Xen users - Apr 2009

Thursday April 30 2009
11:56PM 6 High Availablility
10:34PM 0 network falls asleep on guest
8:59PM 4 "device model failure" when launching Windows SBS 2003 HVM
6:50PM 0 Convirt on centos xen
6:08PM 4 Increasing network performance on Windows DomUs
2:48PM 3 Where do System calls go?
7:45AM 2 Re: IP of a running VM in XEN
6:03AM 5 Problems with network/bridge
4:18AM 11 Qcow utilities
Wednesday April 29 2009
11:56PM 1 Provisioning question
8:45PM 4 Does I/O from Dom0 skip the PV backend drivers ?
7:48PM 0 Xen.org Community Participation Options
7:45PM 0 Problems with xenmon
7:04PM 0 Migration from 3.1 to 3.3?
7:02PM 4 Xen and IPtables
6:54PM 0 migrating VM
4:48PM 1 How using PV-Grub?
4:33PM 0 FW: XEN and Infiniband
2:24PM 3 Vinculate tty1 or tty7 to domU
11:14AM 0 Why the xenstore takes some RAM
9:02AM 0 Live migration fails depending on on the kernel Version of DomU
6:53AM 6 Interrupt distribution
4:50AM 1 the dom0 reboot itself
Tuesday April 28 2009
2:40PM 0 XEN and Infiniband
1:09PM 3 IO performance depends on number of DomU''s?
7:39AM 7 Massive iowait with Xen 3.2
Monday April 27 2009
7:24PM 1 "Cannot find root device" while initializing dom0
6:15PM 0 e1000e NIC and MTU issues
4:55PM 0 Multiple guests on a bonded interface
2:39PM 1 Problem with Kernel Hard Panic at Boot on Dom0 Kernel
1:27PM 4 Pygrub + ZFS: problem of booting
7:52AM 1 RHEL5 guest installation
6:04AM 3 About NIC passthrough to the guest system
Sunday April 26 2009
11:47PM 18 network-bridge breaks networking when eth0:1 is added
7:09PM 2 Pygrub and ZFS problem.
5:19PM 1 oepnvpn
9:12AM 3 Problem with GPLPV driver 0.10.55 and Windows 2008 64bit
Saturday April 25 2009
10:49PM 0 xm save and OCFS2?
6:09PM 2 Console type switch
2:07PM 3 domU custom kernel: Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel.
11:22AM 3 live migration with GFS?
5:10AM 0 Xen sound card for Windows DomU
5:03AM 1 kernel routing
1:34AM 1 DomU freezing... maybe reiserfs panic?
1:14AM 0 [Xen-research] Source code compiling and booting issue with xen 3.3
Friday April 24 2009
11:56PM 1 Xen.org Weekly Update
10:10PM 1 Migration - Live and otherwise
5:20PM 0 DRBD breaks Windows inside Xen stub domains
4:05PM 0 Really slow CentOS 5 - Starting Applications
3:05PM 5 Cannot see my memory - why?
2:43PM 2 Sound on PV Guest
2:11PM 2 Packet handling in bridge
12:25PM 0 Re: eucalyptus-1.4 : limitation on image file size
10:41AM 12 NIC Offloading Confusion
8:23AM 0 Bootloader didn''t return any data
Thursday April 23 2009
3:52PM 0 xm list not showing suspended vms
3:52PM 0 Possible race condition?
3:47PM 1 High CPU utilization on converted domU''s
3:20PM 2 Check I/O
10:53AM 4 XEN Infiniband
9:54AM 1 List of processes in Windows guest OS.
2:52AM 0 Help on setting Xenoprof!
Wednesday April 22 2009
6:36PM 2 Nova-s2 pci-passthrough not properly working
4:47PM 1 /proc/sys/xen on a domU
4:34PM 2 Xen 4.0 Feature Request List on Wiki
4:19PM 1 live migration fails with device still active
10:01AM 1 SATA on Foxconn P4M9007MB-8RS2H motherboard
9:43AM 2 Problem with Xen bridge on Debian Lenny
7:52AM 0 Trusted certificate for Encrypted VNC + Vencrypt
7:45AM 0 Read-only xvd device in DomU
4:20AM 6 export single partitions to xen 3.1.2 domU
Tuesday April 21 2009
9:41PM 7 Oracle in Xen domU
6:08PM 0 Xen.org Summer Intership Available
3:59PM 4 Windows DomU on NAS
3:18PM 0 Default VM storage modification
2:17PM 37 Xen 4.0 Feature Requests
1:26PM 0 qemu-dm vnc connection stuck on inactive connection
1:13PM 1 Problems with GPLPV driver 0.10.x
8:37AM 2 debian lenny and xen
6:25AM 2 mac address missing from xenbr0
Monday April 20 2009
11:13PM 0 gdb ignoring breakpoints when used with hvmloader
5:41PM 3 Windows 2008 x64 crashes on install
1:17PM 2 forum
11:02AM 1 (no subject)
10:16AM 1 virt-manager not displaying
Sunday April 19 2009
2:31PM 8 intermittent domU issue: related to udev?
7:20AM 1 Need installation Help!
Saturday April 18 2009
9:37AM 2 Comiling xen-3.4.0-rc2
4:11AM 0 Problem on booting DomU using NFS filesystem
Friday April 17 2009
9:42PM 2 Problems creating hvm guest after dom0 reboot
5:44PM 7 hdparm/sdparm/smartctl from the DomU
3:26PM 0 Can''t configure virt. IP/IF in domU?
2:23PM 0 Re: Passing a USB printer to a Linux DomU
2:02PM 1 Dedicated graphic card
1:28PM 1 can not start guest domain exported from NFS
12:45PM 0 Xen guest not working
11:29AM 0 SV: SV: Xen server
11:27AM 0 SV: Xen server
11:21AM 0 Xen server
10:46AM 0 ''xm save'' hangs for 32-bit RHEL4 hvm domU
10:09AM 2 Why does DomU CPU usage increase during live migration?
9:19AM 4 problem with vnc
6:29AM 0 Problems with \Device\Scsi\XenVdb2
Thursday April 16 2009
10:18PM 6 Slow Network Performance on GPLPV 9.12-pre13
6:56PM 1 domU and NAT
4:18PM 0 OFF-TOPIC: Re: Re: cLVM on Debian/Lenny
3:39PM 0 Reg: Xen virtual block device
2:11PM 10 Express edition
11:06AM 3 strange network problems
7:39AM 3 Re: unionfs with xen
3:39AM 4 f10 domU serial console
Wednesday April 15 2009
9:27PM 0 trouble with dedicated network card and pciback
5:48PM 32 cLVM on Debian/Lenny
3:35PM 6 where is the kernel?
1:47PM 0 CPU Metric
1:43PM 0 AW: Mapping PCI/PCX hardware to a specific VM
7:36AM 2 poor I/O performance with PV drivers and I/O emu
5:28AM 0 problems on "FATAL: Could not read the boot disk" and "xm create" for xen3.3.1
3:35AM 3 xm console freeze after change time backend in dom0.
1:19AM 1 Mapping PCI/PCX hardware to a specific VM
12:46AM 0 Debian Lenny packages for 3.3.1?
Tuesday April 14 2009
10:35PM 3 minimum size of a domU
7:41PM 0 Open source Xen Managers that can mimic Distributed Resource Scheduling
6:54PM 1 Xen noob question, ttylinux, Jailtime, etc
5:36PM 0 unionfs setup ..
2:14PM 2 Guide for setting up Xen servers to share an array?
11:15AM 8 Exclusive allocation of network card
6:51AM 0 Questions about xenoprof
6:13AM 0 Assigning more than 1 vcpu renders the guest domain useless
5:12AM 0 Reg: Details about Xen Linux guest storage.
Monday April 13 2009
8:40PM 0 Citrix ZenServer 5 vs Xen 3
3:54PM 4 expanding img file
3:38PM 1 Xen is very slow
10:50AM 0 3rd party drivers in domU or dom0
7:03AM 2 Hardy on Lenny?
5:49AM 0 problem about xen-3.3.1 on CentOS 5.2
1:17AM 22 Is LVM really that much slower than Container?
Sunday April 12 2009
10:16PM 0 xen guest kernel question
10:08PM 5 Dom0 vs native performance: does it look right?
9:33PM 1 Missing xvd devices in DomU
8:00PM 0 acm_init: Loading default policy but not policy is installed.
3:10PM 1 High load even if CPU is idle?
10:44AM 2 Performance difference of running Linux in PV or FV mode?
9:26AM 6 GPL PV drivers for Windows
Saturday April 11 2009
2:10PM 3 Windows XP HVM on qcow diskfile and snapshots
4:43AM 0 Very large latency during network activity
3:53AM 1 Xen qos
1:51AM 1 Xen.org Weekly Status Report
1:05AM 1 Boot a domU from floppy (not working)
Friday April 10 2009
11:11PM 3 Unable to create virtual systems
8:21PM 1 upgrade to centos 5.3 and see blkback.<nn>.sda<n> on ''ps aux''
1:21PM 1 Fast traffic to Dom0 from DomU router halts vifs
4:17AM 3 Raw device mapping/pass through disks to XEN VM''s
3:30AM 2 Poor disk I/O with HVM stub domains
12:54AM 0 RE: Successful PCIe Graphics VT-d Passthrough to Win32 DomU, Q35 chipset
Thursday April 9 2009
1:09PM 53 number of ips
12:22PM 0 domU with 2.6.27 kernel crash
7:46AM 1 VNC problem
1:54AM 1 Data Usage
Wednesday April 8 2009
10:23PM 3 I/O request not ready when VNC enabled
8:25PM 0 Tanuj Bansal wants to chat
5:23PM 0 slackware xentool
4:36PM 2 instructions build freebsd domU with PV drivers
1:10PM 1 Free Public Cloud-Computing with XEN
12:03PM 1 I/O request not ready: 0, ptr: 0, port: 0, data: 0, count: 0, size: 0 with VNC enabled
10:22AM 4 Guest says: no space left on device; but thats not true
Tuesday April 7 2009
10:06PM 1 Xen install doesn''t recognize iso image as local cdrom
9:27PM 2 xen pv_ops: tty0 console
9:12PM 0 Cannot boot when physical cdrom specified
1:51PM 0 snapshots
12:55PM 0 unregister_netdevice: waiting for eth0 to become free
12:36PM 0 migration with snapshots
11:20AM 4 Debian + XEN 3.2. + Windows VM || ping problems
9:42AM 4 Xen configuration file format
2:24AM 4 Fedora 10-VM hung, Time issue and /dev/proc/sys/xen missing, HVM VMs recognized as PV
Monday April 6 2009
10:25PM 0 Suspend fails, "not managed by Xend lifecycle support"
9:43PM 6 how to add custom kernel onto jailtime.org''s gentoo images
1:14PM 1 DomU NIC interfaces not coming up following a reboot
1:12PM 1 Problem of installing Xen on Ubuntu 8.04.1: cannot find xen python modules
1:07PM 0 A question about SYSENTER/SYSEXIT in HVM guest
1:05PM 3 iptables support domU
10:52AM 9 xm console hanging
10:26AM 6 multiple iscsi targets on bonding interface
6:20AM 5 Config to set CPU affinity and distribute interrupts
Sunday April 5 2009
10:23PM 2 Windows Server 2008 64 bit HVM
10:21PM 2 Doubling network and disk with gplpv 9.12.pre13 in Russian Windows 2003
7:27PM 2 Xen benchmark
3:06PM 1 domU: dmi check not initialized yet
3:00PM 1 Redirect console output (Linux) to a file?
2:49PM 2 CentOS guest install not using DVD
2:46PM 0 Install guest operating system after creating domU?
2:23PM 8 how to boot domU XEN guest in safe mode?
4:49AM 3 How to set up GUI guest on non-GUI server?
4:46AM 0 xen thinks guests exist but not show in list
Saturday April 4 2009
9:34PM 0 2 NICS: Bridges
7:07PM 1 about xen in fedora
4:49PM 1 DomU servers don''t start automatically following a reboot of the physical server
Friday April 3 2009
11:59PM 2 how to know Dom0 name or IP from DomU
10:30PM 0 domU can''t send packets
10:11PM 1 expanding windows VM hard drive space
3:14PM 1 xen0 and xenU for linux-2.6.27-xen.hg
2:56PM 35 Xen system hang or freeze
1:43PM 0 Xen.org Comunity Weekly Update
12:03PM 19 New version of GPL PV drivers for Windows
6:30AM 7 How to get rid of IO-Bottleneck?
5:23AM 1 Xen 3.3.1
3:05AM 0 Migrating a PV domU to HVM
12:59AM 1 Manage xen from os x
12:07AM 0 the infamous Error: Device 768 (vbd) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working
Thursday April 2 2009
10:03PM 1 hvmbootloader
9:02PM 3 Re: Re: VT-D RMRR is incorrect
2:18PM 15 Xen Backup Method
Wednesday April 1 2009
8:05PM 0 Xen Virtualization Videos
7:45PM 4 [Xen-research] xen compilation problem
7:42PM 3 installing DomU with two network bridges via virt-install
3:40PM 2 Creating DomU by copying the files from another DomU
2:25PM 1 Server with 2 Nics (continuation)
1:31PM 6 question about Xen DOMU
11:24AM 4 2.6.29 Xen Kernel download link
7:33AM 4 Linux PV Drivers - VBD device not loading - Cannot get Major 3/22 for ide