R help - Aug 2008

Sunday August 31 2008
11:39PM 1 error instead of warning?
11:21PM 1 how to draw a perspective pyramid
5:53PM 1 How to do parallel computation?
2:28PM 1 Parenthesis recognition with grep
1:49PM 1 Fitted probabilities in conditional logit regression
11:48AM 0 a question about minimization of two functions
9:01AM 2 Avoiding factors and levels in data frames
8:03AM 4 give all combinations
6:19AM 3 remove low frequent rows
12:54AM 1 randomForest partial dependence plots
Saturday August 30 2008
8:22PM 1 writing text and output to file with flexibility
7:08PM 1 Unable to send color palette through plot.Design to method="image"
6:08PM 1 help with "persp" function
4:51PM 1 strsplit and regexp
2:10PM 1 Saving 3d objects vs. pausing in non-interactive (scripted) mode
2:02PM 0 Luis Miguel Delgado Gomez/BBK está ausente de la oficina.
1:18PM 1 [Fwd: ***HTML***R help]
6:39AM 3 Non-numeric argument to fft
5:45AM 1 need some help on r
1:43AM 0 calculating effect size for aov or lme
1:04AM 4 remove levels from a factor
12:06AM 1 A housekeeping question...
Friday August 29 2008
11:46PM 1 Most common level of a factor by
10:20PM 1 lm() and dffits
9:16PM 2 non-parametric Anova and tukeyHSD
7:55PM 0 Poisson regression with gamma random effects
7:11PM 1 Generating a time series.
7:06PM 0 memisc package and rounding
7:03PM 3 Density estimates in modelling framework
5:37PM 7 model II regression - how do I do it?
4:24PM 0 NA microarray for kmeans clustering
3:45PM 1 Installing pkgs
3:26PM 1 R graphical question
3:03PM 0 availability of R packages svLab? denstrip?
1:58PM 1 ggplot2: Changes to grobs not saved to file output
12:46PM 0 Weighted Regression
11:23AM 1 significance of random effects in poisson lmer
10:02AM 0 Problem with Poisson - Chi Square Goodness of Fit Test - New Mail
9:25AM 0 Please ignore earlier mail - [ Poisson - Chi Square test for Goodness of Fit]
9:13AM 0 Poisson Distribution - problem with Chi Square Goodness of Fit test
8:53AM 1 nls() fails on a simple exponential fit, when lm() gets it right?
6:15AM 0 bootstrap confidence bands
6:13AM 1 how to calculate the mode of a continuous variable
4:48AM 1 more efficient double summation...
4:28AM 0 more efficient double sum computation ...
4:09AM 0 How to enable x=True on clogit
3:30AM 3 extract variance components
1:10AM 1 lost attrubute:names
12:43AM 2 Newbie: Examples on functions callling a library etc.
Thursday August 28 2008
11:54PM 1 abline of an lm fit not correct
11:10PM 1 Adjusting for initial status (intercept) in lme growth models
8:21PM 1 drop.unused.levels for two factors {lattice}
8:07PM 1 hex2RGB back to hex not the same?
7:36PM 1 Interaction between aggregate() and length()
7:00PM 2 Spider Graph
6:35PM 6 Function not returning a vector?
5:16PM 0 variance covariance matrix in GLM
4:56PM 1 Notice
3:41PM 2 Read a file
2:46PM 2 Tidying up code - Warning message: deparse may be incomplete
2:02PM 4 Help with shading a polygon below a segment of a curve (normal distribution)
1:12PM 0 fetch size of monitor
12:40PM 3 Plots spanning columns
12:39PM 1 Cluster
11:33AM 2 coloured letters in a text
11:08AM 1 R graph with values incorporated
11:04AM 1 Singularity?
10:41AM 0 Loading Bitmapped files
10:07AM 1 error in packet 1
10:04AM 0 A simple analysis of Bayesian Robustness with R
9:16AM 1 Linear model with one known coordinate
8:36AM 3 drop unused levels in sqldf
8:03AM 1 Renaming objects
6:54AM 1 add to vector without duplicatation
6:05AM 2 sample consecutive integers efficiently
5:27AM 1 RCurl: authentication when posting forms
2:35AM 0 filehash 2.0
2:32AM 1 c4 for the un-biasing of sample stddev of normal distribution
2:02AM 3 Upgrading R means I lose my packages
12:55AM 2 I need to change from character to numeric?
Wednesday August 27 2008
11:59PM 0 help with rimage compiling
11:30PM 1 ifelse() fill order and recycling rules [Sec=Unclassified]
11:18PM 1 Updating a list.
10:33PM 1 How to create additional columns?
9:13PM 1 plot.cuminc: how to put tick marks for censored observations
8:36PM 1 conversion of data structure between R and Perl
8:10PM 2 r function for calculating extreme spread in group
7:27PM 2 problems formating scientific collaboration data
5:36PM 1 Combine x-axis labels size
5:15PM 2 Simple programming problem with 'with' or 'data ='
5:11PM 3 Calculating total observations based on combinations of variable values
4:43PM 2 Quantitative risk analysis with R
4:02PM 0 How to calculate cumulative values for a simple Bernoulli's distribution?
3:58PM 3 ggplot2: problem with large fonts and overlapping labels
3:51PM 1 Significant digits for checking values of variable?
3:34PM 1 A manipulation problem for a large data set in R
2:48PM 1 convert princomp output to equation for plane?
2:23PM 5 Integrate a 1-variable function with 1 parameter (Jose L. Romero)
1:47PM 2 averaging pairs of columns in a dataframe
1:38PM 0 New package: ``denstrip'' for compactly illustrating distributions
1:26PM 2 Seeking Code for Chaid or Similar
1:17PM 1 R for reliability engineering?
1:12PM 3 Closest value
12:42PM 1 Basic question about X11()
12:36PM 2 coding rules
12:35PM 0 Com Object mystake
12:26PM 1 Odd behavior in histogram breaks?
12:04PM 0 speeding up multiple kriging predictions using fields package
11:50AM 0 warning message while using "mice" Multivariate Imputation by Chained Equations
11:44AM 2 How to print out console output
11:27AM 4 Fw: How to learn R language?
10:40AM 1 SparseM
10:23AM 2 random error with lme for repeated measures anova
10:07AM 2 How to learn R language?
9:38AM 2 juxtaposed and stacked bars in one barplot?
8:44AM 0 three character vi commands to edit R commands
5:53AM 2 Converting 1-D array to vector
1:50AM 3 Finding a probability
1:38AM 2 Error producing density curve
1:20AM 1 RCurl: using netrc with curlPerform
1:02AM 1 switch() usage
Tuesday August 26 2008
11:45PM 1 A Tip: lm, glm, and retained cases
11:07PM 2 awkward behavior with densityplot function
9:26PM 1 lattice: plotting an arbitrary number of panels, defining arbitrary groups
8:00PM 1 Potential Error/Bug?: addition of NULL during arithmetic
7:27PM 1 How many parameters does my model (gls) have?
6:58PM 0 error message in cor.dist
5:55PM 1 Latin squares in R
5:05PM 1 plot3d origin
4:46PM 1 no output when run densityplot...
4:38PM 1 Dramatic slowdown of R 2.7.2?
4:32PM 0 package install failure
4:11PM 0 R binaries for linux on G4 Powerpc?
3:52PM 2 stats tests on large tables
3:31PM 3 embedded examples
3:06PM 1 more dot plots on 1 page
1:51PM 1 processing subset lists and then plot(density())
1:40PM 2 svymeans question
11:39AM 2 String search: Return "closest" match
10:37AM 1 loop with splitted data
10:30AM 2 options("contrasts")
9:31AM 1 Variance-covariance matrix
9:29AM 3 savePlot() does not save plot with format set
9:02AM 1 environments
8:36AM 1 parse and eval character vector
5:00AM 2 Problem with Integrate for NEF-HS distribution
4:41AM 4 sequence with start and stop positions
1:43AM 2 Do I need a special package to run LSD tests?
1:24AM 2 lattice plotting character woes
Monday August 25 2008
11:59PM 1 A repeated measures, linear mixed model (lme) WITHOUT random effects...
10:44PM 1 "unexpected symbol" error?
9:15PM 3 Maintaining repeated ID numbers when transposing with reshape
8:45PM 1 How to run a model 1000 times, while saving coefficients each time?
8:32PM 1 Mosaic plot using ggplot2
7:40PM 8 Two envelopes problem
7:34PM 2 Large Data Set Help
6:45PM 1 Problems starting Rcmdr
6:44PM 5 How to do a meta-analysis plot
6:15PM 1 ggplot scale_size - is there any way to specify breaks?
5:35PM 0 selection bias adjustment via propensity score
5:17PM 2 ggplot boxplot - how to order categories
4:53PM 0 Model Comparison in Canonical Correlation Analysis
4:51PM 1 small spline regression example
4:50PM 1 Displaying Equations in Documentation
4:39PM 4 R for Windows GUI closes when I try to read.spss
4:21PM 3 lmer4 and variable selection
3:10PM 3 R-ish challenge for dependent ranking
2:30PM 1 XP/Vista/Office 2007/IE Compatibility question
2:17PM 1 contour plots
1:57PM 1 aov, lme, multcomp
1:57PM 1 Unicode notation \x000
1:36PM 1 Output to Latex using Memisc almost works
1:12PM 8 SQL Primer for R
11:47AM 1 lattice : using both strip and strip.left
11:31AM 2 Using sample() with a data frame ?
10:16AM 0 rbga.bin: iteration number
9:57AM 0 R 2.7.2 is released
9:27AM 1 (no subject)
8:04AM 0 lme: Testing variance components
7:33AM 1 [BioC] similarity between two gene lists with varied length
5:56AM 1 cbind in data.frame
2:10AM 1 Specifying random effects distribution in glmer()
1:59AM 1 "rval, symbol print name too long"?
Sunday August 24 2008
11:49PM 1 problem using cat within Sweave code chunks when fig=TRUE
10:35PM 1 howto optimize operations between pairs of rows in a single matrix like cor and pairs
10:22PM 1 deconvolution: Using the output and a IRF to get the input
10:00PM 3 Igraph library: How to calculate APSP (shortest path matrix) matrix for a subset list of nodes.
4:49PM 1 Plotting multiple curves on a plot
4:14PM 2 Eliminating columns that sum to zero
10:39AM 1 Plotting 3 way Anova
7:21AM 3 R project web site
6:34AM 1 Extracting formula from an lm object
3:40AM 2 Tinn-R keyboard problem
12:55AM 2 similarity between two gene lists with varied length
12:50AM 0 Adding a common legend to an arrangement of plots
Saturday August 23 2008
9:30PM 0 open source data mining on tap anyone ?
8:56PM 2 how to call a C-library in R
4:04PM 3 graphs for pretest data
3:08PM 1 ggplot facet: change layout of panels
1:18PM 0 Error message in termplot
10:34AM 0 Coordinate systems for geostatistics in R (imicola)
2:09AM 0 write.csv causes system() and ? to stop working
Friday August 22 2008
11:37PM 0 nlme gls front end crash
10:48PM 1 dimension values of an array
10:11PM 1 How to handle "~" character after csv importation
10:02PM 1 problem with rbind
9:53PM 2 Using interactive plots to get information about data points
9:34PM 2 Newbie programming help
8:52PM 1 Building colorspace on RHEL5
7:32PM 0 R
7:21PM 1 sd(NA)
7:18PM 2 boxplot
7:16PM 2 Sending "..." to a C external
6:43PM 1 R and GNUPLOT
6:41PM 2 Deleting NA in list()
6:28PM 1 inner margins for lattice
4:57PM 1 grep, gsub and metacharacters
3:27PM 1 lme questions re: repeated measures & covariance structure
3:24PM 0 cross validation for lme?
3:17PM 1 Test of Homogeneity of Variances
2:57PM 0 testing for differences in sums - how to?
2:44PM 1 filtering out data
2:37PM 2 WinBUGS with R
2:19PM 6 How to read malformed csv files with read.table?
1:14PM 1 mapping a vector into predefined bins
1:02PM 0 Re : Help on competing risk package cmprsk with time dependent covariate
12:54PM 1 nesting environments
12:44PM 1 draw a function over a histogram
12:12PM 3 simple generation of artificial data with defined features
12:09PM 0 random effects in lmer
11:09AM 0 Bias reduction method
10:07AM 2 Coordinate systems for geostatistics in R
9:46AM 4 swap
9:32AM 0 Forthcoming R Conferences
8:53AM 1 Retrieving sample points
8:19AM 1 chisq
7:49AM 0 Censored Poisson Data
7:35AM 1 subset grouped data with quantile and NA's
6:11AM 0 Predictive Analytics event Sept 24-25, Chicago
6:09AM 1 Help on competing risk package cmprsk with time dependent covariate
4:36AM 0 ASA Data expo 09 - Airline on-time performance
3:57AM 2 help needed for HWE.exact in library "genetics"
2:42AM 2 Combining multiple datasets
2:07AM 2 call perl
1:51AM 2 How I can read the binary file with "different type"?
1:22AM 1 R memory limitations under Windows vs UNIX
Thursday August 21 2008
11:51PM 0 cross validation for lme
11:51PM 1 Using lme, how to specify: (1) repeated measures, and (2) Toeplitz covariance structure?
11:16PM 2 Simple look up
10:53PM 0 endogenous variables in gam (mgcv)
9:48PM 1 max and min with the indexes in a zoo object (or anything else that could solve the problem)
9:11PM 1 HELP: how to add weight to a [x,y] coordinate
8:56PM 3 Null and Alternate hypothesis for Significance test
8:35PM 1 [dist]how to analise a large matrix?
7:37PM 1 Kruskal.test() on lists
7:35PM 1 replacing missing values in a dataframe with reference values.
7:15PM 3 mean for vector with NA
6:47PM 2 barplot with anchored bars
6:32PM 2 Large data sets with R (binding to hadoop available?)
6:15PM 2 skipping values when reading binary files
5:22PM 0 How to increase the iteration limit in lmer
5:14PM 0 Problems with creating custom axis labels
4:45PM 0 how to use chisq.test with 2 row matrix having 0 in it?
4:08PM 0 fitting a binomial-normal model
3:46PM 1 Parabolic cylinder function
3:34PM 0 Elastic net loop problem
3:01PM 2 sorting by the row names
2:59PM 1 problem merging two data sets ( one with a header and one without)
2:40PM 4 Very confused with class
11:05AM 5 psychometric functions
10:37AM 1 x[order(x)] vs sort(x)?
10:27AM 0 Edgeworth expansions
10:00AM 3 [help] simulation of a simple Marcov Stochastic process for population genetics
8:02AM 1 summary.lme and anova question
7:37AM 3 Boxplot 5% and 95% quantile instead of 25% and 75%
6:54AM 1 Interpreting Logistic Regression
6:44AM 2 Help Regarding 'integrate'
6:18AM 0 Windows Vista, Rterm & LeftAlt + Tab issue
2:26AM 1 Advice requested: Best method of coding "time since" repeating event
12:34AM 1 pnmath compilation failure; dylib issue?
12:33AM 2 data.frame() creates list?
Wednesday August 20 2008
11:16PM 1 Extracting eg A[, , 3, 1, ] from an array but using dimension names and levels
10:57PM 0 GAM_binomial logit link
10:53PM 5 GAM-binomial logit link
9:34PM 2 Reading in a value of .Random.seed in .Rprofile
7:26PM 3 vector operation using regexpr?
6:27PM 1 read.csv : double quoted numbers
6:16PM 4 Removing
4:58PM 2 Positioning of axis titles
4:54PM 2 Line of best
4:48PM 0 Simple estimate of a probability by simulation (sender)
4:12PM 1 How to send Html using SQL Server db mail
4:02PM 3 Writing Rcmdr Plugins
3:27PM 1 Problems with PostScript Encoding
2:48PM 4 Looping over groups
1:33PM 2 How to solve this problem ?
1:29PM 1 Support Vector Machines
1:12PM 2 Quantile regression with complex survey data
12:39PM 1 Simple estimate of a probability by simulation
12:34PM 2 arma: what is the meaning of Pr(>|t|)?
12:06PM 0 How to concatenate values from a time series and a forecast
10:37AM 1 pdf filenames in while loop
8:41AM 1 Time Series w/irregular frequency, how to construct a time series object?
7:16AM 0 Re gression with Intersection Constraint
7:02AM 0 quantile regression - estimation of CAViaR
6:52AM 1 FYI: APL in R
6:37AM 1 Understanding output of summary(glm(...))
6:31AM 0 cmprsk and a time dependent covariate in the model
6:04AM 2 Random sequence of days?
4:19AM 4 Conversion - lowercase to Uppercase letters
3:29AM 0 R CMD INSTALL works but not install.packages ...
2:25AM 3 Confidence Interval
2:03AM 3 bug in lme4?
Tuesday August 19 2008
10:08PM 1 matrix question
9:31PM 1 address (nil), cause 'memory not mapped'
8:17PM 1 Histogram binning
8:10PM 2 conditional with and operators
7:28PM 4 converting coordinates from utm to longitude / latitude
7:21PM 0 environment problems
7:13PM 0 panel function with zoo
6:48PM 2 Calling a windows program
3:45PM 4 spatial probit/logit for prediction
2:50PM 0 S.O.S.
2:25PM 1 Exponential smoothing?
2:17PM 2 how to import from SPSS without shortening variable names
1:09PM 1 jpeg, dev.off() inside function
12:55PM 0 R-code: for those who like a challenge; HELP
12:11PM 1 how can i get hessian matrix at "constrOptim"
11:25AM 0 atomic value
10:40AM 0 Converting monthly data to quarterly dataMonday, August 18, 2008 11:38 AM
10:35AM 0 gam.check in gam (mgcv)
9:15AM 0 Querry
8:52AM 0 Scaling lattice tiffs
8:32AM 0 No object with name: PDE
7:46AM 2 Writing R Extensions : A new R package for Gini Index decomposition to prupose
7:35AM 1 nonlinear constrained optimization
4:20AM 1 Enhancement request for bringToTop()
3:00AM 1 variance components
2:45AM 0 Course Announcement - Quantitative Risk Analysis with R
1:24AM 1 Box Plot Text
1:11AM 1 Open directory within a menu in tcltk
12:55AM 1 R vs Stata on generalized linear mixed models: glmer and xtmelogit
12:55AM 1 Polynomial regression help
Monday August 18 2008
11:51PM 1 problem with save function
11:25PM 1 Jitter in xYplot?
10:49PM 0 plm problem: Error in dimnames(x) <- dn : length of 'dimnames' [2] not equal to array extent
10:00PM 2 use expression() in a loop
9:44PM 1 readable dendrograms with many units
6:54PM 2 changing plot font for Times new roman
6:38PM 1 seq: specify *minimum* end value, more elegant solution
6:31PM 2 A doubt about "lm" and the meaning of its summary
6:15PM 1 help
4:20PM 1 lmer syntax, matrix of (grouped) covariates?
3:50PM 1 Survey Design / Rake questions
3:44PM 0 New packages bpca: biplot (2d and 3d) and diagnostic tools
2:35PM 1 another GARCH problem
2:09PM 1 Relational Operators in Legend
2:04PM 2 Call a Fortran subroutine with R: R crashes
1:40PM 2 Using lag
1:34PM 3 lmer and scale parameter in glmm model
1:09PM 1 Please help: Limit single row calculation
1:00PM 0 R for SAS and SPSS Users
12:34PM 2 Fwd: Parsing XML or KML into CSV /Using R for geocoding , OR problem
12:19PM 1 Converting monthly data to quarterly data
11:50AM 1 "nested" getInitial calls; variable scoping problems
9:27AM 1 GeoR model.control - defining covariates at prediction locations
9:20AM 0 testing symmetry of distibution
9:03AM 1 ARMA(0,2) & GARCH(1,1) - code & hessian
8:00AM 0 Sweave ignores output generated by R message() commands
7:20AM 1 exonmap question: rma (or justplier) crashes
7:17AM 0 Problem installing packages
7:09AM 4 how to get no of pdf files in a particular directory
4:56AM 1 Fucntion scope question. General non-linear solution help.
4:53AM 2 graphsheet
2:49AM 2 matrix row product and cumulative product
1:55AM 4 Multiple Plotting help (lines don't always connect)
1:35AM 0 i fixed my previous trace problem
12:15AM 1 trying to mimic page 70 of Software for Data Analysis
Sunday August 17 2008
11:11PM 1 before-after control-impact analysis with R
9:38PM 2 Optim stripping attributes from relistable objects
7:27PM 0 multiple t-tests
6:31PM 0 Error fitting overdispersed logistic regression: package dispmod
4:42PM 1 how to override/replace a function in a package namespace?
1:07PM 2 grangertest/lmtest ... what am I doing wrong ?
10:46AM 1 Making use of names of viewports (grid)
10:12AM 1 package building problem on windows
12:29AM 1 Wichmann-Hill Random Number Generator and the Birthday Problem
Saturday August 16 2008
8:05PM 1 Pseudo R2 for Tobit Regression
5:54PM 2 To package or not to package?
3:43PM 0 use of all row elements
12:00PM 1 ANCOVA: Next steps??
5:46AM 1 Restricted Least Squares
4:39AM 4 Lattice: problem using panel.superpose and panel.groups
2:27AM 4 Dealing with NaN's in data frames
1:22AM 1 How to remove white spaces
Friday August 15 2008
11:36PM 2 Multiple Regression with Correlation Matrix
10:34PM 0 x axis with multhist
10:15PM 0 simple shaded rectangle overlay on plots
9:03PM 0 Cairo installation process fails "compile a simple Cairo program" step
8:54PM 1 exporting adaBoost model
8:16PM 0 error: bad value ???
7:24PM 2 Pdf file size for very scatter plots
6:21PM 1 Handling Runtime Error Messages
5:15PM 3 Rcommander installation fails on Fedora 9
5:12PM 5 x-axis with month and year
4:54PM 1 Question on default link directory
4:27PM 2 Combination with repetition
4:26PM 3 ylab with an exponent
4:16PM 2 data types in R
4:09PM 1 stopifnot message mutation
3:33PM 1 Strange error message from geoR´s likfit () lik. max. func.
3:00PM 2 Design-consistent variance estimate
2:41PM 0 Boot warning messages
2:21PM 1 map("state" ...) Is the USA cracking up?
2:20PM 1 dbConnect
1:57PM 1 post hoc tests two way repeated measures anova
1:44PM 2 cor() btwn columns in two matrices - no complete element pairs
12:11PM 1 estimating the proportion without recurring ailment based on the nelson-aalen estimator
12:00PM 6 continuous coloring of a polygon
11:41AM 6 Saving environment object
11:30AM 1 Row-Column design
10:55AM 6 Opening a web browser from R?
9:54AM 2 How to substitute special characters within a data frame?
4:26AM 1 Vectorization of duration of the game in the gambler ruin's problem
2:55AM 0 how to draw a 4d picture with density estimation?
2:35AM 2 Convert text string to object pointer
1:12AM 1 RODBC-sqlSave questions
Thursday August 14 2008
11:51PM 1 ecdf manipulation
11:15PM 4 Documenting a function: How to get the comments in a function similar to args()
10:11PM 2 Simple (?) subset problem
10:07PM 2 Department of Redundancy Department.
9:06PM 1 error in passing an argument to do.call when do.call is in a for statement
9:00PM 2 Detecting duplicate values
8:32PM 0 3D constrained nonlinear least squares fit
7:52PM 1 Moving Average Question
7:30PM 1 Graphing: plot 3rd variable based on color gradient
6:33PM 1 useR! 2008
4:34PM 2 RNG Cycle and Duplication
3:12PM 1 autocorrelation in gams
3:11PM 5 help with my sloppy syntax
2:57PM 0 function as.dist failed on large matrix on 64bit machine
2:51PM 3 tryCatch question
2:34PM 1 time difference bug?
2:34PM 1 (no subject)
2:09PM 0 Negative binomial GLM w/fixed dispersion parameter
2:05PM 1 non-linear regression problem
1:37PM 1 Format with n significant figures / digits
1:31PM 1 ggplot2: remove minor-horizontal guide before drawing
1:03PM 1 the name of the current running script.r
12:40PM 2 New to R. Question about very large files
12:13PM 0 bmp
10:46AM 2 how to over-plot another variable on axis-4
2:33AM 2 Determining cause of error?
2:14AM 3 Comparison of demographics between 2 study samples
Wednesday August 13 2008
10:16PM 2 missing TRUE/FALSE error in conditional construct
10:02PM 3 Conditional statement used in sapply()
9:38PM 0 change 3x3 cell size in 1x1 cell size
6:39PM 1 need help with stat functions(like adaboost, random forests and glm)
6:00PM 5 subsetting matrix according to columns with character index
5:40PM 0 How to test for a random effect in a repeated measures analysis using anova.mlm ?
4:45PM 3 conditional IF with AND
4:33PM 2 which alternative tests instead of AIC/BIC for choosing models
4:32PM 1 reverse orientation of text in plot margins
3:53PM 0 Flag variable
3:24PM 0 bmp header
3:04PM 1 Arguments to lm() within a function - object not found
2:33PM 0 tcl/tk example in batch
2:20PM 1 re placing default labels in lattice
2:16PM 0 Seeking R Consultant
1:42PM 2 Tiny help for tiny function
1:30PM 1 The standard deviation of measurement 1 with respect to measurement 2
1:07PM 3 Comination of two barcharts and one xyplot
12:57PM 0 R freezes on Xeon multiprocessor and Win 64-bit
12:36PM 2 merging data sets to match data to date
11:45AM 3 rgl/compiz problem
10:39AM 1 Help me: nls and try function
10:16AM 1 problems with packages tseries and robustbase
10:04AM 0 New package: BiplotGUI
9:57AM 0 Calculating an appropriate error from the NNET package for a continuous target
9:40AM 2 mob(party) formula question
4:24AM 1 Installing R in Ubuntu
3:52AM 1 summary.manova rank deficiency error + data
2:49AM 2 Naming dataframes, vectors etc within a loop
1:30AM 3 issue building dataframes with matrices.
Tuesday August 12 2008
11:35PM 1 which(df$name=="A") takes ~1 second! (df is very large), but can it be speeded up?
10:40PM 1 arima forecast function
10:07PM 3 aligned memory allocation in C
10:05PM 1 X11 plotting error
9:03PM 1 Problem with using read.csv with web address
8:56PM 1 manova: R vs SAS...need some clarification
8:18PM 2 perl expression question
7:49PM 1 Update Package on CRAN
7:22PM 1 converting rgb() output to 0-255
6:55PM 1 Changing design matrix in glm
6:26PM 1 3 Courses*** R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques: September 2008 at 3 locations by XLSolutions Corp
5:51PM 1 AOV and Error
5:43PM 7 ignoring zeros or converting to NA
5:35PM 2 Parsing array data
5:13PM 2 Possible buglet (wart ?) of odfWeave 0.7.6 (with workaround)
4:56PM 1 Finishing details of dotplot
3:20PM 1 VAR question
2:55PM 1 Geodata object border
2:49PM 1 sqlQuery with date attribute
2:46PM 1 fPortfolio constraints, maxsumW
2:17PM 0 gls and memory allocation
2:16PM 2 Memory allocation problem
1:05PM 1 separate maps in one figure
1:02PM 1 Eclipse and R
12:54PM 5 produce variable on the fly
11:46AM 7 Between the values
11:08AM 1 Threshold vector error correction models
10:59AM 1 Senging commands to the GUI in Windows through a script
10:00AM 1 tilde on a spanish keyboard?
9:41AM 1 [RODBC] date attribute in sqlQuery
9:27AM 1 gap.plot() and axes=F
8:50AM 3 dixon test
8:47AM 1 Quickly calculating the mean results over a collection of data sets?
8:43AM 0 [RODBC] sqlQuery with date attribute
8:21AM 4 Frequency vector
7:32AM 2 Maximum likelihood estimation
6:10AM 1 No answer in anova.nls
5:48AM 0 R Citation rates
5:21AM 2 Multiple column/row names?
4:58AM 1 T-Test Help
4:44AM 0 KS Test for Mixture of Distributions
2:51AM 2 ANOVA tables - storing F values
1:36AM 1 dynamically extract data from a list
Monday August 11 2008
9:21PM 1 Larger Fonts for x/y-axis
9:20PM 0 Covariance structure determination when lmer has false convergence.
9:12PM 1 variance covariance matrix of parameter estimate using nlrq
8:55PM 2 help.search warning?
8:51PM 0 Computation of pD in R2WinBUGS
8:43PM 1 Simple lme/lmer random effects questions
8:42PM 6 number of an element in a matrix
8:18PM 0 help with objects
8:16PM 1 T Test
8:14PM 3 Exporting a list of lists
8:07PM 0 Merging data in long and Broad form
7:57PM 2 generating a random signal with a known correlation
7:16PM 1 checking if multinom converged
7:09PM 4 how can I do this sum?
6:23PM 3 tkentry that exits after RETURN?
6:04PM 3 Peoblem with nls and try
5:51PM 0 Code for residuals from a lowess curve?
4:30PM 2 : bquote inside legend()
3:55PM 2 ggplot2 font size problem
3:47PM 1 Link to newest R GUI
3:26PM 3 R-help? how to take difference in next two elements
3:11PM 1 T-test
3:02PM 0 ANNOUNCEMENT: 20% Discount on Books from Chapman & Hall/CRC Press!
2:45PM 1 Unexpected parameter problem using rsaga.geoprocessor() {RSAGA}
2:05PM 1 Prediction confidence intervals for a Poisson GLM
1:58PM 0 R-Help
1:24PM 0 predicted survival curves from a Cox time dep model
12:38PM 4 A comprehensive manual on "How to plot" (a lot of graphical examples welcome)
12:17PM 2 Compiling only some C files
12:16PM 1 line with of the symbols in the legend -- changable?
12:01PM 1 Unwanted carriage returns storing dataframes with dbWriteTable
10:28AM 2 create file with unique names
9:59AM 1 A zoo question / problem
9:58AM 0 R 2.7.[01] on Windows in Korean
9:27AM 2 sampling
8:25AM 1 Making shadowed plot of individual profile from Longitudinal data
8:16AM 1 Logistic regression on aggregate data
7:19AM 1 question about knn
5:14AM 1 encoding accentsand tildes in R Macosx
3:00AM 1 help on model selection - step()
2:08AM 1 frequency of labels in a barplot
12:08AM 1 how to add "arial" font in bitmap output?
12:04AM 2 How to specify the type and size of font in bitmap format output?
Sunday August 10 2008
10:43PM 2 ANOVA help
10:04PM 1 (Un-)intentional change in drop1() "Chisq" behaviour?
9:00PM 2 Basic data structures
8:55PM 2 detect if data is normal or skewed (without a boxplot)
8:23PM 1 using IF command
7:48PM 0 R 2,7.2 is scheduled for August 25
6:47PM 2 Differential Equations there use in R (population modeling)
4:47PM 1 Again question about filter()
4:02PM 1 help using outer function
3:35PM 3 ANOVA
3:32PM 1 What is filter() function doing?
3:29PM 1 customizing the axis (adding labels)
3:00PM 1 R function, sink() and empty file
12:00PM 1 print data frames without row names (within a list)
6:22AM 0 One way ANOVA
3:29AM 1 mean-plot (add residuals)
2:44AM 1 Scripting - query
12:42AM 0 possible problem with rgdal
12:12AM 1 box-plot without a box surrounding the plot
Saturday August 9 2008
10:25PM 1 Converting nested "for" loops to an "apply" function(s)
8:31PM 2 how to interpret t.test output
4:44PM 1 Reshape set operations?
4:06PM 1 Reading large datasets and fitting logistic models in R
11:01AM 2 effective matrix subset
8:51AM 2 levels values of cut()
Friday August 8 2008
11:44PM 2 import/export txt file
10:36PM 0 How to add 'specific length' segments to lattice plots
9:38PM 1 Lattice: regression lines within grouped xyplot panels
9:18PM 2 Length of data.frame column
9:16PM 0 Reflecting correct color and density values in a barplot legend
9:14PM 2 aggregate
8:40PM 1 How Can I Tell if the R Running is 64 bit or 32 bit?
7:27PM 1 Axes in filled.contour plots
7:04PM 1 dbWriteTable with row.names=(TRUE | FALSE)
7:04PM 2 Tick marks that correspond with bars on barplot
6:55PM 1 installing R packages in a networked lab?
6:23PM 1 write.csv writing the "index"
5:59PM 4 How can I create a vector of vector?
5:27PM 2 Tcl\tk not supported on this system
4:42PM 1 operating on arrays of unknown dimensionality
3:58PM 0 MUSIC (Multiple Signal Classification) in R
3:47PM 2 [lme4]Coef output with binomial lmer
3:21PM 1 increment size in for loop
3:11PM 1 PDF help
2:53PM 0 Mountain visualization
2:50PM 3 Multivariate regression with constraints
2:47PM 0 New FITS file utility package
2:40PM 1 Polygon issue in lattice & Bivariate density estimation
2:19PM 0 New version of Rcmdr package
2:13PM 8 RPro
1:45PM 0 Non R Subject
1:20PM 1 problem to load the RGrace package
12:51PM 0 kernlab version 0.9-7
12:31PM 0 Trying to run simple survival program in R
11:00AM 1 Invoking R from application
10:43AM 0 independent contributes to the discriminant function
4:52AM 2 gridBase and new.page() / grid.newpage()
1:33AM 1 Vista problem -- can't type commands at prompt
Thursday August 7 2008
10:55PM 2 histogram - freq=FALSE - density computation
10:01PM 2 help with longitudinal data plot
8:39PM 3 how to save an R object selectively?
8:01PM 0 3d kriging et al
6:54PM 2 lattice: add vertical lines in xyplot
6:06PM 1 long run time for loop operation & matrix fill
6:00PM 1 LAPACK.dll and Excel with R 2.7.0
4:48PM 1 Where is the archive? Calling a function within a function.
4:38PM 1 Append to a vector?
4:16PM 2 Creating an array of lists
2:55PM 2 panel.arrows problem in custom panel function
2:31PM 4 Switch two rows in a matrix
2:18PM 1 Covariance matrix
1:59PM 0 Usingloglikelihood to Infer which distributions fits best to data
1:15PM 2 colouring a tree
1:05PM 0 limits/thresholds for arrayWeights in the limma package
1:04PM 2 List of "occurrence" matrices
12:40PM 3 Downloading Yahoo data
11:39AM 2 Impulse response analysis within package vars
11:21AM 3 Create new dataframes with dames from dataset...
11:20AM 1 re order vector in order given by another vector
11:01AM 6 multiple tapply
10:49AM 1 recursive root finding
10:21AM 4 Obtaining the first /or last record of a subject in a longitudinal study
10:12AM 3 problem running R
10:02AM 2 Problems using hetcor (polycor)
8:12AM 1 Mtext doesn't display characters in italic when I use a greek symbol
7:56AM 8 Trying to run simple survival program in R but does not work
Wednesday August 6 2008
11:57PM 2 Attempting to make a custom color spectrum to use in heatmap.2
10:41PM 1 error in installing R packages
10:32PM 4 Union of columns of two matrices
9:02PM 1 Matrix multiplication
8:21PM 4 defining the distance between axis label and axis
8:12PM 1 using acf() for multiple columns
7:05PM 0 random forest: data splitting and covariates
6:44PM 0 a little help for compiling R! <- DISREGARD!
6:36PM 1 normal score fuction
6:01PM 1 bug submitting bug? [Fwd: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender]
5:51PM 1 a little help for compiling R!
5:49PM 1 Diagnosing Documentation Issues
5:42PM 2 Index alternative to nasty FOR loop?
4:07PM 0 I need AIC and LIkelihood values from Reduced Major Axis regression for model selection
3:53PM 3 subsetting with column name as string
3:42PM 3 Incomplete x-axis in barplots
3:33PM 1 Warning when using survey:::svyglm
3:15PM 0 price returns conversion
3:09PM 0 Package for TURF analysis
2:43PM 0 Weighted multivariate regression
2:37PM 4 Font size in plots (I do NOT understand par help)
2:16PM 1 Correlation dichotomous factor, continous (numerical) and ordered factor
2:15PM 2 Merging two datasets
1:48PM 1 Weibull Likelihod function.
1:47PM 0 mlogit (using multinom) problems
1:01PM 2 matching problem
12:19PM 1 No y-axis label using png on linux
12:06PM 1 Write greek text to Windows Unicode file
11:37AM 1 Variance-covariance matrix for parameter estimates
9:48AM 0 increase memory in R
9:21AM 1 Problem in using MASS
8:47AM 2 Statistics on raster pictures - asking for an advice
8:13AM 1 grid layout scaling viewport width based solely on height
6:26AM 3 Help in running Stata dataset in R
4:47AM 1 Replacing double-quote with backtick
4:42AM 1 R CMD check message that I can't figure out (.onLoad failed)
3:09AM 4 How to calculate GLM least square means?
1:55AM 1 Matching a period in grep...
Tuesday August 5 2008
11:05PM 2 creating overall title for plots made with par(mfrow=c(2,2))
10:44PM 1 predict for garch
10:44PM 0 P values in non linear regression and singular gradients using nls
10:19PM 1 write .table
9:47PM 3 Time series, least squares line
9:04PM 0 qgamma inaccuracy
8:53PM 0 R/Splus Advanced Programming Course in Seattle: August 14-15
8:41PM 0 I: R: [R-sig-Geo] R: LIDAR Problem in R (THANKS for HELP)
6:26PM 1 Mixed model with multiple response variables?
6:15PM 1 Labeling lines in xyplot
5:59PM 1 RESHAPE cast help.
5:30PM 4 LIDAR Problem in R (THANKS for HELP)
5:26PM 0 Programming Contest
4:41PM 4 PDF append help
4:19PM 1 Fix for nls bug???
3:38PM 2 max size of a matrix
2:16PM 2 Iterating Named List
1:54PM 1 Add arrows to a filled.contour margin
1:36PM 0 mixed model hypothesis testing
1:21PM 2 Selecting Variables
1:14PM 1 Extracting Names of Named List (Index of Hash)
1:02PM 2 Opening R from Tinn without setting directory each time
12:37PM 2 request for fine panel axis controls in lattice
11:14AM 1 Greek characters in plots
9:48AM 1 Confidence interval for the coefficient of variation
8:58AM 2 qqline function doesn't plot
8:53AM 1 xyplot key issue - line colors
8:42AM 0 unexpected problem
7:09AM 1 About Creating a List by Parsing Text
6:36AM 2 graphical user interface
6:16AM 1 Extracting variable names of final model in stepAIC
5:54AM 0 Including exogenous X-variables in ARFIMA models
4:37AM 2 95% CI bands on a Lowess smoother
4:36AM 5 boxplot with average instead of median
3:19AM 1 I have an array of plots and I would like to put a title on the whole array.
2:55AM 1 optimize simultaneously two binomials inequalities using nlm( ) or optim( )
2:50AM 0 normalize a data-set
12:40AM 2 Create data frame from header only
Monday August 4 2008
11:50PM 1 R init file and source()
10:37PM 1 log and Log Histogram
9:47PM 0 I installed ImageMagick via fink and port, but R can't seem to find it.
8:39PM 2 Multivariate Regression with Weights
8:21PM 1 simulate data based on partial correlation matrix
8:02PM 3 backslash in character string?
8:01PM 0 an interesting finding on Hurst exponent estimation from fSeries
7:40PM 2 Is there any way to make pretty tables in R to pdf?
7:18PM 0 FW: Are there any guis out there, which will allow editing of the graph?
7:04PM 2 Long Range Dependence: Hurst exponent estimation
6:55PM 0 Turning Cross-tab into new data frame
5:14PM 2 thematic map of USA
4:50PM 5 Are there any guis out there, which will allow editing of the graph?
4:47PM 1 plot() change unit length
3:03PM 1 subset inside a lattice plot using panel.lines
1:49PM 2 Howto Smooth a Curve Created with the Point Function
1:34PM 1 Trouble when I call a function within another
12:40PM 0 SOLVED - memory problem - failing to load rgl in R 2.7.1 patched
12:27PM 0 memory problem - failing to load rgl in R 2.7.1 patched
11:12AM 1 greek letters in "italic" font
10:24AM 1 xyplot strip=function for two conditioning variables
10:19AM 1 R and emacs
8:58AM 0 Unexpected nls behaviour: Solved
8:12AM 0 major release ff 2.0 (large atomic objects)
7:56AM 1 Major difference in multivariate analyses SPSS and R
6:49AM 1 about the 95%CI around the median...
6:32AM 1 Decomposing tests of interaction terms in mixed-effects models
4:54AM 1 Sweave and ggplot2
Sunday August 3 2008
8:55PM 2 Determining model parameters
8:54PM 2 Changing values
6:10PM 1 Convert date to decimal days
5:25PM 0 missing F statistic in anova.gam
4:19PM 1 (sans objet)
3:59PM 0 gmaps, projection, inset
3:29PM 1 access object inside a function
3:15PM 0 Installing R on Apache Web Server
3:04PM 1 Will This Computer Run 64 bit Ubuntu/R?
3:03PM 0 neighbors of an element of a matrix
7:51AM 2 How do I get an inset graph (i.e. graph within a graph)?
1:47AM 1 output components of GAM
Saturday August 2 2008
9:48PM 2 Basic factor question.
9:16PM 2 Gaps in time series.
8:40PM 0 thematic maps, missing data, gmap
8:12PM 1 problem with nested loop for regression
8:07PM 4 RE SHAPE package question.
5:51PM 1 running strucchange?
5:43PM 0 SARIMA Model confrimation
4:52PM 2 How to format the output file just the way I want ?
1:28PM 2 Iterative Averages
12:35PM 0 rollingRegression() aplied between vector and matrix
11:50AM 3 losing row.names in matrix operations
10:46AM 1 Memory Problems with a Simple Bootstrap - Part II
9:48AM 1 Lattice: Changing the names of conditional variables in strips to mathematical expressions
9:07AM 2 lapply, sapply
6:05AM 2 Multiple R console for OS X?
6:04AM 3 convert for loop into apply()
3:06AM 3 Bubble plots
Friday August 1 2008
11:49PM 2 source a script file straight from a subversion repository
9:23PM 1 Properly Parsing Pre-Superscripts & Displaying Them With grid.text
9:16PM 2 boxplot help
9:10PM 1 Legend outside plot => grid not limited to plot
7:32PM 0 failing to load package in R 2.7.1 patched
6:57PM 0 multinomRob: Error in eigen [..] infinite or missing values in 'x'
6:49PM 1 Confidence intervals with nls()
6:45PM 2 correlation between rows of data.frame
6:45PM 0 Distance measure for large sparse matrix
6:33PM 2 how to replace NA values in a list
6:18PM 0 match and as.character truncation
6:12PM 3 Reading data in R-metrics
5:30PM 2 simple help request
5:29PM 5 viewing data in something similar to 'R Data Editor'
4:49PM 2 Exporting data to a text file
4:39PM 1 R CMD INSTALL error, R-2.7.1
4:13PM 0 standardize ggplot and lattice themes
4:09PM 4 Memory Problems with a Simple Bootstrap
3:56PM 1 Major difference in the outcome between SPSS and R statisticalprograms
3:55PM 0 New package: noia
3:52PM 1 creating image using RGB values
3:47PM 1 bug in readRAST6 function in package spgrass6
3:31PM 0 Unexpected nls behaviour
3:21PM 4 Plotting ordered nominal data
3:11PM 2 How to get the p-value from lmer on a longitudinal analysis
2:56PM 1 Smartest way to evaluate question forms
2:39PM 0 sensitivity
2:34PM 0 Diffusion maps and isomaps
2:18PM 1 Major difference in the outcome between SPSS and R statistical programs
1:48PM 1 chron objects: input/output
1:46PM 1 parent in Creating environment object
1:12PM 3 Newbie question: How to use tapply() on several vectors simultaneously
12:28PM 1 Best way to select good points in a noisy signal ?
10:34AM 1 Solving Yis[i] = a*cos((2*pi/T)*(times[i] - Tau)) + ...
9:33AM 2 contour lines in windows device but neither in pdf nor in postscript
9:26AM 0 Bug in the generic plot function for GLM?
9:00AM 5 drop1() seems to give unexpected results compare to anova()
8:49AM 2 is this a bug (apply and class) ?
8:41AM 2 Function to check the presence of an Item in an array
7:48AM 0 hclust interrogation & use of $merge for dendrogram annotation?
6:13AM 2 Extract Element of String with R's Regex
5:01AM 2 Remove Even Number from A Vector
4:50AM 1 I install R in Ubuntu with apt-get, But I cannot see help.start() page.why
3:10AM 0 Problem with RSPython
3:00AM 3 Grouping Index of Matrix Based on Certain Condition
1:53AM 2 Storing Matrices into Hash
1:38AM 0 How to abort JGR
12:12AM 0 P-I curve