samba - Sep 2003

Tuesday September 30 2003
11:59PM 1 Samba Resources Hog
11:21PM 0 kolab server ldap source pdc with open exchange server
11:04PM 1 Windows to Samba Print servers
11:02PM 0 smbclient - best way to hide the password?
10:38PM 0 Problem writing to XP share
10:13PM 0 port samba to mips platform
9:46PM 10 NT4-Samba Migration Test Results
7:57PM 0 RE : OOT : Puzzling
7:15PM 1 Printing: unable to connect from Windows
4:50PM 1 OpenBSD 3.4/Samba 3.0.0 core dump
4:47PM 1 Solaris 2.6 rpcsec & MIT krb5-1.3.1 header conflict
4:32PM 1 Puzzling
4:18PM 0 $HOMES con Samba/Winbind & NT40
3:53PM 0 samba 3.0.0-1 + OpenLDAP
3:45PM 0 I have something to say
3:39PM 0 Samba 3.0.0 compile problems (with gssapi headers)
3:33PM 0 (no subject)
3:31PM 0 get_domain_user_groups: You should fix it, NT doesn't like that
3:25PM 1 3.0.0 rc4 /LDAP problem
2:58PM 1 Modifying password expiry dates
2:53PM 0 SWAT listing Winbindd as not running
2:44PM 1 Samba 3.0.0 + ADS authentication and login
2:24PM 0 Several privileged users
2:08PM 0 File not found error when opening from a shortcut
2:07PM 1 SWAT: chdir failed - the server is not configured correctly
2:01PM 1 Using WINBIND and the latest samba 3
1:56PM 2 Samba-3.0.0-1 tdb_fetch failed
1:46PM 0 Cannot start SWAT on Solaris 8 server - open failed: No such file or directory
12:16PM 1 unable to save share permissions changes with 3.0
12:01PM 1 Samba 2.2.x die?
11:50AM 0 AD SAMBA Kerberos participation with other AD Kerberisedservices
11:41AM 1 AD SAMBA Kerberos participation with other AD Kerberised services
10:21AM 1 Problem when upgrading to samba 3.0.0
9:21AM 0 Help Samba2.2.8.a "status:access denied, unable to connect"
8:56AM 3 higher ascii characaters in smbusers, success!
8:23AM 0 Samba 3.0.0, Windows 2003, join succeeding but not working
7:57AM 0 Spam and Viruses on the Samba mailing list was: RE: Re:samba Digest, Vol 9, Issue 41
7:24AM 0 RE : S3+CUPS+PDF pseudo printer : print command not functional on service
7:01AM 0 problem to publish printer driver with samba 3.0 beta
6:57AM 0 SUMMARY: Samba + KDE + winbind + home directories mounted off the Samba PDC - it can almost be done !! (as of September 30th 2003)
6:10AM 0 configure print job priority for individual user
4:13AM 1 announce as ... whatif? Faking Samba to be a W2k machine?
3:16AM 0 getent anomaly with samba 3.0.0 - please help!
2:40AM 1 USRMGR Adding Users
12:38AM 3 Samba PDC - WinXP Issues
12:18AM 2 Trouble with 'NET ADS JOIN'
Monday September 29 2003
10:21PM 1 Problems with homes after updating to 3.0 (debian)
9:40PM 2 Testpram question
9:01PM 2 Re: samba Digest, Vol 9, Issue 41
8:59PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 9, Issue 41
5:50PM 0 status tab in swat
5:46PM 1 Samba 2.X and Windows 2000
5:39PM 1 Problems using Samba 3.0.0 as ADS member server
5:01PM 0 FYI: Samba 3.0 news @
4:30PM 0 Problem authenticate with a w2k3 ADS
3:59PM 4 bad encryption type when accessing AD member server
3:05PM 1 [Fwd: Winbind under 3.0
3:04PM 1 samba3: domain member server: user mapping problem (ldap)
2:18PM 0 AW: solaris 9 and compiling
1:51PM 1 samba 3.0.0 spec file problem - OT ?
1:47PM 1 Samba 3.0 and Windows Files
1:40PM 2 solaris 9 and compiling
1:25PM 0 Re: [Fwd: Samba 3.0.0-1 user privileges problem]
1:01PM 1 Samba, Redhat 9.0, Not doign ACl.. (cannot load User list at this time)
11:04AM 0 Samba 3 doesn't compile against SUN directory server 4.16sp1
10:12AM 1 please Help ..............
10:10AM 1 smbclient et al: -k by default?
10:01AM 1 net getlocalsid: some questions
9:37AM 2 nested logon scripts
8:56AM 0 samba 3.0.0: how to restrict access to shares to domain members ?
7:22AM 0 Windows Access Samba Printer
6:21AM 2 changing share name?
5:07AM 0 wins hook functionality broken in Samba 3.0.0
4:23AM 0 issue samba 3.0 in soalris 8 machine
4:05AM 1 smbmnt file size limitation, still?
1:22AM 1 Problems joining workstation with samba3
Sunday September 28 2003
6:45PM 0 Accessing DFS on Windows through smbmount
4:45PM 1 Problem with roaming profiles and Samba 3.0
3:23PM 0 Problems with printers in samba
2:03PM 1 Win XP on Samba3
11:34AM 0 russian charset problem
11:30AM 0 libsmbclient & authentication
8:50AM 1 Problem with a dos program running from a samba share.
8:47AM 1 Bug? Crashed at the very first connection attempt...
7:22AM 1 minimize uid usage when doing 'net join' through 'add machine script' ?
Saturday September 27 2003
11:09PM 1 net groupmap displays multiples
9:25PM 1 smbclient -L localhost fails
7:42PM 1 per user smb.conf
7:31PM 0 krb5_rd_req with auth failed ?
5:22PM 0 spnego problem with 3.0.0-1
4:35PM 1 pdb_mysql question...
4:26PM 0 need old samba-3.0.0-rc4 rpm for redhat 9.0
3:54PM 0 problem after upgrade from rc4 to samba 3.0.0-1
11:39AM 0 only group xy is allowed to login group of machines
10:23AM 0 upgrade problems from Samba 2.2.8 to 3.0
9:32AM 0 Samba 3.0.0-1 user privileges problem
7:51AM 0 get quota command bugs?
6:19AM 0 Samba 3(PDC) + winbind, anyone has it working ?
2:02AM 1 After Upgrading to rc4 (and still with 3.0.0) having Groupmap problems.
12:09AM 1 Samba3.0 final + LDAP -> bug in SWAT???
12:02AM 2 Static/shared linking woes
Friday September 26 2003
9:59PM 1 Question on "read only" behavior in smb.conf
8:56PM 0 Removing Hosts from NT
7:17PM 1 weak password checking for samba 3 ?
7:04PM 0 Failed to set gid privileges error in Mac OS X 10.1.5
6:50PM 0 [COMMERCIAL] New Linux CD Redistribution Site Launched
6:32PM 0 Problem with windows clients accessing samba intermit tently
5:24PM 2 TR : RE : winbind and getent - fix ...
5:08PM 0 samba cups point'n print for 3.0.0
5:01PM 1 smbfs: sometimes can't read file on windows share
4:31PM 0 Cannot compile 3.0.0 @ HP-UX - Errors in libsmb/clikrb5.c ?
3:51PM 0 Book: Automating UNIX and Linux Administration
3:45PM 1 S3+CUPS+PDF pseudo printer : print command not functional on service
3:30PM 0 Problem with windows clients accessing samba intermittently
3:15PM 1 Re: valid users = %S ...
2:14PM 0 Samba / ldap Can you help me?
2:06PM 1 Samba 3.0 Stable Release - Bug in net rpc vampire ?
1:43PM 0 Réf. : Re: Samba 3.0 + LDAP as PDC
12:25PM 1 Mysql probs..
10:30AM 1 winbind and getent - fix ...
10:19AM 0 FW: Log File Analyzer for Samba?
9:53AM 1 3.0 spec for Suse (UL)?
9:44AM 0 'Apple' Samba 2.2.3a on OS X 10.2.6 -> Samba 2.2.8a upgrade
4:15AM 4 valid users = %S in rc4
3:42AM 1 Error message compiling samba 3.0
3:38AM 0 Log File Analyzer for Samba?
12:38AM 1 Samba 3.0 + LDAP as PDC
12:33AM 1 how set samba use mysql
Thursday September 25 2003
10:27PM 0 User Security is supposed to work
10:18PM 0 2.2.9pre1 cvs - vfs module ignores SIGHUP?
8:56PM 2 2.2.9pre1 cvs - home shares not visible?
8:32PM 1 Master Browser Error
8:14PM 0 another one of those "cannot authenticate against AD" posts :(
7:47PM 0 samba+ldap how pdc, problem nobody user
7:27PM 1 winbind with win2003 server = Error looking up domain users
6:35PM 1 samba 3.0.0 compiling solaris
5:46PM 0 Windows Authentication Problem
5:42PM 3 help to understand log
5:39PM 0 Winbind under 3.0beta2
4:43PM 1 Stacking pam_kerberos and pam_winbind modules
3:58PM 1 Samba version 2.2.8a compatibility with Active Directory on W2003
3:12PM 0 Re: Please check if your are sending offending emails
3:09PM 0 Wbinfo problem with Samba 3.0.0 GA
2:44PM 0 GPO's
2:31PM 0 samba authenticates thru win 2k3 PDC
2:25PM 0 split network into seperate networks
2:22PM 1 Problem with smbclient and tar archive
2:11PM 0 FW: Help The Procedure Number is out of range - v2.2.8a
2:03PM 1 Help me to understand BDC
1:59PM 0 samba passwords gone haywire since upgrade (3.0.0-1)
1:34PM 0 How to enforce password strength in 3.0.0 [mysql passdb]
1:32PM 1 Re: Winbind ldap samba 3 BDC getent passwd answer don't retrieve domain users, can't login on the domain with users that are not on /ect/passwd
12:38PM 0 RES: samba Digest, Vol 9, Issue 36
12:01PM 1 Samba 3 / Solaris 8 / Kerberos
11:33AM 1 Winbind ldap samba 3 BDC getent passwd answer don't retrieve domain users, can't login on the domain with users that are not on /ect/passwd + typo error ?
11:01AM 0 'PointnPrint' Only works for one printer
10:34AM 0 Red Hat enterprise AS 2.1 & samba
8:13AM 2 Smbpasswd + password sync on OS X
7:24AM 1 Per-directory "create mask"?
6:18AM 0 {Scanned}
4:59AM 2 The first stable release of Samba 3.0 is available
4:34AM 0 samba 2.2.8a problem with winbind and getent group
3:36AM 0 W2K Server + SrvTools + 3.0rc4 PDC = error
2:55AM 0 samba and domains
12:52AM 1 Does anyone have detailed documentation on "Migration from NT4 PDC to Samba-3 PDC" besides swat/help?
Wednesday September 24 2003
11:25PM 0 samba auth
8:57PM 0 Has anyone gotten winbind to work on Solaris 2.5.1?
8:18PM 1 Rejoining an XP workstation to a domain
6:13PM 0 CreateFile for EXE images vs other files
6:00PM 0 smbmount double start - hangs process
5:06PM 0 Mapping drives to samba works sometime?
4:54PM 2 samba + MacOS X
4:30PM 2 Part 2: What is the meaning of create mask / directory mask
4:15PM 0 What is the meaning of create mask / directory mask
3:45PM 0 Veritas / samba restore
3:43PM 1 Printer Driver Support for samba 3.0 rc4
3:26PM 0 Specified domain could not be contacted
2:23PM 1 Samba 3RC4 printing issues
2:14PM 1 Q: how to find Windows time server?
12:43PM 0 Finding user's machine
11:38AM 1 Privileges of administrator
9:54AM 0 Migration problem from ntpdc >> samba3.0bdc
9:09AM 2 Charset
7:00AM 1 What is the difference?
5:45AM 1 net command,winbind and active directory
5:09AM 1 FW: Samba 2.2.8a / Winbind and Domains
4:37AM 1 smbpasswd & ldap
4:14AM 0 (fwd from Help.
4:10AM 1 trying to print from windows 98 to mac usb printer using samba
3:18AM 1 3.0rc4 + ldap backend (Advice? Suggestions?)
1:38AM 0 smbmount3 problem
1:10AM 0 (fwd from Core Dump issue with Solaris8 and 2.2.8a
1:08AM 0 (fwd from How to calculate a domain sid?
12:51AM 0 XP and reconnecting network drives
Tuesday September 23 2003
10:17PM 1 Windows File Attributes are Read-Only
8:53PM 1 Solaris 8 samba-3.0.0rc4 compile errors
8:48PM 0 network spanning
7:36PM 0 Limiting user login ?
4:32PM 0 [PATCH] tdb multiple format
3:01PM 4 Windows XP Home Edition
2:33PM 2 IP address restrictions and multiple interfaces
2:17PM 0 logon problems with xp pro and samba 3.0 beta2-1 debian
1:37PM 0 Error loading module messages from Samba-3rc4 on Solaris
1:18PM 1 rpcclient adddriver not recognizing Dependentfiles... Samba-HOWTO-Collection HEAD/3.0
12:56PM 2 Smb question on Redhat 9. Publicly browsable printers whithout a password
12:40PM 0 wbinfo and Samba 3.00rc4
12:35PM 2 Samba authentication via pam
11:37AM 1 Samba upgrade on dedrat linux
11:34AM 1 Multiuser access to files in Samba
11:00AM 1 Need for UID 501 ???
9:39AM 0 Trust WinNT4 и Samba 2.2.8
9:18AM 0 Printing issues. 2.2.7, Solaris9
7:45AM 0 libnss_winbind doesn't work as expected, where should I check ?
6:50AM 1 smbclient write default to stderr?
5:45AM 1 filtering the mailinglist
5:28AM 1 too much spam - filtering the mailinglist
Monday September 22 2003
11:28PM 2 Thank You All
8:52PM 0 [PATCH] smbfs/proc -- use C99 initializer to fix bug.
8:39PM 0 utmp grievances
8:30PM 3 XP Pro connecting to PDC
8:20PM 0 mount command not working
7:46PM 0 Unique login
7:25PM 1 smbclient timeout .... PCs can't browse LInux share
6:45PM 2 problem installing 3.0.0 to Solaris 7
6:09PM 0 Samba not announcing the correct IP address to a Windows NT Wins server
6:02PM 0 Samba Server Log Analizer
5:26PM 1 Problem installing samba-2.2.8a from tarball
4:14PM 1 HOWTO doc redundancy
4:09PM 0 Mounting windows file system
3:54PM 2 Samba printer: Access denied, unable to connect
3:38PM 0 CIFSBench still available?
3:15PM 2 rpcclient adddriver problems 2.2.8a and 3rc4
3:10PM 0 Samba 3 + LDAP roles
2:30PM 0 multiple permissioning for same user in
1:32PM 1 Advanced Logon Resources from Windows Server
12:14PM 0 PCL5 and smbclient
10:58AM 0 Error on joining domain - 'System computer account in its primary domain missing'
10:20AM 2 Re-installing Suse and Samba
9:40AM 1 log deleted files/folders
8:47AM 0 smbclient failed
7:42AM 1 Samba & W2k login
7:27AM 0 I cannot find the linux machine name from the win2000
6:15AM 0 Samba 3 PDC using LDAP as backend, what next ?
2:23AM 1 Why I can't set some default printer options for my HP 1015 + CUPS printer ??
Sunday September 21 2003
9:46PM 0 Samba Domain Controller [Help]
7:52PM 0 Nothing
6:03PM 0 Opening Task Manager close files on samba share
1:48PM 0 Can't use Win BUILTIN\Administrators as owner copy from NT to Linux
1:22PM 2 OpenBSD 3.3 and samba-2.2.8
12:49PM 3 Samba PDC not creating roaming profiles
12:43PM 1 Repost: 'We dont' find this rid' error - can't join a domain
12:15PM 0 User lists in Samba 2.2.8a & W2k & W98
11:39AM 2 Mail rejected
10:34AM 0 Share not available
10:06AM 1 How to join a win2k-domain using Samba 2.*
6:24AM 0 SSO holy grail from NT4
3:28AM 0 Mounting Samba Shares Help!
2:30AM 2 Why can't I see this share machine in Network Neighborhood
1:04AM 0 Alternative way for changing passwords
Saturday September 20 2003
11:31PM 3 Winbind RC4 crash
4:18PM 1 Samba 3.0rc4 + SrvTools = unusual behavior
2:50PM 0 smbclient give strange report
9:49AM 1 RPMS for Suse & Debian
9:25AM 0 Domain Users - samba 2.2.8a
9:25AM 0 netlogon + w2k + samba 2.2.8a
9:25AM 0 profiles on samba 2.2.8a W2K SP4
6:45AM 1 smbldap-tools updates (diffs)
6:25AM 0 Create basic LDAP DIT
5:05AM 1 Request--help
4:29AM 0 Cannot view the list of user
4:16AM 0 3.0rc4 - Trouble installing SWAT (fwd)
3:13AM 0 3.0rc4 - Trouble installing SWAT
1:21AM 0 Share Samba printer fails
12:21AM 1 Q: Share Definitions, how to make a 'truely public' area
12:05AM 1 samba-3.0.0rc4: -P common option handler can't open secrets.tdb
Friday September 19 2003
11:14PM 2 Policy Editor and Groups?
11:05PM 1 smbldap tools clarification
9:58PM 3 error samba-3.0-rc4
8:39PM 1 Transparent WINS hostname resolution?
5:16PM 0 Forcing Kerberos from Pam/Winbind samba-3.0.0rc4
5:12PM 0 How to get all the printers in NIS map
4:21PM 5 couldn't write to home dir
3:54PM 1 Samba/Windows file synchronizer (like rsync)?
2:35PM 1 Revisiting slow explorer.exe connections
2:20PM 2 Latest Samba Disto for Os390/Unix ?
2:07PM 1 Cannot access Samba share
1:55PM 0 Setting Password Expiration
10:55AM 0 w2k - some trusted domains disconnected - more detailed..
10:53AM 0 w2k - some trusted domains disconnected - more detailed explanation...
10:43AM 0 w2k - some trusted domains disconnected
10:30AM 0 samba-3.0.0-rc4 and Domain Admins
7:19AM 1 OT: to the list admins: viruses
5:08AM 0 RE: samba Digest, Vol 9, Issue 21
2:51AM 1 printing via embedded USB printserver
12:23AM 0 Cannot share mounted partitions
Thursday September 18 2003
11:34PM 1 Samba + nmblookup
10:51PM 1 Redhat 9 install
10:49PM 0 PLEASE HELP!!!!
9:46PM 1 Unwanted "Printers" directory
8:44PM 2 Deleted smb.conf
8:20PM 0 Using Samba 2.2.7.a and PlainText Auth
7:59PM 0 Has anyone tried to install OfficeXP into a samba share?
7:52PM 0 Samba goes to sleep
7:25PM 0 General browseability of samba shares
6:55PM 1 MS Access Applications running from Samba Box
6:31PM 0 'We dont' find this rid' error - can't join a domain
5:54PM 0 Samba 3 and Kerberos, to what extend ?
5:03PM 1 2.2.8a newbie path problem
5:01PM 0 Installing office on a 3.0.0-8rc3 share
4:05PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 9, Issue 25
3:36PM 0 THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3:34PM 0 Problem joining Samba3rc4 PDC+LDAP with Win 2k/XP
2:59PM 0 =?iso-8859-1?Q?RE=A0=3A_=5BSamba=5D_Successfuly_Building_Samba_2= 2E?= 2.X under HP-UX 11i with gcc
2:49PM 0 Full access to all directories (URGENT)
2:30PM 0 problems with samba 2.2.8a
1:23PM 1 Use Samba on an other port than 137-139?
12:58PM 0 RE : Successfuly Building Samba 2.2.X under HP-UX 11i with gcc
12:14PM 1 smbpasswd -a ldapsam problem
11:05AM 0 Successfuly Building Samba 2.2.X under HP-UX 11i with gcc
10:50AM 1 Samba 3.0 question: multithreading
10:07AM 0 Resolving all NetBios addresses to a fixed IP
9:53AM 0 Finding the WINS Server
9:43AM 0 When update rc4,don't succeed to logon script config
9:15AM 1 Experiences with WINS-Migration NT -> Samba ?
9:12AM 0 samba IP authentication
8:40AM 0 Shares visible depending on used share name's initial letter
6:43AM 1 Control M (^M)
6:42AM 1 Samba 3 as PDC with LDAP as passwd backend
Wednesday September 17 2003
11:24PM 1 can't run swat
11:07PM 3 More than one logon script, can I have?
9:38PM 0 Am I under attack??
7:50PM 2 Using samba as a PDC with win2k clients
7:37PM 1 Question about new Samba 3 rc4 and BDC
7:16PM 0 Samba 3rc4 PDC - Trouble joining W2k to domain (no mapping?)
5:15PM 0 Log: read failure for 4.
4:14PM 1 Cannot enable lanman auth parameter
3:56PM 1 Samba-3.0.0rc4/ADS experience (with how-to change suggestion)
2:48PM 0 RES: Is Samba ready for it?
2:35PM 0 FW: Samba and AIX 5L
1:54PM 1 Samba and Windows Server 2003 Active Directory
1:43PM 0 AW: WG: smbadduser problem
1:15PM 5 Samba-LDAP-PDC-Howto
12:43PM 1 samba 2.2.8a W2K policies
10:04AM 0 Problems with Openldap and nscd
9:41AM 0 cannot add machine account with ldapsam
9:38AM 0 Samba and AIX 5L
9:06AM 1 WG: smbadduser problem
8:33AM 0 Réf. : smbadduser problem
7:42AM 0 smbadduser problem
6:26AM 1 Samba Server as WINS Server
2:04AM 3 More files randomly corrupted
1:43AM 0 tuning and benchmarking samba
Tuesday September 16 2003
11:50PM 0 Freebsd lockup smb_maperror:Unmapped error 1:158
8:52PM 0 In addition to: Can not register W2K computer (WXP and W98 without problems)
8:50PM 1 Odd large group behavior in winbind
8:35PM 1 Samba3, LDAP and FreeBSD 4.8 : need for NSS ?
8:25PM 1 Can not register W2K computer (WXP and W98 without problems)
4:53PM 4 Samba + LDAP + Password Expiry = Almost working...
4:50PM 1 Redhat as Samba Client
4:48PM 0 trying samba 3rc4
4:10PM 0 error with make install samba-3.0.0rc4
2:47PM 0 smbfs mounts hang
2:36PM 0 SID
2:21PM 4 smbldap.c
2:21PM 5 logon hours
1:48PM 1 Samba + LDAP + multiple Domains
1:20PM 0 [TYPO] RC4 valid users problem
1:14PM 0 RC4 valid users problem
12:12PM 0 Compiling Samba with LDAP support on Solaris 9 x86
11:54AM 3 Is Samba ready for it?
11:49AM 2 need of a user root in ldap ?
11:43AM 2 Debug levels
11:34AM 0 RedHat 9.0 Appserver and Enterprise Server
10:47AM 0 Helpers for Squid
9:22AM 0 Samba + Cups + Point'n'Print -> explorer error
7:29AM 0 W2k server pdc and mounts
7:11AM 2 adding printer driver to a printer
1:38AM 4 AD authentication problem
Monday September 15 2003
9:04PM 1 SCO Open Server 5.06 Several Problems running make
9:01PM 0 Digital Media Players
8:00PM 1 winbindd using FQDN domain name now?
7:52PM 2 How does Samba delete files ?
7:30PM 2 disabling roaming profiles in windows 2000?
7:24PM 1 Samba and Port 445
7:23PM 2 Aliases for Netbios name
7:11PM 1 Windows XP slow with Samba
6:49PM 1 samba-3.0.0rc4 && acl-support
5:46PM 0 Problem with Windows XP clients
5:45PM 2 Roaming Profiles not updating.
5:15PM 2 problems setting a samba-server as a PDC(with win2k clients)
5:03PM 1 User permissions on samba shared directories
4:57PM 0 VisionFS (old Unix SMB client)
4:25PM 1 Getting an error
4:16PM 1 problem connecting to Samba server from windows XP
4:14PM 0 smbldap_open: cannot access LDAP when not root
2:26PM 0 Samba 3.x + LDAP starting point help
2:18PM 0 Typo in the original post
1:56PM 1 RE : Problem uploading printer driver on 2.2.8a (FreeBSD 4.8)
1:26PM 0 Quotas + user.bat
12:20PM 1 (no subject)
11:43AM 0 3.0.0rc4 and recycle VFS module
11:43AM 1 still missing in RC4 on solaris 9
11:34AM 0 AW: Samab and a NT4.0 PDC
11:04AM 1 Samba 2.2.8.a for Solaris 7 and Solaris 9
10:41AM 0 samba3rc3-squid authentication
10:33AM 0 Failed to join Domain with samba 3rc4
10:31AM 1 domain admin
9:28AM 0 Samba 2.x servers can't join Samba 3.0 domain
9:17AM 1 Samba Write List Macro Not Working
8:47AM 0 Thanks Tom Dickson.... and the others
8:43AM 0 samba 2.2.8, cups and HP Designjet 5000c
6:31AM 0 Samab and a NT4.0 PDC
6:24AM 1 sample configurations for samba-3.0.0
3:46AM 2 delete file problem with samba
2:42AM 1 64 KB gets "spooled" from windows?
2:31AM 0 new to Samba with a problem
1:20AM 1 Joining W2K3 Domain Problem
Sunday September 14 2003
5:13PM 1 "home folder" v.s. regular drive mappings
5:09PM 0 Migrating from Solaris to Linux
2:50PM 0 Documentation Feedback
2:50PM 0 Printing to a Windows shared printer from Linux: authentication problem
10:17AM 1 [MailServer Notification]To Recipient virus found and action taken.
9:46AM 1 Change password using windows
5:57AM 0 (no subject)
3:38AM 2 Windows XP Browsing Problems
Saturday September 13 2003
9:59PM 1 Call for Feedback
6:11PM 0 Sharing a folder
5:56PM 1 Server member of DOM1 and validation on DOM2?
2:05PM 0 sharing files between XP and samba
6:29AM 1 Samba-3.0.0 RC4 available for download
6:24AM 2 RH9/W2K Networking
1:17AM 1 convertSambaAccount can handle output from ldapsearch -x
12:28AM 0 Samba 2.2.8a & Cups 1.1.17 - point'n'print fails
Friday September 12 2003
10:30PM 0 Can't join win2k-domain with samba 2.2
8:52PM 0 "word failed reading from this file" and samba-2.2.8a
8:50PM 1 Multiple PDCs, Single Domain
8:40PM 2 Question about DOS 8.3 mangling files name
4:02PM 0 samba questions about max users?
3:56PM 1 xp clients + home directories are SLOOOW
3:45PM 1 Multiple ldap backend on the same PDC - samba 3 rc3 ?
3:33PM 0 Upgrade question
3:25PM 0 SAMBA3 PDC Domain Admins
2:37PM 0 (no subject)
2:29PM 0 Nome de usuario com "." no red hat
1:27PM 1 Using Samba
1:09PM 2 Date Changed on Read Access
12:25PM 0 Seeking advice: ADS domain, Samba3 server locally and via WAN
10:10AM 0 samba 3 and valid chars
9:01AM 1 Samba 3.0 and valid chars
8:20AM 1 Files being read are corrupted on Samba 2.2.3a
1:22AM 1 Samba Share
Thursday September 11 2003
10:27PM 1 Home Subdirectory and [homes]
9:54PM 2 smb/cifs protocol thingy
9:30PM 1 How to find all workgroups being used on a subnet?
7:53PM 0 sharing folder in clients problem
6:41PM 1 domain admin and primarygroupSID
5:15PM 1 Wierd problem with file sharing over internet.
4:45PM 1 Configuration-Files
4:43PM 1 Problem uploading printer driver on 2.2.8a (FreeBSD 4.8)
4:39PM 0 Samba 3.0b3+CUPS+server drivers
4:39PM 1 mangle characters (e.g. blank to underline)
4:34PM 0 Problems with smbsh...
4:33PM 0 domain-logons : w2k clients complains about still existant machines
3:44PM 2 samba-3 problem joining ws to domain
3:37PM 2 how can I be a domain admin in 3.0RC3 ?
3:18PM 0 Is anybody else having trouble with domain joins?
3:11PM 0 Testparm with two arguments in 3.0.0rc3
2:51PM 0 security = share and smbclient
2:49PM 0 nmbd -n option is ignored in samba-3.0.0rc3?
2:47PM 1 check if drive letters are occupied by novell
2:23PM 3 samba 3.0 with ldap / sambaSID
2:10PM 1 samba samba-3.0.0rc3 make install error
12:36PM 1 samba(PDC, machine A) + LDAP (machine B)?
11:10AM 2 non-primary group permissions
8:28AM 0 more roaming profile woes after upgrading to 2.2.8a
2:26AM 0 WinXP missing profile
1:19AM 1 can't login to domain errors
1:11AM 0 Problem using smbmount
Wednesday September 10 2003
10:07PM 0 net view can see server, but nmblookup '*' can't find it!
9:17PM 1 Opening files issue.
9:05PM 2 Help using multiple file servers
8:11PM 1 OT: Win2k ts - cannot start microsft outlook
6:20PM 2 Doesn't require a password
5:41PM 0 Re: RC2: Cannot join domain (more info)
5:41PM 0 RC2: Cannot join domain
4:24PM 1 "domain controller = " in packaging/RedHat/smb.conf in samba-3.0.0rc3
4:17PM 1 [Fwd: Re: Samba writes in wrong file]
4:14PM 0 smbmount/smbclient and Kanji
3:56PM 0 Trouble building samba-3.0.0rc3 on Red Hat Linux AMD64 machine
2:18PM 0 can't change password : PANIC failed to set gid
2:05PM 2 Samba 3.0rc3 - German Umlauts
1:34PM 0 Joining to Windows 2000 domain
11:13AM 4 Accessing Samba Shares with AD usernames
10:56AM 0 This should be a simple issue!
7:59AM 0 Sun, Sybase and SPSS invite you to a Web Seminar
7:57AM 1 AW: Allow copy and deny delete
7:44AM 1 Samba 3.0.0rc3 : HPUX Makefile problem
7:30AM 0 Not sure if samba really not responding
7:04AM 2 string to long for hosts allow in smb.conf
6:06AM 1 Trouble joining a W2K3 Native Mode Domain
4:44AM 1 Finding out who's on, from a Win2k Perl Script
2:31AM 0 extended character issues with rc3
Tuesday September 9 2003
11:26PM 2 Domain unavaliable
10:26PM 0 RE: Re: Re: My details
10:04PM 1 GPG signature of the RC tarballs
9:47PM 0 SMB/Cups Printcap problem.
8:41PM 0 SAMBA3: Issues creating W2k users via 'net rpc'
8:28PM 0 if I didn't sign it, it's not from me
8:15PM 1 can't join ads w/ rc3
8:01PM 0 FreeBSD 5.1 i386 Samba Issues
7:44PM 0 Mandrake RPMs of RC3
7:09PM 0 LDAP + smbpasswd
7:05PM 0 Samba Password Expiration
6:45PM 1 PDBEDIT set password change
6:39PM 3 rc3 net groupmap add fails
6:10PM 2 Samba3.0.0rc3 -> charset
5:42PM 0 how to post log file snippets
5:08PM 1 Problems joining a Samba domain
5:00PM 0 smbmount slow connect on system with many files
4:53PM 0 Trust domains
4:42PM 0 Re: Wicked screensaver
4:26PM 0 Allow copy and deny delete
3:23PM 0 iconv error in rc3
3:22PM 2 Samba and CUPS Config Issue
3:09PM 0 System instability due to access through xp on fat32 share
2:42PM 2 Question about Authentication
2:23PM 1 print driver options different on samba
2:17PM 0 AIX 5L and Samba Winbind
2:03PM 3 Samba 3.0rc3 - German Umlauts on SuSE 8.2
1:53PM 0 Invalid request received from you
1:52PM 1 Samba3: group mapping with samba PDC, LDAP account flags
1:45PM 1 Installing additional features after install
1:32PM 0 Test - Disregard
1:30PM 0 Samba3: machine account uid
12:40PM 0 Message Blocked: Your details
12:25PM 0 winbind / samba 2.2.8a
12:19PM 0 Kerberos question for samba ADS auth
12:16PM 0 rc3: Server packet had invalid SMB signature!
11:59AM 0 Re: Wicked screensaver
11:46AM 0 Samba 3.0rc3 - "SAM_DELTA_DOMAIN_INFO not handled"
11:41AM 0 samba-3 doesnt show quota limit?
11:27AM 0 change w2k user profile SID
11:27AM 0 Re: [SLE] Any way to do Linux User home directories via Samba
11:10AM 0 This is an alert from the Newell & Budge group e-mail system.
10:41AM 3 samba3Rc3_LDAP search failed: Insufficient access
10:11AM 0 V2.2.6 + win95 win98 client unable to view files and folders
10:06AM 0 pullin' out my hair because i can't connect to a samba server
7:54AM 3 samba3: need to wait 3 minutes before login
7:35AM 1 configure / compile problems samba-3.0.0rc3 on Solaris 8
6:50AM 0 size of the samba server
5:57AM 0 Member of DOM1, but user authentication on DOM2?
2:20AM 0 Logon script pausing logon?
1:55AM 0 Samba-3.0.0 RC3 available for download
Monday September 8 2003
10:43PM 2 smbclient 3.0.0rc2 fails to connect to win2000 host
10:09PM 1 Problems deleting directories on smbmounted partitions
8:47PM 0 logon problems, with ldap & samba 3.0
8:24PM 1 smbpasswd -a issues
7:57PM 0 Samba share winXP
7:49PM 1 OT: Samba Market Share?
7:38PM 1 Trouble with SAMBA Deamons
7:35PM 1 Save read only using MS world
7:23PM 1 3.0.0rc2 log error message - domain_user_groups related
7:09PM 0 Virus Found in message "<Spam> Your details"
7:09PM 1 Samba as a password and file server
6:05PM 0 System Policy Windows 98
5:03PM 1 valid users field ?
4:41PM 0 Re: Re: My details
4:33PM 1 Host NTFS Shares on Samba Server?
4:11PM 0 NT domain user and local unix group
3:26PM 0 Antigen found VIRUS= Sobig.F@m (Norman, VBuster, CA(InoculateIT), Sophos) worm
3:08PM 0 Using a squared in the dir name
3:08PM 0 Can't compile Samba 3.0rc2 with ldap & ldapsam Solaris 9
2:29PM 0 Re: [SLE] Any way to do Linux User home directories via Samba
2:24PM 0 smbd uses very high load on CPU
1:52PM 7 Simple configuration and not working.
1:26PM 0 MIT Kerberos 5 won't work with latest Samba 3.0.0cvs
1:15PM 2 Computer Appears in Wrong Workgroup
12:52PM 3 winbindd instability, inconsistent handling of Domain name
12:27PM 3 Windows Progamams and Samba PDC
11:24AM 0 + samba300RC2 + LDAP
10:27AM 0 Information: IRIX 6.5.21 and samba 3.0.0RC2
9:52AM 4 Samba-3 Ldap Adding Administrator Account
7:04AM 0 Join DOM_A with user validation on DOM_B?
3:04AM 0 Bundled Netscape DS 5.x schema in Samba3.0rc2
1:42AM 0 Your command, Re: Your application, was invalid
1:42AM 0 Your command, Re: Your application, was invalid
1:42AM 0 Your command, Re: Your application, was invalid
Sunday September 7 2003
10:20PM 0 AV messages and the digest
9:13PM 0 µÚËĽ챱¾©³¯Ñô¹ú¼ÊÉÌÎñ½Ú
6:29PM 0 Upgrading 3.0alpha -> 3.0.0.rc2, error C000019b for old users only
6:02PM 0 Slow reads
5:30PM 0 smbspool problem
3:51PM 1 Hello samba !°®ÇéÔ¿³×£¬°ïÄã½â¾ö°®ÇéÎÊÌ⣬½ÌÄã×·Å®º¢·½·¨¡«
1:23PM 1 Problem with roaming profiles
11:08AM 0 Password expire message on XP clients
10:26AM 1 Win box copying files to Linux via Samba - unwanted
9:26AM 0 Re: Re: My details
8:59AM 0 Difficulties in Samba Seminar
7:20AM 0 Re: Your application
5:44AM 0 Fw: Moving Samba to a different Linux server.
5:16AM 0 Re: Wicked screensaver
5:15AM 1 Iconv support - Samba 3.0rc2/Solaris 9 (sparc)
5:02AM 0 Dial-a-Prank
3:45AM 0 PDC windows user rights/privileges
2:57AM 0 Re: Your application
Saturday September 6 2003
10:59PM 0 Re: That movie
9:29PM 0 Linking smbclient and other smb tools dynamically
8:22PM 0 Response To Your Mail To FlyFree@MileSpree
7:06PM 0 samba3 - On-the-Fly Machine Accounts - domain admin g roup?
5:29PM 0 Unencrypted/encrypted passwords when connecting from Linux to Win98
3:05PM 0 Re: Wicked screensaver
12:47PM 0 Autoreply to Thank you!
9:57AM 0 RE: Re: Wicked screensaver (verification)
7:27AM 0 Premature logoff from [netlogon]
7:02AM 0 RE: Re: Approved (verification)
3:43AM 0 (no subject)
3:22AM 0 winbind problem with mixed case Windows accounts
2:55AM 1 Runaway SMBD process
12:42AM 1 Thank you! (2 Por política de seguridad y como medida precautoria de virus correo fue bloqueado. Gracias)
12:06AM 1 this might be a stupid question but how do you set permisions/security attributes on a share with samba3
Friday September 5 2003
8:23PM 0 CVS compile errors
8:21PM 2 samba3 - On-the-Fly Machine Accounts - domain admin group?
6:47PM 0 RE: Re: Details (verification)
6:47PM 0 Quotes for release :-).
6:35PM 0 Mandrake packages of RC2
5:23PM 0 logfile timestamps are wrong
3:23PM 0 Login into Active Directory
2:26PM 0 samba and iPlanet servers running Solaris 9
2:12PM 0 add user script question about -M %u and %m$
2:09PM 0 Problems with 2 server and 2 domains
1:51PM 0 Re: Details
1:24PM 0 "Failed to resend packet" - OK?
1:19PM 0 Bugzilla Bug 232 on samba 3 rc2 - urgent
1:17PM 1 Problem joing domain with samba3
1:15PM 1 samba+ldap passwd sync
12:58PM 0 Problem with Samba 3 + Iplanet ldap and trusted domain
12:14PM 1 Problem with Win95 + DFS clients (fwd)
10:03AM 0 2.2.8a+Debian woody PDC share permission / print$ wizard does not work as it will
9:49AM 1 pam_winbind verses pam_krb5
9:10AM 2 domain join - no sambaSamAccount created
7:33AM 2 Screen-saver turning with samba - policy?
7:25AM 3 Pocket PC 2003 lose stored password
6:20AM 0 Problem with shares with citrix to the unix server
4:37AM 1 Join Domain
1:46AM 0 Samba cannot find my domain!
Thursday September 4 2003
11:33PM 1 Findsmb manual page now lies because the output of smbclient -L changed?
11:27PM 2 cross-subnet domain join issue
9:56PM 0 [Fwd: Samba print]
9:28PM 2 Laptop users as domain members; profiles
9:16PM 1 can't change "client use lanman auth"?
8:41PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Macro expansion in valid users = line?]
7:18PM 2 problem with samba 3.0 beta
7:16PM 0 initial setup - server visible on network, but shares not accessible
7:01PM 2 Any way to do Linux User home directories via Samba
6:51PM 0 WIN2K Pro works, WINXP-PRO DOES NOT
5:51PM 0 non-windows management solutions
5:48PM 0 active directory readings
4:52PM 0 Question about smb shares?
4:38PM 0 IDEALx tools & OpenLDAP 2.1.x
4:29PM 0 Can't join AD domain
4:09PM 2 Bug - The Time stamp in Samba is 11 hours behind time stamp in Linux
3:47PM 0 HELP PLEASE! encountered ERRbadpw
3:40PM 1 Winbindd -> winbindd_idmap.tdb deleted
2:51PM 0 Weird samba problems / more info
2:22PM 0 your message to
2:12PM 0 Questions on LDAP Attibutes "Logon Time" "Logoff Time" "Kickoff Time"
1:12PM 0 security issues wint smbmount
12:51PM 0 RE: samba Digest, Vol 9, Issue 6
12:42PM 0 smbpasswd > sync passwd Please help me
11:21AM 0 3.0.0RC2 problems with krb libs on SOLARIS 9
9:15AM 0 samba password question
9:13AM 0 smbd and nmbd fail to start
8:51AM 4 Howto install multiple printers using the same driver for Samba on Linux?
8:39AM 1 Browse problem with non-english characters
8:21AM 0 Antigen found VIRUS= W32/Sobig-F (Sophos, CA(InoculateIT)) worm
7:57AM 1 confused about domainname
7:31AM 0 smbclient is broken and W2k can't connect to Samba3.0-rc2
5:07AM 2 build samba rpm for redhat 9
3:57AM 3 config to use idmap (LDAP)
12:44AM 1 The email you authored contained a violation (either a virus or inappropriate content)
12:31AM 0 Switched Password Hashes, Possible Bug?
12:02AM 0 Re-2: Printing!
Wednesday September 3 2003
11:11PM 4 winbind issues (domain user attempting session with samba)
10:17PM 0 auth failure on samba server + winbind wierdness(trust with unix kerberos realm problem?)
9:38PM 0 Switching Samab PDC and BDCs
8:25PM 1 SLOW copying files
7:43PM 1 Moving Samba to a different Linux server.
7:40PM 0 Problems on domain after migration
7:17PM 1 Annoying compiling warning messages for Samba3.0RC2 on Solaris 9
7:16PM 0 Re: Ok but Samba Stop!
6:50PM 0 dead connection timeouts?
6:34PM 1 Memory
4:01PM 0 Weird samba problems .....
3:53PM 0 log file = /usr/local/samba/var/log.%m , %U ?
3:46PM 1 Backing up NT4 shares - migration from NT4 to Samba
3:30PM 1 Two questions on Samba
3:21PM 1 Samba 3.0RC2 + mount + w3k2
2:49PM 1 Testing Samba 3.0.0rc2....
2:46PM 0 Samba 3.0 Beta3 question
2:30PM 1 samba-3.0.0rc dc domain logon problem
1:48PM 1 wbinfo fails with disable netbios = yes
1:33PM 0 Printing problems with Samba 3.0
12:47PM 0 ALERT - GroupShield ticket number OA25379_1062593276_MAIL1_3 was generated
12:38PM 1 Automatic selection pf printers
12:35PM 4 Samba 3 - ntlm_auth ntlmssp failing
12:20PM 0 [Help] Samba Panic with Samba 3.0Beta3, LDAP
12:14PM 1 So SLOW WindowsXPs on a Samba PDC
12:05PM 0 Win2K domain and admin rights
11:35AM 0 Antigen found VIRUS= Win32/Sobig.F.Worm (CA(InoculateIT)) virus
11:31AM 0 ldap + kerberos or NIS+ for use with SAMBA -> centralized user management
11:05AM 0 linker error on RH9
10:28AM 1 Printing!
10:16AM 0 Printers not visible in "Add Printer Wizard"
9:04AM 0 xp clients
8:57AM 0 Samba Winbind with Windows 2003 server
8:10AM 0 TOAD Trial License Key
7:02AM 1 Samba 3.0.0 next release
3:20AM 0 Antigen found VIRUS= Worm.Sobig.F (VBuster, Norman, Kaspersky, NAI) worm
1:53AM 1 MailMarshal has detected a Virus in your message
12:38AM 0 2.2.8 Install on NCR unix .
12:11AM 0 Master Browser Election - extremely puzzled
Tuesday September 2 2003
10:58PM 2 RedHat RPMS for Samba 3.0.0rc2 available
10:32PM 2 Macro expansion in valid users = line?
10:02PM 0 Accessing files on Interwoven TeamSite SMB share causing modification
9:05PM 1 source code for samba-2.2.8a-1-sol8-suncc-64bit.pkg
8:51PM 1 help for finding 32-bit or 64-bit SAMBA
8:16PM 0 Samba 3RC2 printer problem with windows machines
7:45PM 0 The order of returned filenames and broken Windows programs.
7:44PM 0 Email Message Rejected Re: Details
7:21PM 1 pb with smbpasswd from samba debian 3.0.0beta2-1
7:19PM 1 mount automaticly with samba for file server in ms machine
7:01PM 2 Dave clients accessing Samba
6:36PM 0 invalid request size with winbind
5:41PM 2 Too Many Open Files problem...
4:49PM 0 Printing to Windows XP printer from LFS-4.1 Linux via SAMBA 2.2.8
3:47PM 1 3.0RC2 joining W3K-ADS: pdb_init_sam failed
3:31PM 1 Lost Access to Logon Profiles after upgrade to samba 3 Beta 2
3:12PM 0 Question regarding user or group quantity limits
3:09PM 0 Problems with samba and fam
2:34PM 0 Virus Found in message "Re My details"
2:32PM 0 Cant Join Win2K clients to Samba Domain
2:13PM 3 Probleman Client Win95 acess Samba PDC
2:04PM 1 Changing codepage
1:48PM 2 Realm = or workgroup = ?
1:23PM 0 User must change password
11:08AM 0 Re: Your application
10:48AM 1 Something is broken in Samba3.0-rc2 compared to Samba3.0-rc1
9:40AM 1 The specified network name is no longer available
9:09AM 0 Réf. : Re: Net rpc vampire : NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
8:44AM 0 FIXED: Strange messages while accessing UTF8 coded filenames
8:33AM 1 ¿can I create more sids?
7:58AM 0 Message Blocked: Re: That movie
7:51AM 0 Samba + winXP + share problem
6:42AM 0 system policy editor rc2
6:39AM 1 One user's logon crashing Samba 3.0.0beta2-1
6:25AM 0 Re: Your application
6:24AM 0 Re: Details
5:03AM 1 History
4:35AM 0 Please provide a valid license key [T2003090204CB]
Monday September 1 2003
8:45PM 0 Samba Versions
7:32PM 0 samba3rc1 can't join AD domain
5:16PM 0 DID IT! Samba 2.2.8a PCD +W2K +SP4
3:48PM 0 more info: strange messages while accessing UTF8 coded files
3:18PM 2 Strange messages while accessing UTF8 coded filenames
2:59PM 0 forwarded message from Rainer Hubovsky
2:56PM 0 connection to netlogon denied due to security descriptor
2:53PM 0 Samba writes in wrong file
2:18PM 0 Antigen found VIRUS= Win32.Sobig.F (CA(Vet), NAI, Kaspersky) virus
2:08PM 1 Trust WinNT4 and Samba 2.2.8
12:04PM 0 WARNING! Blocked mail [Re: Details]
12:03PM 1 Limiting number of user login
11:38AM 1 WARNING! Blocked mail [Thank you!]
11:37AM 3 No rpm for RedHat9
11:07AM 1 About MS DFS
10:25AM 0 Samba share with read access to some and all rights to others
10:17AM 0 WARNING! Blocked mail [Re: Wicked screensaver]
10:05AM 0 WARNING! Blocked mail [Your details]
9:49AM 0 Samba3 / iPlanet DS 5.1 on Solaris 9
9:13AM 0 Printer state: Processing...... (accepting jobs)
9:03AM 0 PC loosing domain membership frequently
8:26AM 1 Getting compiler erros on Samba3.0.rc2 on Solaris 9
7:25AM 0 Using Samba3 to controll local user rights an Windows 2000 Clients
7:10AM 0 shaed issue
3:31AM 0 DG/UX compile error "Warning: invalid option '-O' ignored"
3:17AM 1 cups and HP Photosmart 1000