7:22PM 2 Larger X11 fonts under R-2.1.0
5:52PM 1 Loading a dynamic library
5:42PM 2 R matrix sorting question
5:42PM 4 does column exist?
5:01PM 1 reason for na.last=TRUE in rank
3:14PM 0 Fitting Data with errors to non-polynomial Linear Model
3:08PM 1 Learning rate with nnet
2:38PM 1 Power w/ unequal sample sizes
2:36PM 14 R annoyances
2:29PM 1 Reversing axis in a log plot
2:17PM 0 Random/systematic selection of rows in a matrix
2:09PM 3 install R packages--sorry last letter that I sent I had an error, this one is the right one
2:03PM 1 install R packages
1:54PM 1 Log-likelihood calculation in lme
12:58PM 2 tune.svm in {e1071}
12:47PM 0 Problem with upgrade to R 2.1 on Mac
12:35PM 2 plot with more than 2 variables
11:57AM 1 R from Perl -- RSPerl and lines function.
11:29AM 0 Bias to do with search engines
11:18AM 2 plot question
10:42AM 5 Arranging Plots
10:16AM 1 Lattice: how to get default ylim?
10:14AM 3 Drawing a circle
9:47AM 1 R-help,
7:23AM 2 ARIMA estimation
4:31AM 1 Calculation of Durbin-Watson p-value
3:10AM 1 how to export data in the order
Wednesday May 18 2005
11:23PM 1 Call R from Fortran
10:39PM 1 from list to dataframe
10:36PM 0 Fitting linear model to the matrix
10:18PM 1 source-only package, but still: Error: package 'simple' was built for powerpc-apple-darwin7.9.0
9:55PM 1 SAMM package for mixed models
8:58PM 1 loop
8:50PM 0 Advice requested: installation failing for foreign_0.8-7, mgcv_1.2-4, rpart_3.1-23, VR_7.2-15
7:16PM 1 lattice plots question
6:38PM 2 Why can't I download "window binary" zip packages
5:20PM 0 New course***Advanced Statistical Modelling in R/S-plus
5:06PM 1 text mining: ttda
4:32PM 1 the rationale for using update()
3:43PM 1 covariance analysis by using R
2:34PM 1 'fitdistr' and two views of the same data?
2:18PM 3 How to convert array to c()
2:15PM 0 User defined split function in rpart
2:13PM 1 align
1:56PM 1 dse VAR models
1:09PM 2 applying a function over an array
12:33PM 4 standardization
12:06PM 0 Bry & Boschan routines in R
12:03PM 2 R -SQL
10:11AM 1 extract with condition
9:44AM 1 fast matrix update
8:51AM 1 Testing for warning inside functions
8:15AM 0 dendrogram and dendrapply
7:07AM 0 SV: Sweave and paths
6:35AM 2 Fortran 95 in R ?
6:11AM 1 Line width through plot size reduction
Tuesday May 17 2005
10:49PM 2 cumsum on chron objects
7:16PM 0 Error message glmmPQL
6:31PM 1 Sweave and paths
6:09PM 0 predict() question
3:56PM 1 simple question, i hope
3:11PM 0 Problem in lme longitudinal model
2:53PM 4 Combinations with two part column
1:47PM 1 installing R on Irix
1:46PM 0 Survey of "moving window" statistical functions - still l ooking for fast mad function
1:16PM 0 problem with gls : combining weights and correlation structure
12:42PM 4 Finding the right number of clusters
11:40AM 1 setting value arg of pdSymm() in nlme
8:24AM 1 Vuong test
5:37AM 4 NA erase your data trick
2:59AM 1 install.packages parameters
2:41AM 3 The error in R while using bugs.R function
12:50AM 2 how to use list index to get vector
Monday May 16 2005
10:19PM 1 Omitting NAs in aggregate.ts()
8:42PM 2 a problem sourcing a file using chdir=TRUE
8:28PM 0 isotonic regression
7:27PM 0 predict problem
7:20PM 1 A question about bugs.R: functions for running WinBUGs from R
6:41PM 0 Nuevo buzón de correo- New mailbox
6:00PM 0 Mixed-effects model with lagged endogenous variables and autocorrelated residuals
5:49PM 1 Solutions? "Intro Stats with R" - Dalgaard
5:16PM 1 memory and step()
4:47PM 1 sink stack memory??
3:38PM 0 Turnpoints (pastecs): How to specify a limit on the number of tur npoints?
1:47PM 1 get plot in a window when running R in the shell
1:23PM 0 constraint optimization
10:46AM 2 parsing speed
10:17AM 2 Fitting Contour to Data Points
9:09AM 1 graphic
8:12AM 1 branch cuts of atan()
7:32AM 3 Mental Block with PCA of multivariate time series!
5:24AM 2 turning labels into a vector
4:56AM 1 row.names need reordering
4:37AM 1 Mann-Whitney & Wilcoxon Rank Sum
Sunday May 15 2005
11:36PM 1 Centered overall title with layout()
8:49PM 0 Finding Gradient from Contour map
8:27PM 1 Not sure if this is "aggregate" or some other task.
4:40PM 3 adjusted p-values with TukeyHSD?
3:08PM 0 Seeking friend for life (not)
1:12PM 1 Save parameters from optim during iteration procedure
11:11AM 0 Re: [CSL #265590] Schily ueber Deutschland
10:16AM 0 testing equality of covariance matrices
9:18AM 1 CircStats and Anova
Saturday May 14 2005
8:07PM 1 make check fails after building R 2.1.0 on Fedora Core 3
7:36PM 1 what means Best sample in clustering using Clara?
6:41PM 2 Job Opportunity: Statistical Guru CC 083
6:13PM 1 pmvnorm
1:28PM 1 julian --- P. S.
12:23PM 3 julian
8:09AM 1 plotting gam curve against predictors
7:47AM 1 lda
12:12AM 2 help with eval
Friday May 13 2005
10:39PM 0 problem with as.timeSeries()
10:27PM 1 multinom(): likelihood of model?
9:37PM 1 clustering
9:19PM 1 A model package that uses S4 methods and name spaces?
8:58PM 2 without the loop
6:55PM 2 cluster results using fanny
6:40PM 1 How to convert color to black & white
5:57PM 1 where is aggregateSeries
5:20PM 0 randomForest partialPlot x.var through function
3:43PM 1 manipulating dataframe according to the values of some columns
3:24PM 3 List and Column Names in a Function?
3:24PM 2 how to generate object name automatically?
2:52PM 1 Lowest data level since DateX
2:29PM 2 help with texi2dvi
2:15PM 0 df and gcvpen for parameters selection on projection pursuit regression
2:09PM 2 Lattice plot within a "for" loop does not happen?
1:36PM 0 retaining source
12:38PM 4 Big matrix memory problem
12:21PM 5 Conflict between xtable and Hmisc when using Sweave?
11:07AM 1 error in plot.lmList
9:55AM 1 DEV2bitmap: jpeg with res=400 not enough for CORELDRAW poster A0
6:34AM 0 new version of package:debug
6:32AM 0 new version of package:mvbutils
12:46AM 1 Converting a S-plus file.
Thursday May 12 2005
11:22PM 0 R make error
8:40PM 1 Converting a number of minutes to a difftime
7:36PM 0 Multidimensional Scaling with pairwise Fst
7:14PM 2 Batch mode problem: figure margins too large (code corrected for word wrap)
6:30PM 0 Testing Plot e-mail
6:19PM 0 a quick ? on using read.table()
6:00PM 2 load data with scientific notations
5:54PM 0 Maximize volume of cloud
5:45PM 0 RE: Batch mode problem: figure margins too large (aligned R code to the left)
5:38PM 0 Batch mode problem: figure margins too large
5:35PM 1 modifications to text.tree function
5:14PM 0 Need help with vector designations in a Function
4:48PM 2 tempsum
4:06PM 0 Installing RMySQL on Mac OS X
4:01PM 3 acf problem ?
3:53PM 0 Princomp and calculations of original values
2:00PM 1 Standardized logistic regression coefficients
1:48PM 2 mget empty strings
12:45PM 0 Réf. : SVM linear kernel and SV
11:53AM 1 How to make label in multi plot
11:40AM 2 Solaris 10 on amd and R-2.1.0
9:56AM 1 Plot()
9:42AM 2 SVM linear kernel and SV
9:10AM 1 Problem with data frame when using xYplot?
8:51AM 1 correlogram in spatial producing values outside [-1,1]
8:30AM 3 R2.1.0: Bug in list.files
7:59AM 1 sqlQuery
7:47AM 0 Package adehabitat version 1.3
2:42AM 1 pls -- crossval vs plsr(..., CV=TRUE)
2:07AM 0 Graphics rile to disk
1:35AM 4 Multiple IF statements - is there a better alternative?
Wednesday May 11 2005
11:14PM 0 RODBC Oracle and VB automation with R(D)COM
11:08PM 3 Graphics file to disk
10:40PM 1 2 factor ANOVA and sphericity
9:22PM 1 assigning to a list in a package environment
8:27PM 0 entropy and conditional entropy for continous variables
7:48PM 0 RODBC and autocommit
7:44PM 3 aggregate
6:16PM 0 lme How to validate a model with a validation set and a t est set
6:15PM 0 Clear RGUI console under WinXP
5:45PM 1 Tukey HSD
5:35PM 1 wireframe (reloaded): how to remove the frame around my plot?
5:26PM 0 ANOVA with p-values?
5:05PM 3 simplify loop
4:56PM 0 lme How to validate a model with a validation set and a test set
4:06PM 1 Erro loading library from apache
3:35PM 1 PDF Arial, Helvetica and Pagemaker 7.0
3:29PM 0 Proper 3rd and 4th Parameters for my oOut() function
3:26PM 3 How to plot a matrix with 18 rows by row vs. a vector in a single graph, resulting 18 lines with different colors?
1:43PM 3 display two pie-charts
1:12PM 0 generalisation in the use of cclust (library cclust)
9:01AM 2 Subset with selection variable from function argument. Is there another way?
7:57AM 2 Regsubsets()
6:50AM 0 R-project wallpapers
3:31AM 1 Mixed Effect Model - Jackknife error estimate
3:28AM 2 time zones, daylight saving etc.
Tuesday May 10 2005
11:59PM 1 sphericity calculation
11:27PM 1 inserting R code in a latex document
10:44PM 4 density function
9:46PM 0 Fwd: Extract just some fields from XML]
9:10PM 1 help printing plots
8:32PM 0 multithreads
7:05PM 2 R Greenhouse-Geiser correction?
6:56PM 1 Rpy for python2.4 and R.2.1.0 on winXP
6:46PM 1 problem with intervals in mixed model
6:39PM 0 RODBC autocommit
6:36PM 0 Plotting dendrogram horizontally
6:35PM 1 [S] Data sets from Chambers' green book?
6:10PM 1 Function arguments and copying objects
6:04PM 1 Nested Logistic Regression
3:45PM 5 converting an ASCII file to a matrix
2:03PM 4 summary statistics for lists of matrices or dataframes
1:48PM 0 (no subject)
12:37PM 1 Change the result data
11:49AM 1 How to handle data continuous to discretized
11:44AM 2 "Source R code" via menu "File"
11:26AM 2 Running R from Perl program
11:25AM 2 predict nlme syntax
10:55AM 1 Aggregate lag
9:39AM 0 including R function in C program
9:29AM 2 filename
8:19AM 0 Connection problem to MySQL
7:48AM 0 about sink and scan
6:28AM 1 Re: Welcome to the "R-help" mailing list
5:19AM 0 Re: gamma cannot be modified on this device
4:44AM 1 Using function 'boot on a bi-polar sample'
3:07AM 6 Does R have a command for sending emails?
Monday May 9 2005
11:20PM 0 Account compromised: billing information moved or changed.
10:43PM 2 use "integrate" for functions defined in C, not R
6:38PM 0 Data source name not found, and no default driver specified
6:33PM 1 formula restriction in multinom?
4:43PM 0 Sampling from multivariate multiple regression prediction regions
4:31PM 1 replacing a for-loop with lapply
4:29PM 0 R code to reproduce solutions to example problems in Mathews, Design of Experiments with MINITAB
3:50PM 1 Cannot get help after reinstalling
3:37PM 0 Sweep statistics
1:34PM 4 Error in F test on version 2.1.0
12:54PM 1 bootstap and lme4
9:35AM 0 A Special Alert to Investors
8:48AM 1 units of a biplot
7:26AM 1 Lists, Vectors, TclTk
7:01AM 0 Summary: My question about factor levels versus factor labels.
6:55AM 1 functions of functions
1:10AM 1 question about k in step
12:10AM 0 mutilvariate density estimation
Sunday May 8 2005
11:56PM 2 Implementing an ARMA filter
11:32PM 1 z limits
7:08PM 4 Monotonic regression
6:45PM 1 working with CGIwithR
5:40PM 2 Maximum # of predictors?
5:24PM 1 what is a good learning book for R?
4:29PM 2 Extract just some fields from XML
1:56PM 2 Need a factor level even though there are no observations
Saturday May 7 2005
6:18PM 0 Vectorize a bootstrapped calculation
5:52PM 1 help for bootstrap of backward stepwise logistic regression
5:25PM 1 General Question re R vs S-Plus
2:32PM 1 undebug all
2:30PM 1 Incorrect libxml2.2.dylib version on Tiger install
12:43PM 3 converting NA/non-NA's to a binary variable
11:30AM 1 Test on mu with multivariate normal distribution
11:05AM 0 scrivete a ...
10:12AM 1 ScieViews installer
8:36AM 4 string syntactic sugar in R? - long post
Friday May 6 2005
8:41PM 0 R News, 2005, issue 1
8:19PM 2 slowness of plot(x, type='l')
8:03PM 1 Latex can not find Rd.sty
7:55PM 1 CGIwithR ERROR: unknown GUI none
7:52PM 0 Three simple steps help you sav a lot on quality tablets.
7:39PM 1 R on Macintosh OSX Tiger
7:38PM 2 bivariate normal cdf
7:06PM 4 Choices from a matrix
7:04PM 0 FW: distance between distributions
6:56PM 1 data frame output in loops
5:52PM 2 plotting image/contour on irregular grid
3:16PM 1 Percent (%) format in barplot
3:07PM 2 2 simple questions
2:57PM 1 R-help Digest
2:18PM 1 persp( ) Question
1:31PM 1 R for HTS data analysis
1:21PM 4 how to get such a subset of a matrix?
12:17PM 3 conversion factor into numeric
11:37AM 4 Change class factor to numeric
7:27AM 2 FAQ 7.31
12:36AM 1 distance between distributions
Thursday May 5 2005
10:38PM 2 Numerical Derivative / Numerical Differentiation of unkno wn funct ion
10:31PM 2 question about subset
10:20PM 2 Numerical Derivative / Numerical Differentiation of unknown funct ion
9:35PM 1 building from source after installing binary package
8:21PM 0 GAM/MGCV: UBRE Score
8:14PM 2 Intersection of more than two groups in one function?
7:21PM 0 some pairs() questions
7:14PM 2 problem with plot() and R 2.1.0
6:10PM 6 Need some quick help with lattice - barchart
6:05PM 2 efficient filtering of matrices
6:01PM 2 Precision in R
4:54PM 0 Using add1() as the FUN argument to by()
2:42PM 3 body of non-visible function
2:02PM 4 reordering a data.frame
1:45PM 1 Solved: was names(dist(mat)) gives NULL in R 2.1.0
1:37PM 1 Exact quantile regression
1:33PM 0 Wilcoxon paired signed rank test and continuity correction
1:07PM 1 creating names for regressios using the assign()
11:43AM 2 Histogram for mixed random variables
11:23AM 0 updated package eba 1.4-0
11:16AM 2 names(dist(mat)) gives NULL in R 2.1.0
10:52AM 1 problem to get a correct output
Wednesday May 4 2005
11:26PM 1 Help with R
10:12PM 1 Density of the sum of two random variables
9:56PM 1 Questions about the intersection area under two kernel densities
8:05PM 0 JOB: Financial Software Engineering position at Insightful
6:41PM 0 LDA/PCA and more
6:08PM 3 Multivariate multiple regression
5:03PM 0 ANN: Two Upcoming Bioconductor Short Courses
4:51PM 1 help track a segmentation fault
3:54PM 4 rank of a matrix
3:43PM 1 selecting maximum values
3:40PM 1 Double hurdle model in R
3:30PM 1 Plotting means and confidence intervals by group factor using lattice graphics?
3:16PM 1 stratified bootstrap with boot
2:56PM 4 Unbundling gregmisc (was: loading gap package)
2:23PM 1 Difference between difference of means
2:20PM 0 S-PLUS Essentials Training 23rd-26th May
2:00PM 1 error with the function GOHyperG from GOstats package
1:54PM 1 Difference between "tree" and "rpart"
12:41PM 1 Huynh-Feldt R vs SAS Bug
11:44AM 2 JGR and R 2.0.X
11:40AM 1 Avoiding Sweave formula cut's?
11:14AM 4 selections of data by one variable
11:13AM 3 Imputation
10:50AM 0 question about spectral analysis
10:43AM 1 segmentation fault using hdf5load() under Unix
10:03AM 1 lme versus proc mixed in SAS
9:31AM 0 its package: inexplicable date-shifting
8:25AM 2 loading gap package
7:38AM 1 lmer error:flist must be a non-empty list
7:23AM 3 How to intepret a factor response model?
5:30AM 2 contributed package source codes
3:50AM 0 Hershey Fontsize Decrease When Sent To Printer
12:39AM 1 Calculate median from counts and values
Tuesday May 3 2005
11:12PM 0 polr function, Error in if (all(pr > 0)) -sum(wt * log(pr)) else Inf
8:14PM 1 Command to add two vectors
8:10PM 0 numerical integration of x,y data
7:52PM 3 (no subject)
6:46PM 4 Classes and methods
6:09PM 1 Rd.sty error
4:52PM 0 (no subject)
3:53PM 2 nlme: "Deficient rank in gls_loglik" when creating corAR1()
3:36PM 0 Course***R/S-plus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques In New York
3:34PM 1 Using "|"
2:30PM 1 Problem: R lässt sich nicht starten
1:53PM 1 Converting pc files to unix
12:53PM 5 Step wise regression
12:42PM 1 memory error message using MASS and GLMMGibbs
10:54AM 3 RMySQL installation: libz missing
10:46AM 2 General Question on learning R...
10:32AM 0 Locale settings on Debian
10:28AM 0 R on Mac OS X: odd errors when doing install.packages()
10:08AM 3 Lattice dotplot with symbols sized and colored
9:29AM 1 multivariate Shapiro Wilks test
8:30AM 0 Survival
7:05AM 1 cmdscale: missing dimnames in R 2.1.0
5:15AM 3 Combining numeric vs numeric & numeric vs factor graphs into one ps/pdf file
4:18AM 2 Fwd: Re: eigenvalues of a circulant matrix
3:37AM 2 comparing lm(), survreg( ... , dist="gaussian") and survreg( ... , dist="lognormal")
3:16AM 1 maximization help :
12:29AM 1 bivariate log-normal distribution
Monday May 2 2005
11:46PM 2 "Special" characters in URI
11:45PM 2 Nonparametric Tukey-type multiple comparisons "Nemenyi" test
11:07PM 2 plot
10:29PM 2 summary(as.factor(x) - force to not sort the result according factor levels
9:43PM 1 Trying to understand kpss.test() in tseries package
8:31PM 1 making a log file with error messages?
8:20PM 1 Reading in a dataset with uneven variable lengths
4:53PM 2 xinch/yinch equivalent for log axis
4:13PM 2 RMySQL query: why result takes so much memory in R ?
3:13PM 1 newbie ifelse matrix question
3:06PM 0 Variance Homogenity
2:52PM 4 "apply" question
12:28PM 1 Multivariate kernel density estimation
12:23PM 1 Take each one cell
11:28AM 0 Keep R-mirror updated
11:03AM 0 RWinEdt_1.7-1 for R>=2.1.0
9:59AM 1 Multiple regression
8:06AM 2 Restricted cubic spline function ERROR?: glm(Y~rcs(x,5))
5:20AM 0 help : Bisect( )
3:10AM 14 eigenvalues of a circulant matrix
Sunday May 1 2005
7:42PM 1 Partial F-test comparing full and reduced regression models
5:21PM 1 opimization problem
3:14PM 2 simulate zero-truncated Poisson distribution
2:47PM 3 Roots of quadratic system.
2:34PM 0 International Association for Statistical Computing Conference (session on Diagnostics)
10:54AM 0 Problems using html and dvips of Hmisc
2:19AM 2 eigen() may fail for some symmetric matrices, affects mvrnorm()