R help - Jun 2005

Thursday June 30 2005
11:09PM 1 Nolinear mixed-effects models (nlme)
10:55PM 1 FW: plot legend outside the grid
10:24PM 0 R CMD INSTALL typo?
9:24PM 2 ts.plot data labels
9:05PM 2 How to rotate the axisnames in a BARPLOT
8:20PM 1 ranking predictive features in logsitic regression
7:21PM 0 vecortizing uniroot() for numerical solutions
6:46PM 1 Trouble with Excel table connection
3:30PM 1 Is.integer and testing for integers
3:25PM 0 R-Aqua can't open history file
3:11PM 0 Relationship between dyn.load and library.dynam
1:51PM 1 randomForest error
1:35PM 2 Linear Models with mean as Intercept.
1:26PM 1 mApply instead of by ???
12:48PM 3 [OT] gmail filter for R-help and R-devel lists
12:40PM 1 Graphically centering confidence interval in barplot
10:41AM 1 parsing '...' function argument?
10:10AM 2 download.file() / install.packages() from a url with a username and password
8:21AM 1 installation error
8:16AM 1 request/suggestion: modified names
6:51AM 1 RE : Dispersion parameter in Neg Bin GLM
6:44AM 5 答复: fail in adding library in new version.
5:50AM 1 Dispersion parameter in Neg Bin GLM
4:36AM 1 how to call egarch of sas in R
3:45AM 2 Finding out collinearity in regression
Wednesday June 29 2005
11:30PM 1 deal package
11:11PM 1 Extract fixed effects SE from lmer
8:51PM 1 sbrier (Brier score) and coxph
8:20PM 0 predicted survival curve from a cox model
8:20PM 3 plot (log scale on y-axis)
7:50PM 3 return NA
6:51PM 0 Help with regression modeling
5:38PM 1 Generalized Linear Mixed Models
4:19PM 1 poly() in lm() leads to wrong coefficients (but correct residuals)
3:19PM 2 MLE with optim
3:09PM 0 Selecting rows regarding the frequency of a factor variab le.
2:53PM 0 Selecting rows regarding the frequency of a factor variable.
2:23PM 3 moving correlation coef ?
1:56PM 2 "all connections are in use" error during lazyload stage of packa ge installation
1:10PM 0 range of input data
11:32AM 6 x*x*x*... vs x^n
11:26AM 3 Memory Management under Linux: Problems to allocate large amounts of data
11:22AM 0 coxph, survfit and Brier score
10:28AM 2 Running SVM {e1071}
10:08AM 2 comparison of packages for Unit Root test
3:02AM 2 How to convert "c:\a\b" to "c:/a/b"
2:48AM 2 quick way to construct formula
2:46AM 0 Random Forests theoretical question
2:36AM 1 looking for the source
1:20AM 1 setting yranges of boxplots
Tuesday June 28 2005
10:50PM 2 the function of mle
10:22PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 28, Issue 28
9:39PM 2 How to sort a dataframe by one variable
9:32PM 1 sample R code for multiple imputation
9:28PM 3 Help with stripplot
9:23PM 3 conversion
9:22PM 0 Reference Card (especially useful for Newbies)
9:10PM 0 JGR font rendering on Windows
8:31PM 1 How to extract the within group correlation structure matrix in "lme"
7:45PM 1 lattice graph background
7:35PM 0 Course***R/S-plus Fundamentals and Programming Techinques: Seattle July 11-12
7:35PM 1 3D ellipsoid confidence region
6:34PM 1 Brown-Forsythe Test
5:34PM 1 Circular Mean Question
5:03PM 1 faster algorithm for Kendall's tau
4:59PM 2 svm and scaling input
4:36PM 0 (no subject)
4:16PM 1 Possible bug in summary of residuals with lm and weights
3:42PM 2 Producing character "given" i.e. "| " with plotmath
2:44PM 1 factor to character
2:39PM 1 Using data frames for EDA: Insert, Change name, delete columns? (Newcomer's question)
1:58PM 0 where can i download the metrics package
12:55PM 3 where can i download the metrics package?
12:55PM 2 function for cumulative occurrence of elements
12:41PM 1 Programming Books
11:46AM 0 index of dispersion
11:38AM 2 enhanced MDS
11:13AM 1 enhanced multidimensional scaling?
10:46AM 1 R-postgresql
8:18AM 0 New package `party': A Laboratory for Recursive Part(y)itioning
8:05AM 2 How to import data as numeric array?
7:53AM 1 nonparametric 2way repeated-measures anova
7:44AM 2 STAR models estimation with R
7:20AM 5 .ts
5:07AM 1 GetRNGstate() crashes in Windows
4:51AM 1 add transformed columns into a matrix
3:18AM 1 help--package:MIX
1:24AM 1 Index (which) of last non-NA data in dataframe
1:13AM 1 Crosstabs in R
Monday June 27 2005
9:17PM 1 ks.test() output interpretation
8:30PM 1 A. Mani : colours in Silhouette
7:35PM 1 function for "two-part" or "two-condition" models
6:49PM 2 simplifying the code
5:27PM 1 Linear Modeling and Predictions
5:24PM 1 test of hazard ratios
4:33PM 0 SSlogis problem with min(y)==0
2:58PM 1 problem with postcript() and umlauts
2:57PM 2 Numerical accuracy
2:55PM 1 Clustered boxplots
2:15PM 0 pca
10:52AM 2 Reconstructing LD function
9:48AM 1 delta-beta's
9:20AM 1 graphic window with tabs
7:18AM 1 SVM parameters...
3:30AM 2 How to convert "c:\a\b" to "c:/a/b"?
2:10AM 1 Convert a "by" list into a data frame
Sunday June 26 2005
7:52PM 1 dates and time formats
6:36PM 1 Sweave with layout() and loop
5:56PM 1 better code?
3:57PM 2 is.all.equal
12:55PM 2 visualizing frequencies
11:31AM 0 Re Components of variance
10:12AM 2 (sans objet)
10:02AM 4 Mixed model
10:00AM 2 chisq.test using amalgamation automatically (possible ?!?)
12:00AM 1 Components of variance
Saturday June 25 2005
10:06PM 1 comment in src/nmath/dgamma.c
7:02PM 1 Cross-validation
5:56PM 2 Listing knowledge of R as a skill on a resume...
9:11AM 1 Confidence interval bars on Lattice barchart with groups
3:58AM 2 optimization problem in R ... can this be done?
1:45AM 1 group means: split and unsplit
1:42AM 1 unprotect(): stack imbalance
12:39AM 0 Off Topic: Keeling Curve: Charles David Keeling
12:11AM 2 r equivalent of egen? Not tapply
Friday June 24 2005
9:54PM 1 R servlet engine ?!!!
9:19PM 1 "Error in contrasts" in step wise regression
8:57PM 2 Gini with frequencies
7:45PM 1 exception handeling
6:10PM 4 text file output
5:09PM 1 Representative curves
4:54PM 2 seq in R
4:36PM 3 Make matrix from SQL query result
3:38PM 5 Memory limits using read.table on Windows XP Pro
3:27PM 1 interpreting Weibull survival regression
2:59PM 1 comparing strength of association instead of strength of evidence?
2:38PM 9 R demos
2:22PM 1 Mahalanobis distances
2:13PM 0 Rep mahalanobis distance
12:47PM 1 lme4 extracting individual variance components
12:42PM 0 (no subject)
9:33AM 1 loops in R - about inefficiency
9:15AM 2 r programming help III
9:14AM 3 Counterpart for Matlab's 'feval'?
8:55AM 1 hcl()
8:42AM 1 mulitple mixed regression with spline
8:29AM 1 Packages and their Management
8:04AM 1 How to find the significant differences among interactions in logit model?
7:15AM 2 definition of variogram
4:19AM 1 r programming help II
4:02AM 1 mypredict.
3:54AM 1 the quick way to report the invalid value
Thursday June 23 2005
10:14PM 1 Two axes y in same plot
8:43PM 1 A. Mani : Read
8:34PM 1 How to create ts..
8:03PM 0 Error in stepAIC function using a survival model
7:58PM 0 how to reconstruct the discriminant funciton from lda$prior, $means and $scaling
7:57PM 0 multinomial logistic regression with survey data
6:27PM 1 need help on building packages
6:19PM 2 compiling gap on mac os x
6:16PM 3 how can i deal with multiple response data?
3:42PM 3 (no subject)
3:22PM 1 how to get such crosstable?
3:12PM 1 the dimname of a table
1:32PM 4 contrats hardcoded in aov()?
1:09PM 1 Stop Warnings for Invalid Factor Level, NAs generated?
12:59PM 3 grep negation
12:32PM 1 heatmap not symmetric ?
11:56AM 2 solving equation system
10:49AM 1 errorest
10:30AM 1 Building a vector of dates between extreme dates
7:52AM 1 Another question about Rcmdr
6:37AM 2 quotient and remainder
5:18AM 1 How to save changed options in Rcmdr
2:15AM 1 mac osx, g95 package port problem
12:58AM 0 Large number of covariates in survival regressions
Wednesday June 22 2005
11:46PM 10 How to read an excel data into R?
9:35PM 3 string/character to number
9:34PM 2 How to sort a dataset by one column?
9:33PM 1 substitute in a named expression
9:14PM 0 load history does not work on OS X
9:11PM 0 Rsquare from glmmPQL or another GLMM?
9:08PM 0 The GNU Linear Programming Kit for R
9:00PM 1 analyzing suvival data using splines (a.k.a., piecewise log-hazard-ratio models)
8:50PM 1 classes with chron slots
6:36PM 2 monitoring objects sizes
3:30PM 1 chisq test and fisher exact test
3:12PM 3 Howto crosstable-ing......
2:42PM 6 Is it possible to get the first letter of a word?
1:38PM 2 Contour Plots
1:37PM 1 Extract Coeff, Std Error, etc from gnls output
1:36PM 2 r programming help
1:12PM 0 Snow package --> Results
12:38PM 2 A polar.plot BUG in plotrix 1.3.3 ?
12:06PM 1 nlme leading minor error
11:44AM 1 legend
11:40AM 2 Subsetting across a frame for plotting
9:08AM 1 A question on time-dependent covariates in the Cox model.
9:02AM 2 predict.coxph fitted values for failure times
7:14AM 1 How to use expression in label with xYplot
3:16AM 2 PCA and MDS
Tuesday June 21 2005
11:35PM 3 R-help
5:32PM 0 Course***R/S System: Advanced Programming***July 2005 at 3 locations
3:49PM 2 Problem trying to use boot and lme together
2:13PM 1 Syntax error with .First.lib
1:39PM 0 Constructing formula using nls
12:46PM 2 how to count "associated" factors?
11:09AM 1 Data.frames with different line's length
11:00AM 1 test for equality of two data sets with multidimensional variables
10:49AM 2 X11, interactive device
10:43AM 0 Job Openings at WU Wien
9:57AM 2 nls(): Levenberg-Marquardt, Gauss-Newton, plinear - PI curve fitting
9:31AM 1 How to plot circular data in the directions of 0, 0.5pi, pi and 1.5pi
7:57AM 1 Another Mix Model Question
Monday June 20 2005
11:41PM 1 R: over/under flow
11:15PM 6 tapply
10:34PM 2 match multiple records
9:37PM 1 memory allocation failures
9:09PM 1 Factanal loadings as large as 1.2 with promax -- how unusual?
8:44PM 1 Plotting lines with shapes
8:38PM 1 how to do the test for a significant difference across group mean vectors
8:24PM 3 How to define S4 methods for '['
8:15PM 3 vectorisation suggestion
6:38PM 2 frequency tables
6:26PM 1 weights in glm for binomial model
6:16PM 0 how to do a test of the null hypothesis of equal covariance across groups
3:58PM 1 (no subject)
3:15PM 2 Data Parsing
3:03PM 2 Fwd: How to sample from a linear mixed model
12:50PM 6 Bucketting data
12:29PM 2 how to make R faster under GNU/Linux
10:18AM 0 R 2.1.1 is released
10:11AM 0 R from JAVA IDE
10:11AM 1 r: integration question
9:32AM 6 sweep() and recycling
9:28AM 2 [interfacing C][dist]
4:46AM 1 RES: another aov results interpretation question
3:04AM 1 Which package contains Fishers Exact Test?
2:07AM 1 error when installing Matrix
12:21AM 1 plot the deviation of a specific dot on the figure
Sunday June 19 2005
10:26PM 1 How to sample from a linear mixed model
9:02PM 0 Epi package
8:58PM 1 practical help ... solving a system...
8:27PM 1 Trouble building R2.1.0 from source on Linux: package VR
5:45PM 1 plot the standard deviation of a specific dot on the figure
5:34PM 1 plot qda object
4:07PM 1 Creating a R package for Windows XP
1:04PM 1 error loading Matrix in Mac OSX 10.4
12:57PM 1 how to get the mean of each group?
6:05AM 2 what does this syntax mean?
Saturday June 18 2005
1:42PM 1 how 'stepAIC' selects?
9:25AM 1 Fedora Core 4
12:20AM 1 hist single block plot issue
Friday June 17 2005
11:56PM 1 aggregate?
9:21PM 4 3D Scatter Plot
9:16PM 2 adjusted R^2 vs. ordinary R^2
8:31PM 7 an operator for "contains"
8:06PM 0 another aov results interpretation question
7:59PM 0 Release of new version of caMassClass package and new package caT ools
6:10PM 1 How to get the values of a vector having the indices?
5:34PM 3 trim a string
4:33PM 1 Data comparison
3:10PM 1 ccf
3:08PM 3 Fit values for NA's in linear regression
3:03PM 2 How to calculate random matrices from the multivariate normal distribution
2:57PM 2 drop elements of vector by class
2:20PM 0 New CRAN package sp: classes and methods for spatial data
1:50PM 2 reading csv-data
1:42PM 1 Trying to build R sources on Windows
12:35PM 0 Rmpi installation over MPICH
11:50AM 0 wapply from gplots -- How do I get a local estimate of variance?
11:28AM 2 mlbench xor
10:06AM 1 Mixed model question
9:29AM 2 axis labels vertically
9:10AM 1 About simulations
8:52AM 0 glmmADMB: Mixed models for overdispersed and zero-inflated count data in R
Thursday June 16 2005
9:59PM 3 possible bug in merge with duplicate blank names in 'by' field.
9:50PM 1 lm and time series: simple question
9:47PM 0 data for becker and chambers?
9:39PM 1 logistic regression - using polys and products of features
9:05PM 1 regressing each column of a matrix on all other columns
9:00PM 3 Potential minor GUI bug
8:59PM 1 Analysing ordinal/nominal data
7:42PM 0 Tapes... DVDs... Now this...
6:45PM 2 Computing generalized eigenvalues
5:59PM 2 Financial toolkit
2:26PM 1 Drawing information-rich, Tufte style scatterplots and axes
1:47PM 2 heatmap aspect ratio
12:56PM 1 Survey - Cluster Sampling
12:04PM 3 Moving average
10:21AM 3 Excel files first row not being read
8:33AM 1 Sweave and sideways
8:31AM 1 identical results with PQL and Laplace options in lmer function (package lme4)
8:27AM 1 mu^2(1-mu)^2 variance function for GLM
3:18AM 1 AIC in glm.fit with intercept
2:09AM 1 how to use plot.lda included in MASS package?
12:45AM 5 Vectorization
Wednesday June 15 2005
10:27PM 1 coding to generate a matrix to prepare for chi-sqr test f or text mining
9:28PM 1 k-fold cross validation with neural networks
9:10PM 0 coding to generate a matrix to prepare for chi-sqr test for text mining
8:53PM 1 2 LDA
8:05PM 1 ellipse -confidence interval
6:57PM 0 Salford Systems Data Mining Conferences 2006
6:50PM 4 Multiple line plots
6:17PM 3 Error using newdata argument in survfit
5:59PM 3 abbreviate
5:15PM 1 cannot coerce class "matchit" into a data.frame"
4:19PM 1 random number generator: same seed used in different sessions
4:09PM 1 a question about frame
3:53PM 3 suppress output of neural network for use in Sweave
3:40PM 2 need help on computing double summation
3:36PM 1 Kalman Filtering?
3:17PM 1 Getting the character set
2:55PM 0 lme/gls heteroscedastic correlation structure
2:40PM 3 how to plot density distribution with a arrow pointer?
2:23PM 1 questions on bootstrap
2:10PM 0 Version 1.1-0 of bayesm
2:04PM 0 Calling C function from Fortran
1:58PM 4 how to change automatically 0=no and 1=yes
11:57AM 1 Finding local minima and maxima
11:13AM 1 umlauts in Rd files
10:45AM 2 ploting error
10:14AM 1 Chi square convolution?
10:08AM 1 Setting environment variables (installation problem)
9:27AM 2 Reading Excel files...Error
8:44AM 0 R: Graph with values of coordinates of points in x axis
8:35AM 3 Possible bug in file.choose() - how to tell?
8:35AM 1 Graph with values of coordinates of points in x axis
8:32AM 2 Plotting second axes outside xyplot
8:16AM 1 (no subject)
7:59AM 1 Anohter anova.mlm problem
12:47AM 1 Reducing the FPR (false positive rate)
12:14AM 1 anova.lme error
Tuesday June 14 2005
10:36PM 2 lattice, panel.grid, and scales=list(tick.number=XXX)
9:45PM 1 Matrix stability problem
9:28PM 1 within and between subject calculation
7:43PM 0 trivial installation question
7:30PM 0 bug in rpart?
6:55PM 0 Plotting quiver vector tensor arrows 2d field data
6:38PM 0 Survfit,newdata and continuous time varying covariates
6:18PM 0 ANN: BioC2005 Conference scheduled for August in Seattle
6:01PM 1 How to fix false positve rates?
6:00PM 2 Plotting rows (or columns) from a matrix in different graphs, not using "par"
5:43PM 0 any function to calculate the lamda coefficient?
5:38PM 1 using forecast() in dse2 with an ARMA model having a trend component
4:50PM 1 problem installing packages with compiled-from-source R.app on Mac OS X - Tiger
4:40PM 1 KMEANS output...
4:35PM 1 plots
4:27PM 2 Dateticks
4:23PM 1 Calling C from Fortran
4:22PM 2 Logistic regression with more than two choices
3:42PM 1 t.test using RSPerl
2:41PM 0 c(recursive=TRUE)
2:35PM 0 problems with the fitted values of the function gls
2:28PM 2 some suggestion
2:07PM 3 Manipulating dates
1:03PM 1 Puzzled in utilising summary.lm() to obtain Var(x)
1:02PM 5 load ing and saving R objects
12:10PM 0 bs() function of the splines package with intercept=FALSE
11:31AM 1 update.packages() - gregmisc
10:15AM 0 bs() function of the splines package
9:03AM 2 ordinary polynomial coefficients from orthogonal polynomials?
8:42AM 2 why does the unsubscribe not work
7:40AM 1 New Family object for GLM models...
7:04AM 1 protection stack overflow??
4:03AM 1 RGui crashes on wle call
1:46AM 0 question about SSOAP
1:42AM 3 superscript in figures - basic question
Monday June 13 2005
7:09PM 1 ppinit
6:33PM 0 Pseudodataset text file
5:16PM 2 Preparing timestamped data for fourier analysis
5:05PM 3 To many NA's from mean(..., na.rm=T) when a column is all NA's
4:47PM 3 Perl installation under SuSe
4:10PM 1 kalman filter
3:57PM 1 install R 2.1.0 patched from source on FC3
3:47PM 0 I need help about the use of gtkgraph
3:15PM 1 unixODBC, RODBC, and DB2
2:23PM 3 extracting components of a list
2:16PM 3 Lattice: Combining xyplot and histogram
1:03PM 1 Warning messages in lmer function (package lme4)
8:27AM 0 (no subject)
8:08AM 0 Interfacing R
7:30AM 1 identify label format problem
7:22AM 3 assignment of inidividual variables from spss save files
7:14AM 0 Problem with multinom ?
6:52AM 1 crosshair in scatterplot to mark special points
4:36AM 5 slow loading with lme4
Sunday June 12 2005
7:29PM 3 Essay identification
3:25PM 1 0 * NA
2:06PM 2 linking R to goto blas
12:17PM 1 memory allocation problem under linux
11:09AM 2 delete "-character from strings in matrix
10:13AM 1 y-axis and resizing window
Saturday June 11 2005
9:59PM 0 predict function for GLMM
6:44PM 3 combination which limited
3:05PM 2 Calculating moments of a distribution
1:59PM 1 Calling R from C/C
1:04PM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 28, Issue 11
1:01PM 0 TaskView for ecological and environmental data
11:35AM 0 Customer Service enquiry
12:35AM 2 Performance difference between 32-bit build and 64-bit bu ild on Solaris 8
Friday June 10 2005
10:18PM 6 us zipcode data map
10:15PM 0 launching RSJava from external application
9:26PM 1 RCMD Warnings on src directory.
8:57PM 1 Performance difference between 32-bit build and 64-bit build on Solaris 8
8:44PM 1 problem with polr ?
8:12PM 3 mask a matrix
7:44PM 0 1st derivatives using gam.
7:11PM 0 New versions of Matrix and lme4 packages
5:53PM 2 Default Format for Dates?
5:53PM 1 Estimate of baseline hazard in survival
5:39PM 0 Linear regression with variation in x and y
5:35PM 2 ANOVA vs REML approach to variance component estimation
5:20PM 0 discovery (was: data.frame to character)
5:12PM 0 discovery (was: data.frame to character)w
5:00PM 1 gc() and gc trigger
4:49PM 1 Fortran compilation error
4:03PM 1 Abrupt shut down of R session
2:26PM 1 What is median in survfit
2:17PM 2 rgl.snapshot "failed"
2:16PM 1 In connection with the creation of a grid of point with gstat
1:38PM 2 Error with function lda in package MASS (dimnames not equal?)
12:23PM 4 data.frame to character
12:20PM 0 contours and cutlines
11:20AM 0 Replies of the question about robustness of segmented regression
11:08AM 1 Sum up the values of a function
11:05AM 0 Different results in different runs with identical parametersin CLARA
10:13AM 0 Different results in different runs with identical parameters in CLARA
8:51AM 1 R installation
8:50AM 2 Replacing for loop with tapply!?
8:32AM 4 How to read a row dataset one by one
8:26AM 0 Contour Plot
5:43AM 1 Problems with corARMA
4:56AM 1 Redirect console to file
4:00AM 0 linux, controlling device-window placement
2:29AM 1 Rpy and RSPython
1:49AM 1 logistic regressioin - course ornotes
12:56AM 0 Top N correlations from 'cor' for very large datasets being run many times
Thursday June 9 2005
11:30PM 1 Plot/manage spatial boundary data
10:40PM 0 New package aod: Analysis of Overdispersed Data
10:31PM 6 test of thread behaviour - no need to read this
6:36PM 1 Help with SOM membership
6:10PM 1 Subassignments involving NAs in data frames
5:38PM 2 lme model specification
5:05PM 4 position of a legend-object
4:35PM 3 dir() and RegEx and gsub()
4:21PM 2 can nlme do the complex multilevel model?
3:15PM 1 Using transform on spproj package.
2:10PM 1 question on boot
1:49PM 1 the svDialogs package
1:34PM 1 getting more than the coefficients
12:40PM 3 plot(corresp(data)...)
10:12AM 1 krig.image help
9:48AM 7 plot3d
9:36AM 1 Error to install library( fSeries)
9:13AM 0 optim() does SANN, why not genetic algorithm (genoud)
8:48AM 1 color on barplot
8:37AM 1 Prediction in Cox Proportional-Hazard Regression
2:27AM 1 May I ask you a question about matrix population models?
2:10AM 1 Forecasting with macroeconomic structural equations models?
12:39AM 2 Weibull survival modeling with covariate
12:15AM 5 How to plot more than 3 sets in Venn Diagrams?
Wednesday June 8 2005
7:58PM 1 FW: Random seed problem in MCMC coupling of chains
7:18PM 0 Course***R/S-plus Programming at 4 locations - July 2005
6:51PM 3 install package "snow"
5:08PM 0 New CRAN package dyn
3:08PM 2 Solve f(x) = 0
2:56PM 2 get level combinations from "by" list
2:46PM 1 variable png-size in multiple figure environment
1:42PM 1 RODBC question: problem importing series with blank cells
1:27PM 2 Converting code from MATLAB to R
1:27PM 6 Random seed problem in MCMC coupling of chains
12:25PM 2 Robustness of Segmented Regression Contributed by Muggeo
11:43AM 0 bug in predict.lme?
10:40AM 1 Fitting Theoretical Distributions to Daily Rainfall Data
10:07AM 1 Overlaying Barplots
9:10AM 2 CRAN task view for genetics
8:37AM 2 matrix
3:48AM 1 logistic regression (glm binary)
3:06AM 0 All subsets logistic or Poisson regression
3:02AM 0 how to run a script at the beginning of an interacive ses sion ?
2:53AM 0 Tree Structured Survival Analysis
12:52AM 1 Bounding or constraining parameters in non-linear regressions
12:44AM 1 A question about lars
12:22AM 0 Two ways to inherit in S4?
12:15AM 0 fun with S4 method recursion
Tuesday June 7 2005
7:15PM 1 Help with possible bug (assigning NA value to data.frame) ?
7:11PM 1 Specifying medoids in PAM?
6:15PM 0 Help with possible bug (assigning NA value to data.frame)?
6:11PM 0 Error calling "read.table" from Python
5:41PM 1 multiple plots
5:33PM 0 about tables
5:04PM 0 user-defined spatial correlation structure in geeglm/geese
4:57PM 1 Function inside tapply
4:54PM 5 Functions within functions in R and S-Plus
4:48PM 2 reading non-existing files
3:02PM 3 without a loop
2:47PM 1 Downloading the basic package
2:46PM 0 How to detect a closed socket when writing?
1:48PM 1 ordglm -- simple question
1:27PM 1 factor2real strange!?
1:14PM 1 htlm3D made4
12:55PM 6 transform large matrix into list
12:50PM 9 how to define functions in such a situation
12:46PM 0 Smooth monotone estimation on R
11:16AM 1 Tabelle zu Matrix
10:18AM 4 Conjoint in R
9:40AM 1 Variables values on intersected intervals
7:18AM 1 R and MLE
12:00AM 1 how to create a variable to rank within subgroups
Monday June 6 2005
11:54PM 1 don't want xtab sorting "numeric" factors...
11:48PM 2 Porting Matlab code to R
11:08PM 0 VGAM weights
10:53PM 0 (no subject)
10:48PM 3 (Off topic.) Observed Fisher information.
9:46PM 1 Building a R package under Windows XP
9:31PM 0 p.adjust documentation suggestion: simple statement that new "BH" method is an alias for old "fdr" method
9:15PM 1 how to generate pairwise plots with data frames - tia
8:43PM 2 names of functions in a library
5:04PM 1 Help package pls.pcr
5:02PM 0 red noise
3:51PM 2 intervals and data frames
3:13PM 0 analysis and figure for sign test in setting of high inter-experiment variance
2:43PM 1 AW: Reading huge chunks of data from MySQL into Windows R
2:15PM 0 ROMA project (R Output MAnager) / Progress report / Call for contributors
2:04PM 0 planned means and loess?
1:54PM 2 How to vectorize
1:52PM 1 Missing values in argument of .Fortran.
1:43PM 1 chisq.test and anova problems
1:34PM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 28, Issue 6
1:30PM 3 Reading huge chunks of data from MySQL into Windows R
1:26PM 3 write.dta limits
1:23PM 2 make install on solaris 10
12:46PM 2 Polar Graph
12:32PM 9 R Graph Gallery : categorization of the graphs
11:55AM 1 Unable to compile R-2.1.0
11:09AM 6 Strange characters in 2.1.0?
9:58AM 0 #R IRC channel on freenode
9:28AM 0 adaboost more two classes
9:20AM 1 multiple comparison test
9:06AM 2 Task View for ecology/environmental science
8:13AM 1 Similarity between variables
8:10AM 2 R code for performance
5:58AM 0 The economist's term "fixed effects model" - plain lm() should work
5:31AM 1 A performance anomaly
3:48AM 1 segmentation fault - debugging
2:58AM 1 how to change the current directory to my folder.
2:26AM 0 stats and generating a figure for a simple sign test with high inter-experiment variance
2:20AM 2 simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese translation for R manuals
1:51AM 2 fail in adding library in new version.
12:59AM 2 greater-than-or-equal-to symbol in a legend
Sunday June 5 2005
10:18PM 5 A long digression on packages
9:25PM 1 Superscript text in axis labels
6:56PM 3 function and apply
2:44PM 1 Creating a large matrix
1:50AM 2 data transformation
Saturday June 4 2005
8:16PM 2 glm with a distribution free family
4:42PM 1 Storing data frame in a RDBMS
1:23PM 0 New CRAN package misc3d
1:13PM 1 barplot and missing values?
12:42PM 1 can R do Fixed-effects (within) regression (panel data)?
8:10AM 0 hausman test
3:53AM 0 locator()
2:59AM 1 the test result is quite different,why?
1:51AM 2 locator() via tcltk
12:04AM 3 How to change the value of a class slot
Friday June 3 2005
10:51PM 0 RE: GARCH (1 , 1), Hill estimator of alpha, Pareto estimator]
10:49PM 1 lattice: change point color in densityplot()?
10:35PM 2 rearrange data
9:10PM 1 Errors on bar plots
9:00PM 0 FW: p-value > 1 in fisher.test()
8:47PM 2 Lattice xyplot -- footnote font size / mtext
8:42PM 1 ts.intersect a multivariate and univariate ts
7:44PM 3 p-value > 1 in fisher.test()
7:07PM 1 factor vector manipulation
6:16PM 0 noise poser spectral density
5:20PM 2 R IRC channel?
4:51PM 2 Dirty Rotten Hack. (reversing tickmarks on axes?)
4:22PM 1 Hclust question
4:17PM 1 help with guiDlgOpen
4:07PM 1 Problems of performance between linux and freebsd
4:00PM 1 Load package using R code rather than GUI Package menu
2:39PM 1 Reading biplot function's source code
2:38PM 0 usign system() both quietly and quickly
2:33PM 2 How to 'de-cross' a table?
2:28PM 3 plots from batchfile on windows
1:18PM 1 reading tables into R. .
1:04PM 1 Creating datasets
12:40PM 2 reading tables into R
11:59AM 1 Need Help - Urgent
10:54AM 0 Segmentation fault using gentoo linux and mysql
10:16AM 2 Simplify formula for iterative programming
9:17AM 1 geometric mean regression
6:59AM 0 New CRAN package `coin'
4:54AM 2 dot in formula
4:25AM 1 GARCH (1 , 1), Hill estimator of alpha, Pareto estimator
Thursday June 2 2005
9:50PM 0 Thanks! (was panel.axis() & grid/lattice settings)
9:44PM 1 Too generic with S4 methods?
8:59PM 1 how to rectify t.test( ) error
8:19PM 3 merge large matrices
7:53PM 2 overlaying plots
7:21PM 1 bias and std. error from boot
7:05PM 1 nls.control: increasing number of iterations
6:56PM 2 Adding a legend to a symbol plot
6:19PM 1 glm with variance = mu+theta*mu^2?
2:14PM 2 Caution on the use of model.matrix.
1:19PM 4 plot/lm/abline
12:16PM 4 repeated vector in matrix
11:46AM 0 Do some one give me several whole examples or papers for rmetasim package' using?
11:43AM 0 How to calculate the correct SE in a nested or spliplot anova?
11:43AM 2 maximum likelihood standard deviation
11:04AM 3 How to change all name of variables
10:06AM 1 showMethods doubt
8:56AM 1 DEM calculation
8:54AM 0 Selecting input and output variables in clara (cluster-package)
8:41AM 2 Dynamic Dictionary Data Type?
2:13AM 2 confusion with boot
12:08AM 1 Who can tell me some packages for population genetic structure's simulation?
Wednesday June 1 2005
9:14PM 2 R square from lm
9:02PM 2 "mvr" function
8:20PM 2 mplot :how to deal with missing data
7:42PM 1 Bootstrap direction
7:38PM 1 saving in Tiger (Mac users)
7:04PM 0 Gmulti problem
6:15PM 0 Zelig: starting values for negbin
6:08PM 3 x[x$a=="q",,drop=TRUE]
6:04PM 1 tick marks in opposite axis xyplot
5:12PM 2 problem with chron scales in lattice
4:46PM 1 using user-supplied derivatives in rgenoud
3:53PM 2 How to name variables in a single plot
3:50PM 1 help: reference & book
3:49PM 2 sink() within a function?
3:05PM 7 Which variable exist after random
2:57PM 1 Different y-axis limits in lattice panels
2:28PM 0 cor.test on spatial data
2:18PM 0 How to automatic obtain the p value from a nested aov?
2:14PM 0 StructTS and arima and missing values
1:53PM 1 "\n" in legend using substitute and as.expression
1:08PM 2 Fitting ARMA model with known inputs.
10:55AM 3 histogramm?
10:43AM 1 panel.axis() & grid/lattice settings
10:01AM 1 many chr2factors ?
9:53AM 1 nls(() and trace
9:46AM 2 emacs
9:26AM 1 glm
9:15AM 0 determine the shrinkage threshold in PAMR?
8:18AM 1 x11 and pseudo-color
6:47AM 2 A suggestion to improve ifelse behaviour with vector yes/noarguments
5:59AM 1 font size in the trellis plot
5:37AM 1 How to do the coding for simulation in R?
5:04AM 1 A problem on sink() and format,suggestions appreciated
3:54AM 2 Different versions, different results ?
2:08AM 0 RESOLVED: R GUI for Linux?