R help - Jul 2002

Wednesday July 31 2002
11:17PM 0 Rterm application error
10:12PM 7 exportData(foo,"foo.xls","EXCEL") for R ?
6:02PM 3 SHLIB
3:47PM 5 help
11:31AM 2 Bug in legend?
10:49AM 0 Nonlinear Seemingly Unrelated Regression
Tuesday July 30 2002
7:05PM 0 Point Patern (Understanding Results)
6:48PM 0 Course***R/Splus programming I: Essentials and Data Analysis***September 2002
6:26PM 1 RArcInfo 0.3
4:57PM 1 Balanced Inc. Block Design
4:10PM 1 Explain Err Msg.
4:07PM 4 chisq.test, basic question
3:51PM 0 scoping with methods package
2:19PM 0 Transfer Function
12:20PM 1 Some problems with installing a package under Windows
12:07PM 0 question on the ellipse package
11:42AM 1 Problem with legend
10:21AM 3 Error running sammon() in multiv package
5:54AM 2 Questions concerning survival analysis
12:08AM 1 Comparison of two time series using R
Monday July 29 2002
11:57PM 2 How do we omit the coastline using map?
11:50PM 0 Choosing knots of B-splines
8:01PM 1 mode-calculation of a multimodal distribution
2:58PM 1 forecasting correlation with Garch
1:50PM 2 Database-conversion
1:38PM 1 density estimation on 2-D bounded domain
11:09AM 0 multinomial probit
9:04AM 1 creating an index vector within a 'for' loop
7:32AM 3 comparison between R and gnuplot
2:12AM 2 Bug or feature in xyplot?
Sunday July 28 2002
2:42AM 0 bug in unsplit()?
Saturday July 27 2002
8:32PM 1 error installing package in linux R
11:27AM 0 accessing dates with ROracle
6:56AM 1 Working with lists
Friday July 26 2002
11:25PM 1 is there a way of getting a sub-agnes.object from a big tree?
6:33PM 1 No subject
5:29PM 0 RGui maximized (followup)
4:09PM 1 Frame o windows result.
3:58PM 0 Parzen Windows
3:50PM 2 estimating missing data
3:49PM 0 From Excel file to R
3:41PM 0 help with time series
3:29PM 1 RNG in R
1:45PM 5 Is there a function for finding local extrema.
1:25PM 0 SAS Registration !i!
12:41PM 4 chi square test is not appropriate? but what test is
9:41AM 0 manipulating the result of by()
9:01AM 1 Normal probability plot of effects
4:59AM 3 Fisher r-to-z transformation
Thursday July 25 2002
10:47PM 0 cclust args.
10:22PM 2 Manipulating Matricies
4:35PM 3 Barplot coloring question
4:27PM 0 Running Rgui.exe as "normal" window
3:46PM 1 Calling the correct one of 2 conflicting functions
11:58AM 5 remove objects(1-20, 25-30) OR remove objects(...) except(...)??
9:40AM 1 Writing the ARMA Parameters into a file
9:09AM 3 Warning message
12:35AM 1 functions
Wednesday July 24 2002
9:20PM 1 loading compiled C++ code as shared library
4:11PM 2 read.dta function in foreign package
3:00PM 1 Contrasts and MC
2:29PM 4 cumsum and subsets of a data frame?
12:38PM 3 as.numeric
12:20PM 1 TS-library
11:43AM 0 getting information from a plot / links in pdf
9:39AM 0 R code for Frequency and Count Data
8:30AM 1 tapply slow?
8:30AM 2 increase the default memory for R
8:00AM 0 NA/NULL slot for a class defined with 'methods'
6:00AM 0 Re: Quartz ?
4:40AM 2 No subject
4:25AM 0 Re: Quartz ?
Tuesday July 23 2002
5:51PM 0 rotate a dendrogram
5:33PM 2 Converting dates?
5:11PM 3 Aggregate: assembling the "by" part on the fly
2:02PM 2 tsplot
1:33PM 1 colClasses = "logical" produces all FALSE when input is 1/0
10:40AM 3 calling Matlab
9:57AM 0 Comparing slopes of several linear models
9:30AM 0 Free Software Application for UNIX/Linux and Microsoft Windows
8:09AM 1 function "rast.put" in package(GRASS)
7:44AM 1 installation R (OS: windows)
7:23AM 1 function running in package gregmisc
Monday July 22 2002
10:55PM 0 Removing columns from data frame
10:43PM 2 typsize and fscale arguments to nlm
4:03PM 1 "New" problem with polr (or optim, or ...)
3:25PM 1 Problem with text() and pdf()
8:50AM 0 Influence Measures for .lme models
2:01AM 3 Vector Manipulation
1:43AM 2 finding the colour at a point
Sunday July 21 2002
8:58PM 1 change margins or regions?!
12:47PM 3 boxplot(): formating median in another linethickness?
6:32AM 2 Trouble With Dates; Recommended Reference?
Saturday July 20 2002
9:42PM 0 analysis of means
1:11PM 1 Problems installing 'lattice' package
Friday July 19 2002
11:48PM 2 Plotting a section of a dendrogram
10:15PM 1 No subject
6:37PM 1 Rprof and setMethod conflict?
6:18PM 3 controling graphic window size and asprec ratio in windows
4:54PM 2 Workings of model.frame.default and [.
2:43PM 0 Problems with Lattice Package
1:16PM 3 wilcox.test and ties
12:06PM 3 Automatic adjustment of axis ranges
11:31AM 2 Problem with modification of [.factor
9:23AM 1 selfStart function problem
7:55AM 0 Read.dta cons memory exhausted
7:19AM 1 Re RGui and object browser
Thursday July 18 2002
11:58PM 0 Australian CRAN mirror
10:46PM 0 SPSS files
9:54PM 0 cloud borders
9:09PM 0 Extracting values from R objects within Perl
7:44PM 1 RSPerl on OS X
7:33PM 2 R sample session
6:54PM 0 weights in quantile regression
3:17PM 1 problem with substitute
3:03PM 1 tseries (get.hist.quote)
1:57PM 1 Shared components?
12:49PM 2 RODBC and Excel Files
10:35AM 1 boxplot $conf
10:11AM 1 R INSTALL: problem related to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
8:50AM 0 Plotting Clustering Groups Separately
8:48AM 1 plot 3d
5:03AM 3 Oddity with names
3:57AM 1 sem: incorrect parameter estimates
3:47AM 1 survfit on coxph object with weights
3:25AM 0 Importing Data
1:02AM 1 a bug?
Wednesday July 17 2002
10:39PM 1 Importing Data.
8:22PM 2 Build on Solaris 8 gcc-3.1 fails make check
3:31PM 0 Re: 1.5.1 on AIX 5.1
2:01PM 9 problem formatting data frames
1:28PM 0 Omegahat - RinS package
12:35PM 0 Problem with R INSTALL
12:34PM 1 Output and history
11:52AM 1 R/C interface
11:27AM 1 editing Sweave files in xemacs with ess (noweb), auctex and reftex
11:13AM 2 image function
10:40AM 2 Problems with make pdf (R-patched_2002-07-15.tar.gz)
6:03AM 0 A function to create "lift charts"
Tuesday July 16 2002
6:51PM 2 R 1.5.1 on AIX 5.1
5:57PM 0 Help installing functions "cca" and "caiv"
5:52PM 1 Minor GUI Issues
5:31PM 1 z[j,]$a v. z$a[j]
5:28PM 1 array construction, avoiding for loop
5:12PM 0 problem with german fonts (gnu-emacs 21.2.1, ess-5.1.21, w95)
5:02PM 1 libR.so question
4:08PM 0 No subject
3:31PM 3 Device 2: graphic window
3:27PM 0 Sydney,Australia R users' group
3:25PM 0 : sma library plot.spatial
3:23PM 4 import data from excel
2:58PM 2 scale parameter and parameter vac-cov matrix in GEE
2:31PM 0 Summary of using R from within Perl
2:30PM 4 Hello & a simple question
1:52PM 0 I() in data.frames
1:06PM 2 selectively aggregate data
10:40AM 3 dose.p in MASS
9:46AM 0 Can't find PBIB data set
8:45AM 2 r-square for non-linear regression
8:02AM 1 Watson test
6:04AM 2 ANOVA-like tests of geometrically-distributed data
Monday July 15 2002
4:18PM 1 Suppressing "creating new generic" and "expanding the signature" messages
4:17PM 1 ReInstalling packages
3:42PM 1 mtext
3:03PM 1 Theory for manova...
2:59PM 0 Using R from within Perl
2:10PM 0 unhappy with aov performance
1:10PM 0 Incompleteness in Lattice documentation (was Re: lattice question: adding slopes to bwplot)
12:46PM 2 meaning of error message about collinearity
12:07PM 2 problems with CarbonLib
9:56AM 1 R1.5.1 compilation ans install: 2 previous questions
8:21AM 1 data files in R
5:33AM 2 Transpose and NA's
Sunday July 14 2002
11:01PM 1 crossprod and X %*% t(X)
3:28PM 0 lattice question: adding slopes to bwplot
12:29AM 1 help with adapt function
Saturday July 13 2002
4:03PM 2 Fail to convert any .Rd file
3:12PM 0 SAS Simulator
2:47AM 3 mutable objects
1:15AM 2 plotting
Friday July 12 2002
8:44PM 2 Crosstabs in R
8:20PM 0 Novice lme split plot model specification
7:33PM 0 Warnings in plot(model)
6:05PM 1 replacing text
5:24PM 2 R GUI and object browser
4:37PM 1 Write protecting objects
4:02PM 1 Using layout and text together
3:03PM 0 DSP?
3:00PM 2 'R' library for Rasch modelling?
12:57PM 2 Another question about getting command history
10:59AM 1 Sweave problem with recursive call, Add.
10:45AM 2 Lattice help (again?)
10:10AM 1 Lattice troubles..
9:33AM 0 Sweave problem with recursive call
7:57AM 1 .Rprofile on MacOSX
5:33AM 1 lmtest build fails, readline problem
Thursday July 11 2002
11:49PM 0 filling part of a variable-sized array with another v-s array
7:49PM 0 My Appologies, Can I Try Again?
7:19PM 1 nls() singular graident matrix error
6:11PM 3 R GUI For Which User?
5:02PM 1 get command history?
4:28PM 0 another aov question: unbalanced multiple responses
3:57PM 0 Hmisc and errors with pdf representations of summary plots
3:07PM 2 Nested anovas in R not doing what they ought to...
1:27PM 3 Can't start R in Debian Woody
12:10PM 0 missing links in GRASS package for R
8:18AM 1 How to get relevant dimnames from apply() ?
7:14AM 0 lattice and crosstabs with empty cells
Wednesday July 10 2002
8:06PM 0 lattice::bwplot with unbalanced design
4:29PM 2 sorting matrices
3:38PM 1 trouble installing packages
12:23PM 3 new user
11:29AM 0 Configuring SJava on Windows
10:18AM 5 plotting only text as a table
9:55AM 3 2 simple doubts
7:22AM 2 incorrect URL (PR#1764)
Tuesday July 9 2002
9:54PM 0 lda problem with R
8:55PM 1 broken inline exp in glibc/x86??!
8:27PM 2 C++ and R
8:26PM 3 writing to a png file with a script
8:19PM 1 EISPACK symmetric matrix eigenvalue routines
7:23PM 0 RE: mvtnorm package installation failure
7:09PM 0 RE: mvtnorm package installation failure
6:37PM 3 Assignment converts variable to factor
5:58PM 0 RE: mvtnorm package installation failure
5:39PM 1 RE: mvtnorm package installation failure
5:18PM 4 changing angle in scatterplot3d
4:56PM 0 Course***R/S-plus Programming Techniques II in New York City, August 2002
4:23PM 0 documentation buglet: units?
4:22PM 0 changing coefficient names in a model
3:28PM 4 No subject
3:23PM 3 Error handling
3:14PM 1 lines(predict(nls()) with NA's
3:02PM 2 package relimp
10:48AM 3 building formula objects
7:09AM 1 arrays in binary files
3:38AM 0 Re: Candid comment
1:35AM 0 Re: Candid comment
Monday July 8 2002
11:56PM 1 R Libraries for ORDINAL categorical data
11:30PM 0 Re: Candid comment
8:23PM 1 Imputations in R
4:39PM 1 subset, once more
4:13PM 0 plt question: last command?
4:06PM 1 trouble reading large data.frame
3:49PM 1 Horizontal barplot with reversed y-axis
3:32PM 0 ANOVA with Weighted LM
3:08PM 2 Methods/package for working with sets and intervals
1:48PM 2 matrix: rows to columns conversion
1:18PM 0 factanal results interpretation - am I right here?
11:33AM 1 Plot.ts
10:44AM 0 R GUI's - I'm lost !!
10:05AM 0 Hodrick-Prescott-Filter as smooth.spline
7:47AM 4 Statemement by recurrence avoiding loop
7:12AM 4 Which function to use for multiple comparison?
Sunday July 7 2002
6:07PM 3 Installation of package "mass"
3:19PM 1 Error in tree package
3:29AM 2 R on Sharp Zaurus 5500?
1:51AM 1 Obtaining Rcmd.exe for Windows
Saturday July 6 2002
11:27PM 2 cross-platform code: windows or gnu/linux?
12:28PM 2 emacs, ess, command completion?
5:58AM 1 R: one-sample binomial test
4:05AM 3 one-sample binomial test
12:21AM 5 about image and rgb
Friday July 5 2002
10:01PM 2 Increase memory size
8:19PM 1 robust mixed effects models
7:11PM 1 Zero Inflated Poisson Regression Modelling
4:34PM 1 confused with vector subsetting
4:04PM 1 PDF file not created correctly
2:09PM 1 balance in AoV (was aov() and NaN)
12:07PM 1 barplot with second y-axis
8:35AM 1 aov() and NaN
12:02AM 1 write.table error
Thursday July 4 2002
9:51PM 1 doubt about DF in survival model
8:24PM 3 tseries library coredumps on redhat6.1
6:31PM 1 random generators - curiosity
4:45PM 1 rpart help please
2:32PM 1 Deriv and integrate
1:13PM 4 Script file editors for Windows - submit highlighted text?
9:32AM 0 How to receive German umlauts (8bitWestern) from SJava ?
9:13AM 2 Protecting pointer; Rdefines.h
9:13AM 1 ANOVA and within subject designs
Wednesday July 3 2002
11:42PM 0 Fwd: RMySQL and Mac OS X
8:58PM 1 Calling qnorm from Fortran
8:44PM 2 "Best" Out of box Linux distro for R
6:12PM 2 lda from MASS function
6:04PM 0 Implementation of Gamma test in R available?
5:55PM 4 Factorial
5:29PM 2 operating on a subset of a dataframe
5:02PM 1 R to Java - more than one R sesion?
4:01PM 0 groupedData constructor with generated formula: Error in inherits(formula,"formula")
3:45PM 2 Scientific notation
3:33PM 0 poly.transform in R
3:10PM 0 R to Java
3:00PM 2 barplot with
2:06PM 2 grouping in scatterplot3d
12:50PM 2 Adding text to a plot
12:19PM 3 latex
11:33AM 0 boxplots with weighted data
10:21AM 0 Interactive mode and pipes
10:07AM 0 Convolution, filters. highpass ,bandpass...
8:23AM 0 R Guide for Windows Users
7:49AM 2 reading large data sets
Tuesday July 2 2002
9:25PM 4 XEmacs vs. GNU Emacs?
9:12PM 3 interfacing R and c++
7:28PM 0 Hmisc - summary.
6:32PM 2 Using names()
6:32PM 0 RMySQL and MAC OS X
6:02PM 4 Hmisc?
5:52PM 2 sound lib - rstreams Mac OS 9 and X ???
5:22PM 0 gtk+1.2.10
5:08PM 1 the name of the statistical notation in R
4:31PM 0 error in plot residuals in a glm with iterations.
1:48PM 3 mean and array
12:47PM 0 Information about R and SPM
12:29PM 4 auto-loading package possible?
11:31AM 1 subscript out of bounds
11:02AM 1 two problem in writing R functions
9:22AM 0 Can I avoid loop?
9:14AM 1 Strange behaviour in plot and points?
Monday July 1 2002
10:56PM 3 manipulating axis labels in grid and lattice
4:35PM 0 error starting SJava: classpath?
4:28PM 1 Defining own variance function / quasi-likelihood in a GLM
4:25PM 1 How to do multiple comparisons with multiple error strata
3:53PM 1 request information about a problem with an ARIMA function
1:54PM 1 a little statistics help
1:42PM 1 Substitutions in strings.
1:32PM 1 Fitting a batch of histograms
1:29PM 2 split a data frame
12:48PM 1 modified kolmogorov-smirnov
12:46PM 1 settings for windows()
12:45PM 1 GUIs (for teaching)
11:54AM 1 glmmPQL
11:11AM 2 "_"
10:29AM 1 chi square residuals
9:24AM 3 Discrete random variable
9:12AM 2 GUI and Java: RSJava does not work
6:38AM 1 Compilation problem in Tru64/Alpha
2:15AM 1 functions of dataframes