R help - Aug 2007

Friday August 31 2007
8:56PM 1 Strange behavior using subset
6:30PM 2 plotting
6:02PM 0 ls.str
4:16PM 1 Day Count Convention
4:16PM 0 problem with recursive unlink on Linux Fedora 7
3:43PM 1 gsub warning message
2:39PM 3 data frame row manipulation
1:52PM 1 About "=" in command line in windows.
1:42PM 1 Variance explained in mixed models
1:20PM 2 Automatic anchors for text boxes
1:08PM 3 by group problem
12:41PM 2 Saving plot into file
12:31PM 2 size limitations in R
12:27PM 2 memory.size help
11:44AM 1 Bug?
10:11AM 0 Re : Histogram
9:20AM 0 non-linear fitting (nls) and confidence limits
9:04AM 0 opinion poll: do you need interactive 3D histogram into a pdf?
8:17AM 2 Problem of vocabulary : retrieve element of a list of a list
8:17AM 3 Choosing the optimum lag order of ARIMA model
6:43AM 0 Studio 11 compiling of Rmath standalone versus compiling R
6:16AM 2 Bugreport on integration of Sweave and latex beamer
6:08AM 1 Question on shardsplot
5:23AM 0 FW: sapply to return factors in dataframe
4:50AM 0 sapply to return factors in dataframe
4:21AM 0 Center of Gravity
1:24AM 0 你有事找我吗?
Thursday August 30 2007
11:37PM 2 Need help putting histograms on the diagonal of a splom plot
11:29PM 2 Incomplete Gamma function
9:44PM 2 possible bug in vars package (predict.varest) ???
9:14PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 54, Issue 30
7:06PM 4 How to measure mode (central tendancy)
5:52PM 2 Additions to xyplot (lattice)? - legend, ticks, axis label size, text
5:13PM 1 Barplot2 using for loop, how to adjust margins?
5:07PM 0 7 Courses: Upcoming September-October 2007 R/S+ schedule by XLSolutions Corp
4:51PM 0 percentage explained by fixed effects in random model
4:17PM 1 xyplot() groups scope issue
3:42PM 2 R and Windows Vista
3:24PM 1 t-test within tapply
3:20PM 1 mtext, picking subscript text from colnames(df)
3:08PM 7 Behaviour of very large numbers
2:53PM 1 How to obtain intercept statistics in anova with within-subject factors?
2:40PM 3 R and Web Applications
2:02PM 1 categorical variable coefficients in QSAR
1:49PM 1 Another issue with the Matrix package.
1:18PM 0 How to mask or escape "=" in Windows command prompt?
1:09PM 0 How to mask or escape "="
1:00PM 1 boxplot will remember the factor levels
12:19PM 2 Assigning line colors in xyplot
11:30AM 0 bug in DEoptim package
11:25AM 2 R CMD BATCH: cat does not print
11:25AM 1 Data simulation with R
11:01AM 0 how to calculate weighted means by groups
10:33AM 1 (no subject)
9:00AM 2 Q: Mean, median and confidence intervals with functions "summary" & "boxplot.stats"
8:57AM 0 rpart's loss matrix in ipred
8:16AM 4 Simple Graph
6:48AM 1 Incomplete output with `sn' library package
4:50AM 2 customizing the color and point shape for each line drawn using lattice's xyplot
2:56AM 5 Single plot multiple levels in x?
2:34AM 0 filehash package: error in unserialize(con)
1:23AM 0 sneding my email
1:21AM 2 How to multiply all dataframe rows by another dataframe's columns
12:45AM 3 piecewise linear approximation
12:44AM 0 Linear modelling confusion.
Wednesday August 29 2007
9:41PM 1 combining datasets by row
8:53PM 2 a new-bie question about obtaining certain value from the print out
7:16PM 1 correlation structure in lmer
5:50PM 1 breaking the x-axis and having two different x-axis labels
5:47PM 0 sum(data.frame(),na.rm=TRUE) still throws an Error
5:43PM 1 Q: how to interrupt long calculation?
5:41PM 4 How to signal the end of the table?
5:39PM 3 OT: distribution of a pathological random variate
5:28PM 0 Alternating Logistic Regression
5:14PM 1 Excel (off-topic, sort of)
4:28PM 3 Rserve: Accessing images
3:40PM 4 retrieve p-value from a cox.obj
3:26PM 1 How to cite the the PDF user's guide for LIMMA
3:03PM 0 Heatmap clustering
1:58PM 0 a faster and shorter way to perform calculations?
1:53PM 1 Reading lines from file
12:13PM 1 Strage result with an append/strptime combination
12:12PM 1 Converting into time series object
12:00PM 1 Histogram Title Size&Font
11:53AM 1 Plot command drops part of the plot for large plots in multiple figure environment
11:31AM 5 Month end calculations
8:02AM 0 Decompose an irregular daily time series with missing values
7:19AM 1 Stratified weighted statistics
6:54AM 1 How to let the program know the end of a file is reached?
3:20AM 1 xeon processor and ATLAS
12:37AM 0 extracting dataset with average imputed values from aregImpute()
12:01AM 2 Recoding multiple columns consistently
Tuesday August 28 2007
9:44PM 0 How to find the likelihood function?
9:40PM 1 how to calculate mean into a list
9:39PM 1 alternate methods to perform a calculation
9:25PM 4 Nodes & edges with similarity matrix
8:59PM 2 data manipulation help
8:04PM 5 sql query over local tables
8:04PM 0 help with aggregate(): tables of means for terms in an mlm
8:02PM 1 The l1ce function in lasso2: The bound and absolute.t parameters.
7:44PM 1 Age-Length key with kimura algorith
7:37PM 0 RUnit and tracing errors
6:48PM 0 adding deviances as meta-analysis?
6:25PM 0 Variance explained by cluster analysis
6:17PM 3 data formatting: from rows to columns
5:36PM 6 Factor levels
5:19PM 1 attempt at making a polygon class failed
3:32PM 2 Efficient way to parse string and construct data.frame
3:27PM 0 lm.ridge fit with some dummy variables (w/o intercept)
3:17PM 3 Interpreting the eigen value of a population matrix (2nd try)
2:22PM 2 quntile(table)?
2:12PM 1 substituting elements in vector according to sample(unique(vector))
2:12PM 1 Interpreting the eigen value of a population matrix
1:33PM 3 Forcing coefficients in lm object
1:11PM 2 Experimental Design with R
12:33PM 1 FW: How to fit an linear model withou intercept
12:08PM 1 Changing tcl in boxplot
11:11AM 2 Limiting size of pairs plots
10:51AM 1 Nested functions.
9:43AM 0 a problem with the varimax() fonction (stat package)
9:36AM 2 R Help
8:33AM 0 pca
3:06AM 0 Problem with lme using glht for multiple comparisons
2:11AM 7 Excel
Monday August 27 2007
11:46PM 0 Solving equations involving banded matrices
9:47PM 2 oddity with method definition
8:53PM 2 Rmpi and x86
7:13PM 1 use apply function with which
6:14PM 1 subset question
6:04PM 2 Max vs summary inconsistency
3:54PM 0 FW: subset using noncontiguous variables by name (not index)
3:33PM 2 Sequential Rank Test
3:31PM 0 Robust Standar Errors in Zero-Truncated Poisson
1:58PM 2 validate (package Design): error message "subscript out of bounds"
1:33PM 0 how to write nicely a condition on a loop "for" (that is, not like I did)
12:30PM 0 proftools package now available from CRAN
11:44AM 0 Confidence intervals for ccf()
11:39AM 0 Monmonier algorithm
9:44AM 1 Column naming mystery
8:22AM 4 Problem with save or/and if (I think but maybe not ...)
6:49AM 1 p-Value
2:47AM 1 R 2.5.1 - Rscript through tee
1:49AM 1 Help on coxph
Sunday August 26 2007
8:37PM 3 subset using noncontiguous variables by name (not index)
8:20PM 0 partial AUC and SE in R
8:16PM 1 Program of matrix of seasonal dummy variable(Econometrics)
7:55PM 1 How is "R CMD INSTALL --help" executed?
3:16PM 2 How to make an array of data.frames?
1:22PM 2 R-2.5.1 RedHat EL5 compilation failed
10:13AM 2 error message!
4:34AM 1 How can I interpret this test hypothesis test
1:36AM 2 Character position command
Saturday August 25 2007
8:01PM 3 fill circles
2:42PM 1 efficient way to compute a probability distribution?
11:43AM 1 Extracting a range of elements from a vector
7:54AM 1 How can i inhibit this work "Please select a CRAN mirror for use in this session "?
Friday August 24 2007
10:34PM 0 Random number expert needed
9:12PM 4 Turning a logical vector into its indices without losing its length
7:54PM 1 An issue with White's test in Anova
7:13PM 2 Variable Importance - Random Forest
6:43PM 1 Adding new points to a metaMDS ordination ("vegan" pkg)
5:47PM 1 How to provide argument when opening RGui from an external application
5:30PM 4 perception of graphical data
5:26PM 1 Using odfWeave to Produce Tables with Right-aligned Cells
4:53PM 1 randomForest help
4:49PM 2 problem loading package 'gplots'
4:49PM 0 Sweave and TexnicCenter
2:40PM 3 Merging two files together in R
1:56PM 2 Saving results from Linux command line
1:18PM 2 Applying a function to an array
1:15PM 1 "rounding" to next lowest/highest 'x%%y' (mod) equals zero?
1:02PM 0 Rows overlappes each other
11:21AM 2 Est of SE of coefficients from lm() function
10:58AM 3 It is possible to use a Shell command inside a R script?
9:56AM 2 as.numeric : what goes wrong?
8:14AM 0 NA-values in objects of type boot
8:13AM 0 moran's i
7:16AM 2 Package installation
6:34AM 3 changing text direction of mtext
4:41AM 1 chi-square statistics
3:22AM 1 uneven list to matrix
2:54AM 0 [Stat] Question
Thursday August 23 2007
10:44PM 1 Clarification: Expedite scalar f(x) evaluation over vectors
10:41PM 1 in cor.test, difference between exact=FALSE and exact=NULL
9:36PM 4 How to shade vertical bands in a graph?
8:03PM 1 Expedite scalar f(x) evaluation over vectors
7:58PM 4 Calculating diameters of cirkels in a picture.
7:08PM 2 Rows overlapped each other
7:07PM 1 How to merge string to DF
6:44PM 1 Error building R 2-5.2.1 on Sun Solaris 8
6:37PM 2 R "old versions" archive anywhere?
6:36PM 1 .Call and to reclaim the memory by allocVector
6:29PM 2 read big text file into R
5:47PM 0 Change tick mark value in sm.survival()
5:36PM 1 state map question
5:28PM 2 Exact Confidence Intervals for the Ration of Two Binomial
5:27PM 1 ordered factors in data.frame
2:52PM 1 extracting duplicated elements
1:41PM 0 weighted nls and confidence intervals
1:33PM 0 Output display problem
1:11PM 1 Conversion of zoo object (with POSIXct-attributes) to dataframe
12:47PM 1 figure-definition and heatmap question
12:36PM 0 Lost in substitute: nlsList and nlme with dynamic formula
11:44AM 4 FAQ 7.x when 7 does not exist. Useability question
9:56AM 1 Choice of data.frame column by index?
8:13AM 1 Estimate Intercept in ARIMA model
8:08AM 1 Two graphs, align vertically
8:03AM 2 Splitting strings
7:36AM 7 Histogram
6:07AM 1 nls() and numerical integration (e.g. integrate()) working together?
4:59AM 1 two labels on x-axis (year and month)
1:54AM 1 degrees of freedom question
Wednesday August 22 2007
11:24PM 0 Wrapper Subset Selection
11:00PM 2 gWidgets (tcltk): problem extracting values from widgets in glayout grid
10:12PM 0 triviality solved: Unwanted but added additional first column when using write.csv2()
8:31PM 3 Newbie Question: Using R with PHP and MySQL
8:28PM 2 Need a variant of rbind for datasets with different numbers of columns
8:16PM 0 Optimal Asset Allocation with a specific level of Target Risk
7:54PM 3 integrate
5:13PM 1 plotting lda results
4:53PM 1 All subsets regression
4:07PM 1 distance by vegan
4:06PM 0 Rdonlp2 control parameter question
3:37PM 0 2nd label category on x axis
2:41PM 3 Help with vector gymnastics
2:31PM 0 how do i use the get function to obtain an element from alist...
2:09PM 2 Evaluating f(x(2,3)) on a function f<- function(a,b){a+b}
1:20PM 6 Synchronzing workspaces
11:58AM 1 IRT model nonparametric from Ramsay in R
11:22AM 0 Ans on: How do i print a "main title" on a win.graph with several plots?
10:56AM 0 ordering of variables in plots
10:52AM 4 within-subject factors in lme
10:05AM 1 Processing Sweave documents without Sweave
8:56AM 1 plot in for loop with "i" indexed variables does not work
8:33AM 1 How do i print a "main title" on a win.graph with several plots?
7:10AM 1 displaying the means on a scatter diagram
6:54AM 1 "subscript out of bounds" Error in predict.naivebayes
6:20AM 1 Time conversion problems
3:47AM 1 open/execute/call/run an external file
2:20AM 1 C code generators
1:25AM 3 tackle memory insufficiency for large dataset using save() & load()??
12:37AM 1 Recurrence plots for CGH
12:33AM 3 rectify a program of seasonal dummies matrix
Tuesday August 21 2007
11:34PM 1 Output from while and for loop
11:02PM 0 brew 1.0-1
10:52PM 0 Simulation of logistic equation
9:11PM 1 quantile() returns a value outside the data range
8:49PM 2 (Most efficient) way to make random sequences of random sequences
8:01PM 1 problems installing updated version of vars package
7:52PM 2 summing columns of data frame by group
7:37PM 1 Random Sampling from a Matrix
7:36PM 1 clusterCall with replicate function
7:35PM 4 how do i use the get function to obtain an element from a list...
5:44PM 1 small issue with densityplot
5:16PM 0 pvals.fnc unhappy about lmer objects
5:01PM 2 divided scatter plots
4:41PM 4 Formatting Sweave in R-News
4:26PM 2 Selective transformation
4:21PM 2 Optimization problem
3:49PM 2 extracting month from date in numeric form
3:29PM 2 Subsetting zoo object with a vector of time values.
3:07PM 2 Variable c and function c
2:02PM 2 standardized cronbach's alpha?
12:08PM 1 runing .r file from C#
11:29AM 2 Stacked Bar
10:30AM 0 Regulatory Computing with R
9:32AM 2 Partial comparison in string vector
9:25AM 0 Ansari vs wilcoxon vs ks test
9:23AM 0 R mailinglist ETH website now with trusted certificate
6:06AM 2 prediction interval for multiple future observations
5:08AM 2 Sphericity test in R for repeated measures ANOVA
Monday August 20 2007
10:49PM 1 rv package, rvnorm function
10:23PM 1 polar.plot orientation and scale in plotrix
9:51PM 0 Covariance of beta and lambda in geoR likfit
8:58PM 1 stupid question??
6:28PM 3 Subscript
5:17PM 0 trouble extracting R code from vignette using example from www.bioconductor.org
4:13PM 1 Problem mit summaryBy: Group sums gives me "incorrectly" zero for one variable
2:16PM 5 R on a flash drive
1:55PM 1 Ask for functions to obtain partial R-square (squared partial correlation coefficients)
1:26PM 2 library(fCalendar) timeDate("12.03.2005",format="%d.%m.%Y")
12:36PM 1 Select rows of matrix
10:04AM 1 LDA decission boundaries
9:54AM 2 Does anyone.... worth a warning?!? No warning at all
9:49AM 2 Interweaving cell entries from 2 columns
9:04AM 1 Q: combine 2 data frames with missing values
8:17AM 1 Question about writing some code
7:33AM 2 Labelling certain points on the x-axis
7:13AM 3 Differentiation
2:22AM 0 Rcmdr window border lost
1:13AM 2 how to collapse a list of 1 column matrix to a matrix?
Sunday August 19 2007
11:57PM 1 Error bars using data from bugs()
8:37PM 2 How to parse a string into the symbol for a data frame object
7:13PM 1 Creating a data set within a function
6:32PM 1 Question on R server and TinnR
6:29PM 1 Prerequisite for running RWeka
1:06PM 1 can't find "as.family" function
10:12AM 1 Building Packages with AnnBuilder
6:40AM 2 Does anyone else think this might be worth a warning?!?
Saturday August 18 2007
10:31PM 2 Problem with lsa package (data.frame) on Windows XP
9:56PM 0 Installing Rstem on Mac Intel
9:22PM 4 recommended combo of apps for new user?
8:56PM 1 number precision
6:10PM 1 Question about lme and AR(1)
5:14PM 0 SVD for sparse matrices
12:52PM 0 rmeta package forestplot() function
8:55AM 1 Restricted VAR parameter estimation
6:49AM 1 Suspected memory leak with R v.2.5.x and large matrices with dimnames set
3:18AM 1 doubt about string comparison
Friday August 17 2007
11:40PM 3 Any parser generator / code assistance for R?
9:32PM 1 How to create several variables from composite character variable
8:52PM 0 (Ben Bolker) AIC and logLik for logistic regression in R and S-PLUS
8:34PM 1 Regulatory Compliance and Validation Issues
8:18PM 1 finding the row(s) for a date in a data frame
6:51PM 2 image plot with multiple x values
5:04PM 2 problem using "rank"
3:36PM 0 svyglm.predict: cannot allocate vector
3:17PM 0 New version of "The R Guide" available on CRAN
2:46PM 4 matching elements from two vectors
2:25PM 0 superposing lattice plots
2:18PM 3 Is there any good tools to facilitate us to create R functions?
1:30PM 1 export to txt
12:01PM 1 installation of the gsl package on Suse 10.1
11:33AM 1 Quadratic Programming
11:11AM 2 Date format on x-axis
6:25AM 1 [BioC] function to find coodinates in an array
6:10AM 0 Fwd: Re: Combine matrix
5:36AM 2 for plots
4:59AM 1 comparison of arrays of strings
3:12AM 0 N.cohen.kappa function for polytomous outcomes
Thursday August 16 2007
11:35PM 2 R graphics display window
11:20PM 0 sample size computation for survival data
10:35PM 1 Question on output of vectors from a for loop into a matrix
8:24PM 4 Linear models over large datasets
7:50PM 7 combining P values using Fisher's method
7:21PM 0 Help with optimization using GENOUD
4:33PM 3 Urgent Help needed
3:57PM 0 Possible memory leak with large matrices in R v.2.5.0
3:24PM 2 (no subject)
2:54PM 1 Trim trailng space from data.frame factor variables
2:49PM 0 Linear models and a simple time series
2:47PM 2 Newbie
1:40PM 3 multiple colors within same line of text
1:26PM 1 Question about sm.options & sm.survival
12:57PM 6 several plots on several pages
12:10PM 1 use AnnBuilderSourceUrls with local path insted of ftp adress
11:50AM 1 Regression tree: labels in the terminal nodes
11:39AM 0 CCC statistic in cluster analysis
11:03AM 2 combine 2 data frames with missing values
11:01AM 4 Combine matrix
10:57AM 2 ADF test
9:31AM 1 to combine bwplot + srt option?
9:31AM 1 (coxph, se) Obtaining standard errors of coefficients from coxph to store
8:20AM 1 time series with quality codes
7:44AM 0 summarising systemfit with saveMemory
7:40AM 3 function to find coodinates in an array
6:45AM 4 residual plots for lmer in lme4 package
6:39AM 0 Difficult survival model
5:21AM 2 Possible memory leak with R v.2.5.0
4:44AM 1 Automatically moving cursor in RGui
3:10AM 6 an easy way to construct this special matirx
Wednesday August 15 2007
9:16PM 3 Covariance of data with missing values.
9:10PM 1 Problem Connecting to Oracle with R from Windows XP
9:05PM 1 AIC and logLik for logistic regression in R and S-PLUS
7:55PM 1 getting lapply() to work for a new class
7:24PM 0 Mann-Whitney U test discrepancies
6:43PM 2 Loading JMP Files
6:43PM 0 Independent Variable Rankings with MARS
6:26PM 1 Error in building R
5:27PM 1 yahoo finance data feed to R
4:44PM 1 RFclustering - is it available in R?
4:34PM 2 lmer coefficient distributions and p values
4:28PM 0 Negative Binomial: glm.nb
4:16PM 3 Formula in lm inside lapply
4:05PM 1 Polynomial fitting
2:50PM 0 mitools and plm packages
2:48PM 1 using sampling weights in glm
2:32PM 0 shorthand for plotmath-annotation in certain font
1:21PM 0 problems with specifying an offset term in lmer and lmer2
12:42PM 1 "ungültige Versionsspezifikation"
12:32PM 0 library kernlab, ksvm(x,y,scaled=T)
12:26PM 1 time series periodic data
10:23AM 1 help and Firefox
9:24AM 0 mda and kmeans
8:30AM 4 Possible to "import" histograms in R?
8:00AM 1 Function for reading in multidimensional tables / data.frames
4:44AM 1 installation of packages
2:39AM 0 (no subject)
2:03AM 2 X11 problems
Tuesday August 14 2007
10:32PM 1 OT - use of R
9:53PM 2 CDF of a gamma distribution
9:50PM 0 Panel data and imputed datasets
9:21PM 1 Can I calculcate the percentage of a gamma function area below a cutoff value?
8:45PM 4 Mann-Whitney U
8:26PM 1 ANOVA: Factorial designs with a separate control
7:23PM 0 factorial Design with a separate control group
7:05PM 0 'fda' 1.2.2 is now available on CRAN.
6:34PM 1 File Exchange?
6:07PM 1 memory allocation glitches
6:00PM 1 weights in lmer
4:45PM 1 weights in GAMs (package mgcv)
3:47PM 1 glm(family=binomial) and lmer
3:33PM 0 kernlab ksvm() cross-validation prediction response vector
3:33PM 0 Limma - 2x2 factorial design matrix
2:36PM 0 Comparing long species lists via Sorenson’s dissimilarity
2:28PM 1 {grid} plain units with non NULL data arguments
2:08PM 2 Using sunflowerplot to add points in a xyplot panel
1:57PM 2 labelling plots with ancillary data in data.frame
1:36PM 2 Question about unicode characters in tcltk
1:11PM 4 Problem with "by": does not work with ttest (but with lme)
12:55PM 0 papply, reuse of data
11:36AM 4 Linear Regression with slope equals 0
10:59AM 2 pakages
10:50AM 1 graph dimensions default
10:34AM 0 Help with npmc
9:07AM 1 Slack variable in OR
8:05AM 1 R 2.5.1 configure problem
7:56AM 4 Import of Access data via RODBC changes column name ("NO" to "Expr1014") and the content of the column
7:49AM 1 makeSOCKcluster
7:42AM 0 Mixed effects and hierarchical error terms
7:21AM 1 cov.unscaled in gls object
7:07AM 0 LimmaGUI and Design Matrix
5:47AM 3 diffusing GIS data in maps
2:05AM 0 Fatal Error - R in Windows XP
1:27AM 2 State Space Modelling
Monday August 13 2007
10:40PM 0 predict kernelmatrix
9:23PM 0 Reading polygon shapefiles in splancs
9:15PM 1 simulate data from multivariate normal with pre-specified correlation matrix
9:10PM 2 Error message when using zero-inflated count regression model in package zicounts
8:14PM 1 BDS test - results unclear to me
8:12PM 3 invert 160000x160000 matrix
8:06PM 0 R^2 for multilevel models
7:56PM 1 GML with tweedie: AIC=NA
7:46PM 4 vertically oriented color key in heatmaps
7:39PM 1 'From' and 'to' arguments in panel.abline
7:03PM 2 help with scatterplot3d
6:56PM 0 Problem with fisher.g.test
6:05PM 1 Extract part of vector
3:37PM 0 feature's contribution into classification
1:55PM 0 Odp: Very new - beginners questions
1:11PM 0 Problem with axes plotting
1:04PM 1 statdataml question
12:49PM 0 Robust estimators for ordered logistic regression
12:04PM 3 Very new - beginners questions
11:37AM 2 Values in horizontal versus vertical position on 'y' axe
11:03AM 2 question regarding is.factor()
9:30AM 0 rates and rate ratios for survey-weighted data
9:14AM 1 Q: how to extract coefisients from one glm and implement them in to an other glm?
7:35AM 1 creating unique and sorted values by combining columns
6:10AM 1 p value statistic for lm object
5:01AM 2 A clean way to initialize class slot of type "numeric" vector
12:52AM 2 How to write to a table column by column?
12:41AM 1 Data structure in R
Sunday August 12 2007
11:35PM 0 To succeed in business!2129
11:27PM 1 How to control the number format on plot axes ?
9:55PM 0 The deldir package.
5:06PM 1 SEM for categorical data
2:25PM 0 competing risk p value in a figure
1:12PM 2 Legend on graph
12:57PM 1 Write values on y axe
11:26AM 0 question on glmmML compared to NLMIXED
9:33AM 2 Convert factor to numeric vector of labels
6:11AM 1 How to store the parameter estimated by nls( ) to a variable?
Saturday August 11 2007
10:31PM 1 R Weka and cobweb
10:20PM 1 Replace NAs in dataframe: what am I doing wrong
10:07PM 1 xyplot() with segments() superposed?
8:31PM 1 Artifacts in pdf() of image()
8:31PM 1 Artifacts in pdf() of image() (w/o comments)
6:00PM 1 RServe
5:57PM 1 binomial simulation
3:52PM 1 Help with cumsum function
2:10PM 1 Connecting to database on statup
1:40PM 0 DOE and interaction plot general question
11:47AM 1 LDA and RDA: different training errors
10:19AM 0 Library: circular
9:58AM 2 shell and shell.exec on Windows
Friday August 10 2007
10:09PM 1 QUESTION ON R!!!!!!!!!!!1
6:37PM 0 half-logit and glm (again)
6:23PM 1 kde2d error message
6:12PM 0 Row name of empty string issue
6:05PM 7 Help wit matrices
5:05PM 2 need help to manipulate function and time interval
5:00PM 2 Cleaning up the memory
4:41PM 2 write.table
4:26PM 0 GLM with tweedie: NA for AIC
3:18PM 2 smoothing function for proportions
3:17PM 1 rfImpute
1:52PM 0 Odp: having problems with factor()
12:47PM 0 help with counting how many times each value occur in eachcolumn
12:03PM 0 Remove redundant observations for cross-validation
12:01PM 4 help with counting how many times each value occur in each column
11:41AM 3 having problems with factor()
10:28AM 0 Re : compute ROC curve?
10:09AM 3 Plot legend in margin
9:59AM 1 reading xcms files
9:52AM 0 multivariate lme or lmer?
9:21AM 1 Combining two ANOVA outputs of different lengths
8:55AM 1 [Fwd: Re: How to apply functions over rows of multiple matrices]
8:42AM 1 ordering a data.frame by average rank of multiple columns
6:53AM 0 set up a blank csv file and write time series to it row by row
6:37AM 1 Unexpected behavior in PBSmapping package
4:56AM 0 Test (ignore)
3:15AM 0 compute ROC curve?
12:23AM 1 Subsetting by number of observations in a factor
Thursday August 9 2007
10:55PM 1 odfWeave processing error, file specific
10:33PM 1 a question on lda{MASS}
9:41PM 1 Tukey HSD
9:27PM 1 S4 based package giving strange error at install time, but not at check time
9:11PM 2 RMySQL loading error
7:20PM 1 depreciation of $ for atomic vectors
5:57PM 0 error message: image not found
5:15PM 1 Memory Experimentation: Rule of Thumb = 10-15 Times the Memory
5:08PM 1 Need Help: Installing/Using xtable package
4:40PM 3 Seasonality
4:27PM 1 How to apply functions over rows of multiple matrices
2:32PM 0 Mac OSX fonts in R plots
2:21PM 0 AlgDesign expand.formula()
2:13PM 0 Interpret impulse response functions from irf in MSBVAR library
12:58PM 0 Help with Filtering (interest rates related)
9:48AM 1 Help on R performance using aov function
9:21AM 2 Countvariable for id by date
9:09AM 2 substrings
8:54AM 0 data() problem solved
8:42AM 0 using data() and determining data types
4:51AM 1 plot table with sapply - labeling problems
4:49AM 1 tcltk error on Linux
4:12AM 1 Reading time/date string
4:06AM 0 passing variables
1:08AM 1 R memory usage
12:30AM 2 Systematically biased count data regression model
Wednesday August 8 2007
11:34PM 0 Term Structure Estimation using Kalman Filter
10:49PM 0 ksvm-kernel
9:52PM 3 Subject: Re: how to include bar values in a barplot?
8:29PM 0 Test (please ignore)
6:42PM 1 converting character string to an expression
6:36PM 0 mice package
6:22PM 1 Regsubsets statistics
4:52PM 2 Relocating Axis Label/Title --2
4:45PM 2 cointegration analysis
4:29PM 1 Change in R**2 for block entry regression
4:23PM 1 Relocating Axis Label/Title
4:18PM 0 rational or float?
4:07PM 1 Help using gPath
4:04PM 0 Logistic Models, Cross Validation, error tables , Monte Carlo Simulation?
3:58PM 1 prediction using gam
2:51PM 1 Problems with nls-function
2:06PM 2 Error: Cannot Coerce POSIXt to POSIXct when building package
1:33PM 1 Successively eliminating most frequent elemets
1:04PM 1 Changing font in boxplots
12:18PM 1 tapply grand mean
11:49AM 1 Namespace problem
10:38AM 0 Discriminant scores plot
10:08AM 1 test for contingency table when there are many zeros
10:06AM 1 simulation-binomial
9:39AM 2 Find out the workspace name
9:03AM 0 Reading data from a string
8:26AM 0 Creating netcdf from table
4:42AM 0 Define t-distribution using data, and ghyp package
3:13AM 1 Binary Search
Tuesday August 7 2007
11:37PM 1 Conditional subsetting
11:24PM 1 R2WinBUGS results not different with different runs
10:06PM 1 S4 methods: unable to find an inherited method
9:51PM 0 lmer() - crossed random effects specification
8:14PM 2 backslash c
7:59PM 1 How do I generate a grid of data in [0,1]?
7:39PM 5 small sample techniques
7:32PM 1 lmer() : crossed-random-effects specification
7:13PM 0 Lo and MacKinlay variance ratio test (Lo.Mac)
7:09PM 7 how to include bar values in a barplot?
6:58PM 1 lm( ) for log10-transformed data
6:57PM 1 input data file
6:17PM 1 installing RMySql-0.6.0
5:45PM 1 XL files
3:36PM 2 array
3:18PM 3 saving output
3:08PM 11 Positioning text in top left corner of plot
2:58PM 2 Interaction factor and numeric variable versus separate regressions
2:02PM 0 Phi parameter in corAR(1) in NLMEs
1:47PM 0 logistic models validation for categorical data
1:33PM 1 Error in as.double.default(x) : (list) object cannot be coerced to 'double'
1:31PM 2 GLMM: MEEM error due to dichotomous variables
12:55PM 0 problems saving jpg files
12:53PM 4 Number of days in each month
12:20PM 1 Functions for autoregressive Regressionmodels (Mix between times series and Regression Models) ?
12:16PM 1 Robust Standard Errors for lme object
11:42AM 1 Naming Lists
10:35AM 1 Classifly problems
10:30AM 0 warning in library(GRASS)
10:27AM 2 R and excell differences in calculation F distributionfunction
10:09AM 0 Goodman-Kruskal tau
9:51AM 0 plotting series of matrices on a single plot.
9:33AM 0 interior branch test
9:13AM 1 ARIMA fitting
8:56AM 0 help on glmmML
8:39AM 2 cannot add lines to plot
6:31AM 1 how to convert decimal date to its equivalent date format(YYYY.mm.dd.hr.min.sec)
6:24AM 1 bayesm - question about 'rscaleUsage function'
4:20AM 3 About grep
3:06AM 2 Spatial sampling problem
2:49AM 2 Y-intercept Value
1:57AM 2 clustering on Trinary data
12:03AM 1 sink behavior
Monday August 6 2007
8:27PM 0 GAMs with errors in covariates
8:11PM 0 Would cluster with method="ward" in R output R-squared like SAS does?
7:28PM 1 simulate a null expectation
7:26PM 1 data analysis
7:15PM 4 Function for trim blanks from a string(s)?
5:37PM 0 KMO sampling adequacy and SPSS -- partial solution
4:43PM 1 help on getting weekday
4:10PM 3 Error in using nlevels in apply function
3:45PM 1 Problems with expresso
3:06PM 0 Multiple Graphs with heatmap
2:46PM 0 Storing data : UMACS
2:45PM 2 warnings()
2:12PM 1 Create vectors form matrices
2:12PM 0 starting values for lmer fixed effects
2:08PM 0 strange problem with mars() in package mda
1:13PM 1 rank in decreasing order
1:06PM 2 Solve equations
12:50PM 1 (Censboot, Z-score, Cox) How to use Z-score as the statistic within censboot?
12:20PM 0 UMACS
10:32AM 1 test the significances of two regression lines
10:26AM 1 lda and maximum likelihood
9:41AM 1 variance
8:12AM 0 RODBC crashes R Gui
7:48AM 0 Kronecker product in PROC MIXED and lme
1:14AM 0 Sample size for logit model
12:59AM 1 Secondary axis
Sunday August 5 2007
5:17PM 1 "super" class
4:59PM 2 Question regarding QT device
3:54PM 1 Plot in log scale
1:18PM 1 setup trellis.device to color=F inside the xyplot function
12:01PM 1 Any "special interest" in R/pic interface?
11:38AM 1 t-test
11:00AM 0 null hypothesis for two-way anova
10:33AM 1 Understanding of Johansen test.
1:40AM 1 Selectively shading areas under two density curves
Saturday August 4 2007
10:59PM 3 using loops to create multiple images
10:44PM 2 bars' values on barplot
8:12PM 0 surveyNG (and survey)
7:18PM 3 methods and classes and things
5:45PM 2 Mixture of Normals with Large Data
5:33PM 0 R script for obtaining standard errors for marginal effects of multinomial logit
5:01PM 0 statz question
2:55PM 2 Invert Likert-Scale Values
2:29PM 3 Normality tests
1:25PM 2 multiple nls - next fit even after convergence problem
11:44AM 0 Optimal control package?
10:02AM 2 Problems using "lm" in combination with "predict"
8:56AM 0 I solved the problem
5:41AM 3 request
Friday August 3 2007
11:35PM 1 Sorting data for multiple regressions
11:16PM 1 extracting dispersion parameter from quasipoisson lmer model
11:16PM 2 Opening a script with the R editor via file association (on Windows)
9:46PM 0 a mixed effects model with collinear parameters.
7:06PM 0 Rmetrics and log returns
5:37PM 4 FW: Selecting undefined column of a data frame (was [BioC] read.phenoData vs read.AnnotatedDataFrame)
5:16PM 3 Sourcing commands but delaying their execution
3:41PM 3 question about logistic models (AIC)
3:28PM 1 Re : change the names of all listed objects
2:23PM 2 change the names of all listed objects
1:50PM 0 [R-SIG-Finance] question on analyzing of correlation structure
1:19PM 2 How to properly finalize external pointers?
12:48PM 0 useR! 2008
12:42PM 2 Problem with making dll under Windows
12:33PM 0 'font' argument in "text" function unevaluated
8:55AM 0 Functional data analysis
4:19AM 2 RSPython won't load in R 2.6.0 under Linux
2:17AM 2 Saving an expression to a file
1:48AM 2 Managing global/local variables when creating R packages
Thursday August 2 2007
10:58PM 1 Q: calling par() in .First()
9:37PM 0 looking for a french speaking R specialist for training
9:20PM 0 Towards genetic programming...
9:14PM 4 problem with reading data files with different numbers of lines to skips
9:12PM 3 installing RGtk2
8:58PM 2 plot to postscript orientation
8:16PM 6 - round() strange behaviour
7:38PM 1 Streamlining Prcomp Data
7:31PM 1 Background color of symbols in xyplot
6:06PM 2 two plots super-impose
5:10PM 1 ggplot2 qplot and add
4:36PM 2 y axix number into horizontal direction
3:26PM 2 Re : beamer error with R
3:03PM 0 Estimate parameters of copulas
2:59PM 1 simulate() and glm fits
2:45PM 1 constraint in constrOptim
2:16PM 1 Xyplot - adding model lines to plotted points
12:37PM 1 beamer error with R
12:26PM 2 lasso/lars error
12:08PM 1 New user help with plot.default
12:00PM 1 boxplot hinge customization
11:23AM 1 Multivariable correlation
10:08AM 4 Finding multiple characters in the same string
9:09AM 6 Error message in lmer
8:40AM 1 A combinatorial task. How to get rid of loops
7:58AM 4 warning messages in grid or lattice give that I can't debug
7:51AM 1 proportional odds model in R
7:28AM 1 proportional odds model
6:53AM 1 sapply?
5:45AM 1 Using 'diff' on zoo vs zooreg classes (possible bug?)
3:39AM 1 how to plot a differential equation?
2:11AM 0 lmer problem
1:40AM 2 new package plotAndPlayGTK
Wednesday August 1 2007
9:57PM 1 Problem to remove loops in a routine
9:42PM 1 Predict using SparseM.slm
9:27PM 1 Moving data from one workspace to another
9:19PM 4 Extracting a website text content using R
9:12PM 1 new user question on dataframe comparisons and plots
7:37PM 0 a question about d F(x, y; rho) / d rho = f(x, y; rho)
6:43PM 5 t-distribution
6:31PM 1 constrOptim
5:47PM 1 Splom custom superpanels
3:26PM 0 lattice: densityplot: improper length of lim when more than one conditioning variable, scales free, and empty panels
2:57PM 1 Two-way ANOVA
2:47PM 2 passing args to R CMD BATCH in win 2000
2:38PM 1 Reading Matrices
1:35PM 1 plot matrix data- lattice?
12:41PM 0 cross-correlations
12:06PM 1 clear workspace
11:49AM 2 Simple table with frequency variable
11:39AM 3 "Cut marks" on a plot's y-axis to indicate it is a truncated axis
10:14AM 1 Re : Custom axis
9:49AM 1 Custom axis
9:22AM 1 need help with pdf-plot
8:52AM 1 RWeka cross-validation and Weka_control Parametrization
6:42AM 0 Goodman Kruskal's tau
12:43AM 1 New R package sqldf