R help - Aug 2002

Saturday August 31 2002
5:22AM 2 Counting elements in 2 rows of a matrix
Friday August 30 2002
11:00PM 2 Partitioning an nxp Time series matrix
9:28PM 0 data inquiry
7:50PM 5 density() returns a density function that does not add up to 1
6:20PM 1 TIFF reader in R
4:22PM 1 Ordered logit or probit
1:27PM 2 postscript() problem
9:12AM 1 Can neither find or create RInterpreter.DLL
8:13AM 4 Intercept in model formulae.
6:57AM 1 Limit on Function Size
Thursday August 29 2002
10:13PM 2 problem with toString
7:36PM 3 How would you do a logistic analysis
7:33PM 3 2 questions
6:00PM 8 lme() with known level-one variances
4:33PM 0 Problems to install SJava 0.65
9:55AM 2 Factor Analysis in MASS4
2:02AM 3 running SJava
12:38AM 0 fitting nlme model inside a function
Wednesday August 28 2002
11:44PM 0 Thank you for the quick tip :)
10:07PM 0 segfault in RMySQL
9:39PM 1 fix(fix)
8:53PM 1 plotting barplot in log scale
6:57PM 2 NA rownames in dataframes
4:28PM 2 all possible subsets of r out of n
3:47PM 1 handling dates in R
12:34PM 0 Extracting variance component estimates from lme
11:32AM 2 Coercing character string to function argument ?
7:48AM 1 RODBC: sqlFetch and its argument sqtable
6:54AM 0 No subject
6:46AM 2 Package foreign
6:41AM 0 user defined function in rpart
4:58AM 2 sourcing a file with the plot.lme() function
4:12AM 0 Where are the data "sales" and "production"
3:38AM 4 Huge data frames?
1:18AM 0 base conversion, digit interweaving
1:02AM 1 how do you install R-plus on Win ME?
12:46AM 0 Selection of Records in a Data Frame Based on a Criteria Applying to Factors
Tuesday August 27 2002
8:00PM 1 unlist (rpart.object.list)
7:07PM 1 Opening Data Via FTP
5:14PM 0 Course***R/S-plus Programming Techniques II September - August 2002
4:17PM 0 PDF problem (correction)
4:09PM 1 PDF output problem
3:58PM 1 2 questions about cluster analysis
3:49PM 5 probit etc. for dose-response modeling
11:31AM 1 ts basic question
10:43AM 2 Peter Dalgaard's book availability....
9:51AM 1 legend() outside plotting region
Monday August 26 2002
11:14PM 3 generating time series data
11:11PM 3 Random unit vectors in R^{n}
7:05PM 0 Re: RArcInfo 0.3 (fwd)
5:54PM 5 updating n within for(i in 1:n) loop
5:26PM 1 (CAR) Scatterplot and problems (?) with abline
9:39AM 0 No subject
Sunday August 25 2002
10:39PM 1 windows focus and setting active device
5:34PM 0 Rterm BATCH versus Splus BATCH (II)
5:22PM 2 Rterm BATCH versus Splus BATCH
11:28AM 0 Time Series
Saturday August 24 2002
11:45PM 2 Density of non-central t distribution
8:09PM 1 nlme
2:19AM 3 link my own C library using Rcmd SHLIB
Friday August 23 2002
7:50PM 2 why delete.response?
6:50PM 1 R/SJava/ROracle installation problem
5:09PM 2 Surprising result from integrate
4:29PM 1 No ESS process is associated with this buffer now
3:46PM 3 y-axis with "break"
2:42PM 0 nls question
2:10PM 0 bug in graph title (main=) ?
12:23PM 2 axis() plot() - step
7:59AM 5 quick xtable questions
7:07AM 2 row.names - problem with vers. 1.4.1
2:26AM 1 R_NilValue blows up on Windows
1:42AM 1 Legends and Fonts
1:35AM 1 List to Data Frame
Thursday August 22 2002
10:09PM 1 combining output from several operations
10:05PM 2 Calculating dispersion in glm
8:23PM 1 window "placement"
7:56PM 0 New version of simpleR notes
6:39PM 1 Error: object is not a matrix
9:45AM 0 Reading unicode files?
9:09AM 1 installing package maps
5:13AM 1 LAPACK in R
3:38AM 1 How to create daily ts() object?
1:21AM 3 correlation
Wednesday August 21 2002
8:11PM 0 Tenure track positions in Statistics
2:48PM 0 column names in write.table
2:13PM 2 More help with Lattice
12:55PM 2 package nlme: covariates and self-starting nonlinear regression
12:52PM 1 is.numeric()
10:17AM 0 lagged regression
10:08AM 1 sourcing code and importing data; was: A layman seeks hel p!
9:41AM 4 A layman seeks help!
7:05AM 4 Quadratic optimization problem
5:53AM 0 Population dynamicist job in Queensland, Australia
12:41AM 2 Rterm and cgi
Tuesday August 20 2002
10:43PM 1 R doesn't use all available memory
9:30PM 1 About lm()
8:35PM 2 weighting means
7:03PM 1 try-error in batch and interactive mode
6:52PM 1 override ask = TRUE in plot.formula
6:00PM 2 Calling R from within Matlab Code
5:57PM 1 Jpeg files dynamically but multiple figures (e.g xyplot (grid/lattice))...
5:00PM 0 RODBC/Solaris/Oracle - No Data
4:20PM 0 Sum: Reset par(xaxp) in plot
3:10PM 2 help page for a function
2:56PM 0 Re: SVM questions
2:43PM 2 t() converts data.frames ind matrix
2:19PM 2 Reset par(xaxp) in plot
10:22AM 0 rotating a dendrogram
6:56AM 4 plot and bg
12:18AM 1 Running median
Monday August 19 2002
10:18PM 2 Help with Lattice
9:27PM 1 latex for xlab
7:30PM 1 How do I uninstall R on a linux box
12:38PM 1 AW: Out of memory
11:45AM 0 : Bug in Error() and the use of Error() for repeated measures with more than 2 fa ctors
8:27AM 1 install the SJava package on unix
8:09AM 1 CONTENTS, TITLE not generated
Sunday August 18 2002
8:08PM 0 cluster (clara)
11:58AM 1 Adding argument 'flush' to read.table() too...
Saturday August 17 2002
5:42PM 1 Is there a way of getting R up and running on an IPAQ 3870?
2:38PM 1 Peculiar behavior of attached objects
5:41AM 1 Random Number Testing
3:48AM 2 Random Numbers
Friday August 16 2002
9:09PM 1 plot.design and NAs
1:45PM 0 data bank
12:57PM 1 How to change parameters of Trellis-like graphs
11:57AM 2 [nlme] BLUPs for a new subject in a fitted lme model?
9:04AM 2 system command
2:55AM 1 Summary:ROracle error
Thursday August 15 2002
11:25PM 2 complex splits
8:38PM 0 gnls error in NLS step
6:22PM 0 sample {base}
6:20PM 0 SJava, another UnsatisfiedLinkError
5:33PM 0 managing for-loops
9:42AM 1 cov.rob: May I answer myself?
9:32AM 0 Behaviour of cov.rob/MCD
1:24AM 1 sorry!~I have a question
12:40AM 2 How to run R to generate graphics (jpeg) files dynamically ?
Wednesday August 14 2002
10:11PM 0 predict se.fit for nls_ wrong page number quoted
10:06PM 0 predict se.fit for nls
9:44PM 0 E-mail Nanet - Virus removido !
8:30PM 2 Smoothing estimated probabilities
6:31PM 3 Out of memory
5:42PM 1 numerical differentiation
4:12PM 3 t-test via matrix operations
3:20PM 0 Matrix inverse
3:15PM 0 : use of Error() for repeated measures with more than 2 factors
6:50AM 1 test
3:14AM 1 Why can't Anove (car package) see the data?
Tuesday August 13 2002
4:41PM 1 tcltk - text widget with a scrollbar?
3:26PM 1 Q: replacing elements in an array
1:08PM 8 Document R sourcecode with Tex
12:28PM 2 loess()
12:03PM 1 Rcmd SHLIB under NT
11:33AM 0 Non linear SUR estimation
11:09AM 1 Ex ante forecasting from structural equation models (SEM package)
10:41AM 1 nlsList
10:10AM 1 Load Ascii file in R
9:58AM 1 getting source file name
6:14AM 0 matrixMultiplication & labels
Monday August 12 2002
9:36PM 1 printing from latex help files in R
8:50PM 1 question about cloud() in lattice package
8:36PM 1 division by zero
8:08PM 1 No subject
7:31PM 1 set.seed
7:08PM 0 Multiple Comparisons
6:36PM 1 Error 127 and dlltool
5:39PM 1 Select exactly n elements of a vector
3:55PM 5 programming in R
2:10PM 0 Attaching marginal summary plots to the main matrix plot
1:15PM 0 problems with R setup in UNIX
1:05PM 1 Experimental Design
8:41AM 0 using dbWriteTable() fails
8:37AM 1 Beginer
8:09AM 0 R: Display table as percentage
4:29AM 2 Display table as percentage
3:16AM 0 help with pseudo-random numbers
2:33AM 1 Level sets of factors are different (panel.superpose)
Sunday August 11 2002
11:30AM 0 GLM Contingency table regressions - more details.
5:49AM 0 f/up
5:23AM 0 ps
5:22AM 0 building with gcc 3.0 on solaris??
4:31AM 1 Ordinal categorical data with GLM
Saturday August 10 2002
7:02PM 1 GLM Contingency table regressions
5:33PM 1 poscript("fileName.eps") possible?
5:18PM 1 R and gcc, yet again
4:28PM 2 fractals
4:25PM 1 Weird densityplot behaviour
2:27PM 1 How to concatenate a variable and assign value
8:49AM 0 ?subexpressions, D, deriv
8:28AM 2 package for saving large datasets in ASCII
2:44AM 0 lme output
2:08AM 1 Imputation?
12:05AM 0 error starting SJava: classpath --solved
Friday August 9 2002
9:00PM 2 error starting SJava: classpath
8:40PM 2 Help with improving efficiency
6:20PM 0 MASS (Was: hard to believe speed difference)
5:56PM 1 LM: Least Squares on Large Datasets OR why lm() is designed the w ay it is
5:10PM 0 percentile labels in qqnorm
3:47PM 1 trellis -graphic
2:08PM 0 package tests
1:41PM 3 ANOVA type III sum of squares?
1:28PM 2 simulating binary variables
1:01PM 0 No subject
12:59PM 2 time series and R
12:12PM 1 asking for help (was RE: nnet trouble, continued)
11:10AM 1 Statistical MAYDAY request. (fwd)
9:42AM 0 nnet trouble, continued
9:13AM 0 nnet trouble
12:07AM 2 RMySQL fetch defaults to N=500?
Thursday August 8 2002
9:45PM 0 setting the size of plots
6:09PM 2 Splus-funktion "haplo.score"
5:22PM 0 Model GUI
4:31PM 1 The unary - operator and matrix column labels
2:18PM 1 problem installing R-1.5.1 on hpux 11.11
10:25AM 1 analysis of function dependencies / namespacing
5:30AM 2 R graphics and dpi
4:08AM 0 RE: rmultinom
2:03AM 0 RE: rmultinom
Wednesday August 7 2002
11:33PM 0 RE: printed copies of "An Introduction to R"
9:15PM 1 No subject
9:08PM 1 FW: ROracle error
6:03PM 2 cluster-analysis and NA's
4:01PM 2 indexing matrices with dimnames?
12:58PM 2 Constructing titles from list of expressions
12:51PM 1 [Fwd: Re: Memory leak in R v1.5.1?] - resolved
10:29AM 1 Setting the size of a plot
10:17AM 3 Reading characters using read.table()
10:02AM 0 calling R-functions from C++ code
9:44AM 0 xfig-output
7:10AM 3 Forcing integers to be nominal
2:04AM 2 ftell and fseek
Tuesday August 6 2002
8:12PM 3 hard to believe speed difference
7:45PM 2 [ and setMethod conflict?
6:24PM 2 AOV in MASS not the same??
5:51PM 0 nnet question
4:56PM 0 Memory leak in R v1.5.1? (how to use optim)
4:16PM 1 Repeated Measures ANOVA
3:28PM 1 Questions about lexical scope
2:07PM 0 pipe and binary i/o (on Linux)
2:01PM 1 Using Tcl/Tk on Windows
1:18PM 1 re| `By reference'
12:02PM 2 help with lagged scatterplot
10:14AM 1 write.table() adds unnecessary spaces to right align integer column
10:05AM 1 Rd: more than one list
8:46AM 2 Estimating Weibull parameters
4:58AM 2 Memory leak in R v1.5.1?
4:05AM 1 timing predict.tree()
Monday August 5 2002
9:52PM 1 constructing a formula
9:23PM 3 Formatting POSIXt values in plot axis labels
8:51PM 0 Question regarding hypergeometric 2f1 function
8:12PM 4 Extracting Header From Table
7:35PM 1 pipe and binary i/o
7:00PM 0 robust() package for binomial families
6:56PM 0 problem installing package mgcv
3:50PM 1 Dotplot
11:34AM 1 polynom Fit
10:21AM 2 How to get p-values
10:02AM 0 Re: [S] Multinomial
9:21AM 2 Structural TS and recursive estimation
6:40AM 1 Modified ARMA function
5:44AM 1 Problems when building R with gnome support (Mandrake Linux)
2:31AM 2 filename of source file
2:06AM 2 No subject
Sunday August 4 2002
1:08PM 5 Pseudo R^2 for logit - really naive question
3:25AM 3 Fortran DLLs
Saturday August 3 2002
9:52PM 2 smcc/ make failure/ R CMD INSTALL package
4:14AM 1 Numerical Optimization
2:38AM 2 variable scope
Friday August 2 2002
10:08PM 1 R to Oracle via RODBC
8:57PM 3 I know this is wrong, but why?
8:12PM 1 avoiding "for()" loops: a question?
5:35PM 1 question
5:04PM 1 Means of Monte Carlo simulated lists
3:31PM 4 extracting data from a dataframe
1:06PM 3 Arguments of a function
12:35PM 2 variables inside an Rdi-select statement?!
12:28PM 1 Cox regression
11:09AM 0 New R mirror in Brazil
11:08AM 1 doubt about contrib...
9:36AM 1 survival analysis: plot.survfit
8:33AM 0 Testing difference between two partial correlations
Thursday August 1 2002
10:46PM 0 Multiple time series as matrix
8:45PM 2 plotting two curves: Why same hight?
7:34PM 1 curve fitting
6:09PM 4 copying objects
5:48PM 0 Factor Analysis by Principal Components (Code Attached)
5:33PM 4 What does persp() return?
3:37PM 1 Non-alignment of <NA> in rownames
3:15PM 2 glm.control
3:00PM 0 dev.copy2eps() problem
2:38PM 2 Help massaging big arrays
2:32PM 1 Kate problem
2:22PM 2 keyboard problems
1:21PM 2 A question from a newbee...
9:44AM 2 Building a function
9:24AM 1 question about AIC