R help - May 2013

Friday May 31 2013
10:59PM 0 Replace row value with corresponding column name
9:38PM 2 tree in tree package - Error: cannot allocate vector of size 2.0 Gb
6:02PM 2 R help on loops
4:31PM 3 Y-lim minimum overrun in barplot
2:58PM 1 Error in x[[1]] : subscript out of bounds
1:49PM 1 chooseCRANmirror
1:35PM 0 conditional maximum likelihood estimators
1:01PM 1 Post-fit survival curve for shared frailty model
12:50PM 2 empty html pages for R-exts and R-intro
12:41PM 4 how to install R 3.0.1
12:30PM 0 counting process in survival
12:06PM 1 question about trpaths
11:21AM 1 Packages evd and fExtremes
10:41AM 1 Pooled mean square error for regression
9:46AM 1 glmx specification of heteroskedasticity (and its use in Heckit)
9:13AM 0 biglm error:
8:07AM 2 merge without NA last
6:36AM 2 Returning combine output from R loop
2:57AM 3 merge_recurse in libray reshape - how does it work?
2:33AM 2 3.0.1 update and compiler package
Thursday May 30 2013
10:35PM 1 write table in ascii
9:28PM 5 How can I write logical function in R?
8:07PM 1 wilcox_test function in coin package
5:40PM 1 a question
5:16PM 0 "mlogit" does not report number of observation?
2:32PM 1 Mixture of beta distributions
12:13PM 7 measuring distances between colours?
11:20AM 1 T statistic exactRankTests package
8:13AM 2 write table without quotation marks in column names....
8:07AM 1 question
5:57AM 1 error in rowSums in data.table
5:55AM 0 query regarding multivariate analysis in R
5:49AM 1 help on multivariate time series in R
1:27AM 2 Subset a floating point vector using all.equal?
Wednesday May 29 2013
11:22PM 1 lmer (multinomial response variable ~ fixed + (1|random), family='"multinomial" ???)
6:23PM 0 Find longuest string in a character list
6:23PM 1 combine two columns into one
5:21PM 1 More discussion on R usage statistics
4:31PM 0 Error in names(data)[ix] : only 0's may be mixed with negative subscripts
4:27PM 1 Spatial points analysis in R
4:23PM 1 RCurl: using ls instead of NLST
4:16PM 1 'x' must be numeric..
3:37PM 1 Egen and concat
3:34PM 1 Modelling categorical and non-categorical datasets using Artifical Neural Networks
3:29PM 1 Goodness-of-fit tests for Complex Survey Logistic Regression
3:23PM 1 Equivalence between lm and glm
2:11PM 1 rgl crashes after one successful draw
1:18PM 0 Trouble in parallel computing with snow package
1:17PM 0 RCurl and google trends
1:15PM 3 bootstrap
11:49AM 2 adding class attributes to strings: works in a loop, but not directly
10:39AM 1 Problems in running x12
9:02AM 0 supermodular function optimization
8:54AM 0 estimating VAR(p) model leaving out intermediate lags
8:08AM 0 Split-plot and within-subjects
6:33AM 1 Problems with merge
6:32AM 1 Quantile regression for binary choice and heckit
6:29AM 0 Distribution, heteroskedasticity etc. tests for glm, tobit and heckit?
4:35AM 0 A question with respect to capturing output from a shell command
1:05AM 1 (no subject)
Tuesday May 28 2013
10:50PM 1 highlight points in lattice cloud plot
8:41PM 1 Package unpacks (successfully and MD5 sums checked" but will not load "not a valid package"
6:41PM 0 Rcpp Starter With Carry Class
6:07PM 4 Rank Amateur Question
6:07PM 3 Obtaing the maximum
6:05PM 1 Function for finding matching values in two vectors.
5:31PM 1 make stat.desc output an object
5:27PM 0 error in installation
3:33PM 0 identical() function issue on R when built with ICC, ICL
3:16PM 1 The weak exogeneity test in R for the Error Correction Model?
3:00PM 1 Discrete simulated annealing
2:01PM 0 choose the lines
1:09PM 1 Inhomogeneous, univariate, O-Ring Statistic
10:31AM 2 Help retrieving only Portuguese words from a file
9:52AM 0 reference for variance in svykm
8:13AM 0 Failed exec in Update problem in R
7:20AM 1 lazy loading like object
6:54AM 4 Execution of larger blocks of pasted code often fails?
6:06AM 2 Trouble with arguments to 'order'
2:59AM 1 p values of plor
12:37AM 2 Data reshaping
Monday May 27 2013
11:02PM 1 Plot histograms in a loop
9:30PM 0 Bayes Logit and Cholesky Decomposition
9:15PM 0 fitting grid-based models
7:52PM 0 choose the lines
6:17PM 3 How I can rearrange columns in data.frame?
3:24PM 3 How sum all possible combinations of rows, given 4 matrices
3:21PM 1 MLE for probit regression. How to avoid p=1 or p=0
3:12PM 4 updating observations in lm
2:40PM 1 Stop on fail using data manipulation
2:22PM 1 Assistant
2:18PM 1 Question about subsetting S4 object in ROCR
1:17PM 1 metaMDS with large dataset produces 'insufficient data' warning
11:45AM 0 Time Series prediction
11:34AM 2 Classification of Multivariate Time Series
10:39AM 2 Indexing within by statement - different coloured lines in abline wanted..
8:47AM 1 configure ddply() to avoid reordering of '.variables'
12:28AM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 123, Issue 30
Sunday May 26 2013
5:24PM 0 avoiding eval parse with indexing: Correction
4:52PM 0 SAPPLY function for COLUMN NULL
4:24PM 0 [Fw: Re: avoiding eval parse with indexing ]
3:20PM 1 Setting default graphics device & options
1:56PM 4 avoiding eval parse with indexing
11:53AM 1 load ff object in a different computer
7:06AM 1 Parameters estimation for extreme value models
5:43AM 1 curiosity: next-gen x86 processors and FP32?
1:03AM 2 QA
Saturday May 25 2013
9:50PM 1 Mapping GWR Results in R
8:14PM 1 What does this say? Error in rep("(Intercept)", nrow(a0)) : invalid 'times' argument
7:36PM 3 When creating a data frame with data.frame() transforms "integers" into "factors"
6:09PM 1 spatially analyzing multiple data layers
2:52PM 2 How to plot two functions a(t) & b(t) along with x & y axes respectively in r ?
9:50AM 1 Generating random numbers satisfying specific regression equation
1:59AM 0 Problem reading from NetCDF.
Friday May 24 2013
9:46PM 2 retaining comments within functions defined in Rprofile.site
8:55PM 1 survival in R
8:08PM 2 Pie chart
7:48PM 0 modeling outliers in arfima
7:36PM 2 xtable() with booktabs option problem
7:34PM 0 To get the dataframe
7:22PM 1 matrix of random variables from a matrix of means and matrix of sd
6:08PM 0 Question about Rpart function
5:27PM 1 Creating an R function wrapper for a bash shell script
5:00PM 1 Multinomial logistic regression
4:42PM 0 Generating Predicted Probabilities in a Data Frame from a Logit Model
3:29PM 2 R 3.0.0
2:21PM 1 Change devAskNewPage setting on Escape?
1:51PM 1 ggmap, hexbin and length distortion in Lat/long
11:26AM 0 Rcpp with OpenMP - Need example Makevars
11:08AM 1 par(mfrow=c(1,3)) and postscript(file=)
10:24AM 2 Continuous columns of matrix
9:10AM 0 Rcpp with OpenMP - Need example Makevars
9:10AM 5 Rcpp with OpenMP - Need example Makevars
8:24AM 1 Construct plot combination using grid without plotting and retrieving an object?
4:31AM 2 Download data
4:05AM 0 Bug in latest Ubuntu release (13.04) disables R graphics device
Thursday May 23 2013
10:21PM 1 When the interaction term should be interpreted in AIC table?
9:35PM 1 subsetting and Dates
8:29PM 1 Distance calculation
8:21PM 1 order panels in xyplot by increasing slope
7:44PM 0 glmnet package: command meanings
6:30PM 0 data frame "sum"
6:04PM 2 strings
4:10PM 1 FW: Kernel smoothing with bandwidth which varies with x
3:30PM 1 apply function within different groups
3:30PM 2 Could graph objects be stored in a "two-dimensional list"?
3:06PM 2 Error in png: unable to start png() device
2:53PM 1 error message solution: cannot allocate vector of size 200Mb
2:31PM 0 xml newbie
2:23PM 3 Removing rows w/ smaller value from data frame
1:05PM 0 adding rows...
10:53AM 1 SEM: multigroup model
8:41AM 1 Fwd: Merge
7:44AM 2 Transform Coordinate System of an ASCII-Grid
7:05AM 3 convert a character string to a name
5:00AM 1 adding rows without loops
3:11AM 2 Sort data by month
2:54AM 1 sample(c(0, 1)...) vs. rbinom
Wednesday May 22 2013
11:17PM 0 (no subject)
10:13PM 0 question
9:40PM 2 group data based on row value
8:34PM 2 Linebreaks in cat() functions that call other variables?
7:29PM 1 NADA Package install disappearance
6:51PM 1 column width in .dbf files using write.dbf ... to be continued
6:08PM 3 How to test if something doesn't exist
5:34PM 0 Request for Help on Named Vectors
5:11PM 0 bar plot with non-zero starting level
4:31PM 1 reading large csv data sets efficiently
3:11PM 0 Problems with LSD.test
3:07PM 0 rmean in survfit
2:49PM 1 How to create a correct matrix in R
2:42PM 0 Multi-state model: msprep Error during data preparation
2:20PM 1 Code overloading PC
2:13PM 2 Forecasting MA model different to manually computation?
1:57PM 0 calcul of the mean in a period of time
12:27PM 0 DRC package: Weibull W1.3 and W2.3 - where is the difference?
12:00PM 2 list to dataframe
7:32AM 1 Rplot save problem after using "identify" with R version 3.0.0
2:32AM 0 eRm package, RSM: Error in solve.default(parets$hessian) :
1:57AM 1 Something Very Easy
1:46AM 0 Writing to a file
Tuesday May 21 2013
11:22PM 1 x axis problem when plotting
9:11PM 1 metafor matrix error
8:29PM 2 point.in.polygon help
8:16PM 3 add identifier column by row
7:40PM 2 problem with "transform" and "get" functions
6:01PM 2 help with data.frame
3:57PM 2 problems with saving plots from loop
3:00PM 1 Calculating AIC for the whole model in VAR
2:58PM 0 tt function and coxph
11:49AM 1  microarray analysis: contrast matrix problem
11:42AM 0 Arules: getting rules with only one item in the left-hand side
11:19AM 1 keep the centre fixed in K-means clustering
11:18AM 1 Lattice, ggplot, and pointsize
11:16AM 1 problem in reading GDX file
9:20AM 0 Increasing time of simulation
9:19AM 0 Repeated k-fold Cross-Validation with Stepwise Regression
9:16AM 2 Sum first 3 non zero elements of row
7:16AM 2 Using loop for applying function on matrix
6:00AM 0 scale change
5:35AM 1 ordered and unordered variables
1:06AM 1 How many decimal places of information does R actually use in computation?
Monday May 20 2013
11:45PM 2 how to GREP out a string like this......THANKS.
9:24PM 2 old Windows binary for GBM package
9:09PM 3 as.vector with mode="list" and POSIXct
6:18PM 1 help with 'cem' for r 2.14.2
6:10PM 0 Neural network: Amore adaptative vs batch why the results are so different?
4:10PM 1 R for windows GUI front-end has stopped working
3:44PM 1 Gamma curve fit to data with specific bins
3:21PM 0 Loading intraday data with zoo
2:11PM 1 Extract t-statistics from "mer" object
1:26PM 0 finding moving average order
12:36PM 3 numeric not equal its value
12:30PM 1 R relative frequency by date and operator
12:09PM 2 DEfining and plotting the sum of two functions
11:52AM 0 choosing the correct number of clusters using NbClust
9:14AM 1 How to fit a normal inverse gaussian distribution to my data using optim
8:34AM 1 table() generating NAs when there are no NAs in the underlying data
4:17AM 2 How to create surface3d plot with surface data
12:52AM 1 ANOVA Estimated effects may be unbalanced
Sunday May 19 2013
10:52PM 0 Help needed
9:05PM 3 coping zeros from matrix to another
4:08PM 2 strange behaviour with loops and lists
2:31PM 1 Generate positive definite matrix with constraints
2:22PM 2 apply and table
1:54PM 0 TODAY field in termstrc
1:13PM 0 index of quantile variation (iqv)
12:31PM 2 How to run lm for each subset of the data frame, and then aggreage the result?
11:20AM 1 Extracting values from grid cells using for loops
6:32AM 1 Weighted regression in rms/Hmisc
Saturday May 18 2013
11:19PM 3 bar plot with non-zero starting level
8:42PM 1 arima prediction
3:44PM 1 distances between entities
1:05PM 2 exporting data into STATA
11:45AM 1 how to do an external validation with R
6:23AM 1 glmer.nb: function not in downloaded lme4 package?
Friday May 17 2013
9:58PM 0 Heterogeneous negative binomial
9:01PM 2 filter rows by value
7:58PM 1 image and color gradient
7:53PM 2 formatting column names of data frame
7:45PM 2 Bivariate - multivariate linear regression
6:48PM 2 time-series aggregation of information
5:21PM 2 inverse for formula transformations on LHS
5:02PM 2 Problems using lmer {lme4}
4:46PM 2 #Keeping row names when using as.data.frame.matrix
3:46PM 2 Comma separated vector
2:47PM 1 R and libre office base
2:44PM 1 Error with adehabitatHR and kernelbb
2:17PM 0 mirt package "error in ESTIMATION..."
2:04PM 1 update an array of plots in 'real-time' without drawing lags
1:39PM 1 out of the mailing list
1:03PM 2 zigzag confidence interval in a plot
12:32PM 0 External access to fft routines
12:28PM 0 Natural Language Recognition
12:16PM 1 Homals: Nonlinear PCA
12:07PM 0 Probabilistic neural network (PNN)
12:07PM 0 [R-pkgs] Probabilistic neural network (PNN)
11:34AM 1 Log scales
10:53AM 3 Repeating sequence elements
10:24AM 0 n in pglm() and relogit()
9:40AM 1 pearson correlation significant level
7:31AM 0 Using grubbs test for residuals to find outliers
6:51AM 2 Selecting A List of Columns
6:36AM 2 Find the indices of non-NA elements of a sequence
5:57AM 0 Mean using different group for a real r beginner
5:40AM 2 Rcmdr Bug?
3:56AM 1 Problem with ordiellipse coloured factor in Vegan
2:42AM 1 negative extents to matrix
1:58AM 2 How could I see the source code of functions in an R package?
1:56AM 2 peering inside functions in a package?
12:30AM 0 rggobi error
Thursday May 16 2013
9:48PM 1 Why is it not working the MaxEnt analysis (package "maxent", and "dismo")?
9:41PM 2 Chi square 1 d.f.
9:22PM 1 connect to local mySQL database
8:46PM 2 convert a data.frame to matrix
5:43PM 1 strftime
5:13PM 1 To List or Not To List
5:11PM 1 using metafor for meta-analysis of before-after studies (escalc, SMCC)
4:12PM 2 A function that can modify an object? Or at least shows principles how to modify an object?
3:58PM 0 Help with how to process multiple column variable in a read.table
3:31PM 1 sapply error produced by grid search
3:23PM 1 Contour lines in a persp plot
3:05PM 3 Error: contrasts can be applied only to factors with 2 or more levels
2:21PM 1 How to extract value from image in R ?
11:50AM 4 Three plots with logged X-axis in the same plot
11:00AM 1 Trouble Runing R Version 2.13.0
10:17AM 2 R looping help
10:02AM 1 Failed to open *.img in rgdal
9:52AM 1 reconstructing original series based on differenced data
8:06AM 1 3d interactive video using the rgl package
7:51AM 0 R 3.0.1 is released
7:51AM 0 R 3.0.1 is released
7:19AM 0 How to suppress default legend in plot.cuminc()
7:16AM 1 Loop through a simulation
6:17AM 3 estimate value from simulations
4:47AM 0 OFF TOPIC: Report on a conference on "Integrity in research"
Wednesday May 15 2013
11:58PM 0 Unexpected behavior using `merge' by multiple columns
7:57PM 2 matrix - pairwise comparison of columns
6:21PM 2 animating plots over time with a slider
6:06PM 1 x and y lengths differ
5:51PM 2 R help: Batch read files based on names in a list
5:32PM 1 mosaic plot (vcd)
4:39PM 0 Build R package with libjpeg - Symbol not found: _jpeg_CreateCompress
4:02PM 1 Problem with convergence in optim
3:42PM 1 stack object layer names not visible
2:59PM 1 R update problem
2:33PM 1 how to show a dataset in 3d?
2:04PM 1 Vegan package treatment of zeros
10:32AM 0 New quotation
9:51AM 2 K Fold CrossValidation
9:46AM 4 Error in colMeans with multiple column data.frame
9:14AM 2 erreur dans R
8:39AM 1 Empty clusters in k-means - possible solution
8:28AM 0 BASEL II Validation Tests
6:53AM 1 Fw: Request for information
6:15AM 2 data manipulation
6:14AM 0 fast time series similarity (iSAX, UCR DTW, UCR ED) implementations for R?
4:06AM 2 NMDS using Vegan
Tuesday May 14 2013
9:55PM 1 R-Help: nparLD Package Non-parametric Repeated Measures
9:26PM 2 empirical and GPD for time series simulation
7:59PM 3 Help me please: gplot, facets_wrap and ordering of x axis dates
7:04PM 1 Post hoc test for GLM with poisson distribution
6:24PM 0 Specifying Correlation Structures in Linear Multivariate State Space Models
5:20PM 1 Changing Order of Factor Levels in Mixed Model (nlme)
5:10PM 1 3D plot
4:05PM 1 query in plot(intervals....
3:54PM 3 query re plot(confint(lmList...
3:06PM 2 where clauses - help
1:32PM 0 need help for Imbalanced classification problems!!!
1:30PM 0 apcluster webinar: Thursday, June 13, 2013, 7:00pm CEST
1:02PM 0 Select the column from the data.frame?
12:34PM 1 points overlay axis
10:32AM 2 Possible bug in 'data.table'
9:55AM 0 Problem with constrained nlsList model
8:52AM 5 Unexpected behavior of "apply" when FUN=sample
8:06AM 2 Dataframe and conditions
7:45AM 1 Problem with R websocket package
7:40AM 0 empirical and GPD time series simulation
4:37AM 0 Matrix multiplication with scattered NA values
3:35AM 1 Sampling Weights and lmer() update?
1:38AM 1 How to capture the expression corresponding to the i param in the [ function
1:18AM 2 Boundaries of consecutive integers
12:49AM 1 Fwd: ?on-consequitve # of lags in VAR (package 'vars")?
Monday May 13 2013
11:47PM 1 Math problem with xts objects
10:34PM 0 Basic R question
8:31PM 1 what does summary(polr(...)) really call? --- and obscure buglet
7:49PM 0 Select rasters in stack based on layer partial name match
7:22PM 4 how to merge 2 data frame if you want to exclude mutual obs
6:41PM 3 recover log of matrix
6:23PM 2 what does summary(polr(...)) really call?
5:41PM 1 Creating Color Pallets
5:36PM 3 melt in reshape2 destroying dates?
4:38PM 1 dotcharts next to boxplots
4:05PM 2 Matching names with non-English characters
3:17PM 1 How can I make a loop to do multiple regression for more than 3000 dependent variables?
2:24PM 2 reduce three columns to one with the colnames
12:20PM 1 Anova und Tukey HSD
9:27AM 1 question about poisson regression
8:19AM 2 grepl
7:58AM 3 help: R GUI front-end has stopped working
6:16AM 1 condition and function
Sunday May 12 2013
11:44PM 1 Multinomial-Dirichlet using R
8:54PM 1 aggregate.data.frame with NAs and different types
8:42PM 3 scan in R
5:30PM 1 Loop for CrossTable (gmodels)
11:47AM 1 How to center a horizontal legend with specified 'text.width'
8:55AM 2 Need help to building R package with devtools
7:07AM 0 Unexpected scrapeR result
2:22AM 2 Broken line questions
1:06AM 1 how to deal with continous and Non continuous mixed variables in factor analysis?
12:57AM 2 need means on all boxplots, but only half of them got that
Saturday May 11 2013
10:35PM 3 [newbie] return index(s) for value?
8:26PM 0 cut.dendrogram bug?
5:09PM 0 MaxLik pacakge
4:21PM 1 How to repeat 2 functions in succession for 400 times? (microarray data)
3:40PM 3 boxplot with grouped variables
1:29PM 1 pmnorm produces NaN
12:38PM 0 mcmapply should be parallel, but runs serial?
10:49AM 0 Help on sound identification of "distance between lines"
7:59AM 1 prediction in a loop with only one sample
4:45AM 0 generating new vector based on criteria from other vectors
4:10AM 1 question about 1-way anova
3:15AM 0 question
12:07AM 1 (no subject)
Friday May 10 2013
10:46PM 1 R's basic lm() and summary.lm functions
7:04PM 2 need an assistance
6:58PM 0 How to generate factor levels with unequal numbers?
5:24PM 2 date and time coding question
5:22PM 0 Revolutions blog: April 2013 roundup
5:21PM 1 Distributing R byte code
4:35PM 1 Automatic way to embed fonts into all pdf output?
3:42PM 1 rlnorm(n, meanlog = 0, sdlog = 1)
3:30PM 0 Package Seqminer: Fundamental usage question
3:00PM 0 helper function to "pluck" dendrogram attributes
2:33PM 0 Weird RefClass running time
2:29PM 1 Return a vector in Fibonacci sequence function
1:51PM 2 How to use character in C code?
1:01PM 0 Allocating outputs from code using foreach and doPar
12:15PM 0 Isolate polygons unionSpatialPolygons / single polygon instead of multipart polygon
10:59AM 0 irt model estimation with constrained parameters
10:51AM 1 maxLik: different estimations from different packages
10:28AM 1 Fwd: binomial glm and sole effect of the treatment
8:59AM 2 Replacing values in a dataframe depending on several conditions
8:41AM 1 PGLM Package: Starting Values for Within-Model
7:38AM 1 compare vector with selected element from a matrix
6:19AM 1 functions with function inputs and optimisation
2:25AM 0 Clustering with uneven variables
2:06AM 2 How can I extract part of the data with a selection criterion?
Thursday May 9 2013
11:24PM 1 duplicate rows with new time series
9:22PM 2 error in barplot
8:58PM 2 'symbols' not drawing correctly in the 'y' dimension
8:41PM 0 interpolation in at least 3, perhaps 4 dimensions?
8:05PM 2 subsetting by is not
8:05PM 2 Raster comparrison
6:27PM 2 Can DEoptim trace output be customized?
5:35PM 1 attr vs attributes
4:28PM 2 subsetting dataframe multiple conditions
3:50PM 2 Question with "apply"
3:43PM 0 Finding x-value of intersections of mixture models
3:10PM 0 questions for using randomForest/pamr to predict biological data
2:48PM 1 creating multivariate normal random variables
1:06PM 3 R installation error
1:00PM 3 Can you help me sir,
11:58AM 2 Paritioning of Interaction SS in ANOVA - Gomez and Gomez(1984) example
11:31AM 0 same key row merge in dataframe
11:09AM 0 Replace rows in dataframe based on values in other columns
10:45AM 1 Time series analysis
8:27AM 1 Fit a standardized generalized hyperbolic distribution to my data?
7:58AM 0 help needed in least square curve fit equation
5:36AM 0 ARMA(p,q) prediction with pre-determined coefficients
4:54AM 2 Re-start R issue on win7 [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]
2:36AM 0 error with lhoat() function from the package hydroPSO
2:32AM 0 Inputting white noise values for ARMA prediction
1:29AM 1 Choice of statistical test (in R) of two apparently different distributions
12:38AM 2 [newbie] *apply to matching elements of n arrays?
12:30AM 2 R unable to access internet to install packages
Wednesday May 8 2013
8:39PM 1 NMDS with missing data?
8:37PM 1 ecdf --- title suggestion and question
6:58PM 0 PPCOR: Semipartial Correlation & Regression weights
6:06PM 4 Correctly Setting New Seed
5:15PM 0 chronological season results assistance
5:03PM 1 generate gaussian
4:49PM 2 scatter plot matrix with different x-y variables
4:18PM 1 chronological season results assistance
4:05PM 1 Tranfer data from exel into R
3:01PM 0 Estimating confidence intervals from several simulations
2:12PM 2 gam (mgcv), multiple imputation, f-stats/p-values, and summary(gam)
1:39PM 0 Using the Sun Grid Engine with R-3.0
12:53PM 0 chronological season results assistance
12:51PM 1 NaN-result from fuzzy_inference (package "sets") with certain input
9:08AM 1 gsub regex simplification
8:59AM 1 Fuzzy rules definition (package "sets") from data.frame
8:25AM 2 R prints empty group on my figure!!
7:49AM 1 Fitting AR(p) model
7:43AM 2 Parsing XML to tree.
6:15AM 1 make hyperlink in R
5:19AM 1 How to calculate Hightest Posterior Density (HPD) of coeficients in a simple regression (lm) in R?
3:40AM 2 Calculates the mean/median from grouped data in R?
3:39AM 0 CRAN RSS feeds about updates and package checks
3:38AM 3 is.numeric () FALSE
3:21AM 2 Bootstrapped 1-sided confidence intervals
2:51AM 0 how to get samples from rtmvnorm with large dimensions
1:54AM 2 How can I find negative items from a vector with a short command?
Tuesday May 7 2013
11:27PM 0 How to use big.matrix to read factor columns
10:46PM 1 how to read numeric vector as factors using read.table.ffdf
8:40PM 0 How to use "SparseM-conversions" to convert a dCgMatrix into a matrix.csr ?
7:08PM 4 how to calculate the mean in a period of time?
6:24PM 0 Question about fitting a periodic model in glmm
5:54PM 4 create unique ID for each group
4:20PM 2 recode categorial vars into binary data
3:33PM 1 Balanced design throws "design unbalanced, cannot proceed" error
1:54PM 2 How does one set up logical functions?
1:30PM 1 Using as.integer(NA) in the .C function
1:23PM 0 extracting the residuals from models working with ordinal multinomial data
1:20PM 0 Tinn-R news
1:18PM 1 Superimpose exponential density function to histogram
11:32AM 0 Orthogonal transformation option in pgmm-plm
10:55AM 1 Plot device stretched on Mac - any advice?
9:41AM 1 Problem with biomaRt::getSequence.
8:19AM 0 recommended workflow for creating functions (was: Re: [Rd] Patch proposal for R style consistency (concerning deparse.c))
7:16AM 0 hi.
6:33AM 3 Merge two dataframe with "by", and problems with the common field
4:39AM 2 Extracting elements from a matrix using a vector containing indices
2:11AM 1 Bootstrapped Non-Parametric 1-sided Confidence Intervals
1:29AM 1 pR2 stumped
Monday May 6 2013
11:29PM 1 rowspan and readHTMLTable
9:29PM 2 replace data by a rule
8:28PM 4 State space models with regime switching
8:14PM 0 topGO printGenes
7:56PM 0 filtering with fft
4:43PM 0 FW: gamma shared frialty model
4:14PM 2 Some unrelated questions.
4:00PM 0 a huge sparse matrix to pass into svm
2:17PM 0 Replace the missing values with column mean values?
2:10PM 1 Using Rscript in version 3.0.0
1:36PM 1 Retrieve specific y for a list of x on a ploted line
11:58AM 0 Release plans: R-3.0.1 on May 16
11:58AM 0 Release plans: R-3.0.1 on May 16
10:35AM 1 xyplot legend : simple question
9:55AM 0 How are feature weights extracted from 'superpc' analysis?
8:03AM 2 How can I access the rowname of a data?
7:10AM 1 No Ukraine in maps library?
7:03AM 1 Adjust cex to fit width
12:36AM 0 Markov Chain Discrete
Sunday May 5 2013
11:57PM 0 compare two quadratic regression using bootstrap
11:36PM 1 slope coefficient of a quadratic regression bootstrap
11:34PM 2 Open graphics device within sourced script?
6:12PM 1 negative correlation with corSymm in nlme or another way?
2:16PM 2 custom function that plots other functions- problem
12:20PM 2 Error in plot.window(...) : need finite 'xlim' values
12:19PM 1 ArimaLike NaN return
8:55AM 1 R 3 and Debian Testing
12:05AM 1 Vegan problem
Saturday May 4 2013
10:24PM 2 Size of label axis
9:33PM 1 Error running caret's gbm train function with new version of caret
7:55PM 0 memory leak using 'apply'? [was: how to parallelize 'apply' across multiple cores on a Mac]
6:23PM 2 Plot smooth
3:43PM 1 Help, how to find the genes with A<19?
2:57PM 0 Panel Granger Non-Causality Tests in R
1:47PM 0 github_install problem
1:09PM 2 Lasso Regression error
9:24AM 1 Multiple Line Plots in the same graph
9:21AM 1 plotting 2 time series data on the same graph
3:14AM 0 mean for each observation
12:38AM 1 how to best add columns to a matrix with many columns
Friday May 3 2013
11:56PM 2 how to parallelize 'apply' across multiple cores on a Mac
11:08PM 1 R package for bootstrapping (comparing two quadratic regression models)
10:32PM 1 Factor deletion criteria
9:46PM 1 A problem of splitting the right screen in 3 or more independent vertical boxes:
8:44PM 0 selecting certain rows from data frame
8:37PM 3 color by group in ggplot
7:45PM 0 Fortune candidate! Re: Why can't R understand if(num!=NA)?
5:08PM 0 Change Selected Variables from Numeric to Factors
4:44PM 1 (no subject)
3:52PM 0 Empirica Copula
3:26PM 0 Is it a "Headless problem"? - Same code runs well in interactive R shell, but never terminates with Rscript
3:24PM 10 Why can't R understand if(num!=NA)?
3:20PM 2 Declare a set (list?) of many dataframes or matrices
1:59PM 2 Write date class as number of days from 1970
1:49PM 2 read .csv file and plot a graph
1:33PM 1 print multiple plots to jpeg, one lattice and one ggplot2
12:59PM 1 MANOVA summary.manova(m) :" residuals have rank"
12:47PM 0 Courses: Statistical Analysis with R - Bayesian Data Analysis with R and WinBUGS
12:45PM 2 Very basic statistics in R
9:48AM 2 R does not subset
9:00AM 0 significant test of two quadratic regression models (lm)
8:22AM 0 Edmonton course: Regression, GLM & GAM with R intro
7:31AM 1 untar() error
6:49AM 1 Likelihood
3:29AM 2 Find the flow data from its accumulation of the panel data
Thursday May 2 2013
11:15PM 1 (no subject)
11:02PM 2 Calculating distance matrix for large dataset
6:50PM 1 Create and read symbolic links in Windows
4:54PM 2 Self-developed package -- installation
2:27PM 1 Package survey: singularities in linear regression models
1:32PM 0 Questions regarding use of predict() with glmpath
12:38PM 1 function gstat r with pyhton
12:37PM 1 Vector allocation problem while trying to plot 6 MB data file
12:09PM 1 Clean Price of Bond : Can't install "RQuantLib" in R version 3.0.0
11:23AM 1 warnings in ARMA with other regressor variables
10:26AM 1 multivariate, hierarchical model
10:15AM 2 ARMA with other regressor variables
9:11AM 0 How does dsgh do the standardization?
8:36AM 2 ODE solver
7:47AM 2 saving a matrix
7:17AM 0 modMCMC runs in FME package
6:28AM 3 Divide matrix columns by different numbers
6:28AM 3 R issue with unequal large data frames with multiple columns
3:55AM 1 Problems with reading data by readWorksheetFromFile of XLConnect Package
3:37AM 2 rda variance partioning in vegan problems
3:10AM 1 R CMD building SPEEDY
1:16AM 3 Lattice xyplot multipanels
Wednesday May 1 2013
9:43PM 1 Multiple Paired T test from large Data Set with multiple pairs
8:04PM 4 Selecting several columns/rows of a dataframe?
7:37PM 1 Combine multiple tables into one
7:31PM 1 Could not find function boss.set
6:37PM 1 Tiff plot Resolution issues
6:20PM 1 Size of a refClass instance
4:53PM 3 Adding Column to Data Frames Using a Loop
4:28PM 3 Chron format question h:m not working
3:58PM 1 Hello
3:57PM 0 Likelihood ratio test for comparing non-nested cox models
2:05PM 1 rpy2 postgres qgis problem
1:48PM 2 Factors and Multinomial Logistic Regression
1:41PM 1 Sum objects in a column between an interval defined by conditions on another column
12:53PM 0 How to standardize the generalized hyperbolic distribution?
12:38PM 0 Standardized Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution
11:54AM 1 selecting rows based on multiple criteria
10:04AM 0 Thornthwaite Method in R
8:37AM 3 grep help (character ommission)
5:26AM 0 log returns, error
2:34AM 1 Trouble with methods() after loading gdata package.
2:07AM 2 significantly different from one (not zero) using lm
1:06AM 1 help understanding hierarchical clustering