R help - Jun 2013

Sunday June 30 2013
8:31PM 1 Vignettes do not appear on CRAN if files are placed in /vignette subdirectory - but they do appear if placed in /inst/doc
6:47PM 1 Gene expression clustering using several dependent samples
5:09PM 0 Help: argument is not numeric or logical: returning NA
5:40AM 1 interpreting GLM results and plotting fits
Saturday June 29 2013
11:08PM 0 How to construct a 'proper' Q-Q line in log-log space?
11:01PM 1 RMySQL problems in ubuntu 12.04.2
6:27PM 1 Weighted SUR/NSUR
9:26AM 2 To transform a dataframe
3:55AM 0 Quantile Regression/(package (quantreg))
Friday June 28 2013
9:58PM 3 Transforming boolean subsetting into index subsetting
5:15PM 0 R Benchmarks
3:44PM 1 use of formula in survey analysis with replicated weights
2:50PM 0 Vertex names by creating a network object via an edgelist [package: network]
2:03PM 0 Help with tables
12:30PM 3 what is the difference between the function "expand.grid" and "data.frame"?
11:27AM 2 KalmanForecast (stats)
10:59AM 0 "actuar" package query
3:04AM 1 How to create a function returning an array ?
2:05AM 1 Add constraints to rbinom
12:24AM 1 Scatter plot with error bars
Thursday June 27 2013
10:19PM 0 matrix data generation under 2 loops
10:12PM 0 Step wave Detection using R
8:02PM 5 Data Package Query
7:14PM 2 Write an Excel workbook?
7:00PM 3 using "rollapply" to calculate a moving sum or running sum?
6:26PM 3 when to use & pros/cons of dataframe vs. matrix?
6:23PM 0 Data Package Query
5:26PM 2 multivariate version of aggregate
3:01PM 0 combine attributes
2:37PM 2 choicemodelr is misbehaving under R3.0
2:17PM 1 multiple csv files for T-test
11:57AM 0 are there any package for clustering the microarray data?
11:32AM 1 Combining levels
11:14AM 1 "actuar" package query.
10:17AM 2 LSD comparison
10:12AM 2 Change font size in Cluster analysis
8:49AM 0 party ctree : getting a one-node tree
8:48AM 1 corrgram with two datasets
8:24AM 2 create index for tapply or by
8:19AM 2 filling list of data frames
7:34AM 2 Changing legend to fill colour in ggplot
3:24AM 1 unable to install rPython
2:37AM 1 Fw: Remove from mailing list
12:28AM 1 How to avoid overlapping labels
Wednesday June 26 2013
10:14PM 1 pasting columns of a dataframe together
9:37PM 0 Image Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix in R
7:00PM 0 Thought you'd find this interesting
5:48PM 0 Fitting a negative Gompertz model to data
3:48PM 3 XYZ data
3:40PM 3 Ifelse leading to inconsistent result
3:19PM 2 help with plotmeans (gplots)
11:39AM 0 Generalised Linear models in R-Studio
11:37AM 2 Transpose of the rows
9:36AM 1 2nd question about adding an additional variable along certain criteria in a dataframe
8:36AM 1 Error when using median as aggregation function in dcast
8:17AM 1 Creating a matrix with an unknown variable
8:15AM 1 Margins in dcast (reshape2)
8:03AM 3 match rows of R
12:07AM 1 Comparing each level of a factor to the global mean
Tuesday June 25 2013
10:33PM 1 Psych package: Error in biplot.psych(sample.mod) : Biplot requires factor/component scores:
8:07PM 1 censor=FALSE and id options in survfit.coxph
7:40PM 1 Correct scaling of axis in persp3d plot
6:49PM 1 Heatmap with error message: `x' must be a numeric matrix
6:34PM 1 Stopping execution of running program in R
5:35PM 1 R CMD BATCH Unicode
4:46PM 0 confidence interval in rpart
4:07PM 1 Loops
3:52PM 5 How can C++ read the R object written into socket with saveRDS or save
3:42PM 0 having trouble installing RDieHarder
2:53PM 2 creat raster from XYZ
2:28PM 1 A question on vector
2:25PM 3 Fwd: Questions about working with a dataframe
1:32PM 1 do.call environment misunderstanding
12:35PM 2 error in VaR calculation
10:58AM 1 Calculate geometric mean with tapply
10:50AM 1 Issue with Imports in NAMESPACE
10:21AM 0 any news about resetting last.warning - warnings()
9:34AM 1 Fetch and merge from a data set
9:09AM 1 How to include ifelse condition to adjust QPLOT font size
7:14AM 2 return output to console for copying as input
7:06AM 1 SP package
6:03AM 1 x-labels in barplots
5:59AM 2 Time of day
4:04AM 0 PERT and/or CPM packages, please?
1:47AM 1 Unique matching of two sets of multidimensional data
Monday June 24 2013
11:53PM 2 Performing stats on group of observations
9:53PM 1 Need help using Rcpp + Rmpi
9:14PM 0 Running MCMC using R2WinBUGS
8:50PM 2 packages for input messages
8:27PM 6 Lexical scoping is not what I expect
7:00PM 2 Nomogram (rms) for model with shrunk coefficients
4:21PM 1 renaming of miktex package broke R package building
2:36PM 1 extracting submatrix from a bigger one
12:03PM 0 Tolearance Interval calculation for each point in a data set?
11:33AM 2 Error with metaMDS
11:09AM 1 help needed with printing multiple arguments as vectors, not matrices
9:25AM 1 K-means results understanding!!!
9:01AM 1 Avoiding loops using 'for' and pairwise comparison of columns
7:13AM 1 Looping in Matrix
Sunday June 23 2013
9:15PM 0 Problem with svm.tune
8:54PM 2 Function in R saving in xls
8:50PM 1 Fault geology xyz to raster
7:42PM 0 statda package issue
6:34PM 3 Wilcox paired test error message
6:12PM 1 Scaling Statistical
5:29PM 2 Apply acf to data frame containing 'NA'
4:31PM 1 environment of lm
2:17PM 1 2SLS / TSLS / SEM non-linear
10:51AM 0 Problem with lubridate and decimal seconds
9:54AM 3 Built-in function for extracting mantissa and exponent of a numeric
1:18AM 1 Which is the final model for a Boosted Regression Trees (GBM)?
Saturday June 22 2013
11:50PM 1 Legal issue help
7:06PM 0 Sparse Matrices and glmnet
4:07PM 1 metaMDS Error, Nan similar or negative values
11:06AM 1 Superpose two QQ-plots (gamma distribution) with, lattice function qqmath()
9:54AM 1 I have another question
9:06AM 1 I have a question
5:36AM 1 (no subject)
3:09AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 124, Issue 22
2:27AM 1 R 2.11 on Mac OS X
Friday June 21 2013
11:23PM 0 extracting data coincident with the beginning and end of multiple streaks (rle)
10:18PM 2 Calculating an index of colocation for a large dataset
8:21PM 2 Nulls being coerced : Bug or design?
7:43PM 2 overlay 2 dot plots
3:59PM 2 an issue about removing "NA"s from an array
3:13PM 1 How to define desired numbers to a vector based on the present numbers
3:07PM 2 hdr.den plot colors help
2:55PM 2 Superpose two QQ-plots (gamma distribution) with lattice function qqmath()
2:06PM 0 keep row names into data
1:48PM 2 Apply a Seasonal ARMA process
1:37PM 1 Error
1:36PM 1 Package random forest: can corr.bias be harmful?
12:30PM 2 Category error resulting in a ylim error
10:39AM 1 Gini coefficient sensitive to "skewness" of Lorenz curve?
9:56AM 3 matching similar character strings
8:12AM 3 Levene's test output
7:02AM 1 mgcv summary.gam
Thursday June 20 2013
10:45PM 1 canonical AR1 w/ measurement error -> pointers?
10:23PM 1 Generalized Cholesky Inverse
8:49PM 0 adding by categories in a data frame???
8:42PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 124, Issue 21
6:46PM 0 [SOLVED] Re: "Error: cannot allocate vector of size 1.9 Gb" when loading xtable help
5:44PM 0 Reading a Vector into R
5:41PM 0 C symbol name "psmirnov2x" not in load table
5:40PM 1 a question to transform a dataframe empty 0/1
3:41PM 0 how to run copula-based quantile regression
2:46PM 1 errorest slow
2:45PM 1 Determining the maximum memory usage of a function
2:45PM 2 Determining the maximum memory usage of a function
2:21PM 1 How to make a test for linearity of a Passing-Bablok Regression
1:54PM 0 Combining Affy data
12:29PM 0 New book: Beginner's Guide to GLM and GLMM with R
11:42AM 2 showing error line
11:39AM 2 Problem with "dea.boot" under R 3.0.1
11:38AM 1 Help with line graph
11:22AM 0 help - transforming closure to vector
10:45AM 2 Choosing subset of data.frame
9:07AM 1 compiling Rcpp with 3.0.1 on Solaris 10
8:53AM 1 installation problems from an Rstudio server
8:04AM 0 Produce HTML reference in knitr using rmd
7:26AM 0 Installing Jags on 64 Bit Fedora
6:57AM 1 Difference between Lloyd and Forgy algorithms used in R built-in kmeans clustering function
4:56AM 2 how to add any extra word to existing column heading in R
12:16AM 0 Trouble with SASxport in R.3.0. under 32-bit and 64-bit Windows (both 7 and Vista)
12:16AM 2 Returning name of dataframe?
Wednesday June 19 2013
3:50PM 2 Ryacas loads but yacas has an error
3:44PM 1 GLMM predictor variables
3:36PM 0 Outputting a random survival forest to rf2rfz in windows
2:23PM 3 to build a data.frame
1:50PM 1 T test for Single Mean
1:40PM 1 How to combine and transpose lists
1:24PM 5 alternative to ifelse
1:23PM 1 knitr: side-by-side figures in R markdown
1:17PM 0 sum epsilon-regression only works with certain epsilon values
12:08PM 0 Simple example of variables decorrelation using the Cholesky decomposition
11:28AM 1 nls singular gradient ..as always..
11:04AM 3 how to get growth rate of a (time series) data?
10:11AM 1 (senza oggetto)
9:27AM 2 p values of lmer
9:20AM 0 Linear combination of time series for approximating another one
8:52AM 0 I am facing problems in Two way Matrix
7:53AM 2 knitr without R studio
7:44AM 1 quantile
7:30AM 2 Problems in Constructing Two way Matrix
5:03AM 2 evaluation of equations from Ryacas
4:33AM 1 solving equations symbolically
12:16AM 1 data selection
Tuesday June 18 2013
11:46PM 1 deSolve question
11:08PM 1 Spectrum decomposition
11:06PM 1 install a package made using bioconductor package pdInfoBuilder
10:08PM 0 Automation using R2WinBUGS
8:47PM 0 hist in a for loop
7:16PM 2 Retrieving Labels from vars/cols
4:57PM 1 transform 3 numeric vectors empty of 0/1
4:25PM 0 FW: Dereje Bacha
2:54PM 1 hist function in a for loop
2:32PM 1 Elementary Help
2:23PM 1 Problem with the mod function %%
12:34PM 2 find closest value in a vector based on another vector values
12:10PM 0 Problem in Two way Matrix
10:41AM 0 Linear combination of time series for approximating another one.
9:50AM 1 regression in 3D space
2:02AM 0 “arch.test” in “vars” package with multivariate.only = FALSE
Monday June 17 2013
11:07PM 2 load() into a data frame with my chosen name => .ThisEnv ?
10:52PM 2 help with string split in R
10:23PM 2 Package zoo - na.rm ignored?
10:02PM 1 Failure to install RSer
9:02PM 2 Help understanding environments
8:20PM 1 package expm: matrix powers within a product of matrices: operation precedence
6:49PM 2 SVMREF infinte number of genes
6:42PM 1 Conference on Statistical Practice
6:29PM 2 vector question
5:59PM 3 help with text patterns in strings
5:14PM 2 write a function to do pairwise calculation
3:28PM 0 Invert a positive definite symmetric Block Toeplitz Matrix
2:38PM 0 Rcpp/RcppArmadillo - matrix manipulation
1:49PM 0 Inputs for plots
1:39PM 0 selecting observations
1:20PM 0 Building shared libraries in subdirectories
9:17AM 1 Can you use two offsets in gam (mgcv)?
9:01AM 1 Reading multiple csv files with a for loop
8:14AM 1 chi square test
7:22AM 2 problemi di allocazione di memoria
6:32AM 1 R-3.0.1 for Centos 5?
6:22AM 1 Data frame to Matrix by category
1:46AM 1 problem with input of integrate function
Sunday June 16 2013
2:39PM 1 trying to fit a thin plate spline to a triangular plot
10:42AM 4 can't install rugarch and nloptr packages in R 3.01 opensuse linux
7:20AM 2 Creating subset using selected columns
7:05AM 2 Problems using log() in a plm() regression.
5:06AM 2 extract all numbers from a string
4:12AM 1 R for Chrome OS
3:17AM 2 Simulating from a special type of bivariate exponential distribution
2:35AM 2 Matrix Mulitplication: A*B*C*D...?
12:08AM 3 Optimization of a function using optim
Saturday June 15 2013
9:38PM 1 How can make loop more faster?
8:58PM 2 quick Help needed
6:41PM 1 Downloading CSV file - RCurl help
6:03PM 0 Calculate days with R
6:00PM 0 [igraph] Counting edges for each vertex
5:15PM 0 transform summary table list to summary table (for .csv output)
2:50PM 3 Widows 8
2:46PM 1 A strange issue with GSub
12:18PM 2 Plotting two y-axis vs non-numeric x-axis
10:36AM 3 Trouble sorting the matrix
8:45AM 0 passing of arguments to R CMD BATCH in bash script that is submitted to torque (Linux platform)
7:56AM 1 Reading shape files in R
7:05AM 0 Multi-Level classification
4:33AM 2 checking certain digits of a number in a column
Friday June 14 2013
11:02PM 1 "Error: cannot allocate vector of size 1.9 Gb" when loading xtable help
9:07PM 2 significance testing for the difference in the ratio of means
7:51PM 1 combination of columns in a matrix
6:05PM 0 addtable2plot problem with adding summary object
5:04PM 1 MS Access
4:16PM 1 Trying to get the 'Digitize' package
2:52PM 3 R session freezes when I try to save a new script
2:24PM 1 How to interactively create manually guided Decision Tree
2:03PM 2 Removing "NA" from matrix
1:34PM 3 rename and concatenate name of columns
10:24AM 1 Problem in Matrix
7:47AM 1 Problem in linking a library in R package
7:27AM 1 how to output the data array without colname and row number
6:43AM 1 Need help on creating Adjacency matrix in R
6:18AM 1 Problems with R package building
5:14AM 0 Problem with Get_map getting maps without country name
4:51AM 2 merging data frames
Thursday June 13 2013
11:16PM 1 Using tables package - request for help
8:49PM 1 Linear Model with Discrete Data
5:37PM 1 Survey imputation
5:29PM 0 Memory issues with R on Ubuntu
5:26PM 2 Installing package(s) into ... (as ‘lib’ is unspecified)
5:22PM 0 Database Connectivity Performance Comparison with ROracle
5:03PM 0 Getting rid of rows matching a certain condition
4:00PM 1 puzzling behavior of within
3:59PM 1 set.seed(x)
3:47PM 2 strange boolean results
3:13PM 1 Unexpected behavior from hist()
12:02PM 3 Remove levels
9:02AM 1 Force boxplot y-axis to zero
7:56AM 3 find the position of first observation for each subject
7:08AM 2 Search for Matching word in a Dataframe
6:46AM 0 useR! 2013 conference schedule and data analysis contest
5:26AM 2 Plotting gps coordinates on Shapefile
4:09AM 1 Need help with installing gplots
1:43AM 1 Lattice different colours for bars
12:55AM 4 identify data points by certain criteria
Wednesday June 12 2013
10:37PM 0 new data
8:36PM 3 rewrite script to eliminate constant object reference
8:03PM 1 Creating a new var from conditional values in other vars
7:22PM 1 How to fit the cumulative probability distributive functiion with the gamma distribution?
7:07PM 1 Fetching and Saving warnings from a function
6:45PM 2 grDevices::convertColor XYZ space is it really xyY?
6:13PM 1 Cannot install RPostgreSQL
5:48PM 0 How to cast a numeric argument to a two-dimensional array in an inline C function?
5:42PM 2 Functions within functions - environments
5:37PM 1 Default colors for barplot() XXXX
2:44PM 1 Proper way to implement package internal functions
2:43PM 0 how to maximize the log-likelihood function with EM algorithm
2:35PM 1 Windows R_LIBS_USER confusion under R-3.0.1
2:05PM 2 [R-SIG-Mac] problem with the installation of r commander on a mac
1:44PM 0 Fw: Hi, can you supply tablet pc?
1:34PM 0 Permutation test for GLM with proportional data
1:08PM 1 GGally installation problems
9:16AM 0 Version 1.3.2 of apcluster package (+ last announcement of Webinar)
9:14AM 1 loops for matrices
8:03AM 1 Instant search for R documentation
7:47AM 2 change factor to mtrix
7:21AM 2 How to get a running mean result by R?
3:05AM 0 R + face detection a good mix?
2:53AM 1 Question on Simple Repeated Loops
2:46AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 124, Issue 12
1:38AM 1 odds ratio per standard deviation
12:25AM 1 how to extract coefficient from a gamma distribution?
12:19AM 1 devtools: rtools not compatible with 3.0.1
12:01AM 2 survreg with measurement uncertainties
Tuesday June 11 2013
9:18PM 1 simulation from truncated skew normal
8:30PM 0 Ancestral state reconstruction under a split-tree for BiSSE
7:14PM 1 Package for maximizing likelihood function with EM algorithm
6:52PM 2 help using code
6:52PM 1 Help needed in feature extraction from two input files
6:26PM 1 QR factorization for aov
5:44PM 3 ggplot2 error: "Error in as.environment(where) : 'where' is missing"
4:18PM 2 assigning global columns selection for all subset functions in script
4:07PM 2 Add a column to a dataframe based on multiple other column values
4:01PM 2 Bytes to Numeric/Float conversion
3:45PM 2 extract common rows from a dataframe
3:41PM 1 'Boolean Index too long'
3:12PM 0 Fortran modules
3:06PM 2 Big, complex, well-structured .R file for demonstration?
2:48PM 2 ggpairs in GGally replaces plotmatrix in ggplot2
2:31PM 1 Caret train with glmnet give me Error "arguments imply differing number of rows"
1:25PM 2 R-help Digest, Vol 124, Issue 12
12:52PM 0 stepwise discriminant analysis using wilks lambda
12:18PM 3 R vector
11:49AM 0 a title on the map (function gvisGeoChart package googleVis )
11:49AM 0 a title on the map (function gvisGeoChart package googleVis )
11:23AM 0 weighted(?) regression
9:20AM 0 Rao's quadratic entropy with fuzzy coded trait data
8:09AM 0 How to "source" a R script in a parent/parallel directory (win/linux)
7:21AM 1 Problem i9ncreasing memory to jvm for XLConnect
6:07AM 1 mapply on multiple data frames
5:49AM 2 How can we access an element in a structure
Monday June 10 2013
11:42PM 1 Help with R loop for URL download from FRED to create US time series
9:41PM 1 padding specific missing values with NA to allow cbind
8:38PM 4 Combining CSV data
8:01PM 0 parameters estimation of a normal-lognormal multivariate model
6:47PM 1 Where Query in SQL
5:53PM 0 read.csv timing
5:33PM 1 Selecting divergent colors
5:28PM 4 Speed up or alternative to 'For' loop
5:23PM 1 Apply a PCA to other datasets
4:27PM 3 woby2 (Odds Ratio) for variables with 3 or more levels
3:10PM 0 twoby2 (Odds Ratio) for variables with 3 or more levels
2:39PM 2 please check this
2:26PM 5 Substituting the values on the y-axis
10:00AM 0 Estimation of covariance matrices and mixing parameter by a bivariate normal-lognormal model
9:49AM 1 modify and append new rows to a data.frame using ddply
9:26AM 1 Rcmdr seit heute nicht mehr ladbar
7:02AM 0 Create a package with "package.skeleton"
6:37AM 1 problems with setClass or/and setMethod
6:15AM 4 reshaping a data frame
5:25AM 2 How to expand.grid with string elements (the half!)
3:26AM 1 All against all correlation matrix with GGPLOT Facet
3:02AM 1 Sending Email with Attachment
1:34AM 0 Loop through variables and estimate effects on several outcomes
12:52AM 1 Using Lattice, LatticeExtra - Hide right and top axes in multipanel plots
Sunday June 9 2013
2:41PM 1 import from Stata, get NA
10:58AM 1 How to read a .rar file in R
9:43AM 1 agnes() in package cluster on R 2.14.1 and R 3.0.1
7:27AM 1 Dyn.load of sharing object with GSL library
12:14AM 1 get column index with match using apply
Saturday June 8 2013
11:47PM 0 Subset dataframe with loop searching for unique values in two columns
10:27PM 2 CGIwithR installation failure
9:02PM 1 Need help on window() function of the 'zoo' package
8:31PM 1 reading a character translation table into R
8:19PM 0 R-help: insufficient space problem occurred during inversion of sparse matrix
7:35PM 1 Error Object Not Found
6:53PM 1 help needed! RMSE
1:38PM 1 segfault -- address 0x29, cause 'memory not mapped'
1:21PM 1 colour coded dotchart
1:20PM 1 Help with multiple use of "quantile"
11:58AM 1 plot Predicted survival probabilitie
11:09AM 1 Add blank rows to a dataframe
11:09AM 2 Add blank rows to a dataframe
10:06AM 0 data - matched samples, dataframes, panel data
9:19AM 0 modify and append new rows in a dataframe
8:06AM 0 data
3:17AM 1 Regression Tolerance Intervals - Dr. Young's Code
1:24AM 1 splitting a string column into multiple columns faster
1:13AM 1 recode: how to avoid nested ifelse
Friday June 7 2013
10:54PM 1 It seams that fast99 function (sensitivity package) does not work out for norm distribution.
10:01PM 0 optim() over bogus parameters
8:12PM 1 gamm in mgcv random effect significance
7:50PM 0 RCOde need urgent HELP
7:25PM 1 Package 'ChoiceModelR' - Xbetas.csv? Rbetas.csv? betadraws?
6:07PM 1 SQL queries in R
5:47PM 1 Trying to install NADA in R 3.0.0
5:16PM 0 coxme p-values
3:38PM 1 Horizontal labels on a plot
3:03PM 0 ROC Curves for Neural Networks
2:53PM 0 How to get a subscript of a vector?
2:44PM 2 glm.nb error
2:36PM 1 increase outlier size on boxplot
1:49PM 1 Evaluation of function names...
1:34PM 1 Clogit R and Stata
1:21PM 1 subset with non logical rules
12:42PM 1 cannot load pbdMPI package after compilation
12:00PM 1 estimation of covariance matrix of a bivariate normal distribution using maximization of the log-likelihood
11:38AM 2 Get count by day for particular coulmn
11:21AM 1 arima time series in R
11:01AM 1 Problem with ODBC connection
10:12AM 1 Bionconductor help
9:37AM 4 matched samples, dataframe, panel data
8:51AM 0 Function nlme::lme in Ubuntu (but not Win or OS X): "Non-positive definite approximate variance-covariance"
8:28AM 0 5 remaining places on stats course in Edmonton
8:03AM 1 boot, what am I doing wrong?
4:46AM 0 lineplot.ci{sciplot}: Split x.factor label in two lines
3:19AM 0 error running mvabund package
Thursday June 6 2013
8:34PM 3 Distance-based non-parametric ANOVA
8:14PM 0 Revolutions Blog: May Roundup
7:58PM 2 sample size determination - comparing means for different size samples
7:52PM 2 how to fit a glm model with all possible interactions between explanatory variables
6:34PM 1 Add prediction interval forest plot (package "meta")
5:01PM 0 OT: FAQ 7.31
3:49PM 0 RBloomberg: unable to use 'Corp' to fetch data
3:03PM 2 Not sure this is something R could do but it feels like it should be.
2:48PM 3 generate simple function with pre-defined constants
2:41PM 1 Conditional coloring of area between curves
2:12PM 0 Autocorrelation and normal distribution of gaps for ping requests in an unstable network
1:41PM 0 Loop through variables and estimate effects on several outcomes
11:32AM 0 SnpMatrix super slow to access cells when large
11:17AM 1 Error invalid graphics state using text()
10:51AM 1 Problem with marginal effects of a multinomial logistic regression
6:37AM 2 generating a bar chart with two axis for co-linear variable
5:43AM 2 highlighted a certain time period on multiple plots
5:36AM 1 multivariate multilevel model
1:20AM 1 lme function cannot find object
Wednesday June 5 2013
11:38PM 1 rJava is not loading
10:13PM 1 multilevel binary and ordered regression models
9:56PM 2 combining two different matrizes
9:49PM 0 Error in anova.cca by="axis" after Vegan update
7:26PM 1 reshape2 issue solved Tnx!
3:54PM 0 Temporally autocorrelated Poisson data
3:43PM 0 [R-pkgs] update to interval package
3:43PM 0 update to interval package
3:42PM 2 reshape2 issue continued
3:39PM 0 [R-pkgs] bpcp package for pointwise confidence intervals for a survival distribution
3:39PM 0 bpcp package for pointwise confidence intervals for a survival distribution
2:35PM 2 reshape2 issue
2:22PM 1 Coefficients paths - comparison of ridge, lasso and elastic net regression
1:33PM 1 Subsetting out missing values for a certain variable
1:20PM 3 SPlus script
1:00PM 2 Map Antarctica
12:12PM 0 Survival aareg problem
11:07AM 0 R error- "more columns than column names"
11:01AM 0 sandwich matrix in gamm
9:56AM 1 Send Mail R and Socket Connections
8:49AM 1 List into table
5:33AM 1 plyr _aply simplifying return-value dimensions
2:53AM 1 Trying to build up functions with its names by means of lapply
2:39AM 3 Expression evaluation of Plotting labels containing spaces
Tuesday June 4 2013
11:44PM 1 How to write a loop in R to select multiple regression model and validate it ?
10:46PM 2 Post hoc power analysis for mixed-effects models
10:23PM 5 dates and time series management
9:05PM 3 How to display multiples lines with different color on the same plot?
8:36PM 1 survival aareg plot problem
8:32PM 1 how to compute maximum of fitted polynomial?
7:06PM 0 return p-value in a t.test function
6:45PM 0 choose the lines2
5:08PM 0 gpuHclust slower than hclust
4:57PM 1 High volume plot using log(local density)
4:37PM 0 hclust segfault when using rpuDist
4:35PM 0 odfWeave on WinXP
4:13PM 1 probability weights in multilevel models
3:47PM 1 Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Regression
3:37PM 0 choose the lines2
2:33PM 2 Refer to Data Frame Name Inside a List
1:51PM 0 Mixed effects model with a phylogenetic tree/ distance, matrix as a random effect
9:15AM 1 Finding Beta
2:10AM 1 Read 2 rows in 1 dataframe for diff - longitudinal data
Monday June 3 2013
10:59PM 1 read.csv and write.csv filtering for very big data ?
8:23PM 1 Multiple selection and normalization
5:55PM 0 interpretation of flexsurvreg output from flexsurv package
5:37PM 1 Optim seems not to work properly in foreach
4:36PM 1 Error code from optim - "NEW_X" what does it mean?
4:27PM 1 Mixed effects model with a phylogenetic tree/ distance matrix as a random effect
3:25PM 2 delete active dataset
2:19PM 2 installing package 'rqpd' (Regression quantiles for panel data)
1:41PM 3 split and common variables
1:15PM 1 Why do tabs disappear when pasted into the R console?
9:15AM 3 Calculating Mean
Sunday June 2 2013
11:37PM 0 Conditional Forecast with MSBVAR
9:16PM 1 Plot 2 different time series data with 2 y axes
9:01PM 1 X-axis in meandist {vegan}
7:44PM 2 Scale package change comma defaults?
5:15PM 4 Strange behaviour of R graphics copied to PowerPoint
3:09PM 0 Problem with package 'mi' for multiple imputation
2:05PM 1 Robust GAM that covers Gaussian Distributions
1:17PM 1 Multivariate EWMA covariance estimator?
6:08AM 2 Computing Median for Subset of Data
3:30AM 0 plot.gam
3:01AM 1 Regularized Discriminant Analysis scores, anyone?
12:50AM 1 object not found
Saturday June 1 2013
9:56PM 1 Frequency count of Boolean pattern in 4 vectors.
9:12PM 1 metafor mixed-effect models: testing different predictor combinations for lowest AIC
8:14PM 1 Need to download data from internet
8:01PM 3 Official way to set/retrieve options in packages?
7:28PM 1 Windows Vista computer will not use changes I made to R console file
5:52PM 1 Fwd: Your message to R-help awaits moderator approval
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