R help - Oct 2005

Monday October 31 2005
10:52PM 2 why does glm.predict give values over 1 ?
10:14PM 2 nls() fit to Kahnemann/ Tversky function
9:32PM 1 Build R package with shared library
9:23PM 3 Still a bug with NA in sd() or var()?
8:55PM 2 Help with try or tryCatch
7:54PM 0 Problem using reshape with missing values in idvar
7:00PM 1 Sum of logical vector
6:31PM 4 Import help (neophyte)
5:03PM 3 question about precision, floor, and powers of two.
5:01PM 1 GLM
4:26PM 1 write.table call
4:12PM 2 How can I test temporal autocorrelation of binary data?
3:46PM 2 Sweave (R?) font encoding problems
3:37PM 6 getting last 2 charcters of a string, other "text" functions?
1:47PM 3 Applying a function to a vector
1:38PM 1 information matrix in random effects model
10:22AM 3 significant test
9:26AM 1 R-functions in C-Code
8:58AM 1 how to optimise cross-correlation plot to study time lag between time-series?
8:18AM 2 nlme error message
4:17AM 0 Daily Time serie
3:12AM 0 New version of RQuantLib
1:57AM 0 watershed transform
12:38AM 7 Downloading zip files
Sunday October 30 2005
9:14PM 2 identity matrix
9:02PM 0 Permutational ks p-value for paired data
4:02PM 1 Help with Subtracting an effect from a Mixed Model
3:03PM 0 Problems with BIC (Bayesian Information Criterion)
11:33AM 0 R moodle module
4:00AM 1 question on adding confidence intervals
Saturday October 29 2005
9:59PM 2 RODBC Error
7:13PM 1 Problem with llines in lattice
11:34AM 1 dyn.load() error: bad external relocation length
10:03AM 3 How to print output during for loops?
7:36AM 2 LaTex error when creating DVI version when compiling package
12:45AM 1 how to get colnames of a dataframe within a function called by 'apply'
Friday October 28 2005
8:43PM 0 Lars/lasso help
5:26PM 1 multiple boxplots
5:25PM 0 lm type of sums of squares
4:01PM 1 Calling R functions from C
3:12PM 3 replacing a factor value in a data frame
2:50PM 2 numeric index of a matrix column name ?
2:41PM 2 Uncensoring a dataset - resent
2:22PM 0 Uncensoring a dataset
1:57PM 0 Missing Data?
1:31PM 3 splitting a character field in R
12:52PM 1 multiple graphs in the same ps file ? -- with ref.
12:48PM 1 multiple graphs in the same ps file ?
11:22AM 2 Random effect models
10:57AM 1 errors handling
10:55AM 2 line vector plots
10:50AM 0 different types in quantile{stats}
10:39AM 0 aov() and lme() (repeated measures and ANOVA)
9:41AM 4 clustering
8:27AM 1 axis scaling problem
8:07AM 2 3d bar plot
8:06AM 0 how to amend a table in R workspace?
7:06AM 1 solve error
6:31AM 0 equal
5:20AM 1 inverse matrix
2:05AM 1 MCMC in R
1:47AM 2 question about sm.density
Thursday October 27 2005
11:23PM 2 Optim function
9:49PM 1 How to manipulate an abitrary dimensioned array.
8:57PM 1 syntax of nlme with nesting
8:04PM 2 installing Rmpi
5:40PM 1 Problems with source() function
5:34PM 2 encrypted RData file?
5:02PM 2 RSQLite problems
5:00PM 1 how to write and read an array ?
4:57PM 1 tree widget question
4:37PM 1 Repost: Examples of "classwt", "strata", and "sampsize" i n randomForest?
4:32PM 3 outer-question
4:27PM 3 memory problem in handling large dataset
3:47PM 3 its dates masked by chron
3:04PM 3 adding sequence for each value in a vector
2:33PM 1 comment code
2:11PM 1 help:simple bin problem histogram
1:50PM 1 Puzzled over curve() syntax.
12:44PM 1 Box.test
11:47AM 1 tcltk package problems (R 2.2.0, SuSE 10)
11:14AM 1 aov() and lme()
8:18AM 2 how to predict with logistic model in package logistf ?
6:47AM 1 data.frame-question]
6:22AM 2 F tests for random effect models
4:30AM 1 Repost: Examples of "classwt", "strata", and "sampsize" in randomForest?
3:52AM 1 Fitting of Non-Linear Diff Equations and Parameter Estimation
3:43AM 1 sorting of data
2:02AM 2 Extracting Variance Components
Wednesday October 26 2005
10:57PM 1 Post Hoc Groupings
8:27PM 2 Population Projections
7:09PM 2 AOV with repeated measures
6:28PM 0 (no subject)
5:07PM 1 Adding text to plot(dataframe)
4:48PM 1 sweave/help
4:33PM 1 syntax for interactions in lme
4:10PM 0 self starting function for nonlinear least squares.
2:46PM 1 install.packages under SuSE 10 behind proxy, R 2.2.0 from source
2:43PM 2 changing memory limits to speed up lsoda
2:18PM 2 How to convert time to days
2:01PM 0 reading big data frame
1:38PM 1 help with a self-starting function in nonlinear least squares regression.
1:33PM 0 Plots of Jest,Jdot, Jcross - legend?
1:23PM 0 Please, recommend a method to rank factors
1:17PM 1 hclust leaf color
12:52PM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 32, Issue 26
12:52PM 2 horizontal violin plots?
12:45PM 0 correct rate
12:40PM 3 Storing graphics output in PNG format.
12:32PM 0 another ANOVA/LM question
12:09PM 1 Pb encountered with demos
10:48AM 0 FYI Paris CRAN mirror out ?
10:23AM 1 Dendrogram for many cases
10:09AM 1 Help: partial.cor significance test
10:06AM 0 Survival analysis with COXPH
9:55AM 4 symbolic math
9:03AM 1 creating a matrix of "objects"
7:16AM 1 replacement in a dataframe
5:14AM 1 (no subject)
4:58AM 1 R- exp(-1000) ? - how to get R to give me an actual answer ?
2:46AM 0 Stat. Computing 2006 Chambers Award competition
1:52AM 1 a silly question on index of a matrix
Tuesday October 25 2005
9:57PM 1 Writing point pattern to a file
9:05PM 2 solving ODE's in matrix form with lsoda()
9:03PM 1 Confidence Intervals for Mixed Effects
8:47PM 1 Building Rmysql Source in Windows XP: DLLTOOL can't find DEF file
8:41PM 0 One more about Error in step() (or stepAIC) for Cox model
8:34PM 0 Can anyone please tell me how to strip the white spaces from acharacter
7:51PM 3 making an inicator variable
7:44PM 2 data.frame-question
5:55PM 5 Graphics window always overlaps console window!
5:30PM 1 survival frailty models
5:15PM 1 Ryan's Q Post-Hoc for ANOVA
3:59PM 1 Syntax Question
3:50PM 0 Beginner question on apply()
3:28PM 1 running AMOVA from spreadsheet genotype data
2:47PM 2 Inf in regressions
2:13PM 0 query on xtable output
1:32PM 0 Can anyone please tell me how to strip the white spaces f rom a character vector?
1:28PM 1 file size limit for importing SAS file
1:19PM 0 how we can save the data computed in R
1:14PM 1 how to increase the font size of axis data
12:51PM 8 Can anyone please tell me how to strip the white spaces from a character vector?
10:20AM 0 Compilationerror at installation of packages
4:50AM 0 Examples of "classwt", "strata", and "sampsize" in randomForest?
3:48AM 1 selecting every nth item in the data
Monday October 24 2005
10:54PM 1 stepAIC formula upper limit guidelines
8:51PM 0 error messages in matrix multiplication
8:32PM 1 Basic: setting resolution and size of an R graphic
7:56PM 3 lme and lmer syntax
6:41PM 1 Error in step() (or stepAIC) for Cox model
6:27PM 1 Out of memory
5:45PM 0 How to create a new data.frame with all possible observations
5:01PM 1 Problems with pf() with certain noncentral values/degrees of freedom combinations
3:42PM 0 SOM object manupulation
3:38PM 0 Implicit nonlinear equation
3:07PM 2 Compilation package error
3:04PM 1 R Reference Card (especially useful for Newbies)
2:55PM 0 aggregating using several functions
1:01PM 2 Spearman's Rho Help!
12:38PM 0 query on xtable(Sweave)
11:44AM 1 Pb with function taxo2phylog (package ade4)
10:10AM 1 locfit: simultaneous confidence band
9:33AM 1 tk problem with R 2.2.0 on wine/linux
8:48AM 2 Is 64-bit linux compatible version of 'R' available?
8:26AM 0 new package bundle on CRAN: BACCO
8:26AM 2 Strange update behavior of gregmisc
5:31AM 0 Lowess Normalization Parameter Question
3:51AM 0 In da.norm Error: NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 2)
2:23AM 1 confine the value
1:55AM 2 GAM and AIC: How can I do??? please
Sunday October 23 2005
9:42PM 1 dyn.load a f90 module.
1:19PM 0 Weighted Least Squares mit glm
1:08PM 0 Fwd: WG: Probelms installing package RMySQL (Dominic Senn)
11:52AM 0 brewing stats
9:28AM 2 Probelms installing package RMySQL (Dominic Senn)
9:15AM 1 question about technieque do with large computation
12:54AM 1 factorizing many columns of a dataframe
Saturday October 22 2005
7:37PM 0 Getting univariate information from a multivariate data set
7:23PM 0 after package reorganization: version 1.6 of package "distr" available; new packages "distrEx", "distrSim", "distrTEst", "RandVar"
6:23PM 2 Errors occured
2:05PM 4 Male and female symbols?
12:07PM 2 simple question
10:31AM 1 reading data from a pdf
8:38AM 1 Design of experiments: construction and calculation
8:33AM 0 package mclust: cdens, EMclust?
2:34AM 1 Sorting Numeric and Character Data
Friday October 21 2005
10:42PM 1 Generalised rbind/cbind
10:22PM 0 Any package to perform HLM (PROC GENMOD) like logistic
10:11PM 0 R Programmer/Analyst
9:32PM 4 peculiar matrices
8:58PM 0 Help with SOM clustering package
7:13PM 3 make three plot to one plot
6:37PM 0 order of approximation used in glmmPQL
6:13PM 2 read data from pdf file
4:59PM 0 using markstat
3:56PM 1 [BioC] please recommend
3:38PM 1 change maxiter for nls
3:34PM 0 please recommend
3:23PM 1 locator
2:59PM 2 Finding the neighbors of the point
1:21PM 0 new package bundle: onion
11:53AM 0 Graph layout software
11:02AM 0 partial rank correlation coefficient
9:59AM 1 combinging "plots"
6:03AM 1 Any package to perform HLM (PROC GENMOD) like logistic regression in R?
3:19AM 1 The behavior of match function
2:08AM 2 curve fit
1:42AM 1 finite mixture model (2-component gaussian): plotting component gaussian components?
Thursday October 20 2005
9:43PM 0 Fwd: predictive interval in nlme
8:53PM 1 R package that Depends on "methods"
7:40PM 5 spliting an integer
6:46PM 2 Boxplot labels
5:37PM 1 goodfit par estimates
5:33PM 0 lmer and grouping fators
5:18PM 1 suppress messages on loading its
5:03PM 1 Cross-correlation function
4:47PM 2 select only the numeric variables
4:13PM 0 survreg anova: problem with indirect invocation
3:31PM 1 having scaling problems with a histogram
2:01PM 3 Attributing values to matrix according to names
1:59PM 5 search a value in variables dataset
1:23PM 2 String manipulation
1:00PM 3 problème d'import de fichier
11:14AM 2 information about Loess
10:36AM 3 how to set environment variables?
9:39AM 1 partial match gotcha
9:25AM 3 different F test in drop1 and anova
8:27AM 1 strange behaviour of memory management
7:29AM 0 vcd package 0.9-5 released
12:09AM 4 creating a derived variable in a data frame
Wednesday October 19 2005
11:50PM 1 Plotting more than one series on the same graph
10:46PM 0 mid-p CIs for common odds ratio
9:49PM 2 Filter design in R?
9:34PM 3 adding error bars to lattice plots
9:25PM 3 sqlQuery and string selection
8:36PM 1 clustering algorithm detail
8:16PM 2 Automatic rounding of values after factors , converted to numeric, are multipled by a real number
6:53PM 5 Range plots (lattice or base?)
6:53PM 0 how to compare a null model with a model with NAs?
5:27PM 2 matching two plots
3:27PM 1 nlme Singularity in backsolve at level 0, block 1
2:55PM 3 diag() problem
2:42PM 0 schoenfeld residuals in the cox.zph function
1:26PM 3 npmc package
12:54PM 1 Problem with na in nls
12:47PM 1 how to test poisson distribution
12:38PM 1 Help needed with ks.test
12:37PM 2 Error in opening .RData containing a genefilter object
12:19PM 1 anova with models from glmmPQL
12:00PM 1 Weights in survReg
10:09AM 6 forrest plot
10:05AM 0 Access to matrix values from labels
9:58AM 3 error open .RData
8:57AM 0 Wavelet reconstruction
8:49AM 0 Wavelet recunstruction
8:15AM 1 Unix proxy and firewall problems
6:31AM 0 Generating data with a certain correlation length
4:55AM 1 Lists and Binary Operators.
3:18AM 1 ipop (kernlab) gives pars < lower bound ?
Tuesday October 18 2005
11:47PM 0 JGR help.search
11:04PM 0 cbind/rbind and NULL
9:26PM 3 Finding code for R functions
8:57PM 0 Packages in R and in S-PLUS
8:32PM 1 biplot.default
8:18PM 0 Another question related to box-percentile plot, bpplot(): How to color the "box" or middle half of the data
8:09PM 0 Altering domain & range in an interactive plot using tcl/tk
7:20PM 3 Repeating lines in a data frame
7:19PM 2 sample size determination
6:46PM 2 loading packages - mac user
6:22PM 1 Defining range of x and y axis in pairs()
6:12PM 0 R/Splus Courses *** Las Vegas and San Francisco, In November 2005
6:03PM 1 Solid and dotted lines saving an xyplot
5:45PM 1 predictive interval in nlme
4:52PM 2 Installing Bioconductor on R
4:32PM 1 Re : Seperate timestamp data into date and time
3:37PM 2 hist of dates
3:13PM 6 p-value calculation
2:24PM 1 AR(1) with NLME
2:11PM 6 Subsetting a list
1:27PM 4 Efficient ways of finding functions and Breslow-Day test for homogeneity of the odds ratio
1:22PM 2 Classification tree data structure
1:15PM 0 Data Mining Conference, Southern California, March 2006
1:13PM 2 The meaning of functional language
1:04PM 1 problems with device drivers postscript() and pdf()
10:19AM 1 change factor labels
8:50AM 4 Ways to speed up R code?
7:41AM 1 RMySQL problems
6:02AM 2 Lattice graphics strip labels for shingles
4:54AM 1 Memory problems with large dataset in rpart
4:29AM 0 vector memory
2:42AM 1 A two-part question about box-percentile plots, bpplot(): (1) yaxt="n" doesn't seem to work (2) how to display mean values
2:10AM 0 help
1:59AM 0 bayesian network
Monday October 17 2005
7:45PM 0 Ordinal GEE model
6:09PM 0 pdIdnot / logLik in glmmPQL
5:35PM 2 Insightful Announces: "R and S-PLUS- Panel Discussion" at 9th Annual 2005 User Conference
4:16PM 1 as.POSIXct before and after 1970
3:51PM 1 Relative Risk and Confidence Intervals
2:51PM 1 y axis in histograms
2:45PM 1 memory.size
2:17PM 1 x axis
2:07PM 0 [R-sig-Geo] rGeo vs. gstat
12:58PM 1 COM objects with early bindings in R
12:34PM 2 a max value for each column
11:36AM 4 ISO R-programming docs/refs
9:32AM 2 how to find indices of particular array elements
9:21AM 0 Do anybody know when JGR for R 2.2 release?
8:30AM 1 Dunn's post hoc test
7:09AM 0 Multiple Legends on a densityplot
3:02AM 1 stepwise on generlized linear model
12:50AM 1 stack overflow using step()
Sunday October 16 2005
10:34PM 1 Error in lazyLoadDBfetch
8:40PM 1 measurement error model - "simple" linear regression
5:31PM 0 Climb Aboard the Small Cap Gravy Train
12:33PM 3 asking the user for data
5:29AM 3 Sorting a data frame by one of the variables
3:34AM 2 Animated lissajous
Saturday October 15 2005
10:02PM 1 solve() versus ginv()
8:53PM 2 TRAMO-SEATS confusion?
4:28PM 2 grid.edit problem
4:00PM 1 generating response curves
3:33PM 2 regression using a lagged dependent variable as explanatory variable
3:29PM 1 write R extenesion issue
2:52PM 1 Your order (#gzmgss-R-help)
7:57AM 2 how to import such data to R?
2:48AM 2 batch file execution
Friday October 14 2005
11:34PM 2 Help with lattice, regressions and respective lines
11:14PM 1 Question about Boxplots
10:33PM 2 subset selection for glm
7:57PM 2 Beginner plot and map questions
7:31PM 0 Fw: Setting working directory interactively within a function
5:56PM 1 Sweave +RWinEdt
5:43PM 1 Predicting classification error from rpart
4:55PM 4 Setting working directory interactively within a function
4:37PM 1 lattice with predicted values
4:05PM 0 arguments of lpSolve
3:55PM 2 run many linear regressions against the same independent variables in batch
3:52PM 1 Which cex to change in a trellis plot
3:32PM 1 question about ?list
2:22PM 1 R & OLAP engines, an integration?
2:03PM 1 mtext: rotating text
1:33PM 1 extracting from data frame multiple times
11:28AM 1 fast and stable way to read data in R
11:06AM 2 R: source
9:44AM 3 zip package
8:39AM 1 dataframe (matrix) multiplication
7:21AM 2 Fortran?
Thursday October 13 2005
11:07PM 0 Re : Do Users of Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models Know Whether Their Software Really Works?
10:49PM 0 Maps package, coloration
9:33PM 0 function
9:20PM 2 high resolution images for publication
9:14PM 6 shell scripts in R
8:28PM 1 subsetting data frame using by() or tapply() or other
8:19PM 3 Do Users of Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models Know Whether Their Software Really Works?
8:09PM 0 Linux Enciety Live CD screenshot
7:40PM 1 reading matrix objects into a list
7:14PM 3 aggregate slow with many rows - alternative?
5:47PM 3 How to generate for one vector matrix
5:23PM 1 Getting ... as an unevaluated list
2:31PM 1 Problem whit a piece of program
2:13PM 2 varimax rotation difference between R and SPSS
2:07PM 0 nlme gls() error
2:04PM 2 RCMD help
2:02PM 1 Removing and restoring factor levels (TYPO CORRECTED)
1:55PM 0 Removing and restoring factor levels
1:50PM 1 apply and plot
10:47AM 1 problems with loop and plot function
10:19AM 1 expand.grid problem
10:03AM 3 Help with Matrix package
9:26AM 1 drawing against a date
7:10AM 1 arima: warning when fixing MA parameters.
2:11AM 0 R Linux Live On CD
1:52AM 3 Optim with two constraints
1:26AM 1 About Qusi-Monte carlo program
Wednesday October 12 2005
10:33PM 0 forcing a variable in a model
10:20PM 3 Can R functions be implented in Matlab
9:57PM 1 Problem with a barplot...
9:31PM 2 subsetting with by() or other function??
9:04PM 3 How to install R 2.2.0 Debian 'unstable' package in otherwise 'sarge' system
9:04PM 1 running JPEG device on R 1.9.1 using xvfb-run on Linux
7:08PM 2 linear mixed effect model with ordered logit/probit link?
7:01PM 1 Correlation, by date, of two variables?
6:54PM 0 Mixed model for negative binomial distribution (glmm.ADMB)
6:43PM 0 R training/"tutor"
6:10PM 2 functions available for use with aggregate?
5:47PM 1 Nonclinical Biostatistics Job Opening at Genentech in South San Francisco, CA
5:37PM 0 looking for a consultant/trainer with expertise in R
5:30PM 0 step.gam- question
4:57PM 1 Memory allocation
3:01PM 0 Variance explained in regression trees?
3:00PM 0 loop for plot function
12:56PM 0 Model parameterization / Factor Levels
12:47PM 1 Questions about readBin function (Was: dec2bin?)
12:31PM 3 Newbie problem with read.table
10:31AM 1 Historical England and Wales Shape Files
9:55AM 1 arima with R
9:04AM 1 step.gam and number of tested smooth functions
6:44AM 1 General note on help list...
2:23AM 0 monte carlo simulation
2:07AM 1 bug checking
Tuesday October 11 2005
11:55PM 1 R and SAS pointer/informat functionality
11:51PM 1 R data import
11:26PM 6 adding 1 month to a date
8:29PM 1 an error in my using of nnet
8:15PM 1 problems with levelplot and contourplot
6:27PM 1 a problem in random forest
6:23PM 2 How to get aspect ratio as output from from plot()
6:22PM 3 Reading # in file with read.csv
6:22PM 1 Need help write a function
5:42PM 2 non-zero sequence of numbers
5:29PM 4 Any way to add to data frame saved as .rData file?
4:54PM 2 Problems with plot function
4:21PM 2 Logistic Regression using glm
4:11PM 2 Two factor (or more) non-parametric comparison of means
3:27PM 0 Set Covering Problem (SCP) (in mathgraphs)
3:18PM 2 Sweave and Rnews
2:51PM 1 probs in installing packages with R 2.2.0
2:01PM 1 Hmisc latex function
1:55PM 0 glm contrasts (was: no subject)
11:35AM 0 random effects are mixture of normals
8:55AM 0 pls version 1.1-0
8:10AM 1 knn
8:04AM 4 Q: Suggestions for long-term data/program storage policy?
7:43AM 1 aligning column of xyplots and removing space between them
5:42AM 3 Is this correct?
4:38AM 2 Sometimes having problems finding a minimum using optim(), optimize(), and nlm() (while searching for noncentral F parameters)
12:04AM 1 iterative output to file by row
Monday October 10 2005
11:50PM 1 Writing to a file with fixed precision
10:53PM 1 labels of a conditioning variable in xyplot
9:16PM 0 Has anyone written scripts to read CPS data?
7:57PM 3 Under-dispersion - a stats question?
7:54PM 2 R on a supercomputer
3:47PM 2 problem with lapply(x, subset, ...) and variable select argument
3:20PM 1 passing char to Fortran routine
2:37PM 2 wildcards and removing variables
2:33PM 1 decreasing performance of for() loop
2:25PM 2 R.app window size
2:23PM 1 SEM with dichotomous indicators
2:16PM 1 lmer / variance-covariance matrix random effects
1:53PM 1 Question about Survey Package
11:59AM 1 text(x,y,greek character)
11:20AM 4 plot - no main title and missing abscissa value
9:16AM 3 Vectorizing loop
8:56AM 5 Show Progress in loop
8:06AM 2 R: integration problem
7:09AM 1 interpretation output glmmPQL
7:06AM 1 details about lm()
6:59AM 1 (no subject)
5:35AM 1 line
5:24AM 3 sqlFetch on MySQL-DB
3:27AM 1 plot
2:26AM 2 possible bug in image() ??
2:02AM 2 greek symbols using pch
1:43AM 1 acf.plot() question
Sunday October 9 2005
9:56PM 1 boxplot: how to display x-labels vertically
8:15PM 1 enter a survey design in survey2.9
7:14PM 1 Insert value from same column of another row (lag across observations)
2:32PM 1 background color of xyplot
1:53PM 1 Rmetrics fMultivar how to?
9:26AM 2 How to get the remaining vector after sampling a subset?
3:16AM 1 lm.ridge
Saturday October 8 2005
4:38PM 1 Rpart -- using predict() when missing data is present?
3:31PM 1 request
3:26PM 1 add leading 0s to %d from png() {was Automatic creation of file names}
1:28PM 1 how to control ticks in plots with yasp or xasp
1:15PM 4 Warning: condition has length > 1
12:07PM 1 Two-factor ANOVA Help
9:50AM 2 keeping interaction terms
9:29AM 3 square and points on the same figure
9:22AM 2 color for points
Friday October 7 2005
11:40PM 3 Converting PROC NLMIXED code to NLME
10:51PM 1 trouble installing AnalyzeFMRI package: please help
10:18PM 1 question about ways to solve nonlinear system
10:01PM 2 matrix operation
9:04PM 1 cor() function, method="spearman"
7:17PM 2 Assign references
6:48PM 6 Applying a function to each element of an array
6:29PM 1 (no subject)
6:03PM 1 function agruments
5:22PM 1 sscanf equivalent
4:49PM 1 Matrix calculations in R--erroneous?
4:44PM 1 returning a modified fix()-ed dataframe
3:48PM 1 problems with loess
3:46PM 3 index question
3:12PM 0 make some possible neighbourhoods
2:40PM 1 The R Graph Gallery {was boxplot statistics}
2:36PM 0 Differentially expressed gene list
2:11PM 2 missing values in step procedure
1:35PM 1 builiding R from sources
1:21PM 2 R version 2.01.1, Crimson Editor and the "one" from nowhere
12:59PM 1 finding roots of a polynomial
12:57PM 1 The mathematics inside lme()
12:15PM 1 Troubleshooting with "gpd" (Fit generalized pareto model)
12:05PM 1 permutational Kolmogorov-Smirnov p-value for paired data
11:47AM 2 AIC in lmer
10:44AM 0 R/S-Plus equivalent to Genstat "predict"
10:26AM 2 Text in Boxes?
8:02AM 2 finding missing lines...
8:00AM 3 panel data unit root tests
7:39AM 2 R-2.2.0 compilation problem
2:11AM 1 Error in integrate
Thursday October 6 2005
9:10PM 0 Replicated goodness-of-fit test
7:38PM 2 data.frame error using sem package
6:57PM 0 a question about LMS and what constitutes outliers
6:50PM 0 [BioC] (no subject)
6:31PM 1 circular statistics plotting
5:12PM 0 R Cocoa GUI syntax color bug?
4:54PM 1 blank graphics window while R is working
4:25PM 2 isdst
3:56PM 1 problem with installing a package
3:29PM 1 Simple question.....
2:19PM 2 error bars on xy plots and barplots and histograms
2:08PM 1 Kouros Owzar is out
1:14PM 2 factor : how does it work ?
1:11PM 3 Singular matrix
11:45AM 0 R-2.2.0 is released
11:13AM 5 Interpolation in time
10:23AM 1 Compare two distance matrices
8:43AM 2 --gui none problem
8:33AM 1 Testing strata by covariate interactions in coxph
7:13AM 1 how to use tune.knn() for dataset with missing values
4:59AM 0 R for teaching multivariate statistics (Summary)
4:11AM 0 how to handle missing values in the data?
2:43AM 2 Changing the value of variables passed to functions as arguments
2:06AM 2 R/S-Plus equivalent to Genstat "predict": predictions over "averages" of covariates
12:05AM 3 playing with R: make a animated GIF file...
Wednesday October 5 2005
10:19PM 2 problem in installing a package
9:36PM 2 mapply for matrices
7:26PM 1 pca in dimension reduction
3:54PM 2 output a sequence of plots
1:31PM 3 transparent surface in rgl
1:31PM 1 (no subject)
1:21PM 3 testing non-linear component in mgcv:gam
1:10PM 1 Analyses of covariation with lme() or lm()
12:19PM 3 multiple line plots
11:12AM 0 Labeling the theme of shp file in R
10:19AM 2 eliminate t() and %*% using crossprod() and solve(A,b)
10:16AM 0 mathgraph - inputs allowed?
9:46AM 2 problem accumulating array within a function over loops
8:02AM 0 Advice on Spatial Statistics
6:28AM 1 prediction with nnet function for regression in R
Tuesday October 4 2005
11:12PM 1 Rcmdr and scatter3d
11:06PM 2 Need help on ARIMA (time series analysis)
9:44PM 1 "Survey" package and NAMCS data... unsure of specification
9:33PM 1 generalized linear model and missing handling
8:51PM 0 The error message in package Mix
8:38PM 1 repeated measures with random effects
8:35PM 1 TRAMO-SEATS methodology
7:37PM 2 Joining Dataframes
7:04PM 6 Animation of Mandelbrot Set
6:52PM 0 Cours***Seattle***R/Splus Advanced Programming, November 2005
6:23PM 1 Help ...
3:30PM 0 Repeated crashes on Mac
3:26PM 1 lmList error message
2:35PM 0 Getting eps into Word --- thanks.
1:00PM 1 heatmap ordered list
9:56AM 2 Problem with Matrix package
9:55AM 0 (no subject)
9:24AM 6 boxplot statistics
6:29AM 3 Problem reading in external data and assigning data.frames within R
3:52AM 1 pdf plotting of splom
12:36AM 2 newbie questions - looping through hierarchial datafille
Monday October 3 2005
11:05PM 0 R for teaching multivariate statistics
10:06PM 0 Clustering Large Data Sets
9:31PM 1 Error in xy.coords(x, y, xlabel, ylabel, log) : x and y lengths differ
9:31PM 6 sampling vectors
8:28PM 3 spline.des
7:52PM 1 log4j
7:31PM 3 Getting eps into Word documents.
6:33PM 1 ML optimization question--unidimensional unfolding scaling
6:20PM 1 Grid: constructing a gTree with grobs that use named viewports from a vpTree
6:05PM 2 Library error when using R CMD check
4:16PM 2 "symbol print-name too long"
4:15PM 1 gnomeGUI installation
3:48PM 0 Problem building/checking library that requires input fro m user
1:41PM 3 Problem building/checking library that requires input from user
12:24PM 5 heatmap
10:30AM 3 Save output
8:46AM 1 Foreign function calls without 'PACKAGE' argument
7:18AM 1 seeking an simple example of randomForest package - thanks!
6:13AM 0 unable to compute MAD in aCGH package
5:37AM 2 grob questions
2:31AM 0 release of version 2.0-1 of bayesm
Sunday October 2 2005
11:00PM 0 What is Mandel's (Fitting) Test?
10:19PM 1 Selecting columns of a table (not consecutive)
8:08PM 1 question for some tests
7:03PM 1 rate instead of scale in ?ks.test
2:46PM 1 Size of jpegs/pngs
10:55AM 2 arima.sim bug?
10:36AM 1 plot question when type = "b" and pch is a vector
9:25AM 2 modeling language for optimization problems
9:04AM 2 convering upper triangular matrix into vector
3:10AM 1 How to load user defined functions written in another file
Saturday October 1 2005
8:21PM 3 dec2bin?
6:10PM 1 help with loading National Comorbidity Survey
11:07AM 1 X-Axis Label Overwritten By TickMark Values
10:32AM 2 Multiple expressions, when using substitute()
7:32AM 1 Placing axes label strings closer to the graph?
4:26AM 3 R and Data Storage
1:40AM 1 Inverse autocorrelation function?
12:39AM 2 update MASS