R help - Jul 2013

Wednesday July 31 2013
9:58PM 1 Convert rbind of lists to data.frame
8:52PM 0 Canadian common CV: how to cite R packages?
8:47PM 5 double matrix?
8:03PM 2 Does a general latex table-making function exist?
6:13PM 1 qgraph: how to create legend (scale) for edge thickness?
4:10PM 2 problem about mean function in ffbase package
3:05PM 1 R number format with Hmisc and knitr
2:57PM 4 Highlight selected bar in barplot
2:39PM 3 Split in blocks
1:16PM 2 Correlation Loops in time series
1:03PM 5 merge matrix row data
12:11PM 1 Please take me out of the mailing list
12:03PM 2 heatmap scale parameter question
11:56AM 0 geocoding using the Google API with a key
11:23AM 3 resampling
10:45AM 1 detect multivariate outliers with aq.plot {mvoutliers} high dimensions
9:43AM 0 parfm frailty model and post hoc testing
9:37AM 2 Add a column to a data frame with value based on the percentile of the row
8:15AM 0 comparing real set vs sampled sets
7:46AM 2 Using If loop in R how to extract even and odd ids
4:28AM 2 installing rJava
Tuesday July 30 2013
10:41PM 0 set the wd based on cdv file
8:02PM 2 acf and ccf
6:17PM 0 MCMC with cumulative link models
6:10PM 1 xmlToDataFrame very slow
4:01PM 1 'format' behaviour in a 'apply' call depending on 'options(digits = K)'
4:00PM 1 as.Date with characters error
2:41PM 0 [R-pkgs] update: rockchalk 1.8.0
2:41PM 0 update: rockchalk 1.8.0
2:18PM 0 reclassification table
2:06PM 4 Select only rows that don't contain one number
1:41PM 3 Reshape
12:33PM 2 Time Series with daily frequency
12:31PM 1 Time Series X labels
12:13PM 4 selection based on dates
12:05PM 2 List of lists
11:17AM 0 Interpolate irregularly spaced data without typical convex hull
9:33AM 1 Plot a series of plots without using a loop
6:21AM 3 Dot plot similar to StatKey
Monday July 29 2013
11:47PM 1 tm (text mining) package persistent storage
11:04PM 1 Intersecting two matrices
8:58PM 2 Aggregate
8:20PM 2 cross-correlation with R
7:54PM 0 split beanplot in ggplot2 - adjusting bandwidth
7:23PM 3 about R stat.table function
6:54PM 2 triangular color plot of array
6:52PM 1 Greek symbols in study labels and custom summary lines in forest plot (meta)
6:28PM 0 Customized interpolating spline?
4:57PM 0 Course R for Beginners, September 3-6, Barcelona, Spain
4:39PM 6 replace Na values with the mean of the column which contains them
3:04PM 1 package "ridge"-how to obtain R squared
2:27PM 0 legend in ggmap
10:48AM 0 discontinous ssa forecast
5:35AM 1 R function
5:31AM 1 surface plot
4:09AM 0 Help with prefmod
3:32AM 1 Chinese characters in html source captured by download.file() are garbled code , how to convert it readable
2:00AM 2 Declare BASH Array Using R System Function
1:00AM 1 MCMClogit: Cannot calculate marginal likelihood with improper prior
Sunday July 28 2013
9:41PM 1 ggplot position_dodge requires constant width
7:20PM 3 Extracting Current and Old Date
3:52PM 0 Replacing NA values solved
1:12PM 2 How to replace NA values
3:18AM 2 variable bandwidths in R
1:49AM 1 tikzDevice
Saturday July 27 2013
10:28PM 2 Alternative method for range-matching within 2 nested loops in R?
6:50PM 1 smooth.spline gives different results from sreg ?
12:47PM 2 linear fit function with NA values
11:36AM 1 list of valid characters in object names
11:24AM 1 repeated measures logistic regression
4:45AM 1 problem with ldpaths and new R
4:26AM 1 Combine multiple random forests contained in a list
2:23AM 0 matching columns of model matrix to those in original data.frame
Friday July 26 2013
10:00PM 1 Boxcox transformation error
9:41PM 1 Is it possible (/reasonable) to write an as.RefClass function for R "list" class?
8:51PM 2 readTiff - Sorry can't handle images with 32-bit samples
7:21PM 1 add different regression lines for groups on ggplot
6:08PM 1 Error: Line starting ' ...' is malformed!
4:43PM 1 Externalptr class to character class from (web) scrape
3:44PM 3 How to double integrate a function in R
3:34PM 1 Hmisc ctable rotate option obsolete?
3:18PM 1 Pairwise comparison between columns, logic
2:55PM 1 X matrix deemed to be singular and cbind
2:44PM 1 cannot install XML package - getting "cannot open URL 'http://cran.cnr.Berkeley.edu/bin/windows/contrib/3.0/XML_3.98-1.1.zip' error
2:18PM 1 Holt-Winters problem
1:18PM 1 modeest with non-numeric data?
11:57AM 1 Jul 26, 2013; 12:34am
8:36AM 1 n-dash instead of hyphens in plots
8:26AM 2 a very urgunt and important question about R
7:34AM 4 Maintaining data order in factanal with missing data
5:37AM 1 number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
5:00AM 1 help on carrying forward several vectors of rownames
4:00AM 0 PPML in R
2:13AM 1 histogram with bars colored according to a vector of values
12:45AM 1 help with apply (lapply or sapply not sure)
Thursday July 25 2013
11:16PM 0 Pairwise comparison between columns, logic
10:54PM 3 Can't figure out why short figure won't work
9:52PM 1 duplicated() with conditional statement
7:05PM 2 Duplicated function with conditional statement
6:12PM 0 heatmap scale parameter
6:02PM 1 GGplot 2 – cannot get histogram and box plot axis to match.
5:30PM 1 ggplot2: further query about back to back bar plots
4:00PM 0 How do I get a a p-value for the output of an lme model with lme4?
3:13PM 4 transform dataframe with look-up table
2:34PM 0 Network of cities with distances as edges length
1:05PM 0 simulating help
12:01PM 2 Computing "standard error of the mean" using REML
11:56AM 2 Multiple interaction terms in GAMM-model
10:16AM 1 lme (weights) and glht
9:44AM 2 ask help!
7:42AM 0 Clarification of inputs for xyf function of kohonen package
7:36AM 2 Unable to install packages
7:12AM 0 Neural Network Problem
4:37AM 0 Error in initial value for qmatrix in msm function
3:15AM 0 [packages Sensitivity] Fast99 function,why model runs only 1
Wednesday July 24 2013
8:30PM 2 SpatialPolygonsDataFrame and unique()
8:06PM 1 Perform task on error
6:49PM 0 Utility scores from mlogit/clo​git for CBC
6:10PM 1 grid: Grid graphics flickering
4:39PM 0 subtracting rows for unique
2:17PM 2 x-axis (categorial variable) ordering with xyplot function (lattice package)
2:06PM 1 Query on R plot : Unequispaced label on x-axis
1:45PM 1 prediction survival curves for coxph-models; how to extract the right strata per individual
1:35PM 0 subtracting rows for unique
1:25PM 3 Levels of a factor
11:00AM 2 Paternity data analysis problem
10:25AM 1 Function, that assigns two vectors to each other
10:18AM 1 Network analysis
10:00AM 2 function 2 convert matrix to long-format?
9:32AM 1 Adjusting published survival functions
9:05AM 1 Help to improve prediction from supervised mapping using kohonen package
6:39AM 3 Change values in a dateframe
6:23AM 1 R base package grid does not output raster image
2:23AM 2 .eps files and powerpoint
Tuesday July 23 2013
10:39PM 0 Selecting names with regard to visit frequency
9:58PM 2 do not perform function if the outcome is NA
6:53PM 1 GLM with Binomial Distribution
6:49PM 1 Heat Map for species - code from Numerical Ecology with R
6:29PM 0 Selecting names with regard to visit frequency
5:41PM 0 (no subject)
5:15PM 0 Coxme Package Error Message Help
3:02PM 1 Help with using unpenalised te smooth in negative binomial mgcv gam
2:50PM 1 p-values from multiple testing
2:48PM 0 Function apply
2:43PM 0 Simple example of web-scraping.
2:35PM 2 flexible approach to subsetting data
2:14PM 0 percent correctly predicted (PCP) zeros for hurdle model
1:13PM 0 cbind error with check.names
12:36PM 1 Check the class of an object
11:22AM 3 List Structure and Acces to data
9:59AM 2 downloading web content
9:33AM 3 Some days missing using xtabs
9:29AM 1 non-conformable arrays
9:19AM 1 mgcv: pcls() makes everything linear
9:16AM 1 MGCV: Degrees of freedom of smooth terms
6:37AM 1 optimize integer function parameters
Monday July 22 2013
10:55PM 1 Error with sem function df = -6
10:53PM 1 constructing a daily time series
10:12PM 3 weighted average
10:07PM 0 Selecting names with regard to visit frequency
7:11PM 2 create data frame with coefficients from many regressions
6:00PM 1 fail to install shiny package in R 3.0.1 on Ubuntu
2:44PM 1 kandell
2:09PM 4 How to split two levels several times?
1:31PM 1 Why does impulse response function of VAR starts at zero and not at one?
12:08PM 1 2sls and systemfit
11:18AM 3 Saving multiple rda-files as one rda-file
10:17AM 1 Y label doesn't show up on printing files
9:16AM 1 union of a list of logical values
8:56AM 1 Calculate interaction for a big dataframe
8:36AM 1 Select csv files by choosing datetime
8:31AM 0 Version 1.0 of the R package "frontier" released
8:31AM 0 [R-pkgs] Version 1.0 of the R package "frontier" released
7:09AM 3 HELP R
6:23AM 1 about mix type clust algorithm
5:24AM 1 problem loading large xlsx file into r
4:36AM 0 Some doubts on the application of RHadoop
2:49AM 0 clust algorithm for interval-typed data
Sunday July 21 2013
7:49PM 1 Is there a limit on the number of code line in .Rhistory
4:51AM 1 plot discrete time series against time
Saturday July 20 2013
11:55PM 2 Linear regression repeat for each column
10:56PM 1 Extract specific rows from a data frame
10:26PM 1 Windows 7 (Swedish): 'Rcmd INSTALL' fails
7:42PM 1 how to download Journal Citation Reports with R
5:37PM 1 BH correction with p.adjust
4:05PM 4 How to search for a sequence(and its combination) inside a vector?
4:05PM 0 problem with minus signs when using postscript/pdf functions with ComputerModernItalic family
3:43PM 1 read data from a URL with login required
4:37AM 2 Adding across columns ignoring NA
3:18AM 2 Different x-axis scales using c() in latticeExtra
1:19AM 1 how to calculate the average values of each row in a matrix
Friday July 19 2013
10:14PM 2 Identify Leverage Points
9:17PM 1 Using text and variable in ggtitle (ggplot2)
7:54PM 2 Adding List Elements To A Data Frame
4:54PM 1 S4 method signature - integer matrix
3:40PM 1 WriteXLS Version 3.0.0 Released
3:40PM 0 [R-pkgs] WriteXLS Version 3.0.0 Released
2:17PM 1 help with matrix
12:44PM 0 question...
10:33AM 0 mgcv: Impose monotonicity constraint on single or more smooth terms
10:32AM 0 Heckit model with Robus std error fit
9:27AM 4 R Help
6:15AM 1 construct stem and leaf plot
3:09AM 0 Paternity data analysis
Thursday July 18 2013
7:18PM 1 How code for an exponential function
6:49PM 0 Difference between arima(1, 1, 1) for y and arima(1, 0, 1) for diff(y)
6:14PM 1 Difference between arima(1, 1, 1) of y and arima(1, 0, 1) of diff(y)
6:13PM 1 Looking for knitr example for beginner (NO RStudio)
4:50PM 2 extracting variance and covariance
4:38PM 0 Principal component / EOF analysis of data dominated by a couple frequencies
4:02PM 2 Changing settings
3:28PM 0 Moran's I
3:14PM 2 restrected arima models
2:56PM 1 binary distance measure of the "dist" function in the "stats" package
2:32PM 0 Merge with transposed matrix.
11:47AM 1 Bland Altman summary stats for all column combinations
10:09AM 1 'save' method for S4 class
9:50AM 1 Test if 2 samples differ if they have autocorrelation
9:37AM 2 stopping functions with long execution times
9:18AM 2 Orders of levels affecting wilcox.test() output
7:47AM 0 Finding All paths in a graph
7:04AM 1 panel setting
Wednesday July 17 2013
10:26PM 1 glmnet on Autopilot
9:47PM 1 robust smoothing - median smoothing.
9:43PM 4 cut into groups of equal nr of elements...
9:38PM 1 How to capture the printout on the screen?
8:12PM 2 combine select data from 2 dataframes sharing same variables
8:04PM 1 anti off diagonal min max mean - how to rotate matrix by 90 degree
6:48PM 2 How to open .WTG file Extension in R?
6:14PM 0 C Interface in R
5:49PM 0 EWMA --http://www.forecastingfinancialrisk.com/3.html
5:06PM 2 EWMA error
3:56PM 1 R Package License
3:06PM 1 Splitting dataframes and cleaning extraneous characters
2:36PM 1 R-squared and GLM
10:58AM 2 Some problems with back to back bar plots in ggplot2
9:51AM 2 Help: Error when installing R 2.8.1 in IBM AIX system from source code
9:50AM 1 extract beta.sim from dist type data (package betapart)
9:33AM 2 error message in gev
6:02AM 1 how to resolve the install problem in redhat linux
3:41AM 1 (no subject)
2:53AM 1 writing multiple lines to a file
1:21AM 0 interfacing with website
Tuesday July 16 2013
9:29PM 2 ERROR: missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
8:59PM 2 Fitting Mixture distributions
7:59PM 1 How to remove attributes from scale() in a matrix?
6:25PM 2 Importing data by odbcConnectExcel in 64 bit
6:10PM 0 (1 - 0.7) == 0.3
5:28PM 1 pxR
3:52PM 1 Error from running R2WinBUGS in R
2:43PM 1 Errors using large numbers ((i) all entries of 'x' must be nonnegative and finite and (ii) NAs introduced by coercion)
1:36PM 2 Setting Derived Class Slots
11:17AM 1 Masking oceans using polypath
9:42AM 0 Finding parameters for residuals using GAMLSS and a lognormal dist.
8:52AM 1 MGCV: overlay fitted (marginal) curves over a plot of the original data
8:07AM 1 Ode error message
7:34AM 0 Program SPACECAP help
7:18AM 0 About Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
1:10AM 1 Deleting specific rows from a dataframe
12:06AM 1 An error in the "Package JGL"
Monday July 15 2013
10:50PM 1 memory allocation and management question
9:55PM 1 image versus levelplot
9:51PM 1 cluster package - Installation problems
9:43PM 2 Serialize data.frame to database
8:57PM 0 deidentification for FCS files
6:47PM 1 converting numeric to character and using character pattern
6:00PM 2 Question on plotting with googleVis
5:45PM 1 glm - change offset to avoid NA?
5:08PM 1 ggplot2: Remove geom
3:50PM 2 t-test across columns
2:59PM 1 Problem with plot in several cases, font issue?
2:42PM 1 choose many files
2:23PM 2 file.stem?
11:41AM 1 Weird 'xmlEventParse' encoding issue
11:11AM 2 suppress startup messages from default packages
9:39AM 1 ANOVA for mixture experiment
9:27AM 1 Change R options only inside a package
8:12AM 0 CRAN and www.r-project.org with limited availability today
2:50AM 2 (no subject)
1:09AM 1 Replacing values of a matrix with values from corresponding rows of another matrix
Sunday July 14 2013
9:40PM 2 Does R ever stop responding without a message?
8:53PM 0 acs package version 1.1: download and analyze census data from the ACS
8:53PM 0 [R-pkgs] acs package version 1.1: download and analyze census data from the ACS
7:56PM 2 Book recomendation: Repeated Measurements
4:48PM 1 Need help to read the data file like this
1:48PM 2 Matrix column flip when recycled
1:30PM 2 nls power law help
11:30AM 2 creating dummy variables based on conditions
5:49AM 4 diallel analysis
Saturday July 13 2013
8:12PM 2 "not all duplicated" question
4:04PM 1 How to set panel data format
1:45PM 2 Test for column equality across matrices
11:33AM 1 Set window title for plot on any OS
11:30AM 2 Help on np package - how to set the data into a panel format
4:08AM 0 multi-condition summing puzzle
Friday July 12 2013
10:15PM 1 memory problem of betadiver of vegan
10:13PM 0 SH test results
9:18PM 1 replace multiple values in vector at once
8:58PM 2 vegan capscale 'subscript out of bounds' error
8:44PM 1 syntactical meaning of fullstop in R functions
8:22PM 1 Optimisation does not optimise!
7:45PM 4 simplify a dataframe
5:34PM 0 How to find the probability of falling in a bivariate ellipse
4:58PM 2 Upgrade from R 2.11 to R 3.0.1
4:39PM 2 How to determine the pdf of a gamma distribution using the estimated parameters?
4:04PM 3 While using R CMD check: LaTex error: File `inconsolata.sty' not found
1:20PM 0 apply problem
1:04PM 1 readLines() problem-error
12:42PM 0 Replicating Rows
11:02AM 1 What is the maximum limit for an array?
10:06AM 3 Needing help for excluding vector elements
6:15AM 1 Use R for data aggregation
3:55AM 1 error of betadiver in vegan
1:40AM 1 [XML packages] how to get the sub-node according to the sub-node's attribute?
1:21AM 1 Help with IF command strings
Thursday July 11 2013
10:52PM 1 Standardize GLS coefficients in R
3:49PM 1 Cannot access PDF manuals from R console
3:48PM 1 FW: Nested and/or crossed and 2 level random factor
2:46PM 1 mgcv: GAM with clustered standard errors
1:01PM 2 Reading a list of filenames from a csv file
12:33PM 0 [R-pkgs] Major Update to rms package
12:33PM 0 Major Update to rms package
11:54AM 0 Read a txt file as numeric
11:46AM 1 Differences between glmmPQL and lmer and AIC calculation
11:21AM 1 Testing for weak exogeneity in a SUR ECM
11:18AM 2 Error in read.table
10:56AM 0 ** REMINDER ** Academic study of R users and developers
9:58AM 0 Lda - topic inference of new document
9:56AM 3 calculate time from dates
9:54AM 1 LDA and confidence ellipse
7:13AM 2 Differential problem
7:04AM 1 Saving forecast.Arima as data
6:53AM 1 GIS in R?
6:36AM 1 Installing OpenBLAS in R
5:55AM 0 Override setClass and setMethod in a package R 3.0.1
2:53AM 1 Reserve word "in" could not be used it as a "dimname"?
1:13AM 1 Problem building R-2.15.3 from source
Wednesday July 10 2013
9:28PM 0 permanova for multivariate repeat measures toxicology data set
8:29PM 1 alternative of package parallel for R 3.0
7:50PM 0 FOAS and Use R! 2014
7:18PM 3 create new matrix from user-defined function
7:06PM 0 how to adjust the x axis range based on y axis data
6:47PM 1 replacement functions for subsets
6:29PM 1 Appropriate forum for announcing R package updates
3:42PM 4 Sparse matrix no longer sparse (Matrix Package)
3:37PM 0 output ggplot2 graph from asp.net?
2:21PM 2 Recherche de fonction
2:04PM 1 Error message
1:52PM 0 Bivariate Tolerance Region
1:10PM 0 Canonical Correlation Analysis for three fields
1:09PM 3 PCA and gglot2
12:24PM 1 Kruskal.test
11:49AM 0 Handling large R objects and limitation by RAM
10:29AM 2 find a function for a random curve
9:42AM 1 Announcing TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R
7:02AM 2 Replacing part of delimited string with R's regex
12:02AM 0 install.packages umask configuration
Tuesday July 9 2013
10:23PM 2 Same plot size with mfrow()
8:18PM 1 Power of Kruskal-Wallis Test?
7:28PM 4 Help in installing R
6:17PM 1 Global fit analysis
5:48PM 1 Kruskal.test
5:37PM 1 Trouble defining breaks for weighted histogram
5:28PM 0 Goodness of fit statistics for cfa are missing (sem package)
4:32PM 0 Applying PLS-PM to Environmental Regulations
11:51AM 0 Labelling- I figured it out
11:20AM 2 Labelling
9:45AM 3 regular expression strikes again
9:41AM 1 Sending carbon copy mails from R
8:20AM 1 results of robust regression vs. OLS regression
6:57AM 1 wrong when use the function fast99 in package "Sensitivity"
5:30AM 2 find 2D corelation coefficient
2:27AM 3 fitting log function: errors using nls and nlxb
Monday July 8 2013
10:05PM 0 simple Rcpp function produces: "AddressSanitizer: attempting free on address which was not malloc"
10:05PM 0 simple Rcpp function produces: "AddressSanitizer: attempting free on address which was not malloc"
9:02PM 1 Complex Association Plots
8:15PM 1 Constructing a matrix of outputs from loop
7:20PM 1 disabling vignette creation in R CMD build
7:19PM 0 (no subject)
7:10PM 0 "error setting certificate" issue in R-studio
5:36PM 2 abbreviating words in a model formula
5:21PM 2 xts zoo "cannot remove prior installation of package"
1:49PM 2 Splitting coordinates into two
12:45PM 3 A question on the abline function
11:57AM 2 retrieve data from summary output
9:42AM 1 R installation Problem
9:02AM 1 error in "predict.gam" used with "bam"
7:21AM 0 ChoiceModelR
1:01AM 4 Need hep for converting date data in POSIXct
12:15AM 4 Help with installing a .tar.gz package on windows
Sunday July 7 2013
8:14PM 1 Hierarchical multi-level model with lmer: why are the highest-level random adjustments 0?
10:12AM 3 spatstat output
6:01AM 1 Check a list of genes for a specific GO term
3:07AM 1 Installing R on Fedora 18 Linux?
Saturday July 6 2013
7:42PM 0 getNativeSymbolInfo for stats on R>=3.0.0
5:21PM 1 (lme4) p-values for single terms in mixed models involved in sig interactions
3:45PM 0 new package 'prevalence'
3:45PM 0 [R-pkgs] new package 'prevalence'
3:37PM 1 R book or other materials for teaching a one week class on data analysis
3:08PM 1 Kriging Package Cryptic Error Message
2:33PM 0 Missing value or an infinity produced when evaluating the model
2:26PM 1 how to turn off "buffered output" in R mac os?
12:30PM 0 fitting the null loglinear model with MASS::loglm??
12:04PM 4 coxph won't converge when including categorical (factor) variables
12:16AM 1 problem with BootCV for coxph in pec after feature selection with glmnet (lasso)
Friday July 5 2013
10:51PM 0 IF function
10:24PM 0 Operations on a big data frame
9:55PM 1 surface plots using wireframe, color at high res, grid at low res?
9:47PM 2 Transferring commas in character vector to expression
7:33PM 1 Subset and order
7:16PM 3 Filter Dataframe for Alarm for particular column(s).
4:55PM 1 multcomp on significant interaction in coxme model
3:38PM 0 Filter Dataframe for Alarm for each column.
3:06PM 0 Obtaining predicted values from a zero-inflated poisson regression model
1:40PM 1 geeglm
1:17PM 0 repolr: multivariate repeated analysis possible?
10:44AM 2 save rds as text
10:38AM 1 kruskal.test followed by kruskalmc
10:03AM 0 Revolutions blog: June roundup
9:28AM 2 Unique in discerning missing values NA
8:08AM 0 To approach time series using a data set
6:22AM 1 Subscript out of bound error
3:14AM 2 Substituting Greek symbols in some tick labels
2:43AM 1 g2 test...
Thursday July 4 2013
9:53PM 2 Lattice barchart with error bars
9:52PM 0 coxph doesn't converge when including factor variables
9:08PM 1 problem on reading many files
7:00PM 0 coding variables which are independent or grouped
6:09PM 2 help on selecting values of an object
4:59PM 1 iterative methods
4:12PM 1 Error when building a custom package
3:15PM 2 R and MatLab implementations of the same model differs
2:00PM 6 ggplot2
12:04PM 2 list construction with automatic names
11:59AM 1 polr?
10:00AM 0 Binomial Regression and nnet
8:33AM 3 Help
6:31AM 2 how to choose dates data?
6:14AM 0 cluster analysis
5:14AM 1 Subsetting multiple rows of a data frame at once
2:19AM 3 bootstrapping respecting subject level information
Wednesday July 3 2013
11:54PM 2 setClass confusion
9:55PM 1 converting a list of loglin terms to a model formula
9:45PM 2 modify timestemp
9:27PM 3 change cell values
7:24PM 0 Academic study of R users and developers
5:38PM 2 Splitting a string expression into components
3:33PM 1 promise already under evaluation
2:27PM 1 String based chemical name identification
2:16PM 0 qtlnet mcmc.qtlnet sample genetic architeture and QTL network
2:07PM 2 One-parameter fitting
12:15PM 1 Meta-analysis on a repeated measures design with multiple trials per subject using metafor
11:55AM 1 merge dataframes
11:37AM 1 Subsetting multiple rows of a data frame at once
11:37AM 0 nlrq with normal copula
8:53AM 0 Package PLM
8:22AM 0 MuMIn package: plotting averaged model estimates with CI
5:52AM 0 advice on big panel operations with mclapply?
3:11AM 2 nth root of matrix
Tuesday July 2 2013
11:29PM 0 Deviance explained by individual terms in GAM
8:46PM 2 Recoding variables based on reference values in data frame
7:21PM 2 Multinomial model and p-values
6:32PM 0 The R Journal, Volume 5, Issue 1
6:32PM 0 The R Journal, Volume 5, Issue 1
5:47PM 4 spped up a function
4:52PM 1 Outer function in R
4:21PM 2 acf question...
3:33PM 1 What package to use to download pictures and its description from server?
1:42PM 1 Creating DAGS with plate notation in R
1:29PM 0 Multiple Comparison Kruskal-Wallis Test on a dataframe
12:31PM 2 Replacing strings to numbers
12:01PM 3 Non-linear modelling with several variables including a categorical variable
10:31AM 1 Word occurrence rate in a tweet
10:00AM 0 Linear mixed effect model doubt:
9:31AM 1 Recursive partitioning on censored data
9:19AM 0 Help with heatmap & hclust
8:59AM 1 passing of longitude and lattitude arguments to read URL in Google Maps and extract routes
8:25AM 2 Cross validation in R
7:58AM 0 ComBat: Error in solve.default(t(des) %*% des) : Lapack routine dgesv: system is exactly singular
4:31AM 0 Automating the running of MVLN model in R using R2WinBUGS
1:56AM 1 Fwd: functions and matrices
Monday July 1 2013
11:46PM 1 similarity and dissimilarity index
9:13PM 1 Optimum of lm
8:47PM 1 Bhattacharyya in R
7:44PM 0 Trying to predict from a time series with Additive Outliers: Error in as.matrix(newxreg) %*% coefs[-(1L:narma)] : non-conformable arguments
6:23PM 1 writing to the screen and extra "0"
5:57PM 1 Missing data problem and ROC curves
5:37PM 1 functions and matrices
5:36PM 1 subset of factors in a regression
3:35PM 2 Lee carter model
12:45PM 0 Dunnett's T3 test (DTK package) problem
12:35PM 1 Empty pdf
8:47AM 0 Distance Measurement between probability distributions
8:07AM 1 Parallel processing random 'save' error
2:19AM 1 Male and female signs as subscript in plot