R help - Sep 2012

Sunday September 30 2012
6:38PM 2 adjust font in ggplot2 to LaTeX document
6:18PM 1 Please help on Sweave question
3:22PM 1 Strategy for building a robust rare event logistic model - Questions.
8:54AM 0 New package: logmult (log-multiplicative models)
6:15AM 1 Query
2:28AM 2 modified Ward method
Saturday September 29 2012
8:36PM 1 norm tables
5:23PM 3 Removing lower whisker in boxplot to see the effects of the high values
5:23PM 5 Generating by inverting function
2:10PM 1 Unexpected behavior with weights in binomial glm()
1:33PM 3 plot selected scales on +/- axes
7:36AM 1 Problems with stepAIC
7:17AM 1 Optim()
3:51AM 1 About the scope of a variable and the save() method
Friday September 28 2012
10:59PM 2 Converting array to matrix
10:16PM 1 Heatmap Colors
9:51PM 4 Merging multiple columns into one column
8:11PM 1 Select Original and Duplicates
7:57PM 0 Text mining? Text manipulation? Both? Predicting KRAS test results in cancer patients
6:59PM 3 Better way of Grouping?
4:14PM 2 max & summary contradict each other
2:49PM 1 Lattice bwplot(): Conditioning on one factor
10:13AM 0 Is it possible to enter in a function wich is within a library ?
10:10AM 1 Crosstable-like analysis (ks test) of dataframe
9:41AM 1 Anova and tukey-grouping
8:41AM 1 blank plot----how do I make symbols appear
6:13AM 3 Simple Question
4:07AM 1 Annotate a segmented linear regression plot
2:48AM 2 changing outlier shapes of boxplots using lattice
1:59AM 0 Questions about the functions ar.ols and auto.arima when fitting an AR model
1:23AM 1 z-score to percentile, and back again (Normal)
Thursday September 27 2012
11:48PM 0 problems with mle2 convergence and with writing gradient function
10:26PM 1 List of Variables in Original Order
9:15PM 2 How to write R package
9:00PM 6 How to test if there is a subvector in a longer vector
8:48PM 1 What to use for ti in back-transforming summary statistics from F-T double square-root transformation in 'metafor'
8:26PM 2 Generating an autocorrelated binary variable
8:20PM 0 Autocorrelated binary variable
8:16PM 0 Paired -test in NADA package
8:03PM 0 the mice pool function and aov()
7:46PM 3 Keep rows in a dataset if one value in a column is duplicated
7:02PM 1 PLS-DA and LV variance with mixOmics
6:53PM 1 install.packages on windows
5:43PM 3 problem with nls starting values
5:24PM 1 Speeding up time conversion
4:57PM 0 SURVREG Function
4:49PM 1 Guideline
4:39PM 1 Problem with grid.rect
4:13PM 2 equivalent of Stata "by construct"
12:44PM 0 error while estimating spatial Durbin (mixed) model
12:36PM 1 erasing a polygon
12:21PM 2 Start and End day of a month
11:25AM 4 Colsplit, removing parts of a string
10:59AM 3 Drawing asymmetric error bars
10:41AM 0 Conference: useR! 2013, 10-12 July 2013, Albacete, Spain
8:43AM 2 Is there a function that runs AR model with Schwarz Bayesian Information Criteria (BIC)?
5:16AM 3 Calculating number of elapsed days from starting date
4:03AM 1 Package ‘orcutt’ bug?
3:03AM 1 How does "apply.monthly" function works (xts package)
1:05AM 1 Random Forest - Extract
12:53AM 3 Comparing density plots using same axes or same axes scale
12:48AM 6 Mac Text editors
12:25AM 1 Is there a way to source from a specific Git repository without hardcoding the location everywhere?
Wednesday September 26 2012
9:11PM 3 Simple Question About Exporting Back to Excel
7:52PM 3 replace string values with numbers
7:24PM 2 R and sell buy stock
6:39PM 1 how to know where you've been sourced from
6:14PM 0 lme(y ~ ns(x, df=splineDF)) error
6:05PM 0 Help with invoking R
5:06PM 1 Specifying a response variable in a Bayesian network
4:56PM 0 Create an error logging text file
3:56PM 2 specifying arguments in functions and calling functions, within functions
3:38PM 2 averageif and looping
3:20PM 3 rows extraction
3:19PM 0 Submit a new script after all parallel jobs have completed
3:19PM 3 Removing duplicates without a for loop
3:03PM 1 Help with R invoking
2:39PM 2 Retrieve regression summary results after rq
2:11PM 3 Reading multiple files
1:45PM 1 Interaction scatterplots in ggplot with multiple regression lines
12:07PM 1 RCURL ftp upload - ASCII or Binary type?
11:28AM 0 RV: problems for making grids from lmer models
11:26AM 0 Jointly distributed random variables in R
11:24AM 2 gbinom function
10:53AM 2 average environmental data if AnimalID and Time is duplicated
10:49AM 5 create new column in a DF according to values from another column
9:04AM 3 map two names into one
8:56AM 3 Broken Links on http://www.r-project.org
8:55AM 1 Change in order of names after applying "plyr" package
7:59AM 1 Creating x*y different contigency tables
7:34AM 1 Help needed on parallel processing
7:08AM 1 Running different Regressions using for loops
6:43AM 1 Ask for help - how to change WHIRR.117.csv to WHIRR_117.csv
2:17AM 0 error about xtable and addmargins
2:16AM 1 Simulating from probit
12:55AM 1 Write table with data in other .csv template
Tuesday September 25 2012
11:39PM 2 small negative values instead of zeros in nested loop
9:32PM 1 mean-aggregate – but use unique for factor variables
6:54PM 1 Extrapolating Cox predicted risk
3:52PM 1 nlme function examples for dose-respone
3:24PM 3 (core) designation on Task View
3:07PM 1 RGL plot : cex and zlim arguments do not work
3:03PM 3 Plotting of regsubsets adjr2 values not correct
2:44PM 3 add a data frame to my data frame
2:37PM 1 Mean calculation of groups
2:29PM 2 extract all data frames from a list & remove NAs
1:22PM 2 Recategorizing Nominal variable
1:07PM 1 geom_line: How to plot two data sets having different maximum X-axis values in a single plot?
12:50PM 1 REML - quasipoisson
12:45PM 1 Three Stage Sampling of categorical variable using 'survey' in R
12:28PM 1 how to pass a function to a function inside a function
12:22PM 2 Regsubsets model selection
12:20PM 0 Error in Johnson Fit
10:45AM 1 Bug or misunderstanding of par(pin)?
9:54AM 1 calculation of diversity confidence interval
9:18AM 0 how to specify the multinomial distribution in R
8:08AM 1 boxplot names italic
7:04AM 1 Add-on Package
5:22AM 2 Strange data frame behavior
4:28AM 1 appropriate test in glm when the family is Gamma
3:46AM 0 boxplot of multi box color
3:35AM 1 parallel
2:05AM 1 mapping data from table to .csv template
Monday September 24 2012
11:29PM 5 Memory usage in R grows considerably while calculating word frequencies
10:31PM 0 Comparing x-intercepts between linear regression lines
10:23PM 3 boxplot of different colors
10:03PM 1 passing a matrix from R to C code
9:14PM 2 Install of R-2.15.1 for Windows (64 bit) on application server
8:10PM 0 Deldir() Thiessen Polygons Problem
5:08PM 1 [ reached getOption("max.print") -- omitted 138 rows]
4:40PM 1 knnFinder Package
3:20PM 0 Rolling Correlations with Multiple Data Points per Month
3:02PM 2 Latitude Longitude to SPDF
2:36PM 0 problems with function geese in geepack
2:30PM 0 R Interview Request
2:21PM 1 R for commercial use
1:15PM 1 Problem with R script
12:27PM 0 R on a cluster head node and memory limits
12:00PM 0 Estimated covariance matrix with tgp package
11:47AM 6 Script to count unique values from two linked matricies
11:20AM 3 List creation based on matrix
11:00AM 4 serial subtraction within a vector
10:38AM 0 stop on rows where !is.na(mydata$ti_all)
9:35AM 1 Adding textbox to multiple panels in lattice
8:58AM 2 add lowess predicted line to scatter plot
8:27AM 1 eval and tcltk : target of assignment expands to non-language object
8:06AM 1 POSIXct coerced into numeric when filling a data frame
6:26AM 0 GGally diagonal axis: changing font size
5:55AM 2 Regression Problem
3:22AM 2 Rows not common in dataframes
12:09AM 0 Tinn-R released
Sunday September 23 2012
9:36PM 1 Background color in a grid plot seems to interfere with plot()
9:26PM 1 How to Write a Model in R that has the Log taken of the Intercept
9:10PM 1 Vegan vegdist Jaccard matrix problem
8:52PM 3 Confused by code?
7:59PM 0 problems with function geese() in geepack
8:41AM 1 grid: How to merge cells in grid.layout?
3:48AM 2 If Command in Plot
Saturday September 22 2012
10:38PM 1 Creating multiple maps so points don't overlap
5:32PM 1 How to determine R version?
4:19PM 0 timeIsInterval function not found
1:57AM 2 Change boxplot color
Friday September 21 2012
11:11PM 2 efficient overlapping average curve on original curves
11:02PM 1 New Submission to CRAN note
7:48PM 1 SAS
7:32PM 1 translating SAS proc mixed into R lme()
7:27PM 1 __FILE__ object in R
7:02PM 2 reading mzxml files
6:00PM 1 BRugs has a bug to use "OpenBUGS_PATH"
3:04PM 2 Math expression in R plot
2:51PM 1 Exactly Replicating Stata's Survey Data Confidence Intervals in R
2:17PM 3 Return level plots
1:53PM 0 --enable-R-shlib and external BLAS/LAPACK libraries
1:31PM 0 using neural network in R (nnet)
10:09AM 1 Malmquist-Luenberger Productivity Index programmed in R?
9:49AM 1 prune in rpart: choose number terminal nodes
7:22AM 2 Inclusion of a countdown tool of remaining calculation time possible?
4:43AM 2 Parallel Programming
3:03AM 0 Axis annotation using lattice spplot
Thursday September 20 2012
9:48PM 1 question on assigning an argument in a function that is create by the function itself
9:13PM 1 creating new variable
7:34PM 2 VarBrul in R
6:22PM 0 ES with time varying (GARCH model) under nonnormal (using cornish fisher expansion)
6:06PM 1 aggregate help
6:04PM 1 SQL query with Multicore option on R -linux
5:47PM 0 Plot to tiff, font size problem in multiple plot figures
4:08PM 1 Fortune nomination
3:41PM 1 fourier series for finding average values
2:57PM 3 (no subject)
2:18PM 3 lattice dotplot reorder contiguous levels
1:55PM 3 Applying glm coefficients (Beginner Question)
1:41PM 3 Line over Boxplot
1:30PM 0 stats q: median regression and using ln(y+1)
12:52PM 2 Variance Inflation Factor VIC() with a matrix
12:47PM 2 Sweave - if \Sexpr{} than \SweaveInput{"my.Rnw"}
12:09PM 0 Quantile regression with large number of fixed effects
11:46AM 3 Problem with Newton_Raphson
9:51AM 0 filtering out known instrumental error from time series
9:19AM 1 R/C++ interfaces: crashes when using .c(), followed by correct results when R restarted
9:13AM 1 Gummy Variable : Doubt
8:24AM 1 optim and "the function should not" advice
6:33AM 1 validate.lrm - confidence interval for boostrap-corrected AUC ?
2:48AM 2 how can I give same name to column and row?
Wednesday September 19 2012
11:08PM 0 Lowest AIC after stepAIC can be lowered by manual reduction of variables (Florian Moser)
9:54PM 2 Data Frame (Very Simple Problem)
7:08PM 3 Merging two or more frequency tables
6:56PM 4 correlating matrices
6:19PM 1 issue accessing help files
5:51PM 1 histogram plot spacing problem
5:50PM 4 where are these NAs coming from?
5:46PM 1 Wilcoxon Test and Mean Ratios
5:41PM 0 Multi lines in R plot
5:18PM 0 FASTA annot issue
4:40PM 2 Warning Message: In if (deparse(params[[nm]][[3]]) != "1")
4:29PM 0 export date field using sqlSave
4:12PM 2 write.table: strange output has been produced
3:55PM 2 Help reproducing a contour plot
3:51PM 2 drop zero slots from table?
3:48PM 3 R package for dashboard
2:20PM 3 effective way to return only the first argument of "which()"
1:01PM 0 Discrepancies in weighted nonlinear least squares
11:32AM 0 problem in displaying image in browser using Rook
10:30AM 1 Setting library path (again)
8:54AM 2 Importing a CSV file
7:01AM 2 invalid labels; length 2 should be 1 or 0
5:57AM 1 How to convert a graph into an image in R
12:57AM 1 scraping with session cookies
12:10AM 2 Trap an error from a function
Tuesday September 18 2012
10:02PM 1 Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test
7:50PM 2 Estimating the ECDF
7:08PM 3 ommoting rows
6:21PM 1 Contradictory results between different heteroskedasticity tests
5:20PM 0 Determine Threshold value in Extreme Value Theory
5:19PM 1 Expected Shortfall using cornish fisher expansion
4:35PM 1 Simple String Operation.
3:12PM 1 Error_Unlogit
2:55PM 2 extracting column and regular interval in R
2:41PM 4 Conditional operations in R
2:08PM 0 [Re] add reference lines (or grid) in background
1:52PM 0 Appending many different and separate Excel files using R
1:39PM 0 New Package 'JMbayes' for the Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data under a Bayesian approach
1:27PM 1 Lowest AIC after stepAIC can be lowered by manual reduction of variables
1:16PM 0 "rugarch" package
12:04PM 0 Comparing rqpd() and rq()
11:17AM 2 Data frame divison by another data frame with common groups and different length
9:40AM 4 Why x[1] is not getting substituted?
8:35AM 4 add reference lines (or grid) in background
6:12AM 1 creating graphs using Rook
5:19AM 0 S4, polymorphism, and parallelization
4:48AM 2 Formula in a data-frame
3:23AM 1 How to convert R script to standalone executable?
1:27AM 1 chunk row to new table/file
1:18AM 1 extracting values
Monday September 17 2012
11:15PM 6 help with calculation from dataframe with multiple entries per sample
10:26PM 2 "eval" inside a function call in connection with updating the data slot in the call of lmer
9:51PM 1 Compiling R2.15.1 on ubuntu with x86-64 architecture and shared library
7:10PM 0 Question about R performance on UNIX/LINUX with, different memory/swap configurations
7:06PM 1 loglogistic survreg
6:54PM 0 arima forecast without the first order of auto-regressor
6:32PM 2 Creating missingness in repeated measurement data
6:30PM 1 other files in \inst\doc
5:11PM 2 Constraint Optimization with constrOptim
1:42PM 2 Problem with Stationary Bootstrap
12:13PM 3 I want to send the vector a into the Object A.......
10:25AM 0 lqmm package 1.02
10:03AM 6 count NAs per week
9:47AM 3 Can anyone help why the errors are coming and rectify it?
9:21AM 1 download truncating large files
9:04AM 1 Adding legends on plots using Lattice package
7:56AM 1 LoadLibrary failure: : %1 is not a valid Win32 application although arch x64 has been specified
6:27AM 3 eval(parse(...)) only once in a function
4:50AM 2 How to divide each column with its own value
4:04AM 4 Using paste to create and evaluate a variable expression
3:43AM 0 variance of yBar.. for unbalanced a random effects model
3:30AM 1 memory leak using XML readHTMLTable
2:41AM 0 How to use tune.svm or tune(svm...) for regression
2:30AM 1 How to filter information from a big .csv table into a new table
12:02AM 1 self defined distance matrix in NbClust
Sunday September 16 2012
10:51PM 1 Possible Improvement of the R code
10:18PM 1 trying to obtain same nls parameters as in example
8:42PM 1 Server R
6:47PM 2 Where is the R configuration file or how to override R compilers
6:34PM 1 sum(table(v)) == length(v)
6:30PM 2 Question about R performance on UNIX/LINUX with different memory/swap configurations
5:59PM 1 possible TZ bug in parseISO8601 - "Error in if (length(c(year, month, day, hour, min, sec)) == 6 && c(year, : [...]"
4:46PM 2 multi-column factor
3:01PM 0 Usage of trim in mean()
2:35PM 4 two questions about character manipulation
10:41AM 5 Count based on 2 conditions [Beginner Question]
8:06AM 1 How to plot two lines, and only one line with errorbar by qqplots of R
2:17AM 1 Post by non-member to a members-only list
2:15AM 1 Sub- or superscript in factorial variable - possible?
Saturday September 15 2012
10:09PM 1 equivalent or "rowspan" in R
8:36PM 5 create new variable with ifelse? (reproducible example)
8:18PM 0 Dimension Reduction Using MCA
7:56PM 2 R CMD check and browser
6:07PM 2 How to convert the output of tapply() so that it has the same order as the input?
5:48PM 1 Interpretation of result in R
4:39PM 2 qplot: plotting precipitation data
10:33AM 1 lmPerm p-values and multiple testing
9:52AM 1 p-values in agricolae pearson correlation
9:22AM 4 how to view only readings of a selected data from a column while the other columns remain
6:29AM 1 Error when using Bagplot function
1:27AM 1 tail a file in R
12:19AM 0 Random Forest and Correlated Fields
Friday September 14 2012
10:18PM 1 Plotting DMAs (Direct Marketing Areas)
9:27PM 0 Forcing a reference category in logistic model
9:11PM 0 htmlParse pop ups over web pages
9:00PM 0 SQL query with multicore option
7:26PM 3 aggregate() runs out of memory
6:33PM 1 $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors
6:03PM 1 parallel version of tapply() or table()?
5:41PM 2 plotting points on a map, assigning vectors to values from dataset
5:00PM 1 Parallel R
4:30PM 1 please comment on my function
4:30PM 1 Any way to get read.table.ffdf() (in the ff package) to pass colClasses or comment.char parameters through to read.fwf() ?
4:09PM 1 modified ward's method
3:33PM 2 Creation of text files for use with UCODE_2005
2:44PM 2 ctrl+r does not work sometimes
2:22PM 1 USCensus2000 package
1:58PM 0 problem with user defined panel function in xyplot
1:41PM 0 rcdk package, fingerprint without name?
1:17PM 0 Luis Miguel Delgado Gomez/BBK está ausente de la oficina.
12:54PM 4 concatenating two vectors
11:33AM 1 swap hist() colours
11:07AM 1 Printing localized pdf file from Sweave snippets
9:44AM 2 compare different data-formats
9:37AM 1 Boxplot lattice vs standard graphics
9:32AM 1 How to specify minimum and maximum x-axis value in logi.hist.plot?
9:19AM 1 linear mixed-effects models with two random variables?
8:46AM 1 Problem in installing "quantreg" package
7:41AM 2 when to use "I", "as is" caret
3:05AM 1 tcltk installation problem in R (Mac OS X version)
2:04AM 1 Adding annotations to qplot from a data frame
12:35AM 2 calculate within-day correlations
12:04AM 1 Correlation between random effects in the package coxme
Thursday September 13 2012
10:04PM 1 problem creating an array
9:02PM 2 simulate from conditional distribution
7:41PM 2 Missing Values
7:29PM 0 cforest and cforest_unbiased for testing and training datasets
7:19PM 0 Keeping R active when launching external application
6:56PM 0 split plot experiment with a repeated measure
6:53PM 3 Cannot install package xlsx
5:49PM 1 remove all terms with interaction factor in formula
5:44PM 1 Namespaces without packages?
5:42PM 1 cannot read iso639 table
5:37PM 1 Auomatic Download of climate netcdf4 files from the Climate Explorer Website
5:01PM 1 list of funtions
4:03PM 0 gee() and geeglm() errors
3:54PM 1 Paasing values to sqlQuery like SAS macro
2:40PM 1 Package for comparing sensitivity, specificity, PPV, NPV, and accuracy?
1:36PM 6 [newbie] aggregating table() results and simplifying code with loop
12:52PM 1 AICcmodavg
12:10PM 2 Zip a file
12:01PM 0 bigmatrix and irlba
11:35AM 1 package installation problem.
11:19AM 1 how to find end of a FASTA file
9:20AM 2 rstudio client on the i-pad
9:15AM 1 Inaccurate prediction in R
9:01AM 0 I need help for svm package kernlab in R
8:42AM 5 random sampling inside a dataset
8:18AM 0 A problem of impulse response function about S-VAR
7:47AM 2 Remove serial number column in a Dataframe into CSV
7:44AM 1 fractional balanced design conjoint analysis
6:41AM 0 problematic p values for Dixon Q test
5:38AM 2 Shading in prediction intervals
5:03AM 1 Error during matrix multiplication
1:03AM 0 Time Series Analyses of Left-Censored Data
12:21AM 1 Parsing "back" to API strcuture
Wednesday September 12 2012
10:21PM 1 unzipping with ff
8:45PM 3 how to create a substraction matrix (subtract a row of every column from the same row in other columns)
6:56PM 3 Need help
6:39PM 1 digit precision in p value of rcorr
6:05PM 3 Constraining parameters using tag() in SUR model - ZELIG
6:05PM 2 help server slow
5:43PM 2 Help on converting a Sweave document to PDF
5:40PM 4 Trying to use pipes in R
3:59PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 115, Issue 12
3:38PM 1 Plotting US States: Issue with filled colors cycling
3:04PM 2 How to resolve the following error: (list) object cannot be coerced to type 'double'
2:35PM 1 Contrasts in mixed effects model: difference between differences
2:16PM 1 factor expansion
12:37PM 1 SNPRelate package error
12:31PM 0 help on "plotfit" function in package "nlstools"
7:47AM 7 multinomial MCMCglmm
6:51AM 6 How to append the random no.s for different variables in the same data.frame
1:29AM 1 CairoWin on Windows 7 doesn't refresh
Tuesday September 11 2012
11:29PM 2 how to qplot two x-axis x1:Farenheit x2:Celsius
11:16PM 1 Plotting every probability curve
11:00PM 2 R equivalent of python module structure and functionality?
10:18PM 2 splines package
9:41PM 1 using alternative models in glmulti
8:58PM 1 Panels of Geographical Maps
7:01PM 1 Strange result from GAMLSS
6:56PM 0 balanced two-way crossed balanced random effects analysis of variance
6:54PM 0 Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (fractal pkg) troubleshooting
6:44PM 1 lapply with different size lists?
6:40PM 1 how can I get a layout like in pairs()?
5:52PM 4 Maintaining specific order when using aggregate or change order on axis
3:52PM 1 Animation Problem
3:08PM 1 How to get curve information from a gam model
2:57PM 3 Combine two variables
2:37PM 1 boot() with glm/gnm on a contingency table
2:23PM 4 R calculates small numbers, where the result should be zero
2:17PM 3 creating several different matrices
1:56PM 1 Find correlation in Clmm?
1:50PM 0 Setwd to a directory that requires authentication
1:36PM 2 problem while installing packages in r
1:22PM 1 plot dataframe with inconsistently relations
1:15PM 0 Question about logistic regression with ordered factor variable using the rms package (prev.Design)
12:39PM 0 how to perform multiple comparisons with anova.glm significant interactions?
11:51AM 5 R on Android
11:13AM 2 Sort or Permutate
9:07AM 1 plotting smoother function on raw data
8:47AM 4 how to make a folder as package in R
7:30AM 1 Integration between R and Microsoft SQL Server?
7:11AM 5 Searching from Dataframe.
6:07AM 1 CRAN, install packages problem on networked PC
3:48AM 1 help in running r query in pre defined time intervals
1:21AM 2 .NAME in .Fortran
Monday September 10 2012
10:00PM 0 predict pixels of raster using caret-derived models
9:43PM 1 Memory errors using lmer
9:18PM 1 Calculating Linkage Disequilibrium for Microsatellite Markers?
9:04PM 0 Reading Iowa Test of Basic Skills file
8:43PM 1 lowess regression
8:29PM 1 history ??
8:23PM 1 Zero inflated Models- pscl package
6:35PM 1 bwplot(): Can Panel Heading Span Two Lines?
6:23PM 4 Identifying duplicate rows?
4:59PM 2 how to create a segplot in black and white?
4:14PM 3 plot: x and y chromosomes are missing
3:13PM 1 memory use problem.
2:51PM 2 predict arima
2:19PM 0 More help need on Von Bertalanffy Growth Curves
2:00PM 2 pairwise comparisions
12:22PM 1 E-mail # 2 / attachments matrix test cases
8:28AM 0 How to calculate the number of points that fall inside each cell of a given raster using R
8:14AM 3 Plot not too dense line plot
7:28AM 1 Sweave Error: c("'...Rnw'", "'...Rnw'") is not ASCII and does not declare an encoding
6:03AM 1 Rscript installing packages
12:29AM 1 R- merging two matrix
Sunday September 9 2012
11:22PM 1 Solving a system of two equations
11:18PM 5 qplot with many files (each one curve)
7:50PM 0 psych 1.2.8 has been released
6:58PM 1 Sum of column from another df based of row values of df1
6:37PM 1 PCA legend outside of PCA plot
3:13PM 2 use subset to trim data but include last per category
2:04PM 3 how to save a heatmap.2 in png /jpeg /tiff
12:55PM 1 Error msg in rpanel
Saturday September 8 2012
7:47PM 1 Using predict() After Adding a Factor to a glm.nb() Model
7:45PM 3 Apply a function to columns of a matrix
7:42PM 0 Help: a matrix exponential
6:51PM 0 calculate svd of a matrix larger then memory
3:41PM 1 How to insert vertical space between lines of tables created with the R package 'tables'?
3:26PM 0 Help on calculating AUC with caTools trapz(a,b) command
2:21PM 0 Grid package: how to customize cell spacing?
2:14PM 4 method or package to make special boxplot
1:34PM 1 calcular SVD de una matriz que no entra en memoria
9:47AM 1 Thanks for helping - back to the community?
3:17AM 3 Can I make spss.get reencode from Windows-1252?
2:54AM 2 How to Rename Column Labels?
1:11AM 0 reshape and geeglm problem
Friday September 7 2012
8:49PM 7 Producing a table with mean values
7:33PM 0 Closing WinBugs 14 window
6:46PM 2 Contrasts for 2x4 interaction in mixed effects model
6:12PM 6 splitting character vectors into multiple vectors using strsplit
6:00PM 4 Trying to learn how to write a function... can't define a variable??
4:04PM 3 Problem with duplicates in row.names
4:04PM 3 Is something wrong wiht draw.circle()?
3:57PM 0 Predictions of every individual tree in Cforest
2:49PM 0 Error when using s.multinom() of the ade4 package - %PCA and MCOA
2:02PM 2 metafor package: study level variation
11:05AM 3 error: in catg (xi, name=nam, label=lab): "LO2" has <2 category levels
10:16AM 0 regions in Gabriel graph
8:26AM 4 Month Difference
6:37AM 0 Quiry regardig the interpretation of graph
1:11AM 2 creating a symmetric matrix
Thursday September 6 2012
11:27PM 1 [Rscript] difficulty passing named arguments from commandline
8:24PM 1 Cragg-Donald Wald F statistic (weak instruments)
8:20PM 1 FF package & downloading a large file using sqlQuery
6:58PM 1 Package installation errors
6:26PM 0 Revolutions blog: August round-up
6:22PM 3 Help! Weird behavioral difference between R interactive and command-line?
6:09PM 2 choose() function returning anomalous results (zero instead of one)
6:03PM 2 Lattice bwplot(): Changing Orientation of Plots in Multipanel Display
6:03PM 2 No room for labels in barplot
6:01PM 0 lme( y ~ ns(x, df=splineDF)) error
5:40PM 1 Change margin size of complex barplot
4:48PM 0 mvpart - legend help
4:03PM 2 How can I improve an ugly, dumb hack
4:00PM 1 draw.key; getting grobWidth to respect fontfamily="mono"
2:50PM 2 efficient way to do 2-level loops
1:53PM 0 p value from lmekin()
11:50AM 2 Generalized additive models: Plots for Qualitative Data
10:48AM 3 unique with tolerance
9:08AM 1 use of ddply() within function
8:40AM 3 How to find the non matching vectors among these five, if so how we can find the non matching element of that vectors?
8:37AM 0 Logit regression, I observed different results for glm or lrm (Design) for ordered factor variables
7:33AM 0 Are any R packages available for Multi class Multi Label SVM?
6:55AM 1 Interaction plot glm?
6:54AM 4 Why the error is coming, can anyone help?
3:51AM 2 merge a list of data frames
1:16AM 1 How to extract p value from the lmekin object obtained by fitting mixed model with function lmekin() in package coxme?
1:16AM 1 Maximum likelihood fitting of a functional relationship (MLFR)
Wednesday September 5 2012
11:57PM 4 Summarizing data containing data/time information (as factor)
10:14PM 0 Maximum-likelihood fitting of a functional relationship(Ripley & Thompson) type analysis
9:31PM 2 using sqldf's read.csv.sql to read a file with "NA" for missing
9:09PM 1 analysis of bitmaps
9:05PM 1 showing ticks for censored data in survfit() in the rms package
8:58PM 1 Model Description
7:50PM 0 help w/ uploading table frm R to green plump
7:42PM 1 Outliers in Binary Logistic Regressions
7:14PM 2 Recoding categorical gender variable into numeric factors
6:56PM 1 Simulating key-press or keyword events on a Mac
5:23PM 0 model.table (anova)
3:50PM 2 how to visualise the smoothers of a model averaged GAM ?
3:06PM 2 cex.lab ignored in plot.zoo for multiple plots
2:54PM 2 Improvement of Regression Model
1:57PM 1 Smooth contour of a matrix
9:48AM 3 linking HTML with R
9:41AM 2 Installing lumi and hdrcde
7:40AM 1 How to effectively remove Outliers from a binary logistic regression in R
6:34AM 1 run EGARCH package on REXCEl
2:12AM 2 POSIXlt and daylight savings time
12:02AM 1 Sweave encoding option
Tuesday September 4 2012
11:53PM 1 Revolution Analytics
11:39PM 2 Read data from .csv file as a matrix and compare the different between two matrix
11:14PM 1 cenboxplot(): Reporting Limit Twice Correct Concentration
10:58PM 1 repace values in raster based on values in another raster
8:52PM 2 How can I export a big data.frame to excel 2010 - file.xlsx?
7:57PM 0 AFTREG weights
7:10PM 1 what package does the mesh function need
6:43PM 3 Comparing Von Bertalanffy Growth Curves
6:34PM 3 Ryacas
4:44PM 1 ADMB error- function maximizer failed (couldnt find STD file)
4:00PM 0 Calculate a minimum-variance portfolio with fPortfolio
2:40PM 1 tapply to data.frame or matrix
2:33PM 0 Help about rugarch
12:55PM 3 Tendonitis and R users
11:44AM 0 prune rpart - select option with less splits when 2 cp's are the same
11:24AM 3 unexpected (?) behavior of sort=TRUE in merge function
10:16AM 1 predict rpart newdata - introduce only values variables used in the tree
8:47AM 0 boxplot of hierachical cluster
8:18AM 1 binary data
5:49AM 0 get only little part of html with htmlParse
3:23AM 1 Producing a SMA signal when closing price is above the moving average for 3 days
1:35AM 0 Skew Normal CDF using psn (package sn)
Monday September 3 2012
11:58PM 2 adding points to a point pattern
10:25PM 2 Adding summary title to table
7:12PM 3 Horizontal grid in background of barplot
6:46PM 1 Time Series filter help?
5:33PM 1 Scatter plot from tapply output, labels of data
5:18PM 0 Fwd: I need help with package RANDFORESTGUI
4:06PM 1 combing list objects
3:34PM 2 boxplot - bclust
11:13AM 1 select specific rows from regression output
10:52AM 0 Call for contribution: the RDataMining package - an R package for data mining
2:40AM 2 Coxph not converging with continuous variable
2:32AM 0 Skew-Normal CDF using psn
2:15AM 1 R suitability for development project
Sunday September 2 2012
11:05PM 1 Common elements in columns
10:44PM 2 a newbie seeking for a simple problem
8:42PM 5 [newbie] scripting remote check for R package
6:24PM 1 why variations in accuracy between R to ARCGIS for the same point reprojection?
5:40PM 2 Impact of cex changing as a function of mfrow
4:41PM 3 Loading Chess Data
4:22PM 0 Simulation of genetic data
2:47PM 0 most efficient plyr solution
11:40AM 0 aov(rt~(F1*F2*F3)+Error(s/(F1*F2*F3)), three_way) question + data
10:23AM 1 glmulti runs indefinitely when using genetic algorithm with lme4
9:49AM 3 Help on finding specific columns in matrix
7:16AM 1 for help post-hoc comparisons
Saturday September 1 2012
10:52PM 2 Computing 'exp(1e3)*0' correctly....
9:39PM 2 (Newbie) help cannot find chrome
5:10PM 5 R_closest date
1:48PM 1 Vectorial analogue of all.equal()?
10:16AM 1 Query in Taylor Diagram
9:29AM 2 help on setting boundaries for generating random numbers