Xen users - Jun 2009

Tuesday June 30 2009
4:01PM 3 paravirtualization or not ?
3:52PM 1 Getting fuse/coda devices working on Xen-based VM
2:26PM 0 XCI compilation error on Ubuntu 9.04
10:35AM 16 problem with xm create
10:35AM 1 [Fwd: DomUs don''t shutdown with cpu-pinning configured]
8:20AM 1 Weird domU state
7:33AM 5 Xen-bridge throughput
6:56AM 1 One Xen image multiple machines
Monday June 29 2009
10:31PM 0 DomUs don''t shutdown with cpu-pinning configured
4:07PM 7 GPLPV 7E Error during update
3:29PM 5 maximun memory for windows domU
3:10PM 1 Building Xen: failure to launch
2:31PM 0 HTTP_based protocol
1:42PM 1 unexpectedly crash...
9:38AM 0 Weekly Xen.org Community Update
5:08AM 1 i8042.c: No controller found.
Sunday June 28 2009
4:31PM 0 Setting a parameter from shell at run-time.
12:51PM 1 nic naming
1:21AM 1 Networking: two dynamic IPs
Saturday June 27 2009
7:48PM 8 Does the amount of main memory influence PCI pass through (DMA) capability?
3:28PM 2 Packet modification on Xen virutal Bridge
2:55AM 1 Suse Virtual machine console - tcp connection
2:50AM 5 bridge interface with (initially) no ports
1:00AM 21 Hotplugging SCSI device to Windows 2k3 GOS
Friday June 26 2009
8:22PM 3 Vif dropping packets
7:29PM 2 Xen, NIC bonding, ARP problem
4:00PM 2 Compiled problem with xen-unstable
2:42PM 3 after installing virt-manager, error reported and cannot start up xend
1:39PM 3 xm documentation
9:37AM 0 AW: Xen, IRQ-sharing and PCI passthrough
9:15AM 0 Xen, IRQ-sharing and PCI passthrough
9:07AM 1 PCI Pass Through and DVB-S: PES packet shortened
8:06AM 0 dealing with "eth0: received packet with own address as source address"
7:28AM 2 Latest xen unstable, error: pathspec ''xen-tip/master'' did not match any file(s) known to git.
6:36AM 0 AW: xenified 2.6.29 ready to use tar.gz
3:30AM 3 I/O on domu in PV
2:01AM 1 Xen guest install issue
Thursday June 25 2009
10:08PM 7 Snort on domU
9:06PM 0 Error creating vm xen3.4
7:25PM 0 domains > 40 fail to start correctly.
6:05PM 3 xen-create-image: command not found?
5:27PM 0 flush writes to mounted image
3:30PM 0 cpu 100% after updating
2:47PM 8 Xen network tune for fileserver in DomU
2:43PM 1 PV Drivers For HVM Guest
2:30PM 1 Suggestions on networking ?
12:31PM 5 centos 5.3 + jailtime.org
12:26PM 3 Xen 3.2 Bridge performance problem (debian lenny)
11:31AM 5 Terrible Xen 3.4 performance
10:50AM 0 A pair of problems with xen 3.4
10:01AM 2 Consistent snapshots
7:35AM 7 GPL PV drivers and CDROM
7:28AM 2 XP HVM performance
5:49AM 2 ConVirt 1.1 is released.
Wednesday June 24 2009
9:46PM 0 disk image reporting as acb archive data
9:19PM 1 gplpv driver and w7/w2k8r2 64 bit
8:34PM 3 auto start domU
8:11PM 1 VLANs in domU?
6:23PM 2 Problem w/ networking on 64bit
3:04PM 0 cannot use DVFS in xen 3.4, suggested way of adding cpufreq=dom0-kernel has been tried
2:58PM 2 migration error between different xen versions
2:52PM 1 block-attach on windows guest
2:33PM 0 Xen.org Website Update - Looking for Feedback
1:53PM 0 Determining where a DomU lives?
12:43PM 2 messed up partition table on img file
9:39AM 0 oVirt on CentOS 5.3?
7:00AM 3 Re: flat file system as disk
6:04AM 0 Re: xen boot domU pb
3:55AM 0 Graphic Application in Virtual Machines
2:50AM 2 Re: flat file system as disk
Tuesday June 23 2009
10:25PM 2 methods of porting RHEL PV guests to real hardware
9:17PM 7 Dom 0 firewall
5:15PM 4 Migration by copying files/folder
5:03PM 0 Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04) as DomU Clock Issue
3:06PM 6 network usage gathering
1:51PM 3 vif-route script not getting domU-IP (vif-IP)
9:09AM 7 Xen Console
8:29AM 2 present domU with 1 CPU with multiple cores
7:52AM 5 Latest Xen-unstable with 2.6.30-rc3-tip: All modules missing
7:46AM 0 Set CONFIG_IP_PNP to y?
12:50AM 0 citrix
Monday June 22 2009
10:54PM 0 ignore this
7:48PM 2 xvda vs sda -performance-
2:21PM 3 How to boot Ubuntu 9.04(Jaunty) or Debian Lenny (vmlinuz-2.6.26-2-686-bigmem) as domU under Lenny''s vmlinuz-2.6.26-2-xen-686 as dom0. PVM''s initrd issue
1:52PM 5 New xen user, basic inquiries
10:28AM 2 Identifying disk resources in dom0
7:47AM 1 Xen server on SPARC ??
6:56AM 0 dell poweredge 2900 III dom0 crashes unexpectecdly
6:42AM 12 GPLPV Blue Screen 0x0000007B
12:22AM 2 domU with 64-bit kernel, 32-bit userland - OK?
Sunday June 21 2009
6:10PM 1 Xen boots to blank screen
3:39PM 1 Xen on a Mac Pro
2:45PM 1 publicly available f11 domU images
8:11AM 5 domU autostart with deps
5:57AM 0 Can''t get guest domain network working and what doe eth0:off mean
2:31AM 6 dom0 crash when mem-set to memory of dom0 from 512Mb to 450Mb
Saturday June 20 2009
11:54AM 1 Emerging Research areas in Xen
3:01AM 1 xenstored died; Bad File Descriptor
Friday June 19 2009
6:49PM 1 Performance question on 32-bit HVM DomU vs 64-bit HVM DomU on top of 64-bit Xen Hypervisor
4:19PM 1 Xen 3.0.3 on Debian Etch, Bridging, intermittent packet loss
1:37PM 0 Re: [libvirt] domain.info() sometimes returns state zero for running machines
1:23PM 1 Bandwidth usage during live migration
1:14PM 0 Error allocating a new storage
2:34AM 0 Xen linux-2.6.18 on Intel dx58so motherboard?
12:02AM 1 cpufreq in xen 3.4.0
Thursday June 18 2009
4:50PM 2 stuck domU
3:33PM 0 Error asigning
2:42PM 0 Time sync error in Xen DomU
2:16PM 1 vTPM problem
12:30PM 1 NetBSD as DomU under Debian (lenny)
11:50AM 0 Live Migration and how exactly it works
11:26AM 12 Best way to use iSCSI in domU
9:23AM 6 Install Centos-5 as DomU on Debian Dom0
9:10AM 6 xend start error
8:41AM 0 Xen 3.4.0 and Linux Kernel Success, but...
8:00AM 0 DomU shutdown issue
7:21AM 1 Xen & free_memory
6:55AM 1 How to create a HVM stubdomain
12:22AM 6 LVM partitions on PV domU
Wednesday June 17 2009
9:32PM 0 Unable to access parallel port from domU
8:06PM 0 xm mem-sets and xm vcpu-set for HVM domain.
7:16PM 0 Re: Xen 3.4.1 Configuration Issues with Ubuntu 9.04!
7:16PM 0 DomU won''t start under Xen 3.4.1-pre3
6:20PM 2 Packets dropped if no ARP entry
2:14PM 0 Re: Xen 3.4.1 Configuration Issues with Ubuntu 9.04!
2:06PM 0 Re: Xen 3.4 Configuration Issues with Ubuntu 9.04! One more time.
2:04PM 0 Re: Xen 3.4.1 Configuration Issues with Ubuntu 9.04!
2:02PM 1 kernel patches ...
1:46PM 0 Re: Xen 3.4.1 Configuration Issues with Ubuntu 9.04!
12:30PM 2 Xen 3.0.4 Configuration Issues with Ubuntu 9.04!
10:28AM 0 xen crash after 1 month
9:33AM 0 MPTSAS is broken in xen-3.4.x ?
9:00AM 9 Cron/Time is going crazy during load
7:06AM 0 Old kernel modules not loading after installing Xen
5:46AM 7 Can''t get guest domain network working!
2:07AM 0 Qemu nic rate limit
12:01AM 1 VNC on OS200906 domU under Solaris dom0
Tuesday June 16 2009
11:01PM 6 OS X on Xen
7:54PM 2 vnc Display number
5:31PM 2 Fwd: WinXP HVM access to CDROM ?
4:23PM 0 Xen resets connections
4:09PM 4 XEN 3.4.1-pre3 with newer Kernel
12:33PM 0 Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working
8:47AM 1 2.6.30 guest crashes with Xen 3.3.1 hypervisor
8:37AM 3 Backend device not found
8:08AM 0 XEN 3.4.x - boot problem
7:47AM 4 Virt. Interfaces in routed domU. Howto config?
6:46AM 2 Xen-dom0 kernel compilation in fedora 9
2:01AM 1 Virtual machine(s) performance questions
Monday June 15 2009
10:39PM 2 clocksource? jiffies?
6:41PM 4 DomU''s unable to connect to vnet0 / bridge
4:10PM 4 FW: New Document : Configuration File Options (UPDATED DOCUMENT)
2:03PM 2 New Document : Configuration File Options
1:42PM 1 DHCP server in XEN
11:51AM 0 Can Xen pass-through a device to different domUs?
11:51AM 0 No disk devices with tap:aio
Sunday June 14 2009
9:23PM 0 rpath
4:03PM 0 all VM''s offline after rebooting core switch
10:48AM 3 Guest OS proccess'' network activity monitoring
10:43AM 14 64bit linux DomU on 32bit Dom0
9:45AM 9 What are your bottomneck in using Xen solution?
9:33AM 0 Help...
Saturday June 13 2009
10:43PM 6 cluster snapshots
10:11PM 0 (XEN) Unknown interrupt?
9:59PM 0 xen + vmware
7:00PM 0 RE: Xen-users Digest, Vol 52, Issue 86
6:49PM 3 Is it Xen or Vista?
12:24PM 4 Unable to create WinXP DomU
12:17PM 0 Building 64-bit Xen hypervisor on 32-bit host
10:01AM 5 I/O and Network control on VM
Friday June 12 2009
8:16PM 0 [SPAM] Migration error
4:52PM 2 VDI with XEN 3.3.1
2:25PM 1 Xen Installation Problem
2:24PM 0 npiv VS Xen 3.3
2:18PM 3 Merging two xen nodes together
1:12PM 0 Where should i put filp_open in domU kenel space?
12:59PM 11 RE: Xen 3.4.0, windows 2003 R2 installation crashes
10:00AM 0 Xen.org Weekly Community Update - June 12, 2009
9:50AM 1 9999% cpu load
7:00AM 0 Xen 3.4.0, windows 2003 R2 installation crashes whole system
12:27AM 8 Dtc-xen
Thursday June 11 2009
11:18PM 6 customized debian kernel ...
9:22PM 3 Gathering "metal" stats
7:14PM 1 Xen Help
6:04PM 1 How do I create an initrd for a vm that is using lvm ?
3:20PM 0 PV-GRUB on xen 3.2
2:01PM 0 AUTO: Arthur Doumas is out of the office. (returning 06/15/2009)
1:51PM 0 freebsd domU
1:27PM 3 Planning - question about storage
1:04PM 0 Re: problem with virsh attach-device on xen3.4
11:05AM 2 migrating between different processors (intel/amd)
10:58AM 1 [SPAM] Re: SV: HyperVM
10:34AM 1 How to view actual physical memory available on xen host
9:22AM 2 one domU out of 4 looses time sync
9:02AM 2 Kernel compile question
8:10AM 2 domU only booting with extra = ''xencons=tty1''
Wednesday June 10 2009
4:34PM 0 Grub errors on an LVM install?
4:15PM 1 unsubscribe
3:38PM 1 disturb
3:04PM 0 AW: AW: AW: XEN 3.4 - Problems with eth0 (link down)
2:44PM 0 64bit HVM guest and SMP
2:36PM 2 Xen 3.3.1 & Fiberchannel/LiveMigration
1:57PM 1 Need to choose a (free) hypervisor
1:01PM 1 AW: AW: XEN 3.4 - Problems with eth0 (link down)
12:51PM 0 How to Allocate Disk Bandwidth among VMs?
9:24AM 5 Xend stopped unexpectedly
8:36AM 1 Status of SR-IOV Support?
8:26AM 2 XEN 3.4 - Problems with eth0 (link down)
6:28AM 2 strange things
5:45AM 1 How to fix the CPU mapping?
1:25AM 1 virt-install w/ routed networking
Tuesday June 9 2009
8:10PM 46 HyperVM
5:28PM 0 Kalil de A. Carvalho wants to chat
10:37AM 0 info kernel freebsd
9:32AM 5 Intel Quad NIC made visible in guest -> system crash
9:25AM 8 Switch Hardware Virtualization On/Off
8:27AM 2 Cannot ping DomU from Dom0 / cannot ping same site from two DomUs at the same time
7:43AM 2 Re: Has my Xen guest domain been started? (Donglai Zhang)
4:43AM 1 Has my Xen guest domain been started?
Monday June 8 2009
5:47PM 0 Re: KVM''s
3:11PM 0 New Xen.org Merchandise Store Up and Running
2:37PM 24 Making system templates
1:31PM 0 Re: Subject: Starting Guest VM on debian etch
12:29PM 2 xm vcpu-set doesn''t work
11:02AM 2 Major corruption of Windows HVM disks - Xen 3.4
10:53AM 1 Starting Guest VM on debian etch
8:11AM 0 packets transit between dom0 and domU
Sunday June 7 2009
9:42PM 0 peth0 waiting to negotiate ....
11:34AM 12 please help: Linux Kernel must be loaded before initrd
1:32AM 3 Cirrus Logic 5446 is preventing the machine from entering standby
Saturday June 6 2009
10:01PM 0 solved
9:54PM 0 Testing my server
10:41AM 1 With network-route on domU I can ping but nothing else works
7:06AM 0 Xen 3.02 in Debian etch
12:38AM 2 Arch Linux DomU
Friday June 5 2009
11:00PM 0 hello
10:58PM 3 run a VM from a previous physical disk install ?
10:50PM 3 synchronization between domUs
8:22PM 5 test
8:09PM 3 bsd
1:22PM 1 Xen.org Weekly Status Report
12:50PM 1 initrd for 32-bit domU on 64-bit dom0
9:26AM 5 xenified 2.6.29 ready to use tar.gz
7:50AM 3 Boot problem: gave up waiting for root device or kernel panic
6:49AM 2 name of DomU inside DomU
6:35AM 1 domU boot failure with Xen 3.4.0
6:24AM 3 Is there a distro with Xen-3.4?
Thursday June 4 2009
6:56PM 0 GPL PV Xen Net drive not keeping gateway information
4:02PM 1 off: win rdesktop alternative for opengl apps.
2:39PM 6 Screen resolution - Vista
1:31PM 5 Win Vista on Xen
1:28PM 0 workings of live migration
12:38PM 2 AW: AW: Debian Kernel and Xen 3.4
12:20PM 15 Scheduled maintenance?
10:41AM 0 Domain0 mouse acts weird
8:26AM 1 how to build unmodified drivers in 3.3.1 ??
3:31AM 0 Disk timeouts of guests
3:12AM 2 Which flag shows the DomU filesystem has mounted?
2:11AM 0 Measuring performance using Xenmon
Wednesday June 3 2009
10:07PM 0 very strange problem with reported uuid''s of /dev/sdb and /dev/sdb1 combined with LVM
4:12PM 0 Does Xen 3.4 support hibernating?
4:03PM 4 DHCP server on Dom-0: guests fail to connect
2:49PM 0 Error: (13, ''Permission denied'')
11:42AM 0 DomU''s cannot see network packets on eth0 using TShark
10:20AM 0 Migration and arp-notify: Unreliable?
9:52AM 0 Why I''m getting "Couldn''t locate PCI device ... perhaps already in-use?"
8:55AM 0 OpenSolaris 103 HVM no longer boots after upgrade from Xen 3.2 to Xen 3.4
8:27AM 3 Managing Dom0 load?
8:13AM 1 Install suse11 on redhat5, thanks for help!
7:26AM 4 Millions of errors/collisions on physical interface in routed Xen-setup??
6:56AM 3 XEN on Debian 5.0.1 does not start
5:22AM 5 RE: Merge Xen (the hypervisor) into Linux
12:32AM 0 RE: Merge Xen (the hypervisor) into Linux
12:17AM 0 Intel processor model 30 for P6 class family is not supported
Tuesday June 2 2009
10:32PM 2 XP HVM w/o VT/AMD-V?
9:38PM 0 problems with USB and PCI passthrough on Debian Lenny
9:30PM 1 how to debug random server reboots
3:35PM 4 solaris
3:06PM 0 Install Errors for Xen 3.4 or 3.5 on Ubuntu 9.04? (not 3.3)
2:42PM 2 Network faillure after domU migration
2:13PM 8 Debian Kernel and Xen 3.4
2:12PM 0 Win2k3 install failure
1:22PM 1 [SPAM] ospfd doesn''t appear to be doing anything?
12:22PM 1 XenClient:How to install VM
6:18AM 3 truecrypt & kernel 2.6.24
Monday June 1 2009
11:07PM 2 GUK (enhanced MiniOS) released
8:43PM 2 Help with CPUID & Multicore Support
8:15PM 1 Xen Code Study
6:19PM 0 GFS on DomU: What block device should I use?
3:53PM 8 Install Errors for Xen 3.3 on Ubuntu 9.04?
3:47PM 0 How to Install Xen 3.3 on Ubuntu 9.04?
2:57PM 7 how to mount one volume to 2 guests
2:16PM 0 Cant find cdrom in the virtual machine during installation
12:52PM 7 terrible problems with Xen on SLES 10.2 / 11
12:13PM 1 Xen install question, need your help!
9:53AM 0 how to view xen server''s hotfix info
6:59AM 5 Linux-Windows data sharing in Xen