Xen users - May 2009

Sunday May 31 2009
10:54PM 0 How to Install Xen 3.2 on Ubuntu from Live CD!
7:54PM 0 How is xm list implemented?
6:20PM 0 PV drivers for IA64 on Windows HVM DomU
1:46AM 0 Windows/7 RC installs, networking doesn''t work
Saturday May 30 2009
10:00AM 2 maximum number of domus with xen 3.2
9:28AM 0 Code study. Help needed.
4:28AM 1 Problems with power management
12:32AM 1 hvm
Friday May 29 2009
9:37PM 6 disk image corruption
9:02PM 0 Attaching 2 serial devices to a Xen gues
8:30PM 10 Advice on redundant SAN/NAS storage for Xen
3:27PM 0 Xen.org Weekly Status
3:14PM 0 Installing Xen 3.2 on Ubuntu from Live CD!
11:08AM 0 GlusterFS with Xen
10:47AM 8 strange network issue after upgrade to 3.4
8:22AM 1 Centos Xen dom0 and Debian domU
Thursday May 28 2009
8:08PM 10 CentOS 5.3 bond0 and xen 3.3.0
8:03PM 1 GUI
7:05PM 0 Virt-install
6:50PM 3 Can not find the SATA disk during booting the Xen Kernel (opensuse 11.1)
6:13PM 0 Tap:aio file disk devices not work.
6:04PM 1 GPLPV drivers and live migration
5:56PM 2 issues after rebooting
5:27PM 2 interactions between xen and openvpn
5:25PM 3 Vdi-image
2:56PM 1 live migration : unsolicited ARP
1:15PM 1 Sky2 and problems with boot Xen Kernel.
1:11PM 0 virtinst
12:34PM 4 Xen 3.4 Qcow based Copy of write overlay for Centos base image does not work.
12:29PM 6 uuid of DomU from DomU.
12:01PM 1 Hard disc
11:52AM 10 about xm vcpu-set
9:59AM 0 Fw: Re: Xen 3.4 Hackery on Ubuntu 9.04 (aka Jaunty) Server
9:44AM 2 Xen Virtualize WiFi cards?
9:02AM 0 After install of xen kernel system don''t boot... normally
5:19AM 2 Is xen3.4.0 more stable than 3.3.1?
5:02AM 0 xen 3.4. 0 vmlinux error while compiling on redhat 5.3
Wednesday May 27 2009
8:05PM 10 Xen 3.4 Hackery on Ubuntu 9.04 (aka Jaunty) Server
5:42PM 1 Network Physical and bridge
5:10PM 0 DomU Image Repository
4:53PM 1 Can''t ping gateway (SOLVED !!!!)
4:28PM 1 Newbie to XEN and Installation advice!
2:36PM 4 clocksource/0: Time went backwards
1:08PM 0 Xen 3.3.1 - DomU HVM Windows
1:02PM 0 VM start failed - How to debug?
12:37PM 3 64 bit domU
12:03PM 13 my first XEN Installation I need some advice
12:03PM 1 Debian as guest VM
10:36AM 3 Installing Debian as guest VM
10:29AM 0 xen 3.4.0 debian lenny problem with Fujitsu Siemens Server
9:07AM 3 Xen 3.2 with Ubuntu 8.04 (64-Bit) on Intel Nehalem (i7)
7:36AM 1 HVM to PARA
6:42AM 0 test mail please ignore...sorry for spam
6:16AM 6 3.4 and Debian Kernel
1:44AM 3 Network problem
Tuesday May 26 2009
9:08PM 1 How to dynamically change the Cap value for credit scheduler
6:30PM 1 Installing and running XEN
5:47PM 3 Match between Dom0 and DomU PV
4:28PM 6 Can''t update xenstore for a few domUs
4:03PM 0 PCMCIA support?
3:35PM 9 how to enable VT
2:15PM 2 XenClient boot error on ThinkPad X200
1:39PM 2 Xen-3.4 and FLR
1:34PM 0 Xen 3.4 source build network issue.
1:15PM 1 VMDQ / netchannel2 support?
12:12PM 4 gpg: Can''t check signature: public key not found
9:58AM 0 Problem to make the nvidia-driver (version 96) work with xen (3.3) on a X86 arch
7:18AM 2 Xen 3.4.0 and interface bonding
6:12AM 1 question of creating a redhat5 hvm guest on redhat5 virtualization platform.
4:06AM 1 libvir: Remote error: Connection refused
4:04AM 0 (no subject)
3:51AM 2 xen-detect.c question
Monday May 25 2009
9:40PM 2 Using Xen on load balancer keeps loosing connection
6:35PM 3 gplpv driver signature problem under win2k8_64bit
4:35PM 1 Problems with pyGRUB
1:09PM 1 Xen reboots on boot
9:06AM 1 Problem of using virt-install to create hvm guest
5:53AM 4 Install xen 3.4.0 and build from source
4:30AM 2 how to set ''extra'' parameter of xen configuration file?
Sunday May 24 2009
8:59PM 3 lvm
12:25PM 6 Difference performances between HVM and PV guest in hard disc reading
10:12AM 19 Xen Performance
3:40AM 2 RE: GPLPV (9.11pre20) in Win2003x64onXenServerEnterprise 5.0 (CD drive missing)
Saturday May 23 2009
8:56PM 0 Re: Re: [Xen-devel] [ANNOUNCE] Xen 3.4.0 released!
8:56PM 2 Re: Re: [Xen-devel] [ANNOUNCE] Xen 3.4.0 released!
8:29PM 4 freebsd
12:45PM 6 i7 and vt-d
8:33AM 3 CPU management
3:56AM 2 domU network is not working in ubuntu in xen 3.3.1
Friday May 22 2009
8:19PM 2 Compile problem with git.kernel.org src
8:02PM 6 can the root password be recovered from a DomU
5:31PM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] [XEN-3.4] any changes to time/clock handling?
5:10PM 3 Installing linux as hvm client?
12:57PM 11 Bridges are not working
1:38AM 3 GPLPV
Thursday May 21 2009
11:02PM 2 Intel VT-d success
8:36PM 4 Questions Converting from ESXi to Xen
7:55PM 1 Xentop and hvm?
5:29PM 3 VNC connection to DomU got black screen
2:26PM 10 Having Windows XP HVM on qcow diskfile and snapshots.
1:11PM 0 tap(net) device is no longer exists
Wednesday May 20 2009
9:53PM 1 MAX LUNS query..
4:22PM 2 system reboots half way through virt-install
2:58PM 0 Bridging and Bonding
2:44PM 0 PCI passthrough
10:06AM 0 KVM on XEN DomU
7:43AM 2 Xen-3.4 and Kernel-2.6.30-rc3 crash DomU & Dom0.
5:49AM 3 GPLPV BSOD - Win2003 x64
Tuesday May 19 2009
6:25PM 2 NAT routing + HVM DomU''s
3:57PM 1 VM default configuration location
2:40PM 1 xen and company os (winxp)
12:28PM 8 Ubuntu HVM installation is very slow
10:27AM 1 best networking mode in Xen
9:36AM 0 Different output for "xm getpolicy" and "xensec_tool getpolicy"
8:16AM 5 System freezes (hangs) and unexpected reboots with Xen 3.3.1 and W2k8 domU
8:16AM 9 Xen 3.4.0 boot failure
7:29AM 0 Re: pushing updates across lv-based domU clones
Monday May 18 2009
11:52PM 1 Running x86_64, but getting a 32-bit hypervisor
8:47PM 6 Simple question about Para-virtualized drivers in Windows
1:44PM 0 why so little installed modules in domain0, Thank you very much!
1:43PM 2 XP SP3 guest high CPU usage
1:16PM 4 Second ETH?
12:46PM 0 Re: Why my DomU OS'' State is always blocked? Thank youvery much!!
12:29PM 1 Fw: Vyatta VC5 inplace of Xen-bridging.
12:26PM 51 [ANNOUNCE] Xen 3.4.0 released!
12:19PM 1 Vyatta VC5 inplace of Xen-bridging.
11:19AM 2 VNC keymap problems
10:10AM 1 Mounting images created with virt-install
9:46AM 2 W2K3 HVM with gplpv shows strange pings
8:56AM 2 Why my guest os network disconnect domain 0 or anthor external network?Thank you very much!
8:36AM 2 Xen 3.4 increase video ram for hvm?
Sunday May 17 2009
8:48PM 0 Xen issues in running Nimbus!
3:42PM 0 GPLPV Installer
9:44AM 1 Video Card in DomU PV
Saturday May 16 2009
11:18PM 0 GPVPV 0.10 xen config?
3:03PM 2 Use different version Xen on one computer.
4:47AM 13 GPLPV uninstaller
12:53AM 2 VM won''t boot depending on processor
Friday May 15 2009
9:51PM 16 can one do traffic accounting on bridged domU''s?
6:40PM 0 Aim 7 Benchmarks
6:02PM 1 Unable to access internet from guests
2:57PM 14 Grub2 on Xen PV
2:24PM 2 Install x86_64 OS with HVM
1:05PM 3 How to specify static IP in guest config file
12:46PM 6 Problem with GPLPV drivers for server 2008
10:51AM 8 stubdom boot problems
10:04AM 1 Installing Windows 2008 server
8:13AM 6 Cannot destroy or delete domain
6:19AM 0 Ethernet bonding in fedora
5:39AM 0 Create VM with missing bridge
Thursday May 14 2009
11:20PM 2 Xen with 2 eth interface
8:27PM 1 make install KERNELS = "linux-2.6-xen0" fails
2:28PM 5 Communicating between 2 domU''s on same dom0
2:00PM 2 RE: Problem booting Xen DomU images under Ubuntu Jaun ty (Dom0 working nicely)
1:36PM 2 Problem booting Xen DomU images under Ubuntu Jaunty (Dom0 working nicely)
12:48PM 1 Why "lsmod" display so little module!
12:32PM 2 Why my DomU OS'' State is always blocked? Thank you very much!!
11:59AM 2 should restarting xend restart all the domU''s?
11:42AM 1 hg clone returns error
11:28AM 2 Hyperic HQ Open Source & Hyperic HQ Enterprise
10:22AM 0 Problems restoring Xen machines
8:50AM 1 Xen Migrate initiated from the target Host?
5:49AM 2 network problem with 50 domUs
Wednesday May 13 2009
9:29PM 1 XendConfig to_sxp optional domain
8:54PM 1 Xen versions
2:40PM 0 Re: capture the user made changes ..
2:31PM 3 How to list IP used by domU
1:47PM 4 Xen hotplug error
12:37PM 5 Giving multiple interfaces to a xen guest
11:55AM 0 Re: capture the user made changes ..
10:01AM 3 Virsh-install error
5:58AM 8 kernel: 4gb seg fixup messages...
4:02AM 1 Xen on (Open)solaris compared to Linux
1:53AM 4 When I generate a Centos 5.2 guest domain, the process stop at "Starting sshd: [ OK ]"?Thank you verymuch!
Tuesday May 12 2009
11:46PM 2 bug
11:25PM 112 [GIT PULL] Xen APIC hooks (with io_apic_ops)
10:04PM 1 pygrub
9:28PM 7 Trying to install windows as guest
8:34PM 1 ImageMagick/libgomp and 4gb seg fixup problems
7:58PM 0 PV DomU don''t read VolumeLabel of ISO.
7:21PM 2 debian
5:47PM 5 GPLPV 0.10.55 net misbehaviour
3:23PM 0 Xen.org Community Survey
12:33PM 0 apt error on domU
12:25PM 9 Ubuntu 8.04 DomU crash
6:40AM 0 Xen :Fedora guest domain startup encounts problem, Thank you very much!!!!
Monday May 11 2009
9:13PM 0 How to configure pxe options in the xen config file
5:55PM 12 Installing with iso
5:09PM 0 One question about vcpu-wake up in credit scheduler
4:58PM 1 using virt-install program
4:41PM 0 domans
12:05PM 0 xen . devices
12:02PM 0 Innstall debianor ubuntu
12:01PM 0 devices
10:02AM 1 vif0.0: received packet with own address as source address
Sunday May 10 2009
9:14AM 3 Xen - Fedora 10 ??
3:48AM 6 Need to Access 2 Serial Ports in HVM Win 2K3 server.
1:01AM 0 How to unload the usb modules?
Saturday May 9 2009
9:27PM 0 Re: looking for some data regarding successful Xen deployment
7:43PM 0 Xen Source debugging problem
6:18PM 1 Problem with xm migrate
11:32AM 0 DomU boot from NFS server
5:02AM 1 will it effect other vps if one vps is attacked.
3:49AM 1 A few questions about creating/restoring VM''s...
3:33AM 3 Nagios Monitoring with xentop
Friday May 8 2009
10:11PM 1 Performance measurement using Xenmon
9:40PM 7 Looking for Xen success stories in a production data center environment
9:30PM 4 Getting one Dom U Guest to wait to startup until another one''s done starting up?
8:39PM 4 xen
7:26PM 0 virtinstall
6:39PM 5 Best debian xen setup?
5:45PM 2 libvirt
4:25PM 4 XEN/bridge mode
2:14PM 1 Xen.org Weekly Community Update
12:29PM 8 domU corrupt after server crash, help needed trying to recover domU
8:50AM 1 Re: Extrange behaviour in arp with xen 3.0.3 from etch [ solved ]
8:14AM 0 Extrange behaviour in arp with xen 3.0.3 from etch
Thursday May 7 2009
9:35PM 1 Xen forwarding port to VM
9:30PM 10 MSSQL and Xen performance
4:01PM 5 unable to start an HVM domain
1:30AM 2 Multi-Tasking
Wednesday May 6 2009
8:50PM 10 Windows Performance Monitor on a Win2003R2 DomU
7:57PM 17 Help me to set up network (routes)
7:02PM 0 Gentoo etc
5:37PM 2 Disabling driver signature enforcement for Windows DomUs
4:36PM 0 USB Mass storage device
4:00PM 5 Xen admin book recommendations ?
3:02PM 4 Is Xen a way to go for me?
10:43AM 0 Re: Problem in xen-hypervisor-3.2-1-amd64 installation on Debian Lenny 2.6.26-1-amd64 -- Solved
10:25AM 2 To use DOM0 or not to use DOM0
7:16AM 3 Pygrub from unstable vesion Xen to stable version Xen.
6:33AM 2 Questions about VNC
Tuesday May 5 2009
6:34PM 5 gentoo
6:01PM 1 Re: Cannot open root device "sda1" or unknown-block ..
2:36PM 1 RE: Cannot open root device "sda1" or unknown-block ..
6:05AM 0 PV drivers for SCSI access ?
Monday May 4 2009
11:44PM 1 Res: Problem in xen-hypervisor-3.2-1-amd64 installation on Debian Lenny 2.6.26-1-amd64
7:42PM 1 dom0 iptables
7:20PM 6 Windows Host Blue-Screening.
7:05PM 0 problem with pci path through - device not present in DomU
6:39PM 0 Windows hosts "blue-screening" due to hardware drivers.
1:04PM 2 xen 3.4-pre3 - installation freeze at latex src/user.tex
12:01PM 5 Problem in xen-hypervisor-3.2-1-amd64 installation on Debian Lenny 2.6.26-1-amd64
3:43AM 0 Starting win2k3 hvm on another host.
Sunday May 3 2009
11:37PM 3 OpenSuse 10.3 - Xen 3.1.0 - VIF for DomU not recording transmitted bits correctly
10:09PM 0 test
2:54PM 0 Has someone succesfully passed a NOVA-S2/HVR-4000 to a DomU
10:32AM 5 Xen cLVM and iSCSI
4:37AM 0 Xen HVM W2K3 DEP question
4:31AM 5 W2k3 HVM domain QEMU drivers
Saturday May 2 2009
7:54PM 4 dom0_mem still needed?
2:19PM 3 One nic 2 diff network
12:53PM 2 Xen Saving VM
4:21AM 0 unsubscribe
Friday May 1 2009
10:46PM 1 opensolaris domU on debian dom0
10:41PM 1 download speed issue in xen server
10:09PM 0 RE: Installing Xen
9:19PM 1 problems with xensource lists?
9:15PM 10 a lot of packet loss
8:56PM 0 Re: Installing Xen
8:15PM 0 time is losing 2 hours in domU and problem with the network
8:09PM 0 New Document - Most Common Questions Asked on Xen-Users Mailing List
7:06PM 8 Attempt to allocate order 5 skbuff. Increase MAX_SKBUFF_ORDER
5:44PM 0 Xen 3.4-rc2 - kernel 2.6.26-2-xen-686 and mptsas
4:46PM 7 Suggested GUI management interface
4:42PM 1 bridge to route mode
3:58PM 0 hiding the xm console window
3:23PM 4 How do I resize a Physical Partition in a Dom U that''s "on" a Logical Volume in the Dom 0?
2:26PM 0 Weekly Xen.org Community Update
11:48AM 0 Free BSD DomU
10:39AM 5 PyGrub + ZFS: getbootstring. How it works?
7:01AM 8 Limiting domU network?
12:10AM 0 xm create results in blocked state guest
12:05AM 1 Setup doc for Solaris dom0?